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    Spot available

    GATR submitted a new listing: Spot available - Spot available Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California Spot available

    One spot available for a 1.5 day tomorrow night on the relentless. Buddy flaked.
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    Pm sent

    Pm sent
  4. 2530 Parker

    2530 Parker buyer backed out, back on the market. Price drop 75k obo. Will deliver
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    Parker 2530 diesel

    Having trouble with pics text for pics and more info. 7606374542 will deliver anywhere on the west coast
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    Parker 2520 1989

    Price drop. 35k
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    Parker 2520 1989

    Make an offer
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    Parker 2320 or 2520 For 40-50k

    89. It’s 3 posts down
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    Parker 2320 or 2520 For 40-50k

    I have a 2520 listed for 40
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    Parker 2520 1989

    Boat is still available
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    Parker 2520 1989

    You pay for the gas!
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    Parker 2520 1989

    I will deliver it anywhere on the west coast
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    Parker 2520 1989

    It’s in NorCal. Napa
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    Parker 2520 1989

    1989 Parker 2520 pilot house. 25 LOA, 9’6” extra wide beam. I’ll 2006 Honda 225 4 stroke on custom aluminum bracket with ladder. 700 hours on engine. Regular maintenance completed at all required intervals. Hydraulic steering and trim tabs. 135 gallon fuel capacity. 250 mile range @ 4000 RPM...
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    23' center console 4stroke price drop

    Buyer backed out. I'll take 10k
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    23' center console 4stroke price drop

    Make an offer. I'm moving out of state and I need it gone
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    21' Center Console $10k
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    23' center console 4stroke price drop

    1974 Aquasport. 2007 Suzuki 140 4 stroke T-top with plexiglass enclosure. Set up to sit up top and glass Furuno electronics Fiberglass hull with foam stringers the deck was replaced 2 years ago with 3/4 marine ply. Aluminum fuel tanks. 55 gallon main tank and 25 gallon reserve. New paint and...
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    WTT trinidad 12a for 14a

    I have a brand new in box 12a, id like to trade it for a 14a. Text 7606374542 for faster response
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    Selling everything. Truline Phenix etc.

    Everything is sold pending funds
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    Selling everything. Truline Phenix etc.

    I'm moving Monday and need to sell the following before I go. Prices are flexible. Truline D-8 blank never wrapped $200 Truline 36 old heavy glass $200 Phenix black diamond psw 700 xh fished once $200 Phenix abyss 908 fished a couple times $100 Cal star 800h custom wrapped good condition $150...
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    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    I was on the same trip with my wife. It was insane. She had never caught a tuna. She got six on a megabait before she quit. I got 15 on the popper. The crew kicked ass. It was well worth $75
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    Wtb trinidad 20a

    Looking to buy one. Bob 7606374542
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    F/s Radar mounts

    I want one.
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    spear fishing website gives away spear gun for killing biggest calico
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    boat stuff anchor gps props

    How big is the starboard?
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    wtt Phenix abyss 1008 for torium 20

    Deckhand. I'm going to san pedro today and staying till Wednesday. What shape is the reel in?
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    wtt Phenix abyss 1008 for torium 20

    I wanted something lighter to replace my 542 Harnel. It throws light jigs very well, but its just not the same as the old glass rod.
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    wtt Phenix abyss 1008 for torium 20

    Its gone for two boat rides. Not really what I was looking for in a jigstick. I would like to trade it for a torium 20 in good shape or sell it for $150.
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    Swfa ss 10x scope Brand new in box with butler creek flip up caps $250 Bob 7606374542
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    Offshore Fishdope Update for 10-14-2013

    They are gone. Two are down in cold dirty water, and the one that was biting on saturday was nowhere to be found as of today(check the one day counts).
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 WON 2 1/2 Day - Hoping they do the right thing.

    The Sea Adventure II is owned by Chuck Taft, the Sea Adventure 80 is owned by Scott he bought it from Chuck several years ago. The boats and owners are in no way a "brand" The SA 80 is one of the few boats out of H&M I will fish on. They are a top notch boat and there counts reflect it.
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    Offshore Yellowfin, Bluefin and Big Dorado Close to Home

    On saturday there was a kelp holding good numbers of yft 38 miles at 180 from point loma.
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    H&M - Who's heard of the Invicta?

    The air-conditioning being out on one of the hottest days of the year made sleeping uncomfortable at best. We burned a lot of bait on day one trying to get the bluefin to bite, and overnight a lot of it rolled. These are valid complaints. During a "plunker" bluefin bite the guy on the bait...
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    WTB Phenix 907 and 868

    My 970 ml and 868 ultra swimbait were stolen last weekend. I'm looking to replace them. Let me know if you have either model or anything close to them. Thanks
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    Offshore Fuel saver101 on The Eclipse 1.5 7-29. Plugging fish holds

    "Neal and Bob". Haha never heard that one before. Glad you had fun.
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    Whats it worth?

    Pics of the 36. It looks like it says BO36. Butt pick, D-8 is on left the 36 is on the right
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    Whats it worth?

