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  1. smokinwater

    A "What If" question

    A friend is asking me a question I have no info 9r experience with. If we make flight and hotel reservations in advance, and a hurricane or major storm ends up forming just prior to our departure date, can we cancel and rebook in most cases?
  2. smokinwater

    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    One year after COVID cancelled our original trip, me and a partner finally headed down to La Paz to try finding the YT. I had snuck in a very short trip late fall to check out the city for hotel and fishing outfitters. We opted to stay off the Malecon at HBlue. There are little to no specific...
  3. smokinwater

    Loreto Hotels

    First time going. Looking at the Oasis or the Mision. Anyone with info?
  4. smokinwater

    La Paz boat Rec'mds

    Heading down to La Paz in 2 weeks. Had a panga set up to fish from, but now someone joining the trip that will need us to upgrade to a boat with seats. One can't stand very long and panga fish. Any recommendations. Last trip I called Jonathan, but he wasn't able to help us unless we bought the...
  5. smokinwater

    Planning a trip in February...

    ... but I just sent in my passport for renewal by mail. Anybody ever fly down to Cabo with only their birth certificate? Hoping the new passport arrives before then, but want to be included in the trip the guys are planning. For the return, I have SENTRI, so I figure less of a concern northbound.
  6. smokinwater

    La Paz, November 9-13

    So I finally got a chance to go try LP, although it was a little cooler than I'd hope for. First time there, and unfortunately ended up going solo. If you read my pre-trip post, there were a few issues I had to over come, but over come I did! First was to find out how to freeze any fish I would...
  7. smokinwater

    I want to go to La Paz

    Struggling to pull the trigger and go to LP solo fishing. My worry: freezing any catch. Anyone with an idea?
  8. smokinwater

    Anybody can their fish?

    Looking forward to another great fishing season as the water warms up. I'm thinking about canning some of my catch to ease room in the freezer. I did the You Tube thing and see that it seems easy enough, but their was a 'caution' that it should be done with "oily" fish. Trying to figure out if...
  9. smokinwater

    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Was down at the auction for Sunny this morning. Yeah, kinda of rainy, but absolutely fantastic time, and, without question, some fantastic deals. Fearing that some of you were not going to show, they were already starting to plan for a re-do because of low turn out. IF there's another date...
  10. smokinwater

    Looking for a fishing buff

    I've tried several different buffs, but the problem for me is "one size fits all" doesn't. Need a large-headed buff. Ideas?
  11. smokinwater

    Crown Spinning Rods

    So I recently picked up three rods at a yard sale, grabbing them before the others there got to them. From a short distance away, they looked very much like the collection of vintage Sabre, which is why I grabbed them. At home, I found that they are not Sabres, but Crown of Taiwan. A little...
  12. smokinwater

    Ensenada 7/23: Tried to Do My Share

    It's been a couple of months since last fished here. Followed reports and counts which were not very promising, but still had to get my fix. Waters were very flat thru-out the day, little wind late afternoon. Since I go fairly regularly, I've started to try different techniques and targeting...
  13. smokinwater

    Question on 2-rod endorsement

    I'd like to take the grand-daughter fishing at one of the local lakes with her kiddie rod for her b-day. I have a 2nd rod endorsement license, so we should be able to use 3 rods to get her a fish before she looses interest and we move on. Is she only entitled to the one rod, not a second rod for...
  14. smokinwater

    Looking for an Investigator... San Diego

    Need some sleuthin' done to prop up a case. At a point that I may have to hire someone. Recommendations?
  15. smokinwater

    ENS, Nov 24-27

    Fishing was bad to suck-bad. I knew that going down, but haven't done anything since back in May, and wouldn't have another serious chance until next year. Actually only got two day trips in. First one was ok: open party boat with a couple from Oakland, and the wife half was drunk sick before...
  16. smokinwater

    I've Known This Kid For Years...

    I was a Fire Captain heading to a house fire when a saw a small boy running up the street with his two younger brothers. He held onto their hands with a strong grip, especially the smallest one. As all kids, big eyed and watching every move. At the end of the fire, I called them over to let them...
  17. smokinwater

    Clearing Stuff Out...

