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  1. vegasandre

    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    Well I am finally thinking about buying a truck.. Pretty much had SUV's last 25 years May eventually be towing a boat and/or airstream or similar -but do not have the boat or airstream yet... the question that has always bothered me about trucks... WHERE THE HELL DO I PUT MY FISHING POLES...
  2. vegasandre

    9 ' Dinghy and 3.5 HP merc outboard $1250

    West Marine SB 275 4 person Dinghy + Mercury 3.5 HP 4 stroke WITH STAND all sold as a package. Dinghy is not registered and was used 2x at Catalina. Engine maybe has 10-20 hours on it. Dinghy has wood hard floor and foot air pump. dinghy manual here...
  3. vegasandre

    Calstar 90j custom deckhand

    or sale is a good condition deckhand 90j Now is it graphite or glass? I have no idea. But its in good condition and a good YT jigstick rod. located in SD $175
  4. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 20A and Okuma Mak SEA8

    Located in San Diego 1-Shimano Trinidad 20 A in good condition. filled to top with white 65 lb izorline braid (last fall) with original clamp and deckhand clamp and box. $375 2-Okuma Mak 8 sea good condition filled to top with white 40lb izorline spectra. w/box $325-SOLD both reels very good...
  5. vegasandre

    Torque 25n LD2 ,Stella 5k or 6k

    Still looking for these Items above. Penn Torque Silver 25 or 25n Shimano Stella 5k or 6k Black thank you
  6. vegasandre

    trinidad 20A and Okuma Makaira 8Sea

    Located in San Diego 1-Shimano Trinidad 20 A in good condition. filled to top with white 65 lb izorline braid (last fall) with original clamp and deckhand clamp and box. $375 2-Okuma Mak 8 sea good condition filled to top with white 40lb izorline spectra. w/box $325 both reels very...
  7. vegasandre

    Calstar 90j custom

    for sale is a good condition deckhand 90j Now is it graphite or glass? I have no idea. But its in good condition and a good YT jigstick rod. located in SD $175
  8. vegasandre

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    Maybe buying a house here soon with a real Garage. The Garage will serve 2 main purposes: 1- Fishing tackle storage and work station(for fishing related only) 2- Storage for all other crap(no cars) Let's hear about some great ideas and maybe post some great Pictures of your setups! thank you
  9. vegasandre

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    If you are unhappy with the curent situation then take Action! It is easy to fill out the petition and you can drop off or mail it into the many places listed in each individual county. Here is the official web page. Here are the FB pages for local counties San...
  10. vegasandre

    Reels: Silver Penn Torques all sizes, Tranx 500 HG, Stella 5/6K Rods: UC Reaper UC 20-50lb rodss

    I am an San Diego and looking for : Reels: Silver Penn Torques- prefer 2 speeds 15- 40 sizes Or Shimano Talica 8-10 Shimano Tranx 500 HG Shimano Stella 5k or 6k (black ) Rods: UC Reaper UC Wahoo/jt/tile fish/Mega etc- (prefer custom wraps.. ) will...
  11. vegasandre

    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    "There is a lot of good fishing coming our way this season. And, due to the Covid nightmare and hysterical fear mongering by the media who are intent on destroying America's morale, there is plenty of space on upcoming voyages. If you are healthy, have no serious underlying health conditions...
  12. vegasandre

    And then I woke up...

    Dreams are pretty funny. Like many of you probably , I often dream about fishing and especially LR fishing while alseep. For me sometimes 50% of my dreams involve LR fishing or some aspect of it . sometimes the dreams are all I have, LOL so last night.. I find myself in Tonight's Dream and I...
  13. vegasandre

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Mario and Lorena this weekend and early next week. Models are pretty divergent still but there could be some affect for any LR trip that is going to typical areas...bears watching closely.
  14. vegasandre

    Success Sportfishing with 5 Super cow BFT's..

    Just check on with the boat 5 over 300# on a first day of a 2.5 on the mighty boat Success. Shout out to Captain Greg Obymako & our crew Alan Husby, Romolino Ghio & Steve Trudeau. Off Desperation SCI...
  15. vegasandre

    Black Hole Cape Cod 450 gr Jigging Rod

    Like New with bag. Black Hole 52B Cape Cod 450 gr jigging rod. 5'2" - this rod is made for heavier type flatfall/butterfly jigging made exclusively for 100lb + pound fish. I have many of them - it is all I use for Jigging BFT and YFT. Pairs well with a Jigging master Pe10 or similar type...
  16. vegasandre

    Black Hole 450 Gram Conv Jigging Rod.

    Like New with bag. Black Hole 52B Cape Cod 450 gr jigging rod. 5'2" - this rod is made for heavier type flatfall/butterfly jigging made exclusively for 100lb + pound fish. I have many of them - it is all I use for Jigging BFT and YFT. Pairs well with a Jigging master Pe10 or similar type...
  17. vegasandre

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    I just saw this post while looking at current RP 18 day trip report going on and I will have to say I have found new Inspiration! Not sure of the Anglers name(sure someone here knows) but 94 yrs old, catching wahoo on a 18 day trip and looking good doing it..well that is impressive! He is...
  18. vegasandre

    Accurate Bx2-500 2 speed

    Good condition Accurate bx2- 500 2 speed. with Box. Serviced by Vince at Fisherman's 3/4 filled with 65lb izor white braid and rest 100 yd 50 lb topshot. Used for Wahoo bombos and mid size Tuna... $300- SOLD Local in San diego or + for shipping.
  19. vegasandre

