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  1. jer dog

    Got Lead!

    jer dog submitted a new listing: Got Lead! - Got Lead! Learn more about this listing...
  2. jer dog

    Over night on the pacific Dawn

    A friend and I booked a trip leave 4/18 And fishing on the 19.TH, I’m wondering if any other BD members, Are on this trip, with a few WSB Caught yesterday, I hope We plan on spending a couple of hours, Trying for some, that would be nice . Only taking 20 , and there is only 3 spots left.
  3. jer dog

    5 LB , Lee lead melting pot

    I have for sale , A 5 LB Lee melting lead pot, And one pyramid mold, Perfect for making lead heads and bullet Head, Local pick up only, For $35.00 OBO, PM
  4. jer dog

    Mixed egg sinkers

    I have 2 mixed bags, A Little over 10 pounds each, Of egg sinkers, Mostly 2 1/2 and four OZ ones, Local pick up only, For $30.00 for each , P.M . Me if you’re interested in them, thanks.
  5. jer dog

    Over night trip

    I just booked a overnight trip on the Eldorado, Leaving 11/ 08 fishing the 9TH, It’s a Monday, and it’s Only taking 28, Perfect time to get away from all The head aches, Would be great to meet more people, that love this sport.
  6. jer dog

    5 LB ,Hilts Cod Mold,

    I'm looking for A Hilts 5 Lb. Rock Cod, mold , if any one around the OC , that has one that they no longer use , please P. m, me what you have, because I need to up grade mine, thanks.
  7. jer dog

    YT , 1 1/2 Cortez Express Trip .

    I'm just wondering if any of the Sport Boats out of Long Beach, or Orange Co Area , that will be running any Cortez 1 1/2 Day Trips , for the nice grade YT , and it need to be A limited loads , like 20 to 22 Max ,for the end of OCT , or early Nov , I know that their it like 3 to 4 guys...
  8. jer dog

    1 1/2 day on the fortune

    A friend and I are booked on a 1 1/2 trip on the fortune, Leaving this Sunday the 6th, And there is only 7 booked So far, I can’t believe it’s not full yet, and there only taking 18, Amazing.
  9. jer dog

    10 LB, Deep drop Weights

    for Sale are 6 , 10 LB weights I made out of Stainless Steel tubing, filled with lead, with A 12 Gauge wire Eyelet, and I can make more, if needed, $30.00 each, if you buy more Then one, then there $25.00 each , Local pickup only. PM, me if you interested , thanks.
  10. jer dog

    Over Night Trip on the Mirage

    fish report, A friend and I left Sunday night on the Mirage, for A one day trip, the weather was nice , fishing for WSB in the morning, only produce 2 nice YT , ad 2 Halibuts, one was Huge, at lest 50 LB, then we finish the Trip fishing shallow for Cod, the Quality of them was amazing, and...
  11. jer dog

    Over night trip , on the Eldorado

    A friend and I are booked on the Eldorado, leaving Sunday night the 14th, and fish the 15th, Out of berth 55, Long Beach, So far there is only 5 reservations, And I really would love to See this trip go, Since my last two trips were, Canceled, so it’s time, To get away, and go and have a...
  12. jer dog

    Owner and Mustad offshore Salt water hooks, all new . 2 Lots.

    I have for sale , , all new Lot 1 Owner .Gorilla , QTY . 11, 7/O. Mustad Hoodlum. 4 X Live Bait 6/0 QTY , 25 Mustad .Demon, Perfect . Circle . Offset 4 X . 6/0. QTY . 7. Mustad .Demon Perfect Circle Offset 3 X. 7/0 . QTY 25 . $50.00. OBO . Lot # 2 Mustad Hoodlum, 4 X, strong 10 /0...
  13. jer dog

    Bubba blade 9 In, Flex

    I have a 9 inch flex, Bubba Blade Filet knife,F S, Local pick up only, Only use a few time’s $45.00 OBO, P.M Me if you’re interested ,thanks .
  14. jer dog

