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    Hit the Jackpot in Quepos, Costa Rica

    Nice report! 3 months and counting...I’ll have to look these guys up.
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    Selling Tuna one else has said it yet? Nice report
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    Need tax advice, any consultants on here.

    Contact G-Spot I’m sure he can help you out.
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    Looking for open seat Sat June 29 - La Push or Neah Bay

    Thanks but not looking for a charter.
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    Looking for open seat Sat June 29 - La Push or Neah Bay

    My ride canceled so I am looking for an open seat out of La Push or Neah Bay this Saturday June 29th. Thanks - Matt
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    Safeway hiring

    How about visiting a recruiting office?
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    Neah Bay and Swiftsure Help

    I am taking family out to Neah Bay this weekend and plan on fishing Swiftsure. I am looking for some help with locating lingcod. Normally I would spend a few days searching but don’t want to do that with visiting family on board. I’d appreciate any help, PM please. Matt
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    WTC Seat

    After seeing reports of great weather Saturday I thought I'd look for any open seats for the tournament. If you have a last minute opening I'm available. I hear the fishing has been great the last few days too. Matt
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    Looking for open seat Saturday...Westport or La Push

    Looking for seat Saturday...Westport or La Push. Matt
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    Last minute open seat request

    Thanks Josh
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    Last minute open seat request

    Not looking for a charter, thanks.
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    Last minute open seat request

    Looking for an open seat for La Push Thursday or Ilwacco Thurs-Sunday. Matt
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    Looking for open seat - Westport Sunday

    Correction - I'm looking for an open seat out of Westport this Sunday.
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    Shout out to Cap'nColdeye for the last minute seat!

    I would like to thank Aaron aka Cap'nColdeye aka Tuna Jesus for hooking me up with a last minute ride. I fished with him and his crew Thursday out of La Push and had a great time, good group of guys, great weather and limits of fish. The electric reels were an added bonus. I would also like To...
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    Lost my seat last minute...looking for Thursday opening for La Push

    I had a seat lined up for Thursday (tomorrow), found out late last night they wouldn't be going. I have the time off and lodging arranged so if there are any openings or last minute cancellations please PM me. I have some experience and can bring my own gear. Matt
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    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    That's why tampons are white.
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    Mark Youngblood Sportfishing (AKA Pacific Addiction)

    Congrats Mark. I guess it's back to the open seat thread for me.
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    Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer

    I have a Whirlpool Duet Washer and dryer set for sale. They are in great physical and working condition. Model GHW9150PW3, White. Asking $600 for the set, $150 extra for both pedestals if you want them. PM or call Matt 253-905-9442 Located in Graham
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    Pray for Goatram

    Five pages of comments and no one has blamed this accident on Tracker, amazing. Get well soon Goat.
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    Anybody work at/own auto paint shop in Spanaway/Puyallup area?

    Why not paint your new truck to match your old canopy?
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    Stackable washer/dryer

    I have a Kenmore 27" washer and dryer station. 3 years old, great working condition. $400
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    Just in case you are buying smoked fish from sitka..beware!

    Look at the date on the article.
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    Thank you Lingcod Todd and crew...from Pacific Addiction and crew!

    It wasn't all bad. We did plug the boat and caught our first blue fin! I would also like to say that Mark is always well prepared with all the correct safety gear and spare parts. I have fished with him alot and have never felt in danger, ever, even in this situation, everything was always...
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    Thank you USCG and Cape Dissapointment

    While talking to a couple of the USCG crew after the tow, they informed us they train all the time for this but this was the roughest condition they have ever had to hookup a tow rope in. Seeing this process take place firsthand was extremely impressive.
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    Give me my 1/8 !

    You are all safe this weekend, I'm not fishing, I'm busy trying to buy the luck so far. I will be out there every Fri-Sat thru September so watch out! Get your bait stops in this weekend because I will be trolling through them rest of the season.
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    23 miles on a kicker!

    MIke...Were all bolts tightened and torqued? :)
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    Give me my 1/8 !

    You don't own the ocean. If you are catching fish and I'm not, I'm going to come share your stop, just deal with it.
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    "Fresh Tuna" over a green salad...

    I gave all my Fresh "Landed Thursday July 3rd in Ilwaco Wa" albacore tuna to my neighbor because I just was too lazy to deal with it yet. He said it was very good.
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    Ilwaco tuna report

    It was a very good day, spotting jumpers and fish boiling at the boat this early in the season was shocking. We could have easily plugged the boat if we would've been iced up for it. Fresh tuna for dinner and a few cold IPAs completed the day! Back to salmon mode.
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    Silver Slayers crew and their sheep

    ok, stop drinking and post the pic
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    Good luck to the fleet!

    Have fun. I'll be thinking about you guys from my damn desk.
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    Help cleaning the boat after a tuna trip etiquette ?

    I don't see the point. You are just going to get it dirty again the next day.
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    VP215 Chamber Vac Help

    After bleeding the pressure from chamber was able to get the lid open. It's working again, thinking it overheated. You can stop dancing Mark. My buddy called Thom, his easy fix was to replace the pump for $700. He also said these machines aren't designed for heavy use, they should be used for...
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    VP215 Chamber Vac Help

    Curious if anyone has experienced this problem with their VP215. Part way through the sealing process the unit just stopped, now the lid is stuck shut under suction. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in, lights and displays all work so I assume it's not the power fuse. Has anyone...
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    Retort bags

    This works well for me... 10 psi 110 minutes. I stuff the bags in tight standing up up, top down,top up, top down. I do not lay any laying flat on top of the stack, they tend to be the ones that blow because they have more room to expand. Settings on the sealer differ from...
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    illwaco labor day tuna

    Johnny, Our bait went quick Sat in Ilwaco, we took 4 scoops, 3 of us fishing. They were giving small scoops and the bait was large so they went fast. It didn't help that our bait was lethargic very few strong swimmers. Hoping for better this weekend.
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    E P I C ~~ B A I T S T O P ~~

    Jealous!! Perfect conditions
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    Still not skunked on tuna, 8/28

    It's BYOB on Marks boat.
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    Carking question

    Each quarter, one at a time. Also the colder the tuna the better. It's easier to cark the following day after it has chilled on ice overnight. The tuna in Mikes video looks perfect.
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    Ilwaco tuna?