    Okuma Mak 30 SEA & Accurate BX2-500

    Excellent condtion Mak 30 Gunmetal with 650+yards of JB 130 serviced by Okuma. With box and everything -ready to go cow fishing this afternoon.... $450- SOLD Still Available- Good condition Accurate bx2- 500 2 speed. with Box. Serviced by Vince at Fisherman's 3/4 filled with 65lb izor white...
  20. vegasandre

    Saltydawg Black Hole 3rd generation Cow Special

    Salty Dog Rail wrapped Black Hole 7' 3rd generation cow special. Alps reel seat . This rod has caught 1 cow and lot of 120-180's. Local in San Diego only for this one. $325.00
  21. vegasandre

    Stella 10k SW -2008 model

    Recently serviced Stella 10k filled with 80lb white solid Braid IZOR replaced this past year. This reel has caught tons of Yellowtail and Tuna up to 160lbs. Perfect for the popping and surface iron.. Includes Stella Pouch and Left hand pin. local in San Diego- SOLD $550 + Shipping if...
  22. vegasandre

    2320 vs 2520

    They should rename this Forum the 2320 forum as almost every single post lately has been 2320 related., not that I am complaining-it has been interesting. Ok , so what are the plus and Minus of between the two models 2008 and newer? Lately it seems a lot of 2320 = " 1 outboard(300), more...
  23. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A with 65lb Braid

    Very Good condition 16A filled with white 65lb solid braid backing waiting for your 75-100 yard top shot. Includes reel clamp and cover. no box. Local pick up in San Diego thanks! $350 or $365 Paypal Friends shipped. Or will SWAP + $$ for Stella 14k :) PM..... thank you
  24. vegasandre

    Seeker American Series and Sea Striker 7' spinning combo

    Making more room for the new stuff... 1- Very Good condition Seeker American series A 670 7" rated 20-50lb $80- SOLD 2-Sea Striker Billfisher 7' BF1440s70 14-40lb spinning rod matched to a Cabela's Salt Striker of similar capacity. Never really used, bought for son 5 years ago and he...
  25. vegasandre

    Shimano Trinidad 16A w/65 lb braid

    Weeding out my reels that I do not use that much(or at all) Very Good condition 16A filled with white 65lb solid braid backing waiting for your 75-100 yard top shot. Includes reel clamp and cover. no box. Local pick up in San Diego. thanks! $350 PM.....
  26. vegasandre

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    I have been looking for a 2520 and 2820 for awhile. Came across this clean one yesterday on CL It is a 2003 2520 with twin 150 yam hdpi's 650 hours and trailer Looks clean. guy is cool sent me a lot of pics. I was looking for something newer but seems like a decent deal. $31k...
  27. vegasandre

    Offshore Red Rooster Found the Big Bluefin

    Yesterday- Red Rooster will be in at 6:00 tomorrow morning They finished strong today with a 204 ,207 and a 190 on the Bluefin tuna They had a few other smaller fish that 40 to 60 pound fish as well Way to go guys Good job! Day Before- The Red Rooster Travelled up and spent the day fishing...
  28. vegasandre

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    A Strange New World. With all the Talk of the closure of the Buffer Zone and continued expansion of various marine parks it would seem that new fishing destinations for the longer trips would need to eventually be identified if these longer trips will continue to be viable. Not only with...
  29. vegasandre

    Great Words of Advice- The Scratch Bite.

    I was reading over the morning reports and came across a great one from the wordsmith, Tim Ekstrom on the Royal Star this morning. It wasn't the fishing that was so great, it was the advice... 11-15-2017 Tim Ekstrom "A fun day of scratching at quality wahoo with a few nice tuna and dorado...
  30. vegasandre

    The Largest Bluefin Tuna Ever Caught on Spinning Gear

    The Largest Bluefin Tuna Ever caught on Spinning Gear -Yesterday over 100 inches /over 600lbs . RELEASED! Cape Cod area.... Rod:Ghost Hunter 200 Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 6500 Lure: Strategic Angler LLC Espada Sinking Legacy Crazy day yesterday, started out slow but once we found the fish it was...
  31. vegasandre

    Couple Parkers -Probably Cheap!

    Sad to see the Keys in this shape... Still on the look out for a Parker 2520(with twins 200+) or 2820 with twins(250+) 2005 or newer thanks
  32. vegasandre

    Bait tank location for a 29" Grady White Chesapeake?

    Hi everyone While looking for a Parker , I came across this particular Boat. While not having the fishing space as a Parker ,it has a lot of other features and especially the fact that it may be a great deal $$ On the Grady Whites do most people use the back fish box by the outboards as their...
  33. vegasandre

    1 day flash sale today Cedros csd -12s -$109

    Just saw this from tackle direct. I dont really need the reel but for $109 I said wtf, might as well...
  34. vegasandre

    WTB 2520 or 2820 Parker with twins...

    Looking for a west coast rigged Parker 2520 or 2820 DV preferably 2005 or newer with twin 200+ for 2520 and 250+ for 2820. Prefer the usual- tower, upgraded bow rails, newer electronics . I don't need a trailer as boat will be in water(plus I have no where to put it) will look at a good rigged...
  35. vegasandre

    New Breakthrough Sabiki Rig - Tangleless!

