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  1. vegasandre

    Nighttime bait options for BFT?

    same as a sardine on a sinker rig.. or a dropper loop. nose hook and drop down 200 to 300 ft or drop down 50 ft off bottom when at HB . if you are lucky to get a live one or fresh dead..get ready for battle
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    Spinners the new norm for tuna?

    Only because you can't do
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    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    RP has a 22/19 Day scheduled for next FEB to "undisclosed location(s)" Should be interesting. Looking forward to the Unknown..
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    Nighttime bait options for BFT?

    BFT love squid... seen some crazy bites on Squid where even the crap spit up on deck was working well.. They also Love fresh Flying Fish on sinker rigs. If you are ever to be in a situation where a flying fish happens to fly on deck one night in the BFT zone(or big YFT zone) stick that puppy...
  5. vegasandre

    Spinners the new norm for tuna?

    Quality spinning gear- Stellas/Saltiga etc matched with the correct kind of popping or jigging gear can destroy Tuna of all sizes and IMO is the most fun kind of fishing of my lifetime.. The problem is this: On sub 60 lb or so fish - mostly anyone can do it. On over 100 or even 200 lb fish- Not...
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    I use them on both and on LR trips as well. Obviously the shorter rod is more dfficult (and the 1 speed reels as well ) after the fish is hooked... But- you can rail it at times (except the stella jig combo of course) and I still often do- and you can fish it for hours and hours without getting...
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    for the flat falls/vertical jigs here is what I use: 1- Large fish:100lb + fish and/or heavier jigs (250 gr-500 gr)- Jigging Master PE10 on a Black Hole Cape Cod 52n 450 gr 100 lb solid braid to usually 150lbs ish fluor. 2- Medium to Large fish 40lb-150lb fish (150 gr-300 gr jigs)-...
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    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    I typically like european SUVS but lately for some reason I want to buy trucks and would love a new Land rover defender but... truck makes more sense right now..except for the rods part.
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    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    yeah. 20k in gear just hanging out lol...
  10. vegasandre

    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    thank you for all the great info and explaining the truck bed deal.. makes sense now.. man you got a killer deal on that limited . have to find something like that. loaded laramies are like 65 and limited 75k now . maybe get 5 or 6 k off.. low supply
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    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    very smart. thank you
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    my buddy had one of those. interesting truck.. you would think this would be more of a standard...

    my buddy had one of those. interesting truck.. you would think this would be more of a standard option for trucks..
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    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    Well I am finally thinking about buying a truck.. Pretty much had SUV's last 25 years May eventually be towing a boat and/or airstream or similar -but do not have the boat or airstream yet... the question that has always bothered me about trucks... WHERE THE HELL DO I PUT MY FISHING POLES...
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    9 ' Dinghy and 3.5 HP merc outboard $1250

    West Marine SB 275 4 person Dinghy + Mercury 3.5 HP 4 stroke WITH STAND all sold as a package. Dinghy is not registered and was used 2x at Catalina. Engine maybe has 10-20 hours on it. Dinghy has wood hard floor and foot air pump. dinghy manual here...
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    Passing of an industry legend!

    Jack is a legend. Fished with him several times. He always loved to hang out on top deck next to all his accurate setups, while chilling on his deck chair with his portable boom box playing good tunes. This guy was always smiling and always happy to help anyone. When it was his turn on the...
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    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    House is almost done. Garage is completely bare and we just drywalled and painted it. trying to figure a cool layout that can handle 75-100 rods /workshop man cave and then have the other half for storage. LMK if anyone has any more Ideas or pics :)
  17. vegasandre

    A 373 and a 304

    Sorry about the loss of your Mom ..nothing is more important than family. Always good to do something you are passionate about while you are in the long grieving process. Congratulations on an epic trip and the 2 supers on Stand UP gear ! it is great to hear about that part as well . The...
  18. vegasandre

    Where to get a wooden tackle box

    My Buddy Gabriel (picklepork on BD)in Ventura makes an awesome box with excellent quality , He made me this large LR box 4 years ago and I still smell the wood lacquer on it when I go near it.
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    Yet another wooden box

    wow, beautiful raised box.
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    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    Glad that you are getting back out on the water ! My Friend Gary and His brother Jim will be on that trip (you fished with Gary on the X with me) wish I could always :)
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    Offshore 10/29- Epic BFT trip on the Pacifica

    Awesome job you Legends! Great Catch ! someone just showed me a picture of the future and there are 15 SKB tackle boxes littered across the deck with their own Helium tank holders... 8-)
  22. vegasandre

    SKB 7200 custom

    Ok bear with me because I am not so handy.. 1- lets look at the top bungee on top shelf. Is that just one cord looped through the 2 drilled inner holes on each side ? 2- How is the bungee tied in place? is there a knot behind one of the grommets? thanks for your help. I have never even...
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    SKB 7200 custom

    very nice.. How did you install those fluoro holders ? thank you
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    Calstar 90j custom deckhand

    yes , sorry I didnt see this..
  25. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 20A and Okuma Mak SEA8

    Sold the Mak 8 today to Brain the 20A is still available.. everyone says they want it but then they get flaky and don't show up
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    Shogun - Police

    hmm bad OXY laced with Fentanyl probably? sounds like it.
  27. vegasandre

    Shogun - Police

    I thought that there weren't any limits on Square Groupers?
  28. vegasandre

    Shogun - Police

    Heard it may have involved the Shogun and not the Rooster.. but not sure.
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    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Thank you for the great report and awesome pics. Congrats on the slow pitch success..
  30. vegasandre

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    Any more Garage ideas? I am redoing a detached garage in San Diego from scratch (new sheetrock ,storage and epoxy floors) thanks
  31. vegasandre

    Back to back trips

    The thing I like about your Back to Back is that its perfect that there is a few days in between the trips. Gives you time to chill , decompress and get everything in order. For myself, I have never had the chance to do he Back to Back trips. One day maybe.. I know though when I get back...
  32. vegasandre

    Calstar 90j custom deckhand

    or sale is a good condition deckhand 90j Now is it graphite or glass? I have no idea. But its in good condition and a good YT jigstick rod. located in SD $175
  33. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 20A and Okuma Mak SEA8

    Located in San Diego 1-Shimano Trinidad 20 A in good condition. filled to top with white 65 lb izorline braid (last fall) with original clamp and deckhand clamp and box. $375 2-Okuma Mak 8 sea good condition filled to top with white 40lb izorline spectra. w/box $325-SOLD both reels very good...
  34. vegasandre

    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    Geez. I prefer to Live and not live in Fear...
  35. vegasandre

    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    Live, like it's your last day Sing karaoke and sip some Rosé This won't last forever But if you're clever You just might sail away And live, like it's your last day... Jimmy Buffet
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    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    Asshole is up to his commie tricks again.
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    Calstar 90j custom

    Hi Mike yeah its the same rod I think its just the flash -it is a black wrap like the top pick
  38. vegasandre

    Calstar 90j custom

    Yo Mike How have you been lol Blue one? hope al is well
  39. vegasandre

    Calstar 90j custom

    It is a red wrap..
  40. vegasandre

    trinidad 20A and Okuma Makaira 8Sea

    hi Its solid white Izor replaced last fall to the top. I dont use top shots of mono anymore
  41. vegasandre

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    Newsom Shuts down UBER and LYFT in CA.. this guy is a major dick..
  42. vegasandre

    Torque 25n LD2 ,Stella 5k or 6k

    Still looking for these Items above. Penn Torque Silver 25 or 25n Shimano Stella 5k or 6k Black thank you
  43. vegasandre

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    Thank you It will be a detached garage in the rear of the property and not connected to the house. Has windows and a side door. pretty much a blank slate though. I may make it into looking like a tackle shop . Most of my reels remain on the rods year round as they are in use often (sometimes...
  44. vegasandre

    trinidad 20A and Okuma Makaira 8Sea

    Located in San Diego 1-Shimano Trinidad 20 A in good condition. filled to top with white 65 lb izorline braid (last fall) with original clamp and deckhand clamp and box. $375 2-Okuma Mak 8 sea good condition filled to top with white 40lb izorline spectra. w/box $325 both reels very...
  45. vegasandre

    Calstar 90j custom

    for sale is a good condition deckhand 90j Now is it graphite or glass? I have no idea. But its in good condition and a good YT jigstick rod. located in SD $175
  46. vegasandre

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    Time to take action... It is time for the "Silent Majority" to Speak... Be a lion
  47. vegasandre

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    thanks I would try to find an interior room in most other climates but it will be local in San Diego where the weather never changes and the gear does great in the garages.
  48. vegasandre

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    Maybe buying a house here soon with a real Garage. The Garage will serve 2 main purposes: 1- Fishing tackle storage and work station(for fishing related only) 2- Storage for all other crap(no cars) Let's hear about some great ideas and maybe post some great Pictures of your setups! thank you
  49. vegasandre

    Night Wahoo

    Wahoo are pretty rare at night.. Mahi are not. Been on many trips short range and LR where the Boat was drifting for the night ,and getting up at zero dark thirty to fish- Many times(like a lot)I have come out and there would be a school of Dodo's milling around the boat. The Boat acts as a...
  50. vegasandre

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    If you are unhappy with the curent situation then take Action! It is easy to fill out the petition and you can drop off or mail it into the many places listed in each individual county. Here is the official web page. Here are the FB pages for local counties San...
  51. vegasandre

    Reels: Silver Penn Torques all sizes, Tranx 500 HG, Stella 5/6K Rods: UC Reaper UC 20-50lb rodss

    have been getting a few leads on some new stuff so what else do you have this weekend?
  52. vegasandre

    Two years ago...

    I think many of the problems can be fixed for the JP - give out prizes instead of money. rods/reels/tackle/clothing/trip discount etc... I have stopped entering jackpots as it just seems pointless with the current system: which is pay for a jackpot with changing rules and sometimes people...
  53. vegasandre

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    See you out there soon Soda Pop.. I know not fishing has to be tough on you as fishing(LR fishing) is probably your life Passion, as it is with many others on this board. You have to do what is best for you and your family. So do you have any spots that you can sell at a discount? LOL just...
  54. vegasandre

    Reels: Silver Penn Torques all sizes, Tranx 500 HG, Stella 5/6K Rods: UC Reaper UC 20-50lb rodss

    I am an San Diego and looking for : Reels: Silver Penn Torques- prefer 2 speeds 15- 40 sizes Or Shimano Talica 8-10 Shimano Tranx 500 HG Shimano Stella 5k or 6k (black ) Rods: UC Reaper UC Wahoo/jt/tile fish/Mega etc- (prefer custom wraps.. ) will...
  55. vegasandre

    Tranx 500 hg for trinidad

    I can trade you a trinidad 20 a filled with 65 lb braid. I am in San diego
  56. vegasandre

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Just spoke to Frank yesterday. He said Guadalupe is probably most likely in doubt . He said they get their yearly permits from Mexico City and said the office where they get the permits is Closed and has been for some time due to Virus.. I would suspect Alijos and the Ridge gets a lot of...
  57. vegasandre

    Popper Rod for a Stella 18000

    So with an Stella 18k ... This is meant to be a Popping reel for larger fish. Typically most put 80 or 100 lb on this reel with 130lb plus leader via FG. for this setup , the popper pros will use a 7'6" or 8'0 popping rod with this reel..8'6" is more viable with a 10k size.. A Black Hole Cape...
  58. vegasandre

    California Rollback

    best of luck with the Virus. I agree that many will or have had it. Hope that is shouldnt be too bad. I can name one person who hasnt had a Flu or major cold in their lifetime but I dont want to jinx it... as they knock on wood....
  59. vegasandre

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    RECALL Newsom is gaining major steam. Check out the site and add your signature to the petition.. Petition needs to be filled out and handed in correctly! There are many places to sign in every county
  60. vegasandre

    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    Recall Newsom is gaining serious steam.. check out the site for more info and signing up
  61. vegasandre

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    Is this strackle guy a big Cock? just asking
  62. vegasandre

    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    Just quoting an esteemed LR captain... (who is 10000000000000000000000000 % spot on) lol
  63. vegasandre

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    The Only Opah release in History...
  64. vegasandre

    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    "There is a lot of good fishing coming our way this season. And, due to the Covid nightmare and hysterical fear mongering by the media who are intent on destroying America's morale, there is plenty of space on upcoming voyages. If you are healthy, have no serious underlying health conditions...
  65. vegasandre

    Best charity/charities for donating primo long range tackle?

    my Garage? JK ...friends of Rollo...
  66. vegasandre

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Have fished most all the boats with the exception of the Searcher, SOA and Polaris Supreme. All the Boats are Awesome and have there own plusses and unique charector traits.. Not everyone has the same desired goals for a LR trip which can lead them to pick and choose a boat that best fits...
  67. vegasandre

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Hmm..those Hillcrest parties...
  68. vegasandre

    Is the RP Fishing?

    Rp is at at the dock and they are doing boat work as we speak. Spoke to Monica in the Ofiice.. she said its a "day to day situation" and has been tough on all the boats/owners/captains/ crews and employees.
  69. vegasandre

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    Ahh.. I am glad you got out too. We defintely Needed a Nebraska fish report. shelf!
  70. vegasandre

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    I was at the Landing Monday and yesterday- I live by there and have been eating lunch in the parking lot,(which is Free and Unatttended BTW) and The X was in the water at the Dock. Will check back tomorrow . Hope it works out for you Guys!
  71. vegasandre

    FG vs RP

    I have switched exclusively to the FG knot with a rizzuto finish for every line class under 130. For 130 and up I still use loop to loop top shots . Also got rid of any mono top shots on the lighter line classes : now its just straight braid to fluoro leader via FG. On the knots to hooks , I...
  72. vegasandre

    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    Hot Damn.. That great short notice deal.. one of these days.
  73. vegasandre

    And then I woke up...

    Dreams are pretty funny. Like many of you probably , I often dream about fishing and especially LR fishing while alseep. For me sometimes 50% of my dreams involve LR fishing or some aspect of it . sometimes the dreams are all I have, LOL so last night.. I find myself in Tonight's Dream and I...
  74. vegasandre

    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Cool write up..
  75. vegasandre

    Limited Load on the RP

    I remember a couple of times on the these 18 day Limited load trips where they crushed them and they came back a day early (they would have to fight me if I was on that trip to come back early ,lol) Update for 02/01 Hello everyone; We’ll things are starting to slow down, but I think the...
  76. vegasandre

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    I will confess to that on this one.. And you have never thread jacked, lol? Now back to the Waste Management topic...
  77. vegasandre

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Thank you for the update Soda, Glad to see you have wifi down there still(for whatever reason the X has the best wifi). Fishing will turn around! Let us know if he decides to go 180 miles away to make a look see.
  78. vegasandre

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    He surely wouldn't dig Carnival cruises , maybe seaborn ,seven seas ,viking or regent. Foodies see things differently. My best friend is a foodie too. Hard to make him content on LR Boat. I find it funny when he needs to eat all his meals and critiques everything while I am eating my "to go"...
  79. vegasandre

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Even though The Forum skin and look has changed on BD ,I see not much else has changed...
  80. vegasandre

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Is this some kind of Foodie forum? I thought that this was a LR fishing forum.. I know Food is high on your list by all your previous posts but is the type of food really that urgent on A fishing trip? As long as everyone gets fed, fishes hard and has a good time, who really cares about the...
  81. vegasandre

    Intrepid December 10th, 10 day cancelled

    I agree, though I like Woody and some of the guys that ride the boat, this boat has a huge history of cancelling trips on short notice- for years ..December especially. IMO, The RP is the Alpha boat ,and no one close, based on overall fish catching and consistency (rarely a bad trip,always...
  82. vegasandre

    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Thank you Steve- a great detailed report. amazed at all the extra that people have to do when flying in to SD for a LR trip. That is a lot of additional steps(but well worth it)
  83. vegasandre

    Offshore Rpt.-Sun. 11-10-19 Tuna! Tuna!

