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  1. Thozguys

    Advice for Rod/Reel combo for Boca Grande fish

    You have to realize to get to 150 feet you have to go 40 plus miles offshore. 2 speed reels are nice but not really required. Large capacity is nice but not required. Conventional or Spinning will work as long as it has a good drag which is a must. Average braid is #40 with an ocassional #65...
  2. Thozguys

    California Dive boat Fire: Former Crewman and Captain speaks

    I can tell all the people who have dive training... You experts dont realize that there is no O2 onboard, only Nitrox and only if they decide to create a Nitrox blended tank. There were no Tri-Mix facilities onboard and this was one of the professional dive organization in the entire USA. All of...
  3. Thozguys

    braid to hardware connection. What knot?

    Spangler knot info
  4. Thozguys

    polarized glasses

    Onos all the way... Much cheaper than the big brands but have all the quality for a much lower price... I have used them for the last 5 years due to the cost of prescription glasses.
  5. Thozguys

    braid to hardware connection. What knot?

    Spangler every time...
  6. Thozguys

    Knot for spectra to swivel

    Triple loop Spangler...
  7. Thozguys

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    I have always been a fan of a 22 turn blood knot. If strength is really required, then use a double 12 turn blood knot with super glue on the tag ends for a splice.
  8. Thozguys

    Garmin or Simrad?

    Contact Gil, he has some of the best deals and knows what is the best for the amount of money you want to spend. Be prepared, he will talk your ear off...He made a customer out of me for life. Semperfifishing MARINE ELECTRONICS & TRANSDUCER SALES PM me here on THT...or EMAIL ...
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    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    Yep, my bad... I thought that since they were from LB they were going to SBI. Sorry, please ignore my statement about 120 feet..
  10. Thozguys

    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but, I thought the depth limit was only 120 feet in any area around that island...
  11. Thozguys

    Smart fish!

    My last trip to Cedros, we saw a school of yellowtail bombard a Blue Shark's belly so that it puked out a stomach full of squid, which they quickly ate. After seeing that incident, I believe yellowtail are the smartest fish in the sea...
  12. Thozguys

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    My daughter is allergic to Dramamine so I had to find something else, Unfortunately I have to order from Australia, but the product really works. It is called Kwells. She can take it 30 minutes before getting on the boat and she always feels fine, no side effects. Something else, when she goes...
  13. Thozguys

    Questionnaire from DFG...

    Help me understand, the MPLA were created using unknown science or science that is not obtainable to create these special areas. Now the DFW want our help in determining what impact we as anglers have from an economic standpoint. The highly reduced license count should sure show this in direct...
  14. Thozguys

    Micro Spectra

    I have the Maxcuatro which seems really rough, but it works great especially as a kelp cutter. Has anyone tried the FINS 40G? They claim that it is as smooth as mono which is a bold statement. My thumb would love something smoother....
  15. Thozguys

    Sharpening Stone

    Agree 2x.. I have the field version of this, my only complaint is that it took too long for me to buy this sharpener. Worth every penny..
  16. Thozguys

    Maui Jim HT lens

    I checked all over, you are lucky if anyone even knows they exist. Online purchasing is really quick with a delay of about 2 weeks. I have 2 pairs for different lighting, Blue mirror over grey and green mirror over amber Carabelles. I tend to use the blue mirror for fishing and the green mirror...
  17. Thozguys

    Maui Jim HT lens

    I started to use a brand called Onos. Very affordable and great service. I have missed using either Ran Bans or Maui Jims since the change to Onos.
  18. Thozguys

    Help reading fish finder!

    Contact Mark Wisch at Pacific Edge tackle and get his CD on how to read a fish finder. Not sure if still has classes but they were invaluable to me..
  19. Thozguys

    Surgeons knot for spectra to fluoro?

