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  1. Dexloy

    Mexican fishing licenses

    That is the easiest it has ever been for me to get my permit!!! And can print as many as I need.
  2. Dexloy


    nice report....
  3. Dexloy

    YFT in OC?

    Nice report!!!
  4. Dexloy

    US Limits YFT + @ 43 8/27

    holly shit! thats a stack of fish.
  5. Dexloy

    YFT Outside North Island

    We got on them to after your raidio call out it was fun, pulled 2 20-25 pound fish but that was all we could get to go. Ours came after the pod passed and long soak far from the boat. Thanks for callin out the #.
  6. Dexloy

    Offshore Noob

    Take someone that knows whats up out there and listen them or go with someone on their boat that knows and learn. It can be a very hard lesson to learn on your own.
  7. Dexloy

    8-16 226 area YFT PB for my boat

    Don't forget to have your lightning rods grounded too, and your auto defbulator charged incase you have a heart attack, oh yeah and never leave home without a litter bag. Don't sweat what you can't help, I ain't leaving anything on the table when I check out!
  8. Dexloy

    LJ Kelp Sunday AM

    Dove the inside of the kelp bed Sunday vis was around 5' very surgey and cold, first dive was cut short due to the poor conditions, went out a little deeper and it was better but still tuff diving.
  9. Dexloy

    09/30 425/371 Lots of paddy's

    Scott if you are heading out solo again give me a shout, I live in PQ and go out solo all the time.
  10. Dexloy

    09/30 425/371 Lots of paddy's

    Marcus, I was talking to you at the ramp befor we headed out did you guys get any?
  11. Dexloy

    09/30 425/371 Lots of paddy's

    That was me Scott, thanks for the #'s the bite did stop, the guy on the Cabo only got that 1st fish. not sure why it shut down like that. I did have a hard time with the drift the first pass I was a little to far out so I tried to get a bit closer the 2nd pass and was going to end up drifting...
  12. Dexloy

    What is the most bazaar thing you've seen while fishing?

    now that would be some funny shit to watch right there!:rofl:
  13. Dexloy

    269 & vicinity 8/28

    Did the bill fish have a ridged dorsal fin? maybe a sword fish?
  14. Dexloy

    8/2 390'ish, 371'ish, and 302'ish

    Sounds Like a great day Mark! Taking my kids out this weekend.
  15. Dexloy

    1st Annual No Ma'am Charter Late Report (7/18/07-7/20/07)

    And I will wear my pink shirt with pride knowing I caught more fish than you!!! :nutkick: in fact I may have farmed more fish than Zach too!!:idiot: Oh yea, Smokey if your nice next time we're out I'll let you wear it. :Fondle:
  16. Dexloy

    2-Day Charter on the Holiday 7/18/07-7/20/07

    Permits are not included, food is, beer is not.
  17. Dexloy

    2-Day Charter on the Holiday 7/18/07-7/20/07

    Hey take a new pick of the Hooker she has a tower now!
  18. Dexloy

    What does a slip cost?

    I know it depends on where you want it, I would like MB or SI but don't know what the cost is. The wife is ready to start shopping for the new boat but I have to get all the numbers ready for her, like slip fees, insurance, stuff like that for the budget. Thanks.
  19. Dexloy

    Seals Rights vs Human Rights

    This is a post from a local dive club and I think we should be aware of what our city goverment is trying to do. This is out of hand if they will bend to the small group of seal huggers what is to stop them from telling us we can't launch our boats becuse we might bother a seal or fish in the...
  20. Dexloy

    Fred Hall Show Debut

    Anthony makes great looking rods, I have one and he's wrapin my 2nd now. Just make sure you tell him not to do the "Mexican wrap" or you'll get a rod that looks like a color blind faggot wraped it.:Exploding Now I may never see the other rod!!
  21. Dexloy

    What have I got here???

    I thought it was a vertical ice auger.
  22. Dexloy

    Trailer needed!!!

    If you get any response to this let me know I need to take a 28 footer to the dump and don't have a trailer either.
  23. Dexloy

    6 days on the "Q"

    Thats is getten worked I didn't let the fish stay on the line long eunogh to get tired i just busted them off so I wouldn't look bad :Burp: then I got drunk:720icon: and passed out.
  24. Dexloy

    Q105 trip 9/20

    I'll be on this trip too! I was on the 5 day that was going to leave after the short trip. I think the the boat is full at 32 anglers. I am also a long rang virgan and can't wait!:Pogo_Stic I have spent more on shit to take with me that I did on the trip for sure. 6 days away from the rat...
  25. Dexloy

    1.5 day trip New Lo-An 8/14

    truly made me LOL at work! It needs a place of honor somewhere.
  26. Dexloy

    Coral Sea 8/11

    I am intrested but not to sure my wife is intrested in letting me go LOL! It was great fishing with you too, look forward to the pics.
  27. Dexloy

    Coral Sea 8/11

    Grabed the last spot on the Coral Sea Thursday night, fishing Friday. 17 anglers on a 58' boat. Great crew, Skipper Randy, 2nd was Sean and on deck Randy and Emerson with Matt in the galley. Skipper got us on fish 10 minutes after we started trollin, first stop on a paddy and it was wide open...
  28. Dexloy

    July '06 Avet Reel Contest

    <img src="" alt="Dodo" /> Allen 7/29/06 Brand new JX 6:3 25# P-Line top 65# Spectra backing Brand new BD DodoTank "Properly covered in blood!" Seeker 20-30# 800h "I think" 9 Miles off the point in the good old USA! Popped the...
  29. Dexloy

    Jamaica 4-19

    Too late! I need one like that. oh ya I ended up tipping the skipper my sunglasses cuz he had lost his the day before.
  30. Dexloy

    Jamaica 4-19

    <img src="" alt="Red Strip" /> Well we didn't get any knock downs but we had a great day on the water with my son. Nice boat, a 42 Bertram "Pleasure Broker" nice crew and skipper just no fish in he morning but they get 3 in the...
  31. Dexloy


    Great thats where I am going! Negril
  32. Dexloy


    Anyone fish in Jamacia? I am going with the family in April and want to know if it is worth the time or should I t dive while I'm there?
  33. Dexloy

    What are the 1/2 day boats doing?

    Yep it was very slow got nuff for a meal and thats about all.
  34. Dexloy

    What are the 1/2 day boats doing?

    not sure yet I think I'll go to Seaforth for easy parking. Going to call now.
  35. Dexloy

    What are the 1/2 day boats doing?

    I want to fish Thur AM, just wondering if anyone knew what's up. I need to get out of the house and the wife gave me a pass. :fishx: Any ideas guys?
  36. Dexloy

    The full loreto story april 3-11 Lots of pictures!

    did anyone in your group speak spanish? I would guess that helps be is it a must?
  37. Dexloy

    The REAL Disaster

    how is this going to efect the price of pork bellys?
  38. Dexloy

    Realy good Drugs!!!

    Hey guys, I had soem neck surgary last week so I am at home recoping and they gave ms some valume and perkaset (hehe that is not why my speling sucks but it aint helping any either) adn I am getting real bord if I take to much drugs I fall asleep if I dont take nuff it hurts like a bitch and all...
  39. Dexloy

    Bloody Decks, good day.

    WTF did you do to that fish to make it bleed like that? Maybe a little gaff insted of a yard rake. hehehe
  40. Dexloy

    8/30/05 Birthday Dodo

    like I said earier FUCKER!
  41. Dexloy

    8/13/05 Islands and a Yellow

    So your bro outfished you again!!! WTG Micah!
  42. Dexloy

    close a post????

    :FU: No shit!
  43. Dexloy

    Gel Coat Gun?

    Thanks! I have one like that too, just didnt know you could use it thought it would be to hard to clean the tip out. DMS has one thats only about $100 I may just pick it up, then again a roller will work fine just a little more sanding.
  44. Dexloy

    Gel Coat Gun?

