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  1. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    So a handful of us Washington googans are headed out on the pacific queen next November for a 3 day. I know it’s small time shit comparatively but I figure it’s like a gateway drug to the 14 day trips and such. I’m trying to sort out what gear to bring and what to buy still. It’s not all about...
  2. punted coho

    A simple, green, Rainshadow.

    Rclb70l I built my Dad for Christmas. Nothing too fancy but I really liked how it came out and thought I’d share since I’ve never posted a rod on here. Everything is size A thread except the black over wraps on the guides (D) and all the components are alps.
  3. punted coho

    I'll just leave this right here.
  4. punted coho

    Does anyone know if you get in trouble for towing deer around in the bay?

    Out in area 11 today there was a doe swimming and struggling in the current. Thought about trying to tie back towards shore. I thought it was coming from vashon to the clay banks and was getting close so I figured it was almost there. Saw it later as we were pulling up and it eventually turned...