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  1. surf204z

    Boston Whaler Montauk 170 (low hours)

    2007 Boston Whaler 170 with low hours. Last serviced by Shock Boats in Newport Beach in March of 2016. 211 hours on the engine at last service. Boat is powered by Mercury 90hp 4 stroke EFI. Boat located in San Clemente California. -Bimini top and cover -New anchor, chain, & line -full scoop...
  2. surf204z

    'End Game' 10-01-2016 Bugged Out

    sweet ride....Those engines look awesome
  3. surf204z

    Top Gun 80 3.5.

    Great boat. Bob and Scottie run a fine oiled machine being the Top Gun 80. My favorite boat for local offshore trips. Definitely worth the extra $.
  4. surf204z

    7-12 O Side

    X2.....I took a beating yesterday on my 17' Whaler. Skunked.
  5. surf204z

    7/12 skunko report

    skunked today too. ride out was brutal on my 17' whaler
  6. surf204z

    4th of July -- Dana Point dorado

    Sweet fish...Thats exciting news to hear Dorado close.
  7. surf204z

    Buggin Cat West End Deep again 2-11-16

    We use to kill it years ago at Catalina dropping deep like that! A lot of work to pull sets that deep. You pulling by hand or have an electric wench? Weather is epic right now. Glad you are scoring!! Thanks for the report my friend.
  8. surf204z

    Stolen Boat HELP!! Long Beach

    My good buddy Jesse just had his boat stolen from the City of Long Beach Dry Storage. Several people had things stolen off their but but he actually had his boat stolen. Please be on the look out for a: -19 foot C-Dory pilothouse -70hp Honda -Lil Bebes REVENGE is the name on the vessel Many...
  9. surf204z

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    sweet video. I need to get my dive gear out now
  10. surf204z

    WFO Yellowfin 10-14 15 miles from DP

    I started with 15 pound and size 4 hooks. I started light because I thought they were all small grade tuna and my bait was so small. Once the bite took off and noticed the size of the boils I bumped to 30lb and size 1 hooks.
  11. surf204z

    WFO Yellowfin 10-14 15 miles from DP

    Forgot. Tuna only wanted the chovie. Sardines no bites.
  12. surf204z

    Dana point 10-13 They are still here

    Forgot. Tuna only wanted the chovie. Sardines no bites.
  13. surf204z

    Dana point 10-13 They are still here

    Thanks for calling out the numbers!! That was EPIC. I was the guy in the Whaler. The fish kicking my ass was my season best 36# YF. Awesome fishing. Thanks again for calling the numbers. Very cool of you to share to the love!!
  14. surf204z

    WFO Yellowfin 10-14 15 miles from DP

    sorry. I was fishing tuesday 10-13.
  15. surf204z

    WFO Yellowfin 10-14 15 miles from DP

    Fished Tuesday afternoon out of Dana Point Micro Chovie at the bait barge mixed with a few sardine Small dorado on a sardine near 277 From 3:30-5:30 mixed grade yellowfin biting wide open at 33.19 and 117.54 I put 8 on the boat, biggest going 36#, another went 24#, all my others were small...
  16. surf204z

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Yellowfin Tuna

    Thanks again for another great video.
  17. surf204z

    Cut Thumb, 2 knifes overboard, broken bait tank, 3 TUNA :)

    Thats what I thought. Only thing I forgot was the 1'0 ringed fly liner hooks I used.
  18. surf204z

    Cut Thumb, 2 knifes overboard, broken bait tank, 3 TUNA :)

    Friday Septemer 4th. Left Dana Point at 2pm. Nice scoop of Sardines. Bait was small but strong. Got some numbers from Fishdope at 1pm. Ran 12 miles straight to the numbers and started chunking and soaking. 33.15 and 117. 40 I saw a couple boats hooked up over the 90 minute period. Just...
  19. surf204z

    How to gaff a fish

    water looked amazing...
  20. surf204z

    Good Fishing off Oceanside (same day report 8-19)

    Got a nice scoop of bait from Dana Point bait barge. Mostly sardines with a sprinkle of spanish macks. maybe 1/3 rolled on us today. Ran 22 nautical miles to my numbers I punched in from a fellow bloody decker. Thanks!! Weather was absolutely beautiful today. Fished with fellow Fishdope...
  21. surf204z

    Good Fishing YFT 12 miles from Dana Point (same day report)

    It was fun fishing next to you guys. The crew on that Trawler were classic!! Team Coffee Grinder...
  22. surf204z

    Good Fishing YFT 12 miles from Dana Point (same day report)

    When I pulled up at 6am they opened up a new bait box. I lucked out. I got a look at the bait from the previous box and it was beat up. Not surprised yours rolled fast.
  23. surf204z

    Good Fishing YFT 12 miles from Dana Point (same day report)

    I got a nice scoop of bait from Dana Point bait barge. Maybe 10% rolled on me. Made my way down to 33 10 & 117 40. Spent an hour or so chunking and soaking for nothing. Starting working towards the 279. Found a kelp at 33 15. 149 & 117 41. 450 and it was all I needed. I hooked nearly 10...
  24. surf204z

    Domes-279-277 Big Kelps....No Fish

    Got a late start today out of Dana Point. Didn't get going until 8:30am...Bait was big and most rolled fast. Ran towards the domes. A lot of birds working, dolphin, whales but no love. Worked out towards the 279. Found one kelp in the area but got nothing. A Grady White was fighting...
  25. surf204z

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    great day and even better report. right on!
  26. surf204z

