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  1. Vigilant32

    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Tow your RV but what about the boat? There is also a variance if you don’t exceed 10k …
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    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    Because bluefin taste like horse mackerel and albacore like heaven..
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    Bait in newport?

    The harbor is being dredged they must wait a bit longer until that task is done.
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    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Do you know the cost to replace my perfectly running Ford F550, sorry but that is a big concern for me. It’s a personal driver. There logic was I have a custom Aluminum flat bed so it must be utilized for commercial purposes. Their answer was put a standard bed on it or covert to an RV. Very...
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    I never fish party boats , period. Thieves are fair game to fuck them up without permission of the captain or crew. Taking someone else’s rod out of the rack is stealing even in a hot bite. Immediate repercussions are in order, imho.
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    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Here you go, start lobbying efforts ASAP. They have already crushed the trucking industry with new engine requirements which basically put small & medium size operators out of business and made their rolling stock worthless here in...
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    Seatrail Trailers out of Riverside

    Give Tom Rodgers of saltwater specialties he has some trailers in stock.
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    New Boat, Struggling Bait.. Help!!

    Get Barrett down there to fix the flow. For the price of your rig it should be breeding in there.. however if you picked up bait in Newport it is rarely cured and many times right off the bait boat that morning, but a circular flow should help it settle down. They are hiding in the corners to...
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    thresher boats are dangerous

    Blow boaters - inside the house is “ the cabin sole “
  10. Vigilant32

    boat transport

    Drew is the only guy I’d use. He has towed many a BDers boats from across anywhere in the US. (225) 418-5205
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    Expert Yamaha Outboard Mechanic in San Diego Area?

    Ditto for Gonzalo. The most knowledgeable in SoCal especially since Mark Gund moved off motors to electronics.
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    thresher boats are dangerous

    A little knowledge goes a long way in the buying cycle. BTW what you call a floor is called a deck in the boating world...
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    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    You could injury 20 of them if you run into a blacked out panga...
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    Installing bait tank on deck

    Drew at SeaPro in Costa Mesa has plenty of starboard scraps for sale. Personally I would never utilize starboard or fiberglass mounting/backing. Aluminum is not compatible with SS screws either, they will bind and break off when trying to remove. I utilize SS angle and tap it so the screws...
  15. Vigilant32

    Pacific edge bait tank

    Randy is the man & friendly too. Plus he puts in the time to support the industry at all the trade shows. I’ve been buying tanks from him since he was running the marine division at Stockland. His 35 year track record of customer service and quality is unsurpassed in this sector.
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    Which innovation/invention has changed fishing the most?

    Satellites - GPS & Aerial images AIS Internet apps = Vessel Finder High horsepower outboards Fiberglass Worst change : rail dogs, boat chasers, price of fuel, spectra & flying fish...
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    Oversized trailer dot permit California

    The permit is easy on line deal and is around $100.00. Why stress out for that price. And yes an HP officer, female yanked me one night and pulled out her tape measure. Ticket for wide load violation. I went to court, the judge had never seen one before, he looked up the code and it was a $2500...
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    Removing flotation bracket with 5200

    This stuff works miracles without the delam issues..
  19. 2008 Infinity EX35

    Southern California 2008 Infinity EX35

    For sale: 2008 Infinity EX35 . Fully loaded with leather interior, sunroof, traction control. Low mikes 92,000. Runs very strong, recent tuneup. Selling “as is” without smog. Motor needs a timing sensor installed so great deal for a mechanic . $5000 obo. In Orange County. hi
  20. Vigilant32

    2008 Infinity EX35

    Vigilant32 submitted a new listing: 2008 Infinity EX35 - 2008 Infinity EX35 Learn more about this listing...
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    Fuel bladder and pump connections

    I found it a lot easier to connect the bladder in-line and burn it off first. Roll it up when flat/empty and your on your way. We utilized a 55 gal bladder connected to twin outboards. Worked for decades without an issue and zero electricity involved.
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    Fuel dock in Catalina - Under New Ownership

    Newport harbor was less than local gas stations last week. 150 + gals at less than $4.10 a gal.
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    Who makes the best custom leaning post/bait tanks in So Cal?

    Offshore/bluewater tank by Randy Woods & custom rail maker lean post. Clean, functional and easy to work around...
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    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    Some really stupid politicians. Bonnen from LA was on TV tonight saying the city needs to purchase hotels, motels, & apt buildings in all costal cities to provide free housing for the homeless. How about each homeless provide a few answers or be humanly evaluated? Do you have an illness...
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    Who makes the best custom leaning post/bait tanks in So Cal?

    A blue water tank with a SS lean post made by Rail Makers in CM is another choice.
  26. Vigilant32

    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    Homeless camps in high value areas is a joke. There is plenty of room in the Mohave desert to camp. Bleeding hearts with lack of logic. No thanks.
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    Please call @ 714-315-9752 - Rory

    Please call @ 714-315-9752 - Rory
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    Pacific Trailer for sale

    Yours for $2500 obo
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    Pacific Trailer for sale

    More photos. Brakes on one axel.
  30. SOLD - Pacific Trailer for sale

    Southern California SOLD - Pacific Trailer for sale

    SOLD- For Sale- 25’ Pacific Galvanized boat trailer, currently under a 23’ Parker. Recent new tires, bearings, brakes, actuator in very good condition. Leaf springs suspension, 7000k weight loading, built in 1998. Located in South OC Thank you very much for everyone’s interest. $2900 obo.
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    Pacific Trailer for sale

    Vigilant32 submitted a new listing: Pacific Trailer for sale - Pacific Trailer for sale Learn more about this listing...
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    Wanted - Boat Shipping from Cocoa Florida to Long Beach CA

    Drew McDonald... he’s done several for BD ers.. great guy, professional service and fair priced. (225) 418-5205
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    Need a Boat Shipped??? [Not an Ad...A Genuine Recommendation if You Need Help Out There]

    Drew’s the man and I’ve been promoting him here for over four years. Glad you guys had the same great service we have had. Polite, professional, prompt, communicative and can back a trailer down a long driveway in one shot...
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    Anyone have an SS75M sitting around?

    Sorry the one I have available is Zero degree.
  35. Vigilant32

    Anyone have an SS75M sitting around?

    What angle of attack do you need.?
  36. Vigilant32

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Forced vaccines ... that not acceptable on my vessel.
  37. Vigilant32

    Re-powering referral

    Give Tim at BOAT HOUSE OF ANAHEIM a call.
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    Bait Tank Installer in Long Beach Area?

    Give Bryce a call. He may be able to help. +1 (949) 500-9363
  39. Vigilant32

    Bait Tank Installer in Long Beach Area?

    Ya Steve’s pretty backed up on large yachts these days. Where are you wanting to install the tank. Mid deck in the cockpit?
  40. Vigilant32

    Bait Tank Installer in Long Beach Area?

    Does your Whaler already have a raw water inlet and exhaust port or are you starting from scratch? If you need throughhulls installed you need to call Steve Keene of Keene boat repairs in Costa Mesa.
  41. Vigilant32

    Old Glory Bunk Layout

    That bunk room looks like an old navy sub. Not for us guys that are 6’6”...
  42. Vigilant32

    Where is the first string Sport fishing boat ? It was spotted at Ensenada Mexico marina. Can Ask Sergio sport fishing in Ensenada for a update .

    Brad & his father in law Gary ran a great operation. Viper was on a mission. Fun fun times aboard the 1st String.
  43. Vigilant32

    Positive boat transport experience

    As is stated when referring Drew, he is a first class operator and has pulled many boats for my friends and fellow boat owners.
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    Mature Staghorn Ferns 4’x4’

    Beautiful healthy mature Staghorn ferns. 2 large 4’x4’ plants. For sale in Orange County $1000 ea OBO
  45. Vigilant32

    Tower anchor light?

    I put mine on a 24” Pole and utilized an LED all around.
  46. Vigilant32

    SOLD Pompanette Helm Chairs with Mounts

    Where are they located, interested . Thx
  47. Vigilant32

    Looking for transom bracket

    Tom Rogers - saltwater specialties
  48. Vigilant32

    The Challenger "EL MATADOR" build out begins . . .

    I’ve got the similar issue on a 27’ Walkaround. Thinking of pulling and going with an Armstrong drive.
  49. Vigilant32

    Bracket install.

    Here is one I installed with an Armstrong drive. We made a mock up of the hole pattern and set that on the transom as a template. Also very precise straight drilling. On the inside of the transom was a pattern match aluminum plate instead of washers with 28 through bolts.
  50. Vigilant32

    Bracket install.

    Is it level at the swim step? Will the motor set in the middle properly?
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    1968 Honda CT90

    Yes, she’s a runner. Clear registration & pink slip.
  52. Vigilant32

    1968 Honda CT90

    Sold ... 1968 Honda CT 90. Thank you for looking.
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    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    Sweet. Plenty of room to move forward safely.
  54. Vigilant32

    Fred Hall 2021

    CES the biggest or big time trade shows has gone Virtual this year . Exhibitor list is 50 % of last year...
  55. Vigilant32

    Fred Hall 2021

    Many other industries are now doing virtual trade shows. Microsoft and other tech companies are pouring a lot of money into developing platforms. What they cannot do is cash and carry tackle and boat sales transactions which is a big draw.
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    Shop recommendation in OC for Mercruiser work

    He worked for Dick Simon Marine as one of their wrenches on HP Mercruisers . So yes he’s an expert. He redid a pair of Bravo II’s and aligned then for me. They worked perfectly for many years. Plus Dave’s an honest guy and super good with any mechanical stuff, just take a look at his racing...
  57. Vigilant32

    Shop recommendation in OC for Mercruiser work

    He started working as an independent but opened his own shop about ten years ago. Top ranked mercrusier mechanic , yamaha & Mercury outboard guy.
  58. Vigilant32

    Shop recommendation in OC for Mercruiser work

    Only one guy I’d let touch those tasks in OC. Kiwi Dave (949) 290-2799 in Dana Point.
  59. Vigilant32

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    Window frame clear those?
  60. Vigilant32

    Folding Spotting tower & seat..

    This is made from Aluminum and has been powder coated. The leg width is 63”. Seat height around 36”. Don’t know the weight but one person can handle it. Has mounting hardware allowing for detachment and folding back into the cockpit. Thank you for your inquiries. Selling for my friend, he...
  61. Vigilant32

    parker 23 tower

    SS & Al?
  62. Vigilant32

    Folding Spotting tower & seat..

    Custom manufactured last season. Currently installed on a 23’ Parker but should fit many other hard tops. Designed to fold down for trailering. located in South OC For sale : $1800 obo. Thank you for looking
  63. Vigilant32

    San Felipe incident 12/31/2020: sea shepherd

    USA needs to support the shrimp markets not ban the sale, that is so classic of our stupid trade wars that affect the people producing a viable fishery, when there should be a ban on Chinese food & other products until they stop black markets in endangered animal parts. The bass will be gone...
  64. Vigilant32

    Ford F-150 Crew Cab 4x4

    I’m selling for my friend let me double check mileage. Yes, clean title, no liens , smogged & registered . Miles = 152k
  65. Vigilant32

    Ford F-150 Crew Cab 4x4

    For sale : Thank you very much -SOLD 2008 Ford F-150 Crew Cab 4x4 Great tow rig,camping, off roading... 4.6 V-8. 5.5 short bed. Clean Title & smogged. CA White with tan interior in great condition, White camper shell. List of stuff done in last few years: 1) tires - bf Goodrich KO2 all...
  66. Vigilant32

    parker 23 tower

    Digital radar no magnetron .
  67. Vigilant32

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    How does the 22’ Sentry look at his shop?
  68. Vigilant32

    Whaler Frontier Pilot House Mods Begin

    What’s your new interior head room height? I passed on the Frontier due to a low interior ceiling height. Cannot wait to see your new layout. Good luck with the project.
  69. Vigilant32

    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    This is only one of a few posts about communications issues with this vendor. He always seemed to come through. Hopefully it all works out. Tom Rodgers & Randy Wood is where I go.
  70. Vigilant32

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    Tom is a good guy, has built some awesome T tops 2 full sportfisher towers. He was one of the few that actually customized the design for my height and uses. Tom also knows Whalers better than most shops, imho. Below is the T top he made for my Whaler27. We did high speed offshore runs and...
  71. Vigilant32


    What is their life expectancy? Interested but not sure about a 2008 build. I’ll do some research.
  72. Vigilant32

    Recommended trolling lures for Baja

    Braid Speedster and/or Marauders once outside San Juanico on down to the Cape for good eats..
  73. Vigilant32

    Opah - How to?

    Flylined sardine on a bait stop.
  74. Vigilant32

    Offshore New Lo-An Charter Trip Report 2.75 Day 11/14 - 11/17

    Why? Why throw a pee shooter at those bluefin. Those lost fish helped lessen everyone else’s chances, imho.
  75. Vigilant32

    Offshore Another super!

    Nice work Matt. That water dropped 3.5-4 degrees in two weeks
  76. Vigilant32

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    Last time we left in a foggy dark predawn we had to weave through no less than a half dozen kayakers with no light sources, then upon departing Newport harbor and beyond San Clemente island I can say the big sky navigation theory would have been a disaster. With Simrad latest Halo radar...
  77. Vigilant32

    The Challenger "EL MATADOR" build out begins . . .

    No need to alter the Pilothouse , imho , there is tons of room and much better sight lines with these pilot house designs.. Headroom is 6’8” in house and 6’7” down below.
  78. Vigilant32

    Looking for a cheap boat shipper

    Call drew he’s the man.. (225) 418-5205
  79. Vigilant32

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    6BTA-250 non turbos.. circa 1989
  80. Vigilant32

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    That Whaler is still floating pretty level ..
  81. Vigilant32

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    Over the years many a vessel owners and buyers have opined about diesel power versus gasoline. Safety , maintenance , reliability. Today’s big HP outboards may have changed some options and perspectives, but the consensus still has been that diesels are safer to operate. That is until a...
  82. Vigilant32

    magbay 11/2-3-4-5-6-7/20 fishing with cptn ruben duran.

    Bahia Magdalena never disappoints . Beautiful images of fantastic fishing. Ruben was sharing his honey holes . Grande Robalo’s. You guys fish north of Boca La Soledad in the bay?
  83. Vigilant32

    Where could this leaking water come from? Spectrum Pro Avenger

    The live well would typically have a water inlet hose attached to either a pump and/or through hull. And a drain line to another through hull or outlet. Start with the inlet side. Then the drain to eliminate the forward livewell as a source of water. Water travels in funny ways when under...
  84. Vigilant32

    Bluefin restrictions

    Just eliminate rail rodding & treble hooks and turn fisher people back into sport fishing anglers.
  85. Vigilant32

    Yamaha Propeller. SS HP 3 blade

    Hill Marine high performance SS propellers now reduced to $450 obo.
  86. Vigilant32

    Yamaha OEM 3 blade 17 pitch

    New price on freshwater only used once Yamaha OEM prop $75.00
  87. Vigilant32

    Best way to cure foggy Pilothouse windows?

