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  1. reellady

    Preowned Accurate 50W

    Sold. $700 plus shipping
  2. reellady

    Penn international II 50 T

    Pre owned, $300 plus shipping
  3. reellady

    Marauder flaming trout FOUND

    Looking to buy Marauder flaming trout 10.5 inch. Can't find one, please help
  4. reellady

    Fish with Nick

    Price for that 2.5 day is 995.00 limited to 10 people aboard the Success. Dates. 9/30 to 10/3. Get some!! Call point poma sportfishing to book! 619-223-1627 and ask for the Success!
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    I haven't bought in years and am not able to find on line. Looking to find more wire to make more bombs as I ran out. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. reellady

    RR3 Trip Cancelled

    The annual Red Rooster III June Heat trip has been cancelled due to lengthly repairs. Withdrawals here I come.
  7. reellady

    RR3 11/6/18 roll call

    Who is ready?? I am! Can't wait to see all my friends after I had to cancel last year because of medical.
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    S of A current trip

    Just received a call from Soda. They are arriving back at dock Saturday morning. Most everyone has limits. Wahoo biting, boat has over 100, all 40-50 lbs each. Also John Klein from the Q is working on the SofA now.
  9. reellady

    Best rod for an SR20

    I need recommendations for the best rod to pair with my Accurate spinning reel.
  10. reellady

    Red Rooster Mermaids

  11. reellady


    Arrived Wed mid morning. First troll Bob got 205 tuna. Next day I have fish hanging when another on my left hooks up. Rod passed Under mine when and when grabbed it"a handle caught on my rod and slammed me into port rail breaking rib. 8 am Thursday my fishing done for trip with less than one...
  12. reellady

    Our friends on the Apollo nailing them

  13. reellady

    HELP-advice on rods

    I need advice on rods to purchase for 2 new reel acquisitions. An SR-20 and an SR-30.
  14. reellady

    WTB Accurate SR-30-Found

    Looking for a good used SR-30
  15. reellady


    Need help with find someone who can service the original Trinadad and TN40. Everyplace I have looked don't service them anymore. I just love these reels and don't want to just throw them away. They are great reels. I have 2 each of both.
  16. reellady

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    Really gonna miss this great Captain at the helm. Best wishes for his health and good luck to all his future endeavors. Kevin posted this on facebook. With a very Heavy Heart I make this post: The back injury I suffered on the Intrepid last Dec. and the surgery to correct it has ended my...
  17. reellady

    Captain Derrick Walden

    Anyone know his whereabouts and what boat he is on?
  18. reellady

    F/S Penn TRQ25 Black and Gold

    Brand new in the box. Retails $379 will sell for $225
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    Glad to have Bill Cavanaugh back on the Intrepid. See you in March.
  20. reellady


    Owner super mutu ringed circle hook
  21. reellady


    Brand new in box Signed by Paul Hebert of Wicked Pissah. $250. includes shipping
  22. reellady


    sponsored by Friends of Rollo charity tournament. Vessels Eclipse with Captain Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise and his wife Nancy, and the Tribute with Captain Paul Hebert of Wicked Pissah and me. The Tribute came in with 7 pounds more than the Eclipse and we were declared champions of Tuna...
  23. reellady

    FG Knot

    Do any of you use this knot. Looks simple to tie. I am considering using it for 30, 40 and 50, but would love your feedback.
  24. reellady

    EPIC TUNA FRENZY This is awesome!
  25. reellady


    The pics on facebook tell it all. Great wahoo fishing, then to the bank and starting with cows. Fantastic fishing
  26. reellady

    Surflon Coated Wire

    Has anyone tried this? Can you really tie knots with it? Has it worked well for you? Thanks for your replies.
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    On Sept. 12, the State announced a regulatory plan that would lead to a ban on common fishing gear that contain lead, copper and zinc — denying California anglers access to their favorite gear or increasing costs 20-fold! Read all...Many simply do not understand why fishing gear is being listed...
  28. reellady

    tackle recommendation

    Not the right place to post this, but couldn't figure out where to post, so here goes. I have been invited (free) to go Salmon fishing on a charter boat (cattle boat) in Half Moon Bay. Can anyone tell me what line test I should be using? And any other suggestions you might have? I haven't...
  29. reellady

