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  1. Cornfed

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Merinos is doing the processing at their cost, not donating it as the cost is not menial. Here is the most recent summary (yesterday) that I have been provided: **This is an estimate and by no means final. 8799 lbs donated 9620 cans Cost per can $1.36 Estimated Processing Cost $13083
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    It was a great day, turned bad

    As of this last Saturday, they were shooting to have all processing done by end of this week, per the owner. And they are awaiting labels, and once labeled, can be delivered to the coastal food banks. Great news!
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    It was a great day, turned bad

    Per Mission Outdoors Voicemail : "Northwest harvest never sent fish back to the people (those in need) of Westport. As a result, we decided to cut them out of the processing and pay for it directly in order to give back to the Westport community. Processing costs are $14K". My thoughts...
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    This year's tuna lures

    I stop in to check on everyone and here we are talking about trolling. What is the world coming to........
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    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    I'll hit you up when I head back to SO FLO! Let's throw a Gladiator on the deck. Remember.....WIND IN YOUR FACE.....YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
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    HAHAHA! You would have gotten a call for a SAR mission if that was the case! LOL!
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    One of my crew members (Bill) is selling his 1989 17' Arima Sea Ranger. Details are below. Bill's contact info is: Email: [email protected] Phone: 425-512-3439 Stored in my Garage- full factory trailering and storage cover SUNBRELLA top, side and back-drop curtains port & starboard f/g...
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    Defiance Delivery Day

    CONGRATS! and welcome to the DEFIANCE NATION!
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    Tuna Predictions...

    Here's a pic I took of a 2-finner on lake Pacific
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    Tuna Predictions...

    There are swords off our coast, no doubt. The instant gratification approach of WA albacore fishing does not lend itself to (most) fishermen playing the Sword game. Albacore is, for the most part a 2 dimensional playing field, where as Swords are 3 dimensional. However, I will say that a...
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    Tuna Predictions...

    HAHAHAHA! Not quite, Sunshine! I missed you guys so I had to see what you were up to. Boat and gear is coming together! Won't be long, and we'll be NEAH BOUND!
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    Tuna Predictions...

    Overnight gear is rigged and ready.... ;)
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    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    Your June/July observation is correct. In August, tuna numbers went downhill and stayed rock bottom for about 3-4 weeks in 2016. If you search, you'll see simliar discussions and then the whole Westport vs. Ilwaco debate. We made tuna fishing great again towards the end of August and put 47...
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    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    There are no tuna off the coast of Washington and Oregon. Please put your boats in storage, put your gear away, and cuddle up near the fire with your favorite blankie and snowflake novel. In reality, our albacore fishery is world class. PERIOD. However, we have come to EXPECT the fishery to...
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    WTC results..

    My USUAL SUSPECTS took 1st and the Double Down Cash Sidepot and we will be headed back to Costa Rica for the IGFA Offshore World Championship (my 4th). Our total weight was 139.3 lbs and we loaded the boat with 43 hogs! It was great to win the event on my birthday and spend the wknd with all...
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    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Happy Birthday Jimmy! Hope to celebrate with you this weekend!
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    I'm backkkk!!

    DEEP MAGIK? That is the best you could come up with? Good Lord. Sounds like a Magic Mike XXL (my favorite movie) dancer name. See you on the water after we hand out some dirt naps to bears.
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    Made in Washington USA Coolers

    More talk about coolers. Sweet. Cool story Larry @wdlfbio This happened Saturday with DUH WOMEN @TheWoman on board....
  19. Cornfed

    Hali open this saturday!!!

    Correct, but 4?!?!? Don't over commit me Jeffrey! I hope you're counting your twins as part of that 4!
  20. Cornfed

    No Yeti products for me

    Good question. The main event is on the Kenai in July, we're fishing 7 straight days! Will have to pick a wknd in WP for the local event!
  21. Cornfed

    No Yeti products for me

    I gather snowflake tears in 5 gallon buckets, freeze them, and throw the blocks in the tote. Next question.
  22. Cornfed

    Hali open this saturday!!!

    I'm good with the single Thursdays and Sundays. More for the USUAL SUSPECTS! ;)
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    No Yeti products for me

    I just figured out why the halibut fishing pressure has been low out of Neah Bay and La Push. You guys have been busy talking about coolers and playing with your tallywhackers. MEANWHILE.....ABOARD CORNIVOROUS.....
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    Introduction to TUNA!

    There is a great opportunity coming up to get introduced to our world class tuna fishery. Our good friend Dave Philips will be in town to walk folks through the learning curve at Sportco and Outdoor Emporium. See the flyer below for dates and times. TOMMY
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    Ladies and Gents! Hope you're all enjoying the halibut season so far! We just wrapped up our 12th day on the water with some slobs (more to come on that later). I'm tying the knot (pun intended) in October and need a recommendation for a jeweler that can design fish (specifically tuna) into...
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    Good Riddance

    Says the guy with a brand new Denali Truck. LOL
  27. Cornfed

    Good Riddance

    Which brand/model/year truck did you get rid of? What were the issues? I'm getting ready to trade up.
  28. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    I couldn't agree more. You worded it perfectly. I am very proud of you guys and how you approached Day 3 and 4 after Day 1 and 2. Very few people understand the preparation and mental focus this event requires. It is very easy to turn on each other and destroy opportunities to put fish on...
  29. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    I only requested one thing from these guys before they left for the world championship and that was....... BEAT OREGON! As long as they took good video and their fish count for today, they will have made good on that promise. And if the rankings stick..... THIS WILL BE THE 5TH STRAIGHT WORLD...
  30. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Way to Finish STRONG Team WTC!
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  32. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    The boat they are currently on was #2 overall coming into today! SHOWTIME BOYS!
  33. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    The boats are picked by psuedo lottery, meaning that the boats are grouped by their past performance and tournament operations will provide you with an A, B, C, and D boat. A being the best and D being the worst. Anglers can and will argue that one set of boats is better than another set, but...
  34. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Marlin on the board for our BOYZ!
  35. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    I had a chance to talk to a Patrick and Jason last night. The team has a solid game plan for today and a great boat. During this kind of fishing (slow), you have to break out and go somewhere else and that's exactly what they are doing. So far, they have had no sails in the spread. There...
  36. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    There is no tagging of billfish in this tournament, Cupcake.
  37. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Sweetheart, you need to have your eyes examined. CR is one hour ahead and lines in are at 7:30AM. The OTC is still sitting on one fish for the day. LOL
  38. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    I don't consider one Sail for all of Day 2 (thus far) as "on the fish". You're one of those guys that calls everyone in to a "WIDE OPEN BAIT STOP" when you have 2 Albies laying on the deck, don't ya? LOL!
  39. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Fishing was slow in general today. Only 32 boats caught at least one fish and 18 boats did not catch. Even some pretty good boats struggled. I know you want to blame the boat for blanking out but we fished the Spanish Fly (great A rated boat) in the 2013 OWC on the last day and only saw one...
  40. Cornfed

    Neah Bay Roll call

    Headed up this Friday! CORNIVOROUS will be in slip C-15!
  41. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Looking at the Boat Draw, our WA boys' first boat is the 'D' boat, in other words, its likely it will be the lowest scoring boat that they have all week. The Macushla, Gamefisher II, and Dream II are great boats and I'm surprised to see they were able to draw so many good boats. Usually you...
  42. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    2 Blue Marlin in the first hour is a GREAT Start!
  43. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    GAME ON!!!
  44. Cornfed

    La push bar

    You're a 10 in my book.
  45. Cornfed

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    That's enough booze to intoxicate a Costa Rican Army (if they had one)! Everyone can follow along in this journey: The live scoring link will allow you to track catches, staring on Monday, 4/24. I think John's @jskfish biggest...
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    Shortly before the yesteryear was out, Herb pulled the magical marriage trigger and proposed to Christie with a Tuna detailed ring with a beautiful diamond on top. They set the date for the big day, and that put into motion the associated events, herb’s bachelor party being one of them. There...
  47. Cornfed

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    I'm saving this write-up, Buddy. Thanks for the great memory. I think I still have an Ifish PM from you saying that Ifish sucks, BD is where it's at and if I don't pump up BD with reports, they'll remove the forum. @Tower Todd
  48. Cornfed

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Sweet! What was your team name in the 2009 WTC?
  49. Cornfed

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    I finally got Kevin's notes from his talk. Main point was to troll North/South in Deception Pass. Best bet is on Max Ebb. And there are no fish in A7. :rofl:
  50. Cornfed

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    I like big 'buts and I can not lie. You other Brothers can't deny. That when a Barndoor.... :D
  51. Cornfed

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    I love the A7 attitude. Someone posts a report and everybody is like "SSHHHHH!!! Don't talk about it". You guys sell more people on Area 7 by trying to hide it than if you just sat back and enjoyed the ride. When we going fishing @Grady226 ? LOL!
  52. Cornfed

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    This confirms my suspicions that you all are ready to kill some fish! too!
  53. Cornfed

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    Wish I could have been there! I had a hunting meeting down south to attend. What were the big takeaways, Kevin? @FHisherman
  54. Cornfed

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    Ladies and Gents. The announcement was recently made that we will be going to 7 rockfish per angler on the coast this year (down from 10). This was driven by black rockfish stock assessments. They have also announced that anglers will be allowed to keep one canary rockfish in MA1 and MA2. La...
  55. Cornfed

    Electric reels

    Teaser rods don't move from the rod holder they're in. And guess what....they don't get bit. And it helps when you're on a 43' Maverick or a 57' Spencer. When we fished the World Championships, we used two Lindgren Pitman's on the bigger boats, threw in the forward holder and let them pull...
  56. Cornfed

    Electric reels

    I know @Happy Daze tried this with Nelly last summer and the verdict was "Thumbs Down". The killer was the power chords that tie you to a location on the boat and tangle with everything else on the boat. Mobility is key and it's not like you're reeling in a 3lb. lead. And as the other guys...
  57. Cornfed

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Make sure the valve is open. That seems to be one of your other problems in the "99".
  58. Cornfed

    Slip in Westport

    What Kevin means to say is that it's available outside of fishing season. Ken and Randy have it from May-October. He's soaking up too many rays in the south. :rofl:
  59. Cornfed

    Some yayhoos

    That was the beginning!
  60. Cornfed

    Canning tuna newbie

    I'm canning tuna this weekend, as well....6 cubic feet of it! I couldn't imagine trying to do 1/2 pints. That would take forever. :D By the time I'm done canning (using 3 pressure cookers at once), I am looking for every quart jar I have! Went to Cash n Carry and bought 2 bags of Jalapenos...
  61. Cornfed

    Sails and ales boat show

    Congrats on the Avatar change. Bout time!
  62. Cornfed

    Seattle April Fishing advice/info needed

    Best fishing at that time will be out of Neah Bay, La Push, or Westport for a Lingcod/Seabass trip. Drive from Seattle is 2.5 to 4.5 hours depending on the port, but it's worth it! Of course, at that time of year, the ocean conditions will control whether or not you get out on that day. But...
  63. Cornfed

    Name change

    After we fished with the "Reel Deal" in the 2015 Offshore World Championship, Mark dropped the "Reel" off of his boats. The "Reel Deal" was a "Reel Joke"...lost trim tabs, no steering at the lower helm, no throttles in the tower and break down right outside of the marina. They were out of...
  64. Cornfed

    Name change

    Welcome to BD. Introduce yourself in the newbie thread. :rofl:
  65. Cornfed

    Accepting Applications: WTC

    Until it goes on BD!
  66. Cornfed

    Accepting Applications: WTC

    @Swede - Who did you end up with on your team? You're not going to get in any fights at the WTC are you? :rofl:
  67. Cornfed

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Mikey! I have a picture of you and me in our cute Gold plated Alutecnos fighting belts holding up a 22lb. Bluefin Tuna that bit the Shotgun Cedar Plug during the 2007 Garibaldi OTC!
  68. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    Chris is probably sponsoring a team because he knows he ain't gonna win! LOL
  69. Cornfed

    The Other Pink Meat

    Yup, not the first time I've heard of a dude liking Charlie's meat.....Liberal Steve....
  70. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    Nice work Jay! Which team is yours?
  71. Cornfed

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    I was thinking about our prime time Tuna Tournament that is a blessing from all angles: for the vets, for those in need, and for the anglers. I thought about each tournament, the brotherhood, the results, everything. It brought me back to the beginning.....Todd mentored me starting in 2006...
  72. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    Oh it is a TASTY BEVERAGE! Add frozen raspberries and honey in a blender and you have yourself a very delectable Margarita. @Team Sency bought me a bottle of Patron for a new boat gift. It will be ripe for Aug. 12th!
  73. Cornfed

    NMFA - what's it mean to you?

    Knowing those sheep farmers......No More Females Aboard! :rofl:
  74. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    HAHAHAHA! That figures. I'll help with the Paleo Drink: 100% Agave Tequila, Juice of 2 limes, clubs soda, rocks. Lots of Tequila!
  75. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    When I first glanced through the team names, I thought you named your team NWA! Then I was thinking ok....who is Easy E, Ice Cube, Dre.......hahahaha.
  76. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    Lumacat Tuna Canners? Are you letting Erica come up with names again? What happened to Swallow the Leader? LOL! My Bday is going to be glorious no matter what happens. Having the Brotherhood all in one place is a gift, itself!
  77. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    36 teams on day one of registration! How awesome is that!
  78. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    And the best part of this year's's on my BDAY! That day is going to be one long day!
  79. Cornfed

    WTC registration

    It has to be half full already! I think we'll set a record this year for WTC registration! Team USUAL SUSPECTS is in it to WIN it!
  80. Cornfed


    Ahhh....good question my friend. See, I happen to have a chick that loves that game as well. Check out her FIRST EVER deer (actually the first animal she's ever killed!) I set up a Ruger .270 with Luepold VX-3 3.5-10 for her. She stalked it and shot it by herself. Free standing (no strap)...
  81. Cornfed


    We will be headed to for Belize in mid-October 2017 for this thing called a Honeymoon. I am unfamiliar with the term, but I understand that I am responsible for planning this part of the excursion. Looking for any info. on recommended resorts, activities, charter captains, things to avoid...
  82. Cornfed

    Shimano Calais 201A for sale

    You were probably hoping for a sheep so you could put your cowboy boots and velcro gloves to work.
  83. Cornfed

    SOLD.... Omega is Headed South.

