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  1. shooter21

    San Diego offshore weather

    So looks like there's been some boats canceling this week. Have a 1.5 day on the Pacifica leaving Friday, and my buddy is driving from north of Reno to join in the fun. Dont want him driving 1100 mile round trip to have the boat cancel on friday. What is the outlook?
  2. shooter21

    Accurate, Lexa, Raptor, Fathom

    I have these reels for sale. Condition and Mechanical are perfect. Valiant bv2-800 black filled with 100# spectra sold Valiant bv2-400 blue/silver filled with 50# spectra sold Bnib Fathom 40n filled with 80# spectra $sold Lexa 400 HD filled with 40# spectra Sold Avet mxj raptor filled with...
  3. shooter21

    Original gusa

    Looking for an original graphite usa 90 mag rod or blank. Can anyone comfirm if one ever existed.
  4. shooter21

    Blank i.d.

    Seeing what you guys think 93" feels like a 30# stick
  5. shooter21

    Saber question

    Did Saber make a 8.5 or 9' 670xh yellow glass
  6. shooter21

    Edge/Loomis freshwater rods

    All rods are brand new, some are custom prototypes, shipping is available for 10 bucks, paypal friends and family. Did not take a pic of every rod, but you get the idea. Edge rods First Strike: STR 905-2 9' 8-17lb 3/8-1oz fast Med/Hvy $175 STR 1004-2 10' 6-17lb 1/4-1/2oz xfast Med $175 STR...
  7. shooter21

    Bft on Tern

    I caught this nice 85#er the other day on my Tern 500x. These reels allow me to go after bigger fish, then I'd ever want to on any other star drag!
  8. shooter21

    Hxw & Mxj Raptors

    Both in like new excellent condition 10/10 Hxw 100# solid PP soldw/box Mxj 50# solid PP $340 w/box Prices include shipping paypal [email protected] or venmo
  9. shooter21

    Penn fathom nld2

    Looking for a mint or new fathom 40n 2 speed
  10. shooter21

    Search issues

    Im looking to purchase a fathom 40 for a buddy, when i search in the classifieds section it pulls up everything ever on a fathom from 8 years ago to today and its so far out of order. Good luck finding a post from anytime this year. Why are they not in order chronology starting from the most recent?
  11. shooter21

    Shimano butterfly jigs flatside

    Looking for some of the old butterfly jigs. Live squid glow and pink/blue in smaller sizes thanks
  12. shooter21

    Offshore Bft down south

    Took a trip this past weekend going after well what ever we could find south of the border. Bft were being their normal selves throught the day, manage 1 yft on the troll. Then the bft decided they were hungry and got into a good 45 minute sundowner bite. I was using my UC Gp 80 Predator w/...
  13. shooter21

    Fishing license Mexico online?

    Can i purchase online and print it out? Headed out in the a.m. and need that thing.
  14. shooter21

    New setups

    These are my new setups for this year, cant wait to try out my valiants & terns with these Uc Gp rods
  15. shooter21

    Truline bg 8e

    Picked this up and was wondering what you all thougt. Its a serious 60-80# measure 8'1". Was told it was a prototype blank, dont know much more than that.
  16. shooter21


    Snippers 60, 80, 100 gram in katy perry, brown aji, green mackerel, blue sardine and silver. 2 of each size and each color. 30 jigs for $165 plus 8 bucks shipping
  17. shooter21

    New color Makairas

    Has anybody seen the limited color release makairas yet?
  18. shooter21

    Bv2-800n black

    Looking for a black valiant 800n bnib or mint
  19. shooter21

    United Composites rods

    I have 2 new gp rods for sale. 1 80 Predator 50-100 1 80 Terminator 30-80 each includes shipping Will post pics after work but rods are new factory wrapped
  20. shooter21

    Mak 50ii sea in orginal black

    Bnib Makaira 50ii sea filled with 600yds of 200# hollow $650 shipped Or trade for dauntless, atd, bv2-800n, saltiga, stella
  21. shooter21

    Saltist & Komodo

    35h saltist 6.4:1 new w/box SOLD Komodo 463ss new w/ box SOLD Price includes shipping paypal or venmo friends and family or you pay fees
  22. shooter21


