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    To visit or online? If online, I’d suggest or If visiting Hawaii, definitely S. Tokunaga, POP or Pacific Rim.
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    Latest Dana Point Redevelopment Info

    A simple statement that says "we want it to look just like Newport" might have served the same purpose.
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    8" Jaslure swimmers/reverse slant lures

    I might have some. Will check in the garage.
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    While I agree their online presence has never been strong (way better than it used to be), I think it would be a huge miss for them to be selling their reels online. If you support buying direct to consumer sales in the fishing industry, you are playing a small part in putting tackle shops out...
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    Sounds good, thanks! Can I send you money via PayPal?

    Sounds good, thanks! Can I send you money via PayPal?
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    Interested. Still available?
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    Inside Sportfishing streaming

    Fish with the best...SHIMANOOOOOOOOO!
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    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    4th of July bump for a badass boat.
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    Where did you buy these lures originally?
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    Accurate offering a star drag?

    First thing I noticed too. Avet is certainly not known for their branding or marketing, that’s for sure.
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    29 Crystaliner - Diesel
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    Fishing / Marine Companies (Inland Empire)

    Jeff Robles & Associates is a rep group in Rancho Cucamonga that reps Costa, Okuma, Mustad and others. Accurate is in Corona. Trying to think of others.
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    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    The only thing I don't like about this boat is the fact I can't afford it.
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    25' Skipjack Flybridge Diesel SOLD 5-2-17 Thanks BD!

    Beautiful boat GS. Good luck with sale!
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    It's Official...

    I don't understand all the bashing at all. Dave is great at getting his name out there and I've never heard or read a negative review of his services. What Fishkilr said above is spot on. Dave's services will help inexperienced boaters and anglers ramp up much faster than trying on their own...
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    Hogan's Tackle

    Bummer to hear that. Definitely don't doubt your story but that is not a typical experience. Throughout the years Stephanie, Breck and the team have always been great to my family. I'd recommend you give them another shot.
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    Offshore Blue Marlin Reports Here

    Where - Above 14 mi Bank, released. Est. 500 lb. Lure - Blue tint Crampton Tube with blue vinyl and pink/yellow Newells Position: Short rigger on a tag line. Gear/Tackle: Makaira 80W reel / Makaira rod with standup harness. 130 lb. Orange Spot Dacron with 130 lb. Amilan top shot. 400 lb. leader...
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    Offshore Pig YFT today

    Nice work Dave. Saw you and Joey out there working the zone. Amazing amount of tuna seen yesterday.
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    Lots of Old, Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    Guys, this is getting resolved. Thx, Jason
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    Lots of Old, Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    Todd and Erik, c'mon...................
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    Vintage jig display case

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    1999 30ft Skipjack

    Thanks Hoops. Very reasonable hours and well maintained.
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    1999 30ft Skipjack

    This is my dream boat - I think this is the only one on the market right now. How many hours on the 330B's?
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    For sale Skipjack 262 diesel $44,000.00

    Bump for a great looking boat. Looking to get a 26 or 30 in the near future.
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    THANKS from the CCA-CAL !

    Jim, I truly appreciate what you're saying. My original comment had nothing to do with your spirit to protect our rights as fishermen. I just think it was a bit harsh to go off on him for asking about the results of what I'm going to assume was a highly publicized raffle. I have no clue what...
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    Collector tuna or marlin lures

    A while back I saw one or two at Hogan's Tackle in Dana Point (consignment lures). Not sure if they're still there.
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    THANKS from the CCA-CAL !

    Whoa, god forbid jer dog asks a question about the raffle. :eek:
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    The 31 Bertram Build

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    lure wings

    They should be on this site - I think you need to cut them out -
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    Anyone use the jigging world reels?

    Never used Jigging World but they appear to be made by a company called Karasu. You may also want to look into Maxel reels - available from Tackle Direct and a few others.
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    Question about Tuna Clones

    I'd give Cousins Tackle a call if you want to carry the tuna clones. They're not on their website but I can tell you that they're as good as they get.
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    WTB: Tacglue in SD

    Melton may be able to ship it cheap via USPS. Give them a call, I think they'd do that for you.
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    Vibes, thoughts, prayers........

    Mike, good vibes and positive thoughts sent your way!
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    Shimano Shimano Torium ?

    They're nice, errr, so I've heard... :D
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    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    "My Yamaha mechanic loves me"
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    Kauai 12/15-12/18

    Nemesis Sportfishing - Darrin is highly regarded and an IGFA certified captain. I have not personally fished with him but I have a few friends who have and they have nothing but positives to say about him and the boat.
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    Skipjack 26 Flybridge Diesel

    Wise guy - subject was changed. It used to be something along the lines of 'Cool Looking Skipjack' with a link to a Craigslist ad - hardly gave the impression it was in fact his boat.
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    Mutant on the Sand 11/12

    Nice work! Those baits look nice. What color?
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    Which BDer fed the dog!!!!

    Would have chuckled if he ditched the smaller fish and took off with the marlin.
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    How many hours are 4 stroke outboards like the yam 250 3.3L good for?

    My brother has over 3000 on his F250 and it's running like a top!
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    Do you Follow any of these Rules?-Mad Huey

    Entertaining vid but I just don't understand this Mad Huey thing. Can anyone tell me what it is other than a group of surfers from the movie North Shore?
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    Rowan, the seats look awesome! Personal preference - I'd stain the teak in the cabin.
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    Rowan, glad to look for it. Please private message me your email address and I'll send it over if I can find it. Jason
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    Fillet table ideas

    Really cool retrofit! I could imagine any number of options. I noticed in your thread that you'll have a Pacific Edge bait tank. I'm sure Mark Wisch will build a fillet table for that model if he doesn't have one built out already. Ali and Jason have a really nice one on the Tuna Jihad...
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    Offshore 10/29/14 dodo limits and YFT

    Red and blue LED lights
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    Offshore 10/29/14 dodo limits and YFT

    Saw that one coming from a mile away Ali! :-)
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    Boxing on the New Boat

    Nice work guys!
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    Rowan, yes and responded :)
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    Max - The boat was used for charters out of Rehoboth Beach, DE if memory serves me correctly. Here's the old website from when it was being chartered -
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    Who to use for Yamaha repower?

    West Coast Marine Service - Costa Mesa. Gonzalo and team are awesome!
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    Rowan, keep up the good work, can't wait to see how everything turns out!
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    Thanks Rowan, keep up the good work, better you than me as I just wasn't in a position to put that amount of work into her. Really a great hull and layout. Looking forward to checking out the updates! Also, I had a survey done on the boat way back when I almost bought it. Let me know if you...
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    I did a lot of research on these boats a few years back. The information available was/is very limited and I'm going off of memory here. I absolutely fell in love with the 28' flybridge and looked at a few. The Precision boats were produced by a guy that used to work for Champion Boats. The...
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    Precision 28 rebuild

    I almost bought this exact boat from Delaware. Can't wait to hear more about it! Sent you a PM.
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    WTB Fishing shorts & pants size 34

    I find that the AFTCO boardshorts fit well and are of good length.
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    Rapalas & Marlin Lures

    PM sent on the marlin lures.
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    Baby super plunger.

    Looks good! What brand of skirts on the lure?
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    WTB Fishing shorts & pants size 34

    If you're looking for a good deal on some, AFTCO regularly has some good ones for sale as well as on Melton Tackle.
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    Ye Olde "Fake Bird-School" trick....

    I don't litter into the sea and value my time on the water, so typically I just like to fish. Furthermore, when I gaff the fish, I eat them and don't waste it. So, in essence, I don't waste shit and litter.
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    Melton Tackle

    Tracy could have very easily just changed his posts or sidestepped. He was frank and forthright...that's how he is. He calls a spade a spade. If he lied, that's one thing but he didn't. At least he came forward and admitted he could have handled it better. I see some of the local competition...
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    Ye Olde "Fake Bird-School" trick....

    That's messed up. It takes a "special" person to do this or any of the other described methods. I ain't no tree hugger but not sure how people do this stuff to other animals. At the end of the day, they have to look themselves in the mirror. I was under the impression it was what Mike (...
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    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    This strikes me as a potential slippery slope. I hope EB's management doesn't look at this thread and decide that they've been 'looking after' their patrons too much over the years, especially a year that finding good/any sardines wasn't necessarily a given. On top of that, they could really...
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    88 Northcoast from the east side.

    Really cool boat - reminds me of the Blackwatch boats that were made in the US before they were bought or moved to Australia.
  64. jaydawg77

    93' SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House

    That boat just looks awesome. Bump for a wickedly cool boat with personality!
  65. jaydawg77

    Don't even try to fish this guy's paddy...

    Gotcha, yeah, that's pretty lame!
  66. jaydawg77

    Don't even try to fish this guy's paddy...

