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  1. hotrod

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    This may come as a shock to some of you and it is very hard to share this with you, so as you read this just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I've been very ill for the last 17 months and have been suffering from severe symptoms of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), severe depression and...
  2. hotrod

    Fishing for Tuna & Dodos Sunday Aug 19, need 1

    Fishing on my 22’ Grady for Tuna & Dodos south tomorrow Sunday Aug 19. One can’t make it now so I need one more guy. Have your MX license and passport. You guys know the drill we will split fuel, bait, and ice. We will meet at South Shores Mission Bay at 5 AM. My boat is a smoke free boat. Send...
  3. hotrod

    Yellowtail at Coronado Islands Fri 6-29-18

    Yellowtail at Coronado Islands Fri 6-29-18 Left Glorietta Bay Launch ramp in Coronado at 645am and ran into Brian Fin Runner (boats name) at the dock before we left and he said to go to the windward side of North Island for yt. :lux: Picked up a scoop of deans at ebros SD Bay and we're off to...
  4. hotrod

    Fishing the islands this Fri June 29 for YT, need 1

    Fishing the islands this Fri June 29 for YT on my 22' Grady White Sefarer, need one more to go. You need to have a MX license and your passport. We can discuss the FMM form part too. Will launch from Pepper Park Natl City or Coronado. Send pm if you can go.
  5. hotrod

    Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tank 32 Gallon

    Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tank 32 Galllon 24” High X 25” W X 16” Deep Asking $135 Send pm here if interested
  6. hotrod

    Late Report Fishing La Jolla for rockfish on Thurs June 7, 2018

    Late Report Fishing La Jolla for rockfish on Thurs June 7, 2018 This was our first trip of the year and was kinda last minute...Got a real late start and had some bugga boos before left, but finally got our shit together and went for it. Yes, like I said a real late start, so started heading out...
  7. hotrod

    1966 Dodge Dart - Restored. Started at $8400 now $6700

    Selling a nice 1966 Dodge Dart that has a clean title and current registration. This 1966 Dodge dart is unmolested barn find from Los Angeles in 2014 and has 70K Miles. It was restored in 2015 by the previous owner. It includes all the original chrome trim, dog dish hubcaps, front grill, chrome...
  8. hotrod

    Moving must sell 16.5' Wellcraft w 85 Mercury Outboard

    Moving must sell all my toys and project boat, including this one. 1974 16.5' Wellcraft - Nice hull 85 HP Mercury Outboard - good running condition Revised 10/26/17 Just spent $1800 on parts and labor going through the entire boat, engine, New engine tuneup New lower unit gear oil New shift...
  9. hotrod

    1987 22' Grady White Seafarer w 1999 Mercury 200HP DFI Outboard Price drop to $11K

    SOLD Took a bit of a price hit but sold her Monday. Given my illness (see my post in personal news), selling the boat made me real sad and caused me more anxiety and symptoms. This sucks to say the least, I'm hurting right now, so please pray for me my BDers. Regretfully I am selling my 1987...
  10. hotrod

    Offshore Late Report Sat Aug 12 for the Islands, the Rockpile, and the 101 and 425

    Here's a Late Report for the Islands, the Rockpile, and the 101 and 425. We got an early start picking up a full scoop of deans at the Ebros San Diego Bay at 4:30 AM. Fished with my son Nick, Dave and his son Carson. Got to the tuna pens at South Island and trolled for about 20 minutes for...
  11. hotrod

    Late Report Sat 8/4/17 Coronado Islands YT Report - Limits

    Got to the islands at 1245pm and fished with my son Nick for limits of yellowtail and then some. Left em biting. 80% were caught on XRaps and halcos. 20% on live bait. Went to the area near the tuna pens looking for bft but nothing going on. The word was the bite happend in the am. We were...
  12. hotrod

    Fish Sat or Sun - need one or two ...who's in?

    Looking to Fish offshore or the islands this Sat 7-22 or Sun 7-23 on my 22' Grady White. I need one or two...who's in? You guys know the drill, have your fishing licenses (CA and MX), and we'll split fuel, bait and ice. Send PM to me here on BD if you can go, not if you think you can go. Mike
  13. hotrod

    In Cabo July 3-11 - Anyone want to fish, open to BD amigos there...lets talk

    I will be In Cabo July 3-11 with my wife and 14 yr old son. I havent been to Cabo Area (Cabo, Los Barilles, San Jose Del Cabo) since 1999. I used to fish La Paz, the East Cape and Cabo with my dad from yes its been a while. My goal is to fish 2 or 3 days with my son - So yes I am...
  14. hotrod

    Need help with broken kitchen drawer - Someone in North County?

    Came home weds night to see that my son pulled out a drawer in the kitchen and it is now broken. So now I need some help since I have a bad back and no table tools to do this. Who can help me? I'm in Escondido. Someone in North County? See attached photos...
  15. hotrod

    17' Avenger Ski Boat for sale - Turn key, Price now $2800

    Super nice Avenger Ski Boat Great running 115 hp Mercury outboard with power trim n tilt The boat has been gone through and has been refurbished. Lots of work has been done and everything works! Tuneup on on the outboard, new battery cable, new impeller, new power trim hose. New indoor/outdoor...
  16. hotrod

    Offshore Nada nada nada BFT report Sun 7-17-16

    The title says is all...NADA for us today. :( Launched at 530am and then we made macks in the am next to the SD Bait barge. Using a friends numbers we went to 42 over 37 for 65.6 degree cold water for nada. As we got there, a Parker boat named Buoy left saying were outta here its a desert...
  17. hotrod

    Need Help...My garage door opner stop working

    Need Help...My garage door opener stop working when I push the button in the garage. And no I dont use the remotes at all. The push button switch is now "lightly" flashing. I replaced the switch with a new one and nothing. Who can help me out here? Mike
  18. hotrod

    PT Loma & SD Bay Report Sunday 5-29-16

    Fished PT Loma & SD Bay on Sunday 5-29-16 with Victor and his son Santiago on my 15' aluminum Sea Nymph. This was the maiden voyage on the 15 fter. :) The weather cooperated with no drizzle :) since the drive down from Escondido was fill of drizzle :eek:. We had a late launch (11am) since Victor...
  19. hotrod

    Fishing Sunday April 24 for yt, Need 1-2

    I would like to take my 22' Grady White, the GalaxSea, out this Sunday April 24 to fish La Jolla for tails. I will need 1-2 to go and will launch at 530am in MB. You guys know the drill, we'll split fuel, bait, and ice. Have you're CA fishing license. Since I'm allergic to smoke, my boat is a...
  20. hotrod

    NEW Mercury/Mariner water pump Kit for 200-225 HP Outboards Part # 817275A 6

    Genuine Mercury Quicksilver Water Pump Rebuild Kit for 1994-2006 200-225 HP Mercury and Mariner outboards Part # 817275A 6.This kit includes the housing and is "new old stock" and it is made in the USA. Selling because I bought the wrong water pump kit for my outboard. Asking $65. PM me...
  21. hotrod

    Evinrude / Johnson Side Mount Control Box w/ 13 Ft Cables NO KEY for 50-200 HP Outboards

    Selling an Evinrude / Johnson Side Mount Control Box w/ 13 Ft Cables NO KEY. Fits 50-200 HP Outboards. Control cable is good Throttle cable is brand new Asking $135 firm. PM me here if you're interested.
  22. hotrod

    WTB 2 Round 15-20 Gal Bait Tanks

    WTB Two good used round 15-20 Gal Bait Tanks for a small 15' boat. PM me here. Thanks
  23. hotrod

    I have a bulging disc, now what?

    I found out 3 weeks ago that I have a 2 bulging discs (L3-L5) - one small and one is medium, So I'm reaching out to my fishing buddies and community here to get your comments, help and support. I have had lower back, leg, and feet nerve pain the last 15 mos or so. In the feet it feels like...
  24. hotrod

    WTB 2 of ea (15-20 gal round bait tanks, marine radios, anchors, fuel tanks)

    Here's a list of what I need for two 15-17' boats: Two 15-20 gal round bait tanks w lids Two good used marine radios (basic ones not high end ones) Two anchors with chain and rode One plastic 6 gal fuel One plastic 12 gal fuel tank I looking for good used stuff not old stuff. The anchor is the...
  25. hotrod

    Sat 2-6-16 Pt Loma Fish Report

    My back has been bothering me lately but slept pretty good last night, so decided to give it a go with Nicholas. Got a late start and started fishing the Whistler buoy at 3:47pm. A lot of good meter marks but only managed one barracuda and a mackerel. The weather was a little breezy about 10...
  26. hotrod

    Job available at my work - HP Technical Sales Advocate

    Job available at my work - HP Technical Sales Advocate Must have sales and technical experience. If you know HPI aka HP Inc. the better. Note: HPI is PPS i.e. printers, laptops, notebooks, pc's (all the small HP stuff) PM me here
  27. hotrod

    Fishing this Saturday 2-6 - I'm open, who's in?

    Thinking of Fishing this Saturday 2-6 from 6am to 3pm or later see#2. I'm open right now, who's wants to go? Ideas: #1Cornados or La Jolla for YT #2 Pt Loma edges for YT 9am-2pm and drift Pt Loma entrance / SD Bay for butts in the afternoon 2-5pm I'm open to other ideas too. You guys know the...
  28. hotrod

    Last min trip to Fish La Salina Sat 12-19, Need one

    Last min trip to Fish La Salina Sat 12-19, Need one more to fish Leaving tomorrow Fri at 3pm in SD/Miramar area and will trailer down my 22' Grady Have your passport & MX fishing license. We'll get FMM's when we cross the TJ border You guys know the drill...we'll split costs. My boat is smoke...
  29. hotrod

    Pair of trailer bunk boards or running boards 2'X4'X6' (6' long ea)

    Cleaning out the garage...I have a nice pair of carpeted Bunk Boards or trailer running boards. These are new or newer. 2" x 4" bunks covered with weather-resistant gray carpet. Length is 6'1" This is what they look like. I will take photos of the actual ones this week. $50 for the pair. PM me...
  30. hotrod

    SOLD 2 Minn Kota Trolling Motors Endura 34 & Endura 50

    2 Minn Kota Trolling Motors for sale Endura 34 & Endura 50 Good condition Minn Kota Endura 50 asking $135. Price lowered to $115. Minn Kota Endura 34 asking $110. Price lowered to $100 PM me here if you're interested.
  31. hotrod

    Fishing Fri 11-27 and maybe Sat 11/28 - I need 2 to go

    My regulars have plans, so if I can put the right crew together I will fish Friday locally for YFT or trailer my 22' Grady to La Salina early Friday am to fish Fri and maybe Sat. For local, meet at shelter or MB at 5am Friday and fish where the yft are. For La Salina, we would leave at 4am...
  32. hotrod

    Fishing La Salina Friday 11-27 & maybe Sat 11-28, Need two

    Hola Amigos, I'd like to fish La Salina Friday 11-27 and possibly Sat 11-28 on my 22' Grady. My regulars cant make it and a friend might go. Having said this, I want to fish Friday for sure and possibly sat. You guys know the drill...spilt the costs of everything. Live bait not needed since we...
  33. hotrod

    NEW Aqualarm Standard Bell Alarm used for high water bilge Alarms $45

    NEW Aqualarm Standard Bell Alarm used for high water bilge Alarms For Marine Applications Loud Clanging Alarm Weatherproof enamel and stainless 12 VDC, Low current draw - 0.029 Amps Manufacturer's part # is 20101 Brand New, never used. Asking $45 firm PM me here
  34. hotrod

    Sat 10-17 Pt Loma Fishing Report

    Took Nick and his friend Jeremy out on the 15' aluminum boat on Sat off of Pt Loma. Stopped just past the last green buoy to set up our trollers and other rods. Soaked a couple of baits while getting rigged up. Nick gets slammed on something decent...fights it for a while every time I look at...
  35. hotrod

    Free frozen bug bait for lobstering

    I have about 50 lbs of Free frozen bug bait for lobstering. Old fish, fish heads, etc...Wife says get rid of it now, so I'm giving it away. PM me here for pickup address. I'm in Escondido
  36. hotrod

    So Cal Pop Warner kids punished for parents behavior

    Some parents of the Pop Warner Inland Empire fight Eastlake parents in the stands at the kids football game. The kids have been expelled from the league and their records have been erased. Both teams were going to be invited to play in championship play in Florida. So the parents punish the kids...
  37. hotrod

    1986-1988 Johnson 225HP Outboard parts, Power Head, 6 Carb setup, Flywheel, Starter, Engine Cover

    I still have 1986-1988 Johnson 225HP Outboard parts. I still have the power head, the 6 carb setup, the flywheel, the new starter, and the engine cover, The rest of the parts are sold already. PM me here for prices of individual parts.
  38. hotrod

    2001 Toyota Camry LE, 4 cyl, auto - Very Reliable $3900

    I'm selling my ultra reliable 2001 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder, auto trans, 170K miles Cold AC, PW, PDL (all work), factory CD player AM/FM Stereo I did $1000 worth or work for the 50K service in Feb (New timing belt, New water pump, New upper & lower radiator hoses, tune up, new radiator w...
  39. hotrod

    Fishing Labor Day Weekend - Sat 9-5 or Sun 9-6...Need 1 or 2

    Fishing Labor Day Weekend - Sat 9-5 or Sun 9-6 probably out of Shelter island for YFT and dodos - probably 20-30 miles out. I will need 1 if I go Sat and probably 2 if I go Sunday. I'm only fishing one day in any event. You guys know the drill...have your MX and CA license & your passport. We'll...
  40. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Aug 22 YFT Report plugged the boat

    Sat Aug 22 YFT Report Short Report Fished about 10-11 miles NW Mission Bay and found a paddy where we plugged the boat with YFT and added 3 small dodos Absolutely awesome day on the water :D Started releasing before we left. Called out the numbers to Tailwalker. Crew of Kurt, Dave, Nick, Oscar...
  41. hotrod

    Fishing Sat 8-22-15 for Tuna, may need 1 or 2

    Looking to fish this Saturday for tuna on my 22' Grady white. All my regulars are up in the air at the moment and I may need 1-2 to go. You guys know the drill...Will split fuel, bait and ice. Have your fishing licenses. Since Nick and I are allergic to smoke, we cant have that...sorry guys. PM...
  42. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Aug 15th YFT Report out of Oceanside

    Sat Aug 15th YFT Report out of Oceanside With all of the good reports just out of Oceanside, I decided to go a bit earlier (345am) out of O-side launch ramp. Keep in mind when we went 3 weeks ago it was a cluster in the morning and more son in the afternoon. My plan was to work towards some...
  43. hotrod

    2003 BMW 530i M package, well maintained car

    SOLD **Note: Read entire Ad** Selling my wife's 2003 BMW 530I M package. This car is in very good condition and has been well maintained. 3.0L 6 cylinder, Automatic trans with overdrive, loaded with all the amenities. 160K miles on car. The car drives great and the AC blows cold. New tires and...
  44. hotrod

    Fishing this Saturday 8-15-15 for tuna and dodos, need 2

    Fishing this Saturday for tuna and dodos on my 22' Grady white. All my regulars cant make it so I'm back to square one. I will need 2 to go. You guys know the drill...have your fishing licenses. We will split fuel, bait and ice. Since Nick and I are allergic to smoke, we cant have that...sorry...
  45. hotrod

    Offshore 8-6-15 Thurs West of Carlsbad Report

    8-6-15 Thurs West of Carlsbad Report Fished the afternoon only in the area of 33 03 X 117 33. Alot of sporties in the area and only saw one come over the rail. The tuna were there but did not want to bite for us. We tried everything but no go. Salvaged the day on the way in with Dave's dodo...
  46. hotrod

    Need Help...Need new trailer fender steps

    Need Help...Need new trailer fender steps. Mine are rusted out and hold up my fender to the trailer main I beam. Has anyone with an 1988 EZ Loader tandem trailer for a 22' Grady had this problem and come up with a good fix? See all pics below. I'm guessing these are my options: 1)Replacement...
  47. hotrod

    Offshore Sat July 25 Non Fish Report Oceanside to the Domes

    We launched out of Oceanside at 430am and picked up a weak scoop of large deans. The line wasn't that bad, maybe 7 boats in front of us. I will say the bait was bad all day long...over half of it died. Headed out of Oceanside jetty for the first time ever in the dark and it felt kinda weird not...
  48. hotrod

    Sat 7-25 trip plan out of MB for Tuna - Lets team up

    Fishing Sat 7-25 out of Mission Bay for Tuna. Probably heading north. Who's going? Lets team up and work the areas. Mike on GalaxSea ch 72
  49. hotrod

    Fishing for tuna Sat 7-25 or Sun 7-26 - Will need 1 or 2

    My schedule has changed so now I will be fishing for tuna Sat 7-25 or Sun 7-26 - I will need 1 or 2. We will launch out of MB or Oceanside. You guys know the drill for my boat - split fuel, bait, and ice and we fish a smoke free boat. PM me here is you can go for sure and indicate Sat or Sun.
  50. hotrod

    Fish Tuna tomorrow Sun 7-19, need 2

    Thinking of fishing for Tuna tomorrow Sun 7-19 on my 22' Grady White Seafarer...If I go, I will need 2. We will launch out of mission bay or Oceanside. You guys know the drill...split bait, fuel, and ice. We will leave anywhere between 8am and 12 noon depending on what I decide. If we leave...
  51. hotrod

    Offshore Thurs 7-16-15 La Jolla Offshore YFT Report

    Thurs 7-16-15 La Jolla Offshore YFT Report Short Report 14 miles out of Mission Bay off of La Jolla. Two 25 lb yellowfin tuna, two lost due to a bad knot and the other bad line. Damn! All troll fish - dean XRap, blk purp cedar, zuc broom tail, smoker Joe jethead. Nice weather, a lot of metered...
  52. hotrod

    BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down - 2" x 2' $25

    I bought these new floor samples last year and never used them on the boat. Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Downs Quantity: 2 Dimensions: 2" x 2' Break Strength: 1,200 lbs./ea Safe Work Load: 400 lbs The Kwik-Lok buckle tie-downs feature vinyl-coated top hooks, zinc-coated trailer hooks, along with...
  53. hotrod

    SOLD 1991 Johnson 200 HP V6 Outboard Engine Price lowered to $1300

    SOLD Price lowered to $1300 3/11/16 1991 Johnson 200 HP V6 Outboard Engine Updated 1/30/16 ** Price lowered since one cylinder has low compression.** Power Trim and Tilt Includes controls and new throttle cable. Custom Engine stand is not included but can be purchased for extra. Asking $1500...
  54. hotrod

    Offshore Sunday 6/29/15 9 Mile Bank Report

    Sunday 6/29/15 9 Mile Bank Report With a full scoop of healthy deans we left ebros bait barge about 6am. As we cleared the pt loma kelp, I see the bait tank half full. Gosh darn it - Half the bait rolled - it was like the bait pump had an airlock or something. Flushed the lines and we're off to...
  55. hotrod

    Last Minute --> Need 2 for tomorrow - Fishing for Tuna

    Need 2 for tomorrow - Fishing for Tuna at the 9 and surrounding areas if need be. We did not go today and my crew for tomorrow are not going now. You guys know the drill - spilt fuel, bait, and ice. Meet at 5am at shelter isl ramp tomorrow morning and fish til 2-3pm max. PM only if you can go...
  56. hotrod

    Fishing the 9, 302, North Isl, 425 tomorrow, need 2

    My son Nick and I will be fishing the 9, 302, North Isl, 425 tomorrow. I'm looking for 1 or 2 extra guys since my regulars can't make it. You guys know the drill - we will split fuel, bait, and ice. For those that are interested, we don't smoke on my boat. Send pm if you can go. Thanks...
  57. hotrod

    Las Salinas Fishing Report Sat 6-13 & Sun 6-14

    Las Salina Fishing Report Sat 6-13 & Sun 6-14 Short Report Fished the GalaxSea (my 22' Grady White) on her maiden voyage this weekend at Las Salina w/ Derek & his dad Richard for limits of ling cod and rockfish. Victor went yesterday too and had fun. The fishing :jig:, food, beers...
  58. hotrod

    Offshore Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    Mark invited Nick and I to fish offshore on his nice 25' Mako. Ugly weather in the am so we hit the Rockpile for barracuda and bonito first thing. Nick had alot fun with that but Mark decides to go for it... so we start our run towards the 238. When we got into the zone, Mark spots a nice...
  59. hotrod

    SOLD 15' Western Aluminum w 25 Evinrude Outboard

    SOLD my 15' aluminum 15' Western Aluminum 25HP Evinrude Outboard w tiller, runs great Set up for fishing with small center console w storage, bait tank and bait pump, Lowrance Mark-5x DSI fishfinder, dual batteries, 12 rod holders, swivel seat up front, anchor and rode, LED stern, deck and...
  60. hotrod

    Looking to hop on a boat and fish any day Memorial Weekend

    Hello BDers, I haven't posted one of these requests in a while since I have a boat. My 22' Grady White is not quite ready, so Nick and I are looking to fish this weekend (memorial weekend). My son Nick, who's almost 13, is a very good fisherman for his age and quite capable. We're available Sat...
  61. hotrod

    1988 Grady White 204 Overnighter $3,300

    I am selling my 1988 Grady White 204 Overnighter which is in New Bern, NC. I bought it from Toyota of New Bern, NC, and the GM there took it in on a trade in. The hull and fiberglass on the boat are in very good overall condition. This will definitely make a great fishing boat for someone at a...
  62. hotrod

    Limits of tails of Fri 2-20 and near limits on Sat 2-21 North of Ensenada

    I fished 2 days with Derek on Fri 2-20 and Sat 2-21 north of Ensenada in 160-240' of water. We found our yellowtail by metering the high spots. Fri we fished on Bill Fisher's boat and had limits of yt for 3 us before 12 noon. Derek caught his estimated 30 lber and it was a real nice tail. On...
  63. hotrod

    Fishing the 270 for YT tomorrow Monday 2-16, need one

    Fishing the 270 for YT tomorrow Monday 2-16 out of Mission Bay and I have a spot for one more. We will be on the 15' aluminum. We will split the cost of fuel, bait, and ice. Meeting at Dana Landing at 530 or 6am. If you can go, pm me here.
  64. hotrod

    Late Report : SD Bay Sun 12-20-14

    Late Report : SD Bay Sun 12-20-14 Nick and I fished the incoming tide Sunday afternoon for 4 nice sandbass over 16-17" each. The one I caught was a nice slug. Nick also picked up a spottie by bell buoy#9 and some mackerel and a black croaker in near the naval sub area. All in all it was a nice...
  65. hotrod

    Fishing San Diego Bay today December 20 need one

    Fishing San Diego Bay with Nick today December 20 on my 15' aluminum and would like to find someone who wants to fish today. We will launch at Shelter Island around 1230 today and fish for halibut, Sandbass spotted bass or whatever else is biting. You guys know the drill...we will split the cost...
  66. hotrod

    Need Help...Replacing rotted boat bulkhead pieces with starboard

    Ok guys...I need some help here. I lost my job back in June and had to sell my nice 22' Trophy, so I downsized to a 1989 22' Grady White Project. Updated Pics to follow later. I need to replace the rotted boat bulkhead pieces with starboard on my new Grady project boat. See photos. I have the...
  67. hotrod

    Sat Nov 22 Pt Loma Kelp Fishing Report for Calicos, Bones, and Lings

    Sat Nov 22 Pt Loma Kelp Fishing Report for Calicos, Bones, and Lings Nick and I fished the Pt Loma Kelp yesterday for calico bass (all but one released), Ling cod, rock fish, bonito, and barracuda. Needless to say Nick had a blast and caught his biggest ling cod ever and a nice calico (which he...
  68. hotrod