    Just saw this from a friend in NZ What do you think? Maybe a game changer....
  36. vegasandre

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    Deja deja deja vu all over again at Hurrricane Bank- on the water update -Royal Polaris As I write this we are nearing the end of our 18/15 flyback Journey and on the way to Clarion for a morning before heading to Cabo after spending almost 9 days at the bank. I wish I would have the material...
  37. vegasandre

    Long Range weather forecasts

    For anyone heading out on any current LR trips or one in the future, I have included a few links to click on that will show specific areas using the Windytv app. Windytv is now the "go to app" and has several different forecast models and is easy to use. The forecasts go out about 9 days. the...
  38. vegasandre

    SD and LR weather

    Sitting right hear in San Diego at my house and you would think it was a Jersey Noreaster'. End of the world type stuff - at least for these So Cal guys . My buddy leaves tommorow on the rr3 and I am seriously not sure if they get out on time. With 15-20 foot seas expected off Pt Loma. - but...
  39. vegasandre

    glow paint experiment

    Having seen a few glow jigs that I had lose most fo their glow over time, I thought I would try an experiment with glow powder paint that my friend Matt has. I gave him some old jigs of various Plg8,jri-8 port jude, and butterfly type and had him repaint them in various glow colors. here is...
  40. vegasandre

    Looking for cow rail rods

    My buddy is going with me on a 18 day and is light on a couple rail rods . let me know what you have and how much . No roller guides. seeker 2x4 3x5 ,Cal star 770 and 775 ,uc viper etc. custom is good. Thanks I am local in SD and will buy and pick up for him
  41. vegasandre

    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    RP reported 2 tuna caught all day yesterday. Heard from some one on the RR3 trip that Andy is taking a chance and heading to the lower banks where he scored big in early December. Should know if he had any action there today. I know many of us have trips coming up soon. Conditions can and...
  42. vegasandre

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    Hi Guys , over the past couple years I have done a mini video for people who havent ridden the boats (and those who have) just to give a little virtual tour. Have a few more to do, But here you go. Excel- Intrepid- Royal Polaris- Shogun Indy-
  43. vegasandre

    Andy Cates tackle briefing circa 1997

    Found this beauty on You Tube- its 47 min long and early in his career Someone needs to record (Bill W ?) Andy's briefing now for comparision purposes.
  44. vegasandre

    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    Holy moly - its a good bite I think its better than at any time last year already. "1 fish over 200 and 1 fish over 300 for the afternoon Pretty incredible. We are headed for bait and have another day tomorrow to fish. Wow what a surprise that was" Andy always the optimist :)
  45. vegasandre

    Current bait situation-Super small bait

    I talked to a couple people that just got back from LR trips and one that is on a current trip and it appears that the current bait at the receivers is : "anchovie sized" sardines. It seems to have been a challenge for some-Having to use smaller hooks (higher chance of casualties) and a lot of...
  46. vegasandre

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    My Friend Daniel Marion has been developing the ultimate fishing drone. I think it will have some great applications in Long Range (as well as private boat and surf fishing) with perfect and far bait positioning. It is waterproof-can land and take off from the water,bait releaser has a...
  47. vegasandre

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Anyone has has ever fished long enough has been there. I think I was there for a few hours once. Some maybe have been there a lot longer. For some its a lifestyle. Finding yourself Staring at your self in the mirror and wondering - why me? Why have the fishing gods forsaken me? A Snowball...
  48. vegasandre

    Did the Indy go on their 10 day on Monday?

    They were scheduled for a 10 day on Monday and I got some weird alerts from my AIS tracker software- Marine traffic, that it departed then came back then departed and is now in Long Beach. Maybe I am tracking the wrong Indy?
  49. vegasandre

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Just got Back from a Great 8 day on the RP. I might write a long story report with pics etc. not sure yet. Here is the what was working as far as fishing and tackle: Tuna- what worked- leaders- 60 lb and 80lb. they usually wouldn't hit the 100lb. fluoro directly to braid. leaders of 5...
  50. vegasandre

    Shogun at the Lupe on a 4 day

    Shogun decided to head to Guadalupe on a 4 day. Seems like its a great choice based on other reports. Epic first afternoon! 8/11 Hey folks- We arrived at the island just before 1400 seeing some scattered fish on the sonar we kicked the anchor over. It started biting right away and didn’t...
  51. vegasandre

    75 lb Yellowtail

    on the Shogun just now at Guadalupe
  52. vegasandre

    Very experienced Angler looking for Ride share

    Hi Guys , Just wanted to put this out there... My buddy Keith's boat is down for the count for awhile(fuel tank toast), and my sailboat is challenging to fish on . I am looking for a good fit for anyone that needs another angler to share expenses. I live in San Diego and can travel anywhere...
  53. vegasandre

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    Just Caught off Martha Vineyard. they thought it was a blue marlin at first.
  54. vegasandre

    Maximus sank , Keith and Crew are OK

    Just heard That the Boat sank as they were making their way up the coast to San Diego. Not sure what happened but the crew and Keith are ok. Glad to hear that they are safe. Best wishes to Keith,Crew and their families.
  55. vegasandre

    wtb Fraser Volpe or Fujinon stabiscope gyro stabilzied binos

    Looking for good working condition. Fraser volpe mariner model 14x40 or fujinon stabiscope 14x40 or 16x40 not looking for the techni gryo models like Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 or Nikon version. thank you Andre 702-354-1132 [email protected]
  56. vegasandre

    wtb Fraser Volpe or Fujinon stabiscope gyro stabilzied binos

    Looking for good working condition. Fraser volpe mariner model 14x40 or fujinon stabiscope 14x40 or 16x40 not looking for the techni gryo models like Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 or Nikon version. thank you Andre 702-354-1132 [email protected]
  57. vegasandre

    RP had an interesting trip

    wow crazy stuff , 2 medical emergencies, Socorro, Roca Partida and shark fest. Dear RP Friends and Family, This is my last report from the beautiful Royal Polaris on the Nakaki-less Charter 2016. In summary, this was a very challenging trip that had...
  58. vegasandre

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    “It isn’t about the fishing, it’s about the adventure” part 1 - T minus 2 months . Trip is a go. Mid January I get a PM from my friend Nick saying he was going on the Maximus mid -March on a 3.5 day and asked whether I would be interested. I thought about it briefly. It has been ultra...
  59. vegasandre

    If any one is bored.......