    Doing the glass work on my window extention and was going to use a roller for the gel coat unless some one has a gel coat spray gun I could borrow/buy!
  45. Dexloy

    BloodyDecks 1 day Pac voy 8/10

    I am in Yellowstone right now but will mail my check out Monday when I get back in town, I hope that "Marshal Mathers" = "Dexloy" hehe.
  46. Dexloy

    BloodyDecks 1 day Pac voy 8/10

    I want on, put me down for 1 spot! where do I pay?
  47. Dexloy

    Condor 1 1/2 Dat 7-11 thru 7-12

    I went a week to early!!!!!!!
  48. Dexloy

    7/6 1-1/2 on the Condor

    Well after reading all the great reports I had to get me some, so at 7:30 I told the wife I'll be back Thursday. Get to the boat at 9:00 (9:00 depart time) and sit down for the briefing to be told of all the great fishing they have been doing, then that the water is starting to get a bit bumpy...
  49. Dexloy

    What do you guys think about this ::::

    sounds great but we could take our boats there too.
  50. Dexloy

    need a bait tank for ski boat.

    I have a 1/2 scoop poly tank that is on my swim step right now, I am going to install a new offshore tank on the deck so it is up for sell. Don't know what to ask for it but need a to get a smaller pump for the new one the one it has is a 700 I think. <img...
  51. Dexloy

    A legal question about dogs(sea dogs)

    Thanks, that is good info.
  52. Dexloy


    Fuck me! what a time to have to turn down a fishin trip. WTG Greg!
  53. Dexloy

    BD Online Store back online!

    I need 2 or 3
  54. Dexloy

    Ghetto Dog

    And a big ass fuckin stick to wack it with!
  55. Dexloy


    Got the frame for the window base on this weekend and should start the glass work today but I lost my fucking camara so I can't take any pics but I will.
  56. Dexloy


    I don't think that he had taken the plastic off his badge yet cuz he had not a clue about what was going on. Strange ?? but what the fuck do I know! its going to be much better this year cuz I can drink more beer now! yep, I been practicing!! I am sure I'll anwser his ? much better now.
  57. Dexloy

    Was He a BD'er?

    DOH!! "cream of fish assholes" nasty
  58. Dexloy

    YT Limits for "No Limits"

    DAMMMMMBIT! nice stuff!
  59. Dexloy

    Tackle boxes

    I saw the WFO ones at the fred hall show looked nice.
  60. Dexloy

    Dexloy's Birthday

    thanks fellers! was not to bad just had to do 3hr at the dentist then took my father in law to the ER and sat there for 5hr but right now I took 4 happy pills so its all good!!! got a myfi XM Radio :-) from the wifey
  61. Dexloy

    Son needs a job.

    lol epenis! yeah I realy hope he gets it it would be perfect
  62. Dexloy

    Son needs a job.

    Wow, you guys are great!! That one is with Sony and is perfect for him!! He went to an 1rst inter. at the employ agent and they said that he sounded like what they want and will summit his app to Sony. I hope he gets that one it would be great!
  63. Dexloy

    Son needs a job.

    I want this one!
  64. Dexloy

    Son needs a job.

    Alittle of both, not much on the software side
  65. Dexloy

    I'm a Little Worried About Our Military...

    Like I said before, just use alittle duct tape, it 'll be fine.
  66. Dexloy

    Son needs a job.

    Well we all know its about who you know, not what you know when we first start out. My oldest son (20) needs to get a new job as he is going to need to support a family come Nov. He has a dependable car and lives with me in PQ. He has a back ground in computers and would like to get a...
  67. Dexloy

    did you feel it??

    Woke us up, thougth "sonic boom?"
  68. Dexloy

    Hows your morning?

    Yea thats who I thought.
  69. Dexloy

    Hows your morning?

    fish?: Droped it off at the Ford Dealer today, said that he would give it to Greg cuz he has the same "BloodyDecks" stuff on all the time. So who is this this guy named Greg that is going to fix my truck for me??
  70. Dexloy

    Two Buck Mike Guy Arrested For paying with $2 bills

    $1.53, unless you buy gas with it, them only $.53 :)
  71. Dexloy

    NASTY Ferrari Crash Pics ***WARNING***

    maybe use some duct tape?
  72. Dexloy

    Do any of you take your dogs out with you?

    I want to take mine sometimes, just don't always want to bring them back!!
  73. Dexloy

    New Neighbors From Hell

    Did you ask them to move it?
  74. Dexloy

    What do you want from YOUR BloodyDecks???

    How about a "Float Plan" page that we could fill out and post with the info needed to find me when I don't come home at the exzact moment my wife thinks I should. Then she won't have to call Weazel to get the phone # for the USCG!!!! We could check on each other to be sure we all get back...
  75. Dexloy

    Bloody TV show

    I think that more of a "fishing 101" with info on "how and why" is better than watching a bunch of fish hit the deck. Each show should cover a fish or area and how to fish it, IE.. "when targeting halibit look for bottom of sand next to a reef or rocky outcropping" and then show it and explain...
  76. Dexloy

    5-7 Day Trip

    Yeah, what he said.
  77. Dexloy

    Female or shemale???

    Thought they where dudes! So I am safe.
  78. Dexloy

    Im gonna miss her...

    Get a fat chick! They are just happy to get some anytime!
  79. Dexloy


    I think that most of the stuff I will do the 110 will work well,amything bigger and Ill take it to the welder to do.
  80. Dexloy


    Looking at a welder for the home shop, lincoln 135, anyone have an opinion or one for sell or better yet one to loan me for a while to see how I like it? or anyother welder for that matter, been a long time and I need some practice.
  81. Dexloy

    Customize your boat.

    get out the needle and thread, sew it to the velcro
  82. Dexloy

    Customize your boat.

    That stuff works great and wont rot either!
  83. Dexloy

    Holllllllly crap!!!

    no shit!
  84. Dexloy


    Sounds like the mang. is trying to do the right thing, just stand up for your self and make them do it, good luck bro.
  85. Dexloy

    Next Class

    set a date. lets do it
  86. Dexloy

    Plastic painting question

    Hey Kev, I am doing alot of "playing" with fiberglass right now. We could make a mold and fab you some new custom ones, I have been making plastic injection molds for 20 years and this is nothing like that :-P But really the stuff is cheap and easy to work with so if you dont like them not...
  87. Dexloy

    Makin' bait

    nope, well if your Mexican I think you can.
  88. Dexloy

    05 f200 Question

    lol I think you could have a prob there, I would love to help but I am not nearly quick witted nuff to come up with anything.
  89. Dexloy

    Thanks Gato Gordo

    I like it!!!!!!
  90. Dexloy

    fricken parking ticket!!!!! (wife)

    hehehe one time after I had done a brake job on my truck must have been 82'-83', I went up the the local elementry school parking lot on a sunday morning to check them. When I did the back wheels kept locking up, no one in the lot, no cars, but this guy come out from the school and flags me...
  91. Dexloy

    Makin' bait

    yep use those back east to catch shad freshwarter bait.
  92. Dexloy

    For You Silence of the Lambs Fans

    too much time on their hands
  93. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    yep we did that wasnt it
  94. Dexloy

    Lobster Trapping

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all about the Ben's
  95. Dexloy

    Hows your morning?

    Just got the first quote $3343 3 weeks
  96. Dexloy

    Nice Driving Dude

    got to love stupid ppl!
  97. Dexloy

    Line winder question ????????