    Great job Cory! The big one was a bft?. Looks like it. Congrats.
  84. vegasandre

    Marla's 11/1/19

    Awesome Report Josh ;) thanks again for taking me to that good place. You have many more trips ahead of you
  85. vegasandre

    14 Day What Do I Need

    HI Joe . I think this worked out perfect for you instead of the 2 back to back 10 days(which can be difficult for many doing back to back trips) -this will give you time to decompress,reflect and learn from everything on your 10 day on what you may or may not need on your 14 day. Most likely...
  86. vegasandre

    Red Rooster: 10/20-10/28 Report

    Awesome report and great Wahoo action and congrats for the Popper Hoo- That is special- and a light deck with casual fishing pressure - even better. Super pumped for you.. That is a great trip.
  87. vegasandre


    Thank you for the great report John. My Condolences to you and your family for your recent losses. Next year is your year for sure.
  88. vegasandre

    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    That was a great, well written report.. thank you. We appreciate it!
  89. vegasandre

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    that stinks for the Chief. Hopefully the insurance and insurance for the boat yard will make amends. They are looking for another boat. Seems like we keep recycling the same old boats all the time. What are the odds that someone will eventually build a new sportboat? The east coast party...
  90. vegasandre

    Offshore 9/29 NEW LO-AN 1.5 day

    thanks for the Write up.. That was well written. Sorry about the almost Skunk ,its BFT-happens often..
  91. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Some good news: Lorena made a more easterly turn and is rolling along the sea of cortez and moving RT.... However TS Mario will afect the ridge Alijos area though it should weaken by to a depression by sometime tomorrow as it interacts with the cooler sub 80 degree water in the area...
  92. vegasandre

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    Great Trip Cory, thanks for all the details. Congratulations on your fantastic recovery from heart surgery! Sounds like you will be ready for Cows in no time!
  93. vegasandre

    Offshore THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Awesome Loreto.. thanks again :) you are doing it all wrong! lol Classic...
  94. vegasandre

    Guadalupe Island weather link

    here is a good forecast link,-114.302,6 click on the arrow on the bottom for next 8-10 day forecast and and you can also click on the "waves" index on right for the waves forecast.
  95. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Morning update.. Lorena is now affecting Cabo right now as a cat 1 Hurricane. TS mario is pretty close by. Many models are forecasting Lorena and Mario to merge on Sunday ish.. and will weaken as it goes over colder waters to the NW. Pretty cool too see 2 systems so close and interacting...
  96. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    As we get closer with latest model runs.. It appears that the Ridge /Alijos area will be a No go zone till tuesday ish.. in other words boats can probably start heading down that way on monday if they are in the upper local zone. Guadalupe looks to be ok, as it is in the lee , but may be a...
  97. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Latest Guidance on Almost Hurricane Lorena - could reach Cat 2 size as it parallels Cabo in 72 hrs. Thinking the 10 day leaving on Excel tomorrow may hang around up here and do the Big BFT thing at sci and schoolie yft thing at upper hidden - before waiting till coast is clear. If they head...
  98. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    still a few days out and developing. biggest concern will be soon to be Hurricane Lorena which may hug the baja coast as a cat 1 or strong TS. too early to call but may affect trips that are going to ridge/alijos area leaving this weekend. Guadalupe should be OK.. will know more tonight...
  99. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Mario and Lorena this weekend and early next week. Models are pretty divergent still but there could be some affect for any LR trip that is going to typical areas...bears watching closely.
  100. vegasandre

    Sad news, boat fire. Surviving crew member thought phone charging station might have sparked boat fire we may not find out actual cause for awhile. 2 things I do know: -every recent sport boat accident could of been...
  101. vegasandre

    What To Leave Home?

    here is my advice- Leave nothing at home... a 10 day you can run into many many different situations. good luck!
  102. vegasandre

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    good question Aaron! I think the float, tied to the back of the flyer , would work flylining it out under real good conditions. At HB once ,at night, I put a flyer that flew onto the boat on a 16 oz Dropper loop rig and sent it down to just off the bottom and got bit very quickly. On...
  103. vegasandre

    Success Sportfishing with 5 Super cow BFT's..

    Mostly all the big ones right now are being caught from kite or Helium ballon via Flying fish. Mostly frozen flying fish.. Same deal as Hurricane bank but on the drift. Billyk Has been wacking them, too(like 10+cows on a 23 ft Parker ) this week... Basically same areas off SCI as last year...
  104. vegasandre

    Success Sportfishing with 5 Super cow BFT's..

    Just check on with the boat 5 over 300# on a first day of a 2.5 on the mighty boat Success. Shout out to Captain Greg Obymako & our crew Alan Husby, Romolino Ghio & Steve Trudeau. Off Desperation SCI...
  105. vegasandre

    Sea Adventure 80

    Sorry for telling it like it is.. I forgot this is BD and threads go sideways more than not. .. Just saying it as I saw it.. Thanks Dave it was cool meeeting you and Eric , that trip was a . GLad you had a great trip on Fishy's trip Maybe in my next life when I dont have 2...
  106. vegasandre

    Sea Adventure 80

    I never said Lie , I knew where the fish were and weren't ... It was a effort in wasting time till the end of the trip. There hadnt been anything at the 302 since june. Happens a lot actually.
  107. vegasandre

    Can I get away with this?

    Steve I have fished the AZTEC many times. It is the best overnight short range boat out there IMO. Captain Greg is "very informative" to say the least ;) You will always know what is going on and what the plan is. And he will give a 2 hr tackle demonstration for an overnight trip that puts...
  108. vegasandre

    Sea Adventure 80

    I have ridden the SA80 several times with a 2.5 day last year being the last time. Basically the platform itself if big though high out of the water. Galley area is large and there are some "staterooms" which should not be confused with LR boat type staterooms. Wide beam and lots of room...
  109. vegasandre

    Royal Star Trip Report

    lol, A couple of friends started following Wim Hof last year and then I started hearing his name all over the place on podcasts and then at a Tony Robbins Seminar- so I was like WTF is Wim Hof? Basically a breathing exercise that helps everything, including but not limited, to cold...
  110. vegasandre

    Slow to Zero on Tuna

    Big Bft biting like crazy for the well informed PB- flying fish...And a desperation... Best bite ever.
  111. vegasandre

    Where's Jeff from Indy?

    Amazing that the Indy would not give Jeff a piece of the action and let him go. Big mistake. The RP is a complete first class operation with 2 all star captains now.
  112. vegasandre

    Royal Star Trip Report

    Wow. there is sometimes a fine line between funny and not funny... sometimes Pranks on Sportboats can be borderline hilarious but then maybe going to far..most of the times they are funny-something to break up the day. As far as the Vaping/Pen thing it is pretty much the way of the world...
  113. vegasandre

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    RP doing well at Lupe...
  114. vegasandre

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    that was an awesome report- great pics!
  115. vegasandre

    Black Hole Cape Cod 450 gr Jigging Rod

    Like New with bag. Black Hole 52B Cape Cod 450 gr jigging rod. 5'2" - this rod is made for heavier type flatfall/butterfly jigging made exclusively for 100lb + pound fish. I have many of them - it is all I use for Jigging BFT and YFT. Pairs well with a Jigging master Pe10 or similar type...
  116. vegasandre

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    I am pretty sure it is: Jesus Companioni Not sure where he is nowadays- He was a good deckhand and maybe 2nd but lacking as a 1st. not all people are meant to be the head honcho.. Anyway regarding this thread- All the boats are good , many on here have relationships and tribal alliances to...
  117. vegasandre

    Black Hole 450 Gram Conv Jigging Rod.

    Like New with bag. Black Hole 52B Cape Cod 450 gr jigging rod. 5'2" - this rod is made for heavier type flatfall/butterfly jigging made exclusively for 100lb + pound fish. I have many of them - it is all I use for Jigging BFT and YFT. Pairs well with a Jigging master Pe10 or similar type...
  118. vegasandre

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I am surprised that none of the paasengers on board haven't chimed in yet and told their story on what unfolded. Usually there are always some people up at that time frame getting everything ready to de-board...
  119. vegasandre

    Music on deck

    I love music while fishing... Louder the better, even if it is something I dont usually like or listen too. I remember a Team Hoo trip on the Excel 9 or so years ago and they were blasting Johnny Cash for like the whole trip. Not my usual cup of tea but We got into a WFO Tuna bite at the Ridge...
  120. vegasandre

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    totally inexusable . I don't care what happened . their lic should be yanked immediately. A history of putting passengers lives at risk. there is no excuse for that. It is a shame really.
  121. vegasandre

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    This is Andrew's Boat. He had the Prowler last year that got into that major collision where people died. I guess they did not learn from the past. Pretty sad ... he is toast.
  122. vegasandre

    Looking for a past post of a Video sportboat tour.

    here you go. Blue Chum
  123. vegasandre

    What is your favorite jig?

    For Large Tuna(yft or bft): If I had one verticle jig- #1- It would be a FCL labo sl in 270 gram in Pink Glow. #2- Nomad Buffalo 320 gr in Pink Glow If I had one Popper: #1-Heru Skipjack 120gr in Green (60 or 90 gr for smaller tuna) #2- Heru Skipjack 120gr in Blue (I love the Heru's) If I had...
  124. vegasandre

    Smith Baby Runboh, poor quality.

    here is a wrecked Smith Baby Rumboh(sinking) rejuvinated with a Jigskinz.. swims well still but havent tried it that much to verify the catching ability with jigskinz. This one lure has been good for well over 25 tuna. and looked similar to the original poster before jigskinz
  125. vegasandre

    Offshore Looking for BFT

    not enough range on that boat. too many variables. Stay inshore and look for YT or make sure you have Sea Tow or Boat US ...
  126. vegasandre

    Spinning rod for tuna poppers

    A Good medium size popper rod that is affordable is the OTI Tuna sniper in 8.5 ft length or you can get the 7.5 length for heavier fish. mid $300... I would not get a typical west coast rod(okuma,shimano,phenix,calstar,uc,etc..) as that is not their Forte... Also most true popping...
  127. vegasandre

    Smith Baby Runboh, poor quality.

    This has also happened to all of mine after tuna crushings. Par for the course..
  128. vegasandre


    I do not think the LR board or LR fishing is going away any time soon. It was interesting over the past week when all of a sudden the 2005 -2007 threads were up here on top on BD. I went back and read many of them. It was incredible reading some of the reports/threads and hysteria over the...
  129. vegasandre

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    After last season I have redone all my 50 lb and under rigs due to major major success ratios after witnessing one particular astonishing display by another angler last year on a 1.5 day he caught 14 big bft. I caught 5.. most guys had 1 or 2. So I asked him what did he do different? and here...
  130. vegasandre

    Lost in time.

    ZZZZ if you have a link to that Clipperton report , please post it thank you :)
  131. vegasandre

    Lost in time.

    Its been pretty cool reading these threads from 2007-2010. there has been some changes in the fisheries and techniques in past 10 years ...
  132. vegasandre


    was wondering what happened with this trip. they were on a 16 day and came back in 13 or 14 days . not one update on any site from the trip.
  133. vegasandre

    Okuma Makaira 16 SEa $ 400.00 firm with braid

    somebody should take you up on this one...
  134. vegasandre

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    Thank you Gary! I am sure your Dad is an unbelievable insprition to you and your family. He just gave me new renewed inspiration as well. Wish him a Happy Bday for all of us here when he gets back- also let us know some of his longetivity secrets(fountain of youth) if he gets a chance...
  135. vegasandre

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    I just saw this post while looking at current RP 18 day trip report going on and I will have to say I have found new Inspiration! Not sure of the Anglers name(sure someone here knows) but 94 yrs old, catching wahoo on a 18 day trip and looking good doing it..well that is impressive! He is...
  136. vegasandre

    Nice one landed at PV

    here is the short video.. Keith will post the entire story when he gets back
  137. vegasandre

    Nice one landed at PV

    I just talked to him. He hooked it on the Balloon rig and it made two runs but then kind of almost died and was gut hooked. Got it in in under 15 minutes. When they tried to bring it on board they couldn't and had to use the winch. The fish wouldn't fit in the fish hold and the Marla...
  138. vegasandre

    Nice one landed at PV

    My Buddy Keith caught it! Supposedly it died after a couple runs. The best part is they cut it up and didn't weigh it.
  139. vegasandre

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Looking forward to the great Story, thanks for writing Nebraska!
  140. vegasandre

    Accurate Bx2-500 2 speed

    Sold , thanks Jeramy
  141. vegasandre

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    What a great thread! LR fishing- It isn't a hobby or a vacation or a brief escape from reality for me- LR fishing and the Ocean are a part of me. Engrained and entrenched. I am sure many of you are in the same situaiton when you dream at night. 80% of my dreams involve LR fishing . Sure...
  142. vegasandre

    Accurate Bx2-500 2 speed

    Good condition Accurate bx2- 500 2 speed. with Box. Serviced by Vince at Fisherman's 3/4 filled with 65lb izor white braid and rest 100 yd 50 lb topshot. Used for Wahoo bombos and mid size Tuna... $300- SOLD Local in San diego or + for shipping.
  143. vegasandre

    Okuma Mak 30 SEA & Accurate BX2-500

    MAk 30 sold Accurate bx2 2 speed still available.
  144. vegasandre

    Stella 10k SW -2008 model

    that is $25 more LOL
  145. vegasandre

    Okuma Mak 30 SEA & Accurate BX2-500

    Excellent condtion Mak 30 Gunmetal with 650+yards of JB 130 serviced by Okuma. With box and everything -ready to go cow fishing this afternoon.... $450- SOLD Still Available- Good condition Accurate bx2- 500 2 speed. with Box. Serviced by Vince at Fisherman's 3/4 filled with 65lb izor white...
  146. vegasandre

    Saltydawg Black Hole 3rd generation Cow Special

    Salty Dog Rail wrapped Black Hole 7' 3rd generation cow special. Alps reel seat . This rod has caught 1 cow and lot of 120-180's. Local in San Diego only for this one. $325.00
  147. vegasandre

    Stella 10k SW -2008 model

    Recently serviced Stella 10k filled with 80lb white solid Braid IZOR replaced this past year. This reel has caught tons of Yellowtail and Tuna up to 160lbs. Perfect for the popping and surface iron.. Includes Stella Pouch and Left hand pin. local in San Diego- SOLD $550 + Shipping if...
  148. vegasandre


    Thank you again Joe. Your current adventure prose has helped me reflect on my fishing life and maybe even life in general. The things that we think are important aren't actually too important and the things that we often overlook are what we should cherish...
  149. vegasandre

    Excel - Colonello October 20 -31, 2018, the Guadalupe a trip.

    Awesome report Steve. Loved it. Crazy how much of a challenge it is to get your stuff from the east coast to SD and back. That made me dizzy. If I ever lived back in East Coast I am not sure how I would do it. that GW video is nuts. Amazing they got the fish in. That was a bad day to be...
  150. vegasandre

    Penn 12 VISX

    I have the 12 set up as a 60 lb setup with 80 braid/60 lb leader. I have the 16 set up as a 80lb rig . the reels are a little heavier than the MAk's but I really like the free spool. Farmed a cow bft on the 12 last week after a chewoff long surface fish battle on the 60 lb leader. Was...
  151. vegasandre


    Thanks John Appreciate the detailed help in the rigging and technique. Do you think there would be any advantage to rigging the hook on top of the Flyer(like we do here in SD for the yummies on the Kite) instead of the bottom? Maybe for in the daytime. Just thinking about using this...
  152. vegasandre


    Awesome right up John(as usual) Can you go into detail about rigging/size and technique for the frenzy flyer? Still trying to figure out why the GOM is a night time flyer bite and the Pacific is a daytime flyer You would think the night time flyer thing would work down at Hurricane..
  153. vegasandre

    1000$ discount on 14 day Hoo's Run n' Gun on Intrepid leaving Nov 6th

    $4285 is a pretty good deal. Sorry about the BD banter- par for the course. there has been a few cancels posted on various boats lately. you may have to offer more especially being so close to departure day for a long trip. Also try posting in LR forum
  154. vegasandre

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    For some reason or another the December trips on the Intrepid have had difficulty the past few years getting passengers. they are probably going to be doing some shorter trips maybe Lupe or Ridge trips like a couple other boats have recently published this week for December.
  155. vegasandre

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    My Vegas Buddy, Jaime, invited me out on a 5 day on the Excel in 2004. Previously I had only been on the Pacific Ocean once before(1.5 day RR3) and pretty much stopped fishing since 1997 due to Moving from NJ,Living in Vegas ,Wife ,3 little kids,the usual... I had just closed a big McMansion...
  156. vegasandre


    Nothing better than starting out a Sunday with a cool Picasso Novel... I miss those.. Glad you got to fish with Greg on the Aztec- He could give Al Michaels, Howard Cossell and Joe Buck a run for their money. thanks for the great writing as always. Looking forward to further adventures of...
  157. vegasandre

    What's changed?