    This time of year the nights and early mornings can get damp and foggy, including the pilot house windows. What devices or coatings have been successful on your boat? External : clean glass, windshield wipers & rain X.. squeegee, towels, chammy .. Internal : clean glass, fans, heaters, rain...
  88. Vigilant32

    Hot rodding a 30sw

    The 50 wide & narrow Cal did for me are smooth and powerful. And they have been paid for for a decade. Fish don’t know...
  89. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 60 HP 4 stroke outboard

    For Sale : 2008 Yamaha 60 HP 4 stroke outboard With carburetors, not fuel injected. Fresh water motor. Including helm, gauges, and 16’ throttle & shift cables. Low hours, very good condition, small chip out of skeg. $ 3800 or best offer. Cash & carry only. Located in Costa Mesa. Thank you...
  90. Vigilant32

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    If your not smart enough to write up a partnership agreement ... Once my business partner & I bought a boat through the business. I moved on from both, but still held owners as both our names were on title. He keep saying he would pay me my $5000. Years went by, nothing. The boat was not...
  91. Vigilant32

    VHF w/ GPS vs. AIS??

    Simrad 40 works awesome
  92. Vigilant32

    In need of trailer advice

    ABTrailers is in Riverside. Here is Call Alex Cell phone @ (714) 329-3030
  93. Vigilant32

    NIB - Navco / Simrad / Lowrance TotalScan Transducer

    For Sale / NIB / : Navco / Simrad / Lowrance compatible : Total Scan All in one transducer - Transom mount Broadband 83/200 kHz, Chrip ( med/high ), StructureScan HD & DownScan Inaging 455/800 kHz. Retail : $299.00 BD Price $ 199.00 Located in Costa Mesa . Thank you for looking, tell a...
  94. Vigilant32

    Guest moorage and trailer parking help

    I wouldn’t leave my truck and trailer at MB parking. Ripe for the picking these days
  95. Vigilant32

    Buddy boat Tanner/Cortez

    Looking to run Fri & Sat in 35’ Boston Whaler. info above is not showing swell period which is much more important, imho.
  96. Vigilant32

    Buddy boat Tanner/Cortez

    Is the wind and seas going to be flat enough this week? Looks like 5-15 winds and 4-5 seas through Sat
  97. Vigilant32

    Grey decks too hot?

    No issues at all with BWCD grey.
  98. Vigilant32

    Where will the Bisbee's be won?

    That’s a lot of big money & big dreams thwarted. How many times has the slate been blank ?
  99. Vigilant32

    Right price for custom tower???

    Tom Rodgers Saltwater specialities 714-200-6366 BTW Tom is an expert at Boston Whaler’s
  100. Vigilant32

    Right price for custom tower???

    Isn’t C Fab out of business since Steve passed? Careful, I got ripped off big time by one of those “ I used to work here guys in OC”. If you want Al , Tom Rodgers is my choice. He built and did great customer support on the custom T top he made for me.
  101. Vigilant32

    Right price for custom tower???

    Did you check with Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties ? Looking for AL or SS?
  102. Vigilant32

    1988 Phoenix 29 SFX, Volvo Turbo Diesels $16,000

    Two of my fishing buddies trailered their 29’ Phx’s from OC to San Diego all the time.
  103. Vigilant32

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    How do you like the motor so far? Service level from Amber Marine?
  104. Vigilant32

    Safe offshore boating distance?

    A Jon Dory 16’ like this? It is flat bottomed? It is all about the weather, tides, winds. One step at a time, PV can get sloppy around the corner.
  105. Vigilant32

    Where will the Bisbee's be won?

    Vinorama Canyon with a Black Marlin
  106. Vigilant32

    23 “pacific trailer for sale

    More photos please..
  107. Vigilant32

    SOLD: Pair of Power Tech 15” x 17P Stainless Props!! Yamaha & Other Outboards

    What did you switch too? I have a pair of 15 pitch and am thinking about going 17
  108. Vigilant32

    Simrad GO 9” Chartplotter/GPS/FF

    Sold thank you for your inquiry’s .
  109. Vigilant32

    Simrad GO 9” Chartplotter/GPS/FF

    For Sale : Simrad GO 9” Chartplotter/GPS/FF Can also support Simrad 4G Radar. Used in excellent condition... $ 550 obo...
  110. Vigilant32

    Did i crack my transom

    What’s going on with the two fasteners on the right (port side)? They did not seat tight?
  111. Vigilant32

    Did i crack my transom

    Can you show a photo from the inside. Does this crack follow the line of your interior mount plate?
  112. Vigilant32

    Which Flir system?

    Also check out NiteTrack
  113. Vigilant32

    Did i crack my transom

    Transom saver, if you need one, the transom isn’t beefy enough, imho. Perhaps the way your boat was designed the stringers did more to support “ the engine weight “ than the original transom design. You may need to investigate that. With the cracking outside your construction zone it means...
  114. Vigilant32

    Yamaha OEM 3 blade 17 pitch

    For sale: OEM Yamaha 3 blade Aluminum propeller. part # 6G5-45947-00-36/EL P417 - C. /. 101011 right hand 17 pitch excellent condition. $ 95 obo located behind the Orange Curtain
  115. Vigilant32

    Yamaha Propeller. SS HP 3 blade

    Yamaha Stainless Steel High Performance 3 blade matched & tuned set by Hill Marine. Fits 4.75” gear case. 17 Pitch Excellent condition $500 obo. Located behind the Orange Curtain.
  116. Vigilant32

    Fred Archer's Fishing Books

    guys caught more fish and taught others how to rig and fish than than you can count on your tiny hands...
  117. Vigilant32

    Diesel Salty Dog

    How’s the hull blistering? Glad you found a trailer to move it to your shop. Nice lines on that gal..
  118. Vigilant32

    Boston whaler repower

    Not according to my insurance carrier. And the theory has been tested via claims.
  119. Vigilant32

    Boston whaler repower

    Not true. The plate is manufacturer recommended only, not the legal limit. I’ve run many boats that were above the plate values. No insurance or coast guard issues. The policy needs to match the power you have. Several Coast is boarding and they have never brought up the subject.
  120. Vigilant32

    Offshore Huge bluefin out of Newport

    That was a potential record CA state fish if the angler Didn't rail rod it during the battle.
  121. Vigilant32

    Fred Archer's Fishing Books

    Fred was a BeastMaster reel designer also. I have these books and he was spot on about deep dropping baits 25 years ago.
  122. Vigilant32

    Aluminum fabricator for bow rail??

    The deck or gunnel mounted rails I’ve worked on CDW were SS. The grab rails on side of pilot house alum.
  123. Vigilant32

    Aluminum fabricator for bow rail??

    The rails on your Commercial BW are non polished SS powder coated . You can stop and polish to a high luster.
  124. Vigilant32

    Offshore Decent day offshore 10/1

    Great trip thanks for sharing the details.
  125. Vigilant32

    Shogun - Police

    I’m pretty sure most would like to hedge on getting home alive before the fish counts were tallied ...
  126. Vigilant32

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    The boyz have done a fine job of keeping the dream alive and providing a fantastically free platform for us to spew our jargon. Thank you Ali & Jason et al. Now I have to ask if folks know the BD salute before I give them the double barrel version. I joined early on but but forgot that...
  127. Vigilant32

    Perseverance Pays Off

    The bait.. excellent rigging. Congrats. The end game can be dicey as they lull up to the surface.
  128. Vigilant32

    Shogun - Police

    Guys your both wrong. This was a private sector manufacturing job back in the late 70’s. Private company called Bertea in OC that was later purchased by Parker Hanifin. We built the hydraulic systems that controlled flight surfaces and landing gear for many commerical and military planes. I...
  129. Vigilant32

    2 aluminum three axle trailers free

    At least Tom beat ne to the Whaler it’s in good hands..
  130. Vigilant32

    Shogun - Police

    We all hope this is true and times have changed. I can say first hand that while working in avionics hydraulic systems both for commercial & military there was some crazy drug use, even on the final assembly test line.
  131. Vigilant32

    Shogun - Police

    Know your vendor... Your playing Russian roulette with synthetics; that alone puts you in the stupid as shit category, imho.
  132. Vigilant32

    Shogun - Police

    We are not men we are Capt Devo. How did it go from in the Galley to the bunk room? The prior handler aka passenger would be face down with them... Netflix is next ..
  133. Vigilant32

    2 aluminum three axle trailers free

    I’ve got cash you have my number if this is real.
  134. Vigilant32

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Each time I visit this thread it says my device is infected with a virus.. WTF...
  135. Vigilant32

    2 aluminum three axle trailers free

    I’m ready to pull the Boston Whaler.
  136. Vigilant32

    The transom/shaft height debacle of 2020, HELP!

    These photos are from a 1990 27’ Walkaround with full floatation stock WhalerDrive. Approx 15.25” from deck height to ridge In hull just below the rub rail. Approx 9.5” from top mounting area of the WhalerDrive to bottom of rubrail Approx 2.5” from bottom of hull at mid point to bottom...
  137. Vigilant32

    The transom/shaft height debacle of 2020, HELP!

    Can you email me the pictures BD software does not allow me to resize them for the best viewing.
  138. Vigilant32

    The transom/shaft height debacle of 2020, HELP!

    Post another photo showing the side profile of the transom and Whaler drive heights.
  139. Vigilant32

    The transom/shaft height debacle of 2020, HELP!

    Take your questions to FB - Everything Boston Whaler. Several there have the same boat/hulls. I have a 27’ with Whaler drive in my shop that is stock and she has 25” motors. If you go 30” when you need 25 ”’s you will regret it. I can give you stock measurements. Having done a custom...
  140. Vigilant32


    Did they learn from Mike Long...?
  141. Vigilant32

    Not something you see everyday...

    Those mullet look tasty. My buddy from Gulfshore has a license to set a gill net, had a 5’ Alligator gar in it last week, that will get you pulling a net with fish still in it, lol . Those local boyz are a hoot.. they have their vote in the “ right place “ , lol
  142. Vigilant32

    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    The man knows how to keep a fish iced down. I’m guessing a non stop ripper until the photo op.
  143. Vigilant32

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Ok. I could load quicker than he could roll out from underneath the truck. Their accomplice in the car may be packing so a gun battle over $1000, not so sure it’s worth it. Thieves are a scurge on all societies except where the govt cuts your hands off when caught... It would be nice if the...
  144. Vigilant32

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    No S.O.P. For his fleet. What an asshat operator. It’s up to the Captain you say, let’s throw my employee(s) under the liability bus. I don’t hire an electrician we just cobble that important fire prevention stuff together adhoc with no audit or repair trail. This clown and his crew &...
  145. Vigilant32

    Who's got a great fiberglass guy around LA/OC?

    Steeves’s number 714-390-8361
  146. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT, AUG. 23 - Wahoo show up late

    Ruben’s numbers : 011 52 (1) 613 131 5263 011 52 (1) 613 113 7303
  147. Vigilant32

    Marlin Reports?

    Lots hooked & lost in the tourney. Decker & the boys had a triple and lost 2 while Jimmy ’s fish was boated in like 7 minutes
  148. Vigilant32

    The Challenger "EL MATADOR" build out begins . . .

    Are you a FB EBW member? If not it is a solid resource.
  149. Vigilant32

    The Challenger "EL MATADOR" build out begins . . .

    Awesome platform congrats. Have fun with your Resto-mods. I’ve got new in the Box Simrad’s available for a good price. Might want to consider 2000 pumps, imho.
  150. Vigilant32

    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Remember when a guy on his 22’ Davis (Name “BBQ?) out of Morro Bay had a Grey breach and land on top of him. The owner operator drowned in the thick fog yelling for help and his fishing buddy couldn’t see him or maneuver to help rescue. It only took seconds for the tragedy to unfold at...
  151. Vigilant32

    Blue Water Bait Systems, thoughts?

    Walked in over 25 years ago, walked out knowing not the type of person that was going to provide friendly exchange of knowledge or value, imho. First impressions are hard wired in my brain. Meanwhile got the full factory tour, that was back in the Stockland days when Randy was running their...
  152. Vigilant32

    Pilothouse Layout for 25ft Whaler

    Very nicely, it will get up and go 45 knots but don’t really run her that hard. Trolling can be done on one motor and it will get over 2.2 - 2.3 mile per gal.
  153. Vigilant32

    Blue Water Bait Systems, thoughts?

    I would never buy anything from PE...
  154. Vigilant32

    Who's got a great fiberglass guy around LA/OC?

    Steve’s the top shelf in the business..
  155. Vigilant32

    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    With a charter Capt. amongst others saying they can travel at 50 + to get to Clemente & back, and clandestine Pangas running balls out, lights out, I feel today more than ever everyone must be on point day or night. A seasoned 1-7 day Capt I know was recently asked to run a hot dog sled where...
  156. Vigilant32

    Pilothouse Layout for 25ft Whaler

    It was a Vigilant32 x 12’ beam with sterndrives/Bravo II’s, but I reconfigured it for the owner and added a 30” setback Armstrong drive.
  157. Vigilant32

    Pilothouse Layout for 25ft Whaler

    Headroom & visibility. Somehow BWC left plenty of over head room too. 6’8” of headroom in pilothouse and 6’6” below in cabin. Once repowered with Yamaha outboard all the gauges that took up so much real estate we’re boiled down to a 6x4” Digital display. Only items above head are the Vhf’s &...
  158. Vigilant32

    Blue Water Bait Systems, thoughts?

    Steve Keene of Keene Boat repair is the man for blending that tank into your transom.. he’s in Costa Mesa/Newport Harbor. And Yes for over 30 years Randy the go to guy for fiberglass tanks, imho.
  159. Vigilant32

    Phoenix 29' Sportfisher, twin Volvo diesel

    These 29’ Phoenix Sportfishers are great boats. The current motors will push this hull well and they handle great.. Glws I used to fish on one named : WideLoad .. built in sign while towing south..
  160. Vigilant32

    Pilothouse Layout for 25ft Whaler

    Check out Pacific Pilothouse. Or Whaler Commerical Div. Here is a Walkaround version Vigilant Class Pilot house..
  161. Vigilant32

    Offshore Upper Hidden to backside clemente, mission success.

    That’s the reel deal trip.. thx 4 sharing.
  162. Vigilant32

    Best Yamaha dealer in SoCal?

