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    Islands Sci on water

    Saw a few running around, hard to shoot or hook. Limping home on one motor. Atleast we fed the seals. We got some rockfish, but not the target.
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    Islands Sci on water

    Zero current. 61-63 temp. Very little life. Divers saw yellows at China, but not much else. Just an FYI for anyone heading out. Staying overnight, tomorrow is a new day. It’s eerily still out here.
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    Communism and Socialism quote

    Let’s just say this.....”corporations whom speculated in 2008 had to be saved.” Even though they over leveraged them selves, but they got bail outs. Homeowners....not so much. Socialism: free public school, zero social safety nets, zero tax abatements to companies, 100 of Fortune 500 dont...
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    Are you tired of Race related issues?

    Kind of a very deep issue. Not as simple as you illustrate it, but you’re way off. Sorry.
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    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

    Still available. Sent out for a service.
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    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

    offers within reason will be considered
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    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

    Nicer star drag preferably
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    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

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    Just Hx left

    Jx and toriums are gone. I would trade for EX or HX, depends on the reel.
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    Just Hx left

    Pm me on it
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    Just Hx left

    Just pm’d you
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    Just Hx left

    JX is sold. Thx rich!
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    Just Hx left

    Still available. Pm me
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    Just Hx left

    Ex is still available. Pm me
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    Just Hx left

    Still available. Pm me
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    Just Hx left

    Most sold but Hx
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    Sale Pending thx for all interest guys.
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    Just so I don’t need to reply to all pm’s....yes.....I have all service records and repower docs. I’ll provide all docs in person. Not interested in scanning and sending out all these docs.
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    Still available. Trailer would need some repairs on leaf springs (bad bushings). Trailer was second hand and not original to the boat. It’s running on expired out of state tag. This was never a concern because the boat is housed 200’ from the ramp/and on the water during season. Pm me and I...
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    Yup, still up. Doing a few upkeep items over this weekend
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    Several have asked: Repower was done by Maurer marine. All paperwork is on hand. Sorry, for not stating this in the orig post.
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    Hi guys, sorry if I wasn’t clear in listing but boat is in Huntington Beach NOT Hermosa Beach. Got a flood of “where in Hermosa?” sorry for the confusion
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    2003 Parker 2120 SC For Sale (HB) (trailer included)

    2003 Parker 2120 DVSC SoCal fishing machine Recently repowered with a 2019 Suzuki DFA 200HP, FACTORY WARRANTY UNTIL 3/19/2023 (5K Option) Suzuki 200HP, digital dash and new Binnacle 10hr Oil Change completed 100 gallon fuel tank Avg fuel burn at 4K rpm is approx 2.5 (with two guys/1 scoop of...
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    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    No, def not me, we had the prop wrapped twice and cut both of them pretty quickly, and saved what rope we could from getting dumped over, not enough line left of tag end, and boat fenders were unlit.
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    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    in my opinion.....some kayaks are not properly lit, and seem to come out of no where. properly lighting them up, so they're not being mistaken for a buoy is kind of important.
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    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    Yeah, outboard.....pretty much had 30 feet of line floating up fouled around 20 feet from the jetty..cleared it....then got fouled another 20 mins later. pretty incredible. Best part is....the boat fender was black with blue line. Not cool
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    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    Hooped tonight, got limits by 9pm (28 total.) Mack’s for bait, hooped in 15-35 foot of water in Newport. Lots of people out tonight.....but it was def respectful. there was one idiot out there using boat fenders in place of buoys with zero lights on them and no weight on the tag end. I...
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    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    Hell yeah juan! Seriously, next year we take the no tuna no chinga. We need at least 5 days! Great to meet you bro, see you next year, and let me know if you ever need anything.
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    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    Epic.....trip. If you want a Cow, spearfish or surf....Marla’s has you. We did a 3.5 day, and it was a day too short...wish we had another. Day 1: we show up wanna surf....Scotty pulls up on an epic ones one shoulder hopping.....great f’ing morning. Next, we...
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    Puerto Vallarta Cow Tuna Trip - 1 Open Spot!

    Super stoked. I’ll report back on it
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    Puerto Vallarta Cow Tuna Trip - 1 Open Spot!