    Playing devil's advocate here for a sec, maybe these guys didn't know any better? Don't get me wrong this sucks a big one but in all fairness, we make mistakes, particularly when starting out. Personally, I learn better by doing and I probably did that a few times before I got the hang of it...
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    Skipjack 26 Flybridge Diesel

    Zimm I have been drooling over the Craigslist ad. Will send PM. Jason
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    Offshore Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    One of the coolest fishing vids I've ever seen. Nice!
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    Melton Tackle

    Oh the fishing tackle industry, how I miss thee. I have to admit, I got caught up in this stuff but I certainly don't miss it. This type of dialogue has been dished on both sides for a number of years. There is no innocent party here, trust me.
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    Long Beach – Yellows, Rockfish, Lobsters

    That's called getting it done. Nice work!!!
  71. jaydawg77

    Challenges with Tackle Direct?

    Email my friend John Vaughan over there at TD - [email protected] He will take care of whatever issues you have run into. Also, made him aware of this thread. You'll be in good hands. Jason
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    Futa Heads and Lures

    I saw this post and thought I had to tell you about it...sure enough you were the one to bring it back...see you at dinner.
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    Skipjack 26 Flybridge Diesel

    Nice looking Skipjack! Is that yours?
  74. jaydawg77

    2004 Kencraft Challenger 220WA

    Amazing boat and great price!
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    Anyone notice what appears to be a shark in the background?
  76. jaydawg77

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Cory - great looking boat, look clean!
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    Offshore late Post Friday 9-19-2014 Wahoo

    Nice job team GW! I don't know about those Mouldens...they're a fishy bunch!
  78. jaydawg77

    Fish dope or 976bite?

    I love FD and use it everyday. The boys have been doing a great job keeping reports updated throughout the busy season.
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    Offshore Epic Marlin Fishing - Tues

    Amazing, great report!
  80. jaydawg77

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    Unfortunately some of those 50 people will not want to come back to Helgrens having witnessed something like that. Very unfortunate no matter the circumstances. Fair amount of choices with regards to boats and landings.
  81. jaydawg77


    This is absolutely terrible. I will never ever consider fishing out of Helgrens in the future. Really sad to read about stuff like this. I hope this landing and the individuals involved are held accountable for their actions. Very disturbing.
  82. jaydawg77

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Thanks Joe. Yes, definitely a huge difference between the two species, so I completely agree with the false analogy. Definitely didn't intend it to be apples to apples but glad it got people thinking. That being said, I'm confident that on a global scale, the tuna is under a whole lot more...
  83. jaydawg77

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    I am not so certain that YT are getting smaller every year. Last year there were big yt on paddies and the Coronados have put out good size fish this year and last. From what I've heard there is a wave of larger yt showing on paddies though I have not seen such models. I do agree we need to...
  84. jaydawg77

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Guys, particularly the ones giving the OP some grief, riddle me this... Let's say that these 'rat' yt average 3-4 lb. and a fully mature large yt will grow to +-50 lb. My question for you, are we doing something similar if we keep 10 yft tuna that average 20-25 lb., a fish that when mature can...
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    39' #1 Key West Hull

    Congrats and have a great trip to the Bahamas!
  86. jaydawg77

    New Metaloids in Stock at Melton Tackle

    Got to fish these reels as well. Awesome bang for your buck!
  87. jaydawg77

    BAC Masters Update?

    Bill, I think Teaser of DAC got a fish as well.
  88. jaydawg77

    stolen gear!!!!

    Keep an eye out for pawn shops outside Fullerton as well. Long story short, I've recovered a lot of stolen gear from pawn shops during my days working in the fishing industry. Orange, Westminister, HB, etc. have a fair amount of pawn shops and you'd be fairly surprised how much tackle some of...
  89. jaydawg77

    Will the Guy Who "Borrowed" My Gaff From Dana Point Please

    Jason - I've had stuff taken out of my boat at Dana. There are a lot of people that "roam" that area. Sorry to hear. Will keep an eye out for it.
  90. jaydawg77

    Skipjack 24 Open

    Rad boat, GLWS!
  91. jaydawg77

    Boat financing

    I'm not going to be in the market anytime soon, but USAA and Wescom seem to be great options.
  92. jaydawg77

    Boat financing

    Wells Fargo is now horrible for boat loans, at least they were a couple years back when I was trying to purchase a boat on the East Coast. They are completely out of the game now with regards to their rates, not even close to competitive.
  93. jaydawg77

    277 - Catalina 8/19

    That'll work. I've caught much smaller ones than that this year!
  94. jaydawg77

    277 - Catalina 8/19

    I love pics of fish taking the ice bucket challenge!
  95. 5692_112422471601_762221601_2187402_772228_n


  96. bait-tank-console


  97. overview


  98. front-angle


  99. Cystaliner


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    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    marlineer84 - That design looks pretty good. Can you do one for my boat? Thanks!
  101. jaydawg77

    Plz recommend Rod Repair Guy

    The Longfin is a highly respected tackle retailer. Did you tell them that it was wrapped with the wrong color thread? If so, what did they say?
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    Cool reels and were way ahead of their time when they came out!
  103. jaydawg77

    Looking for a hardtop for a 24' cuddy

    Darren (username Crystaliner) got a good deal on a hard top for his 29' Crystaliner. Here's a link to his build - He got the hard top from The Marine Connection in Florida - Good luck! Jason
  104. jaydawg77

    Bait Hotel

    I guess they're not interested in it.
  105. jaydawg77

    Bait Hotel

    You guys should make him an offer since you're obviously in the market to get one.
  106. jaydawg77

    Marlin lures / other Stuff

    Wayne, PM sent about #1
  107. jaydawg77

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    I'll take the marlin lures if still available. Please PM me payment info. Thanks, Jason
  108. jaydawg77

    Looking for a 24-30' walk around or express fisher on trailer, outboards preferably 4 stroke

    This boat is pretty sweet but a bit beyond your stated budget. Looks turnkey.
  109. jaydawg77

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    Thx Geno. 21' Patrol - same as the red Avalon patrol boats. My boat was modified for an outboard with swimstep/bracket. Jason
  110. jaydawg77

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    Bump for an amazing fish catching machine.
  111. jaydawg77

    Trailer/ Not mine but a good deal

    Looks pretty darn clean, thanks for the heads up!
  112. jaydawg77

    Shimano New Style of Talica Coming???

    Guys, you can always send the reels in for re anodizing if you want that custom look. Melton Tackle offers custom Tiagra colors, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that you can get Talicas done as well. I think they'd look rad in black with gold handle/lever. Custom Torsas -
  113. jaydawg77

    marlin lures for sale

    The top 3 lures are ProSoft Scuppers by Pacific Trolling Gear. Very effective lures -
  114. jaydawg77

    Looking to rent a boat + captain in the Long Beach to conduct scientifix expe

    Darren - the Crystaliner would work well!
  115. jaydawg77

    huntington park lake

    Bummer! Is it the one off McFadden with all the birds around it? Some lakes have birds but that one has A LOT of birds.
  116. jaydawg77

    Shimano True or just BS??? 300EJ

    Welcome aboard! I have had the EJ for a few years. It happened to me once that I could remember, maybe twice. The ball handle on that reel has a bit of weight to it, so that plays a part in it as well. If you cast with the handle at a certain position while casting at just the right trajectory...
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    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    Well said. It's amazing that once you hear their "real" reasons for disliking Shimano, they're usually pretty lame. I was in the industry for quite some time and no other manufacturer came close to Shimano with regards to warranty and repair. The language about Shimano is literally verbatim what...
  118. jaydawg77

    23 Blackman Outer banks

    It'd be rad with my F250 on it!
  119. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    Of course. Good choice on the Daiwa jigging rod. They used to be less expensive and were by far the best value out there, still a good value.
  120. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    Great comment and contribution. Looked at some of your latest posts...Weren't you looking for a Shimano Trevala jigging rod last month on BD? :rofl:
  121. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    Misunderstood the discontinued part, sorry about that! I like this discussion. The good part is there are a ton of options on the market with regards what to buy and where to buy from!
  122. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    That is not true about the discontinued Shimano pricing online. The dealer can sell discontinued Shimano for whatever their heart desires. Don't worry, Bantam1 won't be mad. :beerbang: The underground IMOs may be money hungry and that is great, but they're not profit hungry unless they're...
  123. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    Trust me, the tackle shops that don't carry Shimano stuff wish they did. I can most likely gauge where you shop by these comments and that's cool as I have a great deal of respect for the operation. That being said, Shimano is losing out on opportunities to sell their gear because these dealers...
  124. jaydawg77

    sarasota tourist info

    I'd recommend hitting the local tackle shops. There are a couple good ones in Sarasota. CB's Outfitters and Economy Tackle are the two big ones. The fishing in Sarasota is a blast. Caught my first snook, redfish, etc. from shore. You can sight fish for sheepshead and other was...
  125. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    This is an interesting discussion and frankly Remington isn't far off in some respects, though the pricing situation isn't unlike other manufacturers such as Avet, Accurate, etc. If you check out legitimate dealer sites, you're going to see the same pricing across the board - an Avet SX is going...
  126. jaydawg77

    Coiba Island Panama November 4th - 7th COIBA ADVENTURE SPORTFISING

    Holy smokes, great report and great pics. Welcome to BD! I need to get down to Panama someday! Jason
  127. jaydawg77

    WTB Center console with fourstroke Cool boat but it's in Maine!
  128. jaydawg77

    chinese fishing reels

    Please don't buy from a sketchy Shimano dealer in Indonesia or anywhere like that. If the seller is in another country, confirm that they're a legitimate Shimano dealer. I can't tell you how many scammers are out there fraudulently ordering and receiving reels and then selling them. I have a lot...
  129. jaydawg77

    Please Pray

    Prayers sent for a successful procedure and quick recovery!
  130. jaydawg77

    1992 Seaswirl Striper Center Console For Sale *1st $1500 cash takes her home!*

    What kind of engine do you speak of that's in disrepair? It's always a good idea to read your posts once or twice before hitting the 'Post Quick Reply' button.
  131. jaydawg77

    Anybody in the market for a 28' glass offshore boat..... CHEAP... needs power...