    If you practice tying the knot, the FG can be tied in under a minute. It is the smallest strongest knot I have ever used to tie spectra to floro or mono....
  20. Thozguys

    End of Sports Chalet

    I think something everyone has forgot, Sports Chalet rented just about anything. True the fishing departments were not that great, but all the Dive gear, Ski Gear, Snowboard Gear, Biking and Kayaks had great rentals. You couldn't get that from Amazon... I for one will miss them.
  21. Thozguys

    To CHIRP or not to CHIRP

    There is a guy on the site with handle of semperfifishing, his real name is Gil. Semperfifishing MARINE ELECTRONICS & TRANSDUCER SALES PM me or EMAIL : [email protected] Gil 1-800-925-0341 for Sales & Information Contact him, he is a wealth of information and also...
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    Go to a good optometrist for the prescription, then call these people. Super affordable and a really great product. I have been buying the Grand Lagoon Rx from them for that last 4 years. The blue mirror over gray in bright sunlight has always worked for me, although if you...
  23. Thozguys

    Where to make bait in Dana point ?

    OK, Call me a dumbass, but do I go straight out, turn right, how far? Will it show up on radar? I have only been to this harbor once and it was raining and lightning, so I was in a bit of hurry to get off the water.
  24. Thozguys

    Where to make bait in Dana point ?

    Ok, where is the red buoy when you come out of the harbor? I will be trying to make some bait in the early morning and I don't remember seeing a red buoy during the day time.
  25. Thozguys

    Need Advice

    Thanks for all the great suggestions.
  26. Thozguys

    Need Advice

    My daughter just got into town and I want to take her fishing this Thursday. Do you guys have any advice on where or what boat I should look at taking her on? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  27. Thozguys

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    I am not trying to start anything, but, Has anyone tried this? I would love to put 65lb on a Lexa 400 and see it I can get 300 yards on it. I am looking for the smallest diameter line that will still cast really well. I know, pipe dream... Thanks for any input.
  28. Thozguys

    Summer Boat Storage

    Hopefully this is in the correct forum, but here goes.. I am looking to store my boat closer to the "Action". Where would you guys suggest, a boat storage yard, marina, and where? I live in the west end of the San Fernando valley but would be willing to drive an hour or so. Dana Point would be...
  29. Thozguys

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    A contractor does not have the same authority as an actual appointed DFW employee. Just let one try to arrest you one time. Watch what happens. Can you say civil law suit without any support from the DFW office or the state of CA? They are contractors not state employees, treat them as such...
  30. Thozguys

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    First off, I always ask, are you an actual DFW officer, and where is your gun if the answer is yes. No gun, not authentic or actual DFW personnel. If they are official, I participate to the best of knowledge, if not, they get nothing. Remember, we the fishing public DO NOT get to see their...
  31. Thozguys

    Catalina Black

    Let me get the right, a guy catches a black sea bass off a pier, drags it ashore, takes pictures of it, then releases it along with the video of the whole episode, and the DFW does nothing about it, and now you say that his picture holding one is illegal? Really??
  32. Thozguys

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    If the shrink wrap gets cracked I just cut off the old and add some new. Shrink wrap with a cork puppy works perfectly, no slippage whatsoever
  33. Thozguys

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    I use X-Rap shrink tape on mine, then use the reel clamp shown in the beginning of this thread. I have never had the reel move or shift.
  34. Thozguys

    Sea Lion Morons

    I would be curious if the DFW could share the algorithm for determining how many deer need to be culled for a determined population density of an identified area. We could propose to use the same algorithm for thinning the seal population and say we are using an accepted methodology that has...
  35. Thozguys

    Sea Lion Morons

    When I was on Kona on the black sand beach, I saw a large turtle struggling to get back into the water. My wife & I went over to see if it was still alive and think about rendering assistance. That is when a ranger came over to us and said he would either fine or arrest us if we tried to help...
  36. Thozguys

    Annual fishing license

    Here is an article that talks about the cost differences between the states and the methodology of charging annual or yearly fees. Congrats, we are the second highest in cost for a BASE license for the entire USA. Something to note in the article from 2013 to 2014 there were 40,000 less fishing...
  37. Thozguys

