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  1. Bill W

    Is the Madmac new?

    I saw this on Nomad’s sale announcement. Curious if any one has used one yet…
  2. Bill W

    Halco 220 Max

    Wondered how this lure fishes? I saw a issue with the split ring wearing into a welded solid ring due to troll vibration, maybe not the best lure modification. Curious if this is a go to trolling lure?
  3. Bill W

    Communism and Socialism quote

    "There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: Communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism - by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide." Ayn Rand
  4. Bill W

    Biden and political dissent?
  5. Bill W

    Favorite Super Bowl Commercial
  6. Bill W

    Girl Sports and Executive Orders
  7. Bill W

    Keystone Pipeline

    Canada oil will be piping to West Coast to sell to Japan. Biden blunder. Low cost oil gone with his day 1 zero thinking action.
  8. Bill W

    LR boat Cruising speed

    Almost everyone has a smartphone. When you leave San Diego what is the typical travel speed? Name the boat...
  9. Bill W

    Thread burner

    Was looking to upgrade my Berkeley hot line cutter and found this. 3 AA batteries, look at the video.
  10. Bill W

    Shaping the bullet

    When you shape the leader for insertion I seem to remember a pen vise used to form the bullet shape. Does anyone have this device? Would be nice to have some device that would aid in forming that bullet. Presently I use a flexible 220 grit sandpaper.
  11. Bill W

    Question on hollow spectra insertion.

    For the uncoated hollow Spectra are there any tricks to getting an easier insertion? Seems that is one of my frustrations. Wonder if there is a way to get the spectra prepped so the walls will open up and not catch. Prefer not to change my spectra brand. (Ex. coated hollow)
  12. Bill W

    Interesting FG test results

    Using some old YoZuri 150# fluorocarbon and TufLine Guides Choice 130# I started with a Bimini twist 30 turn in the Spectra. I then used that double line to make a 16 turn FG. The Bimini added about 2 minutes time to make the knot. Thinking the 150# Fluoro was stronger I just tested the TufLine...
  13. Bill W

    FG knot failure Was looking for issues with this knot and found this. Seems the failure happens on the very first wrap. If that first wrap does not dig in and hold it will transfer to loosen the other wraps. Super important to get a color change...
  14. Bill W

    FG Knot Performance

    The FG has been around for a while. Have there been any failures reported during fishing? The FG when tested to failure keeps the knot on the main line. If so... would like to know the details. Thanks.
  15. Bill W

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Personally I put the rod butt under my right arm. Then I can pull the rod across my chest to walk the rod around the boat. When stopped on the rail I can push down with my chest. What works for you?
  16. Bill W

    Inside Sportfishing streaming

    Lots of recent footage on Prime Video. Cool bluefin on kite off San Clemente first couple of episodes.
  17. Bill W

    Smart ring detection.
  18. Bill W

    Dolphins passing the pufferfish

    These guys are having fun.
  19. Bill W

    Albacore on Netflix

    Battlefish has some good albacore fishing. Season one. Brings back some neat memories.
  20. Bill W

    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    What color lens do you like for on the water, like spotting fish?
  21. Bill W

    The real reason we go Long Range fishing
  22. Bill W

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Dive boat Conception burned off Santa Cruz...
  23. Bill W

    How to test knots

    This video shows some basics, not actually the safe way, but an example. Seems the PR knot is the winner. Never broke in the video. But if the choice between one knot or the other, one has to be the winner. On the FG knot the question is how many wraps with the size spectra and leader. That...
  24. Bill W

    Big Tuna from rocks

    See the Moray eels when the fish was on the rocks. We used to feed them on the rocks at the hyperbaric chamber at Catalina Isthmus with a can of tuna. They would crawl on the rock you were standing on near the water and feed right out of the can.
  25. Bill W

    Nice one landed at PV

    Taped at 450# not weighed yet...,dK-R-R&eid=ARCFFCBvIXNtbo6lBIO-pyuth-eqaVo2I2y57C4T4YLYajzigPxa24UyUCQdaP2zLs3d9qT1PARnNHjz&fref=gs&dti=526842461009737&hc_location=group 88" by 64"
  26. Bill W

    Deep Blue sighting 21 foot GW over 50 years old...
  27. Bill W

    Heavy line hook knot test

    I wanted to test two knots, the Jansik and the Mustad video version of a 3 turn uni. (tied per video) I used 250# Momoi Hi-Catch leader. First got the ABS by inserting the leader into 220# hollow on each ends and served with nail knots. This area that have the 220 Spectra and the leader is...
  28. Bill W