    I wrote a little write up about my recent trip on the Maximus down in PV and posted it in the MX section. Both fun and disturbing at the same time. It is kind of a LR thread as I wrote it...
  60. vegasandre

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Part 1 “It isn’t about the fishing, it’s about the adventure” T minus 2 months . Trip is a go. Mid January I get a PM from my friend Nick saying he was going on the Maximus mid -March on a 3.5 day and asked whether I would be interested. I had met Nick last year on a Eclipse 2.5 day baja...
  61. vegasandre

    50lb Bluefin caught on Pacific Queen

    on A 1.5 day trip to Colonet area. they are coming!
  62. vegasandre

    The Long Range Character thread.

    With this talk of Mike Ashford on another thread , I thought I would start a new one concerning some of the weird,quirky and unique people we have fished with on our LR trips. All the personalities fishing on long range boats in tight quarters for long lengths of time makes for some unique...
  63. vegasandre

    Advice on bringing tackle to PV

    I know this has been discussed many times but I would like to see if anything has changed, what works and what doesn't work bringing in tackle/rods/reels to PV through the airport and customs. I am going on a 3.5 day on the Maximus . Even though the boat is well stocked with equipment, I would...
  64. vegasandre

    Happy Holidays and go get those cows.

    Just wanted to wish everyone here on this board a great holiday. Many of you have become friends pver the years and share the same crazy passion for this somewhat niche sport of LR fishing that we love. I always appreciate the knowledge,sharing and comradarie that I get from the sport and the...
  65. vegasandre

    wtb Shimano Talica 20 -new or similar cond.

    If you have one with or without line let me know send anything you may have to : [email protected] 702-354-1132 thanks
  66. vegasandre

    Jeff from Indy- Fishing as "good as it gets"

    Some good reports from the boats down there. The fishing is heating up (go get them Soda) Indy- 12.06.2016 Like you read about Today was one of the days that you read about. It all started in the dark and finished in the dark. The morning hit was as good as it gets , everyone had one on style...
  67. vegasandre

    Offshore Wow The San Diego has over 80 yft 15-40lbs already

    Looks like its just getting started :) Good size too. The fat lady isn't even close to singing. It is now round 3, fish will be coming close again after being offshore and north .
  68. vegasandre

    Hurricane season not over yet

    Very warm waters still south of Clarion and HB. Tropical Depression 21 expected to become a strong TS /weak Cat 1 before dissipating after a few days. Expected to head in the vicinity of the grounds. FORECAST POSITIONS AND MAX WINDS INIT 18/2100Z 12.8N 107.0W 30...
  69. vegasandre

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    A lot has been written about hooks for big yellow fins on these forums over the years. Sometimes we change our hardware over the time due to various reasons; experiences, success and failures and sometimes we stick with what has always worked over the years I would like to keep this thread on...
  70. vegasandre

    Finallly- Bluefin Tuna Ok in Mexico

    Just this on another thread and on Excels' FB page UPDATE - We just got word from Conapesca in Mexico, effective immediately, all US vessels are allowed to catch and keep Bluefin tuna in Mexican Waters. The regulations are the same as they...
  71. vegasandre

    Accurate 870 2 speed and(2) Accurate 270 speeds

    I am selling my 2 speed Accurates that I used for a few years as my go to 40, 30, 25 lb outfits. I loved the reels but am going another route now. They have caught probably a few thousand fish. 1-boss magnum 870 2 speed- 6.1 high/3.1 low power handle. just got it back an hour ago with a brand...
  72. vegasandre

    Major hurricane Patricia Heading towards Puerta Vallarta

    Just checked the latest models. Expected to increase to cat 3 or 4 strength before hitting mainland mexico Friday night. Puerta Vallarta looks to be in the bulls eye right now. Stay safe
  73. vegasandre

    The Reason why the Revillagigedo islands are closed

    And may reopen :) If you guys get a chance this past weeks WON has a great LR season special pullout in it. Some great interviews in the section and some good info as well. Frank Lopreste told the interesting story on why the Islands were closed in the first place. I had never heard this story...
  74. vegasandre

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    One for the books. A quick change of plans. The el nino effect. Expect the unexpected. End with a wimper as payment to the fishing gods for services rendered. Day 1 -09/12 The entire Fleet departs simultaneously Nothing quite like that first day excitement of getting to the dock...
  75. vegasandre

    wtb. Okuma mak 15 sea and quality 40 lb 2 speed reels

    looking for good condition like new reels. looking for the mak15sea on one reel and good 2 speed reels for 40 to 50 lb mix use. let me know what you have. mak,andros,talica,raptor,saltiga ok. local SD pick up. thanks. Andre text or call 702-354-1132
  76. vegasandre

    WTS Diawa Saltist's and St Croix Premiere Rods

    Weeding out the tackle that I don't use anymore as I have a tackle buying problem :) Reels: 1- Diawa Saltist 50 . Good condition. with clamps. Filled with new 30 lb mono by Squidco. $125=AVAIALBLE 2-Diawa Saltist 40h -hi speed 6.2/1 . good condition. with clamps. filled with new #25...
  77. vegasandre