    If you can see the invisible you can do the impossible

    If you can see the invisible you can do the impossible
  38. Thozguys

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    Here is another link about the deterrence methods, I especially love the cattle prod suggestion. Looks like I will be looking on Amazon for one.. :D...
  39. Thozguys

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    Apparently according to NOAA there is something that can be done about them using the Columbia River Program. Deterring Problem Seals & Sea Lions (Pinnipeds) Questions & Answers on Potential Deterrence...
  40. Thozguys

    What's a good surface iron reel and no Newell info please.

    The best setup I have ever used was a Seeker Pinhead 9'3" deckhand special with a Trinidad TN-40N with 200 yards of solid core spectra with 100 yards of 40 LB fluorocarbon. I swear the setup casts into to the next time zone...
  41. Thozguys

    Lexa 300 vs 400

    I use the 400 for everything from Calico, Yellowtail & White Sea Bass to rock cod. The extra size does not seem to matter in the end from a casting point of view. FYI - The double paddle handle is the exact same length as the power handle so I went with the double for more versatility.
  42. Thozguys

    West Coast Offshore Scene

    If you are interested in learning about the fishing in the SoCal area, I would recommend hiring a guide to take you out to a couple of our local hot spots. From my experience, Dave Hansen would be my first suggestion.
  43. Thozguys

    seeker pinhead??

    I love mine... It is matched to a Shimano TN-40n, and it will cast anything I use into the next zip code.
  44. Thozguys

    A New Game by DFW

    Looks like the State has abandoned their plan...
  45. Thozguys

    A New Game by DFW

    So I guess everyone is OK with the State using the money gathered from fishing & hunting licenses to fund the maintenance, upgrade, and enforcement of the MPAs.
  46. Thozguys

    A New Game by DFW

    I was emailed this little tidbit of information about the fish & game wanting to use the monies from the fishing licenses to fund the MPAs.
  47. Thozguys

    Fish Dope?

    Be fore warned, once you start using fishdope, it is like crack. You just cant seem to get enough info and great advice from great people. The reports, Charts, VHF streams and friendly advice is quite addicting. I have never seen any bashing only support to all who have questions. It is an...
  48. Thozguys

    Tackle boxes and the kitchen sink.

    Since I have the issue of never having enough tackle, I built a box for a 3-8 day trip and a box for 8-15 day trip. The 3-8 day box uses 5 large and 1 small plano boxes while the cube as I call it uses 5 large and 4 small plano boxes with 2 drawers and plenty of removable jig storage and tool...
  49. Thozguys

    Shimano butterfly flat fall jigs

    Thanks for the clarification, I really appreciate the reply Between the MegaBaits and these jigs, looks like I will be spending a small fortune.
  50. Thozguys

    Shimano butterfly flat fall jigs

    Ok, time for the stupid question... Which end do you tie the leader to, the hooks like normal butterfly jigs or the opposite end without the hooks? Also, I am guessing but, are Blue Sardine, Chart White and Sand Eel are the best colors?
  51. Thozguys


    OK, I have to get new prescription sunglasses. I really hate what they are going to cost me but in the end I really don't have a real choice. So does anyone on this site have any recommendations on what brands and what color tint I should get? Is amber better than grey? Why? I fish long...
  52. Thozguys

    Rock Cod Depth

    Wow, I did not mean to hit the hornets nest with my question. I asked because I have spent a lot of time marking pinnacles around Santa Cruz, Catalina, SMB, and Ventura and you would be amazed at how many deep water pinnacles there are that start in the 300-500 foot range and come up to the 200...
  53. Thozguys

    Line Setup for Bluefin Tunas (or Island Yellowtails)

    The Bob Sands knot slides through the guides without any issues, but I will only use about a 5 foot of top shot on the spectra. Every guide and fishing pro I have talked have told me that anything more than 5 foot is a waste as every predator while hunting bait especially at speed, will only see...
  54. Thozguys