    My original trip got pushed back....but I’m heading down there on a 3.5 with Marla’s this coming Thursday. Super excited
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    Offshore Weather/swell/wind forecast

    I like sail flow, def not perfect, but is always within the ball park.
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    We left from the east end, started at the west end. We went offshore and inshore on the back side. When we left it was howling, I knew we would have a rough one getting back to nb. We waited to see if the bft would should up around dark, never did. Oh man.....I couldn’t imagine a center...
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    Could def change tomorrow, have fun and be safe
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    You are correct, nothing but boat bruises.
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    Oh yeah....not a friendly place in the dark especially.
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    Offshore At Clemente now’s the report. Ran from nb to 9 fathom area. Had no helium so we had to run the kite, which was difficult with such little wind at times. We got up the dead flyer and it looked like it was doing well...then wind would shift and we would scramble to get it back up and flying...
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    Yup, helium is gone. Got the Boston out. Funny...we brought an empty helium tank.
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    We shall see. Def in the zone. Nada has come up yet, no one hanging either
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    flying the the fish for nada thus far. 6 hours in. Plenty of boats out here. Hoping for a night bite
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    Offshore Big Loop

    Stoked! Sounds like a great day!
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    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up Slow Trolling ( Video )

    Awesome video! Great when it works out that way!
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    SCI 8/16

    Friday looks good for where I’m heading
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    SCI 8/16

    Heading to the site now. Thank you.
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    SCI 8/16

    hi all, Im heading to sci Friday (8/16) from Nb at 0400. Anyone else heading that direction? I’ll be on 72 “Nomad.” Don’t mind sharing info good or bad.
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    Offshore A day of Loss - 1 Kite Rod, 1 Kite Reel, 1 Gigantic Bluefin Tuna

    Is it better to have pulled on one or to have never?? I can’t even get one to pull on. Bummer on the gear/fish. I’ll be out there Friday.
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    Suzuki stainless prop (15 hours)

    Hi, I bought this prop when I repowered my boat. I have around 15 hours on it, and i need something else for my application. I paid around $600 for. Asking 450.00 for it. Specs: Suzuki water grip series - 15.25” x 19” r water grip 3 blade Prop has zero scuffs or damage. Bought it in May.
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Good for you. Great karma, and good see that people care!
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    Pics added Calstar Grafighter 700 Medium

    Smooth sale, thanks grant! Very honest description, very happy with the buy. Thank you
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    Offshore 6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    F’ing epic and hilarious. I am pretty much the master at full speed bird nests while under pressure.
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    Newport Harbor info needed..

    That bridge has claimed a few vhf antennas and a few rod tips.
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    Offshore free ice to BDer

    Very kind of you! Everytime I pay for extra ice...I come back with extra ice (obviously skunked.”) Hopefully someone takes you up on this kind gesture! Good on you
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    new whip, who dis?

    Congrats! Looks sweet!
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    Catalina serves up humble pie – and fish tacos

    Oh man....those are some great reds!!! Your humble pie looks great to me! I’ve come home with just ice! You’ll get them the next time.
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Most guys would never write a post and admit the weak point in the chain. Half the people on here won’t admit how close they anchored off the stern of a sport boat. What’s always interesting to me is....why does auto pilot not have a redundancy “safety threshold” that engages disengagement...
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    Cat. June 14-16

    Dude....tell your roommate this happens all the time!!! When it doesn’t happen, tell him “off day, next time.” You’ll have a fishing partner for life! Constantly chasing the endless horizon!
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Definitely owned it. Coulda happened to anyone with the right circumstances. LIVE and learn. Happy all are ok. Everything material is replaceable.
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    A little off topic...but I hate lobster hooping in tight to shore...I’ve got a small boat, and I’ll never hoop with less than 3 people. One guy at the wheel, one guy dumping hoops, and one person on the anchor (and probably this isn’t enough in bad conditions.) Its amazing we don’t hear more...
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Wow. Scary stuff. Glad everyone is ok.
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    Shake it again Sam!