    Almost looks like an older Black Watch. Good looking boat. EDIT: ahh, Blackfin, close.
  132. jaydawg77

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ?? fisherman

    Happy Bday Mike!!!!
  133. jaydawg77

    Offshore 9/14 8 SE of 425 - we were hoping for an Opah, but instead...

    Don't worry about the people that gave you crap. Enjoy the chucker on the grill!!!! Get the measurements - I'd get a mount made of it, wicked cool.
  134. jaydawg77

    Offshore 9/14 8 SE of 425 - we were hoping for an Opah, but instead...

    Looks like a shortbill to me. Nice work. They taste good!!!
  135. jaydawg77

    Fort Bragg Fishing Advice

    Awesome, thanks!!!!
  136. jaydawg77

    Fort Bragg Fishing Advice

    Guys, going camping on the beach near Fort Bragg. I'm planning on fishing off the rocks and perhaps on a boat if I'm lucky. What kind of gear should I bring and what is there to catch? Seems like rockfish, salmon and halibut would be possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jason
  137. jaydawg77

    Fished Catalina today....

    We found one north of the 181 on Tuesday.
  138. jaydawg77

    28 ft PERCISION Sportfisher

    Ali Master of Nothing <dl class="userstats" style="margin-right: 10px; margin-left: 0px; float: right; width: 150px;"><dt style="margin: 0px 5px 0px 0px; padding: 0px; float: left;">Name</dt><dd style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">That Guy</dd><dt style="margin: 0px 5px 0px 0px; padding: 0px...
  139. jaydawg77

    28 ft PERCISION Sportfisher

    Far and away the sweetest layout for a 28' boat I've ever seen.
  140. jaydawg77

    2004 Skipack 26 Flybridge Diesel ONLY $60,000!!!

    Bump for a great looking Skippy. Someday!
  141. jaydawg77

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    Wow, reading what you guys eat sure makes me hope you guys have a good macerator onboard! :shithappens: I like a good A's breakfast burrito if fishing out of Dana Point and I'm good for the rest of the day.
  142. jaydawg77

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    Saluki, that's a bummer. Will call Richard tomorrow! Jason
  143. jaydawg77

    Kick Ass Boat....Not Mine But You'll want to buy it!!!!

    That's pretty much the "Rick Roll" of boats. If you know what a "Rick Roll" is, you'll get it.
  144. jaydawg77


    I would have insane boat envy if it was near my boat in Dana!
  145. jaydawg77


    I can't stop looking at the pics of this boat. Love the layout.
  146. jaydawg77

    upper oso resevoir

    There are no fish in any of the lakes in that area.....:rofl: The place I REALLY want to fish is Rattlesnake Reservoir.
  147. jaydawg77


    :rofl: nice!
  148. jaydawg77


    Fishing today, minding my own business at a local lake with my wife and kid. Some old lady walks by and smugly says, "You can't fish here" and keeps on walking. I blurted out to her that fishing was allowed in the area and she of course kept on walking. My blood was boiling though. Nothing...
  149. jaydawg77

    Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach Sweet. Is Laguna going to ban beachgoers next?
  150. jaydawg77

    How can they print this bs?

    A caption of one of the photos: Wow, now they're collecting data, eh?
  151. jaydawg77

    3.10.13 - Rockfishing Out of Dana

    Good times fishing with you as always! -Jason
  152. jaydawg77


    I know. This just makes me sick. I'm all for the whales and whatnot but these people want to have their cake and eat it too. We wanted baseline data for the impacted areas and were ignored by the very same people who are now clamoring for baseline data. Oh the irony.
  153. jaydawg77

    Ironic "The Navy said they've been operating in Southern California for 40 years or so, and they haven't seen any harmful effects," said Michael Jasny, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council's marine mammal protection...
  154. jaydawg77

    my son attacked

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery!
  155. jaydawg77

    Looking For: 18, 20, 22 Panga with a 4-stroke

    Would you ship it up North? There are a few pangas in Mexico.
  156. jaydawg77

    Shimano Which terez rod for 50 lb tuna set up?

    Their marketing people suggest appropriate reels for the rods. Hypothetically speaking, if you were the owner of a company that say, produced rods, reels and line, what brand would your firm recommend?
  157. jaydawg77

    Furuno 582L Display Mounting Bracket

    Got one on the way tomorrow. Thanks Daryl! Jason
  158. jaydawg77

    Furuno 582L Display Mounting Bracket

    Ok thanks Jeremy, will call tomorrow!
  159. jaydawg77

    Furuno 582L Display Mounting Bracket

    Guys, looking for a mounting bracket for my 582L unit and knobs as well if you have them. Hit me up if you have one laying around. Thanks! Jason
  160. jaydawg77

    UCLA really got embarrassed by Baylor last night.

    That Baylor team is quite good. They're one year removed from RGIII and hit a bad stretch. They narrowly lost to West Virginia in that offensive showdown. They're a lot better than what their record indicates.
  161. jaydawg77

    Uniflite Emblem

    Did a little research on this URL:!topic/unifliteworld/-SG66p6GmEI and it led me to this site: Allegedly they have the 18" ones.
  162. jaydawg77

    Shop Small Business this Saturday!

    Thanks Steve! -J
  163. jaydawg77

    Shop Small Business this Saturday!

    I've been asked a lot of questions via PM about this offer. Unfortunately, this only applies to in-store purchases on Saturday only. It's a promotion by American Express, so we have no control over the date or details.
  164. jaydawg77

    1987 29' Blackfin

    Bittersweet. Bump for a great boat!
  165. jaydawg77

    Shop Small Business this Saturday!

    Melton International Tackle 1375 S. State College Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92806
  166. jaydawg77

    Shop Small Business this Saturday!

    ATTN: So Cal BD members - Shop Small Business this Saturday with Melton Tackle! If you have a personal American Express card (excludes Amex corporate and gift cards), you're in luck! Shop in-store with Melton Tackle this Saturday, November 24th, make a purchase over $25 and receive a $25 credit...
  167. jaydawg77

    Bisbee's Update - Team Pelagic just weighted a 465lb Blue

    Wait, I thought the guys were on the Go Deeper / Pelagic boat. Is this a different team? Either way, congrats to them.
  168. jaydawg77

    Hoop Net In Dana Point Harbor

    Yep, no can do inside the harbor. Up to a couple years ago, they allowed it but not anymore.
  169. jaydawg77

    427-pound Yellowfin Tuna in Baja

    ROJO!!! Guys, I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that they were using a Mustad hook if this story is indeed true. Good stuff!
  170. jaydawg77

    Who is the best Fisherman you have been able to fish with?

