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  1. winningman

    Favorite Braid

    Odssey Braids
  2. winningman

    RSW consistency,tanks%20and%20the%20chilling%20system.&text=The%20water%20returns%20through%20suction,the%20circulation%20process%20is%20repeated.
  3. winningman

    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    You lucky that it wasn't Squid..
  4. winningman

    Stainless Steel Guides and Braided Lines?

    Main problem is that they use 4 strands / and not clean ( salt dried ) and not cleaned guides are asking for trouble !!
  5. winningman

    Stainless Steel Guides and Braided Lines?

    Depend on what brand of braids you use'em
  6. winningman

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Same as you that I have not got one yet, But I seen these people gets'em next to me.. lol
  7. winningman

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    None... Every sinker that gave it to Ocean Every Jig that fish took Lots of rod and reels that I gave it to pier fishing.. Every dime was worth it.
  8. winningman

    1.5-3 Day Trip - How to plan around weather forecasts?

    That is WHY we call " Mother Nature "
  9. winningman

    New BD Is BS

    We just needs to Watch out "FOR" Account open long time ago With "low count" message, likes,.. ete
  10. winningman

    New BD Is BS

    Well in my point of view I go to what I need to look up or find and bookmark it, ( no more headache ) saves lots of time No need to dig around to get ... up set
  11. winningman

    NEW BLOODYDECKS Forum site

    Soon enough we will get use to it..
  12. winningman

    UC GP80 Monster - Tip Size

    Thanks I am also beginner..
  13. winningman

    UC GP80 Monster - Tip Size

    edited.. For XN I would start from 10 for MXN I start with size 8... But, 30 - 60 rod, Reg set with tip 10 is what I would use.
  14. winningman

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    This is just like normal wear and tare, normal maintenance fee... by the way the " the money I wasted on tackle" was none because, if I don't use I add to my junk pile ... lol
  15. winningman


    When I got to the site I am looking for I "book mark" that one... and another.. another.. also "Other bookmarks" I filled up my book marks... Now I have to go down mile to searched where I bookmarked... lol
  16. winningman

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Don know new system, keep telling me rank is going up.. lol
  17. winningman

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    TOOOOO old for up grades Up grades are too smart for me But, soon enough I will catch up And I will use what I can.
  18. winningman

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

  19. winningman

    Brand New Tranx 500HG cheap

    Nope only 49,999 cause one that I did not sent 😅 lol
  20. winningman

    Trinidad 30 DC

    That was fast....
  21. winningman

    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    You have NOT seen all of them yet, Why they call One hung low....
  22. winningman

    Penn visx 50

    Sold Gone.
  23. winningman

    Penn visx 50

    I sent on your phone # I will be at work ( Tuesday ) 10:30 a.m. ~ 4 p.m.,-118.3223815,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dd4a602dceaee5:0x2cf0ca42053d0b1d!8m2!3d33.8022129!4d-118.3201928
  24. winningman

    Penn visx 50

    p.m. you /Text see you tomorrow if not next
  25. winningman

    Penn visx 50

    Also have "New" United Composite RCX 76 Invictus 7'6" to go with reel... $500.00
  26. winningman

    Penn visx 50

    I got new in the box with 200# spectra to brim due to Liver transplant I don't think I am able to pull Cows.. lol Today, until tomorrow $650.00
  27. winningman

    Shimano Trinidad 14A too small

    Will be great for Badacuda or Bonito little bit small for line capacity
  28. winningman

    the best reel for live bait ?

    This will be your own "Home work" that you have to Seek
  29. winningman

    Spotted Bass Catalina?

    New Port bay....
  30. winningman

    Removing swine wrap / replace with reel seat and hypalon

    It could be done.. If you need to replace reel seat with Hypalon top and bottom of reel seat, recommend rewrap. reel seat and bottom Hypalon can be done through bottom. Or I do it with "Cold shrink tube" little costly. I am at Lomita.90717
  31. winningman

    Rod needed asap

    90 Monster / 500 Valiant 100 Mega / 16A this is what I use.
  32. winningman

    2 speed 20 size reel with cast control
  33. winningman

    Sport Ocean Enhancement Validation

    They are coming to get you for back pay THAT you fished with out "Ocean Enhancement" <- :oops::oops:
  34. winningman

    Samsung Phone

    Found it $1299 New lol
  35. winningman

    There back

  36. winningman

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    None.. ooooops I lied GF-410 30 -80 AR
  37. winningman

    Kite reel question.

    After one retrieve, you will think about electric reel
  38. winningman

    Would You Get The Covid Vaccine?

    Yes, Once a Soldier, always will Disabled Veteran over 60
  39. winningman

    Glass cracking sounds when pulling on a rod

    Did it brake..? if it did not, ignore the sounds its music to my ear...(getting adjusted) to get rust in...
  40. winningman

    If you could only have ONE

    UC 90Reaper, UC 90 Monster
  41. winningman

    4 Dz Mason Jars w. lids and rims.

    Those Jars has been "Quarantine" more that 14 days
  42. winningman

    BV-500 or bv2-500

    OOOps just saw it got one new with braid BLACK.. if you want second
  43. winningman

    Removing Paint off Jigs

    Just buy another one.
  44. winningman

    Futa Heads and Lures

    Yea.. We don't troll no more that is why I been making tuna spikes.... lol willing to sell'em
  45. winningman

    Futa Heads and Lures

    Well GOT some... Jet Heads And more Been doing this... LOL
  46. winningman

    Who here rolls their own joints?

    Tie stick....
  47. winningman

    Penn Senator 4/0, 6/0, plus.... (or something similar)

    I have some used ones rod and reels come and see Tuesday open 10:00 a.m. 24603 Narbonne Ave Lomita, CA 90717
  48. winningman

    Older rods

    Asking $140.00
  49. winningman

    Older rods

    I have one of this I have one of this.
  50. winningman


    Diawa MJ800 UC Centar
  51. winningman

    How to get access to fish private property

    Running away ~~
  52. winningman

    Casting practice w/out license

    I do it at park in the morning..
  53. winningman

    Computer electrical/battery back up units (have 2) almost free

    take a Batteries out And sell it as Kayak batteries...
  54. winningman

    How to catch lots of mackerel on piers

    Why would you want " lots of mackerel ??
  55. winningman

    800ish 30# SoCal Baitstick

    If you like Deckhand style Go with UC CE800 Mega - CT . 25 - 40
  56. winningman

    Braid cutting thumb

    Will have hell of time to stop it.... :goldfish::goldfish::goldfish:
  57. winningman

    Braid cutting thumb

    Never stop on line... I use side of spool with side of thumb .
  58. winningman

    Marking rods?

  59. winningman

    Deep Chest Freezer

    If you are Veteran, most place will give you 10% off Home depot, Lowe's, ...
  60. winningman

    Reprinting Mexican Fishing Lic

    I always ask to send me a license to mt e-mail in this case I can print when ever I need
  61. winningman

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    Yes, I know this is the first one that broke on me.....
  62. winningman

    how long to Catalina?

    Used to be the first one to be there less than 2 hours...... long long time ago... Can't remember when.....
  63. winningman

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    No No No Speed master... Clamp breaks
  64. winningman

    Rosecrans Roadblock

    Isn't that a Police car front of you ?
  65. winningman

    Rock fishing at night

    Rock fish does not bite at night... may be party fish might.:rockin:
  66. winningman


    If it is old enough to break in line... Change it out be safe for next large tuna...
  67. winningman

    Alps sold

    Tooooo MaNY BUMP FOR a DAY...... FREE BUMP
  68. winningman

    Masks or no masks.

    Why would you open a "Can of worms" ?
  69. winningman

    Any trouble with out of state boat registration in California?

    You have to be AAA member to get service in AAA office.
  70. winningman

    Lead heads for swimbaits

    I will take it.. Paypal ?
  71. winningman

    Cheap Hydraulic Fluid vs Expensive Fluid??

    You know what they say... "You get what you pay for " Middle of no where " I would not take a chance,,,,"
  72. winningman

    Offshore Check out this guy!