    Congrats Casey! Can't wait to see the new beast!
  84. Cornfed


    And the video.... Nicely done Todd!
  85. Cornfed


    GEAR DETAILS: Rods: Thrasher TR70, TR80 Reels: Fin Nor Marquesa 12,16 | Avet MXL Line: Jerry Brown Solid Core Blue 65 LB. Fluoro: Seaguar 25lb, 30lb | P-Line Sensei 25 lb Hooks: Owner Flyliner Ringed #2 Swimbait (the only troll bite required): Savage Eel
  86. Cornfed


    With how slow the tuna fishing has been, what better way to make it great again then getting together 7 of the fishiest fools this side of the Mississippi.... Rewind to the 2015 Billy Nik Awards Ceremony where a few adult beverages were being shared amongst friends (specifically Josh (Silver...
  87. Cornfed

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    Thanks for all the recommendations! I'll let you know how it goes. Now time to go kill some tuna!
  88. Cornfed

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    Gentlemen! I'll be taking my girlfriend to Friday Harbor via CORNIVOROUS for our anniversary. Where is the best place to stay that's within walking distance of the marina? When I say "best", I don't mean "cheapest"....this time. ;) Thanks! Tommy.
  89. Cornfed

    What's really going on

    Haters gonna hate! LOL!
  90. Cornfed

    What's really going on

    You're welcome. Time to get bent!
  91. Cornfed

    What's really going on

    Don't get your DEPENDS in a bunch. Darrell's wife does a lot of the reporting for him and probably grabbed an extra pic for the FB post. 1 of the 3 recent pics is from a prior year trip. The pics I posted are both from this week. FISH ON GOAT! Let's gettum!
  92. Cornfed

    What's really going on

    They've been whacking and stacking in Westport the past couple days....
  93. Cornfed

    Headed to WP tomorrow. Worth bringing crab pots?

    Yup, I would. We averaged 7-10 per day just 2-3 miles south of the jetty. 45-50 FOW
  94. Cornfed

    Trailer parts local??

    Have a little too much juice before you loaded the boat huh?
  95. Cornfed

    Westport Chinook this weekend

    Got a couple fish yesterday, one in 195 FOW and one in 295 FOW. Very slow fishing. We pulled a couple from the south beach the past couple days but nothing spectacular. Next step is to run out into 300-400 FOW. Crabbing has been decent and we have been eating like kings....fresh dungies and...
  96. Cornfed

    What's really going on

    First, I respect all of our charter captains and their decision to cancel trips or switch ports. However, I believe a bad precedent is being set by saying that 0-10 fish is unacceptable. Up until the past few weeks, we had the best albacore tuna fishery in the world. And now a handful of fish...
  97. Cornfed


    I'm helping some good friends of mine sell the following rod. Carter and Rebecca operate a small archery pro-shop in Granite Falls and are helping me getting setup for the hunt! Up for sale is an absolutely gorgeous G-Loomis Salmon Mooching Rod, SAMR1474C, Moderate Action, 10-25lb, 1/2-5 oz...
  98. Cornfed

    Ran into these two fags "rigging" as the called it!

    Worst part about it.... It all started when Mark said "I need you to put a nut in my hand." I had to do a double take and make sure Vance wasn't in the boat. @dragonballs
  99. Cornfed

    Testing Thrasher rods

    Thrasher rods are the future. Jason has exemplified the drive and dedication to bring this new series to market. I have been working with him for four months now on blanks. The concept is simple: up the ante on the material used to offer a lighter rod without sacrificing the action and...
  100. Cornfed

    SST Time

    oldie but a goodie....
  101. Cornfed

    Dockside Art, Gifts, & Tackle Closing in Westport June 26th

    Are the new ladies going to carry tackle?
  102. Cornfed

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    Fishing was horrible in Neah. You guys definitely did not want to be there. LOL
  103. Cornfed

    Canadian Salmon

    @Redzwulf Eric - Finfish does NOT refer to salmon but instead bottomfish. The Finfish limits/seasons are posted separately. The closure you posted above is the same closure that has been in effect for quite some time but refers only to finfish, not salmon. Salmon is open.
  104. Cornfed

    Canadian Salmon

    And where do you read this?
  105. Cornfed

    Who is?

    How did he breach your sponsorship contract?
  106. Cornfed

    HOW TO | Bait Tank Installation

    Our resident radio show host and knucklehead, Tom Nelson put together a how-to on bait tank installation. And remember...the bait tank is not only a key element for tuna fishing, but it is a great place to put a...
  107. Cornfed

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos. missed a few. 'A' for effort tho. LOL
  108. Cornfed

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos.

    Seeker Hercules Troll Rods.......smells pretty smug. Paul Allen big money smug smell if you ask me. LOL
  109. Cornfed

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos.

    Your crew will still find a way to get them in the screws. LOL
  110. Cornfed

    WHAT NEXT! Anyone got an open seat for Neah/La Push?

    Thank you guys so much for all of your offers. We have rides! Mark and I will be fishing with Jason (aka Kool-aid aka "where's my kicker?", formerly known as tictactug) on Thursday-Saturday. Bret will be fishing with Dave Bailey on his 24' Hewescraft, thanks to Kellen (aka Hannibal) on...
  111. Cornfed

    WHAT NEXT! Anyone got an open seat for Neah/La Push?

    Oh yea, and I have a slip in Neah...
  112. Cornfed

    WHAT NEXT! Anyone got an open seat for Neah/La Push?

    Well, its bad enough that I don't have my boat for halibut season. It gets worse... Brother Dave stepped up and we've been running his Grady 24. That's what Defiance guys do by the way....when our boats aren't ready, we go with the Grady bunch (recall Bo going with Charlie). yea,
  113. Cornfed

    Kelli Ann got her artwork installed.

    Looks awesome! Can't believe Kelli let that ginger on board, though. Haha.
  114. Cornfed

    Westport Halibut Quota

    We did not get checked either, and I am thankful for that....
  115. Cornfed

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    I want to be really clear about this....blood shows up best on white, not orange, and definitely not dark green. And we're not a road construction crew so leave your 'blinding yellow with reflectors' bibs at home. Hahaha. LOL!
  116. Cornfed

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    Don't steal coordinates. And the Captain owns the report. If he wants to share it, that's his call.
  117. Cornfed

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    Steve - I have a seat for you! Great words! a couple additions.... 1. Be honest. If you don't know how to do something, don't fake it until you make it. It's ok to not know and even better if you let the Capt. know it. 2. Wear White Grundens. if you don't, you won't fit in with my boat...
  118. Cornfed

    DING DING DING! IT'S OVER! 2016 IGFA Offshore World Championship Quick Recap

    Here's a quick recap of the 2016 IGFA OWC.... On day 4, we went 16 for 22 on Sailfish which put us as the top team for the day! We ended up 11th in the world out of 66 teams. It was a pleasure representing the Washington Tuna Classic and proving that Pacific Northwest Fishermen can compete...
  119. Cornfed


    Way to pick up the ball, Pat! Can't wait to soak a Green Dragon for Ocean Kings!
  120. Cornfed

    Why the rear helms?

    It's only money and you only get one lifetime to spend it. Step it up Larry!
  121. Cornfed

    Thanks for All the Fish eh!

    Perfect size. Just chin weight them, split the tail and troll them in KONA.
  122. Cornfed

    SALTWATER PALOOZA | 5 Speakers | Sportco | Saturday 3/26 9AM

    Steelhead University has put together one hell of a line up for this Saturday to cover everything Saltwater. We'll start the day off, in studio with Duane Inglin and Joel Shangle of NW Wild Country (950AM KJR) to get the discussion fired up for the day. We'll then head from the studio over to...
  123. Cornfed


    Terry - A couple things affect the spectra getting wound under itself. 1. Spool that sucker tight. You'd be surprised how many fishermen (including fishing shops) do not spool spectra under proper force. Spooling a spinner incorrectly can also lead to additional twist in the line. 2. PowerPro...
  124. Cornfed


    A couple years ago, I went green sticking with Bomboy Llanes and Carl Coppenrath in Kona, HI. Bomboy was demoing the greenstick system for Carl so he could take it back to the east coast and provide all the knowledge and know-how to his customers in West Dennis, MA (Sportsmans Landing) for...
  125. Cornfed

    Honda Warrenty

    John - paperwork is king, and I would call Defiance.
  126. Cornfed


    For what we do, you don't need hollowcore. With that said, if you are excited about the hollowcore concept and would like to tell your friends about how you have hollowcore on your albacore, salmon, etc reel, then do NOT buy Jerry Brown hollowcore. I'm rigging wind-ons for the Offshore World...
  127. Cornfed

    Need your help

    Make sure you 'comment' the following so they know where to give credit... Vance + Goat = LOVE
  128. Cornfed

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    @Team Sency - What are you crying about MURDOCK! You got an invite to the A-TEAM!
  129. Cornfed

    A special Thank You!

    Ok! That's what I figured...rebuild. Better keep that sucker clean and polished, Danny!
  130. Cornfed

    Fucking Tuna!

    PM sent.
  131. Cornfed

    Topshots and braid

    PM sent
  132. Cornfed

    Tuna on the brain.

    NICE WORK PETE! I'm stoked for you as you will never be the same man again! Holler if you need anything. Put the drain mast on the forward side.
  133. Cornfed

    A special Thank You!

    That is awesome! Which boat build you referring to?
  134. Cornfed

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    If I can help someone win, and they truly appreciate it, then I have done my job. My other offer to help whoever wins the WTC win the Offshore World Championship still goes as well. We need to keep our winning streak over the Oregon Tuna Classic teams alive and there is a steep learning curve...
  135. Cornfed

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    I'll match that and provide you intel to get your team on the podium at the WTC. You've already received my boat input via PM. Hope you get a chance to be part of the Defiance Nation! TIGHT LINES!
  136. Cornfed

    Upgrade my Penns

    Leave the SX for Herb (@halibut herb ) to fill half way to save money on line and buy the MXJ and fill'r up!
  137. Cornfed

    Swim Baits

    Hands down, the best color on the market....Psycho Tiger!
  138. Cornfed

    Help: Need Daiwa Tanacom Bull and Megatwin Electric Reels Serviced

    Who do you guys recommend to have Daiwa electric reels serviced? Thanks. Tommy.
  139. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    So the SQUAD has grown! Gary is now bringing his son, who I refer to "MINI-ME" since you can clearly tell they are cut from the safe cloth. Halibut Herb has now signed up and is enjoying the GAINZ! And we even got Greg Hale (Halebro) to come out and get in shape. We're in a lean phase now...
  140. Cornfed

    OTC different weekend this year

    This has been a major disappointment the last few years. I am glad to see that the OTC has found a way to have it in July, and I truly appreciate their efforts to do so. It's not easy to plan these tournaments, integrate with the town activities, figure out logistics, and find a good tide...
  141. Cornfed

    Cornfed has been Charged....

    Haha....Guilty as charged. It's only going to get worse this next season. Planning to do multiple overnighters. Got a sea anchor for xmas!
  142. Cornfed

    GET YOUR DOSE OF TUNA (ok...and salmon, halibut, etc) TALK!

    Ladies and Gents. The seminar season is lining up nicely and here are some opportunities to get your dose of TUNA, HALIBUT, SALMON! SEATTLE BOAT SHOW: 1/30/16: SATURDAY: 6PM...
  143. Cornfed

    New person at the Westport Marina office

    Wonderful. And please ask them to exercise emotional intelligence as well!
  144. Cornfed

    Halibut Date Rumors

    Matt - the full name has yet to he disclosed but you know I REPRESENT! You will thoroughly appreciate the wrap!
  145. Cornfed

    For ADDICTS like Me.....

    I can't wait to see the show! True fishermen need to fish all over the world and never stop learning. As is said in the clip, once you stop learning, you might as well hang up the reigns. There is a fine art to every aspect of fishing whether it's green sticking in Hawaii or fishing a cut plug...
  146. Cornfed

    Halibut Date Rumors

    I am all booked for Neah in May and June! Slip C-15 in the new ride....CORN... And the USUAL SUSPECTS are standing by, ready to deploy!
  147. Cornfed

    Mark Youngblood Sportfishing (AKA Pacific Addiction)

    Congrats Mark! That's very exciting. You'll do well, Brother.
  148. Cornfed

    New to me

    Trolling. LOL! WHAT'S THAT?
  149. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Last night, Gary told me that he hates me. I guess the workout is WORKING OUT!
  150. Cornfed

    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    I ran my Defiance Admiral 250EX from March 2010 to July 2015 and traded it in on the Defiance Guadalupe 290. I fished the hell out of that boat in every kind of weather we see. Mine was rigged with twin yamaha 150s (that put out 168HP a piece) and had the Mercury Enertia props. Props, motor...
  151. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Nice work Jason! @Kool-Aid Gary hasn't puked yet but we just started. Give it time. :D
  152. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Just remember....
  153. Cornfed

    Tin to Glass!!