    I was quoted $1250-1500 for that service from West Coast & Maurer Marine. X 2 no thanks.
  163. Vigilant32

    Offshore Bluefin backside 8-3

    Toms not old but ya he’s always been a stud. And knows how to chase them down.
  164. Vigilant32

    Offshore SCI 9/1/2020

    Yup. 3/8-1/2 chrome torpedo with a hook. Let it sink through the water column in the frenzy do not pull it through the Like a swimming jig.
  165. Vigilant32

    Offshore Offshore action 8/31

    I’ll take that, nice day.
  166. Vigilant32

    Offshore BFT 8/31/20

    Way to work your game plan, congrats and thanks for sharing.
  167. Vigilant32

    Offshore 8-26-20, 1.5 day on Pegasus

    30 lb in the big fish zone.. sporty effort..
  168. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT, AUG. 23 - Wahoo show up late

    Johnny, a large hoo and not even a smile... congrats guys beautiful one.
  169. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT, AUG. 23 - Wahoo show up late

    Freedom of choice was earned the hard way in the USA. I like my freedom to fish when and where I wish, but Local Knowledge is priceless, and locals like Ruben are money in the bank. When we fished with Tony Reyes we always wrangled TRJ to be our guide. He made us all high liners.. In this zone...
  170. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT, AUG. 23 - Wahoo show up late

    We have never been fish-less with Ruben on board. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.
  171. Vigilant32

    21 crystaliner rebuild 99.9% done

    She looks clean. Perfect power choice it must fly.. congrats on nearing your finish line, even though our boats are “ never finished “.
  172. Vigilant32

    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    Knowledge on how to utilize the features you really want or need is a big factor. Garmin seems to win on the software intuitiveness. Simrad and Furuno have much deeper roots in depth sounding & Radar. Back in the day Raytheon made good stuff and at the RayMarine transition we’re leaders in...
  173. Vigilant32

    Offshore 2020 Year of the Wahoo?

    We were stoked be be one of the fortunate ones... below the domes while everyone was fishing the hardbottom for yellowtail. 30lb yellowtail and double hookup on Wahoo in October...
  174. Vigilant32

    Maiden voyage that gave me a fucking heart attack

    not if they are installed properly and the decklids are secure.
  175. Vigilant32

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Beautiful love story. Godspeed. Pain management is life altering. RIP.
  176. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 60hp high thrust four stroke 2008

    How much for the lower end?
  177. Vigilant32

    Captains and Owners

    It’s a business. It not your business knowing how an owner divides up their gross revenue. Some business owners are more adapt than others, some have capital or access to capital without having “the landing owner” finance their purchase of a vessel . There are ways of creating more gross...
  178. Vigilant32

    service that offers gps reports? 976tuna does not do it anymore

    AIS is a tool that can be easily adapted to studying trends from one day to the next. When combined with other data points my dashboard is filled with interesting tidbits... it is also an excellent safety tool while on the water. A pilot has spotted a new batch of fish today closer to the...
  179. Vigilant32

    Who handles uphill the best?

    But that’s what we did for the last 30 years before this 7 year bluefin run. Chasing Albacore & bluefin & bigeye had us fishing down the beach to the Banda bank or down & out to the likes of the 1010 trench. Airplane, etc. Then we towed to Morro Bay and you really got a whole new set of...
  180. Vigilant32

    Cedros Air strip Closure

    If it’s anything like waiting for a road to be fixed Or an extension to be improved in Baja ... bummer I hope it get resolved for everyone concerned.
  181. Vigilant32

    Who handles uphill the best?

    As they say size matters. Go as big as you can. The 1986-1991 Boston Whaler 27’ hull with a WhalerDrive making it a 29.5’ hull rides well in most sea states. It loves uphill choppy runs especially if the wind is in the face.
  182. Vigilant32

    Starboard Bait Tank Lid

    Drew @ Seapro in Costa Mesa..
  183. Vigilant32

    Need Fiberglass guy.

    Good luck with your project. You certainly made a good choice of power. Keep in mind water creeps & creeps and it’s what you cannot see that might affect your outcome. Having done this project a few times I would suggest an internal plate to strengthen the whole transom/bracket bonding .
  184. Vigilant32

    Offshore WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    the Realflyliner should be on them then..
  185. Vigilant32

    27’ Custom Aluminum Offshore Fishing Boat “ ALUMINATOR “

    What is retirement ? Selling the CA pad with equity and moving to where? a bunch of friends have made Oregon their new state, some Texas, Idaho, AZ.... Good luck wherever you be..
  186. Vigilant32

    2009 27 ft Boston Whaler Challenger

    Beautiful . One fine ride there .
  187. Vigilant32

    2001-2004 Yamaha F50=F60 parts

    Entire motor... for sale F60
  188. Vigilant32

    Need Fiberglass guy.

    Stop now and move on. Not worth fixing , imho. Throwing good $$? After a bad ending...imho..
  189. Vigilant32

    Looking For A Starboard Fabricator

    Drew or Jon. They are still friends and both the best.
  190. Vigilant32

    Leaving a I/O in a Slip

    Stay the course. An outdrives / I/O living in a slip is going to provide you with many years of maintenance nightmare, imho.
  191. Vigilant32

    Boat cover fabricator in OC

    Call June she is in Costa Mesa. Top quality work. 1 (949) 370-2540
  192. Vigilant32

    Live bait tank installation

    What boat are you looking to install the tank on and what’s your budget? Have you spoken to Tom Rodgers at Saltwater Specialities? Tom is a professional rigger, builds his own tanks and is very fair and a fishy guy.
  193. Vigilant32

    What's the best Saltwater Tackle website?

    I found the best prices on Rapala lures at much lower than any tackle store, 25%?discount coupons and free shipping.
  194. Vigilant32

    Offshore Liberty 8/5

    not a big cattle boat fisherman but I’ve never seen that shit show..
  195. Vigilant32

    Live bait tank installation

    I would first ask : what kind & size of boat. Water or trailer Existing plumbing ( intake/drain) or not construction of boat Below deck access if needed Etc, etc
  196. Vigilant32

    Live bait tank installation

    I’ve known Randy for over 30 years. He may be picking & choosing these days but I’ve sent several friends his way for tanks and installations this past year. Perhaps Covid changes that program. I’m about to get an OS-75 from him for a project I’m building.
  197. Vigilant32

    Live bait tank installation

    If you purchase a tank from Randy at Bluewater he will also perform the install. He is in Costa Mesa..
  198. Vigilant32

    Boat Transportation from Florida

    UShip is a crap shoot marketplace. Names mean nothing without experience with the drivers. I’ve booked U ship drivers that showed up with a BB gun to an elephant hunt. Drew is on U ship but he has proven his salt for numerous BD members.. And if you call him directly you save $$
  199. Vigilant32

    Boat Transportation from Florida

    Call Drew he is a professional hauler. Will bring it to your front door. (225) 418-5205. Drew Mac Donald...
  200. Vigilant32

    where did the first string go?

    I spent 8 days on her for a crew trip down to the Ridge. The Wahoo were wolf paking us and the yellowtails at Cedros wide open. Some of what was a top notched crew.
  201. Vigilant32

    where did the first string go?

    1st Brad, then the boat.. The steel hull suffered major rust issues and would not pass GC inspection. The motors got fired when someone fired them up dry. Sad but she hopefully will return. it is amazing we didn’t loose more fish in the running gear...
  202. Vigilant32

    WTB: trailer axle and parts

    I’ve got one off an EZ loader trailer..
  203. Vigilant32

    Boat transport lead

    225-418-5205 Drew Mc Donald - best privateer hauler out there.
  204. Vigilant32

    Boston Whaler listing to port

    Where is the battery located? Balance the load and see what happens. Those little hulls are weight sensitive.
  205. Vigilant32

    Offshore 7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    Just awesome. Great cudo’s to the SA80 team.
  206. Vigilant32

    Offshore Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    As a rule of thumb back in the day we always ran longer or too the outside to find our own fish. But that was before the proliferation of high power outboard speedster run & fun paddy poachers. it a shit show out there today.
  207. Vigilant32

    Fairchild 412 turntable

    Excellent condition Fairchild 412 turntable . Beautiful wood cabinet & Fairchild arm. For sale or trade : $650
  208. Vigilant32

    ABT Aluminium Trailers

    Alex and AB Trailers are the best. great service after the sale.
  209. Vigilant32

    Whaler question (Time sensitive)!!

    I’ve had a bakers dozen over the years and have loved them all. My 25’ had a bit of a hull wave and even a crack between the fuel tank vents. Crack easily repaired and the waves kept waving. That ‘83 Hull is still rocking the bight.
  210. Vigilant32

    Suzuki df350

    Still issues with the counter roaring prop shafts .
  211. Vigilant32

    Offshore Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    Why even listen to 72, I for one don’t have it on the scan list of either of the VHF’s. not lookes like a shot show out there ....
  212. Vigilant32

    Whaler question (Time sensitive)!!

    Join Everything Boston Whaler on FaceBook. Over 25k owners there with some very good info. Pictures are very helpful in trying to diagnose these issues.
  213. Vigilant32

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    Sorry coming from a boat builders perspective a Parker isn’t the bees knees either. Building something cheaper and lighter are not things people whom venture out into the Pacific should be happy about.
  214. Vigilant32

    Stainless steel fabrication

    Those are available in many stock configurations .
  215. Vigilant32

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    Pass on it. They are the worst built boats on the market. And there is no such thing as a “entry level Parker “. Ask the guys at the Fred Hall show which is the lightest & cheapest built boat at the show = Defiance, imho.
  216. Vigilant32

    No More Lyon's & O'Haver. Now who?

    The brothers from Costa Nesa are the best and super nice guys.
  217. Vigilant32

    BW 17’ Project Boat ...

    Very sorry. My brother decided he wanted it so it stayed in the family. Thank you very much for your interest
  218. Vigilant32

    BW 17’ Project Boat ...

    mostly because I was too busy to get it cleaned up and ready to show..
  219. Vigilant32

    BW 17’ Project Boat ...

    Sorry to everyone that inquired. Last week I thought I would get to the little Whaler for a bath and photos. Didn’t happen until this morning when I started to clean the skiff. Still working on the inside, but here’s a few more photos. More to come.. hull, console & galvy trailer. I’m taking it...
  220. Vigilant32

    BW 17’ Project Boat ...

    Sorry had a rush at work . Will get more photos up and ops to see the boat by Wed. This is a project, I dismantled the skiff for a ground up resto. If you are not able to rig a boat this isn’t your project. Thank you very much for those that have reached out.
  221. Vigilant32

    Bracket mounting height

    We installed an Armstrong on a 32’ Boston Whaler. We made a jig of the Bracket hole pattern so we could hone in on the exact location when fitting it on the transom. When I designed/spec’d the bracket with the 30” setback and twin 25” Yamaha motors the motor cav plates were set 3” higher than...
  222. Vigilant32

    BW 17’ Project Boat ...

    For Sale: 17’ Boston Whaler smirked hull with factory center console in good condition. No bottom paint. Galvanized Single axel trailer very good condition. Yamaha 60 HP four stroke with rigging & controls, low hours. I am selling as a kit to complete the skiff or individual parts if your...
  223. Vigilant32

    How many hours is too many on a Yamaha 150

    Two will run & run some more depending on who is taking care of them. I’ve got over 5500 hrs and counting on a pair of 200’s 2 strokes and they run every day still.
  224. Vigilant32

    Bracket mounting height

    Who made your bracket? When the design was layout it should have been built to a specific height on the transom. 12” = 1” up. So you should be 3” up. You might want to check the Armstrong design and installation guidelines.
  225. Vigilant32

    Offshore Full day fleet

    same general area for the past three seasons.
  226. Vigilant32

    Boat Trailering Question?

    Down. We have towed Yamaha’s 10,000’s of miles in the down position with a slight rise for clearance. Sitting on the trim rams is no problem .
  227. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 50Hp trouble Shooting

    Check you battery connections. Keep they clean and tight at all times.
  228. Vigilant32

    Offshore Bight Sportfishing

    Very fishy outfit you cannot go wrong. If you can get with Pinnacle perhaps even better..
  229. Vigilant32

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    If we were to share any costs or trip expenses the discussion takes place at home after the trip. No one shares any expenses before or on the water or at the ramp or dock. Period. That what the answer is always no, sir, we have not shared any expenses on this trip, no beer or bait either, it was...
  230. Vigilant32

    EZ Loader galvinized boat trailer(s)

    Both trailers were for Boston Whalers 17’ & 18’. They actually came from a BW dealer. so no problem with a 17’. sorry, no need the the 5 HP outboard.
  231. Vigilant32

    Offshore San Diego day trip blue fin

    No one I know gives a f about where the SD is fishing and I have plenty of friends that fish her. Passenger safety comes first or haven’t you deckhands and deadheads figured that out yet?
  232. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay- Lopez Mateos or San Carlos

    Ruben speaks good English.
  233. Vigilant32

    Offshore San Diego day trip blue fin

    That will cost them some day.
  234. Vigilant32

    Offshore Bookends by 11

    Video wouldn’t work message says it has reached its max playtime...
  235. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay- Lopez Mateos or San Carlos

    Ping me for his contact info: Oh ya, Ruben is the man. But there are others as well..
  236. Vigilant32

    San Juanico

    For a smile and some pesos I’m sure the local might help you with a similar style beach launch. That’s how they do it with their commercial pangas.
  237. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay- Lopez Mateos or San Carlos

    The fishing in Lopez is wonderful. Look up Capt Ruben Duran he is well known for catching fish.
  238. Vigilant32

    EZ Loader galvinized boat trailer(s)

    I’ve got two extra Ez Loader Galvanized boat trailers For sale or trade. Good rims/tires/bearing/bow jacks & stands. Bunks are set for 17-19 Boston Whalers. $500-$609 obo.
  239. Vigilant32

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    Oh course they do, SAC pays Tom Greene and Tom also subs in Carl to fly for them, hence they pay for spots...
  240. Vigilant32

    Cracked Transom

    If you let saltwater sit in the motors without some sort of revival program your going to need to spend a lot more than $2k a motor, imho. You will need a proper drive so look into Armstrong or StainlesscMarine and get someone that knows what their doing to help you with the design elements...
  241. Vigilant32

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    Once you start tracking the grounds every day you can see patterns, imho. Pb patterns once on the grounds trend differently, imho. Wheee did I say right or wrong? I’m pointing how the pros do it , even when boats are in the same zone, so perhaps the internet fisherman that buy spots can learn...
  242. Vigilant32

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    Example of a vessel fishing for boats and not working an area.... Or pro like the RP working a zone... the one above just drove right at the RP...
  243. Vigilant32

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    Before AIS, before FD & BV type services, you had to work your code group or network, then get in a zone and work the area. Today we see a lot of Private boaters chasing boats instead of fish. Heck even a sport boat will poach a paddy or hot spot . Finding a fishy zone and “boxing in” the area...
  244. Vigilant32

    Offshore 1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    Congrats on executing your plan and putting us in the boat with you. Getting ready to head out in a few days and appreciate the intel.
  245. Vigilant32

    Spare Prop for Yamaha Ouboard

    What pitch Are you looking for I’ve got a few props in I be inventory I’m going to sell.
  246. Vigilant32

    Offshore 7-2-2020, Zone 43 to 30 miles West, trip #7, BF #23

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. Your 300+ fish in right around the corner.
  247. Vigilant32

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    one of five built in 1992 by their commercial products division. This was the only one commissioned for private use - Vigilant32 is the model name. it was originally configured with 454’s & bravo Ii drives. I converted it to Armstrong Drive and Yamahdogs. Changed the boat into a pocket rocket...
  248. Vigilant32

    Offshore Which one of you kooks is this?