    Big bfts

  27. surf204z

    Offshore Bluefin from a kayak?? Attempt No. 1

    I saw you on my way back from Catalina yesterday. I think you guys were a good 3-4 miles offshore when I cam across you.
  28. surf204z

    209 parking lot

    also, they were biting our 20 and 25 pound mono.
  29. surf204z

    209 parking lot

    I was out there today too. We got 5 hook ups on the small chovies. I used the smallest egg sinker and size 2 hook. We were able to put 3 in the boat. Bummer we missed the sardines by a few hours. Long patient soaks.
  30. surf204z

    Trophy Walk Around 23'

    For Sale 2002 Bayliner 2302 Trophy Pro, 23 ft walk around with cuddy cabin, hull no. THMA23FPI103, CF 0318 SY. Asking Price $26,500 without the kicker $27,900 with the kicker The boat is equipped with: A) a 225 Mercury Optimax oil injection 2-stroke engine with less an 150hrs; B) a new 9.9...
  31. surf204z

    Long Beach Lobster Report (scuba) Friday November 8th

    I did a dive last night with my buddy at the Long Beach Break Wall. Not much action. Very few lobsters crawling. My buddy squeezed into a couple caves and pulled out two nice ones. A goose egg for me. The vis. was excellent for LB break wall. We saw lots of newly molted lobster shells...
  32. surf204z

    Pics From the First Month of Bug Season

    Awesome quality. I'm just getting into Lobster Hunting on SCUBA. I love it!! I got about 5 night dives under my belt. What range of depths do you guys hunt at?
  33. surf204z

    Dual Axle Trailer

    no longer for sale.
  34. surf204z

    Dual Axle Trailer

    Trailer was used for a 24' Trophy Walk Around. $1500 in recent upgrades to trailer -new hubs -all new tires -new brakes Text me 949-212-2180
  35. surf204z

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    The trailer is for a 24 foot boat. Its too much trailer for this 19'. We are asking 2k for trailer.
  36. surf204z

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    Hipp Marine In Newport Beach ordered and installed. They should be able to help. It was done about a year ago.
  37. surf204z

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    I can see them. Anyone else not seeing the photos?
  38. surf204z

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    This boat was sold around two years ago by me. It was listed on BD. I'm now selling for the current owner.
  39. surf204z

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    $8200 i missed it the 1st time. I made changes to the add. Thanks.
  40. surf204z

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    Well maintained 1998 Trophy 1903 Center Console for sale. Boat is powered by a 115 Mercury Optimax two stroke Saltwater. Engine has around 300 hours. Serviced annually by Hipp Marine of Newport Beach. *New Bimini, new center console cover, new engine cover, new marine speakers, new swim step...
  41. surf204z

    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 4/10

    Awesome Forecast!! Keep them coming please. Thanks.
  42. surf204z

    Catalina Mooring and Hotel

    Hotel Mac Rae is cheap, clean, and is very close to the pier. They have winter time specials too. We often drop everyone off at the green pier and then one guy takes the boat back to the mooring. Then call for shore boat and pay for only one person. This works if your comfortable running the...
  43. surf204z

    Looking for charter boat in Avalon (lobster)

    Need a boat to take group of 3 SCUBA diving this Friday the 23rd of November and Saturday the 24th. We are staying at Hamilton Cove. 1st trip over bringing the wives and kids. We are leaving are boats on the mainland. We have a lot of Catalina experience but need a lift. Will pay whatever...
  44. surf204z

    Offshore Weather Update 9/12/2012

    Love the reports!! Keep them coming. Thanks.
  45. surf204z

    Top Gun 80 2-day

    Hi Nanette, I was #20. I commented on your necklace.
  46. surf204z

    Top Gun 80 2-day

    Jim, great fishing with you. You're one hell of a fisherman. You were always ready, your hook was always in your hand, waiting for that stop. I was impressed!! Everyone on that boat worked well together!! Epic Trip...
  47. surf204z

    Top Gun 80 2-day

    Joe, My Garage Fridge has never looked better!!
  48. surf204z

    Top Gun 80 2-day

    I processed all the fish in my backyard last night. 2 hours. I highly recommend the food saver. Best birthday present my wife ever got me.
  49. surf204z

    Top Gun 80 2-day

    We left H & M Landing at 9pm saturday the 21st. Started Wednesday morning about 100 miles south of point loma. Scratched at troll Yellowfin all day. Fish didn't want to come up and eat the live bait. Couldn't find any kelps either. Finally, just before dark we find a kelp loaded with...
  50. surf204z

    4 for 5....1 legal 7.30.12

    Was thinking the same thing Joe, I,m going to roll the dice tomorrow on the butts. Nice job!!
  51. surf204z

    Box Canyon Sunday 5-6

    Got an invite from my buddy Steve to make the run down to Box Canyon for a little Rock Fishing!! Left Dana Point at 11:30am, fished from noon to two. Action was non-stop. All the numbers were holding fish. We had to pick through some small Green Spotted Rock Fish but managed some quality...
  52. surf204z

    12/5/11 Fished with Captain Dave Hansen

    very nice......sweet box canyon!!! Yep, no doubt about it...Dave Hansen gets it done...... Take me next time :)
  53. surf204z

    Fog, Kelp, and a lot of current........