    Welcome to the family!
  154. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    4 Days Monday - Chest/Push Tuesday - Legs Wednesday - Pull Thursday - All Each day is followed by 30 minutes of HIIT. Every day is designed with dumbell/single side exercises to promote equal muscle growth and core strength. Thursday is designed with every lift involving multiple muscle group...
  155. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Here's your proof!
  156. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Sounds like we will be taking some SELFIES! LOL!
  157. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Yesterday was easy. You'll see.....IT'S LEG DAY BOYS! HAHAHA!
  158. Cornfed

    Squid everywhere

    If you're going to mention it, ya gotta tell us the recipe, VAN!
  159. Cornfed

    Squid everywhere

    Edmonds has been on fire as well!
  160. Cornfed


  161. Cornfed

    Squid everywhere

    Headed back tonight!
  162. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Gary has COMMITTED. TIME FOR BEAST MODE! Still got room for one more if anyone wants to join in the fun.
  163. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    I would be in for the Tukwila LA, but my meetings start at 7AM in Everett and that doesn't work. If your purpose for running is fat burn, consider doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) after lifting. You will get a better ROI. If you really want to up your fatburn, consider circuit...
  164. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Gary (Grady226) is on the fence and needs a push! Who thinks he needs to commit? :D
  165. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    What does 24 hr charge you?
  166. Cornfed


    Defiance Marine has the Squid Candy jigs. We have been killin em with those.
  167. Cornfed

    Let's name Cornfed's new boat

    Feel free to amuse yourself. It's already set. :D
  168. Cornfed


    Winners don't make excuses.
  169. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Kellen - I only went to the Renton LA Fitness when I worked in the 10-20 and 4-21. It's prime time on the 777X now. I lift from 5PM to 7PM, then head south.
  170. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Gary - I am back in Everett!
  171. Cornfed


    WOW. If that's the case, you don't have a Captain, you have a girlfriend. Unbelievable.
  172. Cornfed


    Where you headed Garrett?
  173. Cornfed

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Ok, so this is NOT the iron that most of you are thinking of. I'm not talking about vertical jigs, yo-yo's, surface iron, or any other kind of jig that falls into this group. I'm actually talking about good ole fashion IRON.....barbells, dumbells, powerlifting, circuit conditioning, boot camp...
  174. Cornfed


    Dock or boat? :D
  175. Cornfed


    Dumbest squidding I have ever seen in my life!
  176. Cornfed


    I'm with Lee, Van. See you out there!
  177. Cornfed


    That's awesome Lee! Do you have room for 3 (myself, the lady, and Bret)? I'll bring the FIREBALL for ya!
  178. Cornfed


    FYI - I am referring to "Seacrest Pier".
  179. Cornfed


    That's the one! Unless there is a better option?
  180. Cornfed


    Get down there about an hour before dark.
  181. Cornfed


    Good Morning BD Nation! Bret the Threat and I are going on a squidding mission tonight. We'll be hitting it from dockside (unless somebody wants to invite us on their boat..... ;) Current plan is to hit Alki. Not a problem if you've never done it before. Pretty simple and I can offer what I...
  182. Cornfed

    Squid everywhere

    I used to hammer them at Pier 69 back in High School!
  183. Cornfed


    Popped from the mold!
  184. Cornfed


    I'll give you one guess, Mike. ;)
  185. Cornfed


    Defiance Guadalupe 290
  186. Cornfed


    Fish boxes anyone???
  187. Cornfed


  188. Cornfed

    Crummy Start to my day!!! my 1997 Luhrs Sank at the dock

    Definitely unsettling. However, I have the same insurance policy and I think the financial outcome will be better than if you sold it. I'd be more concerned about WHY it happened and being able to prevent future occurrences. GOOD LUCK KEVIN!
  189. Cornfed


    The original title of the post was "PUT THE TROLL ROD DOWN AND NO ONE GETS HURT!" LOL!
  190. Cornfed


    GUYS...I'm SICK. There is only one FIX and that is the TUNA GROUNDS. It's getting bad, worse than ever before. Usually, after a TUNA run, I've fed the need and I am at peace for a few days, sometimes a week. Lately, I get this uneasy feeling as land comes into sight. I'm completely consumed...
  191. Cornfed

    Got Fish working hard for some meat.... a few vids as well 9-26-15

    Kurt - I could tell the bait sucked but I couldn't tell if it was all bad or just a scoop or so. We took out as many of the dead or dying ones that we could. I also wasn't sure how much Jose would be willing to replace. I used to be fluent in spanish and managed a few phrases to encourage...
  192. Cornfed

    Legit Yellowtail bite off Westport, Ablies, and the Opah report!

    And you should create a policy that says any exotic caught on the boat is property of the Captain. :D
  193. Cornfed

    Not1Not2Not3But4 Yellow Tail today

    Nice work Kevin and crew! What was the weapon of choice? bait, swimbait, jig?
  194. Cornfed

    Scratched 3

    The results are no surprise. Full Moon with clear night sky calls for a late bite and finicky fish. Now try it with dead bait. ;) The bait system ate two cartridges and a did a nice job of killing the bait before we had our first line in the water. It is always good to have a challenge or 3...
  195. Cornfed

    Great fish porn from the Ms Magoo last Saturday

    Dave is the man! Love seeing him so animated!
  196. Cornfed


    Kim. The brand of the hooks are Hayabusa and Sanhu, #2 Circle Hooks.
  197. Cornfed


    Can anyone say "FAT SLOB!!!!!" Check out this 41 lb. 3 oz. HOG that Darrell put on the boat yesterday!
  198. Cornfed


    As a lot of you know, my beast is being conceived as I type this and I am officially a free agent for the time being, which really is a beautiful thing! I get to fish with all my good friends that I don't typically get to fish with. Darrell gave me the call Tuesday night, saying he was looking...
  199. Cornfed


    Those are the HALCO MAX 130s that I introduced to MARK! I've been using them since my 2010 trip to Puerto Vallarta for YFTs!
  200. Cornfed


    Marauder = ....
  201. Cornfed

    Cabo Charters ?????

    Go with Renegade Mike (Capt. Mike Tumbiero). There is no need to look any further. When are you going?
  202. Cornfed


    Ken is selling Q-Cove. It may be some time before they hit the shelves again. Will let you guys know if I hear anything.
  203. Cornfed

    9/4 tuna

    600HP in the form of Mercury Verado Power on a Lupe!
  204. Cornfed

    9/4 tuna

    Once you go to the ENERTIA'S you'll never go back! Nice work Ken! My new ride will have the Enertia Eco Props.
  205. Cornfed

    Open seats. Tuna Westport

    Be careful with the forecast, Boys.
  206. Cornfed


    You thought right, Pat. That was also mentioned in the article I posted. ;) IGFA rules require non-offset circle hooks.
  207. Cornfed


    Sorry, I didn't realize you were at the WTC.
  208. Cornfed


    This is how I have rigged them in Cabo and Quepos (Costa Rica) with 1 oz. weights.
  209. Cornfed


    If a guy was serious about chasing marlin, I would start your reading here: I would go with a J-Hook with the full intention to bag it if I got it. I've never eaten a Cabo Stripey, but the Kona Stripey's are excellent table fare! Of course you'll have a...
  210. Cornfed


    @wa_docholliday - The pictures were taken by Jill St John on Chris Schaffner's boat (Outer Limit Charters) out of Garibaldi, OR. I don't go to Garibaldi unless I'm fishing the OTC.
  211. Cornfed


    1. If two guys can't lift a stripey into the boat, please turn in your man cards. 2. And if you can't get it done with a 30 sized reel or less, see comment #1. Thanks.
  212. Cornfed

    Custom livewell

    NICE WORK JASON! I have some tote work to do as well
  213. Cornfed


    Ryan - I have experience with rigging and running Ballyhoo (Cabo over the years and 2013 and 2015 OWC in Costa Rica): But I would love to hear your...
  214. Cornfed


    Taken off of Garibaldi a couple days ago....
  215. Cornfed

    When Tuna get finicky??

    You crack me up. You plugged your boat and the fish were "finicky" because you didn't plug in 1-2 baitstops or get one on the fly. Poor CA guys would be happy to catch 5 Albies in a day! Also remember the poor saps that are out there trolling trying to catch just a couple for dinner...
  216. Cornfed

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    You can't trust a guy with that few of rod holders!
  217. Cornfed

    Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Laurence - What a great trip! It was an honor being there to help celebrate your Dad and whack the tuna in his name. He will be with you always, every time you hunt the ocean. I truly believe this as I know my Mom is with me every time I point the bow west. AND..... I now know why...
  218. Cornfed

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    You guys have time to talk on the radio when you're TUNA fishing??? :D
  219. Cornfed

    Westport Tuna Sunday

    Hey @andy hansen ! Had your neighbors (the Baileys) over for Bday party last night for Dad and myself. They really loved the tuna you gave them! Dad and Dave worked together in Boeing's Defense division for many years and restored Mustangs.
  220. Cornfed

    Cabo boat charter

    Renegade Mike @renegademike hands down the most booked charter in Cabo, fishing over 275 days a year!!! If you want to go with a true fisherman that just loves to fish and will do anything to put you on fish, go with Capt. Mike Tumbiero. I've fished with Mike a number of times and we're always...
  221. Cornfed


    WE'RE GOING, GOING BACK, BACK TO QUEPOS, QUEPOS!!! :D THAT'S RIGHT! WE'RE MAKING THE RETURN TRIP TO THE IGFA OFFSHORE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN QUEPOS, COSTA RICA! The short of it: We battled POSEIDON'S WRATH to put on a show for the WTC, hitting the podium with four teams representing Defiance...
  222. Cornfed

    Tuna 8/12/15

    Wrong forum. Moved it for you.
  223. Cornfed

    Tournament Time! The good with the bad!

    Dave - You've been on BD for how long? Learn where to post Brother! I'll read your novel tonight. ;) Moved it for you.
  224. Cornfed

    Safety Related Posts: READ UP!

    Boat Loading and traversing a following sea:
  225. Cornfed

    Neah Bay Question

  226. Cornfed

    New Tuna and Salmon Items now available in Wesport

    I have changed Kevin! He is coming around!
  227. Cornfed


  228. Cornfed


    Couple more....
  229. Cornfed


    My Brotha Bomboy Llanes just brought to scale a 1367lber in KONA, that was caught by his friend in a skiff!
  230. Cornfed

    Watch out Salmon and tuna fishermen

    So this means I can go back to posting pics with piles of tuna, right? LOL.
  231. Cornfed


    Not sure what you heard. Could be 615HP....could be guys will just have to wait and see!
  232. Cornfed


    She left me for another man. She said that I wasn't the problem and she was right. She never cheated on me even though I cheated on her more than once. She could handle absolutely anything through the rough times. She was reliable, never complained, and I always turned her on. She kept all of...
  233. Cornfed

    New sport in Westport?

    I got this... :D
  234. Cornfed

    TUNA/SALMON RUNs - Open Seats

    Open seats have been filled! Thanks Guys.
  235. Cornfed

    Who is running for tuna Sunday (12 July)

    Laurence - I'll be doing the same. and will also be fishing monday through thursday (maybe friday) if you want to combine crews or jump on with me.
  236. Cornfed

    TUNA/SALMON RUNs - Open Seats

    I will be fishing Westport Sunday through Thursday (potentially Friday) and have open seats for tuna and salmon. The weather, bite, and crew will determine whether we go for salmon or tuna (or both). Please let me know if you're interested and I will try to fit you in. Would be nice to know...
  237. Cornfed

    Merinos in Westport is changing hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kevin...are you excited? ;)
  238. Cornfed

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, July 11

    Guys....this is not just ANY meeting! Do you know how hard it is to get 3 of the TOP TIER TUNA CAPTAINS in ONE place at ONE TIME! If this meeting were anywhere else but PSA, admission would be charged at the door. We are very privileged to have these 3 gentlemen spend their time with us and...
  239. Cornfed


    Remember guys....WA is winning the civil war battle and has beat Oregon three years in a row! Which is also when the WTC first got their IGFA bid! Gotta keep that up!
  240. Cornfed


    I hope we win, but if we don't....I will be the first to offer my help in preparing our WTC team for success!
  241. Cornfed


    Found some time to recap the Offshore World Championship! When people ask me what it's like to fish the world championship, I first have to explain the quarry. Since 2013, the IGFA Offshore World Championship has been held in Quepos, Costa Rica, arguably garnering the title of 'Sailfish...
  242. Cornfed


    Don't use the June 22nd 9:21PM shot to find tuna. It is misleading because it tells you there is fishable water well inside the 125 line (due to solar heating all day). The break locations become skewed and inaccurate and will make you think the warm water is somewhere it is not. I preach...
  243. Cornfed

    Neah bay salmon

    Nice work! How far did you guys have to run?
  244. Cornfed

    Westport crabbing

    I recommend NOT crabbing, giving the current and pending restrictions due to toxins.
  245. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Hey Josh! @jbuck If you had to pick 3 spoons, which ones would you pick? What colors? What sizes?
  246. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    @Woodhunter - Got a pic of your jump ring? I assume you're soldering these? I'm not sure how the ring keeps the spoons shiny? Need a visual.
  247. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Side note guys: When you're running the big spoons (5.5" plus), run them further back and lower them slowly. If you drop the hammer (DR ball) too fast, you will tangle your gear and have a nice mess.
  248. Cornfed

    Newbie Introduction

    Beautiful ride! Great choice....and YES you need a 50 gallon BIG SALT tank! Welcome to the DEFIANCE NATION!
  249. Cornfed

    Knots for heavy mono

    San Diego Knot. DONE.
  250. Cornfed

    I'm back bitches.....

