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  1. winningman

    Samsung Phone

    Found it $1299 New lol
  2. winningman

    Toyota FJ center cap

    Toyota fJ center cap New, Asking $10.00 / + $10.00 SHIPPING or pick up in Torrance 90505
  3. winningman

    Garmin's 72

    Still works It has broken pin Must use battery only Asking $20.00 / + $10.00 shipping Or Pick up in torrance 90505 Thanks Han
  4. winningman

    Sony Action cam(parts)

    Hello BD friends I know you got one of these... I did until I went down tooooo deep.. lol I have extra battery/ charger Case,( 5 meter/ 16 feet) Holder, and .. Wrist control CAM IS NO GOOD all this extra for $60.00 / +10.00 for shipping Or pick up in Torrance 90505 Thanks Han
  5. winningman

    looking Generator

    Hello BD friends I need to charge batteries on boat to start boat generator to start main engines... If anyone have one that running / I mean sitting around if you could part with would you let me know looking for Honda ..EU2200i ? Cash or I got fishing gears... HAN Thanks
  6. winningman

    Penn Torque $360.00

    NFS no longer Sorry
  7. winningman

    WALTHER PPK/S Co2 bb

    I have clean Walther bb gun for sale my son never got into this and must go ASKing $65.00 must pick up in Torrance. Very Clean shot less than dozen times. Comes with * BB gun * 6 extra Mag + 1 = total 7 * used bb bottle, * box of 25, CO2 * extra 17 loose CO2 P/S YOU MUST BE 21 TO PICK UP...
  8. winningman

    Spiriva Respimat 2.5

    If any one need this meds Spiriva Respimat 2.5 microgram, inhalation solution MUST show me Dr. prescription with your name on it.
  9. winningman

    E-bay coupon

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone have e-bay coupons codes Thanks in advance HAN
  10. winningman

    X Box lover special

    I have New game But I do not have game consoles Ark: Survival Evolved Limited Collector's Edition Xbox One (New) Asking $200.00 pick up in Torrance. shipping on you. going prices on ebay is...
  11. winningman

    Soda mahine /$300.00

    I have used soda machine, That I need to sell it All working, Very Cold Bill collector is working. coin machine works coin changer works It automatically fills up the changer was using it at shop office, I need the space in office , Asking $300.00 OBO p.m. me or take a look IT...
  12. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    BOSS Xtreme 600 Narrow this reel I got it second handed when I got it, the two speed pin fall out, sent in and got it replaced, year later I took it for fishing.. and than the side plate housing came loose... I send it in and got it it has 60 or 80 Izer Hollow spectra to...
  13. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    Hi BD friends I am looking for used propane tank. If any one have spare tank to let go .. I am in Torrance 90505 area, PCH and Crenshew Bl.
  14. winningman

    Avet LX 6/3 blem/with spectra

    I have Avet LX 6/3 2 speed (blem) Got it from friend, whom won this on raffle, traded super seeker rod He said NEW and I never used. shipping, paypal fee on buyer. Asking $275.00
  15. winningman

    Seeker Blacksteel NEW

    GFGR 765H 50-130 (sold) GFGR 765XXXH 80-Unlimeted (sold) it has been sitting, collecting dust Asking SOLD, SOLD, And Seeker Blacksteel NEW G 6460 XH-6' AR 50(60)80 LB Asking $250.00
  16. winningman

    Looking for

    Hello Friends I am looking for the hooks to hold sags around bait tank Brass or Stainless I need about 20 of it Thank you HAN
  17. winningman

    Crash Bar Exit Device - Aluminum Finish - Left Hand - TH1100-ED

    BD brothers and sisters I have Question and help I am looking for one of those "Crash Bar Exit Device - Aluminum Finish - Left Hand - TH1100-ED" like yesterday... lol does anyone knows where I can buy one in Torrance or LA area, Fullerton, .... or any where else..?? the door is 36"...
  18. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    New in box./ do not ask for pictures :idiot: SOLD
  19. winningman

    For Sale ATD-30T Topless[price drop]

    I have a reel from friend who want to sale As it said ATD 30T topless said took it on boat one time.... Asking $850.00 Now $800.00 p/p and shipping extra Owner does not wish, Any trades at this time ! thanks you. any lowballer will not even get respond
  20. winningman

