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  1. Penn500

    Leather holster, sheath for sale

    Penn500 submitted a new listing: Leather holster, sheath for sale - Leather holster, sheath for sale Learn more about this listing...
  2. Leather holster, sheath for sale

    Southern California Leather holster, sheath for sale

    Hello all, I have one double holster / sheath for dyke and a duck for sale at $120. Shipping is extra for $8.50 to SoCal and $9.00 to NorCal. No tools are included. The one pictured with initials MZ has been sold. MZ was sold with full tool set. These have been hand sewn with saddle...
  3. SOLD- Nicopress 33V-CGB4 Excellent condition

    SOLD- Nicopress 33V-CGB4 Excellent condition

    I bought this 33V-CGB4 while back after I read a post here on BD but never used it. I just like to have the toys. $80 plus shipping (Priority costs SoCal - $8.50, NoCal - 9.00) Please review the photos. The orange handle has some scratches but rest are great. See the photos of the jaws. No...
  4. Penn500

    Surface irons and yo yo jigs

    70 lbs for all Flat rate box A relatively unknown and cheaper alternative is Priority mail Regional box A or B with 20 lb limit. I ship all my holster this this method. If Socal to Bay area regional box B will be about $9.50 box is just little smaller than large flat rate box but bigger than...
  5. Penn500

    Leather holster, sheath.

    Added some more information on #6. Now it will fit both Duckbill or Fiskars shear and Channellock side cutters.
  6. Penn500

    Leather holster, sheath.

    #2, #3 and #5 are sold. Thanks CC and JE
  7. Penn500

    Leather holster, sheath.

    Tks. Pls check you PM.
  8. Penn500

    Leather holster, sheath.

    Happy holidays! I go on phases where I go on making something since I have everything ready. During this low activity period I have made few holsters / sheaths trying few variations. I usually make thing on order. Only #1 holster is left for sale. Please note that #2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are...
  9. Penn500

    Looking for JR - Holster Sheath pliers and dikes

    Hi BDers, While back I made a holster set for someone named JR. When I formed the side cutter pocket put some stain on it, there was a blemish I missed on the raw leather. This spot turned dark and I ended up making and another pocket. I used a very thick leather for this. I forgot about the...
  10. Penn500

    Sheaths, Holsters, Spikes

    Tks for the order gents. Recent order only Spike and holsters. Tools are my personal.
  11. Penn500

    Sheaths, Holsters, Spikes

    I make the belts with 2 inch seat belt material. The width is enough to accommodate a belt up to about 2.5 inches. Also the two pictures shown above are close to same. I make these by hand so there will be some differences but I try to follow the same size.
  12. Penn500

    Sheaths, Holsters, Spikes

    Made these two recently. Added spike sheath for Octagonal handled spike as shown before staining. Spike sheath is lined with metallic tube to prevent accidental puncture. This unwrapped spike only ground to 3 sided trocar point is $40.
  13. Penn500

    Sheaths, Holsters, Spikes

    I have two spikes for sale. These T-spikes are ground and polished from "made in Germany" medical surgical tools. These T-Handled spikes have four sided cutting point. Handles are wrapped with two cords of cotton and sprayed with few coats of clear enamel. One cord is larger in diameter and...
  14. Penn500

    Help needed identiying some blanks.

    Hello All, I recently bought some blanks from a friend. He told me it was GUSA but not sure. Of the 5 I bought 1 was marked 80 monster so I assume this is GUSA. Remaining 4 had stickers showing rod length and line rating. I am attaching them so perhaps some one can help ID it. These 4 had a...
  15. Penn500

    WTB - Needlecrook Leather Sheath for Pliers and dykes!

    I used to use high tensile 1/8" SS but ran out so I am using .104" SS medium tensile. I do not have a welder so I tried brazing it on to end like I do to jig rings but was taking too long and hard. I bend zigzag on shank and wrap over it. Holds it well.
  16. Penn500

    Few Spikes and one Sheath for sale

    Not what I normally do but someone asked me to make one.
  17. Penn500

    Few Spikes and one Sheath for sale

    Thanks MOH. Double sheath. black wrap tools
  18. Penn500

    Few Spikes and one Sheath for sale

    Tks Brian Hope you like it. Triple, Black n white wrap.
  19. Penn500

    Few Spikes and one Sheath for sale

    I have some extra spikes for sale. Some are not available anymore. Of the T's, only black and white is left. I removed the lanyard but still has the ring brazed on it. These T-spikes and the ones below with round handles are made from medical surgical tools. These are T-Handled spikes ground...
  20. Penn500