    My dad and brother. Can't wait to fish with my son someday!
  171. jaydawg77

    Offshore Broooofin

    It was probably one of the best fighting birds I've ever caught. Got good some good loft on it at times and in the water, pulled more than you might expect.
  172. jaydawg77

    Offshore Broooofin

    Fun time, thanks guys! Great to meet you as well Mike!!!! Let's get out there again soon! Jason
  173. jaydawg77

    Marlin 2012

    The TC members I know are extremely conservation minded. For their button fish, they can choose to take one or tag and release two within our waters (newer rule). I believe it's a personal choice and I don't judge. There is a lot of history and heritage in this tradition. That being said, I have...
  174. jaydawg77

    Leopard sharks on an SUP

    Nice work, looks like fun. Hope you're doing well! Jason
  175. jaydawg77

    26' Crystaliner Pilothouse

    You're going to want to ask for Lewis Page over at Crystaliner. He's a good guy!
  176. jaydawg77

    26' Crystaliner Pilothouse

    Good to hear! Ask for me next time you visit the store. Hope the Crystaliner is treating you well!
  177. jaydawg77

    26' Crystaliner Pilothouse

    Yup, welcome to the Crystaliner family! We should have a Crystliner roundup one of these days!
  178. jaydawg77


    Mike, so sorry for your loss. I'm trying to work an angle on the palm tree. -Jason
  179. jaydawg77

    6/29 Izor Reef

    Nice work Dan!
  180. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Thanks Al. This boat is my one and only. Still a lot of work to do on the inside!
  181. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Okay, getting things back on track. Going to have to get the project in overdrive here. Crystaliner took off the many layers of bottom paint and repainted her. The hull was polished and is shining nice.
  182. jaydawg77

    Gopro Super Tanker battle video from 5-27

    Dear goodness Behdad, nice fish!
  183. jaydawg77

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    Somebody better jump on this deal!
  184. jaydawg77

    Heads Up DP 5 MPH Zone Change

    Is it me or have they been slooooowly pushing the 5mph buoy out further and further over the past 6-8 months? Went out the last week and it seemed like it was back in its normal spot.
  185. jaydawg77

    Blackman Fish Machine 20' Center Console

    Bump for a killer rig. Aaron is that you on the bow?
  186. jaydawg77

    21'6" Mako SOLD!!!!!

    According to Todd this boat is sold.
  187. jaydawg77

    Topshot Gaffs

    Didn't I just get you one of these? LOL. Good seeing you on Saturday.
  188. jaydawg77

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    Ah, gotcha. They must have a lot of time on their hands for a Monday! Thanks for keeping the peace! Jason
  189. jaydawg77

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    Saluki - What just happened here?!?!?!
  190. jaydawg77

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    Guys, a buddy of mine is trying to sell his very clean and well equipped 26' Skippy, Ladylove. This boat is a real head turner and the Volvo has been well maintained by a well known local mechanic. A nice change from the normal blue/white color scheme that you see on most 26 footers. Boat is...
  191. Flybridge


  192. Canvas cover

    Canvas cover

  193. Galley shot from front

    Galley shot from front

  194. Ladylove moored at Two Harbors

    Ladylove moored at Two Harbors

  195. Ladylove at Slip

    Ladylove at Slip

  196. Richard's Skippy

    Richard's Skippy

  197. jaydawg77

    Melton Tackle / Excel 6 Day Trip - July 21-27

    Guys, Just a heads up - the Melton Tackle trip is coming up and we still have space available. The fishing is looking very promising and there will be tons of raffles and giveaways. Anybody that has been on our charters knows that our giveaways are second to none! The trip leaves Saturday...
  198. jaydawg77

    WTB Crystaliner

    Oh yeah. I have seen a half dozen or so of them. If I find one, will letcha know. I saw that 26' one. Sweet looking boat. Only 26 foot Crystaliner flybridge I've ever seen.
  199. jaydawg77

    WTB Crystaliner

    Matt, They come up for sale periodically. You have to be on the lookout constantly. Be sure to look on Craigslist on a daily basis - San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, etc. Good luck! Jason
  200. jaydawg77

    7Strand and Happyending Lures ....

    I'm right there with you Mike!
  201. jaydawg77

    E.A.L marlin jigs,and some other marlin

    Bump. Great lures and birds/teaser!
  202. jaydawg77


    Cheers to that!
  203. jaydawg77


    Ugh. Sucks but gotta go by the rules! To each their own but my protest was delaying the purchase of my license until I absolutely needed it before my first outing of the year which was (sadly) in March. In 2011 I bought my license on Jan 5th. I don't think the state cares but that was my silent...
  204. jaydawg77

    DP Halibut - Pounded Tons of Sand for ZILCH

    Nice slip Matt! I just picked up a slip on H dock. Jason
  205. jaydawg77

    100 gallon Bait tank.

    Bump for a good guy.
  206. jaydawg77

    Older Avet SX with the metal hanle

    If you're talking about the super duper old school ones with the shark on the side, we may have one at Melton Tackle. I'll look for you tomorrow. Jason
  207. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    SOLD! Thanks for the interest guys! Jason
  208. jaydawg77

    Searching for Yellowtail... went home with a Skunk :(

    I'm with you. Hopefully it gets steadily better. It's going to be a zoo out there this weekend.
  209. jaydawg77

    Fish Finder Upgrade

    Howdy Joe, My brother has a Furuno FCV582L unit on his boat and it's awesome. Just bought the same unit for my boat and installing it next week. Do you have a budget for your fishfinder? What kind of fishing will you be doing? Jason
  210. jaydawg77


    Pi Kappa Phi - Cal State Fullerton. Good times. Saluki, happy to say nobody dropped a deuce on my pillow!
  211. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Yup, it goes through the deck to the tank underneath.
  212. jaydawg77

    Islamorada Florida Keys - Snapper to TIGER SHARKS

    Looking forward to fishing with you next month!
  213. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Howdy John, I'd guess about 50 lb., without water of course.
  214. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Michael - Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like my buddy is going to be down this way anytime soon. Maybe someone else is headed up that way that could help? Jason
  215. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Working on it brotha!
  216. jaydawg77

    Fiberglass Electronics Box

    Looking for an overhead fiberglass electronics box in good condition. PM me if you have one for sale or trade. Thanks, Jason
  217. jaydawg77

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Guys, checked out the boat today. I don't think the pics do it justice, it's that nice of a rig. A lot of thought and craftsmanship has been put into this boat. Can't wait to see how it performs on the water! Great work! Jason
  218. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Thanks Bob, we've gotta get out fishing this year - on Jamie's boat or mine! Jason
  219. jaydawg77

    Precision Outriggers with maximizers

    Darren - I think that there are some Rupp Top Gun bases that will fit that opening as well. I think those types of bases will be a better fit with the hard top. I believe you can still use the fiberglass poles with those types of bases if they're the proper diameter.
  220. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Michael, thanks for the interest. I think that shipping is going to be pretty hefty on the bait tank. I do have a friend that lives in Arroyo Grande. I can check with him if he's going to be coming down and back up there anytime soon. Jason
  221. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Will do Darren. They're getting made this week. They're totally custom. All I had to do was give them the cutout dimensions. They will be more durable and way less maintenance. The fiberglass and teak frames look nice but too much of a pain. Wait till I get them installed and check them out to...
  222. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Hi Wayde, thanks for the offer but I'm looking for more than $350 for this tank. John, I will bring my tank to the Anaheim store on Tuesday. Thanks guys for the interest! Jason
  223. jaydawg77

    Precision Outriggers with maximizers

    Darren - gonna put those on the hard top? The Maximizers would look sweeeet on there. Jason
  224. jaydawg77

    Anyone see one of these before?

    Oh crap, glad everything worked out! :eek:
  225. jaydawg77

    Just heard on lets talk hookup, 400+lbs yft

    So is 426.9 lb. the confirmed weight? If so, AMAZING!!!!
  226. jaydawg77

    Anyone see one of these before?

    I have heard they have a very very thick slime layer. One friend of mine swears they taste like lobster but I don't buy it. We've been seeing small ones everywhere the last couple of years just outside the kelp and the harbor even during the winter.
  227. jaydawg77

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Can't wait to check out the boat today! Jason
  228. jaydawg77

    WTB: T-Top for Proline 21

    That PYT t-top looks great! Gary, if that fits your boat, I think you'll be very happy with it. I didn't see an entire pic of your boat, so hard to gauge how it'll look but that's a nice t-top for the money. I saw a Stryker t-top the other day. They look pretty nice. I think they're offering a...
  229. jaydawg77


    Nice work, I'm impressed!
  230. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Thanks Mike, will do! Jason
  231. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Here's a pic from when we first bought the boat - We got new material on t-top, radar, Precision outriggers and put in a leaning post and Pacific Edge bait tank.
  232. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Howdy Mike! She's got a Yamaha F250 four stroke on her. You've probably seen a Crystaliner center console - they're the red Harbor Patrol boats in Avalon! Jason
  233. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Also, looking to install a fiberglass electronics box if anyone has one for sale.
  234. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Been working on getting the Crystaliner in shape for the upcoming season. She was at Crystaliner for some fiberglass repair on the swimstep and then went to West Coast Marine for 900 hour service and now is back at Crystaliner to get bottom paint stripped and reapplied. Among the new items to...
  235. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    John, thanks for the interest. Just measured it real quick. Height: 30" (before lip of tank/starboard cutting board) Width: 38" Length: 20" Let me know if you want to stop by to take a look at it! Jason
  236. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Guys, I'm selling a 65 gallon Offshore Bait Tank. It's in good condition and has pretty much every upgrade you could get on an Offshore Bait Tank. Dual tinted acrylic windows with starboard frames, two Precision Marine Rod Holders, Precision Marine Bait Net Holder, two teak tool holders...
  237. jaydawg77

    30 Degree Lee's Stainless Rod Holder - New

    Gone to eBay! Bidding starts at $40!
  238. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Nautic Insight + Transducer