    There are only a few tuna left out of Ilwaco and we will be catching them all Friday. I suggest you stay home.
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    TUNA - What Do You Change When You Are Struggling?

    Don't worry, I'm back this weekend so I'm sure we won't plug the boat. We'll test out the changing crew theory. One stuffed box is fine by me.
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    Ilwaco Tuna with 2 Wounded Warriors...afternoon bite

    Thanks Duan and I hope the face is healing up!
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    Illwaco 8/7-8/10

    It was good talking to you Friday at the fuel dock. I'm glad the salmon fishing worked out for you Sat. Nice king! Yes Friday was a tough day for sure. You should be happy with the ten you caught...great job! Matt
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    Ilwaco Tuna with 2 Wounded Warriors...afternoon bite

    Mark aka Fishslapper signed up to take another 2 WW out for tuna last weekend. We fished both Friday and Saturday. It was a sloppy day Friday, we worked it hard until about 2 with only 7-8 fish onboard, all on the troll, not a single bait hook-up.We decided to call it a day and get in early to...
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    Tuna newb. Anyone want to pop my cherry?

    Didn't Mark offer you a ride when you were sticking your hose in his crap tank?
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    Pacific Addiction WTC report

    Yes it was a great time. The new guys did great, one of them wanted to take the load of fish from Friday. He ended up taking 30, he said he had a big family, we told him that's alot of fish to deal with at one time! He didn't care. He also ended up winning the rod for smallest fish. Great job...
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    Look what patti did

    Thats what happens when you dance with the Pacific Addiction crew!
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    Pacific addiction crew got some moves

    Cougar Hunter drove you
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    2013 WTC Update

    Hell yeah! Team Pacific Addiction is in on the big fish pot!
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    Bait rods...

    Keep searching, I'm pretty sure stryker20 has written a novel on this.
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    WTC prefish donation

    Thanks Ken. If the trucks not available can I ice it myself in a tote or bag and still donate it Sat?
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    WTC prefish donation

    If we ice down any fish caught Friday before the WTC, can we donate it Sat to the food bank?
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    Boat Name Ideas

    Cats Meow
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    Pacific Addiction is bloody today!

    Great job guys!
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    shitty deal

    Should of gave me a call, I would of come and helped with the deck.
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    Anyone recommend a Boat Surveyor in Texas?

    What part...pretty big state.
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    Confirmed...Tuna on board a sport boat came into Ilwaco yesterday afternoon

    Water was 60.5 and we never set foot in Oregon!
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    open seat WTC

    Shit, I guess I'll need to try and find a spot on another team for this one.
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    Canadian license?

    You didn't say what you were fishing for...that make's a difference. You can fish that area with a online license, but you can't keep Halibut. You can keep lings, salmon and bass. The attached link will answer all your questions. Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Pacific Region | Recreational...
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    Fuck Walmart!

    Is this related to the interview you had for the "greeter" position or is that another thread?
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    Tahuya quad party head count roster

    That's a complete lie! You would never let me walk your dog
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    Tahuya quad party head count roster

    Yeah, I know. I'm trying to help you guys out, this is the only way I can keep my mormon family from knocking on your tent or trailer doors.:finger: I'm going to try and make it for one night, but I will be solo, most likely Friday. That's just long enough to drink all of Mike's mack n jack!
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    Tahuya quad party head count roster

    Don't bring to much for me, I most likely won't be there. You can save it for the following weekend.
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    Any one fish out of Cancun MX?

    I didn't know Silverslayer charted his boat in Cancun
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    Tahuya quad party head count roster

    How about opening a jar of some of your 60 year old LBT flavored jelly?
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    Tahuya quad party head count roster

    I might come out for the day Sat, won't be staying for fish fry. Bringing daughter,getting her out of there before the craziness starts. It will depend on whether I can borrow my neighbors Rhino or not.
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    Tuna Bleeding Knife

    We taser them, cut the gills and bleed over the side of the boat...makes for a cleaner deck. We don't ice them down until we get back to the dock...allows us to catch more fish. We cark 1hr after icing down.
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    Food Sealer

    Not true, the VP215 is under a $1000 and you can seal retort bags. I have had zero issues, works great. Currently have 2 set up side by side, makes large batches of fish and game meat packaging go fast.
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    BAMF boat saga update!

    I'm pretty pissed right now...I put a big down payment on that boat Friday. Shit...
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    Tahuya quad party roll call

    OH Shit! Duans going let me rethink this and he's bringing wood...even worse
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    Tahuya quad party roll call

    If Bill goes, I'm in.
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    Visit from Jehova Witness

    Be there shortly, just ironing my white shirt. Start stripping...the wife too.
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    Tahuya quad party roll call

    I don't have a quad so I won't be attending. Fishing the following weekend though, see a couple of you there.
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    Tayhua quad party

    That's probably a good idea, that way I can pull you out when you get stuck.
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    Tayhua quad party

    I have a mountain bike, does that count?
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    The Stryker is going away.......

