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  1. Ugly Bayliner

    Auto Pilot install Woes

    Jp-4 and Jp-7 was my usual cologne when I was humping jets on the flight line, I got to where I really didn’t smell it anymore but the ladies at the bank on check day sure did!!
  2. Ugly Bayliner

    Auto Pilot install Woes

    Milspec 5606 - I still remember the smell and taste of it!
  3. Ugly Bayliner

    Any high end Saxophone players out there?

    I used to blow the bitch whistle for decades, still do on occasion, but never on a level to justify an instrument of this caliber. Good luck with this, always loved the smooth sound of a tenor.
  4. Ugly Bayliner

    WA Classifieds

    Make everyone happy - good damn luck with that!!
  5. Ugly Bayliner

    Dinghy Build Thread

    No, that’s single man shit!!
  6. Ugly Bayliner

    Sharkhide, where to find local ?

    Sharkhide is basically a wipe on polymer that leaves a protective coating. You have to work fast as the solvents evaporate very quickly, wipe once and leave it or you’ll leave streaks. If you have the ability to spray it, even better. It is very tough and will last for years, however it will...
  7. Ugly Bayliner

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    You got it backed down the driveway, I’m impressed by that!!
  8. Ugly Bayliner

    WA Classifieds

    Is there a two sub forum max or something? Just make the classifieds a third sub forum, problem solved. For now I have a separate bookmark for the classifieds.
  9. Ugly Bayliner

    New tech

    Damn. It was so good and easy before, what the hell?? It’s like government workers sitting around thinking up new regulations just to justify their existence. This new update sucks donkey balls!!
  10. Ugly Bayliner

    New Genie 7055 Garage Door Opener

    If FishPimpll doesn’t take it I will!! I’m in Oly I’ll come pick it up.
  11. Ugly Bayliner

    Another joining the 30' club

    Along with what Goatram said, run your hand along the chines or anywhere line will rub. Anything sharp will part off fish, have that taken care of too. I’ve seen sharp edges of the sheet the weld bead didn’t blend in and even small stubs of welding wire poking out from the welds.
  12. Ugly Bayliner

    Aluminum Fuel Tank Cracked Weld

    Anyone who welds will tell you about welding fuel tanks - we’ve all done it, we’re all nervous about it. It can be done. I would look for why it happened. Is the tank hanging from plates welded to the top? If so it’s the plates are flexing with fuel weight and cracking the welds. They should...
  13. Ugly Bayliner

    Movin' to Texas

    Well hell, didn’t know about all that, sounds like it might get a bit out of range. I also have close family that fled SoCal to Clarksville, Tennessee and they love it. I’ve worked in Clarksville and like the area a lot, so that’s on the table too. All this depends on where the kids go with...
  14. Ugly Bayliner

    Movin' to Texas

    Yep, looking at the Dallas/Ft Worth area in 3-5 years.
  15. Ugly Bayliner

    223 75 Grain HP

    That would be the poly coating. The nice thing about it vs. lacquer is it won’t melt in a hot chamber and gum up the works like lacquer can and will do. Apparently, after a bit of googling, Wolf has never used lacquer, it’s always been the polymer coating, which I didn’t know. So there you...
  16. Ugly Bayliner

    223 75 Grain HP

    Hey G, is this actual lacquer case and not their poly performance coating? I like their poly coated cases a lot.
  17. Ugly Bayliner

    Stainless Steel Downrigger Mounts

    Yeah 304 will be orange in no time. 316L is the alloy you want.
  18. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport's newest Captin on Float 12

    And she’s way cuter than any of you fuckers.
  19. Ugly Bayliner

    I need a good glass guy

    Who’s window did you bust??
  20. Ugly Bayliner

    School me on travel trailers

    Well the way things are going, it would be nice to have a place to stay a couple days over there for the sand dab derby.
  21. Ugly Bayliner

    Security suggestions

    He is using the 4K Ultra HD system from Costco.
  22. Ugly Bayliner

    Security suggestions

    I used to think this way until my buddies house was recently broken into - the cameras proved the self defense when he was on the phone with 911 and the dude bashed in the oval leaded glass window on his front door with a shovel. Clear as day in night vision you can see the shovel come in and...
  23. Ugly Bayliner

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    It did, it’s an old house with the original roof lumber underneath, probably built in the 1920s. I know where your going with this, framing looks rotted underneath which would rot out the sheathing, the framing isn't rotted at all, just very old, back when lumber was dimensional - actual 1” x...
  24. Ugly Bayliner

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    Sure, pick one - one costs a little more than the other!
  25. Ugly Bayliner

    Tennis ball thrower $400

    I immediately thought of Franny!!
  26. Ugly Bayliner

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    My recommendation to everyone - don’t frame your home in the winter if you can at all avoid it!
  27. Ugly Bayliner

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    Did an insurance job this past summer with 1” OSB T&G subfloors that had a bad water leak, a shutoff valve apparently had sprung a leak and flooded the house while they were gone. Service Master came in and destroyed the place, but they did get it dried out. All the seams between the sheets...
  28. Ugly Bayliner

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    My thoughts on OSB are my own opinion gained through experience with it. These pics are of 10 year old roof sheathing. Videos where I pull roofing nails with my fingers won’t upload because the files are too big, I’ll see if I can link to them on my Facebook page. I see it time and time again.
  29. Ugly Bayliner

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    And this is the reason that cheap, prefab buildings suck. OSB, in my opinion, is the worst building product ever. You might as well build your house with a dry sponge, same thing really. Great when it’s new, but when it gets wet it loses all structural integrity. For roof sheathing after...
  30. Ugly Bayliner

    Happy Tanacom Tuesday!

    The slipping is fine, means it’s working but the screaming was crazy!! The new carbontec washers are smooth and quiet!
  31. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat deck chairs

    I thought you didn’t need to catch them on that boat, they just jump over the rail don’t they?
  32. Ugly Bayliner

    PSA for those on a septic system

    Dude I’ve been full of shit for years, apparently!!
  33. Ugly Bayliner

    PSA for those on a septic system

    Will do! Thanks for the heads up! There’s several pump companies here locally.
  34. Ugly Bayliner

    PSA for those on a septic system

    We try to take care of our septic system as best we can, there’s just two of us now for the last 10 years since our daughter got married. We don’t flush anything but tp - no wipes, flushable wipes aren’t flushable for septic! No tampons, wife doesn’t have Aunt Flo anymore and no condoms, never...
  35. Ugly Bayliner

    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    I saw you headed north over the Nisqually Sunday morning on our way back from an airport run, good timing on your part traffic-wise.
  36. Ugly Bayliner

    Aluminum baking racks?

    You’ll get about $50 apiece at the recycling center.
  37. Ugly Bayliner

    South Sound General Contractor needed

    The soon part will be difficult, everybody is slammed these days.
  38. Ugly Bayliner

    FRESH ONE!!!!

  39. Ugly Bayliner

    Build It !

    Dang, sure is, that’s pre-Grady White and Parker!! He’ll probably read this sooner or later!
  40. Ugly Bayliner

    Build It !

    That’s him, Rockfish on other forums. I built his radar tower/rod holders as well. That Parker is a fishing machine!!
  41. Ugly Bayliner

    Build It !

    Those kill bag racks are pretty killer if I do say so myself!! Ron Harrington got the first one, Roger got the last. I built I think 5, most guys just can’t grasp the concept or why you’d want the bags in the middle of the deck. I see Roger puts his sideways, nice to have that kind of room!!
  42. Ugly Bayliner

    FRESH ONE!!!!

    Wrapped very tightly I might add!!
  43. Ugly Bayliner

    FRESH ONE!!!!

    Our daughter has been fishing for years, had a long line release a few years ago, but on Wednesday she finally got one in the net!! She’ll be poppa’s lil’ fishin’ buddy in no time!!
  44. Ugly Bayliner

    1996 seabreeze motorhome

    Just don’t run a black light through this thing!
  45. Ugly Bayliner

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Shit’s gettin’ real!!!
  46. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Beached Boat In Grayland

    Saw on Facebook all made it to shore safely, all wearing PFDs. Last I saw it was recovered and on the trailer headed home.
  47. Ugly Bayliner

    WTB Suzuki prop

    Could’ve hit Marlin if you knew what one looked like! :-)8-)
  48. Ugly Bayliner

    Free "aged" Appliances

    Those JennAirs are awesome, our house came with one and we loved it!
  49. Ugly Bayliner

    Your Tanacom 750 may need service if...

    Most likely those parts are all good once they get a good cleaning. Tanacoms are not waterproof!! I thought when I took mine apart the first time I’d find all metal gears and parts but it’s all plastic except for the main gear. At first I thought how cheap, then I thought how nice so it...
  50. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Family Bottomfish MA2

    Nice ping pong paddle!!
  51. Ugly Bayliner

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    I like your test set, that’s excellent! I use their cable and cut one end off and just duplicate the wiring pin out with an RJ45 EZ connector. I’ve installed at least 5 Garmin Radars on my arches and never had a problem. It’s the cross pin that gets people screwed up. It’s a standard pin out...
  52. Ugly Bayliner

    Wind reading from my wx station

    Maybe a monthly subscription for sale??
  53. Ugly Bayliner

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Fantastic news, congratulations!! Shit gets real when you put a deposit on it. I gotta agree on the no stove or galley, they take up a lot of space for something that rarely ever gets used by most folks, same with a head although Lori would demand one - probably with a bidet, asshole. :D...
  54. Ugly Bayliner

    It’s a beautiful morning

    Salmon fishing?? SALMON FISHING???? I don’t even know who you are anymore!! This Covid has got people completely out of sorts!!
  55. Ugly Bayliner


    I think it’s a play to get Sawant off of his case, she’s got a huge hard on for Amazon!!
  56. Ugly Bayliner

    Let the games begin

    Damn, you boys have been busy!!
  57. Ugly Bayliner

    Yamaha F150

    Jesus Christ!!!! Seriously dude?? This post isn’t old, it’s ancient!!
  58. Ugly Bayliner

    Evinrude oops

    I’m just glad I don’t have to see how damned ugly the next design was going to be!!
  59. Ugly Bayliner

    Regular Westport boat ho offering services and facilities

    Leif is good people, I’ve known him since a couple boats ago when he owned Job Site. Congratulations on the move Leif!! I’m a bit jealous.
  60. Ugly Bayliner

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Beautiful, love the color choices!
  61. Ugly Bayliner

    First Tuna landed in WA 2020

    Cool Mike, does Chasin’ Tail have a 5,000 NM range??
  62. Ugly Bayliner

    1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken

    The only bad part about that is it isn’t me!!!
  63. Ugly Bayliner

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    Table for 1 for Haywood Jablowme 6969 Biteme Ln 1-800-GOFUCKYOURSELF
  64. Ugly Bayliner

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Check Craigslist several ties a day, I’d bet money you’ll see your shit for sale next day or two!
  65. Ugly Bayliner

    Is defiance expanding?

    The Prime driver is going to need a bigger truck!!
  66. Ugly Bayliner

    Special Bends

    Bends of what? Is that aluminum? PVC?
  67. Ugly Bayliner

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    All I know is I really need my wife to get back to work, she’s running my ass ragged!!
  68. Ugly Bayliner

    Pop ups....

    This one interrupted me twice just getting back to this thread. No private mode, don’t even know what this is.
  69. Ugly Bayliner

    Pop ups....

    Holy crap, are they getting worse?? Every time I open a thread or go to the next page!!! Very annoying!!
  70. Ugly Bayliner

    1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken

    DAMN!!! If I had $85K I’d already own it!! Hell of a beautiful boat man, this won’t last long at all!
  71. Ugly Bayliner

    Where’s the beef?
  72. Ugly Bayliner

    Imagine rolling in this...

    Mine is welded 1/4” steel with altitude adjustments, uses M80s in the chamber - no idea how far “projectiles” go, they disappear from sight.
  73. Ugly Bayliner

    Best Braid for Tuna

    It broke waaaay too easy, I bet nowhere near 50lb PowerPro on the same reel, I bet half the strength.
  74. Ugly Bayliner

    Best Braid for Tuna

    All my rods run PowerPro. I tried Cabela’s brand last season just to get a contrasting color from everyone else to help un-knit sweaters during hot bait stops on a bait rod, never again.
  75. Ugly Bayliner

    Camping in Westport ? ..............Nope !!

    I couldn’t afford either one!!
  76. Ugly Bayliner

    Flybridge Improvement Project

    Hey Ryan, get yourself some Wonder Gel, it’s a pickling gel for stainless welds. Amazing stuff, I found it just a couple years ago, wish I’d found it a lot sooner. What it does is cleans the heat discoloration from your welds and pickles the bead to prevent rust from forming. I find it works...
  77. Ugly Bayliner

    Gelcoat Restoration Question

    Believe it or not, my dad used Pledge furniture polish. Gel coat was very cloudy, sprayed it on, rubbed it in and it looked like new every year. Easy, cheap, which pretty much describes him, but damn if it didn’t work great!
  78. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport marina notices

    There you go.
  79. Ugly Bayliner

    Do you top shot?