    Good crimping thread Found this info interesting.
  29. Bill W

    FG knot test

    Interesting results... I use 130# TufLine Guides Choice braid to separate the test knot. This Spectra had tested at 135.5 on a previous test of two spliced loops. At the end of the fluorocarbon insertion the Spectra broke at 104.5# with the FG knot intact. Set up again and pulled until FG...
  30. Bill W

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    Did 3 tests... First was the 3 turn Uni. Second was Springer. Third was the ABS of the Blackwater 100# for a 100% baseline. I used the same leader for the three pulls. The Blackwater 100# broke at 131.3# so that is 100%... 108.5 div. 131.3 = 82.6% Springer aka John Collins ver. 98 div. 131.3...
  31. Bill W

    New American Tackle products

    New spinning guide to think about... Also a really interesting fix for old jigs, including a glow in the dark color. JigSkinz...
  32. Bill W

    Installing Spectra on reel question?

    I have this Spectra drag device coming in the mail and was wondering on what pounds tension to apply when going from a new Spectra spool to the reel. I have heard that too much tension can dig in on the Spectra spool and can possibly damage the Spectra. On the other hand not enough tension will...
  33. Bill W

    Bees Knees Found this line spooler for Spectra. Carbontex drag for up to 15kg when spooling on your reel. Shipping to US is 170Au (127 USD) Seems well designed.
  34. Bill W

    Hollow to solid Spectra splice

    Did some thinking about this and combined some thinking of two different techniques. And I use a 6’ wire pinched in the middle for 3’ total. Install a couple of crimps on the wire ends for safety and...
  35. Bill W

    Casting Clinic

    Wondered if you have any tricks to getting the bait out there on a conventional? The concept is to get the spool moving ASAP for bait, a bit different than a lure. Kinda like driving a car and getting acceleration at a light because the car is still moving when the light turns green. Small...
  36. Bill W

    Having fun without killing much.

    On my last trip on the Supreme there were times when the skippies and small yellowfin were full on at the 23. And being used to the long trips I find myself not wanting that size, since I have all the fish at home. I used my 150# Izor on a 50 and fishing gumdrop size skippies for larger grouper...
  37. Bill W

    Very cheap crimper They look like the Braid ratchet without the ratchet.
  38. Bill W

    Ramp Monsters

  39. Bill W

    Grommet and rings

    About the slickest way to connect is a grommet and ring. Atuna had some really good ideas on grommet and ring but so far i have found just a few sources. I really like the Delrin grommet and...
  40. Bill W

    Squid Kite rig

    Doing some squid kite rigs, stagger hooks so they will travel out. Big 20/0 circle and a 7591 10/0 hook. Which hook is on the shorter leader?
  41. Bill W

    Crimps for heavy mono

    Went to Turner's looking for 250# crimps. I have Jinkai 250# mono leader and was looking for the 175-250 Jinkai aluminum crimps. The Turner's guy wanted to sell a AFW crimp, black double barrel. He said if it is double barrel it is for mono and the single barrel is for wire. So the question is...
  42. Bill W

    FG tested to failure

    65# TufLine solid to 60# mono This got me interested cause Nick could not break 100# boat rope when the FG was tied using hollow. Also a video that i posted showed although it was second to the PR knot the FG broke around the same spot, the mono inside the FG knot. I also pushed down the FG...
  43. Bill W

    Boarding Policies

    Would like to know which boat uses the first in line boarding or when your deposit is received system?
  44. Bill W

    Cool fishing videos So where can I get those Psycho shirts...
  45. Bill W

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    One of the in control factors for a trip is the meals. Do you have a favorite boat in regards to the meals served. Also afternoon snacks and soup. Hot cereal for breakfast?
  46. Bill W

    Neat pocket torch

    Got this thing at REI. Turns a disposable lighter in to a wind proof 2300 deg. F torch. Great for on deck tackle work. Kinda hard to believe it works so well. Wal-Mart Scripto lighters 7 for 2 bucks.
  47. Bill W

    Hopkins with buck tails

    4.5 oz and 6 oz Hopkins... try something different.
  48. Bill W

    Snafu in posted dates/times

    Wondered if any one else noticed issues with the posted times "yesterday" starting at 5:46... You look at the posted date on the post and they do not match.
  49. Bill W

    Knot contest knot

    I saw this knot, reminded me of a Bimini twist. Maybe a knot contest winner... Benjamin Knot.
  50. Bill W

    North California Albacore

    Beginning of albacore season up North...
  51. Bill W

    New Visa for Mexico. Oops! Old news... sorry.
  52. Bill W

    What a bad wind on looks like...