    Bluefin or bust !!!
  73. winningman

    Offshore Not a fish report, a UFO report

    If it is near Marine Base... it was Search lights...
  74. winningman

    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    When you see birds flying low, and looking into water looks like following into water, You through jig in front of them they are following the fish...
  75. winningman

    SOLD...Small Campell Hausfeild Air Compressor,

    Darn do you ever come this way ? :jig:
  76. winningman

    SOLD...Small Campell Hausfeild Air Compressor,

    I want it.... but, toooo far...
  77. winningman

    Masks or no masks.

    If whom can swim that long.....
  78. winningman

    Don’t be that guy....

    I been done that.. in my times... lol
  79. winningman

    Fish ID - perch?

    Sargo, it is
  80. winningman

    small bait fish ID

    Show us what you GOT !!! Croaker, Covina, 7-11, WSB,...?
  81. winningman

    Portable AC - 8000BTU - SoleusAir - $100

    Dang bring passport in case you miss exit.... Into Tijuana, club Chicago...
  82. winningman

    Catalina 6/13

    Make sure come back, before 5 p.m. wind...
  83. winningman

    Portable AC - 8000BTU - SoleusAir - $100

    Great unit.. I got three of'em if you were closer I would buy it ...
  84. winningman

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    Silent Killer.. No color No smell will put you to sleep
  85. winningman

    New forum in the classifieds Vintage Tackle

    If you have not used it for 6 months, and collecting dust for sure.... lets call it \
  86. winningman

    First trip checklist

    And, good mechanic whom fishes better that U
  87. winningman

    Your odds of catching COVID are less than 3%

    Did we had COVID back in 2018 ?
  88. winningman

    Mr Heater Buddy

    Great thing, Great deal little too far...
  89. winningman

    There may never be a vaccine for Corona Virus

    vaccine will be here ..... “Be Patient” This will also pass
  90. winningman

    Eating skulpion sushi style

    Great meat, but you ain't gona get much... out of it.
  91. winningman

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Take some air out of boat ?? just like tire..? just kidding.. stuck at home long enough to go kuku
  92. winningman

    Stolen Vintage VT lure...

    Your fault : you did not Secured enough Fact : you did not know she was that BIG / Fat ... lol Strange : we do not want big wife But : tuna / Fish to be bigger and Fat'er the better Even : we can not handle
  93. winningman

    Fish ID. Carlsbad Lagoon

    Look for the tags.... if it is white sea bass
  94. winningman

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    in the Carpool lane
  95. winningman

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Pull the power outlet oh, Can't find it ?
  96. winningman

    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Looks like YOU will have to sign #1.
  97. winningman

    Trailer Mx - hub wheel stud and nut corroded into wheel

    If wheel can spin, / not lockup worst comes to worst you can break it and replace Nuts and Studs
  98. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    We know.. But, he is having bit trouble how to use it... I am staying HOME
  99. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    I think he meant, "No power to the holder"
  100. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    run the jumper wire to that fuse holder....
  101. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    Yes, 100%
  102. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    They been home tooo long, need to go fishing..
  103. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    go to those "components " and wiggle the wires first and follow wiggle to the ground side, and power side... And if you could have jumper wire from battery to "components " make sure install " 10A " or smaller inline fuse in case. and also try the grounds.
  104. winningman

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    Where is the boat ? If near by I can take a look... Torrance.
  105. winningman

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    Max 15 # line, No flor...
  106. winningman

    CIH and Ventura opening with crazy rules

    Just get some friends with SAME last
  107. winningman


  108. winningman

    How often should I change top shot and backing

    best time to replace is m"before it breaks"... When is it going to break ? I would not know you would.. if not change it, before you loose that fish.
  109. winningman

    Just want what he said I would if just give him a little time please contact me Ed !!

    As I under stood that, ED sold the store location. Baja Fish Gear "took" the name and business with him New owner has different name for the shop, there for new shop/ location owner has nothing to do with Ed's gift card... My thoughts.
  110. winningman

    Or trade. Looking for a talica 12 or16

    If you need to straight trade... You need to spe·cif·i·cal·ly ,spec·i·fy what you got to trade.... " NOT " Looking to buy or trade in this way, if I need your rods..? or not ? I do have both 12 & 16.. Thanks
  111. winningman

    Lead heads for swimbaits

    Very interesting.. never seen it before..
  112. winningman

    Bait/chest freezer

    Just plug in and all "THAT" smell will go away...
  113. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    Grind the old knob/ brass, to remove it and just install new one with hammer, vise, ete.. what ever you want to use to mushroom out the end Brass part is what spins, do not over do it. recommend put little washer / handle side
  114. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    I got more of this...
  115. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    Happy New Year
  116. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle what reel are you going to fit on it ?
  117. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    It will fit, only difference is handle/color if you pick up/ free in Torrance/happy new year if I ship / $10.00
  118. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    Or one with bigger hole.
  119. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    Ooooops It say..24 - 55 What's the difference ?
  120. winningman

    Penn 24-56 handle

    1. Accurate 2. Penn 3. Adjustable power handle.
  121. winningman

    Garmin's 72

    No problem Larry Happy New Year.
  122. winningman

    Garmin's 72

  123. winningman

    Garmin's 72

    Yes, I do have paypal p.m. ed
  124. winningman

    Toyota FJ center cap

    Toyota fJ center cap New, Asking $10.00 / + $10.00 SHIPPING or pick up in Torrance 90505
  125. winningman

    Thousands Of Penis-Like Sea Worms Wash Up On California Beach Eat'em
  126. winningman

    Garmin's 72

    Still works It has broken pin Must use battery only Asking $20.00 / + $10.00 shipping Or Pick up in torrance 90505 Thanks Han
  127. winningman

    Sony Action cam(parts)

    Hello BD friends I know you got one of these... I did until I went down tooooo deep.. lol I have extra battery/ charger Case,( 5 meter/ 16 feet) Holder, and .. Wrist control CAM IS NO GOOD all this extra for $60.00 / +10.00 for shipping Or pick up in Torrance 90505 Thanks Han
  128. winningman

    Accurate Valiant BV2 400

    -- ONE year ago....
  129. winningman

    looking Generator

    Hello BD friends I need to charge batteries on boat to start boat generator to start main engines... If anyone have one that running / I mean sitting around if you could part with would you let me know looking for Honda ..EU2200i ? Cash or I got fishing gears... HAN Thanks
  130. winningman

    Sony Aquos 15 inch LCD TV$20

    Time for Goodwill at least get tax break for full amount.
  131. winningman

    boat stuff - paddles, boat hook, 3/4" line, trolling motor, kid pfd

    Look above DATE.................................
  132. winningman

    Low Ball Offer Question

    Market Value ( - ) how used, and serviced.
  133. winningman


    October 02, 04:14PM Granada Hills, CA
  134. winningman

    Ganion Hooks, Long Line

    I will take it. Can you do PayPal?
  135. winningman


    Got it. will send it out in the morning
  136. winningman


    I am sorry I just saw it Yes, it is blue
  137. winningman


    $50.00 New pick up in Torrance Looks like this shipping on you $10.00 will cover my time to post office.
  138. winningman

    Rail rod combo

    1st post on sale 2nd No price.. this is NOT the BD way
  139. winningman

    Aluminum helium tank 50 ft.³ size Up for grabs!

    Fresh AIR ?? Just kidding. Monday bump.
  140. winningman

    UC Del Mar 900 or US Monster 90

    90 Monster new. Asking $320.00
  141. winningman

    1.5 day on the Aztec August 19th

    Well how did it turn out ? AztecWednesday 21st August 2019 1.5-Day 27 21 Bluefin Tuna
  142. winningman

    Possible scammers....