    I’m thinking about moving my motor up a hole or two, before I buy a prop. Brand new motor for me, but my planing rpm is wicked high and I should be getting a better fuel burn than I currently getting. It’s always something
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    Catalina yellowfail 6/16

    That’s classic. Bino’s are supposed to be used to find birds, puddlers, and kelp. Now they’re mainly used to see what other boaters are doing. It’s an amazing day we live in
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    Offshore Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    Lol. I may need to take you up on the personal fishing consultant!
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    Offshore Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    I will assume the label of “bft skunk master.” I’m so good at not catching bft this year, I regularly tell people fishing next to me that I believe my “bft skunk aura” is about a 5 foot sphere around my body. Not to mention but I believe everybait I use has a 2 inch skunk aura around it as...
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    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Epic. Awesome!
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    2005 Parker DVSC

    Sweet boat! Glws!
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    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9 got some patience, I wish I had patience to standby and wait to look for them! Bft, really are an annoying fish....they know they’re the hottest girl at the bar. Damn it
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    Cat 6/9

    Awesome! Congrats!
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    6/7 cat good day

    It’ll prob never happen again, especially with my luck these past couple months. I swear I dropped baits and lures on bluefin tuna heads.....can’t get a bite to save my life. I think Mother Earth threw me a bone since I’ve spent so much money chasing bluefin.
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    6/7 cat good day

    Sure will. I had another day like that at sbi. Literally anchored up...and the rods literally went bendo after a few minutes. Lucky for sure. Must have crashed their morning breakfast table.
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    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    I feel ya, if I totaled all gear and tackle into what I’ve really spent....I’d be divorced right now. I literally have a secret fishing slush fund. I pretty much operate my fishing finances like a Swiss bank account. But I am sure the cap tried.....bft definitely do not want to die. That’s...
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    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9 be honest I have not gotten a bluefin this year, I’ve prob spent 1k on two trips. Both times captains tried really hard. Fishing is a privilege in my opinion. So many people can’t even afford to do these trips, and the boats def want to get you on’s their livelihood...
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    6/7 cat good day

    I def got them on ice, I hope they enjoyed all the beer choices!
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    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    I’ve got two group 27 Napa marine marine/rv batts you can have for free if you want to pick them up. They ran my Parker fine...I swapped them out for 31agm batts.....but the Napa batts worked fine for me. Pm me if interested
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    6/7 cat good day

    at cat now, had a great day. Got a scoop of squid from nacho,and headed to the spot. Arrived at 930 am ....late (hangover start). Anchored up and managed to pull up two nice sized bass. Fished in 60ft of both within 20 minutes. A lucky day for sure.....but the bass were...
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    It this legal?

    I was on the condor a few weeks back on a bft trip, galley cook came out, threw a bait and got bit immediately. He passed off the rod to a passenger, and went right back into the galley to prepare dinner. At that point...I lost all faith in my ability.
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    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Lol. Sounds like my trips, you’re not alone!
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    Chancing it

    I’m leaving for sci this coming Thursday, and I’ll be spending the night on the hook there, then maybe heading to ci depending on closures and fishing. Not sure what your exact plans are Leaving out of hb
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    Bait Tank on Parker 2120

    38 pst tear drop:
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    Catalina 5-13-19

    Awesome! Congrats!
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    Yeah....I’m going to raise it, I agree with you. I’m gonna wait till my 20hr service to do it.
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    Catalina vid fighting Yellowtail!

    Awesome vid! Congrats to your kid
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    Just finished breaking in the motor today. Going to go out next weekend and get a little more aggressive with the motor. After that....I’ll most likely make a call on the permatrim. I would get up on plane today around 4,200 rpm....would love to see if I can lower it
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    Yewww. The risk we take without even knowing it.
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    Offshore 4/23-4/25 condor 1.5 day

    went out on the condor for a 1.5 day bft trip. Boat loaded quickly and we were off getting bait. Boat pulled up at gray light around 85 miles south and we started looking, and looking, and looking. We finally pulled up to some kelps and the boat limited out on rat yellows with a few decent...
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    Condor 6/23 1.5

    havent been on a sport boat in years....but this bluefin bite got me wrapped up again. Never fished the condor, any info on the boat is appreciated. Hopefully these fish still wanna play
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    I agree....trimming up the motor is tight. Maurer recommended the setting it’s currently on. I’m sure there will be a lot of changes. The prop is the big unknown right now. I usually run the boat pretty heavy. I went with a Suzuki stainless 15 inch / 19 pitch prop - 3 blade. At this...
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    Got the boat back yesterday, going to take it out this weekend and start the break in. At first glance....the motor looks much larger than my 175 hpdi... Excited to see how it handles and performs.
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    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Amen on the 30 knot drive by’s.
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    Offshore Tuna yellows and more W/#coordinates many views you get???
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    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    I think Alonso is with us.
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    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    It should be interesting. I don’t think Danny is captaining our trip. I believe his bro is.
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    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    I’ll be on the 36’ rampage out of Marla’s. It’s a 4 pack
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    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    I’ll be down there on a 3.5 day end of May at tres Maria’s. Never been....going to be interesting....I hope.
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    Ok or Not Ok?