    Rock Cod Depth

    This may seem like a strange question but I have yet to get a definitive answer. I have some spots where the surrounding depth is between 330 and 310 feet, but the pinnacles that I fish on are between 250 and 280 feet. Since I am fishing the pinnacles which are below the maximum allowable depth...
  55. Thozguys

    Avet Raptors- Jx or lx

    I have a Raptor SX, JX, and regular HX. Each reel is filled with 65 lb. spectra. All three will catch the Bluefin in our waters as I have caught both Bluefin and Yellow fin on all of them. My personal best was an 81 lb Bluefin on the SX with a 20 lb floro top shot. After 1.5 hours and almost...
  56. Thozguys

    SFV Saltwater Fishing Clubs

    I live in the western portion of the San Fernando Valley, are there any fishing clubs in my area?
  57. Thozguys

    Braid to Mono Question

    I use both the Bob Sands and the GT knot. The GT is a lot smaller than the Bob Sands but I also have more confidence in the Bob Sands. I use the Bob Sands on all my Tuna gear whereas I use the GT on anything I cast long distances since it slides through the guides a bit better. Here is a link...
  58. Thozguys

    Jig Stick/Reel.

    I love my Seeker Pinhead 9'3" rod with narrow 40 Trinidad. There is plenty of flex in the rod for the big ones, but it will also cast into the next zip code. It is a very comfortable setup.
  59. Thozguys

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    OK, now I feel ancient.... I remember fishing the barges at Paradise Cove, Santa Monica, and Redondo. Paradise Cove used to have White Seabass and Yellowtail runs 3 or 4 times a years, I remember catching Yellowtail and Bonita off both the Santa Monica and Redondo barges. When I finally bought...
  60. Thozguys

    HXJ or JX(raptor)

    So you are going to be on the Shaker Tour. Whenever am on the this trip I always bring both the HX and the JX but have them CalStar GFGR series rods. The HX since it doesn't cast worth a crap is on the 700-H, while the JX is on the 800-M. Both are spooled with 80 lb spectra. The floro top shots...
  61. Thozguys

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    I made a slightly smaller box. It holds 5 of the large and 1 of the smaller Plano trays. Density of space was the criteria for the design of this box. All the corners are made of hard maple, and the sides are of hard maple plywood to reduce the weight and provide for the hard finish. There are 6...
  62. Thozguys

    Best offshore foot ware?

    I use Crocs. They are super cool and comfortable. Super easy to clean when using the wash down hose and they dry even quicker. The only issue is if you are in the sun all day, you will need to put sunscreen on your feet. I have seen many people who get a sunburn through the drain holes in the...
  63. Thozguys

    DFG Measuring Sticker

    I thought that I scored when I found this measuring sticker at the DFG booth at the Long Beach Fred Hall show. I even picked up 3 of them. After checking it with an actual tape measure, I sure am glad or if I used it for checking my catch, the DFG certainly would fine me if any of the catch...
  64. Thozguys

    Salmon Opener 2013

    That's why I wont take my boat up there, I have tackle organizers and tackle stowed all over my boat, it would take me quite a long time to remove everything just so I could legally fish for salmon up there. Looks like I am stuck fishing the Santa Barbara - Ventura area with my boat.
  65. Thozguys

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Here is a box I made for a long range trip where 3 people fished out of the same box. The theme was density, I needed to get as much space utilized in as small a space as possible (17"Wx17L"x18"H). All the hardware is stainless all the corners are solid black walnut or red oak for strength and...
  66. Thozguys

    OH dear this does not sound good

    Slot limit?? So how would a spearfisherman determine if the bass he wants to shoot is legal? Guess? Also, where was the science to back up the change? Has it been published somewhere? Is it valid? Personally I only keep 1 or 2 Calico or Sand bass and release the rest. But now I am being told...
  67. Thozguys

    Pismo Clams Bag Limit in under one hour!

    There is a huge clam bed at Zuma beach. They are plentiful and quite large, but the area is located in an MPA, so these clams will never be havested in my life time.
  68. Thozguys

    SMB Lobster

    Watch out for that A$$hole in the boat/raft, he ran over and cut 4 of my nets, then claimed he didnt speak english. But he could say "Nets too close", which was after he droped on top of mine. The dipstick almost center punched us when we picked up the remaining nets to move them after he ran...
  69. Thozguys


    That is an even worse reason to perform a SWAG - Smart Wild Ass Guess. So tagging in advance of the closure would not have given proper population estimates before the closures? So all these closures could not be catch & release and then use the fisherman as guides to what was captures then...
  70. Thozguys


    Not to add gasoline to the fire, but what pray tell were the population estimates before the MPAs? Where has this information been recorded? How will anyone know when it is time to open these "Protected Areas" when the population has rebounded. Crap science is crap science. All the science...
  71. Thozguys

    DFG wanted to know if we were harrassed by seals

    The official stance...
  72. Thozguys


    So look at the video? What did they use to film the video? A remote DSV with a camera? SCUBA which scares the crap out any fish? Did they use rebreathers to get closer to the fish? My problem with the whole mess is, show us the data not a video. Show where a consensus was made using accepted and...
  73. Thozguys

    Garmin GSD 22 w/1kw transducer

    I am looking to sell my Garmin GSD 22 (Black Box Sounder) with the TM-258 transducer ( 1kw ). The unit is only 3 years old. Estimated cost for the transducer is $700 and $400 for the GSD 22. I am looking to get around $ 750 for both. These are the only things left of my electronics on the boat...
  74. Thozguys


    Here is an app the DFG released to use on smart phones that have an internet connection and a web browser. The app sucks from a user perspective, just like the MLPAs, but it is functional unlike the MLPAs. Just input the link on your phone's browser to...
  75. Thozguys

    Lucky Day at Farnsworth Bank

    After talking to Dave Hansen about having him show me Farnsworth only to learn he was totally booked for the entire week, my spirits were low. After a couple of hours, Dave calls me to let me know that a client canceled. One big problem, the open day was my wife's birthday. Thankfully my wife...
  76. Thozguys

    MLPA News

    I just recieved this email and I thought I would pass the info on. Fish and Game Commission Re-Notices Proposed South Coast MPA Regulations Changes Prompted by Office of Administrative Law Rejection of Original Regulatory Package Sacramento, CA – October 5, 2011 – On October 3, the...
  77. Thozguys

    DFG Phone Survey

    I just got off the phone with the DFG. They were taking a survey of all my fishing habits. They asked where I fished Freshwater/Saltwater and what the percentage was for the Calendar year. The next questions were where, for how long, what was the primary species, the secondary species, and where...
  78. Thozguys

    No, We Don't Need limit Changes

    Perfect, they will still enact the MPLAs and place a size limit and take limit on all the fish. Now, if the MPLAs were not to go into effect October 1, then a slot limit for all species should be observed and used to help maintain the fishery. Before anyone writes to the DFG, remember they voted...
  79. Thozguys

    "Fight the MLPA" Fundraising Dinner May 22

    If I am not flying out of town, I will be there.
  80. Thozguys

    HMCS Yukon

    You do know that the ship was sunk so that it could be used for wreck diving? It is an awesome sight underwater and yes there is alot of life around and under the ship. From a diving perspective, it is also very dangerous as there are many items that can snag a diver. Also due to the way it sits...
  81. Thozguys

    22' Triumph 215 CC

    Thanksgiving Bump..
  82. Thozguys

    22' Triumph 215 CC

    Weekend Bump
  83. Thozguys

    22' Triumph 215 CC

    This has been the best boat I have ever owned. It sipps fuel at 3.4 - 4.1 MPG and can hit 45 MPH. It has a 200 mile range at 23 MPH. I have had it out to Santa Barbara island, Santa Rosa Island, San Clemente Island and few spots like the 43 and 81. It has lifetime warranty on the hull and is one...
  84. Thozguys

    Where to launch from San Pedro???