    SOLD. Thanks Robert, put it to good use! -Jason
  239. jaydawg77

    Fishing in Cuba

    Nice work cousin Charlie! My invite must have gone to the spam folder! lmao. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Jason
  240. jaydawg77

    First Spotfin on the Fly

    Nice fish! I know that spot!
  241. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Nautic Insight + Transducer

    Holding for potential buyer through the weekend. Jason
  242. jaydawg77

    30 Degree Lee's Stainless Rod Holder - New

    Keeping this on BD for a week then going to eBay. Thanks for looking! Jason
  243. jaydawg77

    60 Gallon Bait Tank & Tackle Station

    You guys should meet halfway between San Clemente and Dana Point. Perhaps Capo Beach? :rofl:
  244. jaydawg77

    Jose Wejebe RIP

    He was as cool in person as he seemed on the show. RIP Jose.
  245. jaydawg77

    Bennett Marine AC3000 Auto Tab Control Kit

    Looks pretty cool! Never knew about these.
  246. jaydawg77

    30 Degree Lee's Stainless Rod Holder - New

    Up for sale is a Lee's 30 Degree Medium Duty Rod Holder. Never installed, in perfect condition. Best price I could find on eBay was north of $70. Your price: $55.
  247. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Nautic Insight + Transducer

    Richard, Nope, this is the Gen1 but structure scan compatible. Jason
  248. jaydawg77

    Applications now being accepted

    Okay, you can fish on my boat kid! Boat's in Dana Point. All threshers get released though!
  249. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Nautic Insight + Transducer

    Would consider a trade for a Garmin GPSMAP 2006C in good condition.
  250. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Nautic Insight + Transducer

    Guys, ended up going another direction with my fishfinder. I have a Lowrance HDS-5 Fishfinder/GPS Nautic Insight with 50/200 transom mount transducer. This is a refurb unit and taken out of the box twice, never installed. Note: I'm selling this personally and not sold through Melton Tackle...
  251. jaydawg77

    Found: Someone's Junk 4.3.12

    The trap rig gets them every time!
  252. jaydawg77

    19' Precision Center Console

    Not my boat, but just came across this on Boat Trader and looks like a pretty good deal. Jason
  253. jaydawg77


    Darren, Any updates? Been working on my Crystaliner, it's getting there. Jason
  254. jaydawg77

    Favorite Mono Line

    Momoi Diamond
  255. jaydawg77

    BD Page issues??

  256. jaydawg77

    BD Page issues??

    Leave it to Brant. His web skillset is unparalleled.
  257. jaydawg77

    BD Page issues??

    One of those calls was me. Don't say I don't care! :rofl:
  258. jaydawg77

    Grundens Sale - One Week Only

    Guys, save 15% on all Grundens foul weather gear and accessories through 4/1/12. Use coupon code GRU12 during checkout at or stop by the store for the same deal. Just be sure to mention this at the counter. Also if you buy anything Grundens IN THE STORE (through 4/1), we'll also...
  259. jaydawg77

    2012 yellowtail tournament

    I'll be in Florida this year. Maybe next year!
  260. jaydawg77

    Found- Anyone seen or heard from Dave Hansen? 3/16/2012

    Phew, those first couple of pages in this thread had me worried!
  261. jaydawg77

    Which boat for $10k?

    This boat looks good from the pics. Ad doesn't have a whole lot of info. Jason
  262. jaydawg77

    Remember that pumpkin carving contest??

    Riley, the camera is going out today or first thing tomorrow morning. Will PM you tracking number. Threw in a couple goodies alongside the camera. Jason
  263. jaydawg77

    Remember that pumpkin carving contest??

    Riley, Sorry to hear about this. We'll definitely make it worth your while. Get with Ali regarding what items you want and we'll get you dialed in. I am definitely with el capo about Jamie; he's a standup guy and wouldn't intentionally mislead. He was probably relaying what he was told. Jason
  264. jaydawg77

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    Great report, great pic!
  265. jaydawg77

    That damn halibut jumped. That's my story...

    LMFAO. I'll get you guys the group buy on those things.
  266. jaydawg77


    I am pretty sure Darren already sold it.
  267. jaydawg77

    Swordfish Report

    Nice fish! I call Pink Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon
  268. jaydawg77

    BD needs your fishing pics for our Fred Hall Booth!

    My pictures were quickly rejected by Ali.
  269. jaydawg77

    Many great boats begin with B

    Barrett Boatworks
  270. jaydawg77


    Oy! I hope this top works out for you. Has some serious potential.
  271. jaydawg77


    Looks like a PITA! Good luck with the top. Did you get a quote from Crystaliner for the fiberglass top?
  272. jaydawg77

    33' Wellcraft Sport Bridge

    Me likey! Never seen that model either.
  273. jaydawg77

    Leaning Post

    Owen, I saw a guy selling a nice Offshore bait tank with leaning pad on here. Also there are some decent looking ones on eBay. I forget the seller but they could work. Check Craigslist. Little hint - go to and search all areas at the same time! Jason
  274. jaydawg77

    Looking to Fish Again-Wounded Warrior

    J.J. - Thanks for your service! Was thinking yesterday that I'd like to take some troops fishing. I fish out of Dana Point. Jason
  275. jaydawg77

    Which new Trinidad A for 20 - 25# line

  276. jaydawg77

    big bass at oside harbor!!

    Monster spottie!!!
  277. jaydawg77

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    My boy is 7 months tomorrow. Can't wait to fish with him! -Jason
  278. jaydawg77

    Looking for Center Console 18-21

    Gotcha. Look for an email later this morning. Thanks, Jason
  279. jaydawg77

    Looking for Center Console 18-21

    PM sent regarding my Crystaliner center console. Jason
  280. jaydawg77

    Laguna Niguel Report and Vid for 2-1-12

    Nice fish. LNL is a blast, live right by there!
  281. jaydawg77

    trolling lures

    Can you pm me price on the lures in pic 2? Thanks.
  282. jaydawg77

    Ali is a father?

  283. jaydawg77

    Which personality on BD?

  284. jaydawg77

    Avet sx 5.3:1

    Solid deal there, should sell quick!
  285. jaydawg77

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy B-Day Jason, may all of your wildest dreams come true. On second thought, knowing you, that might be a tad on the scary side!
  286. jaydawg77

    Damn the torpedos!

    Great fish and solid fillet skills!
  287. jaydawg77


    No wonder where you've been, give me a ring or send an email when you get a chance. -Jason
  288. jaydawg77

    Fast boat sale?

    Well, think of it this way, if you don't post it, there is a 100% chance it won't sell! Give it a whirl, couldn't hurt.
  289. jaydawg77

    WTB Radon or Anderson 22-24

    No cabin but worthy of a look!
  290. jaydawg77


    Merry Christmas Dave! Jason
  291. jaydawg77

    Dp SOLE Brother

  292. jaydawg77

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Looks great B, good seeing you earlier. Jason
  293. jaydawg77

    Xmas Bug

  294. jaydawg77

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    Don, thanks for your order. Got you the discount on the fluorocarbon! Coupon code SEAGUARBD for this promo. Sorry for the confusion. Jason
  295. jaydawg77

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    David, we only have them for promo at this time but we will be selling them soon. Jason
  296. jaydawg77

    Too good to be true? Boat for $50!
  297. jaydawg77

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    Right on B. Make me a whole size run, thanks!
  298. jaydawg77

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    Also, purchase over $50 of Seaguar Fluoro Premier and save 10% with coupon code SEAGUARBD Jason
  299. jaydawg77

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    Guys, have a nice offer on Seaguar Fluoro Premier - for every spool or coil purchased, get a FREE Seaguar Shark Tooth. These things are perfect for keeping the line ON the spool and the cutter is always there when you need it. Note that Fluoro Premier comes in spools up to 130 and then coils 150...
  300. jaydawg77

    Lurker No Longer

    Congrats and welcome to the harbor! Jason
  301. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS 5 or 7

    Guys, it's the Elite5 DSI and looks like it's $100 off. Jason
  302. jaydawg77

    Sun protection clothing

    Guys, also, keep in mind that these shirts only perform as well as they're taken care of. Be sure to read their cleaning instructions. Washing most of these shirts with your regular tees and undies will affect their ability to breathe, repel water, etc. We do sell some new stuff that will help...
  303. jaydawg77

    Sun protection clothing

    Guys, for what it's worth, I've worn most of the tech shirts that Melton Tackle offers. My favorites: - AFTCO Performance Long Sleeve Shirt - Not too heavy, not too light, great all around shirt, breathes well. I have a couple of these. BD Sponsor...
  304. jaydawg77


    Nice work Steve! Talk soon. Jason
  305. jaydawg77

    Dana Pt.-Bounce Ball Afternoon

    Matt - Good seeing you yesterday and again, nice fish man! You'll get that toad next time! Jason
  306. jaydawg77


    It's alright in Ladera - good place for kids and whatnot. Come on down, we can talk about Crystaliners and fishing!
  307. jaydawg77


    Nice boat Darren. Gotta love them Crystaliners. I'd love to get a 29' Express someday.
  308. jaydawg77

    It has been a while

    Looks great Mike! I'll call you this week. Jason
  309. jaydawg77

    Sunbrella Canvas Boat Cover

    Thanks Al or feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] Jason
  310. jaydawg77

    Sunbrella Canvas Boat Cover

    Al - Didn't get a PM Jason
  311. jaydawg77

    Whales, Squid, and Goats - 9/24/11

    Great report Jonathan. As always, well written, descriptive and great pics. Jason
  312. jaydawg77

    First SoCal Marlin Released!