    Bring your epirb.
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    Thx Shad. Anyone have experience with adding a permatrim to their motors with a similar setup as mine? Any handling/performance perspectives would be appreciated. Thought about putting on a bracket, but I got so many different opinions I decided to hold off for the time being
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    hi all, Picked up the Suzuki df200hp in-line 4 at the Fred Hall show. Old motor was a yami 175 hpdi 2 stroke. The yami only had 475 hours since ‘02. Power pack replaced 2 years ago.....but the really issue was the exhaust. I could no longer take a following dirt/oil wind into the cabin...
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    2002 Yamaha hpdi 2-stroke

    Motor is SOLD Thank you all for the interest, much appreciated!!!
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    2002 Yamaha hpdi 2-stroke

    A 250 off the back of my 21 woulda been a bit heavy for it
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    2002 Yamaha hpdi 2-stroke

    Thank you, motors in great condition. Appreciate it!
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    2002 Yamaha hpdi 2-stroke

    2002 Hpdi Yam 2-stroke 476 hours Well maintained, zero issues and runs well. Controls and oil components included in price. $4,500 Boat is in HB, please only serious inquiries. Maintenance records on hand, ring free/fuel conditioner used religiously on this motor. Motor fires up everytime...
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    2/23 isthmus

    Yeah....current was tough. I have 3 promar heavy duty hoops..and 2 of the reg. weight hoops. First drop....all hoops were pretty much bouncing. I brought chain with me, added chain to all hoops. Didn’t lose any hoops, but I could definitely see it happening that night.
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    2/23 isthmus

    Ran over to the isthmus from hb, crossing was great. Grabbed a mooring and headed over to the “spot” with 10 other boats. Hooped 50-150 for a few crabs. Used bonito, mackerel and a few salmon heads. Put down 3 sets, gained shoulder and bicep muscles, no lobster. Ran back into the...
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    12-22 Newport weather report

    Yup....drove up pch today....pretty thick fog in spots
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    Always amazing!
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    Hooping long Beach 11/20

    We got some rain on the way. helps turn things around
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    Late Report Oceanside/ Carlsbad...Odd fish

    Amazing ceviche on that trigger. Make a necklace off the teeth, and a new belt made from the skin! Awesome catch!
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    Island Fun – bugs and bones 11-6 to 11-8

    Great report! Mind sharing what depth was most productive on the lobster? Congrats!
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    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Murphy’s law...anything and everything is a possibility. It’s a bummer
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    Huntington Beach airshow.

    I went out Sunday, it was great. Got lucky in the front row just south of hb pier. Got lucky and the anchor stuck really well...but it got a little nervey having big and small boats all around me. I had 2 anchor alarms set with very little tolerance, since boats were all around me. I def...
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    *Lobster Thieves*

    Ouch. Pretty lame stuff.....not cool at all. Hopefully...they get what they got coming to them. That’s dangerous and never know how another boat owner may react to this....but I guess, for these guys, a few lobsters is worth all costs. Tsk tsk
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    Cat late report 10/13 (the zones)

    Don’t want to create a separate thread for this.... Thank you, to the boat owner yesterday at the hb air show who was kind and gracious enough to give me an LP canister for my grill. Thank you! You saved our “eating day.” I will definitely pay it forward, and never forget them in my truck...
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    Cat late report 10/13 (the zones)

    Yup....picked up 5 of them
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    Cat late report 10/13 (the zones)

    10/13 ran out to cat at 130pm, bit of mixed swell...took around an hour 20. Checked in with harbor patrol, got mooring 33, first row next to cat yacht club. Avalon was surprisingly busy especially after the light show we had the night before. Grabbed the mooring, dipped into luau Larry’s...
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    10/9 LB chaffee

    Left hh around 5pm...wanted to test a few things on the boat before putting out the hoops. Got to Chaffee with time to spare, metered around and found a few good looking spots. Put out the hoops with mackerel and salmon in the others. Pulled first set for around 7 shorts combined (5 of...
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    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    I’m at Chaffee now. Setting up
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    Offshore Broke down but got a couple