    2001 Chevy Silverado Extra Cab $5800

    Selling my 2001 Chevy Silverado extra cab since I upgraded to a newer truck this truck is in very good condition. It has a Chevy 5.3 L V-8 with an automatic plus overdrive trans with a towing package. I used it to tow my 22' Trophy before I sold the boat. It towed great. This truck gets great...
  69. hotrod

    Point Loma kelp for Bonito on Saturday, November 8

    Fished the Point Loma kelp for Bonito on late Saturday afternoon (11-08) with Nicholas. Since we didn't have live bait we trolled both white and white/pink squid Hoochie skirts. We would get a stop or double about every 10 minutes. Nick had never fished for Bonito this way so he said he had a...
  70. hotrod

    Prayers please ... My son's grandpa passed this morning

    Prayers please ... My son's grandpa passed this morning. Ray Tandle was my son's grandpa and ex wife's father. He was a great role model for my son. Always talked to Nick and told him about how to be a good person in life...I will miss Ray and all of his stories and good times we had with him...
  71. hotrod

    Offshore Late Report : SD Bay Sun 9-6-14

    Late Report : SD Bay Sun 9-6-14 Nick and I fished the 15' aluminum on incoming time for a bunch of spotties, a sand bass, and one sculpin. Mixed in was a smooth houd shark and a small ray (all fish released except the sculpin). Needless to say Nick had a blast and he kept his sculpin for lunch...
  72. hotrod

    22' Trophy walk around cuddy...lots invested. Loss of job forces sale

    Loss of job forces me to sell my 1999 22' Bayliner Trophy cuddy walkaround Power: Mercruiser 4.3L Chevy V6 (202 hours) rebuilt summer 2011 w/ a mercruiser outdrive w a Stainless Steel propeller. The boat gets 2 mpg. Trailer: Solid galvanized trailer with 4 NEW Tires, new leaf springs, new...
  73. hotrod

    Offshore Sun 8/31 yft & dodos at the 182 / corner

    Sun 8/31 yft & dodos at the 182 / corner Took Nick and fished with Derek and Jim on Dereks boat. Launched out of Dana Landing at 445 am in mission Bay and hit the bait barge. Picked up a nice scoop of deans and headed out in decent seas with a slight wind breeze. Our first stop was a kelp paddy...
  74. hotrod

    Need 2 to go to tuna fishing tomorrow Thursday 8/28

    Trying to put a last-minute tuna trip to go tomorrow Thursday 8/28 to fish the local banks. I will need two guys to make this happen. You guys know the drill we will split the cost of fuel, bait & ice. Also have your Mexican license. We will meet in mission Bay Dana Landing at 5 AM sharp. PM me...
  75. hotrod

    Thurs Aug 19th Pt Loma Kelp & Lighting Report

    Weds Aug 19th Pt Loma Kelp & Lighting Report Took Nick and Luke out on the 15' aluminum boat for the first time since we wanted to try it out. We were fishing off of pt loma kelp yesterday and the same thing happened to us as the guys offshore. Lightning bolts and heavy rain for 15 mins ...very...
  76. hotrod

    Offshore 8/14/14 371 YFT Report

    8/14/14 371 YFT Report Short Story 8 YFT 4 rat YT Fished the 371 area Great day on the pond Long Story Our goal was to fish the 371 and leave a little earlier than last time. We met at dana landing in MB at 430am and picked up a nice scoop at the MB bait barge...only 2 boats in line yeah. Saw...
  77. hotrod

    Fishing Thurs 8-14 Offshore for Tuna, need one

    Fishing Thurs Offshore for Tuna at the 302/425, 226, 182 spots... need one extra. You guys know the drill...we'll split fuel, bait, and ice. Have your Mexican license and passport. Meet at 430pm at shelter island and back by 5-6pm. Send me pm here if you can go....I will be checking my pm's...
  78. hotrod

    30 gal Bait Tank in very good condition $130

    30 gal Bait Tank in very good condition Measurements: 23" Long X 16" Wide X 24" Height Asking $130 PM me here if serious.
  79. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 8-1-14 YFT Tuna and YT Report

    After a long delay this morning (knuckleheads who worked on my boat yesterday forgot to tighten the starboard exhaust hose (4 clamps) we finally headed to the bait barge....4 boats in front of us got the last deans. Damn. So anchovies it was to be. Our goal was to fish SW of the islands towards...
  80. hotrod

    Fishing For tuna tomorrow friday, August 1st, I need one to two crew

    Fishing For tuna tomorrow friday, August 1st, I need one to two crew. You guys know the drill....we will split the cost of bait fuel and ice. PM me here if you can go. thank you Mike
  81. hotrod

    Offshore Sunday 7-27-14 Fish Report for the 425 and the islands

    Sunday 7-27-14 Fish Report for the 425 and the Coronado Islands. This was my first offshore trip of the year to go after tuna. Spent all day Sat running around San Diego County :shake:to get my new trailer axle fixed and finally installed it myself by 7pm. It took me a while to get everything...
  82. hotrod

    Looking to fish for tuna Sunday 7/27/14, Need 1 or 2

    Looking to fish for tuna Sunday 7/27/14 on my 22' Trophy cuddy walkaround, Need 1 or 2 extra guys to go. Probably heading out of Oceanside to hit the nearby banks. You guys know the drill.... We will split fuel, bait and ice. Meet at 5am and back by 6pm. PM me here if you can go. Mike
  83. hotrod

    Fri 7/11/14 Pt Loma Kelp & SD By Report

    Just Nick and I today and hit the Pt Loma Kelp Fri morning after a late start. First few drifts produced some RF and sandbass. We then hit our spot in the SD bay for some spotties, macks and my second nice halibut in the last 2 weeks. Like a dummy :_smack_:I forgot to load the gaff in the boat...
  84. hotrod

    Late Report for Thurs July 3, 2014

    Took Nick and Luke out today for some pt loma kelp / sd bay fishing. Slow fishing on the edge Pt Loma Kelp and bell buoy 5 area. Pulled in close to the bait barge and picked up 5 halibut. Yours truly got a real nice sized butt. The boys were happy to pull on some fish. Nice day on the water...
  85. hotrod

    Fishing the Coronado Islands tomorrow Sat 6-07-14 need one

    Fishing the Coronado Islands tomorrow Sat 6-07-14 on my 22' Trophy and need one extra crewman You guys know the drill, we'll split the costs of fuel, bait, and ice Reply here if you can go for sure. Kurt or I will respond with a pm 8-9pm. Mike
  86. hotrod

    Sunday 3/16/14 Pt Loma Fish Report

    Sunday 3/16/14 Pt Loma Fish Report Nick and I fished on Derek's nice 25' Pro Sports walk around yesterday off of Pt Loma. Our goal was to fish the local areas for some bottom critters. We were greated by a wonderful full moon display on the way out of SD Bay. The ride out to Pt Loma was...
  87. hotrod

    Fishing Sun March 9th Need one or two

    I'd like to get out Sunday to do some fishing and need one or two guys. My plan is to fish the incoming tide for halibut/bass and/or hit the local rocks off of pt loma/pt loma kelp. I just want to get on the water for the first time this year .......My boat is a 22ft WA Cuddy. Meeting at 9am...
  88. hotrod

    56 Gal Aluminum Fuel Tank

    56 AluminumGal Fuel Tank. New, never used. Needs top side Measurements are 100" Long 17" Wide (wider end) 10.75" Wide (short end) Height is 7.75" on the wide end and 7.5" on the short width end You can cut it or bend it still to meet your needs since the sheet is new and open on one...
  89. hotrod

    Happy Birthday Kurt (Aggro)

    Happy Birthday Kurt! Here's to your birthday on a Friday have a few cold ones for all of us today. :D Also, lets get the kids out fishing next Sat Oct 16th...let me know if you're in.
  90. hotrod

    Sat 10-5 North 9 mi Bank Kelps and La Jolla Report

    We hit the upper 9 first thing in the morning and saw no kelp paddies...trolled a bit to the NE but no love. Crusied on over to La Jolla. The fishing was real slow but ended the day with a few bottom critters at La Jolla. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the company was great with Kurt...
  91. hotrod

    Need one for Sat Oct 5th

    Once again, my regulars cant make it on a short notice so I need one guy for Sat Oct 5th. We will fish the coronado islands or la jolla. I havent decided yet. We'll probably meet at 530am at the launch ramp at shelter island (pt loma) or mission bay for la jolla fishing. My boat is smoke free...
  92. hotrod

    Offshore SUN 9/29 Local Banks Fish Report

    Got a little bit of a late start and picked up a nice healthy scoop of small/medium size deans at ebros through Leo's friend. By 6:20am we are on our way south...Fished around the 425 and west of the 371 looking for kelps for nada....most kelps holding bait. We saw one small dodo on one kelp but...
  93. hotrod

    Need 2 for Sun 9-29 ... Fishing the local kelp paddies

    Fishing the local kelp paddies this Sunday 9-29 on my 22' Bayliner Trophy for dodos, yt, and tuna. My regulars cant make it, so I need 1-2 guys. You guys know the drill...we'll split the fuel, bait , and ice. My boat and crew are smoke free, so keep that in mind. Leaving at 5am and back...
  94. hotrod

    Advice Needed on my Mercruiser Outdrive Alpha One GenII - Won't raise all the way

    Hi Guys, My mercruiser outdrive (Alpha One GenII) will lower but going up it only comes up a few inches and stops. I just replaced the hydralic rams this week... It did the same before I replaced them by the way. Does the outdrive have multiple banks of solenoids. I think I'm going to check...
  95. hotrod

    Prayers needed for my Mom

    As some of you know my mom is 84 and has alzheimers...I just received a call from my sister Suzanne saying that my mom was just admitted to the ER room and might have pneumonia amd/or symptoms of heart failure. Mom you hang in there and pull through....please say some prayers for my mom...
  96. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Aug 24th Fishing Report for the 425, 371, 302 & the Islands

    Sat Aug 24th Fishing Report for the 425, 371, 302 & the Islands Our trip Report Picked up a mix scoop of bait (choves and deans) from ebros In SD Bay around 545am. Our goal was to fish the coronados first thing for YT. We fished the lee side of the North island in the morning for just some...
  97. hotrod

    Need 1 or 2 for paddy hopping tomorrow Sat Aug 24th

    Taking out a 29 fter tomorrow Sat Aug 24th to fish the islands and then go to the local banks looking for paddies. Last min trip and need 1-2 guys. Most of you know the drill...have a mex license, passport, ca fishing license and your gear. We will split the costs of fuel, bait and ice...
  98. hotrod

    I would like to hop on a private boat this w/e 8/24 or 8/25. My boat is not ready yet

    Guys, I would like to hop on a private boat this w/e 8/24 or 8/25 to fish local or offshore since my boat is still not ready yet. I've been skippering boats since I was a teenager. Who has room for my 11 yr old son and I? I will return the favor when my boat is ready. Will share costs...
  99. hotrod

    Saltwater Fishing Rods for Tuna for sale - Penn and Seeker Black Steel Graphite Serie

    Saltwater Fishing Rods for Tuna for sale - Penn and Seeker Black Steel Graphite Series These work great for Bluefin tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Albacore, Yellowtail or Dorado. Fishing Rod #1) Penn Stand Up Slammer 6' rod, med action 30-60 lb line Model # PC SLC 2560 MS 6' $140.00 Fishing Rod...
  100. hotrod

    16' Glastron w 50 HP Mercury outboard for sale

    SOLD Selling my 1978 16' Glastron open bow w 50 HP Mercury outboard I upgraded this boat with a 1984 50 HP mercury outboard - 130+ compression on all 4 cylinders Good trailer with newer tires New impeller New bilge pump w switch Good dual batteries with battery switch No Trades...
  101. hotrod

    Need Help...I need to move my 16' boat somewhere

    Hi Guys, I'm in a pinch and am asking someone on BD for some help. I need to move my 16' Glastron boat from my folks house since my sister is selling the house. I have to move it out by this Monday evening July 29...possibly a few days later. Is there any fellow BDers that can help me out for...
  102. hotrod

    Prayers Needed...Having bad luck in general, my car was stolen

    Guys, To all of my fishing buddies on here I am reaching out and saying I am a wounded dude in life right now. I just need some prayers for what has been going on. I'm not looking for sympathy, just a landing spot for my feelings of late...I'm having just lousy luck lately in general. A few of...
  103. hotrod

    Need help & advice on carbs for my 1984 50HP Mercury O/B

    I replaced my bad 1978 50 HP Mercury outboard with another one (1984 Merc 50HP). Both outboards have dual carbs on them. Keep in mind, my buddy Joe installed new rebuilt kits on the carbs of the old 1978 outboard. What I discovered is he did not clean them properly and just put the kits in...
  104. hotrod

    Need Help and advice on my Tandem Boat Trailer

    All input is welcome since I am in a bind. I bought my 22' Bayliner Trophy with tandem trailer from a guy in Mississippi last Oct. Just installed new leaf springs, U bolts and tires on the trailer. My buddy Andy was going to take it over to the DMV for inspection today but the trailer lights...
  105. hotrod

    Need Advice on My Mercrusier 4.3L V6 I/O Setup

    Need Advice on My Mercrusier 4.3L V6 I/O Setup I am getting ready to pull my Mercruiser Chevy 4.3L V6 engine this week to replace the flywheel. I ran into someone that said I need to pull the outdrive first. Who has done this before? Any advice is welcome before I pull the engine. If so...
  106. hotrod

    ******Wanted****** Good inexpensive Marine Radio, Antenna, and Small Bait Tank

    Guys, I am looking for some good used inexpensive items for my 15' Glastron: 1)Used marine radio (permanent type not handheld) 2)Used marine antenna 3)Used bait tank. I prefer a round one but not too picky. I will be selling the boat down the road and I am $$ conscious at the moment...
  107. hotrod

    Parting out my 1978 Mercury 500 (50 HP) Outboard ... Parts Only

    Parting out my 1978 Mercury 500 (50 HP) Outboard ... Parts Only Most notable items: Brand new internal wire harness $150 Rebuilt Carburetors $150 for the pair Lower Unit with propeller $275 Engine Cover (3 pieces) $125 Send PM if interested. Mike
  108. hotrod

    Need Help..1978 Mercury 500 (50 HP) Outboard Wont Start

    Need Help...1978 Mercury 500 (50 HP) Outboard Wont Start I bought a 78 Glastron recently and the outboard started right away after we replaced the internal wire harness. I ran it for about 3 mins and the shut it down when I noticed the water wasnt coming out of the pee hole. I waited a few...
  109. hotrod

    Whoa...Check out this pitch...WTF

    Whoa...Check out this pitch...WTF --> Y! SPORTS Robert Coello's forkball. - YouTube
  110. hotrod

    Pt Loma Kelp Calicos SUN 5-26-13

    Pt Loma Kelp Calicos SUN 5-26-13 Short Report Fished Pt Loma Kelp w/ Nicholas today on the Daily Double Nick was runner up for jackpot fish with his nice calico bass We had a good time catching calicos, johnny bass, a few sandbass, and assorted bottom critters Good weather, good company...
  111. hotrod

    Looking to hop on a boat...I'm free Sat 5-25 thru Mon 5-27

    Hey Guys, My 22' Trophy is not ready yet, so maybe someone can return the favor since I took alot of you guys out on the GalaxSea over the years. I am looking to hop on a boat with my son this memorial day weekend. We're free all 3 days (Sat 5-25 thru Mon 5-27). We just want to get on the...
  112. hotrod

    1/2 Day trip Report for Sat 5/04/13

    My son nicholas has been bugging me to get him out fishing, so we jumped on the FishermanIII after baseball practice Sat at 1pm. The trip going out was very windy and lumpy, and was blown out to say the least. We did drop the anchor near the whistler buoy, but after 20 mins, the anchor pulled. I...
  113. hotrod

    Take a look...Pads 9 and 3 in their last 12

    Take a look now...Pads in 4th, Doyers in last. :waglleybooty: 2013 NL West STANDINGSTEAM W L GB RS RA San Francisco 19 13 - 142 136 Colorado 18 13 .5 164 137 Arizona 17 15 2 145 123 San Diego 14 18 5 125 146 LA Dodgers 13 18 5.5 106 140
  114. hotrod

    Free Agent Left Tackle Bryant McKinnie punks the Chargers & Signs Deal w/ Baltimore

    Bryant McKinnie used us to get the deal he wanted with the Baltimore Ravens. He signed a 2-year deal to stay with Baltimore. We wined and dined him and ended up getting the shaft. There were some question marks with bringing him over and now we won’t have to deal with those issues. The issue...
  115. hotrod

    Doyers Top prospect Arrested...He will fit right in

    Faiders errr I mean Doyers Top prospect Arrested...He will fit right in --> Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers' top prospect, arrested after traffic stop - ESPN Los Angeles :rofl::rofl:
  116. hotrod

    Swimstep for 18-24' Boat

    Swimstep Platform (single step) for any 18-24' boat Excellent condition It came off of my 22' Trophy Note: the telescopic steps do not go with it. $120.00 Send a pm if interested
  117. hotrod

    Did you know the two went nose to nose in the parking lot?

    MLB is believed to be investigating Matt Kemp's confrontation with Carlos Quentin as the players were leaving Petco Park after the game. The two went nose-to-nose before Padres pitcher Clayton Richard got between them. Police and security moved in and broke it up. Kemp should be suspended...
  118. hotrod

    FRI 3/15/13 Superb Lingcod Fishing off of Las Salinas S

    I fished yesterday w/ Derek and his dad Richard off of Las Salinas. Needless to say the lingcod fishing was superb. We launched on Victor Campos' 21' center cosole yesterday morning around 7am w frozen squid and lots of plastics. The weather was a lil foggy all day and the sun never came out...
  119. hotrod

    Sad News

    Sad News...just heard that my fishing buddy (Frank Lentz) lost his mom yesterday. Please say a prayer for Frank and offer your condolences. Thanks guys.
  120. hotrod

    19' SeaRay Open Bow Fish or Ski Boat w 135HP Merc Outboard

    19' SeaRay Fish or Ski Boat w open bow 135HP V6 Mercury Outboard Good trailrite trailer, good tires New spare tire and rim Newly installed items, steering hydraulic cables from engine to helm, brass thru-hull, bait pump, bait tank, batteries, battery switch, New seats in mid section...
  121. hotrod

    Free bug bait (lobster bait) - old frozen fish and fish heads

    Free bug bait (lobster bait) - old frozen fish and fish heads Send PM
  122. hotrod

    Offshore Sunday 10-28 YT Report Paddy hoppin West of the Hidden Bank

    Sunday 10-28 YT Report Paddy hoppin West of the Hidden Bank Short Report Limits of firecracker yellowtail for 12 on the Mission Belle My son Nick caught his first YT and finished w limits Awesome Day on the Water Excellent company Excellent Weather Long Report and more pics to follow...
  123. hotrod

    2 spots open to fish tomorrow Sat 10-6

    Just got the new boat in (22 ft Trophy) and want to fish tomorrow SAT 10-6. Looking for 2 since my regulars just canceled. Open to fishing anywhere locally (IB flats for sandies, pt loma kelp, la jolla, SD bay for butts). You guys know the drill...we will split fuel, bait and ice. PM here me...
  124. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 9-14-12 Report for the 182

    Short Report Paddy hopping Fished in around the 182 and up the line a bit for zilch, nada, zippo 4 paddies all day- saw bait only on one, another boat dumped a nice dodo on another Early fog for 1/4 mi to 1/2 mile vis. Burned off at 10am Bumpy and med swell in the am...nicer in the pm...
  125. hotrod

    Looking to hop on another boat to fish Labor Day Weekend (Fri, Sat, or Sun)

    Hi Guys, I sold the GalaxSea a few weeks ago and am boatless till my 18 fter is ready. I promised to take my son Nicholas out on a private boat this labor weekend but non of my fishing buddies are available. Who can help me out? I am free Sat, Sun, or Mon this labor day weekend...
  126. hotrod

    135 HP V6 Mercury Outboard...overheating. Need help

    I have a project boat and I knew that when I bought the boat. The engine is a 1988 Mercury 135 V6 Mercury Outboard. I replaced the impeller a few weeks ago and ran it the next day after I replaced it. It seemed to run fine and the water was pissing out the tube normally...err so I thought til I...
  127. hotrod

    The GalaxSea is sold. I am available to Skipper, Ho, or find fish. Free Sat 8-10 too

    Just sold the GalaxSea yesterday :( ... Mixed feelings and emotions. So its time for me to be an extra skipper, Ho, or fish finder expert or all 3. Ready to giter done :git: Available to fish tomorrow Sat 8-11. Available on most weekends. Send PM Thanks, Mike
  128. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 8-4 BFT YT Offshore Report

    Sat 8-4 BFT YT Offshore Report Short Version Fished the Ensenada Trough Kurt pulled in one troll BFT 32 lbs on the troll b/p cedar plug way back 31.43 x 117.08 David caught 2 yt off paddies at 31.46 x 117.08 2 of these paddies had alot of yt w/ lockjaw Alot of trolling and looking at empty...
  129. hotrod

    Pads 18-15 in their last 33 games

    The Padres are 18-15 in their last 33 games which right around the time they got rid of Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett. Adding Cabrerra, Amarista, Forsthye, and Grandal to the mix has made this team exciting to watch and competitive. Lets see how the rest of the season plays out and if they...
  130. hotrod

    Will Ferrell intros Cibs game

    Will Ferrell is classic here. :rofl: LMAO You have to go about 15 videos before you find it. -->
  131. hotrod

    Looking to fish Sat June 30 or Sun June 31

    Looking to fish Sat June 30 or Sun June 31 on the GalaxSea. We will fish both the TJ Flats, Bull Ring area for barracuda and sand bass and pt loma kelp for calicos and wsb. I don't know which day yet... Looking to see who can go. Will split fuel, bait and ice. PM me here and let me know which...
  132. hotrod

    Fishing Sat at the Islands/Rockpile for YT, need 2

    Fishing Sat 6-2 at the Islands/Rockpile for YT and will need 2. Will split costs of fuel, bait, and ice. What you need: Mexican license Passport Meeting at 430am Sat 6-2 near MCRD San Diego Drop me a pm here if you can go. Mike
  133. hotrod

    32' Stamas w Twin Diesels $38K

    Price has been lowered 12K. Asking price is now $38,000 Price lowered to 36K My dad passed away and I am forced to sell my 32 ft Stamas Sportfisher 12 foot beam...very stable fishing platform. Twin Cummins 6BTA Turbo diesels w/ low hours (750). Furuno color fishfinder and Furuno 32 mile...
  134. hotrod

    MLB Bottom Dwellers 4/19/12

    MLB teams in last place...Who Sucks the Worst? NL East Philadelphia 5-7 NL Central Chicago Cubs 3-10 NL West San Diego 3-10 AL East Boston 4-8 AL Central Kansas City 3-9 AL West LA Angels 4-8 My vote goes to the Cubs, Padres and Royals...they all suck right...
  135. hotrod

    My Dad Joe Till's Funeral & Military Service Tues April 10, 2012

    Joe Till's Funeral and Military Service Tues April 10, 2012 My dad's funeral service will be next Tues April 10th at 9:00am at OLPH (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) in Lakeside and then the military service will follow at 11:30am at Miramar National Cemetery...
  136. hotrod

    The Curse of Tim Tebow 3-21-2012

    The start of the Tim Tebow starts begins on curse 3-21-2012. How long did it take the Red Soxs to get rid of the Bambino curse? The Cubs still have theirs. :rofl: In otherwords, the Donkies are screwed. LOL
  137. hotrod

    Saints put franchise tag on Drew Brees

    From ESPN The New Orleans Saints have placed their exclusive-rights franchise tag on quarterback Drew Brees, the team confirmed Saturday. The Saints were unable to agree to a long-term deal with Brees and didn't want to risk losing him in free agency. The franchise tag for a...
  138. hotrod

    Padres Cameron Maybin agrees to $25M deal

    From ESPN The San Diego Padres and outfielder Cameron Maybin have agreed to terms on a five-year, $25 million contract, the team announced Saturday. The deal also contains a club option for a sixth year. "It means a lot that these guys want me to be the face of the franchise, which...
  139. hotrod

    Free Boat / 18-21' Boat Trailer for sale

    I have a 21' Glaspar that I am giving away for free, no trailer, no engine or O/D If you want the engine and O/D (Volvo Penta 6 cylinder and O/D) I will sell it for $550 with or w/o the boat. The trailer is very good condition and am asking $750.00. The free boat does go with the trailer...
  140. hotrod

    Las Salinas Feb 18 and 19

    Short Report for Las Salinas Feb 18 and 19 Fished 2 days off of Las Salinas at local reefs/banks w/ Derek and Jim Slow fishing both days but Derek and Jim got 2 nice lings on Sat Usual bottom critters, a few calis, 1 sheephead for both days I got a nice 12 lb halibut in the bay yesterday on...
  141. hotrod

    Pads sign pitcher Micah Owings to one-year contract worth $1 million

    SAN DIEGO—General manager Josh Byrnes said Wednesday that the Padres are talking with free-agent reliever Micah Owings. Byrnes declined further comment. and reported that the sides have agreed to a one-year contract worth $1 million. The North County Times...
  142. hotrod

    All 2011 Padre Pitching leaders are gone...the picture says it all

    All 2011 Padre Pitching leaders are gone...the picture says it all Open link below, Scroll down a bit and look at the pitching leaders...they are all gone. The picture says it all. :rolleyes:
  143. hotrod

    Good Article on Padres new 1B Yonder Alonso

    By the UT Yonder, as in “off we go into the wild blue . . .,” would seemingly be the perfect name for a slugger. But when new Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso speaks of hitting, he doesn’t talk in terms of home runs. “I am not thinking 40 or 50 home runs when I’m thinking about...
  144. hotrod

    Jeff Fisher To Become St. Louis Rams Head Coach

    Jeff Fisher has decided to coach the St. Louis Rams, according to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.
  145. hotrod

    2012 NFL Playoff Schedule

    2012 AFC Wildcard Schedule January 7th or 8th (To Be confirmed) Time: TBD No. 6 Cincinnati (9-7) at No. 3 Houston (10-6) Reliant Stadium No. 5 Pittsburgh (12-4) at No. 4 Denver (8-8) Invesco Field at Mile High 2012 NFC Wildcard Schedule January 7th or 8th (To Be Confirmed) Time: TBD...
  146. hotrod

    Fishing New Years tomorrow in Las Salinas, need one

    Guys Derek (yellowklr) will be fishing New Years in Las Salinas tomorrow. Since I am sick and cant make it, he asked me to put up an ad for him. He is in Las Salinas now and will launch around 630am. He will fish the structure there for reds, lings and bottom fish and be back in by 1pm. PM...
  147. hotrod

    Bolts Playoff chances

    Bolts Playoff chances Chargers have to win out. They have tie breakers over NYJ and Titans and Bengals. Broncos don't have to lose out, they can win out and SD can still make it. Chargers win out, and Broncos lose out they're in. Chargers win out and Jets & Bengals each lose...
  148. hotrod

    Can the Raiders use a lineman?