    Nope, no top shot for anything. I went straight braid for everything years ago. Tuna live bait leaders are mono or flouro, but only about 24” long if that counts.
  80. Ugly Bayliner

    Cannon Optimum Downriggers

    I love my Cannons but I have never nor would I ever tie them to my Humminbird for bottom tracking, but I love the positive ion and the auto stop on retrieve.
  81. Ugly Bayliner

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    Easiest way to comply is don’t get one. With all the south areas closed this year it wasn’t worth it. Hopefully things will improve down here.
  82. Ugly Bayliner

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    It’s horrible, makes a guy not want to even waste his time anymore, damned metal boats anyway.
  83. Ugly Bayliner

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Looks like that cruise air system has been leaking for awhile with the loss of paint on the wood there. Glad you got it sorted out.
  84. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Lapush

    It’ll be easy first halibut day, look for 70 boats clustered together.
  85. Ugly Bayliner

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Scooby on a boobie!!
  86. Ugly Bayliner

    Rod repair in OLY/Tacompton area?

    Probably gotta go out of town, our guys down here keep getting arrested!!
  87. Ugly Bayliner

    Something wicked this way comes

    Dang dude, Merry Christmas to you!
  88. Ugly Bayliner

    Yamaha vs Honda

    You know he does, you’ve seen his transom on the way in many times! Yeah, well, what he really means by 4 fat guys is me and two other guys, quit your whining and just accept it!!
  89. Ugly Bayliner

    SS Railing Weld?

    I’ve welded several, most were screwed on - put a piece of wet cardboard under the foot and weld away. You have to protect the gel coat somehow. Otherwise, a series of quick tack welds letting it cool between each one should get it done.
  90. Ugly Bayliner

    Reel Service

    The master reel technician goes by REDZWULF on here, he helped me with parts for my Tanacom. Eric is the guru for any reel including Tanacoms!
  91. Ugly Bayliner

    For All You Desk Jockies

    I don’t see any guns.
  92. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    Last I checked moorage ran $20-25/foot.
  93. Ugly Bayliner

    The future...

    Your grandkids will enjoy the annual sand dab derby!!
  94. Ugly Bayliner

    Winter boat projects...

    Why would you ever take off your Merc Opti-Maxes??
  95. Ugly Bayliner

    26 LC Osprey

    Dang, seems like you just finished this thing!!
  96. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Crabbing open again in 4,5,6,7,8,9

    Don’t even think about it either, MA13...
  97. Ugly Bayliner

    Smoked salmon processor

    We have a smoke house in Tumwater?? Where are they located??
  98. Ugly Bayliner

    Covered Boat/RV Storage In WP Available

    I was wondering what that was! How’s their security??
  99. Ugly Bayliner

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    Couldn’t keep up with orders to California!
  100. Ugly Bayliner

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    No need to defend your dreams and ideas, they’re yours and who cares what others think. After all, everyone loves a Livingston, which is a short cat not much longer than it’s width. You’ll catch a lot of shit for posting something different around here, post a neon rose in a glass case for...
  101. Ugly Bayliner

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    And ruin his favorite T-shirt, although dark red blood on a yellow shirt is excellent contrast!!
  102. Ugly Bayliner

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I’m wondering will it roll over side to side or end over end??
  103. Ugly Bayliner

    Want to Borrow left handed round reel (and rod) tuna set-up

    How much does a tuna charter cost? If you can afford one you can probably afford a decent spinning rod/real that will be great for a tuna bait rod. That’s what we use because although right handed, I prefer to reel lefty.
  104. Ugly Bayliner

    Ilwaco! Free Ice! 50 gallons come get it

    Can I pick it up next Tuesday??
  105. Ugly Bayliner

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Yeah, vented clan gun is a must, even the cheap aluminum ones from Cabela’s or Walmart work great. Your back will appreciate the extra $20.
  106. Ugly Bayliner

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    I took the headgear out of an old hard hat and zip tied two large LED flashlights to it, one on each side. It’s heavy but it lights up a 20’ area which is great. The small LED head lamps work good, but with mine I can see shows off to the side that others miss. It’s extremely bright and I can...
  107. Ugly Bayliner

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    Ok, what was the bet he lost??
  108. Ugly Bayliner

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    Looks actual not hypothetical. It is, however, quite ironic.
  109. Ugly Bayliner

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Maybe he was taking a piss and zipped his junk up in his zipper and had to get to the dock in a hurry?? Did anyone consider that???
  110. Ugly Bayliner

    6.7 EGR/DPF Delete?

    Deleted mine on my 6.0 Powerstroke, easy to do, cleaning out the intake manifold was the hardest part.
  111. Ugly Bayliner

    X Rap Hook Change

    But you don’t troll anyway, so who cares!! I know, it’s the necessary evil to get the bait stop going if you can’t find jumpers.
  112. Ugly Bayliner

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

    Dude, in this day and age in these parts? Don’t ask, don’t tell!
  113. Ugly Bayliner

    Kill or no kill

    I’d kill it and bring it into port on the bow of the boat and take a shitload of pictures. Otherwise everyone is going to jump your shit telling you it wasn’t a marlin that you saw because you don’t know what a marlin looks like they do even though they were not there to see what you saw.
  114. Ugly Bayliner

    Honda Help Needed

    I thought Lighthouse Marine in GH was a Honda dealer, but their website is down - did they go out of business?
  115. Ugly Bayliner

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    That’s plenty of fish for a 3 or 4 man crew, we shoot for five or so apiece, carking 12 fish is just too much!
  116. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    I bet we saw this dude Wednesday coming in to the marina when we chopped throttles to come around the jetty to the launch and this dude came flying out on step waking the shit out of us. He obviously doesn’t know what NO WAKE means. What an asshole!
  117. Ugly Bayliner

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Any idea how many fish you can safely put on the Arima?
  118. Ugly Bayliner

    Wanted- licensed plumber

    Yeah, nobody puts those ugly, messy things on a countertop anymore, that’s double-wide trailer shit!!
  119. Ugly Bayliner

    Half Tote Capacity

    Build yourself one of these and never have loose kill bags on the deck again!!
  120. Ugly Bayliner

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Yep, several years ago on Stacy’s Parker when that was all they were hitting, cedar plugs of all colors - bare wood got the most love.
  121. Ugly Bayliner

    Tuna are here!!

    Per pound??
  122. Ugly Bayliner

    More shrimps

    Everybody knows it’s pronounced schwimps!!
  123. Ugly Bayliner

    Guess the weight

    Depends, are we using an actual scale or the chocolablilly system of weights and measures??
  124. Ugly Bayliner

    Side Mount Rocket Launchers

    Holy shit bro, I totally forgot about those!! Glad you liked them and they worked well for you!
  125. Ugly Bayliner

    Lift in Westport?

    Sure, he has a great history with the Coasties!
  126. Ugly Bayliner

    If'n it ain't one thing, it's another

    Actually, no, they’ll use your video as evidence against you for violating the 200 yard restriction, or whatever distance it is. You lured those whales in to your boat and it’s all right there on video.
  127. Ugly Bayliner

    Odd break, Cannon dr

    I had a couple of old digitrolls and sold them and bought Mag10s several years ago and I love them. I’ve used both and I like the auto stop feature and they haul 15 pound balls fast as anything I’ve seen, plus the positive ion control. The only thing I prefer on the Scotty is the tilt up feature.
  128. Ugly Bayliner

    Odd break, Cannon dr

    Hmm, have one machined out of stainless!!
  129. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone Fishing MA10?

    Not crazy at all, Trent and I fished his little 14’ Smokercraft all over Puget Sound, including area 10, at times in some pretty nasty stuff. That little boat was intensely fishy!
  130. Ugly Bayliner

    Make it stop

    NO SHIT!
  131. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom Bull repair - huge shoutout to REDZWULF!!

    Last year I got my finger caught in the levelwind reeling up a sheet of plywood, hurt like a son of a bitch. Since then the levelwind hasn’t worked well, last trip out it quit all together. I decided to take it apart and find out what was up, expecting to find a stripped gear or something. I...
  132. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone looking for a fun charter?

    Must be married, that’ll do it to ya!!
  133. Ugly Bayliner

    26 osprey repower

    It’s a hell of a nice boat and an excellent candidate for my last “legacy” set of rod holders!! Can’t wait to see it on the water. 20 rod holders, most I’ve done - saved the best for last I guess!!
  134. Ugly Bayliner

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    Awesome, looks great!! I didn’t know Zittles has a travel lift, I know SwanTown has a big one.
  135. Ugly Bayliner

    Wanted- crawl space cleaners, Olympia

    I’ll be curious on how they do, I’ve had squatters living under my house in the past and need to do the same.
  136. Ugly Bayliner

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Dammit Norm, back/disc issues are no damn joke!! Take care of yourself and take it easy!!! Great of you to offer the rigs up. :rockin:
  137. Ugly Bayliner

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Awesome job Gooch, that’s what he BD Brotherhood does - we look out for everyone else on the water and if we can help we drop everything and do whatever we can. :appl::beerbang:
  138. Ugly Bayliner

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Saw the copter and the search plane fly over, was wondering what happened!
  139. Ugly Bayliner

    Electric or propane heat?

    A lot of homes in outlying areas do not have access to natural gas, so propane is the only option for gas. We have natural gas so our bills are pretty cheap too, never paid over $300.
  140. Ugly Bayliner

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    Puhlease!! An Xtero would have left thing in its wake!!
  141. Ugly Bayliner

    ***** RIP *******

    Taco Bell is now known as Shapes. It all tastes the same, just comes in different shapes.
  142. Ugly Bayliner

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    Too bad he didn’t want a camping trailer too!!
  143. Ugly Bayliner

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    It may seal the deal for the new owner many times in the future!!
  144. Ugly Bayliner

    SRKW in SoCal

    Anything south of Sacramento is SoCal to most people, anything north of there is Oregon.
  145. Ugly Bayliner

    question re. prop guard vs trolling fins

    Mine does act like a rudder somewhat, but I built my prop saver out of 4” stainless so I’ll never wrap a DR cable ever again.
  146. Ugly Bayliner

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Holy crap dude, that’s some scary shit bro!!
  147. Ugly Bayliner

    Road grime removal

    Sounds like some real fuckups running things at DOT these days.
  148. Ugly Bayliner

    Maui surf fishin

    Go to a dive shop rent snorkel gear and spear gun and kill your own dinner every night. Had cousins that did this and had great meals every night including a small octopus.
  149. Ugly Bayliner

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    I’ve been doing this for a lot of years, just finally decided to go full time this past fall as I had too much work not to. Like you said, I do most everything myself as I don’t trust anyone else’s work that I’ve found so far. This week I’m laying tile, next week I’ll be building walls and...
  150. Ugly Bayliner

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    These days my projects look more like this, way more work but way better money!!
  151. Ugly Bayliner

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop is CLOSED!!

    Sorry boys, I’m closing the doors and boarding up the windows. Ericsson Construction has taken off and I no longer have the time to build boat bling. I have already let down a couple of BD brothers and I don’t want to do that. I feel strongly that if I can no longer meet my deadlines I should...
  152. Ugly Bayliner

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    Ha, wrong page. Yup, I’m an idiot!! I miss the option to delete a thread.
  153. Ugly Bayliner

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    Sorry boys, I’m closing the doors and boarding up the windows. Ericsson Construction has taken off and I no longer have the time to build boat bling. I have already let down a couple of BD brothers and I don’t want to do that. I feel strongly that if I can no longer meet my deadlines I should...
  154. Ugly Bayliner

    Polishing Aluminum

    Put some 400 grit wet sanding paper on an orbital sander ang go to town, that’ll get some heavy scratches out. Then work up through 600, 800, 1,000 and then use a buffer and some black then red rouge and you’ll be mirror polished.
  155. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I’m guessing that square/rectangular spot the shop vac is sitting on is where the fuel tank goes? Our fuel tank slid up under the cabin floor a bit, but that’s where I’d put the bulkhead to form the bilge. The nice thing about yours is you can build an access cover sealed in with caulk and...
  156. Ugly Bayliner

    Aluminum boat tray clamps

    Thanks but no time!! I’m currently finishing up a good sized open concept remodel in Gig Harbor and the next remodel is nipping at my ankles!
  157. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    No, we put a bulkhead in at the back of the tank so the bilge area is from the transom to the tank, not beyond - sorry if that was confusing! Bilge water corroded the fuel tank so that was taken care of on the rebuild, I also made some nice scupper wells at the scupper to trap small amounts of...
  158. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Last Olympic I did we lef the area all the way to the fuel tank open for bilge with NO holes in stringers for water to get anywhere but that area. We also foamed under the floors to provide strength and rigidity, it’s far stronger and the deck feels far more stable than it ever did. His came...
  159. Ugly Bayliner

    The difference between fishing communities

    Thanks Larry!! This was just as entertaining as the first time!!
  160. Ugly Bayliner

    Has it finally begun?