    6 bft from 120-175 lbs on New Lo Ann today

    All I can say is WOW! Markus checking in from the New Lo-An out of Point Loma Sportfishing. Spectacular fishing today with close to 20 fish hooked and 6 slobs on the boat from 120 to 175 pounds. Marcus has never seen anything like this before, most everyone has had a shot at a big bluefin tuna
  78. vegasandre

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    The overnight to 2 day boats are doing very well fish a few miles off northern SD county and OC county. A small fish is 30 lbs. yft 30-70 , BFT 30-200lbs. I know that most guys want to go south. Not sure why as the JP fish on most of the boats on the longer trips are under 30lbs right now...
  79. vegasandre

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    Saw this blog post on the RP site. Some good info After Hours Tuna on 12-18 Day Trips – Puffer Fishing By: The B Team Fishing for large yellowfin tuna on the other side of midnight can be one of the most...
  80. vegasandre

    WTB shimano stella 8k hg

    I am buying for a friend looking for silver or black model with the 5.7/1 retrieve. also looking for a matching 8-8.5 ft popping rod. please email [email protected] or text 702-354-1132 thanks Andre
  81. vegasandre

    Offshore 06/29 Sailboat BFT,YT , lost Dodo,Broken Radar mount - S9

    Quick report: Left around 6.15 Am sunday solo on my sailboat. Trolled around the S and mid 9 . Very snotty. trolled 2 purple halcos on sides and purple cedar way back down middle. Got a quick double on Bones. Picked up a high 20's bft on the Halco. Dropped another tuna. Heard a crash then...
  82. vegasandre

    wtb - "wind on leader" bench thingy.

    looking for a good condition wind on leader making apparatus (you know that thing with the two ends that you tie your lines on to make your wind ons) or what ever you call it. I am in SD Call or text Andre 702-354-1132
  83. vegasandre

    Apollo has 30 yft so far today

    Saw this on 976. They are within 90 miles too. Water isn't even that warm Yet. Going to be interesting very soon
  84. vegasandre

    Offshore News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    Went out on the Eclipse for a 2.5 day San Martin Trip and just got back this AM San Martin was pretty dead despite good water(seems all the yellows moved up to the rosarita flats to the nados area). The rockfishing even was pretty dead. Lots of barracuda though(for anyone interested in that)...
  85. vegasandre

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    Wanted to see what everyone uses for their Chunking applications as far as set up and more importantly; rigging. I know there are several different ways to set up the rigging for chunking. I even know some use swivels to eliminate twist in the line. Sometimes even during the lull in middle of...
  86. vegasandre

    Yummy /frenzy flyer for big tuna

    On my trip last March there was an insane bite on flying fish at Hurricane Bank. The Tuna were totally keyed up on them and doing aerial assaults for a few days straight all around us on the Excel. No matter where you looked Tuna were chasing Flyers. I am thinking for my next trip(hopefully...
  87. vegasandre

    How Many Boats can fish the Hurricane or Clarion at once?

    With the Current Bite being good at HB , I noticed there was 5 -soon to be 6 -boats in that zone. I think the RP is leaving though and the Indy is arriving. What are the most boats that can fish successfully at HB or Clarion at the same time? I Know there are only a few Apex anchor spots at...
  88. vegasandre

    Offshore YFT within 200 miles from San Diego

    The Intrepid was heading south and came across a breaking school of fish Yellowfin Tuna within 200mi from Point Loma in January!! Yes , gang , we rolled into a lively area with breaking fish and made a stop for some fresh Sushi. Soda Pop with the first Tuna of the trip...
  89. vegasandre

    Which Poppers for large Tuna?

    Hi Guys , I am looking at increasing my Popper arsenal . There is no other reason than maybe I hit a jackpot , get lucky and sneek out on a trip when my wife isn't looking. If that happens(which it most likely won't) I want to have stuff ready so I am not scrambling a few days out from any...
  90. vegasandre

    Anyone know what happened on the American Angler?

    Looks like they had to cut their calstar 12day short . I saw the boat yesterday at the landing and said to myself "what are they doing there" Saw this just posted on there site , maybe a medical emergency? "You may have noticed the absence of fish reports during the Calstar 12 day that was to...
  91. vegasandre

    Yikes, Tropical Storm Vance headed towards Clarion/Bank

    Expected to reach Category 1 strength. Reaches the fishing areas about Tuesday. Only good news is that it isn't expected to strengthen much more than that and the speed will be increasing so it gets out of the way quicker
  92. vegasandre

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    Soda Pop's excitement about his current excursion on the season opener(well, maybe the Polaris Supreme got there first) to Cow Country got me a little excited this week . I decided to do my annual pray and hope dance to the fish gods, money gods, time gods, family and ,of course- the wife...
  93. vegasandre

    Trip Report: RR3 Calstar 6 day 09/26-10/2 - Hero or Zero

    Back in the spring, I alerted my Vegas buddies, Jaime and Dave that we had yet to book our annual 7/8 day fishing trip for 2014. Jaime and I have more flexible schedules with Dave not having that same luxury. I alerted them that the trips were filling up fast and that we only had limited...
  94. vegasandre

    Offshore 101 lb + YFT on the Coral Sea

    Where there is one there is more ! on a 1.5 day. The Coral Sea just weighed in a 101.4lb yellowfin! After a shark bit the motor off of it!
  95. vegasandre

    San Diego 3/4 day. 325 yft and 50 yt

    Today's fish count. May be highest in 3/4 day history. 38 anglers. If someone was on this trip pleas post report. hopefully this can end that thread below which has gotten out of hand
  96. vegasandre

    Major Hurricane Odile - another one!

    Looks like Odile is going to pass very close or near the southern /central Baja coast. Alijos may loose some sq footage after this one. Looks like long range trips this week may get quite used to seeing Catalina and Clemente in the backdrop. FORECAST POSITIONS AND MAX WINDS INIT 14/1500Z...
  97. vegasandre

    Offshore Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    Let the rumours fly. El Nino is on a roll. Forget about going to Alijos or the Ridge for your hoo fix. Break out the Marauders and Raiders . Supposedly Yesterday a 48" Wahoo was caught by my "friend of a friend" at the 302. He hit a sardine being fast retrieved after a long soak. I am just as...
  98. vegasandre

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    What a year it is shaping out to be! In a weird twist of fate the best fishing currently for the entire west coast is 10-20 miles from San Diego ! Since I myself haven't really seen this happen and combine this with the BFT closure , there are going to be some interesting Itineraries for the...
  99. vegasandre

    Offshore Sailboat - BFT, YFT ,Big Bones- Coronado Canyon 07/08

    As I reported late Yesterday on Fish Dope: I Decided to take my sailboat out solo on 07/08 to check out some of my new electronics as well as do some trolling . Left harbor island at 6:15 AM. Headed for the Nados motor sailing at 7 Knots. Got to the Nados a little after 9:15 and saw the...
  100. vegasandre

    Need a reel for deckhand Calstar 800m

    Hello One of my favorite or not so favorite topics. A Few years ago I had a few deckhand rods made. I had Thought that it would be great to put the reel where I want on the rod etc. Now a few years later- I really don't like them at all as I cant seem to find reels that fit snugly on the...
  101. vegasandre

    WTB stella 10000 SW

    2008/2009 silver model. Good condition. Please email , pm or text thanks Andre 702-354-1132 [email protected]
  102. vegasandre

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Going to be a interesting year on the bait front. We spent the morning fishing for Mackerel. It was no slam dunk but we did get enough bait for the next couple of days. The guys at Cedros used a net to catch us some move sardines...
  103. vegasandre

    WTB Okuma Mak 16 sea

    Looking for one , PM me or email- [email protected]
  104. vegasandre

    Nice Cal Sheet atd 50 for someone

    Saw this on 360 tuna Custom used Cal Sheets ATD 50. Long Cast bearings and sleeve. Alan Tani Ergo knob. Drag set @ 35# strike with freespool. New spool. 600+ yards of new JB hollow spectra, put on by Cal's...
  105. vegasandre

    Accurate b2 665w 2 speed and 665H single

    Both Reels in very good shape and just got both serviced by Anglers Choice. Accurate 665 Wide spool 2 speed. With Box and reel clamps . 80% filled(over 450 yards) with 80lb power pro solid. Gear ratio 5.1 high 2.1 low. Great reel -I used for light cow setup and heavy BFT setup. Also can...
  106. vegasandre

    Fish /pic report - the Saltydawg Excel 15 day

    (BD is only allowing 40 pics per post so here it is: ) The Stars finally aligned for me in late January. Let me see: I had acquired enough Cow tackle finally to get by- check I had a light work schedule for February- check Fishing reports have been pretty good- check I am healthy and...
  107. vegasandre

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Isn’t it amazing when the day of the trip finally arrives? My lovely Wife ,Lisa- who made this trip possible ,drove me down to Fishermans Landing at 5:30 for a 6:00 check in . I found about half the guys there already with the tackle and stuff lined up. I finally met Bill from SaltyDawg who is...
  108. vegasandre

    Any good EL Nino fish stories?

    With all the talk of a possible El Nino eventually, I would love to hear some old fish reports from El Nino's past. Such as time of year, type of fish and location. The various close to shore catches and big catches intrigue me. I am fairly new to the west coast and haven't experienced a El...
  109. vegasandre

    Looks like YT back at the Nados

    Malihini picked up 6 yesterday. Good weather window this week. Wouldn't be surprised to see some good catches. Hopefully not many MX navy problems.
  110. vegasandre

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    This is awesome. IN Fisherman is doing a video "blog" on the current trip. Certainly gets the juices flowing! Day 1- Day 2- ( featuring Basil) Day 3- Day 4- (arriving in cabo to pick up passengers) Day 5- (on the way to buffer zone) Day 6-...
  111. vegasandre

    RP coming in early-filled the boat

    Wow a nice catch on the Royal Polaris. Coming in a day early! "Hello, Royal Polaris is returning a day early from our rockin JB line One Tunapalooza 2014. We filled the boat up. What a great trip! 22 Beautiful Yellow fin Tuna over 200 pounds, several Wahoo, just a fantastic boat load of...
  112. vegasandre

    Royal Star boats a nice Super- #340 What a way to close out a great 2013. We learned a little something yesterday and turned that into a pretty good day of tuna fishing. Bites were not all that easy to come by but the quality today was excellent. We are plugging away at quantity...
  113. vegasandre

    Accurate 870n and Shimano Trinidad TN20

    For sale : 1.Accurate Boss Magnum 870n in Good condition. Filled with white 50lb braid and 30 lb mono topshot- Narrow spool(you will need to attach to appropriate narrow reel seat)- $200-SOLD 2-Shimano Trinidad 20n Gold. Reel works well but has some minor cosmetic scratches and such. Filled...
  114. vegasandre

    Spooling up my mak 20sea's

    Just got a couple 20's to go with my mak 30 and atd 50's. How would you spool these up , how much 100 and/or 130 and would you use JB or the new seaguar threadlock? thanks
  115. vegasandre

    Sardines + warm water= why not a keep the bait tanks temperture controlled?

    I have read a few of the captains reports about very warm water at the lower banks and over the years have noticed that the live bait doesn't take too well to warmer water and quick temperature increases. So why not have a climate control on the bait tanks? They already have the RSW climate...
  116. vegasandre

    Hurricane Raymond Cat 3 / RR3 report

    Looks like Hurricane Raymond still is barely moving but forecaster to move west with a ridge to the north by tomorrow. Track not too certain. From the RR3 : Oct. 21, 2013Good evening folks. We had a nice day of travel. Did a seminar this morning and rigged up the boat for...
  117. vegasandre

    Indy 09/14- 09/21- Fish report- "Victory at sea"

    Why is my house still Rockin' two days after getting back? Had a fun trip of extremes on the Independence. From Calm seas to Huge seas, from slow fishing to "poling tuna fishing"- the trip lived up to the " Variety special" label. The run down: Friday 9/13- getting final stuff ready-...
  118. vegasandre

    Incredible story in this weeks WON - Last weeks "bft school of a lifetime"

    This is story of the year from the Captain of the Blue Horizon- A smaller boat out of H &M landing in Pt Loma . 12 passengers left on a "3 hour tour" (well actually 2 day trip but it sounds better) expecting a decent bite on the local BFT. But no one was ready for what they encountered -...
  119. vegasandre

    Ay Caumba ! need Advise : just broke right wrist and have a 7 day in 3 weeks.

    This sucks! Broke my right wrist playing baseball while sliding into 2nd base stealing (safe). I am a idiot! While laying on the field in pain knowing exactly what happened(break) -my thoughts weren't of the pain, the game, or soon to be ER trip and bills- it was "what does this mean to my...
  120. vegasandre

    Jimmy Buffet lands 350lb BFT of montauk

    Hey my Idol continues to impress:
  121. vegasandre

    Ok , Whose hiding the YFT?

    Come out from where ever you are? Maybe because the BFT bite has been so good this summer that most boats haven't had to focus on finding the schoolie smaller YFT that were so prevalent last year. Maybe because the water isn't as warm as last year- at this time(its warmer than 2/3 years ago...
  122. vegasandre

    150 lb BFT on the Excel today

    Okay its 184 lbs and only 50 miles from pt. loma just saw this on facebook-on 40 lb test. Big ones still around...
  123. vegasandre

    Great WON supplement this week-great COW tricks.

    Just got the Latest Western Outdoor news. There is a supplement on the WON Cabo tuna tournament in this weeks addition. There is a bunch of tips and tricks by captains like Capt Mike of the Renegade Mike on fishing for cows in Cabo. Some great info there. Some of these tips and techniques...
  124. vegasandre

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    Ok I have been sleeping on this for awhile. I would like to say this a hypothetical question but its not. If this above scenario played out on your summer mid range trip where you went to The Ridge and toasted the YT in a few hours day two then destroyed the YFT day 3 along with dodo's. You...
  125. vegasandre

    Any good tackle bags for artificials?

    Does anyone use a specific kind of box or bag for these items 1-poppers 2- trolling lures/feathers/maurauders , 3- irons looking for a solution for easy storage and usage for each of the three catagoires. As of now I have them crammed in various tackle compartments within several tackle...
  126. vegasandre

    Offshore Fish report - Senor Tuna Pacific Star 2.5 day 07/04-07/07

    Just got back from Seaforth on a 2.5 day on the Pacific Star. Had a good time , flat calm conditions Here is the rundown: July 4- Loaded boat around 9 pm. Crew came back from loading bait at the barge. Tough bait situation. Big so-so sardines and small anchovies. full boat 25 passengers...
  127. vegasandre

    Excel arrived on HB this am and is into fish

    Seems like weather is great , pics are up on facebook - Maybe the sharkies will hold off. RR3 out there also.
  128. vegasandre

    Accurate 270 2 speed

    Hi I am looking for a accurate 270 2 speed reel in good cond. Will pick up in SD or Orange county or can do pay pal and ship . Please send pics thanks
  129. vegasandre

    whats the secret attach reels securely to deck grip rods ?

    Ok had a quick question. I cant seem to ever get my reels to attach to my deckhand type rods without a uneven attachment or eventual wobble. I have 3 deck rods- calstars 90j , graf 800m and I think a 80J(custom not marked). the reels I have attempted to attach or accurate 400n, 500...
  130. vegasandre

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Fishybuzz with another Super

    Just saw this posted on Intrepid site. Fishy is on fire. "David Tang aka "Fishy Buzz" caps off a stellar trip with a Jumbo! Fishy was the hot stick of the trip and seemed to get hooked up whenever he felt like pulling on another big Tuna. The bite slowed down considerably today as the...
  131. vegasandre

    Oahu charter this weekend for long range SD guy

    Hi Guys , meeting the family tomorrow in Oahu. I have been browsing the sites, fishing reports , etc to determine: 1-Best location based on current fishing conditions- for a charter for offshore fishing (it appears leeward side but am not sure) 2-Great charter operation who wants to catch...
  132. vegasandre

    Hooks for 100lb + applications

    Hi Guys. As techniques and tackle always seems to be evolving , what kind of hooks do you like for the following fishing applications: 1- 100 lb , bait fishing sardines, small macks etc? 2- 130 lb + bait fishing sardines ,small macks etc for big boys? 3-130lb + using large bait such...
  133. vegasandre

