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    Steal of a deal
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    Cali Flyer Kit [email protected] LIKE WOW!

    ever fish one of those picky days where the bluefin wont commit to the dead flyers? Every explosion without committing destroys that flyer and there goes another $30-40. I think these are worth it. But if you ask me if I would rather send this out over a dead flyer? Hands down a dead flyer still.
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    How long until the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate?

    vacuum seal it in bags and keep it in a cool dark area. Good for years
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    Bluefin Stocks in Baja

    supposedly the mexican fleet quota out in 2 days if that answers your question on the volume.
  5. CNC Iron jig love

    CNC Iron jig love

    Lot 1. 4 DFP Model II $108 shipped. Lot 2: 1 MW cnc viper and one sidewinder. Non cnc 2 x JRI 35 and 1 JRI 1- $84 shipped
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    Yoyo jigs for sale

    Nice starter. I wouldn’t say these are “bad”. Have you ever observed how a jig swims “fast”/yoyo? They all just wobble fast anyways
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    What CnC irons do you use

    True also when you lose that "special " jig......ouch. but when you lose a cnc jigs you can rest assured pick up the same swimming jig. Less of a heart break.
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    What CnC irons do you use

    The MW viper and sidewinder are hot new cnc jigs coming out.
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    Anyone on Old Glory tonight? 1.5 day bluefin/yellows 3/5

    Bummer at least you guys scouted it hard. Def valuable info for us all
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    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    Into the depths' 34' yellowfin is $3750. Hopefully some good market competition brings these prices down. Especially bights $5500
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    Cnc MW iron jigs

    Cnc jigs. They all swim the same. 3 jigs. MW jigs. Viper, mini viper, and sidewinder $80 picked up $88 shipped In anaheim
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    Offshore Got a call from Redondo Sportfishing. The Pescador 3/5 1.5 day to bring the big stuff for bluefin

    Been seeing a lot of pics of the 30-60. No confirmed pics of these 150lb plus. Usually the bigger ones lag behind in showing up. Anyone have any confirmed reports or pics. I know we fisherman exaggerate size
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    What CnC irons do you use

    they are nice an consistent. But dam. when are we gonna have a good iron bite again? These Big bluefin have been dominating the scene these past few years.
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    Shimano torium 16 reel (grey version)

    No to both. Please pm in my inbox. I don't check this thread regularly
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    Shimano torium 16 reel (grey version)

    New wiffle handle. Serviced. 50lb spectra almost to the top. $150 picked up in anaheim near the 55/91 freeway interchange. No trades please. Shipping $10
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    Flying fish scent

    here's something to try. Every flyer used that gets crushed and tossed. Save them. Grind them up and save the juices as a "sauce" to coat your artificial yummies or flyer
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    CORAVIN model Six wine preservation system

    New in box. I already have one and don't need this. Retails for $399. Asking 220 shipped
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    Cousins 95 j mag rod factory lowered price

    Hold off selling till the summer. You will most likely get your price
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    Excalibur #kite

    And there are certain boats that consistently have their kites/baloon setups out or are setup ready to deploy consistently.....and these select boats tend to consistently catch these big fish
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    Uc 85 phantom blank

    Decided not to get this wrapped. Blank retails for $250. Asking $200. Located in anaheim by the 55/91 freeway interchange
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    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    Have you caught a fish yet on this rig? what type of styrofoam mold is that? Also throwing it out there guys.... why not just bring a party city helium tank and a some balloons with you on these trips?
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    United Composite US85 Phantom

    If you're ever up in anaheim have a the 85 phantom blank
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    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    Its not being discontinued. They just can't use the name reaper
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    4oz lead heads

    You interested in these?
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    Wtb Daiwa saltist BG (black gold) 35 h

    Daiwa saltist BG (black gold) 35 h
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    Phenix black diamond 908 MH rod

    Phenix 908 MH. Retails for $309 Asking $240 Located in anaheim off the 55/91 freeway interchange
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    Sold aa

    Honestly not sure if the exact weights. I want to say the Ed’s is 6 oz for reference
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    Sold aa

    12 jigs. 67 shipped. 60 picked up in anaheim off the 91/55 freeway
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    Sold 25

    Sorry don’t check the threads. Texted back
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    Beware Cabrillo dry boat storage

    Playing devils advocate here but fully knowing that the boat plug was not in place, how come you didn’t request not to launch the boat till it was in? Or better yet advised them that it was not in place but you wanted to have it in the water at x time?
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    Offshore Cobalt Sport Fishing

    They were next to the tribute so that’s should give you some answers. I guess see if they kept Mexican limits... should answer your question. So many things wrong going on here if so
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    Do sild

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    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    I havent fished that boat in over 10 years. I guess things still haven't changed for them
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    D sold

    Sorry yes didn't se that post. Pm for fastwr response
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    Cod j

    no use for these. Everything in the pic is what you get. Mix of ed jigs, caivo, Jax, plastics etc. $100 picked up 110 shipped. Located off the 55/91 freeways
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    D sold

    new in box $200 picked up in anaheim near the 55/91 freeway. 210 shipped
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    Saltist Blue

    Have a nib one lying around if interested
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    Black and Blue Saltists

    Pm sent on new black and blue 20
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    Daiwa saltist BG (black gold) 35 h

    Thanks hes looking for the 35h which is a little narrower
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    Daiwa saltist BG (black gold) 35 h

    Looking for a friend. Preferably in the Anaheim N. OC area
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    Long Range testing

    What the load on these boats? I'm assuming you are still bunking with some total stranger if you dont have a buddy with you? Thats a little scary...
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    box sold

    yes mini. anaheim by the 55/91 freeway
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    Gone ty

    Prefer factory wrapped
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    Gone ty

    Anyone looking for a purple SS f100? Looking for a Calstar 770xxh or xxxh Please don’t offer other stuff
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    Sold 25

    used twice. Not really for me. Filled with 65# pp. 175 picked up in anaheim near the 55/91 freeway
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    UC Blanks US or GP

    Have a 85 phantom blank. In anaheim.
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    Combo sold

    combo 700. Pick up in anaheim hills
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    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    def sneaky/shady. If you as a customer knew these rules and "hidden" costs charged to you even if you gave up your spot on the kite, would you ride that boat??? That's why likely they don't reveal this to you up front.
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    Sold dddde

    Sold as a lot 3 dw1, jri-1, 3 caivo, 4 tady c, and one killer jig ex 6 107 shipped.
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    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    He gave the fish count. Should be easy to identify the boat.
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    iiSharp jigs !!

    I’m curious to the OG poster. What is a fair price for a good II Sharp?
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    Calstar GG90J Mag

    Heard they stopped making the j mag. The new hard to find jig sticks
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    Anyone fished this boat can attest that this is THE BOAT you want!!
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    Kill bag needed

    for those 100lb fish you want at least the 30x72 bag. If you want to fit a cow go for the 30x90.
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    Shimano TLD 30 -2

    TLD 30 2 speed. 150 picked up in the N. 0C. $160 shipped
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    Offshore Quality Butterballs

    They have good gear. Calstar 770 XXH and the talica50
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    80 sold

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    Blanks- seeC 85 phantom

    Too many Pickd up in Anaheim
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    Sold ss

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    Pierpoint & Long Beach Sportfishing get the green light

    Correction they are awaiting approval from newsome
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    Sold p

    used once decided to go another route . Retails for $289. Asking 220 Has reel seat Located in Anaheim off the 55/91 freeway area
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    SS Ulua 93H or Mag 95J

    I have a few. $2k for one 🙈🙊
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    Pending 5.9

    Pending. Not a store so no taxes lol.
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    Pending 5.9

    Pending 3 oct-10 1 oct-4 and once candy bar 200 light 120 shipped
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    Surface iron refurbish

    any experts out there on what size rings are used for both top/bottom rings for the tady 45, Salas 7x, etc.?
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    Surface irons lot tady killer jigs

    12 jigs 5 tady c single fixed 2 tady a1 fixed 1 tady a2 fixed 3 tady c treble Killer jig ex6 (Does not include box) $90 shipped
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    Olukai Kipi sandals new size 9

    Brand New. Retails for $75. asking $50. Size 9. Kipi stone/dark shadow color
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    Replied to pm. Sorry won’t split up
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    Calstar 850H rod