    Oh cool, your buying a cat...can't wait to see it and the big bag it comes out of!
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    goose calls

    Just use the goose call app on your iPhone, it works extremely well.
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    BAMF saga continues

    I'm sure Mark had an expert/inspector, not tied to the company performing the work, go over every inch of the boat. I know I would with the amount of separation, which is not shown with photos posted, as Greg said, they don't come close to showing the severity of the separation. I have been...
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    BAMF saga continues

    Hey Mark, any update on the boat? Is it fixed? Uncover all the damage?
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    Help with Retort Canning

    I was told that the High heat setting is too much for the retort bags. I have used medium with great success, canned over 200 8oz bags this season, had 6 fail, all side blowouts. I use the same settings as Keith Brewoz. The long cool down is important...good luck
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    Help with Retort Canning

    What are your settings? Seal temp? How do you remove pressure from the canner?
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    Family Day Aboard Pacific Addiction

    Mark (FishSlapper) has been wanting to take his wife out to the tuna grounds for some time, so we decided to do a family trip. Mark, his wife, my wife, my 13yr old daughter and her friend. Sunday was the best looking day of the 3 so we did beach stuff Sat. The forecast was improving every...
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    Ice in Ilwaco

    Jesses has been hit and miss all season, I wouldn't depend on them. The landing would be my choice.
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    No entry fee... another day of fishing, with a chance of winning $1500. Well worth the extra 1hr drive. Can't wait to see the local talent! Thanks Bo
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    X-Raps DO exist!!

    Holly cow, does he swallow too? You make him sound like the next savior.
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    WOW! thats a biggin

    That was pretty cool. We were tangled, line snapped and like Josh said we thought my fish made it in the boat. I realized I was missing my hook and terminal gear, I looked down and saw Josh's iron still in its mouth. My line must of been wrapped around the iron hook. It was a hectic day, all...
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    WOW! thats a biggin

    Hell yeah! That was a pig, about a 20 min plus fight. Josh was calling me a pussy and told me to hurry and get the peanut to the boat. Mark was wanting to cut my line because he thought it was a shark. All I could say was keep the fuck away from me, It's been 10min and I haven't gained an inch...
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    Bait and Ice

    That's one awesome report! Great job out there.
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    Injury at sea

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    Injury at sea

    We are hoping that things turn out well. He supposedly will find out tomorrow after a visit to the ortho whether or not he will be able to keep it. The thumb was not just broken, he crushed everything from the knuckle to the tip and almost completely severed it at the knuckle. Get well, we...
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    Team Gunslinger/Raymarine (Defiance) Report

    Great job again Defiance boys. One of these days Team Pacific Addiction will find there way onto that podium. Losing sucks but when the wounded vet your fishing with has a smile on his face all day and complains of being sore from reeling in too many fish, winning just doesn't seem as important...
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    Anyone gonna run Thurs?

    Pacific Addiction will be on the grounds Fri and Sat, heading out of Ilwaco. Matt
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    Cleaning Tuna....

    You tube
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    Ilwaco tuna tourney next week

    And if we don't at least we'll be freshly showered.
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    Warning watch your ditch bags!

    X2 We never left the boat unattended. I was on it the whole time cleaning up until the door was locked the first day and never left it until we loaded it on the trailer. Shit the electric reels would have been the first thing I would have grabbed.
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    westport ice

    Nice report
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    Its almost time!

    Good luck! Wish I was with you guys...
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    season recap

    Great season, thanks for having me, fun times. Get ready for a great tuna season. You could just repost the picture of Hunter chumming for the last day too, "Hunter are you going to eat the rest of that sandwich?"
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    Charter Etiquette

    Just take a picture of the screen with your cell camera. I'm sure he'll smile for you, too.
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    Awsome last day in Neah

    Yes it was a great day. I was back to Graham, unpacked, fish sealed up in the freezer by 6:30. Thanks again, time for Salmon and Tuna! Josh and Duan, you should of stuck around. Matt
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    Possible open seat Friday/Saturday Neah

    Nice, maybe I'll be allowed inside the cabin this time. Marks always making me sit on the back deck and drink out of Scout's bowl. Josh see you up there, catching the 10:30 ferry.
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    Neah: Fishing was good, then came the tweakers.

    I use Big Salmons walk in every year during salmon season. I have not had any problems. As far as the Cape goes, no walk in, no ice, Gordy is stuck in a small trailer for now. I rented a cabin this past weekend, I had plenty of room to keep two large coolers locked up. You can't trust anyone...
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    Neah bay 3 day report

    Thanks again Mark for another great weekend. Maybe Jack will share some of the photos he took. Matt
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    Weather..Mother Nature is pissed!

    No Shit! Looks like we'll have to head out extra early, morning forecast doesn't look as bad as the afternoon. Saturday looks perfect.
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    Neah Bay Cape Cabins

    I'll let you know after this weekend. I was hoping to see someone respond to this.
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    Wanted open seats Neah bay next week

    x2, Duan would make a great crew member, does work and is skilled with a knife.
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    Looking for open seat for Neah Bay this week

    I appreciate the love Josh! Word is there's a good chance we'll be back in business. Sat forecast is looking great, Thurs is going to be sporty again. I'll be staying at the cape so I'll see you when you role into town, with your fresh shrimp
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    Wanted open seats Neah bay next week

    X2, I'm still packed up ready to role. Hoping for the best.
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    Wanted open seats Neah bay next week

    Had a great time this weekend. A big thanks to Mark for Thu-Fri and Josh for making room for me Sat. Arms are a little weak today from all that reeling Sat. "Sitting this weekend out" what's that all about? Wind forecast too much? Heck I'm sure Charlie has room for all of us, he had an empty...
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    Weather/Swell for La Push opener

