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    WTB Abyss PSX-808 or 908

    WTB Abyss PSX-808 or 908. Anyone interested is selling??
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    Newell S338-5 $125

    I’m selling a Newell S338-5 currently spooled with 40lb mono. I just don’t use the reel anymore. Looking to get $125
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    If they don’t sell let me know I’m interested
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    Garmin BlueChart g3 vision

    Hello I’m looking to upgrade my Garmin charts to the BlueChart g3 vision. Does anyone know of a discount code? Does this product ever go on a promotion? Thanks
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    8 and 9 weight fly setups

    Where are you located?
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    How to deal with my bottom paint

    So I purchased a boat that had bottom paint. I now trailer the boat so the bottom paint is not necessary. I really don’t care about how it looks (starting to come off along the sides) but it’s also starting to smudge black when touched. This sucks when washing the boat, it causes black marks...
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    VHF question ??

    Question I live inHuntington Beach and I was trying to test my VHF radio using the Boat us ch 27 automated responses. I’m getting a response do you think it should get a response 3 miles inland. Does anyone have any other wa
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    Tern 400 like new

    Where you located??
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    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    Yes I know but I need to stay with the smaller size group 24 batteries for space in my console.
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    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    So I’m looking to get 2 new boat batteries. I have a 19 foot Boston Whaler, I need to power regular equipment: bilge pump, bait pump, wash down pump, vhf radio, fish finder, and stereo. I currently have two interest group 24 deep cycle batteries liquid. I was thinking I might step up to...
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    Accurate TERN 300X 6:1 Minty Condition - $235

    Would you ship. I’m interested just can’t get out to Ontario anytime soon.
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    REDUCED!!!!! Some big framed boat pics and CARIBBEAN fish Art

    Are any of the roof art still available?
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    Trolling Motor 24 volt

    WTB Trollin Motor 70-80lb thrust 24 volt 60inch shaft length with spot lock.
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    WTB Phenix Abyss

    WTB Phenix Abyss either Psx 908. 9’0” 15-40 rating Psx 909 9’0” 20-50 rating What do you have ??
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    Down rigger weight question

    I was just given a manual down rigger. But if doesn’t have any of the clips or the weight. My question is what size weight should I get? I was thinking of using it for slow trolling. Thanks
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    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    I don’t think the early Montauk have any wire tubes or any way to run the wires. They started doing that later. I called BW and they looked up the schematic.
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    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    Whaler Chris that looks great. Thanks for the info
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    WTB Newell base plate for 338

    I WTB the base plate for a Newell 338. I cracked the base plate when clamping the reel to the rod. Let me know if you have one
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    St Croix Inshore Spinning Rod

    Might be interested where are you located
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    Wanted trolling moter

    looking for a trolling Motor with spot lock, 24 volt, and 60 inch shaft minimum. If you have something hit me up.
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    Good place to purchase Xi5 salt trolling motor?

    Looks great I’ve been thinking about getting one for my 19 BW Montauk. But didn’t want to cut or modify the rails. Can you give my the measurement of the rail to deck so I can compare. Thanks
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    Fished local 7-13

    We were fishing in80-90 feet
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    Fished local 7-13

    Fished the horse shoe today 7-13. Launched out of Huntington Harbor around 6am done by 11:00. Bass were bitting really good caught around 30 shorts and 5 nice ones. We caught them on 5 inch red or brown swimbaits, Hook up baits and even on the iron. No sign of baricuda.
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    Trim tabs on BW Montauk

    Thanks for the help
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    Trim tabs on BW Montauk

    any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a 2009 BW Montauk 19 foot with a 115 hp. I’ve been thinking about putting trim tabs on it to help in bumpy seas. Will tabs help or is it a waste? Thanks Jimmy
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    looking for Halibut help

    IM2MONEY Im thinking about attempting to target Halibut on my boat this coming weekend around LB San Pedro. Can anyone help lead me in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated: areas to focus, rigs. I’ve tried a few times with no luck. Thanks
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    Halibut fishing where to try

    Im thinking about attempting to target Halibut this coming weekend around LB San Pedro. Can anyone help lead me in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated: areas to focus, rigs. I’ve tried a few times with no luck. Thanks
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    Fun Day fishing local

    Fished the local artificial’s today off HB. We got into a decent sand bass bite. The hot ticket was a swim bait low and slow. All the bass were chugged full ofred crab.
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    Garmin 720s

    Garmin still available? If so where are you located
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    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    Willboggy how did you mount it. Is that the quick release bracket? Did you just screw into the deck or do you need to find an area with wood??
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    MC Slugs, New / Rigged