    I’ve seen them eating massive amounts of brook trout and native wild rainbows in some local streams and lakes!!
  161. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I certainly wouldn’t rely on pressure treating alone because as a contractor I’m sure you’ve replaced plenty of rotted pressure treated lumber, I know I have. Pressure treating slows rot down, it does not prevent it.
  162. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    The small grooves are from a machine called an incisor, my dad used to build incisor machines for the lumber treating industry, specifically JHBaxter Co., of which there is/was a plant in Arlington which I believe was sold to a Canadian outfit. The incisor cuts are to allow the treating...
  163. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I would not use pressure treated wood in a boat, and I’ve never see it used by any wooden boat builders. You want clear, kiln dried if possible lumber and encapsulate it in glass so water can never get to it. Stringers rot because factory builders didn’t take the time to prevent water...
  164. Ugly Bayliner

    Pursuit 2350 Rebuild

    I like it, the visibility out of those new windows will be fantastic compared to what it was before!
  165. Ugly Bayliner

    The Journey

    No need for the mess and hassle of fiberglass, Flex Seal will do that job easily!!
  166. Ugly Bayliner


    Yep, worked out there many times in my past life as a JBL Pro installer. Blue Bird Cafe is a great spot to hear up and coming artists, food is good too. Seriously though, a walk/drive through downtown gives you hundreds of options - night clubs and music venues are everywhere!
  167. Ugly Bayliner

    It's elf on the shelf time

  168. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom 750

    HA!!!! Or quit snagging up on Ron’s old left over shit he leaves all over the bottom!!
  169. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom 750

    I like trout fishing once in awhile too!!
  170. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Here’s my problem with these big walk around boats, I used to think they were the ideal boat until I realized that’s an awful lot of money and an awful lot of boat that only seats two people!! You and the wife at the helm - where in the hell do the kids ride that want to see to??? My dreams of...
  171. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom 750

    750, I run 80# PowerPro and have fished 1000’ when we drop off the ledge, but one break off and my spool gets pretty skinny!
  172. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    I’ll also agree on the 6.0, my ‘06 F250 Superduty turned 200K last month with never an issue other than the EGR cooler shitting the bed and a cheap EGR delete kit took care of that. The main problem I see is most guys drive it off the lot new and start lifting them up, bigger tires, tuners to...
  173. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Maarten “easydoesit86” did a diesel conversion to his sub a few years ago, it’s awesome!
  174. Ugly Bayliner

    Battery Charger again

    Uh oh, this sounds like it’s going to get interesting.
  175. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Suburban?? Another little one on the way Matt??
  176. Ugly Bayliner

    Worst boat names

    How ‘bout a Fresca??
  177. Ugly Bayliner

    Laurence?? This should be yours!!
  178. Ugly Bayliner

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    To add to this if she has something to tell you turn the damned TV off and look her in the face!! Whether it’s important to you or not doesn’t matter - if it’s important to her, make it important to you. Let her be right even when she’s not - otherwise you can be right every time you pay child...
  179. Ugly Bayliner

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Forever!! 22 years going strong. If she enjoys something while you’re dating, don’t cut it off after you get married, like she will blow jobs!
  180. Ugly Bayliner

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Speak for yourself, pal!!!
  181. Ugly Bayliner

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    22 years second time around, it’s all in the partner you chose!! Big tits, big mouth and a skill set don’t last long if she’s a bitch, trust me!! Find a sweet one and you’re golden.
  182. Ugly Bayliner

    Retort Bags - 8oz 1000pack

    Does this mean you might have slightly used a chamber vac for sale too??
  183. Ugly Bayliner

    another dead furbag...

    Somebody say Ugly????
  184. Ugly Bayliner

    Fisheries Supply

    Tumwater actually, but Olympia ain’t far behind and I don’t go downtown there either!!
  185. Ugly Bayliner

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    That’s a chore I bet you don’t miss, watching Paul can get tiresome especially when the ice in your your scotch has melted! I mean Christ, why ruin a good mani when you got Paul around?!?!
  186. Ugly Bayliner

    Fisheries Supply

    I avoid The Blue Tarp City at all costs.
  187. Ugly Bayliner

    We need your help Washington

    Ok, I didn’t put anything for “How can we make Bloodydecks better?”, y’all do NOT want to hear that, flamethrowers are frowned upon.
  188. Ugly Bayliner

    Razor clam recipes

    With 15 large clams in the pot, there’s no shortage!! I agree though, clam chowder anywhere else might as well be potato soup!
  189. Ugly Bayliner

    Razor clam recipes

    Yes sir, glad you liked it!
  190. Ugly Bayliner

    Razor clam recipes

    You’ll love this recipe, it’s easy and delicious. The only thing I have changed is I sink a whole stick of butter in just before the clams go in and I double the bacon - clogged aorta be damned!!
  191. Ugly Bayliner

    Razor clam recipes

    I always do New England Razor Clam Chowdah!!
  192. Ugly Bayliner

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Better yet - don’t go in there at all!!
  193. Ugly Bayliner

    Pursuit 2350 Rebuild

    That in floor bait well looked like a bathroom sink, pitiful!! Glad to see you back on this project Charles.
  194. Ugly Bayliner

    Night clamming tips

    I’ve used headlamps and lantern, the lantern is really nice. I now have headband out of a hard hat that I zip tied two 1500 lumen flashlights to that I got from Costco, that baby lights up a 12’ circle like daylight!! Keep an eye on the water and waves and get the most light you can, night...
  195. Ugly Bayliner

    E-TEC Jet. 90/65

    Been wondering when this would happen!! Need more power!!
  196. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Starry Clams

    It is a different version, this one apparently has a check valve at the bottom of the vent to keep it clear going in.
  197. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Starry Clams

    Keith, same story here and man, the moon and sky were incredible! Great clamming with warm weather, no wind or rain or real crowds, great night. We were at Mocrocks and had some nice size clams with some smaller ones in the mix, Game Wardens were busy - lots of small clams floating around.
  198. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    He should stick around, he’s got 13 trophy points - so close to his first residual check!!! :urno1:
  199. Ugly Bayliner

    Cost of New Outboards?

    Couldn’t get used to the taste of Etec koolaide??
  200. Ugly Bayliner

    grinding burger

    So to clear things up, you want 100% beef burgers, no venison.
  201. Ugly Bayliner

    Large black weiners

    DAMN!!! You aren’t going to find chops that look this good at WalMart!!
  202. Ugly Bayliner

    Damn computers.

    I’d take my own video down too if it proved what a dumbass idiot I was!!
  203. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Just tryin’ to add some levity around here same as you, don’t take it so serious.
  204. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Where did the warm water go?

    They made it back with 21, but damn what a long day!!
  205. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Battlefish review

    We’ve always had them, it just wasn’t well known or as popular as it has become in recent years. I think it’s more of not even the tuna could stand being in California anymore so they relocated up here too!
  206. Ugly Bayliner

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    DAMMIT!!! I HATE thieves!!
  207. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I’m no naval architect either, but since these are on the bottom of the floatation bracket, and even though a poor choice in scuppers they seem to even be installed backwards to what logic would dictate. The flappers “hinge” aft of the hole which while running in rough water the force of the...
  208. Ugly Bayliner

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    That’s what I said, and warm, too - a heated shitter - now that’s BIG PIMPIN’!!
  209. Ugly Bayliner

    Battlefish on Netflix

    I think you are right, we are getting trolled, just not by Aaron since I’ve met him at the dock buying fish from us and he is in fact, the man on the big ass yellow boat!
  210. Ugly Bayliner

    WorkSharp sharpener

    I went with the Chef’s Choice wheel sharpener and I love it, makes even my sod blade razor sharp. You can tell a guy with a good sharpener by the lack of hair on his arms!
  211. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Port Angeles Coho

    Your profile says Hewes, but that looks to be one of the smaller Stabicraft, how do you like it?
  212. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Port Angeles Coho

    Great looking meat, great looking lady, you’ve got it dialed in bro! :rockin:
  213. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    From the description of what happened, I would bet it had been taking on water the whole way out. For it to fill up and swamp in minutes there’d be a big ass obvious hole somewhere!
  214. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    You called it in the truck on the way home, took a nasty shit from the swim step - either seems to be appropriate to how this thread has gone!!
  215. Ugly Bayliner

    The Choice

    Awesome, congratulations!! I loved Chasin’ Tail’s Hewie 240 Alaskan, that boat was awesome and I wish I’d had the money when he sold it, it would be next to my house right now instead of the ugly piece of shit that is there currently. Great choice, you’ll love it with a self bailing deck, the...
  216. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    That’s the right outlook, it happened, can’t change anything about it and it will play out how it does. Great to see you’ll be back out there in another boat, next season I suspect. As it goes in most situations, in short order it will be behind you and if you keep looking forward instead of...
  217. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    It’s gone the way most of us expected it would and with the key players as predicted, it’s just the way it is with all the experts around here.
  218. Ugly Bayliner

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Put the nut back on with a stack of washers and keep cranking!!
  219. Ugly Bayliner

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Yes you do and you should advertise for them all you can. Gay? What’s really gay is the crews with matching outfits that DON’T!!! bieber
  220. Ugly Bayliner

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    Plus as Brian said, the bidet feature is quite refreshing. You’d need a hell of a nice boat to get one of those in the head!!
  221. Ugly Bayliner

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    No shitter tank is needed if you hang your ass off the offshore bracket squirting chocolate milk, witnessed this first hand Monday while we were dragging clones all day.
  222. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Battlefish review

    Right down the pipe, served up like a meatball knowing it wouldn’t take long for some deviant to hit it out of the park!! :D:rockin:
  223. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Battlefish review

    Exactly why my reels are lefties also, I like to pull on my rod with my strong arm... Also growing up with only spinning reels it’s more natural for me to reel lefty.
  224. Ugly Bayliner

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this??? I volunteer my services as deckhand!!!
  225. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Battlefish review

    Awesome show, great opportunity for you guys. The only part I don’t really care for is the advertising of the fishery that could bring many more boats to the area in search of Albies, Westport is already packed with San Diego jack pole boats, has been for a few years now. Other than that...
  226. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Crab pot buoys won’t do much damage, we’ve hit them before and it’s a pain in the ass, but we wouldn’t be able to pull it if we wanted to. Would he hook onto a concrete pier? I don’t know what he’d do about that one, I highly doubt it but you’d have to ask him. All the experts can chime in...
  227. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Now we know what happened, thanks for the details. Glad the owner has possession of the boat, he can assess what initially happened and hopefully give us the scoop. I, and many others I’m sure, appreciate your ordeal of how the boat got back on the trailer. What happens now is up to his...
  228. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I think he is saying he felt there was an emergency since he nearly hit it at speed, by his first post. At least it’s out of the water and an investigation can determine what actually failed to cause her to go down in the first place. I figured it was halfway to Tokyo by now!! We’re all...
  229. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Pretty much my point, true experts in salvage with the right knowledge and equipment can do just about anything we mere mortals can’t. From what I gather he’s a commercial fisherman, not a salvage expert, but I’d like to hear his side of it since he signed up to comment this thread.
  230. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I wouldn’t assume much from this, if you have any knowledge of the Bristol Bay sockeye fishery, it’s common. There is an imaginary line drawn on GPS by enforcement that designated open and closed water. Anywhere from 50-100 boats are jockeying to string their net as close to that line as...
  231. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I would guess the beach was used to right the boat and drain it, no way to do that in open water without airbags and salvage booms, but that’s just my guess. The boat F/V Quantum Leap isn’t a cat, but is a fast triple jet monohull built to fish shallow water in Bristol Bay, from what I could...
  232. Ugly Bayliner

    Marine service

    He’s local, his location says Dana Point - that’s right next to San Juan Capistrano, Washington!
  233. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Well there you go, it was an eminent danger because a guy on Bloodydecks said so!! This could get interesting.
  234. Ugly Bayliner

    Comments needed - Orca Task Force meeting Aug 28

    It never does, public comment is just a formality to give the illusion that the public has input on decisions made, which time after time proves to be a farce at best.
  235. Ugly Bayliner


    Will it help me track down and stay on the orca pods??
  236. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Newbie looking to get some shrimp but don't know where to go.