    Looking at my tackle box, I found a bad memory. Purchased 3 of these from Turners, two failed on big fish. I installed a nail knot between the Seaguar installed serves. A long time ago... needed proof so I tried another. (Dummy)
  53. Bill W

    Crazy fish

    You go long enough, you see a lot of crazy stuff. Seems a lot of crazy stuff happens at night. The boat lights do strange stuff to a hooked tuna. Just guessing... if a tuna gets scared they do not want to run in to the dark but go towards the light. A lot of times someone will strike a tuna only...
  54. Bill W

    How do you set the hook fishing sardines?

    Was thinking this out recently and wondered about your thoughts. I lmagine when a big tuna sucks in a lot of water and the sardine is definitely in side the mouth when you get bit. So my question is do you let the tuna run with the bait or immediately throw the lever forward?
  55. Bill W

    Tom with a nice skinnie 84.5 wahoo
  56. Bill W

    New rod holders for Red Bird I like it when a plan comes together...
  57. Bill W

    Where you at?

    The American Angler is off La Bufadora heading South at 9.5 knots. The Intrepid is working a few drifts off Colnett. The Excel is heading North at 10.7 knots 150 miles from Clarion. The Royal Polaris is anchored at Clarion. Andy and Jeff are off the radar. Jeff left on a 15 day on the 7th.
  58. Bill W

    Time for a time out...

    I have enjoyed this forum and learned a lot. Also had some opportunity to share some things that I have learned along the way. For me the learning part is being exposed to new ways of thinking and for that part the need to listen and not talk. So... There are plenty of places on the internet...
  59. Bill W

    Shimano jigs?

    What is your expierence or opinion with the following Shimano jigs... Waxwing, Lucanus, Butterfly, Orca and Colt sniper.
  60. Bill W

    Three dead when wave flips boat.

    Backside of Catalina, Pacific Quest, rescued 4 survivors and 3 dead of a boat flipped by large waves.
  61. Bill W

    Judge Judy show today

    Saw Don Ashley today on Judge Judy. A private boater got close to the Enterprise that Don ownes and the skipper was yelling four letter words at the private boater. The skipper then told his deckhand to toss a jig on the boat. The second cast hit the outboard cowling damaging it. The private...
  62. Bill W

    Good score at Hurricane

    Excel has posted some quality fish at Hurricane. Seiner in the background on one picture. Daytime fish, chunk fish. Looks like sharks are not a problem now. Weather is perfect. Nice to have the place all by yourself...
  63. Bill W

    Most comprehensive Long Range info?

    i did a search with the words "Long Range Sportfishing" and got this hit... What is your opinion on the boat schedules and reports posted with respects to their claim "most comprehensive"? Was looking for a site that had all the long range boat schedules...
  64. Bill W

    Excel got a super... Looks like our trip is good timing coming up...
  65. Bill W

    A big fish off Loreto

    Thad from the regulars of June Heat sent me this...
  66. Bill W

    Fun rod holder project

    First to say I ride the Red Rooster and with the new rod holders on the top deck there really is a place for all rods you can bring on a trip. (Thanks Boss...) Just as an exercise of thinking I made up this rod holder that clamps to the rail on the top deck. My goal was to minimize rail space...
  67. Bill W

    VMC Dynamic hooks

    JohnTFT has got some VMC Dynamic hooks in stock now. Size 2/0 to 6/0... For those interested. I usually fish 6/0 on the sardine if the bait is big, or 5/0 for smaller sardine or pick bite. Hard to get hook, never seen one fail and just one...
  68. Bill W

    Upper deck rail dimensions

    Hoping to get an idea of the width of the rail of the upper deck of the long range boats. Was thinking about designing a rail mount rod holder that will fit most... Thanks...
  69. Bill W

    New Honeywell Spectra HT

    Only two players right now using this stuff but they are both solid and 100# and under. A improved product but higher cost.
  70. Bill W

    Thank you John, Basil and Mark

    Giving us insight from your perspective. Thanks for posting here. Much of what you guys share here shapes my thinking about this sport.
  71. Bill W

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader Interesting alternative for lighter leaders. 110 yard spool of 100# for 55 cents a yard at Charkbait. The 100# has a diameter of .91, same as Premier 100#. There are only a few manufacturers of fluorocarbon, this is one...
  72. Bill W