    $150 picked up N OC near the 55/91 freeway
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    Gone 2

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    vintage sold

    Yes their are 9 jigs. Cant read the back on the others
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    Sold 11

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    Penn sold 20

    Thank you but no trades at the moments
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    Penn sold 20

    Perfect for these big bluefin. Has 100# spectra $550 shipped
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    CEX sold

    Like many of us are: tackle whore
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    Sold 12

    North OC Anaheim area near the 55/91 freeway
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    Sold 12

    Pm replied. No trades at the moment
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    Sold 12

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    CEX sold

    Yeah passed then now realized I never use it
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    CEX sold

    Still a market ?
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    Sold 22

    7 jigs. Bottom 6 jigs are JRI-3. Top is the new JRI-35 pre release $75 shipped
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    Calico/inshore rod/setup

    If you ever up in Anaheim I have the old school California calico special
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    If the Lower Banks go off-

    hope you guys make it out. I have a feeling a lot of guys look at what happened the year prior and make their decision on which trips to jump on. Whats there go to number? 10?
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    Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    Everyone here needs to chill and go fishing more! It’s a classifieds board. If you don’t like it or think it’s too high just pass on the thread.
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    Calstar 700l

    Looking for any condition 700L. Must be nearby Anaheim area in the north OC please.
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    COUSINS MAG 95 BLANK Price Drop

    Love my 95jmag So if the label says 95mag and not 95jmag ... are they the same or not?
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    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    maybe the moderators can pin this up to the top with an actual name of the individual and company so all are aware to avoid this guy? Also place this in the Classifieds too so everyone is aware.
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    Sold f1

  91. C

    El Dorado?

    that sucks. hopefully the boat compensated them somehow.
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    Cousins 95J

    Nice see now if someone who likes that number they will reach out to you. Better than dealing with someone who in the end low balls you and wastes your time responding to their wtb ad
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    Cousins 95J

    Why not just put up what you are willing to pay on wtb. If someone likes that price then you are good to go?
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    Calstar Grafighter 100J or 100J Mag

    Have the 100jmag blank. But I'm in the OC if interested
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    Isnt this the same price as the stores lately? Btw how big are these?
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    Ex 93H ulua

    Selling for a friend. Cut down EX LB ulua to 9'3. 6/3 standard. $1000. Last of the known EX from my friends if anyone really wants this.
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    UC 85 sold

    New in plastic factory wrapped RUS 85 Phantom . Decided to go another route. Retails $377. Aski ng $320 firm
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    Sold ex

    Pending sale. This is an EX not CEX.
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    Sold ex

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    CEX sold

    Kind of matter of opinion. Everyone has their own style on rods. I sold 2 blue old LB EX 6480 in this board in the past few years. I prefer the cex because they def feel lighter and more back bone to them.
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    CEX sold

    Now you all are making me rethink even selling this lol
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    CEX sold

    Seeing the popularity of these old LB blanks... talk about rare. Not just an EX but a CEX trades at the moment please $1,000.
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    small rock cod plate

    Yeah looking for the smaller version that's not so bulky
  104. C

    small rock cod plate

    anyone have one lying around. The smaller versions. need one for a beginner.
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    Cousins 95J-mag

    Pm sent. Have a an old cex 6480 super rare
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    Killer jig and salas

    PM replied. No requests to cherry pick please
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    Killer jig and salas

    1 salas 4x, killer ex 6, 7 Salas 7x. 65 picked up. 72shipped
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    6.25 sold

  109. C

    Salas 6x jr CHROME

    If desperate use your current 6xjr. Use a spray primer than chrome metallic spray paint
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    2 sold o

    Buyer flaked. Still available. Available for pick up in n Anaheim for 55
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    2 sold o

  112. C

    Calstar GFDH 100j MAG!

    I have a blank if interested
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    Sold c

    6 jri 3 jigs. Some newer colors $65 picked up. $72 shipped In Anaheim
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    Sold 4

    Pending to dan
  115. C

    Sold 4

  116. C

    San Diego Tackle Traders break in

    Will be out on the lookout. Hopefully your insurance covers all your losses in the meantime
  117. C

    Cousins 95j mag Jigstick

    Check fishermans landing. They usually have them
  118. C

    35 sold

    NEW IN BOX. never used. Asking 225shipped. No trades.
  119. C

    Shimano torium 16 custom handle

    Just the angle of the pic
  120. C

    Or trade 95jmag

    Wow that was a steal of a deal
  121. C

    Shimano torium 16 custom handle

    Custom handle. 2/3 of 50lb spectra. $125 picked up. Shipping add $10
  122. C

    Lb Super seeker f100

    Lb purple f100 $350 Located in the north OC by the 51/91 freeway
  123. C

    Feeler:...Calstar 540

    i thought the 530 were the 9ft. 540 is 10ft
  124. C

    Cousins 80L and 6480

    Cousins 6480 and 80L. $150 each Located in the north OC off the 55/91 freeway
  125. C

    Anyone fish the yellows today down at the coronados?

    after all the wind I’m amazed theybit. Anyone know what was most effective today?
  126. C

    Wtb Shimano baitrunner 12000d

    Anyone have one in the north OC area or willing to ship?
  127. C

    WTB old graftech GIS80 M 15-25lb

    Have one but up on the north oc if you are ever up here
  128. C

    Bnib okuma metalloid 5 -2

    Like title states new. $180 picked up
  129. C

    Cousins 95J Mag

    Doesnt fishermans landing have a few left?
  130. C

    Mint unwrapped D-8

    I thought it was 40 years old though lol
  131. C

    Looking for LB made Super Seeker 8', 9', 10' blanks.

    I have if interested already wrapped Brown 80h cjb90f Purple f100
  132. C

    Gold trinidad 14 reel

    No clamp. Has an aftermarket handle with bigger handle for easier grip. $225
  133. C

    Daiwa BG 20H

    PM sent in n OC off the 55/91 freeway area
  134. C

    Sold remove

    lol called I'm a ho with too much stuff. dont need the cash. just better to offload rather than gathering dust
  135. C

    Sold remove

    Called responsibilities lol
  136. C

    New okuma metallic 5ii

    Brand new in box. $180 picked up in n oc
  137. C

    Daiwa BG 20H

    daiwa black gold 20h with 50# spectra. $130 picked up. $140shipped
  138. C

    Pending ng

    Sold sale
  139. C

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Those look pretty cool converted. Can someone enlighten me the benefits of the upgrades versus just picking up a reel like a tallica or similar one piece frame reel on the market today?
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    9 - 10' 30-60 jigstick seeker / calstar

    If your ever up in the n oc. Have a seeker black steel f100 and calstar 540. $180 each
  141. C

    20a 2

    PM replied will ship for $8
  142. C

    20a 2

  143. C


    PM replied no response. Still available
  144. C


  145. C

    surface jigs. 2 lots

    Yup oct are getting licked too. Its yellow surface iron time
  146. C

    New Okuma metalloid 5 II

    190 picked up. Off the 55/91 freeway Shipping $10
  147. C

    Avet JX 6/3 G2 Blue

    Bnib blue raptor hxj 420
  148. C

    Seeker white tiger blanks 20# up to 40#

    PM I have the f100 and ulua blank
  149. C


    Not looking for trades FYI
  150. C


  151. C

    Bnib avet hxj raptor

    Emails replied. Yes will ship
  152. C

    surface jigs. 2 lots

    Lot 1.$75 shipped - 1 II sharp 44 -2 x copy cats - 2 OG stock Killer BT65 -1x OG stock Killer EX 6 Lot 2 $110 shipped -3 used OCT- jigs (CNC machined made. they all swim the same because of that). Repainted after being well used as you can tell. -1 candy bar - 4 Tady 45 -2 Salas 7x lite
  153. C

    Calstar 700M or MH spinning rod

    hit me up if you have one in the N. OC. Anaheim area
  154. C

    Older torium handle

    Anyone have one lying around?
  155. C

    Bnib avet hxj raptor

    420 shipped.
  156. C

    Calatar GF100jMAG blank

    Hate to do this but I don't need this. The gf100jmag blank. Asking $150 firm.
  157. C