    No one is upset, just surprised. His catch, is definitely surprising. I hope...where there is ONE...there are many.
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    Offshore Broke down but got a couple

    During the poke session, someone needs to check the liver. Validated
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    Offshore Broke down but got a couple

    There’s going to be a run on cedar plugs
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    Offshore Broke down but got a couple

    Def looks like an alb....with that plane wing.
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    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Can’t believe this got out. I’ll move 40 yards west of it...onto my own secret spot. That area has brain damage with all the transducers running over it, and parking on it.
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    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Definitely terrible.
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    Offshore Yellowfin Report 9/22/2018

    Awesome! I need to move down to Sd
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Some threads need to go gentle into that good night.
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    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Learned my lesson....always carry 3 gallons of 2 stroke onboard. Good for you, good to know there’s people willing to help.
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    He could be using the paddy as a drift sock
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Maybe...the best way to figure out if a paddy is “open.....” use the most important tool on your boat..vhf. The breakdown in this situation was the “intensity of initial contact,” and deference of said “contact.” This deference is believed to be attributed to “threat of firearm, and...
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    We need some spearos to chime in and give their perspective....they’re the missing perspective
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    Offshore Windy , tight, and rough.

    Pulled the plug on heading out tom (weather and crowds related.) God...I hope we have an epic sept/oct season. I really hope. Burned too much damn fuel, and I’m considering slipping the rig in Sd next season. Everything has just been out of range for my rig. Very frustrating.
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    Paddy Poaching - DP

    I even had my gf read this post. I had to explain a few things, but even she had a good laugh.
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    Offshore Did not expect this

    Oh man...I’m a loyal RR guy. But I’m sure they’re all great. I hope action picks up for us around OC, and weather lays down...I’ve burned so much fuel, and bow teeth...I’m considering taking the rig down to SD....and slipping it for a month. After Marxist day, I’ll head out on Wednesday. We...
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    Offshore Did not expect this

    Lots of slop heading our way...I am going to figure out why my stereo aux and Bluetooth are not working this weekend.
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    2nd annual Tow Down

    I love cat fuel prices. I have carried 2 - 5 gallon tanks, if I was going to really run around, and just topped off the tank ASAP so as to get fuel off the deck. I’ll always make it home before I spend over 6 bucks....never been low enough on fuel to where I had to put cat fuel in. 2...
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    Last thing, If you can...grab a few of the “silver horde coho killers”. They are great... Good luck!
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    They’re getting some rain, as we speak... I think you’ll be in good position. It was the driest I have ever seen it...the rain should help. Good luck!!!
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    Here’s my report: Day 1 Aug 18 -landed at approx 12:30pm, and was promptly picked up at the boat dock by the homeowner, and made the run to Safeway for food items. Boat owner gave us a rundown on the hewescraft hard top, and suggested a few spots for salmon. Since we had a short day, and...
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    Offshore 267 Dorados 8/16

    Good work! Please, tell them to keep coming up the line!!
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    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Wow. What a random year
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    I definitely will post a report, I appreciate the info. We have 3.5 days of fishing, so my brother and I will definitely cover some ground, and try to get to areas with less pressure. I keep a log when I fish, so I’ll report what I see, and what works. Fingers crossed!
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    I actually rented a vrbo on pennock island, and it has an outfitted 21 pro v hewes hard top. Clover is around a 15 min run from pennock (I believe.) I hope it picks up!
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    Yeah...I heard the same...but was hoping it’s changed. What’s shutting it down? Water temps?
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    paddy west of the 209 LOADED with dorado, but...

    Thx for the report. Seems like the real biters are way south of us up here. I feel like these dorado down south got smoking deals on their “extended stay southern paddy rates.” Hopefully....their accommodations get too expensive and they decide to look around up north for better paddy deals.
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    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    hi guys, I’ll be up there Saturday for 3 days of fishing near clover pass. Any reports on his salmon/halibut fishing is going up there? Also, any advice on tackle I should bring up for the salmon or halibut? I got some spoons, squid hoochies, 2/0 to 5/0 siwash hooks for rigging, and 8/0 to...
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    What bird is this

    I was at Isla Isabela’s def (IMO) a boobie. Here’s a a blue footed boobie. Similar...but I could be wrong.
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    Offshore SC Anglers-Hot Water Article

    Conventional wisdom would suggest better fishing, especially for Pelagics inshore. But...I guess we are experiencing unconventional everything.
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    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    I couldn’t agree more....I don’t believe the weather...I’m my own weatherman at this point I’m not going out until this big SW swell finishes with us.....and hopefully this changes something. Everywhere I’ve seems to be full of bait...or dirty water. I’m not complaining....but...
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    Offshore Day Late Report, 8-7 on Freelance, Davey's Locker

    I got back from a long range trip once, had my fish stiff and laying on the deck just outside of RR office...went to buy a coffee....came back and two wahoo are gone. I just hope they were hungry....the irony is that I donate half my fish from all long range trips.
  147. E

    Mackeral Huntington Harbor ?