    No problem dude, I’ll help you out if you’ll shrimp next to me - I GOTTA’ SEE THIS SHIT IN PERSON!!!!!
  237. Ugly Bayliner

    Overnight Tuna Float

    So how’d it go???
  238. Ugly Bayliner

    Different electronics question (120v ac)

    Pretty basic for someone who knows electricity. Get someone who knows what they’re doing!!
  239. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater WP Tuna is WFO

    Never leave anything on the dock unattended. You’d be surprised what will walk off!!
  240. Ugly Bayliner

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Ok, I’m in with Chasin’ Tail, can’t make Friday night but don’t target perch - what’s the troll spread look like and is a bare cedar plug still the hot ticket??
  241. Ugly Bayliner

    Sekiu Angler Busted

    A Bayliner you say?? Sounds like it’s more seaworthy than mine, I need to watch the govt auctions!!
  242. Ugly Bayliner

    The French don't F around over fishing rights.

    I love the French guy’s comments “If we let the English get away with it they’re going to clean the whole place out”. He just didn’t add the last part - before we can!
  243. Ugly Bayliner

    Common sense to save the Orca..

    Easy - Orca hatcheries!!
  244. Ugly Bayliner

    John McCain..

    Holy crap, that would be like sucking on a tube sock! Disgusting!!
  245. Ugly Bayliner

    Best boat for weekends?

    You can buy the old!
  246. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater MA 13 Chinook?

    I would give the standard “bullshit, there’s no fish in MA13”, but with the 40-70 boats all fishing a quarter mile stretch of bank I’d say the secret is out, no secrets left anymore. Nice fish bro!! Also try the standard ol’ green glow flasher/green spatter back hootchie twinkle skirt rig...
  247. Ugly Bayliner

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Guess the squealing stopped and is now a horrid groan?
  248. Ugly Bayliner

    2018 WTC - overall impressions

    THIS!!! As a veteran I do not stand to be recognized at events nor do I want thank yous. I served as I felt it was my duty and not for any recognition or thanks. It was the greatest period of my life, I’ve never felt more relevant or as if what I was doing mattered that much since my time...
  249. Ugly Bayliner

    WP crabbing Friday

    What a needy bastard lately!! :D
  250. Ugly Bayliner

    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    Tomorrow might be that day!
  251. Ugly Bayliner

    OK I Keep Hearing All This Tuna Talk

    Sorry to hear your dad is no longer with us Geoff, he was hilarious, I enjoyed hanging out with you guys for a couple hours bending your tubing. Go get some tuna, just make sure your shots are up to date before you visit tuna town!
  252. Ugly Bayliner

    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    Damn women don’t let you forget a damned thing!
  253. Ugly Bayliner

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    I’m glad you’re no expert because an expert would notice that if he had rear-ended a car there would be a car in front of him and he would not be stopped at the white line. I see guys all the time with no straps or tie downs on the transom, ass end bouncing off the trailer over bumps, accidents...
  254. Ugly Bayliner


    Cripes, when isn’t there a crisis in Tuna Town? Tuna Town in and of itself is a crisis!!
  255. Ugly Bayliner

    Freezing Crab meat

    CORRECTION - If you aren’t freezing crab you aren’t catching enough!!
  256. Ugly Bayliner

    Looking for a Welder....Kenmore area

    Make sure it’s 2” pipe and not 2” tubing, tubing is measured outside diameter and measures 2” outside whereas 2” pipe is measured on the inside diameter and measures larger than 2”. It can be important information for the welder to bring the right material, most guys don’t know there is a...
  257. Ugly Bayliner

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    It is but clean burning, so not useable on a no outboards lake.
  258. Ugly Bayliner

    EGR Delete

    It’s crazy how much soot and crap is in your intake, my EGR valve was completely encased in heavy soot and non-functional, all that shit is going through your cylinders and valve train. Damn EGR is the weak link in Ford Superduty trucks.
  259. Ugly Bayliner

    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    Ya’ big puss!!! These are for our albacore, maybe you can throw these without breaking yourself in half!?!?
  260. Ugly Bayliner

    Freezing Crab meat

    I just shell it out and vacuum pack it, seems fine, but it’s never lasted past 6 months before we gotta have crab cakes.
  261. Ugly Bayliner

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    How do you like it? I looked at those, interesting option to run the camp stove bottles, curious how long they last.
  262. Ugly Bayliner

    EGR Delete

    Yep, my ‘06 F250 6.0 blew my EGR cooler two years ago at about 150K miles, had the option of the bullet proof egr cooler or a delete kit, I chose the latter. Did it myself, easy enough for the mechanically inclined, hardest part was cleaning all the soot and carbon/charcoal out of the intake...
  263. Ugly Bayliner

    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    I’m pretty sure these would work for big YFT! I got some smaller ones for albies but got these for just in case. Hey, you never know, albies might like ‘em, my motto is bigger bait bigger fish!!
  264. Ugly Bayliner

    They made me do it

    Nice work Limey, yeah I’m not real fast on the text messages PM thing either, too much shit to do!
  265. Ugly Bayliner

    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    I have a couple of big 8” poppers if you want to try them you’re welcome to take ‘em with you!
  266. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater First Salmon...

    Awesome, glad you finally got him out. Glad to see you got the boat ironed out too.
  267. Ugly Bayliner

    25' Aluminum Chambered Boats $79,500.00

    4 year old ad, but hey, it could be for sale again!
  268. Ugly Bayliner

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    For that those little Tohatsu’s are a pretty good deal I would think. I think just about any boat dealer carries them. Allison Marine in Kent is a dealer and somewhat close to you.
  269. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater When is your Albacore season really going up there?

    Your best bet from Anacortes is to drive over the day before. Traffic and road construction around here is way unpredictable in the summer months.
  270. Ugly Bayliner

    21,000 triple axle trailer aluminum I beam

    Prius? PRIUS?? Damn son, do you not have balls???
  271. Ugly Bayliner

    21,000 triple axle trailer aluminum I beam

    Ok........ so, what followed you home? Tease.
  272. Ugly Bayliner

    Tuna trolling lure collection almost complete

    Well, Your Lordship, it’s how most of us find fish to get a baitstop going - we can’t all just go anywhere in the ocean, flash our pearly whites and the tuna jump in the boat just to be near our awesomeness. Long live Lord Burgamont - DILLY DILLY!!
  273. Ugly Bayliner

    Tuna trolling lure collection almost complete

    You gotta get some zucchini clones, those and Mexican flags are the two most productive we use!
  274. Ugly Bayliner

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    No shit Goat, broken hand was the fastest $48,000 I ever spent! Hellava down payment.
  275. Ugly Bayliner

    Any Westport salmon reports out there?

    6ft swell 2’ wind waves at what duration? 30 seconds, awesome - 3 seconds, not so awesome!!
  276. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Halibut season, huge Lings, and a State Record Arrowtooth Flounder

    I might have missed it, but what was the weight of this state record arrowtooth flounder?? I need to know what I’m shooting for!!
  277. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    Violently smooth sometimes! Man, this thread went downhill fast!!
  278. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    Shapes are what we call any kind of evidence of sea life - dolphin fins, whale tails, sun fish fins, shark fins, you know - shapes other than waves. FYI - Shapes is also what I call Taco Bell - all tastes the same, just different shapes.
  279. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    Nope, zucchini clones and bare cedar plug, once we hooked up we threw swimbaits to no avail. We have in the past though, trolled slow. Edited my post to clear up any further confusion!
  280. Ugly Bayliner

    Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    Yesterday, actually!! It’s in my driveway now.
  281. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    Nope, I was at that spot the next day with Stacy, due to no bait in Ilwaco, we were a troll show, then threw swim baits and iron at hookup. The swim baits got no love, iron got bit once but no finish; she was a spitter not a swallower. We had nothing first two hours, picked up and went West...
  282. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Area 10 Dungeness

    All is a very subjective term; not all play by the rules.
  283. Ugly Bayliner

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Well he is an asshole you know!! Damn dude, I hope you don’t need to go under the knife yet again, back issues suck donkey balls. Hopefully you’re feeling better.
  284. Ugly Bayliner

    @wdlfbio Found your new boat

    I think this is more up his alley!
  285. Ugly Bayliner

    Down rigger Repair.

    Or if you want to do it yourself, Cannons are pretty easy to work on, I get all my parts from
  286. Ugly Bayliner

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    So....... did your time of the year end Sunday as well??? Too soon???
  287. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    We were at about that same spot yesterday, temp was 63+ all day.
  288. Ugly Bayliner

    @wdlfbio Found your new boat

    So maybe it should be “Pipmin’ ain’t cheap..... for most people!”
  289. Ugly Bayliner

    God Bless America......

    Funny. Anywhere in the world you say America, they know exactly where you mean. Never heard a Mexican outside of the US claim to be anything other than Mexican and proud of it. Travelled all over the world with the US Air Force anywhere we went we were asked “you are an American?” Never once...
  290. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom Bull service

    And those who stand next to them reeling manual bitching about it the whole time!!
  291. Ugly Bayliner

    The day has arrived!

    Congratulations Jaime!! I was worried at first when I saw the pic you were selling the boat, glad to see that’s not the case at all!!! Thank you for your 32 years!
  292. Ugly Bayliner

    Highway looks wide open

    I heard he caught them right off the south jetty.
  293. Ugly Bayliner

    Who's truck was this? 73 Chev w/ flames

    Used to be Genye Eye’s.
  294. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom Bull service

    Didn’t somebody post up here as a Tanacom repair tech? My level wind stops moving under load.
  295. Ugly Bayliner

    Salmon Poachers Caught with 80 Tons of Salmon

    It’s the culverts, the environment, the stream bed habitat, bird predation, they say. Nope, just poachers!
  296. Ugly Bayliner

    Looking for "Ugly Bayliner" Steve for Fabrication Work

    I’d like to know where he gets his anodized pipe!!
  297. Ugly Bayliner

    Looking for "Ugly Bayliner" Steve for Fabrication Work

    What was it I did for you, was it a rod holder modification? My memory isn’t what it used to be. As Bill Ryan said I am slammed, but not fabricating much anymore as other work is burying me these days.
  298. Ugly Bayliner

    New Cutwater 302

    GOOD GAWD!!! Now THAT is an upgrade!! Congratulations Riley!!
  299. Ugly Bayliner

    Who woulda thought???

    Looks like he’s waiting on his prostate to let him piss to me.
  300. Ugly Bayliner

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    If all you got is a little, it just is what it is!
  301. Ugly Bayliner

    2014 River Hawk 19gb

    My bad, I mistook your name Fully Loaded for Fully Involved, my mistake! Still though, love the Farmall, I’ve wanted a cub for a long time!
  302. Ugly Bayliner

    2014 River Hawk 19gb

    Cripes, how many boats do you own??? This one, Trophy next to it, Parker now a Thunderjet! How much for the Farmall? That’s a sweet tractor!
  303. Ugly Bayliner

    Mail Box Theft

    Damn Greg, as remote as you are I’m surprised you had this happen, but I guess weirdos like to hang out in the woods out of they view of the public. That sucks!
  304. Ugly Bayliner

    Well this happened...

    Congratulations. Saw the Parker on the hard at Swantown, fresh bottom paint looks great, looks like it’s ready to go again!
  305. Ugly Bayliner

    Fished the Hoh lately ?

    Yep, looks like a Hoh to me.
  306. Ugly Bayliner

    Greenhorn Looking for a Seat

    That was a day you were glad there was a wheelchair available! That hurt everyone!!
  307. Ugly Bayliner

    Braid for tuna

    Braid all the way to a swivel with a 4’ mono leader, different colors is great for tangles. Swivel with a coastlock makes for fast leader changes during hectic bait stops. Spinners or conventional, no difference.
  308. Ugly Bayliner

    Fun stuff!

    Any charter ad I ever see gives the price per angler for the trip. I don’t see anything that indicates a charter ad, how many captains on here put up a post looking for crew or standby crew? Plenty! I guess I’m confused why such an uproar unless ya’ll know there’s more to the story.
  309. Ugly Bayliner

    4 Shimano 8000 BTR spinning reels Great for Tuna

    Great reels for live bait Albacore!
  310. Ugly Bayliner

    Fishing stuff garage sale Today 9-4

    How much for the Wooldridge??
  311. Ugly Bayliner

    Stand up fighting harness / plate

    Great price, someone got a good deal on a new Mangina!
  312. Ugly Bayliner

    WTBorrow/Rent flatbed trailer

    Well shit, if I’d seen this soon enough, I’d let you use mine, it’s yours anytime you want it.
  313. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Shrimpn South Canal

    Yeah, he had a tough time spotting jumpers up in the shrimp tower, but he got a lot of comments!! Fun day, good shrimpin’! The memosas as were delicious, but ran out quick - one bottle of champagne?? :D
  314. Ugly Bayliner

    How many axles need brakes on a triple axle trailer?