    Not a place to learn the hard way. We’ve lost more than a few Allcoasters & BDr’s in tin boats in the last 20 years or so. History tends to repeat itself. Mistakes can happen to the best boatsman. I like to hedge my bets toward safety.
  249. Vigilant32

    Cracked hull repair

    If you do not grind it down to clean glass you maybe wasting your time On that repair, imho. Here is a series of photos done by an expert glass & gelcoat repairman...this boat has LP & gelcoat so 2 different processes in different areas. This last photo shows him cutting & working small strips...
  250. Vigilant32

    Honey, I'm HOME

    Never too late.. TGFM
  251. Vigilant32

    Offshore 6/30 Bluefin Biters

    Congrats on a great plan well executed . Great write up and thanks for sharing ..
  252. Vigilant32

    Cracked hull repair

    Just did a similar job to the keel of a Whaler. I would add glass mat. Steve Keene - Keene Boat repair.. does first class work if you need assistance . 714-3908361
  253. Vigilant32

    Offshore Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Excellent information thank you very much for your response. Are you guys switching out the hooks for chasing/catching these bigger models?
  254. Vigilant32

    Offshore Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Getsome / Erik , Jimmy looked like he was throwing a yellow/red head colored jig what color was getting bit please? I’m adding to my jig bag. Thanks very much...
  255. Vigilant32

    Offshore Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    It happens all the time. Match the hatch.
  256. Vigilant32

    Offshore BFT Foamers ???

    To match the hatch you’ve got to go smaller, imho. During a bluefin seminar at the Pacific Coast show Jimmy Decker showed his micro killer jigs. Basically a small chrome torpedo sinker and a hook.
  257. Vigilant32

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    It really depends on your age, tolerance, fishing partners & type of fishing you enjoy. After 35 years of center consoles & cuddycabins I find the full Walkaround Pilothouse an awesome platform fishing the West Coast.
  258. Vigilant32

    Boat Ramp in Lopez Mateos BCS

    Thats a good one Joe. You going out on the trawler soon? Almost every post coming out of Lopez has a squatter spilling garbage about their operation. This post was supposed to be about the nice launch ramp in Lopez that all can utilize but no, it became an unpaid ad for a wantabe charter boat...
  259. Vigilant32

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    I believe they closed doors a few years back.
  260. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay Report - August 27

    Do you ever fish with live bait out of Lopez ? Is there a tidal range you like when crossing the Boca? I can’t imagine crossing the without an agile vessel and horsepower for response.
  261. Vigilant32

    Boat Ramp in Lopez Mateos BCS

    Soon Ruben & Nestor will have two new offshore machines at their disposal to run fisherman to all the offshore spots within up to 150 miles of the boca in 1- 2 day trips. Finally coming soon legitimate 30’-35’ fishing machines based out of northern Mag Bay for anglers from around the world to...
  262. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay Report - August 27

    Nice going Bill you have got the place wired like no one else. Thanks for sharing your great images. So no MBO boats plying the area?
  263. Vigilant32

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Close, too close, everyone’s on top of each other. Zero tolerance for throwing iron at a vessel or boater. ZERO. I would be waiting at the dock with the police. After reading this post I find the folks agreeing with the capt that it is ok to sling metal objects because their good at it being...
  264. Vigilant32

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Who the hell gets their kicks on trashing businesses on Yelp? If you trust Yelp to guide you in life your lost to start with.
  265. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay

    That’s right in the middle of hurricane season. Late oct or early Nov is usually better. And Ruben is the man.
  266. Vigilant32

    Garmin MFD w Digital Radar

    Garmin 12” MFD - GPS map 7612 xsv model. With 48 mile Radar dome . Now available. $ 4500 obo
  267. Vigilant32

    Looking for garmin 6212

    Garmin 12” MFD - GPS map 7612 xsv model. With 48 mile Radar dome . Now available
  268. Vigilant32

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    Too much flow and you where out you bait. Turning the water over 40 times an hour is like swimming up stream.
  269. Vigilant32

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    Corey quit hauling boats months ago. Drew is the BD express these days. Just brought a 30’ x 10’ out and perfect and unbeatable price.
  270. Vigilant32

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    800 got is way too much pump for a 20 gal or 30 gal tank, imho.
  271. Vigilant32

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    225-418-5205 Drew Mac Donald. He is the perfect guy for your haul.
  272. Vigilant32

    Offshore 250 Mile Trip When I Could Have Gone 1...8/16 & 8/17

    Time of day. Seiner pressure from last week. Proper location Fish swim.
  273. Vigilant32

    Offshore 302 YFT! Thanks to Hardcore!!!

    It is not a big deal to share a bite on tonnage if other boaters have a clue as to how and join in. It’s the internet & clueless moneybag yahoos that come charging in and shutting things down.
  274. Vigilant32

    Boat Ramp in Lopez Mateos BCS

    Rubens new ride getting rigged. “Uno Seguro” Now that’s a fishing boat to go chase offshore pelagic’s.
  275. Vigilant32

    Offshore taking a poll

    This is a crock of crap.
  276. Vigilant32

    Outboards kicks up when reversing

    Does the motor hold of you tilt it up all the way?
  277. Vigilant32

    advice: looking to buy a family friendly fishing boat

    That BW is family safe and that bow fits the bill for hanging out. $8000! seems like a great price if the motor is sound.
  278. Vigilant32

    ATL 100 Gal Fuel Bladder - Make Offer

    Interested. What is the approx size when full ?
  279. Vigilant32

    Albacore season

    Not since Fukushima disaster ...
  280. Vigilant32

    Outboard bracket suggestions

    Check with Tom Rodgers at Saltwater Specialties . I would also check with Armstrong they custom build almost anything.
  281. Vigilant32

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    In the news last week. Of course my personal reference was in the heat of the battle 2007. When my warehouse lenders shot cramps so did 14 years of my hard work. I feel it coming again and have stopped utilizing investor funds for property revitalization. Walking away from an underwater SFR...
  282. Vigilant32

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Tell Glenn Stearns that. Blackhawk was letting him underwriter portfolio guidelines for non conforming loans and now they don’t like the performance and cut off the companies liquidity creating a crisis and lack of warehouse credit has him in the hot box. I can name 4 Wall Street firms that...
  283. Vigilant32

    Yamaha outboard shifting problem

    Those motors have a shift shaft that tends to corrode . Look to see the shaft has it can be seen just under the cowl pan and just above the tranny. If looking thin or corroded that could be an issue.
  284. Vigilant32

    2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    Nicely rigged. Just add a few more rod holders.
  285. Vigilant32

    Stainless Weld-On Rod holders $30

    Any without the blade? Need 6
  286. Vigilant32

    Boat Trailer Axles

    Axels available? Width at mounting bracket?
  287. Vigilant32

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Money maker. There is a price & boat for a spectrum of folks. It is actually great motivation to go on one of those trips once. After a shit show on a Newport landing vessel at 12 I earned and saved for my own boats.
  288. Vigilant32

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    No one goes in the water there so no need for steps to the water. It’s happening everywhere. Newport is a nightmare, kiss Dana Point good bye. Designed by urban planners not boaters or fisherman.
  289. Vigilant32

    Best washdown pump

    Those asshats from Jabsco ripped me off. Years back I purchase the ParaMax high vol pump which was recalled due to manufacturers defect. With a promise to replace when back on the market. Company gets sold and somehow all the recall records were lost. F- Jabsco!
  290. Vigilant32

    bench seat $150

    I’ll take it where are you located? Cash, vhf’s, antenna’s, , etc Please see contact info in your inbox
  291. Vigilant32

    Boat Market getting soft

    Boat dealers are still having to wait 4-6 months to get fiberglass boats built and Yamaha motors were sold out of the F300’s almost before the year started. Brunswick has a line of turds and no one buys Merc as replacement motors. Master craft only has so many wakeboarders willing or capable...
  292. Vigilant32

    Mercruiser TR outdrive

    I was able to sell Bravo II drive & 454’s for great prices on Performance boats & offshore boats forums.
  293. Vigilant32

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Sitting on my haunches fishing just seems lame. Worked out for the angler, so go with what works!
  294. Vigilant32

    Anyone Looked at this Skipjack

    Clean looking rig .
  295. Vigilant32

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Exactly why I’m a private boat fisherman. Seriously do not need anyone to tell me to pull harder or wind faster. But Im not the guy throwing 20lb either !
  296. Vigilant32

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Interesting that landing the fish has become a speed race. “ oh I killed that f’er in 9 mins 4 seconds, no man, 94 seconds, I’m king of the horse mackerel crowd. “ Terms like angler, sportsmanship, fair game , are all out the window in our MMA kill it now society. The anglers of the Tuna Club...
  297. Vigilant32

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Old farts rule, who knew. At 6’6” I can still touch my toes but I like my old style of fishing and I gave up being an altar boy along time ago. When I see these folks rail rodding a yellowtail..... give me a break. But hey go for it and enjoy your way and I’ll enjoy mine.
  298. Vigilant32

    Fuel drums

    I’m interested for my Baja runs
  299. Vigilant32

    Shipping a boat recommendation.

    This is the only guy I would utilize . Plus you have a back haul that’s a prized return trip for Drew who typically brings out from the East or FL coast . Just did a flawless run for a client of mine with a 30’ x 10’ boat with tower. Perfect on time and even got the lights rewired . 20 yr...
  300. Vigilant32

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Braking power is your issue, imho.
  301. Vigilant32

    Boston whaler Montauk casting platform

    I’ve got the same hull. That’s a lot of wood to take care of!
  302. Vigilant32

    Offshore Biters on the AZTEC

    Awesome report & info. Luv fishing around the Banda. Traditional bft haunt from the old days.
  303. Vigilant32

    Marine Parts Depot SCAM?

    That guy Memensha parts.? Pay the a-hole a visit in person. I’ve got a Mem if you need something let me know.
  304. Vigilant32

    Metal Fabricator Needed

    Mark at Componetics in Costa Mesa. 949-338-0946 He has made me numerous custom parts over the years. A genius really.
  305. Vigilant32

    Fiberglass “Offshore” Bait Tank

    Great deal right from the man himself. I’m in need Randy I’ll call next week.
  306. Vigilant32

    Boat seats and pedestals for sale!

    Thx I’ll check out some manufacturers
  307. Vigilant32

    Boat seats and pedestals for sale!

    Any helm chairs on sale?
  308. Vigilant32

    Taco Marine 23" Capri Chairs

    Are these still available?
  309. Vigilant32

    Happy Customer(Boat shipping)

    I’ll second Drew McDonald. Perfect on time delivery from Louisiana to SoCal with a large boat haul. 30’ x 10’ beam for a client of mine. He took extra time on the pick up end to insure the trailer , lights, etc were ready for the journey. Excellent communications before and throughout the...
  310. Vigilant32

    Your experience with Fishdope

    There are a few good books and publication resources . Mark from Pacific edge tackle in HB wrote some good inshore and island fishing boats. Please do not follow any party or private books, those remarks are just to F with you. Drop by tackle shops like JD’s Big Game or follow his free web...
  311. Vigilant32

    25W Radio minimum?

    Simrad 35 for sale on electronics board.
  312. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    As is a 300’ 5 story yacht, apparently !
  313. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    If cars are about to do it why not boats? We require 2 people on the helm watch and sometimes there are only 3-4 of us on board. Amazing how a “professional crew” of 5-6 cannot figure it out.
  314. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Technology has got to be helpful. Modern Radar with target tracking, talking to the autopilot, scanning AIS, knowing your exact position, could easily sound alarms and make automated course changes to avoid collisions. These boats are only going 8-12 knots. Add Flir, sounder and all the data...
  315. Vigilant32

    Offshore 302 and in between the 371 and 425, 7-2-2019

    Awesome thanks for sharing your efforts & area.
  316. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I have done the same even when riding with Brad on the 1st String, the last boat I’d ride on before he went AWOL. People would say, why is the Mustang in your tackle bag, because I don’t want to wait around for a life vest !
  317. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    If your passed out with meth either he didn’t hit it yet or he’s been on a bender that was crashing & hitting the wall. Either way to me just looking at the 85 would tell me that’s not my vessel of choice, imho.
  318. Vigilant32

    Need help finding agent to sell my boat

    Tim Jones Boat house of Anaheim He sells more used boats than most and has been around the barn for 35 years. He can get your buyer financing which is very helpful in closing deals.
  319. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    With all the speed demons running at night these days AIS , range alarms & Marpa are good tools to utilize. Who was the Parker that hit a guy head on a few seasons back hauling at night?
  320. Vigilant32

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I’ve been fishing off SoCal & Baja for over 45 years and it is amazing how many vessels have actually crashed into another vessel, island, reef, etc. Seasoned veterans, salty dogs, green horns, it could and does happen to anyone. Easy on a flat calm night to be lulled into slumber. Easier to...
  321. Vigilant32

    NIB SimRad RS-35 VHF w AIS

    Bump for a price reduction NIB... $325.00
  322. Vigilant32

    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    I couldn’t watch anymore did I miss a face plant? Thanks Capt I broke a molar!
  323. Vigilant32

    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    22’ Boston Whaler Outrage CC (1985-1992.) No T- Top. Quality set of trim tabs. Yamaha 200 4 with an updated chip and a Hill Marine tuned wheel. Bait tank tucked under an SS lean post. Through hull intake, flush transducers. If the ocean turns nasty you might have a better chance coming home...
  324. Vigilant32

    Mexican money

    AAA has solid exchange just call and order
  325. Vigilant32

    A shake down and what I learned

    What bolt hole is your motor mounted on the transom? An 18’ Outrage rides on top , the skippy less so. What’s your WOT rpm & speed ?
  326. Vigilant32

    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    Also the flat falls will drum up all sorts of critters. Tie a 2’ section of Fluor carbon leader on your good to go.
  327. Vigilant32

    Best Way to Remove Boat ID #s

    Razor blade & patience ... Just went back to ‘76 on Reg, F&G & CF. That was one side, lol
  328. Vigilant32

    Best way to fix my dash

    More leg room the better, the 35’ looks sweet
  329. Vigilant32

    Simrad/Lowrance TotalScan Transducer

    Were you plugging in the back of your MFD or sonar hub? Trying to accomplish the same thing also have a new one in box, ...
  330. Vigilant32

    Best way to fix my dash

    Really depends on your new equipment layout. I’ve done many in starboard . But my glass skills are lacking. :)
  331. Vigilant32

    Register or document

    Coast guard documented vessel. Owned by an LLC from another state.
  332. Vigilant32

    NIB SimRad RS-35 VHF w AIS

    For sale - NIB - never installed. SimRad RS -35 VHF w AIS receiver. In the OC can ship at your cost. $ 330.00 OBO - no tax savings. Cash & Carry. Thank you very much.
  333. Vigilant32

    HELP!!!!! Oil extractor hose broke off in MOTOR!!!!!!!!