    Great question and thread... Things that I have changed fishing in five years: - more Stellas - less bait fishing(unless I have to) - changed from pena to FG like many here. - Still use windons for bigger bait setups(for ease) - Ditched the San Diego and use the Uni knot for every single knot...
  158. vegasandre


    Great report John! We haven't had such a detailed report on here in a long while. I miss them. Hopefully maybe you inspired others to write reports/stories. thank you
  159. vegasandre

    14-16 Day Gear Recommendations

    Those lists on the sites are pretty outdated but also a good reference as to what you really need if you like to travel lightly or have limited access to tackle Since I am the direct opposite of that , here is my updated list: NOTE: this list is large due to a addiction to artificials disease...
  160. vegasandre

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    Great thread... As a Jigging /Popping guy first and only use bait if I have to, the question of how many jigs is enough is always asked? The answer- There is never enough! The addiction and curse is real: It is 2-3x the setups and 10-100x the jigs as I would take if I was primarily a bait...
  161. vegasandre

    Offshore Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Wow- Incredible Amazing Day... I dream about a Day like this.
  162. vegasandre

    What to expect early sept 2.5 day

    I spoke to many people about this recently and was pretty surprised. While I am a go big or go home guy and figured most would be, I found the opposite to be true: I would say many people just "want to pull on something" . Many are just out one or two times a year and they rather catch small...
  163. vegasandre

    What to expect early sept 2.5 day

    A lot can change but ... Just got back from my 2.5 day. We caught about 400 fish. But if you weighed them all together it would be the same as a couple of Big BFT.. Average fish Size-5- 6 lbs. Largest on Boat maybe 12 lbs. When did everyone all of sudden start keeping every Skipjack...
  164. vegasandre

    Offshore August 16, 2018: Dodos near the 43 and Big BFT tuna at SCI

    Nice Video Keith, sorry I couldn't make it, But , why are those guys throwing poppers with Conventionals... :D
  165. vegasandre

    Best and worst months for 15 day trip.

    After March it can get real sharky. Jan is typically the roughest weather at times though fishing is dependable. Also there is the daylight issue... In the fall sun goes down at 5 ish. I like Feb to March also less crowded as some boats are doing haul outs... and decent sunlight
  166. vegasandre

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    Exactly. All these hooks you guys are putting on the Flat falls seem Funny. I will have to admit the first time I saw all these hooks on the jigs I thought it was a joke or MEME or something... But then I think throwing Poppers with Conventionals is funny too ;) You really only need 1...
  167. vegasandre

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    :) The Stella has the power of a Driver with the precision of a lob wedge...(maybe that can be their new slogan or something) Maybe I will do a 15 day with only Stellas.. Love to freak out the captains.(in a good way). Hell, even fly one on the kite rotation for super kicks.. ;) I stopped...
  168. vegasandre

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    Well you got me to reply ;) . I will say though I do not use my Stella's for bait fishing in 99% of the bait fishing type situations... I could, but I choose not to. with that said.. Have you heard about those golf contests where the golfer is only allowed to use 1 club for the whole...
  169. vegasandre

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    I guess versatility is not one of your strong suits.. be open minded ...
  170. vegasandre


    Yeah you can both come down.. :zelfmoord And after we can swap out the rods- I throw your Conventional and you throw my Stella.. Maybe I can get you guys to convert to our cult. (though I think the west coast conventional thing is a cult) lol.. I just don't know how many times (every...
  171. vegasandre


    No worries dude, It is all about the fun. But, I am sure you were born and raised in San Diego/so cal. Which is 100% why you have that opinion- it is quite common from the long time captains of the sport boats down to the younger anglers coming up and everywhere in between. Tranx...
  172. vegasandre


    Hey do not take this the wrong way, but my go to Conventional Popper outfit would be the Garbage can.. LOL Poppers on Conventional gear is Plain Wrong. I don't care if you caught a 600lb tuna with it. It is like playing golf with a tennis racket. It is like Fly fishing with Spinning gear, It...
  173. vegasandre

    Offshore I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    o_O thank you for the cool report, but, I find that comment Odd...Bigger is always better. Would of been even better if they were 400 lb plus...
  174. vegasandre

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    Great Success there Chris :) When the Fishing Gods see Chris on the boat: "The Force is strong with this One" Thanks Jim for the Insight on this thread ! I too use circle hooks for rigging on my wahoo bait setups. I rig up one wahoo bait rig ready to go,though I have never deployed it...
  175. vegasandre

    Seeker American Series and Sea Striker 7' spinning combo

    Sea Striker 7" spinning combo still available.
  176. vegasandre

    Rigging poppers?

    Hi Russ I use the swivel and split ring. I do not like tying line directly to a split ring for any type fishing as the line tends to find the out occasionally. good luck!
  177. vegasandre

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    That was a funny post. Brings back memories... My first LR trip was a 5 day on the Excel. I was also a fisherman since I could walk (east coast) but the wife and kids came(fishing took the back seat for years) and we moved out west. On that trip with my Buddy I brought : -2 Rods -1 pack of...
  178. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A with 65lb Braid

    hi Wendell Yes it is still avail...send me a pm thanks
  179. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16a!

    here you go
  180. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A with 65lb Braid

    educated guess- in the 200 yard range. about 3/4 full.
  181. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A with 65lb Braid

    It is filled enough in order to allow a 75-100yd mono top shot(which fills it completely.)
  182. vegasandre

    Shimano Twin power SW14000XG

    Yeah I have a Stella problem. Need to go to some Stella AA group. Number 6 .
  183. vegasandre

    Spinners on the Rail?

    You can use the Smitty harness and belt it will work fine. You just need a strap. The Braid straps are a little short but work. Black Magic makes the better longer one as well as the better harness and plate- Their Strap is called the light tackle harness adapter or something like that.
  184. vegasandre

    Trini 16a...

    Here you go. ..
  185. vegasandre

    Mak vs VISX trial

    I just got my Visx 16 yesterday from XMAS also (along with the 12) Think they will be a good 80 and 60 lb outfit compliment. But I really like this quote Blaine: "Next I filled a bucket with some of my wife’s exercise paraphernalia and weighed it on a bathroom scale. It was 22 pounds. I stood...
  186. vegasandre

    Spinners on the Rail?

    LOL wow -that was unique...
  187. vegasandre

    Spinners on the Rail?

    Wow , that was an Epic fight! Pretty sure the reason for not getting this fish in was the rod. None of the typical West Coast rods are suitable as they do not make or specialize in Jigging specific(or popping specific) rods: Jigging-Short under 6' rods with tons of back bone/lifting power...
  188. vegasandre

    Spinners on the Rail?

    Here is the End game on a 600lb BFT on a spinner with the use of the Straps...
  189. vegasandre

    Spinners on the Rail?

    Spinner's on the Rail? C'Mon Guys , On the East Coast we jerk those things in. Those Tuna are a bunch of Pussies..especially Bluefin. LOL Seriously though- Larger Tuna caught successfully with Spinning gear = Right Gear + good Technique+ Strength/stamina Right Gear: If you have a large...
  190. vegasandre

    General Info on the Independence

    The Indy, IMO , is the best overall platform in the LR fleet. With it's very large Excel'ish size and terrific MODERN layout on deck, in the galley ,in the cabins etc, fishability - I would pick the Indy #1 if it were based Just on the Boat itself only and nothing else... Capt Jeff is a...
  191. vegasandre

    2320 vs 2520

    Thanks for the Reply's it is good to hear from owners of the 2520 in addition to the already abundant 2320 fans. If I got a killer deal(like unicorns) on a 2820 I would consider that one also. I know it is the same bean as the 2520 but obviously less fuel eff and more $$ to run /slip etc...
  192. vegasandre

    2320 vs 2520

    That is a nice looking Rig! Sure is a lot rougher in the NW.. Looking at your great pics brings up another Parker question: The 2nd helm station outside. It seems like a lot of the East Coast Boats have them and most of the California Boats do not. I Guess a lot depends on the type fishing...
  193. vegasandre

    2320 vs 2520

    They should rename this Forum the 2320 forum as almost every single post lately has been 2320 related., not that I am complaining-it has been interesting. Ok , so what are the plus and Minus of between the two models 2008 and newer? Lately it seems a lot of 2320 = " 1 outboard(300), more...
  194. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A with 65lb Braid

    Very Good condition 16A filled with white 65lb solid braid backing waiting for your 75-100 yard top shot. Includes reel clamp and cover. no box. Local pick up in San Diego thanks! $350 or $365 Paypal Friends shipped. Or will SWAP + $$ for Stella 14k :) PM..... thank you
  195. vegasandre

    Rigging poppers?

    Hi PJ, like what Legend said.. Since you are using spinning gear( the correct way to cast poppers) I like to tie a 3-4 ft leader of 130lb ish (when going after larger fish) and 80lb ish (when going after smaller fish. ) tie directly to your braid via a FG knot Connect the Popper via a owner...
  196. vegasandre

    Shelves on the RP

    Hi Loc , I Agree about the tackle storage thing. The RP has such a large stern area that I always thought that seating area in the stern behind the bait tank should be removed and replaced with a larger rocker launcher tackle system. However many of the RP's customers like that seating area...
  197. vegasandre

    Shelves on the RP

    Cool Soda Pop, I hope that Roy is your Captain that Trip, He is the man. I think he usually Capt's on the trip before that one (Nakaki trip) . Either way , you will have a good time. boat has an interesting large layout and is super fishy. Lot of hanging out area.
  198. vegasandre

    Shelves on the RP

    Hi Loc, on the RP you have several places to put your box, including on deck. I had a monster one built and I just keep it on the deck when I am on the RP. Here is a video I did , where you can kind of get the Idea
  199. vegasandre

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Great report Jim as usual. Tough losses. Had some questions about the Yummy and other stuff on the FB site. TTYS
  200. vegasandre

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    thanks Fishy for showing me the way on this , on one of these threads like 6 years ago - I never looked back. . Easy, strong and easy , Did I say Easy? I tie it for everything now from 40lb to 200lb. Though I do 4 or 5 turns on the lighter stuff. Threw the San Diego knot into the garbage bin...
  201. vegasandre

    130lb rod for Mak 30

    Hey Nick , for a Mak 30 you will probably be better off with a 100-130lb rod something like a 770XXH , 770XXXH or VIper/invictus class.
  202. vegasandre

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    Just get an addiction to Popping and Jigging and watch your tackle whore problem multiply exponentially to where you have to go to meetings and stuff: 2x the rods , 2x the reels and 100x the lures..... Not too mention that every tackle box now weighs over 100 lbs filled with all kinds of weird...
  203. vegasandre

    Black Hole 250 Gram Cape Cod Reel ?

    The BH cape cod 250 is strictly a Jigging rod. It is made for Jigging and pretty much is a 1 trick pony but it excels at Jigging . I would recommend a Jigging Master PE 4-6 range reel.
  204. vegasandre

    Flat Fall jigs

    All of the different kind of rigging (and they seem to be ever expanding) for Flat falls work. The common trait between all of them is that when targeting larger fish , the hooks and split ring should be replaced to maximize landing chances. The way I rig them is how I rig all my butterfly...
  205. vegasandre

    Hopkins with buck tails

    This Lure was a staple during my NJ Striped Bass Jetty Fishing Days. Killer Lure, Used to catch Bluefish and False Albacore too. Bomber Long A and a Hopkins with Bucktail were a staple in every surf fisherman's Lure Bag. Never tried one on the West Coast Yet - sure it would work well on the...
  206. vegasandre

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Ha , I know it recently posted this in Another thread but here it is: On a 7 day Trip with crazy El Nino fishing first 4 days. (we caught over 100 50 lb + wahoo at Benitos and then loaded up on Yellowfin Tuna ,Yellowtail, WSB and BSB in the same exact spot) I was feeling pretty Stoked and on...
  207. vegasandre

    Fly Home

    I absolutely love the Fly Back. But then again I live 10 minutes from the dock , not retired (never will be), so I am bias. It isn't easy for out of town people to do the Fly back and then wait for or arrange for their tackle /fish arrival 3 days later. With that being said , some out of...
  208. vegasandre

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    Just got my VISX 12 today , was relieved... Still waiting on the 16 VISX . They were nice and sent me a free Deck master
  209. vegasandre

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Some funny stories: 1- On a 3.5 day on a local 80 ft boat: One guy was smoking Bob Marley sized Philly blunts wide open all trip in the stern starting at 5 am. He didnt care or give a crap who said what and didn't hide anything. When I told him a couple of the passengers were cops and weren't...
  210. vegasandre

    Several Questions, Seeking Input

    Hi Roy I know a couple people on that trip , you should have fun 1- You will not need 60lb for 99% of the fishing applications on a 16 day trip. You may have gotten a bad batch- just toss it due to question mark/lack of confidence in that batch 2- Your JB hollow should be fine , just go...
  211. vegasandre

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    I ordered a visx 12 and 16 in November and nothing. I have been in contact with them but all of a sudden no responses from phone, email or FB. Will try again in AM - Starting to wonder if they are having financial issues.....
  212. vegasandre

    Seeker American Series and Sea Striker 7' spinning combo

    Making more room for the new stuff... 1- Very Good condition Seeker American series A 670 7" rated 20-50lb $80- SOLD 2-Sea Striker Billfisher 7' BF1440s70 14-40lb spinning rod matched to a Cabela's Salt Striker of similar capacity. Never really used, bought for son 5 years ago and he...
  213. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A w/65 lb braid

    Weeding out my reels that I do not use that much(or at all) Very Good condition 16A filled with white 65lb solid braid backing waiting for your 75-100 yard top shot. Includes reel clamp and cover. no box. Local pick up in San Diego. thanks! $350 PM.....
  214. vegasandre

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Ok who is this Coach guy ? let's hear some stories...
  215. vegasandre

    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    wow , this thread is 3 years old... LOL Answer to that : Only during strong current times. Many times its average or no current on anchor. Start in the bow. Drop down to bottom. end up about midship. reel half way or so up drop down to bottom again as you walk towards stern. reel all the way...
  216. vegasandre

    Flat Fall jigs

    Seeing all these hook configurations is pretty funny to me. I am sure some will work, have work and do work BUT you really only need One hook on this jig or any butterfly/vertical jig for that matter. If I did not go the assist hook route then I would do the welded ring route. I do like the...
  217. vegasandre

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Hi Lou, Glad it looks like it is working out for you. Let us know how the whole process goes down for you. I would of bought it, but was looking for 2009 or newer with twin 200's - still it seems like a very good deal.
  218. vegasandre

    Flat Fall jigs

    Holy Crap! And I think 2 hooks is complete overkill :)
  219. vegasandre

    Flat Fall jigs

    I think the answer to that is because on the west coast it is what they are used to.. they like welded hooks on the bottom, conventional reels , long rods etc.. As far as the hook placement on the flat fall I put the assist hooks at the top. , some put it at the bottom. No difference. It all...
  220. vegasandre

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    weird, they werent there when I first saw the ad Guy seemed on the up and up. He sent me a lot of pics too. Anyway no biggie...
  221. vegasandre

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    Hey Soda Pop , what is up! I am on the wait list for this one too. (and my vegas buddy Jaime) I found out one day after it was a go and it was already sold out. Spoke to Frank and Monica at the show and they said they probably will be doing a 2nd one. I will try to hound them until I get...
  222. vegasandre

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    What does that mean? I look for across the country for Parker 2520 or 2820 every 2 days. I came across this one. Even though I would like a 2009 or newer this one seemed like a good deal for anyone looking for a Parker in that size range. Guy was cool. Just trying to spread the good...
  223. vegasandre

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    I have been looking for a 2520 and 2820 for awhile. Came across this clean one yesterday on CL It is a 2003 2520 with twin 150 yam hdpi's 650 hours and trailer Looks clean. guy is cool sent me a lot of pics. I was looking for something newer but seems like a decent deal. $31k...
  224. vegasandre

    Albacore this year?

    For San Diego there is a .00014% chance for Albacore
  225. vegasandre

    Offshore Red Rooster Found the Big Bluefin

    Yesterday- Red Rooster will be in at 6:00 tomorrow morning They finished strong today with a 204 ,207 and a 190 on the Bluefin tuna They had a few other smaller fish that 40 to 60 pound fish as well Way to go guys Good job! Day Before- The Red Rooster Travelled up and spent the day fishing...
  226. vegasandre

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Thank you Nebraska for the Epic Story! Makes my double secret fishing probation this winter go by that much easier. Maybe you get to go again next year? Will try to see you next time you are in SD
  227. vegasandre

    Tranx 500 for Poppers?

    A Quality Spinning reel in the 10k-18k size, matched to an appropriate Quality popping rod would fare much better in all conditions
  228. vegasandre

    Intrepid Izorline 16 day Part 2

    Thank you for the great report Rick, Were any of the guys fishing 80lb or even 60lb to get bites?
  229. vegasandre


    If anyone wants to discuss, there is a new invite only secret group on FB that no one can see. Send me a PM to get access Must be a passionate LR fisherman or Work for /Own a LR related business :) thanks
  230. vegasandre

    Australia trip of a lifetime with Nomad Sportfishing

    Good Luck Ali, Hopefully no video throwing poppers/sticks with Conventionals , Aussies will kick you out of there :)
  231. vegasandre

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    Current trips: The American Angler (14 day) and Royal Polaris (18 day) started their trips at Guadalupe
  232. vegasandre

    The Bank is Paying Out

    Red Rooster report from inner banks: Finally have signal and back with the the world We spent the first part of the trip at the Bank and found good fishing the first couple of days. The action slowed down until we decided to make a move to the inside Banks Mark Moffet scored on the first...
  233. vegasandre

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    The original Intent of this post was to explore new possible destinations for Tuna fishing for the LR fleet while discussing fishability within or outside of countries economic fishing zones... Many on this board share a extreme passion for fishing and LR fishing in particular. Also I jumped...
  234. vegasandre

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    Because of threads that turned into crap about a passion that I love... and your posts just confirmed a need for that
  235. vegasandre

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    I just started a new FB Long Range secret group page. which I am hoping can be used for Open discussion.
  236. vegasandre

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    A Strange New World. With all the Talk of the closure of the Buffer Zone and continued expansion of various marine parks it would seem that new fishing destinations for the longer trips would need to eventually be identified if these longer trips will continue to be viable. Not only with...
  237. vegasandre

    Which landing is the red rooster?

    Aaron The Jigging and Popping guys are counting on you, But you need to get on the boat first :) Good Luck!
  238. vegasandre

    Great Words of Advice- The Scratch Bite.

    I was reading over the morning reports and came across a great one from the wordsmith, Tim Ekstrom on the Royal Star this morning. It wasn't the fishing that was so great, it was the advice... 11-15-2017 Tim Ekstrom "A fun day of scratching at quality wahoo with a few nice tuna and dorado...
  239. vegasandre

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Hi Jeff , I would be using the Centaur and Raptor on my 60/80 at Lupe but on the long trips I think that when you decide to risk it and drop down in line size you need to go up one size on your rod to compensate in case a big one latches on. I had a Viper matched with a Mak 15 for the 60lb this...
  240. vegasandre

    The Largest Bluefin Tuna Ever Caught on Spinning Gear

    The Largest Bluefin Tuna Ever caught on Spinning Gear -Yesterday over 100 inches /over 600lbs . RELEASED! Cape Cod area.... Rod:Ghost Hunter 200 Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 6500 Lure: Strategic Angler LLC Espada Sinking Legacy Crazy day yesterday, started out slow but once we found the fish it was...
  241. vegasandre

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I have Updated my List since Last year , every year it seems to be expanding :) You will need 6 primary must have setups: 1. 130-150# Big bait rig Rod- 6.5--7.5’ xxxh rated rod (Uc Invictus/calstar ,seeker, Phenix) Reel- 50w sized 2 speed filled with 130-150# hollow braid with room for a...
  242. vegasandre

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    thank you Justin , cool video!
  243. vegasandre

    Swim baits for larger tuna

    the RonZ is a magic lure : Which brand used: RONZ 10" Big game HD10 "4 oz" Which size head- 4 oz and get a couple 8 oz Which size and color plastic. SILVER #1 blue #2 How do you work the lure? MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. I LIKE TO CAST IT OUT AS FAR AS I CAN , COUNT TO 15...
  244. vegasandre

    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Best wishes for a full recovery Donna, That really stinks that you cant go. Hope the RR will do the right thing .... Doing the right thing is important in this small niche industry....
  245. vegasandre

    Any word on the lower banks?

    Holy F**k! Historical!
  246. vegasandre

    Offshore FML

    That is some weird luck. I was out on the Aztec and saw you guys out there. Thought for sure you would of scored. It was a run and gun on porpoises. Had to get hit on first drop/pop (caught all of mine on Poppers). Then had to get on them again... Next time you will crush them..
  247. vegasandre

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    Thanks Justin , Its all good. Your guys were great. Don't worry about the popping rod/spinning thing (the jig and pop guys are used to it, I still haven't met a WC captain that said : "Bring all your spinning stuff" ) Maybe next spring with those Big Bft come around and maybe eat the popper...
  248. vegasandre

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    Just got Back from the trip. First off, more so than anything I want to give ultra high Accolades to the Captain Greg, Justin and the Crew of the Aztec. They are Top shelf "Grade A Prime" and run there trips like a LR trip and even better at times due to Capt Gregs incredible determination and...
  249. vegasandre

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    Thanks Justin - see you out there. As far as the Stellas I never leave home without them ;)
  250. vegasandre

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    Aaron Are you going tonight? If so , I think you and I will make up 1/2 the rods on the boat. The fishing has changed to smaller mid size fish with a shot at larger fish but more chance at 30-60lb stuff last few days. most of the bites have been on 40-50lb.... On my last trip 2 weeks ago on...
  251. vegasandre

    Let the Listing Begin

    Hey Jim isn't it funny how we are always modifying our list . We are becoming quite extensive witH our lists ! Here is my ever changing list: 30-40lb Wahoo Bait: 1. How many pre-made bait leaders should I bring? 8-12 HALF SMALL /HALF LARGE 2. How much 40lb fluoro will I need? NOT MUCH MINIMAL...
  252. vegasandre

    Fitness for cow trips

    I think it depends on the individual and their fishing goals... I will break this down into 2 categories (but there maybe more) Fish Hard guys and Vacation guys. The Fish Hard Guys usually are the first one up and the last one to quit. They maximize their time on the rail , They are usually...
  253. vegasandre

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    A load of 22 on the RP is light. There will be tons of space and sometimes they let you load your tackle on the day before on the longer trips. It is a big deck. I was on a similar trip earlier in the year with same amount of people and had plenty of room for all my tackle(an extreme amount)and...
  254. vegasandre

    UC Viper or Centaur for Mak 20 with 100# braid

    Viper is a very flexible rod You can fish 60 on it . you can fish 130 on it. Viper would be my choice.
  255. vegasandre

    1st cow trip LR gear

    Looks like you are pretty well set. Here is an updated list I use: I amend this from time to time . I have included some setups that most don't need or will use but it is there if needed :) Take a look at #4 under additional setups: The 60# Hail Mary set up... for 12 day+ trips: You will...
  256. vegasandre

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    Hi Donna I would be glad to take those off your hand. Let me know if you are doing your annual RR3 accurate trip. Maybe I can meet you down there and buy them off you. thanks
  257. vegasandre

    RP 10/3-13. Fall variety with a bonus

    thank you for the great write up Blaine. Glad that you got to fish with Chris- He is one of the few true Jig and Pop guys that you will see on the trips. There may be like 10-15 of us in total I think. He is a stick...and fishes hard. Capt Jonathon is Great. He gives it his all and makes...
  258. vegasandre

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    LOL, you guys are funny. Just because the consensus doesn't like The maker of the Lure-Brad of High Tide sportfishing(who surely is a different dude), doesnt mean that the lure blows. I am not exxagerating when I say that I use it first on the troll regardless. I use it before my original...
  259. vegasandre

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    No cutoffs as of yet on the fluoro. I have only been trying this out for 2 years on and off at times. I think it gets bit better than wire in scratchy bites. I have not used it on the intruder or any lure over $50. Not a large enough sample size.. But have caught 10 or so fish without the...
  260. vegasandre

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    That 300lb fluoro leader works great in a pick bite but I wouldn't try it with anything pricey.. which is most of the Wahoo lures out there. It would be scary with an Intruder. Good luck in January!
  261. vegasandre

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    Actually, It is my Number 1 trolling lure. I have caught more wahoo off that Stupid looking lure than any other including the Intruder,cowbell or any other marauder. two colors- Green and Halloween (sounds familiar?) Now you may get some funny looks , but here is the key... 1- Notice the...
  262. vegasandre

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    Never caught a Thing :)
  263. vegasandre

    Poppers on a Jigstick

    Poppers on a jig stick is kind of like using that old wooden persimmon driver out on the golf course, Wooden Driver: Can you drive it straight?- Probably if you are somewhat decent Can you hit it pretty far? - Yes , if you are very good. Is there a margin of error? not much. Titanium...
  264. vegasandre

    Best Long Range Boat

    Well said Aaron .... I pretty much echo many of your comments.
  265. vegasandre

    A couple more Parkers with Mocha over black faux teak SeaDek

    thank you, appreciate the quick response. If I head that route I will call you first , Have a great weekend
  266. vegasandre

    One man’s wahoo rigging suggestions

    great info and well said. Will utilize this to make my leaders... One of these days I will actually fish a bait for wahoo , I still haven't ever in my lifetime. But you never know....
  267. vegasandre

    A couple more Parkers with Mocha over black faux teak SeaDek

    what is the approx cost for something like that for a 2820?
  268. vegasandre

    1987 32 ft Blackfin with tuna tower for sale

    I have fished this boat many times with Keith. It is a tank! Overnights to SCI, down to 1010 and everywhere in between. It is a fish killer... Terrific layout, handles the big stuff well and plenty of room for all your rods and fishing....
  269. vegasandre

    Oceanside cow yellowfin

    unless I see a video of the thing I will never believe it , probably wouldnt even believe it if was caught at guadalupe much less than 15 miles off oceanside.. seems fishy to me ;)
  270. vegasandre

    Oceanside cow yellowfin

    Stick a cow from a winter LR trip in the freezer... Take fish out of freezer and put it on boat when the time is right.. Take some shaky looking pics while on boat with previous frozen and now thawed fish.. Weigh in fish when you get back. and there you have it : a 265 lb potential state record...
  271. vegasandre

    Collapsible iron rod for air travel?

    Should consider that 2 piece 8.5" + popping rod with quality Spinner. Way more control,consistency, average distance then any long rod. But of course , I may be in the minority here...
  272. vegasandre

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Sorry to hear of the Loss Jim, How is the Excel trip doing so far with Mike?
  273. vegasandre

    RP getting them at the Lupe..

    80.5 lb Yellowtail caught yesterday on the AA at the Lupe...
  274. vegasandre

    Rodless Again

    Jim that is horrible, I hope that you have a great trip still. Not sure what to say but it would be covered under homeowners or renters insurance.. Have a great trip- it is only stuff. Keep positive...
  275. vegasandre

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    The New "Bluefin Tuna capital of the world" = San Diego. Intrepid just back from an 8 day.
  276. vegasandre

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    From what I have seen on the local overnight /mid range boats is this: Often the experienced LR guy/PV guy who has been on lower zone trips for big yellowfin tuna and has developed experience and good rail technique over the years- can slay a big bft quicker and easier than any of the crew on...
  277. vegasandre

    Offshore Three weeks worth of local marlin fishing reports and photos

    16lb test? Wow, why did you guys go that route?
  278. vegasandre

    Couple Parkers -Probably Cheap!

    I would consider either of these 2 for the right price...
  279. vegasandre

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    The Ranger 85 Bluefin is 375 lbs... Biggest caught ever on Rod and reel in Ca.. I like that Idea, but the BFT is so hit and miss, more miss.... But 30-60 miles beats 1000 miles away....
  280. vegasandre

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    The name of the Sport Boat should be posted. No excuses when it comes to Lives.
  281. vegasandre

    Want to try popping

    You are well rigged.... I bring 4 popping rigs also to Hurricane At hurricane bank I would spool the 3 saltiga reels with 80lb or 100lb and try to cram as much as you can on there. Use the Stella 8k strictly for wahoo bombs/jigs Saltiga 8000- User this one for poppers- 100 lb braif to 130 lb...
  282. vegasandre

    Couple Parkers -Probably Cheap!

    Best wishes for the Florida and Caribbean boaters and friends affected by Irma.
  283. vegasandre

    Couple Parkers -Probably Cheap!

    Sad to see the Keys in this shape... Still on the look out for a Parker 2520(with twins 200+) or 2820 with twins(250+) 2005 or newer thanks
  284. vegasandre

    October? Wahoo?

    They really dont have great wahoo fishing off the ridge/alijos yet. Actually slowest year in past 4 years. That year it was epic even at Benitos by this time of the month. Water doesnt look warm enough I am going out on the limb and saying zero chance this year.
  285. vegasandre

    Last minute 1.5 day Eldorado sat 9/2

    Man, Mike, That stinks that you didn't go on that trip. No need to go to Hurricane bank or Clarion for big tuna hunting right now. 30 miles from San Diego will do.... maybe best day in SD history yesterday for the sport boats on 100lb + BFT
  286. vegasandre

    Bait tank location for a 29" Grady White Chesapeake?

    thanks , Here is what the size of the cockpit is:
  287. vegasandre

    Bait tank location for a 29" Grady White Chesapeake?

    Hi everyone While looking for a Parker , I came across this particular Boat. While not having the fishing space as a Parker ,it has a lot of other features and especially the fact that it may be a great deal $$ On the Grady Whites do most people use the back fish box by the outboards as their...
  288. vegasandre

    Long Range weather forecasts

    Just putting this up there again for anyone that needs them. Click on any of the links and then click the arrow button- works better on a computer than mobile
  289. vegasandre

    Cortez hurricane remnant 9/3?

    Hi Mike Hope all is going well these days. The BFT have moved east in to cleaner water on the 181/182 ridge area- 25/30 miles from mission bay. Very close. The boats are all fishing there the past few days. It is odd they are moving east this time of year but the water was dirty for months...
  290. vegasandre

    33 Days!

    This sounds like a great trip . I saw this and thought of you guys turn volume up:
  291. vegasandre


    Or maybe a Stella 18/20k on a 7'6" popping rod.... :)
  292. vegasandre

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    So its you, Jamie and me in the same "not eating fish" boat. Tuna for steak... I like that idea.. Giving the fish to people or charities where its utilized and appreciated is a great thing and always another option for those not sure what to do with their tagged fish.
  293. vegasandre

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    I am always amazed at how everyone differs in their approach to LR fishing and fish catching/tagging. Some People fish for Food, Some fish for Sport, some for both.... I fish for sport,adventure and love of the ocean. If I had it my way(and not my wife) I would never take a fish home as I...
  294. vegasandre

    1 day flash sale today Cedros csd -12s -$109

    When I saw that sale I was like, whoa, why not. Stinks that they ran out. Maybe I will use the 12 as another wahoo bomb reel
  295. vegasandre

    1 day flash sale today Cedros csd -12s -$109

    Just saw this from tackle direct. I dont really need the reel but for $109 I said wtf, might as well...
  296. vegasandre

    WTB 2520 or 2820 Parker with twins...

    Looking for a west coast rigged Parker 2520 or 2820 DV preferably 2005 or newer with twin 200+ for 2520 and 250+ for 2820. Prefer the usual- tower, upgraded bow rails, newer electronics . I don't need a trailer as boat will be in water(plus I have no where to put it) will look at a good rigged...
  297. vegasandre

    SCI BFT zone and closures 7/31-8/5 Looks like there are windows on areas C and D (81 area) where its open from midnight till late morning on many days....
  298. vegasandre

    Jig/Popper setups

    No Problem Garry ... As stated I said "Serious" Popper fisherman....Prefer Spinning gear... Just trying to provide some various options/thoughts for those willing to step away from old school and West Coast. You are correct about the fight on a stationary platform . Of course conventional 2...
  299. vegasandre

    Jig/Popper setups

    In no place in the entire world, outside of So Cal, do serious Popper fisherman use conventional reels to throw poppers.... Yes I can see the cost aspect to get a proper Spinning Popper setup (there are no proper conventional popper setups for large pelagic species as that is not what they are...
  300. vegasandre

    Flatfall leaders

    Typically My Jigging Leaders are between 10-12 feet for conventional reels/and Spinning Jigging setups. 130 fluoro is perfect....
  301. vegasandre

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    What every one else said 100-150 lb Fluoro something like Seaguar Blue or Blackwater- it doesnt really matter. 3- 4 ft fluoro crimped to small solid ring and capt jimmy bomb(or raider or Cartch Tackle 33) tied directly to leader via a 3 turn uni knot. This is my go to and I dont lose many lures...
  302. vegasandre

    mono or fluoro for dropper loop

    Mono ...
  303. vegasandre


    Incredible report John! your reports are only getting better., appreciate the story line about the past history- I like that stuff. We all come from somewhere but end up in the same place. Jigging or bust ! that is the way to do it.
  304. vegasandre

    Was the Intrepid fishing Santa Rosa for the Seabass?

    Exactly capt Bill that is his home territory -the channel islands. they limited on WSB and a load of large sheephead . my buddy was on the Amigo and coudnt believe his eyes when he woke up next to the Intrepid. Not a lot of options for a 4 day and Santa Rosa was a home run decision...
  305. vegasandre

    Which Islands Being Fished?

    The Intrepid was fishing next to my buddy at Santa Rosa islands in the channel islands... They had a very good wsb bite going on.
  306. vegasandre

    Independence Fishing

    Tough year so far ... Intrepid just fished the channel islands for a good score of wsb. can't recall a LR boat fishing Santa Rosa in a long time. You will probably head to the ridge and a shot at alijos rocks Good luck
  307. vegasandre

    Intrepid 's Jims Custom Rods Trip

    Nice YT on the Popper pic! Fishing is pretty tough right now , there will be better spots!
  308. vegasandre

    Thanks Jerry, JRI Custom Lures

    That Stinks , what broke?
  309. vegasandre

    what is a good 8' rod for Stellas 14k & 18k for throwing poppers

    I would go for a quality Popping rod designed by companies who specialize in this type of rod; Black hole, synit,OBX,OTI etc. for the 14k I would go with a 8.6" rod with 80 lb line geared for fish 150lbs and under and for the18k I would use a 7'6" rod with 100 lb geared for fish 100lbs and...
  310. vegasandre

    Offshore Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    Great job on the fish! That was a great foamer! Still cringe at using conventionals to throw poppers- it is like playing golf with tennis racquets. but still a great catch!
  311. vegasandre

    Excel update! June 3

    Surprised the Excel hasnt posted any reports yet , hope they found something decent on the ridge. Eastern Pacfic is dead right now
  312. vegasandre

    Offshore Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    Great Job Billy ,Glad to see the detailed report and someone who is properly rigged with the right gear (stellas).
  313. vegasandre

    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    Monte is still there: he owns and runs the Shop. He travels to his home in Key West every so often. Eventually his son Micah will take it over but not for awhile. Monte is a fair ,tell it like it is ,guy with good prices and quality work and has wrapped and repaired many rods for me over the...
  314. vegasandre

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?

    Here you go .... This setup will: 1- Increase hook up ratio 2- prevent line twist 3- get more hookups on the retrieve 4- less casualties 5- no retying when changing lures ( you will need good split ring pliers) 6-works with all butterfly jigs Ultimate Flat Fall /Butterfly Jig Rigging for...
  315. vegasandre

    Taxman in the House

    sharks gotcha post
  316. vegasandre

    Shogun Guadalupe 6-day May 6th 2017

    Sorry to hear that Jeff . All I can say is thanks for sharing and Glad I wasnt out there. Sounds like the boat is having some water issues again. There have been some notable dead trips this year so far , I know your next trip will be killer.
  317. vegasandre


    Dude that stuff is funny!
  318. vegasandre

    Latest From Shogun At Guadalupe

    Sorry to hear that Rick, I figured as much from the last trip and crappy weather when you guys left. It means that your next trip will be an Incredible one. Hope that Jeff was OK , I am sure he will post a report when he gets a chance
  319. vegasandre

    Risky Business

    The Captain and Crew typically dont like you to fish with anything under 100 at Clarion or HB , but then again they dont like anyone using spinning gear for poppers or jigging either. I say- its your trip, Everyone is different and many have different goals as well as experience and technique...
  320. vegasandre

    Basic Differences Between a Popping and Jigging Rod?

    Typically popping rods are for throwing poppers, stickbaits, surface iron with a quality spinning reel. Most popping rods are from 7.5-8.5 ft in length. The 7.5 ft one are usually heavier rated for larger fish. The 8.5 ft one are usually medium rated for schoolie to medium fish. Specialized...
  321. vegasandre

    Going on Constitution PV First Time

    At times in PV there is a top water bite -bring the 100lb . Capt Keith likes to throw the popper a lot. At some other times there is a good PL68/Glow Jig bite during the pre dawn hours. Mainly it is a kite/ballon with Cabbies and sinker rigs with Squid bite.then the occasional very long...
  322. vegasandre

    Offshore 4/18 43 and Corner Run

    Sounds like you hooked a bigger unit. That is a great sign!, thanks for the report
  323. vegasandre

    Offshore Late report 4/15 -4/16 hidden bank

    thanks for the report. That stinks that you ran out of gas. that pic of the fishfinder is loaded with BFT
  324. vegasandre

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Report

    I can see that - it could be a pain for the out of towners which is probably like 75% of the peeps on the boat. For me it worked out great but I guess living close by the dock is a factor. Still it was pretty cool. on the last trip we had 5 scheduled riding back on the boat for the 3 days...
  325. vegasandre

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Report

    That is some Excellent ,Perfect advice Min and I agree on all five of your points and that should be a great 5 commandments for LR fishing. Need five more now :) My take on your 5 points: 1- Ride down is good =anticipation , Ride Back- blows mostly , I think all the boats should do flybacks...
  326. vegasandre

    rp report today

    Good luck Guys! Try to post a on the water update if you get a chance. Catch some cows.
  327. vegasandre

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Wow, I wish I was stranded on Ascension for a couple weeks....
  328. vegasandre

    Why 2 piece popping rods?

    Or you can do what I usually do and get great 2 piece popping rods, forget to lubricate the "insertion" and now they are permanently one piece rods. all things considered though- I love the 2 piece rods and just put them in a 8 foot bazooka case when traveling
  329. vegasandre

    What Shimano Rod to pair with TAC 25II

    what is intended use for the setup? The talica 25 is a 100lb size reel -could be 80 also. IMO Shimano makes great Reels but as for the rods....I would look to another brand no matter what the use is.
  330. vegasandre

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    my Mak 15 was my go to reel at Guadalupe last summer and I caught most of my fish with it. (80 braid/60 fluoro). And I pretty much only had 50% of the reel spooled most of the trip(due to early tangle and no 80-100 braid on board and no other 60lbreels) I was never close to getting spooled even...
  331. vegasandre

    New Breakthrough Sabiki Rig - Tangleless!

    Just saw this from a friend in NZ What do you think? Maybe a game changer....
  332. vegasandre

    WTS Custom Saltywater RacePoint 250 Popping Rod

    Ok , I am considering it. I can pick up in San Marcos. will send you a PM.
  333. vegasandre

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    I think a 80lb reel is mandatory these days in a minimum cow quiver(especially this year) the last few months on many trips- the 80lb setups have gotten at least 75% of the bait caught fish . While this could change next year and probably will, a great 80 lb setup for typical mid day fishing...
  334. vegasandre

    Stickbait spinning rod recommendations?

    Black Hole Cape Cod 8' 6" or OTI Tuna Sniper 60-80lb 8"6" wont break the bank and can handle anything. Great YT rods and Tuna rods for 120lbs and under. get the 2 piece.
  335. vegasandre

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    I have always forgotten minor small stuff but 3 or 4 times I have left a rod on the boat after the trip (got all of them back except one ) So now I have long checklists when packing and when coming back. Here is a misc checklist of Items for my last long trip (my tackle checklist is another...
  336. vegasandre

    Wahoo Limits

    that is cool. I saw another high spot on the charts a couple hundred miles from hurricane and I always wondered if that would produce too .... very interesting . Or maybe it was just floating structure I am thinking the super long range fleet needs more possible destinations incase the 2...
  337. vegasandre

    Quick advice needed

    Water is still dirty inshore and at the Nados. but like Lake said,it should be going off soon. right now it has been slow at best . Watch the reports ,have him fish the San Diego out of Seaforth or Liberty out of pt Loma . it's an all day 6 till 6 deal .
  338. vegasandre

    "That Guy" roll call

    Holy Moses Mark ! next time tell us how you really feel :) that is a crazy story ...
  339. vegasandre

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    I use 100lb jb hollow on it as it is narrower than jb 80lb. but use it as an 80lb setup with 80lb leader. It seems to be able to cast a little better and is lighter in my hands but still having the strength and size of the Mak 20. It would be the same thing to just put an 80lb leader on the Mak...
  340. vegasandre

    The adventure begins

    Have a great trip Pete! Clarion is magical.
  341. vegasandre

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    Hi Steve , Ok I have 3 mak 20's and 3 mak 30's and 1 mak 16. I am thinking that - will trade a mak 20 for another mak 16 though :) as far as line.... it was such a wacky finesse bite that , I kept trying different combos till I found- Or maybe I cheated a little and saw John Collins getting...
  342. vegasandre

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Nebraska, Man, I am so proud of you dude! Glad to have met you and your wife at dinner and now have the pleasure of meeting you again through your own eyes and words fishing your LR adventure. well done. Keep it coming when you find the time. Dont rush it.
  343. vegasandre

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    Duplicate post whose idea was it to put Internet on the boats anyway?
  344. vegasandre

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    Thanks for the replys everyone . we are on the way to Cabo and the Internet is shaky at best or I would reply to all . We caught 1 tuna and 1 wahoo at the buffer . I got another tuna on the fcl labo again -best butterfly jig I ever used but sharks like them too. 50 bux a pop makes you think...
  345. vegasandre

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    Deja deja deja vu all over again at Hurrricane Bank- on the water update -Royal Polaris As I write this we are nearing the end of our 18/15 flyback Journey and on the way to Clarion for a morning before heading to Cabo after spending almost 9 days at the bank. I wish I would have the material...
  346. vegasandre

    Nine Days and Counting...

    Hi Jim good luck on your trip ! I am sitting here on the RP with one day left to travel under calm seas. looks like we are starting at Clarion first . will know soon . If anyone is interested I am posting several daily updates on the water style on Instagram @bluechum also on FB but...
  347. vegasandre

    The journey has begun!

    Wow , what a day for the Intrepid 115 fish! Not cows but that is a lot of fish! Hi Gang, We started our trip off today fishing the buffer zone. There was an incredible sign of fish as we engaged with 4 different schools of yellowfin tuna through out the day. The first school we stopped on...
  348. vegasandre

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    cmon Otto, Really, lighten up Francis. As far as the rash of sinkings lately- I usually think 1- insurance fraud first 2- human error 2nd. chill bro...
  349. vegasandre


    Falcons 31 pats 24 Thanks Jerry
  350. vegasandre

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Wow , it's hard to mess that up , they get the dumb ass award
  351. vegasandre

    That guy!

    I know who that is :)
  352. vegasandre

    That guy!

    Hey Bill , Please keep the Spinning guys out of this - say's "the spinning guy" :)
  353. vegasandre

    just got back from the Bank and...

    Thanks Steve that is good Info. sounds like he didn't have the proper equipment . need 100lb ,larger Stella and heavy duty popping rod . must of been an adrenaline rush . curious on the lure
  354. vegasandre

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Nice meeting goes you guys at dinner tonight knock em' dead next week!
  355. vegasandre

    just got back from the Bank and...

    Hi Steve that is awesome , do you know what kind of setup he was using and popper as well as time of day , location and current conditions at the time - thanks for any info that you can recollect.
  356. vegasandre

    Long Range weather forecasts

    For some reason the phone app doesn't auto play ,I am sure they will add that feature soon
  357. vegasandre

    Long Range weather forecasts

    For anyone heading out on any current LR trips or one in the future, I have included a few links to click on that will show specific areas using the Windytv app. Windytv is now the "go to app" and has several different forecast models and is easy to use. The forecasts go out about 9 days. the...
  358. vegasandre

    14 day under way

    Good Luck Jake, Nice meeting you at the Dock Thank you again for the great wrapped UC Invictus! Have a great trip and a fun time
  359. vegasandre

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Proud Owner of an Original Hooker Intruder Thanks Jerry I promise I will use wire on this one.
  360. vegasandre


    They are custom made by Mark Fisher out of Cedar. He is sold out of them and they are $$$. I will report back on how it fished next month but this may be a good plug for the GOM peeps too or anywhere where the Tuna are keyed on the Flyers...
  361. vegasandre


    M fisher makes a pretty cool popper with "wings" that I will be trying out at hurricane . It's the top one- looks bitchin in the water
  362. vegasandre

    free spool

    The Maks are where its at . I have 9 Maks sea's right now size 8-50 and they are the best bait reel out of the box. Great quality, Great free spool out fo the box- good price, free maintance - what more could you ask for?
  363. vegasandre

    SD and LR weather

    The Rooster is leaving on time . I just saw my buddy off at the dock . Told him to hang on
  364. vegasandre

    Excel lands 5 Cows today

    Soda Pop you are becoming quite adept at this computer thing :) I can see a smart phone and texting in your future....
  365. vegasandre

    SD and LR weather

    John Nappo on the Board with a Pig on the Excel
  366. vegasandre

    SD and LR weather

    Sitting right hear in San Diego at my house and you would think it was a Jersey Noreaster'. End of the world type stuff - at least for these So Cal guys . My buddy leaves tommorow on the rr3 and I am seriously not sure if they get out on time. With 15-20 foot seas expected off Pt Loma. - but...
  367. vegasandre

    glow paint experiment

    Thank you Garry for that Info, when I spoke with Monica, She said that Frank may be coming on the Feb Accurate trip as a passenger. Should be interesting if that were to happen. Curious on the dynamic. As far as the spin thing- Yes its not the best tool for LR large YFT jigging, but its on my...
  368. vegasandre

    glow paint experiment

    Hi David, These were just charged for a few seconds each using a standard small UV flashlight.
  369. vegasandre

    glow paint experiment

    Hi Min sure he will do it Matts website is His cell number is 415 214 0102 He is in LA Jolla Real nice dude too .
  370. vegasandre

    glow paint experiment

    Hi Jeff, Its all experimenting. I think at times the super glow stuff will work better and probably at other times the non glow stuff or light glow stuff will work better. If using glow jigs, one of the problems I think is the fact that the glow doesnt last long after being lit up (having to...
  371. vegasandre

    glow paint experiment

    Having seen a few glow jigs that I had lose most fo their glow over time, I thought I would try an experiment with glow powder paint that my friend Matt has. I gave him some old jigs of various Plg8,jri-8 port jude, and butterfly type and had him repaint them in various glow colors. here is...
  372. vegasandre

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Though I am not on your trip ,If you guys dont mind , I would like to come out to dinner too :)
  373. vegasandre


    Yeah Baby! I didnt know that you were on this trip Joe. Story should be a blast... El Chivo chatting with a pretty flight attendant ? A Legend.
  374. vegasandre

    Where you at?

