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    Islands Sci on water

    Zero current. 61-63 temp. Very little life. Divers saw yellows at China, but not much else. Just an FYI for anyone heading out. Staying overnight, tomorrow is a new day. It’s eerily still out here.
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    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

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    Just Hx left

    Most sold but Hx
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    2003 Parker 2120 DVSC SoCal fishing machine Recently repowered with a 2019 Suzuki DFA 200HP, FACTORY WARRANTY UNTIL 3/19/2023 (5K Option) Suzuki 200HP, digital dash and new Binnacle 10hr Oil Change completed 100 gallon fuel tank Avg fuel burn at 4K rpm is approx 2.5 (with two guys/1 scoop of...
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    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    Hooped tonight, got limits by 9pm (28 total.) Mack’s for bait, hooped in 15-35 foot of water in Newport. Lots of people out tonight.....but it was def respectful. there was one idiot out there using boat fenders in place of buoys with zero lights on them and no weight on the tag end. I...
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    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    Epic.....trip. If you want a Cow, spearfish or surf....Marla’s has you. We did a 3.5 day, and it was a day too short...wish we had another. Day 1: we show up wanna surf....Scotty pulls up on an epic ones one shoulder hopping.....great f’ing morning. Next, we...
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    flying the the fish for nada thus far. 6 hours in. Plenty of boats out here. Hoping for a night bite
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    SCI 8/16

    hi all, Im heading to sci Friday (8/16) from Nb at 0400. Anyone else heading that direction? I’ll be on 72 “Nomad.” Don’t mind sharing info good or bad.
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    Suzuki stainless prop (15 hours)

    Hi, I bought this prop when I repowered my boat. I have around 15 hours on it, and i need something else for my application. I paid around $600 for. Asking 450.00 for it. Specs: Suzuki water grip series - 15.25” x 19” r water grip 3 blade Prop has zero scuffs or damage. Bought it in May.
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    6/7 cat good day

    at cat now, had a great day. Got a scoop of squid from nacho,and headed to the spot. Arrived at 930 am ....late (hangover start). Anchored up and managed to pull up two nice sized bass. Fished in 60ft of both within 20 minutes. A lucky day for sure.....but the bass were...
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    Offshore 4/23-4/25 condor 1.5 day

    went out on the condor for a 1.5 day bft trip. Boat loaded quickly and we were off getting bait. Boat pulled up at gray light around 85 miles south and we started looking, and looking, and looking. We finally pulled up to some kelps and the boat limited out on rat yellows with a few decent...
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    Condor 6/23 1.5

    havent been on a sport boat in years....but this bluefin bite got me wrapped up again. Never fished the condor, any info on the boat is appreciated. Hopefully these fish still wanna play
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    hi all, Picked up the Suzuki df200hp in-line 4 at the Fred Hall show. Old motor was a yami 175 hpdi 2 stroke. The yami only had 475 hours since ‘02. Power pack replaced 2 years ago.....but the really issue was the exhaust. I could no longer take a following dirt/oil wind into the cabin...
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    2002 Yamaha hpdi 2-stroke

    2002 Hpdi Yam 2-stroke 476 hours Well maintained, zero issues and runs well. Controls and oil components included in price. $4,500 Boat is in HB, please only serious inquiries. Maintenance records on hand, ring free/fuel conditioner used religiously on this motor. Motor fires up everytime...
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    2/23 isthmus

    Ran over to the isthmus from hb, crossing was great. Grabbed a mooring and headed over to the “spot” with 10 other boats. Hooped 50-150 for a few crabs. Used bonito, mackerel and a few salmon heads. Put down 3 sets, gained shoulder and bicep muscles, no lobster. Ran back into the...
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    Cat late report 10/13 (the zones)

    10/13 ran out to cat at 130pm, bit of mixed swell...took around an hour 20. Checked in with harbor patrol, got mooring 33, first row next to cat yacht club. Avalon was surprisingly busy especially after the light show we had the night before. Grabbed the mooring, dipped into luau Larry’s...
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    10/9 LB chaffee

    Left hh around 5pm...wanted to test a few things on the boat before putting out the hoops. Got to Chaffee with time to spare, metered around and found a few good looking spots. Put out the hoops with mackerel and salmon in the others. Pulled first set for around 7 shorts combined (5 of...
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    hi guys, I’ll be up there Saturday for 3 days of fishing near clover pass. Any reports on his salmon/halibut fishing is going up there? Also, any advice on tackle I should bring up for the salmon or halibut? I got some spoons, squid hoochies, 2/0 to 5/0 siwash hooks for rigging, and 8/0 to...
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    Pacific Edge 38 gal pst (tear drop) lid

    Looking for a drop in lid for the PE 38 tear drop. Thx
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    14 to 277 back to HH 7/29

    Left HH at 530 A.M, picked up a half scoop of sardines and headed straight to the 14. Arrived Around 6:20/630 and had a few other PB’ers working the area. Water was warm...anywhere from 71 to 74. Trolled some halcos and tuna feathers (pink chrome halco/ purple black feather/white pink...
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    7/8 - 14 mile bank-Avalon Bank - Cat

    Left HH around 530am after picking up some squid from nachos, and made 10-15 Mack’s (the macks did fine in the tank with the squid, In case anyone was interested.) cleared the harbor, saw a thresher within 1,000 yds of the breakwall, stopped to look, but kept on trucking south. Plan was to...
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    43 & SCI to Salvage Mission

    Cleared NB harbor around 4am, with a scoop of sardines and pretty much 10 jig sticks with every type of jig imagineable. Headed straight to the 43, arriving around 7/730 am. It was overcast and water was a bit cooler than expected. Found our first school of bft jumpers around 745, but...
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    Ketchikan (Aug 18-22)

    we are staying near clover pass, and have done Ketchikan several times in June/July but never as late as Aug 18-22. We are doing self guided, but don’t know what to expect in the latter parts of August. Any info on what to reasonably expect fishing wise, would be greatly appreciated!
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    Cat 6/3

    Headed over to cat to fish the west end for some yellows. Bait was great from nachos, and crossed over in 50 mins to arrive at 645am. Tried rapalas, slow trolled sardines shallow, and slow trolled macs down deep with sliding egg sinkers stopped with a barrel swivel, leading to fluoro leader...
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    Cat Tom (6/1)

    thinking of heading over tomorrow out of HH (530am) if the weather doesn’t take an even larger nose dive as it has these past few days. Pm me if interested in jumping on a channel with me, and hopefully covering more water.
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    Osborne Bank

    Heading out to Osborne bank tomorrow. Plan for us is to head to CAT tonight, spend the night then head to SBI/Osborne. If anyone shares this heading, reach out. We can share some thoughts, and cover a bit more water. And yes, I will definitely share the positives and negatives to whom ever...