    [Sold] Gold Tn 30

    I have gold Tn 30 / with clamp will post pictures later. Asking $300.00 No box pick up in Torrance or shipping and paypal fee on you !!
  21. winningman

    [ Sold ] Lexa 400 HS-P [ SOLD ]]

    I have New Lexa 400 HS-P asking $180.00 in Torrance. with 50# white Izer. * you.. yes, you don't send me p.m. I will not let it go for $170.00 LOL
  22. winningman

    [Sold] Accurate BX2-30ND [$425.00]

    I have lightly used BX2-30ND yes, fell over on deck once enough to mark it. Asking $450.00 --> $425.00 Pick up in Torrance Newton St, Torrance, CA 90505/@33.796998,-118.340936,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80dd4a55fae644e9:0x438ee52e61653ef3 and I do...
  23. winningman

    Ocean Odyssey 2.5 Days

    I do not know if this is right place to post. But, let me try and if not right place to post. correct me please. Ocean Odyssey departing next Thursday for 2.5 day The Ocean Odyssey has a charter departing next Thursday for 2.5 days that needs a few more anglers to round out the trip. This...
  24. winningman

    Ocean Odyssey 2.5 Days

    I do not know if this is right place to post. But, let me try and if not right place to post. correct me please. Ocean Odyssey departing next Thursday for 2.5 day Thu Sep 18 2014, 03:57PM http://www.Terrence's website/images/misc/oo23.png The Ocean Odyssey has a charter departing next...
  25. winningman

    [ Gone ] Tackle bag $25.00

    USED Basspro XPS I had it for a while, too many ...tackle bags just up graded this one got to go. NO trays, as is, it holds 11 x 7 trays 4 center 2 on each sides pick up in Torrance. 90505...
  26. winningman

    Rosewill 650W / 80 plus GOLD

    Hello BD I have Rosewill 650 W power supply. I build the computer 6 month ago from New egg. Last month computer is shutting down.. I thought it was power problem, and got new one... end up with Battery back was the problem... this unit is still good and clean, Asking $50.00
  27. winningman

    Ocean Odyssey 2.5 Days

    I do not know if this is right place to post. But, let me try and if not right place to post. correct me please. Ocean Odyssey departing next Thursday for 2.5 day The Ocean Odyssey has a charter departing next Thursday for 2.5 days that needs a few more anglers to round out the trip. This...
  28. winningman

    [For sale] Quantum Smoke Rod & reel

    I have Quantum smoke Reel is SL 150 SPT 6.6:1 Rod is HSX 70 SKC765M 7'6" Med, line 10-17, lure, 1/4 - 1/2 split grip as a set I would like to trade with Shimano bait runner 8000 Size. Make me an offer [Edited] if you need it more than Me... Rod & reel is about year & half old, I took it...
  29. winningman

    [WTB] Shimano Baitrunner

    Hi I am looking for Shimano Bait runner 8000 Size. OC 8000 or 8000D thanks
  30. winningman

    [ Found ] Looking for Spinning Rod

    Found / Bought New one. :D Yes, I am looking for spinning rod for Popper. 8' feet 15 -40 or 20-40 Local pick up, I am in 90505 area. or meet at Baja Fish Gear, okuma Cedro 20-40, Shimano or Seeker only. thanks in advance.
  31. winningman

    [WTB] Red Saltist 20 7.3:1

    Hi BD'er I am looking for DAIWA STTLD20HSH if you got one to spare would you let me know. New or near new condition please.
  32. winningman

    Penn Internationals-2-WT 50's and 1-ST 50

    Sold / Last Deal $1700.00 / sold Fixed the power lock. I am listing this for friend of mine. Kids grown out of this and need to sell it. Was family car, her son used it for the college, very dependable, did all the repairs as it needed, for kids safety. of course it has miner dings...
  33. winningman

    Phenix Ultra MBX-S/ Drop Shot x 2

    For sale I have couple drop shot rods that collecting Dust. So some one might like this ones. Phenix Ultra MBX-S / Drop Shot S = Spinning. First one : Fast Action 606L 6'6" 4-10lb Lire Weight: 1/8 - 3/8oz. Asking $180.00 / Price drop $150.00 Second one : Fast Action 700M 7'0" 6-12lb...
  34. winningman