    Indy reported this on the way to Hurricane Bank 01.10.2017 Late post. Picked up a few beauties 160# and 180# a few hundred miles above the bank in open water. Catching big yellowfin in open water is pretty rare?
  375. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Great write up Chivo! Glad you had a good trip.
  376. vegasandre

    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    Looks like The Rooster and Indy had good fishing yesterday and close to Full Moon too- so you never know.
  377. vegasandre

    Long Range chunking for tuna

    thank you Wahoodad , that was really one of the most informative posts in a long time. I appreciate it.
  378. vegasandre

    Where you at?

    Its a little strange. The Indy and ther RR3 are on Radio Silence. The Indy posted some wahoo pics on the 9th (they left on the 7th) which would mean they might of stopped at Alijos (but water is cold there) on the way to HB or maybe it was at the ridge if they were on the way to lower banks...
  379. vegasandre

    Clarion Island and Hurricane Bank Info

    Thank you Alan , Wonder why there wasn't any flying fish there ? that place is the flyer capital of the world Appreciate the quick write up ,many people here are getting ready to go on trips it helps a ton .
  380. vegasandre

    Looking for cow rail rods

    thank you guys for the responses , I just talked to my buddy and he would like custom wrapped rods and prefers UC or Calstar but will look at 2x4 I am getting back to every one shortly.
  381. vegasandre

    Looking for cow rail rods

    My buddy is going with me on a 18 day and is light on a couple rail rods . let me know what you have and how much . No roller guides. seeker 2x4 3x5 ,Cal star 770 and 775 ,uc viper etc. custom is good. Thanks I am local in SD and will buy and pick up for him
  382. vegasandre

    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    The fishing the last 2 days went into the crapper. AA, Excel and Intrepid had decent fishing early in week but it fizzled for now. Hope Andy strikes some gold.
  383. vegasandre

    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    RP reported 2 tuna caught all day yesterday. Heard from some one on the RR3 trip that Andy is taking a chance and heading to the lower banks where he scored big in early December. Should know if he had any action there today. I know many of us have trips coming up soon. Conditions can and...
  384. vegasandre

    Night fishing for the big guys

    that is pretty cool John , something to consider. but why are you showing us this East Coast stuff, as you know the EC stuff never works on the west coast ;)
  385. vegasandre

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Same here Fishy, My problem seems to be that I leave stuff on the boat when I leave. So far I have left 2 rods , 1 reel, a lot of jigs,hooks,marauders and sinkers, beats headphones and other items on board when I get off. I have gotten about half the stuff back. I now just bring a check list...
  386. vegasandre

    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    Heartbreak at Hurricane Bank That Angler has a story to tell. Its better to have Loved and Lost than never to have loved at all..... except maybe in this case.
  387. vegasandre

    Night fishing for the big guys

    I rig every Jig/flatfall the same now(just switch the hook sizes and lengths according to jig size). Single owner monster assist hook attached to quick rigs 6mm sea buoy swivel/ solid ring to #11 owner split ring to front of jig. this rigging allows for easy jig changing, no line twist and...
  388. vegasandre

    Night fishing for the big guys

    As a jig first kind of guy, The glow seems to sometimes work better at times(at night) At other times it doesnt matter. then many times- nothing works. The pink glow stuff works great on the big fish. One of my favorite jigs is the FCL LABO SL jig that jignpop sells . comes in 230gr and...
  389. vegasandre

    Night fishing for the big guys

    Pink glow halo butterfly jigs in the 230-300 gram sizes . it's all about being in the right zone when the fish are biting .
  390. vegasandre

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Having Bill Cavanaugh as 2nd captain is a Serious Upgrade for the Intrepid. Good bite down there right now.
  391. vegasandre

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    thank you I just corrected it.
  392. vegasandre

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    The lack of an adequate tackle center and rocket launcher is the biggest problem the boat has . Pretty much only 3 boats have really adequate tackle areas. I also do not like the tackle box on deck deal . I mean then where do I put my folding chair? The rest of the boat is good. not great...
  393. vegasandre

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    thanks John and everyone, It always amazed me that the boats dont do a professional video tour with room maps etc. Some have the maps , I think the Indy did a virtual tour but I am just surprised still. The perfect situation would be to get on the boats at the dock with no one on them and do...
  394. vegasandre

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    Vagabond- Red Rooster 3 Searcher-
  395. vegasandre

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    Hi Guys , over the past couple years I have done a mini video for people who havent ridden the boats (and those who have) just to give a little virtual tour. Have a few more to do, But here you go. Excel- Intrepid- Royal Polaris- Shogun Indy-
  396. vegasandre

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    thank you Basil. Happy 2017 , Keep the reports coming , thank you so much!
  397. vegasandre

    Andy Cates tackle briefing circa 1997

    Found this beauty on You Tube- its 47 min long and early in his career Someone needs to record (Bill W ?) Andy's briefing now for comparision purposes.
  398. vegasandre

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    Hi Bill , yes the RP is very similar to the Rooster. The Rooster is about 10 feet smaller and 3 feet narrower- but its layed out the same: wasted seating area behind the bait tanks(my opinion), Galley on starboard side. Similar up stairs. the one table in the cabin on the starboard side and the...
  399. vegasandre

    Mak 15II - 60# Top Shots?

    the mak 15 sea is the perfect 60lb Guadalupe reel. I removed my 65 lb braid and put in 80lb. Great reel.
  400. vegasandre

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    I did a video Walk through of the RP on my last trip here you go:
  401. vegasandre

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    thank you for the "On the water reports" Basil- keep us posted on the fishing when you get a free moment. Many on here are anxious to see how its shaping up.
  402. vegasandre

    Bow State Room on the Rooster

    The two back stern rooms have 5 bunks and the most Christine will put in there is 3 people (if they are part of a group) and most likely 2. It was a ton of storage. If you have a choice- take the stern and flyback. Soda - I am surprised they didnt call you back. Maybe something hapenned...
  403. vegasandre

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    Really? Now, Maybe its not the Indy (the best layed out and updated boat in the fleet) but of the 9 or ten LR boats its probably #4 just ahead of the RR3 (based on the boat layout/condition only and not the operation) I found the boat comfortable on my recent 8 day and was in cabin 13...
  404. vegasandre

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    That is great news Basil on the Bait upgrade! Have a great trip. Now how am I going to order leaders if you are out there ?
  405. vegasandre

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    The cool thing about these UV flashlights is that they are mostly very small and fit in your pocket which is where you want it for easy use. If the flash light is too big and you have to leave it somewhere and constantly go back to it to "re light" the jig then it becomes a pain . By having a...
  406. vegasandre

    Keep going back

    Water Temp right now at Alijos is 65-66 degrees. This time last year it was 71 still. Next year looks like a "normal water temp year" so with that said may not see Wahoo at Alijos till July at earliest and more like August. But those 200-250 lb BFT from this spring will be 300 lb BFT next...
  407. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Here you go : 2 exact 300 gram glow jigs. Jig on the left is UV flash light lit . Jig on right is held up very close to a LED light
  408. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    I am more than happy to get this long thread way off the original , yet still entertaining, meander it has endured that has provided a vast source of information and humour to many. 1-- Go to walmart and buy a $10 small uv battery operated flashlight- this will light the glow jigs up like...
  409. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    A lot of great info there Rob! Funny stuff. Love the East Coast perspective-telling it like it is!(I am a jersey boy, but the Red sox still suck) If you ever want to make a close friend with the captain and crew just grab a gaff and try to help. lol. with that said I have probably gaffed...
  410. vegasandre

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Chris , that is perfect . Soda Pop will be the perfect person to learn from how to pace yourself during the trip and enjoy yourself(just dont ask him to tie knots :) when you get a chance ask Soda about Tom/2guns and his first long trip. It is pretty funny. That is why I stress the...
  411. vegasandre

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Hi Craig, Merry Christmas and congrats on your coming adventure! There is a ton of info on this thread from some of the best and most experienced in the business. All the tackle and misc stuff has been discussed at length. In addition to all that and sometimes as important is the mental...
  412. vegasandre

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Glad you are getting out Soda Pop and that you are recuperate from your injury . maybe I can see you down there when you go ,I have a trip on Feb 7 too . Have a great Xmas to you , Mrs Pop and family !
  413. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    the problem is the fishing pc crowd. some don't like to say stuff,some are eternal optimists,some don't want to spread bad ju ju on other operations,some are master suger coaters while the rare ones just say it as they see it . here it is in a nutshell, why would you surprise your clients with...
  414. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    I love the responses here. ;) pretty enertaining. You can read that story I posted for a clear description. Keith is a very good captain. He knows that area better than everyone. Keith loves to fish...
  415. vegasandre

    What weight lure?

    It depends on the current. If average -then 130 to 160 grams is fine. If stronger-I would get the 200 and 250 gm ones . Switch the split rings and hooks out as they suck. Blue sardine and chatruese glow- hope that helps. Its primarlily 180-200 ft depths there. Your lexa is perfect. Expect to...
  416. vegasandre

    Zombie Rockfishing For Cows - part 3

    Thanks Jeff for the write up and Info I really loved this part especially: "It was also a perk to have someone bring a Wifi audio system to listen to tunes on the anchor at 2 in the morning. It really made a difference. Something about listening to Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" fishing at...
  417. vegasandre

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I wrote a detailed MODERN tackle guide for cow trips with bait fishing and an extra focus on Popping and Jigging gear (for those inclined to add those techniques) You will need 5 primary must have setups: 1. 130-150# Big bait rig Rod- 6.5--7.5’ xxxh rated rod (calstar ,seeker, Phenix) Reel-...
  418. vegasandre

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Hi Chris Keith on Constitution Sportfishing has great gear on board- Seeker 2x4 combined with Okuma Mak 30's and 50's He will charge you for use and the leaders etc. When you fly the Balloon/kite he may charge you for leader use(double trouble) per rotation also. Its not much but it can add...
  419. vegasandre

    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    12 more cows yesterday to wrap up the trip - amazing ! great to see this great bite -hope it continues.
  420. vegasandre

    Last PT on my distal biceps .... Soon I will fish again

    On your way Back Soda Pop . Something tells me with the good fishing, you will find a way to make it on the late January trip.
  421. vegasandre

    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    Holy moly - its a good bite I think its better than at any time last year already. "1 fish over 200 and 1 fish over 300 for the afternoon Pretty incredible. We are headed for bait and have another day tomorrow to fish. Wow what a surprise that was" Andy always the optimist :)
  422. vegasandre

    Onboard report from the XL/Pelagic 16 day

    thanks for the great report Tim was most of the action at hurricane?
  423. vegasandre

    Tougher fight 90 lb bft at tanner bank or 90 lb yft at Guadalupe ?

    As having caught both very recently I will tell you that a 90 lb BFT at Tanner will fight like a big ling cod compared to A Lupe YFT.= of similar proportion. They are both fun. But the YFT ,I estimate, is a 3x to 4x better battle than the BFT.
  424. vegasandre

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    Here is another suggestion that will help equally as well as the rigging part. Go to wal mart and buy a $10 UV flashlight. Bring extra batteries. Use this flashlight on your glow jig every couple drops. It will light the thing up like a city.
  425. vegasandre

    Current bait situation-Super small bait

    I talked to a couple people that just got back from LR trips and one that is on a current trip and it appears that the current bait at the receivers is : "anchovie sized" sardines. It seems to have been a challenge for some-Having to use smaller hooks (higher chance of casualties) and a lot of...
  426. vegasandre

    New Owners - Five Star Fish Processing

    Wow, Great new ownership. Perfect!
  427. vegasandre

    Anyone use a Drone on there boat?

    If anyone was considering a fishing drone- This one is geared for fisherman. Has a bait dropper Is waterproof Has a fish finder Has a camera. Can land and take off in water.
  428. vegasandre

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    I think this drone has some fantastic LR and private boat applications. It gives you great options to get a bait way out and I think it would be fun at times too. Of course for beach fisherman it has incredible oiptions as now you can cast where ever you really need. i think its a home run.
  429. vegasandre

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    My Friend Daniel Marion has been developing the ultimate fishing drone. I think it will have some great applications in Long Range (as well as private boat and surf fishing) with perfect and far bait positioning. It is waterproof-can land and take off from the water,bait releaser has a...
  430. vegasandre

    Anyone use a Drone on there boat?

    My Friend Daniel Marion is developing the ultimate fishing drone -It should be in production next month. Will drop your bait, is waterproof, has a fishfinder- its the best! Being developed locally here in San Diego. you guys should check this out. Fishing DRONE of the future-Really cast your...
  431. vegasandre

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    Hi Choate, The swivel eliminates any potential line twist. Most jig and pop guys use them . Its a quick rig where the welded ring is on the swivel so if you hook a fish the only thing that you can lose due to the split ring is the jig itself. Edited to say that I just saw that Johntft...
  432. vegasandre

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    Yes swap out those hooks. The hooks that shimano uses as well as the assist cords are crap. The flatfall that will work down there is the 250gram in glow. Get multiples on that one. here is how to rig for best success below. You will get hit equally as well on the retrieve
  433. vegasandre

    Shogun 10/6-15. This dog is still waiting for his day.

    Wow Blaine. Thank you for your report. That was a weird Trip. I Like how you "tell it like it is" with no sugar coating. A couple of interesting things, besides the tough bite for you, that you had pointed out. 1-You guys had a effect on your destination to The Rocks which would be an epic...
  434. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Thanks Guys , I appreciate everyone's comments. I am still going to write a epilogue , part 10 of sorts. At first I wasn't going to write this report but though its a little after the fact I decided to write it anyway. Guadalupe doesn't change too much as well as Old Dogs . Its a lot of...
  435. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 9 - Desperation Day 8 My Alarm goes off at 2:45 for the last fishing day of the trip. I can hear the engines still in action. As I make my way on deck I find myself alone. This is pretty typical in my LR world. I look forward towards the bow and see so many lights in the distance that...
  436. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Hi Gary it was some weird little fish , here is a close up of it.
  437. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 8 - The Big Reset Day 7 Today is a travel day. Since we weren’t going to be fishing this morning, I got up after 7 AM. Ahh, it’s nice to sleep in –especially after a ton of fishing. It was so relaxing that I even had breakfast. I am one of those individuals that actually lose some...
  438. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Hi Dave , not realy, I think we saw a couple boobies(the bird kind) but not many. There wasnt any birds trying to get your baits when they hit the water.
  439. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 7 -The Dog gets some Company Day 6 Today would be a mind test. Last day at The Lupe. I am up at 4:30 giving it the dropper loop try at the Night spot. It is slow this morning. Captain Roy lays out the plan of action as hitting Monster Rock quickly and then making our way towards the...
  440. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    lol they didn't do to well. take a look at part 6 . I went into detail about it
  441. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 6 - The Dreaded O’fer Day 5 Another 430 am Wake up call at the Lupe Where is Jaime and Dave? While I am finding my boots, hat , socks etc in the dark without waking my roomie- Matt, I am trying to recall a time that they have ever gotten up before me on any fishing day, on any trip...
  442. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 5 - The dog gets a tummy rub Day 4 I set the alarm for 5 AM . No Bait making today. Another crazy dream when the alarm goes off. After remembering I am on a LR boat at Guadalupe, I gather my boots and eventually wander on deck There are a few people out there dropper looping for YT...
  443. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 4 Day 3- A dog without a bone The 2 am wake up call. Time to make the donuts(or bait) That first 15 minutes when you wake up at o dark thirty can be tough. You never know where you are. I seem to have crazy vivid dreams when I am on the LR trips. Captain Roy comes on over the PA and...
  444. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    There is nothing I like more than a Rodless report . the reports are fun but they do take a time and memory which sometimes I find lacking . let me know when the next trip is .
  445. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    hey Chris what's up ? we should try to do a 10 day next fall . think Dave can't go after October due to work though pm me your cell number .
  446. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 3 – Skull Island and the Chihuahua Day 2 If you ever seen the 1976 version of King Kong with its infamous Skull Island – then that is what I can best compare Guadalupe Island to. Everyone on the boat was excited with anticipation as we approached the fabled Island mid day. Dave...
  447. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Part 2 Day 1- The Dog makes an appearance. Funny how your booked trips seem so far out a year away then how they are here in a blink of an eye. A lot can happen in that time span. The Lucky 3 got their Lupe yearly permits renewed in late July. Man that was close. We played the odds and...
  448. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Anyone has has ever fished long enough has been there. I think I was there for a few hours once. Some maybe have been there a lot longer. For some its a lifestyle. Finding yourself Staring at your self in the mirror and wondering - why me? Why have the fishing gods forsaken me? A Snowball...
  449. vegasandre

    4.5 on The Constitution Feb. 22-27

    Saw that Capt Jesus is Back with Keith down in PV. this is a better fit for him I think.
  450. vegasandre

    Super moon over Guadalupe

    I am not going to sugar coat this: The full moon doesn't have a great effect on Tuna - there are exceptions though. I try to avoid the full moon on any LR trip, local trip, day trip, Beach trip and even going to the supermarket. My motto is : the full moon blows. But there is still hope...
  451. vegasandre

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    Good luck on a speedy recovery Gary! Glad that you didn't cancel your trip. Sometimes I think the ocean is the best medicine.
  452. vegasandre

    Indy on the cows

    Yes -The Indy has 5 cows already at the lower banks. Now that is some great news....
  453. vegasandre

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    Looks like quickly strengthening Hurricane Seymour is chasing the Intrepid from the Bank. Expected to become a major hurricane by tommorow wonder if they are going to Clarion or running for Cabo?
  454. vegasandre

    2002 Parker DV 2530 Pilothouse ($10K Price Drop 10/20)

    Very Nice, Seems like a perfect match for me.
  455. vegasandre

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    that is good fishing on Hurricane Bank. 7 cows already and a lot of wahoo. Season is looking good.
  456. vegasandre


    Hi John. That is a killer report. I know it takes a lot of time and effort. It is always great to have written it so you can always look back on a great trip. From all of us- Thank you!
  457. vegasandre

    Seeker OSP 1x3 Or 2x4?