    Gold Trinidad 20 reel

    Pm sent still available
  158. C

    Gold Trinidad 20 reel

    Clean mechanically just serviced. Alan tani dog upgrade. Comes with Tiburon clamp. $300 Can ship for $10
  159. C

    Phenix HAX 909HJ rod new

    Brand new. $240 Off the 55/91 freeway
  160. C

    WTB calstar 540 blank

    I have an already wrapped 540 blank if interested.
  161. C

    USA xtratuff size 9

    Brand new in box. Size 9. $100
  162. C


    Black steel
  163. C


    Full 10'. Chord handle. 9/10 . Asking $200 N. Oc 91/55 freeway
  164. C

    Five Star Fish Processing

    did you use your credit card. do a charge back
  165. C

    Reliable Kill bag 30x90

    Posting for a buddy. Used twice . No tears. He's asking $350. In the north oc . PM me please as I dont check who replies to this thread.
  166. C


    Yes everything
  167. C


    $190 picked up in n oc
  168. C

    Okuma makaira 8 and 10

    8 has clamp and spectra $300 10 sold
  169. C

    Calstar 90j

    Sorry been busy. Available most of this week
  170. C

    Gold Trinidad 14

    different know for easier grip. $250 picked up
  171. C

    Calstar 90j

    Rod on the right
  172. C

    Calstar 90j

    black blank. Custom wrapped. $140 In Anaheim area by the 55/91 freeway
  173. C

    Seaguar blue label 25yd spools

    went a little overboard. 20#- $10 25# $11 30# $15 40# $20
  174. C

    WTB LB Seeker 90f

    Have a purple 90f. Pm sent
  175. C


    I have the newer d8 like this. I paid $220 back in the day for what it's worth. Great rods. I love mine
  176. C

    zold zz

  177. C

    Fred Hall Show Deals 2017

    More to hang out and meet people we haven't seen in awhile. Agree after $15 parking and $17 entrance... pretty much negates those "good deals" unless you are buying a lot of stuff you "need"
  178. C

    Okuma metalloid 5-ii (new in box)

    $190 picked up in n oc. Shipping on your dime
  179. C

    Phenix HAX 909HJ

    Never used $250 No trades In Anaheim area at 91/55?freeway
  180. C

    Purple super seeker 90f

    Fuji guides. Chord handle. $300 firm. In the n oc off the 91/55 freeway
  181. C

    NIB WTF?

    I asked one of the sellers. Stated he had connections for the discounts.
  182. C

    Super seeker F90 (purple) blank

    Unwrapped. $250 Located in Anaheim area
  183. C

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    south coast plaza area...remember you pay the price there
  184. C


    shipping on your dime
  185. C


    A lot of inquiries. yes I am willing to split up. Prefer pick up if so though, because adding shipping may make it annoying.
  186. C


  187. C


    buyer flaked. still up for sale
  188. C

    Shimano and phenix rod

    Waxwing conventional pending
  189. C

    Shimano and phenix rod

    1sold 2. Brand new with tags Shimano spinning waxwing 72MH- $150 3. Phenix spinning black diamond 700 ml (10-30)- $220 Prices are firm. No trades. Pick up in Anaheim area
  190. C


  191. C

    Seeker f100 blank

    F100 available stiller
  192. C

    zzz sold

  193. C

    Trini 16A

    They just released some more. Saw them at the OC tackle stores if that helps clarify things. Nice stick though
  194. C

    WTB SHS Hercules 90c 9' 15-30 Factory

    in anaheim OC area if you are ever up here. OG long beach purple.
  195. C

    Seeker f100 blank

    $150 each. --Uc sold Long Beach black seeker f100 Blank. never got a chance to wrap. in anaheim
  196. C

    Ulua or f100 blank for sale

    Second gen. Don't need 2. Either one $180. In Anaheim
  197. C

    Wtb seeker og white tiger blanks

    If you need an OG 90m white tiger hit me up
  198. C

    Daiwa Saltiga 15H

    Open to reasonable offers
  199. C

    Daiwa Saltiga 15H

    Brand new in box. $380
  200. C

    Wtb ulua blank(tangerine) Oc

    As title states. Prefer local near anaheim
  201. C

    Mission Bell

    great boat and crew. did they ever install an RSW system?
  202. C

    Power pro 50lb white /3000yd spool

    Bulk 3000 yd 50lb white spectra. $180. sealed unused.
  203. C

    Offshore 7/9-182- BFT

    Strong work! If people stopped running over ever school of fish these things would cooperate more
  204. C

    Best braid for casting

    The costs for Berkely are a lot higher than the other brands. Any one else concur on it being a better product?
  205. C

    WTS Makaira 10 SEa *Silver*

    Any difference between the silver and dark grey sea ?
  206. C

    shimano flatfall hooks

    I've heard stories of failures of the line attachment to the hooks on these flat falls. Has anyone changed them out and if so what do you recommend?
  207. C


  208. C

    WTB: Terez Waxwing 80MH and 90H

    I have the Aqua 80mh waxwing. Pm sent
  209. C

    Offshore San Diego 3/4 6/14 Big Bluefin

    when they are foaming like that, what pound topshot/mono/line doesn't matter. I was fishing a 100lb mono top shot and got 2 throwing right into a school of foaming fish.
  210. C

    Seeker white tiger F100 blank

    Hoarding too many blanks. Slowing parting out. Asking $180. No trades
  211. C

    Offshore Fish movin out!!

    quiet on the local banks? saw a crazy picture from the sky down south with tons of bluefin.
  212. C

    Can we see another great fishing season like 2015?

    Getting big bluefin fairly consistently in the 3/4 to 1.5 range.... I'm not complaining!
  213. C

    Offshore First BFT

    100lb? Was that weighed on a scale
  214. C

    6/10 bluefin hunt on the DOMINATOR..

    Before any final judgements are made, I think we should hear both sides (captains).
  215. C

    Calstar 100j vs 100mag

    I fished a cut down White tiger F100. Not really the ideal rod for these big bluefin. They made it look like a noodle stick. I would fish an ulua/UC100. Had the fish in pretty fast on the later jig rods. Just my 2 cents.
  216. C

    Progear 282 Albacore Specials

    Great reels! Love mine and think they are better and quieter of course than the remakes
  217. C

    okuma makaira 8SE

    Available still?
  218. C


    It helps to change out to trebles to singles on the poppers and jigs. Also use a min of 80lb top shot. You will lose a lot less fish from pulled hooks.
  219. C

    Tady, Killer jigs, etc.

    9 jigs total: $65 shipped to your door --1 caivo --2 killer jigs --2Tady 45 --4 Tady c (3 treble, one fixed single)
  220. C

    WTB Blanks

    Pm you on a UC 100 wahoo black blank
  221. C

    Green Power pro 50lb/3000 yards

    green. Unopened. $180 picked up in the N Oc. Price is firm
  222. C

    Shimano Terez waxwing 80MH

    I have the 72mh spinning In red if interested
  223. C

    Shimano Terez waxwing 80MH

    $150 in the n oc
  224. C


  225. C


    900 mega available syill
  226. C

    New Progear Reels

    they have an amazing free spool. Just cant stand the clicking from the dog. Anyone know how to get rid of it without affect the function of the reel?
  227. C


  228. C

    UC 900 Mega blank

    Just saw your post . Please PM if interested
  229. C

    UC 900 Mega blank

    Blank. $140
  230. C


    more of a bait rod in my opinion. Try the white tiger F100 or ulua. If you dont like the 10' get it cut down more from the butt.
  231. C

    FS: seeker f90 white tiger

    newer remake or the old og white tiger? and closer pics of the transition?
  232. C

    For Sale-Upgraded Newell P322-F Tiburon Frame

    just curious: where the rod is clamped to the reel. Is there any rod damage? looks clamped on pretty tight. If not def interested.
  233. C

    looking for 16na and Talica 8ii

    I have a new in box tac 8-2. $440?
  234. C

    FS: BNIB Oakley Gascon Polarized standard issue sunglasses Sames ones. retails for $155. Asking $100. Shipping $5 extra. In the N. OC.
  235. C