    You were gone???
  251. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Says the guy that runs Knucklebusters. I am picturing a little field mouse Chris, and you know exactly what he is doing. :D
  252. Cornfed

    Kevin Lanier, June 11, Ocean Salmon Fishing-What you need to know to be Successful

    Gary - We have quite a different operation than what you guys have in SD. There is no '5 Star' or equivalent. I am not aware of any processor that would ship you your fish at the end of the month. As for what's available, Halibut is closed. It is a salmon or bottomfish game right now unless...
  253. Cornfed

    Kevin Lanier, June 11, Ocean Salmon Fishing-What you need to know to be Successful

    You guys (that didn't go) missed a good one last night! Kevin covered all the hot gear and tactics!
  254. Cornfed

    Pray for Goatram

    He has a compound fracture just below the knee. His fibula and tibia are no bueno.
  255. Cornfed

    Pray for Goatram

    Guys. John had a really bad break and is at Harborview for surgery now. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I don't know if he will spend the night or not. If he does and you have time, try to visit him. Thanks. Tommy.
  256. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Richard - Yes. In short, we will sort through a fair number of fish to keep the right grade and the Coho can be a factor as the summer progresses. It's definitely better for the fish. One thing to be aware of with the barrel swivel/Mustad 95170 combo is that you are putting a more weight...
  257. Cornfed

    Kevin Lanier, June 11, Ocean Salmon Fishing-What you need to know to be Successful

    Halibut Herb, Cornfed, and Hale Bro are prefunking at Rory's...5:30PM. Stop on by! Don't look for any white grundens though, just slacks and collared shirts! LOL.
  258. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Pete - I will put together an order for a group of us and we can split the different spoons. Yes, you can use them. They are for commercial and sport.
  259. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Here are a couple pics of the Pro-Release Downrigger clips:
  260. Cornfed

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Greetings my BD Brethren. With the potential risk of the warm water blob and having Greg Mueller (President of the Washington Trollers Association) as a guest speaker at the last two PSA Ocean Anglers meeting, I thought it would be a good time to talk about how the Commercial guys are so...
  261. Cornfed


    Thanks Guys! (@Chisow @BBQ BOB @Admin Leave @EJ Swanny @Ballard Boy) It has been an absolute blast so far this year with our great finish at the IGFA Offshore World Championship in Costa Rica (article/report coming) and the phenomenal bottomfishing. I'm looking forward to the Big HOG Kings...
  262. Cornfed


    #1: Gillnetting is one thing, but other than that, I think you have your websites confused. The politics, not the fishermen are the focus of bashing. #2: Don't judge the many by the actions of the few. Every sight has a few people that try to ruin it for the rest. I think you were in that...
  263. Cornfed

    Recommend 3 Mooching setups please

    Have @TheWoman get to work and rig some up for you! LOL.
  264. Cornfed

    Scary moment on the water Saturday (and a question)

    He would not be allowed back onboard my vessel until getting checked out with proof that he was good to go. It's not worth the risk.
  265. Cornfed


    The speakers were Greg Mueller (President of the Washington Troller's Association), Kevin Vasereno (Captain of the Gold Rush), and Steve Connally (Captain of the Rock n Roll). They were EXCELLENT and that is an understatement! We thank them for taking the time to come talk to us!
  266. Cornfed

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    Josh - That doesn't sound like the Ripcharts guys. Who did you talk to? I might be able to help you out.
  267. Cornfed

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, June 6th

    I have a VERIFIED commercial report of fish up to 30 lbs being caught in 145' off of the Casino. Bring 007 and the Gladiator, Chris @Team Sency and see what you can do!
  268. Cornfed


    Ladies and Gentlemen. One of us MUST win this trip! It takes two minutes to sign up. DO IT! We want to flood the contest with our WA presence. Forward this on to EVERY fisherman you know. Do you want another fair...
  269. Cornfed

    Holy Crap You Need to READ THIS

    Guys! #1: Someone from Washington needs to win this trip! #2: When will we see the "RACE TO WASHINGTON"???? I guarantee I can put more pounds on the boat in one day then any of those LA boys! :D #3: This is the reports section. BwaaaaHAHAHA.
  270. Cornfed

    Changed the spark plugs and checked the anodes

    Laurence - Do you run Ring Free?
  271. Cornfed

    Tuna deckhand

    I would do this in a heartbeat if I had some time to take off!
  272. Cornfed

    Tommy's new ride? guys know me all too well.
  273. Cornfed


    Fishing is better out there anyway. ENJOY!
  274. Cornfed

    A little Salmon action in Westport this weekend

    Nice chrome Marco! 2010 had fish out in 170 FOW.
  275. Cornfed


    @BugeaterInWa - I saw your fatty and the barn door swagger! You can't fool me. LOL.
  276. Cornfed


    It is a streamer from one of the buoy masts.
  277. Cornfed


    Tom - I have lost 36 lbs since January 1st, thanks to the Paleo Solution! No more beer for this guy!
  278. Cornfed


    The USUAL SUSPECTS hit the road in May to amass 11 days on the water to date, hitting all waterways from the Sound to the Ocean to the edge of the Continental Shelf. Some stones were left unturned, but the right ones were flipped and harvested. WELCOME TO THE JOURNEY! HOLY CRAP...we're not...
  279. Cornfed

    Westport Lings and bass

    NICE WORK! What were you using for bait? @buckhorn2
  280. Cornfed

    well whose going to Westport this Sunday?

    Open seat has been filled. Thanks.
  281. Cornfed

    well whose going to Westport this Sunday?

    I have an open seat for tomorrow!
  282. Cornfed

    well whose going to Westport this Sunday?

    See you there! Float 12 Slip AA. Headed down Friday night!
  283. Cornfed

    Some Reading Material for your Viewing Pleasure: FISH Philosophy and Swimbait Rigging

    Here ya go, Gary.... (All sizes below are in the Big Hammer sizes - all jigheads are the triangular heads) CASTING: 3/4 oz. Jighead: 4" 1 oz. Jighead: 4" and 5" 1.5 oz. Jighead: 5" TROLLING: 2 oz: 5" 2.5 oz - 3oz: 5" and 6"
  284. Cornfed

    Some Reading Material for your Viewing Pleasure: FISH Philosophy and Swimbait Rigging

    All good inputs. I may have already covered a portion of that in previous articles, but some are worth expanding on. Thanks Laurence! Your boat ho was on her game Saturday night! Herb looked at me and said "what did she just ask???" (when Phil Anderson was talking) with an impressed/confused...
  285. Cornfed

    Some Reading Material for your Viewing Pleasure: FISH Philosophy and Swimbait Rigging

    Shawn - Good seeing you out there! I'm surprised people recognized me without the wrap. You fish the hell out of that boat. NICE WORK!
  286. Cornfed

    Some Reading Material for your Viewing Pleasure: FISH Philosophy and Swimbait Rigging

    Hey Guys. I am continuing my efforts to help those I can through the release of articles. Thanks to BD Outdoors for providing us with this opportunity. In this month's article I talk about my fishing philosophy and share a tip that will help you put more fish in the boat. Check it out, like...
  287. Cornfed

    For those who the forecast scared off the water sunday.

    Nice work Paul! Everyone has to make their own decision. The pregame weather discussion (happens a lot) is a justification tool for those that are on the fence. I've been there. You want the weather to be REALLY crappy or REALLY nice, and you want the forecast to reflect that ahead of time...
  288. Cornfed


    Thanks Troy. I have no problem calling off a trip due to weather and I have done it for a tournament before. No fish is worth a life. This last wknd, I was comfortable with the forecast, the tides, the trend, my ability, and my boat's ability. I waited and left the dock at 6:30AM (1.5 hrs...
  289. Cornfed


    I'm IRISH so a lot of your rules don't apply, @fishnazzi The weather was just fine and my freezer levels are rising!
  290. Cornfed


    You gotta GO to KNOW! If you don't GO, you won't KNOW! Picture me rolling at 30 knots with the wind and swell at my back because that's what I will be doing Sunday afternoon. See you guys on the FLIP SIDE!
  291. Cornfed


    Based on my (CURRENT) assessment of NOAA, MS, and SW, I think that this Sunday will be completely fishable, giving appropriate respect to the tidal situation (let the bar settle and leave a little later). See you guys Saturday night at the PSA Mtg! :D
  292. Cornfed


  293. Cornfed

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    I run the Mercury Enertia's (not the Enertia Eco's) and absolutely love them. Never before I have gone so fast in such crappy water as it holds my bow perfectly. I will be running the Enertia Eco's in the future.
  294. Cornfed

    Finger Trap Splice

    Is it worth the effort for salmon fishing? No. I would stick with solid core 50 LB or 65 LB. and use a PR Bobbin or FG Knot to connect the braid and mono topshot. No hollow core or splicing needles required.
  295. Cornfed

    Bottom fishing

    Go gettum Boys!
  296. Cornfed


    We met Mark Smith (Geoffrey Smith's son). Geoffrey Smith makes the beautiful sculptures for the event and had some of his work there for display. We talked with Mark about chasing gators in Florida and the tactics used to do so. He said the most fun is when you roll up on them with an air...
  297. Cornfed


    Andy - That is part of the equation but not thee equation. It's easy to hide behind a less desirable boat draw. I will tell you something about the team that won the Offshore World Championship. They are a group of professional anglers from Florida that run the "Fa La Me", a 70' Viking. They...
  298. Cornfed

    2015 WTC Registration

    Team USUAL SUSPECTS (Team Defiance/Raymarine) is registered. Looking forward to a great event!
  299. Cornfed


    @trackerputnam Absolutely Dave! We used almost every one of them over the course of 6 days of fishing! Thank you so much for providing those for us as that was a huge part of our success. 80LB wind-ons are perfect for this fishery. Also, our girls registered for the IGFA Offshore World...
  300. Cornfed


    Dave @trackerputnam - you're almost correct. ;) I am not glad fishing is over, and I love the pressure. It just feeds the ADRENALINE RUSH! Day 4 saw billfish counts plummet from 726 on Day 3 to just 350, maybe due to the front that moved in and the pressure that are put on these fish for the...
  301. Cornfed


    Who is Charlie? There is only Vance, now. MUUUAAAHHAAAAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)
  302. Cornfed


    Big shout out to Halibut Herb (Herb Guttler) for winning the WTC! Thanks for leading the way and inviting us to compete on the world stage!
  303. Cornfed


    AIGHT BOYS! We're outta here! Bags are packed with Boone Birds, Moldcraft Wide Range Seniors, Marauders, Wind-Ons, Non Offset Circles, and a few dozen cans of WHOOOP ASS! IN a couple hours we will be east bound and down to take part in the IGFA Offshore World Championship. We have a great...
  304. Cornfed

    Fire Ring

    That is glorious! I need one!
  305. Cornfed

    Billfishing in Mexico

    Lots of great places. Cabo would probably disagree, with their Stripey bite vs the Sail bite in Costa Rica. Both are great places, and Cabo is more accessible. Here are some stats to review:
  306. Cornfed

    Army Veteran rescued from boat at Westport, WA

    God Bless our veterans and the USCG! Glad he's through the worst.
  307. Cornfed


    Cmon Guys! Who else is going???
  308. Cornfed


    Ya putting the tower back on? I know that's where Todd will be if you do! And I see a 115 gallon bait tank in your future!
  309. Cornfed


  310. Cornfed

    ARTICLE | My Strategy for Seabass

    Pete - There are many considerations depending on the Multifunction Display and paired transducer you are using. Here are a couple of the main ones: 1. Frequency: Pick the right frequency for the job. If you have CHIRP, you can operate on all...
  311. Cornfed


    Troy - Do you have RSW on your boat and could we get a tour?
  312. Cornfed

    WTB Tuna Gear

    Defiance Marine without a doubt!
  313. Cornfed

    ARTICLE | My Strategy for Seabass

    Swanny. Let me kind of walk you through the rig and how to tie it. If you'll be attending the PSA mtg this wknd in Olympia, I can bring my gear and show you how to tie it in person. First start with the swimbait or jig. Use a San Diego Knot to tie the line to the Swimbait (Lead Head Jig)...
  314. Cornfed

    ARTICLE | My Strategy for Seabass

    Ladies and Gents. It is GO TIME for Bass and Lings on the coast. Hope you're all rigged and ready. I captured my strategy for seabass and put it into article format here: Have a look, LIKE it, SHARE it...
  315. Cornfed

    Pipe jigs

    James - A couple pointers: 1. Add swivels btwn the cotter pin and hook. 2. Go with HD Cotter Pins that wrap around the pipe jig and secure it with heat shrink tubing and/or the lead pour itself. 3. You don't want the treble hook below the bottom of the pipe. 4. Go with all HD hardware (all...
  316. Cornfed

    How many pounds of preset drag on your tuna trolling rods

    And now that you're a charter captain, you will have to set your drags accounting for thumbing the reel spool, birds nests, and knitting sweaters. LOL.
  317. Cornfed

    TUNA Arrival ??

    No salmon fishing???
  318. Cornfed

    Chark Bait FIN NOR Clearance Sale

    I love my Fin-Nors. I have have 4 seasons on my Marquesa 16s and use them for inshore bottom fish, salmon, and live bait tuna. They have performed flawlessly and I haven't had to service them! Reliability is everything!
  319. Cornfed

    14-16oz. Egg Sinker Mold???

    Randy - March 7th is fine.
  320. Cornfed

    14-16oz. Egg Sinker Mold???

    The IGFA OWC is a 4 day tournament, with a different boat drawn each day at random. You typically draw boats in the 30' to 60' range. The tournament has some restrictions for the "local guys" (below). I don't think any locals have won the OWC in Quepos yet. "No professionals in the host...
  321. Cornfed

    Question about Tuna Clones

    Little more info. on why I like Ballyhood: Darrell Primose rigs his lures a variety of ways: with the vinyl skirts, feathers, and mylar. He can vary the size of the jigs as well if you wanted some smaller late season trolling lures, and he has a plethora of colors. He will also make you up...
  322. Cornfed

    14-16oz. Egg Sinker Mold???