    Thanks Mike! Let's catch up soon, it's been a while! Hope you're doing well amigo. Jason
  313. jaydawg77

    First SoCal Marlin Released!

    Thanks Pat! I think I'll be at the Pesky! Jason
  314. jaydawg77

    Offshore First MARLIN released!

    Thanks guys, will get some pics up soon. Jason
  315. jaydawg77


    Paul - PM sent. Jason
  316. jaydawg77

    2003 Blackman Billfisher Diesel

    Mike - beautiful boat! I've been watching the Patron for a while. A 26 Billfisher is probably my next boat in a few years. Good luck with the sale! Jason
  317. jaydawg77

    Thief in Dana Point harbor

    Gary, Sorry to hear about that. I will let my friends know, several of which have boats right by yours and I keep my boat in the Embarcadero. I hope these guys get caught. Dana is nice but there are some crazy folks that lurk around there. Jason Melton Tackle
  318. jaydawg77

    Embarcadero in Dana Point?

    I've had my boat at the Embarcadero for 3 1/2 years. Very happy with the decision to keep my boat there. The employees have been very helpful anytime I've required assistance. I've never had a problem with theft (knock on wood) in the unsecured area when keeping my boat there after hours.
  319. jaydawg77

    18' Stringari w/ Radon Pilothouse Console

    I've been admiring this boat on Craigslist for some time. I can't believe it's still available. Good luck with the sale!
  320. jaydawg77

    Davis Cortez Diesel

    Holy cow. That is a BEAUTIFUL boat!
  321. jaydawg77

    Having fun with a scammer.

    Funniest thing I heard/read all day! :hali_olutta:
  322. jaydawg77


    HA! You should see some of the stuff people return! For the record, I refuse to wear those shoes. If I'm on the boat, Island Pro Sandals, Xtratufs or Olukai Kia'i Trainer Shoes!
  323. jaydawg77


  324. jaydawg77

    looking for a dead nortstar 951 and 952 x for parts

    I have a dead Northstar unit, though I am not sure of the model. I'll check when I get into the office.
  325. jaydawg77

    Transom Bait Tank - Good Deal

    This looks like a good deal on a little transom mount bait tank. $50. Not affiliated, yada yada
  326. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    No problem Glenn, the Waxwings will be there tomorrow. Put them to good use! Jason
  327. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Glenn, Just got them in last night. The guys in the warehouse are feverishly checking them into our system. About 150 of these big ones sold so far. Sorry for the delay! Jason
  328. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Guys, just wanted to let you know that the large model (Senior) Waxwings have arrived! We had some of the Bone colored ones earlier but now we have about a bazillion of them in stock and ready to ship. They measure just a tad under 5.5" long. The free shipping offer has come back - free ground...
  329. jaydawg77

    trinidad 16na

    Guys, Melton Tackle has a Shimano Demo Sale going on right now, including Trinidad A Reels - they've never seen water and are offered at a discount of over 10% Shimano Demo Sale @ Melton Tackle -
  330. jaydawg77

    Shimano Sample/Demo Sale is Here!

    Guys, that TN20DC is long gone but still a good offering of gear at discounted prices.
  331. jaydawg77

    black accurate bx400??

    No prob Jon. Lemme know when you're ready to strike! Jason
  332. jaydawg77

    black accurate bx400??

    Jon, Here's a pic of the reel that I snapped real quick. Lemme know if you want to see it from any other angles! Jason
  333. jaydawg77

    black accurate bx400??

    Jon, Working on getting you a pic tomorrow! Jason Melton Tackle
  334. jaydawg77

    Shimano Sample/Demo Sale is Here!

    Guys, thanks for the orders, keep 'em coming!
  335. jaydawg77

    Shimano Sample/Demo Sale is Here!

    No prob guys. I know for a fact there is only 1 TN-20DC available at $399!
  336. jaydawg77

    Shimano Sample/Demo Sale is Here!

    Spongerider, Our store hours are - Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm Saturday 10pm to 5pm Jason
  337. jaydawg77

    Shimano Sample/Demo Sale is Here!

    Guys, Melton Tackle made a HUGE buy on Shimano saltwater show samples - rods, reels, jigs, bags, etc. etc. We wanted to give BD members first crack at this sale before we promote it sitewide. Some of the models have very limited stock so act quick.
  338. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Nice Steve-O. Guys, if you haven't seen Steve Coggin's lures, they're top notch fish catching machines. He's one of the truly great lure makers out there and one heck of a person!
  339. jaydawg77

    Anyone else had poor experience with Melton?

    Thanks guys! I am happy that the customer is happy. Good way to end the work week!
  340. jaydawg77

    Anyone else had poor experience with Melton?

    Guys, sorry it has taken a little while for Melton Tackle to publicly respond on BD. I was out of the office yesterday at an e-commerce convention but our customer service team was hard at work. A huge thank you goes out to our customers that have vouched for us. We are doing everything in our...
  341. jaydawg77

    Tackle Center - New

    Rad tackle center. Wish I had a place on my boat for it.
  342. jaydawg77

    Rupp Outriggers

    Still available?
  343. jaydawg77

    Shimano Trinidad DC Blowout

    No prob Travis! Can't go wrong on either series of the Trinis!
  344. jaydawg77

    Shimano Trinidad DC Blowout

    Guys, we just got in more TN16DC and TN30DC, so get 'em while they're hot. Limited quantities available!
  345. jaydawg77

    Shimano Trinidad DC Blowout

    I know J, I know!
  346. jaydawg77

    Shimano Trinidad DC Blowout

    Guys, we got the good guy price on Shimano Trinidad DCs. The good news - These things used to retail for up to $789.99. Retailers offered a great deal on them for $499.99 which was great. Well, we have upped the ante and scored a great deal from the folks at Shimano. $349.99 + Free Shipping in...
  347. jaydawg77

    Does Melton's Tackle give BD discounts

    Pelagic strictly forbids any type of discounting of their product in order to maintain premium positioning in the marketplace. As such, I must mention this when extending offers such as these. Sorry guys!
  348. jaydawg77

    Does Melton's Tackle give BD discounts

    Steve, PM sent! Cheers, Jason
  349. jaydawg77

    Does Melton's Tackle give BD discounts

    Guys, use coupon code BD10. It'll save you 10% on online purchases, excluding Pelagic products, combos and reels. We'll open this offer up to in-store purchases as well. Please note that some exclusions may apply on items like outriggers, fighting chairs, etc. We are bound by quite a few vendor...
  350. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Al - Good to hear man!!!!!! Jason
  351. jaydawg77

    28' Skipjack bow pulpit...

    I looked all over eBay but couldn't find one but keep on looking at this site - it searches all Craigslist sites at once. Bow rail | Craigslist Search
  352. jaydawg77

    Fujinon 14x40 Techno-Stabi Binoculars w/Waterproof & Shockproof Case

    I have the same ones. Great performance for the money.
  353. jaydawg77

    Offshore Below hidden 9-6 with marlin!

    So that's what a striped marlin looks like. I almost forgot, it's been so long. Nice work guys!
  354. jaydawg77

    Melton Tackle Labor Day Sale

    Guys, Melton Tackle is holding a labor day sale. This is running through 9/8/10. Some solid savings on premium quality tackle! This sale is intended for online purchases but will also be honored in our Anaheim showroom for BDers that are in the area. Make sure you mention this offer to the guys...
  355. jaydawg77

    Mackerel Tournament - Dana Point 9/4 $$$

    I may be in with an additional 4 anglers.
  356. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Glenn, glad to hear it, put it to good use. Hope you're doing well and have a great weekend! Jason
  357. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    No problem big guy!
  358. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Guys, just introduced a new product layout to the Waxwings. Hope it shows the products, colors, options a little better. Shimano Waxwing Jigs from Melton International Tackle Jason
  359. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Vlad - We're $17.99 on the 88mm (Boy) and $19.99 on the 118 (Jr.) Waxwings. We have about 500 here in stock!
  360. jaydawg77

    Greased vs Dry Drag

    LMAO Glenn!
  361. jaydawg77

    speaking of melton's

    Alan, I'll take this one if it's cool. :-) We're located in Anaheim on State College Boulevard, about a half mile North of Angel's Stadium. We'd be glad to have you stop on by and stay for a while! 1375 S. State College Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92806 Our store phone number is 714-956-9192...
  362. jaydawg77

    speaking of melton's

    Thanks Alan, honored to have had you in our store!!! Jason
  363. jaydawg77

    First Shipment of Shimano Trinidad A Reels Arrived!