    How long does the sale last? do you have the code?
  236. C


    Pm replied. Narrow version
  237. C

    FS: Shimano Trinidad A's

    His post says cosmetically they are a 6.5/10 if that helps
  238. C


  239. C

    Shimano Terez Waxwing 80MH rod

    TereZ waxwing version 80MH. $150 firm. No trades
  240. C

    NEED GONE ASAP Shimano Trinidad 14

    Nice bout time we see some reasonable prices! Should go fast
  241. C

    WTT BNIB Shimano Trinidad 16A for 20A

    What's up with pulling up an old post? Are you guys that desperate to move reels lol!?!
  242. C

    Sold Mod delete please

    nice reel. I own one. Little unappreciated brand given the stiff competition of avet, accurate, and shimano reels out there.
  243. C


    Pm sent yes
  244. C


    Thanks! I don't charge $15/jig for jigs like the II Sharps like most folks. More then fair for all 8
  245. C


  246. C

    FS: BNIB Shimano Talica 8 (2 speed)

    What gets me if you indicate no trades or low ball offers people still do. If you want to flip reels than maybe you should find a job that pays decently so you don't have to piss all of us off with these ridiculous offers
  247. C

    Wtb: avet SX reel foot /clamp part

    Anyone have a beater SX reel or parts lying around?
  248. C


    I enjoy fishing my Trinidad 16A more. So no need for this reel. I guess just because I can, I can fish a way more expensive reel bro
  249. C


    James Chen you are a bottom dweller! Do you even know how much it costs to fill a reel full of power pro super slick 8??? Let me guess you are that lurker low baller who low ball everyone on this site. Go try eBay bro Stick to the penn 500. Probably more in your price range
  250. C


  251. C

    Ulua 93h 9 1/4 Foot Rod

    So older pre super seeker ulua?
  252. C

    BNIB okuma metalloid 5ii

    Pm replied. No trades please
  253. C

    150/Twin rigs/shoe

    Better running up north to the Santa monica bay. More consistent yt right now
  254. C

    BNIB okuma metalloid 5ii

    never used. Metalloid 5ii (2 speed) $210 firm. No trades In the n. Oc
  255. C

    Daiwa saltist bg35 or penn fathom 25n

    Not sure. But take a look at the base yourself versus other reels. Odd they didn't attach a metal clamp frame
  256. C

    Daiwa saltist bg35 or penn fathom 25n

    I have the Diawa BG40. Only bad side about these reels are the threat/screw inserts into the base of the reel. Other reels have a steel/metal slot to insert them into. The base of the daiwa is graphite. So mine stripped out and no longer is functional. I still have to drop the reel of to daiwa
  257. C

    Factory Custom Purple Super Seeker 6470H 7'5 1 of 1

    Maybe cheaper to sell it here than eBay(calculate all the fees evn at just a $200 sale)
  258. C


    no trades
  259. C

    For Trade : My best surface iron jigs

    Haha just get some salas jigs. They all swim versus Tady!!!
  260. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 gold vs 20A

    So is there something I'm missing. I've owned both and the 20A in my opinion is by far the better of the two. So people on the classifieds are asking $350 for a gold TN20, when the used 20A ones are going for $350-400(clean, on the high end). So whats the deal? Are these really selling for that...
  261. C


    Pending already
  262. C


    pending funds
  263. C


    uncut. full 10
  264. C


    Full 10. Uncut. I believe 20-40
  265. C


  266. C

    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    makes sense. they are feeding on micro-bait under those paddies.
  267. C

    Graphite Sabre 540 uncut whats it worth

    are you referring to the newer penn sabre?
  268. C


    Shit I forgot i had this. As you can tell in not a rush.
  269. C


    This is brand new in the box. SEALED!!!. Thought I would need this but never used it. Yes to all(especially member"PBFRONTY" on the prior sale thread), it is as described. Never opened the box!! So low ballers...Stay away! Sold!!!
  270. C

    50 yard top shot with fluro leader

    No. 3 yards max for me. Everyone has their own preference. BTW using that much is way too expensive.
  271. C

    Boat/fishing reviews

    So I've noticed that this site has become very intolerant toward any negative reviews of any sport boat trips. So the question arises, when is it acceptable for members on this board to report a bad review or experience. Lets hear your feedback!
  272. C

    WTT BNIB Trinidad 16A

    Cause he is an idiot!!! He's full of shit on getting those reels at that price. Obviously he is a flipper trying to buy low and sell high. Where on CL is he getting a brand new in Trini 16A on CL for $350. I'm looking and only see this
  273. C

    WTS SHIMANO Trinidad TN 20

    If you sell that to someone for $350 I have a brand new in box 16A for $420
  274. C

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Yeah I remember that blue. I sold a d8 and 6480 awhile ago. But yeah the blue eX and blue CEX blanks are NOT rare. There are a bunch out there. Others out there are the white, white tiger, greenish , neon green, purple ones.
  275. C

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    They made a lot of the blue EX blanks. The harder ones to get are the purple, white tiger, neon green(not the greens most people have seen).
  276. C

    Offshore Sea Adventure II Monday 8/24

    You would think after a few good seasons he would start fixing up his boats
  277. C

    WTT BNIB Shimano Trinidad 16A for 20A

    BNIB never opened Trinidad 16A. Looking to trade for a new unused 20A. not looking for any other trades so PLEASE DO NOT ASK. Thanks!!!
  278. C

    Shimano Torium 20hg Upgrades?

    There maybe something wrong with your reel in particular. I have that reel and have been in wide open yellowtail bites with no issues up to 32 lb fish.
  279. C

    BNIB Trinidad 14A -$400

    It's new sealed in the box. You still need pics?
  280. C

    BNIB Trinidad 14A -$400

    BNIB $400.
  281. C

    WTB Trinidad 14 or 16na

    really REELKING? I was nice and sold you that TODAY for $400!!!! Hit me up Max drag and I'll get you a new one for $400
  282. C


    No trades
  283. C


    lol its amazing the offers you get!!! "How about we a Penn 500 and $100 cash"!!!!
  284. C


    pm replied. please no ridiculous low ball offers
  285. C


  286. C

    Purple super seeker Baby Ulua

    Pics up soon. Recheck tomorrow or pm me your number and I'll text you
  287. C

    Purple super seeker Baby Ulua

    Rare hard to find purple super seeker Baby Ulua. Cut 6" from the bottom. Chord handle.2nd owner. Pics up soon. $260. First $260 and it's yours
  288. C

    Great Poke Recipe

    anyone have a good sweet/pineapple-teryaki flavor like one?
  289. C

    Talica trinidad

    BNIB 14A-$410 shipped
  290. C

    WTB gold Shimano TN 20 reel

    Looking to help setup a friend. If possible prefer OC area transaction. No ridiculous prices please given the new TN20A series are out. email me with pics and reasonable prices
  291. C

    Right Boat, Wrong Captain

    your last two trip threats were out of 22nd street. So is it that landing?
  292. C

    Wtb blue seeker ulua blank

    Yeah the EX and CEX. Plenty out there wrapped at least.
  293. C

    WTB Terez TZC80H - Orange County
  294. C


    eBay has them for right at that price
  295. C

    FS Shimano Talica 12ii

    I think he's confusing it with the Trinidad 12a
  296. C


    IN N.OC
  297. C

    WTB yellowtail jig casting reel

    Def Trinidad 20A. Newell 533 is awesome but once something breaks its hard to find replacement parts
  298. C


  299. C

    Iron ????

