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  1. uglyducky

    2007 Parker 2820 - LOW HOUR YAMMIES & LOTS OF UPGRADES

    uglyducky submitted a new listing: 2007 Parker 2820 - LOW HOUR YAMMIES & LOTS OF UPGRADES - 2007 Parker 2820 - LOW HOUR YAMMIES & LOTS OF UPGRADES Learn more about this listing...
  2. uglyducky

    (SOLD) New in crate Twin Suzuki 300's - 30" shaft

    uglyducky submitted a new listing: New in crate Twin Suzuki 300's - 30" shaft - New in crate Twin Suzuki 300's - 30" shaft Learn more about this listing...
  3. uglyducky

    Westerbeke or Kohler gas generator?

    Boat came with a 5kw gas kohler for which critical parts have been lost by a guy I had looking at it for service. That’s a whole other story. I’ve sourced another for a pretty good deal but wondering if I should consider another brand? Love to hear from those of you with similar size gas...
  4. uglyducky

    Kill box/storage or below deck generator?

    Havent been able to get the kohler genny running that came with the whaler. Wondering, in all reality, how often folks actually use the generator and for what? No fridge or microwave, just a/c (which i don't see using too often) lights, and the bait tank. Lots of real estate below deck that...
  5. uglyducky

    Pilothouse mounted navigation lights??

    Relocating nav lights from sides of pulpit and wondering if anyone has mounted them on the pilothouse, if so, where?
  6. uglyducky

    Help with MFD Comparability with Furuno non chirp xducer??

    Looking for input on what my options may be for new MFD that functions which a Furuno 1kw Bronze Thru-Hull W/Temp & High Speed Fairing Block I’m not familiar with these transducers, any help much appreciated! Going on a 2820 Parker.
  7. uglyducky

    Caved and bought a Parker

    Well, boat build is taking 4,000,000 years so I talked my business partner into an interim boat. We picked up a super clean 2820. Man, I gotta say, lots to love about this boat. Wow. It really is a fishing machine. I’m still spending time getting accustomed to twin engines but what a brilliant...
  8. uglyducky

    Set of 3 NIB Zambezi Quattro Underwater lights

    New in sealed boxes. Set of 3. Was going to use these on my boat build but did not. $750 cash sale or trade for med/heavy tuna setup with Avet/Accurate and deck rod happy to ship on your dime with venmo payment
  9. uglyducky

    Set of 3 NIB Lumitec Zambezi Quattro underwater lights

    New in sealed boxes. Set of 3. Was going to use these on my boat build but did not. $750 cash sale or trade for med/heavy tuna setup with Avet/Accurate and deck rod happy to ship on your dime with venmo payment
  10. uglyducky

    Where to place fairing block transducer?

    Forward on both starboard and port sides of hull about 10” or so off keel are a pickup (starboard) which has a much larger profile than thru hull strainer on port side. My question is will this port side strainer cause issues with water turbulence for a more aft mounted fairing block transducer...
  11. uglyducky

    What would you do? Bait tank stuff

    Working on getting this long overdue build done on my whaler. My transom is 24” and I’ve had a custom seating setup and will have bait tank glassed in to transom. Options now are: 1) glass in flush height bait tank with 40 gallon capacity but look super rad, reduce weight near motors 2) glass in...
  12. uglyducky

    Tower anchor light?

    Through this build I realized I didn’t account for an anchor light. I imagine something mounted on top of the tower hard top is the best option? How tall of a light do you all use if mounted that high?
  13. uglyducky

    Layout for flush mount rod holders w/pilot house?

    How are your flush mount gunnel and transom rod holders laid out and what would you do differently if you had it to do all over again? Pic just for reference.
  14. uglyducky

    Can’t live without boat appliances ?

    Hi all, working on lining out some of the smaller details of my build out on a 27’ BW Challenger. Cabin is quite small as you can imagine and I’m wondering between say, a microwave or a little fridge, what do you all who do multi day trips tend to find yourselves using more of the two? Or neither?
  15. uglyducky

    Simrad NSS16 Evo3 - New!

    Refurbished unit unused and in original packaging. I’m in west LA. Happy to ship on your dime. $3500 firm Alright you cheap bastards - $3250!!!
  16. uglyducky

    WTS: Brand new twin 2020 Suzuki 300AP XX2 with all rigging!