    Penn U.S. Senator 113, Baja Special

    FS. I have A used U.S. 113 , Senator, Baja Special that I bought as A Combo, and I just needed the rod for my neighbor, because he picked up A 2 speed, to go with it, its nice and clean, and has Spectra , and Mono top shot, just not sure what pound test it is, no box but it has the Clamp...
  15. jer dog

    8 LB, deep drop mold

    I’m looking for a 8 LB deep drop Mold, would like to pick it up locally, I have had a few guys ask about them, But I have no use for them myself, I just need one that is reasonably Priced, to make them to help, Guys out, the retail price, For the weights are crazy, Please PM , me if you have...
  16. jer dog

    Cal west Coast series Rod

    I’m looking for a clean Cal Star WC series 670, rated 20 to 50, With a reel seat, for a neighbor, That’s just getting into ocean fishing, Any one that has one, that they no longer need, please let me know, thanks.
  17. jer dog

    Mexico Fishing License

    I'm looking for A local Tackle shop in OC, that sales Annual Mex fishing License's , any advice would help, thanks.
  18. jer dog

    Extra tuff Boots , sold.

    I have A Pair of Extra Tuff Boots , size 13 F S, like new, only used one day on A trip, Local pick up only ,$ 75.00 OBO. P.M offers only, thanks
  19. jer dog

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    Myself and three friends are leaving this Saturday night, fishing on the 15th aboard the Eldorado. Any other BD'ers on this trip? Fishing ST NIC, is always fun.
  20. jer dog

    Steel shot

    is it legal to sale , boxes of steel shot Shotgun Shells , to any one over 18 years of age, I have some I’m thinking about selling some ,mostly 2 and 3 shot, I might even have some BB, Just checking,??
  21. jer dog

    2 day 11-8 to 11-10, ranger 85

    I Just returned last night from a 2 trip on The Ranger 85, Out of Channel Islands, We left Friday night at around 9 Pm, And we headed to the get bait, Then we had a thouro safety meeting, Up in the Bow, and It was the captain Jake, That ran it, and he was really making, Sure how they handle...
  22. jer dog

    the Long Fin Big Sale Saturday the 14 TH

    Any BDER's going ,this Saturday, the 14 TH, its there annual Big, Customer Sale.
  23. jer dog

    The Apollo

    Does anyone know how to get, Any updates on how there doing From day to day, thanks
  24. jer dog

    The Pescador

    i just booked a full day trip on this boat, Fishing on the 21 of August, Limited to 16 , that’s why I booked it, Its out off 22nd, any information, on there operation, would be nice, But no matter what I will be on the Water, priceless.
  25. jer dog

    Accurate Valiant 400 2 speed. .SOLD

    I have A Super clean ,Valiant 400 2 Speed For Sale, no Trades , Please Its only been on A couple of trips, and I used it to catch A hand full of small YFT, Local Pick up, Asking $ 400.00 Firm please PM me for Pictures , if your interested , thanks
  26. jer dog

    'Memorial Day'

    I would like to Personally Wish every one, that Defended this Country, And fought for all of us, too be Free, and allow me too come and go as I please, A Salute too ever one of you , HAPPY Memorial DAY, this ones for you,:hali_olutta:.
  27. jer dog

    Honda 3000 Generator Price Drop.