    Does any one out there have a 14oz.-16oz. egg sinker mold that they would be willing to let me borrow in support of the IGFA Offshore World Championship? Thanks! Tommy.
  323. Cornfed

    Question about Tuna Clones

    What do you mean.....not a big fan of trolling? You must have your downriggers already! Flashers and hoochies my friend......flashers and hoochies. LOL
  324. Cornfed

    Question about Tuna Clones

    Sumo is good. I like Ballyhood even better. Their Albacore Allstar is my #1.
  325. Cornfed

    HELP NEEDED: PSA Ocean Anglers Mtg on March 7th

    Hey Swanny - Yes, this is something we will need a lot. Which auctions are you watching? I know we did away with Boeing surplus, but did not know that there were auctions. I wonder if the big B would be willing to donate a projector to our non profit organization? I don't have any specs. off...
  326. Cornfed

    FUNNY | Those Dang Bloodydeckers!

    Thanks to Montana Dave for bringing this to my attention this morning. I was grinning ear to ear, followed by a warm fuzzy feeling, with a little bit of LMAO. John's Sporting Goods posted a question on Facebook: "What is your suggestion for keeping Area 7 open longer for Chinook without...
  327. Cornfed

    Fishing for Blackmouth in Sooke BC area

    Barrie - The question is whether or not a non-resident has to physically travel to Canada and buy the license in Canada (not online) in order to fish area 19. From what I read, you can buy the license online and print off the license and catch record card for use. I refer you to Shawn's...
  328. Cornfed

    Fishing for Blackmouth in Sooke BC area

    Shawn - From what I have read ( and the way it has been in years past, a hard copy license was not required to fish for halibut in area 19. That was only for areas 121, 23, and 123. "Non–residents of Canada wishing...
  329. Cornfed

    HELP NEEDED: PSA Ocean Anglers Mtg on March 7th

    Awesome Guys! Steve - Please bring the screen. Brad - Please bring the projector. Thanks Again!
  330. Cornfed

    HELP NEEDED: PSA Ocean Anglers Mtg on March 7th

    Hey Guys. I have a special request for help needed, in support of our Ocean Anglers meeting on March 7th. I will be giving a presentation on Ocean Salmon Fishing. However, we do not have a projector or free standing projector screen for the presentation. Would anyone be willing to let us...
  331. Cornfed

    Another little upgrade for the World Cat

    Looks like a great way to store your QCove Breakaway Flashers! LOL
  332. Cornfed

    New Fishin' Luhrs Launch report and I need your opinions

    Put it on the new ride. PERIOD. 1. You can see a hell of a lot more jumpers from the tower. 2. The boat looks sexier with the tower on. 3. Not that you have a problem with range, but antennas get a higher mounting point. 4. I would even use it during that early hatchery fishery to dodge crab...
  333. Cornfed

    Which transducer? both?

    When I had two Garmin sounder modules and ducers (thru hall and Skimmer), I was getting interference btwn the two even after playing with frequencies and settings. I never looked into it as I was switching to Raymarine. Goodluck!
  334. Cornfed

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    I need to clarify some information regarding the moon phases. As I mentioned in the seminar, when looking at moon phase as a singular variable, your best fishing will be on your new moon or btwn the quarter moons surrounding a new moon. The best bar (least tidal effect) will be on the quarter...
  335. Cornfed

    Room for rent?

    Heard you were headed to Utah. You going to Hill AFB? What are you going to do with the boat? You're going to have to come back for some tuna!
  336. Cornfed

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    Any time Larry. The presentation weighs in at a hefty 26MB after picture compression. The handout (attached) covers some but not all of the info, and I am constantly changing and tweaking my presentations, materials, and handouts.
  337. Cornfed

    Prop testing, new tow rig, and container ships....

    I wish you would have looked at the new Mercury Enertia Eco Props! Congrats on the new ride, Brotha.
  338. Cornfed

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    All good questions though, weren't they! I think you were too modest with the capability of Cannon bottom track as well as the depth cycyling. The depth cycling accounts for a lot of the hookups!
  339. Cornfed

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    Ladies and Gents. Starting today at 6PM, I will be giving tuna seminars at the Seattle Boat Show. I have incorporated new material with some valuable lessons learned in 2014. I've consolidated 40 hours of information into a 45 minute presentation. Come prepared to drink from the fire hose...
  340. Cornfed

    God Damned Duck Fans

    Fight on! Best professors I ever had were at USC.
  341. Cornfed

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    Hey Laurence - I can meet you some where along the I-5 corridor and pick you up. We can leave earlier and stop every 30 minutes to walk around/get out of the vehicle. For everyone else, I'm leaving from Seatac and will have a few seats.
  342. Cornfed

    Who We Are

    Thank you to Donnie Vincent for putting this together. What he says in this video is spot-on, and he puts it very succinctly. I echo a lot of the same sentiments about offshore fishing. "It's not casual for me. It's something that I absolutely have to do." "Even if you're the president of...
  343. Cornfed

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  344. Cornfed

    New Years Eve Fun

  345. Cornfed


    I am proud to annouce that we will be representing the Washington Tuna Classic Tournament at the 2015 IGFA Offshore World Championship. We learned a lot in the 2013 World Championship and will be applying those lessons learned to the upcoming IGFA Offshore World Championship, held In Quepos...
  346. Cornfed

    Best advice you ever got?

    Get an engineering I got two. ;)
  347. Cornfed

    Elliott Bay squid

    When I was in high school (O'Dea), I used to head down after lifting and load up on those guys at Pier 69. It was shoulder to shoulder, and it was a complete dock side frenzy as the squid came in to our jigs!
  348. Cornfed


    Congrats Kerry! Do we know the buyer? BDer?
  349. Cornfed

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Nice work Todd! Beautiful job! I'm curious...what does your documentation say for distance reqd btwn the Compass and Chartplotter?
  350. Cornfed

    First Roosevelt

    Nice work AJ!
  351. Cornfed

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I love where you're putting the forward downrigger mount. That's going to offer you some serious separation with no worries about feeding the kicker! The only thing that may be of concern would be sharp turns of a certain degree (rubbing on the boat). Are you going with Scotty or Cannons?
  352. Cornfed

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Jeff - You mentioned two separate pumps for the bait tank and two washdowns. Are these 4 sharing seawater pickups or all independent?
  353. Cornfed

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Nice work Jeff! Very impressive! Let me know if you ever have an open seat for tuna!
  354. Cornfed

    Who are some of the guys/gals on the Washington Board that you would like to fish with...

    Ok Guys.....I have added the following Fish Killers to my list: MarkFromSea (Mark) Swede (Miles) Cwillis (Casey) BBQ BOB (Bob) And of course HappyDaze (Dave) is sitting in the #1 spot right now!
  355. Cornfed

    Who are some of the guys/gals on the Washington Board that you would like to fish with...

    Aight Guys....Here's what I did. For those that indicated that they would like to fish with me, I put your name in my 'Invite List'. I keep a list of folks to invite and review the list when I put my trips together. I also put a reminder in my calendar around June 2015 to remind me to make an...
  356. Cornfed


    Atta Boy Markie Mark! Hope those sails are ready for a sore jaw!
  357. Cornfed

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Looking CHERRY Brother! When are you going to install the phone books? :rofl:
  358. Cornfed

    WDFW Rule Changes - Comments Due by Nov 14th

    I wasn't trying to, Brother. I have a day job, and that would require some serious editing! Hahahaha.
  359. Cornfed

    WDFW Rule Changes - Comments Due by Nov 14th

    Man oh man....if you're going to request a rule change, PLEASE spell correctly and understand the criteria for a rule change! Thank you Buckley, WA! :rofl: Reference ID: DFW805742-15 Critical Conservation Need Submission Type: Public Region: Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 5, Not region...
  360. Cornfed's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    I am definitely superstitious and not trying to start a skirmish here Charlie but I thought you spun a prop on two different trips? One during the WTC? Sounds like you didn't follow the proper rituals. I'm IRISH and I can help. ;)
  361. Cornfed's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    Congratulations Patrick! I really love the walk around/pilot house design. Can't wait to see her in Westport!
  362. Cornfed

    ok..... change.

    Atta Boy Troy. Happy wife, happy life....isn't that what they say? ;)
  363. Cornfed

    A Proper Introduction...

    Kill anything Steve? Cmon over. Jack's got your back!
  364. Cornfed

    A Proper Introduction...

    I think you mean PRINCE! Can I get a little....When doves cry... hahahaha
  365. Cornfed

    SOLD!!! SALMON and TUNA Rods

    SOLD! A lucky girl is going to have her own rods to use so she doesn't have to use Dad's anymore!
  366. Cornfed

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    My GS doesn't have sea legs either. Must run in the family. :D
  367. Cornfed

    TUNA Trip ??

    Don't worry Mark. It's been done before. We're looking for our first December tuna now!
  368. Cornfed

    Crab Poachers MA-9

    When I crab Puget Sound, I do not leave my pots unattended. I have had to run up on a guy preparing to pull my pot (even when I was in the area). Nothing like seeing a fully wrapped Defiance inbound at Mach 9 headed for your 20. Nobody steals my crab or pots. :D
  369. Cornfed

    A Proper Introduction...

    This does sound like an AA mtg. So I was referring to meeting people on location....not here! As in...if you approach someone at the dock that you know, but may not know you, provide a proper intro. But this is hilarious, so keep it rolling.
  370. Cornfed

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    I was gonna throw out Tupac ~ Ambitionz as a Ridah....but I dont think this crowd can handle it. Hahahahaha!!! Or maybe a little 'Captain Save A ...... Haha.
  371. Cornfed

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    BLACK SABBATH - WAR PIGS but we do the audio and vocals ourselves on Team Defiance. Jerry is Ozzy. :D
  372. Cornfed

    A Proper Introduction...

    Hope you guys are doing well, either preparing for next season, getting your game, or planning a trip to warmer places. Matt (Bugeater) started a great thread about "who you would fish with", and it made me think of a discussion I have had many times over with the Brethren that comprise...
  373. Cornfed

    Who are some of the guys/gals on the Washington Board that you would like to fish with...

    Great thread, Matt. For me, it's more about fishing with guys that are passionate about our sport and being on the water. It's ok if they don't know everything there is to know about the fisheries. I have a lot of friends who I have never fished with because I run my own boat and they run...
  374. Cornfed

    SOLD!!! SALMON and TUNA Rods

    TTT - Make an offer so I can get these out of my tackle center. ;)
  375. Cornfed


    I'll take em. PM sent
  376. Cornfed

    Taco Outriggers 15ft Telescoping

    Nope. I run the HDs.
  377. Cornfed

    PSA Ocean Anglers in Westport

    It was really great to see all you guys, last night. Great meeting, thanks to Kevins leadership. I look forward to the development of this new organization. Great times ahead! Also, big thanks to Kevin and Cindy for donating $400+ in raffle prizes!
  378. Cornfed

    just absolutely Killing me

    Welcome to the dark side Brother! There is no turning back now. And you're absolutely can't judge a guy by their internet persona. If you did, no one would be friends with Goatram and Tracker. ;) But in person, super nice guys that will help a Brother out.
  379. Cornfed

    Want to fish WA in and around zip code 98275

    My advice is to fish where there are no zip codes....places where we use numbers like 46.30 and 125. ;)
  380. Cornfed

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    Oh really! Oh do tell!
  381. Cornfed

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    And you must be a bean counter. :rofl:
  382. Cornfed

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    Sounds great, Mike! Let's hook up when you get back.
  383. Cornfed

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    Does he do your Fin Nor's, Matt?
  384. Cornfed

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    What kind of reels has he done for you, Greg? Did he just service them or complete repairs? In order to service a reel, you need to know what it's intended use is. I wouldn't be surprised if the next guy opens up my Torium to find the bearings packed completely full of heavy grease. The...
  385. Cornfed

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    I sent a couple reels to 'George's Rod and Reel Repair' in Lacey. Brother Dave (Happy Daze) had good luck with them and I needed some work done on a Shimano Torium 30 and Daiwa Sealine-X SHA 40. My understanding is that its a father and son duo that repair rods and reels out of their home...
  386. Cornfed

    PSA Ocean Anglers in Westport

    Looking forward to this Saturday. Anyone doing a dig afterwards?
  387. Cornfed

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    Penn 320s work in a pinch for live bait but a couple mods are in order. Remove the line guide and do not pack the bearings with grease. Use a lubricant that will maximize free spool.
  388. Cornfed

    Just in case you are buying smoked fish from sitka..beware!

    Some people are just not meant to run their own business.
  389. Cornfed

    just a thought

    What happened John? Thought you guys were cool???
  390. Cornfed

    just a thought

    What's his name? Hahahaha. :rofl:
  391. Cornfed

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    Nice work! Did the guys show you how to cark em? The Seattle Boat Show seminar schedule is being configured right now. I will have 6 time slots this year. Don't miss it!
  392. Cornfed

    just a thought

    Why don't we just put the pads on and settle it on C Dock at the hali. Opener? I think that's fair??? I'll show ya how to get your CORNFED on CHRIS!!! Hahaha.
  393. Cornfed

    Here is what we need......

    I think we need an OG party. Tower Todd and Mo have to be in attendance. People need to remember how this forum all got started in 2007!
  394. Cornfed

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Nice work Brother! Can't wait to see her on the water! Let me know if you have an open seat for the maiden voyage!
  395. Cornfed

    Cape Cod October 9 & 10, 2014

    Nice work Sami and crew! What kind of retrieve(s) have been working for you?
  396. Cornfed


    The little guy is a Pomfret.
  397. Cornfed

    can i get my name back?

    Troy - Send a PM to Saluki. I think he has the special powers required to change your name back. Glad you're back!
  398. Cornfed


    Here ya go, fellas! A Video and some pics!
  399. Cornfed

    Where are the reports from Friday?