    HT...ehhh. newer jigs that came out, never really like them. 544- they are remaking them so they are around. J POT- Great barracuda jigs. Not sure if Salas is still making these or not
  300. C


    yes the older models sold by turners were the good ones. the newer models now all fall apart! Great swimbait rod.
  301. C


  302. C

    WTB - Shimano Terez Saltwater Conventional Rod

    I have the 80H in Aqua blue if you change your mind on colors
  303. C

    Daiwa lexa 300 HSP

    LOL So true. The guy on here from Riverside/Corona did the same shit to me! Makes sense since they like staring at their gear rather than fishing.
  304. C

    Shimano Terez Waxwing 80 MH rod

    Just corrected the title it's the MH
  305. C

    Tady C jigs

  306. C

    Shimano Terez Waxwing 80 MH rod

    Asking $150. in N. OC NO EMAILS RE: TRADES PLEASE
  307. C

    WTT/S Trinidad 12A

    new in box. Don't really need this. Looking to trade or sell for a 16A or 20A
  308. C

    WTB Seeker white tiger blank or complete rod

    There someone selling the white blanks on Craigslists in the OC.
  309. C

    WTB SS F100, baby ulua blank

    In the N. OC preferably. Cord handle if possible. send me pics and price please
  310. C

    Shimano Terez 80H

    completely forgot I still had this. Sorry guys been busy. PM me your number if interested
  311. C

    Deal at jigging world

    Daiwa saltist BG20 for $143 and shimano TN 12A for $368!! Couldn't help it
  312. C


    That looks sick. Are the blacked out star aluminum or graphite?
  313. C

    6-12 150, skunked

    Its called boat pressure. Kills the bite
  314. C

    No crowds and easy fishing at the 150 6/11

    Strong work!!! pretty soon you will be the new "party boat" that these guys will be chasing!!!!:daman::hali_olutta::Beat_Them
  315. C

    Wtb baby ulua blank

    Anyone have one in the N OC?
  316. C


    pics uploaded
  317. C


    The good old blanks. Graftech 90XH rod. Awesome heavy swimbait rod. Asking $100
  318. C

    Custom built red P322-F Newell

    Nice. jerry is the man when it comes to newells!!!
  319. C


    No trades
  320. C


  321. C

    Graftech GIS80L

    $75 and its yours. in N. OC
  322. C


  323. C


    Free all today to meet up
  324. C


    Can't meet today will be free tomorrow all day. Still available though till I edit and say sold otherwise guys
  325. C


    Yes just posted today
  326. C


  327. C


  328. C

    Found the elusive YTT @ nados

    my friend was on that trip and limited out on the Tady 45. Only 3 guys were sticking consistently to the surface iron at the bow, that's why it didnt seem like they "werent biting." Those 3 guys brought in 16 of those big boys and hooked and handed some off.
  329. C

    Shimano New Torium 16 line capacity

    Anyone come even close to 500 yards of 50# PP?????? Shoot got only a little over 300 yards
  330. C

    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    says on one his post his name is "lin wang/MIKE?" Sounds like he is just trying to screw you. One of his posts
  331. C

    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    f%ckers like that guy ruin for everyone else!! Post his real name so we all know to avoid this guy since he can just sign up for another account
  332. C

    f/s surface iron

    Loved those old Iron man SS lites!!!
  333. C

    vintage jigs

    Will be in Glendale tomorrow if anyone local
  334. C

    vintage jigs

    Lol too early in the AM. 13 total!!!
  335. C

    vintage jigs

    Actually 13 jigs. These a old Neptune jig I forgot to put in.
  336. C

    Original Candybar surface irons

    They say the older jigs are better. After hundreds to thousands produced over the same mold, it starts affecting the mold itself and thus the product. just something to ponder Anyone fish the newer Tady's and compare them to your older versions?
  337. C

    vintage jigs

    12 total. a few have no names. They appear to be old candybar unstamped 150s.(cant verify). Otherwise: Powerhouse, Black Robbin, Dad-E-0, hacker, Roddy, Rodger Dodger NO CHERRY PICKING. Asking $135 shipped.
  338. C


    Sorry ulua
  339. C


  340. C


    pics attached
  341. C


    pics attache
  342. C


  343. C

    iron jigs: 544,tady, Killer Jig,waxwing, ufo,etc.

    pM replied. NO cherry picking. Still available
  344. C

    bnib shimano trinidad 10a fs ft

    I have an unwrapped still in wrapper 10ft brown SS ulua
  345. C

    Yellowtail mayhem on the San Diego!

    Salas made 6X light. I have them!
  346. C

    iron jigs: 544,tady, Killer Jig,waxwing, ufo,etc.

    13 jigs total. $70 shipped --Killer Jig CB1 --Sea Strike 33 --2 x UFO 6 --Iron Man SS lightweight --Tady 45 --3x OG 544 --Tady C --2 Tady AA --Waxwing 118 --waxwing 88
  347. C

    Purple super seeker blanks/rods?

    Anyone have any in the north orange county area selling theirs? Looking for 8-9ft blanks or rods.
  348. C

    New torium 16

    nice~! 20% off, free shipping, and no sales tax!!
  349. C


  350. C

    544 Iron

    The older versions rock! love the surface ones.
  351. C

    Wtb calstar 850 M

    anyone have on in the Anaheim area?
  352. C

    Wtb - p200 series- reel pending

    I have a g229. $120 and its yours
  353. C


    Here ya go
  354. C


    Asking $150. Missing clamp. Shipping at your expense.
  355. C

    WTB: super seeker F85

    anyone else in the north OC by chance?
  356. C

    WTB: super seeker F85

    anyone have one?
  357. C

    Wtb calstar 850M in Anaheim area

    send me pics and price
  358. C


    9 total jigs, shipping costs around $5 (i'll pay for it). So I'm not sure where you learned your math?
  359. C


  360. C


    Just snapped while reeling it in 1/2 way up. 1st time this has happened. I usually fish calstars or seekers.
  361. C


    mine broke while sculpin fishing a few years ago. Never bought another blank since.
  362. C

    WTB Seeker Ulua blanks & finished rods

    If you ever are in Anaheim hills or the IE I have the brown blank for $120
  363. C

    WTB red Shimano Terez

    have a never used with tags red blank Terez 72MH spinning rod.
  364. C

    wtb Daiwa saltist 40 (black/gold model

    Ummm I think the original poster was first!
  365. C

    Shimano Trinidad 12 reel

    will be in irvine tonight if anyone is local
  366. C

    wtb Daiwa saltist 40 (black/gold model

    Hmmm do I guess I didn't post this right? Lol!!!
  367. C

    Flat Fall Jigs

    right.... so basically you bought 5 jigs for hoo haa (~$75 + tax) and decided, hey I'm not going to gouge someone and sell all for $150. Have fun with your stock!!!
  368. C

    Wahoo Iron

    Pm sent. I'll take them
  369. C

    wtb Daiwa saltist 40 (black/gold model

    shoot me some pics and prices.
  370. C

    shimano flat fall at fishermans hardware

    Perfect...haha to all those price gougers here and ebay
  371. C

    Shimano Trinidad 12 reel

    Asking $220. Has 50# spectra on it. Shipping on your dime. Left side has the majority of scuffs as noted. the rest is very minor as you can see.
  372. C

    Shimano Terez 72MH spinning rod- Brand new

    Brand new, never used. Shimano Terez 72MH spinning rod. Red blank.$190 Location Anaheim, sometimes out in the IE
  373. C

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    That's suck. Post his cell#? A lot of would be more than glad to call and tell him to right his wrong
  374. C

    Offshore The screw up on the Chief boat from H&M landing on the 1 and 1/2 day trip

    were you given a refund? When was it noticed? more details please.
  375. C

    WTB: 20-25# spinning rod/reel setup

    Thanks but looking for something ready to go
  376. C

    WTB: 20-25# spinning rod/reel setup

    thanks, looking for the combo together if possible. I'll keep this in mind though
  377. C

    FS/FT Pro Gear YTS (silver)

    Cosmetically 9/10. Mechanically 9/10. Looking to trade for a 255 with clicker. Otherwise $200 shipped.
  378. C

    WTB: 20-25# spinning rod/reel setup

    Looking for a decent 20-25# spinning rod setup for local fishing. Looking for one near anaheim hills or riverside area
  379. C

    Trade my Powerhouse 102 iron jig for...

    trade for Tiburon Aftermarket clamp (medium size), or outright sell?
  380. C

    OC tackle stores?

    Longfin in orange is awesome
  381. C

    Old jigs for you collectors

    11 jigs here, 4 with no name. 2 Roddy built, one Rodger Dodger, one Maverick, one Black Robbin, one Dad-E-O, one Hacker 7 Hope this brings back memories for some. $85 shipped.
  382. C

    WTB Shimano TN20 (gold)

    Looking this up for a friend. Prefer someone in the Anaheim/fullerton area if possible.
  383. C

    OG Newell P229 reel

    Yes I can ship. Just sent you a Pm
  384. C

    OG Newell P229 reel

    $130. ( in anaheim). has 1/2 spool of 65# PP spectra.
  385. C


    Post the sellers name? That's messed up he will not refund you for selling you a fake!!!
  386. C

    Ocea Jigger Reels?