    Honda 3000 watt generator will power just about anything including 13,500 BTU RV AC units with easy electric start. This generator is 3 years only and was only used a few times. It’s very quiet operating at 49 to 58 dB. The generator can run for up to 20 hours on a tank of gas. and Local Pick...
  28. jer dog

    Calstar Graphiter 700M (fFactory wrap) price drop

    For Sale : Factory Calstar Graphiter 700M Rated 20-50 In very good condition, 8/10. Super Clean! Retails for $349 asking $195.00 OBO. PM me if interested , Local pickup only
  29. jer dog

    2 Day Freezer Special on the Shogun

    I'm just checking too see if any other BDer's are on the Shogun 2 Day Freezer special , leaving Feb 22, I would like to know, how many Set ups you plan on Bringing, so far I'm just planning on bringing 2 40 LB set ups and one 50 LB setup , all 2 speeds.
  30. jer dog

    Over night Trip on the Eldorado

    A friend and I booked an overnight trip on the Eldorado, fishing St Nick Island that leaves tomorrow night at 8.30 pm. As of now, we're the only ones that are booked for this trip. They said they will run with 12. The cost of the trip is $ 180.00, plus they will give you a pass to fish on...
  31. jer dog

    A , G- Lommis PSR. 90 -25 C- SU

    FS , for A Friend, it is G- Loomis Pelagic A PSR-90-25 C-SU , 7 FT 6 / Rated 25-30 it is All most new , $165.00. OBO, Local pick up only , and Cash is key, P.M. me your #, for Pix's, thanks
  32. jer dog

    Tiagra 16 II, and A Trini 16 A, and A Trini 20 A.

    I'm selling this for A Friend, its A Tiagra 16 II, A- R- B. and it comes with Clamp and Box, and it has A few scratches on the Left side plate and it was just cleaned and Lubed by Shimano , 8 out of 10, asking $ 310 OBO., Trinidad 16 A 9 out of 10, comes with box and clamp ,$365.00...
  33. jer dog

    Two Black Steel Graphite Rods Photo's Added.

    FS, I have Four Black Steel Graphite Rods, that One of my Friends asked me to Help him Sell, and he is in no hurry to Sell the G - 6465 XH, 6 1/2, 30 (60) 80 9 out of 10, $165.00 OBO. G ,.670 -7 FT. Rated 25 (30) 40 LB, 8 out of 10 $ 135 .OBO G 6465 H - 6 1/2. Rated 30 ( 40 ) 50 LB...
  34. jer dog

    Old Model Torium 16 Sold

    I have the old Model Torium 16 FS , The Drags where change awhile ago it has Some Spectra on it not Sure What LB Test it is, and has Top Shot of 30 LB, on it and I used it on YT, after it has Been Service it has a few Scratches' , 8 /10 comes wit Box and stock Clamp, $95.00 ,( Firm) ,Local...
  35. jer dog

    Triton Sportfishing, Limited Load 3/4 Day

    I Just Booked A Spot For Next Wednesday the 25 TH, its Sponsored By Syndicate, I'm Just Checking If Any , other BDer's , are on This Trip Its Limited Two 25 Anlers , For $110.00, with all The Other 3/4 Boats Putting 65, Two 80 Anglers on their 3/4 Day Trips , for Me this Is A No Brainer.
  36. jer dog

    Frontier Buck Knife

    FS, I have a Nice Frontier Buck Knife made in the US, No124 that I have no Use For it, $95.00 OBO , local Pick up Please P.M. If your interested
  37. jer dog

    Maguro Jig Tote

    I'm just letting every one Know, that Melton's has a Jig Tote that is really nice , one of my Good Friends just Bought one, and it holds a lot of jig's .
  38. jer dog

    nomad roller Tackle Bag

    I have the Nomad Roller Bag, and the axle is bent, just wondering where I can pick up a Replacement , locally, thanks
  39. jer dog

    LR Boats JP.