    Needle In a haystack . Foreign objects in the lower end of the motor, if they say it’s not an issue, I’d never bring my boat motor to them for fixing. An oil pan gasket and your time versus the unknown . Easy choice .
  334. Vigilant32

    Barney style, please tell me how to catch Yellowtail off San Clemente Island/Catalina!

    You could fish with your clicker on, reel in baits with your clicker on, then you’ll get one if your fishing where the fish are swimming ...
  335. Vigilant32

    Strapping the boat to the trailer

    That sounds secure. I’ve never seen that but imagine it’s better than not. It that panic stop when some idiot races around you and cuts in front only to hit the brakes or make an exit they could have easily accomplished without the passing game...
  336. Vigilant32

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Steve I spoke with Bob regarding those engines for a 25’ project. Great buy.
  337. Vigilant32

    motor bracket outboard

    One word: Armstrong. Not cheap but proven design and build.
  338. Vigilant32

    New boat Hull failure

    Steve so many people think so highly but ask a builder or fiberglass expert that has to work on them....
  339. Vigilant32

    2003 F250 7.3 4x4 Rollalong-baby miles

    We’re 13700 so hopefully the exemption request works out .
  340. Vigilant32

    2003 F250 7.3 4x4 Rollalong-baby miles

    Was feeling pretty good about ‘02 F550 6x6 7.3L custom alum body flatbed until the DMV notice says it can no longer legally register in CA due to her towing capacity after 2020. 7.3 is a great motor.
  341. Vigilant32

    New boat Hull failure

    A social media botch will not necessarily help your cause, imho, like Shad said your not being punished on purpose.
  342. Vigilant32

    New boat Hull failure

    Boats are not popped out in days or weeks like cars. Based upon what my dealer friends say it is very typical for 4-8 month timeframe for a new build. And they are waiting for boats to be delivered that are already committed to a customer.
  343. Vigilant32

    what's the minimum requirement for going offshore?

    I’d start with better boat choices especially in NorCal.
  344. Vigilant32

    desperately seeking VP#21450768

    So glad I didn’t go with a D Series Volvo repower. Guys like Pawell were, and still touting them as the best of market. Buy some spares when you find your solution.
  345. Vigilant32

    BFT on the Troll

    Match the hatch when trolling. Get away from boat traffic. Don’t troll dead water. Get way the hell back and tell the guys bitching at you that you’ll get the boat stopped and with your Cals high speed narrow 50w land the fish and get bit on bait before you, lol Back in the day when they...
  346. Vigilant32

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    Yes I got the 2 meter stick. Just put a new one on the original was showing signs of wear & tear. HS-2774-1r
  347. Vigilant32

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    Yes . Ham operators license. Little black book of Captains. Further distances also. Some have replaced with Sat phone communications. Another safety tool if your down the Baja coastline and have friends with basestation along the way.
  348. Vigilant32

    2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    It makes no sense . Same motor from an F250 - F650. 14000 of towing capacity or truck weight? The F550 weighs 9600 lbs? State of misery in CA
  349. Vigilant32

    Looking for recommendations for boat delivery services

    What kind of truck did he tow you with?
  350. Vigilant32

    2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    The truck will have to ...
  351. Vigilant32

    2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    7.3 outlawed in CA in 2020. Just got the notice this week :(
  352. Vigilant32

    Good Yellowtail Fishing Spots around Dana Point?

    Most wouldn’t know so they act cocky and macho. First I’d recommend making friends at the bait dock. Friendly, drinks, snacks, great tips and they will help with some info. South of you past the domes the 150 spot has produced deep water yellows. We’ve gotten them on iron, squid , sardines &...
  353. Vigilant32

    Pacific Trailer - Sold

    After watching how they treated another BD er basically fing up the trailer order 4-5 times... Nice offer sorry you had to take the 50% hit.
  354. Vigilant32

    Pacific Trailer - Sold

    They already build your trailer? Or just holding the deposit hostage ?
  355. Vigilant32

    ‘05 PT Cruiser $800

    2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser hard top - color = red. Recent new brakes, alternator, battery, plugs & wires. High mileage but runs good. Small dent is front left fender edge. $800 OBO
  356. Vigilant32

    Offshore Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Nice work. Time, knowledge, right place, right time. Have some fun If fisherman would not run each over on the grounds sharing like the old day’s on Allcoast would be more fruitful for everyone. Once it was pay to play I stopped posting unless it’s a Baja trip. Just check with Carl if you...
  357. Vigilant32

    1090 radio Fishing show Off the Air?

    Was supposed to be Jamie from Seasons Sport fishing
  358. Vigilant32

    RayMarine Autopilot system.

    Yes it was installed with a Seastar Hydraulic Ram. It can work single ram with tie bar or dual ram. It basically acts like another helm pump and it connected via hoses behind your steering /helm pump. When engaged it takes control of your course heading and can interface with most MDF’svia Nema 2000
  359. Vigilant32

    RayMarine Autopilot system.

    I’m selling for my fishing buddy. He got a pro deal on a Simrad package so he’s switching out the whole boat .
  360. Vigilant32

    RayMarine Autopilot system.

    23 Parker with Yamaha 225. Computer upgraded last year, other items a few years old, works great. Works for vessels to 32’ or so, depending on the steering system PSI.
  361. Vigilant32

    RayMarine Autopilot system.

    Complete RayMarine autopilot system. Course Computer X-10 Head unit ST 6000 Hydraulic pump ST 100 remote control. Outboard rudder feedback All installation cables. Thank you very much for looking. $1250 obo.
  362. Vigilant32

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    And your Capt is?
  363. Vigilant32

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    There is a reason for a renaissance of big outboard powered boats in the past few years versus big iron diesels. So happy to have avoided the D4/6 thoughts that once entered the conversation for repower options.
  364. Vigilant32

    Boat transport.

    Give Ricky a call.. (337) 353-5005 A boat that size is right up his alley .
  365. Vigilant32

    Servicing tilt/trim

    Is there oil in the reservoir ? There should be a plug you can dmove and check fluid level .
  366. Vigilant32

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    Excuse me sir, with your kind comment regarding my reading comprehension skills I decided to re-read the original post. I find that my response was dead on. He said he really wants a Classic Outrage 18' with Yamaha power. And his budget is up to $25K. But doesn't think he can find a quality one...
  367. Vigilant32

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    Boston Whaler 18’ Outrage circa 84’ - ‘90. It will take all you can give it, imho.
  368. Vigilant32

    xtratuff 6" ankle boot longevity issues????

    Quality in the tank from years past, imho. Rubber should last forever, well almost.
  369. Vigilant32

    Boat Shipping east to west coast

    Could you please share the contact info? At least Cory refunded my money. So he’s definitely trying to make good on shipping deposits. Looking to move a 29’ Whaler from LA to CA. Thanks much.
  370. Vigilant32

    Tax lien on boat for unsecured property tax??!!

    Our govt taxes us on everything including fun & recreation. Soon LA will be taxing you for every mile you drive. Where do these asshats come from? Tax, tax , tax ..
  371. Vigilant32

    Retirement move to socal

    Native to SoCal and plan to stay with options. Where else can you live and not need a heater or A/C and be blocks from the Ocean, an hour from the Mts or desert. I can visit family in Baja, Central Coast, Wyoming High country, Gulf Shore, and still come home and enjoy OC.
  372. Vigilant32

    Boat Shipping east to west coast

    Holy shit Cory . Talk about quadruple booking. He told me I was in there somewhere and he was booked solid with back to back to back to back East / West runs . I believe him when he said he was having Truck problems , I could hear the panic in his voice. He got back to me and was pretty...
  373. Vigilant32

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    SeaSwirl at Boat House of Anaheim. Both new & used . Tim Jones ..
  374. Vigilant32

    Boat Capsize

    You must be a fing idiot you don’t know shit about what I eat.. But since you ask why don’t you try and compare these Oysters & Shrimp from truly pristine waters not the shit hole the mussels are growing in.
  375. Vigilant32

    Boat Capsize

    Are any of you guys dining in the Mussels from the farm? I don’t care what their science says I’m not eating filter feeders from that cesspool of a sea. Um boy that runoff taste great...
  376. Vigilant32

    Boat Capsize

    And the farm just had a press release saying how safe it is and that they intended to expand by 10 X.
  377. Vigilant32

    Need rocket launchers!

    2nd Tom @ Saltwater Specialties, aka towerfab. He can handle any layout you need, imho and he did fantastic custom fab on one of my boats.
  378. Vigilant32

    U5ed Outboards

    Keep an eye out here. Ping member Tastentune he has rockstar deals on motors he goes through himself as an outboard mechanic.
  379. Vigilant32

    What is the center console worth

    Zero. I’d pass.
  380. Vigilant32

    Albacore Research Results

    They’ll be back soon.. These were mid day bait fish up on bait balls not far off the beach. But Albacore fishing was always about the grey bite, hunt hunt , late bite.
  381. Vigilant32

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    Free market rules and clicks are worth more than your petty cry’s of foul play, imho. Besides who needs 2 worthless posts so they can go offer a fellow poster a deal.
  382. Vigilant32


    10 min panga ride & Azuls walking in the shallows. Please stay home.
  383. Vigilant32

    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Newport does this every summer, many times providing little Truck/trailer parking and none for larger/longer rigs.
  384. Vigilant32

    RIP Tony Pena

    RIP Tony. I have enjoyed your adventures, photos & great story telling for a long time. We can only dream of the life you lived enjoying your passion & sharing it with us mear mortals.
  385. Vigilant32

    What do the Whaler guru’s think?

    I’d pass. Only 50 hp & on a motor no one really wants or will buy from you, imho
  386. Vigilant32

    Twin Yamaha OX66 250 hp

    Will you sell one, the RH model. Cash in hand. Thx much.
  387. Vigilant32

    BostonWhaler 25’ CCC

    1983. Has been complete gone through with new wiring, gel coat, etc.
  388. Vigilant32

    BostonWhaler 25’ CCC

    Thank you very much please see inbox.
  389. Vigilant32

    BostonWhaler 25’ CCC

    For Sale: Boston Whaler 25’ Outrage Center Console Cuddy model. S.S. T - Top, lean post and welded rails. 3 scoop bait tank, many rod holders. Custom fitted Pacific Galvanized trailer. Hull & trailer only $11,500 obo. I have a Yamaha F250-300 available.
  390. Vigilant32

    Good running 454

    Check out performance boats, I sold 2 - 454’s in there pretty quickly
  391. Vigilant32

    Sea Shepherd Attacked off San Felipe

    The last 100 Vaquita are a bycatch of the Chinese trade, plain & simple. No market, no bladder trade. Should they stamp out the importer or the merchant or the supplier? Fisherman and local families are starving and the sellers will alway fill an order at those price points. If you study the...
  392. Vigilant32

    Opinion of Sea Pro boats

    It’s a buyers market . No need to purchase a 19 year old 2 stroke that was not highly regarded, imho. If it was a carbed Yamaha I’d say maybe.
  393. Vigilant32

    Reference for custom dash panel?

    Drew @ SeaPro in Costa Mesa. He’s the go to guy in OC. He just made me one for a project I’m doing for a client . 949-294-0775
  394. Vigilant32

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    Ali your a marketing genius, so you know and admit a bad record , bad Apple can only rot a good story. A poacher, a thief, a disregarder of what we all follow as good sportsman. The board is very suspect by association. The price for penance is admirable but may not be wise moving forward...
  395. Vigilant32

    1968 Bertram 20 HT with an outboard bracket.

    I’d take a hard look at that bracket setup. Classic buy glwp.
  396. Vigilant32

    stolen boats

    Outboards are worth more than a human life in many places of the world. A very few are ruining it for the rest of us. It will continue to degrade. Thousands of Panga’s in Baja searching for a motor... The DEA also shut down the motors cycling back through the border so the crimes will only...
  397. Vigilant32

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    Not designed by trailer boaters. Bottle neck city as always on a busy day. Waste of $$ given the lack of gain, imho.
  398. Vigilant32


    Lame. If I’m in town for three weeks but I’m not sure which or how many days I wish to fish... so you purchase daily on line? Taxing recreation is evil. Govts, especially CA has become over the top in either fees or taxation on enjoying life.
  399. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT - 11/10/18

    It depends on your boat and weather. Like a trip to Catalina...
  400. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT - 11/10/18

    Loreto. From there approx 1:45 to Lopez.
  401. Vigilant32

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    More rocket launchers on the top. East coast builds never put enough and having them at the transom is lame , imho.
  402. Vigilant32

    Looking for temporary slip in Newport Beach - Xmas Boat Parade - december

    Be careful it’s nuts out there and can be very cold.
  403. Vigilant32

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I’ve got everything Meneshsa for sale if you need it . Full original interior, seating, etc.
  404. Vigilant32

    MAG BAY REPORT - 11/10/18

    Thanks for sharing as always Bill. Great to see the wahoo are biting well. Ruben & Nestor are great waterman.
  405. Vigilant32

    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    Did your city require a permit? My city will not allow such a cover. Luv yours though
  406. Vigilant32

    Time for an upgrade.