    Edge 7020-1 20# $150 ObO
  23. shooter21

    Terez rods

    3 Terez rods im selling for a buddy, they are at my house if you need additional pics. These rods have been fished alot, condition im not even going to put to scale, foam has cuts from rod holder and guides have rust, nothing wrong structural. All rods are OBO........ Black and red rods are 8'...
  24. shooter21

    Stolen rods from oceanside

    Please keep a look out for these stolen rods from Oceanside harbor last Saturday night. United Composites glow blanks
  25. shooter21

    Please dont touch my drag

    Whats the proper way to tell a deckhand not to touch my drag? Im like 1 for 10 on bft when they bump up the drag. Just got off a fishy boat, was hooked up with a 50-80 UC 80 hp, bv2-600 with 40 leader. I soon as i yell fresh one they are over there trying to pull out line to test drag, the fish...
  26. shooter21

    Calstar gfgr 700xh

    Calstar gfgr 700xh 40-100 Rod has been fished and show normal wear, guides and reel seat in good shape. Some rub marks on rear grip shipped
  27. shooter21

    Mak 15ii

    Makaira 15ii filled with 80# prospec Mech 10/10 Cos 9.5 shipped
  28. shooter21

    Tranx 500 w/ tib

    Tranx 500 with tiburon clamp, 275 yrds 65#pp recently services at shimano. Reel performs like new, but shows some wear. Mech 10/10 Cosmetic 8/10 shipped friends and family
  29. shooter21

    Clamp studs on fathom - visx

    Is there a secret to these reel studs with the notches? They slide in then as soon as you start tightening the nut it turns the heads sideways and they pop right out, from my fathom 15 to my visx 30. What am I missing?
  30. shooter21

    Berkley prospec 130# hollow

    I bought 1500yd spool of Berkley prospec 130# hollow braid on Amazon, should be enough for 2 reels. 1st reel Penn visx 30 filled all the way to top by hand no line counter, then started on my Atd 50 and ran out of line 1/2 way up. Penn site says 750 yds and Accurate says 600. That's only 1350...
  31. shooter21

    Silver trq25nlds

    Bnib Penn silver torque 25n shipped
  32. shooter21

    What we have all been asking for!

    Picked these up yesterday, and they look amazing! Hopefully the 15xn will be in next week and it will be all Torque and Visx for me.
  33. shooter21


    Trq25nlds Trq30lds Trq40nlds Sell only as bundle PayPal friends and family or you pay the fees not me 20 bucks for shipping
  34. shooter21

    Avet Raptors

    3 Avet Raptor Vampire 10/10 mech 10/10 cosm Fished once last year Jx filled with 65# prospec sold Mxj filled with 50# prospec sold Sx filled with 50# prospec sold Price includes shipping Paypal [email protected] or you pay fees
  35. shooter21

    Tern reel clamp

    I fish UC Rce deckhand with my Tern 400 & 500, the stock super narrow reel clamp (which is fine for a reel seat backup clamp) but not near enough surface area for a deckhand rod without having to way over tighten and i fear im going to crack the rod or staight f-up the cork. If you look at other...
  36. shooter21

    Tern results

    Just got back this a.m. from a 1.5 bft trip. Wanted to give you guys some feedback, and hopefully give some clarity on the potential these reels have. I fished a 500x on my Uc monster rod with flatfalls, caught 5 landed only 2. The reel had lots of power even with the high gear ratio and plenty...
  37. shooter21

    Tern on the water results

    Just got back this a.m. from a 1.5 bft trip. Wanted to give you guys some feedback, and hopefully give some clarity on the potential these reels have. I fished a 500x on my Uc monster rod with flatfalls, caught 5 landed only 2. The reel had lots of power even with the high gear ratio and plenty...
  38. shooter21

    United Composites trout rod

    Looking to purchase the pioneer white factory wrapped trout rods.
  39. shooter21

    Tern 500 drag problem

    Just fished my new tern yesterday and as I would turn the handle to reel in a fish I would notice the line would quit coming in. Seems like as I turn the handle the drag would back off to nothing.
  40. shooter21

