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    Just back from BdeLA

    My son finally finished college w/ a degree in Mech Eng focusing on renewable energy. Little focker even landed a job prior to graduation so I said there’s only one way to celebrate. Spend a week in Bahia! Short version it’s wider open right now than that chick you knew in high school. Fished...
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    Deadhead Lures

    Thanks Denis!
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    Baja Style pivoting spare tire

    Looking for one of these cheap in LA or SD.
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    Temp import permit

    looking at the website it says to input the motor serial number as well as the hull ID number. I won't have a motor on the boat or in the truck when I cross the border. is that an issue with customs? will they issue the TIP without a motor on the boat? I could say my 15' Gregor is a row boat!
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    Feliz Navidad!

    Can't wait for fishing season. Until then, enjoy!
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    Yamaha 3000 gen no AC output

    I was told there may be an electrical genius or 3 on this board. I realize this may not be the best place to post this question but here goes. Gen runs fine but doesn't put out AC power. fuses are good. Yammy dealer said it's the rotor/stator and if they don't replace the controller they won't...
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    10 daze SOB

    Rolled into BdeLa on the 8th? and spent 4-5 days enjoying the hell out of it! We dodged rain squalls for 3 days and got out on the water twice to fish the points along the south bay. Nice bass and grouper and a whack of small barracuda. We only kept the two fish pictured. Gilligan's Island was...
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    BdeLA Aug22 - late report

    We got a late start but ended up making good bait near the ramp. Our panga was bumped by a whale shark who was in swimming thru the zone which was cool! Anyway, took a long ride outside off the south end of the big island and the fleet was waiting for us and hooked up. The weather was smoking...
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    BdeLA 10-24

    Fished with Enrique Daggett last Friday. We made 40ish macks in DJC and then ran north for an hour or so. First drop BAM! 34pound YT in 180 feet. That fucker put a hurting on me. Next fish BAM! 29pounder my wife caught. We got 3 more in the 12-20 pound range for a total of 5. The moon was coming...
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    22 days and a wakeup!

    until LA BAY!!! finally got a response from Joel to fish the 10th. should I even bring squid with me for some grouper candy or are they good with iron and mac's? can't wait to stretch some fish lips!
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    12' Avon Inflatable

    Boat only, no motor. Comes with pump, repair kit and maybe some other stuff. Selling for a friend who is moving. About 10 years old, perfect Baja boat! PM for phone number. See it in San Diego - OB. $500 OBO
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    Joel Prieto - BoLA

    anybody know if he's okay? i was having back and forth email conversations around the new year regarding reservations in june. he hasn't replied to my wanting to actually reserve a date (and send some $) in 7 weeks.... seems odd!
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    We left late morning Tues and headed for Pta Banda. We got to Campo La Joya and met up with Ivan at Vonny's Fleet. Made arrangements to fish in the morning and spent the afternoon spanking ballenas and caguamas on the beach. We were looking for White Sea Bass and Yellowtail but with the...
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    Todos Santos in mid Oct

    It looks like we are going to break with tradition for the fall trip to the central region and get on Volaris and spend a week in Todos. Any rec's on a good panguero in town or should we just spend the day in, GULP!, Cabo and use their services? There will be 4 of us (2 have never fished) so a...
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    FOR SALE: 12' Avon inflatable

    includes foot pump, patch kit, oars, 2 vests, carry bag. it was a Ranch boat a few years back and has been taking up space ever since. $400 OBO