    Thanks for the reports Laurence. Mine is up. Little slower fishing yesterday than what you saw on Thursday. Still really good though.
  400. Cornfed

    Easiest way to Move to Hawaii

    Larry - Don Richard moved to Maui from here a few years ago. He doesn't post on the WA board much anymore but he might be able to offer some thoughts if you're interested. Let me know and I can hook you up with him.
  401. Cornfed

    PSA Ocean Anglers in Westport

    Kevin - Count me in. Is the meeting location firm? I didn't realize you were in Westport year round now. May want to consider some meetings in the Seattle area for more participation? Thank you for your leadership in our fisheries!
  402. Cornfed


    Last wknd was Striper fishing off of Marblehead. Wknd before that was tuna. Wknd before that.... ;)
  403. Cornfed


    No jack-poling. The fish were skittish.
  404. Cornfed


    Wasn't fast and furious but we whacked and stacked em today at 46.30 X 124.51. Nice big strong baits were the ticket. The fish would come up in a frenzy and leave as soon as they arrived. No birds working the surface and had to fish meter marks. Had a blast fishing side by side with Darrell...
  405. Cornfed

    Tuna wide open

    Nice work Boys!
  406. Cornfed


    That is awesome! Beautiful work!
  407. Cornfed

    Salt Water VS Aluminum Boats

    Ugh! Steve....those pics make me sick to my stomach! I have seen what saltwater environments can due to aircraft. No surprise here. Sounds like the key is regular inspections and multiple layers of protection.
  408. Cornfed

    MA 13 shrimp 9-26-14

    Good looking K-9!
  409. Cornfed


    If Mark and crew are going to do the cleaning, wrap the loins in paper towels before you put them in the zip lock bags. Then unwrap and vac pack when u get home. Enjoying the scenery in Gloucester now! Can't let the fish rest!
  410. Cornfed

    Albacore by fly?

    Oh fishing. I try to wait until Arvin hooks one on the fly, and then I hook and toss a chov. over his line, hook up, and try to saw him off during that one run. Hahaha. If you fail, just troll it like the rest of the nerds and claim you casted on boiling fish. No lie....Arvin...
  411. Cornfed


    Cleaning and bleeding are two different things and you should separate the two with lots of ice and time. If you can pack em in ice over night and clean them it. With that said, Mark and crew will definitely take care of your fish and clean it for you. If you want, have them...
  412. Cornfed

    New Boat Arrives!

    Nice ride Buddy! Congrats!
  413. Cornfed


    I will be Darrell's tour guide that Saturday for some VIPs!
  414. Cornfed


    It's just the loin, sliced thin. Welcome to the dark side, Quan!
  415. Cornfed


    Far from over and here's a pic for the masses!
  416. Cornfed

    WP Tuna Sept 20&21

    Fishing was excellent yesterday at 32/47. The weather was enjoyable too..... :rofl:
  417. Cornfed


    Haha....that's part of it. The other part was the anemometer getting pegged at 27 knots and controlling the drifts and chaos. And I wanted to get the fresh numbers out to the Brothahood.
  418. Cornfed


    Plugged the boat yesterday at 46.32 X 124.47. Never had to break out out a troll rod. The chew was in full effect and three drifts on the spot was all it took. Total trip time from leaving the dock and coming back was 8 hours. And there is a really great grade of fish right now. GO GETTUM...
  419. Cornfed

    After School Coho-ing in Edmonds

    Nice slabs for the boys! Forget soccer.....I'm thinking O-Line!
  420. Cornfed

    In a Defiance

    And nice work Patrick!
  421. Cornfed

    In a Defiance

    My Brothers.....before you judge any ride, check the props. They can make or break your opinion on how a boat rides. I put some Mercury Enertias on my boat and I upped my cruise speed in crappy water without taking an additional beating. Love those props!
  422. Cornfed

    Boaters Safety Course

    If any of you have already taken the USCG Auxiliary Boater's Safety course, you can send in proof and they will send you a WA State boaters card. I took it back in high school and they honored it. Still had to pay the fee.
  423. Cornfed


    Yup....put it in neutral and let it roll a couple inches. Technically, you "moved". :rofl:
  424. Cornfed

    Looking for tuna deckhands...

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
  425. Cornfed

    Crossing WP submerged South Jetty/reef

    I have had days where it was not safe to cross the main bar but the hole in the south jetty was clear (July 4, 2012 3PM ish). There is typically a small gap Btwn the waves on the sunken jetty and the visible jetty. I hug the visible jetty and bank hard right as soon as I clear the visible...
  426. Cornfed

    Flaker Ice Machine

    I'm jealous and need to buy one!
  427. Cornfed

    The Big Boys are Here WP

    Nice work Gentlemen!
  428. Cornfed

    HOW TO: Pull the pin (bar) on TOMIC plugs

    I have not seen any negative impact from pulling the flat bar. If the line slides in the slot, it doesn't appear to be detrimental. Re the old threads, no problems there. My first thought is.....hope I didn't say something stupid! I have learned a lot over the years and my approach is...
  429. Cornfed

    WTC "weather looks GREAT"

    That is the lawyer speak, but I am referring to the policy they enacted last year: it is up to the Captain's discretion to run or not. They had a considerable group of "big boats" and wanted to have a tournament so they said "Captain's Choice" even though it was a nasty SCA. I just wanted to...
  430. Cornfed

    which Scotty??

    I'm sick of my 1106's. Too slow for me. I fished with Nelly and his Digi Trolls and those things make running gear easy. I could run 4 riggers by myself with those!
  431. Cornfed

    WTC "weather looks GREAT"

    I figured that the call will be made at the Captain's Meeting. I was just curious if the WTC uses the same weather rules as the OTC.
  432. Cornfed

    which Scotty??

    That is very interesting. So Scotty claimed that the smaller diameter of the braid caused the cracking? The tension is the same whether you're running braid or cable. So the solution is to put SS Cable backing on first?
  433. Cornfed

    Commies and big bluefin!

    When we fished the Tres Marias in 2010, Matt (Socal guy) caught a 220 lb YFT on a Talica 16. Big fish do die on small reels just depends on drag settings and situational awareness. You gonna be able to realize what's happening and turn the boat before you get schooled? :D
  434. Cornfed

    WTC "weather looks GREAT"

    Ken - What is the WTC 's go/no-go policy? Captain's discretion or is the call made by the WTC?
  435. Cornfed

    Point No Point

    Nice work Mooch Master Dave!
  436. Cornfed

    Ilwaco tuna report 7/6

    Are they still weighing the scoops in Ilwaco?
  437. Cornfed

    Where to Launch Crab Pots in Westport?

    They would be launched in the NON Reports section. Welcome to Bloodydecks!
  438. Cornfed


    I know that we have all had that moment when there is a lull in the action or the fishing is slow all together. You start by changing up some gear, hoping that things will change and then you result to doing other, non traditional tactics. You may intentionally go in the pilot house and pay no...
  439. Cornfed

    Westport Tuna July 5

    Looking GOOD my Brothas! NICE WORK!
  440. Cornfed


    Daren - I am running 15LB and 20LB Regular Fin DR Balls. The pancake weights work great, but we can pour the regular DR Balls ourselves. You do have to keep the gear straight. I was kicking myself for not having the the 8" breakaway flashers because they would have been perfect for this...
  441. Cornfed

    Malicious Site

    It's time to cut costs and increase profit margins. Now get back to work! ;-)
  442. Cornfed

    Batshit crazy lady in the UK

    It's ok to use a whole rabbit for halibut bait right? :rofl: I know a guy that knows a guy that just might have a picture. HAHAHAHA
  443. Cornfed


    I'm glad someone was paying attention. Hehehe. ;-)
  444. Cornfed


    The Shark Fin is just west of Compass Rose, inside the middle of the "C" towards the lower portion. If you bring it up on your chartplotter, it will be obvious.
  445. Cornfed

    Fish Tacos, Anyone?

    I have really learned to enjoy seabass fishing. Sounds weird but its a blast and there is usually a lot of smack talking going around on my boat to see who can catch/release the most. That and you can use ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to catch em! Nothing like seeing the sounder light up with...
  446. Cornfed


    Unfortunately that doesn't guarantee fuel since they are not providing a FULL fill. We have been told that they are only providing 5,000 gallons at a time and are not coming with any kind of frequency to support the fleet at Neah.
  447. Cornfed

    NB Kings Arriving

    Report is up! Feel free to PM me for more details.
  448. Cornfed


    I was going to refuel in case we decided to run all over God's creation, but I had enough fuel to do the same run again so we ended up not refueling. Sure is nice to have a 135 gallon fuel tank!
  449. Cornfed


    We had yet another banner trip to Neah Bay with the target species for this trip being KING SALMON. With the Westport limits being one King per person, you can easily see why I opt out and head north. There are more opportunities to intersect the different runs (Frasier River for example) and...
  450. Cornfed

    NB Kings Arriving

    300'-430' on the rigger. We fished commercial style this last wknd. You have to fish where the bait is.
  451. Cornfed

    Farewell Old Friend (pic heavy)

    So what's next???
  452. Cornfed

    NB Kings Arriving

    And just a teaser.....Time to put on your big boy pants and bring out the 20 lb balls. :D
  453. Cornfed

    NB Kings Arriving

    OH GOOD LORD THERE ARE SOME NICE FISH HERE ALREADY! We limited on Kings both days this wknd (Sat. by noon and Sunday by 1PM). The report is in work. Stay tuned for the details.
  454. Cornfed

    Limited on Fathers Day in Westport

  455. Cornfed

    Jumbo Sekiu Halibut hits the deck on final day of the season!!!

    The Rippos are a fishy familiar, for sure! Tobin's oldest son Max will be deckhanding for Darrell in Westport aboard the Tunacious (31' Ocean Master) this summer. I predict that it won't be too long before Dom has a deckhand job as well. Both boys have great fundamental skills (running the...
  456. Cornfed

    Stereo System RFI

    Thanks for the recommendations! Getting ready to size the electrical system. For those guys running downriggers, autopilot, stereo system, heater, and other many batteries/type/capacity/configuration do you run?
  457. Cornfed

    Stereo System RFI

    Perusing through stereo system options. What do you guys have or wish you had and why? Likes/Dislikes? What do you consider to be top of the line? Thanks for the input!
  458. Cornfed

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    Glad you liked it Mark! We might make some converts out of them yet!
  459. Cornfed

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    I'll never forget that day, Kevin! Ron needs to stay away from the radio!
  460. Cornfed

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    When I fished with Todd, he made us wear the (fighting belts)......well...because they were expensive and he bought them. At least they werent pink! Hahahaha.!
  461. Cornfed

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    Dave - If you come to the meeting, I will add something in the presentation just for you!
  462. Cornfed

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    Coming from a guy that complained about Bloodydecks and said they were "leaving", you're saying an awful lot these days. :rofl:
  463. Cornfed

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    Ron - please get rid of that vintage 2007 pic!
  464. Cornfed


    Tobin was at Blue Dot with his 16' Whaler! You'd never catch me out there in anything that small!
  465. Cornfed

    Westport Saturday

    I heard a lot of people were marking fish, but they're weren't a whole lot of takers.
  466. Cornfed

    westport 6-7-14

    Great job! I love the color in those fish!
  467. Cornfed

    Got a Couple Today in Westport

    Nice work! Using riggers I see. What has been the hot setup so far?
  468. Cornfed

    Brining Herring

    You want skinny bait that has been starved. Doesn't do much good to have a nice, shiny, fresh bait if its not going to do the right WOBBILTY WOBBILTY.
  469. Cornfed

    Location of Blue Dot and the Compass Rose

    And the funny thing is......I bet you J.D. didnt even have to look that up! That was stored in the frontal lobe, ready for use!
  470. Cornfed

    TUNA Advice: How to Read the Water (SST/Chloro)

    That would be a treat! And you already have an ARSC hoodie! :-D
  471. Cornfed

    Location of Blue Dot and the Compass Rose

    NEAH BAY - Are you looking for a chart number?
  472. Cornfed

    Tuna bait tank Question ?

    Mount one in your Weldcraft and tell us how it turns out. :rofl:
  473. Cornfed

    TUNA Advice: How to Read the Water (SST/Chloro)

    No problemo. Chloro ranges should be btwn 0.4 and 1.0. Again, you don't the water to be "too blue" because that means that you have probably passed the first color break. The water that is "too blue" doesn't have a whole lot of life in it. I'm looking for the first color break and again...
  474. Cornfed

    Check out something new from Cyndi !

    That is glorious! YES PLEASE!!!
  475. Cornfed

    TUNA Advice: How to Read the Water (SST/Chloro)

    I just wanted to take a quick second and give everyone a few reminders about reading tuna water. These are items that I go into depth on when I give my seminars. 1. BODY OF WATER: Everyone gets enamored with early season warm water, even some people that have been fishing tuna for years...
  476. Cornfed

    Tuna bait tank Question ?

    I stand at the forward end of the bait tank to chum. Would be more akward if I was standing at one of the rounded edges. Also, it would interfere with my lazarette and could create a pinch point for guys working fish around around the stern or heading into the pilothouse. Would also affect...
  477. Cornfed


    Nope! It nailed the vintage 70's orange scampi tail on a 6oz. bullet lead head!
  478. Cornfed

    Halibut season is a wrap?

    Why would you switch to steel leaders because of 'long line releases'?
  479. Cornfed


    Chris - I never come in early enough to weigh fish!!!
  480. Cornfed


    Keith - We got one of them there!
  481. Cornfed


    Hit Neah last wknd for the 5 Day hunting spree. Ended up filleting 287 fish of the white meat persuasion. Searched far and wide to hit paydirt, a we got it done! Utilized pipe jigs and pearl white B2 jigs to the fullest extent. Even Peter Cotton Tail was involved in the catching. :D Still...
  482. Cornfed

    To the untrained Observer!