    Posted this in the Vintage forum as well: Clearing out my fishing stuff, and want to find out about my assortment of cane or bamboo fly rods that I've collected. Some are mis-matched, some complete, many need TLC. Ideas??
  18. smokinwater

    Clearing Stuff Out...

    First time posting in this forum. I'm going thru a bunch of my fishing stuff that I've collected (read "hoarded"), and have a bunch of cane or bamboo fly rods from yester-year. Many are mis-matched, some are complete, most need some TLC. Is there a market for this? I do not do restoration, so...
  19. smokinwater

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    Haven't been to the FHS in a couple of years, but am already thinking about going to this years'. In the early years, I enjoyed going up and down the aisles looking at not only the long range trips, but also the camps and resorts, such as Alaska. I've done a few trips booked on my own to MEX and...
  20. smokinwater

    Can't Go To FHS

    Went to bed last night knowing I was going to FHS at Del Mar Thursday. Woke up Thursday now knowing I won't be going at all. One thing I really was hoping for- and needing to replace- was a hoodie from the guy that has those looong back, thick hoodies, with a minor embroidery logo on the front...
  21. smokinwater

    ENS, March 5-6, I didn't get the memo...

    So, finally made the time to shoot down to ENS and get on the water to see what's biting. Been locked up like everyone else because of the crappy rains, winds, and all things keeping me from fishing. Usually the drive down is relaxing, checking out the water, swells and wave action, telling...
  22. smokinwater

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    Although I've got plenty of the rolls, beginning to question the Food Saver vacuum bag rolls. When going thru the freezer for what to defrost for dinner, I find the occasional bag that is sealed, but burned from the inside. Seems like small holes puncture thru and air gets in the bags. Haven't...
  23. smokinwater

    Its on WebMD!

    Ah, Guys, many of us might be in trouble and not realize it: it appears Dramamine and meclizine has the potential to cause impotency. Thank goodness for me scopase and scopolamine didn't make the list.
  24. smokinwater

    Anyone Fishing Ensenada Next Week?

    Looking to join up and share a boat or panga. All my regulars are not able to go.
  25. smokinwater

    Anyone Ever Use The Shuttles...

    ... at the San Ysidro border behind the Mickie-D's? Trying to find a shuttle to Vegas area. Flights would require me to book in advance for cheap rate, but trying to find something one-way relatively short notice.
  26. smokinwater

    Ever get that feeling of getting older?

    So I start to notice that I'm seeing "specks" and haze in the vision of one eye. After a couple of days I call for an appointment to get my eye checked. Receptionist says it might be a month or so because of vacations for the doctors. I tell her to schedule the appointment, but likely I'll be...
  27. smokinwater

    Get It Checked!

    The wife and I decided to do it together, and it was both uncomfortable and a relief all in one: colonoscopy. We're in the upper-55year old bracket and did the lower half about 10 years ago. This time we went for the full monty. Prep starts by avoiding certain minor food items about 3 days out...
  28. smokinwater

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    This is a repost from a few years ago. Let's not forget. I have a friend that lives across the street from me, and we were shooting the shit over some beers. He's a private kinda of guy, and rarely speaks of his Dad. He's told me bits and pieces: His Dad was a Marine, and is buried in...
  29. smokinwater

    ...what the heck just happened...???

    A friend of mine has asked me to help him get back into fishing now that we're retired. Went last season and did well in Ensenada, so we were going to head back for more. One of his (mature) friends, Victor, showed interest, so on his recommendation that guy came along as the 3rd to help pay for...
  30. smokinwater

    Spear fishing at the Coronados?

    Was talking to some at the CONAPESCA counter when buying my license today. (I might be the only one to not have got the word, but the location has changed.) Anyhow, he was saying he and some friends were heading out to spear fish at the islands. He sounded new to it because he wasn't certain if...
  31. smokinwater

    Sorry, Costco, but I had to do it!