    Gear ratio is 6.2:1. The intended use I believe was for vertical jigging. They are great all around great jigging reels for fishing the yo-yo and rockfishing. I'm actually selling one of mine. i actually like them better than the regular trinidads. They have a clicker "lock down" button which...
  387. C

    OG Newell P229

    $130 picked up! And yes they come with the base and clamp and 1/2 spool of 65# PP spectra
  388. C

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 3000 fishing reel

    Asking $235 shipped. $230 picked up.
  389. C

    Info on the Native Sun

    great boat and great fishing platform.
  390. C

    My beef with Turners Outdoorsman (Orange branch)

    The store knew that this was a problem too with the rod. I took a chance last minute since I needed a rod that day since I let a friend borrow my other rod. I didnt want to fork out more for a rod that I would not use that frequently. This rod would suffice for a back up rod and yes I should...
  391. C

    My beef with Turners Outdoorsman (Orange branch)

    Well if you read my post, everyone who has had problems with these rods has supposedly exchanged them at Turners with no problem in the past. Apparently Turners no longer wishes to do this anymore when we all know Graftech rods has issues with their guides. This was a last minute purchase as I...
  392. C

    My beef with Turners Outdoorsman (Orange branch)

    I guess to start out, which branches if at all still exchange Graftech rods due to their crappy guides they use? So after reading all the posts about how Turner's replaces defective graftech rods (mine after 3 uses had 2 guide inserts pop out), I had a free day to swing by and have it...
  393. C

    WTB: Super Seeker 809

    sorry meant the 809, not 809H
  394. C

    Pro gear 545

    nice reel. I wish your version had the clicker.
  395. C

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 3000

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 3000. Asking $250
  396. C

    WTB: Super Seeker 809

    Anyone have one for sale? Looking for one in the Anaheim area
  397. C

    OG Newell P229

    $130 picked up. $137 shipped.
  398. C

    XtraTuff Size 12 USA made deck boots

    no idea what "steel toe" refers too.
  399. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel (gold version)

    Recently serviced. $230 picked up. Shipping on your dime.
  400. C

    XtraTuff Size 12 USA made deck boots

    Never used. Been sitting around in the box. $80 picked up in the OC area (anaheim area)
  401. C

    Chief 2.5 day Questions!

    I'd be interested. 1. Does your boat have bunk quarters or just an open room with multiple bunks? 2. what is the minimum amount of passengers needed to leave the dock? 3. How are the fish kept fresh on the 2.5 day trips?
  402. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    Asking $230 firm. Serviced recently. Great free spool and strong drags. Pick up in anaheim. Or shipping on your dime (~$6)
  403. C

    Shimano Curado 300 EJ

    Clean. Used once. Loaded with 50lb PP spectra. Asking $180 picked up. Shipping on your dime ($5).
  404. C

    Shimano Curado 300E

    Decided I dont need this reel. Has an aftermarket power handle. Loaded with spectra. Clean overall. Asking $170. In anaheim. Shipping on your dime ($5).
  405. C

    New Shimano Curado 300 EJ

    Thanks for the trade offers. only thing i'm looking to possibly trade for at the moment is for the brown super seeker 809.
  406. C

    New Shimano Curado 300 EJ

    Taken out of the box but never used. Shimano Curado 300 EJ with power handle. Asking $200 (pending funds)
  407. C

    OG Newell P229 reel

    OG 4 drag gear. Serviced. filled with spectra. $140. (anaheim). Shipping on your dime.
  408. C

    8 ounce sinkers

    Dont pay those high prices at the big stores. Located in Anaheim. 10 x 8 ounce torpedo sinkers: $15 picked up.
  409. C

    Newell G229 and P229

    Newell G229- SOLD Newell OG P229- $140 Both filled with spectra and recently serviced.
  410. C

    Bad news from Shimano......

    So I just dropped of my TN 14A for the second time. My 14A drag on max drag had almost no drag in gear. I dropped if off to shimano and they said it might be due to water inside the drags. They checked it out and found nothing. I checked the drags before I left and had the max drag. Took the...
  411. C

    Wtb gold shimano TN 16N

    Looking for a back up for a reasonable price. Shoot me a PM.
  412. C

    Smoked Tuna Question

    anyone know if they sell them to the public from all 3 processors. I would like to try each of them before picking one company?
  413. C

    Daiwa Saltist 30H BG with 65lb Izorline Spectra

    sold for 122.50. After all the fees (ebay + paypal fees...oh yeah also gas), he'll be lucky to even break even!!!
  414. C

    Newell P447

    $120 shipped. Paypal accepted only as a "gift" I have sold many items with no issues and have references if needed.
  415. C

    Old Iron jigs

    Yeah. THanks elreytut. Would prefer to sell as a lot rather than have people cherry picking
  416. C

    OG Killer jigs

    bump. someone flaked
  417. C

    Old Iron jigs

    Thought I was going to start a collection, but decided I'm just too lazy to continue my search. I'd rather just fish the modern jigs I have and give these to someone who truly loves to collect or is just looking to hang them on a wall. 6 jigs here 2 Roddy built, one Rodger Dodger, one...
  418. C

    OG Killer jigs

    4 jigs total. Asking $25 shipped. Paypal ok if by "gift"
  419. C

    OG P332 Opinions

    If you are using it for bigger fish, then maybe consider putting the frame on. if not, leave it alone.
  420. C

    Old school Iron jigs

    Buyer had no funds available. Back up to the next serious buyer with funds please!
  421. C

    Old school Iron jigs

    Thought I was going to start a collection, but decided I'm just too lazy to continue my search. I'd rather just fish the modern jigs I have and give these to someone who truly loves to collect or is just looking to hang them on a wall. 6 jigs here 2 Roddy built, one Rodger Dodger, one Maverick...
  422. C

    Tady C jigs

    If you pick them up you can have them for $25
  423. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16 reel (gold aftermarket clamp)

    Shimano Trinidad 16 reel. recently serviced. strong drags and excellent free sppool. Upgrades: 1. upgraded carbontex drags 2. Aftermarket gold shimano clamp ($50 value) 3. full of 65# spectra Asking (sold to Tim) shipped. Located in Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda area. If by paypal payment, only as...
  424. C


    I just sold one for $200 recently. Some guys have been asking $225 + for little or no success. Great overall reels but hard to compete with all these newer reels for similar $$ Btw do u have the longer aluminum handle?
  425. C

    Newell p322 reel

    thanks for all the pm. like i said, no trades at the moment
  426. C

    Newell p322 reel

    Serviced. Upgraded with HT-100 drags. 2/3 filed with 65lb spectra. Asking $200 firm. No trades or low ball offers please
  427. C

    Shimano Trinidad 30A Clamp Screw

    Its a bummer that after several of complaints of the same regarding the gold trinidads, did shimano decide to complicate it even more with a special screw that does not even allow you to find a longer length.
  428. C

    Shimano Trinidad 12 reel

    buyer was a no show, still available.
  429. C

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    Have 4 guys with them. Just waiting for pics before I make the final decision.Thanks bloody decks!!
  430. C

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    anyone else have the 90F or the CLB90"?
  431. C

    Shimano Trinidad 12 reel

    Pm replied. Not looking for any trades at the moment
  432. C

    Shimano Trinidad 12 reel

    Recently Serviced. Has 50lb spectra with 50 yrd of 20lb mono topshot. Asking $230. Will be in glendale this weekend, but during the week in the Anaheim Hills area. I do ship but on your dime. Paypal only as a gift. Please no low ballers.
  433. C

    Pro Gear Albacore Special 282

    Wow great reel at a great price. I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet. If I already didn't have the 280 I'd be all over this
  434. C

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    TTt or if anyone has one wrapped. I guess it depends how
  435. C

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    If not no worries probably find on at the FHS
  436. C

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    Thanks but trying to keep it 9
  437. C

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    Anyone in the l.a area or around the Anaheim hills area?
  438. C

    fishing golf courses

    just curious.can a member of one of these golf courses allowed to fish these ponds?
  439. C

    Shimano Trinidad TN 16 N

    Nice reel. For a bnib narrow special you can def get your price ebay
  440. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16N Narrow special reel

    Excellent condition. Serviced. . (SOLD)
  441. C

    Daiwa Saltiga 15

    great reels. I just wish they put a clicker on the 15 and 20's.
  442. C

    Newell P447

    $120 shipped. no clamp.
  443. C

    Calstar 800ML and Graftech GIS80L

    Shoot forget abou this. Pm replied
  444. C

    trinidad 12 a

    Seriously $299 for the new tn a?
  445. C

    Trinidad 20 & 16

    Pm sent. I have a 20
  446. C

    Calstar 800ML and Graftech GIS80L

    Calstar 800ML- $140 Graftech GIS80L-$80 In glendale for this weekend and will be in Anaheim hills during the week
  447. C

    Newell S332 reel

    . Sold
  448. C

    Shimano Torium 14 reel

    Serviced. Filled with spectra. Great free spool. Strong functioning clicker. etc. $110 picked up in Glendale. $110 SOLD!!!!!!!
  449. C

    Day Time Squid Outside Pt. Loma 1/8

    Why keep it a secret? Lets slaughter these things!!
  450. C

    trinidad A drags

    I agree, they did great on the A series. The double pawl I think is unique as a "safety" back up insurance(??). All drags btw after heavy use will give you some residue. The old dartanium drags in the gold TN version was messy and just did not last that long.
  451. C

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad 16na for jigging?