    Alan, The Trinidad A uses the Dartanium II which is a cross carbon drag. The anti-reverse roller bearing is standard height, not the double height bearing. The spool isn't free floating but uses what Shimano calls X-Ship where the extended pinion gear has two bearings holding to the bottom and...
  364. jaydawg77

    First Shipment of Shimano Trinidad A Reels Arrived!

    Guys, just wanted to give you the heads up that we just received our first batch of Trinidad 16A Reels. The 20A and 30A reels are en route and arriving on Tuesday. The Shimano Trinidad A Reels are smaller and pack a whole lot more punch than their predecessors. I have had a chance to fish these...
  365. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Jim, I bet those are a lot easier to fish out of the Yaks, eh? Jason
  366. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Guys, due to a bit of confusion with the coupon code, simply add $50 worth of jigs to your cart and it'll give you free ground shipping. Sorry about that!
  367. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Dave, I'll take a look at it and make sure you get the shipping taken care of. Jess - thanks for the order. Nick, no worries on the Waxwings. You'll like the new Trinis, fished some of them yesterday. They are awesome reels. The little 10A is sweeeet!
  368. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Nice work Ryan. These things are just a blast to fish. Put them to good use! Jason
  369. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    G - will have to get you out on the boat here soon. How are your weekends looking?
  370. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    George, We just received our second shipment of Waxwings, about 800 jigs. All colors, all sizes in stock. Jason
  371. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    I think if anything, this is going to get people more into surface iron fishing just like Shimano's Butterfly Jigs got anglers more into vertical jigging.
  372. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Erik - I think you hit it on the head. It's not an end all be all. I think it's a great addition to the arsenal but it shouldn't be the only artificial that anglers utilize. What Shimano is doing is making it easier to become a "jig fisherman". Basically, if you have a baitcasting setup...
  373. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Matt, Shimano has a patent on the lure. I don't think they can copy it verbatim. Jason
  374. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    No worries Glenn, all good! Jason
  375. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Alan, we have caught yellowtail, calicos, sand bass, barracuda on these things. Going to try to snag a wsb on one this weekend. They sink slowly. Fishing SCI on Saturday, will post some pics!
  376. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Hyper-spastic ad writing by me suggesting an angler can hone the lure to something more along the lines of what he is looking for? If you don't want to use them, that's your choice. I tinker with marlin lures all the time, sanding lure heads and marking up lure skirts, etc. Many people tune...
  377. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    The Awesome Auger is really awesome!
  378. jaydawg77

    Shimano Introduces New Products at 2010 ICAST

    Oh yeah, they're here! :-) Shimano Waxwing Jigs from Melton International Tackle
  379. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Thanks Evan. We've had the opportunity to fish these lures throughout most of 2010. I have only lost one on a rock and none in kelp, etc. If anyone wants to climb up on Seal Rock at Catalina, there's a bone colored Shimano Waxwing Jig up there waiting for you!
  380. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Alex, I know these things ain't cheap but you could probably hit the bottom of the jig with a black sharpie. I'm always tinkering with my lures.
  381. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    George, errrr Sir Mortimer - they are in fact Shimano's version of a surface iron.
  382. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Anthony - PM'd back. Got you covered on the shipping. Thanks!
  383. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Here is an outline of the colors.
  384. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Guys, I'll make a nice chart that outlines the colors.
  385. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Guys, just got our first shipment of Shimano Waxwing Jigs. Free ground shipping when you buy $50 or more of the Waxwing Jigs. Must use coupon code WAXWING at checkout to redeem. PM me with any questions or problems. Shimano Waxwing Jigs from Melton International Tackle Thanks! Jason
  386. jaydawg77

    Screen Shots from Lowrance HDS-10

    Great, I'm going to sob when I look at my electronics tomorrow.
  387. jaydawg77

    Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Blowout

    Guys, scored a great deal on some Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader at the ICAST show. Save up to around 40% on the clear fluoro. Free shipping when you order $50 of the clear (sale) and/or pink fluoro but you must redeem coupon code YOZURI-BD at checkout for free shipping or mention it...
  388. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Guys, more Seaguar fluoro just showed up and we have another great buy on Yo-Zuri fluoro coming your way soon!
  389. jaydawg77

    Bertram 37 Custom Sportfish

    Bump for a very nice boat!
  390. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Yup, different packaging on those spools. Sorry for the confusion.
  391. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    They're the same thing, just slightly different packaging I do believe. I will confirm shortly.
  392. jaydawg77


    Happy Birthday Ali!
  393. jaydawg77

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii

    Fishing with Start Me Up tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  394. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    No problem Armando, thank you!
  395. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Folks, To clarify, the free shipping offer is taking the place of the additional 10% discount. If it's under $50, normal shipping rates apply. Step 1 - Add Seaguar Fluoro Premier to your shopping cart Step 2 - Enter coupon code SEAGUAR-BD. If you have $50 or more of Seaguar Fluoro Premier...
  396. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Thanks Hung! Put the fluoro to good use. I'm going to be fishing some this weekend at Catalina and/or SCI. Jason
  397. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Thanks Armando!
  398. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    No problem Scott, thanks for the feedback! Jason
  399. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    No problem Michael. Our goal was definitely to hook you guys up with a great deal! Please remember to enter the promo code/coupon at checkout - SEAGUAR-BD. If you forget or can't figure it out, shoot me a PM or email [email protected] and I'll make sure you get the free shipping if you...
  400. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    No prob B, just want to keep the guys stoked on the deal!
  401. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Michael - You make some good points. Basically, the additional 10% offered to BD members offset a lot of the shipping if stocking up with different spool sizes. We sell a huge variety of products, big and small and try to accommodate for as many shipping scenarios as humanly possible. There are...
  402. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Marcus, good to hear!!!!
  403. jaydawg77

    Boat Cover

    I'd say about 33-34"
  404. jaydawg77

    Boat Cover

    Guys, I am looking for a boat cover for my 21' center console (w/t-top). Anyone have one that's laying around that they want to sell? Looking for function over looks here. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks, Jason
  405. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    No problemo. Vincent - the 23 lb. is going to be roughly the diameter of the 25 lb. Jason
  406. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Nice pics Kyle, I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!
  407. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    The fluoro is still flying off the shelves. Don't forget to use online code SEAGUAR-BD to save an ADDITIONAL 10% on the fluoro. I picked up some for myself. Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader from Melton International Tackle
  408. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Few more orders from BD over the weekend for fluoro. Thanks guys!
  409. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Nice pics B. I personally like pic #3 the best by far....
  410. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Wow, almost out of the 55 lb. so we brought in another 100+ spools of it! :devil:
  411. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Barrett, nice pics. Glad you caught them up in Panama, I'm jealous!
  412. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Hank, how'd you guys get that blue into the bed of the truck?!?!?!?!
  413. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Sweet pics guys! I have to find some of my billfish pics. They are nowhere as good as yours!!!
  414. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Just saw another order for fluoro come in from a fellow BD'er. Thanks for the business!
  415. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Guys, thanks for all the orders, this stuff is flying off the shelf. If you're not getting bit on the mono this year while everyone is fishing fluoro, don't blame us!
  416. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Tommy, was that first pic the 940 from Tahiti? James, that fish was caught on the flats?!?!?!?!?
  417. jaydawg77

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    Thanks James. That's a beast right there!
  418. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Davey, thanks for the post. Whatcha been catching on the Hybrids? Jason
  419. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Thanks Mike. I just couldn't pass that one up!
  420. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Here is a bullet I bought on Ebay. This lure came straight from Hawaii. I just couldn't resist...I have a problem. Cool lure with dark mother of pearl and some sort of metallic flakes. Should be a nice local marlin shotgun bait.
  421. jaydawg77

    Some sweet striped marlin photos

    Frank, Alex is out at sea and on his shift right now I think. He'll jump on here asap!
  422. jaydawg77

    We are sorry for your loss

    Guys, very very sad news. Donations are being accepted on the Charkbait site. My wife and I just donated some money that I'm sure will help out with the arrangements, etc. Every little bit helps. At checkout it charges for shipping/tax - just write in the notes whether or not you want to include...
  423. jaydawg77

    Some sweet striped marlin photos

    Taken by my friend, Alex Bernhard. I'll let him fill us in with the info - location, etc., but he's quite the photographer, eh?
  424. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Darin, nice lure man. Looks like some Bomboy, Coggin, Zukers and I'm sure a few other makes of lures mixed in there!
  425. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Here's one of my favorites - Coggin Maui Peanut.
  426. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Guys, we have a nice deal going on some models of Seaguar Fluoro Premier. We scored one heck of a deal from the folks at Seaguar and we're passing the savings your direction. Up to 40% off and if you enter coupon code SEAGUAR-BD at, we'll knock off another 10%, bringing you to...
  427. jaydawg77

    2 for 2 on Blues!