    I have couple Tiburon-ed Lee-Pro First 99 Size ? Blue plate,Blue Frame, Blue spool, Blue handle. Asking $240.00 smaller than 500. Second 500 size Blue plate, Blue Frame, Black spool, Black handle. Asking $190.00 Kindly light offer will entertain. LOL
  35. winningman

    Newell / Penn Handles

    First I have Newell 229 Handle, took out when I upgrade to after market. Asking $10.00 / Sold Second Penn REEL E-Z handle. adjust able / Hard to fine.. Asking $25.00
  36. winningman

    Yellow tail special / AccuFrames

    I have NEW / black AccuFrame, spool, and mount Asking $100.00 / SOLD And PENN Senator 113H one piece Frame Asking $50.00
  37. winningman

    Newell G235-F

    Newell G235-F for sale.. been sitting around. can not find clamp...... You get what you see LOL Asking $95.00
  38. winningman

    3 Daiwa Sealine SL30SH, SL30H, SL50SH

    I have to let go some older ones that I do not use. First Daiwa Sealine SL30SH Box and clamp. Asking $60.00 Second Daiwa Sealine SG30H NO box but Clamp and screw. Asking $60.00 Third Daiwa Sealine Sl50SH NO box but Clamp and screw. Asking $65.00 Local pick, but shipping will be on your...
  39. winningman

    Blue Point 4 Drawers Roll Cart.

    I am moving and my new apartment does not have balcony. and I need to sell this cart. I bought it 2 years ago. been sitting at home collecting DUST. LOL $250.00 OBO Tools and my ASE not included ~ LOL Located in Lomita 90717...
  40. winningman

    Okuma Bait runner CD-90

    I have Okuma Bait runner CD-90 it is in real good shape that I don't use spinner no longer.. LOL I bought it when the Newbies get more hook up on Boat.. been sitting around. $30.00. Shipping and Pay pal / EXTRA Real good LIKE New condition. looks 9.8 /10 mech 9.5 / 10...
  41. winningman

    Little Amp

    You have a kid wanta be Rock star.. I have little amp sitting around. free. Its Dusty sitting out side. No~~NOPE / will not ship... LOL
  42. winningman

    Carrying Case

    I have this Carrying Case for decade . If any one need it ? It is 7' x 12' x 17' inside out side add inch...LOL Asking $25.00 pick up in lomita.
  43. winningman

    Any Lock smith ?

    Hi I have this DITTO S-200 finger print door lock... and I forgot the pass wards... LOL any one who could break the codes :rofl: ITS free DITTO S-200 DITTO S-200 Pick up lomita 90717
  44. winningman

    or Trade/ Baseball, Basketball, Foodball cards

    Well lets put it this way. when I was younger... when I was Crazy for this.. LOL I spent too much money...:rofl: make me an Offer/ trade if you interested. This is only Beginning... LOL Look in to my closet..LOL Shelf.. LOL Coby'sssss Jorden's Elway's...
  45. winningman

    Bass rods/G-loomis,Rogue

    I have couple Bass rods that I don't use. Rogue MB663C 6'6" 6-12 lb. 1/4 - 5/8 oz. Asking $90.00 obo <--- don't be affread.. LOL Rogue MB663C G-Loomis CR723 6' Med-Heavy Fast. 10-17lb, 1/4 - 3/4 oz. Asking $80.00 obo G-Loomis CR 723 G-Loomis CR 723 Also have some bait...
  46. winningman

    Hercules Rods by Seeker

    All rods are sold thanks
  47. winningman

    Rods and Reels/ Combo set

    All SOLD Hello BD brother's I have a couple of set ups for cheap. Its been sitting in the house, I know some one can use it. I would like it to go, as set if possible..:hali_olutta: first set up I got / asking $150.00 Shimano TEKOTA 500 / Level wind/ used once like NEW./box and clamp. 50...
  48. winningman