    Call Taymarine custom service they can walk you through a DSM check and send you downloaded software updates for your system. Also tons of parts available cheap on EBay
  407. Vigilant32

    2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    It’s called get there first & leave last. I’d go 80 on a grease flat high pressure day in the Bight. My old Whaler pushed neared 60 in those conditions and we won some tournies covering more ground than others. Hard work & hard play, sweet ride.
  408. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay goes off 10/28

    Any bait, bomb or jog attempts, or no need with the quick troll strikes?
  409. Vigilant32

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Sadily this terrible tragedy in our beloved backyard has us all thinking about our journeys at sea and our expectations of safe passage home. Knowing another sole was fatality injured & other(s) badly hurt is worse to share with fellow fisherman. But I think relevant even as we are learning...
  410. Vigilant32

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Really a sad wake up call for everyone. RIP & Godspeed to a fellow angler & familes of all involved. I count my blessing as we have made many a passage and have had some crazy narrow misses that came up quickly and took fast acting eavasive actions to prevent accidents. One in broad daylight...
  411. Vigilant32

    Offshore Big Eye near the 302

    Many a BET have been caught around the 302 Bank over the years. I’ve caught several trolling Purple/Black CD-14/18’s. Even an 80lb class one on a CD-11. Hope they school up in SC Canyon for a Nov bonanza .
  412. Vigilant32

    22 Davis Cortez Diesel possible unknown hours, need advice

    Taking on sea water , insurance repair , hour meter doesn’t / haven’t worked. Could be or might be. Perhaps a detailed survey might be in order. Did you review the work order for insurance repair? Why did she take on water?
  413. Vigilant32


    Wow Pat, looking at the equipment list and retro fits over the past few years it seems she should be in turnkey condition. Touted as the best in the series sounds good too. Congrats, well done.
  414. Vigilant32


    Congrats Patrick. Need a deckhand?
  415. Vigilant32

    Offshore O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    Inspect your trolling rig for catching 10lb YFT?! Come on guys have a little faith in your anglers...
  416. Vigilant32

    Offshore Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    Congrats. Perfect report thanks for sharing.
  417. Vigilant32

    Offshore Big Eye Tuna on the Tomahawk

    Bronzer. Classic zone from Banda bank north to the finger & SC Canyon like everything else.
  418. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay Lodgings/Panga Rentals?

    Next season there will be a fleet of 25’-35’ Boston Whalers and perfect American built accommodations available in MagBay. Ping me for more information coming soon.
  419. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 175 (2) Stroke

    I have a pair still going at over 5000 hrs. Sweet looking motor.
  420. Vigilant32

    Yamaha Tiller Assembly - Fits F series 13.5 - F25

    turnkey kit this item was removed to convert the motor to remote xontrols.
  421. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 704 Flush Mount Helm Binnacle

    Still for sale. First two guys not interested . Thanks for looking. It does not come with cables.
  422. Vigilant32

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    My inlaws were early investors. They were smart and got a RE secured PG from the private lender aggregating some of the funding. Luckily they were paid off by a secondary round of funding before the backslide and bleeding of operating cash. Btw a business that is out of cash is out of...
  423. Vigilant32

    Offshore BlueFin - 8/11-8/12 - 10+ 200, 5+ 240 + 274lber

    They ate bsit too.... Bite went off in the evening .
  424. Vigilant32

    Offshore BlueFin - 8/11-8/12 - 10+ 200, 5+ 240 + 274lber

    My fishing buddy Brian has been working over the grounds catching FOL several times this season. I couldn’t go this time and of course everyone aboard had an all time best fish landed. Brian has a big heart and a huge craving to chase pelagics. This one weighed twice more than him @ 274lbs ...
  425. Vigilant32

    80 gallons of 91 Octane Gasoline.

    Diesel(s) only. Drought tolerant landscape, & no I don’t want to burn it in a fuel injected 4 stroke outboard. Hence, FREE.. I didn’t say it came with a guarantee of the original octane rating, just what it started life as. So - buyer beware .....
  426. Vigilant32

    80 gallons of 91 Octane Gasoline.

    About a year, boat was from AZ. Costa Misery
  427. Vigilant32

    80 gallons of 91 Octane Gasoline.

    ive got a tank full of 91 Octane gasoline from AZ for free if you’d come and pump it out of the 22’ Boston Whaler. 70-80 gallons. Come and get it and bring your own barrels . Thanks for looking. In the OC.
  428. Vigilant32

    Local Wahoo??

    When everyone was fishing for yellowtail on the hardbottom we were getting wahoo strikes.
  429. Vigilant32

    Yamaha Tiller Assembly - Fits F series 13.5 - F25

    Slightly used factory Yamaha Tiller handle assembly with mounting bracket and hardware. Complete system with installation manual. For Yamaha F Series Four stroke outboards ranging from F13.5 to F25. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for looking. For Sale $ 225.00 obo. Located in...
  430. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 704 Flush Mount Helm Binnacle

    Slightly used Yamaha 704 Flush mount helm binnacle. Great condition. Located in the OC. Cash & Carry. Thank you very much. Priced @ $110.00 obo.....
  431. Vigilant32

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    These motors going to require 100 hr service on their flywheels?
  432. Vigilant32

    Any love for rapala countdown magnums anymore?

    The old balsa one’s are the best & worth finding.
  433. Vigilant32

    Offshore Fished Friday Starting At The Slide

    Glad you found it but frustrating since those motors are a year old & how many hours?
  434. Vigilant32

    SeaFox Boats... Offshore capability? Comments?

    I wouldn’t do it. There are many other options with better quality hulls & resale values, imho
  435. Vigilant32

    Offshore Fished Friday Starting At The Slide

    Isn’t the steering integrated on those motors?
  436. Vigilant32

    Lost a Prop - have to cross tomorrow

    Sorry to hear. That’s why we have twins. You’ll have some company heading either way. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan, I’ve come home on one on that same trip and did fine on a similar size boat. I used to carry spares, thanks for the reminder to load them up again. Btw: is there a spare on...
  437. Vigilant32

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Hence I’m the shut down guy... always have and enjoy the peace , quiet & fresh air.
  438. Vigilant32

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I really find this topic interesting and am surprised so many leave um on. So the logic for leave your propulsion source on is? 1. It’s better on the machinery than restarting. 2. If it’s on, it’s on, so I’m getting home without cause or fear. 3. A Diesel engine would rather run than sit...
  439. Vigilant32

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Ever heard the term , when the Capt fired up the engines, it was time for the grey bite? Party boats shut em down all the time while drifting at sea waiting to start working over an area. Confidence that she’s going to start every time before you leave the dock, imho. There are plenty of...
  440. Vigilant32

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I would never go on a boat that could/would not restart every time you wanted it too. Should start as easy as your car or truck, if not better, there is no smog .. Nice boat, just do what your doing, but perhaps stay in the harbor and shut her down and restart 5-10 times over an hour or two...
  441. Vigilant32

    Any custom tow hitch builders in OC?

    Thank you everyone for your responses and vendor references. Due to the custom flat bed which made bolt on systems unusable, the guys at Miracle are fabricating and welding one up today. Great knowledgeable guys and really fair price point.
  442. Vigilant32

    90hp for a 17' montauk

    Are you selling the 2 stroke Yamaha 90?
  443. Vigilant32

    Offshore Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Evil eye. Congrats. Isn’t that your wife’s fish?
  444. Vigilant32

    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    Why are you trolling the Opah thread with your fish processing history lesson? I seriously do not care what your experience was with any of them. I personally never utilize any of them. I cut, process, package & smoke my own fish. That’s part of the fun. My friends wanted a professional to...
  445. Vigilant32

    Any custom tow hitch builders in OC?

    Custom hauler Al. Flat bed.
  446. Vigilant32

    Any custom tow hitch builders in OC?

    Yes, their fabricator just left for vacation... :(
  447. Vigilant32

    Any custom tow hitch builders in OC?

    in need of a HD capacity tow system for a Ford F550. Ball hitch on trailer. The guys that built custom stuff in my area have sold & closed for redevelopment and my backup vendor is unavailable until Aug. Looking for 20k tow and 3k tongue weight capabilities. Not really something off the...
  448. Vigilant32

    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    Flylined & soakin Sardine.
  449. Vigilant32

    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    When you wet a line you never know whats coming up on the other end! While chase some breaking tuna (small YFT) my good friend and hard charging fisherman Brian dropped a sardine over on 25lb. A little over an hour later it was time to sink a few gaffs and head to Fishermans Processing.
  450. Vigilant32

    Offshore First trip on the Adrianna

    I’ve had them eat blue/white feathers, rapala’s & marauders on the troll. Always way back last in the spread on the corner flat line.
  451. Vigilant32

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    When yield hogs were fat and their tranches looked to good to pass up, Wall Street wanted more of the pie. They started and funded wholesale lenders that flooded our office(s) seeking originations. Below subprime guidelines: 500 fico’s, 103% financing, no documentation of income or assets...
  452. Vigilant32

    Underway in the dark off Point Loma

    Didn’t one recently get his 100 license ??
  453. Vigilant32

    Offshore 6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Laughable... the seiner fleet needs no help from BD posters with their FD script, .... Some schools are on the chew, others need some coaxing and a blind hog will find some acorns. Nice fish and great photos too. Thanks for sharing. Horse mackerel were once buried in the yard until the...
  454. Vigilant32

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    I hope they don’t run at night at those speeds we don’t need another head on collision out there.
  455. Vigilant32

    Skip the Montauk: 16 Radon

    The transom has some issues based upon the photos. Perhaps some water intrusion also. With that motor & price ...
  456. Vigilant32

    100 hr service gone wrong

    Hope you get it resolved. Of note is that is mechanic just got back from Yahama school. So he’s a rookie or getting Re-certified? As Shad mentioned, Gonzalo knows his stuff better than most. Or Kiwi Dave in Dana Point
  457. Vigilant32

    40' Pacemaker in HB free

    Losing battle on every front.
  458. Vigilant32

    Yamaha engine service going rates

    I was quoted between $1000-$1250 at the 2 shops in Costa Mesa / Newport.
  459. Vigilant32

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    I - internet C - criminal E - exchange Really smart criminals take their loot to a tackle store that knows the owner of the goods they are fencing, get a photo op & then get smeared on the Internet . Apprantely some name calling fools fear ICE around here, you can put your definition in your...
  460. Vigilant32

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Just call ICE. Luv the guy wearing a rosary as a necklace.
  461. Vigilant32

    2004 26' Blackman $25,900.00

    Second pic says it all. Complete strip & rewire required.
  462. Vigilant32

    3500 BD Deal... continued

    Try Alex @ AB Trailer in Riverside.
  463. Vigilant32

    28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    Worth the price for Dave’s number @ Clemente.
  464. Vigilant32

    Fiberglass Bait Tank Pacific Edge

    Ya when the boat owner upgrades to a blue water you might has well get rid of the leftovers. My friend pickup up a PE off the “free” sidewalk here in CM & sold it here for over $400 lol
  465. Vigilant32

    1986 Cabo 216 - Barn Find!

    To each his own opinion on prized hulls, lol
  466. Vigilant32

    SOLD 26' Farallon Walkaround 2006 SOLD

    Beautiful rig. Your engine room looks like it has plenty of room & access to work on the motor.
  467. Vigilant32

    2013 Yamaha Pair F225 4.2L DEC Pair with Digital Rigging + Steering.

    That would be your best turn yet. Congrats on winning the auction
  468. Vigilant32

    Looking for a skiff

    I’ve got a 16’ Boston Whaler hull and trailer. Works great with a 40 hp motor.
  469. Vigilant32

    hull and trailer

    I’ve got a 16’ Boston Whaler hull and nice Baja trailer that’s available. Or a Boston Whaler Dauntless 180 project hull .
  470. Vigilant32

    2011 Yamaha F115 Four Stroke 25" shaft Only 26 Hours

    Shad how do you think this would perform on a 2005 Dauntless 180?
  471. Vigilant32

    28 Albemarle or 28 Carolina Classic - Questions

    Beautiful liking vessels but rolling at drift would be hard to stomach since we like to drift fish or anchor for family outings. A Whaler27 gives you everything your asking for except the stand up head but there plenty of room in there I’m 6’6”. All the speed you need with twin 200’s
  472. Vigilant32

    Tiller outboard

    I’ve got the tiller conversion kit for Yamaha 4 stroke to 30hp if you find a remote model.
  473. Vigilant32

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    Between boat dealer! Serious ass whopin beat down. Whoops, chose off the wrong guy..
  474. Vigilant32

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

  475. Vigilant32

    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    Move on. Who the hell waits in line? I learned 30 yrs ago that game was a waste of time⛺️
  476. Vigilant32

    29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    My friend Fat Phil had a 29’ Phx with twin diesels he pulled with his Suburban. The name of the boat was “Wide Load”, with Cal Trans Permit < $100 your good to go.
  477. Vigilant32

    29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    These boats are easily trailerable if you want to get away from a slip. Rode 29’ Phx for many years offshore, a fine little pocket sportfisher, imho.
  478. Vigilant32

    Bravo II Drives

    I sold some quickly on sportboat & powerboat forums.
  479. Vigilant32

    4 blade SS prop - PowerTech

    Did you like that prop? That’s a great price.
  480. Vigilant32

    Need Help!!

    Call Steve Keene from Keene Boat repair he helped us install an Armstrong bracket
  481. Vigilant32

    WTB fishing boat in Hawaii (Big Island)

    No but on a galvinized trailer & can work with you to ship her out. Comes with full Bimini & enclosure.
  482. Vigilant32

    WTB fishing boat in Hawaii (Big Island)

    22’ Boston Whaler Sentry. Cuddy upfront, Yamaha 225 4 stroke & 320 fresh water only hrs.
  483. Vigilant32

    WTB leaning post and bait tank.

    Tom anything for a Montauk 17’?
  484. Vigilant32

    Marine VHF Radio

    Marine VHF radio by West Marine - Aurora model. Comes with bracket, mic, mic bracket, power cord with fuse. Scan, W/X, H/L & memory functions. Thank you for shopping on BD. For sale $79.00 obo please.
  485. Vigilant32

    E.S. Ritchie Explorer Compass

    Vintage E.S. Ritchie Explorer Compass from the helm of a Classic Boston Whaler. A much sought after navigation tool, this Ritchie Compass is a classic for Boston Whaler and other clasic boat helm stations, In good operating condition, with slight bubble in the dome. You can send these to...
  486. Vigilant32

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank - 48 Gallon

    Nice Dan, going to another great BD'er.
  487. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 4 stroke tiller conversion kit - to 25-30 hp

    I purchased this to convert a Yamaha outboard but not the item I needed. This fits newer 4 stroke Yamaha's to 25/30 hp. Excellent condition and turn key everything you need to convert to tiller operation. Start, stop, shift, throttle. Priced to sell @ $350.00 obo. Thank you for looking.
  488. Vigilant32

    Rumors of my demise part deau

    No split window? Looks great.
  489. Vigilant32

    Bad news for you Abalone fishermen. Closed for good?