    Lol...I'm proof of that. I am going to get the 14a soon to add onto my collection
  452. C

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad 16na for jigging?

    Its all about preference. Some people love the narrow reels for jigging because its easier to spool the line on when jiging with the narrow space. Its all up to you. I have the 16a, 16NA, and the 20A. I'm one of those selling the 16NA because I have another "beefy" narrow jig reel and dont need...
  453. C

    Need a rod wrapped. Anyone need some work?

    Not sure if this is the proper section to ask....Anyone need some work? Looking to get a rod wrapped. I prefer someone nearby yorba Linda if possible.
  454. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16NA reel

    Pm replied no trades at the moment
  455. C


    They are good introduction machines if you don't use the often. Plus you get the costco guarantee which is great. I guess you can't go wrong with that.
  456. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16NA reel

    Loaded with 65# spectra to the brim. Serviced. Cosmetically 8.5/10. mechanically 10/10. Comes with box and papers. $360
  457. C

    8' conolon, roddy, truline

    I have a roddy br80. Chord handle as guides. Needs 2 guides replaced so $100?
  458. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16N Narrow special reel

    Just serviced. Smooth with excellent free spool!!! $270. Please no trades at the moment. (PENDING) Located in Anaheim area (off the 91)
  459. C

    Newell S332 reel

    Just serviced. $120.
  460. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16N clamp/screws

    Still looking for an extra set of clamp and screws
  461. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16N clamp/screws

    Anyone have one for sale for the gold reel version (not the silver A series)? Not the reel But the clamp and screws only.
  462. C

    Shimano Calcutta rod: 815 or 820 xfa

    looking for one located in the los angeles area if possible or if you are willing to ship let me know. thanks
  463. C

    CandyBar Lures

    To bad the original makers are not making them currently. Recently, I've stopped purchasing Tady jigs. The quality of their jigs has gone waaay south. I now fish Salas and try to purchase older jigs if possible.
  464. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel

    Pm replied . Not looking for trades. I can meet at the 57/91 freeway in the evening this week
  465. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel

    Just serviced. has 1/2 -2/3 spool of 65# spectra. Comes with clamp/screws as seen. Asking $250 shipped. $240 picked up. PayPal ok as a gift. No low ballers and no trades at the moment please. Pick up in San fernando valley or in the evenings at the 57/91 or 71/91 freeway area this week
  466. C

    trinidads A CHEAP

    I'll take one of the 14s
  467. C

    OH dear this does not sound good

    I agree something needed to be done to help preserve the bass population. I truly honestly feel bad for the sportfishing industry who will be hurt by this. How many patrons will pay $X to fish for 5 bass(since a majority of people on those boat go to fill there freezers)? The 1/2 boats may fare...
  468. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    ended up fixing it myself. Yeah, I offered returning his reel back for a full refund rather than "squeezing every penny" from him for my "great deal" of a busted reel . I PM'ed him 3 times, NO RESPONSE. I guess we know who the shady guy is...
  469. C


    I think the problem is the other way around. These guys spend waaay too much time on land playing around seeing how much drag they get rather than fishing!!!:rofl:
  470. C

    Shimano trini or torium stock drags

    Hey guys Got screwed by a member picking up a torium 14. Tearing it down and replacing all the missing or broken items when I noticed the drags are wrong for this reel. Anyone have their stock drags after upgrading them that they can donate to me?
  471. C

    Calstar GG 90j

    No. There pics on my prior thread. I'll repost them soon
  472. C

    Shimano TLD 30 2 speed

    I would highly recommend seeing the reel 1st hand guys... see the link
  473. C

    Calstar GG 90j

    Facyory wrapped $180 located in the San Fernando valley
  474. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    Wow..!!! So my time and money means nothing! $25 for a new set of bearings $x for a new clicker assembly (since you sold me a reel without one), $x shipping.... So after all these costs I got a steal of a deal!!! How about this, if you think I got too good of a deal; refund me completely + the...
  475. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    just an update guys: after escalating this with paypal (which I believe automatically locks up his pending funds till this is resolved) and going back and forth on convincing him that this reel was not mechanically perfect (sent him a link with the picture showing him the problem)..he has given...
  476. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    Thanks guys. It's more of the principle at this point. He will not get the money. I already started a paypal dispute. I may just speed the process if he acts like he did to the other seller by just having this reversed immediately by the CC company. I have this link as all the proof I need.
  477. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    His post: Originally Posted by glass3s Slightly used Shimano torium 14 no mechanical issues at all!!! take a look! come with free reel cover $100 PRICED TO SELL!!! will ship at your cost.
  478. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    Received it. Sent you a PM. There are several mechanical issues versus what you post: "no mechanical issues at all!!!" To start off: 1. The clicker doesnt engage. (see picture). Its missing the clicker spring and assembly. 2. The bearings are shot. You can hear them when in gear as a grinding...
  479. C

    Paypal Gift, Dont Do it!

    good lesson. If you are really hesitant to use it, just pay the 3.5% fee to the seller.
  480. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    PM sent I'll take it
  481. C

    Tady 45s, Kicker, Candybar, etc.

    always a pleasure lance. if you want this lot let me know.
  482. C

    progear 440cs or 540as for fishing 40#

    540 all the way. I still regret selling mine!!
  483. C

    Seeker 870-7 spinning rod

    Sorry the 670-7 not 870 looking for one in the sf -la area
  484. C

    Calstar GF800ML, Calstar GG90J, Graftech

    1. Calstar 800ML custom wrapped: $150 2. Graftech 8ft. GIS80L(10-20lb): $75 3. Calstar GG90J: $180 Located a lot in the San Fernando Area. NO TRADES PLEASE. Low ballers, please dont bother and waste both our times (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU ARE THE SAME CONSISTENT INDIVIDUALS ON THIS BOARD).
  485. C

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    So it makes business sense to bring on more people (? "deadheads") on a "limited" load boat to piss off customers? Maybe it would be ok to have them on board as long as the business operated under the "limited" load it advertised. Just a thought....
  486. C

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Sounds like a valid post. There is no mention of the boats name. For a limited load trip where I'm paying a higher premium, I think there should be ZERO Deadheads on board. Drifting with that many people sucks as is.
  487. C

    Seeking Rod Builder quote

    Not sure how much you paid, but it might be cheaper to just start from scratch. Maybe you can find someone nice enough here to strip it down at no charge.
  488. C

    Caslstar 800ML, Shikari blue 909H, black 8030, Graftech

    updated, 3 rods sold. Calstar 800ML, Graftech, and Calstar GG90J still available
  489. C

    Caslstar 800ML, Shikari blue 909H, black 8030, Graftech

    Several no longer used rods for sale. NO TRADES PLEASE. NO LOW BALLERS. From left to right: 2. Calstar 800ML custom wrapped: $160 4. Graftech 8ft. GIS80L(10-20lb): $80 6. Not pictured. Factory wrapped Calstar GG90J. Cork handle. The older version(the good blank!!). $175 Located in the SFV...
  490. C