    Shimano CLARUS CSS-86MH2B

    [Brand New] SHIMANO CLARUS 2 piece rod Spinning Graphite rods CSS-86MH2B LENGTH: 8'6" LINE WT: 8-17lb LURE WT: 3/8- 1oz POWER: MEDIUM HEAVY ACTION: FAST IM-8 GRAPHITE CONSTRUCTION ASKING $80.00 Pick up in town Zip: 90717 shipping on your $$$$ + :hali_olutta: = try to meet up in town...
  49. winningman

    Seeker Hercules SHS 70M-7'

    Another rod that I don't use Seeker Hercules SHS 70M-7' (SOLD) Bought New took out on boat couple of times, but never got to use it. Asking $250.00 (OBO) I am in Next to BAJA FISHGEAR Zip 90717 thanks. HAN
  50. winningman

    FJ Cruiser

    Center cap for FJ Cruiser. I bought this one New from Dealer. No receipt Can't return. my loss your gain, ONLY if you need it.:rofl: Only $25.00 / $30 shipped in USA. Center Cap FJ IMG 1532 Can not get any newer that this..:hali_olutta:
  51. winningman

    How to ship processed tuna

    Hellow BD friends I need help.. I would like to send some processed (frozen) packed tuna to my friend in "Mississauga, ON, L5M 2Z2, Canada" What would be the best way to to it ? Any in put will be help thanks. it will be less than 10lb.
  52. winningman


    I need help from anybody who could lookout. THE BD'S eyes.. Yesterday at work I parked my toyota, and afternoon 3:30 P.M. one of my customer said, someone hit my car and drove off. It happened at Sepuldeda & Crenshew mall at "T-mobil" parking lot. she drove off in WHITE SUV.looks 25~30...
  53. winningman

    NOT fall from pier(redondo)

    well this afternoon man fall from redondo pier into Ocean. It may be wrong forum...(please right site) <TABLE cellPadding=3 width=749><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle></TD></TR><TR><TD align=left> life guard came to help after all what happen is that .. he was casting on...
  54. winningman

    Team Daiwa ZILLION

    I have Zillion 7.1 100 SHA for sale Right handed clean asking $165.00 paypal/shipping add $10.00 pic uppon request.
  55. winningman

    Daiwa Spinning reel

    I have spinning reel for sale Team Daiwa® Tierra&#8482; Spinning Reels 2500 used once (papers but no BOX) Yes, Extra spool here is site :;-Spinning-Reels/product/91207/-1315938 I'm asking $85.00/add paypal + shipping
  56. winningman

    NIB window A/C unit

    I have window A/C unit New in box Last year I bought two units that I was going to use but, I end up useing only one... thats why I would like to sell one that is still in box new. I paid $159.00 each plus shipping. picture will tell the size for your window. <TABLE cellPadding=3...
  57. winningman

    Is it possable...?

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=760><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-LEFT: 15px; PADDING-RIGHT: 15px"> <IFRAME title="YouTube video player" height=390 src="" frameBorder=0 width=480 allowfullscreen></IFRAME></TD></TR><TR><TD>...
  58. winningman

    Tn 16N

    BNIB Tn 16N I have shimano tn 16N new in box. It comes with reel clamps, <TABLE cellPadding=3 width=799><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle></TD></TR><TR><TD align=left> <TABLE cellPadding=3 width=799><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle> </TD></TR><TR><TD align=left> <TABLE cellPadding=3...
  59. winningman

    Left handed reel.

    Hi I'm looking for a left-handed Saltwater reel . going to use it for bottem fishing and light bait fishing NON level wind please. single speed will be great. thanks in advance.
  60. winningman

    22nd 1/2 Day..

    Just had a chance to go fishing and we got on 1/2 Day on 22nd Landing.. wheather was good in the morning..but, windy.... we had only 24 anglers on board ^^*( roomy) and had lots rooms to fish with. We had real beauty on board but she got little sick.. but she got better later...
  61. winningman

    Penn torque 200

    I have NEW penn torque 200 that I don't use. Asking $250.00 Yes I have box, papers,clamp and grease. paypal add 3% + shipping I'll add picture on request thanks. PENN trQ 200 (2) PENN trQ 200 (1) PENN trQ 200 <!-- google_ad_section_end --> <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0...
  62. winningman

    3893 of EXPERTS

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=760><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-LEFT: 15px; PADDING-RIGHT: 15px"> <EMBED style="WIDTH: 503px; HEIGHT: 411px" height=411 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=503 src=>...
  63. winningman

    Penn TorQ 200, TN40

    Hellow BD'er I have Penn torq 200 and TN40. both are new in box either one I would like to trade for LEFT handed REEL for friend same kind or similar one ..or and same value...+ -.. let me know what you have..will trade.. thanks for looking. p/s I have lots of baitcasting reels...
  64. winningman

    Small Car.