    Some rods, Spikes and Sheaths

    I wanted to share some of past and recent works. Due to my busy work schedule and the amount of time in the garage it takes to wrap rods, I have not wrapped rods for several years. My signature jig stick wrap pattern was the "Predator". I have been doing leather work on and off since I...
  21. Penn500

    FS New Shimano Gold Trinidad 40 handle

    I thought I sold this but found it in the drawer.
  22. Penn500

    custom 9 ft sabre jig stick & saltist 35h combo 150$

    I will take it. I am in Poway. I can come and pick it up Friday anytime.
  23. Penn500

    WTB Seeker Ulua blanks & finished rods

    I have a rod wrapped while back used. Attached is are pix of butt wrap and guides. Ulua 10ft is the one that is on the bottom of the pictures. All my jig sticks are wrapped in similar color scheme and butt wrap. This does not have Turks head on the top of cork handle but has a turks head on...
  24. Penn500

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    Matt, it was a long time ago. Thanks for the PR. Here are some samples of work I did. I just finished a triple holster: Dyke, duckbill and spike slot for a friend. It is one with EL on it and also the one on my hip. Lot are full turk's head and some are just plain twist wrap. There are...
  25. Penn500

    FS New Shimano Gold Trinidad 40 handle

    Shimano Gold Trinidad 40 handle new in original bag for sale. $50. Sold reel while back so this was left over. I am in SD area.
  26. Penn500

    WTS Newell S550 & Daiwa Grandwave Z 40HW

    Sent you a message on Daiwa
  27. Penn500

    Blanks - 8ft+ spin or fly rod blanks for surf

    I would like to buy a 8 to 9 feet light fast taper 5 to 6 wt fly rod blanks. Please PM me. Tks.
  28. Penn500

    Penn reels

    I will take the jigmaster with accuframe. will send contact info via PM.
  29. Penn500

    Newell S338-5, VG Condition (2nd Try)

    Hi sent a PM earlier in response to first post. I will take it for 80. I will send contact info via PM.
  30. Penn500

    Daiwa Saltist 20 Level Drag Calstar 900XL blank

    One 900xl blank sold. Have one more
  31. Penn500

    Penn 506 spool

    If you want to trade with a 501 spool I have a brand new one we can trade. LMK
  32. Penn500

    Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore 809

    SOLD I have a brand new Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore Rod for sale at 160. I did not even remove from plastic bag it came it. Still has tags on it. It is still in bag it came in. The below is the specs from Charkbait. <TABLE style="BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=4 cellSpacing=0...
  33. Penn500

    Seeker 855 light weight roller guides

    SOLD Mint condition Seeker Blue lightning II with AFTCO Light Weight Roller Guides CSW 858-T 8 1/2' 15-25. This does not have a trigger. Bought couple of years ago but used once. $135. Please PM me.
  34. Penn500

    Daiwa Sealine-X 20SHA, 40HV Calstar 270-7ft

    I have three reels for sale and a Calstar 270-7ft custom rod. Picture looks worse that it actually is due to the reflection. NIB Daiwa Sealine-X 20SHA with 20 lb line. Comes with everything in the box. sold Used Daiwa Sealine-X 20SHA with 20 lb line in good to great condtion. Has few minor dings...
  35. Penn500

    Teramar is the TMC76MH 12-25 Med Heavy Used once $80

    I have a friend who wants to buy this rod if still available. I will send you his contact info via PM.
  36. Penn500

    old renzetti rod wrapper

    I pm'd asking for photos to be sent to my email address.
  37. Penn500

    Fishing backpack: WFO or Albackore

    Bought one thank you J.
  38. Penn500

    Aluminum CV-Z Power handle

    I sent pm earlier for trade with 400TE handle
  39. Penn500

    Curado 300e(j)or 'cutta 300te....
  40. Penn500

    a sheith for pliers and cutters

    Custom made sheaths. Single or double.
  41. Penn500

    Marauder Lures & surf rod holders

    These look new. Are they used alot?
  42. Penn500


    sent pm
  43. Penn500


    sent you a pm on 400 clamp couple of days ago you never replied.
  44. Penn500

    New Calcutta 400CTE Shimano

    Bump. Couple of gents sent me some information which I forwared to my friend but he told me that he could not follow up for personal reasons. Also he is looking for the Gold 400TE to match his other reels.
  45. Penn500

    7465ml,7465l,800xlh need wraps or rebuild. $75

    Ray, I will take it. I sent email.
  46. Penn500

    Daiwa Saltist 20 Level Drag Calstar 900XL blank

    I have a SINGLE speed Saltist LD 20H 6.3:1 level drag. Used twice. It comes with a wrong box. That is how I bought it. Comes with clamp and screws but not right box. There is a very light scratch on the bottom where the clamp screw goes on. See the bottom of reel left hole on the side there is a...
  47. Penn500

    Turner's Sale Black Friday Trini for 199.