    I'm posting this for a friend, with the processors coming aboard at the dock at the end of the Trip, to handle , guys Fish Processing how do they determine the JP, now that all the Fish doesn't get sorted out by the Landing then they put them up on the Scale to find out The Top 3...
  40. jer dog

    Constution 2 1/2 Day

    Hello BDer's, I'm going on a 2 1/2 leaving the 29TH of Aug and I'm just Checking if any Buddy on BD ,is on this Trip it would be Nice Too Meet you and have a Cold one or Two I'm going Solo, all my Regulars Can't Take the Time off thanks
  41. jer dog

    For Sale , New cord adapter

    For Sale New Adapter, Local Pick up only, please no trades $25.00 OBO
  42. jer dog

    GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 L B .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    for sale in - line Sinkers . these are use the same way that you use Torpedo's ,Pick up in Orange County. I have For Sale 2 OZ 14 for $5.00 3 OZ 10 for $ 5.00 4 OZ, 10 for $5.00 6 OZ $1.00 Each 8 OZ, $1.00 Each 10 OZ, $1.50 each 12 OZ, $2.00 Each 16 OZ, $2.00 Each 20 and 24 OZ, 10...
  43. jer dog

    Best Joke of the Day

    All our Dams in Cali are Falling apart, and are out dated' so after Bashing MR. Trump Gov Dumb ass Brown, Is asking The Fed's for Aid the old saying is you Don't Bite the Hand that Feed's you WOW. I think He should ask all the Movie Stars in Hollywood for Donation's.
  44. jer dog

    2 1/2 Day On the Fortune

    My Friend and I Just booked This Trip leaving the 17 of Feb, and its a 2 1/2 Day , and I'm just Check if any other BD Guys are on this Trip, and What they are Plan on taken Gear wise for This Trip, I Hope the Weather Is Nice, Everything else, Its Fishing and I'm not Worried about ,
  45. jer dog

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    I been looking at a 8 Day on the Famous RP , but need some help trying to Find their Stateroom Lay Out, any help form the Guys that have Fished on her in the Past would be Great thanks.
  46. jer dog

    For Sale A Used Custom Wrapped Shikari TS 6040 30-80 LB. ROD

    FS, A Used Custom Wrapped, Shikari TS 6040 Rated 30-80 Lb. Conventional Glass Rod With Turbo Guides, its 6 FT 2 Inches, and it has no Gimbal and a Fuji Reel Seat With Foam grip ,asking $145 OBO, local pick up Please, and no Trades Pm, if interested , and I will Text you a couple Photos, thanks
  47. jer dog

    3/4 day dayout of Dana Point

    Yesterday I took a Chance and went On The Clemente the 3/4 Boat out of Dana Wharf , with only 25 Reservation, I was Praying that we would go Looking off Shore, for some Tuna, and as we were Heading to The Bait Barge the Capitan went over the Game plan that we would go and Check out a...
  48. jer dog

    Hilts Torpedo Sinker Molds

    I'm looking for a 10 OZ 12 Oz and 16 Ounce Torpedo Lead Molds Pm me if you would like to Sell them,thanks
  49. jer dog

    Offshore the San Diego 3/4 Day

    what up with the San Diego, is It me or what, I have been watching their Fish Reports Daily, like I always Do Before I plan a Trip, and Tuesday they Had a Good Day then Wednesday come's and no Report do they only Report when they do Good, just asking Because that Boat Has a Good History...
  50. jer dog

    Looking for a Perfect for a Curado 300 E J

    I Looking for A Perfect rod to match up with a Curado 300 E J I have the 300 E Paired up with A Teramar TMC X-711 MHBRA 15-30 and I Like the Split Grip or Shrink Tube and Reel Seat so I would Like some , idea's ,Thanks
  51. jer dog

    For Sale Liquid Stick Rod Salt Water Rod

    For Sale a Brand new, Liquid Stick LSW 270 C 7 F T, Rated 15- 30 $35 O B O Local pick up, Please Thanks, P.M if Interested its a Perfect Rod for a Beginner ,.or for Back up when a Friend wants to get in to Salt Water Fishing and Doesn't want to spend to much.
  52. jer dog

    For Sale Diawa Lexa 400 H Reel Sold

    #1 is A used Torium 30 with Carbentex Drags , has a few Scratches but Clean $145 O B O #2 is A BNIB Lexa 400 H with the Paddle handle 6.3 .1 Ratio , its Priced to Sell, $175 (FIRM) Please No Trades Please Or Low Ball Offers , P .M me if interested and I will Text you a few Pictures...
  53. jer dog