    Team Pacific Addiction will be right next to Todd, even if we have to strap down the women and children on the ride out. Only issue will be using the shitter, I better start taking imodium now.:_diarrhea_:
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    ride snohomish to neah

    Josh, How far north? I'm leaving from work (Longacres Boeing) catching the Seattle ferry, if he can meet somewhere near, I'll make room. Nevermind...Snohomish...just noticed Matt
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    open seat

    Yeah, that's the problem with using electric reels, you need a cabin heater to stay warm. I'm sure I will survive without the heat. And NO...I'm not saying I would rather use a conventional reel.:rofl: Matt
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    Job well done fella's! Keep it up and you'll be rolling into Hali season before you know it!
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    10/20 WP Quick Report- It aint over by a long shot

    Sorry to hear that. Then I won't remind you that you would have loaded your truck up with around 20 tuna if you would have made it out with us a couple weeks ago. I would have given you my share, I already had too many. But, i'll be nice and not say anything.
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    done canning Tuna!

    That has a lot to do with the quality of tuna!
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    oct tuna

    It was a pleasure fishing with you too, Josh and Bill, nice short and to the point report! Photos tell it all...big smiles and a very large pile of fish. A big thanks to Mark, what a season, your extreme generosity is much appreciated. Matt
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    Good luck out there, make sure you dress in scary costumes!
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    Official 2011 Tuna Smackdown Thread

    Thanks for the info Todd. Pacific Addiction will be fishing:2gunsfiring_v1:, so you should just stay at the marina with those blankies and teddy bears! Good luck! Matt
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    garibaldi OTC pacific addiction

    Nice report Josh, Friday was a great day and so much. It was nice winning Big Fish Friday, took a little sting out of the trip cost. It was great meeting you and I hope to fish with you again in the future. Watch out for Pacific Addiction at the Smackdown we will be representing!
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    Official 2011 Tuna Smackdown Thread

    The website shows the 16-18 as the event dates. Is there anything going on Fri or Sun? Matt
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    Westport tuna report

    Nicely done! What was your turn in weight?
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    Sloppy Friday in Illwaco but...

    Thanks Bill. Good luck at the WTC! I'll see you in a couple weeks in Garabaldi followed by the Ilwaco smackdown. Remember to practice your gaff skills and try to keep the net out of the bait tank! Oh yeah make sure to get the god damn troll rods out of Marks way.:rofl:
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    Ice in westport and live bait and bar questions

    If I was part of your crew I'd show you the way:rofl:
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    Sloppy Friday in Illwaco but...

    Only photos we took were back at Mark's place prior to cleaning. I attached in to the post.
  126. M

    Sloppy Friday in Illwaco but...

    Ken, we used a variety of daisy chains and clones. No one color or setup out produced another. They hit every position and every lure at least once. The only lures we didnt use were the divers.
  127. M

    Sloppy Friday in Illwaco but...

    We were still successful. We headed out early Fri across a mild bar out of Illwaco, until the winds picked up and conditions turned sloppy. We cruised out at 15 knots hoping the further SW we got the better it would get. Mark made the call to turn around at the 30 mark if things didnt lay down...
  128. M

    only found two between WP and 125 37'

    :_diarrhea_: Trolling, rootbeer clone with feathers, I think. Shit we used 20 different setups throughout the day.
  129. M

    only found two between WP and 125 37'

    Yes, a real 14# on a non certified scale. We knew it was a record but the decision was made to put it on the dinner menu for tonight. Easy posted a photo under his report.
  130. M

    only found two between WP and 125 37'

    We ended the day with one 14# Yellowtail. No albi love at all.
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    Westport Tuna Trip 8-3 37 TUNA

    Great informative report! Nicely done
  132. M

    NB 7/27-7/30

    Thanks John. I hope your trip to Westport went well, good luck chasing the tuna. Congratulations again on that hog you picked up Saturday.
  133. M

    NB 7/27-7/30

    Spent four days fishing NB, as all the prior reports stated fishing was outstanding. The salmon bite was non stop, any combination of green flasher and green hootchie did the trick. We fished 280'-250' water, 200'-180' on the cable, if we could get that deep. The early morning and late afternoon...
  134. M

    Neah Bay epic Day

    Glad to see you had a good day! I was in the North River parked next to you Friday, we had another great day Sat, but no 46# kings on our boat. I hope you have a wonderful time on the tuna grounds. Matt
  135. M

    Neah Bay, July 17-23

    Great job! Had the same success in the same location 2 weeks ago. Heading up tomorrow to fish through Sunday. Cant wait!
  136. M

    Neah Bay 7/9 -7/13 (5 days 90 chinnok)

    Nice porn. Thats one big spoon youre dragging in that last shot!
  137. M

    Tailgunner report

    Got word from Eric, he fished off CR today. He ended up with 3 tuna. Fish are spread out, few birds. Fish are in the green around 124 45. I'm sure he'll get a report up later, just wanted to inform those heading out the next couple of days. Good luck! Matt
  138. M

    4 weeks, MA 3/4 Chinook. Only getting better.

    JD, Man that looks amazing, great shots of fish and family. I'm counting the days, we'll be rolling into NB to fish the 26th-30th.
  139. M

    WED 7/13 Ilwac tuna run

    Good luck Eric! I'll be thinking of you guys as I sit here and stare at my computer screen all day.
  140. M

    Canning tuna

    I add 1/4 teaspoon of pickling spice, very good if you like pickles.
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    Manchester / Blake Island Salmon

    Thanks for the advice guys. I imagine I'll hit up all areas mentioned, to include dropping a few crab pots. It's going to be hard though after all the good days I have had fishing the coast. Ted - I would much rather have a buddy with a nice fishing boat. You can't take the beach house to the...
  142. M

    Manchester / Blake Island Salmon

    I will be staying at a buddys beach house in Manchester later in the month. I have not fished area 10 between Manchester and Blake before, has anyone had any success there? Any suggestions? Thanks Matt
  143. M

    New Bamf 25' Excursion/30' Fisharound "Tuna Edition" Underway

    Boat looks great, I agree with Josh that guy looks tiny on that deck.
  144. M

    Deepwater Hali/Lingcod and Salmon anyone?