    Thanks I bought one would you delete this post thank you again.
  65. winningman

    Daiwa Baitcasting

    1. Daiwa Megaforce 7.1 100TSH w/twitchingbar $40.00 obo 9.5/10 2. Daiwa Megaforce PLUS 7.1 100TSH w/twitchingbar $65.00 obo 10/10 3. Daiwa Exceler 6.3 100H $50.00 obo 9.5/10 4. Quantum Incyte IT10F (spinning reel) (NEW) asking $45.00 obo 11 bearings, 5.3:1 real smooth reel great for bass &...
  66. winningman


    well it goes this way... I got this on Black Friday... I was first on line to get this..was lucky... since selling my things No need to keep these one. Please make me an offer..reasonable PLZ... NIB Shimano TN16N NIB Shimano TN40 thanks for looking.
  67. winningman


    I have Newell P332F (box + clamp)/#40.Izer XXX used few times...10/10 $140.00 <TABLE cellPadding=3 width=639><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle></TD></TR><TR><TD align=left>newell p-332</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> * Avet SX 5.0:1 ( SOLD ) * Daiwa Saltist 50 H silver w/clamp ( SOLD ) <TABLE...
  68. winningman

    Super Seeker, G-loomis

    I also have Custom made SS rods I would like to sell it as set for $750.00 local pick won't ship ($700.00 obo) SS 6480 OR H Steve (rooster made it me) paid $400.00 11 guides +tip SS CJBF90 M best fishing Ina made it for me paid $300.00+11 guides +tip SS CJBF90 Fbest fishing Ina made it...
  69. winningman

    Bait runner

    Hey Guys. I'm looking for simano bait runner "D" Shimano BTR 8000D Please let me know what you will let I do have few gears to trade..OR CASH Rods or Reels Salt or Fresh Thanks for looking Do have pay-pal. I'm in torrance 90717 AREA Can pick up local.
  70. winningman

    Holliday kid on 10-1-2010

    I promised him his pictures This kid knows how to pump those TUNA's great kid..^^
  71. winningman

    Candy Girls on Redondo pier

    Hi hows every one ? Today I was at Redondo pier for fresh-air. and there was a sample candies from "STARBUCkS" Called "Hi-CHEW" Of course the girls were nice and some one is LuCyer than..US Just posting for the pictures.. The kids mom wants pic's thanks p/s fishing...
  72. winningman

    Revo toro 50 / $172.00

    I do not know if, its alowed to post.. I was looking for toro 50 and found good deal on e-bay I would like BD'er to have Great deal. Revo toro new for $172.00 w/ shipping check it out because I got one.:hali_olutta...
  73. winningman

    Yellowtail on PURSUIT 5-21-2010

    Hi guys its me again this time make sure we got some pictures for you all. Since wheather is getting better, everyone trying to get some Badacudas. this week is little less anglers that last week we look for the badacudas in front of light house for about hour~~so..but...
  74. winningman

    Happy Campers on "Pursuit"

    We went out on "Pursuit on 14th of May" Hi how are you ? Its first time posting for me~ It sucked. I had couple of guys wants to come with me, But, they Back out on me, with out telling me... What a friends :_diarrhea_: Any way it worked out Beautifuly with out them .... lol we...
  75. winningman

    3/4 2 For one Deal

    On wed's Day Friend ask me to go 2 for one On Redondo Tradition and it was A HIT~!!!:repost: <TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width="100%" bgColor=#000000 align=center><TBODY><TR bgColor=#ffffff>We did Limit~^^* <TD width=40>3/4 Day </TD> <TD width=25 align=middle>11</TD> <TD...