    I would go with the 2x4 as it has more versatility and more lifting power. Seen a couple cows brought in on a 1x3 -but lets say it wasnt too easy for the Anglers.
  458. vegasandre

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Nice Job Gabriel ! , Great meeting you down at the dock today and seeing this awesome Long Range Tackle Box. Tons of storage, well balanced and practical. Knock em dead at the Lupe!
  459. vegasandre

    Did the Indy go on their 10 day on Monday?

    They were scheduled for a 10 day on Monday and I got some weird alerts from my AIS tracker software- Marine traffic, that it departed then came back then departed and is now in Long Beach. Maybe I am tracking the wrong Indy?
  460. vegasandre

    Viper 7'6 .... But I am still in PT

    Great looking Stick, Keep up the rehab Soda Pop and you will be back in no time.
  461. vegasandre

    Recipes for long range Species

    I saw this book at 5 star. Humboldt lumberjacks long range cookbook . Hundreds of recipes. Would love to get a copy some how
  462. vegasandre

    Tropical Storm Paine

    Looks like the Rooster and a couple of the other boats are all down on the ridge and should be OK based on latest track. Hope they all stay safe!
  463. vegasandre

    Tropical Storm Paine

    Looks like several boats that left yesterday are heading inside to the ridge -which should be inside of the hurricane track . Bears watching incase storm makes a easterly turn
  464. vegasandre

    Tropical Storm Paine

    It will be a Paine in the butt for any lr trips next few days including lupe cedros alijos and Ridge bound trips which is pretty much the whole fleet. Will be interesting to see the moves they make .
  465. vegasandre

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    I think the mak 15sea may be the Perfect daytime lupe reel. I have 80 hollow to 60lb flouro . Not too big either but plenty of brawn
  466. vegasandre

    LR reel maintenance

    Ok slightly similar question. How do you get all the little scales off the rod grips. Trying to figure an easier way
  467. vegasandre


    Hi Doug. Me being the idiot I am ,put the cross bar on the wrong side. By the time I realized it, we were underway and the rods were in there already. I just said screw it and left it like that. They are top notch. Couple of things though, if more than one or two people have these racks on...
  468. vegasandre


    Thanks Jim for my Beautiful Rod Rack. I was a bit apprehensive about the rack being up there in rough seas, but the clamps and everything were really solid on our 8 day to the Island. Here they are on the RP a couple weeks ago.
  469. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    I was hoping to go to the Rocks on a 8 day also. However its one day from the island to the Rocks travel time (so 1 day there and 1 day back) the charter opted for an extra day at GL and finish it off in US waters on the BFT which worked out. here is how the scheduling looks daily on our 8 day...
  470. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    we made bait steadily after dinner each night. all tube macks . any standard 4 or 6 hook sabiki was fine.
  471. vegasandre

    How Heavy fishing gear for Guadalupe?

    stick them in the dumpster. They had serious issues. AT SCI , my friend said that his Calstar 700m had way more power than his Terez rated 200 lb rod.
  472. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    On the first full day I was testing out the NON ringed trokar 619 h hooks in 4/0 and 5/0 size. I was having some success. As soon as I went to owner ringed 4/0 super mutu, I was having great success. Whether its coincidence, condition change or learning the pattern, I dont know-but that is what...
  473. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    yes a 4/0 owner ringed super mutu hook is a circle hook. If you fished a J hook the crew would of threw you overboard :)
  474. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Hi Kil One of my popping setups was trying out your BH 801 h with a stella 10k and hoping to break it in , but that didnt happen. I love how the rod feels though. I used : Heru skipjack, Smith Baby Rumboh, Ronz 10" , Yozuri sashimi Bull, Halco poppers-all in various sizes and colors. Even...
  475. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Chris , you are the man. This guy is a jigging machine. It was awesome fishing with you. You crushed those YT. That popper bite wasn't happening on our trip. They were tons of surface fish but mostly on small flyers as well as our bait . We casted in the middle of blowups, next to blowups...
  476. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    The Tuna were mostly 50-150 lbs with a 80lb average. At times we got into decent bites on 100lb fish. The schools seemed mixed on this trip as you could catch a 50-60 lb fish and follow it up with a 120lb right after it. The Terez rods are useless on the rail. Even the terez "rail rods" - no...
  477. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Just got Back from a Great 8 day on the RP. I might write a long story report with pics etc. not sure yet. Here is the what was working as far as fishing and tackle: Tuna- what worked- leaders- 60 lb and 80lb. they usually wouldn't hit the 100lb. fluoro directly to braid. leaders of 5...
  478. vegasandre

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Two funny stories. Story 1- We were on a 3.5 day on one of the San Diego short/mid range boats, maybe 2010 We Travel overnight our first night and get to the first spot about 4 am. I wander out on deck a little while latter. It was just me and this other guy. Well, this other guy has a...
  479. vegasandre

    Strength training for fishing

    Hi Chris. Looking forward to meeting you Saturday AM finally! As far as training : -Eat right -Sleep right -Cardio 3- 4x week -Weight training -3X per week. -Positive attitude no matter the reality (always a work in progress) On the conventional gear: I would say its like 80-90% technique...
  480. vegasandre

    Black Hole Challengers - Game time!

    I am going to try my bh 801h challenger popping rod at Guadalupe this weekend/next week Will have a stella 10k on it, will post my results.
  481. vegasandre

    Best jig slinging reel ... Realistically

    Shimano Stella 10k for YT and small/medium Tuna Nothing is close. When I do throw the jigs with conventional I like the Shimano trinidad 20A (though the stella crushes it)
  482. vegasandre

    Maximus (Constitution) 3 1/2 day trip opening. 4 days before TG

    Hey Jeff, gl on the trip. should be fun! those translations are pretty funny. Check it out on google.
  483. vegasandre

    Whats you favorite ??

    sardine color with either(the fish dont read the label ) Toast the treble hooks and get a good quality single/assist hook and owner split rings 4 to 5 oz is a great size.
  484. vegasandre

    Larger YFT outside of SD

    Keith is an avid Popper guy. He fishes a lot for a captain. He would of said if he caught any on the popper, I am pretty sure he gave it a try, he loves doing that. this is a great news for the non lupe trips(as well as any of us local guys) I was started to get worried for my buddies not...
  485. vegasandre

    Larger YFT outside of SD

    Maximus(constitution ) slayed them yesterday PV meets San Diego. Back in from a 1.5 day trip with an epic catch. Wide open big yellowfin tuna from 40-110 lbs. Got them on the kite, helium balloon and flylined sardine. 14 hour stop with fish hanging the entire time. Some casualties, but for...
  486. vegasandre

    How Heavy fishing gear for Guadalupe?

    The RP just put this up as far as tackle is concerned: "One thing I must say, if your coming out on a trip, and you even think that it’s going to fish Yellowfin in the 60 to 120 pound range, make sure you gear up with the proper tackle. I might suggest a good outfit to fish with is a Accurate...
  487. vegasandre


    I think they got the fish in US waters around the 43. Seems like the normal LR fishing is starting to open up - The Intrepid seems to be having a great morning - I think on the ridge. The rr3 came back from a 3 day but had nothing over 20 lbs- 19.5 lb jackpot yft. . Hoping it opens up for...
  488. vegasandre

    A Few Guadalupe Questions

    Regarding the night bite at the Lupe has there ever been a night bite for the Yellowfins there that anyone remembers?
  489. vegasandre

    what's so bad about stock flat fall hooks?

    The hooks suck. Change them out. Only use 1 hook. Get owner or owner monster assist hooks Dont forget to change the split ring. They are worse than the hooks Get owner split rings
  490. vegasandre

    Shogun at the Lupe on a 4 day

    Shogun decided to head to Guadalupe on a 4 day. Seems like its a great choice based on other reports. Epic first afternoon! 8/11 Hey folks- We arrived at the island just before 1400 seeing some scattered fish on the sonar we kicked the anchor over. It started biting right away and didn’t...
  491. vegasandre

    Report-Shogun 3 Day Walker/Martin Aug 8-10

    Wow. OK this is a big story. I am surprised that the gun was keeping the small Dodos. That activity is usually more seen on the local short range boats. If there wasn't any yellowtail this year many of the boats would be seriously hurting like it was 4 or 5 years ago. Fishing is tough...
  492. vegasandre

    Need some input: MAK 50 or 30..........or 20

    For the local Bluefin off the Private boats I use a Mak 20 when flying the kite. I do have the mak 30's and Mak 50's but the 20 is plenty . All of them would work. Unlike on a long range boat with a Private boat you have mobility. Line capacity isnt as much of an issue and a MAK 20 still...
  493. vegasandre

    Flat Fall jigs

    Quick rig has them get the #300 for the larger jigs and maybe 150 or 200 for the smaller
  494. vegasandre

    Offshore Overnight on Pacific Queen

    That is a Shimano flat sided jig and not a flat fall. That sucks that they called out the kite number after the fish was hooked. I would of rather had them pick a number aND then you man the kite and hook the fish your self. It's not too hard. Reel like a bastard till line comes tight. It's...
  495. vegasandre

    Flat Fall jigs

    for the bigger fish I like the 250gr. they really arent that big in size just heavier and easier to get down. toast the stock hooks and replace them with a single 7/0-10/0 assist hook at the top of the jig. The glow 250 gr has a great glow to it and is pretty strong. here is why you...
  496. vegasandre

    Offshore Overnight on Pacific Queen

    Great report and awesome trip! Congrats on your big bluefin. I always swap out the hooks on the flat falls. You only need 7/0-10/0(depending on lure size) assist hook rigged to the front of the jig . Here is a pic on how to swap out and right the flat falls.
  497. vegasandre

    FG KNOT?

    Here is a great video of tying the Pena knot with 100+ lb test. Its fairly easy after awhile. No problems thus far.
  498. vegasandre

    Wind on leader ?

    Hi Chris here you go. I may get some myself , on my popping stuff I just use a 5 ft shock leader tied with a pena knot and haven't had any issues yet. Been messing around with leader lengths and stuff. on my jigging stuff I just use a regular basil...
  499. vegasandre

    75 lb Yellowtail

    on the Shogun just now at Guadalupe
  500. vegasandre

    5 day new years special

    They will go to Guadalupe Island most likely. You may have struck gold. Large Yellowfin tuna 50-150 and large Yellowtail. or if we have a stormy fall and the tuna vacate there (I doubt it) then you will go to cedros /benitos for yellowtial
  501. vegasandre

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    Shogun is there too on a 5 day they just posted this pic:
  502. vegasandre

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    Royal Star just checked in: Good Start 7-31-2016 Tim Ekstrom Living up to it's reputation the outside island delivered today in the quality department. Not typically a big quantity affair the grade of what is being caught in this zone usually more than makes up for it. In today's case the...
  503. vegasandre

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    Radio Silence from Guadalupe right now. The Royal Polaris (with Doug/norcaltuna aboard) got there Sat. The Royal Star Got there yesterday(with Ekstrom at helm so you know he likes to talk) Both usually update their web pages religiously. Waiting for an update.
  504. vegasandre

    2004 Edgewater 265 Ex for Sale

    is the boat a 2004 model? looks great but Nada boat value is coming in 40% less than asking
  505. vegasandre

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Awesome report Conner! Loved it. thanks for all the details. Looks like an action fun filled 8 days of fishing!.
  506. vegasandre

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    This year my buddies and I made the switch to The RP for our annual 7/8 day to give us the best shot to go to Guadalupe. Sure I would of loved to fish the Indy, Excel or RR3 but.... since I am in the quality over quantity phase of my fishing life we are looking for the best shot at bigger fish...
  507. vegasandre

    RP is on em good at Guadalupe

    Doug that is perfect timing. You should have a great trip. Nice to see that the big yellowfiin are there still/already. Have a great trip. Can't beat an 8 day trip with guadalupe and alijos on same trip. Perfection.....
  508. vegasandre

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    Yo Chris this is awesome news for multiple reasons 1- that the Lupe will be open on this trip 2- I can get a first hand account of your big bft catch as I will also be on the trip looking forward to meeting you. we will have a great time My two buddies Jamie and Dave are also from Vegas and...
  509. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    San Diego is quickly becoming a world class big bluefin tuna fishing area. Photos and videos of foamers and big fish (ok maybe not the 300lb +stuff but still big) are all over the place and people are taking notice. Within five years there will be many people coming from outside the area...
  510. vegasandre

    Very experienced Angler looking for Ride share

    Hi Guys , Just wanted to put this out there... My buddy Keith's boat is down for the count for awhile(fuel tank toast), and my sailboat is challenging to fish on . I am looking for a good fit for anyone that needs another angler to share expenses. I live in San Diego and can travel anywhere...
  511. vegasandre


    Gyro/stabilized binos on the water is the Only way to go. If you are using non gyro/stabilzed on the water you are much better off just looking with your eyes. Can get a good pair of stabilized gyros for 900-1500 Nikon 14x40 -$1400 or Nikon 16x32-$900 (the 14x40's are better) Gyros are...
  512. vegasandre

    Oct 21st Seeker 12day, Royal Star

    Hi Gary, I was in the RP/RS office this week and they said they should have the permits this week and it may cost a little more than last year. So expect an answer this week. As far as the cook on the boat, I heard that this will be a "bring your own meals trip" . So bring your own meats...
  513. vegasandre

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    Just Caught off Martha Vineyard. they thought it was a blue marlin at first.
  514. vegasandre

    Fishing the RonZ

    Largest Tuna ever caught on Spinning Gear was on The RonZ (a green 10inch one) 600lb BFT
  515. vegasandre

    Royal Polaris

    Just stopped in the RP office an hour ago and asked how was the guadalupe renewal doing . She replied that we will hear this week. I then asked how did it look? They said it looks good but the permits may be more money. I fine with that. In case anyone was wondering why no one has fished...
  516. vegasandre

    Fishing the RonZ

    The RonZ is a great lure. I have the 10in version (largest) in white silver, blue,purple and green. I have caught a 120lb yft on a blue ronz at clarion. Also many schoolies at the ridge . The wahoo will bite their tales off most every time if they are around . They like pink. I think you need...
  517. vegasandre

    Keith (maximus) got a new sled

    Does anyone have any idea on what she sold for? Pm me. Thanks . Trying to get a read on pricing
  518. vegasandre

    Red Rooster going to PV.

