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    Tekota 500 rebuilds

    I’m in the same situation with old 500/600’s. I sent one back 4 weeks ago to shimano and still haven’t heard anything. I read somewhere it was a 4 to 6 week turnaround sending back to Shimano when I sent mine in. My guess is it could be longer now.
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    Nope, been here 40 years. There is a springer run and the tribes net minter pretty often, but was mainly asking about ceremonial and subsistence fishing. Was curious if they are being held to the same standard.
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    Since this is ESA related closure, anyone know if the tribes are allowed to still fish for salmon...
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    You heard anything else on this? Really frustrating. We just suppose to keep refreshing the emergency rules page. :hali_parkutuli:
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    King 5 Article

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    King 5 Article

    Another over fishing article, there are many more and these are the ones they let us know about. There are no crab left in area 13 after years of carpet bombing it.
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    King 5 Article

    Here you go: You do realize you are asking about something that is taboo to report on.
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    This can be a controversial here sometimes but saw a timely article in the Seattle Slime.
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    Plastic or brass?

    Like others have said bronze for seacocks and other underwater fittings, and stainless steel for scuppers/drains and other above water fittings. Plastic is prone to cracking but gets the job done until it doesn’t.
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    King 5 Article

    Sounds like Ducker!! is just fine with the status quo of fishing for a couple weeks each year.
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    King 5 Article

    Of course the article does not touch on how about 90% of all recreational fisheries are mark selective fisheries (we only catch what we plant), while tribal fisheries are 100 non-selective (kill fisheries). Whenever I tell neighbors or anyone that asks about this, they are completely...
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    Can anyone shed some light on this emergency closure on an area that’s suppose to be open year around? Is this just laziness or WDFW sticking to the angler? I don’t remember any such closures in the past. I assume maybe COVID slowed the process some...
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    Ocean 2021

    I stand corrected. Last year coho was open on 7/1 in area 5. There is not much coho available then though.
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    Ocean 2021

    Correct, been that way for sometime. You can run to area 4 for coho before then but it’s quota constrained where Sekiu does not have a coho quota. Also, it’s a pink year this year so that should keep some interested between when chinook quota runs out and when the coho start to show.
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    Saltwater Its Time 2 Fish, Who's In?

    Awesome boat. While fishing by one of these last year in a very large swell, I couldn’t stop watching this boat literally run up/down huge swells with ease. Fishing can be tough in the sound sometimes, so def look to the straits/ocean with that bad boy.
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    Ocean 2021

    Oregon costal coho quota is 240K, Washington coastal coho quota 70K. If only we could rebound those constrained stocks.
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    Ocean 2021

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    Spot Shrimp Season

    Anyone ever shrimped area 5 and know if there are harvestable levels of shrimp there...
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    2022 Blackmouth

    Sadly nothing will change unless there’s a challenge to the Stillaguamish tribes/WDFW ridiculous cap of 12 percent, and how it being exploited to shutdown winter fishing. If the business and angling communities came together and were able to demonstrate the severe impacts that closing the winter...
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    Any advantage to buying a trailer out of state?

    I heard you have to go down one state down and over 2 for the best deal on the planet.
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    The sound just got a little tougher.

    Well with the seasons so short now, it’s highly unlikely to be disturbed by a recreational angler. Most likely going to be the million research and whale watching vessels that chase them around from the time they enter Puget Sound until they leave Puget Sound. Oh and those evil car movers known...
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    Fuel cost??

    Probably because we think it’s stupid to send a shit load of trucks and ships, when you can have a direct pipeline. We also get a bunch of oil from Canada, and they are a key ally.
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    Slow motion train wreck

    Gotta love those light aluminum hulls.
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    Pokémon cards are really hotttt right now, just sayin.
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    Canvas Maintenance??

    If you have the vinyl windows use this:
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    Saltwater Not Close, but Still Scary

    I don’t understand why more people don’t utilize AIS. Fishing the shipping lanes in low vis without, I would def have my head on a swivel.
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    Dry brine smoked salmon

    HardCharging: are you putting your into actual metal cans or just jars? Only reason I ask is that Sekiu use to have a canary that smoked or baked salmon and then metal canned and it was the best salmon I ever had and literally lasted near a decade. I havnt seem metal canned salmon since (unless...
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    WDFW facing serious budget cuts from 2021-23.