    Shimano TN16NA for at TN16A

    Looking for a TN16A in the SFV-LA area
  491. C

    2 New in the Box Trinidad 12A for sell

    thats a great price! Is there some type of hook up out there that people have that I dont know of?
  492. C

    Shimano Lucanus Jigs sd

    So you put bait or a scented plastic to an expensive jig to get bit. So why pay for the jig? Does the jig itself out fish the jig with bait on it?
  493. C

    Sports Authority Heads Up -- 50% off

    They cleared a majority of good saltwater stuff awhile ago. (see prior history posts). Mostly fresh water stuff at a majority of sports authority
  494. C

    8 ounce torpedo sinkers

    Found a box of 20 of these. Already have plenty. Asking $30 ($1.50 each)picked up in the l.a area or you pay shipping.
  495. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel (gold)

    La area. Seeing how high gas prices are $250 shipped!!
  496. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel (gold)

    pm replied to. still available. first one with the $$ gets it
  497. C

    Tady 544 Kicker jigs

    PM's replied. still available. including shipping these are less than $4/jig
  498. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel (gold)

    unless I edit as "sold" or "pending" its still available. PM sent
  499. C

    Shimano Trinidad 20 reel (gold)

    $250. (SOLD!!!!)
  500. C

    Tady 544 Kicker jigs

    Fisher Finger's PM sent. Unless I post "pending" or "sold" its still available.
  501. C

    Tady 544 Kicker jigs

    I know. A lot of low ball offers so far
  502. C

    2 TRINADAD 14a's

    That's a great deal if you are willing to ship ill take one
  503. C

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad question

    JRD- THanks for your help. THats what I thought. That thing is finally coming off!!! Just thinking that it makes no sense for these miniscule size magnets to have any significant effect on the larger sized trinidad spools.
  504. C

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad question

    So if I remove the whole plastic assembly, will there be an increase in the free spool from the reel?
  505. C

    Trinidad 16 & 16N

    I know that's why I own the A series and better reels. Just need a local reel for bass and rockfish
  506. C

    Trinidad 16 & 16N

    IF you change the pawl and drag back to its stock form, I'll take the 16N. The clicking just drives me nuts on the upgrade.
  507. C

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad question

    I've been maintaining my reels for quite some time and I've always wanted to know what that circular plastic device is for on the spool? Anyone know? Do I even need it on the spool?
  508. C

    Stock Shimano Trinidad 20(older gold reel version) clamp

    Need one. Anyone have an extra one lying around for sale? ONLY THE CLAMP AND SCREWS
  509. C

    Iron Jigs

  510. C

    Trinidad Gold vs DC vs A ???

    I've owned the gold, DC, and now the A series. The A series hands down is a better reel than the DC. Why pay the DC price when you can pick up the A series.
  511. C

    newell lot

    i agree. dont sell them on ebay. You get hit with a crap of fees (listing fee, commission fee), then also a paypal fee if payed that way. For a $150 sale, you looking at $20 fees all together.
  512. C

    Value of Newell reels

    In my opinion (excluding the rare ones, off color newells, clears,blackies): OG P: $150, high end $200($200 for maybe the P322) Newer P: $120-$150 Older G series: $100-$125 C series: shoot, just send them to the salvation army.... S series: $75-100
  513. C

    Custom Calstar GF800M- $150

    Calstar GF 800M. Fuji guides. wrapped black/blue. Chord handle. $150. In the SFV. Travel occasionally to the I.E. if you want to meet up.
  514. C

    OG Newell P338

  515. C

    Irons: tady etc.

    sold. thanks marc
  516. C

    Bx2 400 and Trinidad 14a

    14a still available?
  517. C

    Shimano Torium 14

    great reel. Yeah, on these boards its tough to get that price.
  518. C

    Question on what size treble hook for Tady 9

    does anyone know what size treble is on a Tady 9 and what type? Thanks
  519. C

    OK Ebay sucks

    ebay/paypal is pricey. Remember, you pay a listing fee, auction fee (see ebay fees), and paypal fee.
  520. C

    Newell OG P338 and newer P220 reel

    never received payment for p338. bump. back up. dont pay the ridiculous prices from the "bay".
  521. C

    Pick surface irons that swim

    Honestly what I've noticed: I think the older current maker's (i.e. Tady) jigs swim the best when you look for the ones with no paint or are just all messed up cosmetically. Just think about it, they get bit!!! If they're all pretty and new looking, likely they were either not fished much or...
  522. C

    Pick surface irons that swim

    What I don't understand is why are there not any jig makers that tank test every jig? Great marketing, "tank tested fish catcher" or similar...I would gladly spend more for a jig that swims correctly. Sounds like an untapped market and possibly small business opportunity for someone who has a...
  523. C

    Bass regulation changes are coming. What are you going to do about it?

    I feel bad for the sporties if this happens. How many fisherman out there will pay $50+ to go on a 3/4 boat to catch 5 bass? What likely will happen is that there will be more pressure on other species(i.e. sculpin) as sporties try to increase their catch to bring on more customers.
  524. C

    Tady jigs

    I know what to look for but the inconsistencies you are referring to are different from what I'm seeing in the new runs Does anyone know of any shops carrying the older runs of Tady jigs besides perusing eBay?
  525. C

    Tady jigs

    So I was going to a nearby tackle shop for an upcoming trip and a buddy asked me to pick up some Tady 45 and Tady C jigs for him. Going through the jigs, I noticed they had a lot of quality problems with them. The edges of the some of the jigs had notches in them. The surface sides had...
  526. C

    Shikari 909h

    bump with pic <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  527. C

    Newell OG P338 and newer P220 reel

    sold<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  528. C

    FSOT: Shiimano Trinidad 20A for a 14A

    Looking for a 14A. I have a 20A that is clean for trade. Of course, I'll be asking for an extra $40 on top of the trade for the price difference. Otherwise outright sale for $400. Comes with reel bag.
  529. C

    Question on stores with good phenix selection

    any one know of any good tackle shops where I can pull on a good selection of saltwater 8-9ft phenix black diamond, hybrid, and the abyss rod for a good comparison?
  530. C

    Shikari 909h

  531. C

    Iron Jigs

    10 jigs total: $47 shipped. Tady, Kicker, "islander" (??) Copy Cat, Salas, etc. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  532. C

    Pep 3 and 5 jigs

    pics of pep3 added <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  533. C

    Pep 3 and 5 jigs

    Pep 5 s sold! Pep 3s still available
  534. C

    Favorite open party 3/4 day boat

    Spitfire and victory. Sportking if you want to go to catalina
  535. C

    Pep 3 and 5 jigs

    Sold sold!! 10 of the PEP5's: sold<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  536. C

    Californian Calico Special Rod - 15-40lb

    Pm sent. I have an 8'6 all star west coast classic rated 15-40lb that is a really dark blue blank
  537. C

    Shimano Trinidad 14 reel

    sold. thanks Nam <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input...
  538. C

    Watch this poster.....known for dickhead moves.

    That sucks. You should cover his gas expense.
  539. C

    Old School P338 F

    Pm sent on a OG P338
  540. C

    Favorite Online Tackle Shops?

    Taking bias aside from the local versus online debate. Baja Fish Gear, Melton, BPS (for random stuff when they offer free shipping)online.
  541. C

    Newell S332 reel (+ upgrades)

    It's sold already I'll refund you your payment yellowtail king
  542. C

    Marina Del Rey Twilight Fishing?

    More of a leadhead/squid type rock bass fishing. Its better to go during the weekdays to avoid the crowds as most of the spots are small rock piles.
  543. C

    Newell Reels

    Huh ??? you are on the wrong site. Try the recycler or the salvation army and stop wasting our time.
  544. C

    Newell S332 reel (+ upgrades)

    sold! <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  545. C

    California Calico Special CSM80M-$50

    California Calico Special Rod. 8ft. rated 10-20lb. CSM80M Asking $50 firm. Will be in the Glendale area this weekend <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  546. C

    Shimano Torium 16

    Clean, never used Shimano Torium 16. Asking $130. $135 shipped.
  547. C

    Shimano Torium 20

    Never used Torium 20. Clean. $145 picked up. $150 shipped
  548. C

    Tady iron jigs

    bump. price drop to $40 shipped!
  549. C

    Tady iron jigs

    ttt. thanks for the inquiries. Not looking for any trades at the moment.