    Tommy Lee, on the Gail Force

    it is nice too Hear that one of the Good guys , Tommy Lee is Running the Gail Force and back doing what he Loves, taking people Fishing.:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  54. jer dog

    For sale 1/2 pass out of Davey's Locker

    FS one Twilight 1/2 day pass on the Freelance out of Davey's, no Expiration date on it first $20 gets it Local pick up, Pm. if you interested, Thanks
  55. jer dog


    I'm selling a Bass setup , The rod is a custom acid wrapped JRS72XF from Performance tackle The rod is brand new and never been used The reel is a Shimano Caenan 100 , and has only been used twice I'm asking $220 OBO price drop $ 185 PM me if you interested , Local pickup only no trades please
  56. jer dog

    F S Torium 30

    I'm selling a Shimano Torium 30 , The reel was just serviced by Shimano . The reel has a couple minor scratches , But mechanically is 10 out of 10 Asking price is $135 OBO Local pickup only Sold PM me if your interested , No trades please
  57. jer dog

    Fish Dope Subcription sold

    For Sale $100 or Trade , or O B O one Year Subscription for fish Dope, I Won it in a Raffle and I don't have a boat and have no use for this Great Service, local pick Please P.M if interested first one with the $$$$ gets it, thanks
  58. jer dog

    Fishing Gear For Sale

    I am selling a custom wrapped JRS72XF acid wrapped rod from performance tackle , This rod is brand new . I am asking $220 O B O price drop $200 O B O I also have a Shimano Caenan 100 for sale , It is like new and currently has 30lb spectra on it . I am asking $60 O B O for the reel Please PM...
  59. jer dog

    For Sale Torium 30 picture's added Sold

    For Sale Torium 30 just Serviced by Shimano filled with XXX 40 LB , $135 OBO with box and clamp local pick up please P.M if interested
  60. jer dog

    For Sale a Gold Trini 20 and 30 price drop Both Sold

    Fs , a Gold Trini 20 $310 O B O 8/10 clean price drop $285 firm (Sold ) and a Gold Trini 30 $310 O B O 9/10 clean price drop $275 firm( Sold ) both come with box paper work and stock clamp local pick up please, only cash no trades Pm if interested.
  61. jer dog

    For sale a Toro Recycler Self Prop, Lawn mower sold please Delete

    For Sale a Toro Lawnmower 6.75 149 CC Local pick up $65.00 Firm, P.m. if interested, thanks.
  62. jer dog

    For Sale a Penn 500L

    F S Diawa Lexa 400 H S BNIB with Paddle handle $180 Firm Sold F S Penn Jig Master 500 L $ 30 OBO like new Still Available Local pick up Please, and no Trades, P. M me if Interested or you need Photo's
  63. jer dog

    Shimano Orca,s

    what is the best way to fish them , or are the like a popper
  64. jer dog

    maximus running trips out of Fishermans Landing

    Wow, I see on Fishermen's Landing Web site that the Maximus is starting to run Trips out of their , would like to Know how much Experience they have up this way , they seam to have it dialed in down off the mainland of Mex , they have a 2 day next Month that looks good, any Info would...
  65. jer dog

    Offshore 2 1/2 day on the queen

    short report 1 Do Do, 9 YT and 89 YFT a few on the Troll but mostly on the Sardine check out the Short Video on 976 of one of a few last stops chasing down the Dolphins than made the trip even funnier, all and all great trip with Drew and the Crew, I couldn't of picked a better boat ...
  66. jer dog

    3/4 day on the Triton

    just checking if any of you Bders are booked on this boat for tomorrow Wednesday the 17 I have a itch, and would be going solo , thanks
  67. jer dog