    What always boggles my mind is how can they afford to staff so many biologists (fish checkers) at all the various sites throughout the summer. Some weekends it seems like they have just about most areas / sites covered. I also wonder what happenes to all of these people come winter time. I get...
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    Boat window hard water spots

    Mothers Water Spot Remover or meguiar's scratchx 2.0
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    Heads up-Cannon Downriggers discontinued circuit boards pre 2011 Mags

    That sounds even worse. At least when the casing seperated I was able to grab my rod and hug/hold the downrigger as pops manually retrieved the weight.
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    Heads up-Cannon Downriggers discontinued circuit boards pre 2011 Mags

    The newer style Cannon’s (few years old now) are practically bullet-proof with little need for servicing. If you have a pre-2011 it’s only a matter of time before the casing splits on you (if you havnt addressed this). My two cents.
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    Saltwater Sept king in July?

    Looks like he’s been swimming in area 13.
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    Saltwater South sound is a dead zone

    Let’s just say there might be a few chinook in the the south sound.
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    Neah Bay Coho

    I have heard a few rumors but was wondering if anyone has heard or seen anything official yet....
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    Neah Bay Coho

    Thanks for the useful information. I have a tripped planned starting Monday. Should I still plan on area 5 chinook being open?
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    Neah Bay Coho

    How much longer you think MA5 will be open for chinook?
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    Neah Bay Coho

    I guess this is no surprise with everyone retaining dinky 1 or 2 pound coho, and barely legal blackmouth in area 4 and 5. Let the fish grow so we have a chance at mature kings!
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    Neah Bay Coho

    These number are good as of the 12th so these numbers are already higher than above.
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    Saltwater Sekiu Fishing was good.

    Just got back and there was moorage available last night for a few boats. If you don’t have a 30’ you might be able to slip in somewhere. There was people leaving today but also saw people heading there too on my way home. Worse case senario you pull out at night end (if no moorage available)...
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    Saltwater Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    Olson’s does not have a lot of camping spaces to rent out. Van ripers has a lot more spaces, so that’s going to be your best shot at camping. Just spoke with Olson’s and they are pretty full on moorage but didn’t rule out having space. Others there might have dock space available and worse case...
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    Saltwater sekiu fishing guide

    If you are new to the area and are just trying to get acquainted, there is some information on Salmon University that has maps and shows areas where to troll/mooch/etc. The link is below. There are also maps on other sites, as well (Salt Patrol). Get out there and make some memories. Since you...
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    MA4 out of Sekiu Blackmouth

    Turn left, head 13 miles to sail rock, and deploy your baits. Look for bait on the sounder. We did pretty good staying in close but the fish could be anywhere.
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    Area 4 OPEN

    Was done by 0900 and on our way by Sekiu. Think I’m burned at total of 8 gallons running the Seahunter to Tatoosh and back. Thanks for the pointers on f where not to go. I didn’t know about the Sail rock boundary so that added some complexity to the morning.
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    Area 4 OPEN

    K, thanks for the info guys. I was thinking you needed to be outside the line for the June 20th Salmon but appears not.
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    Area 4 OPEN

    Is it possible to fish for kings just outside of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line or do you have to run to Swiftsure? When I look on a chart it looks like the shipping lane it just outside the line and the shipping lane runs pretty much all the way to swiftsure. If it’s safe enough and decent enough...
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    Area 4 OPEN

    Good news for Sekiu but boy the parking/launching could get interesting. Hope there making plans now.
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    Allright, which one of you was it?