  143. winningman

    SS 6470 & 6480

    Well I have SS 6480H was blank, Rooster ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ build it for me, asked me how I want it, and I said make it like factory... lol all I know is Alps guides, reel seat.
  144. winningman

    Padre vs Dodgers 08/26 (Mon) - Coaches Box

    2 weeks left to plan your Baseball game .
  145. winningman

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Wish I have (A) bluefin to dump... wish list..:drool:
  146. winningman

    Padre vs Dodgers 08/26 (Mon) - Coaches Box

    Toooo far free bumP
  147. winningman


    Must add on your own...!!
  148. winningman

    Nib visx50

    Wait till cow shows up in Nov...
  149. winningman

    Truline ultralight

    yes, all of'em make offer will sell. two right one is 2(two) piece
  150. winningman

    Truline ultralight

    Well... Closer pic 's
  151. winningman

    Truline ultralight

    It is second one from left
  152. winningman

    Truline ultralight

    I have one that is very soft.... no marking...But, true line for sure. It is 6'5" / spinning. needs touch up threads coming loose Great for bait.
  153. winningman

    Brand New Mak 30 SEA w/ 130lb JB & Brand New UC Viper 76

    Just tell her Paid $500.00 like my gears cost no more than $50.00
  154. winningman

    Nib visx50

  155. winningman

    UC UC85Phantom

    Just cover it ...
  156. winningman

    White Rods/Blanks (UC and Seeker)

    :jig: messaged on other post
  157. winningman

    White Rods/Blanks (UC and Seeker)

    If you are far from Torrance.. will be use less...
  158. winningman

    White Rods/Blanks (UC and Seeker)

    I have few UC blanks what is your 10 - 20 ?/ Location ?
  159. winningman

    Used Heavy or Extra Heavy Inshore Rod

    I knew I would make some one SMILE... :-)o_O:)
  160. winningman

    Used Heavy or Extra Heavy Inshore Rod

    This one is very heavy... And reel seat.:-):-)o_O:-):-) Will fit your budget...
  161. winningman

    Raptor or Non-Raptor

    Only HXW Raptor does not come with M/C cast.
  162. winningman

    [WTB] Red Saltist 20 7.3:1

    I wanted Back in 5 years ago.......
  163. winningman

    UC 7'6 Centaur

    Any time.. Catch big fish
  164. winningman

    Brand New Talica 25ii (Oceanside)

    Or UC Viper 7'6" 80 - 130# rail rod.
  165. winningman

    Brand New Talica 25ii (Oceanside)

    I have brand new BV2 in Iceblue, Green or Black
  166. winningman

    Honda 3000 Generator Price Drop.

    Free Bump
  167. winningman

    Red Avet LX - 2 Speed

    Little far away... Red, New, None m/c None Raptor fill 80# Izer hollow to brim $350.00 with out line $320.00 shipping on buyer.
  168. winningman

    9' or 10' UC Wahoo

    Have you found it yet ?
  169. winningman

    Tiburon Clamp Kit for Tranx 400

    That is what I said Lance... if all Or name your price, I will send it to you. what ever you say..
  170. winningman

    Tiburon Clamp Kit for Tranx 400

    I bought one for mine for heck of it. But, as you know all my rods have reel If all fails for your option you can have mine, just little to far for you to pick it up. Might have to ship to you $45.00 ship to you only.
  171. winningman

    Beware this scammer!

    Wow... Just wow...
  172. winningman

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D & Daiwa VIP 870 Spinning rod. Rowland Heights/City of Industry

    I will take Shimano Baitrunner 12000D Do you ever come down to Torrance ? or I will be at Huntington beach / United Composit.
  173. winningman

    BNIB Shimano Baitrunner 8000D - $120

    Dang.. how did I miss this post...
  174. winningman


    Hand Carry...?
  175. winningman

    Vhf raido

    It has been one week, should have been gone...^^
  176. winningman

    G-Shock G Steel Watch from Japan - Brand New

    I also got this one. RUS80 PREDATOR 8’0” MOD-FAST 50-80 1 $353.00
  177. winningman

    G-Shock G Steel Watch from Japan - Brand New
  178. winningman

    G-Shock G Steel Watch from Japan - Brand New

    How about Trade ? UC rod new. RUS80 MEGA 8’0” MOD-FAST 20-40 1 $325.00
  179. winningman

    WTT Talica 25 for 20

    May I ask where about in OC ?
  180. winningman

    Shimano Ocea Jigger Casting Rod B60-5

    Nope... I offer $1.50 at least his first post was not for sale...
  181. winningman

    Seeker 6480H

    I got one in Torrance. LB made Super Seeker 6480H Custom build by " rooster" Fuji guides Reel seat Wrapped looks like factory...( long story ) lol Been holding but time to let go Asking $250.00
  182. winningman

    Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    What happen to the back side..? Did you put it on Grill..?? just kidding great looking.
  183. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    Put about 3 inch of "X rap" heat shrink.
  184. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    Try the "TCU-TTU" Or One for the "Tranks 400"
  185. winningman

    Found What I need

    Not yet fully set up online. / Facebook / Closed on Mondays
  186. winningman

    Found What I need

    How many do you need ? May I ask ?
  187. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    Did not have Saltiga 15ha on hand to test it.
  188. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    This one does fit on New style Saltist 15./ skinny enough
  189. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    Well let me put it this way, I am at shop, darn Saltiga 15HA got sold and could not test it. But, it did fit on Saltiga 20 HA lol And did not fit on New style Saltiet 15 if it is same.
  190. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    Well NOT sure, But today I will go to shop and try it on. And let you know, after the church.
  191. winningman

    Daiwa Saltiga 15h tiburon clamp

    In case if you need one I got it.
  192. winningman

    9' or 10' UC Wahoo

    I have RUS 90 Monster / reel seat
  193. winningman

    ALL GONE! boat trailers, must take boat too...

    Free is Free Trailer is Trailer.... If you need it take it.. If not... Say nothing...
  194. winningman

    800-1000lb mono
  195. winningman

    United Composite 100xf

    Call John last time I check he got one on hand.
  196. winningman

    Looking for Electric reel

    For the Rock fishing.. you need Daiwa Tanacom 750 or 500 size will do you also need to think about battery power pack. * They are price... But think you will spend 600 easy for Accurate, so it is not bad for price. or go to E-bay
  197. winningman

    1/2-1.5 day tackle bag/box

    Gone to Kevin.... Good luck.
  198. winningman

    1/2-1.5 day tackle bag/box

    Ok it is yours 3710 Newton st, Torrance Ca 90505 Tomorrow morning will be great I still have to empty out. I was going to use it Thursday on Eldorado over P.m. you phone #
  199. winningman

    1/2-1.5 day tackle bag/box

    I have Nornad roller bag / Large had it for 5 years, used, still holding Just got new one from club jack pot... if you want you can have it, does not come with trays... yes, it has name on top saying HAN, in ooops I just saw you not looking for anything that...
  200. winningman

    WALTHER PPK/S Co2 bb

    Sold for $50.00
  201. winningman

    300e parts or reassemble

    Great Deal.... Nice of you
  202. winningman

    Penn Torque $360.00

    Bump price lowered
  203. winningman

    Penn Torque $360.00

    Sorry for Correction... It is 25N LD yes, for $10.00 more to: Solvang / nice place shipping + Insurance.
  204. winningman

    Penn Torque $360.00

    NFS no longer Sorry
  205. winningman

    WALTHER PPK/S Co2 bb

    I have clean Walther bb gun for sale my son never got into this and must go ASKing $65.00 must pick up in Torrance. Very Clean shot less than dozen times. Comes with * BB gun * 6 extra Mag + 1 = total 7 * used bb bottle, * box of 25, CO2 * extra 17 loose CO2 P/S YOU MUST BE 21 TO PICK UP...
  206. winningman

    Black Friday Penn Reel Deals

    Steve GREAT price.
  207. winningman

    US 90 Long Rod

    No not on new rods. It is sticker
  208. winningman

    US 90 Long Rod

    Also have 9' mega 90 Custom has Alps reel seat, Fuji guids
  209. winningman

    US 90 Long Rod

    I am far away... will do when I get home. are you willing to come down to Torrance ?
  210. winningman

    US 90 Long Rod

    You should known what the rod looks like.... if NOT look at
  211. winningman

    US 90 Long Rod

    Factory New: 310.00 Used: 290.00 Custom: used 260:00 In Torrance
  212. winningman

    US 90 Long Rod

    In torrance.
  213. winningman

    Shimano Talica 20 II speed

    Great Deal... But , Does Izer makes 85# braids..???
  214. winningman

    Any old Roddy for sale?

    sounds good, but I do not have rod tube, never sent one before... Do not know how much...? it might cost you more than what it is. if you ever come this way.. I can hold it for you. I also have few true-line you might be interested...
  215. winningman

    Any old Roddy for sale?