    Libs want us to eat soy & grass, no animal protein that’s the smokescreen in their long term agenda’s.
  490. Vigilant32

    Boston Whaler Outrage 20' w Yam F150 four stroke

    it gives these Whalers an extended ride, but I would guess it is mostly because the motor is longer than standard for the stock transom. That year V-20 Outrage utilized a 25" shaft. The current motor looks longer without that bracket. Some like the motors higher to help keep the pan out of the...
  491. Vigilant32

    Anderson 22

    Nice rig. The Bravo II is a workhorse drive set-up. And no you cannot purchase a new Parker 22' for this price, they are much more money and no way as good of a vessel, imho.
  492. Vigilant32

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Jose you may want to check with the Dr.’s @ Family Eye Medical in LB to see if they can help with surgery at a better rate & some sound advise. This is not a one & done issue since you have type 2 diabetes. It is a progressive deterioration of eye site that often leads to a detached retina and...
  493. Vigilant32

    Boat for Hawaii

    This one is for Sale.. Several folks from Hawaii like Boston Whalers. Comes with full enclosures, forward cuddy cabin, removable rear seat, low hour fresh water Yamaha 225 < 320 hours.
  494. Vigilant32

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    Capt Juan Cook in SQ look him up here.
  495. Vigilant32

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    I’ve got one for sale . It’s faded orange not green. With rolling stand. Best offer considered.
  496. Vigilant32

    TJ Dentist

    Always great to hear first hand feedback from BD/Fisherman taking honest care of our fellow like minded people. Kudo's to Cast Gold Kris, DDS. Many times it is better to save the roots if at all possible, but like the Professional told you, until he's in there you just don't know. Thanks for...
  497. Vigilant32

    Loaded 17’ Boston Whaler Montauk

    Through hull transducer are done on Whalers of all sizes. You need to hole saw out the top skin & foam down to the inner hull bottom. Prepare the cut out section with Fiberglass covering the open foam to seal the hull. Drill the appropriate hole in the bottom and install your transducer...
  498. Vigilant32

    WTB big trailer

    Alex @ AB Trailer in Riverside. He builds big boy toy trailers every day.
  499. Vigilant32

    1972 VW BUS - Custom Catalina Island Vehicle in 70's

    Not much protection for the passengers, I would not put my loved ones in that ride but a great novelty for the HB 4th of July parade. Someone will take it off your hands keep raising the price..
  500. Vigilant32

    TJ Dentist

    As a broker I’ve sold dental practices, dental buildings, my family has been dentists, hygienists & assistants for 4 generations . I’ve seen the invoices, I’ve witnessed the markups, I’ve run businesses with offices in six states and over 350 employees thanks for reminding me why I no longer do.
  501. Vigilant32

    Outboard motor dolly

    Thanks very much for your reply, I need a bit more capacity to be useful. Good luck with sale.
  502. Vigilant32

    Is this jackpot eligible?

    Looks to be a BigEye with those pectoral fins.
  503. Vigilant32

    TJ Dentist

    Yes my family has 4 generations of Dentists here in the US, plus mom and sister are/were dental hygienists. My nephew spent way over $500K to become a pediatric dentist. There are good deals here is SoCal if you search, it took me a while to track down, but mostly a family discount referral...
  504. Vigilant32

    TJ Dentist

    The markup on US dental is outrageous. A cap from a quality dental lab may cost the dentist less than $50 & they charge $ xxx, sometimes xxxx. I had a temporary when I lost a tooth, the Fountain Valley DDS crook Charged me $1500. I misplaced it a few weeks later, another $1350. I tracked down...
  505. Vigilant32

    2006 Parker 2820 xld

    This exhaust corrosion issue has been the most over blown topic. Yes it has happened, and does happen, but if you speak with factory Yamaha test pilots, there is one that lurks and tests motor here on BD, he will tell you, check before you spend.
  506. Vigilant32

    Carnage or work? Hmmmmm

    Awesome day congrats. The man in the middle playing games, what is their sell price to markets & restaurants?
  507. Vigilant32

    Search Light

    Yes, I was wrong the one I have is DHR from Europe with GE bulb. I was able to track down the new pricing, thanks for your response.
  508. Vigilant32

    Reupolstery Recommendations in Long Beach North OC

    Glad to hear he is still working I need to go see him soon. He did a fantastic job for me 15 years ago.
  509. Vigilant32

    Search Light

    Which ACR model did you purchase.? I have a brushed SS unit for going up for sale & was trying to determine a fair price but not many out there that I could find. Thx much.
  510. Vigilant32

    San Juanico

    San Juanico would have possible tuna outside, Grouper and ground fish on the stones, with possibly yellowtails roaming around. I'm sure a few locals may sell you some pulpo on the beach.
  511. Vigilant32

    Outboard motor dolly

    What weight capacity ? Thx much
  512. Vigilant32

    RayMarine S100 remote autopilot hand held control

    This item is a RayMarine series S100 remote autopilot control. Comes with hand held unit, plastic receiver and Sea talk remote connector with cable. In excellent working condition this unit was just removed from operation. Works with or compatible with most RayMarine autopilots connecting via...
  513. Vigilant32

    Mercury Marine Outboard Binnacle/Console Mount Boat Remote Control Shift Box

    Factory Mercury Marine & Mariner Marine Binnacle for single end throttle and shift. Item is in excellent operating condition. Has neutral safety switch wiring. Sell for $199 OBO. Thank you for looking. Item is in Orange County.
  514. Vigilant32

    Offshore 11/14 O95 BITINGGG

    Steve you clearly know the configuration, have far more time on her bottom, a luv from experience of skippering her and are a better man then me to run it out of Morro Bay. Round bottom , as you know, is a slang word for a rolly boat. It only took me two trips on her to know she likes to sway...
  515. Vigilant32

    Offshore 11/14 O95 BITINGGG

    Not really, the round bottom makes her a rolly polly platform in the slop, but the Capt has been on fire the last couple of season running hard to SCI
  516. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay Report - Nov. 14 - Robalo, too

    I'm sworn to secrecy on the Grouper holes that's for sure. Even when on the water with Ruben we will stop fishing or drop rods if a local comes bye, let alone an out of town fisherman. But your a local Bill.. However he always spreads the bounty around to those desiring or in need of a great meal.
  517. Vigilant32

    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January

    Another tax on recreation. I’m not against training & education but at 50 I don’t need a course on safety or navigation so it is only a tax. Thanks Jerry you communist a hole.
  518. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay Report - Nov. 14 - Robalo, too

    Rubin must have taken him to his honeyhole. He is hands down the man in Lopez , imho.
  519. Vigilant32

    Stolen Boat Bahia de Los Angeles

    Those two motors are now on pangas and the boat most likely scuttled. Outboard motor stealing epidemic going on in the USA, MX & South America. Since most states do not require registration, they are easily repurposed & factory id tages removed. Actually in Baja a complete engine is always in...
  520. Vigilant32

    First ever East Coast opah catch

    When an Opah is larger than the sword fish.... Nice East Coast catch.
  521. Vigilant32

    Shark VS Spearfisherman – Adventure Club Video

    I'm not so sure I would shoot a tuna with sharks already circling. Obviously a highly skilled free diver but that was a close call. He did scream for help didn't he?
  522. Vigilant32

    New Yamaha Outboards @ 50% discounts - TGTBT?

    One of my clients is in the market for a Yamaha F300 25" digitally controlled motor. Searching the internet and these companies pops up. ( Hong Kong based entity! ) (...
  523. Vigilant32

    Two Saturdays at Two Islands 11/4 & 11/11 Report

    You guys are hardy anglers. I stopped wanting to get wet on skiffs many moons ago. Love fishing those tight boilers with macs though.
  524. Vigilant32

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    Good marketing can always add value to a fine product. Many companies throughout the world of business make 2nd & 3rd gen products that surpass or were equal to the oringinal innovator. The guys I’ve meet from Yeti @ the shows were very professional & down to earth. There are ways around...
  525. Vigilant32

    FV San Diego out of Seaforth

    Always top dog in that town. Very fishy guys running the show.
  526. Vigilant32

    Offshore The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    CPS ? For our football coaches that ran us until we were puking... For our cross country coaches that ran everyone until they were puking... Hell In order to be better than others in basketball I used to train myself until I was puking as a kid. For me that insisted dad take us fishing or...
  527. Vigilant32

    Wtb Yamaha propeller

    I've got a factory Al. (white) in stock, as Shad asked, what size/pitch do you desire?
  528. Vigilant32


    Well we all know where parking lots are located, but when a Yachtie follows the circling plane to the sword, it seems a little like poaching too me. Now if your unsuccessful baiting a finner, would you call in a stick boat to finish the job?
  529. Vigilant32

    Used big dirty balls.......or boat fenders

    Sorry for the "low ball" offer. I'm heading your way tomorrow to meet a BD'er and pick up some anchors he gave me & have an extra $20 in my pocket. They will be donated to aquafarmers in Baja, with many thank you's and big smilies, and I'll put you on the list for discounted seafood and...
  530. Vigilant32


    It is the Blockchain technology that will/is change the world. I sold a house 3 years ago to a computer scientist that had a mother in law unit. I asked, will you rent that? No I'm setting up a Bitcoin server farm. I thought WTF. Well now she has $ millions in Bitcoin values. My son's friend...
  531. Vigilant32

    Do I Need to Register a Documented Vessel in CA

    Our govt sucks. Taxation has reached the point that we need another Boston Tea party. Sales tax, personal property tax, fuel tax, soon they will tax the number of hours used or miles covered. Then they spend our money on a Super train to nowhere & welfare. Move to Oregon & Mexico. Feel the...
  532. Vigilant32

    2006 32' Regulator FS $129,000 includes Tri-Axle Trailer

    Thanks for posting always room for another boat ad, creates value here, not subtracts it....... Content is king here but the BD POLICE think they create value when they just throw worthless smoke screens at posters. It is what drives away eyes not garners them, imho.
  533. Vigilant32


    Thank you very much J
  534. Vigilant32


    Anchors - pm sent - thank you
  535. Vigilant32


    Come on Bud, that's a pussy palace rig. lol. The fishing area on those is smaller than the master bathroom. I was on the killin side of that story.. My moment of fame with someone else’s work... Maybe I could get a deep drop permit for my rowboat....
  536. Vigilant32


    One day aboard the Pilikia their plane called Gary in on a batch. 5 up within a 1/2 mile radius. All 3 motors running out to them we were 20 mins away full steam ahead. Some yahos in a 43’ Mik ran over under the plane to bait one. Radio contact was made they said it was there fish! Lol...
  537. Vigilant32

    Variety outside Mag Bay - October 31 Report

    Great fun out of Lopez. Your camera work is amazing, thanks for sharing. A few years back we were catching those small YFT out there, when One I pulled up came aboard sliced in half, perfect cut! I said here come the wahoo and we switched over to our hoo gear and slayed them for a few hours.
  538. Vigilant32

    1989 Yamaha 175 Precision Blend 2-Stroke / Barn Find

    Great motor I have a pair with over 5000 hours. How’s the shift shaft look?
  539. Vigilant32

    Asuncion Wahoo, Solo in a tin boat.

    In Gods country. Awesome day on the water.
  540. Vigilant32

    Be Careful Out There

    Yes their autopilot was on, she had no idea how to jog or change course, so she should not have been on the helm... that is why I was so pissed at her father.
  541. Vigilant32

    Be Careful Out There

    Wow. That would ruin a trip for a lifetime. More idiots than ever on the water. We were dead stopped fishing on the Banda bank hooked to a big eye when we noticed a 48 Bertram running our way. I said, that guy has got to see us! Well, his daughter who was the only one of the bridge saw us...
  542. Vigilant32

    Solo Swordfish

    Seems like they will eat almost any protein that is within easy reach.
  543. Vigilant32

    Solo Swordfish

    Bud B what makes the slimlog the preferred topwater presentation? History & experience, stomach contents, etc. thx for sharing your knowledge. Have you seen clams in their guts?
  544. Vigilant32

    Offshore Tuna on a dinghy

    Brad took his 14’ wooden skiff all around the Bight including the Cortez & Tanner banks.
  545. Vigilant32

    Over rated tow weight?

    This Ford rating seems like a stretch to me. Towing, stopping & controlling that weight is not child’s play. Holding on a steep launch ramp would be my first test of this rating.
  546. Vigilant32

    Solo Swordfish

    K. Poe is jealous. Stop trolling and drop a squid to match the hatch.
  547. Vigilant32

    Solo Swordfish

    Perfect plan. Major kudos to set out solo & accomplish your mission. Well done. Another r&r sword on squid in 2 days. Congrats.
  548. Vigilant32

    Shotgunning Swordfish ...

    This one looks like it took a slug in the head, I could be wrong, maybe a ripped out gaff, but perhaps better safe than sword sorry . Congrats on his first sword, I would have guess he had numerous with all his angling adventures of a lifetime. Quite a feat to be both skipper & angler...
  549. Vigilant32

    Shotgunning Swordfish ...

    How do you subdue your swordfish? Is it sportsman like to plug it with a shotgun slug at leader & gaff? Or just safer? I’ve seen stick boats finish off a live one on the flag boatside with a blast, but wondered what’s acceptable recreationally?
  550. Vigilant32

    Offshore Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    While fishing late season Albies 40 miles off Morro Bay in big seas we spotted a large male, female and two pups heading south as we were moving north. Always respecting their heading I dropped a few degrees and continued north bound, the swells so large the horizon and view disappeared and...
  551. Vigilant32

    Much-oh, Much-oh cerveza, muy mala noche. 10/19-10/20

    Why go down to San Carlos for bait? We've caught or netted all the sardinas or macks we needed near the dock or out in the upper bay? Someone needs to get a bait box going down there.
  552. Vigilant32

    Much-oh, Much-oh cerveza, muy mala noche. 10/19-10/20

    Jig fishing is fun. U choose that or is there an option to fish bait also?
  553. Vigilant32

    OC roofing referral needed

    i have a single story sfr in Costa Mesa needing a Re-roof with comp shingles. Hoping to hire a like minded fisherman if you guys no of someone. Thanks much for a referral.
  554. Vigilant32

    Boston Whaler Outrage 22ft for sale

    My buddy Jamie will call tomorrow, he's been looking for a 22'
  555. Vigilant32

    Offshore friday 10/6 el derado at tanner on an overnighter

    Sounds like quality yellowtail oops & a shot at boilers, amazingly long haul, skips crazy HC.
  556. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 40 2 stroke - 20in outboard

    Actually I just returned home from a business meeting, so yes I detoured and pics up in morning. U interested? Thx much
  557. Vigilant32

    1998 Twin Yamaha 225 OX66 for sale

    How about a tax deductible donation? Good karma your putting two family to work? Plus BajaSur fishing excursion. If nothing else pops up. Cash is always better ... I know.
  558. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 40 2 stroke - 20in outboard

    Sorry guys I thought I had pic on my phone. I have 2 of these motors. I'll be home in a few & will get pix up.
  559. Vigilant32

    Yamaha 40 2 stroke - 20in outboard

    For sale: Yamaha 40 2 stoke with 20" shaft. Low hour motor that came off a yacht tender. Power trim & tilt with prop & sidemount control box . $ 1600 obo. Pics added, sorry for delay.
  560. Vigilant32

    Offshore It's October ... What to do? Just keep skipping Just Keep Skipping...