    That is awesome that they are doing this. It is going to be a learning curve for them for sure. Very curious to see how they do. I was talking to Keith about this in March about when The Excel went down there a few years ago. Keith was limited out on the Maximus but the Excel had a rough time...
  519. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Hi Chris , that was an incredible catch no matter what the drag setting! Fish of a lifetime - Congrats! Also good to see you caught it on a butterfly jig other than a flat fall. Its amazing how many get roped into "the flat fall is the only lure that works" when any decent butterfly jig...
  520. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Hi Bill , yeah that was a great catch. the fight went that long due to light drag setting. Need to set those stellas at 25lb + . He had it a #16. Not sure why he just didn't tighten down mid fight. With Stellas and Bigger fish we are always messing with the drag while in battle.
  521. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    tied directly to braid
  522. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Hi Bill. I use a 7.5 ft OTI sniper rod rated for 80-120 for the stella 18 k. I use a 8 ft BH challenger or a 8.5 Oti tuna sniper for the stella 10k I use a Synit for my Stella 20k and have extra spools and rods and change them around. Biggest YFT on spinner #148 was the one in my avatar caught...
  523. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Hi Bill Usually on the Stella 18k I use 100 solid and have about 400 yards of it. On a Stella 10k I use 65 solid, I now use a 4-5 ft 100 lb shock leader tied with a Pena Knot and keep it out side the guides for popping. On my Jigging stuff I have a longer leader of like 15 -20 feet. Here is...
  524. vegasandre

    RR III 5 Day...trying to cancel

    Wait a sec, I heard that your buds are some crazy degenerate guys from Vegas who like to use the "dreaded spinning gear" as well as various "east coast techniques" and have a blast catching a lot of fish and having fun in the process. If that is the case and you don't want to be an accomplice...
  525. vegasandre

    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    I love to drop a lure way back on the troll for BFT. Like way back and in the middle position .big black/ Purple cedar If you are on a Private boat you are fine , if you are on a sportie , then just do it when no one is paying attention ;)
  526. vegasandre

    Offshore San Diego June 2016 (West Coast Style)

    Thanks Sami for giving it the West Coast try! Looking forward to your continued reports and excursions
  527. vegasandre

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Wow, then everyone else in the world must be wrong and the LR captains must be right. The LR captains are all great fisherman and are on the water way more than all of us. But many are set in their ways Throwing a popper with a long conventional rod for (anything) is like : -driving a lambo...
  528. vegasandre

    Spining Rod Advise

    that will work perfectly fine . The OTi TUna Snipers are a little better. If you went that route I would go for the OTI-3108-808S (60-80 lb 8 ft)
  529. vegasandre

    Spining Rod Advise

    Like what John and Fishy said ,For a saltiga 5000 I would get 8' 2 piece popping rod rated in the PE4-8 range (like 40-100 lb). Better to go with the non west coast companies that specialize in making the popping rods (its what they do) Black Hole, Jigging world, Jigging master, OTI, race point...
  530. vegasandre

    shimano flatfall hooks

    The Shimano double hooks are fine for smaller fish just remove one of the hooks. On the bigger fish. I rig them lIke a butterfly jig. You may also see a increase in hits on the retrieve
  531. vegasandre

    Can a 2 Piece Rod be as Good as a 1 Piece??

    What Jamie says. I do have a couple oti tuna snipers that were 2 piece rods that are now 1 piece rods for the past 4 years. - Make sure when you put the rods together to use some lubricant
  532. vegasandre

    Offshore 240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    Great Catch awesome Job! Fish of a lifetime! Not quite sure why it took 8.5 hrs on the heavy gear though. Were you able to rail it or did you have a harness? Were you drags set to 30 lbs or over?
  533. vegasandre

    Permission granted: wife okays a last minute 8 day Mahoney Mcvey on RR3

    I know how it feels getting admiral clearance. Not an easy task. Good luck on your trip. Don't forget the wahoo gear too . Enjoy your free time
  534. vegasandre

    Leaving on Shogun 8 day 6/11

    Good Luck Mike < have a great trip!
  535. vegasandre

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    Hi Jim, Sorry about your mom in Law. Happy that you will be close by in SD. There are a lot of apts downtown. Detached Homes are another story. Prices are kind of high but you know that already. I do know a good realtor who just happens to be a fishing freak(me). For rentals though , many...
  536. vegasandre

    Flylining with a Spinner

    Jamie should make an appearance on this thread also and he has a lot of experience fishing larger fish on LR boats with spinning gear and bait too. I like to use the quality spin gear for artificial aspects as I have probably overstated more than I should in many of my recent posts. Though I...
  537. vegasandre

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    Are you guys high ? It must be the medical MJ or something :) No one is casting the stellas out here , maybe a small handful of guys. While I am happy as hell these guys are catching the fish, , Hell, its great to just have a chance at them and congrats to all those that landed their fish of a...
  538. vegasandre

    rigging metal jigs for tuna

    On traditional Irons (tady,salas etc) the standard trebles hooks are placed on the lure with a solid ring (soldered). I usually don't mess with these and just use as shown. Some people cut off the ringst/rebels, and some send them out to Jim( to have them re done with single...
  539. vegasandre

    Big BFT Gear

    If you are casting topwater lures/Poppers etc - Then your Primo Optimal outfit will be a: Reel: Stella 10,14,18k Reel filled with 65 lb braid (you could use 100 ,but 65lb is fine for longer distance) tied to a 6 ft 100 lb flouro leader of your choice. Rod: 7.5-8.5 ft popping rod such as Black...
  540. vegasandre

    Offshore And it keeps getting better.....big bluefin on the spinning reel.

    Finally Someone using the right gear to fish top water for these big bluefins. Congrats! When anyone fishes Artificials to these top water Big BFT anywhere in they world, they all have one thing in common: They use High quality spinning gear. Stella or Saltiga -usually paired to a high quality...
  541. vegasandre

    rigging metal jigs for tuna

    Here is the way I rig the butterfly and flat fall Jigs.
  542. vegasandre

    nine foot rod suggestion

    I like the Calstar 90j-however I don't use it anymore. For casting surface iron/poppers - What I really Love is a Stella 10k with 65lb braid attached to a 8.5 for popping rod. zero back lash and 50% farther casts also being able to get that larger yellowtail or even 100lb plus BFT in much...
  543. vegasandre

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    For big Bluefin, I like using the single hooks on my jigs -whether it surface, jigging,popping or flat fall. You can land a fish with a treble hook and many have been caught that way, but on larger fish you will have a higher chance of landing the fish with a single hook lure. Trebles tend to...
  544. vegasandre

    Maximus sank , Keith and Crew are OK

    Just heard That the Boat sank as they were making their way up the coast to San Diego. Not sure what happened but the crew and Keith are ok. Glad to hear that they are safe. Best wishes to Keith,Crew and their families.
  545. vegasandre

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day returned 5/8/16 report

    Great report Jamie! You certainly have the perfect mental mindframe for a long range trip -all dialed in. Love to hear some more about the popper action.
  546. vegasandre

    wtb Fraser Volpe or Fujinon stabiscope gyro stabilzied binos

    Looking for good working condition. Fraser volpe mariner model 14x40 or fujinon stabiscope 14x40 or 16x40 not looking for the techni gryo models like Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 or Nikon version. thank you Andre 702-354-1132 [email protected]
  547. vegasandre

    Showtime on the Star

    Playing a joke on the captain, That takes some big balls. I love it! Eye for an eye....
  548. vegasandre

    wtb Fraser Volpe or Fujinon stabiscope gyro stabilzied binos

    Looking for good working condition. Fraser volpe mariner model 14x40 or fujinon stabiscope 14x40 or 16x40 not looking for the techni gryo models like Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 or Nikon version. thank you Andre 702-354-1132 [email protected]
  549. vegasandre

    Showtime on the Star

    Great story Joe and a great day. Always fun to be the hot stick when the fishing gods allow. Those sharks suck ass. . Wish the kid was with you. One in a billion. Can't wait for the rest
  550. vegasandre

    Like to rent a Rail Rod 2x4 for a GuadaLUPE TRIP

    Hi Richard. If you are going on the Royal star or shogun they have plenty of these 80 and 100 lb class rods and sometimes at no cost. I would check with the landing and ask first. I would be also happy to lend you rods I am in the San Diego area
  551. vegasandre

    First trip on the RP part 2

    Thank you Rick, Man I will never take spectra for granted again.... Keep it coming , great job.
  552. vegasandre

    Offshore weather report for PV

    passageweather is what I use and is free . forecasts are 1 week out and extremely reliable.
  553. vegasandre

    My first trip on the RP part one

    Looking forward to your report Rick and all the cool details about your 18/15 day . I haven't fished the RP yet but have a couple trips scheduled this year on it.
  554. vegasandre

    RP had an interesting trip

    wow crazy stuff , 2 medical emergencies, Socorro, Roca Partida and shark fest. Dear RP Friends and Family, This is my last report from the beautiful Royal Polaris on the Nakaki-less Charter 2016. In summary, this was a very challenging trip that had...
  555. vegasandre

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day leaving 4-23-16

    Goodluck everyone. With the current taxman situation and good fishing down in PV, what's the odds that one of boats venture that way
  556. vegasandre

    What to know about the Royal Star

    Awesome Joe, Have a great trip. Hope to hear all about it .
  557. vegasandre

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 16 Day - 3/29/16 to 4/14/16

    Excellent. Keep it coming Min!
  558. vegasandre

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day leaving 4-23-16

    Good luck Jamie and Doug. Sounds like it will be epic fun. Have a great trip.
  559. vegasandre

    Hook recommendations for local bft

    For the small versions(15-25 lbs) that you need to fish 20lb flouro to get bit on the long soak , I like a owner mutu circle 1/0 with sardines as bait. with anchovies use a #2 or #4 hook. For the medium ones(30-80lbs)- I like a owner mutu circle 2/0 for sardines and 4/0 for mackerel. the 4/0...
  560. vegasandre

    Upper deck rail dimensions

    Though I hope we all fish together one day , something tells me that pretty soon the upper rail space may become a hot commodity on some trips :)
  561. vegasandre

    Bluefin on the troll ?

    We have done extremely well on the troll with bluefins over the years. You want two lures: black and purple Halco 130 and a black and purple cedar plug. run two halco 130's down the corners mid way back and the cedar plug way back down the center. farther the better. don't forget the black...
  562. vegasandre

    Fish Report - Intrepid - 15 Day - Okuma/Soft Steel - 3/19-4/3

    Great report Conner! Glad you had a shot to go long. Those travel days are somewhat a acquired taste at first but then you just go with the flow. Thank you for taking the time and effort. Always appreciated
  563. vegasandre

    Custom Rail Mount Rod Holder

    Hi Doug, I would be all over this too! Let me know if you find out anything.
  564. vegasandre

    Most Useful Freebies?

    I am happy with anything that is given away that is useful as far as fishing. Jigs geared for the trip you are on is also a bonus. Everything is always appreciated. As far as the larger items,the rods reels etc I really like these to be given away for fishing incentive,prizes rather than a...
  565. vegasandre

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    I still would choose the LR trips if I had unlimited time/clearance/$ etc, (preferably with a flyback option), over a PV trip. I love the ride down and chilling out stuff on a LR trip and not rushing . In PV it is hard to chill out as you are cramming whatever into a few days. Still PV is a...
  566. vegasandre

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    Thanks Guys the trip was a blast. Erika is a fishing beast and The Kid/Chivo ain't too shabby either. PV is a great option for anyone who can't do the super LR deal.
  567. vegasandre

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    “It isn’t about the fishing, it’s about the adventure” part 1 - T minus 2 months . Trip is a go. Mid January I get a PM from my friend Nick saying he was going on the Maximus mid -March on a 3.5 day and asked whether I would be interested. I thought about it briefly. It has been ultra...
  568. vegasandre

    If any one is bored.......

    thank you. I am making some requested edits and will repost it here on the LR forum probably tomorrow. Sometimes I say too much and sometimes not enough.
  569. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    thanks Guys, I appreciate it. Crazy was the word for this trip. I would like to thank Loretto Joe and Rodless Jim whose long range stories/reports I have loved to read over the years :)
  570. vegasandre

    If any one is bored.......

    I wrote a little write up about my recent trip on the Maximus down in PV and posted it in the MX section. Both fun and disturbing at the same time. It is kind of a LR thread as I wrote it...
  571. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Day 5 “Happy ending” With a good current we arrived at our tropical slip amidst paradise in PV around 4 am. Soon everybody was on their cell phone checking their texts,calls,emails,facebook and checking in for their return flights. I couldn’t help but notice that WB was also happy to be...
  572. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Part 5 Day 4 - WB is a star I got up at 1 am on the last day of fishing. We remained in same area Similar to yesterday, no one was around, not a sign of life on deck. The conditions were similar to yesterday. Light wind , calm seas, warm waters with a light current. Shorts and a t-...
  573. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Part 4 Day 3 “What is a Fe-Fe?” and “Hand off” I Felt the Engines slow around 1:30 AM as we neared our destination I got up about ten minutes later to start my fishing activities. No one else on deck, no crew in sight, just me , myself and I. I looked in the live wells and there was...
  574. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    PART 3 Day 2 "The Boobies" First day of real fishing. We arrive at the closest tres marias island. Wow, similar and so close to PV. Maybe a 3 hr ride on a private boat . Capt Keith sets us up on a drift and gets the Kites up. Unlike on the LR boats , the Maximus uses a straight helium...
  575. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Part 2 Day 1- Leave your worries behind and the Legend of the Chivo Flight time is 10:30 AM Thursday I am in SD. Traffic always sucks. I pack the truck and leave around 6:30 AM , head north excited, but still a little anxious about the baggage customs thing. Suprisingly not too much...
  576. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Part 1 “It isn’t about the fishing, it’s about the adventure” T minus 2 months . Trip is a go. Mid January I get a PM from my friend Nick saying he was going on the Maximus mid -March on a 3.5 day and asked whether I would be interested. I had met Nick last year on a Eclipse 2.5 day baja...
  577. vegasandre

    50lb Bluefin caught on Pacific Queen

    on A 1.5 day trip to Colonet area. they are coming!
  578. vegasandre

    Apollo Puerta Vallarta

    thanks for the report Chuck, Full moon fishing
  579. vegasandre

    Mako 293 with twin hondas (look at pics added at bottom)

    Nice boat whats the fuel GPH ,tanks and range? Also what is the weight of the whole rig thanks
  580. vegasandre

    Ascension Dreaming

    Thanks for posting Basil.I would love to fish Ascension island and fish for cows off the rocks, like Dennis does. That place is so remote and hard to get to. Its on the top of my to do list.
  581. vegasandre

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    RP posted this pick today and this write up: We did have a few problems with some hooks, but it was not a Trokar, the hook that we recommend. We did have a few like this today, but I won’t mention which hook it was, but you can’t go wrong using a Trokar hook.
  582. vegasandre

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    thank you guys for the info, that helps me a ton, looks like I am going to get those tsa locks too. I may try to bring 6 setups and bring some pesos in case :) How was the fishing on your trips? thanks
  583. vegasandre

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    I am also booked on one of these SW flights to PV in March and was wondering if I could get some info. I will traveling solo and meeting the group. I will be checking the reels and tackle due to the line deal. 1- has anyone ever had any reels stolen? 2- What kind of bag is best for the...
  584. vegasandre

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    I am also booked on one of these SW flights to PV in March and was wondering if I could get some info. I will traveling solo and meeting the group. I will be checking the reels and tackle due to the line deal. 1- has anyone ever had any reels stolen? 2- What kind of bag is best for the...
  585. vegasandre

    Jigging Master Rods for trips

    I have several JM reels. They are awesome jigging reels and my go to Yellowtail outfit and school tuna (pe4/black