    Scopoline, for Sea sicknes

    hay you Bloody decker's, here is your replacement for ( Scopace) its called Scopolamine capsule form .04MG . to get it all you need is a Prescription from your Doctor, and Call Steven's Pharmacy 1-714-540-8911 they can ship to I just picked up some, you can thank me later ...
  68. jer dog


    FS Custom Seeker SL 660 H 25to 60 LB built by Innoative Tackle $85 or OBO, Miner cracks Seeker Black Steel Graphite G 6455 XXXH all rollers super clean 80 (100) 130 LB $210 OBO if interested P.M. me local pick up please, thanks Seeker Black Steel Graphite G970- 7 FT 20 (25) 30 $135 OBO
  69. jer dog


    FS Shimano TLD 50 2 Speed Local pick up, 8/10 Sum spectra on it , $270 OBO P.M if interested I will Ship on your Dime , just have to send me a money order, thanks
  70. jer dog

    FOR sale Seeker black steel Rod

    F S Seeker black Steel graphite G 665f-6 1/2 15 to30 LB rod local pick up Please $90 or BO ' P.M me if interested' thanks
  71. jer dog

    sold Shimano Tiagra II speed

    F S a Shimano Tiagra 12 II with clamp and box 'miner scratches 8 /10 with some 65 LB spectra local pick please $380 or best offer 'P.M if interested thanks
  72. jer dog

    For sale Trini 16n

    F S' I'm posting this for a friend it is a hardly used gold Trini 16 Narrow $350 firm P.M me thanks local pick up please' come's with clamp
  73. jer dog

    3/4 day on the Pursuit

    I'm going on a 3/4 day on this boat for the first time any info would help thanks
  74. jer dog

    For Sale BNIB Diawa Lexa 400HS-P

    FS I have a( BNIB) Lexa 400HS-P for $220 firm Local pick up P.M me if interested ' if you serious thanks Sold
  75. jer dog

    Fs 2 lots of heavy jigs

    For Sale , 2 lots of heavy jigs . PM me if interested / Local pick up only $55 Jigs are mixed heavy's $45 Jigs are 6X
  76. jer dog

    NACL 50 *** Sold***

    I'm selling my Like New Abu Garcia NACL 50 , I have the box , power handle , and oil that comes with the reel .The reel currently has 65lb spectra . Please PM me if interested . Selling Price is $190
  77. jer dog

    Shimano Tyrnos 10 2 speed for sale

    I have a Shimano Tyrnos 10 2 speed for sale . Its in good condition , It has 65lb spectra on it . I'm asking $180 PM me or TXT me at 1-714-318-1754 . Local Pickup only
  78. jer dog

    Rod and Reel For Sale

    I have a Abu Garcia NACL 50 , That's on a Custom SBRX80M From Performance tackle . This Rod is acid Wrapped . This setup is like new . I have the box and power handle for the NACL 50 Please call or text me at 1-714-318-1754 Or PM me on BD . $425 OBO Local pickup only
  79. jer dog

    Shimano Teramar rod

    looking for a Shimano Teramar rod rated 20-40 8 FT rod' split Grip if any buddy has one they would like to sell P.M me thanks
  80. jer dog

    Teramar split grip

    looking for a Shimano Teramar 20 - 40 rod' 8 FT with split grip please let me know if any of you have one for sale thanks'
  81. jer dog

    Aftco shorts

    for sale 'I have 4 pairs of used AFTCO MO 4 shorts size #38 for $15.00 each or best offer local pick up please P.M. me thanks
  82. jer dog

    Tons of used fishing reels for sale

    Below I have a wide variety of Reels for sale , These Reel's are from my friends late Father , He is selling them because he has no use for all of them . Next to each Reel description is a Letter , That letter matches a letter on one of the boxes in the images below .The bold lettering to the...
  83. jer dog