    I am but do not know what to ask for..? and you looks far away..
  216. winningman

    Any old Roddy for sale?

    Well I do not know if this is what you looking for ? I bought it as true line, some one said it I'd roddy.. It is 7'9" and far away from
  217. winningman

    Sold. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to BD family.

    you can use my combo 1. penn 50 Visx & UC Viper (200 J braid/135 soft steel) 2. Talica 20ll & UC Centaur (100 braid/ 130 Seaguar) 3. Accurate 30Nll & UC Raptor (80 Braid / 80 Seagua all rail rods 7'6"
  218. winningman

    Makita drill&driver set

    Well sir... He is USMC I gave him FREE BUMP.
  219. winningman

    Makita drill&driver set

    By the book it is 4 minutes..
  220. winningman

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    6. Safe speed Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions. In determining a safe speed the following factors shall be among...
  221. winningman

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Self driving car and Auto Pilot is totally different system. It just guide point A, to point B.
  222. winningman

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    AIS or NOT it should have been picked up by radar....
  223. winningman

    Bucktail Hair

    Sports Chalet $4.99
  224. winningman

    Bucktail Hair

    I believe he does not want to be Horse...:-)
  225. winningman

    Honda EU 2000 used

  226. winningman

    WTB Ocean City 610 10/0 big game reel
  227. winningman

    Found one. Looking for 9' Jig Stick Local in Palmdale/Lancaster

    If you ever go fishing on 22 st, Landing let me know.
  228. winningman

    Found one. Looking for 9' Jig Stick Local in Palmdale/Lancaster

    Recommend you UC Monster 9' 30-60 Great 40# rod
  229. winningman

    looking for an offshore rod 9ft

    United Composit 90 Monster 30-60
  230. winningman

    FS: GURU SPEED NET 400 Landing net

    Really ? $845.00 ??
  231. winningman

    200 lb spectra

    What kind of braid ? Who made ? can you ship? can we meet ? paypal ? I am in Torrance.
  232. winningman


    It is Monday FB
  233. winningman

    Spiriva Respimat 2.5

    If any one need this meds Spiriva Respimat 2.5 microgram, inhalation solution MUST show me Dr. prescription with your name on it.
  234. winningman

    Various (12) surface Iron other Irons new.

    Lost count How many jigs in total..?
  235. winningman

    Transderm scop patch

    Enjoy.. Catch big and save me
  236. winningman

    Transderm scop patch

    What landing are you going ?
  237. winningman

    Transderm scop patch

    message me your address or swing by my place......
  238. winningman

    Jumbo bluefin outfit

    Jumbo BlueFin [ SOLD ] I got New 1. Okuma Mak 30 SEA / silver 2. United Composit RCX76 INVICTUS 100-150 For $1000.00 add $100.00 for enough to fill spool * #130 J-braids, * One shimano Flatfall 250g * 130# Seaguar Flo price firm. Must pick up at...
  239. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    That sounds Great could not wait for my codes. Thank you Mike
  240. winningman

    OG Saltiga 20

    Should I add to my collection ?
  241. winningman

    OG Saltiga 20

    Brian Saltiga 20 looks great
  242. winningman

    Fishing at Pier

    Well Halibut is great, but must be longer/ bigger than 22 inches, you can bot use gaff, you need net to bring it up for measure to keep or release... good luck
  243. winningman

    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    United Composite RCX76 CENTAUR 60-100 lb 100# 35 lbs 7'6" FAST $499.00
  244. winningman

    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    I got me a 4 UC rail rods all 7'6" * Raptor * Centaur * Viper * Invictus and Okuma * Mak 30 sea * Daiwa 800MJ /electric
  245. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Might be, mine was all the way to California when they stopped and returned.
  246. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Thank you.
  247. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Good for you, In my case I was polite to talked to young lady on phone. she ask me If I had another reel on my mind, that comes close to the reel that sent back. I said I would be interested on Penn TRQ25LD2 and that she said I could do it for you $250.00 I said that will be great and I got...
  248. winningman

    Fresh yellowtail!

    :appl: Not fresh No
  249. winningman

    recommendations on a 80lb live bait rod

    Yup one of the best rod.
  250. winningman

    Bit by bonito

    Fishes are fighting Back hard...
  251. winningman

    Bit by bonito

    Darn you are grounded for now !!
  252. winningman

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I use these..
  253. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    p.m. ed I just saw it.. never mind
  254. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

  255. winningman

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    YUP !! it was sub-let from different ware house, they must have limited amount of # for sale or just went over the limits I also got the e-mail and I did call'em
  256. winningman

    Traeger Select Brand new in box

    well I do not have popcorn, let me run to market.
  257. winningman

    Calstar 800 ml or 800 m

    Try United Composit 80XF. Great rod. RUS 80XF - New Model 8' 15-25 Extra Fast $297.00 RUS 80 Mag - New Model 8' 20-30 Fast $320.00
  258. winningman

    Seeker 270-7 Spinning 20lb Rod/ Baitrunner 12000D

    Would you interested trade on Bait runner ?
  259. winningman

    Shimano Baitrunner 400D

    Did you mean 4000D ?
  260. winningman

    Sato Crimps and Pliers

    That man Lance is on the dot.
  261. winningman

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon

    행님 필요한데..그냥 주면 안될까..? ^^;;
  262. winningman


    Bet he did not even read the post... :eek::confused:LOL
  263. winningman


    How do they "dig up" so long ago post......
  264. winningman

    E-bay coupon

  265. winningman

    Gauging interest - Snapon metric socket sets

    If you don't post we will never know. If you play guessing game for price, you are going to answer many, many, and many...p.m.s that is why I post, pic's, and price one time deal for clear transaction. thank you. yes, I am interested.
  266. winningman

    Meiho Akiokun 480 Organizer

    Got it. and Extra... TSI-321 Thank you
  267. winningman

    E-bay coupon

    Any up dates..?? thanks
  268. winningman

    Flow wall garage organizer

    Because they got bigger house.... ??
  269. winningman

    Meiho Akiokun 480 Organizer

    I will soon as I get out of VA
  270. winningman

    Meiho Akiokun 480 Organizer

    I will take Lance. p.m. me your paypal
  271. winningman


    Did you get it yet ? Still looooooooking ?
  272. winningman

    Budget Reels

    No price = Free ?
  273. winningman

    E-bay coupon

  274. winningman

    E-bay coupon

    Any new codes...?
  275. winningman

    Keep an eye out, 2 MAK50II Stolen in corona, ca

    Dang if I did not look at it again I would have looking for the wrong
  276. winningman

    JBL portable speaker

    Pictures and model # thank you
  277. winningman

    Vacmaster VP321 Chamber Sealer

    Specifications SKU: 160307 Manufacturer: Vacmaster Model: VP215 Weight: 84 lbs. Width: 20 in. Depth: 14 in. Height: 15 in. Powered by: 110 volts Watts: 462 This item weighs 84 lbs. but we have added 40 lbs. to the weight for packing and shipping. Specifications SKU: 160309 Manufacturer...
  278. winningman

    Vacmaster VP321 Chamber Sealer

    Well if the price is right. Will i have long drive..??
  279. winningman

    Vacmaster VP321 Chamber Sealer

    Great 2nd video.... Interested.. But too big for my needs and too heavy. looks like he got better deal... $ ???.00 :D
  280. winningman