    Turner's ad for Black Friday. Trinidad for $199.98 but limited quantities. Black Friday Specials
  48. Penn500

    Rods and Reels, Calstar, Sabre, Fenwick, Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Newell. For Core.

    I will take these two: Newell g235-f ($40 ) Daiwa Sealine sl20sh ($40 ) will send pm
  49. Penn500

    New Calcutta 400CTE Shimano

    One of of my fishing friend asked me to find him a brand new 400 CTE. He wants a new one since he older and does not work on his own reels. If you have one you want to sell, please PM me your information and photos so I can pass it along. I will PM you his email address so he can directly...
  50. Penn500

    SL20SH or SL-X20SHA___

    I have a nib 20sha for 80 but I am in San Diego.
  51. Penn500

    Penn 10kg and 4/0 YTS

    Penn 4/0 YTS Accurate gears, frame and clamp. Spectra w/ 75 yd 50# topshot mono. $60. Will you ship this to San Diego area at my cost? If so I will take it. I will PM you with my email.
  52. Penn500

    Daiwa Saltist 20 Level Drag Calstar 900XL blank

    No. It has no scratches other than a trivial one I mentioned which you probably cannot pick up unless I tell you.
  53. Penn500

    Daiwa Saltist 20 Level Drag Calstar 900XL blank

    I have a single speed Saltist 20 level drag. Used twice. It come with a wrong box - Saltist 2 speed. That is how I bought it. Comes with clamp and screws but not right box. There is a very light scratch on the bottom where the clamp screw goes on. $160 firm. Shipping is extra. I also have new...
  54. Penn500

    Seeker,GUSA, Daiwa, Kencor,Penn,Shimano

    I will take the tescata. Will txt you.
  55. Penn500


    I will take the no letter 322. I am in San Diego so need this shipped on my dime. will send Pm
  56. Penn500

    Shimano Calcutta 700S and Trini handles

    I have a 700S (no level winder version) for sale for $90. 7 on cosmetics 8.5-9 on Mech. There are boat rash mostly on left side plate. There is also corrosion on the aluminum where the reel foot touch the aluminum frame. Nothing structural. I cleaned off the corrosion and oxidation off and...
  57. Penn500

    Daiwa Sealine_X 30SHV

  58. Penn500

    SS Baby Ulua 10ft Greenie $110.

    I do not know what is uula 900h. there is a Ulua 93H by seeker which I already have. Sorry
  59. Penn500


    Saw this on SD Craig's list Fishing Reel, Newell 220
  60. Penn500

    Curado 300E

    Shimano Curado 300E like new fishing reel
  61. Penn500

    butt wraps need help please

    I made this from left over plastic and an aluminum angle. If you go to I think they call it a butt alignment tool. This is straight from Dale Clemens book. This close to what Matt described making with the table saw.
  62. Penn500

    Power handles(Accurate,Pro Gear) for Penn 146 or 501's

    I have a red Accurate with three position in good condition for 20. I am in Poway. I will be at HM landing Sat pm and Sunday as well. Shin
  63. Penn500

    Free if you can use it

    I always wanted to try that system. I will take it. I can send you couple of bucks to pay for postage.
  64. Penn500

    Free Roller Guides, Who want's them?

    Put me down for next in line if available. The next project I was going wrap was an all roller rod so this will help. I live and work in Poway.
  65. Penn500

    Optical chevrons - Optical Chevron Close up - Powered by PhotoPost
  66. Penn500

    super seeker greenie blanks

    I am interested in cjbf 70, cjbf 100, ulua, sd-8, cjbf 80xh, 65xh Let talk about a package deal.
  67. Penn500

    looken for some gear

    are you looking for rod or a blank? I have a baby Ulua blank for sale. May be Romel can wrap it for you.
  68. Penn500

    10 foot ulua

    Tony, The rod looks like the Composite Ulua that was the predecessor to the Super Seeker.
  69. Penn500

    Newell S338-5's

    Robalomann, Sent you a pm.
  70. Penn500

    Penn 500 newell spool, bars, reel seat and clamp

    Very clean Penn 500 Jigmaster with Newell spool, aluminum bars, aluminum reel seat and clamp. $75 + shipping.
  71. Penn500

    GUSA 70M, Shikari SIII, Penn 3/0

    Drop price and 3/0 sold
  72. Penn500

    Rod reels parts

    Penn 3/0 sold
  73. Penn500

    GUSA 70M, Shikari SIII, Penn 3/0

    I have three items for sale. Rod. Shikari SIII 7 ft, with 9 Fuji Power guides plus tip. It has Fuji Palm Support Reel Seat. turquoise underwrap with red trim and black overwrap with turquoise trim. Wrapped very nicely used about twice. Very good condition. it is the rod with Turquoise thread...
  74. Penn500

    Newell S338-5's

    Lowered newells to 70 each
  75. Penn500

    Newell S338-5's

    I have 2 Newell S338-5 in good shape. Includes the clamps. I knurled the handles so my fingers does not slip as much and rounded the spool rims so they do not burn my thumb. I rinsed the reels after each trip. $70 each plus $6 shipping to near zones. 1 SOLD 1 LEFT Daiwa Sealine-X 30SHV in...
  76. Penn500

    Rod reels parts

    P344 spool and parts sold.
  77. Penn500

    Rod reels parts

    Wahoo special spool and Accurate plates sold.
  78. Penn500

    Rod reels parts

    Collectable SS CJBF100 (10 ft) &#8211; One of original 4 prototype blanks made by Seeker. When Seeker made the prototype Super Seeker CJBF100, I was given one of the 4 blanks they made to test it out. I wrap all my jig sticks with Predator pattern. This is uncut full length. See the site where...
  79. Penn500

    newells, tiburon qc7540

    Ray, Sent reply to your PM. Will meet you at Fry's area. Please call me.
  80. Penn500

    calstar 90j

    Is this still available?
  81. Penn500

    calstar 90j

    Since this rod is a factory rod it probably looks the same as all the other factory glass rods, black blank. do you still have it and may be you can put a price on it.
  82. Penn500

    Newell S229-5 for sale

    Call me at the number on the PM I sent you. I may be able to pick up before Sunday since I was planning to do a 1/2 day and 930am does not fit into either trip.
  83. Penn500

    Newell S229-5 for sale

    I will take the reel. I can pick up this weekend, guarantee. When will you be at Seaforth? I probably will go fishing Sunday.
  84. Penn500

    Saltist 20 & 30 (T/H) (Newer Style Clamp) Calstar 100J(Glass or Graphite)
  85. Penn500

    Daiwa Saltist 50H

    Want to sell Daiwa Saltist 50H in good condition. some boat rash but nothing deep. Just paint off in spots. Also willing to trade for Saltist 40 or 30, 30 T. PM me. $100 plus $5 for shipping. SOLD
  86. Penn500

    Super Seeker CJBF 90M Blank

    Lowered price to 100 obo
  87. Penn500

    Original Sabre 196-7 rewrapped

    Gary, I have not seen you for few years. Where have you been? Pier Rat. I have Calstar 530 which has special wrap but well used. Although blank is is great condtion, it has been used well. I doubt I will get much for it so I rather keep it.
  88. Penn500

    Original Sabre 196-7 rewrapped

    Original Sabre 196-7 stripped and rewrapped couple of years ago but used twice since. I used gold ceramic guides. It has the original heavy dense brown foam grip and the heavy duty Varmac reel seat. The diamond wrap is a multiple fish pattern in earth tone colors. $100. Sorry about the photo...
  89. Penn500

    Fresh water spinnng rods Castaway and Kunnan

    Castaway Graphite Spinning Rod $40. Model LS66, Light, 6ft 6 inches one piece, 6 – 12 lbs, 3/16 – ½ oz lure. Cork handle, Fuji reel seat, Fuji Guides. Black blank, black thread with aquamarine trim. This rod costs $124 New. This rod has a fast taper. Very sensitive tip. Kunnan Graphite...
  90. Penn500

    Daiwa SL-XHV 40 Reel

  91. Penn500

    Super Seeker CJBF 90M Blank

    New Blank Super Seeker CJBF 90M. This is the blank for the SS6490. New Redish brown color. The information below is from the Super Seeker brochure. $100 SS 6490-9' CT SS-CJBF90M 9' 25-50 I am in San Diego area SOLD
  92. Penn500

    Newell S440-5 Very good condition $105

    Newell S440-5 in very good condition. $95. Condition in 9/10 or better for mech and cosmetics. No boat rash. I bought it in 2005 but used it only twice last year. Made about 30 casts total and only caught one bonito. This did not even pull drag if I remember. Has 40 clear line one year old...
  93. Penn500

    NEWELL S533R $150 0B0

    I will take it for 100. You would have to ship to San Diego area 92064 zip. tks. Pm me if this is ok.