    I’m trying to understand why you wouldn’t want brakes on every axle? Seems to me you’d want as much stopping power as possible, but that’s just me.
  315. Ugly Bayliner

    Crab pots out near Skagway

    Sounds like you learned something, glad you got them back!
  316. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    That’ll buff out.
  317. Ugly Bayliner

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Their regulations??? HA!!! Those are our regulations, the tribes have no regulations!! As we know and have learned for years now, not a damned thing we can do about it, either.
  318. Ugly Bayliner

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Which they did, heavily, no shrimp in MA13 this year either. Sickening. Must be nice to fish for whatever you want and take as much as you want anytime you want to.
  319. Ugly Bayliner


    That’s a lot of props to keep braided line out of!!
  320. Ugly Bayliner

    Humble thyself

    Somebody pissed in your Cheerios??
  321. Ugly Bayliner

    Tanacom cord

    The epoxy lined heat shrink tubing.
  322. Ugly Bayliner

    Anybody know the manager at home depot

    I don’t care how well you know the manager or their friends, Home Depot will never carry Fireball or any other liquor no matter how nicely you ask!
  323. Ugly Bayliner

    Permatrim or Not?

    We have a mutual friend who had a Parker with a Yamaha 250 with a Permatrim, he used to load that thing down with so many tuna it would hardly get on plane! I welded the large piece of his cavitation plate back on that cracked and broke off through the bolt holes from the added stress pushing...
  324. Ugly Bayliner

    Aluminum weird patterns

    That is a very astute observation!!
  325. Ugly Bayliner

    Aluminum weird patterns

    Bummer on the scratch on that pretty paint!
  326. Ugly Bayliner

    Looking for small pickup

    If he’s going to total it in six months, might as well be! Plus, not all of us can afford to buy our kids new cars.
  327. Ugly Bayliner

    RIP Patrick

    Damn!!! Reading the title of this thread I thought there might be a Coldwater coming available for sale!!
  328. Ugly Bayliner

    Orcas kill their own!

    Dude, this place is a bottomless pit of darkness, there is no downward limit.
  329. Ugly Bayliner

    Need a kill bag stitched up

    Salmon - HA!!! Laurence doesn’t know or even care what those slimy things are!
  330. Ugly Bayliner

    Was that you Howard?

    The Del is our favorite hotel!! Great place, rich history.
  331. Ugly Bayliner

    Tuna Predictions...

    From what I hear, no matter how much bleach you use you can never unsee a Westport 10 bare cooter. Just look away, just look away, it is your only hope!
  332. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater They didn't get this one!

    I’ve saved a few from seals over the years, they are just fine. Last one ate the belly off, filets were fine!
  333. Ugly Bayliner

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Nasal spray you say?? I gotta’ look into that!
  334. Ugly Bayliner

    Adulting Sucks

    Can I have the Thor Built??
  335. Ugly Bayliner

    Coastguard Cocktail

    I have good like with the basic Dramamine, but I start taking it the night before to get it in my system. Scopace was my go-to, but that one has gone away.
  336. Ugly Bayliner

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Glaring red flags staring you right in the face. I’d pass is I were you unless it’s at fire sale price!
  337. Ugly Bayliner

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    And they don’t quit at one!
  338. Ugly Bayliner

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Still just a big ass two seater - but I like it!!
  339. Ugly Bayliner

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    OFF TOPIC ALERT!! Me too! The green one is in for repaint and a bow railing, it’s over 20 years old. The wood is bleached out and the owner isn’t refinishing it, tight budget. The one on the right is a new design, windshields lean forward, rub rails are plastic instead of wood - no exterior...
  340. Ugly Bayliner

    My Shoes

    Beer instead of gas money - got it!!
  341. Ugly Bayliner

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    Devlin Boats are wood/glass composite hulls sprayed with three coats of Interlux. These hulls are gorgeous, these are my latest railing projects. These do not get buffed or polished, just sprayed and done and they look fantastic. Interlux lays down like glass as it cures and looks rough when...
  342. Ugly Bayliner

    Next time, crew better bring enough beer and snacks for the capt

    When I lived in Ft Lauderdale we went out of Haulover many times. On stormy days the waves would stand straight up and I’ve seen cigarette style boats with twins stand almost straight up wide open and not be able to crest over the wave. Crazy ass shit, it’s only about 500 yards but it can be...
  343. Ugly Bayliner

    Wyoming bikini

    Hell in Seattle you’d never know they were wearing it.
  344. Ugly Bayliner

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    You reel the last 10 feet, that’s enough for me!!
  345. Ugly Bayliner

    2015 Parker 2320 for sale

    Family and kids come first, good on you man!! Someone will get a killer turn-key setup with this one!!
  346. Ugly Bayliner

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Those of us that love our lektrik reels really don’t give a flying rat shit what the rest of you think, but keep it coming we find it ignorantly hilarious!!!
  347. Ugly Bayliner

    Rugged Justice - Cougars

    The older couple sitting on the pier with a trash can full of crab. Elderly, drug users, frequent fliers. Sad.
  348. Ugly Bayliner

    Keg to Crabcooker conversion

    Or even a grinder and cutoff disc. Simple, just cut the top off.
  349. Ugly Bayliner

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Norm, if you had Carrie do this 3/4s of the boats would run straight into the jetty. You gotta creatively use all your advantages!
  350. Ugly Bayliner

    2 WA Claim Diggers Die

    The first openers this year were daylight digs, or at least late afternoon no light needed and I certainly liked that much better but it’s fun to dig by lantern too. Gotta always be aware of your surroundings.
  351. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport has ..NO clams...

    Nice haul, that’ll take awhile to clean!
  352. Ugly Bayliner

    Shout out for J&G Marine

    RULES VIOLATION!!! You absolutely cannot hint at a new boat and not spill the details, I call FOUL!!! C’mon Chris, what gives?? Glad to hear the NR isn’t going anywhere, it’s too damned gorgeous!
  353. Ugly Bayliner


    7 Mary 3, 7 Mary 4
  354. Ugly Bayliner

    Halibut WTF

    Also misspelled $300!
  355. Ugly Bayliner

    Crab pots

    Holy crap, this is almost as good as the neon rose thread!! Good luck with the sale, if I could afford them I’d buy them, the mojo you put on them is worth every penny I’m sure!
  356. Ugly Bayliner

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    No Fireball??? You were cheated!!!
  357. Ugly Bayliner

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    I love these lektrik reel threads, it let’s me and others who need them know who not to fish with, ever. Some of us who have limitations don’t like to talk about it, many of us use them out of necessity and don’t give a shit how anyone else feels about it.
  358. Ugly Bayliner

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    We just set a deep cycle battery in the corner for the front guy to use.
  359. Ugly Bayliner

    Arch/tower fabricators

    I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but I'm of the tolerant mindset. I mean actually tolerant, not the ones with the "coexist" or "tolerance" bumper stickers who are only tolerant of those who think the same as they do!! Your boat is far more badass than most, it can be whatever...
  360. Ugly Bayliner

    Arch/tower fabricators

    It was bound to happen around here, first man buns, then nobody under the age of 30 knows where they're supposed to pee anymore, now boats choosing their identity - what is this world coming to!!
  361. Ugly Bayliner

    Arch/tower fabricators

    Yep, earning a living has put a big crimp into my fab schedule, to the point that I don't have much time for it. Thankfully, construction has become a good business to be in again!
  362. Ugly Bayliner

    Arch/tower fabricators

    Who Dat does build some really nice stuff, top quality! I don't think they do stainless, however, if that's what your after. They do work with anodized aluminum, which I do not - can't source it anywhere at small quantities. I prefer to work in stainless, anyway.
  363. Ugly Bayliner

    Christmas Pressie

    That was you guys that almost lost your lektrik reel?? Glad you got them, I hope they work out!
  364. Ugly Bayliner

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    Tanicom 750 going strong for four years, no issues and I never do anything to it but clean it off once in a great while.
  365. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone Running to Oregon soon?

    Damn, we ran south to NorCal Saturday morning, just missed you or I'd have been happy to help out.
  366. Ugly Bayliner

    Damn bleach bottles

    That'll work. Just mix it into peanut butter.
  367. Ugly Bayliner

    Thought I would share for a good laugh

    Who says I didn't??
  368. Ugly Bayliner

    What if the Pilgrims shot a cougar instead of a turkey?

    Then our successful turkey hunt pics would look more like this!! Happy Thanksgiving, Bitches!!
  369. Ugly Bayliner

    Looking for a Car

    Thanks, she's a beaut!
  370. Ugly Bayliner

    Looking for a Car

    What color is this 280?
  371. Ugly Bayliner

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    USAF 85-89 Beale Airforce Base, heavy aircraft maintenance technician - crew chief SR-71, KC-135Q
  372. Ugly Bayliner

    Another one goes to Bob’s blast and paint

    That's freakin' KILLER!!
  373. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Would like to hear and see pics of what they found wrong, too! I always love to see bad work, it's great for what-not-to-dos.
  374. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat load of rod holders

    No problem, pics are good!
  375. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Glad to hear it is taken care of, I'm sure it was just a matter of doing it the right way, I'm sure they pointed out the mistakes made and how simple it should have been in the first place with just a little knowledge and skill. Great job Ken and Mark, the brotherhood is strong!!
  376. Ugly Bayliner

    When Thigh Gap Isnt Enough...

    And you think your drone would be difficult to land on a moving boat??
  377. Ugly Bayliner

    Another one goes to Bob’s blast and paint

    All this and an integrity check on your cleat welds!!
  378. Ugly Bayliner

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    Good God Jake, be careful man, guys get water boarded around here for mentioning stuff like that!!
  379. Ugly Bayliner

    Be like Vance

    My liver wishes I could be like Vance!!
  380. Ugly Bayliner

    Braid under mono?

    Very rarely, if ever pull a hook and if I do it's because I put too much drag on them. We all went straight braid to the swivel years ago and never looked back. Each rod in a different color braid makes un-knitting tuna sweaters pretty easy and almost always all the fish are saved. Gotta have...
  381. Ugly Bayliner

    Braid under mono?

    Or why not run all braid? I love when we get tangles nobody gets sawed off.
  382. Ugly Bayliner


    And the one that cost me huge - "If you already have insurance and you like it, you can keep it!" My plan was dropped on me two years ago August, because it didn't cover birth control which I obviously don't need, you can't sign up for a new plan until Nov. 1st, which doesn't take effect until...
  383. Ugly Bayliner

    Non-ethonol Aberdeen area

    Don't know the name but the new tribal place on the river just over the bridge in Aberdeen has it, we use it all the time on the way home.
  384. Ugly Bayliner

    Getting sharked out...

    On Stacy's Parker he would plug the scuppers with rubber plugs to not put blood in the water during a bait stop, that helped immensely and ended most of the shark problems. So yeah, NO WASHDOWN DURING A BAIT STOP!! We usually have a small one or two that joins the party after awhile but they...
  385. Ugly Bayliner

    Tuna live bait pinning reel that doesn't twist line?

    So you break off your line and re-tie after each fish?? Got something against pliers?? Seems your main line is rated less than your leaders, seems a bit backwards to me. My spinners are spoiled with 50# power pro, no issues with line twist. 40# leaders are good for several fish, only change...
  386. Ugly Bayliner

    Dodged the one.

    Yeah, that works. I don't miss hurricane season at all, Andrew was enough to run me outa' there for good!
  387. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    Especially when you know this is an indoor storage facility if you've been there, that that pile of boats used to be up on the racks five or six high and they fell into this pile.
  388. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    Of course, this was all "good ol' days", I'm sure it has changed a lot since then.
  389. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    Very expensive and very labor intensive. (Edited down from a long winded, un-interesting diatribe about mold making and nothing to do with this beautiful boat)
  390. Ugly Bayliner

    Suzuki 300...first service

    Mark, this must be a nice change of pace for you to actually 'round the jetty worry free!!
  391. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Kim - hire someone competent to fix it, you'll spend some cash but you'll get it taken care of now - you got enough to worry about. Well wishes to the wife bro, cancer has torn through my immediate family last few years, it sucks.
  392. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Just look at it this way ya'll. Around windows everything should be installed from the bottom up. That bottom piece of J metal was obviously installed last, nothing covers the top edge of it to keep shedding water out. Work from the bottom up, not the top down!
  393. Ugly Bayliner


    Outriggers out? Sounds familiar.
  394. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    It is different only in that the panels run horizontally and not vertically and doesn't, or shouldn't affect how you flash and trim your openings all that much. If you have any way that water running down the wall can get behind anything, you will have a leak. Period. Here is a prime example =...
  395. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Hard to tell exactly from the pics what that was, but sure that makes perfect sense to use what is basically a sponge meant to keep insects and debris from getting under panels to keep direct water out! From the last set of pics it would seem that the builder used his new guy to install the...
  396. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Much better pictures!! Much more clear and easier to see what went on. First off, their metal skills suck!! The siding should be tight to the inside of the J-metal flashing. The first pic shows a crappy fit, looks like they used a sawzall or a rat to gnaw that cut down the side of the...
  397. Ugly Bayliner

    Dodged the one.