    Costco Generator

    Maybe that is copier's
  281. winningman

    E-Revo RC for sale

    Thank you for the pictures.... Let me think about it.
  282. winningman

    Costco Generator
  283. winningman

    E-Revo RC for sale

    interested. 1. need to see pictures 2. what kind of controller..?
  284. winningman

    Bv2 400 Bv2 500 Bv2 600

    Hope it works out soon, waiting is NOT fun... at all
  285. winningman

    3rd Grip Pole Holster

    Did not read middle of post.... LOL ↑ Too bad you weren't here 5 1/2 years ago
  286. winningman

    Not Sure How to Title This

    Man.... I left my Dykes at the BAR....
  287. winningman

    Not Sure How to Title This

    At least they should blead'em but they won't do it nor will let us use our knifes....sad most/some of'em just care for fish count or show...... my thoughts......
  288. winningman

    E-bay coupon

    yes, you did....
  289. winningman

    E-bay coupon

    OMG thanks, I think I saw day late... lol
  290. winningman

    UC. Invictus

    United Composite RCX70 INVICTUS 100-150 lb UNLIMITED 130# High Drag 60 lbs 7'0" FAST
  291. winningman

    E-bay coupon

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone have e-bay coupons codes Thanks in advance HAN
  292. winningman

    8lb & 12lb - 7' conventional rods

    Well it is NOT Seeker, Calstar, Cousins, Gloomis, Terez BUT I have * Setyr Rods BNW184MH 7' 8-17lb.
  293. winningman

    UC Viper

    Withdraw my offer........:mad: Due to......
  294. winningman

    UC Viper

    I am in Torrance, by the time you get here it won't be discounted price... it is "United Composite RCX76 VIPER" asking $420.00 pick up
  295. winningman

    UC Viper

    I have NEW one, what is your location ?
  296. winningman

    United Composites US 90 Monster!

    I could let you have one for $250.00 NEW must pick up in Torrance ! Today only....
  297. winningman

    United composit rod

    How about 8' Factory..? 80 XF 15-25 80 MAG 20-30 Torrance.
  298. winningman

    DACRON Line - 8lb.
  299. winningman

    Tac 16 ii

    Read the title
  300. winningman

    UFO #3 chrome blue and green Mack finish

    Yes, I got $35.00 and Address I will send it out tomorrow. I said 30, you sent $35.00 I will add one more that looks like
  301. winningman

    UFO #3 chrome blue and green Mack finish

    Yes, I can shipped to you for $30.00 paypal # [email protected] * Correction #3 is NOT Boss BB Special It says "BOBs BB Special"
  302. winningman

    UFO #3 chrome blue and green Mack finish

    I have couple of UFO #3 that is not the color you looking for 1. yellow / Brown 2. Crome 3. is not UFO it is "BOSS BB special" ??? it is Chrome / Green / Blue
  303. winningman

    UC Mega or Tile Fish Jr.

    Yes, I am UC
  304. winningman

    UC Mega or Tile Fish Jr.

    RCE800 MEGA-C+ 8’0” MOD-FAST 25-40 I love this one.
  305. winningman

    UC Mega or Tile Fish Jr.

    Monster is rated for 30 -60 / 40 pounds ? Mega is rated for 25 -40 / 30 pound..?
  306. winningman

    UC Mega or Tile Fish Jr.

    I love my UC
  307. winningman

    Accurate ball handle new or used

    Is this what you looking for ?
  308. winningman


    Only if you were closer....
  309. winningman

    EBay 15% off entire site

    Great Thank you
  310. winningman


    oooops. you are right....
  311. winningman


    :spank: Never mind....:cow:
  312. winningman

    Gamakatsu Value Packs

    I will also take a set,
  313. winningman


    I have gunmetal color. New
  314. winningman

    ebay 20% off site wide

    Next time send me personal
  315. winningman

    ebay 20% off site wide

    I just tried... saying expired...too late.
  316. winningman

    WTB/WTS Daiwa saltiga

    Miss leading pictures please
  317. winningman

    Hollow core splice kit

    It broke my Bank... Why not if you can not find'em let me know...
  318. winningman

    Want to buy a Spinning Rod

    Seeker 8' $100.00 I have a Seeker Stealth STL 8020 - 8'S 15(20)25 Used Once BUT, No catch...
  319. winningman

    WTB fly tying vise
  320. winningman

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Sometimes man need to know how to loose, even you are right . When you learn to loose the fight, You do become a real MAN
  321. winningman

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    .... If I was you send him $100.00 and close the thread. it is better for you to do less talk.
  322. winningman

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    yes, you should offer full refund with shipping paid and get your item returned. Yes, what ever he spent was up on his decision. But, you did not tell the truth to begin with.... Buyer wants only $100.00 back that is reasonable.... my thought....s
  323. winningman

    WTB Black Accurate BV2-500 or BV2-500N

    I have BV2-500-B BV2-500-IB BV2-500-GR
  324. winningman

    WTB Black Accurate BV2-500 or BV2-500N

    I do have new in box. Torrance.
  325. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    2018 is year of DOG... mighty tasting thing.... But, not my style...
  326. winningman

    SOLD F/S Avet HXW Raptor 3 speed

    Very interested, cash in hand... but you are little far away......
  327. winningman

    Want to buy electric reels

    well what are you going to be using it for makes difference.
  328. winningman

    Want to buy electric reels

    I still have same thing.... I believe last post got deleted because of that.. reply I
  329. winningman

    WTB 80-100lb spectra

    great to meet you again.. good luck .
  330. winningman

    WTB 80-100lb spectra

    Brian I got Izer 100# 300yd spool new. for you good friend it is free if you come get it. Click bottom link To my home...
  331. winningman

    WTB 2 piece surf set up

    be little more detail.. how long ? what rating..? what do you want to catch with it ? shark..? or perch..?
  332. winningman

    X Box lover special

    I have New game But I do not have game consoles Ark: Survival Evolved Limited Collector's Edition Xbox One (New) Asking $200.00 pick up in Torrance. shipping on you. going prices on ebay is...
  333. winningman


    yes, Factory wrapped
  334. winningman


    I got one Long beach made Black Steel Graphite G6460 XH - 6' AR took it out for a date, But did not get $250.00 shipping extra.
  335. winningman

    Flat falls 250g Glow

    got mine fast shipping.
  336. winningman

    WTB- EAL marlin lures

    I got one used.... I tried local water... Yep, no $65.00 shipped * I used 2 size"N" battery and it does make noise..
  337. winningman

    Chicken coop

    Put it under 110 fwy....
  338. winningman

    ISO lucky craft 110

    Too many high jackers on p.m./ lol if it does not work out you are next. shipping will be $6~7 ...
  339. winningman

    Accurate BV 400-2 $400

    :gay: + :frehya2:
  340. winningman

    ISO lucky craft 110

    TORRANCE I can ship on your dime...
  341. winningman

    ISO lucky craft 110

    $55.00 Pick up in Torrance.
  342. winningman

    Chubasco 2 broken in to mission bay

    Got to find'em and punish'em
  343. winningman


    UC 90 Monster.
  344. winningman

    Transderm Scop patches

    p.m. me How many do you need. ?
  345. winningman

    Transderm Scop patches

    Mailed out today.
  346. winningman

    Transderm Scop patches

    p.m. me your address
  347. winningman

    Soda mahine /$300.00

  348. winningman

    Soda mahine /$300.00

    Bump. Price drop. or trade...
  349. winningman

    Soda mahine /$300.00

    I have used soda machine, That I need to sell it All working, Very Cold Bill collector is working. coin machine works coin changer works It automatically fills up the changer was using it at shop office, I need the space in office , Asking $300.00 OBO p.m. me or take a look IT...
  350. winningman

    ISO red Hercules

    Try UC rods... I replaced all of my Hercules with UC And they are great. US85 mag / Accurate 300 Got 45# Halibut.
  351. winningman