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Well I was just cruising aroung the internet and for some reason decided to go to the Maximus sport fishing site out of Puerta Vallerta. was just going to look atpics of the boat and see how much it cost for a trip, etc. and - lo and behold - Fishybuzz with a 317lb fish on the home...
  134. vegasandre

    Seriously thinking of opening a tackle shop

    Hi Guys. I have a few questions. I dont want to step on anyones shoes ,but just asking for honest advice. I have noticed a need for a well stocked all service tackle shop that is open at more beneficial hours to many boaters , fisherman and long rangers. I noticed a need for a shop that has...
  135. vegasandre

    Offshore throwing artificials at Mahi

    Question: Well with the dodo's so close I am going out on my sailboat :) Tues to the 371/302 area paddy hopping and trolling. Going to troll three lures(pink black bart,purple cedar and mack rapala.) and hunt for paddy's. Have caught many on the troll and obvious many on bait. My...
  136. vegasandre

    can get my accurate870n to fit on my Calstar 800m deckhand

    Been having issues with my deckhand grafighters. I like the rods but cant seem to get a reel to stay glued to the rod. On the 870 n - the scrws clamps are so narrow that they are wedged in tight to the cork . Tried a couple of my other accurates with wider screws and bought one of those...
  137. vegasandre

    Offshore Anyone have any experience with the International Star ? Good ,bad or Ugly

    I see that the boat is being auctioned off by the US Marshalls this week. Wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts ,expereince or observations as to the boat , condition, ridability,fishability etc. thanks for your help
  138. vegasandre

    On the water report. Excel 07/10-07/18 team Whoo 8 day

    Excited as a kid in candy store. Left the dock at 11 am . Got a boat load of deans. some good and some not so. Horse sized. Caught a couple Macks at barge and 2 pelicans in beak. Jason Fleck is off after 5 straight trips and Mike Ramirez is in charge. Just got the trip update in cabin...
  139. vegasandre

    Well its confirmed- the Shogun is Broken

    Going on the Excel tomorrow and just got this for my check in email: "Please be ready for check-in at Fisherman\'s Landing no later than 8am. The actual time of check-in may vary. Besides any potential balance that is due at check in, there are two other expenses that will need to be settled...
  140. vegasandre

    Why are California Surf Fish smaller than my donger?

    Ok I had to get this out. After spending 30 years fishing the Jersey surf for Stripers, Blues etc and then a few years fishing east Fla for snook, tarpon ,kingfish etc. Now after moving to San Diego - to be closer to my offshore tuna fishing which I am very happy about-Something more...
  141. vegasandre

    LR angler Ernie Adams Dies at Alijos Rocks

    Its amazing this happens when we just had the big defibulator thread. Out of Curiosity what do they do with him? I ve told my firends that if anything happens to me, I want them to do a quick shot and toast , then go back to fishing hard. Condolences to his family and friends...
  142. vegasandre

    Alijos report- Royal Star on some Tuna

    Some good news for the many upcoming early Alijos runs - water temp around 65 deg : TUNA! Not a lot, and no occasion for colossal celebration, but we are thrilled nevertheless; in light of the conditions and none that we landed yesterday this was a pleasant change. Ten of the hearty, 50 - 80...
  143. vegasandre

    First BFT - at 95 miles

    sea adventure 80 nailed a 20 lb on cedar plug 95 miles from pt loma. clean 62 degree water. Let the season begin. Awaiting first albie - hopefully this weekend.
  144. vegasandre

    Here is my tackle- how would you use it for a 8 day-07/10/07/18 EXCEL

    Ok I know I am jumping the Gun , but this will be my first Alijos adventure- Hopefully it will a good year there unlike last year . Here is my very early guestimate (optimistic) agenda. Day 1- Albacore are back -stop for a few hours and load up on some albies Day 2- travel maybe some quickie...
  145. vegasandre

    Coronado surf

    Well , I have been reading the halibut reports here and decided to take my east coast striper fishing prowlness to the west coast. Saw everyone was using the lucky strike 110- didnt have any of those so I substituted a yozuri 3" 1/2 oz crystal minnow(swims better than LS anyway) . Headed...
  146. vegasandre

    Stripers in So Cal?

    Hi Guys just moved to Coronado . Used to be a big Jetty hopper on the east coast for striped bass. I know their are stripers in No Cal. It would seem like they would be in So Cal too. Has anyone seen any caught in the surf down here?
  147. vegasandre

    PIC INTENSE! Indy 4 day MOSH PIT 09/06-09/10

    Just got back to Vegas from a Crazy, Weird 4 day Baja Fish Gear trip on the Indy. At about 6 AM this morning sleeping in my own bed, my AC shut off, I thought it was the boat engines slowing down , so I jumped up and got out of bed to get on deck and realized I was home Short...
  148. vegasandre

    can anyonme get me into the ICAST

    Hi Guys , was wondering if anyone had a extra pass for the icast. I live in Vegas. of course its not open to the "public" any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated - I will pay $ thanks Andre
  149. vegasandre

    Accurate reels , Calstar GF rods, Stella 18000

    Hi Guys , if anyone has any make of the above , PM me before you put them for sale. Building up stock , can use all makes. thanks Andre
  150. vegasandre

    In a tough economy what is the economic stability of the Long range fleet?

    Had some questions regarding the Long range fleet. Heard today from a "good source" whose friend is a part owner in one of the Long Range boats, that the owners were thinking of giving the boat back to the lender due to the current "perfect storm" of tough economy , tough fishing and escalating...