    Penn Trq40nld2

    1. Brand new Penn trq40nld filled with 500 yards of 80# maxcuatro $500 Paypal friends/family or pay the fees Shipping is included text 661-337-9293
  41. shooter21


    Theres one for sale on 360
  42. shooter21

    Shimano Glow Flatfalls

    5 Shimano 250g flatfalls pre rigged with crimps and chaff spring. Trokar 8/0 circle hook Owner #10 split rings Owner 310# swivels Big game 200# mono $35 each
  43. shooter21

    White tiger cbj70f

    White tiger (1st gen) cjb70f 9/10 $225 Paypal [email protected] can meet down south
  44. shooter21

    (3) United Composites

    1. RCE900 Delmar 30-60 10/10 only a couple of cast no fish Sold 2. SIC edition Rus85 Wahoo 40-60 10/10 only a couple of casts no fish Sold 3. CP700xh 50-100 10/10 no fish $325 All rods are in like new condition Paypal [email protected] Can meet at Bob Sands
  45. shooter21

    SKB 7200 big box

    SKB 7200 box used 1 time, includes rocket launchers, and I have all the trays for it. Took them out for condition pictures. $225
  46. shooter21

    Cousins 95 mag black

    Cousins 95 mag new with tags, slight tear in xrap from tackle shop trying to put my reel on and pinched it in clamp. $275 Cjb-80ct 25-40 new with tags no tear. $200 I live in Bakersfield, planning on taking a trip down to Bob Sands this weekend sometime, could meet up there.
  47. shooter21

    Hxw handle

    So my new hxw raptor 3 speed handle is wobbly, I pulled the rubber tbar off and the bearings are on the outside of the spacer. So the only bearing inside the spacer is next to the arm, and the spacer just moves around freely. Why is the outer bearings not inside to support the spacer?
  48. shooter21

    (2) trini 20a

    2 trinidad 20a for sale 1.) Cond. 9.5/10 Mech 10/10 Filled with new 40# mono, tiburon clamp box and wrench $sold 2.) Cond 9/10 Mech 10/10 1/2 spool of new 50# power pro white and tiburon clamp, no box $sold Paypal F&F price includes shipping
  49. shooter21

    Thanksgiving weekend weather

    It's not looking good for Friday- Sunday wind is going to be way up. Seaforth doesnt offer refunds and I'm coming all the way from Bakersfield. With the weather bad will they cancel the trip and give refunds or rain checks? Is anyone going to risk it and fish anyways?
  50. shooter21

    100# white braid

    Looking for at least 1000 yards
  51. shooter21

    Accurate Valiants

    Hey Bder's I have 3 Valiants for sale. 1. Bv2-400 filled with 50# white pp, cond 10/10 mech 10/10, fished SOLD 2. Bv2-500n filled with 50# white prospec, cond 10/10 mech 10/10, fished 3 times SOLD 3. Bv2-500 filled with 50# blue thread lock hollow core, fished 3 times cond 9.5/10 mech 10/10 no...
  52. shooter21

    14a or 12a Trinidad

    Looking for 14a or 12a to add to my collection, new or lnib.
  53. shooter21

    Handle hard to turn on my bv2-500

    Dont know what's up on my bv2-500, the handle is hard to turn compared to my other valiants. If I back the drag off it starts turning easier. Also last time I fished it, it seems the drag would get looser and would have the keep pushing the lever forward. Any help would be appreciated, I'm...
  54. shooter21

    What to expect early sept 2.5 day

    Headed out on a 2.5 day charter sept 6-9th, what setups should I bring.
  55. shooter21

    Nib okuma mak 15ii sea(blue)

    I have a nib blue makaria 15ii sea that's filled with white 80# power pro SOLD
  56. shooter21

    Bnib ocea jigger 3000nrhg

    Bnib OJ 3000nrhg filled with 65# jbraid $ 400 PayPal f&f Trade for bv2-600 or 600n black or UC invictus
  57. shooter21

    Hx power handle swap

    Hey guys I have an hx raptor 3speed, I bought the hxw power handle but it doesnt bolt up. What parts am I missing?
  58. shooter21