    Look what my son made for me

    I can now make my own wind-on leaders, sorry that they are sideways, don't know why, any suggestions?
  30. reellady

    Fishy's white seabass stone earrings for wife

    A little late in posting, enjoy.
  31. reellady

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Heading to clarion or the bank whichever place Kevin takes us. Picked up excellent bait. Lots of great people on board. 17 newbess on board, and all excited to try out new rods, reels and tackle. Will try to keep sending updates as long as internet keeps working. Wish us luck.
  32. reellady

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    Can anyone direct me to whoever installs the push button for the accurate reels? Would like to have installed on 3 of my reels as I am unable to put into low gear. Thanks for the replies.
  33. reellady

    Wahoo lure help please

    I have been checking salas, tady etc., I lost a great jig last November, an orange with black dots on it. Wahoo loved it until one ate it. I have been looking to replace it and get more orange jigs but am having difficulty finding them. Help me if you can. Lost without my orange....Donna
  34. reellady

    where is Joe Crisci?

    Does anyone know where Joe is working now? Sure miss him. He could always find the fish.
  35. reellady


    Time to jump on this trip. We had a couple of cancellations. This is the Loftus-Martin trip of a lifetime. Come join us. Sign up quick before these 2 spots are filled.
  36. reellady

    help, losing my memory

    I need to buy some more wahoo jigs. The ones I bought last year were awesome. I cannot remember the mfg. It is charcoal with a pink tip. I need more for my May trip. I have only 2 left. Lost a couple and a couple were lifted from me last trip. I bought from the little tackle shop at the...
  37. reellady

    may 11th Loftus & Martin Intrepid trip

    Just got an email from John. They are extending the 15 day trip to 16 if all anglers agree. So email John right away, He is just leaving on a trip right now, but the boat has wifi. An extra day down at Hurricane. GREAT
  38. reellady

    Intrepid family loss

    The Intrepid fishing family lost one of it's members last week when Detective Jeremiah MacKay of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department was shot and killed by Christopher Dorner, the ex LAPD officer, in Big Bear. Jeremiah was part of the SBS Group that has fished on the Intrepid the last...
  39. reellady

    Thank you Salty Dawg

    My new rod was delivered today. It looks fantastic! Have to wait for the May Intrepid 15 day trip to try it out. Should be worth a few cows I am sure. Thank you
  40. reellady

    cow rod

    Need another cow rod for rail use only. Can't decide between Seeker 2x4 or Seeker Black Steer or a Calstar. Want ringed guides. Will be using an accurate 50W with 130/130. Need your recommendation and why you would recommend. I am a little old school. Am retired now and on fixed income. I...
  41. reellady

    drag setting

    I was taught years ago to use 27. I am 5'4"and weight 150#. I have a hard time with the larger fish. I have caught a cow, but it kicked my butt. Would you recommend more or less?
  42. reellady


    As bait is poor, anglers are using poppers. What reel and rod should I get? And what for line?
  43. reellady

    RR III 11/8/12 rollcall

    Only 23 days to leave for this trip. 13 day 11/8 Who is going with me? And who is riding home with me?
  44. reellady

    Your thoughts, Seeker Classic Trolling Rod

    Looking to add this to my collection, anyone using it? Is it a good rod? It's a BSC 6455 XH. Thanks for the replies.
  45. reellady

    Fluorocarbon leader

    What test fluoro do you use on your cow tuna rod?
  46. reellady

    need another trolling reel

    I have an accurate platinum sweet......I need another. Any recommendations? To buy a new one is so expensive that I was wondering if there is another make or model that would suit my needs. I am getting tired of changing mine from a trolling lure to bait all the time when...
  47. reellady

    Wahoo time....New lures and jigs

    I am ready for the Wahoo again. Just got my second order from Brad at High Tide Sportfishing. Going out on the RRIII beginning of November and can't wait to use them. I know November is not the best month for Wahoo, but if they are around I intend to get me some. I have attached photos of these...
  48. reellady