    Hook design for tuna

    Just thinking this out, might be something, maybe not... Your favorite hook for tuna, is it offset? Suppose you had a choice between a 4X offset circle hook and a 3X zero offset circle hook, which one is better for big tuna? The hook manufacturer will sell you what you want. You are the...
  73. Bill W

    Skin bite on indy

    Biting the zincs off the boat yesterday...
  74. Bill W

    Independence got a cow

    Appears they are working the lower banks this morning. 235# fish. Something to prepare for if you are going on a 10 day...
  75. Bill W

    Intrepid catching cows

    Morning bite for a few cows, good sign. Get some Soda Pop...
  76. Bill W

    Spectra size

    What size spectra would be needed to insert into 300# fluorocarbon?
  77. Bill W

    Wahoo trolling question

    For those that have tried fluorocarbon leaders on the troll with Marauders, have you lost a lure? I have not tried it yet but willing to give it a try next trip. (with my own gear) What pound flouro do you use? Do you put chafing gear on from the lure to your leader? I love this site. I learn...
  78. Bill W

  79. Bill W

    Andy on a good score Including a 320#...
  80. Bill W

    Tranx or Lexa for light jigs

    Does any one have any experience fishing these reels on long range...
  81. Bill W

    Ice near landing

    Prefer not to spend money on bag ice, but want bulk flake per tub or blown ice...
  82. Bill W

    New guy on Rooster

    Nick will be missed, one of the best... Matt was a new face to me, but has worked the Rooster before... I was amazed how much he knew. At the Hurricane while we were struggling to get a few flyers, Matt was a one man show... Matt just aced the Ocean Operators license and we have one more ticket...
  83. Bill W

    Tuna Donation

    Appreciate your help... I donated 925# of Yellowfin to a qualified non-profit organization for their hot meals program. If you have done this also, could you P.M. me.
  84. Bill W

    Trevor Rogers Accident

    From the Red Rooster Facebook page... Say a Prayer for Trevor Rogers that was in a car accident. My prayers are sent...
  85. Bill W

    5 nice Bluefin on the Red Rooster

    Five nice 100# plus Bluefin posted on Red Rooster facebook. Mark, the owner of Charkbait had a real big one on for 4 hours. Biggest landed was 140#
  86. Bill W

    Nice... - PEI Trip Winner

    Gil was the lucky winner on a trip to Price Edward Island care of BloodyDecks. Here he is cutting off an estimated 900 pound Bluefin he caught... He goes by Tunavato on here...
  87. Bill W

    Nice one Ben...

    Great Picture,
  88. Bill W

    Question on 775XH reel seat

    I will be putting on a Makaira 16 and will have 80# on it. If you did not want to go with a reel seat, what other options would work. It would be used on the rail...
  89. Bill W

    Moon phase and Bluefin fishing

    Do Bluefin bite better on a full moon?
  90. Bill W

    Bluefin Tuna pens and breeding

    In past times Bluefin were harvested with purse seine nets. Now the tuna are allowed to grow out and are fed to maturity. Can the penned tuna actually increase the wild Bluefin population?
  91. Bill W

    Boat WiFi and Apple TV

    I was wondering if the Apple TV device, connected via the boat's WiFi would be an option to play movies from an I Pad?
  92. Bill W

    Interested in your comments

    Your time and comments... IGFA rules Wonder if an honest attempt from the long range fleet to address the IGFA on rules that has left us out... By not including us in the world as Sport fishermen and...
  93. Bill W

    Streamline Leader serve

    This came from a previous discussion on this board that sparked my interest. This serve is called a pressure serve, without glue or external thread. The purpose of this serve is to use a short insertion of 12 inches and to trim the 10 foot leader to a...
  94. Bill W

    Accurate's new reels

    The very best reels have a new reel on the market, the Fury. Three sizes, single speed and 2 speed, dogs with a single drag (better casting?). I suspect with the great price point I will be seeing this model catching wahoo on my next trip. Also all the Boss reels have another version that has...
  95. Bill W

    Hot wahoo bombs

    Last couple of long trips I was witnessed to a very productive item. On June heat the bombs were extremely effective and I was careful to ask the big score guys what bomb they were using. Filing this away in memory, and not acting on it, and going on this last 14 day... The hot guys were fishing...
  96. Bill W

    Satellite communications

    Here is an interesting device that plugs into your smart phone or other device. Great for sports that take you away from cell site coverage.
  97. Bill W

    Fred Hall first day

    Anybody score some good deals. Got a Makaira 20II-SE and some new Yozuri Power Flurocarbon in 100# and 150#.
  98. Bill W