    I went to a secluded south Sound beach yesterday and was unloading the boat for a picnic with the fam and by the time we got the stuff from the boat and up the long walk from the beach, the boat was beached. Luckily only a couple more hours until the low. I have beached a lot but don’t remember...
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    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    Thinking I might just have to hit MA13 on the 5th so I can fish the only area open in Puget Sound.
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    Washington is the only state

    What wrong, thought Maryland is closed??? Maybe double check your social media facts before posting gibberish.
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    Washington is the only state

    Really, Maryland has a closure of all state recreational fishing? Please check and report back. Include all the states you listed the other day.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    I actually left off the apostrophe for you :-) He never called you or anyone retarded so quit making it something it’s not.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Yes, and you arnt making sense. He didn’t call you retarded.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    He called a post by you retarded and you are calling that hate speech? You really need to grow the fuck up.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    I personally don’t use that word (retard) but this is America. Get a grip. Are you the word police now?
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Now that the Curve has been flatten, who’s ready to go fishing...
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    same thing here in Tacoma, voluntary furloughs happening. Statewide anything at this point make no sense.
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    Halibut season Coronavirus

    I remember fishing Sekiu in the late 80’s/early 90’s for salmon and people bring in and weighing large halibut. I remember very distinctly as I was younger back then and the halibut were so big.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    You do realize this protest was started by Tri-cities anglers where there is some 300 plus cases in their county. Not much or a curve to flatten and social distancing is not a issue.
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    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Call me a cynic but IMO I feel halibut fishing will open when the tribes give the ok to the Governor’s office they are open for business. When the ramps were closed people listed all the reasons they should be. I don’t see those initial concerns (lack of testing, elders, etc.) being addressed in...
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    What makes you think fishing will open in May or June? Last I checked nothing has happened that would cause the Governor to open fishing.
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    2020 Shrimp season

    Only thing that makes sense is that it’s an election year for Jay.
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    Oil bath hubs

    I have been running trouble free since 2006 on EZ-loader oil bath hubs. We have done 3 full service maintenance over this period. Couldn’t be happier. Like how easy it’s able to see your oil and it’s a breeze to order replacement parts which they usually always have in stock. There are much...
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    Fishing closure statewide

    Def some peps still fishing by dock and boat. I don’t see why it should be any different.
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    West Coast Unity - could be forced upon us?

    As far as unity Oregon is open for most fishing still.
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    I see what the quota says but just imagine how much crab can be harvesting when your able to fish 7 days per week with 50 pots per harvester. Depletion coming.
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    Pretty bad ass little boat. Probably not a lot of your guys cup of tea but thought I would post for the small boat crowd. There’s a video on the Arima Facebook page of it going over the Westport bar (I believe) with relative ease. Appears to have a bait tank option to. Pretty nice boat that...
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    Fish stories

    As a little kid we took my dads glass-ply down to Buoy 10 for a few days of fishing. It’s Me, my dad, uncle, and cousin. We are fishing four pulls and catching nice size fish all morning. My uncle hadn’t landed my fish as he was too busy baiting our lines with fresh bait left and right. My uncle...
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    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Please tell me how one man’s opinion will let Coronavirus continue to be around?
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    Corona Virus 🖕🏾
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    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    CDC 2020 deaths estimates in USA from flu = 23,000 as of March 14 2020 Coronavirus USA deaths= More than 250
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    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    So what should we do with all the young healthy people who as you said are pretty much unaffected by the virus? Lock them up or just feed them to the sharks? Schools are shut down, Restaurants, Bars, Barbers, Salons, and many small business’s have been shut and are struggling to survive. IMO it...
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    Holy crap.

    There is no doubt a large increase is coming but I’m not sure I would rely on an economist for information regarding a pandemic. I would leave that to the professionals.
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    27ft Skagit Orca Reviews

    I saw one of these that had the fly bridge and was being trailered. Was just amazed on how big it seemed for being listed as a 27. Similar pic of one attached.
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    Neah Bay CLOSED

    I’m never at Neah Bay during peak times but when I’m there I rarely see large groups of people commingling. I was actually thinking Neah Bay was probably the safest place in the state to currently be given how far away and how shut off they are from larger cities. Seems a little knee jerky to...
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    Lowrance 9 live Xducer

    I’m currently running the TM-150 and have no complaints (not usually fishing ocean). It does hold bottom for me when not in deep water. I have been eyeing the TM-165 which is the new 600W version.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Would of been nice if they could at least separated fishing reports from the general discussion forum.
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    Cannon Digi Troll 10 Downrigger issues