    Glad to hear it, but The One?? Dude. You just moved to Florida. The One is potentially coming a dozen or more times every year!! Glad you're safe and finally walking around a bit!
  398. Ugly Bayliner

    Window install or construction problem advice

    It appears in the first pic that metal siding was installed first and then the windows? Poor install, windows first, siding cut to fit around windows. Pic showing wood trim and silicone looks like trim is on top of the metal siding? Wrong also. Everything needs to shed water to the...
  399. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    Worth all the extra effort, as original they could be a very wet ride with little to no bow flare. This guy did a first class rebuild on one down in Cali, it was fun to follow his build. Your boat got a nice honorable mention at the end of his thread...
  400. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    Molds were destroyed for partly this reason, but moreso because they would not be used anymore and they took up a lot of room - just no reason to keep them around. I was there in '92 -'93, by that time they had moved on to Bertram Yachts and small boats were a thing of the past. You have to...
  401. Ugly Bayliner

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 stroke power

    Not this one too?? Man Ryan you go through the boats brother! Good luck with the sale.
  402. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    Nope, plenty of rebuilds and re-powers of the diesels but never seen an outboard swap before. They are highly sought after and hold value quite well for a hull discontinued in the mid 80s, many consider it still to be the best sport fisher ever designed.
  403. Ugly Bayliner

    Beautiful Boat

    They were dual inboards never outboards. I spent almost two years laying up hulls at Bertram before I moved out here, lots of 31 Berties all over the East coast, it was their most popular model and saved the company from bankruptcy more than once.
  404. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    You mean his lady the Alumacat?
  405. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Awesome, boat looks killer!! Looks like that kill back rack did it's job!
  406. Ugly Bayliner

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    That's what Chasin' Tail does with his gear, works great! DISREGARD!! KimH gave the props, no delete post feature anymore?!?!
  407. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    I was assuming you're using a leader too unless tying your hook on the top shot. If you break off, you just tie on a new hook?
  408. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Not a great pic, but these things. I like them because they are a smooth surface all the way around so the leader swivel doesn't catch or snag on anything while casting choices.
  409. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    We have foregone topshots all together, just braid to a halibut clip to a 36" leader or so, leader is usually 40lb flouro, but that's just us. One less knot to fail! Rarely do we pull a hook and never break off a leader as long as we check for abrasions after each fish landed.
  410. Ugly Bayliner

    Different boats for different folks

    Awesome!! The American spirit survives through anything and everything.
  411. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Sunday 9/3 Nookie Time

    Come on back anytime, just keep it on the down low!! Rehearse your chant now - there's no fish in area 13, there's no fish in area 13!! If I see you guys out there I'll give a shout and a salute!
  412. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Sunday 9/3 Nookie Time

    It's crowded enough down here for such a small area and not a huge run of fish!! Last saturday 41 boats all working a 1/4 mile stretch of shoreline.
  413. Ugly Bayliner

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    I need to experience that in person!! :D
  414. Ugly Bayliner

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    I like 40-50# flourocarbon leaders with a #1 ringed Gamakatsu bait hook and a swivel on the other end, palomar knots all around. Some guys don't like the bigger hooks but I do, they stick the corner of the jaw nicely. Ive recently stuck with 40# though, the heavier leader wasn't getting as...
  415. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    They were all this size, not a peanut in the bunch. Best grade of fish overall I've seen on a single trip!
  416. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 8/25 Lumacat report

    Righteous trip, brother!! The Woman get oil stained??
  417. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater 8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    Me? Heck no, my gear is on point!! One guy kept breaking his cheap Berkeley 30lb leaders and cheap ass Mustad hooks. It took him awhile to realize bass gear ain't gonna cut it on these pigs. He shall remain nameless, but it wasn't me, Mike or Trent!! Great day on the water, 13 fish stuffed...
  418. Ugly Bayliner

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    Hell yeah Roger, bad ass!! Needs blood all over it!
  419. Ugly Bayliner

    Kelli and I need your help please

    Well damn dude, if they were closer to me we'd take care of them or find someone from our church who would. I hope you find someone, bro!
  420. Ugly Bayliner

    launchers at last

    "Or more", I really don't know how long it's been, I can't keep track of time anymore it seems to fly by so fast these days. I guess that's better than when I had no work and it crept by at a snails pace! Sorry I let you down Tony but glad you got something going!
  421. Ugly Bayliner

    launchers at last

    Poor guy has waited on me 6 months or more and I just haven't gotten around to it. These are the golden days for construction and who knows how long this bubble will last, I am not turning any job away if I can help it, so welding projects are on the back burner.
  422. Ugly Bayliner

    launchers at last

    Awesome!! Glad you got something up there, I have been so slammed doing remodels that I haven't had time to weld anything in months!
  423. Ugly Bayliner

    How's this look?

    Looks damn good to me, amazing clarity!
  424. Ugly Bayliner

    Crab pot thieves....

    No, that would be run past them at close range with max wake and knock them overboard!
  425. Ugly Bayliner

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    When it's head came out of the water it was as big around as a 55 gallon drum, it hauled Stacy and I to the transom like we were made of paper. No way would we have ever got that thing in the boat and even worse, no way to kill it. That thing was freaking huge!! At least 7' long.
  426. Ugly Bayliner

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    Could've used it Saturday for that mako!
  427. Ugly Bayliner

    Whale show

    Several years ago the whales were in an amongst all of us sporties in the fleet and one dude got his downrigger cable snagged on one and it tore the dr right off the boat, took the backing plate and fiberglass with it.
  428. Ugly Bayliner

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    That's where all the dicks hang out!!
  429. Ugly Bayliner

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Depends if you mean boy strippers or girl strippers....
  430. Ugly Bayliner

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Ah yes, the big fitty for me end of last year, welcome to the other side of the hill!
  431. Ugly Bayliner

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    Liberal media could care less.
  432. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Damn, glad to see your back on the water!
  433. Ugly Bayliner

    Active shooter Eagle Harbor

    I'm not so sure we're behind at all!
  434. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Hey Reid, any results or final determination to the cause of the explosion??
  435. Ugly Bayliner

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    Here we go again, same story different year. Just forget about this fishery, it'll never happen again.
  436. Ugly Bayliner

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Easier to see pink rods!!
  437. Ugly Bayliner

    New Electronics ???

    Just swap electronics with Kodak Moments, they're like brand new top of the line.
  438. Ugly Bayliner

    Good Luck Westport Brothers

    It will be strange to not hear 6,000 calls to Fishin' Luhrs out there!
  439. Ugly Bayliner

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    Hang on to that 750 though, it is truly the shit for halibut, I use mine for lings too.
  440. Ugly Bayliner

    Facebook Failure

    I've been on Facebook for years and never had any problem. Lots of Bloodydeckers on there.
  441. Ugly Bayliner

    Etec 300 lower unit

    Man, I'm hoping for the best for you! Another vote for Tom's Outboard in Oly if he could get you in but he's always busy. Sounds like you're a victim of the dreaded Etec 200 hour bug.
  442. Ugly Bayliner

    Drowning explained

    I've seen it personally. At a lake as kids my sister was maybe two years old and was in knee deep water and tripped and fell over. She just laid there floating face down motionless and my mom picked her up. We all thought how silly she didn't just stand back up, however a child just doesn't...
  443. Ugly Bayliner

    It's almost time...

    GOOD!!! Those things were always a pain in the ass, more trouble than they're worth!!
  444. Ugly Bayliner

    An interesting 2 stroke arguement

    He did make some killer koolaide!!
  445. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    That's gotta' be the latest shrimp day I've ever heard of!
  446. Ugly Bayliner

    I hope all our trips are like this...

    Do you even know what those are???
  447. Ugly Bayliner

    Novice Tuna Help

    I'm sure there's plenty of room in the middle of he deck to move around!!
  448. Ugly Bayliner

    Novice Tuna Help

    Some of us never knew there was a set orthodoxy. We just found methods and gear that made things far easier and worked better for us - braid and spinning reels for bait rods. Spinners are great if you have sharks or a boil 50' from the boat and can cast a live chovy out there with no weight...
  449. Ugly Bayliner

    Novice Tuna Help

    Because when 4 or 5 rods are hooked up and you are knitting sweaters and crocheting blankets down there, braid doesn't get sawn off and usually you can tuna dance your way out of most any tangle. We try to run different colors on each bait rod to better see which way the lines are tangled to...
  450. Ugly Bayliner

    Novice Tuna Help

    Advice for a novice? DON'T DO IT!!!
  451. Ugly Bayliner


    We had the Ring doorbell for a bit, I didn't want to pay a monthly fee and it didn't work with our musical doorbell. I'll look into this Arlo system, thanks!
  452. Ugly Bayliner

    Propane Smoker

    Crickets on this one Q, you were on a real roll there for a minute!
  453. Ugly Bayliner

    There she goes...

    Not your problem, driveway warranty in full effect!!
  454. Ugly Bayliner

    2007 Bayliner ski boat

    I am assuming this was supposed to say NO mechanical issues rather than NOW??
  455. Ugly Bayliner

    There she goes...

    Back where she came from, East Coast!!
  456. Ugly Bayliner

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    Looks killer Roger, that's s hell of an upgrade!! Love that kill bag rack, where'd you get that?? :D:D
  457. Ugly Bayliner


    This guy does nice work, he already has your ring!
  458. Ugly Bayliner

    Watch your "bait" when bottomfishing

    Uh, yeah. Thanks, bro! :finger:
  459. Ugly Bayliner

    Well, I bought a Duckworth...

    Bunch of Duckfarts!!
  460. Ugly Bayliner

    Watch your "bait" when bottomfishing

    I've used dabs once in the sound but never on the coast, way too many tuna bellies to get rid of now. Where do you catch sand dabs for bait on the coast?
  461. Ugly Bayliner

    La Push: Graveyard of the Pacific?

    I see Maarten hiding in the back! Outstanding!!
  462. Ugly Bayliner

    Sharing Fishing Expenses

    Well, it is if they ever want another invite!
  463. Ugly Bayliner

    Recent email ref Halibut Fisheries... and the future

    For all I know, they could be counting boats leaving Westport but I've never seen 'em. Fish checkers should be on duty until sunset or the last trailer leaves the lot. Early returners are going to be limited, later returners not so much so the number would probably go down later in the day as...
  464. Ugly Bayliner

    Recent email ref Halibut Fisheries... and the future

    Here's where I question WDFW and their fuzzy math. 53,905 pounds is an awful exact number, yet our fish were not weighed or checked. They at best count trailers, assume four guys per boat x average assumed weight assuming everyone got their limit for sport boats. I know several boats that...
  465. Ugly Bayliner

    sharkhide who uses it?

    I get through Amazon.
  466. Ugly Bayliner

    Small Boat Check

    Solid work bro! Lektric reels take the question out of a missed bite - reel up to check bait or leave it down. Us small boat guys just gotta watch the forecasts closely and pay attention out there. Keep at it and be safe!
  467. Ugly Bayliner

    New Rule!

    I learned a long time ago, find your own stuff. Auto parts workers know nothing about cars, I remember buying a brake wheel cylinder and the guy asked me left or right, I asked from the front or the back? I said passenger side and of course he gave me the wrong one. Since then, I don't rely...
  468. Ugly Bayliner

    sharkhide who uses it?

    I'd tape them off, it dries fast so cleanup can be a bitch! Wear rubber gloves, too, that shit is hard to get off of your fingers.
  469. Ugly Bayliner

    sharkhide who uses it?

    Yep, time for a refresh!
  470. Ugly Bayliner

    26' Duckworth Offshore, school me.

    Sharkhide it and you don't have to, it will look like new for years. Cheap insurance and protection!
  471. Ugly Bayliner

    sharkhide who uses it?

    I use it on all of my aluminum projects, simple to apply, just wipe it on dry in seconds. I'll put on two coats, it lasts for years.
  472. Ugly Bayliner

    Limey's Luck

    Loud ones too
  473. Ugly Bayliner

    Lowrance 3G Issues

    Gee, that's mighty generous of them!
  474. Ugly Bayliner

    Tracking Commercial Fishing - Global Fishing Watch!

    Not much for secret, untouched spots out there!
  475. Ugly Bayliner

    Butt or not...

    He's got a nose piercing now, he'll be the envy of all his friends. Thanks Paul, now they'll all want one!
  476. Ugly Bayliner

    Salmon for Soldiers - Looking for Captains & Crew!

    MA10, so why not just launch at Don Armeni?
  477. Ugly Bayliner

    Limey's Luck

    That's all well and good, but the first half of the story is missing - how'd you lose it over the side in the first place??
  478. Ugly Bayliner

    Time to start wearing a cup fishin.