    And here I was, prepared to skim another lame desperate thread about ETECS and then delete it. :D
  483. Cornfed


    My arm is in a cast so I'll let the pics do the talkin! Headed back up today! Hmmmmm? Can anyone say BASS! Cmon now! YUM! See ya on the flip side! TOMMY
  484. Cornfed

    Do I really need a Harpoon?

    I enjoy the close quarters hand to fin combat with a gaff. I feel a true connection with the fish way. :D
  485. Cornfed

    Sea Bass *show-in-tell*

    The Norway Cod Special.....THEE BEST!!!
  486. Cornfed

    WTC and OTC doing well in Record Bite!

    Keep up the good work, Boys. Must have been a long wait at the video check out at the end of the day! Amazing to see how many fish are being caught this year. And no doubt FRENZY is the top boat in the Quepos fleet!
  487. Cornfed

    El Niño and WA offshore

    Furthest I have been prospecting was 82nm in 2010. Must of us dont have the rigs to pull off fishing 100+ safely. But you do! ;-)
  488. Cornfed

    Jug Heads

    The videos are killer! Wouldn't mind giving one a try. And there is nothing like printing lures! God bless stereolithography!
  489. Cornfed

    Ok, 2 things I need help with....

    The fog-x wipes work pretty good!
  490. Cornfed

    Coming Attractions

    Thanks for all the recipes! I can't wait to give the crab grilled cheese a try, too!
  491. Cornfed

    2014 Offshore World Championship

    Just a reminder that the 2014 Offshore World Championship is coming up, April 6th-11th in Quepos, Costa Rica. I took Team Defiance (Tom Morimoto (Hawaiian Style), Herb Guttler (Halibut Herb), Dave Bergeron (Killer Bee), Jeff Stulc (Blue Smoke)...
  492. Cornfed

    Canadian halibut

    Jeff is correct. Wait until late June and July.
  493. Cornfed

    Everyone was a newb at one point...

    Steve is absolutely right. In my humble opinion, it is very similar to a professional career. It's not about the hours you put in but what you put into the hours. And trust me, I've put in a lot of hours too. I've learned from the best, done my research, paid attention to every detail, and...
  494. Cornfed


    See you in Neah, Mick!!! I need to get you out for tuna this year, Bro!
  495. Cornfed

    As a boat owner, you can call me crazy!

    I just got back from Kona! Fished 3 days and lived the life. Get yourself one of those AFTCO NINJA shirts. They are a life saver from the sun!
  496. Cornfed

    As a boat owner, you can call me crazy!

    How's the sunscreen sponsorship treatin' ya, Dave? I'm headed to Cabo later this month.....I could use some. ;-)
  497. Cornfed

    What's Your Favorite QCove Flasher Colors for the Ocean?

    The Limited Edition Run of 'THE CORNFED SHOW'. HANDS DOWN THEE BEST!
  498. Cornfed

    Roche Harbor derby

    Just another reason I love tuna fishing more than salmon fishing! Can I get an AMEN!!! YES....I'LL HAVE THE OWNER ST-66 TREBLES NEAT, MAKE THAT TWO! HAHAHA...
  499. Cornfed

    What Hook size for making lead head jigs?

    Depends on which mold you are using Kevin. What do you have?
  500. Cornfed

    Cabo, 1st week of April

    Wahoo, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail inshore Pull a couple maps so you can see where the major banks are and then check the SSTs. Gear runs the gamut. Everything from Marauders to bullets to chuggers name it. Dont go without a Petrolero! and you will get a...
  501. Cornfed

    Cabo, 1st week of April

    I'd be up for sharing a boat with you, Pat. Let me know if you commit to the trip.
  502. Cornfed

    Cabo, 1st week of April

    Mike - Looks like ur PV trip with Keith?
  503. Cornfed

    Cabo, 1st week of April

    We'll be at Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach (next to the Pedregal). We fished the 6X Jr and Caballitos on a 2 oz. Egg sinker but the jig was doin the heavy lifting.
  504. Cornfed

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    Can I change your U.N. back to ARVIN ON THE IRON? FlyinfishOTI just makes no sense. ;-) You don't have time to post anyway. Get that 540 wrapped, SON!
  505. Cornfed

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    Steve my friend....I'm just being open and honest. I don't trust P-Line. Mark is sponsored by them. I am willing to give it a try.
  506. Cornfed

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    Mark - if you get me a free spool of P-Line's new fluoro, I'll try it on a non-tourney day. Otherwise, its Seaguar for me.
  507. Cornfed

    Why barbless?

    Anyone ever try circle hooks? If so, what brand, type, and size?
  508. Cornfed

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    Mark - I can only hope that P-Line's new CFX Fluoro is better then that Co-polymer crap they had previously (see pic). I keep both of those spools to remind myself why I will never buy P-Line again. Their fluoro was HORRIBLE for tying knots and added another reduction factor on the strength of...
  509. Cornfed

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    50# or 65# spectra - PR Bobbin Knot - 15' of 25# Fluoro Couple Reasons: 1. My live bait reels pull double duty for ocean king reels. I troll deep and the spectra aids in reducing blowback. Same thing if used for bottomfishing. 2. A lot of times we get some pretty weak bait and its a hell...
  510. Cornfed

    Cabo, 1st week of April

    Lawrence. I will be down there that week and week before. Salas 6X Jr in green yellow and blue white. We put 22 yellows on the boat in April 2012. I'll see if I can dig up the post. Lets grab a brew when you're down there! Tommy.
  511. Cornfed

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    I think I might just be able to make this one. I'll bring the SWAG and see you fellas there. Thanks for hosting, Vance!
  512. Cornfed

    Ilwaco OTC and WTC

    Mike - I'll miss you guys in Ilwaco this year, but I'll see you in Garibaldi! And everyone knows why they really did this right? They wanted to give the Oregon boys a better chance to win by keeping the Washinton boys at a different tournament. Desperation is a smelly cologne. Hahaha!
  513. Cornfed

    Stop on by the Boat Show for Some TUNA TALK!

    Rellis - Those were the time slots I drew. Stay tuned for more seminars this spring. I will be speaking at Defiance's Annual Spring Kickoff event as well as some PSA club meetings if I'm lucky! And of course, you can always PM/email me.
  514. Cornfed

    Stop on by the Boat Show for Some TUNA TALK!

    Hope I get to see you guys at the show. I will be giving 4 presentations (Saturday through Tuesday - one a day) at the Seattle Boat Show. With only 50 minutes to talk, I have put together a handout to summarize what I consider to be the basics (sea temps, water color, signs of life, trolling...
  515. Cornfed

    Happy New F---ing Year!

    Happy New Years Mick!!! Look forward to seeing you in Neah!
  516. Cornfed

    Great ending for the year

    That guy in the last pic is mean mugging you like you stole his first born child!
  517. Cornfed

    feel my navida

    How many times have you been shot at thus far?
  518. Cornfed

    Westport Grocery store

    If they don't like it, they can go have fun at Walmart in Aberdeen. It's a free country.
  519. Cornfed

    Resolution of BAMF dispute

    So you own their company now, right....Mark? :D
  520. Cornfed

    New zukes

    I know....its just more fun to stare at pretty clones in the winter than bait hooks....until you're digging bait hooks out of the corner of Mr. Albert's mouth!!! CAN'T WAIT!
  521. Cornfed

    Shimano trolling/halibut setup X5

    The TLDs have been trolling workhorses for years. Good luck with the sale, Daren! Tommy.
  522. Cornfed

    Lead Mold Modification

    I'm not sure I would drill a SS fastener into an Al mold. I would be concerned about CTE deltas cracking or gapping the mold at that location. Maybe the temp. range is not enough to make a difference? - - - Updated - - - You use a dremel to create eye sockets? Really?
  523. Cornfed

    Lead Mold Modification

    Randy - Have you done the mod. before? I know it requires alum. bar stock, but I'm looking for someone that has done the mod.
  524. Cornfed

    Lead Mold Modification

    I hear ya, Mike. But that's a lot of work for every jig. I am apprehensive about touching a pristine mold as well, but that's why I'm not doing it. Hahaha. Hope you and the family have a Merry Christmas, Brother!
  525. Cornfed

    Lead Mold Modification

    Steve - Your latter thought is what I was referring to. I need to add small cylinders to the mold where the 'bubble' eyes will be attached. The eye sockets on the jig head helps protect the stick on eye.
  526. Cornfed

    Lead Mold Modification

    Have any of you guys ever modified or had a mold modified by a local machine shop? I am looking to have plugs added to the Do-It Shad Style 9 mold to create recessed (eye) sockets for the jigs. Thanks for your input. Merry Christmas Guys! Tommy
  527. Cornfed

    New zukes

    Congrats! Honestly, I was hoping to see some new clone colors. :D
  528. Cornfed

    What next? Defiance Boats

    I couldn't agree more. Not that the whole school academia discussion has any relevance in the topic at hand, but where someone attended school has no bearing on their ability as a professional in the industry.
  529. Cornfed

    What next? Defiance Boats

    I only have one small clarification, Mike. It was 85 tuna and five fishermen. :D
  530. Cornfed

    2013 Texas Fishing Video

    NICE! Wish I could get a piece of that action right about now!
  531. Cornfed

    Swimbait Jighead Lead Mold

    Thanks Andy!
  532. Cornfed

    Hey Washington and Seahawks fans..............

    I was thinking a "Hilary 2016" sticker would have made the picture complete. :D
  533. Cornfed

    Swimbait Jighead Lead Mold

    Thanks to the Big "B", we get quite the R&R over the Christmas time frame. I am going to be pouring some lead and was wondering if anyone out there had a swimbait jig mold, and if so, where you got it and what brand. I am looking for the triangular head mold, typically what we use for our tuna...
  534. Cornfed

    Swimbait Jighead Lead Mold

    Thanks Dave. Looks like that one mold has the cavities for both the 1oz. and the 1.5 oz. Mike - Do you remember the brand of molds that Bob's Sporting Goods has?
  535. Cornfed

    Swimbait Jighead Lead Mold

    Thanks to the Big "B", we get quite the R&R over the Christmas time frame. I am going to be pouring some lead and was wondering if anyone out there had a swimbait jig mold, and if so, where you got it. I am looking for the triangular head mold, typically what we use for our tuna swimbait...
  536. Cornfed

    Kona Ahi on Lepika

    Nice work Brother! I didn't know you had a boat in Kona. Time to install a greenstick? :D I will also be fishing with Russ and Bomboy in February and can't wait!
  537. Cornfed

    My WA huntin season

    DAMN! What round are you shooting?
  538. Cornfed

    Building some live bait rods this winter

    Oh wait.....we're talking about albacore? What Arvin said... :rofl:
  539. Cornfed

    Building some live bait rods this winter

    Calstar 660XXH Shorty Bent Butt. You'll never need another bait rod. :D
  540. Cornfed

    WIDE OPEN river bite with All Rivers & Saltwater Charters!!

    Herb doesn't know what Xtratufs are. He's got those 20 lb. clogs he carries around. Ya know!
  541. Cornfed

    WIDE OPEN river bite with All Rivers & Saltwater Charters!!

    I thought you got it in Amsterdam? C'mon on down. You can show me how to roll as I rehab. :D
  542. Cornfed

    WIDE OPEN river bite with All Rivers & Saltwater Charters!!

    Herb breaks out that sweater every once in a while. Gotta love it!
  543. Cornfed

    Demolition Day on the BIG C - Young guns whack and stack fresh migrators

  544. Cornfed

    My WA huntin season

    Nice work Maarten! That's awesome, Brother!
  545. Cornfed


    Strong work Josh! I'll be fishing with Russ on Lepika and Bomboy on the Vixen in February. The greenstick is the only way to go! Check out the brochue on the link below. It explains how the greenstick works.
  546. Cornfed

    ?? Trolling Tomic Plugs for Black Mouth ??

    Are you saying the 11/0 is no longer made in the 95170? The 95170 is still made today; I just got back from Defiance and they had a full range of 95170 in stock.
  547. Cornfed

    ?? Trolling Tomic Plugs for Black Mouth ??

    I pull the pins and run the line through the plug. This allows the plug to slide up the line when you hook up and the fish can't use the plug as leverage to get the hook out of his mouth. With the big Mustad 95170 stuck in his face, you rarely lose!
  548. Cornfed

    Defiance Marine River days

    Hope you guys can make it to Defiance tomorrow! I'll be there hangin' out and thinking about tuna (yea, yea...I know it's River Days). :D
  549. Cornfed

    Venice Offshore- Fall Goodies

    I need to move. You guys are killing me! KEEP UP THE STRONG WORK!
  550. Cornfed

    2008 24' NR Seahawk w/ 300hp Suzuki

    Hey Stan.....I gotta tell ya....I'm getting a lot of pressure to delete your SPAM of a thread to sell your boat. However, I find it acceptable for you to post pictures of your wife, mistress, girlfriend, or other of the female persuasion. Hint Hint Nod Nod. :D
  551. Cornfed

    What to do? Cabo in two weeks, AK in August.

    When you're in Cabo, book a trip with Renegade Mike. That's who I fish with when I'm down there and it will be the best money you ever spent as long as he's not already booked up!!!
  552. Cornfed

    CalStar GF770XXXH and Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD700X4H blanks for sale

    HOLY CRAP....I didn't even realize they made a 770XXXH! You should be able to raise the sea floor with that Baby! Good luck with the sale! Good deal!
  553. Cornfed

    Laundering Tuna Smell out of Jeans

    What do TUNA clothes and DIAMONDS have in common? They are FOREVER! GOOD LUCK!
  554. Cornfed

    A dad's gotta brag...