    Hook, We imported some of our old reports to build the forum. J
  428. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Jack, sounds good!!!!
  429. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Right on Jack. My collection is getting pretty stout too. Let's see some of those Elkins lures. I haven't seen any of those in a while!
  430. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    I knew it! I'm going to take a pic of mine in petro and post it up here. I have no clue where to get Mr. Jigs lures but they're nice little lures from what I can tell. If you're trolling around here, may want to consider a Pro-Soft Scupper. I always have one in Mean Joe in the spread and a...
  431. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Dang you Mike! The lures you gave marlinmike are badass! Let's catch up soon.
  432. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    I know you have pics on the lure forum, but throw up a few of your newer pieces!
  433. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Nice pic Joe! Is that a Mr. Jigs second from the right front with the orange head? Picked one of those up at a local store for $9. Can't wait to run it. Skirted it up in petrolero color.
  434. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Okay guys, let's see your lures. Marlin, tuna, wahoo or bass lures, doesn't matter. I'll get this started with some of my Coggin lures. I've added quite a few more of Steve Coggin's creations to my arsenal, so I'll add some pics of those soon.
  435. jaydawg77

    Advice regarding dangerous structure

    There is a big wooden sign inside the gates of the launch ramp with a map showing hazardous rocks, etc. south of the harbor. It's to the right after you drive through the gate. Jason
  436. jaydawg77 and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    Rock on Nathaniel, we've got a ton of shorts in stock, we look forward to having you visit our store! Tim - I always have a catalog sitting in the bathroom and I am surrounded by the products all day!
  437. jaydawg77 and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    Stuart, those lures look great! I was looking at them and thought they looked like the skirts we sell! Keep up the good work! Jason
  438. jaydawg77

    Mako on the 267 May 25th

    Nice mako. Did you get it chumming or trolling?
  439. jaydawg77 and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    Funny, my wife says the same thing about me!
  440. jaydawg77 and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    Thanks Brant! Memory Coach, eh?
  441. jaydawg77 and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    Thanks Ali. We're very excited! Jason
  442. jaydawg77

    Bertram 37 Custom Sportfish

    I'll stop by this weekend, going fishing both days!
  443. jaydawg77

    Bertram 37 Custom Sportfish

    C? Was at the harbor last weekend and noticed the Wasn't Us was out. You guys fish? Bump for a nice boat! Jason
  444. jaydawg77

    25 ft wellcraft for sale with trailer $5500.00

    Damon, we're all rooting for you!
  445. jaydawg77

    Skipjack 24 FB cabin door

    Call Michelle over at KP Plastics (now Stellar Quality Products). Great people over there! Stellar Quality Products - What's New
  446. jaydawg77

    27 Pursuit Offshore For Sale

    Trouble Comin' is the name of the boat. Sounds like a personal problem! Nice looking boat. I'm not the seller or broker, etc. Dick Simon Yachts
  447. jaydawg77


    Nice skippy. Another Jason from Ladera Ranch.
  448. jaydawg77

    bait tank for sale

    Score, nice tank!
  449. jaydawg77

    What's your favorite mono

    Momoi Diamond
  450. jaydawg77

    leaning post

    Free tin boat - not my boat but ran across it on CL. FREE
  451. jaydawg77

    Leaning Post on Craigslist - Good Deal

    Looks like it's missing the backrest/rod holders....
  452. jaydawg77

    Leaning Post on Craigslist - Good Deal

    Guys, I know some people have been looking for a leaning post. This one seems to be a good deal if it hasn't already sold. Not affiliated with seller yada yada. LEANING POST
  453. jaydawg77

    Lure recommends for Ensenada heading south?

    I know this guy Mike in San Clemente that makes some nice lures!
  454. jaydawg77

    Bottom liner seaworl Marina

    PM sent this morning. Can pick up Saturday. Thanks.
  455. jaydawg77

    Riffe Islander Speargun

    Is the weight bench included?
  456. jaydawg77

    Offshore Swordfish

    Nice work! I have a funny feeling some guys will be trying for a swordie tonight...
  457. jaydawg77

    epirb, vhf radio, gps

    What just happened? That was fast. Good deal!
  458. jaydawg77

    East Cape Blue Marlin fishing

    I was in meltons the other day. They still have some bomboy lures for sale. Not sure what kinds/size tho. Didn't see any magillas. Do you have more on the way?
  459. jaydawg77

    Offshore Hard day fishing turns into a fish of a lifetime 8/14/09

    Kenny, it was AWESOME on the bbq! Couldn't have happened to a better guy.
  460. jaydawg77

    Offshore W. BFLY 080109 How Big Is This Fish

    You should have... Just kidding, nice fish.
  461. jaydawg77

    Fraser Volpe MK-X Binoculars for $1,700

    Are they still available? One post for a $1700 item that people are interested in and poof he's gone.
  462. jaydawg77

    New Set Up

    The rods themselves used to sell for $299.99. Basically getting an aluminum body 2-Speed Daiwa for $50 more. Not too shabby.
  463. jaydawg77

    New Set Up

    Almost 45% off!
  464. jaydawg77

    18' Rupp single spreader outriggers

    Damn, someone's going to get a great deal here!
  465. jaydawg77

    truline LM9 original uncut

    C'mon Guero, just buy the dang rod!
  466. jaydawg77

    18' Rupp single spreader outriggers

    That's a pretty good deal! BTW - that bait net in the background looks pretty nice too! Does $600 include the brackets?
  467. jaydawg77

    Brand New Ocea Jigger 5000P

    Bump for a SWEEEEET reel!
  468. jaydawg77

    "The Fish Taco" aka Aaron galindo WHERE IS MY REEL!!!!!!!

    You have protection under PayPal, shouldn't be a problem getting your money back.
  469. jaydawg77

    One more Dana Thresher.

    Congrats on the fish! Dude, that is an amazing amazing deal on that tower. Score!
  470. jaydawg77

    pelagic offshore fish bag

    I'm reading into this one a bit but the Pelagic 64" x 32" kill bag retails for $249
  471. jaydawg77

    Offshore fishdope or terrafin

    I've used both. FishDope is far superior.
  472. jaydawg77

    Kona Blues!

  473. jaydawg77

    fURUNO 667

    This ain't a 667 but doesn't seem like a terrible deal - Furuno Color Fish Finder LCD FCV-600L With transducer - eBay (item 230340289778 end time May-29-09 20:14:09 PDT)
  474. jaydawg77

    Contrucion Pic's of Clone Sardine and Greenie

    Dear goodness, those look awesome!
  475. jaydawg77

    Custom Rolling Rod Rack

    Is this still available?
  476. jaydawg77

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Kenny, All you have to do is bring your karma. I'll pick up the fuel and bait. :beerbang:
  477. jaydawg77

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Okay Kenny, your karma is probably at an all-time high... When are gonna go fishing on my boat?!?!?!?!?
  478. jaydawg77

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    K-Fo - you're the man!:urno1:
  479. jaydawg77

    Dana Flattie Report 12/30

    Nice work! The rod in the 4th picture down is bendo!!!!
  480. jaydawg77

    chem/reaction with swimbaits???????

    Hate it when that happens! Had a swimbait sitting on top of a spool of fluorocarbon and it melted! blah.
  481. jaydawg77


    Yup, C-Fab for sure.
  482. jaydawg77

    Capt Keith Denette "My Way" 385lb tuna

    MOOOOOO!!!! Nice fish!
  483. jaydawg77

    BD will be at the Meltons Tackle Grand Opening this weekend!!!!

    We have Notorious working here, but THE Notorious SUA is currently in New Zealand. I think he's following around a rugby team or something of that nature.
  484. jaydawg77

    BD will be at the Meltons Tackle Grand Opening this weekend!!!!

    There is a Hat in Brea and if I'm not mistaken, Lake Forest. Those coming from the north, hit the Brea location and those coming from SD, hit the Lake Forest location. Who's saying we aren't strategically located?A Contender 33T just showed up at our building! Hope to see you guys there. If you...
  485. jaydawg77

    What is the gayest ride on the road now

    I'm with TurdRoller - The PONTIAC AZTEK is the gayest ever. Whatever design team collectively said, "Look at that...people are going to buy the shit out of it" should be shot. This pretty much sums it up: Coding Horror: The Pontiac Aztek and the Perils of Design by Committee
  486. jaydawg77

    anyone been sharking latley?

    George is a homo. Nice avatar... Get back to work at MELT0N [email protected]
  487. jaydawg77

    anyone been sharking latley?

    yep, no threshers around here this time of year...