    FRIDAY Oct. 14th.....We finally were able to put the crew together for a night of hooping over at the island. This was the first time out for all three of us this season. We had images of glassy waters and warm temperatures but as soon as we launched the boat the fog rolled in. The visibility...
  54. surf204z

    Two Harbors....Want to take my son fishing

    Hoops, Thanks for the info. That sounds like a great option. I appreciate your reply!! Sincerely, surf204z
  55. surf204z

    Two Harbors....Want to take my son fishing

    I'm gonna be camping at Two Harbors Campground with my 4 year old son. I was looking to take him fishing for a few hours. Looking for a some help for Wednesday August 17th. My hope was to find someone that is already there and would be willing to take us out for 2-3 hours so the boy can...
  56. surf204z

    8/7/11 Bass on the chew

    That Bass is Photo Shopped into your picture. I call bullshit.....
  57. surf204z

    19 Foot Center Console 1998 Trophy 1903

    SOLD. Please Remove and Thanks for your help!!
  58. surf204z

    South Coast Condition Report 6.9.11

    Yep...Saw the same conditions last sunday from DP to Salt Creek... Brown water..... Soon things have to improve! Thanks for the update on the local conditions.
  59. surf204z

    19 Foot Center Console 1998 Trophy 1903

    Oside92054, I PM'd you. Matt
  60. surf204z

    19 Foot Center Console 1998 Trophy 1903

    Thanks Cheney for the reply. That was me today showing the boat to a potential new owner. Hopefully the deal gets done financially, but I will miss her. She has been a great boat!!
  61. surf204z

    19 Foot Center Console 1998 Trophy 1903

    I pay $200 and yes it is transferable because there are available side ties
  62. surf204z

    Maden voyage for the REEL O.C

    Sounds like the boat made a trip. Congrats! Now let's get some good weather and catch some fish......
  63. surf204z

    19 Foot Center Console 1998 Trophy 1903

    $8000 *powered by Mercury 115hp Optimax Saltwater 2 stroke with 258 original hours *No Trailer *Boat is in "Dana Point Harbor" Dana West Marina BS04 (can be seen from harbor sidewalk) This is a side tie along the sea wall. "Summer Rules" *I purchased this boat from the original owner...
  64. surf204z

    Hooping for Saturday Night at CAT

    David, We are heading over on my buddies boat "Bebes Revenge". I fished next to you about a month ago at the island. I'll hit you up on 72. Let's get em!! Matt
  65. surf204z

    SM 12/31 - The Bum Strum Drum

    Nice report and great photos. Can you post the recipe or pm. Thanks.
  66. surf204z

    Box Canyon 12-31-10

    I ran down to Box Canyon today (12-31) for one last chance at some Rock Fish before it closes. A lot of short period wind swell in the water but no wind. I'll take it!! Beautiful morning with Catalina in the distance and snow in the mountains. Only a few boats out today. A lot of junk...
  67. surf204z

    Limits at San Clemente Island

    That water looked amazing. SCI puts out on the Cod!! Nice work Dave.
  68. surf204z

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Nice talking with you Friday night. Things must of picked up after I left the area because you only had 5 legals. I should of stayed. The weather was better there too. As soon as I rounded Long Point the wind was blowing out of the south pretty hard. Nice chatting with you and hopefully we...
  69. surf204z

    11-26 Bones and Bugs

    Nice pick on the Bonito just east of Lovers Cove up to the Helicopter landing pad. 3lbers coming up every few minutes trolling small Yozuris. A lot of sea lions made it fun trying to get the bones to the boat. 15-20 fish for an hour of playing around. All fish released or eaten by the dogs...
  70. surf204z

    Hoopnet Tragedy at Santa Monica

    My thoughts are with his family!! It makes me think twice about hooping along the jetty. You have just minutes and sometimes seconds to react to a bad situation. Last year I pulled a father and son out of the water in Dana Point after the same thing happened. Take your time out there guys...
  71. surf204z


    thanks for the dope. almost went out in dana last night. maybe tonight?
  72. surf204z

    Dana Point Super Bug 10.17.10

    Did he catch it in the DP area?
  73. surf204z

    Lobster Gear (bridals and floats)

    Bridals are sold!! I have 12 bridal floats still available. Give me a call if you are interested in the floats. Matt
  74. surf204z

    Lobster Gear (bridals and floats)

    I have 10 promar bridal floats and 10 bridal buoys for sale. Everything is in very good shape and selling for cheap, take all for best deal!! Call matt at 949-212-2180
  75. surf204z

    Catalina (video by the Navajoninja"

    Hooped the front side of Catalina Island Friday night. I was expecting a big crowd over there but we had a lot of space to work our gear. We spaced our gear out at various depths to see if we could find a pattern. The bugs were in tight to the beach. We found nothing on our deep water...
  76. surf204z

    9-26 Catalina & 14 mile Bank

    Finally got a hall pass from the wife to go fishing this weekend. Weather was hot and the seas were nice both ways. At about 7:30am we were running just north and west of the 14 mile bank when we came up on some jumping dorado. We saw 4 different fish jump over a 5 minute period but had no...
  77. surf204z

    Friday Sept. 24th (need 3)

    I am trying to put a trip together on the "Sweet Teresa" San Diego SportFish. This would be a full day Offshore trip. Check out the website for information on this boat and what is included with this charter. San Diego Sport Fishing Charters $1400 / 4 = $350 per guy. Fast boat, Super...
  78. surf204z

    The Season is upon us...

    I like to tap on their under side because sometimes they will grab on to you. Just my thing We prefer to throw back the big females because they can produce 3 times the eggs of a legal size female. Throw back the big breeders if you can do it. We don't feel so bad taking the big males...
  79. surf204z

    Skiff T-Boned in the Kelp 1 Confirmed Dead

    Sounds like a great day close to the Barn. Thanks for the local info.
  80. surf204z

    SCI Bad Case of the Grumps 8.19.10

    Another great report!! I hear you brother on trying to juggle the "family time" and "fishing addiction".
  81. surf204z

    Dana Point: Gulped Again 8.12.10

    Thanks for the local dope. I always appreciate your reports!!
  82. surf204z

    Rpt. Wed. 08-11-10 SCI Calicos

    Another fine report. Thanks Cory. Appreciate the feedback on that new Shimano lure!
  83. surf204z

    Live bait prices go up

    Dana Point Bait Barge $25 for half, $35 for full scoop, I'll pay it every time I go out!! Keep up the good work..........
  84. surf204z

    Dana Point South (anchovies in the receiver)

    Water temp was 65 to 67...and a little green.....
  85. surf204z

    Dana Point South (anchovies in the receiver)

    I took my father out fishing today, sunday august 8th. My dad is in town from Illinois and I wanted to put him on some fish this morning. I was going to head down to box canyon and make sure he got to pull something in but decided to run by the bait barge to see if something new had come in...
  86. surf204z

    Dana Point: Freight Trained 8.5.10

    got me excited to hit it locally
  87. surf204z

    Box Canyon, Kelps, and Boilers 7-16-10

    Made a quick run this morning down to Box Canyon to top of my freezer for my annual fish fry tomorrow. Since the tide was slack low, I thought rock fishing would be better odds than the kelp. I either got lucky or made an nice educated guess. Box Canyon kicked out some of the best quality...
  88. surf204z

    PM Sesh DP

    Thanks for the validation.....gonna hit it in the morning and will report in. Did you go north or south of the Harbor?
  89. surf204z

    Box Canyon, San Mateo Kelp, & Seal Rock

    Put in a solid 4 hours of fishing this morning (July 11th). I just got my boat back last week and wanted to test out the new toys (new helm, new shifter, and new fish finder). Ran down to box canyon and had a steady pick on the rock fish (reds, starrys, and sculpin). The area was holding a...
  90. surf204z

    Salt Creek to the Barn 6.2.10

    Joe, Thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear the bass are hungry in our local waters....I would love to go fly line some chovies right now.
  91. surf204z

    Finally a little love

    Nice work Reuben, Congrats....
  92. surf204z

    Salt Creek Kelp and Boilers 5-30

    Joe, The boat has been running great. I need to get her serviced. Are you guys still doing repairs and service behind Ralphs or is it just storage now? That seawall can be a bitch on a minus tide but I said it yesterday pulling out, "what do you expect for $200". I'm not complaining.
  93. surf204z

    "Dorado Girl's" toad yellow on The Long Run

    On the trolled Rapala of all things. Congrats to Amanda and "the long run"
  94. surf204z

    Salt Creek Kelp and Boilers 5-30

    Fished the Salt Creek Kelp this morning for some slow fishing. Wind was hard offshore this morning making fishing the kelp difficult. Did some drifts for some short bites. The wind shifted to blowing out of the south and made fishing the kelp possible but not ideal. We put in a good effort...
  95. surf204z


    I got a report today that they are in the kelp in Laguna. Launch in Dana and work your way up. A lot of wind forecasted tomorrow but that plan will put the wind on your stern during the ride home. Good luck.....
  96. surf204z

    544# Tshark for TEAM KNUCKLEHEAD

    Congratulations....Awesome job.....I can only imagine the experience and I hope to catch a fish like that someday......Thanks for sharing......
  97. surf204z

    Dana Point "Quick & Dirty" (Sat. May 8th)

    Did a "quick and dirty" inshore session with the NavajoNinja today. The plan was to head down south for some Cod fishing if the weather looked good or keep it close if it didn't look promising. We decided to keep it close because it looked a little messy early this morning. Got a half...
  98. surf204z

    Bonies and Saltwater Fly Questions

    Navajo, Good to see you post a Thread and talk fishing fishing. It looks like a good trip with Little Bebe.....Well done. I hope the weather is good on Sunday. I am excited to bust out the Rife's and take a look see. Let's talk in a few days.
  99. surf204z

    Promar Eclipse nets for sale

  100. surf204z

    "Summer Rules" saves the day 4-8-10

    I thought that was you. Looked like you guys were doing well too!
  101. surf204z

    "Summer Rules" saves the day 4-8-10

    The plan was to head over to Catalina and play with the bonito & rockfish. We got 200 yards out of the harbor and my buddy steve's engine just dies. Call vessel assist and we get towed back to the launch. Steve drops me off over at Dana West where my car is and I say, I think I am going to...
  102. surf204z

    Box Canyon 3-27-09

    Hey guys, I was just making a report, isn't that what this forum is for? Dana Point bait barge has 95% of the time done me right!! I got some bad bait that day and I added it to my report. No big deal....I'll be buying more on Thursday. I hope they still have the chovies...
  103. surf204z

    Box Canyon 3-27-09

    Ran down to Box Canyon this morning to try for some rock cod with my buddy Todd. Grabbed a half scoop from DP bait barge, 5-7 inch sardines, terrible bait!! Red noises, scales coming off and half of it rolled. Very disappointed. Nice easy run from Dana Point. Worked my same numbers from the...
  104. surf204z

    Engine Service (DANA POINT)

    Anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic in Dana Point. I have been getting my boat serviced at Dana Marine Center for the past few years. They are located behind Ralphs in Dana Point but I am pretty sure they just recently went out of business. Also, their website is no longer up. My 2...
  105. surf204z

    Seahorse, 3/12, SCI! Good times, Six anglers!

    I was thinking of ditching work and coming. My loss with such a light light load. Nice Job Tyler.
  106. surf204z

    Lobster Video by the Navajo Ninja 2010

    YouTube - Lobster: How Hoopin' gets Done
  107. surf204z

    Three Hall Passes 2-6-10

    Finally put the band (Barbs, Navajoninja, & Myself) back together for some hooping tonight. We had been planning to go over to Catalina but the weather forecast kept us Inshore at Chaffe Island, Long Beach. Little Bebe's Revenge Barbs with the looming clouds in the background. This guy...
  108. surf204z

    Bad Boyz in San Felipe, Mex 1/28-1/31

    Awesome report. That report really made me miss mexico.
  109. surf204z

    Change of plans settled on hooping SMB

    Nice work Reuben.......We need to hit it together one of these nights with the Navajo Ninja.
  110. surf204z

    [email protected]:newbie ?

    You will sleep better if you get a mooring. Nothing to worry about all night unlike anchoring... Best cove on the frontside is Goat Harbor. It's the most protected of all the boat in camping sites. The boat in camping sites are awesome but you need to know how to anchor properly. Start...
  111. surf204z

    Bones and Bugs 1-16-10

    Reuben, I hear you brother. You got to walk a fine line with the wife. Honey Do's add up to trips out on the Pacific.
  112. surf204z

    Bones and Bugs 1-16-10

    frontside middle of the island
  113. surf204z

    Bones and Bugs 1-16-10

    Headed over to Catalina yesterday on my friend Steve's Boat and brought the "Navajo Ninja" with us. The plan was to fish and hoop. The Bonito were thick from Frog Rock to Long Point. Boiling bait fish all over the place. We trolled small Yozuri's and were putting fish on the boat every few...
  114. surf204z

    Rpt Weds. 1-13-10 Las Salinas Critters!

    Cory, Nice report. I always appreciate your detail and grammar. Also, I know what it is like to be lost in TJ in the dark. Not fun.....Big Balls my friend....Big Balls......
  115. surf204z

    Hoop Lights?

    All of the above. Also, buy quality glow sticks. Promar sticks give good light.
  116. surf204z

    Is spider crab good eating?

    I think I want to finally try one of these guys. Anyone know the regs. on them?
  117. surf204z

    Hooping @ the Honey Hole

    Sweet Boat.. I is that a 19' Trophy CC.
  118. surf204z

    Hooping @ the Honey Hole Cont......

    I'm ready to go back and get some more. Nice trip Men. Moye, you did alright for a green horn!!
  119. surf204z

    lobster getting me sick

    Eat a peanut butter sandwich prior to going out. This will stick in your stomach. I also will eat peanut butter pretzels throughout the night. Take a bonine or two before you go out. Also, mineral water throughout the night.
  120. surf204z

    Christmas Eve Cod (Box Canyon)

    Ran "Summer Rules" down to Box Canyon this morning with my friend Steve to try some of his new numbers for Rock Cod. Steve had some success a few days prior in the area. First numbers were instant bites and hook ups. Pretty steady fishing all morning but fish lacked in size. Nice long drifts...
  121. surf204z

    12/19 & 12/20 SB & Beyond

    High End report and Fishing. Like always!!
  122. surf204z

    Long Beach w/ Dave Hansen 12-13-09

    Went out last night with the "Navajo Ninja" and Captain Dave Hansen to do some Long Beach Hooping. This was a 1st for me. Dave showed us a few of his spots and we managed to bring a few legals home. The crawl was short and light. Bugs started moving around 8pm but the crawl did not last...
  123. surf204z

    Rough Night 12/5

    Reuben, Nice bug in the cooler. We went over to Catalina last night and got beat up both ways. Also, first skunk ever. The sea lions picked us for 50lbs of bait in a couple hours. Difficult night for us too. At least we were out!!
  124. surf204z

    Calico Fishing is Child's Play

    Nice Job Steve!! Christopher looks pretty stoked..........
  125. surf204z

    4 Fried Chickens and Coke

    Travis did you go to the island last night?
  126. surf204z

    4 Fried Chickens and Coke

    Finally put the band back together last night for a little hooping over at the island. We hadn't been out since Oct. 18th. Easy cross both ways from Alamitos. Nice and clear. Some big swells but perfect angle on us. We worked 5 Eclipse nets in 160'-210' of water from 6:30p-10:30p. Bait was...
  127. surf204z

    11/14 buggin with my boy

    Can't wait until my boy can pull....Nice job dad!
  128. surf204z

    Special Ops 11/3

    I wish I could catch Rock Fish like that locally. You guys must of paid your dues over the years because you always find the fish. Nice work!!
  129. surf204z

    Rpt Sun 11-01-09 SCI Reds, Lings and Bass

    I always enjoy your posts..... Great job and epic looking conditions!!
  130. surf204z

    O.C. buggin - VIDEO, What a sunset!

    Bitchin Video. Those conditions looked epic!! Grease water and awesome sunset.....
  131. surf204z

    1st time Lobstering - Dana Point 10/18

    Even better than the reflective tape. Go to Catalina and hoop.
  132. surf204z

    1st time Lobstering - Dana Point 10/18

    Put reflective tape on your buoys. We only use one glow stick per buoy but load them up with tape.
  133. surf204z

    Sketchy Fog Session 10-17-09

    Stubbs, We are working on throwing the big females back. It is tough to do but we know it needs to be done. We never have shorts!! That is bad karma... We have too small of boats for that. Karma comes quick on a 19' boat. Thanks for the congrats.
  134. surf204z

    Sketchy Fog Session 10-17-09

    Hey Reuben. Sorry I didn't get back to your PM. I'm glad my advice helped on the extra line. I like the idea of wrapping the extra on the extension cord holder and then wrapping the zip tie around it. A little talent, yes. But more stupidity than anything. We have no radar and should of...
  135. surf204z

    Sketchy Fog Session 10-17-09

    We prefer to pull deep. Way less shorts and never have to deal with kelp. Set up a decent pulley system and your good to go.
  136. surf204z

    Sketchy Fog Session 10-17-09

    We had been planning to head to Catalina for the new moon and had high hopes with the recent rain. The fog was a problem from the start. We should not of went but our stupidity got the best of us. Left Davies at 3pm and arrived the Island around 5:15. We did a slow 10-12 knots because of the...
  137. surf204z

    SCI Smackdown Yellows Lings and Mixed Batch 9.24.09

    You guys always kill. Kick ass report too.....
  138. surf204z

    Catalina Bass and Bonito Report 9/12-13

    You always have kick ass reports!! Nice job you two.
  139. surf204z

    My son's 1st Fish

    Wife wanted to go for a harbor cruise today, so I grabbed one rod and a Yozuri to see if I could get my son his 1st fish. We checked out the sea lions on the buoy and trolled around. Got a calico to take the bait along the outside of the jetty in front of Doheny. I assisted my son in bringing...
  140. surf204z

    Goat Harbor to Avalon Friday 8-28

    Charged over to Catalina this morning with my friend Bill. The Dana Point bait barge had some nice size Sardines (3"-4"). The water in the harbor at 6am was a cool 67 degrees. The plan was to look for yellowtail but the conditions over there were below average. We started in the Goat Harbor...
  141. surf204z

    Dana Point 8.14.09 The 279 and Back

    Nice report. San Mateo kelp has been a blast lately. Have you heard of anyone having luck at the 279 this summer season??
  142. surf204z

    San Mateo Kelp (Monday August 10th)

    WFO.....My neighbor Casey and I must of pulled in 60-80 bass in 3 hours this morning. Mostly Calico's but some sandies were mixed in. Calico's loved the chovies of course but the sandbass ate the sardines. Bait was a nice mix of of Chovie and Dines. Water was more blue than green...
  143. surf204z

    7/24 Wide Open C Bass San Clemente

    Dave's the man!!! I need to get him back on my boat........Congrats on the EPIC Day..
  144. surf204z

    Fished on the Pursuit off of 22nd Street

    I saw you guys over there yesterday. I spent 3+ hours in the water spear fishing and it was a slow day over there. Didn't see any yellowtail. A few cuda's, only two bonito, and of course a ton of calico. I don't know the Pursuit but it was extremely slow for late July and decent conditions.
  145. surf204z

    First post---Fished San Mateo kelp 7-22

    I hit that spot on Tuesday evening. Same thing. Wide open. I can't wait to get my two year old out on the salt!!
  146. surf204z

    San Mateo Kelp (Tuesday 7-21)

    Did an evening session tonight on the rising tide. Got a half scoop of mostly Dines but there was ten or so Chovies mixed in. Drifted the pipe in front of the domes for two small Sand Bass. Hopes for a Halibut but only a couple raked baits. Fished the Chovies at the pipe. Tons of bait just...
  147. surf204z

    SMB WSB: You Can Poo Poo Spinning Reels... But

    congrats my friend and with the coffee grinder!
  148. surf204z

    Capt'n Dave The Real Deal

    Exactly what Mark said! I used dave last friday for a half day trip and learned a ton of great information and he dialed me into several of my local spots. The next morning Dave knew I was going to Catalina and he called me at 5am and told me to keep my vhf on channel 7. Dave gave me the...
  149. surf204z

    "Off the Domes" with Capt. Dave Hansen

    I saw the report by Dave Hansen earlier in the week with his outstanding Halibut catch. I checked out his guide service website and I felt like I could use some Local Local knowledge. Turned out to be a wise decision. We didn't slay the fish today but I gathered a lot of advice and Dave...
  150. surf204z

    Halibut fishing has been good!

    Dave, I will see you in the morning. 5:30am Dana West, B dock, my 19 foot trophy CC is right in front of the office. "Summer Rules" Down the ramp and to the right. She is gassed up and I am ready to learn :) Matt
  151. surf204z

    First California Ling and Great Bait

    Got a fat scoop of squid from the Long Beach Bait Company outside Alamitos to start the morning. Best squid I have ever had. Only three pieces died in 10 hours. All were squirting ink and lively on the hook. Crossing today was a little snotty both directions. Had a decent bass bite at...
  152. surf204z

    More "Sea Horse" Yellows 6-1-09 @ SCI

    Had to try my luck today over at Clemente for some of those horse Yellowtails they been getting. The boat went 5 for 7 on yellows. No luck for me. Captain targeted the big boys all day. We fished the kelp for an hour for some junk. Hopefully I will get my horse yellow next time. Live...
  153. surf204z

    Frontside Sunday 5-17-09

    Went over with my buddy Jesse and his wife Sunday for a little fun on the Frontside of Catalina. Easy crossing but bait tank problems along the way caused the bait to roll. We managed to get the tank going again and save about 30 chovies. Headed to Empire Landing and got some bites on the...
  154. surf204z

    2009 shark

    what size weight were you trolling with and how long was your leader? Thanks and nice job with the solo mission!!
  155. surf204z

    End of Season Lobster Video & some Rockfishing

    Trayscool, That video is from the night we saw you out with your lady. You got limits early that night and we went into town early. You also caught that fatty sheepy!! We will have to hook up for a drink one of these times at the island.
  156. surf204z

    End of Season Lobster Video & some Rockfishing

    Sorry this is a little late but another fun video by the Navajoninja. Until next lobster season!! Spearfishing videos coming soon.
  157. surf204z

    Need help! Boat Charter

    I appreciate all of the input! I was hoping for some positive feedback but I didn't get any. I will try some of the references from this board. Thanks again.
  158. surf204z

    Need help! Boat Charter

    Anyone heard of the 42' Trawler "The Long Run" out of Marina Cortez in San Diego. My buddies and I are thinking of chartering this vessel in July for a two day trip into Mexico. Any help would be appreciated :jig:
  159. surf204z

    GCLA Mirage 3-21-09

    One of the best reports I have read :) Looks like a lot of FUN!!!!
  160. surf204z

    Starting to lose hope!

    Toby, Last season (our rookie season) we got less than 10 legals and we tried really hard. We put in the same effort this season and got 113 legals. I suggest getting over to Catalina next year. Also, you need to get in tune with the tides, moon phases, current, and try different depths.
  161. surf204z

    Hoop net found by Catalina

    "summer rules" san clemente
  162. surf204z

    lobster feast

    Brian, What was your technique for keeping the lobsters alive and fresh? Especially the ones you caught on the first two nights. Thanks.
  163. surf204z

    lobster feast

    That's how you end the season!! Congrats.........
  164. surf204z

    Family day in Catalina. 30lb sheepshead? Lobster!

    Travis, We were chatting with you last night from the C-dory. Very nice goat and nice work on the lobsters. We were happy with 12 bugs last night and heading into Avalon for some fun. How deep were you when you caught the sheephead??
  165. surf204z

    Rpt Wed. 3-04-09 SCI Copper & Red Frenzy!

    Great report.....You guys always kill'em out at SCI. I hope to get out there soon.
  166. surf204z

    What site do you guys use to check the sea conditions in the Newport/Catalina area

    San Mateo point is South San Clemente. Trestles, Cottons Point, Church Beach.
  167. surf204z

    What site do you guys use to check the sea conditions in the Newport/Catalina area

    Once you get to the site. Click "more marine forecasts" and then click "bouy 46025"
  168. surf204z

    What site do you guys use to check the sea conditions in the Newport/Catalina area

    Check out bouy "46025" This buoy is 30nm off of Santa Monica and measures wind speed and direction as well as swell height, period, and direction. It gives you readings every hour. Plus more data!! If I am going to Catalina, this is what I check. This buoy is north of Catalina and I figure...
  169. surf204z

    Late Report 2/21/09, triple limits w/pics

    Dean, Thanks for the lobster count and depths that you caught them at. The last 4 trips we have been fishing 150'-180' and have come home with 28, 8, 12, & 21. Also, in those four trips we have only thrown back a total of 4 shorts fishing deep. It sounds like the same for you. Better...
  170. surf204z

    Late Report 2/21/09, triple limits w/pics

    Dean, Several questions. What seemed to produce more lobster. The 175' or the 75'. Also, how do you prepare the Sheep Crabs? Are they good? How many can you keep?
  171. surf204z

    VIDEO of earlier post "Deep Water Buggin"

    Trayscool, One good thing about fishing deep is you never have to deal with kelp. Also, we have pulled 69 legals since we started fishing deep in 4 trips. We have only thrown back 4 shorts in the 4 total trips. Much better quality bugs deeper in my opinion. Thats an average of 17...
  172. surf204z

    VIDEO of earlier post "Deep Water Buggin"

    Nordic Flyer, That is our first time fresh water spraying the bugs. I don't know why we did it.
  173. surf204z

    VIDEO of earlier post "Deep Water Buggin"

    Trayscool, Were you the guys fishing off the dingy near twin rocks and had a boat anchored up in goat? We had seven nets that night but really only fished five of them. We had two nets in 80' of water but only checked them twice each. We worked our 5 deep ones non-stop until we got limits.
  174. surf204z

    VIDEO of earlier post "Deep Water Buggin"

    Actually, we had limits at 9pm and were back in Long Beach at 11pm.
  175. surf204z

    VIDEO of earlier post "Deep Water Buggin"
  176. surf204z

    Deep Water Buggin (Triple Limits)

    Big Tahuna, Lion Head to Arrow Point is closed for lobster on the Frontside.
  177. surf204z

    Deep Water Buggin (Triple Limits)

    We put the band back together last night after a month break from any hooping. Captain Jesse at the wheel, Barbs working the rail, and myself (Matter) was on bait. Broke the Alamitos Bay jetty at 3:15pm and we were blessed with really nice conditions. No wind and a very organized west...
  178. surf204z

    Daughter catches Dad's tacos

    I can't wait to take my boy out!! Nice work dad.
  179. surf204z

    Catalina hoopin video

    There is alwasy as least one stupid comment from someone on this board. Congrats Hamburgertuesday. Fish with a positive atttitude and don't rain on anyones parade. Good luck next time.
  180. surf204z

    Catalina hoopin video

    the 19' C-dory runs on a 75hp honda
  181. surf204z

    Catalina hoopin video

    19' C Dory pilothouse
  182. surf204z

    Catalina hoopin video

    kick ass barbs...............
  183. surf204z

    Killer Halibut Spearfishing

    Now that is fishing....Congrats.
  184. surf204z

    Catalina Saturday 1-24 "Where's the Honey"