    Where are you located?
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    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    I’m thinking about getting a trolling Motor for my 19 foot Montauk. I’m just starting my research and had a few questions. 1) will a 24volt system be adequate? 2) will 60 inch shaft be long enough? 3) Minn Kota or Motor Guide? 4) would like to keep bow rails on. Do ether of the trolling...
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    WTB inshore spinning rod

    im looking to buy a medium to light spinning rod. If anyone is interested in selling me one they don't use hit me up. I really like the Phoenix: SMX-s711mL It's a 7'11" 1-3oz 10-25 lb Or something similar let me know
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    Your best Fishing theme Elf On The Shelf

    Murphy the elf relaxing waiting for a bite.
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    Your best Fishing theme Elf On The Shelf

    My elf doing some fishing.
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    CalStar rod change to gaff

    I have a calStar Rod that the tip broke off. The rod was never the same to stiff. I never use it was thinking about converting to a gaff. I was thinking I'll take off all guides. Would this work as a gaff? What steps do I need to do to make the rod into a gaff
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    WTB spinning setup for inshore

    I want to buy medium to light inshore spinning set up. Looking to fish bass I was thinking of putting 20lb on it. If you have something your interested in selling let me know. Thanks
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    Replacing hoses on bait tank

    Thanks I might hit you up when I'm in your area. Yes the bait tank sucks. I actually have another one I put in between the bench and the current bait tank. It actually works better then the original. I agree customizing one would be much better
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    Replacing hoses on bait tank

    Yes the bait tank is behind the splashwell. It is built in and I see the hose but can't see or reach the end from the Bildge area. I don't know of any hatch near but I'll look thanks.
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    Wash down pump

    im looking to add a washdown pump to my 2007 BW 19 Montauk. Can I use the existing intake that runs my bait tank? What washdown pump would you recommend my boats only 19 foot center console. Thanks Jimmy
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    Replacing hoses on bait tank

    Hi Guys I'm looking for some help. I have a 2007 BW Montauk, I have the standard bait tank and need to replace the hoses. My question is how do you get to the hose that is attached to the bait tank side I can't even see the end from the bulge area. Thanks Jimmy
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    Catalina 8-19

    I have a BW Montauk, we fished bait and some iron but most fish on fin bait
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    Catalina 8-19

    took the rig over to Cat Saturday for some good fishing ( bass, big bones, and 8-10lb yellows and probably a big ray we lost after fighting for 45 min haha. We fish the front Middle East of yellowtail point. One stop shop anchored in 50 feet and game on. Weather was good a bit bumpy in the Am...
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    Ixtapa fishing help

    Thanks Guys went out 2 days with Temo Sport Fishing Charters. Temo is a great Dude check him out. We caught fish all day mostly Roosters and Jacks lots of nice fish 20-30lb fish and one nice 40isLb Rooster. Almost all fish were caught on the topwater casting out and skipping back near the...
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    Ixtapa fishing help

    Thanks guys leaving in tomorrow AM
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    Ixtapa fishing help

    im heading to Ixtapa for a few days would like to fish inshore on a panga for two days. So any recommendations would de great. I'm also bringing a few surf rods to possibly catch something as we walk the beaches. Any help on gear to bring and areas to fish. I'm not bringing pipers or big...
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    4 bank onboard battery charger

    Hi Guys question I just bought a 4 bank battery charger for my boat so I can change my 2 start battery's and 2 trolling Motor battery's. My question is. I don't have the trolling Motor yet can I still use the charger. I was thinking I could just connect 2 banks together on each battery. Is...
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    I need my Boat detailed

    does anyone have recommendations for s boat detail in the Orange County area. Looking to get my 19 Boston Whaler cleaned up. Thanks
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    FIrst Trip To Catalina in New Boat

    Matt nice work good to see the Sea Pro getting good use. Keep those batteries charged haha. Hit me up I should have a boat by next week we can buddy boat. Jimmy
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    What's the best way to remove yellowing from being stored in water

    Looking for suggestions on how to remove dirty water marks from boat that was stored in water. I thinking about purchasing this boat just wondering how realistic it is to clean the the sides to look new again. Any suggestions are appreciated. Jimmy
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    WTB 19-21 foot center console

    in looking to buy a 19-21 foot center console. Not interested in a project boat. Something along the lines of (Parker, Boston whaler, Rabalo, Ranger. If you have anything PM me
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    Does it have any electronic's
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    WTB 18-20 foot center console

    Just sold my boat now looking for a 18-21 center console. Let me know what you have. My budget is around 25k. I would like a 4 stroke but not a deal buster
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    WTB: 16'+ CC

    I have a 17 foot sea pro pm me if interested
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    Minn Kota Riptide

    Does that modle have spot lock
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    SOLD 2007 SEA PRO 206CC