    Hey.....if it makes you feel better....I got rejected from Notre Dame! GO FIGURE! Irish Catholic white boy that went to a Christian Brothers Catholic High School gets rejected from South Bend! I'm claiming discrimination! :D
  555. Cornfed

    Help cleaning the boat after a tuna trip etiquette ?

    Lee - Set the expectations before the trip. I concur with everyone here....If they don't want to do exactly what you want, find a new crew. I don't like the idea of stopping in Federal Way (or wherever) on the way home to clean the boat. I get off the water late and the last thing I would want...
  556. Cornfed

    24 Oct Confirmed: WP Seafoods has live chovies!

    Go gettum Boys! Just watch out for Sunday's weather. If it starts turning sooner, get the hell outta there... SUN NW WIND 15 TO 25 KT. WIND WAVES 3 TO 5 FT. W SWELL 7 FT AT 12 SECONDS. SUN NIGHT NE WIND 15 TO 25 KT. WIND WAVES 2 TO 4 FT. W SWELL 8 FT AT 12 SECONDS. MON NE WIND 15...
  557. Cornfed

    A dad's gotta brag...

    CONGRATS! I hope she got some financial aid. I got recruited and accepted to Princeton, Harvard, and Yale back in 2001. Princeton had the best offer with $15K a year in "financial aid", leaving $32K left to cover EVERY YEAR (in then dollars). I took my full ride at Nebraska and never looked...
  558. Cornfed

    Westport Officially Out of Bait

    Green bait is better than no bait.
  559. Cornfed


    Eric - Like I said, Brother....Come on over to Defiance River Days on Nov. 9th (9AM to 3PM) and let's talk tuna! Also, bring all your hoochie gear and I'll show you how I rig 'em up!
  560. Cornfed


    You guys should have been out there! It was EPIC!!!
  561. Cornfed


    It was great meeting you and David, Dave. Like I mentioned, I'll be at the Defiance Fall River Days (Nov. 9th from 9AM to 3PM) if you want to stop by and talk tuna. I'll have my boat there so I can show you how I run the deck! GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!
  562. Cornfed


    I got a few requests to re-posts the videos since they are hard to find in the report because of the way they are embedded. So here they are! Jack Pole Action: Peter downing his first tuna heart:
  563. Cornfed

    MA 13 Crab

    Nice work Chris! You can drop some off any time. You know where I live. Hahahaha.
  564. Cornfed

    Westport Officially Out of Bait

    The charter fleet is holding over bait from the prior trip and also scavenging from bait boats. Maybe that's why he said it was available? I talked to five friends today and they all said it was out and the Tani Rae wasn't fishing.
  565. Cornfed

    Westport Officially Out of Bait

    Mark - My guess is that mother nature will stop us from fishing before the lack of bait does. This long stretch of nice weather we have had is unusual. We are spoiled with the live bait though. The best bait on the pacific northwest coast is in Westport. It gets hard to convince a crew to go...
  566. Cornfed

    Westport Officially Out of Bait

    Talked to my boys down in Westport. The bait receiver is empty. Darrell and Mark are scrounging up bait for tomorrow's run and that's all she wrote. Good fishing with you guys this summer!
  567. Cornfed


    Pretty sure he's talking about you. Wait.... Let me check... YUP! DEFINITELY YOU!!!
  568. Cornfed

    Tuna processer in WP

    I was talking to Laurence (Wdlfbio) about this very subject this last wknd. Westport mgmt. changed hands 2 years ago and the new people are asshats. If you don't call ahead and reserve moorage and stay in the exact spot they put you, you will be penalized an extra fee. You're safe after 7PM...
  569. Cornfed


    Words truly cannot describe the MAYHEM that is occurring right now off our coast. The tuna are practically, and in some cases LITERALLY (more on that later), jumping INTO the boat! It's a one bait stop game out there right now, meaning we headed out 30nm, found our first school of jumpers, set...
  570. Cornfed

    10/12/13 Albacore Chew The Iron

    I saw Arvin reeling in a fish on a spinning rod. Just saying....strange things do happen. And I did catch 3 fish on a pink buzz bomb, which is kind of like a 7X. :D
  571. Cornfed

    Tuna Sunday

    I'll be running Saturday and Sunday. Anyone know someone that is out there today?
  572. Cornfed

    Leader tips and tricks more thought: I will be at Defiance's Fall Seminar Day, which will probably be announced soon (scheduled for November 9th). I would be more than happy to show (anyone that is interested) a few things about tying leaders. Just bring your gear and we'll rig some up. It's a lot easier...
  573. Cornfed

    Leader tips and tricks

    Here's another key to tying leaders: When you are tying the egg loop, the first set of wraps can go on tight. You want the second set of wraps to stay as loose as possible without the wraps uncoiling off the shank of the hook. The reason for this: when you pull your line through, you don't...
  574. Cornfed

    Leader tips and tricks

    Travis is right. You don't realize it, but your knot strength is higher when you wet the line in a bowl of water and you douse the entire line in the bowl. We did some testing with heavy leaders and the San Diego knot on our way to Clarion (1000 miles south of SD) in 2011 on a long range trip...
  575. Cornfed

    New Mac FINALLY!!

    What program are you using? Final Cut?
  576. Cornfed

    standing in the rain

    Those sure are FUGLY! Nice work tho!
  577. Cornfed

    First BD Post: Fall Chinook Takedown Video

    HELL YEA! That actually makes me want to fish a river! Hahaha. Nice work, Brotha! AND WELCOME TO THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!
  578. Cornfed


    So sorry you didn't win the trip, Dave. I'll let you know how it goes! Hahaha. ;)
  579. Cornfed

    Where in Washington would you go?

  580. Cornfed


  581. Cornfed

    Easy limits in Sekiu

    Nice work Ladies!
  582. Cornfed

    Washington Tackle Stores...

    I'll check and see if I have rigs tied up from SD LR/Cabo/PV. Not sure why you think you need more than 130 LB unless you're running a kite rig. These cows fell to 100 and 130 (and one of the 220's on a Talica 16II). The Captain should have your back with gear. Who are you going with...
  583. Cornfed


    I was conducting business in Huntsville, AL and got the opportunity to head north and visit one of the oldest distilleries in the United States: JACK DANIELS, located in Lynchburg, Tennesssee. Anyone that knows me or my family knows that JACK is part of the DONLIN family. If you can't find a...
  584. Cornfed

    99 trophy 2052

    Good luck with the sale, Travis!
  585. Cornfed

    Who Shit Themselves? TYEE

    We're going to have to fish the break on the other side of the warm water to get away from incidences like this. It will continue to happen. Sorry John!
  586. Cornfed

    bait stop crashers!

    You try to run away....right after you trolled across my bait lines? It's ok, UNCLE. You have an age handicap. :D
  587. Cornfed


    The best bags are the RELIABLE brand kill bags, and DEFIANCE has a whole line up in stock. The one in the pic. is a 30"x60", I believe.
  588. Cornfed


    YOU BET, UNCLE! If you're one of the USUAL SUSPECTS, it's a requirement! If you're a guest, it's ok to have lesser quality bibs. :rofl:
  589. Cornfed


    I can't believe this trip was the first time I had you on the boat, BROTHER! We need to do that more often. And I can't believe I didn't get a pic of you going BENDO! Every time I turned around....yup...Dave's on! YEEEAAAA BUDDY! And a couple other pics that I'm sure you'd rather I keep...
  590. Cornfed


    AMEN BROTHA! It was a pleasure having you on the boat, Steve! You got a seat any time. Forget Center Mut! ;) What happens in Westport, stays in Westport! :rofl:
  591. Cornfed


    Good to see you, Uncle! When are you going to put the new boat name (Love Boat) on the side? :D
  592. Cornfed


    This is my FAVORITE time of year! For those of us that hate trolling and love to put your live bait skills to the test, it's all about the RUN and GUN! There is nothing like calling out "JUMPERS!", yankin' the troll gear, and sneaking up on a BLITZING SCHOOL of FAT CHARLIES.... A short stop at...
  593. Cornfed

    Westport Tuna is awesome!

    Nice work Kevin! Can you take some closer up pics of your little bait well on the top of your bait tank? Thanks! Tommy.
  594. Cornfed

    beer in boat while fishing

    SAYS THE TWO GUYS THAT DON'T DRINK, PERIOD. :rofl: I would lose my crew if I told them no brew on the boat. And NO....I don't need more government regulation to edict that I not have 3 celebratory beers throughout the course of a 12 hour day (which is about all you have time for while tuna...
  595. Cornfed

    beer in boat while fishing

    I'm coming to your house! My brew buddy left for FLORIDA!
  596. Cornfed


    The DEFIANCE NATION descended on Westport this last weekend for the fun and festivities at the WTC. The WTC is by far my favorite event because the BD (and DEFIANCE) brotherhood shows up in force there. Tuna fishing out Westport right now is off the hook (definitely no pun intended). Everybody...
  597. Cornfed

    Thanks WTC

    Time flies, Brotha! And the OWC will be here before you know it!
  598. Cornfed

    WTC 2013 EPIC TRIP

    Hey Kellen....I heard that the toilet on Deviant is fully functional. :rofl:
  599. Cornfed

    WTC 2013 EPIC TRIP

    Hey see da full moon last wknd? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  600. Cornfed

    WTC 2013 EPIC TRIP

    Nice work BRAHDAH! You need a bigger boat. Wanna buy mine? HAHAHAHA! :rofl:
  601. Cornfed

    Pacific Addiction WTC report

    Nice work, Mark. Good job getting some of our WWs out there!
  602. Cornfed

    Thanks WTC

    Nice work, Brotha! Good to see you guys in Westport. I was wondering what the hell you were doing when you finally blew past me about 5 miles offshore. I took VERY DETAILED notes when we did the Offshore World Championship last year, and I have a pretty good handle on that game. If you want...
  603. Cornfed

    Area 9 jigs on fire!

    Nice work Peter! What color/size jigs are you using and how do you rig them? Can you share a little knowledge on gear/methods?
  604. Cornfed

    Three Days at Nootka Sound!

    NICE WORK BUDDY! And way to put together a stellar crew with Mike, Dex, and Aaron! Those are some FATTY fish Mike and Dex! Love the pics. I see knucklebusters in the rack, but did you guys fish any of the Fin Nor Offshore Levelwinds or the Fin Nor Marquesas???
  605. Cornfed

    Good Weekend for the FL in westport

    Let's hear the story. Cmon now. :D
  606. Cornfed

    gregs customs rods

    I built my one and only rod (for my Mom) with them. They are great people and great teachers.
  607. Cornfed

    3/0 trebile

    Rick...what were you doing when you got the hook in your hand?
  608. Cornfed

    big ones are starting to show in westport

    Hey Ryan. Glad that you are getting to fish with your Dad. A lot of guys wish they would have and didn't. You can't have any regrets in life. I'm trying to fish with my Dad as much as possible while he is alive and well. You never know when life is going to end, and you have to live every...
  609. Cornfed

    Have to vent!

    My advice is to "kill him with kindness". Smile, Nod, Wave, Repeat. Sorry you had to deal with that.
  610. Cornfed

    Two Hundred Fifty One Foot Itis

    We'll miss you on the tuna grounds, Buddy. It just won't be the same. Take care and be safe.
  611. Cornfed

    Mojo Tuna Trip 17 July

    SCOREBOARD (in case you were confused): 2012 WTC Results Final Place Team # Team Name Total Weight Big fish 1 5 Team Defiance: Gunslinger 121.02 28.14 2 28 Team Defiance: Usual Suspects 117.22 32.76 The final results 1st Place Main Event-Team Defiance: Gunslinger 2nd...
  612. Cornfed

    Mid-Channel or PA

    Saltwater Report or Question? That is the question. I would head to the Sooke/Victoria area. It's goin' off up there.
  613. Cornfed


    WHOAAA WHOAAA.....Now WAIT A MINUTE, CHRIS! HA HA. :rofl: Don't ever put me in the knucklebuster camp. Haha. I hate single drive reels. Give me a 6.2:1 Leverdrag and watch the magic happen. We're in their (the fish's) environment. We don't need to give them an advantage. ;) I...
  614. Cornfed

    Tuna, Depoe Bay Style (PIC HEAVY)

    What a great trip with your Dad, Tom! That's a great memory. Is that why you went down to Depoe Bay for tuna? Just curious, because our Westport fishery is MUCH, MUCH BETTER. REALLY!?!? That is not something you just "rig up if the fish are there". That is something you prep before hand and...
  615. Cornfed


    It's all about keeping lines in the water as much as possible. I treat every day on the water like I'm fishing in a tournament. Efficiency is the name of the game. If the fish will go without a flasher in line, I'll put the flasher on the DR ball and have nothing but the lure or bait off the...
  616. Cornfed

    shrimp stuffed, bacon wrapped, cream cheese jalapeno poppers!

    I made this last night, except I substituted sweet peppers for the jalapenos to calm things down a bit. it was delicious. Thanks for sharing!
  617. Cornfed

    WTF...weekend weather!

    Looks fine to me.
  618. Cornfed


    So I am very blessed (and therefore grateful) for the great fisherman that I get to fish and associate with. I hand pick my crew and every person has something that they bring to the table. Well...I dont' always get to pick my crew, and this last weekend was one of those instances. It was a very...
  619. Cornfed

    Catch and release tuna fishing

    Yup, Steve. SD = San Diego Jam Knot. While the Palomar is a quicker knot, the San Diego is a stronger knot. Plus when I have to look at a Palomar knot, it makes me think of salmon. Yuck.
  620. Cornfed

    Catch and release tuna fishing

    Hey Kellen. When live bait fishing and you feel the take, count to one/two and engage the drag. If you have the time to count to five, that little chovy has been swallowed and is likely coming out the other side of the tuna. ;) A tuna hooked in the corner of the mouth will be fine. If I see...