    I had the exact same issue on my small boat. The problem was not the battery/alternator it was restriction I had down stream from the 10 gauge wiring. It was running down to a 12/14 gauge wire causing restriction and we would trip those 25 amp fuses everytime we brought the downrigger up. I...
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    Saltwater Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    Overfishing has led to closures in MA-11 and MA-13 going on several years now. They will just move to the next open area so they can deplete those stocks next.
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    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht For the new owner’s sake; hope they find the cause.
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    Saltwater Garibaldi OTC report

    That’s Gangster! That’s one open seat that someone might hesitate on :-)
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    Saltwater MA11

    Caught one of these 15 years ago off Point Defiance. Little guy went on a screaming run and we thought it was a nice king at first. It took a hootchie and was hooked above the eye. We got all the gear back and released unharmed. Way back in the day off point D we had a big something hit and...
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    Best fish sealer

    Other than it sounds like a space ship taking off and docking, I was waiting for what makes it worth that level of investment. I was expecting a closeup of a very tightly packed and sealed bad—only got far away shots.
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    Saltwater Meanwhile in the over sound...

    Nice job on getting the kids and others in on some action. The coho should be epic this year too. Unfortunately as far as chinook short 3000 fish seasons are going to be the norm.
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    Anyone fished out of Chile?

    Cody Herman of Day One Outdoors did a 3 part tv show on Chilean Salmon. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t saw. Link:
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    New state record catfish - Lake Terrel 37#

    Kid is literally hooked for life now!
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Here is the website and picture to your above story:
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    Westport Kings

    What do you think will happen when MA-9 closes here soon??? They will move to MA-10 and shut it down.
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    Westport Kings

    Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Westport Kings

    MA-9 is about to close, MA-10 about to close, and MA-11 has been 5 days per week all season. Since were so limited due to low Wild stocks this year. . It should would be nice if they could transfer some ocean quota to the sound so we can actually have a chinook fishery this year.
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    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    Anyone have any idea of what that boat and trailer would weigh? Little confused on why a couple have said the truck has no business towing that boat.
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    North of falcon lawsuit

    Last I checked the meetings don’t take place on tribal land so they can claim tribal sovereignty all they want—it should be a mute point.
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    Saltwater Elliott Bay Shrimp

    It use to be that way for Dungeness Crab too. Now the tribes and commercials have killed the fishery. So yes, we always get seconds.
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    23 ft Duckworth Sinks Near Desception Pass 5/2/19 One Fatality

    I believe the initial call came from someone on shore who saw the boat capsize. When CG made it on scene and saw no visible signs of capsizing, they ruled the initial report unfounded.
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    WDFG Fee/license increase

    PFMC Rep. Dave Johnson nice to meet you too asshole. You call yourself a representative but rather than coming here and responding to the many valid and legitimate concerns people have, you come to bash people and to talk shit. Your acting like a little triggered snowflake. Since I’m so fucking...
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    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Or you can re-up with PSA and just hope something eventually will change.
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    Bait and Switch P/S Tribes

    Yea, I was kinda thinking something like that would be public information. How can WDFW co-manage if they don’t even know what the tribes are managing to. All I’m trying to figure out is if the tribes are also impacted as the rec quotas are in MA-9, 10, and 11.
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    Bait and Switch P/S Tribes

    Does anyone know where we can find the tribal allocation numbers???
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    North of Falcon Updates

    Why is MA-11 so restricted this year? I really having a hard time time trying to figure the reasoning. The Puyallup is foretasted at 14,731 Chinook and the rec quota is 2800. Are the tribes also allocated 2800? Are others allocated too? You can only keep hatchery Chinook in MA-11 like rest...
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    Troy, what’s really foolish and downright delusional is saying that something is disfuctional and then completely ignoring that issue as part of a solution. I believe now more than ever is time to unite and make the public aware about the tribes exploitation of chinook salmon. From...
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    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    Currently 27 of 49 senators for it. Pass the bill and get tribal nets out next.