    The Chargers have released offensive lineman Ikechuku Ndukwe following a fight in practice on Thursday. According to sources, Ndukwe became upset with defensive end Vaughn Martin and dropped Martin with a punch and then kicked him. Ndukwe was upset with how Martin had been bull rushing him...
  149. hotrod

    The Padres replace Heath Bell with Huston Street in a trade w/ Rocks

    ESPN DALLAS -- The Colorado Rockies have sent closer Huston Street and cash to the San Diego Padres. The Rockies get a player to be named and cash in the trade announced Wednesday at baseball's winter meetings. The 28-year-old Street had 29 saves in 33 chances for Colorado in 2011. He...
  150. hotrod

    Lower 9 Rockcod Report 11-25-11

    Lower 9 Rockcod Report 11-25-11 Hit the lower 9 this morning with my dad, kurt, and my son was absoultely beautiful. Fishing was kinda slow for us where we kept 11 bottomfish and 8 sand dabs, but was a really nice day to be ont he water. We used squid, plastics, and frozen...
  151. hotrod

    Fishing for Rockcod FRI Nov 25th Need 1 , Last sec request

    We will be fishing on the GalaxSea for Rockcod and I need 1 crew due to a last min canecelation. Frank had to cancel since his mom is in the hospital. We are fishing the Lower 9 tomorrow Fri Nov 25th PM me here now or call me in the morning at 5am Split costs on fuel, bait and ice...
  152. hotrod

    Chargers Dielman placed on IR, 2 OL signed

    Chargers guard Kris Dielman will not play again this season. The four-time Pro Bowler, who has not played since suffering a concussion and seizure Oct. 23, has been placed on injured reserve. Earlier on Wednesday, the Chargers continued to try to bolster their offensive line, signing...
  153. hotrod

    MLB Free Agency has begun...or has it?

    MLB Free Agency has begun...or has it? This has to be the weakest class of MLB free agents ever...other than Pooholes, Fielder Jr, and few tidbits like Rollins and Reyes here and there, this is awful. :rolleyes:
  154. hotrod

    AFC West

    AFC WEST W L T PCT HOME ROAD DIV CONF PF PA DIFF STRK San Diego 4 4 0 .500 3-1-0 1-3-0 2-1-0 3-3-0 199 204 -5 Lost 3 Kansas City 4 4 0 .500 2-2-0 2-2-0 2-1-0 3-3-0 131 201 -70 Lost 1 Oakland 4 4 0 .500 2-3-0 2-1-0 1-2-0 4-4-0 184 216 -32 Lost 2 Denver 3 5 0 .375 1-3-0 2-2-0 1-2-0...
  155. hotrod

    After this game I just wanna...

    After watching this Charger game I just wanna throw up barf That was the frosting on cake...At 530pm I get a call from my wife. "Honey my car is missing." Turns out my wife's car got towed after work at her work place :finger: that towing company! Where do employees park. She parked in a legal...
  156. hotrod

    Is Sproles' absence Chargers' problem?

    By ESPN Is Sproles' absence Chargers' problem? A lot has been made about the San Diego Chargers’ offensive woes and the issues of quarterback Philip Rivers. The Chargers -- who have scored 30 points or more at least five times since 2006 -- have not scored more than 29 points this...
  157. hotrod

    The Chargers self destruct in the 2nd half

    The Chargers self destruct in the 2nd half and beat themselves with lots of penalties and poor execution especially in the 2nd half. They looked pretty good in the 1st half but jeez :shake: wheres the killer instinct to drive the nail in the coffin in the 2nd half...I will say that this...
  158. hotrod

    Last call? Red Sux Clay Buchholz comes clean

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: By ESPN Last call? Clay Buchholz comes clean October, 20, 2011 Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz hasn't pitched since June, but he hasn't escaped criticism in the aftermath of Boston's epic September collapse. Buchholz was implicated in the...
  159. hotrod

    Yo Kurt, Happy B-Day

    Yo Kurt, Happy Birthday man! :hali_olutta:
  160. hotrod

    Chargers final cuts and additions to roster

    San Diego Chargers cutdown analysis by ESPN September, 3, 2011 Surprise move: There were some familiar names on the Chargers’ cut list. Defensive end Ogemdi Nwagbuo was productive last year, and he was a popular member of the team. Receiver Seyi Ajirotutu also made some plays last season...
  161. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Sept 3rd BFT Report at the Hidden Bank

    Sat Sept 3rd BFT Report at the Hidden Bank Short Report 14 BFT (10-16 lbs), at least that many lost in the pandimonium Early morning bite, wfo for 45 mins Nasty rough weather About 9 miles south of the lower hidden bank My 8 yr old son Nicholas caught his first 2 ever BFT Great company...
  162. hotrod

    Looking to fish tuna Labor Day weekend, need crew

    I am looking to take the GalaxSea out Labor Day weekend and will need crew to fish for tuna, We will fish Sat or Sat & Sun (yes we may do a 1.5 - 2 day). I pinged my regulars today and only 1 responded...I am not going to wait around. If the trip comes together, I will run 140 miles to where the...
  163. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Aug 20th Hidden Bank BFT report

    Sat Aug 20th Hidden Bank BFT report Short Report:Fished the Hidden Bank 2 big BFT tuna, 38 lbs each Caught from a paddy on deans #'s are 05 over 24 Long battles for these fish on 25 lb line Nice weather w/ some mixed seas, not bad Great company and good times :hali_olutta: Long...
  164. hotrod

    Coop signs 1 yr deal w/ bolts, Rookies shine

    SAN DIEGO -- The Chargers agreed to a one-year contract with linebacker Stephen Cooper on Friday. Cooper, 31, played the last eight seasons with the Chargers and started 11 of 12 games played in 2010. While Cooper was in free agency last month, the Chargers signed another veteran...
  165. hotrod

    Whoa nellie.....things not going good for Doncs Tebow

    By Bill Williamson of ESPN One of the larger storylines of the first week of training camp in the AFC West has been the plummeting stock of Tim Tebow in Denver. It appeared Tebow would be given the opportunity to start when the Broncos tried to trade Kyle Orton to Miami. That deal died...
  166. hotrod

    Umenyiora or Cotchery going to the Chargers? hmmm maybe

    New York Trade Rumors: Osi Umenyiora, Jerricho Cotchery to the Chargers? Maybe?? Read on................. here--->
  167. hotrod

    Fishing for tuna this Sat 8-6 or next 8-13, need crew

    I would like to take the GalaxSea out for tuna this Sat 8-6 or next Sat 8-13. I will need 2 crew for this Sat since my most of my regulars cant go this Sat. We may go long for them like we did last year...maybe 100+ miles. What you need is a Mexican license and a passport. We will split...
  168. hotrod

    Breaking News...Texas Rangers acquire Mike Adams from PAdres

    Breaking News... Texas Rangers acquire Mike Adams from Padres. News just broke here -->
  169. hotrod

    NFL Players Arrested During The Lockout

    NFL losers arrested during the lockout...3 from the Bengals and Colts. 2 from the Eagles, :shithappens: Packers, Bucs, and Faiders. LOL
  170. hotrod

    Chargers sign Takeo Spikes...let the NFL signing begin

    July 26th By ESPN Credit the San Diego Chargers for striking first in the AFC West when it comes to adding a big name from outside their organization. They also get a very big neck. San Diego agreed to terms with former San Francisco inside linebacker Takeo Spikes on Tuesday. He...
  171. hotrod

    Only the Padres would do this

    Only the Padres would do this :rolleyes: Oh well the season is shot, yeah go ahead ... :rolleyes: From SD UT SAN DIEGO -- The Padres have placed shortstop Jason Bartlett on the paternity leave list and recalled infielder Everth Cabrera from Triple-A Tucson. The move was announced...
  172. hotrod

    Steeler James Harrison is an idiot

    Can you say dumbass :rolleyes: ESPN With a reckless rant on the commish and teammates, James Harrison comes across as an idiot. Heavily fined Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison calls NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a "crook" and a "devil," among other insults, in an interview...
  173. hotrod

    Former Padres Skipper, Dick Williams, passes away at age 82

    Dick Williams, one of only two managers ever to lead three teams to the World Series, died Thursday from a ruptured aortic aneurysm at a hospital near his home in Henderson, Nev., the Hall of Fame said. He was 82. Article -->
  174. hotrod

    1979 Volvo/Chrysler 270 outdrive help needed

    The boat project (1979 Glasspar w 6 cyl Volvo penta) I just got was probably sitting for a while. Today, I finally got the engine running and noticed there was no water coming out the exhaust on my Volvo/Chrysler 270 outdrive (with the ear muffs and water hose hooked up). The o/d proceeded to...
  175. hotrod

    Hey Tues... Packers cb Brandon Underwood accused of disorderly conduct against wife

    So Tues...Green Bay's shit doesn't stick also? :2gunsfiring_v1: :D GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay Packers cornerback Brandon Underwood was released Wednesday on a $1,000 signature bond after being accused of disorderly conduct against his wife. WLUK-TV reports Underwood appeared for an...
  176. hotrod

    Bruce Bochy is smoking something as NL All Star Manager

    IMHO, Bruce Bochy is smoking something as the NL All Star Manager. I can justify closer Brian Wilson but not his three Giants starters. There are others that are more deserving. Padres Mike Adams got snubbed over 2 other releivers too. Come on Tim Lincecum with a 6-7 record, Matt Cain at 7-4...
  177. hotrod

    Padres #1 draft picks are a disaster, Now Tate

    Now what? Padres minor leaguer Tate suspended 50 games for violating MLB's drug prevention and treatment program By UT's Bill Center June 28, 2011 Padres General Manager Jed Hoyer said Tuesday afternoon that the club is “not ready to throw in the towel” on Donavan Tate, the...
  178. hotrod

    Is it time for Padres to wheel and deal?

    Analysis: Time for Padres to wheel and deal? By Bill Center UT 5:52 p.m., June 23, 2011 Last season the Padres won 90 games and didn’t reach the playoffs. This season it might take only 85 victories to win the tepid National League West, but hopes of this being a playoff team have just...
  179. hotrod

    Red Sox vs. Padres

    Padres were a joke in the 7th inning tonight... :rolleyes: Most of the damage with 2 outs too. :rolleyes: A joke of a season so far too. :shake:
  180. hotrod

    Marine starter vs. Automotive ?

    On the boat I just picked up, a 1979 21' Glaspar with a Volvo Penta 6 cylinder engine...I need to replace the starter. The starter is a SR37X which is the same bosch number for a 1985 Volvo 850. Marine is about $30 dollars more too. Do I really need a marine starter? I have heard about spark...
  181. hotrod

    Mike Tolbert takes to boxing for off season workouts

    By UT June 17, 2011 Mike Tolbert will tell you quicker than a left jab. The sweet science is not about chefs making dessert. The cream puffs get recognized and quickly are noshed in the ring. You get hit hard by not-so-sweet people who love hitting other not-so-sweet people as hard and...
  182. hotrod

    MLB Power Rankings...Cubs dead last Saluki

    MLB Power Rankings...Cubs dead last Saluki;_ylt=AsprNiuMdC6C7RCQ19bYnu8RvLYF?slug=ti-brown_mlb_baseball_power_rankings_060911 1. Philadelphia Phillies (37-25; Previous: 2) – Plaxico Burress leaves prison wearing retro Phillies cap, hands it to a...
  183. hotrod

    MLB Draft...Padres select 5 players in the top 60 picks

    MLB Draft Padres selections No. 10, Cory Spangenberg, 2B, Indian River State (Fla.) JC No. 25, Joe Ross, RHP, Bishop O’Dowd HS (Oakland) No. 48, Michael Kelly, RHP, West Boca Raton (Fla.) HS No. 54, Brett Austin, C, Providence HS (Charlotte, N.C.) UT's Article on the draft -->...
  184. hotrod

    Matt Latos is on a roll

    It's good to see that Matt Latos is pitching well again. He is 4-1 over his last 5 and 5-2 over his last 7. Date Opp W-L IP ERA 06/05 vs HOU W 7-2 5.0 6 2 2 0 2 3 4 8 23 98 W(4-6) -- 3.94 05/31 @ ATL W 5-4 6.0 5 2 2 0 4 7 5 10 26 106...
  185. hotrod

    I need to replace the stringers and deck on 21' Glasspar

    I just picked up a free 21' Glasspar and would like to get it ready for the summer since GalaxSea is for sale. I need to replace the stringers and deck on it first. I dont plan on keeping this boat a long time, 3 yrs max. I have done fiberglass work before but not stringers...I just need...
  186. hotrod

    Miami Dolphins owner needs his head examined

    By Gene Wojciechowski In the wake of his spectacularly tone-deaf comments about the NFL lockout, maybe it's time Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross took a 20 percent pay cut -- just like the one he imposed on some of his team employees. Better yet, he can take a forced two-week unpaid...
  187. hotrod

    Angel Hernandez is a piece of ....

    MLB umpire Angel Hernandez is the biggest piece of :shithappens: in baseball. I really think he has a personal vendetta against the Padres. Did you guys watch the game yesterday?
  188. hotrod

    Adrian Gonzalez is tearing it up

    In his past seven games, Gonzalez is batting .419 (13-for-31) with six home runs, 10 RBIs, nine runs scored and two doubles. Four of his home runs have come in the past three games. After going the opposite way on each of his previous five home runs, Gonzalez turned on a high fastball from Colon...
  189. hotrod

    Pads starting to hit now

    The Padres are starting to hit and are 7-6 in their last 13 games and batting .280 with 5.5 runs per game during that span. I tried to put up a poll but if you take too long it wouldnt let you. Their pitching is not like it was earlier before their last was will they get it...
  190. hotrod

    Rockies sliding

    The Colorado Rockies, after starting 11-2, have not been playing as well their last 17 games....going 7-10 since their hot start. If they keep it up, the rest of the pack will catch up. We shall see.... ;)
  191. hotrod

    What grade do you give your team in the NFL draft?

    What grade do you give your team in the NFL draft? I give the Chargers draft a grade a "B" For the most part I like what they did. They beefed up on defense with some physical guys (Liuget and Mouton) and added some cornerback/nickel/safety help with Gilchrist and Wright. Since 2 of our...
  192. hotrod

    Historic Photos of the NFL Draft

    Historic Photos of the NFL Draft I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. :D -->
  193. hotrod

    Fan claims Braves' McDowell made threats, slurs

    Can you say Jack Wagon? By Sports Illustrated LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Atlanta pitching coach Roger McDowell apologized Wednesday in response to a fan's complaint that McDowell spewed homophobic comments, made crude sexual gestures and threatened to knock out his teeth with a bat before the...
  194. hotrod

    What do the Chisox, Mariners, and Padres have in common?

    What do the Chisox, Mariners, and Padres have in common this year? Psst...I will answer this tonight. :D
  195. hotrod


    Kurt, it's good the Doncs traded B Marshall when they did... Dolphins Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall was released from the hospital Saturday after what police said was a domestic-violence incident in which he was stabbed by his wife with a kitchen knife Friday in the Miami area...
  196. hotrod

    Padres cant hit the side of a barn

    The Padres have great pitching but cant hit the side of a barn... Should we bring up 1B Anthony Rizzo from triple A and bench our platoon starters of Cantu and Hawpe? Rizzo is the kid first baseman prospect from the A Gonzalez trade. Cantu is batting .168 and Brad Hawpe (washed up goods from...
  197. hotrod

    Who sells the fillet cutting board material in SD?

    Does anyone know the name and address of the company in National City that sells the white material that is used to make fillet cutting boards? Mike
  198. hotrod

    Jury rejects ex-girlfriend's lawsuit against Brian Giles

    By SDUT SAN DIEGO — Former Padres outfielder Brian Giles smiled, hugged his attorneys and said "justice prevailed" Friday after a San Diego jury awarded him a resounding courtroom victory over his ex-girlfriend, who had sued him for more than $10 million in 2008. The jury of seven women...
  199. hotrod

    No Ch 4 Padres? No problemo

    I have direct tv with no channel 4 problemo. Found the padre dodger game online here at -->
  200. hotrod

    Pads take over 1st, Gigantes and Red Sox maintain as bottom dwellers

    National League WEST W L PCT GB HOME ROAD RS RA DIFF STRK L10 San Diego 3 1 .750 - 1-0 2-1 19 9 +10 Won 1 3-1 Colorado 2 1 .667 .5 2-1 0-0 12 8 +4 Won 2 2-1 LA Dodgers 3 2 .600 .5 3-1 0-1 13 22 -9 Lost 1 3-2 Arizona 1 3 .250 2 0-0 1-3 14 19 -5 Lost 3 1-3 San Francisco 1 4 .200 2.5 0-0...
  201. hotrod

    Chargers get two compensatory picks in upcoming draft

    By SDUT Friday, March 25, 2011 The Chargers will select twice in the sixth round and are back in the seventh round after being awarded the 201st and 233rd overall picks on Friday as part of the NFL's compensatory draft program. Compensatory picks are awarded to teams that lose players...
  202. hotrod

    Chargers players begin workouts on their own

    By SDUT Mar 22 2011 In the absence of organized team activities due to their being locked out by NFL owners, Chargers players began working out Monday at a site away from Chargers Park. The workouts were, predictably, organized by quarterback Philip Rivers. "We have to prepare as if...
  203. hotrod

    Chargers 12 Texans 0 in the 3rd

    In Preseason ball, the Chargers lead the Texans 12-0 in the 3rd :D :hali_olutta:
  204. hotrod

    Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

    By ESPN San Diego Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett delivered a verbal hit to Roger Goodell earlier this week, calling the commissioner a "blatant liar" in an interview with a San Diego radio station. Appearing on XX Sports Radio in San Diego, Burnett ripped Goodell when asked to respond...
  205. hotrod

    Fishing Sat Mar 12th, Need 1

    Taking the GalaxSea out this Sat Mar 12th...I still need 1 to round out the crew. We will be bottom fishing the lower 9 mile bank and the structure close to Pukey Pt North Los Coronados. Details: Meeting at 530am this Sat and back by 6pm Bring your Mexican license too PM me here you...
  206. hotrod

    Ex Padre Jake Peavy recovering from new surgery

    By Amy K. Nelson Good Read --> In a packed Chicago operating room on July 14, Dr. Anthony Romeo prepared for one of the most important surgeries of his career. Fellow surgeons, orthopedic residents, nurses, a...
  207. hotrod

    Extension reached for NFL labor talks

    WASHINGTON -- America's favorite sport is still in business -- for another day. The NFL and the players' union agreed Thursday to a 24-hour extension of the current collective bargaining agreement so that negotiations can continue. Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday, a member of the...
  208. hotrod

    Chargers sign Free Agent Bob Sanders

    Chargers sign Sanders By SDUT Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 3:57 p.m. Bob Sanders, at one time among the best safeties in the NFL, has played in just nine games the past three seasons. Free agent safety Bob Sanders and the Chargers have agreed to a deal. Sanders, who turned 30 late...
  209. hotrod

    4 Saltwater Rods for Sale: Seeker, Okuma, Tiburon, and a Graphite Custom

    Saltwater fishing Rods for Sale All of thses fishing rods and are in great shape (2 are brand new). These work good for catching yellowtail, tuna, and dorado. Rod #One) Tiburon, 7 ft long, 15-25 lb test, Model# E20F70P (used twice)$45.00 Rod#Two) OKUMA Pursuit Tuna Rod (Bait or...
  210. hotrod

    Former Chargers DL Shawn Lee RIP

    Rest in peace Shawn Lee... By the SD Union Tribune Happily and proudly, almost like twin brothers, the Chargers teammates wore the nickname “Two Tons of Fun.” Big as defensive tackles Shawn Lee and Reuben Davis were at 300-plus pounds apiece, too, they couldn’t simply go to the...
  211. hotrod

    It's official: Jackson tagged as franchise player

    By SD Union Tribune: To the surprise of no one paying attention, the Chargers on Tuesday officially designated wide receiver Vincent Jackson as their franchise player. The long-anticipated move was made by the team to ensure its most dangerous offensive weapon will be in the fold for...
  212. hotrod

    Legedu Naanee arrested in Indy

    What is it with these dumb asses? Chargers wide receiver Legedu Naanee was arrested in Indianapolis early Saturday and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest, a run-in that likely sealed his fate with the team that drafted him in 2007. Chargers' Naanee arrested in Indy -...
  213. hotrod

    Does Green Bay model work in AFC West?

    Does Green Bay model work in AFC West? February, 8, 2011 By ESPN's Bill Williamson The NFL is a copycat league. When a team has success, other teams study the reasons why and often try to implement a similar plan. Teams across the NFL will likely study the newly crowned Super Bowl champion...
  214. hotrod

    Big Ben is over rated and undeserving

    By ESPN The case for Ben Roethlisberger as a big-game quarterback before Super Bowl XLV was very clear. The narrative is not that hard to follow, since it eventually boils down to his 10-3 playoff record and a pair of Super Bowl rings. His performance in wins over the Baltimore Ravens and New...
  215. hotrod

    Skeletons in the Steelers' closet

    By ESPN's By David Fleming Two years ago the Pittsburgh Steelers were on their way to an unprecedented sixth Lombardi trophy and, after a brief encounter with Dan Rooney, the team's humble and magnanimous owner, I wondered, in this very space, if the Steelers were, in fact, the greatest...
  216. hotrod

    Sat 1/15/2011 Rock Cod Fish Report

    Sat 1/15/2011 Rock Cod Fish Report Short Report Near mex limits for 5 of rockcod Awesome weather Good company Fishing the lower 9 and 3 miles north of pukey 95% caught on cut squid Listened to the Ravens self destruct in the early game Long Report to follow tomorrow
  217. hotrod

    Did Cro cross the line? Regiie Jackson says STFU

    Cro (Antonio Cromartie) is trash talking Tom Brady now...He has taken the rivalry between the Jets and Patriots to a new level in advance of this weekend's AFC divisional game between the two. Cromartie unleashed a profanity-laced tirade directed at Patriots future Hall-of-Fame quarterback...
  218. hotrod

    Is Ron Rivera gone?

    Is Ron Rivera going to the Carolina Panthers? UPDATED: Chargers' Rivera to interview second time with Carolina By the UT Sunday, January 9, 2011 Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who engineered the league's stingiest defense in 2010, has been a frequent head coaching candidate...
  219. hotrod

    Jim Harbaugh accepts 49ers head coaching job

    Former Charger QB and USD head coach, Jim Harbaugh, accepts the 49ers head coaching job. All week, Jim Harbaugh had a good feeling about making the jump to the NFL and joining the San Francisco 49ers -- just the way mentor and late Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh did more than 30 years ago...
  220. hotrod

    Shawne Merriman signs 2 year contract with the Bills

    Shawne Merriman has signed a two-year contract to remain with the Buffalo Bills, general manager Buddy Nix confirmed on Saturday. Merriman will take an exit physical on Monday or Tuesday, according to Nix, who was happy to have the former Chargers linebacker signed even though he has been...
  221. hotrod

    Chargers will have their 3 starting wide receivers for final regular season game

    From todays UT In the week-long quest to generate a reason to be excited about Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos, this one is as good as any: For the first time, in the final game, the players expected to be the Chargers' top three wide receivers this season will play together...
  222. hotrod

    Nailgun needed to finish door jam molding

    Need some help here guys...2 things 1)I need to finish a side job for a fishing buddy. Is there someone on the board that can help me out with a nail gun that uses 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" nails. Using a hammer and nails is taking way too long. 2)I also need a grinder to remove the security door...
  223. hotrod

    2010 NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

    For the second consecutive week, the New England Patriots are the #1 team atop's NFL Power Rankings. The Patriots are followed by the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets in the top five. The Eagles vaulted three places to their season-high No. 3...
  224. hotrod

    Padres work on their roster, sign Moseley P & select Kontos P

    The Padres continue to work on their roster with some moves. The Padres officially completed the agreement for former NYY and free agent right-handed pitcher Dustin Moseley at $900,000. They took right-handed pitcher George Kontos in the annual Rule 5 draft of unprotected minor league...
  225. hotrod

    Sad News...My Dad's best friend, fishing buddy passes away

    Bill Hastings passed away on Monday from a 2 mo battle with liver and brain cancer. Bill was my father's best friend and a close friend of mine as well. I grew up fishing and playing baseball with Bill and his 4 boys (Steve, Andy, Glenn, and Michael)...I have alot of fun memories with their...
  226. hotrod

    69 Chevrolet Chevelle with a 396 big block for $5600

    No job forces me to sell my baby, a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle with a 396 big block. Paint body work already done (Lime metallic green). Firewall and inner fender wells have been prepped and painted as well. Original automatic car with A/C. Centerline rims with good tires and 12 bolt posi. I have...
  227. hotrod

    1997 Volvo 850 GLT 4 door sedan, Turbo, Automatic, $1850 spent in recent service

    1997 Volvo 850 GLT 4 door sedan turbo model with automatic transmission. This turbo volvo runs great! Clean and current registration New Smog cert $1850 worth of service work has been done on it. The following are new: head gasket, timing belt, serpentine belt, water pump, cam seals...
  228. hotrod

    Aztecs vs. Utes

    Aztecs give up 2 TD's in the end and lose to the Utah Utes 38 to 34.... Aztec QB Ryan Lindley, a former east county El Capitan Vaquero, throws for 4 TD's and 520 yards in the loss. A blocked punt, stolen from the books of the Chargers, doomed the Aztecs with about 6 mins left in the game. The...
  229. hotrod

    Padres acquire CF Maybin from Marlins

    The Padres on Saturday dipped into a position of strength to address one of need. The club acquired center fielder Cameron Maybin from the Florida Marlins in exchange for right-handed relief pitchers Edward Mujica and Ryan Webb. Maybin, who turns 24 on April 4, figures to become the...
  230. hotrod

    32 ft Stamas Sportfisher, Twin Cummins Diesels, Flying bridge For Sale or Partnership

    32 ft Stamas Sportfisher w/ flying bridge Hate to sell her but loss of job forces sale or partnership. The "GalaxSea" is a fish catcher and fish magnet. Very stable fishing platform with a 12 foot beam. Twin Cummins diesels, turbo 6BTA's w/ low hours Just spent $6K on new heads...
  231. hotrod

    Chargers are a mess with their injuries

    On top of the 2-5 record they have to deal with this.... For the second straight week, the Chargers will sign a receiver on Saturday so he can make his NFL debut on Sunday. Gary Banks, who spent 2008 and '09 on the Chargers' practice squad and was re-signed to the practice squad last week...
  232. hotrod

    Its maddening

    Read this tonight... What is maddening to the Chargers is they know they are close to being a dominant team. The Chargers entered the game ranked No. 1 in the NFL on offense and on defense. Once again, they played well on both sides of the ball. New England had only 179 total yards. San...
  233. hotrod


    Rooting for a Giants vs. Rangers World Series. Funny video... YouTube - ASHKON: DON'T STOP BELIEVING - GIANTS 2010 ANTHEM (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  234. hotrod

    Sometimes thats the way the ball bounces....

    Thats the way the ball bounces in the Chargers 3 losses...From a possible 5-0 start to a 2-3 start. For all the legitimate gnashing of teeth over inexcusable special teams errors, the offense has been in position to avoid all three Chargers losses. Loss No. 1: Down 21-14. First-and-goal at...
  235. hotrod

    Sources: NFLPA advises VJ and Mankins to report

    ESPN Restricted free agents Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins both will report this season to their respective teams, the San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots, upon recommendation from the National Football Players Association, according to several sources. Under this scenario...
  236. hotrod

    Yes, another long-snapper signed by Bolts

    The turnstile swung through for yet another long-snapper, Mike Windt, signed by the Chargers after they released Ethan Albright . Windt, a rookie who never disconnected on 395 snaps at the University of Cincinnati , was with the Cincinnati Bengals in training camp. In what's become the NFL...
  237. hotrod

    Prayers needed, my dad is in the hospital

    Prayers are dad is in the hospital My dad passed out this morning and only told my sister...he called me when it happended again and proceeded to pass out twice on the phone. I called 911 and told them to dispatch the Lakeside Fire Dept Paramedics on Riverview Ave, the street I...
  238. hotrod

    We will be fishing Weds 10-6 SE of the Hidden & around

    We will be fishing Weds 10-6 SE of the Hidden and surrounding areas. Leaving the slip at 330am... Anyone out there give us a holler. Mike on the "GalaxSea" monitoring ch 72
  239. hotrod

    AFC West High Energy Player of the Week

    A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 4. Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips terrorized Arizona's QBs.San Diego linebacker Shaun Phillips was all over the field Sunday in a 41-10 Chargers victory against visiting Arizona. Phillips had four of San Diego's nine...
  240. hotrod

    Chargers linebacker corp is getting thin

    Just one play after getting his first sack since 2008, Jyles Tucker tried to rush a punt and came up holding his shoulder. He had torn his pectoral muscle and today will be placed on injured reserve. That leaves the Chargers with just three healthy outside linebackers. Larry English is...
  241. hotrod

    Mat Latos quoted

    Did you know the Giants were a bunch of mercenaries, unlike the Padres, a real team? That's kind of what I got out of this quote from Padres starter Mat Latos via Scott Miller of "Baseball works in funny ways. The only way I could honestly put it is, we could be like the Giants...
  242. hotrod

    VJ vs. AJ Smith

    So A.J. Smith made it official Wednesday: He won’t back down to Vincent Jackson(notes), and he won’t back off from his ambitious trade demands. The San Diego Chargers’ strong-willed general manager stared down an unhappy wide receiver and several potential suitors, most notably...
  243. hotrod

    Offshore Video for Sept 8th Tuna Trip

    Video for 9 08 Tuna Trip ... 14 tuna (8 albies and 6 yft)
  244. hotrod

    Go Doyers (I cant believe I'm saying this)

    Go Doyers...I cant believe I'm saying this LOL Bottom 11th inning Doyers 6 Rockettes 6 Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Play By Play - September 19, 2010 - ESPN Pads lose 4-1 to the red birds Gigantes 9-2 over brewless
  245. hotrod

    Chargers routs Jags 38 - 13

    Chargers tear apart the Jags 38 - 13. Defense and offense kick some major butt. Merriman's presence is huge...D plays better with him in there. Mike Tolbert has caeer game 16 rushes for 82 yds, 2 TD's Defensive player of the game: Antoine Cason 2 picks, forced fumble, great play...
  246. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 9/11 yft report

    Short Report Fished the hidden bank and north towards just 6 miles short of the 371 1 nice Yellow Fin Tuna (Jimmy got it on bait) No troll fish A parking lot today Great company w/ my dad, Kurt, Jimmy, and Gabe Slow slow day...thats why its called fishing and not catching Bumpy and windy...
  247. hotrod

    Offshore Weds 9/8 Hidden Bank yft albie report

    Weds 9/8 Hidden Bank yft albie report Short report Awesome day on the water for the 6 of us Fished just S, SE of the hidden bank (see fish dope for #'s) 14 tuna (8 albies to 36 lbs, 6 yft to 29 lbs) All bait fish, no troll fish 2 spots long drifts soaking deans 1 spot on a nice meter...
  248. hotrod

    Padres are still in first

    Padres win 2 in a row and are still in first :D...
  249. hotrod

    Fishing for YFT Weds 9-8, Fri 9-10 or Sat 9-11...Need crew

    I have a full crew for both days now...thanks for your pm's guys. :D Taking the GalaxSea out and will be fishing for Yellow Fin Tuna this Weds 9-8, Fri 9-10 or Sat 9-11...I will need about 1-2 crew. You guys know the drill where we will split diesel fuel, bait, and ice. Leaving at 1am...
  250. hotrod

    NFL News...Players cut/released, signed or traded before 53 man roster limit

    NFL News... updated 227pm Notable Players released/cut: QB Leinart Cardinals WR Houshmandzadeh Seahawks RB Willie Parker Redskins WR Michael Clayton Bucs QB Simms Titans WR Josh Reed Chargers QB Cromption Chargers CB Vasher Chargers QB Pat White Dolphins Trades Eagles land...
  251. hotrod

    Hey Sean, Byron Leftwich goes down

    Sean....not looking good for your Steelless. Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich, expected to start during Ben Roethlisberger's suspension, sprained his left knee in the second quarter Thursday night as Pittsburgh beat the starter-less Carolina Panthers 19-3 on Thursday night. Coach Mike...
  252. hotrod

    Good article on Dorf, Norf , Denorf .... oh yeah .... I mean Denorfia

    Denorfia prime reflection of overachieving Padres By Bill Center, UNION-TRIBUNE Monday, August 23, 2010 at 10:38 p.m. K.C. Alfred The Padres gave Chris Denorfia a chance in spring training and have been rewarded. An observer in Chicago last week compared Chris Denorfia to the Padres...
  253. hotrod

    Sun 8-22 Pt Loma Kelp / Whistler Buoy

    This was Nick's last trip before he heads back to Israel for the school year. Took Nick and his step dad out today and started at the Whistler Buoy and then Pt Loma Kelp. Nothing at the whistler but we saw birds working just SW of us. Finally picked them up and trolled the working birds for...
  254. hotrod

    Chargers' insurance policy Tra Thomas is retiring

    Chargers' insurance policy Tra Thomas is retiring. Jeez....I really think this guy knew earlier but had to wait this long...damn guys. :rolleyes: I hope they can find a replacement quickly. Thomas, 35, said Saturday that he has decided to leave the game because he can longer play at the...
  255. hotrod

    Draft pick Karsten Whitson rejects the Padres $2.1 million signing bonus

    Who is feeding these kids such primadonna tutelege? Turning down $2.1 mil?? :confused: :rolleyes: Karsten Whitson rejects the Padres $2.1 million signing bonus. He told Dustin Kent of the Jackson County Floridan, that he was still hopeful of reaching a deal with the Padres with 30 minutes to...
  256. hotrod

    Merriman sidelined by Achilles'

    Jeez, what's next with this guy?? :rolleyes: Shawne Merriman’s road back to the field and hoped-for return to dominance will have to wait some more and could be a bit bumpier than expected. An Achilles’ injury Merriman has battled for several years flared up Tuesday night, and Merriman...
  257. hotrod

    Watch Chargers v Bears on the internet

    Watch Chargers v Bears on the internet on ATDHE.Net - Watch Free Live Sports TV i missed 2 cutler possesions but just saw rivers to legadu nanee 28 yd tv go watch it guys...enjoy
  258. hotrod

    Offshore Tues 7-20-10 Albacore report off of Punta Colnett

    Tues 7-20-10 Albacore report off of Punta Colnett Short report just got home and its 224am 12 albies (4 lost) - 10 troll, 2 bait (at 120 miles from the point) 288 miles R/T last stop a triple at 30 49 X 117 02 my other #'s on fish dope Grease like condtions til 430 pm then some wind...
  259. hotrod

    Sat July 10 Report for Pt Loma Kelp, IB, and Los Coronados

    Short Report Fished Sat July 10 at Pt Loma Kelp, off of IB kelp/Pier, and Los Coronados Some Reds and bottom tails or lings Barracuda at pt loma kelp Nice weather Too many seals at the nados Fished with Dad, my son Nick, Frank (albienut), and Jimmy G Fun trip...waiting and...
  260. hotrod

    Fishing albies this Friday 7-9, need crew

    I'm planning a trip to go after albies this Friday 7-9 and will leave at 8-9pm thurs evening. Saturday may be an option if I can get the crew together in time. Most of you guys that have fished with me know the drill where we will split fuel, bait and ice. Read my previous post here for further...
  261. hotrod

    ESPN MLB power ranking can ...

    ESPN MLB power ranking can kiss my :waglleybooty:...typical east coast biased pieces of crap. The Padres have the 2nd best record in baseball and should ranked #2 or #3 overall depending on who you talk too. ESPN's MLB rankings--> MLB Power Rankings - Major League Baseball - ESPN They...
  262. hotrod

    Albie Fishing 4th of July weekend, need 2-3 crew

    My dad Joe wants to take out the GalaxSea this 4th of July weekend (sat, sun or Mon). I will be putting together a crew to fish one full day for albacore since I cant go until Tues or Weds. I will be monitoring the weather and albie counts and will recommend a day for Joe to go. My goal is to...
  263. hotrod

    Sat 6-1\25 Middle Grounds & Pukey Pt Report

    Short Report Kurt and I took out SeaStar2 (our little 18 fter) and fished the middle grounds for 7 barracuda (1 kept) and 3 sculpin (released) at pukey point. Got a late start and only fished 3-3.5 hrs. Kurt and I got rocked a few times at pukey on dropper looped deans...prolly yellowtail...
  264. hotrod

    Want to Fish Sat 6-19 or Sun 6-20, need crew

    I would like to take out the GalaxSea this Sunday 6-20 and will need some crew. We will fish for yellowtail anywhere between the TJ flats, Los Coronados and/or the Rockpile. If yt fishing is slow, we will hit some bottom spots too. Meet at 430am and back in by 5 or 6pm. Most of you guys...
  265. hotrod

    Umpires Stink this year

    Friggin umps...they suck :rolleyes: Torrealba suspended for 3 games San Diego Padres catcher Yorvit Torrealba was suspended for three games Wednesday after making contact with an umpire. Torrealba said he planned to appeal the penalty. That would allow him to keep playing until a...
  266. hotrod

    Bolts send a message by signing tackle Thomas and WR Reed

    Chargers are preparing for the worst with possible no shows in Marcus McNeal, Vincent Jackson, and Shawne Merriman... On Weds they signed veteran left tackle Tra Thomas on Wednesday, the Chargers did much more than add depth. --> Bolts send a message by signing tackle Thomas -...
  267. hotrod

    Fishing Monday Memorial Day Need Crew

    Last minute trip...want to go fishing. We want to fish tomorrow Monday Memorial Day and I will need some crew. PM me here if you want to go. We will fish from 6am to 5pm and split fuel, bait, and ice. Thinking off pt loma kelp for yellowtail or will go to the islands, rockpile if the reports are...
  268. hotrod

    Are the Cultics going down?

    Hey Sean Are the Buston Cultics going down? :waglleybooty: Guys hurt and ejected giving Orlando new life. :hali_olutta:
  269. hotrod

    Chiefs Dwayne Bowe talks too much

    Can you say dumb ass? We all know that there are plenty of things that go on with NFL players and NFL teams behind the scenes that remain “in-house.” That’s the nature of any business, and I’m sure the league, players, and coaches prefer it to stay that way. When it doesn’t you...
  270. hotrod

    Mat Latos has no hitter through 5 against Giants

    Padres pitcher Mat Latos has a no hitter through 5 against Giants... Go Pads! :urno1:
  271. hotrod

    Steelers receiver corps takes another hit

    Just weeks after trading former starter Santonio Holmes, the Steelers suffered another blow to their depth at receiver when Limas Sweed tore his Achilles last weekend at veteran minicamp. Sweed, a backup who was due to compete for the third or fourth spot at receiver, has been placed on the...
  272. hotrod

    Official 2010 NFL Draft Thread

    Official 2010 Draft Thread for April 22, 2010 The draft starts tomorrow at 4:30pm PST... Sound off guys. Who's your team and who do you want them to draft? Are you happy with 1st round choices? :D My choice: Terrence Cody Nose Tackle at pick #28 Round 1 for the Bolts ;)
  273. hotrod

    How did Ben Roethlisberger get off the hook? Did you guys read this stuff?

    How did Ben Roethlisberger get off the hook? Did you guys read this stuff? Big Ben's accuser says she told him 'no' Apr 15, 2010 8:16 PM ET MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. (AP) The young woman who accused Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault said she tried to get away from the Pittsburgh Steelers...
  274. hotrod

    Chargers 2010 Draft Rounds 1-3 What do you think?

    The draft is exactly one week from tonight. Assuming the Chargers go NT and RB in rounds 1-3...who will they draft? Lets here what you guys think. RB Ryan Mathews or Jahvid Best RB Jonathan Dwyer, Ben Tate, or Toby Gerhart RB Joe McKnight, Montario Hardesty or Anthony Dixon NT Dan...
  275. hotrod

    A liquored Jerry Jones makes fun of Parcells and Tebow

    A liquored Jerry Jones makes fun of Parcells and Tebow--> Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones mocks Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow in video - ESPN Dallas or here -->
  276. hotrod

    Bradshaw on Big Ben: 'I'm learning not to like him'

    Shreveport, Louis. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Terry Bradshaw still loves his old team, though not necessarily its beleaguered quarterback. Asked about Ben Roethlisberger on Monday during a press conference at his charity golf tournament in Shreveport, Louisiana, Hall of Famer and FOX NFL...
  277. hotrod

    Pittsburgh trades troubled receiver Holmes to the Jets

    NEW YORK -- The New York Jets acquired talented but troubled wide receiver Santonio Holmes from the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night for a fifth-round draft pick this month, sources confirmed by Full article --> Sources: Pittsburgh Steelers trade Santonio Holmes to New York Jets...
  278. hotrod

    TJ Flats to the Rockpile Sat fish report 4-9-10

    Short Report TJ Flats to the Rockpile Sat fish report 4-9-10 Slow slow tails :indabutt: Green water everywhere :It__s_Outta_Here: Water conditons were nice today though :) Even taco meat was tough today :p: Lots of seals at north side of bird shit rock (middle gnds) The...
  279. hotrod

    Fishing South Sat 4-10 for Tails

    Fishing Sat 4-10 for Tails if the fishing stays hot south and weather cooperates. I will need one more crew...We will split bait, ice, and fuel. I will not respond to you if you ask me what the trip will cost... It will be alot less than a sport boat. Email me here if you can go only, not if...
  280. hotrod

    Sat 3-27 Rockpile Report

    Short Report for Sat 3-27 Rockpile Fished the Rockpile and 7 miles south for no yellows Got hit first thing in the morning on dropper loop/dean, but no go Found the bird school at noon and the yellows were there at 18 over 10...couldnt get em to go. The wind came up alot at 1130-noon then...
  281. hotrod

    Fishing Sat 3-27 for tails

    Fishing the flats off the smokestacks and the islands tomorrow :jig: ...anyone else going? Give me a holler on "GalaxSea" on ch 72 :food-smiley-014:
  282. hotrod

    Jets Rex Ryan has lap dance procedure

    NEW YORK -- New York Jets coach Rex Ryan underwent a weight-loss procedure Saturday to help him fight obesity. The husky Ryan had lap-band surgery at NYU Medical Center, and was relaxing at his home Saturday night in New Jersey, team spokesman Bruce Speight told The Associated Press...
  283. hotrod

    Chargers Whitehurst a hot commodity

    Chargers Whitehurst a hot commodity By Len Pasquarelli Whitehurst's appeal-- Fair price, upside make QB marketable -- despite glaring lack of experience. Despite having appeared in only two games in his career and never having attempted a pass in four seasons, quarterback...
  284. hotrod

    Looking to Fish Sat 3-13 or Sun 3-14 -I will need crew...we can buddy boat too

    I know this is so last minute but I'm looking to fish tomorrow Sat 3-13 or Sun 3-14. I will need crew. Maybe we can buddy boat too. Whos in and who wants to go? We will split fuel, bait, and ice. Just have you mexi license. Thinking of yellows at pukey or bottom fish at the lower 9 or...
  285. hotrod

    The R word in Steelessville?????

    The R word in Steelessville????? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Re...........................Rape and Recklessness.......... Sorry Sean, but.......Pittsburgh Steeless quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is being investigated in an...
  286. hotrod

    Chargers trade Cromartie to Jets

    I like the trade here, however, I dont like that it was an AFC team (especially the Jets). The San Diego Chargers have traded Antonio Cromartie to the New York Jets for a 2011 third-round draft pick that could turn into a second-round pick, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter...
  287. hotrod

    Trouble ahead for Doncs running back?

    I remember alot of analyst had the Chargers pegged to draft this guy last year...I'm just glad they didnt. Looking at his body language and seeing how cocky he came across, I had a feeling this guy meant trouble. Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno isn't in trouble, at least yet, but he is...
  288. hotrod

    Chargers' Cromartie remains on trading block

    This about sums it up--> Hilarious Facebook Convo... Article--> Chargers' Cromartie remains on trading block -
  289. hotrod

    My previous post

    Regarding my previous post...In all honesty I didnt know...I really didnt know you cant post political stuff anymore. I dont come in here that much, and to be honest, I've never read the rules. And I dont look at all the forums like I used. So, my bad and my apologies guys. Mike
  290. hotrod

    Need a new room mate, offering $75 off 1st month

    I just got laid off from my job and my previous room mate opted to buy his own now I need a new room mate. I own a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Clairemont next to Mesa College. I have 2 rooms to chose from. One room is $575 per mo and the other is $650. You will have your own bath...
  291. hotrod

    NBA All-Star Game drew a record crowd of 108,713 fans

    I'm not a big NBA guy but watched the re-run of the 4th quarter of the NBA All Star game tonight. The 4th quarter was close and kept my attention which is unusal for an All Star game...LOL Sunday's NBA All-Star Game drew a crowd of 108,713 fans at Cowboys Stadium to set a new basketball record...
  292. hotrod

    Pads sign Garland as starting pitcher, Add Loreta to front office

    The Padres sign Jon Garland as a free agent starting pitcher Padres acquire free-agent pitcher Jon Garland - They add Mark Loreta to the front office Retired Loretta rejoins Padres, in front office -
  293. hotrod

    Padres send Kouzmanoff to A's in a 4 player trade

    Padre fans, this just in... After coming up short in a bid to sign free agent Adrian Beltre, the Oakland Athletics filled their third base void Friday by acquiring Kevin Kouzmanoff in a four-player trade with the San Diego Padres, a baseball source confirmed. Kouzmanoff, who hit 18 homers...
  294. hotrod

    Round 2 of the playoffs in the AFC

    No I'm not discounting the wild card teams, however, I really do think it will unfold this way. Round 2 of the playoffs in the AFC: NE at SD and CIN at Indy
  295. hotrod

    Fishing the S 9 Mi Bank & Los Coronados...need 3 crew

    I'm heading out tomorrow to fish for rockcod and bottom dwellers at the South 9 mi bank, possibly the structure before los coronados as well. I'm looking for 2-3 guys that wanna get out and fish. Pls have your mexican license. meet at 7am and back by 4pm. splitting fuel, bait, and ice. pm...
  296. hotrod

    Read this tonight

    I ran across this tonight on ESPN
  297. hotrod

    LED Christmas Lights ... BD members get 10% discount

    Alright guys, its that time of the year for LED Christmas Lights.... I talked to my boss and he said he can give you guys a 10% discount on our LED Christmas lights. Call in at 1-888-880-1880 or purchase online (see links below). If ordering online, use the code BD10 for your discount when...
  298. hotrod

    LMAO saw this at work day

    I had to send out this order today and fell on the floor laughing my ass of. :rofl: SHIPPING METHOD:Fedex Ground Shipping instructions: Leave behind bush by front door
  299. hotrod

    Chargers release Chris Chambers

    From tonights UT – The Chargers parted ways with Chris Chambers Monday. For so many reasons. Officially, and legitimately, the emergence of Malcom Floyd as a dependable target and big-play threat made the struggling Chambers expendable after two years in San Diego. But, in a...
  300. hotrod

    NFL live from your browser

    Here are some live feeds (see below) ...enjoy I'm still trying to find the Donk v. Ravens game...I have the Dolphins v Jets, Cowboys v. Seahawks, Giants v. Eagles on now. - Live Video and Chat for Everyone Watch Live Sports, Football, NFL, NHL, NBA...
  301. hotrod

    49ers V. Colts ....... Donks v. Ravens

    Good game so far Jim. Alex Smith looks better than Shaun Hill as QB so far. ...I'm pulling for the local kid. Gotta watch out now for Peyton Manning in the second half. How about the dumbass that got the 15 yd penalty for his excessive show after the last 49er TD...can you say dumb ass...
  302. hotrod

    YFT fishing tomorrow Sat 10-17-09 ...need 2

    YFT fishing tomorrow Sat 10-17-09 ...need 2 crew. My regulars are busy so I will ask here..probably running 30-60 out. You know the drill...split fuel, bait, and ice. pm me here if you can go... Mike
  303. hotrod

    Chargers release strong safety Hart

    Chargers release strong safety Hart Teams signs tackle to shore up defense By Kevin Acee Union-Tribune Staff Writer 8:34 p.m. October 14, 2009 SAN DIEGO -- A defensive shake-up that had been hinted at took shape Wednesday in the jettisoning of one starter and the re-signing of a player...
  304. hotrod

    Holding Calls

    Is it me or do the refs seem lax on the holding calls this year.
  305. hotrod

    Broncos vs. Patriots Thread

    I have the Denver v. Pats game on and Denver was moving down the field at will...what did Bill Belichek do? He called a timeout unlike Norv Turner would do. End result, they stop Denver and Denver misses the field goal. They get the ball and march down the field for a touch down. This is a...
  306. hotrod

    Sometimes all it take is a good ass kicking

    Defense on notice: Jobs are on the line Coordinator Ron Rivera challenges his squad after ragged performance in Pittsburgh By Kevin Acee Union-Tribune Staff Writer 6:48 p.m. October 7, 2009 Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips says the beleaguered defense will step up. “I'm looking...
  307. hotrod

    Fishing Sat Oct 10 for YFT need crew

    Taking the GalaxSea out this Sat Oct 10 to go after YFT. My regulars are a "no go" so I will need some crew. You guys know the drill...split fuel, bait, and ice. Meet at 330am back by 630pm PM me here if you can go. Mike
  308. hotrod

    If you could have a new head Coach

    Alright guys....If you could have a new head Coach for the Chargeless, who would it be?
  309. hotrod

    Kevin Towers was let go by by Pads GM Moorad

    ESPN News By Buster Olney If you're looking for a CliffsNotes version of what has happened in San Diego, just flip on the movie "Major League." To review the events of the past 15 months in San Diego: With the divorce of Padres owner John Moores getting very ugly, the team's front office...
  310. hotrod

    Pads continue to win ...Sweep Doyers...No celebrating on our turf ;)

    No celebrating for Dodgers at Petco Park By Bill Center Union-Tribune Staff Writer 10:11 p.m. September 30, 2009 SAN DIEGO – The Padres have become San Diego's ultimate NIMBYS. Behind the one-hit pitching of Clayton Richard and relievers Mike Adams and Luke Gregerson – plus a...
  311. hotrod

    Hardwick, Vazquez, Tomlinson hurt

    SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers go into their home opener against Baltimore with concerns on the offensive line after center Nick Hardwick and rookie right guard Louis Vasquez were hurt in Monday night's win at Oakland. Hardwick sprained his left ankle and Vasquez sprained a knee in the...
  312. hotrod

    Amen to UT's waltmccarty

    Amen non charger homo's can go elsewhere! :madfire:
  313. hotrod

    Pads keep winning series

    Pads just won another series taking the Dockies 2 out of 3 even without Kooz and Blanks. They've won 11 out of their last 14 series and are finally playing good ball. They are no longer in last place as well. Now I know why the new owner is excited about next year. :) And all of you...
  314. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 9-12-09 Upper finger, 425, 371, N Coros Isl and 9 mi bank Fish Report

    Short Report now since I'm beat... Started at grey light NW of the upper a troll yft 2 miles west of our starting spot on blk/purp marauder. Then 4 miles west of there we got one nice dodo and a yellowtail on a paddy...A big boat came in and shut down the bite. Alot of trolling...
  315. hotrod

    Charger Game tonight is a Blackout...Any internet links?

    The Charger Game tonight is a Blackout... Does anyone have any internet links showing the game?
  316. hotrod

    YFT Fishing Sat or Sun, need crew

    The bite is still red hot so why not go....thinking of going Sat 9-5 or Sun 9-6. PM me here and let me know what day you can go and lets put together a YFT trip. You guys know the drill...split fuel, bait, and ice. Mike
  317. hotrod

    Chargers trade for defensive lineman from Texans

    Chargers trade for defensive lineman from Texans By Kevin Acee Union-Tribune Staff Writer 8:35 p.m. August 31, 2009 SAN DIEGO – The Chargers moved Monday to bring experience and depth to their defensive line, acquiring Travis Johnson in a trade with the Houston Texans. And that may...
  318. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 8-29-09 1010, 1067 Knuckle WFO YFT Report

    Sat 8-29-09 1010, 1067 Knuckle WFO YFT Report Short Version: Limits for 4 of YFT (40 yft caught (20 released) in 2 hrs from 10am to 12am 1 albie and 12 skipjack 3-4 miles NW of the 1067 8am 5 fish stop 1-1.5 miles north of the WFO stop Still catching yft on the troll while working home...
  319. hotrod

    Fishing for YFT Sat 8-29, need crew

    I'm taking the GalaxSea out this Sat leaving at 1am to fish for YFT. Had some last min cancellations so I need 1-2 crew. You guys know the drill...split fuel, bait and ice. PM me here and I will reply by 5pm pls be patient! Thanks, Mike
  320. hotrod

    Is Pujols a primadonna?

    I saw this yesterday and didnt know this happened... You guys tell me whats your take on Pujols? article--> Venable-Pujols matter is over, right?
  321. hotrod

    Offshore Weekend Weather Forecast ...Be careful guys...

    Please be careful out there guys... Hazardous Weather Outlook NWS San Diego, CA Zone Forecast: Coastal Waters from San Mateo Point to the Mexican Border and out to 30 nm (PZZ750) Synopsis...AT 8 AM PDT...A 1016 MB HIGH WAS 500 NM SW OF SAN DIEGO WITH A SURFACE RIDGE EXTENDING NE INTO ORANGE...
  322. hotrod

    Fishing Offshore Sat Aug 22, need crew

    I will be taking the GalaxSea out this Sat offshore for tuna....probably going 65-85 miles. Since most of my regular crew cant go, I will need some crew. We will be meeting at 11pm Fri night. You guys know the drill...we will split fuel, bait, and ice. I do run a smoke free boat. PM me...
  323. hotrod

    Padres sign Tate, other top picks

    The three high school players the Padres selected with their first-, second-and fourth-round picks in the June draft have all signed contracts with the Padres. “This is a great day for our organization,” said Grady Fuson, the Padres vice president of scouting and player development...
  324. hotrod

    Pads come back in 9th and sink the Cubs

    Saluki, this ones for you... :D Pads come back in the 9th inning to beat the Cubs. A 2 out double by Headley scores Eckstien to tie the game 1-1....Screwy Louie walks Kooz to pitch to Kyle Blanks...yep, you guessed it. Blanks hits 3 run homer to win it 4-1 walk off style. :D
  325. hotrod

    Did you know...

    Did you know... The Doyers are only a .500 team since June 19th...thats almost 2 mos. They started out great but have been an average team since June 19. :gaygroup: Unless they turn it around, I dont see them winning the division or advancing far into the playoffs. The Rockies can catch...
  326. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 8-1-09 157 Bank Offshore Report Albies, YT w/ lost Dodo & Marlin

    Short Report Im beat so here it is... Fished the 157 (64-70 miles from pt loma) 203 miles RT 6 Albies (3 lost) 1 YT (2 lost) 1 lost hen dodo on the troll (ate fish trap trolled way back) 1 hooked striped marlin 10 min battle (came unbuttoned...very cool to see it jump several times) (ate...
  327. hotrod

    The Young Padres

    I know, I know, this takes time but I'm enjoying watching the new and young Padres...Kyle Blanks is going to be a beast. Stauffer looked damn good today . Its about time they won 3 in a row....I hope they can keep growing and move forward in a positive direction. The injuries just destroyed this...
  328. hotrod

    Manny and David Ortiz on the list of 104 testing positive

    It was all over ESPN today.... Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were among the 104 major league players listed as having tested positive for performance-enhancing substances in 2003, lawyers with knowledge of the results told The New York Times. The two were key members of the Boston Red Sox...
  329. hotrod

    Fishing this Sat Aug 1, need crew

    After taking a week off, I'm planning on fishing this Sat Aug 1 and will need some crew since most of the regulars cant make it this sat. We will fish for whatever is biting best (albies, yt, or dodos). You guys know the drill...we'll split fuel, bait, and ice. Send me a pm here if you...
  330. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 7-25-09 Offshore Report

    My dad Joe took out the GalaxSea yesterday and fished in and around the 224, the 230, and the 302 looking for albacore. The crew was Mickey, his friend, and 2 Dave's from BD, and one more BDers. Joe and crew found slow fishing during the morning hours until around 9:00 AM when they found a kelp...
  331. hotrod

    Offshore Fishing this Fri or Sat, need crew

    My dad will be taking the GalaxSea out for Offshore Fishing this Fri or Sat and will need crew. Give Joe a call and let him know what day you can go. Joe is up for going where the fish are being caught, whether thats the 230 (@25 miles) or the 295 (@68 miles). Unfortunately I cant make it this...
  332. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 7-18-09 Albie & Dodo Report at the 371 and 230

    Short story 9 albacore (5 troll, 4 bait) 1 dodo hen (17 lbs) Dodo blind strike 6 mi south of 371 Albies caught near 230 Boiling BFT 7 mi south of 371 (couldnt get them to go) :( Sloppy weather Fun company (My son, Kurt, Bill Rinkes, Wayne and Darrell) :D Long Report added 1pm Sunday After a bit...
  333. hotrod

    Massive Squid Wash Up in Quake Aftermath 4.0 earthquake hit off the coast of La Jolla

    Massive Squid Wash Up in Quake Aftermath Jumbo Humboldt squid wash-up minutes after 4.0 earthquake hit off the coast of La Jolla, It was an odd start to the morning Saturday in La Jolla, Calif. First residents were jolted out of bed by an earthquake, which is not uncommon in San Diego...
  334. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 7-11-09 Offshore Report (Hidden Bank, 1010, 213, 378, 425)

    Fished today with Vince (Full Tilt), Brian, Matty on the 33' SeaCat. We hit the Hidden Bank first, then the 1010, 213, 378, near the 390 and thru the 425 today, slow fishing, no albies, 2 YT to 18lbs off paddies east of the 378 and West of the Hidden Bank. Snotty mixed seas just like 2 wks ago...
  335. hotrod

    I am available to fish Sat 7-11 for albies

    I am available to fish Sat 7-11 for albies since my boat needs new heat exchangers. I've taken out a bunch of you guys fishing over the last 12 yrs, so who can return the favor and take me fishing? Thanks, Mike
  336. hotrod

    Why did the Padres just trade Scott Hairston to the A's?

    Why did the Padres just trade Scott Hairston? This makes no sense to me...They couldve locked this guy up for little money to a long term contract, but they had to go trade him...why? Story--> San Diego Padres ship OF Scott Hairston to Oakland A's for three players - ESPN
  337. hotrod

    Offshore Offshore Albie report Sat 6-27-09

    Short Report I'm beat just got home Fished 10-15 miles south of the 295 Bank and 238 Spot for 5 albacore. All between 630am and 8:30 AM. 2 bait, 3 troll, #6 lost right at the boat A seasick son 210 nm RT Bumpy, larger groundswell The triple came on the black/purple jet head, cedar plug and a...
  338. hotrod

    Taking the GalaxSea out Sat 6-27 on her first 2009 Albie trip

    Taking the GalaxSea out Sat 6-27 on her first 2009 Albie trip :beerbang: ...looking to team up with anyone going Sat. :Zombie_Ro If I need crew, I will be posting Tues or Weds. Lets go gettum guys, just installed new injector pumps and injectors on both cummins and am ready to roll. :D :git:
  339. hotrod

    Khalil Greene has been placed on the 15-day DL because of social anxiety disorder

    The Cardinals on Friday placed Greene on the 15-day disabled list because of social anxiety disorder. I like Khalil as a person and a shortstop...I didnt like him when he swung at curveballs low, outside and in the any event I wish him well in getting through his anxiety disorder...
  340. hotrod

    SD Bay Sand Bassin

    SD Bay Sand Bassin Fished on the bow of my boat at my slip with my son today from 130 to 500pm for 5 sandbass....we farmed 4 also. My son had a blast. Had Larry pull the head off the port engine and Joe is sending it out to the machine shop manana. Hope to have it all done by next Sunday...
  341. hotrod

    Looky here TH vs. HB

    Sortable Pitching PLAYER Team GP IP H R ER BB SO SV ERA Trevor Hoffman,MIL10 10.0 3 0 0 0 10 9 0.00 Heath Bell,SDG 13 14.0 7 0 0 3 17 9 0.00 Trevor's and Heath Bell's numbers are nearly identical 9 saves and a 0.00 ERA :rolleyes:
  342. hotrod

    Padres on a 4-19 plunge into the dark abyss

    The San Diego Padres are on a 4-19 plunge into the dark abyss. Their current 4-19 plunge that has followed the season's 9-3 start, is worse than the 2008's dreadful 99-loss season. Simply put they stink. :shithappens: :shithappens: :shithappens: :shithappens: Here's UT's seven-step program to...
  343. hotrod

    Malcom Floyd is a no show so far....

    I have 3 words to say on this "I hate agents." Wide receiver Floyd's absence is puzzling By UT's Kevin Acee May 12, 2009, 2:46 p.m. Malcom Floyd is one of the nicest, humblest men I have ever met. A great guy to talk to, I speak with him almost daily during the season. He's that...
  344. hotrod

    Chargers sleeper pick of the draft will be Kevin Ellison S from USC

    I think the Chargers sleeper pick of the draft will be Kevin Ellison S from USC...the fact the Chargers got him in the 6th round is awesome. Some even think he may become starter by the season or by mid-season. We'll have to wait and see. ;) From today's UT Chargers minicamp isn't quite a...
  345. hotrod

    Trevor earns first save in a Brewers uniform

    Trevor Hoffman earned his first save as a Brewer Tues night April 28, 2009 in Milwaukee. The Brewers beat the Pirates 6-5. Milwaukee Brewers Photos - MLB Baseball - ESPN
  346. hotrod

    Official 2009 Chargers Draft Thread... No Poll here

    Ok guys, the 2009 NFL draft is less than 10 hrs from now. Who are the Chargers going to draft in the first 3 rounds? What are your picks for their current Round 1 and Round 3 picks? Lets hear what you have to say guys.... Here's what I think... Rd 1 with the 16th pick Knowshon Moreno...
  347. hotrod

    Fishing Sat at the R Pile, Nados, and 425/302 Paddies, need 2 crew

    I would like to go fishing tomorrow (Sat 4-18) at the R Pile, nados, and 425/302 Paddies. Since some of my normal crew cant go tomorrow, I will need 2 crew. You guys know the drill...we will split fuel, bait and ice. Meet at 4am and back no later than 7pm. If you're serious about...
  348. hotrod

    Heath Bells new intro as Padres closer

    I got to see Heath Bells first save of the year tonight as he shut down the Dodgers in the 9th. His intro is Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away Here is Heath Bells new song as Padres closer --> YouTube - 300 Music Video (Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away) I'm sure someone will put up a video...
  349. hotrod

    Opening Day...Padres vs. Dodgers Mon April 6

    Opening Day...Padres vs. Dodgers Mon April 6 at Petco Park So who's going? I'm taking my Dad. :D
  350. hotrod

    Matt Bush in trouble again

    Just for you Saluki and Wildcat...another poll !:gay::shakin::D Matt Bush is in trouble again From today's UT Friday, April 3, 2009 From coast to coast, trouble continues to brew for former Padres No. 1 draft pick Matt Bush. This time, the former Mission Bay High standout was released by the...
  351. hotrod

    Rumor has it that the Chargers may trade ....

    Rumor has it that the Chargers may trade WR Chris Chambers to the Jaguars for DT John Henderson and possibly a 2nd round pick. That 2nd round pick alone would be worth it. Remember Chambers was obtained for a #2 pick from Miami. In the same sports forum I got this from, I read this... I...
  352. hotrod

    If the Chargers draft a linebacker in the first 2 rounds, who will it be?

    Here you go guys.... If the Chargers draft a linebacker in the first 2 rounds, who will it be? Remember, Aaron Curry of Wake Forest will be gone by the 16th he's not on the poll.
  353. hotrod

    Are you kidding me?

    Are you kidding me? Dont tell me 2008 is happening all over again with injuries.... Mark Worrell, the right-handed relief pitcher with an unorthodox delivery who was acquired from St. Louis in exchange for shortstop Khalil Greene, will miss the 2009 season. Worrell has returned to San...
  354. hotrod

    Will the Chargers Draft a Defensive Tackle or End in the 1st Round?

    As much as the Chargers will probably be able to draft the best RB in the draft this year...they need to draft a player on the defensive side of the ball. If they decide to go with a DT or DE, who should the Chargers Draft in the 1st round? I will put up a Defensive LB post up next week. 38...
  355. hotrod

    How do you not like this guy?

    How do you not like this guy? I love this guys that dont like him need your head examined. Watch the video---> Jeffri Chadiha examines LaDainian Tomlinson's deal with the San Diego Chargers - ESPN
  356. hotrod

    Bolts adds free agent linebacker Kevin Burnett

    Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Kevin Burnett, one of top remaining linebackers in free agency, reached a contract agreement with the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday. According to a source, Burnett agreed to a two-year, $5.5 million deal that included $4 million in guarantees. Burnett had been...
  357. hotrod

    Marine tells Lazy Iraqi Police how he really feels

    Marine tells Lazy Iraqi Police how he really feels mywarvideo Lazy Iraqi Police get motivational speech
  358. hotrod

    Looks like LT will be gone according to sources

    Stay or go? Decision now in LT's hands By UT's Kevin Acee Posted: 6:06 p.m. Friday March 6, 2009 It's been almost two weeks since the Chargers and LaDainian Tomlinson's agent began the back and forth of a contract restructure for the iconic running back. The back and forth is finished. This...
  359. hotrod

    Will the Chargers draft a RB? Here's a few Charger running back scenarios

    After looking at who's available in the draft for running back along with the LT are some scenarios: 1)Chargers keep LT and draft RB Shonn Greene out of Iowa. Shonn reminds me alot of Michael Turner and I can see this happening if they move up in the second round. I doubt he will...
  360. hotrod

    Denver's Brandon Marshall arrested again, this time for disorderly conduct

    Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who's had a string of off-the-field brushes with the law, has had another. Marshall was arrested Sunday in Atlanta and booked into the Atlanta City Jail on a disorderly conduct charge. Details of the events leading to Marshall's arrest are not...
  361. hotrod

    Lions' Smith, Raiders' Cooper missing after fishing trip

    CLEARWATER, Fla. -- The Coast Guard was searching off Florida's Gulf Coast on Sunday for a fishing boat carrying NFL players Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper and two other men missing nearly a day in choppy seas. Smith and Cooper were on a 21-foot vessel that left Clearwater Pass for a fishing...
  362. hotrod

    That about sums it up....

    Saw this today in the UT comments section and this sums it up
  363. hotrod

    Trade talks infuriate Cutler

    Source: Spurned Cutler wants to be traded February 28, 2009 7:30 PM Posted by's Bill Williamson The Denver Broncos may have seriously damaged their relationship with quarterback Jay Cutler. A source close to the situation confirmed the Broncos were trying to acquire quarterback Matt...
  364. hotrod

    Manny Ramirez rejects Dodgers' latest offer

    Manny rejects Dodgers' latest offer... Star slugger Manny Ramirez has rejected yet another offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers. After getting shot down by Manny for the fourth time, the Dodgers should just simply move on, Kevin Kennedy says. The Dodgers announced Thursday that the...
  365. hotrod

    NFL Free Agent Signing frenzy begins

    NFL FREE AGENCY Free-agency news: * Haynesworth, 'Skins reach $100M deal * Browns trade TE Winslow to Bucs * Ravens LB Bart Scott signs w/ Jets agree to $48M deal * Broncos sign 5 free agents * Titans reach new deal with Collins List of all live news--> FOX Sports on MSN -...
  366. hotrod

    Sat 2-21-09 Rockpile, Middle Grounds, Lwr 9 Fish Report

    Sat 2-21-09 Rockpile, Middle Grounds, Lwr 9 Fish Report Short Report Fished the Rockpile, Middle Grounds & Pukey, and the Lower 9 today Assorted rockfish, 23 fish kept A slow pick kinda day nice weather good company, fun times Long Report Hit the Rockpile this morning around 730. Had Dad, my...
  367. hotrod

    Fishing Sat 2-21 Lower 9 or the Rockpile

    I'm planning on fishing this Saturday the lower 9 or the rockpile... Need 1-2 crew to fill out the boat since its kinda last minute. Meet at Sat 5am and back no later than 6pm. You guys know the drilll...PM me here if you can go. Mike
  368. hotrod

    Jaguars cut Drayton Florence and Jerry Porter

    The Jaguars parted ways Wednesday with their two high-profile free agents from a year ago when they cut wide receiver Jerry Porter and cornerback Drayton Florence two days after NFL teams were allowed to begin releasing players. Maybe the Faiders will sign Porter back and give Drayton a try...
  369. hotrod

    Can you say dumb $hit

    From today's UT Thursday, February 5, 2009 Matt Bush is in hot water again.... Matt Bush's days as a Padre are over. And they ended in much the same way they began – with a controversial incident that involves the police. The Padres designated Bush for assignment Thursday, just as El...
  370. hotrod

    Here's the real MVP of Super Bowl XLIII

    Here's the real MVP of Super Bowl XLIII by Jason Whitlock Terry McAulay should be headed to Disney World this morning. He should be the toast of Pittsburgh, a guest on PTI and Jim Rome's Jungle and driving whatever luxury vehicle that is awarded to the Super Bowl's MVP. McAulay outshined...
  371. hotrod

    Sat 1-31-09 Lower 9, North Los Coronados Fish Report

    Sat 1-31-09 Lower 9, North Los Coronados Fish Report Short Report Limits of rockfish and blue perch for 4 30 fish kept, the rest released Beautiful weather...flat all day Wall of fog heading in the distance at 330pm ...5-10 mi from pukey pt Long Report Its been 3 long months since Ive been...
  372. hotrod

    Fishing the lower 9 tomorrow Sat 1-31 - need one

    Fishing the lower 9 tomorrow Sat 1-31 for rockcod. My fifth cant make it, so I will need one to fill out the boat. So who wants to fish the Sat before the Super Bowl? Meet at 4am and back in the slip by 530pm. You'll need a mexican license. You guys know the drill... PM me in if...
  373. hotrod

    AJ mans up and calls LT

    Chargers GM AJ Smith calls Tomlinson in effort to clear the air...this had to happen and I'm glad AJ did this. Hopefully they can re-structure LT's contract and get him a ring. By UT's By Kevin Acee The Chargers on Monday made moves to reach out to their star running back and to their fans...
  374. hotrod

    Padres news, signings, and updates for Jan 21 2008

    With a roster trimmed 40-45 mil payroll this year, this will be a down year for the Padres. Here are the moves they've made so far. 4/3 Friday Baek to disabled list Cha Seung Baek, the Padres projected No. 3 starter, will open the season on the disabled list because of the forearm strain he...
  375. hotrod

    Cardinals v. Eagles

    Boy the Cardinals are looking very good so far today....lets see how the 2nd half plays out.
  376. hotrod

    Former Steelers doctor embraced HGH

    Former Steelers doctor embraced HGH PITTSBURGH -- At 6:45 on a Friday morning in October, Dr. Richard Rydze is perched behind the cluttered desk in his second-floor corner office, surrounded by autographed Pittsburgh Steelers footballs and photos. Just over his shoulder, a window provides a...
  377. hotrod

    Fishing tomorrow Fri Jan 16 @ lower 9, islands - need crew

    Updated... Thinking of fishing the lower 9 or Coronado islands tomorrow Sat Jan 17th. If I can put a crew together for tomorrow I'll go...Leave at 6am back no later than 4pm. Call me on my cell 619-254-8784
  378. hotrod

    Chargers fire 4 assistant coaches today

    Chargers fire 4 assistant coaches today... From today's UT The poor performance of the Chargers' secondary cost assistant coaches Bill Bradley and Kevin Ross their jobs Tuesday, and that was not the extent of the job loss at Chargers Park. The team also fired tight ends coach Clancy Barone...
  379. hotrod

    Cromartie played this season with a fracture in his hip

    Antonio Cromartie revealed Monday he played this season with a fracture in his hip. A Pro Bowl cornerback only a year ago, Cromartie said the injury, which he suffered in the second quarter of the season opener, should heal with rest and he expects to return to form. “Hell yeah,”...
  380. hotrod

    Trevor signs with the Brewers

    Trevor Hoffman signs with the Brewers for 6 mil per year. So tell me, will the Padres miss Trevor this year? Article -->
  381. hotrod

    Franchise tag on Cassel

    Who should the Chargers franchise tag? It is reported that the Patriots will slap the franchise tag on backup qb Matt Cassel.
  382. hotrod

    Last years Colts v. Bolts Playoff game

    Anyone watching last years Colts v. Bolts Playoff game on the NFL network right now...brings back a lot of memories. Remember last year in the RCA dome when: 1st quarter - LT hurt his leg in this game.... Michael Turner takes over. 2nd quarter - Chromartie has a 87 yd TD pick that is called a...
  383. hotrod

    Things are heating up this week for Bolts v. Broncs...Wilhelm on Cutler too

    Wilhelm, among others, finds it preposterous that Cutler has said again and again he doesn't like the way Rivers acts on the field. According to Chargers players then and now, it was trash talking and gestures by Cutler last year that precipitated Wilhelm and Phillips waving goodbye to Cutler...
  384. hotrod

    Bills 30 Broncos 23

    Bills 30 Broncos 23 :D final Thank you Buffalo and Merry Christmas to you :cheers: :D
  385. hotrod

    Steelers lost to the Titans today

    The Steelers lost to the Titans today...who'd would've thunk? :shake: I really thought the Steelers would've beat em to gain home field advantage.
  386. hotrod

    Giles sued for physical abuse by ex girlfriend & underwent anger managment in 06

    Geez does it get any worse for the wouldnt surprise me if he dumped from the team in the near future if this proves to be legit. Unfrigginbelieveable. :rolleyes: Padres outfielder Giles sued by ex-girlfriend ESPN - Padres outfielder Giles sued by ex-girlfriend - MLB In 2006 Brian...
  387. hotrod

    Can you say douche bag squared

    1.Douche Bag Squared Someone who is so much of a douche bag that one cannot just call him/her a "d-bag" or "douche" or just plain ole "douche bag." So you have to multiply douche bag by douche bag to truly define the individual as a super huge douche bag or just aptly put...d-bag squared...
  388. hotrod

    Did Overconfidence hurt Chargers' chances?

    Did Overconfidence hurt Chargers' chances? My question is "Doesnt the head coach talk to his players and get them ready? Norv who ?? Article Overconfidence hurt Chargers' chances by UT's Kevin Acee Monday, December 8, 2008 Nose tackle Jamal Williams recently said of the Chargers' season: "Our...
  389. hotrod

    F/A-18 Crash today in University City

    The F/A-18 Crash that crashed in University City around noon today was 4 blocks from my son's elementary school and 3 blocks from my ex-wife's home....very scary stuff. I heard the pilot that ejected was banged up a bit since he landed where some trees were. He's was taken to the naval...
  390. hotrod

    Petition to Fire Norv Turner

    Here's my petition to Fire Norv Turner...I cant stand the guy anymore. This Charger team lacks the fire and pizazz to be a good team. I was yelling at the TV :1041677399:...why didnt Dork Turner call time outs when Atl had the ball on 2 yd line with 2:30 left???? timeouts, use the 2...
  391. hotrod

    Steelers v. Bolts ...who wins?

    Allright guys...Vermonster thread is dead so I thought I'd put up a post and a poll. Steelers v. Bolts who wins and why?
  392. hotrod

    Did signing Michael Bennett block the Doncs?

    Chargers release Smith to make room for waiver claim Michael Bennett. Did signing Michael Bennett block the Doncos from picking him up? Articles---> - News Headlines Bolts add veteran RB Bennett --> Smith says claiming RB Bennett provides talent, injury protection
  393. hotrod

    Turning to Baseball...Padres pry away prospect Watt from Dodgers in Maddux deal

    Padres pry away prospect Watt from division rivals in Maddux deal From the UT Saturday, November 1, 2008 The Padres struggled mightily this year, but judging by the pained look on De Jon Watson's face, they made a potentially good trade with the Dodgers at season's end. Watson is a...
  394. hotrod

    Week 9 NFL predictions

    Week 9 in the NFL What are your predictions? SUN, NOV 2 TIME (ET) TV RESOURCES LOCATION NY Jets at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS Ralph Wilson Stadium Detroit at Chicago 1:00 PM FOX Soldier Field Jacksonville at Cincinnati 1:00 PM Brown Stadium Baltimore at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS Cleveland...
  395. hotrod

    Merriman's injury impact biggest of all

    Merriman's injury impact biggest of all <---Yes I agree whole heartedly From Fox Sports As San Diego routed New England earlier this month, the Patriots were clearly more affected by Tom Brady's absence than a Chargers squad playing without Shawne Merriman. In the big picture, that isn't...
  396. hotrod

    Alright guys who will win Ray or Philly?

    Alright guys who will win Rays or Philly? 3-3 bottom of the 7th. :D Go Rays !
  397. hotrod

    G Men 21 Steel-less 14

    G Men 21 Steel-less 14 Sean...this one's for you. "The Giants are who we thought they were...If you want to crown them, then crown their ass.... they are who we thought are and we let em off the hook." :D :p:
  398. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 10-25 Albie, Skipjack Report 213 to 390

    Sat 10-25 Albie, Skipjack Report Short Report 16 albacore 8-16 lbs (4 at 13-16 lbs) 12 skipjack (8 kept) Nice weather but foggy Wind kicked up at 230pm Fished in between the 213 and the 390 54 over 51 55 over 49 55 over 50 57 over 50 56 over 49 Mostly doubles on small cedar plug, chrome bp jet...
  399. hotrod

    Going after albies, yft one last time Sat 10-25, need crew

    This is last minute...Planning on taking the GalaxSea out this Sat 10-25 to make one last run after the albies and yft. I just sent sent out pm's to my regulars and thought I'd post here too. If you guys want to go one last's the time to speak up. We will probably leave 10pm to...
  400. hotrod

    Tom Brady has additional procedures to fight infection

    By news Doctors are aggressively fighting an infection in Tom Brady's surgically repaired left knee, according to a report on the Boston Herald's Web site on Wednesday. Brady recently acknowledged on his Web site that doctors went in "to clean and to test the wound" on Oct. 15...
  401. hotrod

    Uhhhhhhhhh Cowpies and Donkies go down

    Today was a big day of uhhhhhhhhhhhh Cowpies go down to the Cards Doncos go down to Jags ;) (for you Kurt) Bears go down to Michael Turner's ATL ;) (for you Saluki) The Lambs shock the the Redskins The Ravens go down hard to the Dolts Faiders go down hard to the Drew Brees and the Saints...
  402. hotrod

    Chargers figuring out life after Merriman

    Chargers figuring out life after Merriman By UT's Kevin Acee Friday, October 10, 2008 Michael Jordan is missing. Scottie Pippen is playing his hardest, yet finding himself looking around wondering what the heck is not quite right. “One of the big reasons I decided to make sure...
  403. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 10-3 Report Airplane bank tuna

    I was fueling up my boat today at the harbor island fuel dock and a boat named "twin reels", a 26 ft' blackman flybride, came by to drop off some tuna for Steve (that works there). This was the boat that caught tuna at the Airplane bank today for those of you that may have heard that. I spoke...
  404. hotrod

    Offshore Friday 9 -26-08 Butterfly Bank Report

    Long Report Added 330pm Sat Short Report Fished the W Bfly to the EBfly for 8 fish over 16 paddies 6 yt to 27 lbs on paddies, 2 @ 13 lbs, the rest firecrackers, 5 lost 2 skipjack on bait after a double came unbuttoned on the jigs 2 dodos lost on paddies at 23 over 09 Started 10 mi before the W...
  405. hotrod

    Weird Stuff tonight Doyers lose and still celebrate

    Some Funny Stuff tonight........the Doyers lose to the Padres 7-5 tonight and still celebrate :gay: with champagne after the game since they clinched with a AZ lose. Go figure :p: I have to say it, Manny made the difference. And for all of you Trevor haters, he saved the game tonight and...
  406. hotrod

    Is Pittsburg in trouble?

    Hey Sean, you guys are in rough shape...Big Ben is nursing a sore shoulder and right hand injury. Now Willie Parker is out with a sprained knee. On top of it four-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Casey Hampton (groin sprain) also won't play and defensive end Brett Keisel (calf) will miss a second...
  407. hotrod

    Bears Lose and Steeless Lose

    Hey Saluki your Bears :puff: have lost 2 in a row...what happened to them? :waglleybooty: Hey Sean, What happened to your Steelless? :shake: 9 sacks by the Feagles on the Steeless. :nutkick: :indabutt: :p:
  408. hotrod

    YFT Fishing Fri 8-19 or Sat 8-20 need crew

    Scrapped the trip for tomorrow...the weather is blown out today and the forecast for tomorrow is windy. I may go Sunday from 7am to me if anyone is interested. Dont be half a$$ about it either. ;) Thanks, Mike
  409. hotrod

    Hochuli's call is flawed, and so is instant replay

    Hochuli's call is flawed, and so is instant replay by UT's Tim Sullivan Sunday, September 14, 2008 DENVER – Referee Ed Hochuli was born on Christmas Day. Denver quarterback Jay Cutler was born in Santa Claus, Ind. So how come the Chargers feel as if they've been grappling with the...
  410. hotrod

    Chargers vs. Broncos..

    Ok guys who's going to win the big game tomorrow between the Chargers and Broncos? What are your predictions. I wont give my exact score guys know better. :p: Quoted By OregonCopper on the UT today. "I hate the Chargers," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan declared. Who gives a raider...
  411. hotrod

    Its all about campaigning (political humor)

    Check this one out... Vote Here After Some Campaigning
  412. hotrod

    Jay Cutler is the next .....

    Jay Cutler is the next John Elway......... huh???????? what did you guys say? After the the Doncs beat up on the hapless Faiders on MNF there were analysts and fans saying he's the next Elway. Based on what? One game...Are you kidding me!!!!!! Does this guy look like the type of quarterback...
  413. hotrod

    Chargers vs. Broncos ...What do the fans and Broncos think of Rivers

    After reading this article I am ready to write this yoyo an email. Sounds like a bunch of crybabies and sour grapes. "piehole" in a newspaper classless is that? Read on --->Talk smack, watch back - The Denver Post Remember this last year ---> YouTube - Philip Rivers...
  414. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Tuna report 302, 230, 224

    Short Report 10 fish (1 yft (25 lbs), 3 albacore, 3 yt and 3 dodo) (1 tail and dodo released) rough weather 302/230/224 areas no porpoise seen all day alot farmed 2 large garage door kelps (3 farmed fish :( ) Long Report Finally got the work done on my boat and was able to go fishing...
  415. hotrod

    Tuna Fishing Thurs 9-4 or Fri 9-5, need 2 crew

    Updated Thurs 3:32pm Wasnt able to go last Sunday, so taking the GalaxSea out this Fri 9-5 or Sat 9-6 to go after tuna. So far I need 2 crew. Probably leave around 2am and get back 8pm. You guys know the drill... PM me here if serious only. Thanks, Mike
  416. hotrod

    Fishing Sun 8-31...need crew

    If I'm able to get the work done on my boat tomorrow, I would like to go fishing this Sunday 8-31 and will need some crew. Yes this is last minute but the fishing is pretty good, so why not go. We will fish Sun from 7am to 8pm. You guys know the drill...split costs on fuel, bait and ice...
  417. hotrod

    Offshore Sun 8 24 Limits of YFT @ the E Fly

    Short Story Limits of YFT @ the E Fly for 5 (15 kept, 10 released) 26.6 over 58.6 2 albies (8-11 lbs) 2 dodos (both 18 lbs) Kinda windy and rough Two 1 hr wide open bites (within 1/2 mile of each other) Long Story We left SD bait barge around 2am with envisions of catching a bunch of albies...
  418. hotrod

    Tuna Fishing Thurs 8-21 or Fri 8-22, need 1

    Updated...Taking the GalaxSea out to fish Saturday 8-23 for tuna and dorado. ...2 of my crew cant make it now so I still need two to replace them. We will be meeting Sat at 1am to fish Saturday. You guys know the drill.... PM me here if you seriously can go Thanks, Mike
  419. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 8-15 YFT Dodo 302, 224, 9 mi bnk Report

    Short Story 13 dodos (5 released), largest 14 & 17 lbs 3 YFT 27, 28, 33 lbs. 302 paddy, 9 mi bank paddy no troll fish Pictures uploaded 1244pm sat Semi Long Report Hit the 9 mi bnk in the morning for nada...worked out way out to the inside of the 302 to the top of it by 930am. At 27...
  420. hotrod

    Fishing tomorrow Friday 8-15, we need one

    Fishing tomorrow Friday 8-15 on Franks boat with Frank and Kurt. We will be heading SW towards the 230, 224, 302, SS Knoll, etc... for tuna, dodos, and tails... Need one more crew since one just backed out. I will be back 8pm tonight to check my pm's here. Meeting tomorrow morning at 4am...
  421. hotrod

    Chargers first preseason game

    I watched the Chargers beat the Cowboys 31-17 last night...yeah I know its preseason and all but I like to watch the rookies and the 2nd and 3rd yr guys too. 2nd string D looked great, as well as special teams, Rivers, Hester, and the undrafted fullback named Tolbert. Tolbert may even make the...
  422. hotrod

    Giles not going to Red Sox after deciding not to consent to trade

    Giles not going to Red Sox after deciding not to consent to trade. Brian Giles, showing loyalty to his daughters, decided against accepting a trade to the Boston Red Sox that would have saved the Padres anywhere from $2.75 million to $6 million. After the Red Sox claimed Giles on...
  423. hotrod

    Offshore Weds 8-6-08 9 mi bnk, 224 Report

    Short Report 9 dodos (largest 22 lbs) 5 kept, 4 doretos released 1 yt (25 lbs) 9 mi bnk paddies 224 bnk paddies Long Report Started the 9 mile bank at 3234 and 11721 on our first paddy where my 5 yr old son Nicholas caught his first dodo ever. Our 2nd kelp paddie 3232 and 11731 I caught a 22...
  424. hotrod

    Who wants to go Tues 8-5 or Weds 8-6...Local dodos/yt are biting

    Yes this is last minute but it sounds like its nuts out there right now. The local dodos/yt are biting, so who wants to go out Tues 8-5 or Weds 8-6. This will be a casual trip. Meet at 6am and back no later than 630pm. PM me here if you want to go... Mike
  425. hotrod

    Offshore 8/2/08 Hidden Bank Albies n YT Report

    Short Report 6 YT (2 released) 4 Albies 1 Dodo (released) Fished mostly the Hidden Bank Long Report Fished with my dad, Kurt, Gabe, Rusty and hit the Hidden bank at grey light. I spotted a paddy at 06 over 24 right after grey light that had some bruiser YT on them. Kurt got a 28 lber with...
  426. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 7 25 08 Abies Dodos at the 371 and 302

    Short report: 4 albies 2 dorado (2 hens, weighed in at 17 and 21 lbs) At grey light soaked dines, 1 albie, and 1 on a purple hze fish trap...2 lost too by the way. 15 mins later a 21 lb hen dodo on the blk/purp small jet head All fish caught here at 19 over 29. Then the hardest part of...
  427. hotrod

    What's worse than bad? Boring - 2008 Padres offer few thrills to counter losses

    I have to agree here...this Padres team is the worst I can remember. From today's UT --> What's worse than bad? Boring | The San Diego Union-Tribune What's worse than bad? Boring Padres of 2008 offer few thrills to counter losses July 24, 2008 Admittedly a glutton when one of the...
  428. hotrod

    Fishing long for albies Fri or Sat, need some crew

    I'm looking to fish the GalaxSea this Fri 7-25 or Sat 7-26 for albies and will need some crew. Were planning on going long and will be leaving around 9-10 pm the night before (thurs night or fri night). PM me here if you're seriously interested. Thanks, Mike
  429. hotrod

    Need crew for Albie fishing Weds or Thurs 7-16 or 7-17

    I'm looking to fish the GalaxSea this thurs, Fri, or Sat for albies, preferably thurs 7-17. My normal crew cant make it this week, so as of now I need 3. We will be leaving around 11pm the night before. PM me here if you're interested. Thanks, Mike
  430. hotrod

    Offshore Thurs 7-10-08 295 Offshore Report, Albies n BFT

    Quick Report for Thurs 7-10-08 295 Offshore Report, Albies n BFT Long report tomorrow...its 1240am and got home 20 mins ago. Crew: Me, dad, Kurt, Jimmy, Bernie 1 hour delay to start the day... I wont go into details...thanks to Bernie. :p: On the way out, cooling hose split on the port engine...
  431. hotrod

    Need crew for Albie fishing Weds or Thurs 7-9 or 7-10

    Allright boat has is finally finished with engine repairs. So what that means is its time to go hit the albies down south. I will need a last minute crew to fish tomorrow leaving tonight at midnight. If theres not enough crew, we will go thurs 7-10. PM me here if youre interested. Mike
  432. hotrod

    PRICELESS - Being an boat owner and trying to go fishing

    The adventure continues....The cost and time to fix a boat and go fishing Time and $$ fixing the starboard engine on my 32 ft Stamas Nov. 2007 - Fri the day after thanksgiving 2007 - starting trouble shooting starboard engine Cummins 6BTA. Turbo scroll w/ turbo is removed. Looks like a bad...
  433. hotrod

    Chargers up 15 to 8 over Broncos

    Chargers up 15 to 8 over Broncos late in the game.... errr I mean Padres 15, Colorado 8 in the 9th. Slugfest is still going on in Colorado as we speak in the top of the 9th. Padres have 15 runs with 22 hits and have only done this less than 10 times in franchise history....its makes the 8 game...
  434. hotrod

    Eric Parker to be traded or released

    Eric Parker has become expendable because of the arrival of Chris Chambers and development of the team's young receivers and punt returners. The news that Parker will be gone is presumably good for Malcom Floyd. Floyd was inactive the final 10 weeks and both playoff games last season. A...
  435. hotrod

    Chase Headley is going to be a stud...

    Headley makes adjustments in the middle of game....hits is 2nd home run in 14 at bats. If this guy is making adjustments already as a rookie 4-5 games into his start of the season, just think what type of hitter he will turn out to be.... From today's UT June 21, 2008 After making an out...
  436. hotrod

    SAT 6/7/08 Pt Loma, 9 mile bank

    Took the GalaxSea out today to fish for some local rock cod out of Pt Loma and the 9 mi bank. The crew was my Dad, Bill R, Ron S, Wayne, myself, and my 5 yr old Nicholas. The weather was very windy and nasty going out so we mainly fished closer to Pt Loma than we intended. We slow picked at...
  437. hotrod

    Weird year for the Padres

    Very weird year for the Padres with injuries....Second baseman Tadahito Iguchi is heading to disabled list when he separated his right shoulder in spill on basepaths last night. Watch video --> The Official Site of The San Diego Padres: News: Iguchi heading to disabled list
  438. hotrod

    Banks throws 6 hitter, Estes breaks thumb

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Josh Banks pitched a six-hitter for his first career complete game and sent the San Diego Padres to their fifth win in six games, beating the San Francisco Giants 5-1 on Saturday to take the series. Rookie Banks twirls six-hit gem What's next? Padres LHP Shawn Estes broke...
  439. hotrod

    Baseball Power Rankings May 30, 2008

    Cubs remain #1 in the ESPN power rankings (<--- Saluki this one's for you) Pads are out of the cellar and are at #27. (<--- For all you Padre fans) The lowly Rockies are now in the cellar at #30 (Sorry Kurt but the Rocks are worse than the Pads now) Read on ---> ESPN - MLB Power...
  440. hotrod

    Padres bad season...and now CY hit in the face

    Padres are having just a bad and tough luck season this year....The team's pathetic play so far, Peavy on the 15 day DL now, and just now Chris Young gets hit in the face by a line drive by Albert Pujols. Lets hope that CY is going to be ok....he walked off the field, so thats a good sign.
  441. hotrod

    Cheaters new prosper... Belicheat is a "Loser"

    Cheaters new prosper... Belicheat is a "Loser" I hope they suspend this lier....I hate this SOB... ESPN Page 2 - TMQ: Belichick needs to be suspended ESPN - Belichick insists Pats did not try to hide taping of opponents signals - NFL
  442. hotrod

    D Rays bypass Red Sox for 1st place

    Rays win their 11th straight home game and have taken over first place in the AL East. :rockin: ESPN - Tampa Bay Rays News, Schedule, Players, Stats, Video - MLB
  443. hotrod

    Would you have traded X Nady back then?

    Remember when X Nady was an up and coming Padre?..then Kevin Towers traded X Nady to the Mets for Mike Cameron after the 2005 season (roughly 2 1/2 yrs ago)....Look what he's doing now? He's tearing it up for the Pirates. ESPN - Giants vs. Pirates - Recap - May 07, 2008 ESPN - Xavier Nady...
  444. hotrod

    Chargers draft choices

    Chargers draft choices: 1st round: Antoine Cason (see video-->) - NFL Draft 2008 3rd Round: Jacob Hester (see video-->) - NFL Draft 2008 5 31 (166) M. Thomas RB UTEP 6 26 (192) D. Tribble DC BC 7 27 (234) C. Clark OT Texas
  445. hotrod

    Biggest "All Time" NFL draft dud

    Whos your biggest NFL draft dud? Read on --> ESPN - Phillips couldn't outrun off-the-field troubles - NFL I agree with espn on this one... :hali_ruahahaha:
  446. hotrod

    Poll NFL draft Sat April 26th

    The NFL draft is in 2 weeks on Sat April who should the Chargers draft? Keep in mind they dont draft again until the 5th round. :imdumb:
  447. hotrod

    NFL draft is in 2 weeks on Sat April 26th

    So the draft is in 2 weeks on Sat April 26th. Here are the Chargers needs and are not necessarily in this order (that is matter of opinion) 1. ROT 2. S 3. CB 4. RB 5. LB 6. DT/NT Who should the Chargers draft in the first round if he’s available? *Keep in mind they don’t...
  448. hotrod

    Hollywood legend Charlton Heston dead at 83

    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Actor Charlton Heston died at Beverly Hills home at the age of 83 Saturday, his family said. Heston, known for portrayals of larger than life figure including Moses and Ben Hur, was suffering the late stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Heston's wife of 64...
  449. hotrod

    Hot Dog on a stick

    Went to the Pads game tonight and saw "hot dog on a stick" :puff: aka Jose Valverde. Yes, the former AZ D-Back closer :idiot: is now the closer of the Astros. He gave up the go ahead run in the 8th and saved the 9th. It was very hard to see this yoyo act out on the mound with all his "hot dog"...
  450. hotrod

    Who will win the NL West?

    Alright guys, the baseball season is 4 days away...So tell me who will win the NL West? I have a feeling the Padres do well and go to the playoffs this year. They will end up having the best pitching staff in the majors.....Heres' my prediction and why. 1st Padres 93-69 2nd Rockies 88-74 (Wild...
  451. hotrod

    USD Toreros vs. UConn

    USD is playing the Huskies pretty tough in the first half...16 to 12 Toreros with 1128 to play in the 1st half...they look quicker and are playing good D at the moment.
  452. hotrod

    Woman dies after eagle ray strikes her

    A woman on a boat died after a spotted eagle ray leaped from the water off the Florida Keys Thursday and struck her, officials said. The force of the blow pushed the woman backward and she died when she hit her head on the boat deck, officials said. "It's just as freakish of an accident as I...
  453. hotrod

    Padres spring training news and notes

    Padres spring training news and notes: Vets, prospects eager to play in China --> The Official Site of The San Diego Padres: News: Vets, prospects eager to play in China Headley, McAnulty boosting bids for roster with Jim Edmonds out. Headley is batting a cool .500 so far this spring -->...
  454. hotrod

    Lower 9 - Limits of bottomfish for 4

    3-8-08 Saturday Hit the bait barge at 6am and saw that the starboard engine was overheating :confused: right after we got bait...said screw we can run on the port engine to the lower 9 for bottomfish...we were going to start there to begin with anyways. Long story short...We got Mexican limits...
  455. hotrod

    NFL free agency starts this Fri

    The NFL free-agency signing period begins Friday. Lance Briggs, Randy Moss and Alan Faneca hit the open market. That means teams will lose players. They'll panic. And they'll overpay for others. But John Clayton knows one way to succeed in the next few weeks. Think back to the late 1980s...
  456. hotrod

    Tony Clark and Khalil Greene sign contracts with Pads

    The Padres put the final touches on a one-year contract with Tony Clark and also signed off on the two-year contract for Khalil Greene. If Clark, 35, passes a physical exam today, he will be guaranteed $900,000. General Manager Kevin Towers said Clark, a pinch-hitter/first baseman, also...
  457. hotrod

    Cromartie impresses veterans in Pro Bowl

    Lets face it...this guy is a stud. Antonio Cromartie sat quietly in the corner, away from the noise and bustle of the AFC locker room. While he prefers staying away from that kind of action, the speedy San Diego Chargers cornerback always seems to be in the right place at the right time...
  458. hotrod

    Official Superbowl 42 Thread

    Superbowl 42 is here.... Pats vs. Giants....predictions, comments, who wins? who are you rooting for? PS: I tried to put up a poll but the system says you can only do it in the first 2 mins...thats lame.:confused:
  459. hotrod

    Now Kaeding....

    Now its Kaeding....Sources yesterday confirmed that kicker Nate Kaeding played the final two games of the regular season and three playoff games with a fractured fibula in his left leg. Article--> > San Diego Chargers -- Kaeding played on fractured left leg
  460. hotrod

    I'm sick to my stomach

    I'm so sick to my stomach to read this---> Quote "Sometime during the final nine minutes of the AFC Championship Game -- after the Chargers had cowered and conceded and the Patriots had ascended to their fourth Super Bowl in the last seven seasons." If anyone can get ESPN's David Fleming's...
  461. hotrod

    Good news...Lorenzo Neal is back and Antonio Gates is making progress

    While Pro Bowler Antonio Gates rehabbed his dislocated left big toe, All-Pro fullback Lorenzo Neal returned to practice for the San Diego Chargers exactly one month after breaking his lower left leg. It appeared Wednesday that Neal has a better chance than Gates of suiting up for the Chargers...
  462. hotrod

    Look at this yoyo's predictions (ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha)

    Time to come clean on five poor predictions by ESPN.coms Jeffri Chadiha The hardest part of this job, believe it or not, is making predictions. It surely feels good when you correctly forecast the future, but it's not a lot of fun when you whiff. In fact, it's often best to hope that...
  463. hotrod

    Titans team is hurting...Will Chargers Roll?

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Titans quarterback Vince Young practiced on a limited basis Wednesday but lost one of his favorite targets when tight end Bo Scaife was placed on injured reserve with a lacerated liver. Scaife won't be available for the playoffs. Tennessee plays at San Diego in the...
  464. hotrod

    Chargers wrap up the 3 seed with win over Faiders

    Chargers wrap up the 3 seed with win over Faiders 30-17...they rest their starters too and have no major injuries in the the the end it didn't matter because the Steelers lost to the Ravens. Next up Tennessee or Cleveland at San Diego next Sunday. Who do you prefer to play?
  465. hotrod

    Rivers downplays yapping at Cutler

    Rivers yapping at Cutler ---> YouTube - Bye Baby! From today's UT SAN DIEGO – It's on YouTube now, so it must have happened, right? Well, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers tried to downplay his animated exchange with Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday night...
  466. hotrod

    Chargers Spank the Lions 51-14

    The Chargers were absolutely running all cylinders today and spanked the Lions...for all of you woosies that jumped off the band wagon at some point this season, stay off.
  467. hotrod

    Baseball News...Padres get Jim Edmonds, drop talks w Mike Cameron

    Padres trade for Jim Edmonds---> Pads drop talks w Mike Cameron--> > San Diego Padres -- Cameron breaks off negotiations with Padres Dbacks get Haren trade closer Valverde in big trade --> ESPN...
  468. hotrod

    Was Merriman victim of dirty play by Titans?

    UNION-TRIBUNE December 10, 2007 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Whatever else might have happened at LP Field yesterday, several Chargers were convinced of one thing beyond any reasonable doubt. They said linebacker Shawne Merriman was targeted by Tennessee and suffered a sprained left knee on a...
  469. hotrod

    Padres, Wolf agree to one-year contract...Peavy near deal to stay with Pads

    Padres, Wolf agree to one-year contract ---> ESPN - Padres, Wolf agree to one-year contract - MLB Peavy reportedly near deal to stay with Pads through 2012 ---> ESPN - Peavy reportedly near deal to stay with Pads through 2012 - MLB
  470. hotrod

    Chargers 24 Chiefees 10 ... LT 177 yds, Merriman 3 Sacks

    Chargers 24 Chiefees 10 I missed the game...who can tell me how they played other than reading the box score? Sounds like LT broke out the 2nd half and the D stuck KC pretty good...I read they had 8 sacks w/ Merriman getting 3.
  471. hotrod

    Peavy is 12th-ever unanimous NL Cy Young

    Jake Peavy has been one of the best pitchers in the National League for years. This season, he pulled away from the pack. Jake Peavy led the National League in wins, ERA and strikeouts. The right-hander is on a short list of pitchers who, in the last 40 years, can make that claim: Kings Of...
  472. hotrod

    In the NFL today...surprises and eye openers

    In the NFL today...surprises and eye openers Eye opener::eyepoppin Pack 34 Vikes 0 - Brett Favre passed another milestone and the Green Bay Packers roughed up rookie running back Adrian Peterson in a 34-0 rout of the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Adrian Peterson 11 carries 45 yds...
  473. hotrod

    For What its Worth on the Chargers....

    For What its Worth on the Chargers today.... 1)They played like sheet today.... 2)Too many penalties, especially on key moments 3)Poor officiating (Blown calls on 2 Vincent Jackson a)There was no offensive pass interference on Vincent, and b)He was held on a pass play) 4)Phillip Rivers looked...
  474. hotrod

    From the UT November 2, 2007 The Chargers' Shawne Merriman hasn't had many opportunities to celebrate sacking the quarterback this season, going sackless in four of the team's seven games. Shawne Merriman was enraged. He was yelling before and after plays. &#8220;I'm gonna hit the next...
  475. hotrod

    Offshore Friday 10-19 YFT Report

    Short Report for Friday 10-19 Crew: Hotrod, Dad, Kurt, Lowell, Bill R. 12 YFT (3 bait 9 troll) - one was 18 lbs 1 skippie Nice Weather Hoochie skirts worked best as well as the green/blk catchy 28 over 27 was the best spot (9 yft there) 0nly 13.8 miles from the point Great trip...we had a blast...
  476. hotrod

    Chargers deal for WR Chambers before trade deadline

    This just in....Chargers obtain WR Chambers from Dolphins for 2008 2nd round pick AND Eric Parker to go on injured reserve By JAY POSNER UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER October 16, 2007 K.C. ALFRED / Union-Tribune Eric Parker will miss the entire 2007 season. The Chargers today made a bold move...
  477. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 9/29 Fish Report

    Started at 515 am on the inside of the 226. Did a big loop 226 -> 302 -> 425 -> close to the 390 -> 230 -> back to 302 for nada. Alot of Marlin seen along with jumpers at the 302 and 230 areas in the morning and around 3pm on our loop back up. Weather was very bumpy and like a washing machine...
  478. hotrod

    Bradley at center of bizarre plays in Pads game

    Padres left fielder Milton Bradley took out center fielder Mike Cameron, and then himself. Cameron left Sunday's game against the Colorado Rockies in the seventh inning with a bruised right thumb and index finger after he had his right hand stepped on by Bradley. Then, during a bizarre...
  479. hotrod

    Chargers vs. Packers

    The Chargers offense looked good on the first drive in the first quarter. The friggin referees are so friggin flag happy so far...I hate this crew....let the guys play. McCree's hit on Driver...A personal foul on the hit on a wide receiver?...cmon this is football. Just because his helmet fell...
  480. hotrod

    The storm off of So Cal w animated link

    Is this thing going to hit us or what? I've been monitoring it the last 5 hrs or so and is spinning in a counter-clock-wise position. Link ---> - Large Maps The moderators can pull this when it passes....for now be careful out there. I'm in Clairemont and the wind is gusting 15-20 mph.
  481. hotrod

    Bill Belicheat aka "the weasel, the cheater, and the heartless coach"

    From ESPN News......a must read. The situation with the National Football League is a lot worse than people realize, and the only one who seems to grasp this fully is commissioner Roger Goodell. You don't issue emergency orders backed by threats on Sunday morning of a game day, as Goodell...
  482. hotrod

    Chargers win a big game .... Beat Bears

    I'm tired of all this talk they cant beat good teams...Chargers win a big game and beat the Bears in the 4th quarter when it counted most. The Bears self destruct in the end and the Chargers went for the juggler. :2gunsfiring_v1: Here's to Saluki and all the Bears fans that bashed my Chargers...
  483. hotrod

    Who wants to go fishing tomorrow?

    Who wants to go fishing tomorrow? I may get together with Kurt and Frank tomorrow but who knows...if any event who wants to go on a short notice? Leave at 8am (Fri Sept 7) and fish til whenever....going after spikes and dodes. It will be local for sure---> 9-> 425 -> 371 PM me here and I will...
  484. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 8-31 425, 371, Hidden Bank Fish Report

    Short Story: Fished the 425, hidden bank, 371 in that order 930am Marlin strike at the 425 (on for a bit and then off) hit the petrolero 6 shooter 1 YFT 15 lbs 2 Dodo's (16 lb bull, 15 lb hen) 3-4 lost at the same paddy 1 yt 14 lbs (paddy) Best spot 5-6 miles South of the 371 (alot of paddies...
  485. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 8-10 Albie Report at the E BFly

    Talked to Max on "At Ease" at 230am this morning on the way to the slip and pretty much was going after the albies too. Hit Ebros at 330 and got a nice healthy one and half scoop and we were on out way...Our plan was to hit the E BFly today....The seas out were a little bumpy but not too bad...
  486. hotrod

    Who wants to go Albacore fishing tomorrow?

    Taking GalaxSea out Albacore fishing tomorrow (Fri 8-10)...Still need one more... You guys know the drill. Split fuel, bait and ice. Meeting at 230am Fri morning. Pm here.... Mike
  487. hotrod

    Offshore 8-3 Fri 390, 421, E B Fly Report

    Short Story Long long day on the pond the fish gods handed our a$$e$ to us today. 1 nice 22 lb. YT and 1 lost, 13 paddies albies. Long short story... Hit the 371 on the way to the 390...found 4 paddies on the way there and nada. Then hit the 390 and south and back...
  488. hotrod

    Fishing offshore Friday 8-3 Need 2

    Taking the GalaxSea out this Friday to fish the paddies offshore...I will need 2 more crew. Kurt let me know tomorrow if you can go. You guys know the drill: split fuel, bait and ice. Send pm here....
  489. hotrod

    MLB Umpires - They Stink

    The friggin MLB Umpires are nothing but a bunch of candy a$$e$. I'm sick and tired of all the bad called balls and strikes this year....mostly what I'm noticing are the strikes. Alot of these borderline pitches are being called strikes that werent strikes. Josh Bard gets rung up to end the...
  490. hotrod

    Baseball Trade Deadline

    Detailed link ---> Trade Central 2007 Padres acquire Mackowiak, Ensberg – and more Article --> > San Diego Padres -- Padres acquire Mackowiak, Ensberg &#8211; and more UNION-TRIBUNE 1:48 p.m. July 31, 2007 Morgan Ensberg (left) and Rob...
  491. hotrod

    Linebrink and Meridith

    The Pads would be in 1st right now if it wasnt for Linebrink and Meridith....they both stink right now. Lets hope they right the ship. Its getting really old watching them keep blowing it, especially Linebrink.
  492. hotrod

    Offshore 7/20/07 Albie Report

    Short Story 10 albies for 5 Quality Fish 4 on bait, 6 on the troll Short Long Story Hit the 371 this morning for one troll fish on the zuch broomtail at 8am. Went a little south then back up north...about 3-5 miles north of the 371 found a huge meter mark. shut down both diesels and soaked...
  493. hotrod

    All Star Game

    Watching the All Star Game....whats the game come to with La Russa letting Peavy only pitch one inning?? Thats lame!! :shake: :shake: :shake: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:
  494. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 7/7 Report Limits on Albies at the Hidden Bank

    Short Report Just got back from an awesome day of albacore fishing.... Limits for 5 by 945am south of the Hidden Bank 31 albacore caught total, all other albies released after limits.... 11 bait ripper bite the last half hr...left them biting at 10am. Long Report Had a hunch to go longer...
  495. hotrod

    Offshore 6/28 Report Albies and YT

    6/28 Short Report 2 Albies and 9 YT Fairly Nice seas Long Report Left the bait receiver at 730am with envisions of getting the late afternoon bite. We were going to hit the airplane and not stop until we got there...yeah right when you a huge paddy like the one we saw, you stop! The...
  496. hotrod

    Look Here...Padres ranked #1 on ESPN

    Look Here...Padres ranked #1 on ESPN :urno1: ESPN - MLB Baseball Power Rankings - Major League Baseball I went to the game last night and saw the Padres come back and beat the Dodgers:nutkick: ...I talked to my room mate (who's a Doggie fan) about it and he's all bent and saying "theres...
  497. hotrod

    Russell Branyan just crushed a homerun

    Boy Russell Branyan has such a sweet swing :notworthy ...He just crushed a a 3 run homerun against Seattle.....Top of the 8th and the Pads are just beating up on the M's 8-1. :beerbang: Between Russell and Adrian Gonzalez, they have the sweetest swings on the team hands down.
  498. hotrod

    5/11 Report

    5/11 SKR, Rockpile & islands Report Fished the SKR, Rockpile and the islands for a bunch of bonita and some lingcod. Very windy out there and thats what made the fishing hard for alot of us out there......The wind came up at 930am at the pile. We tried the SKR first thing in the morning and...
  499. hotrod

    Fishing yt's this Fri May 11th, need 1-2

    I am thinking of hitting the Rockpile, SKR, or kelps in the 101 & 425 areas tomorrow Fri May 11th. We will be targeting yt, wsb, & the 3 B's... I still need 1-2 more guys know the drill...split fuel, bait and ice... Send me a private message here if you would like to go. Mike
  500. hotrod

    Today's NFL draft...

    I was looking forward to today's NFL draft, but have to admit after watching it, it was pretty boring...I should've went fishing. :rolleyes: As for the Chargers....After taking LSU receiver Craig Davis with the 30th pick in the first round, they traded with the Chicago Bears to acquire the...
  501. hotrod

    Vick pleads ignorance in dog-fighting case

    Ho hum...I'm glad we traded the rights to Michael Vick for 2-3 draft picks when we did in 2001, LT was one of our picks by the way...Boy the Vicks' stories, yes plural, are getting more and more interesting by the day. ATLANTA (AP) - Michael Vick blamed family members for taking advantage of...
  502. hotrod

    The Padres top 6....

    With the exception of Mike Cameron, the 5 of top 6 are batting over .300 San Diego AB R HR RBI AVG Giles, M, 2B 80 13 2 13 .338 Cruz, J, LF 46 13 3 6 .326 Giles, B, RF 85 13 1 7 .318 Gonzalez, 1B 85 12 6 20 .329 Cameron, M, CF 79 7 0...
  503. hotrod

    Michael Turner is as good as gone

    IMHO Michael Turner is as good as gone :shake: :Bawling_e The Chargers are dealing with four suitors for backup running back Michael Turner, sources said, and Turner's agent has spoken with at least one of those teams in hopes of getting a long-term deal done. Buffalo, Dallas, Tennessee...
  504. hotrod

    Termel Sledge is tearing it up

    Termel Sledge is sure tearing it up in spring ball. .391 average, 4 HR'S, 8 RBI The Official Site of The San Diego Padres: Stats: Sortable Player Stats I know its only spring ball, however, this is a sign of good things to come. :D
  505. hotrod

    Dielman decides not to bolt Chargers

    Dielman decides not to bolt Chargers 10:58 a.m. March 3 (UNION-TRIBUNE) Kris Dielman is staying. After months of silence followed by days of intense negotiation, the left guard who was voted the team's co-Offensive Lineman of the Year yesterday agreed to a six-year contract that will...
  506. hotrod

    For all of you Charger pessimists out there

    For you Charger pessimists out there...Ron Rivera may have lost out to Norv Turner for the chance to be San Diego's head coach, but the Chargers got the best of all worlds. Rivera accepted a job to be a linebackers coach hours after learning his contract would not be extended by the Bears. For...
  507. hotrod

    Time Warner cable vs. a Satellite dish ??

    Ok, I need to turn on service for phone and tv in my new neighborhood which is in Clairemont next to mesa college.... I'm looking for your advice on getting Time Warner cable vs. a Satellite dish. I need high speed internet, phone and cable service...I have to watch what I spend because my new...
  508. hotrod

    The Padres sign Boomer Wells

    The Padres and David Wells have agreed in principle on a one-year deal, pending a physical exam, club general manager Kevin Towers said on Friday. The contract is for $3 million guaranteed with incentives that can add another $4 million. He'll earn $1 million based on staying healthy, and...
  509. hotrod

    Patriots fans comments......

    I have a new fanbase that I hate now, its called New England fans. Read some of the comments posted by the Patriots fans :104167739 (see link below) ....boy if they lived nearby, there would be h_ll to pay. Was L.T. out of line? Or Belichick? &bull; BlogJam's Blog - FOX Sports Blogs...
  510. hotrod

    Tomlinson, ticked after the game...

    From ESPN Tomlinson, who went after an unidentified Patriots player when the game ended. Tomlinson ran for 123 yards and two scores, and caught two passes for 64 yards. Tomlinson said he was upset that some Patriots were dancing on the Chargers logo at midfield after they had silenced the...
  511. hotrod

    The Chargers beat themselves

    The Chargers beat themselves today. A good team can not turn the ball over that many times and beat the Patriots. Also, throw in a few bonehead pentalities and that's it...kapuut.........the season is over just like that. The air is out of the balloon for the rest of the year. The players are...
  512. hotrod

    Saints top Eagles

    So who watched the Game? Saints topped the Eagles 27-24. BTW, I'm a big Drew Brees fan too. :)
  513. hotrod

    BLAW Pads 5th sarter...