    There is a ramp near the Queen Mary that has a washdown area and is kept up really well. Not sure of the address but you should be able to see it on google or bing maps, it is on Queensway Dr. It is $9 a day on weekends. Bing Maps
  85. Thozguys

    Garmin (BlueChart g2 Vision SD Card)

    I have been upgrading my chip since 2007 and it is worth every penny. As an added feature to my 4208, I find areas that most miss. Granted the G2 Vision is mostly based on the MFD market, it is really hard to not utilize all the features the chip offers, such fuel dock, Ramps, harbor masters...
  86. Thozguys

    Dana Point is now my new home!

    I have a Yamaha 150 4 stroke, I wish I had the 200. If I keep under 25kts, I can get 250 miles, but I always use the 200 mile rule. I also have a fuel flow sensor that tells me how much is in tank and how much is burning coupled with the GPS it can forecast my projected range in real time. 70...
  87. Thozguys

    Dana Point is now my new home!

    The ride is much smoother than a conventional boat even in really rough water. One of the best things about the boat is how easy it is clean up since everything is either Ropeline (Plastic) or stainless steel. No waxing, just rinse with the raw water wash-down and go kill fish.. Also, the boat...
  88. Thozguys

    thinkin bout subscribing to fish dope

    If want site moderators with a great attitude, fellow fishermen who acutally help, great information on what has worked or may work in the future, like to listen to the VHF broadcasts of the fleet, fantastic customer service, then don't join a great site like Fish Dope.... Be warned, if you do...
  89. Thozguys

    Transome Mount Transducer placement.

    Triumphs can be a real pain to install a transducer on as they are made of ropelene. Which ever method you use, make sure to use plenty of Rule sealant. Here is a video of the transducer I have and it depicts the best method for installing any transducer. YouTube - Airmar TM260 Introduction...
  90. Thozguys

    How about some of these for Squid lights?

    Check out these sites, you may get some great ideas. Pacific Edge - Category Page
  91. Thozguys

    (MLPA) Form Letters for Emailing BRTF by Nov. 4th. Do it NOW!!!!

    All family members have sent out the email 3 people x 6 = 18
  92. Thozguys

    LINK to DFG for any comments about gear change for lobster hoop nets

    This thread is jacked up. Divers pointing fingers at hoopers and hoopers pointing fingers at divers. Both have valid points and faults. Are conical traps, how can they be if there is an 18" hole at the top. Do they compare to the commercial traps, not at all. Are they more effective, not...
  93. Thozguys

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    I have said my peace so I will not re-iterate it again. This is anther example of "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", just like the MPLA process, we have no say in what will happen. It has already been pre-determined. The data is flawed, the process is flawed and the fishery needs to be...
  94. Thozguys

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    So the DFG approves a design, then for some reason they decide that the design doesn't follow the spirit of their law, so they then decide to make a change that will impact normal law abiding people. Of course they will have to make up data or spin the data to reflect their new rules. What is...
  95. Thozguys

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    "The reason for a gear restriction first is the DFG has also studies the effectiveness of the different types hoop nets. They have not seen a drop off in reproduction of lobster, and at this time their first response is not to limit the overall take by recreational anglers. Much of the reasoning...
  96. Thozguys

    Need advice on a hand held GPS/Radio

    Check out the Standard Horizon HX850S. It is a hand held VHF with GPS builtin. It has great reception and have not had any issues with the unit whatsoever.
  97. Thozguys

    Quality Radar for reasonable price

    I have a Garmin 4208 that is GPS/FishFinder/Radar with an 18" HD Radar dome. The cool part of this setup is every 3 months Garmin send out an update that adds loads of new functinoality to the units. I would highly recommend the 4208 or if really want some trick go for the 5208 with the touch...
  98. Thozguys

    Garmin chartplotter G2 vision card - are they worth it??