    Cracks on guide feet ends

    Hi guys, Being an amature rod builder I wondered what the pros do to keep guide feet cracking the finish after the rod flexes. Some grind the guide feet, some do not I understand. I have some sucess wrapping over a little scotch tape at the ends. Kind of makes a shoe for the guide to slip on and...
  99. Bill W

    Realistic line ratings and drag settings

    With the use of spectra the question comes to mind what is a realistic line rating that one can handle. Maybe the price drop at the 130# spectra range makes this the most appealing point, but 100# spectra main line would fish better. I usually set my drag for my 50 reels at 32# straight pull...
  100. Bill W

    What is a good drag...

    Curious what you guys call a good drag. For me the start up and the running drag differential should be close. And when the drag is checked after fighting a fish, retains the set value.
  101. Bill W

    Nice read...

    Tim Ekstrom has a nice article on the sidebar on small tuna reels. Nice picture of father and son at Lupe. Thanks for the input Tim...
  102. Bill W

    Who's this?

    We had a very enjoyable day of fishing in calm weather. We started early with a ripper stop on school size bluefin tuna. With the sweat off early we looked around for some of the better size models to no avail. While looking we tried a few kelps for a handful of yellowtail. We found one more...
  103. Bill W


    Friday, August 12th, 2011 Hi friends. Stellar day on the Bluefin grounds today. In actuality, I should say we had a stellar morning and a stellar evening on the Bluefins. We found our desired water conditions first thing this morning and after a few jig strikes for a handful of fish, we had a...
  104. Bill W


    To the delight of the rare sniveler who whines about, but ironically still reads, my daily narrative containing excessive detail about the broader aspects of offshore fishing, today's piece is abridged by necessity. Somehow in the heat of battle today I managed to rack up my writing hand...
  105. Bill W

    Name the next Long Range boat

    Suppose a new long range boat came on the scene that was not named. Given the duty of naming the boat, what name would you choose?
  106. Bill W

    Albacore and Yellowfin Tuna facts

    I read this from Albacore: Life History and Habitat <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="LifeHistoryHabitat" -->Life history, including information on the habitat, growth, feeding, and reproduction of a species, is important because it affects how a...
  107. Bill W

    Does the crew have a nickname for you...

    They call me "Wild Bill", cannot imagine why......
  108. Bill W

    WTB Accurate 80

    Looking for mechanically good Accurate 80, price range $1000.00
  109. Bill W

    Junkyard Bob's possible 300#

    Junkyard Bob Mitchner got a fattie right at 300# on Dec. 2nd on the Rooster. Sounds like the Rooster has gone away from the beach crowd. Great fisherman, one more 300# hopefully to go on his list...
  110. Bill W

    Okuma Makaira or Cedros reels

    Who has purchased one and can give some user feedback from a trip?
  111. Bill W

    Buy bulk ice

    Here is a tip for those that buy ice. The fish markets on the harbour will sell you a tub of flake ice and loan you a snow shovel. 20-25 dollars per tub. Enough Ice to fill a long bed truck with a tarp holding your fish. The one I normally go to is 200 yards past the LoPreste office and is...
  112. Bill W

    Kite Fishing Safety

    I know various setups are used when flying the Kite. The hook is large and the leader is thick. Some anglers like myself enjoy fishing 200# string on a big reel. The first inclination is when a big fish blows out on your kite bait is to throw the lever forward if it is off and wind, wind...
  113. Bill W

    Thank You Accurate and Red Rooster

    Thank You Accurate and Red Rooster Big Thanks to Accurate Reels, Leo and Bob for a perfect Accurate sponsored trip aboard the Red Rooster. It was my pleasure to fish with many Accurate Reels, including the Red Roosters Accurate 80 kite gear. I was fortunate to catch 3 of my 4 cows, including a...
  114. Bill W

    Archival tag on wahoo

    Physiological and Movement Studies of wahoo in the Eastern Pacific using archival tagging I caught a archival tagged wahoo at the Hurricane Bank on the last Red Rooster trip. For those who rode the boat and was wondering about the details, I am returning the tag this week to the PIER...
  115. Bill W

    Moon has a tackle shop

    A lot of guys in the L.A. area know Moon wraps a nice rod. Found out he has a shop just off the 91 freeway at the Bellflower Blvd. exit. Go north a couple blocks to Flower and make a right. couple 100' on your right, Fisherman's Depot. I believe he said that he will match advertized prices. Nice...