    WTB Fresh water bass gear

    Quantum EXO rod and reel PT NEW.
  352. winningman

    Transderm Scop patches

    So... Good karma. I will send you an extra box,
  353. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    I Pod 16G by winningman posted Mar 30, 2013 at 9:45 AM
  354. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    If you want to offer me do it here please. yes, still have it.
  355. winningman

    New Valiant 300 black

    300 Does not comes with 2 speed !!
  356. winningman


    Do you want to trade with MXL Rapter...? The one you asked before / blk and red Or Blue new.
  357. winningman


    Only one of the......
  358. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    Bump. No price drop !!
  359. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    Better than your offer. still going to Pass on this one.. lol "Edited"
  360. winningman

    Accutare 600N 2 speed

    BOSS Xtreme 600 Narrow this reel I got it second handed when I got it, the two speed pin fall out, sent in and got it replaced, year later I took it for fishing.. and than the side plate housing came loose... I send it in and got it it has 60 or 80 Izer Hollow spectra to...
  361. winningman

    Tackle lot

    Thank you got it ~
  362. winningman

    Owner Pro Packs

    That will be lots of packs for Talica 25.
  363. winningman

    Tackle lot

    If you can take paypal and ship. I would like to take the "YoZuri Sashimi $20" thanks.
  364. winningman

    SOLD..mplete CPW Rod Building systemsystem

    Yup It is little ways from San Diego imperial beach to Long Beach California...
  365. winningman

    "New condition Raptor"

    would have been lots of beef
  366. winningman

    Thousands Trails Membership

    How much is Annual fee ... ? or you been paying..
  367. winningman

    Nordstrom Gift Card

    I got some Avet reels new.
  368. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    That will be too much to carry around.
  369. winningman

    Seaguar on sale with Amazon prime

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  370. winningman

    1964 Ford F100 $3500

    You sytill have to smog it !! when you register....
  371. winningman

    Question about New items and Pictures?

    As we know Brand new means brand new ! whom ask for pictures for new Item, do not deal with'em Simple as that same as lowballers.
  372. winningman

    Question about New items and Pictures?

    Yes, it is brand new to you only... still need to explain it got ran over....
  373. winningman

    Question about New items and Pictures?

    Brand New means "Brand New" If I bought new, and sitting home collecting dust..? It is still brand new !!!!! If I buy it at shop and they spooled lines on it.. yes,it is still brand new !! if I used once it is no longer brand new.. if I took it for boat ride and did not used it.. may say...
  374. winningman

    WTB: Avet SXJ

    Withdraw my offer Due to... Lowball OFFER.... :gay:
  375. winningman

    WTB: Avet SXJ

    I got one.... but you too far... blue / will let it go for $120.00
  376. winningman

    Huk Performance Foul Weather Bib Camo Size S

    Nice to meet you again.. and you were right, when you said
  377. winningman

    WTT Phenix Spinning Rod

    I have a Seeker Stealth STL 8020 - 8'S 15(20)25 Used Once BUT, No catch...
  378. winningman

    Huk Performance Foul Weather Bib Camo Size S

    I have time on Thursday. How about you ?
  379. winningman

    WTB tackle bag

    Can where is your location in Socal ..?
  380. winningman

    REWARD - Stolen Avet Reel

    From the store... display case . that is what I heard.
  381. winningman

    Huk Performance Foul Weather Bib Camo Size S

    Would you be interested on trade..? I got Groudens Medium little big for me. I wore once last week when rained.
  382. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    They sell at harbor fright, or ebay
  383. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    Thank you Dave Nice to meet you ^^
  384. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    well brother Now we talking, name it for trade... I got tackles, Jigs, cash, fluorocarbon, Reel Covers, owners hooks / aki twiste 3/0 ~ 6/0...ete I live : 3107 Newton st. Torrance 90505!8m2!3d33.7968767!4d-118.340938 I work at : 2514...
  385. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    Thanks I am going to use for refill my little bottles for Mr heater.
  386. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    yes, I need old tank for exchange. thanks .
  387. winningman

    Looking for [propane tank]

    Hi BD friends I am looking for used propane tank. If any one have spare tank to let go .. I am in Torrance 90505 area, PCH and Crenshew Bl.
  388. winningman

    Diawa Saltiga 15

    We should have two balls hanging logo, for
  389. winningman

    W.T.B. Avet Reel.
  390. winningman

    WTT/WTS Owner Jobu 8/0 hooks

    Hi Good morning. Wasn't the ones I sold you isn't right ones.? if it is I got more ~~ I will do 20 for $40.00 shipped. good day.
  391. winningman

    W.T.B. Avet Reel.
  392. winningman

    Avet LX 6/3 blem/with spectra

    will ship. shipping and paypal fee on buyer.
  393. winningman

    WTB: Spinning Rod 60-100LBS

    You are big guy, stand over rail... me not... lol
  394. winningman

    WTB: Spinning Rod 60-100LBS

    100# tuna on spinning will kill your back... Good luck for what you looking for :-)
  395. winningman

    Shimano trinidad 16a ft/fs

    This is the Sunday... been waiting... going to sleep !!!
  396. winningman

    Seeker Blacksteel NEW

    Both Calstar has been picked up by Paul
  397. winningman

    Seeker Blacksteel NEW

    Both Calstar pending.
  398. winningman

    Seeker Blacksteel NEW

    765H has been spoken for.
  399. winningman

    Avet LX 6/3 blem/with spectra

    I have Avet LX 6/3 2 speed (blem) Got it from friend, whom won this on raffle, traded super seeker rod He said NEW and I never used. shipping, paypal fee on buyer. Asking $275.00
  400. winningman

    Seeker Blacksteel NEW

    GFGR 765H 50-130 (sold) GFGR 765XXXH 80-Unlimeted (sold) it has been sitting, collecting dust Asking SOLD, SOLD, And Seeker Blacksteel NEW G 6460 XH-6' AR 50(60)80 LB Asking $250.00
  401. winningman

    Reel deal gone bad

    For BD'er we should be in person or insurance should be....A must !! Any other I would not deal with, because I want you to get the Item. I rather loose some than you loose whole thing... my thoughts
  402. winningman

    Reel deal gone bad

    What if thives are fat ugly woman....?? .....:hali_parkutuli:
  403. winningman

    Shimano trinidad 16a ft/fs

    I am sorry, I have been busy and Just got back from 1.5 trip. I wasn't... but, since I neglect you I will do it if you can come pick it up. for gas money I will add New popper for you...
  404. winningman

    Shimano trinidad 16a ft/fs

    OOOOPS 3107018782... lol
  405. winningman

    Shimano trinidad 16a ft/fs

    Would you kindly send me some pic's 3017018782
  406. winningman

    Shimano trinidad 16a ft/fs

    I got just what you need. Shimano Saragosa SW 10000 / Full of Power PRO super 8 slick 65# + 30# XXX top shot. Seeker stealth /STL 8020- 8'S 15(20)25 took it for boat ride a few times.
  407. winningman

    Collector tuna or marlin lures

    Dang... more than year old post.. and got respond... Good call
  408. winningman

    NIB WTF?