    If you tall, 6'6" fishing the rail can be difficult on your back. It's funny to watch guys use the rail to land yellowtail. Just not my style.
  561. Vigilant32

    Offshore Limit style fishin on the Tribute

    I always loved having a # in the 20's. The core temp of the fish resembles the temp of the deck by the time they cut your fish. Not worth it at any price.
  562. Vigilant32

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    A beach excursion if your south of Loreto is San Cosme or Aqua Verde. Very pretty valley & remote little hideaway.
  563. Vigilant32

    Offshore It's October ... What to do? Just keep skipping Just Keep Skipping...

    Congrats all around. 2nd fish coloring looks like a bronzer. (Ojo Grande)
  564. Vigilant32

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    Go Simrad if you plan on adding a radar, AP, or a networked unit the processor is far superior.
  565. Vigilant32

    What's a good new boat trailer to buy?

    AB Trailers ...
  566. Vigilant32

    Old Sea Bass last day

    No gaffs in mouth either.
  567. Vigilant32

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Parkers are tuff on the lower back. A skipjack pilot house in the 25-26' would ride better according to my friend that just went from a Parker 25' to a Skipjack 25'. Everyone has an opinionso decide for yourself not what the herd says.
  568. Vigilant32

    Suzuki gauges & ignition & harness

    In fine working order a set of analog outboard motor gauges for a Suzuki . Entire set or pick what you need. For sale @ $ 200.00 obo. Full engine wiring harness for $ 75. Thank you for looking. Cash & carry or will ship @ cost.
  569. Vigilant32

    Teleflex dual binnacle throttle

    For Sale: Teleflex dual helm throttle controls. In very good condition. Thank you for looking. Priced to sell @ $125.00. Obo Cash & carry or will ship @ cost.
  570. Vigilant32

    SeaStar hydraulic 2.4 helm

    For sale in excellent condition. SeaStar Hydraulic helm pump. 2.4 helm, 6.9 MPa (1000) psi max. Thank you for looking. Cash & carry but will ship @ cost. Price $ 200 obo
  571. Vigilant32

    WTB 17’ - 19’ CC Boston Whaler or 1801 Parker

    I've got a 17' Montauk with a solid hull , center console, add a newer 4 stroke and your good. 5 k
  572. Vigilant32

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please (Update 10.4.17)

    I would not utilize this vendor based upon what I've seen them do on this project for Joe. He was kind enough to give me his old trailer, I was there at DP when he took the first delivery. I tried to help him trailer his rig. No way Joe, the trailer was like 5 ft too short. So I gave him back...
  573. Vigilant32

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Not a very good idea I hope you can find a solution to keep it tilted up. It will kill a motor in 1/3 of normal time, imho
  574. Vigilant32

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    Your tackle store guy gave you bad advise. Not many years ago all these fish were being caught on mono & flouro line combos without much headache. The spectra marketers & reel jockies took you guys for a Money draining tackle train ride.
  575. Vigilant32

    So we're is all the big bluefin?

    So you'd rather pay to fish a dope parking lot? The tipping point is not too far off.
  576. Vigilant32

    Tell me something, where did the Pusuit get 64 YFT today?

    Check out the sites and you will see a general area most boats are fishing.
  577. Vigilant32

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    Cash is cash is doesn't matter where it is handed over. I would never bring that amount of money to Baja unless you made 2 trips. Why break the law to purchase a boat??
  578. Vigilant32

    Circus in la jolla 9/15

    Ya quit posting your numbers & locations on an internet site you share with fisherman. The fish arn't yours, the spots aren't yours, your not better than us. But some boat drivers have no sense of a buffer zone. Keep a fair zone around your fellow boaters is the lesson to learn. But stop...
  579. Vigilant32

    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    Who really cares. He's a rookie with a big mouth from the know it all generation. He works at the bottom of the rung without proper training and without a clue. Some groms grow up to be Captains but they have to start with a solid foundation. Here's the thing, as a passenger, unless you have...
  580. Vigilant32

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Why is it racist to call a spade a spade? It doesn't matter if the offenders are wearing stupid ass shirts, making absurd claims of stolen property or clogging up the rail or wasting bait. It's about being civil, going with the program and acting like a cohesive team of people that are stuck...
  581. Vigilant32

    Catalina Island 9/9

    Why fish a 3/4 day? Check the reports it's typically calico, sand bass, white fish or sheepshead with a few bonito or if your lucky yellowtail or halibut. Now a crew fishing to build the fish counts is a sad affair. Weak customer service = weak business with few return customers = not long to...
  582. Vigilant32

    Offshore Stop crowding the sport boats! Grande report 8/31 & 9/1

    It's pretty simple, show respect & hopefully others shall follow. Unfortunately in our e fishing social media MMA type world there will always be "that guy" on land or at sea.
  583. Vigilant32

    Fished the Thunderbird

    Smart Capt. You never cash 100% of the rain checks & there's always room for one more on another trip.
  584. Vigilant32

    SEI Marine Products?

    I purchase two merc trim pumps from them. They worked well at 1/2 the factory price .
  585. Vigilant32

    Offshore 32°38 x 117°46

    Or the 99 dope clones.. on your paddy. Why are people so against sharing info on this site for sharing info? It degrades the experience when the coolaide drinkers chime in on this side of the fence.
  586. Vigilant32

    Offshore 32°38 x 117°46

    The way it used to be! Thanks for sharing your success.
  587. Vigilant32

    Boat Loads of Fish Continue in Mag Bay

    Nice fishing. Hope the storm moves outside.
  588. Vigilant32

    UPDATED INFO 1988 17 ft. CC Boston Whaler Montauk

    Sweet looking rig. You might want to put it on FB everything Boston whaler
  589. Vigilant32

    Offshore Outer Limits Huge Bluefin Epic Drone Footage

    Great death circle, it almost depthcharge when the 1st gaff went in.
  590. Vigilant32

    Offshore Jigging with Shimano flat falls aboard the Pacific Star 2 day trip

    Ya I love when the party boats empty the hold to find a jackpot fish and fillet while everyone's fish sits on the deck for hours. Really not the best way to keep your catch in great condition.
  591. Vigilant32

    Rpt.-Sun-08-27-17 Farnsworth or Bust!

    West end bit yesterday. You guys are tuff & hardy adventurers.
  592. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay or Cabo San Lucas?

    Mag Bay v. Cabo is a different world. Sleeping fishing village , used to be sleeping village 35 yrs ago.
  593. Vigilant32

    Black Friday with Tails & Big Bones

    Fishing Fri 8/25 via Newport. Empty ramp with little parking for a long rig. Off to get stellar bait after a easy 10 min wait. Easy macs at the jetty on cat chum & cut bait on the sabiki's. Calm with a slight lump as we made our way around the corner. Metering plenty of bait & predators in...
  594. Vigilant32

    Fukushima Radiation

    Is this our same govt that said smoking was healthy, that fallout from above ground nuclear testing doesn't travel down wind, that 3 mile island was safe, that WMD's threaten the world peace? The nuclear industrial complex is a fraud. Period. When your waste byproduct is a hot potato for eons...
  595. Vigilant32

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    Great job you went above & beyond your duty. Over the years both AC & BD have seen losses of life on our waters. Always a sad tale and a sailors warning for all of us. This bass boat thing on the Pacific really ercks me. I know there is a wide variety of builds, models & safety margins, but...
  596. Vigilant32

    What's hiding in the warm water off the West end

    He does not suck you tools he's sharing quality info for free the same shit you pay "the service" for and that's causing more parking lots & entitled internet hack fisherman than this post.
  597. Vigilant32

    Offshore The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Ya and the trust fund baby has all the resources , equipment , vessel , mate, etc to make such an effort happen.
  598. Vigilant32

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Do you run 1 day trips also? Or leave evening before & on the banks before greylight? Thx
  599. Vigilant32

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Nice haul and variety of species. We're you guys fishing live bait?
  600. Vigilant32

    Offshore Backside of SCI 8-12

    They have been on & off the mac for a month.
  601. Vigilant32

    Siphoning gas from a below deck gas tank......

    Is the tank vent screen clean?
  602. Vigilant32

    Need local DP mechanic. Looking for old school two-stroke 2001 150HP Yamaha mechanic

    Btw, Kiwi Dave in Dana Point knows those motors very well. He's over at the old Dick Simon crib.
  603. Vigilant32

    who sells non ethanol fuel

    Not going to happen. Only sold as racing fuel from what I could find. $6 per gal or more .
  604. Vigilant32

    2014 Yamaha four stroke 200 HP brand new

    I'm looking for a 300 or I'd be on this. Thx glws.
  605. Vigilant32

    2014 Yamaha four stroke 200 HP brand new

    Heck of a discount for a few scratches.
  606. Vigilant32

    Offshore Late report from Yesterday (Knot On Call)

    Great day, great eating, great report, thanks for sharing.
  607. Vigilant32

    1991 21 foot walkaround whaler boat struggles to get to plane

    You want to also make sure the motor is mounted at the proper height on the transom. What trim angle your motor set at when hole shot, what position your trim tabs are if any? With that Whaler you should be able to set the motor trim and go. They really don't need much attitude adjustment...
  608. Vigilant32

    Reminder: Change your fuel filter with pictures

    Auction boat? With fuel injected 4 strokes I would go 2 x's on the Racor cartridges. I write the dates on them with permanent marker. Add red exchange date below install date.
  609. Vigilant32

    number 26 is an idiot

    I'm a white immigrant, now what ? And yes the fishmarket operator knew dam well where the fish came from & that he is breaking the law.
  610. Vigilant32

    number 26 is an idiot

    There are serious health reasons for not allowing sport caught fish into the public markets. Both parties should be taken offline, including yanking the markets license to operate. We are a nation of immigrants, but we swirl down the drain toward 3rd world status when the immigrants do not...
  611. Vigilant32

    Seasons Sportfishing

    Seasons gets it done.
  612. Vigilant32

    number 26 is an idiot

    Someone is real lazy. How do you not pull the tags before they go on sale?? I'm sure the seller got a bonus for the rsw preserved fish..
  613. Vigilant32

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    I fished out of the landing once 45 years ago. I learned then you were wasting your time. Get your friends & drive down to San Diego and get on a boat like the First String or the Searcher or someone with a reputation. One day trips are killing yellowtails & dodo's.
  614. Vigilant32

    West Coast Marine Alternative

    Call Tim @ boathouse of Anaheim he has a good yamaha mechanic on staff. Or Dave ( kiwi ) in Dana Point.
  615. Vigilant32

    Refit 13' Boston Whaler with 25hp Yamaha 4-stroke

    Sorry to see your selling your tricked Whaler. This boat is perfectly rigged folks and in better than new condition. Bummer about Vic, is the big boat for sale?
  616. Vigilant32

    Boathouse of Anaheim

    Known Tim Jones (TJ) for 35 years. He is a solid guy and fair. Just picked up another skiff from him.
  617. Vigilant32

    Is this a good deal?

    Over priced IMHO . A million used boats and deals to be found. Define your usage profile then seek a vessel that best suits your needs. Edgewater, Gradywhite, Boston Whaler Davis, Parker, Radon to name a few, all have great reputations & solid resale. Not so much with KeyWest.
  618. Vigilant32


    Got one off a 27' Whaler
  619. Vigilant32

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    It's not cool to be an idiot.
  620. Vigilant32

    Offshore 7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    before you sink all the PSV's think about how your bait is caught...
  621. Vigilant32

    Offshore Just Keep Popping - YFT Report - 7/8

    Very fishy game plan, as always, congrats.
  622. Vigilant32

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    In the day we always ran more to the outer edges of the fish zone so we could try and find our own and stay away from the crowds. We worked code groups of friends, made new friends and utilized the RDF to snake a few on the water bite zones. Just think if the tuna fleet didn't work together to...
  623. Vigilant32

    Dreamer trip that wasn't

    This situation is one reason the big landings have the ability to satisfy so many customers. These guys may have been able to switch onto another vessel in a larger lineup. I do understand the " get my ghost " charters and Brandon is not likely to have a quick opening nor the capacity on short...
  624. Vigilant32

    Dreamer trip that wasn't

    Communication breakdown ... that's all it is, and BTW. Got it. Customer service & reputation. Would the record indicate he took a local more regular charter instead? Charter captain & or vessel owner is a difficult and dangerous life. A love of the sea and the hunt of the quarry becomes...
  625. Vigilant32

    Dreamer trip that wasn't

    You guys are more than kind. I'm guessing your group was out over $1000 in travel expenses & blew through vacation time too boot. That's inexcusable especially with a deposit check in hand. F ing tool . I'd take him to small claims court. Btw he saves a % doing his own booking which I can...
  626. Vigilant32

    Wtb : Yamaha 200 RH Prop - 15-17 p

    14.5-15" will work. It's a work boat so looking for more push than speed. But anything will work, it's Baja.. Thanks much for checking.
  627. Vigilant32

    lean post/bait tank

    Tom does the lid stay in the up position for netting bait?
  628. Vigilant32

    Wtb : Yamaha 200 RH Prop - 15-17 p

    Please check your garage... I am donating a 200 hp Yamaha 2 stroke to a needy commercial fisherman / panguero in Baja Sur but I am in need of a prop for the project. Please see if you have a 15-17 pitch prop that might work. Aluminum would be best since these guys beach their boats and SS...
  629. Vigilant32

    Offshore We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    Nice for letting us share the journey with you guys. How long is your gaff? After losing some tanks just out of reach we now carry 8', 10' & 14' hooks.
  630. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay 33 Hull 16 Build Thread

    Yes but the screw heads aren't line up perfectly. Thank you very much for the feedback & info on tanks & installs. Currently redoing 4 Whalers for a fleet headed to MagBay so I wish I had a shop and your skills.
  631. Vigilant32

    Mag Bay 33 Hull 16 Build Thread

    Where do you get your fuel tanks manufactured? What sender & pickup systems do you utilize? Is that closed cell foam and you then seal it with glass to eliminate moisture? Thanks I'm redoing tanks on a 25' Whaler where foam rotted due to moisture which also got to tanks. Greatly admire your...