    BLAW Pads 5th starter...huh :confused: It's a possiblility... read more on his profile dated Jan 10th... - MLB - Brian Lawrence - Washington Nationals - Player Card
  514. hotrod

    Chargers vs. the Patriots next Sunday

    Chargers vs. the Patriots next Sunday Who's going to win and what are your thoughts? I think it's going to be a good game.
  515. hotrod

    Fishing Sat 11-11

    I still havent heard back from my fishing buddy Derek to fish this if he doesnt call me back by noon tomorrow (thurs) I will take the GalaxSea out this Saturday 11-11 to fish the Rockpile and surrounding areas. I will need 2-3 crew if that is what happens. You guys know the drill...we...
  516. hotrod

    Padres Update Nov 08

    This just in concerning the Padres... 1)Padres trade Barfield for Cleveland prospects - huh??:confused: Why trade a known comodity for an unknown. I really thought that Barfield was going to team up with Khalil for the next 10-15 yrs. The story -> > San Diego Padres --...
  517. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Oct 28th Fish Report

    Sat Oct 28th Fish Report Short Story: Half day of fishing w/ Dad and my 4 yr old son 5 skippies and 1 YT between N Los Cornados and the 302 Long Story: I've been wanting to take my son offshore on my boat and finally did today. Picked up a 1/4 scoop at ebros SD bay at noonish and were...
  518. hotrod

    Fishing offshore Saturday 10-21, need 2

    Thinking of taking the GalaxSea out this Saturday 10-21 to fish offshore 25-65 miles out for whatever we can get (yft, dodo's or yt's) off the porpoise and paddys. I still need 2 crew in order to go. You guys know the drill...we will split the cost for diesel, bait and ice. So far we're...
  519. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 9-26 yft fish report - limits for 5

    FRIDAY SEPT 29TH Short Report since its been a long but great day. Short Report: 25 yft for 5 guys (limits) 15 skipjack tuna Longer Report: Hit east of the 43 this morning for 5 yft tuna off the porpoise then ran to the 302 at 3pm. Just south of the 302 found a large mass of porpoise and...
  520. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 9-23 Fish Report

    My dad Joe took the Galaxsea out today with 3 friends that included Bill Markle. I punched #'s in the gps last night that included towards the San Clemente Buoy some 39 miles out and a spot NE of the butterfly. I also had them head back east on the way in the outskirts of the 302/226 areas...
  521. hotrod

    Fishing tomorrow Friday Sept 15, need 1

    Taking the GalaxSea out tomorrow (Fri sept 15) to hit the 182 and any nearby areas for yft and dodo's. I still have room for one if you want to go. Most of you guys know the drill...we will split costs for fuel and bait. Call my cell by 930pm if you want to go and check this post for any...
  522. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 9-2 425, 371, 230, 302 fish report

    Took the Galaxsea out today with Kurt, Bill Rinkes, Rex and Rick...left SD Bay E Bros bait barge a bit after 7am to hit the triangle starting at the 425. Got to the 425 area but no love. Water started to warm up to 69.5 about 5 miles west of the 371 and paddies eveywhere. Finally get a small...
  523. hotrod

    Fishing labor day weekend, need some crew

    I'm trying to set up 2 days of fishing this weekend: I need 2 crew for either day. 2 days - leave at 6am both days: Sat: Marlin fishing only - So far Lowell and myself. Mon Labor Day: Paddy hopping for dodos/tails, searching for yft. If I cant pull this together we will go Sunday only and...
  524. hotrod

    Fishing Sunday Aug 27th for dodos and tails, need 2

    I will be taking the GalaxSea out this Sunday Aug 27th to paddy hop for dodos and tails. We will go 20-40 miles out and will be sharing bait and fuel. You guys know the drill. We will meet at 6am near the little squidco and fish as late as we want to... Drop me a pm here if you would like to...
  525. hotrod

    Offshore Sat Aug 12th 371 Dodo report (late)

    Sorry for the late report but Kurt spit out a report last night...I'm just now getting to it. After a long a$$ week with the new job, I told Kurt we're going fishing. As some of you know we ran over the tuna pen ROPES 3 wks ago, so we decided to have the GalaxSea checked out...heck what's...
  526. hotrod

    Need 1 tomorrow Sat Aug 12th for our inshore Dodo hunt.

    Taking the GalaxSea out tomorrow and need 1 tomorrow Sat Aug 12th for our inshore Dodo hunt. Will be fishing the triangle meeting at 615am next to the little Squidco. You know the drill...the normal split of diesel/bait/ice. Call me before 10:15pm tonight or at 530am tomorrow morning. Mike...
  527. hotrod

    Offshore The good, the bad and the ugly 7-22-06

    The good, the bad and the ugly for our proposed 1 1/2 day trip Fri 7-21 and Sat 7-22-06 Short version The ugly first Ugly weather on our scheduled trip to the D220 where we left SD bay at 2pm further than halfway there and turned it around and head to the So Los Coronados due to...
  528. hotrod

    1 1/2 day fishing offshore Fri/Sat 7-21/22 on the GalaxSea

    Ready to git it on :git: Taking the GalaxSea to fish this Friday 7-21 and Sat July 7-22...pulling out of SD around 1-130pm today. We will be hitting paddies as we work our way down to the 295/D220/1010 areas. Give me a holler of you're out this afternoon or Sat. Mike on the GalaxSea :cheers:
  529. hotrod

    1 1/2 day trip on my boat the GalaxSea to fish Fri and Sat July 21/22

    I put my first post in the wrong section...doh :rolleyes: So here dad Joe is taking our boat the "GalaxSea" to fish this Friday and Sat July 21/22. He needs one due to a cancellation. They will meet at noon and hit paddies on the way to the albie grounds and drift on the sock at...
  530. hotrod

    Need 1 for 1 1/2 days fishing Fri/Sat on my boat the GalaxSea

    My dad Joe is taking our boat the GalaxSea for a 1 1/2 day trip to fish this Friday and Sat July 21/22. He needs one due to a cancellation. They will meet at noon and hit paddies on the way to the albie grounds and drift on the sock at night...he still needs one more and will split fuel, bait...
  531. hotrod

    Offshore Tues 6-20 albie and YT report

    Took the Galaxsea out today with my dad, David, and Dane to go after the albies and tails. We fished the area up above and inside the Inner Bank and caught 4 albies and 8 yellowtail for the day. We started the day yt jig strike trolling by a kelp paddie at 3148 and 11709. We then worked out...
  532. hotrod

    Albie Fishing Tues June 20th

    Fishing for albacore offshore tomorrow 6-20 around the 238/D220, 295 areas... Give me a holler on Ch 72 if youre out there. Mike
  533. hotrod

    Albie fishing tomorrow 6-20 or Fri/Sat 6-23/24, need crew

    Fishing albacore tomorrow 6-20 and need 1 more for crew. Need to know asap...You know the drill, split fuel, bait and ice. Drop me an email at [email protected]
  534. hotrod

    Offshore East Butterfly fish report for Weds 6-7-06

    Fished the Butterfly Bank with my dad, Andy, and Bill R. We got 2 albacore, easy limits of yellowtail, alot of bonito, and one mako (released). We caught the albies with a double jig strike at 3223 and 11756, 40 miles 233 degrees. The albies were caught on a small black and purple jet head and...
  535. hotrod

    Fishing the Fly Weds 6-7

    Leaving SD bay at 1am tonight to fish offshore...will be working the butterfly and then paddies on the inside later on the day. I still need one guy if youre me here, but I will be in bed by 9pm. Give me a holler on ch 72 if youre out there. Mike
  536. hotrod

    Fishing Weds 6-7 Need 1 or 2

    I would like to take the Galaxsea out this Weds in search of tails under paddies. If I can put a crew together, we will head out at 5am. I need 1 or know the drill -> split fuel, bait and ice. Drop me an im here if you want to go. Mike
  537. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 5-27 Ensenada fish report & weather

    Just got back from Ensenada with Frank (fklentz) and fished on the Ensenada Clipper through Sergios. About 30 of us on board fished the bottom critters because the weather and the swell was high and mixed. As chugged slowly on one engine :shake: to the local spots, a few guys put out the...
  538. hotrod

    Who wants to fish this Sat or Sun? Need crew if I go

    I want to go fishing this weekend but havent made any definite plans yet. I'm open to paddy hopping up to 60 miles our again Sat or Sun but would need some crew. Who would like to go Sat or Sun? What are your thoughts...I think the weather will be ok...
  539. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 5-19 302 n 371 report

    Fished the 302 and 371 yesterday for 4 yt and numerous bones. We caught the first 2 tails on bait on one of the first paddies we spotted 4 miles before the 302. Then a 4 bone quad on the troll, and a 5th on bait. About 1.5 miles from the 371 we got a double on tails on a blue/wht jet head and a...
  540. hotrod

    Paddy hopping to 60 miles out Fri 5-19

    Taking the GalaxSea out on her first 06 offshore trip tomorrow, Friday 5-19. We will be paddy hopping, looking for tails and possibly albies 25-60 miles out. Give us a holler if youre out there! Mike on Ch 72
  541. hotrod

    Need 1-2 for Fri 5-19

    We will be fishing this Friday 5-19. I still need 1-2 crewman...We will be paddy hopping looking for tails and possibly albies 25-50 miles out. This is not a planned trip but a for sure trip. You know the drill, we will be splitting the costs for fuel and bait. We will be leaving at 730am...
  542. hotrod

    Need 2 for SAT 5-13

    I'm planning to fish this Sat 5-13. If the fishing picks up and the weather is fine, I will need 2 crewman...We will be paddy hopping looking for tails and albies 50+ miles and then work our way south. You know the drill, splitting the costs for fuel and bait. Pls send me an email if...
  543. hotrod

    SAT 3-25 bottom fishing

    We will be bottom fishing SAT 3-25...Need to take the boat out and burn some old fuel too in the process. Hitting the 9 mile bank and near North los cornados. The weather looks decent w/ maybe some fog in the AM> Mike on Ch 72
  544. hotrod

    Offshore March 3rd & 4th Fish Report in Ensenada

    I was finally able to download the photos...see below You guys can move this thread to the baja forum when you want, but I wanted to put something up for the guys to read this week... I really needed to get out and go I made plans with some buddies to go to Ensenada to fish...
  545. hotrod

    Fishing Fri/Sat March 3rd and 4th in Mexico

    Getting away from everything to fish out of La Salina and Ensenada on Fri/Sat March 3rd and 4th. I will post sometime on Sunday with a fish report and photos. Mike
  546. hotrod

    Need 2 for tomorrow Sat 1-7

    Last second trip. I have 2 spots for tomorrow Sat 1-7...Last second trip. I have 2 spots for tomorrow Sat 1-7...Change of the bay now for halibut and bass. Call after 730am tomorrow. My boat is slipped at MCRD and we're meeting at 800am. Mike 619-254-8784 cell
  547. hotrod

    Offshore Fri 9-30 YFT Report SW D220

    Sorry for the late post. We didnt get in til real late last night due to fog banks on the way in. Decided at the last second to go make a run for the yft and it paid off. Nice way to treat myself to a birthday present...Basically we fished the area SW of the D220 friday for 14 YFT 20 to 30...
  548. hotrod

    Fishing the tuna tomorrow Friday 9-30

    We're heading offshore tonight to fish the tuna tomorrow Fri 9-30. Gary (Bravo 6) and I combined our crews and will be taking the GalaxSea out :D. Give me a shout on ch 72 if anyone else is going.... Mike on GalaxSea
  549. hotrod

    Offshore Yesterday...what happened??

    Fish Reports??? Where are all the fish reports for those of you that fished yesterday in the MAW? I didnt fish it...
  550. hotrod

    Need 2 to fish yft Friday 9-16

    Weather permitting we're planning on fishing for the yft on friday leaving Thurs night at midnight. I still need 2 crew to go still...Let me know if you're available and like to go with us. Pm me here... Mike
  551. hotrod

    Hooky for YFT Tomorrow Weds 9-15

    Who wants to play Hooky for YFT Tomorrow Weds 9-15? I will go tomorrow if I can put a crew together.... Since I havent asked anyone yet, I will start here. I cant leave til 7am tomorrow so we'd make it a full day from 7am to 8pm. Who would like to go?...respond if serious pm me here please...
  552. hotrod

    Offshore 9/5/05 Labor Day Fish Report

    Short Version: 16 YT's and a 30 lb Bull Dodo for 5 (4 dink yt's released) Breezy a bit bumpy but fishable Nice fun day, good to be out... Long Version: 5 of us: Frank (fklentz), my dad Joe, Darrell, Wayne and myself fished roughly halfway between the hidden bank and the 238...We started...
  553. hotrod

    Fishing Labor day

    Fishing tomorrow on the GalaxSea. Give us a shout on ch 72. Mike
  554. hotrod

    Offshore Today's weather and fishing, how was it?

    So whats the scoop guys? Anyone have any information on today's weather and fishing? I would like to go tomorrow, but I havent heard anything anywhere...who has some gouge? Mike (You guys can move this thread tomorrow by the way...)
  555. hotrod

    Offshore Sun 8-28 Report

    Sun 8-28-5 Local Banks Report Short Report: Sloppy Weather and slow fishin 5 YT's Paddy hopping...hard to spot them...Ran to the 425, 371, a bit south, then north to the 371 again, 302, 425 again and then over to the R-Pile. Stayed local because it was sloppy the day before and confirmed...
  556. hotrod

    Going offshore Sun 8/28

    Well its been a month now and its time to go fishing offshore. Will be heading as far as 100 miles if needed on Sun 8/28 with B Rinkes, Fklentz, Lowell and my dad Joe. Give us a shout on ch 72 on the "GalaxSea" if you're out there. Mike
  557. hotrod

    Hooky tomorrow (thurs 8-4) anyone?

    Well we tried to pull this off but it didnt come the trip to play hooky has been canceled...thanks again! Thinking of playing hooky tomorrow (thurs 8-4) to fish the albies...need at least 2 more to go...leave tonight at 11pm. Anyone, anyone, buehler? Drop me a pm here. Mike
  558. hotrod

    Offshore Sunday 7-31 offshore report

    Sunday 7-31 offshore report The 4 of us fished south of the 60 mile bank today for 2 nice sized albacore (1 estimated at 36 lbs) at 31 56 X 118 13. The troller was hooked on the mean joe green daisy chain but was lost at the prop...the 2 came on bait. We also got a nice jig strike on the...
  559. hotrod

    Albie fishing Sunday 7-31, need 1

    We're fishing tomorrow for sure (Sunday that is). I picked up one crew but now Frank cant I still need one to fill the boat out. We are meeting tonight at 11:00pm and leave SD Bay by midnight. Drop me a pm here if you're interested. Thanks, Mike
  560. hotrod

    Fishing the albies tomorrow Tues 7-26, need 1 or 2

    I know this is so last minute but I've heard some good news for today's offshore fishing and the weather.... So given that I'm now ready to go tomorrow (Tues 7-26) but need at least one more preferably 2. We will meet at 10pm tonight with plans to leave SD Bay by 11pm. Drop me a pm...
  561. hotrod

    Offshore Weds 7-13 offshore report for the GalaxSea

    Weds 7-13 offshore report for the GalaxSea: Short Report: 13 albacore (1 bait fish) Very rough after the morning, and the rest of the day, especially on the way in 169 NM, burned 132 gals of diesel Long Report: My Dad took Bill Markle, his son and friend (I did not go) started at 71...
  562. hotrod

    Tomorrow Weds 7-13, may need one...

    This is very last minute...need one more to fish the albies tomorrow Weds 7-13 at 70 miles . You know the drill...split costs on fuel and bait. PM or email me at [email protected] Mike
  563. hotrod

    Offshore 7-2 Sat Offshore Report - Albie Limits

    Sat 7-2 Offshore Report - Albie Limits Just got in and I'm beat... Short Report Limits of Albies for 5 at 88 to 95 miles out Multiple jig stops, most on bait 1 13 fish stop @ 31 12 X 117 24 for 16 albies, Temps 63 - 63.3 31 07 X 117 35 for 9 albies Temps 64.4 to 64.9 Petrolero six...
  564. hotrod

    Going Long tomorrow Sat 7-2

    Time to go whack some albies. Leaving the slip tonight at 830pm :beerbang: ...see you guys out on the H20 tomorrow. Looks like were running south of the D220. Mike, Bill or Frank on Ch 72 tomorrow (Sat 7-2) Happy 4th to all! Mike
  565. hotrod

    Thinking albies Tues 6-28 or Weds 6-29, need crew though!

    The weather has died down and theyre getting albies between 65-110 miles in 2 batches. I'm tempted to go tomorrow or Weds but need some more crew to make it happen. I'll throw it out there for you guys...If I go, who would like to go tomorrow? Who's in for Weds 6-29? We will be probably be going...
  566. hotrod

    Offshore 6-16 Thurs Offshore Albie Report

    Short Report: 23 Albies for 5 crew Fish ranged from 15-30 lbs, average was 20-25 lbs. Excellent weather 82 nm from the point A great day of Fishing! Long Report: Took the GalaxSea out of SD Bay at 830pm last night and hit the dumping grounds first thing this morning by 5am. Once we...
  567. hotrod

    Need 1 to fish the albies on Thurs 6-16

    I need 1 more to fish the albies on Thurs 6-16. We will be meeting at 8pm Weds night. Also, we will be sharing the costs for fuel and bait. Drop me a pm here or an email @ [email protected]
  568. hotrod

    Running long Thurs 6-16

    The GalaxSea will be running long Thurs 6-16. We're leaving SD bay at 9pm weds night and going the distance for the albies. Give me a shout on Ch 72 if youre out there. Mike
  569. hotrod

    Fishing tomorrow (thurs 5-19) anyone?

    I'm thinking of taking the Galaxsea out tomorrow Thurs 5-19 and go look for some albies and yt. I will need 1-2 more crew if I do go. If we go and I'd say it's 60/40 at this point, we'll do a loop from the cross to the airplane, towrds the dumper and maybe towards the 295. The weather is...
  570. hotrod

    Offshore Tails n Albies--> 425, 371, 302 Tues 5-3

    Tails n Albies, 425, 371, 302 Tues 5-3 Short Report: 13 yt's 6 albies (4 between 22-25 lbs) only 5 1/2 hrs of fishing H20 temps ranged from 62.6 to 63.5 Beautiful day on the pond. Long Report: Dropoff son at daycare 7:15am , kiss wife goodbye at 730am. I'm out the door to play hooky...
  571. hotrod

    Still have room for 1 tomorrow Mon 3-28

    I meant to post this earlier today but anyways, here goes. I sill have room for 1 tomorrow Mon 3-28. We will hit the rockfish first thing then at the lower 9 and then go after the bonies and yt between the 9 and North Isl. at around 10am to round out the day. You know the drill, we'll split the...
  572. hotrod

    Squidding Thurs 3-17, need a few

    I'm trying to get out and go squidd'n tomorrow night (Thurs 3-17), but my main crew canceled this afternoon. I need to fill 2 spots in order to go...anyone like to get out and go?
  573. hotrod

    Who wants to fish tues or weds (12-21 or 12-22)?

    I would really like to go fishing this Tues or Weds...I have to get a few things done on the boat tomorrow before I go. In any event, I'm tempted to go long for the longfins but that depends if it all comes together. If we cant pull that off then I'm thinking the lower 9 or the R-pile for a nice...
  574. hotrod

    Going offshore for yft Fri 11-5

    Going offshore for yft Fri 11-5. *We canceled due to weather considerations*. I will be on ch 72 if youre out there. Mike
  575. hotrod

    Offshore SAt 9-18 BET limits for 4, awesome day!

    Wow, another incredible day on the Galaxsea...we're 3 for 3 now. Short Story: 20 BET for 4 (limits) All 40-65 lb fish, only 1 at 20 1 yft (football) Between the 213 and 1010 31 47 X 117 47 Long Story: I almost didnt go today but since BET have been caught this week, had to go. Left SD...
  576. hotrod

    Boat Graphics/Decals

    Can anyone out there recommend a good boat graphic/decal guy to put the name of boat on the sides and back aft. I know Ali did this but havent spoken to him in ages. Mike
  577. hotrod

    Offshore 9/9/04 dodo limits and lots of yft at the 421

    Wow another epic day on Galaxsea...nice way to initiate the new boat! Short Story: Fished the 421 ...all paddy's Limits of dodos for 4 (14-20 lbs) 14 yft (all footballs) 1yt Long Story: Pulled a last minute trip since the wifey didnt want me to go on labor day. Decided to head towards...
  578. hotrod

    Fishing labor day 9-6

    Taking the Galaxsea offshore for albies and yft on labor day 9-6 weather providing. Frank says rain is in the forecast for sun and monday. Who else is going? Mike on Ch 72
  579. hotrod

    Offshore Toad albie limits at the shroom 8-28-04

    Fished the mushroom bank on my new boat the Galaxsea for limits of albacore and 1 yft. All of the fish came on live bait ... Joe caught the yft about 1-2 miles SW of 32 01 118 24 on live bait off of meter marks. Headed up to 32 05 118 29 and saw stopped boats, slowed trolls deans and hit 2...
  580. hotrod

    Offshore 7/18/04 Albie/YT report

    I fished long today on the Knot Now with Skipper Phil, Bill Rinkes and my nephew Jake. We caught 4 albacore and 2 yellowtail today. We caught our albies below the 483/500 Bank down at 3123 and 11803 which is about 85 miles from Point Loma. We did see a nice 1/2 degree temp break from 65.4 to...
  581. hotrod

    Offshore 7/15/04 Airplane and Middle Grounds Report

    My dad and his grand son fished today with skipper/owner Patrick on the VikingII all the way down to the Airplane today....about 65 miles out. They trolled and trolled and even to the west too for nada. Those that fished that same area were talking about how the fishing was rough for everyone...
  582. hotrod

    Offshore SAT 6-26...390 slugfest Albie Limits

    SAT 6-26...390 slugfest Albie Limits Short Report: albie limits in 2 1/2 hours at the 390, 50% on bait. Long Report: Hit the 390 this morning at 8:15am with JD on his nice 25' Skipjack sport-fisherman ...a really nice boat. Heading out to the 390 we were listening of the limits already by...
  583. hotrod

    Offshore Thurs 6-3 Albies south of the 425

    Gave Bill of the "Salty Dawg" a call at 930am this morning and said "hey Bill they're were killing the albies at the 425 yesterday" Without my boat, this was killing me...I said lets go hit em this afternoon, within a half hr Bill calls back and says be at the launch ramp at noon sharp. So I...
  584. hotrod

    VikingII fishing the albies Sat 7/19/03

    VikingII will be fishing the albies Sat 7/19/03 down south in the 75 mile zone where theyve been biting. I cant make the trip so give my dad Joe and my buddy frank a holler on Ch 72. Good Luck and see you in 2 1/2 weeks, Mike
  585. hotrod

    Offshore Sat 7/12/03 Fish Report at 53 miles out

    Fished VikingII yesterday at the Inner Banks 53 miles around 31 46 X 117 12 for no albacore. This was the area that went off on weds and thurs this past week where wildcat got em. There were only a few boats that were getting them but only 2 or 3. I talked to one boat that had 9, but it was...
  586. hotrod

    VikingII heading out Sat 7/12/03

    Taking VikingII out Sat 7/12/03 as part of a family reunion with dad, both my brothers (out of town), and their sons. Hopefully we decide to fish the albies offshore 40-60 miles offshore. If not we will hit the islands or the R-Pile. Who else is going offshore? Lets cover some areas and get...
  587. hotrod

    7/02/03 Islands fish report

    I fished on Nathans's 40’ trawler, "Gallardise" today. We left SD Bay at 6am with a scoop of deans from EB. First thing in the am we tried for some butts near the mouth of SD Bay for one shorty…Since the tide was low and there was no current we decided to move on to the smokestack area...
  588. hotrod

    Weds 6-25 fish report

    My dad Joe, biminitwist (Rich) and I Left EB in Sd bay with a nice scoop of deans at about 330am. Tryed to raise up some macks too on the way out to no avail. Very smooth ride out and could tell is was going to be one of those nice days. Started at 32 25 X 117 09 trolling deep for yt and wsb but...
  589. hotrod

    VikingII fishing Weds 6/25/03

    VikingII will be fishing Weds 6/25/03 for the yt's, wsb and sandbass at the smokestack/rosarito areas. Anyone else running down that way? We will be on ch 72 and 69. Mike