    Agreed. Nachos.....put a few holes in a can of cat food, put the can in a bait net and swish it around every few minutes, or tie the can off the side of the boat and let it sit. Small pieces of squid on your sabiki works well too.
  148. E

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Killary? You’re a joke. You need to get your facts straight.
  149. E

    Offshore 14 Mile Bank Aug. 4, 2018

    Sounds like my 14 mile trips.
  150. E

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Lol! Funny post! You forgot to send some divers in!
  151. E

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    I’m sure the crew are all nice and capable people....some people just may have a hard time with confrontation. I typically fish only fish the RR3....and all trips begin like this: Andy cates: if there is any issue anyone may be having on the trip...PLEASE come directly to me, and I’ll work...
  152. E

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    If everyone paid on the trip...then I see this as a non issue. Maybe the deckies need a refresher on equal good treatment for all, but beyond that....deep breaths. I’ve never been on the boat....but I’ve been on my fair share of “less than optimal” boats. I agree...if there’s an issue on a...
  153. E

    Offshore Would of Should of Could failure from the 43 and back Oceanside

    It’s pretty awesome and rewarding to see dorado breeze under a paddy, while your fly lined/chunked/slow trolled bait just swims or floats by them. I think we are dealing with certified MENSA dorado.
  154. E

    Pacific Edge 38 gal pst (tear drop) lid

    Looking for a drop in lid for the PE 38 tear drop. Thx
  155. E

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    If there’s a market for this type of service, I don’t see the issue. We all can make our own decisions; to pay or not to pay. We all have the ability to go out and fish....and hope we get bit....I see his service as a service based on “mitigation of failure.” Nothing is guaranteed, you’re...
  156. E

    14 to 277 back to HH 7/29

    Yeah, definitely saw life out there, I’m thinking of running out there again, maybe mid week/Thursday, if conditions improve a bit. I feel like I have a weekend curse, but my weekday luck seems to be much better. I don’t even think it was weekend boat traffic, IMO the the moon prob had more to...
  157. E

    14 to 277 back to HH 7/29

    Definitely tried chunking, but no takers.
  158. E

    14 to 277 back to HH 7/29

    Left HH at 530 A.M, picked up a half scoop of sardines and headed straight to the 14. Arrived Around 6:20/630 and had a few other PB’ers working the area. Water was warm...anywhere from 71 to 74. Trolled some halcos and tuna feathers (pink chrome halco/ purple black feather/white pink...
  159. E

    Ease into it, or jam it in?

    I went from a 5 day to a 15 day on the RR3. I went from Cedros to Clarion/HB. The gear and rigging is obviously the biggest difference, but you’ll be in good hands on almost all LR boats. Plus...on the 15 day....I learned more than I had in my previous few years. Most guys you’ll find...
  160. E

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    The fish are eating so much’s creating an obesity epidemic amongst pelagic fish..this is causing them to drown. Just ask one
  161. E

    Good App for MPAs?

    Def fishlegal. Works on iPhone
  162. E

    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    25lb test....damn. Nice work. This summer is shaping up well. You never know, what’s down there! Congrats!
  163. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Is this fake news?? Are we being trolled by manafort? At this point, take your boat out, but atleast buddy boat. At the very least. Chiva
  164. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    I would charter through Mako Matt’s (I don’t work or do anything for them.) Like I said above....he knows what he’s doing....and is focused on them. They do service all my I guess I do do something with them!
  165. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Also.....if you really want a good shot at getting could charter a rig through “Mako Matts.” He knows what he’s doing, and is dedicated to these beasts. I’m pretty sure he owns the world record for a Mako.
  166. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    I got a Parker boat, depending on my schedule, I could possibly head out to cat any 2 of the days you’d be out there. I can just sleep on my boat, and if you guys wanted to split costs, I wouldn’t mind running out and giving it a 2 day go. Just PM, the closer you get to the dates if you’re...
  167. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Chum bucket.....14 mile bank....if they’re around....THEY WILL FIND YOU. Get some whole Bonita, anything that’ll put out a good slick.
  168. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Now imagine any one of the scenarios happening in the below videos....on an inflatable boat. Makos are mandated by “Mako Law” to take daily LSD, and meth hits....
  169. E