    THESE ARE WITHDRAWN FROM SALE - THX FOR INTEREST! Will only sell individually with commitments on both motors. I shopped around EVERYWHERE and the best deal I found on these was $48k without installation. These are BRAND NEW in the crates. I’m a huge sucker for collectible modern colt...
  17. uglyducky

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    Looking to possibly have Tom do the tower on my challenger build. Would love feedback from those that have his work on their boats. Feel free to PM if you’d rather not post here. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  18. uglyducky

    New Lumitec Lighting 101510, LED Underwater Light, SeaBlaze Quattro Spectrum Full-Color RGBW

    I have 2 of these I bought for my challenger build but will not be able to use. I missed my return window. Both are brand new but in opened packaging as they were sized up but never installed. I can't find the label insert to one of the lights. I paid over $750 for them with tax. Grab them both...
  19. uglyducky

    New/unused Lumitec Lighting 101510, LED Underwater Light, SeaBlaze Quattro Spectrum Full-Color RGBW

    I have 2 of these I bought for my challenger build but will not be able to use. I missed my return window. Both are brand new but in opened packaging as they were sized up but never installed. I can't find the label insert to one of the lights. I paid over $750 for them with tax. Grab them...
  20. uglyducky

    Replace floro/mono if not used/used once???

    Had just replaced all the leaders right before selling my boat with brand new Seaguar floro. Most lines didnt' even see water, some were trolled a bit. Should i be safe and replace it all next season? working on getting a new boat in the water so done for this season.
  21. uglyducky

    Grey decks too hot?

    How many of you have grey decks and how do they do in heat on bare feet? An idea of how dark the grey is would help too! Debating a grey-ish white deck vs a med/light grey.
  22. uglyducky

    Right price for custom tower???

    I’ve spoken to about half a dozen fabricators in SoCal and am getting prices ranging from $4.5k to $20k (not including controls). What have some of you paid for a custom folding tower with shade, ladder and control box? Boat is 27’ and tower will go on top of pilot house. I’m not adding cost of...
  23. uglyducky

    Which Flir system?

    Looking to add a Flir system to the boat build for running at night. Which system do those of your with a Flir recommend? Boat is 27’ whaler. I see so many options it’s a bit overwhelming. From gyro stabilizing to pan, tilt, etc. I’d like to have a great system but a price range of $2k to $80k...
  24. uglyducky

    Aluminum fabricator for bow rail??

    Expanding my search to SoCal in general and a fabricator who can specifically work with aluminum tubing. Can also use someone who can create an aluminum design in CAD as there is a shop that can build from a well designed model. Some of the referrals I've had will only use SS. Who does good...
  25. uglyducky

    Collector grade Colts

    I AM A PRIVATE COLLECTOR looking to pick up some well curated collections. Additionally, if you know of RARE pieces for sale which I end up purchasing, I will pay a respectable finder's fee and have references to folks I have done so with. I have cash on hand and am ready to buy some new Colts...
  26. uglyducky

    Can anyone identify this fish caught at Cat backside?

    This was caught last year at Cat on back side east end. Anyone know what this is? I was scrolling through some pics of past trips and remember this fish my buddy caught but we didn't know what it was. It was released since we weren't familiar with it.
  27. uglyducky

    Simrad NSS EVO3 16"

    no longer available
  28. uglyducky

    The prop debacle - twin DF300ap Suzuki's - recommendations?

    Motors are coming next week and will be delivered with props. Any suggestions as to what factory prop options I should request? Boat is a 27' Boston Whaler Challenger with a loaded weight of around 10,200-10,500lbs. Most interested in good midrange performance and fuel economy than top end or...
  29. uglyducky

    The transom/shaft height debacle of 2020, HELP!

    Ok, i'm being dramatic, but here is the scoop. The boat in question - 2008 Boston Whaler Challenger. Brunswick Commercial outfitted this boat with twin 30" mercury's as the motors were provided by the purchasing agency. I've spoken many times with Brunswick and they state that their records...
  30. uglyducky

    Marine Upholstery in LA/MDR area?

    Need to get some custom upholstery done while boat is getting overhauled in Sylmar. Anyone have a mobile upholstery person in the LA area?
  31. uglyducky

    The Challenger "EL MATADOR" build out begins . . .

    I'm very excited to get this project underway. You all have helped (especially Papa "J") an incredible amount. So here's what we've got . . . Hull is an excellent condition 2008 27' Boston Whaler Challenger. All visible metal will be powder coated black Here's the scope of project so far...
  32. uglyducky

    Fresh Water tank suggestions?

    Is west marine the only option for these? Looking to add a 35 gallon tank, any other suggestions for something super rugged appreciated.
  33. uglyducky

    thru hull transducer on whalers?

    anyone successfully done this on a whaler? how and where did you mount? any issues, water entry, etc?
  34. uglyducky

    Blue Water Bait Systems, thoughts?

    Ordering a new bait tank for 27' boat. Owner of Blue Water suggested 65 gallon tank countersunk into transom. (Large deck plate which allows access to batteries and bilge disallows for centering tank on deck). Any concerns with blue water tanks? any must have accessories to add on it?
  35. uglyducky

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I'm not concerned as much with resale but rather longevity, service, warranty and gearing. Boat is a 27' commercial hull Whaler and sits at 6200lbs dry. Thank you all in advance for any input! Really looking forward to getting this boat dialed Would you do (and why)?: 1) twin 250 yamahas 2) twin...
  36. uglyducky

    Who's got a great fiberglass guy around LA/OC?

    Need a great fiberglass repair recommendation for a fishing boat project. Not looking for cheap but good. Ideally able to perform work in MDR
  37. uglyducky

    Twin 2008 Mercury Optimax 250's with gauges and all rigging 360 hrs - CHEAP

    Finally received delivery of this boat and will be repowering it right away. I'm cutting these 2-stroke Mercurys loose CHEAP. They've got about 360 hrs on them. They've never seen saltwater. These motors were provided by KY fish and game to Brunswick to outfit a number of their Whalers. These...
  38. uglyducky

    Boston Whaler 210 Outrage repowered with Yamaha 4 stroke & new electronics!!

    BOAT LOCATED IN MDR/LA $SOLD PENDING FUNDS Trades for full set Rolex watches or collector grade modern Colt Revolvers and "El" series 1911's Boston Whaler Outrage 210 Yr model - 2003 (hull has 2250 hrs) Repowered in 2013 w/Yamaha Model F225XA (about 950 hrs on motor) This boat flies...
  39. uglyducky

    Best Yamaha dealer in SoCal?

    Who do you recommend for great service and fair pricing for a repower of twin 250’s? The closer to LA the better for service needs.
  40. uglyducky

    Who can build a marlin tower in Ventura area?

    Doing an overhaul on a new to me boat and looking for someone in the ventura/oxnard area who can build out a custom marlin tower. Any suggestions appreciated
  41. uglyducky

    Outfitting a non fishing boat - need suggestions!

    Hi all, I recently acquired a 27' Boston Whaler Challenger and am about to repower it with twin yamahas as well as bait tank, new electronics, rocket launchers/rod holders, generator and anchor winch. For those of you who have been through this, what are your recommendations for the above items...
  42. uglyducky


  43. uglyducky

    Twin 250/300 Yamaha or Hondas w/30” shaft

    Looking for a LOW hour pair of later models of Honda or Yamaha 4 strokes in 250 or 300. Shaft length of 30”. Cash in hand in Los Angeles.
  44. uglyducky

    Offshore shoulda made a left . . .

    we ran about 190 miles yesterday out of MDR for 499/osborn bank area. ran through the boot on the way out and saw lots of birds and bait but no one on it. trolled from south east corner of osborn down through the snail to the 499 and decided on our turn around to do a wide starboard loop. turns...
  45. uglyducky

    Offshore Ghost town

    Did 12 hrs in the water today. Ran from the 17 fathom spot down through the 175, 172, out through the 125 then behind cat. Metered TONS of bait all day. No birds, no life to speak of. Hope others did better!
  46. uglyducky

    Who handles uphill the best?

    Trying to finalize a decision on upsizing boat purchase and wondering which hull/manufacturer tends to manage the best in uphill travel? Looking in the 25-30ft range at: GRADY WHITE RADON BOSTON WHALER PARKER
  47. uglyducky

    GW, BW, Parker 25-28 ft with cuddy

    Looking for a well kept fishing boat ideally powered by 4 stroke yamaha with the following: cuddy cabin head 35 plus gallon bait tank updated electronics meticulous service records budget is $50-$100k depending what ya got!
  48. uglyducky

    Offshore Anyone have luck at 289 yesterday 8/1?

    We were out running around the east end of SCI and came back through the 289 where we spotted lots of birds diving and some half hearted breezers. Chased em for the better part of 2 hours but couldn't get anyone to go. There were a few other boats out there, wondering if anyone hooked up...
  49. uglyducky

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    Looking for a longer range vessel with cabin, head, and a much larger bait tank. My questions are: 1) Other than Boston Whaler (which i have absolutely fallen in love with) what other makes do you recommend looking at? Whalers are just sooooo damn expensive. 2) What is "too much" boat for 1 man...
  50. uglyducky

    West End Cat 5/8

    We all have that buddy who loves to fish more than anything but barely can due to life’s demands. I took that buddy out today with me as he was able to break free due to all the craziness right now. We started on front side around black rock/stony point area and threw irons as well as trolled...
  51. uglyducky

    Prívate charters out of San pedro

    Anyone know of a solid tuna charter out of San Pedro down to Huntington with super low numbers of anglers that is still running this fall?
  52. uglyducky

    As new Tranx 500pg with box

    I have a 3 times casted tranx 500pg I’m selling for $400. It’s loaded with brand new 60lb spectra and 40lb izor top shot. Reel went on one trip, cast a few times, don’t love it. Located in west LA near Venice. Pick up in person or pay shipping. It’s as new with box and all that came with it...
  53. uglyducky

    125/172/499 run on sunday 9/22

    left MDR at 6:30am headed to redondo for dines. got to 125 about 8am and life seemed to begin to pick up in this region. water went from 73 at 125 to 69 up by 172. we ran across a LARGE swordfish which would have broken any of us off and probably sunk the boat, lol. threw on him anyway but he...
  54. uglyducky

    Late report, sorry. 9/17 125/499

    ran out to see if i could find some footballs north of cat on tues. ride out at 7am was NO FUN, damn swell was insufferable. took about 2 hours for a trip that normally runs about 1. finally got to the 125 and ran across a sunning sword. threw everything i had at him but no go. started up toward...
  55. uglyducky

    catalina 9/6 am

    been running around offshore looking for tuna but decided to do a half day at cat this am. checked out middle island front side and water was still nasty with no current. worried about wind coming up early afternoon so i headed to west end and stopped on a few spots. lots of calico and short...
  56. uglyducky

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Last year it seemed that paddy hopping was rather fruitful as we found a few with yellows, dodos and even stumbled across a bluefin feeding frenzy behind the west end of Cat on which we went 1 for 2. For those of you who launch out of MDR, how have you been finding the overall pursuit of...
  57. uglyducky

    Sabre & Accurate rods

    free to a good home. picked up in west la 90066 mandorico, on Flickr
  58. uglyducky

    12/8/18 SM BAY bass and sheepshead

    had a beautiful day on the water and got some nice bites on plastics and dropper loop live sardines. Hope you all got to get a few in that perfect weather yesterday!
  59. uglyducky

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    Prob burned a few grand in gas the last few weeks to come home empty handed on the YT. Lots of calicos, etc. How's the week been out there, has the bait backed off a bit? Any change in water color? Wondering if it's not maybe better to hang local and wait to see the bite pick up a little. Don't...
  60. uglyducky

    8'6" bait stick

    looking for a 20-50' range bait stick for halibut/YT, etc to use with my lexa 400. prefer a rod with trigger and reel seat. whatcha got?
  61. uglyducky

    7/8 Cat - BEAUTIFUL DAY

    Headed out from MDR at 5:30am - grabbed a scoop of suicidal dines at bait dock (mostly dead by 8:30, more scales than fish). Saw what I think was a baby white shark on the way out to island. Tried to get some footage of it as it was making passes under the boat but only got some crappy video...
  62. uglyducky

    50% hike in prices at MDR bait dock?

    Seems the famous captain black and crew have jacked prices 50% ?? I go by there multiple times a week and was told a few days ago that they had changed the prices 3 months ago which was clearly not accurate. More of a heads up than anything. Kind of a bummer too as they don’t do 1/2 scoops and...
  63. uglyducky

    Daiwa Lexa 300 & 400 brand new, drag issues?

    I just picked up brand new Lexa 400 & 300 reels and took them out on their maiden voyages yesterday. Interestingly, both reels seemed to demonstrate issues with tightened drag. At one point my buddy got hung up on the bottom with the 400 and as we tried to work the lure loose, the drag would not...
  64. uglyducky

    6/15 Catalina

    Took our second ever trip out to Catalina yesterday trying to land our first YT. We left MDR late on thursday and took a BEATING getting over there. Camped the night and got up early to hit it. We baited up with live squid around avalon and headed west along the shore line working the coves and...
  65. uglyducky

    Soupfin or ?

    can anyone identify this shark for me? Got broken off half a dozen times last week and came back today with some beefier gear. Found the culprit
  66. uglyducky

    4/15 pv kelp beds

  67. uglyducky

    Red/cod bite??

    I'm in LA area and went out all morning and a few hours this past monday to get totally skunked. tried plastic, spoons, live sardines, etc. not a bite. fished between 80' and 180'. what depth and bait are you guys seeing some fish with? thanks for any info!
  68. uglyducky

    Great week in LA area waters!

    Been having a lot of luck with calicos (some decent size) this week on darker swimbaits with light tackle around ground structure in 50-70’. How are you all doing on the halibut and what are they biting on? I’d like to fish some bigger stuff this weekend.
  69. uglyducky

    Bass, bass and more bass!!!

    another great day in Socal. Slooooooow bite right up until 4pm (went out at noon) and then I couldn’t keep up. Prob took in 8-9 before I lost light.
  70. uglyducky

    what's in season??

    Sorry for the newbie question but I'm just getting familiar with ocean fishing after a lifetime of freshwater. I just picked up a (new to me) 21' BW and have been having a blast finding structure and fishing for rockfish, lingcod, etc. Do I understand correctly that the season ended for these...