    Yes, if you are able to wind your own line, you should be able to finish making the kit. I would buy one.
  98. Dexloy


    oh no its just a starter got a dead short
  99. Dexloy

    A VERY expensive Day

    hehe I know, I can't be with mine all the time either. was just messin with ya!
  100. Dexloy

    A VERY expensive Day

    Also think about how much time the pup was alone to have had the chance to do that much chewin! Can't leave them alone.
  101. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    thanks for the come back, I am still working on all of it, had a pluged fulel pick-up, did replace the bulb and ainti siphon, removed the interupt switch, (was not conected) and I am doing a hmo check this weekend on all the coils and stuff.
  102. Dexloy

    Pimp vs Black Belt

    lol fuqin a thats what I needed to see, one shot smack down. "I'm bad...shit...."
  103. Dexloy

    Hows your morning?

    geee! how'd you guess! Couln't understand why a minimum wage guy would want to move a truck he didn't have a clue how to drive in the first place.
  104. Dexloy

    Hows your morning?

    Mine is kinda fucked up! They hit my TRUCK!!!! ARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!! :mad:
  105. Dexloy

    Windsheild Glass and Frame

    Ok, I will drop the starter off at the shop today and the window frames to the welder tomorrow (I hope) I now need to start to shop for the replacement glass that I will need to have cut and as aways want to be sure and support the shops that offer the best to its customers, every place you...
  106. Dexloy

    Starter Shop

    All right then! thanks guys will do!
  107. Dexloy

    Customize your boat.

    Thats what I am talking about!! I can run the soft side all along the rail in the cutty and stuff will stay in place!
  108. Dexloy

    Customize your boat.

    Well I am totaly bord, (and unedgmacated, thanks for the spelling help there Annieo) so was sitting out in the boat looking at all things that need to be done/redone and my imagination stated running a muck! ....cut out up that....remove one of thoses.... I am a little short on...
  109. Dexloy

    belly ring/ aluminum work in Orange County?

    DOH! Thought you needed a naval pircing! not a pretty thought!
  110. Dexloy

    Open Party Whiteseabass Trips

    Hey Az. you are thinking about this all wrong, let then bring that stuff and MAKE them drink it, then more of the good stuff for you.
  111. Dexloy

    Bait Tanks are in

    Sweet deal, when do the charters start?
  112. Dexloy

    Starter Shop

    thanks Glen.
  113. Dexloy

    Starter Shop

    Every thing I have read says to just go to a shop that rebuilds starters for parts and service. Anybody know one around Kerrn/Clairmont or where ever I could call on Monday? Allen
  114. Dexloy


    Disasimbled, cleaned, inspected. It needs new brushes but I did check the armatuer and I think its fine. New/rebuilt $220 starter, brushes $15
  115. Dexloy


    Dude where you at? anyone heard from him? give me a call guy, I PMed you my cell #.
  116. Dexloy

    Cool video

  117. Dexloy

    0345 rude wake up!

    Perfect thanks Dude!
  118. Dexloy

    New to board

    Welcome to the jungle!
  119. Dexloy

    Opinions on adding jumpseats

    no back rest? looks dangerous for the kids.
  120. Dexloy

    0345 rude wake up!

    Flatbadge, dude thanks for not being afraid to tell us about what we can and can't do, I know ppl have alot of ? about that stuff. I have some law enforcement back ground as an SP in the AF so I know the rules about the use of deadly force in the line of duty and belive that I have the traning...
  121. Dexloy

    Attaching Video

    did you see what stucky did to that likn Zach? its magic!
  122. Dexloy

    Intimidation By Lawyers

    hehe I showed my wife, something annieo posted in SF, a tribe tat above where the bush is sposta be and asked her "what dose she think makes that atractive to men?" her first response was "WTF are you looking at" and then "no wonder you like to fish!" "you're all warped" I think we done it...
  123. Dexloy

    Noahs Tackle on Saturday 11-2,3ish???

    Who's binggin some fried squid? I want to try it!
  124. Dexloy

    Intimidation By Lawyers

    Fyi, if any of my friends need help, I also have some mussle available from a litagator thats name is on one of thoses cases!
  125. Dexloy

    Disapearing thread

    No thats an insurance company, slanders are ppl from somoa.
  126. Dexloy

    Picked up my new rod..

    Kevin was goina sell me that rod today but I left it there for you.
  127. Dexloy

    more friggin theivery....

    I think a good bull whip might do it.
  128. Dexloy

    Putting Things Into Perspective

    whats wrong with homos and wackos?
  129. Dexloy

    Funny tree removal

    hehe Talk to weazel, his dad a great tree removale team at the house the other day. Paid for the pros to come remove it so it would be done right, fuckers droped it on a boat!
  130. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    It's good to be the king!
  131. Dexloy

    How much do you need?

    hehe jaw exersise :jo:
  132. Dexloy

    How much do you need?

    shit I don't care about how many we harvest they only live a year and are here to provide food to preadetor that is ther whole porpouse in life! I wanted to know what the fuck you do with it! imagine how bad your BO would be ifyou ate that much of this shit!!!!!!!!! Hey Glen, you planning...
  133. Dexloy

    How much do you need?

    boy I hope so.
  134. Dexloy

    How much do you need?

    Just read the paper from tues. 12 anglers 320 squid, help me with the math: 320 squid aver wgt 20# = 6400# 1/2 is scrap = 3200# \ 12 = 266# per angler WTF do you want with 266 pounds of squid!
  135. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    yep yep yep I'm working on that!
  136. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    I am so stoked, going to be great, 2 scoops, Ill get the bimmini and encloser on before the season and not come home for days!!!!!!
  137. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    and right now its a transum pick up but if I do go ahead and do a deck install I might do a thru hull since I would have the deck up anyway.
  138. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    The pump I have now is to large for the tank its on, can't remember off hand what it is but I want to use it if pos. I was going to wait untill after the F.Hall show to install it I thought I would pick some brains there. Now thats another thought about the seat, dont think I would want to...
  139. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    Nice! I got it for $200 off of BB came out of a 28fter I think, the original owner had (I can't understand this) cut a notch in the bottom and just had the drain dumping on the deck and out the scuppers! The new owners removed it and put in larger units. Other that the hole it is in great shape...
  140. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    Well took care of that last night, 2 scoop 30 gal offshore OS30. Going to fit and look great with my boat and plenty of bait. Way easier to write a check than make one. hehe sure am glad my wife makes a lot of money cuz with freinds like Weazel around I sure can spend it!
  141. Dexloy

    Killer website for all kinds of gear

    wow thats a lot of links! nice resorce thanks!
  142. Dexloy

    Johnson power trim/tilt no workee...

    If you are still haein problems I have a service manual for it I can look it up for ya.
  143. Dexloy


    hehe no now another another 6 pack, go thru them way to fast!
  144. Dexloy

    Am. Cup Blowboaters Hit Whale

    oh my GODDDDDDDDD!
  145. Dexloy


    nope...just off hehe
  146. Dexloy


    hehe I am so slow, pulled it off and thats all, check it out......sometiime!
  147. Dexloy


    No I dont think so but I agree thats what it sounds like, Ill pull it today and look at it.
  148. Dexloy


    Yep, thanks Jack, thats kinda what I thoght too, weird I didnt even try to turn it over just turned the key on, it is a OB Johnson 200, it does have good cables on it but I want to change out the ends they are jsut the wing nut conectors on the battery right now and kinda.......well not done...
  149. Dexloy


    Well I know that there is allways something else to do but gezzzzzzzzz.. why couldn't the boat gods let me finish the first WTF before giving me a new one! I was just about to button up the fule tank cleaning and fuel issue, had a new key made at home depot cuz I only had 1, thats not realy...
  150. Dexloy


    I think some bodys do but not sure, if you want pm me or give a call I can scan them for ya, drop them in the mail or drop them off some where. Maybe meet up at lunch or something
  151. Dexloy

    Happy B-day Captian_Curt!

    One day closer to dead! oh well! enjoy it and have a beer!
  152. Dexloy

    Rpt-Sat. 2-12 Treacherous Seas!