    Tn 40n

    Selling a Trinidad 40 narrow special Cosmetic 9.3-10 Mechanical 10-10 Clamp, screws, new line No box $500.00 shipped PayPal f&f or buyer pays fees Text 661-337-9293
  59. shooter21

    New star drag

    Avets new star drag
  60. shooter21

    65# white braid 500yds

    Looking for 500yrds of 65# white braid for my jx raptor. Thank you
  61. shooter21

    Penn visx 30 gold ebay

    On ebay with code p10percent you can get a penn visx30 gold for $449.00
  62. shooter21

    Just found these on ebay

    Few new penns for pretty cheap
  63. shooter21

    Now on ebay Penn visx, vis,visw reels

    Just came up on ebay
  64. shooter21

    Visx 12 braid

    How should spool up my new visx 12, solid or hollow, 80# or 100#.
  65. shooter21

    New Mak 15sea noise

    Recieved my new mak 15 today and when I turn the handle it makes a clicking noise. Only does it when handle is between 10-1 o'clock, it's not the clicker, and it's on the handle side of the reel. Any idea what's up?
  66. shooter21

    Hxw power handle

    I'm looking for a power handle for my hx 3 speed if anyone has one
  67. shooter21

    Uc rod for Makaria 50sea

    Got a Mak 50 what United Composites rod would be best. I was think the invictus or gladiator. Thanks for the help
  68. shooter21

    Hx raptor, Dx2-600, or Penn trq40 nld2

    Looking at all 3 of these, but they seem to overlap or basically in the same line class. Looking for recommendations if they are identical or do they have different applications. Thanks
  69. shooter21

    Bnib ocea jigger

    Bnib ocea jigger 3000nrhg filled with 65# jbraid. Bought the reel from plat in Japan, it's never left the house. $425 firm paypal [email protected]
  70. shooter21

    Avet power handle

    Looking for new factory power handle like the one on a hxw, thanks.
  71. shooter21

    Penn visx(s) 20

    Bnib Penn visx 20 silver Plus 15 for shipping PayPal friends @ family or pay the fees
  72. shooter21

    HX raptor 5/3 rod recommendations

    Bought a new Hx raptor 3 speed gonna fill it with 80# maxcuatro, just looking for ideas on united composites rods for it. I have a cp70xh i think it would be a nice fit. This is a pic of what the reel will look like called the vampire
  73. shooter21

    Studio Ocean Mark

    Bnib: Studio Ocean Mark L50pwr filled with pe4 line. Purchased on 360 tuna from Machoflea in 2017 so it is the new model, its never left the house, going to go a different route. Box, reel case, economizers, everything from factory. Price includes insured shipping, [email protected] please. $800 Text if...
  74. shooter21

    Makaira's/ Talica's

    Prices lowered 1. Bnib Mak 30sea gunmetal SOLD 2. Mak 16sea sea gunmetal 100# j braid I trip no fish SOLD 3. Bnib Talica 20ii filled w/100# j braid SOLD 4. Talica 12ii filled w/80# pp $60 handle included $425 All reels have boxes, tools, clamps, paperwork Maks have reel covers. Includes...
  75. shooter21

    Accurate Bv2-800 vs Penn visx 16 on a UC cx76 centaur

    Is the new valiant bv2-800 a good fit for my UC 76 Centaur for a solid 80# bait stick or would it be a better fit on the 76 raptor and get the Penn 16 for the centaur?
  76. shooter21

    Valiant 300

    Used Accurate valiant 300 red and silver 8.5/9-10 cosmetic 10-10 mechanical shipped filled with new 65# maxcuartro PayPal [email protected] I do not have the box
  77. shooter21

    Talica 16ii for sale

    Talica 16ii for sale 9.0-10 in condition. Marks are shown in picture they are very light on finish. No box but have clamp and hardware. $$$$ shipped paypal friends and family will fill with 65# pp multi color
  78. shooter21

    Uc raptor/ jx raptor

    United Composites 8' raptor deckhand rod tuna cord with alps guides and Avet jx raptor combo for sale. Rod is 9-10 cosmetic, reel is 9-10 also. Looking for $550 shipped
  79. shooter21