    Ha, I was wondering who I heard in the Parker next to us say "That's Steve over there.", I was thinking I don't know that boat or that bunch of jackwagons!
  479. Ugly Bayliner

    Limey's Luck

    Somebody lucky enough to receive a custom built rod as a gift from Mrs. NWoftheBrink I suspect! He must've shit himself twice - when it went overboard and when you brought it back to him!
  480. Ugly Bayliner

    2013 Duckworth 26 Offshore

    That's unusual, 2'itis in reverse!
  481. Ugly Bayliner

    Local surveyor needed

    The Ugly Bayliner Rod Holders sold the boat didn't they.
  482. Ugly Bayliner

    Time to start wearing a cup fishin.

    Breathes a sigh of relief, hoping it wasn't one of mine! Took a minute to realize you guys were on the HOOKER.
  483. Ugly Bayliner

    Butt or not...

  484. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Holy crap Reid!! Damn lucky it happened that close to the launch, we pulled out just before you and were just past the transient docks when we heard the explosion, we had no idea what it was. I can't imagine the shock of something like that, that had to rock the whole boat. Good on you for...
  485. Ugly Bayliner

    New Lowrance 18" 3g Radar dome

    I was referring to the doll!!
  486. Ugly Bayliner

    New Lowrance 18" 3g Radar dome

    Not sure I believe the "gently used" part....
  487. Ugly Bayliner

    Any La Push open seats?

    Way to come through for the man boys, the brotherhood is strong in these parts! :cheers:
  488. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Holy crap, twin outboards? That has to be a crazy story of what happened there.
  489. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Well planned, sir, I bet we missed a lot of that shittery!
  490. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat buyer prospect. Smoking deal

    Add another $10-12K for new electronics.
  491. Ugly Bayliner

    Good luck, PFDs, Ign kill

  492. Ugly Bayliner

    Be careful out there, 2 fisherpeople dead

    A lot of guys still don't have DSC. Why would they not do that and alert everyone on the water??
  493. Ugly Bayliner

    Interesting halibut write up

    I love their way of thinking! Since 300,000 salt water licenses were bought and all of their catch record cards include halibut, then they assume all 300,000 fish for halibut, and this does NOT include the coast!! Complete incompetence at its best.
  494. Ugly Bayliner

    Defiance Boats?

    Nice choice on the Parker!
  495. Ugly Bayliner

    Defiance Boats?

    You are correct, Defiance bought Arima a couple of years ago, though they haven't been affiliated for all that long.
  496. Ugly Bayliner

    Be careful out there, 2 fisherpeople dead

    And why no broadcast on 68 when they know all recreational boaters monitor 68?
  497. Ugly Bayliner

    Good Riddance

    Then again, towing capacity and horsepower of the truck had nothing to do with dumping the Grady on the freeway, just sayin. Are you sure about that stress level??
  498. Ugly Bayliner

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    I guess the Co-Managers finally buckled under and agreed to let us have a token season, what a joke. It's going to be an absolute shit show out there!
  499. Ugly Bayliner

    Bottom fish descender

    12# hasn't failed us. Yet.
  500. Ugly Bayliner

    Bottom fish descender

    Matt has the weight right, downrigger ball. We've had many times 4 and 5 pounds of lead wouldn't take a big yellow eye under the surface.
  501. Ugly Bayliner

    West Marine fishing tackle in Olympia

    So which part of the store is this gear in? I stopped in today for some polish and wax and took a look and didn't see tuna gear anywhere. Unless it's not in with the rest of the fishing gear and you have it on the wall someplace else maybe I was really curious to see what all you have, can...
  502. Ugly Bayliner

    Fuel Tank Sealer/Coating

    Did this for a buddy's boat, after patching a couple of holes - welding on a gas tank is so much fun - I bead blasted the tank, shot it with several coats of zinc chromate then with a few good coats of duraliner bed liner in rattle cans.
  503. Ugly Bayliner

    Hewescraft restoration build

    You'd be better off bead blasting, a wire wheel will shed steel into your aluminum and rust, a stainless wheel maybe, but dissimilar metals don't get along. $.02, YMMV
  504. Ugly Bayliner

    Not your average Seal bomb

    But did they get any fish??
  505. Ugly Bayliner

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Just got back from a cruise to Mexico and walking through Cabo I saw this and said to my wife holy shit, I know this boat!! Really made me want to go back with more time and go fishing! Looks beautiful, they're taking great care of her.
  506. Ugly Bayliner

    1992 Grady White Sportbridge

    No kidding, what a tool bag.
  507. Ugly Bayliner

    Goatram's B-Day

    Happy birthday John, enjoy it - you don't have too many left!!
  508. Ugly Bayliner

    West Marine fishing tackle in Olympia

    I'll have to say hi next time I'm in to see Myra!!
  509. Ugly Bayliner

    Makah already taken 26,000# at Neah in 39hrs.. Almost wasted..

    So that means they actually caught 104,000 pounds in 39 hours. Damn!!!!
  510. Ugly Bayliner

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    It's all good, my phone is flaky as shit on here lately.
  511. Ugly Bayliner

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    This is great info for when the day comes that I have a boat custom built to my specs!!
  512. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic 26' makeover begins

    Awesome project, was it outboard from birth?
  513. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    The only time it will be down is to go in and out of the shop. His doesn't have vents, but it is nowhere near strong enough to trailer with it down.
  514. Ugly Bayliner

    The Goat Ranch!

    That could double as a four man poker table at the slip!
  515. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Damn phone is acting up, can't delete the extra pics, sorry. HA!!! FIGURED IT OUT!!
  516. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Here is the tower folded down.
  517. Ugly Bayliner

    The Goat Ranch!

    Hell, OSHA of any type is a slow down, nice job fellas.
  518. Ugly Bayliner

    which bottom paint?

    I could see your point if it is water based paint, the water evaporates and you would lose the water weight, however the heavy solids left add weight. If it is catalized then you keep the full weight. Either way, paint adds weight and the heavier the solids the more it will weigh when dry.
  519. Ugly Bayliner

    Wldlfbio, here is the cat you seek!

    No way, he is outside of the parameters for a required enclosed cabin!! Sheesh if I knew I had an unlimited budget, I could've found something way better - it's your money after all!!
  520. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Gas line HA!! I hope he never does that one again, he'll never hear the end of it!! He bought an icom backup radio and antenna and I installed both of them. He didn't have the old connector terminated correctly, it's a solder type and he just shoved the wire in and hoped it would work...
  521. Ugly Bayliner

    Which Casino to go to

    I hope you guys are wearing cups, that grouchy old bastard is liable to nut punch you as soon as you walk in the door!
  522. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Oh, and no on the second helm rear steering station. It's pretty much done as it is.
  523. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Through bolted the tower and the forward-most mounting points of the rod rack. The rod rack is adhered with 5200 and the rear feet have a screw just to help secure it. The forward bolts on the rod rack are in the wood core, which are the ones that will take the most stress, which is why the...
  524. Ugly Bayliner

    Who is the Bd boat wax specialist?

    If you go by avatars, Vance would be good at polishing other things beside some boats!!
  525. Ugly Bayliner

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Good grief, that thing is pulling so fast you can't grab the rope!!
  526. Ugly Bayliner

    Who is the Bd boat wax specialist?

    Genie Aye!! Paul is the boat spa specialist, he'll make it shine like a diamond in a goat's ass!!
  527. Ugly Bayliner

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    He's so confused!!
  528. Ugly Bayliner

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    Question was to Q, Mike Quimby, Chasin' Tail. He might want to look at this since yours and his boats are similar in design and Year.
  529. Ugly Bayliner

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    Hmm. Q? Have you checked this??
  530. Ugly Bayliner

    Question about taco outriggers

    If all you need it notches, that's easy. Just don't Risserize your fingers!
  531. Ugly Bayliner

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    Peace of mind is priceless!! Leaks from unknown sources is so hard to diagnose and cure. Great job!
  532. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Yours are the next set, soon as I get back from a cruise to Mexico and build a railing for Devlin. You'll be done by tuna time.
  533. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    He would only make that mistake once!
  534. Ugly Bayliner

    Wldlfbio, here is the cat you seek!

    I saw that, either that or the pictures are reversed.
  535. Ugly Bayliner

    Talented and upstanding canvas-eisenglass makers

    Hmm, hadn't thought of those before, thanks!! I don't actually give firm dates because you never know what can happen. I've had to delay a day or two many times, but that's about it.
  536. Ugly Bayliner

    Wldlfbio, here is the cat you seek!

    I like spending other people's money!!
  537. Ugly Bayliner

    Talented and upstanding canvas-eisenglass makers

    Sounds like me during tuna season, a man has got to have his priorities straight!!
  538. Ugly Bayliner

    Fun Stuff - your fishing name

    Chunky Longcast - NAILED IT!!
  539. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Thanks, makes it a whole new boat, we're excited to get it out as soon as the weather cooperates.
  540. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Not the best pics, I'll get some good ones this weekend when I go down there to buff and polish his roof, we filled all the old holes and sprayed new gel coat. We needed to wait for the 5200 around the cables at the roof penetrations to set completely before we folded the tower again so I'll...
  541. Ugly Bayliner

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    Cool, I was wondering!! Anytime is a good time for an upgrade!
  542. Ugly Bayliner

    Wldlfbio, here is the cat you seek!

    Here you go buddy, get after it!
  543. Ugly Bayliner

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    Do you pull the radar dome each time you trailer?
  544. Ugly Bayliner

    Any Stihl dealers?

    Pinch a nickel so tight make the buffalo USA!
  545. Ugly Bayliner

    Any Stihl dealers?

    Wire cutters might be a better option.
  546. Ugly Bayliner

    Any Stihl dealers?

    Johnson's Home and Garden in Maple Valley right down the road from you carries a bunch of stihl equipment, one of my favorite stores!
  547. Ugly Bayliner

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    True, but I don't try to take your old ones in on trade at 1/4 of what they're worth just so I can resell them for 3x what I paid for them!! Hmmm, maybe your on to something here Patrick, I could actually make money at this!
  548. Ugly Bayliner

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    Trade in at dealer is the biggest ripoff going!
  549. Ugly Bayliner

    Coho Numbers

    No surprise here.
  550. Ugly Bayliner

    Ocean Salmon

    Will they listen and actually consider our input?
  551. Ugly Bayliner

    Anybody use pantographic wiper arms?

    No but I have put them on a Duckworth, it's not much different than a standard wiper install, except you install the anchor post for he pantograph arm next to the wiper motor shaft. Easy, simple.
  552. Ugly Bayliner

    PSA Ocean Anglers First meeting of 2017

    What's the matter, tired of reeling in fish standing next to me??
  553. Ugly Bayliner

    My boat's bottom is getting the spa treatment

    Sweet, we'll get her some new jewelry up top before too long too!
  554. Ugly Bayliner

    Found some new buoys for Stormin Normin!

    Looks like I found some new crab pot buoys!
  555. Ugly Bayliner

    Anybody use pantographic wiper arms?

    I have installed several for different guys, easy to do and it's nice to wipe the entire window clean.
  556. Ugly Bayliner

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Lumicat has an WBR, some ass-backwards outfit.
  557. Ugly Bayliner

    Girl scout cookies?

    I keep watching for the little drug pushers at Fred Meyer, the fat kid has got to have his Thin Mints!!
  558. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I'll get some pics and post them next week if you want.
  559. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Vance is the man for grinders and abrasives!!
  560. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Yeah, I have no pics. The guy that owns the boat took some but I never did. Bummer too, it was extensive and very invasive! His was outboard from birth, motor hangs on a little bracket just big enough for the motor. He put a new Yami 250 on it a few years ago, it is a damn nice boat - NOW...
  561. Ugly Bayliner

    Ideas needed: Boat transport CA to WA

    Nice ride, needs lots more rod holders!
  562. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I have pics somewhere, I'll see what I can dig up.
  563. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I replaced stringers and deck on an Olympic two years ago and you are right, the glasswork on the stringers was a total joke! They obviously never expected them to get wet and time was money back then. We tore the cabin floor out too chasing the rot, the port side outboard stringer had to be...
  564. Ugly Bayliner

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    On Rockfish's old Grady, we moved the mounting bracket from on top of the roof to the bottom and added a lower row. Lots of options.
  565. Ugly Bayliner

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    No problem. I'll send you the bill!! :finger:
  566. Ugly Bayliner

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    Youll figure it out!
  567. Ugly Bayliner

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    Not too hard to lower those or add a lower set, I did something similar a few years ago for Fishin' Luhrs. Some 90deg. Bent tubing over the edge and drop it as low as you want.
  568. Ugly Bayliner

    Tweakers stole all my Salmon gear...looking for Flashers

    Take these, they're are like new, he never uses them!!
  569. Ugly Bayliner

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    Edge spacing.
  570. Ugly Bayliner

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    I prefer 7-8" but have space day them 6" on a single row before.
  571. Ugly Bayliner

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    I thought it already had a name??
  572. Ugly Bayliner

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    And don't forget electricity and lots of it!! Most people have no clue of the real costs associated with this type of project.
  573. Ugly Bayliner

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Those are some long ass sheets of aluminum!!
  574. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Lot so of places online too, I've used US Composites many times.
  575. Ugly Bayliner

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Fiberlay in Seattle has everything you'll need.
  576. Ugly Bayliner

    22' Osprey Northwind

    Damn that was fast!
  577. Ugly Bayliner

    Stainless Question

    Yeah, don't skimp on hardware. If it costs say $10 more for a bag of bolts, isn't your boat worth it?? For mine and client projects, I buy my hardware at West Marine, no cheap shit!
  578. Ugly Bayliner

    What age can a child get a license?