    In my case I do help out for credit for shop that is why I got ton on stuff when I need cash I do let it go lower than what I pay for... some what I do get some discounts, there for not loosing tooooo much !! Is that answer your "Big Q"
  409. winningman

    Steiner Commander 7X50 binoculars

    Hi my name is HAN I know it is great item. May I very carefully offer $300.00 paypal + shipping or I do have some 2 speed Reels if you wish to trade.. some used and New would you let me know..? thanks HAN
  410. winningman

    WTB - Avet LX 6/3 or Raptor R/H

    Got LX 6/3 NEW silver / Purple
  411. winningman

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    Great Job... bring some fish.....Today
  412. winningman

    Bubba Blade brand new

    Well what are you looking for..?
  413. winningman

    SKB rocket launchers

    Good karma.. too far for me.... if you ship...^^?
  414. winningman

    Cheap rods and reels for sale

    I will take - shimano talavera tec-66mh 6'6". $20 Good condition, 1 small spot lure rash I will be at "Stanton" tomorrow.. 10330 East Briar Oaks Drive...
  415. winningman

    WTB tiburon/accurate frame for penn 113hlw

    mine is TCR YTS /yellow tail special. narrow... sorry
  416. winningman

    WTB tiburon/accurate frame for penn 113hlw

    I have one 113H 4/0Senator Tiburon top less Silver
  417. winningman

    Wtt Bengal kitten

    Well that is the Pussy that you can keep for sure..
  418. winningman

    WTB: Spinning Rod

    got seeker srealth 8' 8020-8'S / 15(20)25
  419. winningman

    8oz sinkers for sale

    where are you in LA ? p.m. me your address and phone # may take can or three...
  420. winningman

    FS: UC CE900XF glow in the dark

    when did you move to Compton..?
  421. winningman

    Stolen Rods

    Will look out for it. hard to miss..
  422. winningman

    Wtb fuel bladder

    If your fuel tank is small enough to, not make it Please try not, for the safety....
  423. winningman


    I have Avet LX 2 speed "New" $300.00 Silver / Purple
  424. winningman

    Looking for

    Thank you all found and bought 50 of it Thank you.
  425. winningman

    Looking for an 8' rod local to LAX area

    Lets go with style.. Super Seeker 8' SS 890-8 20-30 reel seat. if interested.
  426. winningman

    WTB- 40-50lb 7'-8' Rod. Seeker, Calstar, and Phenix.

    No.... On seeker I have Super Seeker * 890-8' (20-30) reel seat * 990-9 CT 9' (20-30) Deckhand
  427. winningman

    Perko 4' pole light

    Free Junk come and get it !! 1. beer $11.47 at walmart 2. drive to San Diego and Gas money../ Priceless
  428. winningman


    You have too many.. selling only one..? what others you got for sale.?
  429. winningman

    Looking for

    Hello Friends I am looking for the hooks to hold sags around bait tank Brass or Stainless I need about 20 of it Thank you HAN
  430. winningman

    New fiberglass bait tank

    may not be junk
  431. winningman

    Baseball! Football! Basketball! trading cards.

    LOL same shit.. I bought $3.25 pack and got funny cut card, and thought they messed up. had 3/25 number... the owner said it is Michael Jordan, upper deck historical class level 2 3 out of 25
  432. winningman

    Selling my Newells...

    And his first post.....
  433. winningman

    Crash Bar Exit Device - Aluminum Finish - Left Hand - TH1100-ED

    BD brothers and sisters I have Question and help I am looking for one of those "Crash Bar Exit Device - Aluminum Finish - Left Hand - TH1100-ED" like yesterday... lol does anyone knows where I can buy one in Torrance or LA area, Fullerton, .... or any where else..?? the door is 36"...
  434. winningman

    Yamaha EF1000 Generator

    p.m. ed I will take it.
  435. winningman

    Penn /Newell reels

    WoW...?? Newell C332-5 filled with "165 pound Spectra" $130.00 $
  436. winningman

    FS-used Avet LX 4:6:1 righty

    But !!!! No price...?
  437. winningman

    Baseball! Football! Basketball! trading cards.

    You must spent lots of money..... lol
  438. winningman

    Fishing Face Shield Pack (8 Pack) $23.99 shipped

    Got 8 for 23.99 Product Quantity Price 8 Face Shield Pack | Pick Your Pack + Free Shipping 1 $23.99 FACE SHIELD OPTION #1:Blue & White Digi Face Shield Part of: 8 Face Shield Pack | Pick Your Pack + Free Shipping 1 FACE SHIELD OPTION #2:Blue & White Digi Face Shield Part of: 8 Face Shield Pack...
  439. winningman

    TV for your rod or reel

    It shows Sept, 2011
  440. winningman

    Never used 30X60 Reliable kill bag for sale

    Great Price if I did not have one...
  441. winningman

    Found - Wanted Surf set up

    Daiwa Sealine-X sulf, * SL-X S1102HRS 11' H / 20-40lb. * Penn 5500 SS /high speed 4.6:1 Come pick today $100.00 / very clean,+Torrance,+CA+90505/@33.7970024,-118.3431247,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80dd4a55fae644e9:0x438ee52e61653ef3 ** if you...
  442. winningman


    "Does your.........."
  443. winningman

    WTB: 30-80#-ish roller guide rod

    I have brand New $285.00 Seeker Black Steel 6460XH-AR 50 -80
  444. winningman

    Vintage Tady Jigs

    :appl: Back to the future...... 2011.
  445. winningman

    Blue Ice

    Hello Mark I am also interested would you please put me in line of your thoughts... Thank you.
  446. winningman

    22nd st landing swapmeet

    Sounds Good.. Lets GO
  447. winningman

    Makita LXT Impact/Drill Combo

    Web site shows.. Was $179.00 $149.00 /each Save $30.00 (17%)
  448. winningman

    Delete please.

    Just got home from work....
  449. winningman

    20v dewalt 4piece set

    ........ Bought one... Brushless 4.0 Amp
  450. winningman


    I have C332-5
  451. winningman

    Wahoo Bombs for sale---ALL SOLD.

    Very Brave MAN.. 1. if you are Male.. you will never see another woman after first landing the first Hoo !! 2. if you are woman.. The Hoo has nothing to latch on !! Just saying.. Have great Monday ^^
  452. winningman

    1940s Japanese wooden nautical box

    it said year 19... month 4 means 1919 April... to me.
  453. winningman

    Dewalt Hammer Drill & Sawzaw & Craftsman Drill, Craftsman Flashlight

    I will take it... can pick up in San Pedro.
  454. winningman

    Penn 114H for sale

    " If you ask if it's $80 for all 3 I won't even respond :) "
  455. winningman

    5 fishing mask for $20 shipped

    Brothers and Sisters... when I share the site... you are own your own... it is easy enough~~ Not to call me for instruction... LOL
  456. winningman

    5 fishing mask for $20 shipped

    I picked 5 different ones.. still came out $20.00 total.
  457. winningman

    5 fishing mask for $20 shipped

    Thanks I could not miss it.
  458. winningman

    WTB Accurate Boss series 400, 500 and 600

    Dear Brothers.... it has been MORE than 2 years OLD
  459. winningman

    WTB leftover of hollow braid line 80# to 100#

    will send it out today yes, I use it all the time, even down to 15# lines...
  460. winningman

    Wtb: Terez or Tallus 7'2 MH spinner. 40-80LB braid

    I will be down to SD on 21 Sep, to go on New lo-An. / Over night If you could wait .
  461. winningman

    WTT BNIB Trinidad 16A

    Than you should stay on.. Craigslist Just saying...
  462. winningman

    WTB Hoodlum hooks ringed 1/0 2/0 3/0
  463. winningman

    Please Delete: WTT Metaloid 5NII for MXJ MC Cerritos/Cypress

    I have GOLD MXJ 5.8 mc. used but, serviced... looks 8/10 works 9.5/10 full of Spectra w/ 30# xxx top shot.
  464. winningman

    WTB trinidad 16N or a 16NA

    16A.. or old style 16N.?
  465. winningman

    cold shrink
  466. winningman

    wtb: United Composites Blank

    Island Fishing Tackle..
  467. winningman

    WTB - Accurate DX2-500

    You need to tell'em what you looking for. Black handle and Black spool 2014/2015 model !
  468. winningman

    Want to trade shimano telica 20 2 speed for

    ↑ What are you looking for? He's looking for a Telica. Duh stoopid. :smash: :spank: :appl:
  469. winningman

    avet jx 2speed////torium16hg

    by the time he post pic will be too late....
  470. winningman

    WTB - Accurate DX2-500

    Accurate DX2-500 Dauntless $500.00
  471. winningman


    Than you should go seek the price is right for you !! if you want to offer do it in p.m. NOT hijack post...
  472. winningman

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    Brother the Patch is not good enough... lol you may use both.. but if you feel too high~~ just un-patch and save it on back of your phone, and use it back later.. that is what I do..with patch. or eat Fuji Apple with skin on it!!!
  473. winningman

    rod and reels $7-$100

    p.m. ed On SL20SH
  474. winningman

    7FT Spinning Rod

    Shimano TES-70H / light uesd Shimano TZS-72MH-A 7'2 / New
  475. winningman


    I left one at Bar.... just kidding.
  476. winningman


    40# Above.... 6.1:1 Above... wind it harder than what you been doing when young.....
  477. winningman

    FS Shimano Talica 12ii

    Said New in BOX......
  478. winningman

    I have a few rods and reels to sell!