    I love you guys!!!!!! oh, I mean STFU!.... no wait, ummmmmmm. Hey tuna I use to live up there, Rowland hts, the weater guys here is SD can't tell you what it was like an hour ago, it jsut changes to fast. I think Jasons post was.... well ...... kinda funny and not meant to...
  153. Dexloy


    yea you can do it that way but it will look like shit, hehe. take them to work or some one you know and scan them this time, then you can email them to some body if you have trouble posting them we can get them up for you, any film that I get developed now I pay the extra buck and have them...
  154. Dexloy

    Opinions on adding jumpseats

    I am tryin to do tha same think KC, been looking and looking for the right set up. I have kinda given up right now and just got some cheapo plactic ones from walmart for a temp fix, going to mount to plywood so I can throw em on the boat when I got extra crew, I will do it right but think I'll...
  155. Dexloy

    The great bong caper of 2005

    Hey Flatbadge, thanks for doin the job bud! too bad ya got to live in elcajon tho!!! hehe Yeap not to many smoke a bowl then beat the wife.
  156. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    I think you guys are right! I'll pass on the tank and post my next lame idea! hehe!
  157. Dexloy

    Car stolen last night

    Yep they stold my parent's cutlass right after they just rebuilt the motor and painted it. Fucking ass holes where stripin it when the cops pulled up, trunk popped fender dented dash tore up. I hate thief's!
  158. Dexloy

    New Tackle Store Now Open!!!!

    Stoped by the shop today and got some swag and lot of talk, great meeting face to face Curtis! I'll swing by on my lunch breaks and make sure Paul ain't asleep! Allen
  159. Dexloy

    Quick read about the big squirts

    Giant Squid article
  160. Dexloy

    home made bait tank?

    I have been thinking about incresing my bait capacity, I have 1/2 scoop round on my swimstep now. My boat is a 22ft robalo and has a 200 johnson mounted to a custom alum bracket, the way the bracket is built the weight is distributed low on the transom. I want to know about if I could...
  161. Dexloy

    Bait tank fill time help

    I have been reading alot on this lately and 6-8 min is about right but it is more about how it enters the tank and not hurtting thte bait has some good info. I would read a little more and then make a choice.
  162. Dexloy

    Squid&Sardines? Can we all just get along?

    hehe just take squid!!!!!!!
  163. Dexloy

    New Tackle Store Now Open!!!!

    That great! post the hour and days it's open I'll come by is it open sat? Web site yet?
  164. Dexloy

    How can I tell how many gallons my tank holds?

    yep post a bunch of places, also is a good one. I drained my tank from the pick up tube at about teh same angle that the boat is at on plane, now I will fill the tank and should have a good idea of usable fuel in that tank, I also have a navman they are great.
  165. Dexloy

    How can I tell how many gallons my tank holds?

    Most built in tanks will have a label on them that will say the capacity, I would a syhpon uot the gas in to cans from the pick-up tube when the boat is at about the same angle it is on the water. then go refill it and you would know. but I would look for the label first! A navman is a fuel...
  166. Dexloy

    bait tank question

    Probly not a big deal but anything you could do to help the little guys from running into it would be a good idea, just make sure you can get it back off to replace or remove the holders.maybe jsut a glob of RTV shaped liek a dome.
  167. Dexloy

    Pukey 02/05/05

    omfg dont ever show that again! I think you should be banned! no excuse for that shit fucking flamer!!!!!! hehehe (where can I get more pics like that)
  168. Dexloy

    Pukey 02/05/05

    omfg dont ever show that again!
  169. Dexloy

    Internet at Sea

    I am nit sure but I think that you can get the service from the same company but need two dishs
  170. Dexloy

    what do you do with the extra cable?

    I think that with ALL cables you should coil them in a "figuer eight" not just a round coil, that way they do not create and magnetic feilds. Anyway that way couldn't hurt even if it dosen't matter.
  171. Dexloy

    What Have I Gotten Myself Into Now?

    w00t! grats dude, glad its you and not me!!!!!! lol
  172. Dexloy

    Super Bowl Commercials

    oh no Glen, the was da bomb! I signed up for 10 new dot coms trying to find her again!
  173. Dexloy

    200 Johnson VRO

    Way to go Chris, sorry I didnt get back to you yesterday was running around and had a bunchof honey-do's today, then went out to work on the boat and it starts to rain DOH!!!!!! oh well think I got all the chips out of the tank now. Where do I get a new pick up tube? Allen
  174. Dexloy

    200 Johnson VRO

    Well here is some more info: Took the hose off the pick up tube at the tank, took the hose nipple off, then the 90elbow so I could pull the tube out.................well in the elbow there was a bunch of alumtter asdn tank be drill chips!!!! the screen stoped them as it was made to do and...
  175. Dexloy

    200 Johnson VRO

    Cool, I sounds good however the plug was in bad shap and has been replaced by a "conector bar". I did a "presuer check" of the fuel sys from the tank feed to the pump by conecting a ball valve and 100PSI compresed air and let it stand for an hour with no loss so I thought that would cover the...
  176. Dexloy

    Squidy on the DD 2/3

    :) ain't it great to have freinds to bust your balls!!! I sent your pic to everyone here at work fu3
  177. Dexloy

    Pink Pink Pink...

    They paid to go to that???
  178. Dexloy

    any one PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    yea if you don't buy it let us know I'd go look at it!
  179. Dexloy

    Here's a picture of me and the boy's...

    Welcome back brother and good job!
  180. Dexloy

    Squidy on the DD 2/3

    We got out a little late yesterday cuz Zach can't remember how to unlock his truck! I think he may have killed all his brain cells allready. :beerbang: Anyway now for the fishin, we wanted to go out of seaforth but do to the time we left had to take the "Daily Double" had 35 ppl I think and...
  181. Dexloy

    Wednite 2/2 squiddin on new seaforth

    I have 2 I got at BOSS, I will sell one tonight at the dock where ever we end up.
  182. Dexloy

    Squideo 2-01

    hehe thats great footage thanks I got go back home and get the cam fro tonight out on the cattle boat could be halarious!!!!
  183. Dexloy

    Squidin out of Seaforth 2/3

    Weazel, me and ???? Got the big ass jigs today and ready to rock! If they didn't have the big spineys on the jigs I'd use it as a fish club! Give a shout if you goin!
  184. Dexloy

    200 Johnson VRO

    I did a pressuer check on the whole fuel line, and tighend and added clamps. I still need to inspect the anti siphon valve on the tank then I think I can rule out fuel.
  185. Dexloy

    battery life

    Yep Yep Yep!!! get one of the jump starters they give me allot of comfert knowing I have extra juice onboard.
  186. Dexloy

    Squid Gear?

    Weazel and I are going out Thur night, seaforth I think. Anyway I was going to take my Penn KG10, 80# spectra on a seeker trolling rod, is this to big? what should I take. need a leader or tie straight on? get the jigs there or buy at Squidco? take any other gear to fish with? and I won't...
  187. Dexloy

    200 Johnson VRO

    As I read the other boards (iBoat) there are many, many, many ppl with the same prob in all HP ranges of outboards but no "sure" fix, seems to be as many diffrent solutions to this as there are componets in the motor :confused: bad coil, bad rectifier, carbs, switch, bad diode, fuel pump...
  188. Dexloy

    battery life

    No I don't think that is right, but hard to say with out knowing how many amps your pulling, but you do need 2 batterys and a switch!
  189. Dexloy

    200 Johnson VRO

    I have started a new thread on this because I think I would like to narrow the search a little, the old thread is here: Now here’s all that I know and the new info: The motor is a 89’ Johnson 200 V6 VRO, a new VRO unit has...
  190. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Yep I think we are on the right track now. I will look for the shift interrupt, can't seen to find it in the book yet. won't have a chance to look tonight but will give it a look tomorrow. Thanks Buku!
  191. Dexloy

    Squid recipe - finally, success!!!!

    Heard on lets talk hook-up this weekend that if you "broach" them then "cevoche" in line it works well too!
  192. Dexloy

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

    Outfuckingstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you got them Kev!
  193. Dexloy

    My first post

    Welcome Sam, and stay away from Byeye! surfdoc1, Gordo..... just kidding! There all great here. How did you get your jobs? You are going to have a great head start on your carrer with all the knowlage that the diffrent skippers share with you so pay attention and it would probaly be a good...
  194. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    I'll be running some tests this weekend and I'll post what I find, Thanks GETAGAFF thats good info.
  195. Dexloy

    Let's go Squiddin'!

    Me aND WEzle might try to get out thur or fri
  196. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Ok just got a new book on the moter (thanks Bryan) and it has shed some light on possibale things, it has some speed/heat limt thingy that wont always sound a horn, going to try to run it down this weekend.
  197. Dexloy

    Supersoaker Flamethrower

    HTF did we live long nuff to get this dam old when we kept doing dumb shit stuff like that? I know I am lucky to still be here. I did dumb stuff but most of it was on accident!
  198. Dexloy

    Arizona Ammo Dump

    Hell ya! they are a blast to shoot, but our world today is a much diffrent place than the founders of the constutusion could have invisioned, these weapons are for killing the enemy! NOT FOR PUBLIC OWNERS However learning about and shooting these weapons is no diffrent than going to a "race...
  199. Dexloy

    What should I do.......

    hehe its a spinner, turn it over!!!!!!!!!!1
  200. Dexloy

    Couple Questions about fishing with Josh

    :jo: :jo: :jo: :jo:
  201. Dexloy

    Open Party Whiteseabass Trips

    Where are you departing from?
  202. Dexloy

    What is your thoughts...

    Well it they are aliens, they don't seen to be to smart, after all how many cow rectums do you need to look at before you got all the info out of them?
  203. Dexloy

    Oceanside Non Halibut Report

    OUTSTANDING!!! nice fish! what line/reel/rod?
  204. Dexloy

    Bloody Deck Charter

    What would be a good length 3 day, 5 day, 7 day? what boat? I might be talked into makin the calls and setting it up, cuz I know I would get all the help I needed right here!
  205. Dexloy

    Hey, Its Misuse's Birthday

    Dude!!! happy b-day and thz for a great site!! Take the day off.
  206. Dexloy

    MikeyLikesIt Birthday

    WOOHOO! made it one more trip around the sun! Enjoy! happy b-day!
  207. Dexloy

    San Diego Bay Buggin

    yep GL and I have been stoped on the water by DFG he wasn't real concerned about my license being displayed, (it was but I had put a coat on and forgot to pull it out) asked if we had any, we didn't yet and but shot the shit for a bit. then just moterd off in his inflatable CC.
  208. Dexloy

    Robalo 24'/ 1980

    I also have a Robalo, mine is an 82' hull and can't find a thing out there about it. Maybe it was built before Al Gore invented the internet so there is no info saved in any format that could be posted, :-q
  209. Dexloy

    Caught me a blue whale

    That's funny, better they do that than give ya a big ol' "pink belly" man that hurt! "pink belly" = 30 guys hold ya down, pull up your shirt and slap your belly till it's pink, red, purpel, green and just about every other color a body can turn!
  210. Dexloy

    Wondering! I want to plan a trip

    It is great to charter a boat and fish with just ppl that you invite but it takes alot of planing, time and money to be the "charter master" you will find that ppl say "hell ya I'll go" and then bail on you. If you try to do it, get a date, set them a pay "dead line" get all the money up front...
  211. Dexloy

    Butterfly Jigs

  212. Dexloy

    Want a Drinking Buddy???

    That guy is unfuckingreal!!! I have been sayin that he IS the devil but no one listens to me! well no one ever listens to me but that's another story. How the fuck does he do that shit. Anyone know what that scene is from? I have not seen that one.
  213. Dexloy

    Fucking Thieves!!

    Hey on a good note, glad you got your ring back! I guess I missed that post, read when you lost it, how did you get it back?
  214. Dexloy

    Problem Solving

    awsume!!! I am going to copy that and put it on my wall at work!
  215. Dexloy

    Harpoon Fisherman Disappears

    not to make light of this, (cuz here at BD we don't do that) but.... the fish have to win sometime or they might get discouraged and stop trying!
  216. Dexloy

    Butterfly Jigs

    If anyone has one available I might be talked into examining it, taking some mental notes (exact measurements) and study (copy) their geometry, then when they come out (after I knock out a few) we will know how to fish them. The Japanees and Chineese are very good about not stealing our designs...
  217. Dexloy

    Info on San Felipe

    You know for $160 a day for a boat, well that's got to be less than, gas, ins, worry and clean up! I think I would just drive down and leave my boat at home.
  218. Dexloy

    Which truck.

    Would have to vote Ford, Dodge is to Ford like nisson to toyota look good at first but in a year when it aint shiny anymore the Ford will still be in one piece and not to many raddles
  219. Dexloy

    i wanna get my name on my off the rack to?

    Is this something one could do without any know-how, on say store bought rods?
  220. Dexloy

    Yo-zuri or P-line

    I have used both, no complaints on the P-line but I do like the yo-zuri better.
  221. Dexloy

    Virus/adware help!!!!

    see if you can uninstall it from conprol panle, then try to run in safe mode and run adaware or find the files delete them manuly then run adaware, I just keep pounding on them till i get it.
  222. Dexloy

    Walkin the dog

    oh its not scary going fast, unless the front end starts wobbling at 110, then the pucker factor go off the scale!
  223. Dexloy

    Ever Karaoke?????

    Well, I do it quite a bit. Have all my own stuff, over 300 CD's. My father is a KJ and does a show at a bar (honky tonk) and loves it. It is a blast when your hammered, hehehe Hey, we could do it at a BD party some time, I'll bring the stuff.
  224. Dexloy

    Microsoft AntiSpyware

    hehe you can get a Corp. serial number then it dose not need to be "validated" if you search (warz, cracks, serials) you should find what you need or............
  225. Dexloy

    Microsoft AntiSpyware

    hehe, I smell smoke! I am not to sure I trust MS to do my spyware snooping, they are BigBrother
  226. Dexloy

    Worst Halftime Show Ever!

    well if she could have had a "wardrobe malfunction" all would have been forgiven.
  227. Dexloy

    Walkin the dog

    I owned bikes and did dumb things on them, I am lucky to be alive and won't own one again. I am glad that they are out there however, how else will we get rid of the defective members of the human gene pool.
  228. Dexloy

    Some nice La Jolla rockfish for newyears day

    I thought rocking was closed, someone should tell Micheal Orbitz so he can make sure this don't happen again!
  229. Dexloy

    Drift Anchor/ Sock

    There is a write up in the Jan/Feb issue.
  230. Dexloy

    I wanna be an Airborne Ranger...

    Thats great! I liked the part after he fell asleep....been there....he had some great moves, told the story and I could see it all in my head.
  231. Dexloy

    2601 Stripper sea trial

    I hear ya there! I read a reviwew in PCSW on a boat with that moter but cant remember if it was a seaswirl or striper but sounded very nice.
  232. Dexloy

    This cracked me up.

    I find that very in very bad taste! I love it!!!!!!!!! too funny!
  233. Dexloy

    New Years Project

    Oh yea, if ya need any extra hands to "get'er done" let me know and I'll come down and stand in the way. ;-) No really, just give a shout and I can give a hand. I'll PM you my cell number.
  234. Dexloy

    New Years Project

    That parts easy! You just need a BFH and start wackin, making it look right again is the hard part, I'd say about 3 months and it will be usable again!
  235. Dexloy

    2601 Stripper sea trial

    If I had the kinda money you have (or should I say had) I would put in a XM raidio not an MP3 then you can get all the info and music you want anywhere and move it from the truck to the boat and then back. The monthly fees art to bad. I don't have one but would like to. I will wait to put one...
  236. Dexloy

    Tastey Turds

    I like them marinaded in Laureys tai ginger, then grilled, over cook just a little so you can eat them like finger food. very tastey!
  237. Dexloy

    Predators from the deep..

    Thanks, Paul! My boy and me love to watch those shows together, we chase mom right out of the room!
  238. Dexloy

    VIDEO: 9.1lb Rainbow trout. 2001 footage

    Nice fish but damm, thats allot of ppl around one fishin spot! That's why I like the big pond, I can always go someplace else, where they aint!
  239. Dexloy

    Tsunamis, population control?

    yes mots that is a scary thought, just like when the world was faced with nucler destruction from the "superpowers", the fanatices are capable of doing just that and it would be justified in their minds unlike how the leaders of the world think about nukes. And IMHO that is a real threat to the...
  240. Dexloy

    Tsunamis, population control?

    This is the worst thing I have seen in my life, it is hard to understand how so many were lost. I guess that even in the human population there must be some form of population control. I don't mean to sound cold or uncaring but with no real predators or threats to mans survival other than...
  241. Dexloy

    Bug list

    I like it, think that is a great idea and if you never try anything new how would you know.
  242. Dexloy

    Our trip to Catalina

    Thanks for sharing, my wife has been after me to take her there for a weekend for 10 years now! I may have to break down and do it.
  243. Dexloy

    Don't bring a gun to a tank fight.

    "this is a GUN" hehe yea I almost posted it last nigth when I saw it,
  244. Dexloy

    Better to be lucky.....

    than smart! Copy and paste to view
  245. Dexloy

    Red Sox

    LOL! too fukin funny!
  246. Dexloy

    Reall cool site

    I think you can donate, wasn't there a paypal button somewhere? thats a much better solution that add's
  247. Dexloy

    The saddest thing...

    It is hard to think about how something like that could happen, it is like a movie. Just a reminder that we are not in charge of things, only visitors here in this place.
  248. Dexloy


    I would love to play again, and maybe drink some beer after! hehe.
  249. Dexloy

    Wanna see somethin really really really REALLY fucked up?

    "hey, did someone forget to feed Wally today?"
  250. Dexloy

    Ice Scraping...

    it does if you can figuer out how. lol, but you could sure see it coming.
  251. Dexloy

    Bad Santa

    hehe, that's great!
  252. Dexloy

    Weekend results in da rice

    What a great pic, I loved hunting with my dog, RIP Hank.
  253. Dexloy

    ---Grand Wave Z---

    I have 2 of them, never had a prob with them. Saw that turner's has them on sale for $99 but was sold out clairmont.
  254. Dexloy

    Merry Xmas!

    It got funny, you couldn't help it!
  255. Dexloy

    What the hell......

    I don't know but I am scared
  256. Dexloy

    caption this

    Daddy, I have a dollar. Can we see a show?.......No son I have to buy gas, at a buck 9 a gallon that's a lot better than sex! Now shut up and stay on the bus while I get your sister.
  257. Dexloy

    Hot Off the Press!

    Hey did my wife get me my sweat and bennie for X-mas, hehe I told the bitch to or else, "POW, RIGHT TO DA MOON"
  258. Dexloy

    newport bay

    hehe, well that's not really the kinda butt this thread is for but glad you had a fun/safe day on the water and anice fish for the grill!
  259. Dexloy


    Yep, they needed to remember that it ain't a little lake out there
  260. Dexloy

    Electrical help...installing Ceiling fans

    I belive that the red wire is fi you wanted to use a 3-way switch, that is turn the light off and on from 2 locations
  261. Dexloy

    BloddyDeck *NWS*

    I think he jsut wanted to know if he could do it, like in scare face
  262. Dexloy

    What way to go?

    Jack, You do alot of that long rang fishing don't you? If I remember right it is very expensive, 3k a trip or so, Is that right?
  263. Dexloy

    Who's eaten dabs???

    All of them I ever pulled up had worms
  264. Dexloy

    What way to go?

    Ok so tell me what you guys think. I know that some of you have done both of these things so I should get some good imput. I want to plan a longer range trip this season, which is better to drive/fly down to Mexico and fish with oh, say Capt Josh or pangas out of Lorado/someplace for a 2 or 3...
  265. Dexloy

    Vacuum Sealers

    yep I have one too, use to put papet towle at teh top to stop the liquid from ruining the seal but I found if I just let tee fish sit on paper towles for for a few and then flip them over for a few, just long nuff for them to dry off then it wont be an issue
  266. Dexloy

    What did I do mom what did I do

    That is my all time fav xmas moive, I watch it every year and I MAKE my son sit and watch it with me. What was the sequel?
  267. Dexloy

    Pissing off PETA

    Those thing are every where up in Montana. In the service we would catch them, tie a parachute to them and throw them off of a 200ft tower, called it "Ranger" school!
  268. Dexloy

    Questions for you.

    I can see that the others here don't want to help so allow me please; I think I can answer you but don’t think that I speak for them. Just my 2 cents. Here we go..... Life in the sea starts as microscopic forms of food for other creatures to feed on and that starts what we humans call...
  269. Dexloy

    Questions for you.

    And if no one is in the there still a sound?
  270. Dexloy

    BD Jackets

    Good thinkin!!!
  271. Dexloy

    Now this is Wrestling

    I would pay to go see that lol!
  272. Dexloy

    Sooooo Wrong (another "fight")

    saw that on 60mins or something tuff but I think it was not right to make ablebody athleats compete against him. they could lose and and then they would have to kill themselfs out of shame.
  273. Dexloy

    Wanna act like a bitch ...

    The surfing comunity has its own rules and he knew what they are. However......... what about this thought?.....Devils Advicate kinda thing... Was this a public beach? yes What gives anyone the right to close a public beach from the public for a contest? (or a public street of a parade for...
  274. Dexloy


    SW is not a good tool for Arch type work IMHO. It is however a very easy to understand with a user friendly interface and it talks is plan english, that is it uses terms that make sence about what you want to do/make. It is easy! I have worked, like weazel on both systems and there iis no...
  275. Dexloy

    New Year Massacree Movies

    hehe ya that movie is good you can see how that might really happen to!!!
  276. Dexloy

    Condor Crew?

    Yep I think thats what Ill do Thanks!
  277. Dexloy

    Ventura County Lobster - ROUND TWO - 12/12/2004 - PICS

    Quick ??? I use to know the answer but how do you tell if they are M/F again?
  278. Dexloy

    Doing the Yo-Yo Jig

    Hey Jack, Whar type ie. length/weight rod do you use?
  279. Dexloy

    spectra and so fourth.

    can you buy the JB stuff local or do you have to order it off the net? and do you "need" to crimp the light # stuff or just do the Chinese finger trap method?
  280. Dexloy

    Basic reel repair class

    I don't know about the rest of you, I aint that old but I can only understand about half of whats said in Bassnes posts! lol must be soem form of "beach" dialect. hehe
  281. Dexloy

    asian's beating up nerd...

    hehe, lets go FISHIN damm it!!!! I wish my wife would give me some money so I could buy gas, lol
  282. Dexloy

    New Year's Eve/Day Tuna Massacre Charter

    Is there still room? or a better ? would be if I find the money will they let me go too? lol
  283. Dexloy

    New Year's Eve/Day Tuna Massacre Charter

    oh no!!! not mix in with YT and BFT, dog's and cat's living together.................
  284. Dexloy

    YFT Sashimi after frozen??

    IC so if you have no fire you eat Sashimi! lol
  285. Dexloy


    I do not know Unigraifics of how ever that is spelled but I is agood learner!
  286. Dexloy

    Lion hunting...

    No shit " note to self, if hunting lions......learn to shoot!"
  287. Dexloy

    Tred Barta W/Woman angler

    Someone need's to make that pitch to the TV guys it could be huge! same "group" of anglers each week, same guys so you get to know the bunch. I think it would work, come on I know somebody must be "in the know" lets get a pilot going and then we'll sell it to them!
  288. Dexloy

    Condor Crew?

    Is there anyone working the Condor this season or next that reads this board? I love to fish that boat but have a tuff time finding info about anything other that the nornal overnight trips. I want to go on a 2-3 day trip (the newyears one sounds like a blast) and would love to get the info...
  289. Dexloy

    12/12 Offshore Report - Almost a Tuna - Mucho Jellotails

    Mots, is that an albe or a big bait? lol
  290. Dexloy

    asian's beating up nerd...

    I thought all you asian guys knew kug-fu, right paul
  291. Dexloy

    Vessel down? Here is a follow-up story.
  292. Dexloy

    Where to buy manifolds?

    hey you should talk to the guy that had the bayliner we went to look at out in Valley Center he said he orders all his stuff back east
  293. Dexloy

    YFT Sashimi after frozen??

    OK I have never had sashimi WTF is it? just raw fish with soy ans wasabi? I have had seared ahi and sushi is it like that?
  294. Dexloy

    big mako

  295. Dexloy

    Shooting Sea Lions

    So let em get this straight, feeding the cute little guys bait with rat poison/razor blades/broken glass/rusty fish hooks or any other items is wrong? I will keep this in mind next time I they steal my catch.
  296. Dexloy

    Anybody lost a Jetskier..?

    So tell us how you really feel.
  297. Dexloy

    Simrad 30CE h2o temp display

    Ok this unit sucks for water temp, here is a chart: Tf = (9/5)*Tc+32 Tf Tc Fahren Celsius 60.8 16 61.7 16.5 62.6 17 63.5 17.5 64.4 18 65.3 18.5 66.2 19 67.1 19.5 68 20 68.9 20.5 69.8 21 70.7 21.5 71.6 22 72.5 22.5 73.4 23 74.3 23.5
  298. Dexloy

    want ad

    I think thats code!
  299. Dexloy

    Maine Lobster in So.Cal diving Redondo 11/29

    It is clear to me that he was "narked" and seeing things, then by way of "suggestion" has caused ALL of US to start seeing things too. The mind is a terrible thing................
  300. Dexloy

    Simrad 30CE h2o temp display

    well I guess I will just make a convertion chart and laminatet it to my dash lol
  301. Dexloy


    drag it behind the boat and drownd it first!
  302. Dexloy

    Hoopin in Mexico

  303. Dexloy


    Anybody in need af an expirenced SW guy to do any design work on or off the books, I am fast and cheep.
  304. Dexloy

    Hoopin in Mexico

    Can you hoopnet in Mexican waters? what are the regs and limits. :fish?:
  305. Dexloy

    11/20 w/the whole family

    Earl (Dad 67), Frank (nephew 30), Casey (son 8), sarah (daughter 6) and Trevor (nephew 12 and a big fisherman but first time out on the big pond) are heading out on sat early want to be on the water about 7:00 think I would like to get a few bottom fish then head to the 302 (YT) or n island...
  306. Dexloy

    Mission bay 11/14/04

    It looked like a great day at home so I talked the wife into going out with me and the kids, don't get in to the water untill about 1100 but go to the bait barge and they ask "Dines or Chovies" hummmm? well I got the pinheads and out we go now the wind has picked up a bit but still nice...
  307. Dexloy

    BD Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Sweet Thanks, it was fun just wish you could have seeen them in person they looked very cool at night. Wow, a good smoke been a longgggg time I love the partagas. Now, I'll get on a party boat wear my BD stuff and light up that stoggie and watch them chum, lol. ouststanding thanks guys, PM's...
  308. Dexloy

    Hoopin Friday Night!!

    Its a whole number that is between 71 and 73.
  309. Dexloy

    Hope this hasn't been posted

    I bet that little guy is still running, cuz the big guy is goinna kill him when he stops bleedin!
  310. Dexloy

    Shooting Sea Lions

    Wow! I don't like them but if I aint going to eat it, I aint going to kill it.
  311. Dexloy

    11/11 w/kids point loma

    Cool that would be a new one for me, would love to learn it, Casey cant cast yet can he use bait for them?
  312. Dexloy

    Catalina Nov. 19-21

    Where can you buy bait at Catalina?
  313. Dexloy

    11/11 w/kids point loma

    I am thinking of going out on Thursday since the kids are out of school. If anyone has some thoughts on what to do let me know, they do love to pull on bonnies.
  314. Dexloy

    Folding Shirts 101...

    basket I leave it in teh drier
  315. Dexloy

    Free Rude 225

    are you dumping the SeaDrive as well?
  316. Dexloy

    Hoopin Tonight!!

    The pier right outside the launch ramp?
  317. Dexloy

    marine shop?

    I thought they were a little to high for the work I needed done.
  318. Dexloy

    C&R how to?

    Sent him an email
  319. Dexloy

    You can be on South Park!

    there seems to be a theme with the guys beer and face hair
  320. Dexloy

    C&R how to?

    hehe well yeah but.........
  321. Dexloy

    C&R how to?

    I saw the post about the BSB and I know that you must deflate their air-bladders and send them back. But............ fish?: I hope some one has the time to write a 101 on this, I think it would be good timing with the deep water fishing approaching also maybe C&R of billfish and other species.
  322. Dexloy

    Simrad 30CE h2o temp display

    no one knows anything about this unit?
  323. Dexloy

    A wreck over 175+

    Darwin award nominee.
  324. Dexloy

    BD Pumpkin Carving Contest

    I just did this one for fun Imight try to do another. if I can get some good pics, not sure you can even see it but it is a bird on a scull with "" over it. thus the fishing theme. It looks great here with a candle in it! couldn't find anything with...
  325. Dexloy

    Joy Ride & Arrested

    some ppl jsut have to fuck up.
  326. Dexloy

    hoop netting

    yep thanks Mo! It was close nuff to make me watch, but wasn't worried, and Casey didn't even notice lol. P.S we did lose 1 net that night to a prop mine I think lol!!!
  327. Dexloy

    hoop netting

    Yep, that was me! Your right about the middle area won't put them out that far again. Sorry about that, poor judgment but was fishing with my littleone so I was doing all the work couldnt stay in by the rocks cuz I can't pull and drive at the same time. We did bring home one that night.
  328. Dexloy


    cool thanks for the Phone #
  329. Dexloy


    hummm guess we could launch up there.
  330. Dexloy


    Are the squid out there now? Can one expect to go out and catch squid in the LJ cayon now? Then head out to Catalina for some WSB?
  331. Dexloy


    cool guys thanks also can someone post a link the this SD jam knot I can't seem to find it. I use the palomar most of the time too but need a difrent knot for line to iron'/jigs and stuff, don't like the palomar for that.
  332. Dexloy

    Don't go offshore to fill the freezer.....

    I did alot of hunting in0 Montana, but was raised here in Calif just thought there where to many idiots out here go go and play with guns. Do any of you guys hunt hogs here in calif?
  333. Dexloy


    lol I am so confused!
  334. Dexloy


    ok I just learned how to tie a uni and I like it! used it to tie spectra to reel/terminal tackle, also used it to tie my hook to mono but came back with just the knot on one fish. WTF I know I tied it right is that the wrong use of that knot? it was on 15# string I think.
  335. Dexloy

    Spectra Specs

    How do you find those specs? I just put 500yd of 80# spectra on my penn 10KG and it filled it up (no room for a top shot) so i thought it would be ok to just put a swivel on it and a 6ft FC leader is that right? also what knot for spectra to FC?
  336. Dexloy

    Anyone Wanna Go Play????

    how much deniro you think one might need for a trip like that?
  337. Dexloy

    truck left at ramp

    too funny I can see me doing that cuz I have to launch by my self all the time, sunday night I left the strap on but in freespool and backed off the trailer (whats that sound? ZZZZZZZZZZZ) so I was leaning over the bow and tossed it back to the trailer lol
  338. Dexloy

    425, 371 10/23/04

    Thanks, he sure was happy about that fish, I had to keep telling him to put his LJ on everytime I turned around he took it off. I still have a birds nest on that reel I cant get out lol he good at that too but I thought might as well teach him how to use the gear from the start.
  339. Dexloy

    425, 371 10/23/04

    Hey Tailwalker, thanks again for the offer to fish your spot, we got all our cod out at the first spot didn't see anything out at yours, then the bonnies at the island. I was tryin to find some yellowtails for my kids to pull on but had no luck. My son casey did get wore out on the bones, he...
  340. Dexloy

    Simrad 30CE h2o temp display

    My water temp only shows whole numbers (for you dummys that means no 64.5 only 65) anyone know how to change that or if you can? (I know I can't change the settings and I am calling you dumb, lol) Thanks Allen
  341. Dexloy

    Smack the Fat Lady

    Condor is a good boat and crew, must have caught them on a bad day if you troubhe owner operatorle with them. Scott is the owner operator.
  342. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    thats only twice what I paid for the boat!!!
  343. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    that sounds like the prob mine is a 89' 200hp, Carb I think. did you get it resolved?
  344. Dexloy

    The "cod fish"

  345. Dexloy

    Codding and the islands 10/16

    hey Weazle its DEXLOY no fucking R get it right shit head! oh yea thanks for a great day on the water! it was a blast, only bad thing was we limited out on fish before I got a ling! But I did get the biggest double, and the blue for about 10 sec. what fun. I could have fished the boneis all day...
  346. Dexloy

    Rpt 10/16 295 Mixed bag

    What the sport in catching 12# fish with 30# gear? How about a 20# flatty on 2# now that would be fun! I am going to take my ultra light stuff out next time.
  347. Dexloy

    Buggin on 10/14 crew needed

    if you can give me a call back we might try to get out a little earlier like 9:00ish I got one more guy "fishwiz"
  348. Dexloy

    Buggin on 10/14 crew needed

    Filled up guys, thanks!
  349. Dexloy

    Buggin on 10/14 crew needed

    np, he and I have talked and I thought he was looking full time. I'll tell him
  350. Dexloy

    Buggin on 10/14 crew needed

    Thanks guys got us a crew and 3 of us are heading out @ 9:30 - 10:10 Anyone intrested in going out tonight? (10/14) I have the boat, nets and the bait just need a crew and gas money (not much as we don't go to far) let me know. Thinking of leaving out of dana landing in Mission bay around...
  351. Dexloy

    Hoop netting Mission Bay

    Doh Wrong place Anyone intrested in going out tonight? (10/14) I have the boat, nets and the bait just need a crew and gas money (not much as we don't go to far) let me know. Thinking of leaving out of dana landing in Mission bay around 9:30-10:00 Call me at 858 538 6522 if intrested...
  352. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    yep that 4 stroke would be nice but thats much change and I was lucky to talk the wife out of money for the boat in the first place.
  353. Dexloy

    10-12 295 yellowfin & yellows

    I have fish the Condor many times and think that Scott and his crew are very good. He has always put me on fish and runs his open party boat like a charter. I WILL fish with him again and I recomend condor if you don't mind crowds.
  354. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Now thats wierd! You must have hit someting with the hammer as you where adjusting the cable. So that said I am taking a BFH to the motor this afternoon while running it in the back yard in a trash can full of water in reverse while wearing my underware on my head. I think that might fix it or...
  355. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    I did not think of that but you are RIGHT! I am not sure what the prob is but think it is spark related, now more than ever cuz it aint seized up yet and it has done this alot. The compresion test showed all are good and the VRO is new and it did this befor we instaled it. Trollin for tail...
  356. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    I am sure about the fuel lines did a check on them allready, ill pull the plugs and look. BTW I love the jiggle!!!!11
  357. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Just called and talked to Rob, he had no idea what it was, said he did not remember and it didn't sound like he wanted to talk to me too much. Just said it sounded electrical.
  358. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Thats the prob, but mine might sit at 3000 rpm for 20 min @ WOT then just take off like a bat out of hell!
  359. Dexloy

    The "cod fish"

    whats a compass?
  360. Dexloy

    Do not pass out 2

    Ill have to remember that one next time!
  361. Dexloy

    Simrad CE30

    ok, starting to get it now, I can change the gain on the fly now and started to understand thte bottom too!
  362. Dexloy

    10-3 425\islands

    Put the lines in about 5 mi short of the high spot and trolled and trolled and trolled, must have been 10 boats stoped on a little paddy at the numbers catching small YT so we thought we would go find our own lettece. only find 2 and they where both empty. Start heading north and find nothing...
  363. Dexloy

    Opinions on center console boats

    Ok no more advice for you till I get my TRUCK TITLE!!!!!
  364. Dexloy

    Simrad CE30

    it is a digital so set it at 5? it is at 35 now
  365. Dexloy

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Did you find out whats up with it yet? I am having the same prob with my 200 johnson mines an 89'
  366. Dexloy

    Simrad CE30

    It is a transom mount and the software says it is in 200mz but won't let me change it. the manual is not much help an the sounder part.
  367. Dexloy

    Simrad CE30

    I have most of this unit figuered out now. I need help with the sounder, when I am moving all I see is noise on the screen and no noticible diffrance in scratches to ID fish, I am new to using a FF but this is not right any tips on the settings? or is there something wrong?
  368. Dexloy


    My radio seems to have stoped working, Worked fine when I did a RC at the harbor and for half the day, then I stoped hearing any chatter did a RC and no responce, I messed with the squelch and again no static out of the box. Any idea or just replace it?
  369. Dexloy

    9-25 425/371

    Left SI at about 0545 heading to the 425 got a shitty tiny 1/2 scoop, at the end of the day I had about 6 dead ones left. Stop 4mi short of the high spot and start trolling 5 min and the first skippy is in the hold (have more than nuff lobster bait now) BL/PR feathers all they wanted today...
  370. Dexloy

    9/25 390-371

    Well I thought I would take the boat long fro the first time and fish some tuna. After spending 5 hours getting the thing ready to leave Firday night we thought what thet heck lets leave now! get to the dock at 0100 and see mots putting in next to me and the other guy with the bad throttle...
  371. Dexloy

    How to slide in?

    I think you just toss you hook on it as you moter by, if its big nuff your boat will make a big arc all the way around the paddy, if its a small one then you can just drag it where you want and you dont have to share any more! :drool:
  372. Dexloy

    How to slide in?

    Yea thats what Ill do! Ill call Zack in let him bring the fish up then come in at 20 knots and tie off on the paddy thanks guys good advice! lol
  373. Dexloy

    How to slide in?

    Hey guys I am real new to this skiper thing, been fishin a while but not from my own small boat (that should get wet this weekend) So I don't want to be one of the fuck faces out there that I read about in all the posts LOL! So tell me what is the "right" way to slide in on a paddy? and how...
  374. Dexloy

    Something for when you ride a sportie

    I think you may need help dude!
  375. Dexloy

    Bleeing your fish?

    Perfect that was the info I wanted thanks Uzukuri!
  376. Dexloy

    My New Radar/Wake Board Arch

    looks great, that should fill the cruse/fish void well
  377. Dexloy

    Teak on my boat

    Ok I asked the wood guys at Frost hardwoods if I could just oil teak veineer (sp?) when I got some for area of marine plywood that the old veineer had peeled off of. I have stripped the area and put a new sheet it on with contact cement. All of the trim had been varnished but I am sanding it...
  378. Dexloy

    Bleeing your fish?

    fish?: Hey guys I have heard the skipjack are not to bad if you bleed ice them right away, how do you do it? Do you cut them in the gills or what?