    Thanks for all of the input. Keep it coming!!
  185. surf204z

    Catalina Saturday 1-24 "Where's the Honey"

    The usual crew plus megan, headed over to catalina for some hooping Saturday night. I had high hopes that it was going to be good. -day before new moon -nice tidal movement -dirty water Everything looked promising but it was a slow night. We fished the area that has been producing for us...
  186. surf204z

    "Sweet Catalina Bugs" 1-10 (late report)

    Island Bound, We are fishing deep because we are finding them deep. We have gotten 40 legals at that depth in two trips (multi-day permit one of the trips). We have had success from 30' - 80' early in the season. I think right now they are deep. Don't they go deep later in the season...
  187. surf204z

    "Sweet Catalina Bugs" 1-10 (late report)

    Trayscool, I don't think that a full moon is completely bad. We did get 12 legals. I think on a clear night, like Saturday with the santa ana's that a full moon doesn't help things. It was like a late morning dawn out there saturday. Most importantly is tidal movement!! Any help on...
  188. surf204z

    "Sweet Catalina Bugs" 1-10 (late report)

    I was on the fence all morning saturday worried about the Santa Ana's and the Small Craft Advisory. I checked the NOAA report a dozen times, checked the Buoy 30 nm off of Santa Monica a few times, and called Avalon Harbor and Isthmus Harbor twice each. I finally felt comfortable with the weather...
  189. surf204z

    Lobster Limits and some Rockfish

    Epic night for hooping.......Filed a multi-day permit for two of us and came home with limits. 28 keepers and nice grade. Also did some shallow water rockfishing and we were getting them every drop. (Starry, Tree Fish, Coppers, & Sheeps) 180-200 feet. We only threw back less than 5 short...
  190. surf204z

    Catalina Hooping 11-22 & 11-23

    YouTube - Catalina Lobster Hoop netting
  191. surf204z

    Catalina Hooping 11-22 & 11-23

    sorry I messed up the link to youtube. Barbs add the link if you see this post.
  192. surf204z

    Catalina Hooping 11-22 & 11-23

    Just spent two days at the island and was able to get out for two nights of hooping. We put in about 3 hours each night for a total of 12 legals. We were able to get the hoops in the water just before it got dark both nights. We fished until 9pm both nights. Around 30 pulls each night...
  193. surf204z

    Keeping Lobster Alive HELP................

    Thanks for the help.
  194. surf204z

    Keeping Lobster Alive HELP................

    I am heading over to Catalina tomorrow. We will be hoop netting Sat. night and Sunday night. What is the best way to keep lobsters fresh for our set up. We do not have a bait tank. I know they will live over night but what about two nights. Any suggestions will be much appreciated...
  195. surf204z

    Dana Pride 10-9-08

    Jimmy, Happy Birthday, nice report, and you write very well for 15!!
  196. surf204z

    18 legal Bugs Cat. Sept. 27th....(LATE REPORT)

    Sorry for the late report. Went over Saturday afternoon and worked the frontside from 6:30p-12:30a for 18 legals. We threw back at least 25 shorts. Pretty consistent most of the night. Things seemed to slow around the high tide!!!!!! But later picked back up, during the dropping tide. 10...
  197. surf204z

    Lobster Fishing "multi-day permit" ???????

    thanks for the replys. surf204z
  198. surf204z

    Lobster Fishing "multi-day permit" ???????

    Anybody know if you can do a "multi-day permit" for lobster fishing?? EXAMPLE If I go out on saturday night the 27th of sept. Can I get 7 bugs before midnight and 7 more bugs after midnight for the 28th of sept., if I have filed a multi-day permit?? Any help would be appreciated...
  199. surf204z

    182 Sunday August 10th

    We made our first ever San Diego trip this weekend!! Jesse and Barbs picked me up in San Clemente at 11:30 Saturday night and we headed towards Shelter Island. Got bait around 2am and set a course for the 182. We thought we cleared Point Loma but ended up going to far north and ended up in...
  200. surf204z

    "Got one to go"...."279" August 7th

    I had been reading the "dodo buzz" and had to give it a try Thursday morning. I couldn't get my pussy neighbors to come out with me, so I went solo. Left the Barn at 7am and was back in Dana Point Harbor at 11am. Set a course for the 279 but found lots of jumpers and breezers about 2 miles...
  201. surf204z

    Need some Offshore/Mexico Help!

    We are planning to head into mexican waters this weekend for the 1st time. Can someone please explain the return to San Diego process for us. Where is the customs office? How long does the clearing process take on a busy weekend? What forms will we need? Etc. Etc. We appreciate any input.
  202. surf204z

    Limits WSB Sons 13th d-day trip WITH PICS 4-10/11 WSB limits four 4

    Nice trip Dad!! I can't wait to do the same with my boy.
  203. surf204z

    Catalina Bottom Dwellers Sunday 4/6

    Left out of Davies Launch at 6am Sunday morning on "Little Bebe's Revenge". Captain Jesse, Nick, and myself. Easy cross both ways. Wind swell, a little wind at times, but nice and easy. Under an hour and half each direction. Weather at the island was beautiful!!!!!! Set up on the east...
  204. surf204z

    maxin out the bugs.........

    Anyone know what the DFG regs. are on "sheeps crab"?
  205. surf204z

    hooping for crabs

    Does anyone know what the regs. are on "sheeps crab" also known as "spider crabs"?? I catch them a lot hooping for lobster and the legs look tasty. I don't see any regs. on them in the DFG guide. Any help out there?? Thanks.