    Does the trailer have a swing tung? What's the total length from bow to back of Motor trimmed down? I'm interested but it needs to fit in my driveway
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    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Congrats on the catch. That's a sweet new rig your driving too. I was talking to you Guys at Davies wash down good job
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    For sale saltwater spinning combo price drop $200.00

    For sale like new only used a hand full of times spinning combo. $250.00 The rod is a: Shimano Tallus TLS 72 HBBl 7'2" Line rating 50-100lb Action Heavy Reel: Okuma Azores 65s Loaded with 65lb power pro full spool This reel is great for yellows and tuna. You can cast a mile. $250.00
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    Mlpa closers

    do any of the new units like ( HDS gen 2, Simrad evo 2) show the mlpa closers on the gps charts? Thanks for the help
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    Lowrance Hds 2nd gen question

    I just installed the Lowrance hds gen 2. Does this unit show the now fishing areas mlpa?
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    Looking for mobile boat mechanic in Orange county

    Paul do you know how much the full service was? I'm trying to get an idea Thanks
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    Looking for mobile boat mechanic in Orange county

    hi I'm looking for a reliable mobile boat mechanic in Orange county. I need to get my yearly maintenance of impeller and upper and lower oil changed. Any recommendations? Thanks
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    WTT Curado 300 ej

    Are you willing to just sell? If so how much I might be interested for the write price
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    In the market for new fish finder/gps

    Thanks guys no it's not for my yak I haveny changed my profile its for my 18 center console. So a 7 in is really all the space I have
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    In the market for new fish finder/gps

    I'm looking to buy combo unit. I was set on the Simrad nss7 evo 2 but now looking at total cost might be a bit out of my price range after getting both transducers and sonar hub. So I started looking again what do you guys think of the Lowrance hds 7 gen 2 touch or the Garmin 70dv combo. One...
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    Best way to store swim baits

    im looking for the best way to store my swim baits. The regular plastic tackle box not good the plastic zip lock bags sold at bass pro with the two ring holes for tackle bag just keep ripping at the bottom. What's your best way of storing these well I'm out fishing. Thanks Jimmy
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    Rewiring 17ft seapro

    Hi looking for some help. I think I'm going to need to rewire my 17 ft seapro due to wires starting to corrode. I don't have any knowledge on how to wire so I was thinking about getting it done. How much do you think it would cost? If any body has a good wiring person in or around Huntington...
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    Looking to update my electronics need help

    Hi guys I'm looking for some help. I'm looking to update my electronics on my 17 ft center console. I've been looking at the Raymarine A78 vs Lowrance gen 2 HDS 7 touch. If you have any pros or cons it would help me out. I've also thought about the Raymarine Dragonfly 7?
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    Looking to buy on board single or double bank battery charger

    I'm looking to buy a single or double bank on board battery charger for my 12 volt trolling motor. If you have one for sale hit me up Thanks Jimmy
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    For sale is a Shimano Calcutta 400S $100.00

    For sale is a Shimano Calcutta 400S. The reel is but a 8/10 cosmetically and a 10/10 mechanically. Asking $100.00$ Give me a call or text 562-201-7795 Thanks Jimmy
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    Boat fenders - Taylor Made

    Can I buy one 6.5??
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    Newell S229-5 fishing reel for sale

    For sale is a Newell S229-5 fishing reel. The reel had drags replaced about a year ago at Jimmy's tackle in Costa Mesa. The reel is lightly used but an 8.5/10 condition, and the performance is as good as new. I do not have the reel clamp. Asking $100.00 OBO. Give me a call or text 5622017795
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    Any bait at Nachos in LB

    Does anyone know if Nachos bait in LB has any bait? I'm planning on going out this weekend
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    Need help motor stalling out

    Thanks cant wait for this storm to pass so I can hit the water
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    Need help motor stalling out

    I think it's fixed it was the (IAC) they cleaned and good to go. I was thinking I should of had it replaced. Pirate do you know if it is possible to replace with out taking to shop. Or is there a lot of work involved.
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    Need help motor stalling out

    I almost seams like it cuts out right before neutral. Somebody was telling me it might be the neutral switch. Does that make any sense.
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    Need help motor stalling out

    My 2007 merc is fuel injected still problem solving
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    Need help motor stalling out

    It's a 2007 I think 1500k. I got the compression checked all cylinders were the same 240 I think.
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    Need help motor stalling out

    We'll I just got serviced new plugs upper and lower oil replaced vapor sensor and hose.
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    Need help motor stalling out

    What is a stumble switch. I tried looking it up but nothing came up online.
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    Need help motor stalling out

    It is a standard 90hp four stroke.
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    Need help motor stalling out