    I have a 4208 with a G2 Vision card. They are standard SD memory cards but they do have some copy protection built in to them. I have become so dependent on all the features of the card that I do not want to leave port without it. I used to use a notebook to keep track of all the services for...
  99. Thozguys

    Launch Ramps

    Does anyone have any preferances of which boat ramp I should use to get to Catalina? I usually fish out of MDR or CI, going south will be new to me.
  100. Thozguys

    Memorial Charter to Santa Cruz ("R.I.P Wedge")

    Try contacting Island Packers in Channel Islands Harbor as they make regular trips to the channel islands.
  101. Thozguys

    friday gailforce deckhand dies

    Just so everyone knows there has been a change in the laws that pertain to "Good Samaritans", you can now be sued for trying to help someone according to our california supreme court. California Supreme Court allows good Samaritans to be sued for nonmedical care - Los Angeles Times
  102. Thozguys


    Can someone please post all the possible email addresses that we can send our concerns to. I am a bit confused as to who or what agency I should be sending me concerns to other than our state legitature. Maybe someone could semi-formalize a letter(s) that we could use to state our case. I would...
  103. Thozguys

    MPLA Question

    Would it help if we compiled a list of tackle manufactures, Daiwa, Penn, Shimano, etc. and boat manufactures, Grady White, Farallon, Defiance, Sea Ray, Proline, etc. and informed these companies that unless they start to help with this cause, their profits for the state of California will be...
  104. Thozguys

    MPA - Don't Bitch When Your Favorite Fishing Spot Is Closed - Easy Way To Fight MPA

    Opps forgot to check grammer & spelling, here is a revised version. Feel free to change any and everything to fit your needs. MPA Restrictions I am a resident of California and have lived in this community for more than 50 years. I am an active member of fishing clubs with my family and we...
  105. Thozguys

    MPA - Don't Bitch When Your Favorite Fishing Spot Is Closed - Easy Way To Fight MPA

    Here is another possible letter that can be sent, the more letters we send, the more attention it garners. I would highly recommend getting your spouses, friends and children involved. It doen't take that much time to look up your representatives and sends email and snail mail. This link should...
  106. Thozguys


    What completely blows me away is the fact that none of tackle manufactures are contributing to this cause. You would think that all the money involved with buying new Reels, Poles, tackle, etc. and the possible loss to their profits would make all of them sit up and take notice.. In the current...
  107. Thozguys

    MPA - Don't Bitch When Your Favorite Fishing Spot Is Closed - Easy Way To Fight MPA

    Here are the links to more senators Boxer Send an Email: Contacting Barbara Boxer Feinstein .: United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, California :: Contact Us :.
  108. Thozguys

    New 2008 Lobster Reg's. DFG Report Cards

    I think we as fisherman have forgotten about the divers that the DFG will never see after the first week the season begins. If you look closely at the report card you will see that not only do need to fill the gear used, but also if is was hoop or diving. Something else to remember, the...
  109. Thozguys

    what knot to use?

    I like the Alberto Knot, it is fast and easy to tie. Alberto's Knot - Fishing Knot Article
  110. Thozguys

    long beach scuba show

    I go every year, it keeps getting better & better. Lots of gear at great pricing along with cool travel deal. There are about 15 seminars there this year, Photo, spearfishing, wreck diving, etc..
  111. Thozguys

    Newbie Question

    Wow those are some quick responses. I guess I should have stated that I normally fish out of Ventura and have been to 3 of the islands, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Anacapa with this boat. It has a new GPS and radar but it does not have any satellite reception. I am still trying to get the hang...
  112. Thozguys

    Newbie Question

    I have a new boat and would like to fish in the San Diego area. Would anybody have some good suggestions on where I could go? besides the obvious answer.. What is the best ramp to launch from in San Diego? Where is it? Do I need to obtain Mexican fishing licenses? If yes, where do I purchase...