    Over the last few months, I been competing with the wife to see who gets to the coupon book (advertising book now) from Costco. I been taking advantage of the sales on Kirkland-brand clothes so much, I really haven't even tried them on, so they just been stacking up on the dresser. I've been...
  32. smokinwater

    Helping To Sell A Boat

    A friend of ours has asked me to help her prep her late - husband's boat for sale. She actually told me more than I knew in that the husband had a guy come to the house and do regular maintenance so it was ready to fish. What I figure would be a good start is to have similar maintenance done...
  33. smokinwater

    Summer Salmon Trip Planning

    We're wanting to head north to get into some salmon this summer, probably towards Whidbey Island since it seems to be centrally located. I've previously posted requests for info on Neah Bay, but now the planning has shifted east. Where can I find info on what MA and open seasons for MA...
  34. smokinwater

    Airline Ticket Add-on Attitude Changer

    The wife and we're invited to spend 10 days as guests at friend's condo in PV. All it was gonna cost was airfare. First time booking on Volaris, so called with questions about the add-ons. Only one that didn't make sense was insurance, which was described as if we die to or from the airport...
  35. smokinwater

    Need Help: Esmeralda in PV

    How I managed to delete the email with my info will be a mystery. Where the heck is this place located in PV? In any event, will be there beginning next week and wanted to start lining up a boat, but until I know where Esmeralda is, I don't know who to start with. My wife is gonna kick some...
  36. smokinwater

    Cellphone Problems

    Back in February, I grabbed my cell to make a call and found that all of my #s, messages, memos and pics were gone! It was as though somehow it got wiped clean as the day it came out of the box! After a couple of "gosh darn's" and "oh my's", I went down to Costco and pony-ed up for a new phone...
  37. smokinwater

    113 vs. Long Beach 67 & 68

    Picked up all 3 at a estate sale. 113(no extra letters) shows wear/pitting, while the 67 & 68 are very good condition comparatively. Looked up specs on Scott's site and all seem similiar. Trying to put together loaner arsenal, but have only heard/read on the 113. Any issues I need to consider...
  38. smokinwater

    Ensenada, Tues 8/19 & Wed 8/20...anyone?

    Two of us heading down Monday, fishing tues and wedsday aboard Charro's No Limitz 1. Plan currently is for YT around the islands and paddies. Got our deposit in already for $450/day. Anyone want to join in for one/both days?
  39. smokinwater

    Aug 12th, aboard the Stardust

    Never fished Santa Barbara before, so the wife and I packed up and headed north. Decided on a half-day aboard the Stardust with about 30 others all eager for a good day on the water. Picked up bait, anchovies to about 3". Small guys, but pretty lively. The counts for the previous week were...
  40. smokinwater

    Fisherman III, Aug 4th- it was "fur curtain"

    Went to my first Islands trip in years aboard the Fisherman III Monday. We got a late start, but the Captain made it up on the return. Got on station and started the troll til we had a strike, then we dropped our fly lines. That's when things got tough. We could see the schools below the boat...
  41. smokinwater

    Life Changing Experience!

    One of our members here, ConSeaMate, has been trying to raise funds for an Annual Bloodydecks fishing derby, but, my guess is that many members don't realize there is one. The thread has been under the forum "Personal News" for a bit now, and could use some support to make it a success. I don't...
  42. smokinwater

    Another Check-off the Bucket List!

    Was up at Dan Hernandez' office Tuesday last week, and stumbled into a cancellation for his Buena Vista East Cape trip. The wife was up for it so we purchased the reservation-for-two and scoured the internet for airfares to Cabo...leaving the next day!! We were lucky enough (???) to find two r/t...
  43. smokinwater

    Flying to Cabo on Short leadtime

    Was able to purchase someone's reservations in Cabo, and leaving Wed evening. Would have wanted to have longer lead-time to research the fine details of travel into SJC, but can't complain. The wife was reading the fine print on tickets printed on-line and told me I have to unpack our stuff from...
  44. smokinwater

    Help finding info on Caldera

    I was lucky enough to pick up a rod that has a label saying "Rods by Taniguchi" and "Custom made for Caldera". I've found alot here on BD about the Taniguchi family here in San Diego, but have not been able to find anything about what I assume was a charter named "Caldera". Anyone know anything...
  45. smokinwater

    Ensenada road trip, 4/11-12

    Took the family to Ensenada last weekend to strike the YT and lings early and before the spring break crowds. As others posted, fishing was slow but fun. We did find a few lings and (no pics) a couple of YT, but my real reason to post is to say it looks to me as word has gotten out that the...
  46. smokinwater

    Sentri Pass Renewals

    Talking to a friend tonight. Said his SENTRI is due to expire later this month. He put in his re-newal apps in November, but at last crossing was told there is a backlog of renewals. Suppose to take 3months but being told could be up to 6-7 months. Apps for renewals could be applied for 6months...
  47. smokinwater

    It starts with sperm in the eye!

    I’m (un)fortunate to have my eyes covered under Workers’Comp, due to a work-related injury. Over the last year I’d been experiencing worseningvision, even though I wear eyeglasses. It had got to the point that I juststopped wearing them because they made my vision worse. I was seeing light...
  48. smokinwater

    Deck Coating Needed

    Have a deck that needs coating. Job was started by another contractor, but scooted at the halfway point. Anyone out there have contacts?
  49. smokinwater

    Ensenada Aboard the Wahoo, Oct 15th

    Left early morning with Hector at the wheel and Chino on deck, thinking we were going to make bait. Turns out there was bait- deens- at the receiver for the 5 of us. Very thick fog that never really cleared thru the day. We looked and looked but could not find any surface activity. Also not much...
  50. smokinwater

    Summer East Cape Planning

    Doing our first ever Baja Sur fishing vacation this summer. Been to Alaska a few times in years before 9-11, when things were a bit more relaxed. Trying to find out about bringing our PFD's in our check-in baggage on our trip to East Cape this summer. May have to leave co2 cartriages home. Any...
  51. smokinwater

    Ensenada Report, Feb 28th

    Left docks when it was still dark, with very calm seas. Not quite glass, but the panga rode smoothly. My request was to target lings, and I was not disappointed! Jorge, the owner of Wahoo panga, said it was going to be best to make bait besides the frozen squid. So the young kid (19 y/o) that...
  52. smokinwater

    Wanna fish Wa for salmon

    About 15yrs ago, I took the family to Sequi to fish. Had made reservations for everything, and it panned out with a great catch of silvers to bring back to San Diego. In the yrs since, I realize there are limits for Management Areas (MA), and I know nothing of this system. I want to go back...
  53. smokinwater

    Santee Lake #4, Jan 21

    So a couple of months ago, my wife shows me a posting on C/L about a guy that wants someone to take his dad fishing at Santee Lakes. The Dad had been a longtime fixture at the lakes, but can't drive any more. Son posts for a "chaparonne" of sorts. Son's got medical reasons he can't (legit), so...
  54. smokinwater

    Ensenada 1/19

    Heading down for a quick trip out of Ensenada on one of Wahoo's large pangas. My wife's cousin will be with me, but looking for 1-2 more to split $220 boat cost. Anyone going out of Ens this weekend?
  55. smokinwater

    Paying It Forward

    I have a new/never used car seat cover that was supposed to go in my son's Dodge Dakota truck, but got rid of the truck w/o ever putting in the seat cover. Here's the deal: it's yours if you got a truck it fits. In return, do something good for someone that fishes. I tried to attach pics...
  56. smokinwater

    California lost a good one!

    I'll miss him, and look for the reruns. :hali_olutta:
  57. smokinwater

    Mexican Cell Phones

    I had been doing research on getting a cell for use when I cross into Mexico to avoid the fees that Verizon charges. Also wanted to check on the POE in Tecate vs. S/Y. I found a web site that I seemed to give good advice and made it sound easy. I dug out two old cell phones from the junk drawer...
  58. smokinwater

    How do you argue with Stupid?

    We have a house in Idaho that neighbors keep an eye on while we're in San Diego. Got a call back in July from the guy across the street saying my son's soon-to-be-ex was breaking-in and taking shit out. I called the police up there, and when they got there, they found Heather and her new BF...
  59. smokinwater

    Bait in Ensenada?

    Anyone know if there's any live bait in Ensenada now? Thinking about heading down this week, but not sure if I'll fish Ens or just keep heading down to Punta Banda and fish Vonny's with plastics.