    Looks like were still ago for lapush. Departing the dock by 0500. NR seahawk See ya in the morning Maarten
  145. M

    Deepwater Hali/Lingcod and Salmon anyone?

    No kidding, that blows. Maybe it will change back as fast as it changed today. I have until 4 tomorrow to make the call.
  146. M

    Deepwater Hali/Lingcod and Salmon anyone?

    Made LP reservations 2 hrs ago!!
  147. M

    Defrosting boat windows

    Urine is a natural fog preventer. So just piss all over them, sounds gross but it works.
  148. M

    Forecast for MA3/4's last deepwater hurrah

    It's not looking to promising. Looks like I'll have an extra vacation day for Tuna.
  149. M

    Lapush Cleaning Tables

    Thanks Kerry. I remember you saying something about the cleaning station, just wasn't sure if it was good or bad. I thought I was done with the Halibut but I just had to give it one more try. I'm after that big one that got away!! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  150. M


    Where did you see these conditions? 6-11 kt 5ft at 8 sec with 1 ft wind waves is what I'm seeing. NOAA and MS
  151. M

    Lapush Cleaning Tables

    Thanks Ken, I'll clean your boat while you clean my fish. I should see you there. I'm fishing with Dave "tracker". Noticed the low tide, I'm thinking it would be good idea to get the boat in the night before. I imagine that launch is useless when the water level drops.
  152. M

    Lapush Cleaning Tables

    Is there a cleaning station at Lapush or do we need to bring our own tables? Heading out there Thursday and don't want to pack them if I don't have to. Thanks, Matt
  153. M


    Great job, again! See out on the grounds Thursday. Matt
  154. M

    4th of July Salmon

    It's also nice to get your canadian halibut at the same time. For those of us that weren't able to take advantage of the WA open days. We did really good at swiftsure last year for both butts and salmon, we fished the week following the 4th. Plan on doing it again this year. matt
  155. M

    Big shout out to all those who took on hoes .....

    8 days on the water so far this year. Hoed on 4 different boats :waglleybooty: Thank you all for having me. The freezer is full but I'm sure I can squeeze some more in there.:2gunsfiring_v1: Matt
  156. M

    Repower complete! Ready to roll! PICTURES!

    I feel sorry for your crew now. With your 'balls to the wall' driving, they are really going to get the shit beat out if them! Looks good Dave!
  157. M

    Sequim Bay (First time Halibut Fishing)

    Nice report. I know how Mike feels about those lazy, good for nothing Airforce folks, I'm really surprised he let them on his boat. :rofl: Better luck next time.
  158. M

    Double topped halibut

    That looks great, trying it this weekend. I think you need to work on your choice of beverage:hali_olutta:, I noticed the can of PBR :shithappens: in your catch photo.
  159. M

    2 weekends of whoop'n ass in LaPush

    Great report and good job Maarten finding the fish. It has been a great two weeks of fishing! matt
  160. M

    Neah bay report

    Thanks again Mark, had a great time on Harbor Mist (For Sale) those electrics do spoil you, I'm not nearly as sore as I was after opening weekend.It was nice meeting you, Laurie and Bill, I'm looking forward to another trip with you in the future. If you need help cleaning the boat out, don't...
  161. M

    role call

    Talked with the fish checkers at Neah yesterday, they seem to think there will be another day or two. Not much size to the fish being caught. We can only hope! Had 3 good days, report to come.
  162. M

    Tailgunner gets a few

    Thanks again Eric for another fun trip. More fish in the freezer is always good. It was good that Mike was able to hang in there and rally for the last 2 days. You forgot to point out that even though he was sick as a dog Thursday, he did bring in the 3 Hali's we kept. I had so much fun I...
  163. M

    Neah Bay shared campsite wed-sat

    Well Hobuck it is. Shows how much I know, I have been fishing NB for 10 yrs, always stayed at the Cape, I never even new Hobuck was there. Thanks guys, heading out now!
  164. M

    Neah Bay shared campsite wed-sat

    I'm looking for an open corner on a campsite to pitch a small tent. Original plans to fish Lapush changed to Neah. I'll split site costs, bring firewood and extra adult pops. Eric (spokaloo) says theres only room for 2 guys in his cuddy. I think we can jam 3 in there but oh well. :rofl: If...
  165. M

    Team Just Keep Fishing Official IGFA Thread! This link shows Daves daily stats. You can easily jump from here to see overall stats as well. Good luck on day 2 Dave! Matt
  166. M

    Roll Call - Neah Bay / La Push Hali Opener

    Fishing Thurs-Sat with Eric aboard the Tailgunner. Camping at 3 Rivers. Matt
  167. M

    Near shore Westport Hali

    Great job Isaac! Way to get them in close and bigger than any that I saw caught. I was worried when I saw you cleaning your fish on the floor of the dock (i think that was you guys). I was on the white parker docked closed to you. We had to use the wooden gaff to keep the sea lion back. Man he...
  168. M

    Area 121 numbers Check page 3, fin fish closure area 121. Shit, disregard, just realized what your asking for. These arent 121 numbers, theyre swiftsure closure numbers. Matt
  169. M

    Secrets In The Sound - April 2, 10PM

    Saw them diving off of Redondo 2 years ago during a night dive. They will get your heart racing, more than the gpo's. I'm digging through my photos to post.
  170. M

    BD South End get together at Tides Tavern - Dec 4th

    I'll be in Virginia, I vote for after Thanksgiving.
  171. M

    Virginia Beach Nov

    Thanks Corey, email sent.
  172. M

    Virginia Beach Nov

    Right on, thanks Rob. I looked up there charters in Virginia Beach. Pricey!! I'm used to being a ho, splitting cost. I'll take a look at Tidalfish I'm staying in Newport News. Thanks
  173. M

    10/2 Last tuna trip of the year...I mean it this time!