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Def not in an inflatable. Boat props are chew toys for makos.
  170. E

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    Man...biggest fear...launch and retrieval. The sad thing is...I bet he’s launched a boat over 100 times. Bummer
  171. E

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    I feel ya, actually I am sure every person on here understands.
  172. E

    7/8 - 14 mile bank-Avalon Bank - Cat

    Yeah....long hot day....bass just weren’t enough to make it worth while, but being in on the water beats most days! Hopefully, these yft push up soon, and kelps get loaded up.
  173. E

    7/8 - 14 mile bank-Avalon Bank - Cat

    Left HH around 530am after picking up some squid from nachos, and made 10-15 Mack’s (the macks did fine in the tank with the squid, In case anyone was interested.) cleared the harbor, saw a thresher within 1,000 yds of the breakwall, stopped to look, but kept on trucking south. Plan was to...
  174. E

    50% hike in prices at MDR bait dock?

    Splitting hairs. I respect that people hate the increase, but that increase falls in line with most receivers. Would I foucus on only sport boats, if I owned a But...if they feel sporties are the only viable game in town, then go elsewhere to get or make bait. I pay 45 (I...
  175. E

    ONE more tail

    Excellent! That’s a whack job.
  176. E

    43 & SCI to Salvage Mission

    We swung north of the 209...but water looked good in between Sci and cat. Very few kelps....but water looked good north of both 209/181. But....we didn’t see those 2 specifically.
  177. E

    43 & SCI to Salvage Mission

    We left from NB harbor, started seeing fish around the 60 mile mark. The bluefin pretty much encompassed a 5 mile block it seemed. At any one moment...there was a school foaming or putting on a gymnastics show.
  178. E

    43 & SCI to Salvage Mission

    Cleared NB harbor around 4am, with a scoop of sardines and pretty much 10 jig sticks with every type of jig imagineable. Headed straight to the 43, arriving around 7/730 am. It was overcast and water was a bit cooler than expected. Found our first school of bft jumpers around 745, but...
  179. E

    Offshore 6/27 on the Tribute

    Fish that are capable of straightening mustard demon hooks isn’t exactly finesse fishing...I’m sure there’s a lot of variables that go into hooks straightening. I’d personally rather get sawed off...than have a hook straighten. My 2 cents
  180. E

    Offshore 6/27 on the Tribute

    Owner super mutu next time
  181. E

    What about trolling for Bluefin

    Downrigger, bridled bait. I know people do well with it. Live bait done carefully, I’m sure would work. It’s the age old do you get your bait on their plate. These fish can be Michelin Star eaters.
  182. E

    Boat Advice “Newbie”

    I know the question not directed at me, but I think the f21 has a 46 gallon fuel tank, if you do plan on heading 40 miles off shore, and looking around, you may need a bit more range, fuel wise (just to be safe.) I’ve never been on that boat, but It couldn’t hurt to find one, and visit it...
  183. E

    Boat Advice “Newbie”

    Almost forgot....2120 is super economical to run/maintain and on fuel.
  184. E

    Boat Advice “Newbie”

    Depending on your budget... Parker 2120 Min HP 175 & up. (200hp in-line 4 if you can get it) 100 gallon tank Great fishing platform The cabin is much appreciated on wet/spray days. Strong back bone, will ride hard, seaspension chairs are worth the investment. If you can do a 2320...can’t go...
  185. E

    Hit the islands

    They are terrible to fillet....that’s for damn sure. But if you get’m fresh....ceviche those flying saucers....damn good.
  186. E

    Hit the islands

    Trigger fish taste great! Just got back from a trip where, we ate prob 20 of them, ceviche, and in tacos.
  187. E

    Ketchikan (Aug 18-22)

    Yeah, we hope for that second run of silvers! We have 3 and half days of fishing, so we are looking forward to it! Appreciate the info, and hopefully we get plenty of downrigger action!
  188. E

    Ketchikan (Aug 18-22)