    Great Prices.. Hope get well.
  479. winningman

    WTT Trini 20A for MXJ Raptor

    How about MXJ 2 speed mc NEW gun metal in color.
  480. winningman

    WTB: Avet MXL or JX Raptor

    I looked at your p.m. and going to ignore it !!!
  481. winningman

    WTB: Avet MXL or JX Raptor

    was New until I mounted on the rods... took it for one boat ride. did not used it. they both have 400 + yards
  482. winningman

    WTB: Avet MXL or JX Raptor

    I have Both Both filled with 80 Hollow / asking $400.00 each * first I bought mxl as Blackwidow special. and Jx, and the are reversed MXL Raptor Black/Red JX Raptor red/ Black they are not blem. yes, Box and every thing in it.
  483. winningman

    WTB - Okuma Nomad Travel Casting rod 7'

    I seen them has it
  484. winningman

    Talica16 question?

    Great friend...
  485. winningman

    Tuna Lures

    You need to up date manes and Price...? to me same things but different price...$125.00 /$150.00
  486. winningman

    WTB Calstar 800M

    With draw due to unwanted p.m.
  487. winningman

    WTB Calstar 800M

    With draw due to unwanted p.m. too many Hi:smoking33:jacker... lol
  488. winningman

    Need some tech help

    From the old phone with out memory card. Internal m3mory stotage system... Only way you can retrive it is send it to E-mail... With out service... SOL If that phone has wifi.. may-be And I dought it has ons...
  489. winningman

    SPF!! Avet JX 6/3 MC Raptor LH/ Seeker Black Steel G6470-7' 30-50 Brand New

  490. winningman

    Trade Complete

    Nice to meet you Jim..
  491. winningman

    Trade Complete

    If you willing to come up.. I do have SS 6470 New in plastic... or 6470 Black Steel also New.
  492. winningman

    Talica 2 Speed For Trade

    Thanks Nice to meet you.
  493. winningman

    Fishing Rod & Reels Forsale

    Well post said MAKE Offer..... Did not said Auction....
  494. winningman

    Talica 2 Speed For Trade

    Well I do have two Talica 12II very clean you can choose from. with full of Izer 80 Hollow / 40 xxx hollow knot / box, clamps never used. I have X-tuff size 9 New.../ I could X change to size 10. let me know if interested.
  495. winningman

    Mexico's lost

    Thinking... Thinking Hard....
  496. winningman

    Canon MP160 printer

    $1000 is kind of stiff :eek2: and lots of hooks....
  497. winningman


    Xiaomi Yi Sport Cam Action Camera Ambarella
  498. winningman


    cut out paper... or plastic....
  499. winningman

    FS PENN FATHOM 15 2 speed

    Thank you I got mine... It should get there today....
  500. winningman

    FS PENN FATHOM 15 2 speed

    yes, just got it. sounds good to me, sent my address, send me yours.
  501. winningman

    FS PENN FATHOM 15 2 speed

    I have New Torium 16HG
  502. winningman

    Old Rod Wraper Parts SOLD

    I am very interested p.m. me for what you asking for Thank you HAN.
  503. winningman

    Talica 2 speed question

    in that case I can cast about 30 ~ yard ease :D
  504. winningman

    Talica 2 speed question

    Depends on.. 8, 10, 12, 16... and what pound line...? 7' 8' 9' Rod...?
  505. winningman

    5-10 BIG BUT

    WoW ^^
  506. winningman

    wtb trolling rod

    Calstar GF760L / custom 30 - 80 All Roller $170.00
  507. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    Reel is SOLD Luke Nice to meeting you. thanks I owe you $20.00
  508. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    LOL.. o_O Just got sold this morning.. if you really want it back, I will go buy another one for you.. :D OR I have Tranidad 20A / New just for U Remorse = deep and painful regret for wrong doing.
  509. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    People who Knows about Tackle value.. Whom does not lowball.. in p.m.
  510. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    Not yet ~ you will be next in line if you want it !!
  511. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    Just p.m. you with my #
  512. winningman

    [SOLD] Toruim 16HG [SOLD]

    New in box./ do not ask for pictures :idiot: SOLD
  513. winningman

    Looking for a RED AVET for the GF.

    Good luck with what you looking for.. I withdraw my post due to unwanted p.m.
  514. winningman


    ............. Dang !!! do it in p.m. Do not hi-Jack some one please !!!
  515. winningman


    No problem that is how we get to learn.. :720icon:
  516. winningman


    you asked wrong person to text you.... he was not the one with Andros 5II
  517. winningman

    WTB Avet SX & Tiburon Clamps

    Really ??? :appl::appl:
  518. winningman


  519. winningman


    A: wants to sell B: wants trade C: got lots of things to trade D: got money to trade C: wants "D" to text him....?? C:D:C:D:...:eek2: where is my pop corn...
  520. winningman

    FS new talica 10 2 speed

    Than why not go get there..... Shimano won't do 25%
  521. winningman

    WTT/WTS BNIB Torium 16HGA

    Nice to meet you Thanks enjoy it !!
  522. winningman

    Used Daiwa Saltist 7 to 1 Gear Ratio Excellent Condition
  523. winningman

    WTB 8ft rod TRQ12

    Super Seeker 980-8 Reel Seat. 20 - 30 / New p.m. for cheap price.
  524. winningman

    SOLD Kenmore chest freezer

    Only if you were closer..... Bump !!
  525. winningman

    ebay needs competition

    e bay also charge $5.00 fee every month....
  526. winningman


    JIGMASTER420,Apr 13, 2012
  527. winningman

    41 Vintage Jigs Mostly Wahoo - Tady Salas Sea Strike

    Damm I saw it when he posted it. and I did not need any more... LOL
  528. winningman

    Trinidad 12a restored to pristine.

    Great little reel ! I love mine too <3
  529. winningman

    WTB Terez 78XH spinning rod

    I have TEZ-72MH-A 40 - 80
  530. winningman

    [ Sold ] Lexa 400 HS-P [ SOLD ]]

    Sold to Robert ! Nice meeting you.
  531. winningman

    Reels FS

    Great Prices .
  532. winningman

    Used but new Shimano Trinidad 16A

    If woman is pregnant for one month or pregnant for 9 monthes.. She is pregnant !! is it used or New..? Or you meant Like New in Box ...
  533. winningman

    Wtb- Shimano Terez tzc80 medium / any color

    I got one But, little far to drive. if you come near Torrance.
  534. winningman

    [ Sold ] Lexa 400 HS-P [ SOLD ]]

    I did not get p.m. from usmc81
  535. winningman

    Heavy Duty Sabiki

    :eek: I better buy some.. and stop making mine.....:rockin:
  536. winningman

    For Sale ATD-30T Topless[price drop]

    I have a reel from friend who want to sale As it said ATD 30T topless said took it on boat one time.... Asking $850.00 Now $800.00 p/p and shipping extra Owner does not wish, Any trades at this time ! thanks you. any lowballer will not even get respond
  537. winningman

    1991 toyota pickup

    At least, Does it have rod holder ?
  538. winningman

    [ Sold ] Lexa 400 HS-P [ SOLD ]]

    If you did not read the fine print... I sure will not p.m. you... yes, you... LOL
  539. winningman

    2 nice yellowtail by the rigs

    Great Job . :appl:
  540. winningman

    [ Sold ] Lexa 400 HS-P [ SOLD ]]

    asking $180.00 with 50# white Izer.