    Ok I'm trying to trouble shoot this problem. I have a 2007 Mercury 4 stroke that has been stalling out when I go from in gear to neutral, the motor is running fine it just stalls when you go from gear to neutral. Any thoughts. Thanks Jimmy
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    Merc 90hp 2007 4stroke problem

    Yep I took it out Sunday had fun no problems. Thanks
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    Merc 90hp 2007 4stroke problem

    Yep but I spoke with the guy that sold me the boat and he's super cool were going to split the cost. What he was telling me is it's the vapor sensor and hose. Which on that year motor this was a problem.
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    Merc 90hp 2007 4stroke problem

    I just got off the phone with Hip marine. It looks like the bladders inside the fuel pump we're broke. So there replacing the fuel pump and fuel line. There confident that was the problem. So there doing the work. Wish me luck haha
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    Merc 90hp 2007 4stroke problem

    No Hip is closed on sun Monday. I think I should hear something Tuesday.
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    Merc 90hp 2007 4stroke problem

    There wasn't much gas left in the tank and we filled it up that morning. The boat was never run out side of Hip. So they have it now. I was hoping maybe one of the new spark plugs was bad or something they looked over. Thanks
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    Merc 90hp 2007 4stroke problem

    Looking for some help. I just bought a used 2007 sea pro with a 2007 merc 4 stroke. We did a sea trial boat ran great. We got the moter looked at hip marine compression, upper lower oil done, spark plugs, and over all inspection everything came out good. So the first time I go to take it out...
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    Kayak seat and attachable road holder and zipper storage bag

    I don't think so you just need hardware to strap seat to
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    Kayak seat and attachable road holder and zipper storage bag

    For sale Crack of Dawn kayak seat and attachable rod holder and zipper storage sack $60.00obo.
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    Kayak paddle Werner Skagit

    Selling a like new used only a handful of times kayak paddle the brand is Werner style Skagit $60.00obo
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    Yes I made an offer of 8500$ with the gps and fish finder no go. That boat has been on sale for along time.
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    hey Gonzo25 is the merc fuel injected or carborated. sounds like a sweet boat.
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    Still looking for a great fishing boat
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    thanks Killerskiff I wish I could get a 25 foot parker but I just don't have the money or space to store the boat. I want to start with a 17 or 18 for a few years then move up.
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    Thanks I looked at that Whaler last week. It doesn't have a trailer and needs more work then I want to do. The Yamaha is nice but $$$ no electronics. but thanks for the heads up. Jimmy
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    looking to buy center console used boat need mechanic

    looking for some help, I looking to buy used center console boat with four stroke outboard. When I find the boat I want to have a trust worthy mechanic check the outboard out for me and make sure its all good with no surprises. I live in Huntington Beach but im looking for the boat somewhere...
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    Radoncraft 16' Bahia

    is the boat stored in Santa Barbra?
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    Radoncraft 16' Bahia

    could you put a ice chest seat in front of the console like many of the other 17 and 18? I love your boat just trying to figure out if I could go out with my wife and two kids, or do you think the boat would not be able to accomidate seating for 4. Thanks Jimmy
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    Radoncraft 16' Bahia

    how much do you think the boat weighs loaded with gear and gas? I think my truck towing capacity is 3,500-4,000. Thanks Jimmy
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    how does aluminum boat compare to glass boat
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    Looking to buy a 17-18ft center console boat Fiberglass vs Aluminum

    What are the pros and cons of Aluminum vs Fiberglass boats. I want to fish the local shoreline and kelps the flats and maybe head to the island if weather is good. any info would help me narrow my boat search down. Thanks
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    Thanks I've seen boat around. I like the low hours on the Yamaha, but it looks like it needs some work. I need to go take a look in person maybe its better in person.
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    Where are all these 17-18 ft boats your talking about. I've been looking on BD, craigslist, and boat trader. Any other places to look. I've even started to look at boats on the east coast so much more inventory and boats cost less. Jimmy
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    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    I'm Looking to buy center console boat 17-18 Foot with four stroke motor. My price range is 9K-12K. If anyone is looking to sell PM me. I have the cash ready to buy. Thanks Jimmy
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    2005 17ft mako

    Im somewhat interested let me know how to get ahold of you and we can talk. Jimmy
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    HB Harbour 5-24

    Today I fished the incoming tide in HB Harbor for 2 hours. Fishing was OK missed lots of fish only managed landing one. My friend Lance got 2 and missed a couple. We were using 3 inch swim baits and small grubs.
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    taking the tube out for the first time.

    Just got a new tube and want to test her out. This will be my first time out where is a good place to park and get in the water in Newport Harbor?
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    NPH 5-14

    What I'm I doing wrong!!I fished today from 9-1:00 only one bay bass. I fished PCH bridge no luck, hit lot’s of boat moorings only one small bass. I was using 3 inch swim baits.