    Roger that! Appreciate the info, never done the latter part of August! Appreciate it! That halibut looks amazing! Thx for the info
  189. E

    Ketchikan (Aug 18-22)

    we are staying near clover pass, and have done Ketchikan several times in June/July but never as late as Aug 18-22. We are doing self guided, but don’t know what to expect in the latter parts of August. Any info on what to reasonably expect fishing wise, would be greatly appreciated!
  190. E

    Catalina report 6/11 to 6/13 – From Barny to Bad Ass and Back Again

    Nice work. Was the Mountain Dew can trailing one of the yellows? I ask because in “yellowtail culture” a trailing Mountain Dew can means “just married.” As you my already know...a decafeineted Pepsi means.....recently divorced.
  191. E

    Seabass surprise

    Nice! Xraps love to eat my fuel.....for some reason...never get hit on them.
  192. E

    Cat 6/3

    Yeah, totally agree. I had a “2 stroke” oil issue which required me to dip into Avalon and pick up more yamalube. We took a steady beam swell the whole way home. I think it’s repower time. Great motor, no issues. 430 hours, I left the oil in the truck.....yes....lack of focus, and...
  193. E

    Parker 2320 sl 05

    Sweet ride. Someone’s going to love her.
  194. E

    Cat 6/3

    I don’t recall listening to so many pan pans today. I hope the group on the 30 foot bayliner and the chaparral are ok.
  195. E

    Cat 6/3

    Headed over to cat to fish the west end for some yellows. Bait was great from nachos, and crossed over in 50 mins to arrive at 645am. Tried rapalas, slow trolled sardines shallow, and slow trolled macs down deep with sliding egg sinkers stopped with a barrel swivel, leading to fluoro leader...
  196. E

    any squid boat at Cat June 2nd and June 3rd ?

    Per fish dope....the carnage is out and is heading back to LB tonight
  197. E

    any squid boat at Cat June 2nd and June 3rd ?

    From what I know, there is not. But I believe nachos has some. Not sure where you’re heading out from. I’ll be out there tomorrow as well.
  198. E

    Cat Tom (6/1)

    thinking of heading over tomorrow out of HH (530am) if the weather doesn’t take an even larger nose dive as it has these past few days. Pm me if interested in jumping on a channel with me, and hopefully covering more water.
  199. E

    Izor 5/22/2018

    Still a gooood day, if every day were perfect, the wash down would require an appointment.
  200. E

    Offshore Plunker bite NLA

    Whammy. Nice job
  201. E

    Who was that boat on 5/8 out of Marian Del Ray stopped on the dolphin?

    It was nothing beyond bait getting boiled on. But an ol’timer has seen mermaids doing the same thing. Nachos for thought.
  202. E

    Offshore Top gun 80 4-27 trip I would def go. No need to cancel, bft’s Love white caps.
  203. E

    Osborne Bank

    Heading out to Osborne bank tomorrow. Plan for us is to head to CAT tonight, spend the night then head to SBI/Osborne. If anyone shares this heading, reach out. We can share some thoughts, and cover a bit more water. And yes, I will definitely share the positives and negatives to whom ever...
  204. E

    2005 Parker 2320 sportcabin

    Is she still available?
  205. E

    Cow Tuna on the Iron?

    Guy Ratt, Wow, sailing into a hurricane?!?!? That's crazy stuff. I haven't sailed into a hurricane for atleast 15 years.
  206. E

    Calstar 700H $200.00

    Iam in LA, do you have any pics of the rod? I'm very interested.
  207. E

    Calstar graphfighter 700m

    How much you want for it? pics?
  208. E

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 8-Day July 9

    Also, I don't plan on buying any reels or rods, everytime I do that, I never do well!! Just thought I drop that little superstition.
  209. E

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 8-Day July 9

    Awesome, thanks so much! I've got 2 TLD 30's, Tiagra 30, Avet HX and a torium 40. Hopefully those will do. I plan on using their troll rigs, I don't feel like lugging around another outfit. I've got spectra on all my reels, how long do you recommend my fluoro be? Should i be tying my fluoro...
  210. E

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 8-Day July 9

    I'm new to the board, so bear with me if I sound a bit ignorrant or naive. With that being said, If there's still room on this trip, I am going to book a spot tomorrow. I have never been on this boat furthermore, I've never been on any longrange boat beyond a day and half. Any suggestions...