    If you get an email with the subject 'trying to catch' coming from BD, delete has a trojan horse virus attached. It is from 'thatguy5727'. My computer caught it when I clicked on the BD link and instantly stopped me and told me I had to reboot. Thank God for Norton antivirus.
  49. reellady

    JOAB is in 2nd production

    Just heard the good news. Joab is in second production thanks to all of you. They will be better than ever. I can't wait to get more for my fall trip in November. You need to get your order in so you can have these on your fall trip. Good Luck to all. You will not be sorry.....they get hit like...
  50. reellady

    hurray, Great News, I'm going fishing afterall

    Lucky enough to get a spot on the RR for the 13 day trip on Nov 8th. Anyone else going??
  51. reellady

    Great Cedros Adventures

    Here is the YouTube link to "Great Cedros Adventures." It is airing this week on FOX Sports West Television. featuring high tide sportfishing jigs
  52. reellady


    I have four trinadads (shimano) that need servicing. Who do you recommend?? I always send my accurates directly to accurate.
  53. reellady

    lots of fish (cont.)

    I told you about Joab jigs etc from HighTide sportfishing............On Fox sports west at 9:30am Pacific time this sunday the 15th, episode from Cedros Island focusing on them. Be sure to watch and you will see what I was talking about.
  54. reellady

    from the Q.....good news

    Just spoke with Tita in the office........she said I would get back my $2,648 that I have on deposit there, they are transferring the funds to the Red Rooster 11/8 trip. She doesn't know when that would happen but that it would. Thank you John Klein for all the memories.
  55. reellady

    email re: Q105

    Qualifier 105 Update: I have had a ton of inquiries about what is happening with the Qualifier 105. Some of you were confused by my reply email to John that I also BCC'd you. Here is what I know directly from John or his crew. Two crew members tell me they are out of money and going under. John...
  56. reellady

    excel 15 day 5/10-5/25

    Best hoo bite I have ever seen in 15 years of long range fishing. 254 hoos caught on trip. finally my first cow weight 205.8 some of the fish I caught my seeker rod and HighTide lures caught most of the hoos another big one......
  57. reellady

    need shrinkwrap sleeve for rod

    Spent a lot of time searching for a shrinkwrap sleeve to repair my tuna rod. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.. Thanks
  58. reellady

    great trip on the Excel

    Arrived back yesterday after 15 days on the Excel fishing Hurricane. We had 245 hoos, 100 in one day..............Cows a little scarce, had 12 on the boat, I was lucky to have one of them, but the rest were all quality grade averaging 150-180 pounds. Was really a great trip........have never...
  59. reellady

    Q 105

    Surely gonna miss the 'Q', great memories and good times were a tradition there. Talked with Joe Crissy Friday and he says he has a few feelers out with a couple of boats, but he said be assured he will be fishing. John sent an email to Larry Brown saying he was going to refund monies to all of...
  60. reellady

    pic of prototype jig

    This is the prototype jig.....called the money jig...I will be the first ever to try it.... Brad at Hightide made this......Wish me luck
  61. reellady

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    Going to try the new trolling wahoo lure, the new wahoo irons and the prototype of wahoo jig from Hi-Tide.............heard the lure went 7 out of 7 on the Intrepid troll.........will post pics if they work, wish me luck, going to be on the excel 15 days leaving this Thursday.
  62. reellady

    wahoo in June

    I have made 14 long range trips always beginning of November and booked on the Q again this year.....Always scratching the hoo. Considering a trip in June for hoo......any suggestions for a boat?? Or are the hoo gone then?? Just saw some fantastic hoo from the last trip in Won.
  63. reellady

    caught on the Q105

    fishing was great.........excellent group of anglers
  64. reellady

    need info on wahoo trip

    I am going out on my 12th 10 day long range on the Q again on 11/2. I really love wahoo and was wondering exactly what time of year is best to plan a trip to catch a wahoo. I have gone in the months of October and November and we only scratch them........we do however catch the cows but want a...