    I have a Truline D8 blank, and a 36 both red glass. Also 3 Harnells, a 542, a 552, and a 552 light. The 552 light is the only one I have ever seen or heard of, it seems to be half way between a 542 and a 552. I'm thinking of getting rid of them and am not sure of the value. Thanks
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    Looking for a Red truline D8

    I have one. It's not wrapped. Bob 7606374542
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    Wtb/wtt prop

    I have a stainless 17 pitch prop from a 150 Johnson. I need a 15 pitch. Will buy yours or trade. 7606374542
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    Shikari rod and blanks

    How much for the 908?
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    Calstar 800H

    For sale Calstar 800 h, deck hand wrap turks head black on black triple braced guides. Very good condition, I paid $350 to have it built. $220
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    WTB torium 20

    I'm looking for a torium 20.
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    WTB Calstar 800H

    Mine is a 800h
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    WTB Calstar 800H

    I have one. Custom wrapped,deckhand style, triple braced guides. 7606374542
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    harnell 542, 552, 724

    I have a never wrapped 542 blank
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    Avet JX 6/3

    Price drop need it gone
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    Avet JX 6/3

    mechanically 9/10, cosmetically 8/10 minor rash $200 need it gone
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    newell 220 or 332 for 533 5.5

    Want to buy one. I have a couple of p332s and 220s if you are interested in trades. I can add cash
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    Calstar 800H with reel seat

    I have one with no reel seat
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    Want to buy a seeker Lm-9
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    Harnell 542 for 552

    Never wrapped 5542 blank, trade for a 552 rod or blank.
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    G Loomis and Harrington/ Harnell 542

    Harrinton 542 10' blank never wrapped $300 or trade for 552 G Loomis GL-2 8' 25-40 fished once $180
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    Penns with Tiburon frames

    Penn 4/0 narrow high speed, topless tib frame and progear handle Power pro 80lb braid. 7/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical, no clicker. $100 obo Penn Squider 146 narrow, topless tib frame progear handle Power pro 30lb braid. 8/10 cosmetic 9/10 mechanical, no clicker and anti-reverse switch...
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    P series newells and Gloomis swr

    Yep. I'll mail one to you for $200
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    P series newells and Gloomis swr

    Old school P332 with T-bar handle and newer model P-332 with T-bar handle. Upgraded drags and bearings. Both are in 8/10 cosmetic, 9/10 mechanical and have braid. $150 each G-loomis SWR 114-16c 9'6" light, moderate action 12-20 lb No reel seat, deck hand style with turks head.$150 sold
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    I have two. PM me
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    Daiwa Saltist 40H

    Third in line
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    Harnell, Calstar, Ulua

    All rods are gone. Thanks
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    G Loomis SWR 114-16c

    Saltwater series 9'6" Light, moderate action 12-20 lb Butt cord and turkshead, no reel seat. $200 or best offer. Possible trade for 9' jigstick.
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    Kill bag

    Need a kill bag.
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    Harnell, Calstar, Ulua

    Harnell is gone.
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    GLoomis SWR 108-25C or 108-30C

    I have a SWR 114 16c 9'6" 12-20 .if you are interested
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    Harnell, Calstar, Ulua

    Where to? I live in Encinitas and work in San Diego.
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    Saltist 40 h

    How much? Braid?
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    Harnell, Calstar, Ulua

    Harnell 542, Single foot ceramic guides it's incredibly light for a Harnell and in great shape. $250 obo Super Seeker blue Ulua $200 obo Calstar DHS 270-8 $80
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    Saltist 40 h

    Looking for a Saltist 40 h
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    FURUNO 1650WF/ RADAR 1721

    How much for the radar?
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    Furuno GPS 35

    Pm sent
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    40 hp evinrude

    2003 40 hp Evinrude 2 stroke, tiller steer, pull start. It runs great and starts on the second pull. Really clean and no problems. $1,250 or best offer. 760-637-4542
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    40 hp johnson

    2003 40 hp Johnson 2-stroke pull start tiller steer. Starts on second pull. Very clean $1,500 obo. 760-637-4542
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    03 40hp Johnson outboard

    2003 40hp tiller steer, pull start, 2-stroke. Starts on second pull, runs great. Must sell 1,500 obo. Bob, 760-637-4542.
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    Shikari rod or blank

    I'll take the 908. If you have 2 I'll take them both.
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    Shikari rod or blank

    I know, I just missed one on here.
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    Shikari rod or blank

    Looking for a shikari 868 or 908 wrapped or not.
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    200 hp outboard

    Want to buy 150-200 hp out board. Fuel injected 2 stroke.
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    Phenix Rod,G-loomis

    I sent a pm saying the same thing
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    8 Y.O. on 1.5 day?

    Eclipse or New Loan, both boats are great with kids and have young professional crews. Eight is plenty old for troll fish and hook and hand, and most people will be more than happy to work with a kid to get his first albie.
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    phenix 907 ml

    Still looking
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    White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, 20lb Sheepshead, and 10.4lb Calico on the Spectra

    At least I'm not the only one here who gets it.
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    White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, 20lb Sheepshead, and 10.4lb Calico on the Spectra

    Good comeback. Seriously killing a 10# calico is just wrong. If you are running a charter and have to do it, that's one thing just don't brag about it.
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    phenix 907 ml

    phenix 907 ml blank or rod
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    White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, 20lb Sheepshead, and 10.4lb Calico on the Spectra

    Wow you are so cool, killing a ten pound calico and posting pics.