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    Lidia Midday update

    Hi Gary Do you know how Al,s and Dicko,s homes fared? Mark C
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    Sig Sauer 1911 Revolution TTT Never Fired

    Going on vacation will be back 8/10/16 if still available after I will buy it. Mark (949)702-4911 do you have transfer agent?
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    WTB Fujinon or Fraser

    the Binocular are Stabilized with batters.
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    WTB Fujinon or Fraser

    I have a nice pair of Fujinon 14 by 40 with Pelican case that look fairly new or used very little. I am in Newport Beach and would sell for 500.00 Mark (949)702-4911
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    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    500 with take apart spool 5/1 gears double dog and one piece frame.
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    Flatties on the chew!

    Thanks what else do you make (fish)
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    Flatties on the chew!

    What is one without lacquer plus shipping to Newport Beach?
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    Silaflex rod Blanks & Mis.

    I would like to pick-up a few Mark (949)702-4911 in Newport
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    vintage silaflex rods

    Check Amazon there is a book out about Silaflex Rods and the start of the company.
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    WTB Silaflex Super 88

    I have a few rewapped Silaflex in Newport Beach
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    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    I will take a set of four rigged.Do you take paypal?
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    I did it again!! Jigmaster 500/501 SS dual dog bridge, yoke and jack.

    Please send me two "A" package and send invoice to PayPal ℅ Mark Cernich [email protected] 30 Beacon Bay Newport Beach Ca. 92660 (Reel Penn 500)
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    I am in Newport,can come over anytime with cash. Mark (949)702-4911 cell
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    Buy him a Spinning reel,left hand reel.
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    Catalina bait barge?

    Squid boat at Avalon,just pulled in try channel 11
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    Penn 505HS - Tiburon Frame - Extra Spool

    I will buy it, Please call me or cell tomorrow I am in Newport Beach will pick up.
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    There is Now Live Bait on Belmont Pier in Long Beach

    As for Balboa Pier. The water then was a lot cleaner, I remember one year there was a Albacore run of the end of pier.
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    There is Now Live Bait on Belmont Pier in Long Beach

    I worked at the Balboa Pier when I was 12 selling bait 5 cents or 3 for a dime. Lots of halibut,bonito,WSB and lots of other fish. Great job for a young kid, then worked my way to Newport Pier on Day boats that ran of end of pier.
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    URGENT!! FAX to stop MLPA budgeting!!

    Thanks Cris, I fax to ALL. It took a while but worth it.
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    mlpa meeting in oxnard

    Sorry, Crashlann I have been fishing for over 65 years and just venting.
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    mlpa meeting in oxnard

    Looks like the Swine Flu has struck our ocean.
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    Newport bait barge

    They are saying Monday 13 , due to weather.
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    Thanks Tommy, done today also sent to some fishing buddys.
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    MPA's Blog

    Thanks John, good info.
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    Cat Seabass

    Thanks for report,going tomorrow. Fish back side squid growns?
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    Dee Dee Marie, add a pic

    The DeDe Marie was at Catalina last wensday and sold us squid.
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    Saltiga 15 and 20

    The Surf reel has a clicker.