    Question hollow or solid braid

    I bought a reel on here awhile back, stripped the line the other day and it looks flat. How do I know if it's solid or hollow braid?
  80. shooter21

    Talica 8ii/10ii

    1. Talica 8ii new condition filled w/50# pp 2. Talica 10ii new condition no line Prices include shipping, paypal friends and family please. Includes box, clamp, and tool. Will trade for makaira sea reels
  81. shooter21

    Valiant 400 clamp

    So I saw this on eBay, just wondering if anyone else has seen this clamp
  82. shooter21

    Seeker White Tiger rods

    I have 3 first edition white tiger rods for sale 1. Cjbf70m $250 2. Cjbf70xh $ 300 3. 2x4 $325 70m is the only one that has been fished other 2 just 1 boat ride. Shipping I will split with buyer so around 20 bucks PayPal [email protected] Willing to trade for uc rail rods All 3 built by timmyd
  83. shooter21

    Traded please delete

    Lnib Torsa 20 with box, clamp, paperwork $550 shipped small ding from another reel. Will trade for Mak sea or United Composites rail rod plus cash
  84. shooter21

    Mxj Raptor silver

    I have a near new (fished 1 time) mxj raptor loaded with 50# pp box, clamp and CD. I little flaw on shift cover not sure what happened, new one from avet is $7 Asking shipped
  85. shooter21

    Valiant bv2-800 line and rod setup

    Just received my new valiant 800 in black was wondering what line to put on this bad boy, also which United Composites rod would fit it best. Thanks
  86. shooter21

    Fs/Ft: Ocea jigger 2000, NIB Valiant 400/2 Lefty

    Ocea 1500nrpg 40# braid 10/10 cond. Sold Ocea 2000nrhg 50# braid 9.5/10 cond. $400.00 Ocea limited 3000nrpg 10/10 cond. Sold Soms Blue Heaven L50R 10/10 cond. Sold Accurate Valiant lefty 400 2 speed 10/10 cond. Sold Trinidad TN30a 10/10 cond. Sold PayPal [email protected] Shipped for $10
  87. shooter21

    Price drop Ocea Jigger 1500 nrpg

    Both reels are in perfect shape both cosmetic and mechanical. PayPal friends or pay fees. Price include shipping. Both have boxs, paperwork, and tool. 1500 nrpg 40# braid $340 shipped 2000 nrpg 50# braid SOLD
  88. shooter21

    Fs/Ft Crouse-Hinds Led light

    I have a brand new Crouse-Hinds led light. Will work for marine or dock settings, completely water proof and explosion proof. It is very very very bright, would easily light up whole deck of boat and half the ocean. Looking to get $1800 retail is $3200
  89. shooter21

    Not available in U.S.

    Accurates in Asia
  90. shooter21

    "New condition Raptor"

    So here is the "new condition" Raptor I just purchased on here from a member. No hardware or clamp when I opened the box which was never stated by the seller. Would anyone else be a little pissed?
  91. shooter21

    WTB: United composites factory rods

    Looking for UC factory rods gusa and elite 7'-8' thank you
  92. shooter21

    Fs/Ft: Seeker black steel 6460xh price drop

    Seeker 6460XH-6'AR trolling rod, light scratches on gimble besides that in great condition. $175.00 will trade for uc or ss blanks.
  93. shooter21

    FS: 5 Avets

    Trade all three for jx raptor Sx: gun metal 10/10condition w/box $145.00 Lx: blue mint 10/10 condition w/clamp no box $ 165.00 Jx: gold 9/10 cosmetic handle has scratch w/clamp $150.00
  94. shooter21

    FS Avet, Shimano reels

    Gold Avet jx 165.00 8.5/10 cosmetic no box or clamp. Shimano Tiagra 16 bnib 400.00 Prices include shipping. Pics won't load so text for pics 6613379293
  95. shooter21

    Wtb Kencor panga rod

    Looking for the yellow, blue, and orange Kencor panga rod. I don't want the 4'9" just the longer one. Thanks