    As far as I know it is still 15 years of age before a license is required. Catch record cards can be used when they are old enough to participate in the harvest in some way.
  579. Ugly Bayliner

    The Journey

    Price is double if you've left a Gatorade bottle full of piss on the boat!!
  580. Ugly Bayliner

    Drywall, popcorn ceiling guy?

    '63, almost certain to be asbestos, you can scrape a small sample into a ziplock bag and have it tested, it cost me about $30 for a rush analysis to find out mine is all nitrocellulose - paper pulp and good to go.
  581. Ugly Bayliner

    Winner winner, tuna dinner

    Awesome, you LOVE you some clicker!!
  582. Ugly Bayliner

    Hitting Kauai this week. Help fill my day

    Yeah, from what I hear it's the quiet, not much to do island.
  583. Ugly Bayliner

    Anybody hiring?

    Screwed over by a member here?? Do tell, get the weasel grease!!
  584. Ugly Bayliner

    Anyone need a Project boat

    What, no price?? That's a fine, brand new shrimpin' boat!
  585. Ugly Bayliner

    where to buy aluminum sheet in Seattle or Eastside

    Surpluss Metals in Kent has an excellent remnant store, they have lots of aluminum sheet 2 x 2 on the shelves.
  586. Ugly Bayliner

    BD Shop Inspection: Dragonballs.......Another Violator Busted!

    At least more than one of you can turn around in his shop!!
  587. Ugly Bayliner

    BD Winter Party Get Together. 1-21-2017

    Roche Harbor is way out of range, Tacoma is not far at all - sounds good to me!
  588. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Rod holders look much better. I keep trying to talk Q into redoing his too!
  589. Ugly Bayliner

    If anybody is looking for a re-power.......

    I've seen Arimas with that setup before!
  590. Ugly Bayliner

    Post Surgery: Balls gone & video of me Getting Up..

    This next summer we'll have to replicate this test with a full load of ice and tuners and see what she'll do in real world oh shit conditions!
  591. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    They could easily turn those six rod holders across the back into eight! And yeah, tulip flares or nothing!!
  592. Ugly Bayliner

    Selling my Trophy

    At least you didn't drag this one down the highway!!
  593. Ugly Bayliner

    Turducken day

    I call that crabturkracken!
  594. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Henderson Inlet Chums?

    Nisqually Reach anchovy under a bobber used to be money!
  595. Ugly Bayliner

    NR 27'

    Somebody around here builds kill bag racks to solve those problems!! :D
  596. Ugly Bayliner

    NR 27'

    Whatever he's got is far more than I do! He asked about s NR27 however, I bet "a guy" who owns one will be along before too long to give his input. Don't get me wrong, I love the Parkers and there are "options" for fish storage!
  597. Ugly Bayliner

    NR 27'

    I Fish on several 2320 Parkers as well, where your comparison lacks is the tiny cabin of the Parker which only seats 3, and not very comfortably. The Parker also is lacking in fish storage with the only built in fish box being the transom. I do love the Parker ride, the low sides can be a bit...
  598. Ugly Bayliner

    NR 27'

    Fish on one with twin Yami 200s on a regular basis, it is the full shit badass machine! 250s are not necessary and would just add weight and fuel consumption, his fuel use is the same or slightly better than his previos boat with a single 250. If you want a NR27, it is the way to go! It will...
  599. Ugly Bayliner

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    Well if you're going to do it, do it right!!
  600. Ugly Bayliner

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Excellent, far better design and construction, you'll have no further issues with that one!
  601. Ugly Bayliner

    Tile Guy

    Do it yourself, tile work is easy.
  602. Ugly Bayliner

    You know it was a good birthday party when...

    Happy birthday Limey!! Hope you had a good day a couple days later!!
  603. Ugly Bayliner

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I find that if you keep her laughing, she's good to go!!
  604. Ugly Bayliner

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    You do a good job of puke and rally though, I've had guys onboard that just quit and give up, dead weight in the way.
  605. Ugly Bayliner

    2nd Radio location

    No kidding, it's like a girl's club out there!!
  606. Ugly Bayliner

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    These are what are called toe cracks, it can happen if your welding dirty material, dirty filler, moisture on the metal, just generally poor welding conditions, easily explained by a production shop that's more concerned with speed than quality. That could be why they are all the same...
  607. Ugly Bayliner

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    They should know something about leverage, too.
  608. Ugly Bayliner

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Yeah, THIS!! I've fixed a couple of these, it doesn't need re-welding, it needs redesigned!! That little brace is not going to do a damn thing. The brace needs to be about a foot away at the base and hit just below the u - bolts for the winch.
  609. Ugly Bayliner

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    Awesome. Looks like your winch stand can go back even a bit farther. Great job on the trailer build!
  610. Ugly Bayliner

    Adding a marine head - how difficult?

    The few times my wife has had to go she uses a bucket and is thankful for it. She did, however, absolutely love The Peddler's onboard head, not enough to warrant a boat with one.
  611. Ugly Bayliner

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    It has been an honor and a pleasure to get to know you Kevin, see you in Florida!
  612. Ugly Bayliner

    Trailer Dolly

    Good use for an old self propelled mower!
  613. Ugly Bayliner

    Kingfisher 30 foot boats

    In the video I saw, those things ROCK!! A LOT!!
  614. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    THAT'S A BIG BITCH!!! Damn, now that's a killer boat, worth every penny of the asking price, quality construction and extremely well thought out layout.
  615. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    I'll think about it.:D
  616. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    You never know, enquiring minds want to know!! I remember reading about a thru-hulls under water and they had a good reason for it too, doesn't mean it's the best way.
  617. Ugly Bayliner

    Lacey area Electrician

    This. Since it's a bathroom, these older homes didn't have GFCI circuit breakers, or even receptacles in the bathrooms. As long as that circuit has a GFCI somewhere, it was good. After an exhaustive search several years ago when the same thing happened, I finally found the culprit - a GFCI...
  618. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    No biggie, I love the discussion!!
  619. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    The other thing, if they are in fact extrusions, I am pretty sure 5000 series aluminum can't be extruded so it would most like be 6000, not so good for salt water but makes a really good anode?? Might be a good question to ask when you visit up there L!
  620. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Appears welded on the outside as I see no slots in the hull, and the upside down pic pretty much clears it up - no chine plate built in. To me, anything sticking out that bumps a piling can be torn off or punch in, but I have no skin in the game anyway. Just ramblings of an old senile deck...
  621. Ugly Bayliner

    NFL commercial

    You haven't met my inlaws!!
  622. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    No doubt, the manufacturers have learned that the owners/users are smart enough to know what they want and will pay for it. It used to be you picked from what they put on the lot but with the economic downturn they had to adapt to survive. North river was all but out of business with what they...
  623. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    You're explaining it fine, but I don't think you're getting that I know the difference. The picture isn't quite clear enough to get a good look, but it looks like he has a plate that sticks out about 2" at the bow of the hulls. Upon looking closer and zooming in on the straight on shot, it...
  624. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Same difference, it's a chine that is welded onto the hull rather than incorporated into the construction of the hull, much cheaper and easier of course, only my personal opinion but I don't like it. For a boat this nice and of obvious high quality, unlike another brand touted on here as...
  625. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    I like a smooth bottom!! I hear you're goi g up to see it in person - leave the checkbook at home!!
  626. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    I'd love to see it in person, they sure look it to me though. If not extruded, then a plate welded on rather than integrated into the hull. CT's old Hewes had extruded chines, they were line cutters until the edges were sanded smooth, even then sometimes they'd get a knick and cut again. It's...
  627. Ugly Bayliner

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Bad ass!! I like everything about it except for those extruded chines.
  628. Ugly Bayliner

    So umm, I got the Crabs....

    Eggzackly!! Gotta read your regs, and be willing to make the drive - a 12 crab limit is worth a couple of trips a year to us.
  629. Ugly Bayliner

    So umm, I got the Crabs....

    TonyG, The fish box method works great, ice chest with ice works great too. We left the drain plug out so each time we moved the water would drain and fresh would come in when we stopped. The fresh water keeps them cool and oxygenated. Water drains out on take out and they stay cool and damp...
  630. Ugly Bayliner

    So umm, I got the Crabs....

    Yeah, lots of crabs, these will take some effort to get cleared up.
  631. Ugly Bayliner

    Trailer weight distribution

    Apparently not, he keeps coming back, but you could threaten to sue him - I hear that's popular!
  632. Ugly Bayliner

    An awesome day!

    That's awesome Jaime, good for him!!
  633. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater kelli ann tuna report

    Yep, way to do work fellas. :appl::cheers:
  634. Ugly Bayliner

    WDFW data breach update.

    Got mine too. Mentions because I applied online for an Oregon license for a 3 day guided trip on the John Day last month.
  635. Ugly Bayliner

    Jigging squid from a boat?

    Yep, have done it, used a small genny and a set of halogen shop lights, had schools of jumpers on several occasions just of the pier at Stielacoom.
  636. Ugly Bayliner

    Sort of an odd hobby.

    Odd hobby? I used to collect antique sewing machines!! Still have a few.
  637. Ugly Bayliner

    Taller portable cleaning table

    Cabelas and Bass Pro both carry fish cleaning tables with tall legs that are perfect height for my bad back, about 10 inches taller than my Costco back breaker. I have the one with a sink integrated into it, I wouldn't bother with that it never gets used and takes up table space.
  638. Ugly Bayliner

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    Looks like "usual and accustomed practices" to me!!
  639. Ugly Bayliner

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Do you have a suspect?? I'd get a cleat and a couple of lag bolts and install your own cleat and take it when you leave.
  640. Ugly Bayliner


    It's called "foregone opportunity", which basically means if one group doesn't harvest their 50% share, the other group can claim foregone opportunity and take their 50% as well. Of course, the sportsman never use this claim but the tribes have and have many times.
  641. Ugly Bayliner

    So this Happened!

    Now that's a fishing story!
  642. Ugly Bayliner

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Walk the floats on either side and you might find some matching gouges or scrapes on the guilty boat.
  643. Ugly Bayliner

    Coho fuckery

    Keep in mind these are probably non-tribal commercial openings, tribes fish anytime they want.
  644. Ugly Bayliner

    Coho fuckery

    Many of us have been down this road many times through the years, problem is the media outlets/news stations couldn't care less.
  645. Ugly Bayliner

    Saltwater Tuna blood stains

    Blood stains = badges of honor!!
  646. Ugly Bayliner

    FS: salmon nets (2)

    You have to be in it before you can quit!!!
  647. Ugly Bayliner

    Ocean Sport Roamer Not big enough? Check this out!

    GOOD NIGHT!!! I just pissed myself!! That is one gorgeous boat!!
  648. Ugly Bayliner

    Westport Marina Speed Laps?

    :D Hey hey now, what'd I ever do to you??:-)
  649. Ugly Bayliner

    Arima Sea Chaser - Turn Key Setup - $18,500

    Sorry to hear it Terry, I know how much work you've put into this boat - good luck with the sale, should go quick!
  650. Ugly Bayliner

    How about one for the Arima boys, a tilting tower for Salmon Seeker!

    No biggie Jeff, I'm sure you could find someone down there to build you something similar, your not too far from Bakersfield - my uncle lives in Tehachapi also, I love the area.
  651. Ugly Bayliner

    How about one for the Arima boys, a tilting tower for Salmon Seeker!

    Holy resurrected thread Batman!! You didn't miss it Greg, it just is a couple years old! No, I actually can't. Everything I build is one off custom, well mostly. I would have to have the boat for a couple of weeks to build off of as I have no way to build it to fit a particular boat...
  652. Ugly Bayliner

    West Marine manual inflate PFD failure.

    Yep, I've had two PPP off during the drive from Westport to Aberdeen on a hot summer day when coastal temps are lower, like 65 in Westport and 90 in Aberdeen. Extreme temperature change can pop them off.
  653. Ugly Bayliner

    Kelly Ann - how many rod holders does a guy need anyway??

    I guess I now have the answer to my question. How many rod holders does a guy need anyway? The answer is always the same - MORE!!
  654. Ugly Bayliner

    2016 WTC Pictures.

    Holy shit, that's what I'm talkin about!! First trip with all the rod holders and still not an empty spot. That means either you guys have way too many rods or that empty fiberglass on the other side of the stairs needs to be filled up!! Nice job on the trip, loved the pics Mo!!