    Trinidad 14 A

    one of my friends dads passed away last year and he end up with some of his gear' and he has a Trini 14a like new with 50 LB super slick that he is think of selling ' any buddy interested p.m. me 'no hurry to sell' no shipping local pick please' if he willing to sell it he is looking for like...
  84. jer dog

    Shimano Trini 20 and 30

    should I start worrying about parts for these reels any time soon' if so witch parts should I stock up on' thanks
  85. jer dog

    Shimano TRINI 16 a

    who has the best deal on the TRINI 16a wright now I'm in need of one' Thank,s
  86. jer dog

    For Sale Snow Chains Photos added Price Drop

  87. jer dog

    FS TRINI 16 and Custom Calstar Grafighter 700 XL

    FS Trini 16 with clamp clean $325.00 Custom 700 xl with turbo guide's like new $ 175.00 price's are firm' local pick up please pm me if you interested PRICE DROP FOR ROD $165.00
  88. jer dog

    FS 4 1/2 half day Voucher's Daily Double

    FOR SALE 'I have 2 1/2 day voucher's good four 4 people with rod rental included' on the Daily Double out of Point Loma' SD EXP 12/31/14 asking $120.oo or best offer' PM if interested ' thank's
  89. jer dog

    For Sale 1/2 day passes Fisherman's landing

    FOR sale' I have Two 1/2 PASS FOR fisherman's LANDING THEY EXP 12-31- 2016 $45.00 OBO PM ME IF INTERESTED .
  90. jer dog

    Offshore 1 1/2 day on the Seeker 09-08-14

    I booked A trip on the Seeker thru 976 for the first time' with my Son and A friend ' not sure what to expect ' we boarded the boat around 8 PM Sunday night and then introduced our self's to Big Gab and Betty the charter master for the trip' stored are gear and waited for the rest for...
  91. jer dog

    Offshore 2 day Aug 8th thru 10 Legend

    fished the Legend out of h&M last week end ' with family and friend's short story is we left a little late because one of his other boat's blew a water pump' but it was nice rigging up at the dock with out bouncing around' woke up about 5 OC' put A line in the water for nothing' we were...
  92. jer dog

    For Sale X-Raps , and Rapala's

    I'm selling all 12 Rapala's for $85 dollars , I'm selling them all together Local pick up preferred but If you want I can mail them on your dime ,PM me if your interested . serious buyers only!! No low Ballers Please
  93. jer dog

    Fishing tackle swap meet

    does any buddy know the date's ' for seal beach yacht club swap meet . next to west marine.
  94. jer dog


    Over night trip leave's Friday fishing Saturday JUNE 28 'light load need's a few more reservation for this trip to go' only 99 buck's if you say you seen the info on 976 tuna ' good boat and crew just fish it 2 week's ago ' had a great time' trying two get out again with my boy.
  95. jer dog

    Toronado Over night 6 -15

    just seeing if any BD er's are going on this trip' should be fun' it's perfect time to go the WSB limit goes from one up to three ' my son a I just booked it ' for father day ' it's A island freelance trip.
  96. jer dog

    Saltwater Live Bait Hooks

    All hooks are brand new , some packs are open.Selling all together $ 125 or best offer PM me if interested. will ship on your dime ' or call 714-318-0067 ( picture's added) Brand- Gamakatsu #- 1/0 live bait hooks ,quantity 8 Brand - Hayabusa #-1/0 live bait hooks quantity 5 #-2 quantity 15 #...
  97. jer dog

    fs DAIWA BG 90

    for sale Daiwa bg 90 spinning reel' $55.00 OBO' clean' a little pitted handle just from sitting around' pm me if interested' for local pick up 'OR SHIP ON YOUR DIME.
  98. jer dog


    the legend in on a day 1/2 exploratory trip they left last night want to know if and Buddy heard any new,s , if they found any patty,s holding yet. hope they get ,em
  99. jer dog