    Sounds like a plan Laurence. To bad I have to wait 9 months, oh I mean 7 months til halibut season. Hope you had a nice time in jackson hole.
  174. M

    Virginia Beach Nov

    I'll be on business travel the middle of Nov and have a weekend off. Any fishing opportunities that time of year? I have never fished the east coast. Just finished my last Tuna trip off of the WA coast this past weekend. Matt
  175. M

    October Tuna

    Great job guys. It was a great day to be on the water, it would have been nice if we could have gotten into the morning bite. No complaints though, the day ended nicely. Wednesday is shaping up to be a nice day as well.
  176. M

    MA 11 & 13

    I pretty much stopped taking my boat out of Pt. Defiance. I'd rather drive further to get into fish than troll all day for nothing. On the brite side, you always have Tides Tavern!
  177. M

    10/2 Last tuna trip of the year...I mean it this time!

    Wed is looking pretty fishable. If this holds out long enough, we could be fishing in halloween costumes!
  178. M

    10/2 Last tuna trip of the year...I mean it this time!

    Title "Last tuna trip of the year...I mean it this time" is what I was telling my wife as I was packing up Friday night, this was the 3rd time this season I have told her this. We Launched out of Westport at 6:30 Sat aboard Stacys Parker. We were real hesitant the night before do to the...
  179. M

    Some good SST & Chloro Shots

    We're also a go, heading out with Stacy. Should be into town around 0600. Matt
  180. M

    Open seat for WP Tuna 10/2

    Stacy is still looking for a 3rd. PM me with a number if you are interested. The final determination will be made tonight around 8 Matt
  181. M

    Who's in; WP 10-2?

    There's a possibility I'll be heading out with Stacy. We are are still looking for a 3rd person. The call will be made late to night whether or not we go. Then again if we can't find a 3rd that makes the decision easier... Matt
  182. M

    Open seat for WP Tuna 10/2

    Good luck!
  183. M

    Grays Harbor to Seattle, Tuna & Salmon

    La push is open, areas 4 Neah Bay and 5 Sekiu closed, opens back up in area 6. Sun-Tues forecast looks shitty.
  184. M

    Grays Harbor to Seattle, Tuna & Salmon

    Mike, I thought the same thing. Sounds like a blast, just no way for me to get dropped off at westport for the start of trip. Matt
  185. M

    Open Seat Tuna Sunday!!!

    Kamen, youre not quite ready yet. You probably want to install a few more rod holders. That should do it though. :rofl:
  186. M

    One last glorious day on the briney. Westport 9/22.

    Look at that water, crazy calm. Way to go!
  187. M

    South Sound Meet-N-Greet again?

    I'm always looking for an excuse to go Tides. I'm in....
  188. M

    Defiance Marine Store BD Barbecue Sept. 25th

    Anyone in the south end interested in carpooling? I live in Graham/Puyallup area.
  189. M

    9/21~~Final Run 2010 ~~

    Spending 4 seasons in Jackson's hole is your idea of fun. :supergay: I would have rather gone fishing and carked tuna.
  190. M

    9/21~~Final Run 2010 ~~

    Great report Mike, sure makes up for last weeks trip. Matt
  191. M

    Westport Tuna 21st or 22nd?

    Good luck guys! I hope the forecast holds better for you then it did for us last week. Matt
  192. M

    Tuna fishing isn't always fun

    Mike, Thanks for throwing my name Laurences way, I appreciate it. Even though the conditions sucked, it was nice meeting another group of great guys. Laurence, Thanks for the invite, can't slay them everytime. There's always next year. It wasn't a total loss, I did score myself some high...
  193. M

    Westport Tuna 9-11

    while fishing witj eric , Running the long lines a little longer seemed to help too. All initial hits were way back. We picked up our doubles on the short lines during the turns.
  194. M

    Westport 9/11

    The important thing is not breaking them off. You dont want them to sound on their way back down. You mentioned you lost 50% due to light gear, I was just wondering how light...
  195. M

    Westport 9/11

    Nice job, glad to hear the tuna are still around. What size gear were you using?
  196. M

    Westport Tuna 9/12&13/2010, who's in?

    Just a heads up for Ilwaco. Fished there this week, arrived at the bait dock at 0500. No bait until after 6. They aren't suppling totes of ice at the bait dock. Had to request it from jessies, which we couldn't get until after 0700. Good luck! Matt
  197. M

    My First Tuna Run, 39 Onboard, 09-09-2010

    Glad you were able to get out. I know you have been trying all summer. That was the way to do it for your first time. Now you understand why its so addicting. This also gives you an idea of things you need to add to your boat (more rod holders). Great report! Matt
  198. M

    Ilwaco tuna-from 9-8

    Nice report Paul. We should have left when you did. We started in at 3:30, had issues with the bar and didn't make it back to the dock until 8...long day. We ended the day with 16 all on the troll. Eric will be posting a full report I'm sure with photos. It was nice meeting you, john and bill...
  199. M

    Tuna yesturday....Now this ain't no bullshit

    Good job John! We're heading out of Ilwaco tomorrow morning. I'd be thrilled with 28. Matt
  200. M

    How do you split costs?

    I was told by one owner that the cost is $220 pp. That seems a little pricey if you have a crew of 4....$880 for a day. Is that reasonable, am I just being a cheap ass.
  201. M

    Open Seat: Tailgunner 9/8 Wednesday.

    We'll do! Camera is charging. Have to have pictures.
  202. M

    Boat Naming Party Tonight

    1 vote for albidamned
  203. M

    Daiwa Saltist 2 Speeds

    I purchased one during the tent sale, cant beat the price. Thats $100 off the original price. Worked great slaying the tuna. The 40 and 50 were both on sale for the same price.
  204. M

    My fifteen minutes of fame! Time to talk on the radio!

    Great job Dave! The WTC news was pretty interesting, raises the stakes a bit, that should increase the number of participants.
  205. M

    Albies, Blood, and Girls...ok girl...

    How many crew with the 6 passengers? Just curious about the weight with 80 tuna and 6 plus bodies on board. Think the Lupe can handle it?
  206. M


    Way to get it done! I plan on making it out friday morning. Matt
  207. M

    I'm thinking I have enough for a sandwich now

    I process it for 90 min at 10psi. I use half pint jars. I have put garlic cloves and various hot peppers in the jars, but prefer it plain.
  208. M

    Weather Forecast

  209. M

    Lost #

    Who do you have for a service provider? Most of them back up your contacts to there network in case you lose your phone or purchase a new one. It wouldn't hurt to ask them, if you haven't already.
  210. M

    The bear is skinned! Viva La OTC!

    Again Dave, great job. I'll be looking for the party invite in the mail!
  211. M

    Smoked tuna good or not good?

    Thanks for all the info. I plan on smoking some up this weekend, I'll experiment with wet and dry brine. I prefer apple and alder myself, I have plenty of alder on my property. I have a propane water smoker that I can't keep much lower than 170. I plan on converting an old fridge into a cold...
  212. M

    Smoked tuna good or not good?

    Just finished up a batch of smoked salmon and was wondering how tuna tasted smoked? Do you prepare it the same way as salmon? How about halibut or seabass?opinions and recipes would be great. Matt
  213. M


    Greg, we didn't have room for a full tote either. We went with half $25. Great for filling up your spare coolers too. Canning is the way to go, best canned albacore you'll ever eat. I canned 7 fish last year, lasted my family all year and still had to give some away.
  214. M


    Westport seafoods 360-268-0133. $50 tote 700-800 pounds. Call ahead so they can have it ready. 6oz cans of tuna I think
  215. M

    Looking for open seat

    Can do. Just let me know when and where. I'll plan it out...but only if we can use our gear, not Don's, those reels put a hurting on me.
  216. M

    Mayhem in Twilight Country

    Nice job kamen, the kids are going to have a good story to tell once school starts. Matt
  217. M

    Looking for open seat

    I'll always be your first. Time to spill more blood in your boat!
  218. M

    Looking for open seat

    I landed a kitchen pass for the weekend and am looking for an open seat for Tuna any day. I'll bring money and my own gear. Thanks Matt
  219. M

    A boat load of tuna on sat 08-21.

    Great job Kevin. I saw smaller bags at Sportco last week 4-5 tuna maybe...
  220. M

    Tuna Virtgin/Wounded Warrior Video!

    Well done Dave! It was a pleasure to fish with Allen.
  221. M

    First time staying overnight in WP, questions

    Keep in mind that the fuel dock is closed on Sunday. As far as ice, while we were getting bait, a couple of us walked up and filled a few large heavy ply bags up or you could use fish bags. Wavedancer kept the boat at the end of 10. I stayed at the hotel directly across from 10, sorry don't...
  222. M

    Aug 15 Westport aboard the Tailgunner

    Thanks Don, It was great meeting you and I really did appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Every trip out I learn a little more. Matt
  223. M

    Aug 16th Tuna Westport with Defiance

    John we pulled in around 1600 hrs.
  224. M

    westport tuna slaughter 8/15

    Great report Chad, I have had too much in my freezer for a few months. I am just really generous with my fish. My wife doesn't realize I give so much away. It's no time for the furry animals yet. They walk through my yard everyday and aren't nearly big enough yet. I'll send some elk shots in a...
  225. M

    Aug 15 Westport aboard the Tailgunner

    Honestly this was one of the best days of fishing I have had. We all worked well together, no stress, we all were enjoying the day. No pressure or expectations were put on any of us. Like John said we're out there to have fun, I have plenty of food in my pantry, it's not about the quantity of...
  226. M

    Westport 8/16/10

    JOhn, That's balls to the wall. Two rods, you did a great job keeping the fish around your boat. Matt
  227. M

    Tailgunner strikes blood

    Built in tap for a keg would have been nice. Place the keg upfront for the added wait your looking for. Oh and maybe some clips in the back corners to keep the close troll lines low to the water for windy days.
  228. M

    Aug 16th Tuna Westport with Defiance

    Mike, Get your gun out, that was as rough as it got all day!
  229. M

    Aug 16th Tuna Westport with Defiance

    Thanks for offering up your spot. You were sure dialed in. We were amazed at all the fish rolling around your boat. It was a great day for poppin cherries. Matt
  230. M

    Live bait hook size? Collar hook?

    I was nose and collar hooking as well. I found the collar hooked fish swam down deeper, the nose hooked fish took off fast but lost power 15 feet down. That was my experience yesterday, I was mixing it up testing things out, I was curious as well. All in all the most important thing was to make...
  231. M

    Tailgunner strikes blood

    Eric, I was never worried, had complete faith in you and your boat. Thanks again and waiting for the next call. Matt
  232. M

    Aug 15 Westport aboard the Tailgunner

    Dexter, Don't worry about it plenty of fish to go around. I think Stacy went the right direction. I'd ride with you any time, just say when and I'm always up for a rnd. Matt
  233. M

    Aug 16th Tuna Westport with Defiance

    I had plans to fish Monday with Ken Wavedancer. Met up with him Sunday evening after a great day with Spokaloo. We made plans to meet up at 0800 because of the fuel dock opening time. Got settled in for the night when I received a call from Ken, explaining that we were invited to fish with Bo...
  234. M

    Aug 15 Westport aboard the Tailgunner

    Fished Sunday aboard the Tailgunner, Eric (Spokaloo) home built clipper, handled great. We motored out first thing, we hit warmer water at about 38-39 miles, most of the boats headed further out, we decided to give this area try. Eric does not have a baitwell onboard, so we were planning for a...
  235. M

    BD Brotha Needs Help In Westport!

    I was the other crew member fishing with stryker. I received the call in route. I'll be fishing with spokaloo sunday, I hope stryker finds a lift!
  236. M

    Neah Bay on the Redhot

    Good job! I've had to do some last minute halibut trolling to get out of the way on a few occasions! Matt
  237. M

    WTC or Garibaldi...

    After days of excitement Friday finally arrived, met Dave (Justkeepfishing) at his house, loaded up and hit the road. Five minutes into the ride the calls start coming in, no reports of fish at westport, water forecast's horrible, fish being caught 14 off of Garibaldi. What to do, what to...
  238. M

    Newport OTC 2010 Video!

    Nice job Dave. Glad to see you were able to make it out. I'm off to Virginia for 10 days, I'll be thinking about the WTC the whole time. I'll have to pass the time in the nearest Bass Pro Shop, you never have enough gear. Matt
  239. M

    Who fished Neah

    Tom, I fished it last weekend. Swiftsure has lots of fish both Kings and silvers. Most were catching them in 250' of water 100-150 down. I caught most of mine in the upper 50' of water. Silvers liked the cop car spoons trolling, while all Kings were caught mooching with either white or blue...
  240. M

    Depoe Tuna Video! 7/8/10

    I plan on wearing my bloodydecks ski mask...
  241. M

    Depoe Tuna Video! 7/8/10

    Nice video Dave! Look forward to fishing with you on the 7th!! WTC time!! Matt
  242. M


    We were out at swiftsure too. Not as productive as years past. We ended up with 4 kings Thurs (largest 27#), a couple butts, limits of bass and a ling. Friday water was considerbly worse, 3 kings, largest 20#, 1 silver, 3 butts and limits of bass. This is the first time fishing swiftsure in...
  243. M

    Neah Bay or Seattle Salmon

    Just got back from neah yesterday. According to fish checkers 1 fish per boat was the average. I fished swiftsure, plenty of kings and silvers, my 27 pounder was largest ralph had seen for a week. Rest were mid to upper teens. Tides were pretty rough, lots of water moving. Matt
  244. M

    neah bay (bottom fish/salmon)

    Fished swiftsure thurs and fri. 4 kings ea day, largest at 27 pnds. Caught them all on flutter jigs while targeting hailbut. First one caught 5 seconds aftet jig hit the water. Fished arches on sat limits of large black bass, one silver, must have lost his way, used same flutter jig. Matt
  245. M

    Neah Bay

    Tried a few places Yestetday in front of first and second beach. Starfish and octo no crab or shrimp.
  246. M

    Neah Bay crab and shrimp

    Heading to neah this week and was wondering if anyone has had luck with crab or shrimp. Should we even bring pots or just leave them at home. Thanks, Matt
  247. M

    For divers or others more informed than I...

    The PADI Open water class certifys you to 60ft. That's where the 60' limits come from on your boat dives. If you have I believe 10 dives and you take an advanced open water class, you are certified to 100. I'm guessing your asking because of the Neah Bay Closure area. Matt
  248. M

    For divers or others more informed than I...

    When you are rec diving, you typically stay around 30-40 ft. That's where much of the interesting sea life is located here in WA. 100ft fits in the deep water diving classification, I did 110ft once in a advanced deep dive class in Puget Sound, you barely have enough air in a standard sized tank...
  249. M


    Forks Chamber of Commerce~Events - Last Chance Salmon Derby at La Push~Home of Twilight Maarten, the dates are Sep 26-27, last chance salmon derby. The link is provided. Matt W
  250. M

    Westport 9/15/2009

    Looking for open seat for Tues tuna trip. Will help with expenses...please PM me if you have one available. Thanks in advance Matt W
  251. M

    Tuna-Tues-Westport 9/15?

    I have the day off tomorrow and would like to spend it TUNA fishing. If anyone has an open spot and would like help splitting costs please PM me. I don't have much experience, just one trip a few weeks ago with Stacy. I'm ready to hit it again, I just can't get the bug out of my head!! Thanks...
  252. M

    Aberdeen Buoy on Wednesday

    Trying to get motivated to cark mine. The alarm for work came awfully early this morning 0330. All the shark hunting wore me out. I would of easily woking up at 0230 again to fish though, never too tired for that.
  253. M

    Westport Sept. 2

    I joined Maarten on Stacy's boat for my first tuna trip ever yesterday. I couldn't have picked a better day. I've fished for salmon and all types of bottom fish, but nothing compared to the excitement I had yesterday. My job was to keep the sharks away from Stacy and Maartens lines so they could...