    for sale 2 used marlin trolling lures

    for sale 2 used marlin trolling lures, one is braid green and yellow 2nd one is sh-1 red and black with purple head $25.00 OBO, pm ,local pick up. PLEASE.
  100. jer dog

    for sale stock handle for tld

    new handle, fit,s tld 15/30 20/40 and speed master four, $10.00 buck,s firm pm me or local pick up, call me 714-318-0067, will be at del mar FH show, fri the 28 if needed. thank,s
  101. jer dog

    the seeker out of h&m

    look,s like tommy lee found a new ride, the seeker out of h&m, good luck tommy,
  102. jer dog

    fs mini truck snow chain,s

    for sale one set of snow cain,s, they fit on 15-10.05 wide $55.00 or best offer, p.m me or call 714-318-0067
  103. jer dog

    Shimano caurado 300e

    is it true you guy,s are coming out with a up grade Curado 300 e if yes when. thank,s
  104. jer dog

    Shimano fishing wax wing

    I would like to find out if I could use my new teramar set up to fish waxwing,?????????????
  105. jer dog

    for sale handle for 15/30 -20/40

    fs new handle for tld 15/30 fit,s on 20/40 or speed master 4 also. 10 bucks firm local pick up. will ship on you,pm,or call 714-318-0067.
  106. jer dog

    FS graphite inshore bass rod

    FS Shikari all graphite 7ft 15-30 rod super clean like new $85.00 dallor,s or best offer local pick up in OC pm me if interested.
  107. jer dog

    wtb tld 20 II speed tiburon frame

    looking for topless tld 2 speed Tiburon frame local pickup IN OC, any buddy have one LAYING AROUND THAT THEY DON,T NEED ANY MORE ,PM ME, THANKS,S
  108. jer dog

    Shimano Trinidad 14's FOR SALE

    I have two shimano Trinidad 14's they are in good condition and have been lightly used ,I am asking $280 each OBO. If your interested comment or text me at 1-714-318-1754.
  109. jer dog

    for sale blackwater shock leader

    fs 2 new,blackwater shock leader, 60lb 50.m $55.00 each, or$100 for both local pick up ,will ship on buyer , price drop $45.00 EACH FIRM
  110. jer dog

    for sale handle for tld 15/30 or 20/40 or speed master 4

    Shimano tld handle new for 15/30 size reel , , and a few handle nut cover,s black plastic, make offer all new.
  111. jer dog


    fs new frabill tru track telescopic canlock system fishing net $80 bucks , local pickup, .pm me your number i will call you back.
  112. jer dog

    Trinidad 14 combo's

    I have two TN 14's on graphite inshore bass rods ,they are in great condition and where rarely used , both spooled with 20lb . Asking 400 a piece no low ballers . Selling as combos only. Pm me for pics and more info, the rod,s are7foot custom graphite shikari 15-30lb.
  113. jer dog

    home theater packaded rs232

    new in box spectrum rs 232 pro series home theater package for $225.00 or best offer.text or call 1714-318-0067.local pick up. compared to bose ,retail, $1800.00please no low ball offer,s
  114. jer dog

    for SALE black water flor

    i have two spooil,s of new in package, never opened,60lb,50 m $50oo each ,or both for $90.00, reg 70.00. each call me at 714-318-0067, or pm,me..
  115. jer dog

    black water fluor for sale

    two 50m 60lb new $60.00 each or both for $110.00, will mail on buyer dine.price lowered $50.00 each ,reg price are $69.00 each pm me or call 714 -318-0067
  116. jer dog

    penn senator 113h for sale

    for sale penn 113h new frame no clamp,$45.oo firm will meet with you in oc. shipping is on buyer.cell, 714-318-0067
  117. jer dog

    Calstar WestCoast & Pen 113H

    Calstar Westcoast 196/7 - $65 Pen 113H: New Frame - $50 PM if interested
  118. jer dog

    any info on the Dominator

    a friend and i are looking at a two day this friday any info would be great thank,s:hali_olutta: