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  1. mandoman68

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    Exactly! I don't use dead mack . I get a live one and thump it on the deck to STUN it. It gives off the vibration it's looking for. They find it quick.
  2. mandoman68

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    Nice. You had no choice. You had to keep her. It happens. Switch to live bait trolling. I use a few different techniques. hookless rapalas as teasers is one but stopped trolling lures with hooks. Haven't tailhooked one in 15years. Keeping a small male ,like you , is best. Released dozens of big...
  3. mandoman68

    They get to 20ft and 1000lbs

    They get to 20ft and 1000lbs
  4. mandoman68

    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    I usually keep a beer bottle full of piss for people like that....I like KOOK OF THE WEEK . Should be a new segment with Pic!! I will educate folks and I won't need bail
  5. mandoman68

    Offshore Half Day AM on the New Seaforth 4-6

    We got an 18 lb king at Huntington Flats during a sandbass stop in the 80s. I still got the pic
  6. mandoman68

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    #6 hayabusa. If you got lizards under your boat, move. Birds will help you find macks.
  7. mandoman68

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Fuck yeah. We got a 245 lb T a year ago on that boat. K has gotten some on that boat too. Been fishing on it for years . Nice rig
  8. mandoman68

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Hell get a new sled?
  9. mandoman68

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Your gonna laugh but hot water or hot urine will kill the pain. I wish I was kidding
  10. mandoman68

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    It's happened to me so many times that it don't bother me anymore. Mostly when cleaning them. I once got poked by a grass rockfish at the wall. The next day it was swollen and I went to ER to have it drained. That was the worst. Halibut have a nasty bite too..
  11. mandoman68

    10/1 Diverse Lings at Pt Loma

    Very nice. Next time try double hook set up. Either two single hooks or one single and treble. Put the rear hook thru the mac's back. Your hook up ratio will increase big time.
  12. mandoman68

    Offshore Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    Love that boat. Glad we finally got a classy skipper. Gonna start going out with them again
  13. mandoman68

    Izors and Inside Fishing Report

    Just tell your insurance company Dan told you to anchor at Izors. Smh
  14. mandoman68

    Offshore 7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    Very nice. Last time I fished SA80 Snot nosed Gavin was skipper. Handing out candy bait to his buddies and a few ringers but screwing paying customer. Sounds like he's gone. Yey
  15. mandoman68

    I'm preparing my gear for swordfish. Gonna get one this year. Tides / moon not favorable this...

    I'm preparing my gear for swordfish. Gonna get one this year. Tides / moon not favorable this weekend. June 20 is good but I'll be in SD. Pm me your number so we can plot a trip. Let's get you one. A
  16. mandoman68

    Macs in hunt beach??

    You can slow troll the sabiki around a fishy area to find them. Plenty around Nachos.
  17. mandoman68

    Slow day today.

    Thanks for report.
  18. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    Thanks Thanks Bro
  19. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    Yes you can. The Tsharks up there are the full grown adults. 300-700 lbs. I was up in Oregon last year salmon trolling when one came up and completely destroyed our spread. I thought it was AWESOME! My buddy was pissed. Do every thing the same speed ect BUT use heavy tackle. Drag couple of...
  20. mandoman68

    Fishing off the back of the boat--Newport Harbor

    Theres schools of pompano in LBC right now. (butterfish) aint seen those in 30 years
  21. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    LBC is my usual haunt but I fish all over.
  22. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    Several BD folks have caught their first T with me. Let's go. I'll show you.
  23. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    Thanks King Neptune. .lol
  24. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    I encourage folks to just keep one male per year and release everything else. They are incredible fish especially when mouth hooked. I never do the snag and drag. Its sad. I know what I'm doing so multiple hook ups/ releases in a day is common for me. Sounds like you disaapprove and thats your...
  25. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    I usually hook and land a few per trip. I like to release anything over 300 or female.
  26. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    Hey glad to see your doing well.!
  27. mandoman68

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    I recently sold both my boats and now I'm regreting it! My specialty is TS but if you wanna catch halibut, wsb or rockfish I can help. I have my own spots and equipment. For sharks have at least a 17 ft boat with bait tank. I'm happy to pitch in for supplies , ect. Fishing with me can be intense...
  28. mandoman68

    1st Thresher

    Very nice!
  29. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    lol. ill call you.
  30. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    these fish are awesome
  31. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    We have caught alot together my brother. Cant wait to do it again.
  32. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    NO WAY. We worked him good. I will never gaff a green fish.way too dangerous. flying gaff helped us alot. Once we stuck him he ran out of gas. Using the boat to FIGHT a big fish really works. I landed a 220 lb one in my 12 ft gregor few years ago. That was some intense 1/2 hour, though. Once you...
  33. mandoman68

    One and DONE

  34. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    Which one is the Beast?lol
  35. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    Big ones are still here if you want one. Got him right outside LBC harbor. They will be gone come the next cold front
  36. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    Thanks. I'm 6'5 300 lbs. Everything looks small next to me.
  37. mandoman68

    Fish ID

    Northern or southern?
  38. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    Using the boat to tire him and Max pressure. You need an experienced guy at the wheel and on the rod to be successful. And luck judging by the damaged hook
  39. mandoman68

    One and DONE

    My buddy Kevin wanted a nice thresher. Baited up at 7am. Found them at 8am. Hook up at 806 am. Half hour fight on 40lb. Lots of big jumps. 240 lb male. Perfect! Back at the slip by 9am. Freezer full.
  40. mandoman68

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Yup. I've fished with Gavin. Hes a reckless idiot. He knows me. met his dad too. We dont like each other. He is a great capt, super fishy but very inconsiderate even to his passengers. Hope hes taught a lesson. Hope he grows up. Kicking his ass' wont help he'll just tell his dad.
  41. mandoman68

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    Fished both barges as a kid. Loved it. Thanks for the memories
  42. mandoman68

    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Clearly you dont Me. Be grateful.
  43. mandoman68

    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    I always hail the offending capt on Channel 16. Inform them of their dangerous behavior and if needed i call USCG right there on the radio. So far they back off when I do this. I had the So Cal damage my boat years back. I pulled them over right there. In my little boat and gave Mitch a choice...
  44. mandoman68

    Oceanside Tuna?

    In 1980 the Catalina boats would end up landing one on most trips 18 to 25 lb would take the jackpot beating out the usual yellowtail. I was on the Victory most weekends. We started catching these weird mackrel looking mini tunas that fought like hell. Picture mackrel markings on the back of a...
  45. mandoman68

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    Males have claspers at the anal fin. If you bleed it properly and ice it the meat will be perfect. Save the milk for your cereal.
  46. mandoman68

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    Just make sure you have all your affairs in order so your family wont suffer too much.....................smh
  47. mandoman68

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Your a good man. Dios te lo pago.
  48. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    Welcome to BD. I get a bunch of shit for keeping a small shark for the table but no credit for releasing the big breeders. I could give a fuck. Remember 90% of the folks here are great people that are ready to help. Yeah, were a bunch of jokers too but dont trip. Disregard the guy from Oregon...
  49. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    Thanks for sharing . Sorry about your friend.
  50. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    Because you wear it on your sleeve....
  51. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    Your right about alot but remember that all the thrill seekers you mentioned have training, experience and are prepared with the right equipment NOT just balls. He's not a special forces sniper. You can't catch a mako from a mile a away. Only up close. Mako is not like ANY other shark. This guy...
  52. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    Thank you for putting things in Perspective for our friend. Seriously.
  53. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    Whats the song Quint sings after Hooper tells him hes going in the shark cage?
  54. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    If you say so.........
  55. mandoman68

    Inshore mako

    L LMAO. Just stop.
  56. mandoman68

    Strange catch

    First thing I noticed but I'm an Asshole remember?
  57. mandoman68

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Just fucken awesome. Funny how we live for this. Great write.
  58. mandoman68

    Best floro to mono knot?

    I like the PANCHO VILLA KNOT.
  59. mandoman68

    *Lobster Thieves*

    I wanna know.
  60. mandoman68

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    if you need info on threshers hit me up. I HAUNT THE LBC
  61. mandoman68

    Father/Son Bloody Decks and Catalina Yellows 9/6/18

    That's what life is all about.......wish my dad was still wit us.
  62. mandoman68

    What are those damned tuna feeding on?!?!

    At least you got some dorado
  63. mandoman68

    Mackeral Huntington Harbor ?

    Kept a pole with a small swim bait if sabiki ain't do in it. Sometimes that's all they want.
  64. mandoman68

    9/24 LJ Shark

    They are NOT the only ones to hit a RAPALA.
  65. mandoman68

    Catalina Tradition 8/22 Part 2-Get the pop corn

    you should consider blowing me. lol
  66. mandoman68

    Catalina Tradition 8/22 Part 2-Get the pop corn

    Thanks for your honesty. Ignore all the douche bags. They don't fish much.
  67. mandoman68

    Offshore Marlin

    Falling in love with you all over again!
  68. mandoman68

    Offshore Marlin

    I'm an APEX PREDATOR and will kill and EAT what ever I want. Lol. Chill we all friends
  69. mandoman68

    Offshore Marlin

    Right on !!
  70. mandoman68

    Offshore Marlin

    Lo Your an idiot
  71. mandoman68

    Offshore Marlin

    Nobody is entitled to be an ASSHOLE. Don't harass law abiding citizens.
  72. mandoman68

    "Baby Rockfish": Southeast Bank Report

    I know that bank well. It fishes better on a downhill current. Avoid clouds of fish, live squid WORKS BEST FOR BIG REDS that live there. Big swells make it tough to fish. Fish the spots that show only a few marks. Afternoon is best. Good luck
  73. mandoman68

    "Baby Rockfish": Southeast Bank Report

    I'm my neck of the woods. You starting with that sh it again? Maybe if you were a fisherman you would know. Lol.
  74. mandoman68

    Thresher Tagging Video

    Been there. Years ago before I got into the TSHARKS I landed a little guy while halibut fishing. While unhooking it he WACKED ME IN THE NUTS. Laying there on the deck , holding my NUTS with the shark, I decided to pursue these awesome fish.
  75. mandoman68

    Thresher shark

    Nice tail. Where's the fish?
  76. mandoman68


    Thanks for your interest . I am now BOOKED SOLID TIL JULY. BEST REGARDS
  77. mandoman68


    I fish mostly OFF LBC, NEWPORT, HB AND SMB
  78. mandoman68


  79. mandoman68


    And don't PM me with your girlish nonsense.
  80. mandoman68


    I think they are talking about you sweetheart.
  81. mandoman68

    O'side 5-1

    Good man
  82. mandoman68

    Belmont shore.

    Very nice, thank you. . Grunion. Medium smelt are best. We catch our own. They are here as early as Feb , March. I've said too much
  83. mandoman68

    Belmont shore.

    Good HALI BITE in 20 ft off BELMONT. Find the bait/birds and set up shop. DInes or smelt. 20 lb line. Got a few for dinner and put my buddy on his first legal. Biggest of the day. Good luck
  84. mandoman68

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    So do you EVER fish? Lol
  85. mandoman68

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Thank you for sharing
  86. mandoman68

    Outrider 3/19/17

  87. mandoman68

    Friday Wipeout !!!

    56f than 57.2 f around 1030
  88. mandoman68


  89. mandoman68

    Offshore 100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    RIGHT ON LOCO!!! Great guy .Great catch.
  90. mandoman68

    Offshore Freedom fishing

    Ignore all the negative shitheads, especially that one. They ruin this FISHING FORUM. Thanks for sharing , us fisherman really appreciate it. Take care. A
  91. mandoman68

    LA harbor lobster report

    Yeah But PLJ 46 don't know SHIT bout Long Beach. Don't think he even FISHES.
  92. mandoman68

    Local big game

    I gotta get me a gopro!! Willing to bring along someone with gopro,MUST know how to handle a boat, knows how to fight big fish, likes Punk rock and doesn't get scared.PM
  93. mandoman68

    Local big game

    I hit them again . Sat one knockdown, one hook up pulled hook. Mon 2 knockdown one hook up. To the boat in 20min. BROKE LEADER AT BOAT. Saw her. Way over 300. Gonna have to go to 150lb wire
  94. mandoman68

    Local big game

    trolling/mack or large dine
  95. mandoman68

    Local big game

    And BIG!
  96. mandoman68

    Local big game

    When u fix that bait pump. Your be surprised where in LBC I'm getting them
  97. mandoman68

    Local big game

    That's why you need big tackle . get um I'm quick for release. I release every thing over 100 and all females
  98. mandoman68

    Local big game

    Tired of CAT and chasing yt invited my buddy Mike for some leisurely T SHARK action. He has never caught one so this was extra special. Launched at 6, made bait and went HUNTING. After 20 mins found them and set up the downrigger. 5 mins and we're ON! Mike fights 100lb fish for about 2 min and...
  99. mandoman68

    Is anything biting at the horseshoe?

    Good quality reds in 140ft near 150 area. Cuda,bones, a few yt. Calico . hali in 80 ft outside izors. Rats in the harbor too.
  100. mandoman68


    Bull shark?
  101. mandoman68

    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    I got a beer bottle full of piss for the PURSUIT but for some reason he always steers clear of me. Smart .
  102. mandoman68

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    My buddy fell in while taking a piss over the side at midnight on the squid grounds. Boots filled with water and he disappeared into the depths. The 3 of us did not panicked. 1/2 a second capt dives in, son grabs throttle to neutral, capt grabs our buddy, I grab capt, son and I pull them into...
  103. mandoman68

    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    You sure are confused for such an EXPERT. If you need advice fishing our SPECIES OF THRESHER( more than one) feel free to PM YOURSELF. No disrespect.
  104. mandoman68

    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Spoken like a true EXPERT.
  105. mandoman68

    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    U missed um. Moving fast. There up here now . Newport / sunset beach area. Use a downrigger.
  106. mandoman68

    Nachos bait

    Love Nacho. I can get bait ANYTIME. Great guy. Known him long time. Is he old? Yeah. Does he work hard? Si. Did a fucken seal bite him? Oh yeah! Does he live on a barge? He usually has a reason to denie you SOUP! Lots of A holes on the water . Image having to meet and serve all of them. Be cool...
  107. mandoman68

    Saturday 2-6-16

    Call Tito!
  108. mandoman68

    Saturday 2-6-16

    Yeah, we had two mulletheads just plow thru very close. Both out of HH. Call To go. Maybe he can adjust their attitudes for us.
  109. mandoman68

    Lures to catch stripers

    decide on a lure and then fish the mouth of San gabriel River. Big stripers.
  110. mandoman68

    Shogun 12/19 report

    unfair!! Ralph can even kick my ass without a harness. True badass
  111. mandoman68

    Shogun 12/19 report

    That's AWESOME Paddyman!!!
  112. mandoman68

    PV area YT with a side of Taco meat. 11-1-15

  113. mandoman68

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    Slingshot ! All I do is show it to them and they split. No shit
  114. mandoman68

    Kill, bleed, ice, repeat. Skippies at the rigs

    Awesome. I saw the Foos that night tooo. What a show!!
  115. mandoman68

    Skipjack Question

    I like to cook it on a cedar plank for a few minutes , season with lemon pepper then eat the cedar plank. Lol. All these guys are ABSOLUTELY right. Skippies are great .
  116. mandoman68

    Whoo Late / Short Report

    You got it all! Good for you.
  117. mandoman68

    black pearl out of LB??

    Just make sure the capt doesn't fall asleep at the wheel! No shit!
  118. mandoman68

    Swimbaits for Tuna

    Worm kings ! Swimbaits work great
  119. mandoman68

    Offshore Full moon.

    I don't know guys. I fish every moon phase( at least once or twice a week) I always do well on full or New moon. They key for me is to be at The SPot at the right time . Have a game plan and stick to it. Really need a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of how each species behaves. COMES WITH TIME ON THE WATER.
  120. mandoman68

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Get some rest baby killer! Oh, REALLY GOOD TIDES THIS WEEKEND:)
  121. mandoman68

    Helena Wahoo 9/17?

    Oh SNAP!!! I'm getting the shakes.
  122. mandoman68

    Offshore Yo Yo Yellowtail Overnight Freedom 8/31/15

    GREAT REPORT. In prison we do say EXCUSE ME. But only once.
  123. mandoman68

    Striped marlin at the 150

    sorry about the jackasses. Thanks for report.
  124. mandoman68

    Does "trip planning" include help with actually catching fish?

    Very nice offer. I do show up in SD from time to time but I'm generally in LBC. I'm happy to help if you have any questions.
  125. mandoman68

    8/26 teaser

    Slingshot and egg sinkers work great on those fools
  126. mandoman68

    Offshore Elly/Ellen last week

    Pretty cool. This was back in July?
  127. mandoman68

    New Personal Best on Local Yellows/ Sport Boat Vs PBers?

    Don't worry. USCG said were gonna get " NEW" Capts for Our area pretty soon! Thanks for report.
  128. mandoman68

    Offshore HH to 277, plus Make your bait last longer, a lot longer

    Im telling you, sometimes its best to just keep it to yerself. thanks for trying
  129. mandoman68

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Bad ass video/music. Some old school punk would be nice too
  130. mandoman68

    Offshore 8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Warms my heart to see your family having fun. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
  131. mandoman68

    Dana Point 8/8/15 TUNA!

    Hey Mike, what up?
  132. mandoman68

    Catalina mid week report - big yellows

    We ALL do miss Sam Kinison. Great trip. Thanks for report.
  133. mandoman68

    Identify this turtle

    We we're out that way Sat. Saw that turtle! He wouldn't bite either.
  134. mandoman68


    Repainted my underwear!!
  135. mandoman68

    Offshore fishing report

    Thanks for report.
  136. mandoman68

    Caught Best Yellowtail...Twice!

    In the water with yt AND casino back drOP.I LOVE IT
  137. mandoman68

    local Bluefin monday

    KILLING me!
  138. mandoman68

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    Gail Force. I can't wait to catch this asshole screwing up. There's gonna be a pain in his ass.:)
  139. mandoman68

    Newport report 7/5/15

    I'm just waiting for him to strike a cord with me, then it's " lights out".€
  140. mandoman68

    Newport report 7/5/15

    So now your gonna piss off Catholics? Just give it a rest . if you don't have a report then just shut the Fuck up. This ain't fun no more and I'm starting to get grouchy. The last one you wanna piss off is me. Quit now PLEASE.
  141. mandoman68

    Offshore What a day...;)

    Yup. After landing a 200lb plus THRESHER in my 13 ft gregor I realized I was pushing my luck.
  142. mandoman68

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    Boston whaler makes a 13 footer.........Maybe I'm not helping. :(
  143. mandoman68

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

  144. mandoman68

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    I think he's cool. Were all just a bunch of failed comedians ribbing each OTHER. Shit, PM me when he's down . would love to buddy boat.
  145. mandoman68

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    Funny how tough people get when they know your not near by. I love it
  146. mandoman68

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

  147. mandoman68

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    I got all my shit current. I WILL call CG if ANyONE does something dangerous to me or a fellow boater. I would love to thin out the herd. I've been boarded. Nice guys. If you pass inspection you get paper work to save time if your boarded again.. FUCK ANYONE WHO INDANGERS GOOD RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE...
  148. mandoman68

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    Yup, Fuck um! Just reminder. As soon as the sporty leaves the dock, HE PAID! Money is in his pocket. His living has been made on that trip. EVERYONE HAS A DUTY TO BE BE SAFE AND COURTEOUS TO EACH OTHER WHILE ON THE WATER. I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU ARE.
  149. mandoman68

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    I had local 1/2" day damage my boat. I pulled him over and made him PAY CASH ON THE SPOT! HE PAYED AND APOLOGIZED. Nice guy. When I see him he gives me LOTS OF ROOM NOW.
  150. mandoman68

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    Next time call him out on channel 16. Give the info on his actions. THEY DONT WANT TO MEET THE COAST GUARD.
  151. mandoman68

    Fathers Day Report!!!

    Got my first marlin at PALMAS!
  152. mandoman68

    Offshore Adrianna finds the bigeye

    Don't forget to inspect the liver
  153. mandoman68


    My best bud PINALSKI is here visiting from Arkansas with his son. We had couple hours to kill so We got macks/ dines from mr. Grouchy pants.( Nacho) around 9. No line. Got to the party in few minutes. We set up way upcurrent far from fleet. (Under some birds)Set out 30# and 25# Flyline. STARTED...
  154. mandoman68

    Offshore Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    Maybe thell hit crawdads? Look pretty close
  155. mandoman68

    Hamachi lunch

    Forgot to mention. The captain on the SOUTHERN CAL apologized for sliding in alittle too close. He manuvered around me and the folks on my side moved so they wouldn't snag me. Pretty fucken cool.
  156. mandoman68

    Hamachi lunch

    Finally got my rig ,Kathleen fixed after almost a year in the driveway. Wife says she wants yt so I took off at 7..Got dines from Nacho and took her to the 150 for test run. Fished way away from the fleet. Found a spot of fish. Flylined dine on straight #30. BAM. 25lber. I look up and the...
  157. mandoman68

    I'm still excited!!!

    Right on ! You sure are adapting quickly to "Left Coast" CONGRATULATIONS PHUD.
  158. mandoman68

    San Onofre Dodo

    Yeah, I can see it from my house. In Pico Rivera.
  159. mandoman68

    Sunday Sandab Fun

  160. mandoman68

    Newbie here! any advice for socal much appreciated

    If you fish LBC Nacho at the baitbarge can usually can steer you in the right direction. He gets his info from me. lol. If your up here PM me tocayo.
  161. mandoman68

    Bluefin popped back up at Cortez. WFO yellows as well

    Good Luck. thats one UNCOMFORTABLE boat.
  162. mandoman68

    Redondo bait

    Thanks Fishkilr
  163. mandoman68

    Long beach yellows?

    My ANCHOVIE is bigger than yours
  164. mandoman68

    Long beach yellows?

    Play nice cabrones or you get POW POW! All BS and joking aside if any one of us really needed help and sent a nice PM EVERYONE of us would try to help. Except Bud ofcourse. J/K BUD! So let the comedy fly!
  165. mandoman68

    Long beach yellows?

    Thanks Pete! You just gave away my rockfish honey hole! Basterd.:indabutt:
  166. mandoman68

    Long beach yellows?

    Or merely "Lacks Safety"
  167. mandoman68

    Long beach yellows?

    Just out of curiousity, friend, are you a sheriff or firefighter? Couldn't help but notice LACSAFD.
  168. mandoman68

    Long beach yellows?

    That's it! Im quitting meth!
  169. mandoman68

    First Report - Skunked but a lot of fun

    Only one cormorant? Lucky. WELCOME
  170. mandoman68

    Rockfish and Long Liner :-(

    Nah! He tooo nice. We need someone with iron balls not burlap
  171. mandoman68

    Rockfish and Long Liner :-(

    Try some DECAF. Makes me nicer. lol
  172. mandoman68

    Valentines day LATE POST

    Does she have a sister? j/k . Your lucky man!
  173. mandoman68

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    Follow the channel especially at high tide
  174. mandoman68

    Humpin' and Fishin'

    H Johnathan don't eat fish!
  175. mandoman68

    Boat Ho needed 1/17

    Gonna be good. Give Kevin a tittie twister for me. He loves those! Good luck!
  176. mandoman68

    Long Beach YT Jan 2

    looks like kevins boat
  177. mandoman68

    large weird looking rock cod

  178. mandoman68

    Thanksgiving Tuna - 11/26

    Just couldn't stand getting skunked! Drove you crazy didn't it? So you went long and used your super powers to show us all what a badass you really are!
  179. mandoman68

    Local Yellowtail Strikeout - 11/22 San Pedro Report

    Its been an consistent afternoon thing. Just anchor up in the bait zone and wait(painful)for them to swim through. But they will!!!
  180. mandoman68

    Tis still the season. SMB long awaited gifts.

    Right on! Feels great huh? Keep a log of all your trips good or not, tide, weather, current direction on the spot,bait or birds on the spot, type of forage , time of year, depth ect. After a year of info in your log It will all fall together and make sense. You will be able to tell if a spot...
  181. mandoman68

    Long Beach Harbor YT

    damn! some vicious seals! Next time show them a slingshot and they WILL SPLIT. DONT SHOOT THEM. JUST SHOW THEM . Really works. They pretty smart.
  182. mandoman68

    Long Beach Harbor YT

    I can see why you couldn't make squid IN the harbor. There never is.
  183. mandoman68

    Hoopin Big Bay and Bait Barge curiosity

    If the barge is rocking don't bother knocking
  184. mandoman68

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    use spider hitch. much stronger. weight depends on current strength.
  185. mandoman68

    Latest Fish Story

    AWESOME! Great story.
  186. mandoman68

    What happened at the bait barge

    Pretty soon bar code strips will be installed on every bait.
  187. mandoman68

    Offshore Pegasus killed it over the weekend!

    Glad to hear it. Went on Pegasus few years ago and totally sucked balls(crew). good for you!
  188. mandoman68

    information for the serious ghost addicts?

    Nah. not really.
  189. mandoman68

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

  190. mandoman68

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Not being GOUGED BY THE LANDING for every little thing will usually help the tipping process. Deckies work hard(most) and deserve a good tip BUT a tip is still a gratuity that is based on a personal choice. Captains DONT GET TO TELL US WHAT TO TIP AFTER THEY GET OUR MONEY.
  191. mandoman68

    Offshore Oceanside 95 Tuna

    The commander is not NEW. Its the old Dolphin 2 OVERNITE BOAT WITH A NEW PAINT JOB to hide all the cracks and broken shit. Our trip was listed as an overnite when we returned just to fudge the fish count. It was a 2 dayer! I wish you look this weekend and don't let yourself be bullied into...
  192. mandoman68

    Offshore Dodo Deathwish 2: the Dodening (Sea Adventure 80 3-day 10/3-6)

    Roman and the boys are tops! fished wit them before. Great operation. Capt Gavin is a fishy dude. Very young and talented. Gets it from his pops who is also a great fisherman.
  193. mandoman68

    Horseshoe Wed 8th

    dines or macks?
  194. mandoman68

    Offshore Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Avoid the commander. no modern electronics, no side scaning radar, terrible bunks, no a/c, poor bait capacity, shower is a hose with holes(no shit), no tuna tower on a very low profile boat, not enough fresh water, captain will leave fish to find fish, their only fish finder is a deckhand on the...
  195. mandoman68

    Pink Dildos floating all around the west end back side~!

    Nope. A fifi is a sock filled with hand lotion. Used by homies in prison. Don't ask me how I know this. Answer is obvious.
  196. mandoman68

    Offshore Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    Look back at archives. You will see a correlation between moon phases and biting fish. A few other variables like terrible rough conditions make it hard to find paddies, ect. Oh and being in wrong place at the wrong time too.
  197. mandoman68

    Offshore Wahoo on Pacific Voyager 3 day (9-27-2014)

    One super generous guy! Folks like that make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing.
  198. mandoman68

    Offshore Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    Did you meter anything down deep?
  199. mandoman68


    Good job. Thanks for the report. Doing a 2 day with them. I WILL GIVE A REPORT!
  200. mandoman68

    Bait Party

    I will be out there Sat. Super early. Channel 72. Boat name Kathleen. Happy to help. A
  201. mandoman68

    Bait Party

    The break offs were probably threshers. Next time run a small mack or big dean on wire leader down just off the bottom. even the little guys are mean. wear a helmet and have fun!
  202. mandoman68

    Long Beach Area.

    Hey man LBC is doing good. The wall is good for calicos , just look for a gang of birds sitting on the rocks, halibut are good up and down Belmont shore just find the bait and set up. lots of shorts.I like to slow troll rapalas for the hali in 20 ft or less. Bigger models in the channels between...
  203. mandoman68


    The commander got in early this morning. Just wondering how it went.
  204. mandoman68

    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    Try the Johnny Cash Knot. KIcks ass. ..........couldn't help it. sorry
  205. mandoman68

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    Fuck! I hope not. going on this one.
  206. mandoman68

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    How deep were you when it hit?
  207. mandoman68

    Offshore Four Reel

    when were bored with tuna hit me up and will go find Mr T.
  208. mandoman68

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    it all looks like Hamachi to me.
  209. mandoman68

    Offshore Four Reel

    good job dude!
  210. mandoman68

    Offshore Best day ever.....

    Class act all the way. Congrats.
  211. mandoman68

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Its true! I did! Fucker! I don't have a come back.........
  212. mandoman68

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Dude DUDE..........................just shut up.
  213. mandoman68

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Of course not! No fighting. Blaming folks of color for your boat being unclean was uncool. PIGs come in ALL colors. Its better to let um think your a jerk than to open your mouth and confirm it. Not too late for a retraction bro.........
  214. mandoman68

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    NO! THANK YOU for revealing what a great captain you are! Dick Helgren was a great man and ran a great operation. Its sad to see what your doing to his legacy. SEE YOU SOON.
  215. mandoman68

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Did you really just say that? Your a racist piece of shit. Your grand parents were once Ethinics you ignorant fuck. Cross Oceanside off my list. See you at the Fred Hall Show asshole. WE can talk in person then. A
  216. mandoman68

    Twisting wrenches and adjusting attitudes

    Twisting wrenches and adjusting attitudes
  217. mandoman68

    Twisting wrenches and adjusting attitudes

    Twisting wrenches and adjusting attitudes
  218. mandoman68

    Offshore YFT until Paddy Crashers 8/30

    flying cans of peepee work great! BUT only under extreme circumstances.
  219. mandoman68

    Offshore 8-21 great day on the Sea Adventure 80

    Great boat. Went out with them on the 8th for 1.5. Capt Gavin is a terrible deckhand but awesome Capt!LoL!( he knows what I mean). Very instinctive.Lots of talent. Great crew. Great grub. Limits for all. IN early!Glad you had fun.
  220. mandoman68

    Offshore Saturday's Trip to the 209

    love your attitude! good luck and tight lines always
  221. mandoman68

    Catch more fish!

    Very well said....Thanks
  222. mandoman68

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    I throw bottles and cans full of piss at them. Works great.
  223. mandoman68

    Shelter Island Tickets

    Easy cowboy! LOL!!!!
  224. mandoman68

    Looking for crew for my 38' Tollycraft in Port of L.A.

    Ill trade fishing for back rubs Kevin.
  225. mandoman68

    bft yft

    yeah there here just not ready we chased um sat in that area. no biters. tried to bait a huge mako there too. fucker wasn't hungry either
  226. mandoman68

    Fish ID

    Not a type O!
  227. mandoman68

    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 Day – July 4-6, 2014

    That chef is awesome! Great report.
  228. mandoman68

    Newport Beach Thresher Report

    very nice . good job.
  229. mandoman68

    yamaha repair guy?

  230. mandoman68

    MDR launch ramp

    Thanks for heads up
  231. mandoman68


    Very Nice guys! congrats!
  232. mandoman68

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    I caught a 50 . had every intention of releasing it like I always do. wacked me right in the nuts! Me and my sore nuts had thresher steaks for dinner. I have a mean temper.
  233. mandoman68

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    control the tail....control the shark. Live and learn. glad your o.k.
  234. mandoman68

    If you don't know me your not from around here.

    If you don't know me your not from around here.
  235. mandoman68


    PM me.
  236. mandoman68

    Catalina 4 / 21

    John Holmes Lives!
  237. mandoman68

    Catalina 4 / 21

    crotch cricket
  238. mandoman68


    There here just need someone experienced to put you on them. Your not gonna see reports. SHHHHHH
  239. mandoman68

    Can anyone Identify this fish?

    spotted crotch cricket.( protevtr
  240. mandoman68

    Thresher Shark!

    What he said.
  241. mandoman68

    Thresher Shark!

    Now that your in Pedro give me a holer if you want to catch a TS. Very local bite.
  242. mandoman68

    Thresher Shark!

    just gotta bleed it RIGHT AWAY and ice down . large kill bag works for me. chill that sucker. like ocean pork chops!
  243. mandoman68


    I always have bait left over because I limit out (or release) within a couple of hours and back on my couch by 1030 am leftovers become prime chum for the future. I guess your tips arent for me BUT fully appreciated.
  244. mandoman68

    Search for the Elusive Catalina Sculpin - 1/18

    great report. We were out there sat too. unreal weather.
  245. mandoman68

    Sweet spot!

  246. mandoman68

    Scallop question

    i'll stick to bearded clams. there great if you wash them first.
  247. mandoman68

    Offshore The Tuna still around - Oct. 7/8 - 2013

    To keep the fish cool!!!! Lol. Fish atttaction. How ya dooing?
  248. mandoman68

    DP Inshore Sat.Sun

    Pretty docile once you tire um out. Then revive and release or bleed um out and ice um down. Oh yeah, control the tail then gaff.
  249. mandoman68

    FKG new PB Halibut 20.2# on 8/17 out of LGB

    I love applying the"wood shampoo". Makes um real cooprative
  250. mandoman68


    Thats only fish i ever gaffed That got bigger as i pulled it in the boat! If any of you BDers can give Mario ( nachos helper) a ride back to Alamitos bay on sun ? Hes off at 1100 AM. GREATLY appreciated.
  251. mandoman68


    Released 75 lber at the horseshoe on sun
  252. mandoman68

    First trip of 2013

    Now,NOw theres plenty of ME to go around Fish Bunny. MUAH!
  253. mandoman68

    First trip of 2013

    Things are looking good locally for Mr. T. Gonna knock on his door this weekend and see what happens. Will share details with you guys on Mon.
  254. mandoman68

    Only Blues

    Thanks for the report. youll get um soon.
  255. mandoman68

    Weather this Saturday?

    Looks like were all meteorologist. Ill be out there tomorrow. expecting fog so a plan b is in order. might not be an issue. see ya out there.
  256. mandoman68

    nph, hh, help!

    What he said.
  257. mandoman68

    Squid in MDR/Santa Monica

    does the term "networking" or "help a brother out" mean anything to you? If not, your on wrong website.
  258. mandoman68

    looking for mr t

    Ay man! When we going sharking? Always a spot on my rig for ya.
  259. mandoman68

    looking for mr t

    Yeah, what they all said pretty much. Is a year around thing if your diligent. This time of year I use my downrigger a lot more. I usually run a t rig and a halibut this time of year. Sometimes I get one of each. Good luck.
  260. mandoman68

    2012 Seabass Review (video)

    Great video. Kick ass sound track. Love DEVO
  261. mandoman68

    Santa Monica Bay Report - 1/13

    Always enjoy your reports. Thank you
  262. mandoman68

    Crab Mortality

    The crabs are very tasty! I leave the bait tank full of seawater for the ride home. The crabs stay frisky and happy til we get to my kitchen. 5 gallon bucket works too. Keeping them healthy and strong is the key.
  263. mandoman68

    Hooping with the Mandoman

    Jealoussssssssss...............Don't worry, were just friends honey buns.
  264. mandoman68

    Hooping with the Mandoman

    Had great time Tony. Not bad for couple hours.
  265. mandoman68

    Mr T Shark

    CURSES! the secret is out!.
  266. mandoman68

    Couldn't even catch bait

    Works great. Best in the dark.
  267. mandoman68

    Couldn't even catch bait

    Bread crumbs and a cast net. Ooops, that's not legal
  268. mandoman68

    F-Lobster, the tuna are biting!

    Kicking ass as usual. Right on.
  269. mandoman68

    Beat the Heat, Long Beach harbor fishing cruise report.

    Life is good. Ur favorite cousin for sure!
  270. mandoman68

    Hows the bait at long beach right now?

    His best Guy had serious family stuff. He's got some newbies to break in. Your right, though.
  271. mandoman68

    Hows the bait at long beach right now?

    Smoke up your big freckled ass.:)-
  272. mandoman68

    Hows the bait at long beach right now?

    Maybe they just don't like you.possible? Can't imagine why. I never have bait problems with any operation in the harbor. Always treat me right.Funny I don't remember any idiots at nachos. San Pedro bait kicks too.
  273. mandoman68

    planning on going sunday...

    Really cool of u to do this for the kid.
  274. mandoman68

    Local paddy fishing questions

    You can do whatever you have the balls to do.lot of good info. Vantage point big issue Use common sense. Have plenty of power to jam.GPS,vests, compass ect.ect. ect. Do your research get heading, # for a game plan. Ck currents, temp breaks, give info to sig other.float plan.plot your course...
  275. mandoman68

    Dorado 8/23

  276. mandoman68

    Yellow on ski.

    Happy bday! Pretty cool
  277. mandoman68


    James give me a call. Check your email.asap.mando
  278. mandoman68

    Saw a tuna breaking water heading to Catalina Island yesterday

    Thats it.! From now on we blind fold and gag you before every trip. And make you sign a waver! Lol.
  279. mandoman68


    Thanks Jimbo . I'm doing recon tomorrow. Gimme a call on sun.
  280. mandoman68

    Pt. Loma 8-11-12

    Life is good. Thanks for report.
  281. mandoman68

    In the harbor

    Thats what its all about. Good friends good times.
  282. mandoman68

    Options, Spectra, or Tailchaser?

    ALLYN WATSON................period
  283. mandoman68


    Thanks Jeff
  284. mandoman68

    SUCKS (just venting)

    Very wise float tuber once said.....
  285. mandoman68

    Long Beach Marina Enterpris

    Its a crotch cricket. There protected.
  286. mandoman68

    Fishing with my son LB report

    Thats what it's all about! Awesome
  287. mandoman68


    That's awesome! Very happy for you. Learn.learn .learn!
  288. mandoman68

    MDR Launch Ramp Ticket

    Thanks for your effort. Wish you luck.
  289. mandoman68

    Barracuda are biting!

    Ive fished with you(outfished),drank,had meals,got you laid twice too. Known you over twenty years.YOU STILL CANT TAKE A JOKE! That's the only thing we HATE bout you. Lighten up Spanky.
  290. mandoman68

    30+ Large Rockfish, 12 pound halibut, Spotties, and more

    Your a cap/deckhand and you don't know the importantance of showing kids(your future customers! ) responsible harvest? With all do respect go...............! .
  291. mandoman68

    Barracuda are biting!

    Wow there WFO. There only biting magic metal jigs.stock up!
  292. mandoman68

    Chaos at Davies Launch Ramp

    I was there. I completely agree. Poorly planned. Yeah, rich kids can use it too. Not kids fault.Great letter. BS, Jerry ain't friendly and courteous. Or cuddly lol
  293. mandoman68

    Thresher shark video- 20 shark day

    I'd love to know who the clown is. Why don't you tell us?
  294. mandoman68

    Thresher shark video- 20 shark day

    My stash is my weapon. I do mustache rides at bachlorette parties.
  295. mandoman68

    Help with Surf Perch in and around Pismo??

    I fish in front of state camp site every July. No giants but pretty consistent. Morn and Eve tides .
  296. mandoman68

    Jose Wejebe of Spanish Fly Dies!!!

    Why couldn't it have been Roland Martin instead. Jose would actually teach us. I throw a mean cast net thanks to him. R I P, bro
  297. mandoman68

    Anybody wanna take me fishing?

    Welcome to the club.
  298. mandoman68

    Anybody wanna take me fishing?

    And sausage sandwiches...........not that there's anything wrong with that....
  299. mandoman68

    Bank Perch

    The bartender says to priest and rabbi, " get the fuck out of here but your buddy can stay."
  300. mandoman68

    Queens Gate, PV kelp, rock pile, LBH oil tanker hali drifts.

    I'm starting to consider dolphins as tablefare. Lots of dolphin lately. Will start to happen soon.
  301. mandoman68

    Thanks Predator II

    Sweet boat. Please give Doug and friend my best wishes. Thanks Lobster King
  302. mandoman68

    Thanks Predator II

    I thought we agreed to take it slow babe. I need my space ! Lol
  303. mandoman68

    Thanks Predator II

    Very cool folks.
  304. mandoman68

    Thanks Predator II

    Save your sled last week at the rigs. Nice. You are the silent lobster killer.
  305. mandoman68

    Thanks Predator II

    Fucken twilight zone. It happens. Its is karma. I got 20 tacos out of that fish. ( cooking and drinking right now!) My Gal is happy.I'm gonna be real happy later! There really is alot of good people in this world. All we got to do is choose to be one of them.
  306. mandoman68

    Thanks Predator II

    Went out this morning just to do a little recon on LBC and something weird happened. I actually got Skunked! Forgot what that feels like. Told my gal fish dinner tonite. It was a humbling ride back to Marina. But then out of no where these two dudes on Predator II pull up and asked how I did...
  307. mandoman68

    White Sea Bag

    Thats how I get when I can't go fishing.or take hooks off my plugs and have fun with neighborhood cats.
  308. mandoman68

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    Kick ass! Serious fish porn. Thanks for report. You are now addicted.
  309. mandoman68

    Catalina Lings 3/3

    Thanks for report and happy b-day fellow Pisces.
  310. mandoman68

    Just for the halibut

    Hey Capt Jeff. Had great time on prez day. Don't forget tummy pills for big Jerry. Jeff is the Guy you want onboard.
  311. mandoman68

    Just for the halibut

    Hey Pam, missed you on Presidents day on Phil's trip.
  312. mandoman68

    Just for the halibut

    Dude what's up? Hows the new sled?
  313. mandoman68

    Just for the halibut

    Hey Mike. I'm out fishing 2-3 days a week at least. Halibut are biting. That's what I fish from Dec to March. The TS are always here but the big ones will be here soon. I have alot of fun putting folks on fish just not big on doing reports.
  314. mandoman68

    stream trout fishing in southern california

    Oh yeah. Lots of cops/rangers during day. A few campgrounds in general area.
  315. mandoman68

    stream trout fishing in southern california

    I fly fish west fork San Gabriel river. Lots of natives hike up trail at least a mile to get away. There is an area that's barbless / fly only. Clearly marked. Area around highway 39 has stockers
  316. mandoman68

    Long Beach Threshers Anyone?

    If really want a thresher but don't want to pay some "pro" drop me a pm.
  317. mandoman68

    Lake Irvine 12-3-11

    Thanks for report. Tell one leg I said hey.
  318. mandoman68

    No Pups Were Harmed

    Great job, man. I know I'm addicted to the longtails. Your lucky I had to name my boat after my wife! Hope parade goes smooth for you. Take care
  319. mandoman68

    99 striper 2300

    Weve killed and released some nice ones your boat! We went out trolling at Avalon bank when T storm came thru. 5-6 foot swells. Got back fast, dry. Nobody leaves the launch til boat is cleaned and motor flushed. Nice set up
  320. mandoman68

    Solo T-shark video

    That kicks ass! We both need a full time cameraman .
  321. mandoman68

    Where are the squid closest to Davies?

    i got extra fuel and jacket! lol
  322. mandoman68

    Thresher in the LBC!

    You touched the leader and still have your fingers! Legal release
  323. mandoman68

    Thresher in the LBC!

    Glad you boys had fun. It was a great summer. To all the folks that landed your first T this year, Congrats. Those that got snapped off( you know who you are) we'll get um next year. I'm officially in rockfish mode.
  324. mandoman68

    for those of who had to work

    You want malt vinegar with that?
  325. mandoman68

    Socal in September

    Speechless. Thats beautiful! My two favorites. You Sir, are a skilled fisherman and creative artist...........Thats one that should be framed.
  326. mandoman68

    thresher shark San diego..

    Nice t. sweet gregor!
  327. mandoman68

    9-13-11 Thresher off Sunset Beach

    Considered and practiced for many years. But that is great advise. Thanks.
  328. mandoman68

    9-13-11 Thresher off Sunset Beach

    Congratulations. Foul hooked ,on the squid, solo, rough conditions, no help on the gaff and a tasty bbq! Quite a feat, man. Ignore the haters. They have serious personal issues. I released a 250plus on sat I hooked on my 12ft gregor.(I got lots of steaks already) Put a good friend on his first T...
  329. mandoman68

    Anyone been to Kings Harbor Lately?

    You mean frank? he lives down south..................The bubble hole you want is off the short pier near the hand launch area.
  330. mandoman68

    Izors and the breakwall yesterday 9/5

    Dan, If you need help with the long tails(before there gone) drop me a line.
  331. mandoman68

    Offshore BMS 1.5 DAY REPORT

    Thanks. Id like to know too.
  332. mandoman68

    277 on Saturday Late Report

    My best year so far. Only threshers, though. I dont hit Makos til Sept.
  333. mandoman68

    Great White Pier Fisherman

    Raider fans are much easier to identify in their Natural environment than sharks.
  334. mandoman68

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    Maybe a 20 question test(for starters) as part of the application process for a fishing license on local species and size limits? Just like a driving test. If this really is an important subject to ALL then it should be treated that way. That might weed out the ones that dont care. There is gun...
  335. mandoman68

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    To think I once got a ticket on the pier for "overhead casting". Unfucken believeable! Might as well ask that DFG agent to help you fillet it, too. These are the guys protecting our resource? Fire his ass.
  336. mandoman68

    New on the boards. Izors report

    Nice bass. Feels great when you catch um on your own! Its just gonna get better for you. LBC is my playground. Drop me a line if you need any info or help. On the water channel 68.
  337. mandoman68

    400-500# Mako at the 279

    Straightened 2 Owner hooks in the last 30 days. Thats it for me.
  338. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    Im allowed to take ONLY one nut when shes not with me.:(
  339. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    You volunteering as camera man? if yes, when? bring a helmet Tony!
  340. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    She lets me look at them once in a while. I sure miss um ,though.
  341. mandoman68

    Mission Bay Action?

    Theres some deep holes at the bridges and in the main channel near the bait receiver is where I get my Halis. Good luck
  342. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    Whatever you need Pimp Daddy. Pm.
  343. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    If your gonna keep it, its got to be throughly played out. Oh and wear a fucken helmet and athletic supporter!Seriously. Got smacked in the head and the nuts this year. Oh and having a friend nearby with a flying gaff. Yeah, that helps. If your releasing them you really need good teamwork to be...
  344. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    Your right. There are alot of good folks on the water ready to help. And i got steaks to share!
  345. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    I love it! Most of us get it. (Humor) Right on.
  346. mandoman68

    Thank you

    A big Thank You to BDer Kevin and his girls for helping me land that shark in my Gregor. This is what Bloodydecks is all about! H:hali_olutta:elping each other out. :hali_olutta:
  347. mandoman68

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    Put some friends on the T's on Friday and decided to fish solo on Sat with my Gregor. Wanted to see just how big a shark I could land on the 12 foot craft. Probably not the safest thing to do but I got more balls than brains anyways. Stopped by to see my Homeboy Nacho and I was off in search of...
  348. mandoman68

    Thresher Fishing

    No, Tony is another good buddy I met through the Big Viking. Great folks. Just like You.
  349. mandoman68

    Great fishing Over the weekend

    Being a kid from East Los, we didnt have a guy like Dan to help out and encourage the kids to fish rather than be gangsters. Wish we did. I must admit the diapers are really funny. Dans a bighearted guy with a good sense of humor. Funny is fun but lets ALL play nice.
  350. mandoman68

    Thresher Fishing

    we got to put you on again,Tony! Let me know when your ready.
  351. mandoman68

    Thresher Fishing

    Well said, sir. Thank you for backing me up. Nice T.
  352. mandoman68

    Thresher sharks in newport

    Thats one reason.
  353. mandoman68

    Thresher sharks in newport

    Best way is mouthed hooked. way more fun! At least 10ft of nylon coated wire leader with 5/o circle. small macks. Slow troll or drift through a "active " area. Bring gloves so you dont fuck up your hands. If the fish are deep rubber band a 3-4 oz torpedo up above the hook.(3-4 ftup) Good luck
  354. mandoman68

    Salmon reported at SI Ramp

    What about trouser trout?
  355. mandoman68

    Lizard Fish

    Nice catch Tony. looks like you hit the weather window just right. Its time for us to have a stogie!
  356. mandoman68

    Clipboard girls, do they wait for you to trailer?

    Leave THEM alone? LMAO. Gladly.
  357. mandoman68

    Clipboard girls, do they wait for you to trailer?

    No. They try to sneak attack to catch you off guard. Your right thats a major distraction. Sometimes there a little rude. Unless I have lots of time I just tell them "NO thank you" and they walk away. Its strictly a voluntary survey. If you have time help them out BUT your are under no...
  358. mandoman68

    Thresher trolling speed?

    Don.t set drag too loose or hook wont stick when they whack it.
  359. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    LMAO! The wombat is not happy.
  360. mandoman68

    Kick his ass Seabass

    Kick Ass! Congratulations.
  361. mandoman68

    Finally Got My Girls Out on the Skippy

    Thats what life is all about.
  362. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Maybe this weekend I can snap a new avatar pic.Its harder to release a shark(big one) than it is to kill one so taking pics takes a back seat most of the time.
  363. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Its just a handful of the SAME buttholes. I have a lot of fun. Whats really funny is offering to help just to be criticized. Were supposed to help each other out and even unite when OUR passion is being threatened.(MLPA) People are ALWAYS nicer to me in person. Thanks
  364. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Its all in good fun. I didnt mean the mom joke. Im sure shes a great lady.
  365. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Less controversial?
  366. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Thanks Tony. Anytime, Bro.
  367. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    I was way out of line, Capt.Jeff. Sorry about that. The big ones are here , though. .
  368. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Just booked two Capt! I guess this is where you stand(corrected)
  369. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Your moms pretty happy with me. No need to compensate.
  370. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Now that's funny! Thanks for the laugh. We let the little ones go I love getting the girls all reiled up.
  371. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    Your moms pretty happy with me. Don't need to compensate. Just saying.
  372. mandoman68

    Its that time again!

    The threshers are here. In the last seven days I put 5 friends on their first t-shark. Thinking of offering an instructional:smoking33: charter to anyone (almost anyone) who's interested. Pm me for info or details.
  373. mandoman68

    Catalina Report

    Always look forward to your reports. Thanks very much for saving that big boy. Does BSB make good sushi? Just Kidding.
  374. mandoman68

    Thanks Simon and Otto

    I wanna see some pics . Whats the address?
  375. mandoman68

    No go at the Rockpile, Mexican Navy

    And dont forget the wasabi dipping sauce!
  376. mandoman68

    Came when least expected

    Congratulations. Nice mako. The tasty ones ALWAYS break your heart!
  377. mandoman68

    WSB!!!! and CALICO'S to boot

    NO Chinges! Great Catch.
  378. mandoman68

    Looking for fishermen Not Trolling for look E lou's

    Good point..............................Frank
  379. mandoman68

    Drive to Catalina

    Go afew hours before sunset the night before. you can take your time setting up on a spot, make bait and be ready for the biscuits when they come thru after midnight. just a suggestion, would hate to have anything bad happen to you. We cross the channel with only a gps and vhf But we have done...
  380. mandoman68

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    Sorry for your loss. Been down that road more than a few times.You never really get over it. My condolences to to all who knew and loved him. Gonna miss him up here in the LBC
  381. mandoman68

    Mud Marlin

    Thanks for the link. your recipe sounds good........Bat rays are in deep shit.
  382. mandoman68

    WHERE and WHEN for Thresher Sharks in SD??

    Dont bother fishing where theres no bait.(Signs of life) I look for water temp 62-65f. I use a downrigger with a dead mack sometimes with a skirt when I troll. Once I find em I switch to balloon/bait. Pm me if you need more info
  383. mandoman68

    Species I.D.?

    You need to add "Crotch Cricket" to your list. Nice Perch. Good job
  384. mandoman68

    Sat Morn in the LBC Harbor

    So the wife and kid were bugging me to take them out Sat. Fri weather report said small craft and wind advisery with 6 foot swells. Well we hand a small two hour tide window and the weather was great when we left Davies. Someone forgot to tell mother nature. We got chovies from nacho and found a...
  385. mandoman68

    San Pedro for a couple of days

    Go to the Redondo Beach jetty for calicos. The hand launch area is loaded with halibut. Not far from Torrance. You can rent a skiff there too. The west end of the federal Breakwater at Cabrillo Beach is good too but better from a boat. It can be hairy there at times so always wait and watch the...
  386. mandoman68


    Bullshit. Look at the eyes and gills. Been dead for a while . nice try. You want cudas drop me a line and Ill take you to the live
  387. mandoman68

    Mako @ T Sharks

    Thanks Bud
  388. mandoman68

    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    Just can't go fishing without getting the "girls" all riled,ay? Maybe its time to get a walkaround. Sorry the weather sucked for you guys. Anytime on the water with good folks is a good time, my brother.
  389. mandoman68

    Kellygirl's Butt

    Now thats a FLAT butt.
  390. mandoman68

    Catching smelt in Newport Beach

    Two words. Cast net. Takes practice but you can catch 100 smelt in one second. Oh and its illegal to use south of Point Conception but NOT illegal to have in your possesion. Good tide movement, early morning, no witnesses and toss a little bread. All the bait you want.
  391. mandoman68

    1/8 first trip of the yr

    I dont know Jerry. Those look store bought.
  392. mandoman68

    Hotel Circle Question

    Town and Country is nice with large parking lots but a little more than $80.00. The Kings Inn is boat friendly but small. I have also stayed at the Crazy 8 motel between the I5 and I8. Cheap and lots of Parking. All three have security 24 hrs. The town and Country is my favorite. They have a...
  393. mandoman68

    Izors and LB Wall 1-9-11

    Thanks for the report.
  394. mandoman68

    Stolen Boat!!

    Sorry to here that. You mentioned getting a ticket. Is it possible the Fine City of San Diego impounded it? Might want to check if you havent already. Maybe an asshole neighbor? We'll keep an eye out for it up here.
  395. mandoman68

    My Valco is leaking.... Please advise if I did this correct....

    3M has a new product that was designed especially for repairing rivets on alluminum boats. Go to or buy a Gregor. Good Luck
  396. mandoman68

    Cast Nets

    Cast nets are the way to go if you want to catch smelt really fast. Chum with alot of old bread and wait for the smelt to start boiling and BAM! I get all the smelt I need in one throw. Oh yeah and theres that pesky law that states cast nets are illegal south of Point Conception. Just dont do it...
  397. mandoman68

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    Thanks for your post. Its really puts things in perspective. Things really are out of control over here. It is possible to unite and change things for everyone. With this many members we have the power BUT that takes time and dedication. Its easier to just insult each other and talk shit. Would...
  398. mandoman68

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    Newport Beach Municipal Code, AY? Not hard to figure out the culprit but still want to hear their name. There's what, three landings right? If these fuckers are fucking you then lets fuck them back. I went on a tuna charter resently on The Pegasus out of Fishermans Landing and the crew had the...
  399. mandoman68

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    Love to know the name of the landing that employs this crew. Next time tell your friend I will steak and fillet it for 50 bucks. Just need a good knife and some Vicodin.
  400. mandoman68

    43 Highspot

    Thanks for clearing that up, Barry
  401. mandoman68


    Good Job Raul. Ignore the putos that talk shit. The world is full of um. Most are really good dudes. Its really is a small world and sooner or later you run into one of them. I love it! If you need something drop me a line. Always happy to help. Mando
  402. mandoman68

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    a true Californian out in Colorado. I feel for you my brother. Long way from home indeed. Really sounds like you belong back home. If your ever out this way look me up. We can fish for wahoo at the San Gabriel River mouth if nuthing else is biting!
  403. mandoman68

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    Well if its the chronic I'm moving to Colorado! Ill share mine if you share yours!lol All b.s.a side. Glad you have a good sense of humor. Lets smoke that fucken wahoo!
  404. mandoman68

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    I see I'm still on your mind. Now thats precious,even cute. I miss you too sweet cheeks.Oh and remember this: Everingham Bros are the BEST bait operation PERIOD! You should learn how to read,maricon. Must be the lack of oxygen way up there in Colorady. Have a nice day,mijo
  405. mandoman68


    Right on. Good job!Whens the BBQ?
  406. mandoman68

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    Such a incredible catch and a state record would require the DFG to certify this catch and document its measurements,ect. The DFG office is only 2 miles away. Why werent they called to the seen? The Hesters should have been on the news with that fish.A wahoo has never been taken north of the...
  407. mandoman68

    I need help with my 14 foot valco... Someone has had to have this happend to them..

    I used a marine epoxy called"glovit" on my old VALCO.Westmarine has it but it might be cheaper to weld it.good luck.
  408. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    Hey out-of-touch,EX-Califorinian. Tomorrow I'm gonna treat myself to a great big "Luxurious" scoop of sardines ,maybe even some squid, all in your honor. I'm even gonna tip the attendant generously ,like I always do, and I am gonna have me a great time on the water. Like I do EVERY weekend. Must...
  409. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    Really? I shock you? Wow.........wasnt even trying. Your right. Were a Capitalist Society. But there is a fine line. I catch my bait and use artificials. Does that mean i shouldnt stick up for the guys that are struggling financially? Thats something I will always do. There ya go, Now you know...
  410. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    Sorry Tom. I shouldnt have lashed out at you. Maybe some anger management is in order.
  411. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    Fuck it! I'm moving to Dana.That's where all the smart, literate people live anyways,right? It seems the rich and the unrich are never gonna agree. The bait companies have no competition so I dont understand all the sympathy.Its quite the MONOPOLY!A word rich folks are very familiar...
  412. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    With all due respect , this isnt about being cheap. This is about bailing out businesses that are trying to screw us. The reason given to me by the company rep was lame.I fully understand maintenance, cost of living increases, fuel prices,ect. Those would have been good reasons.None of the bait...
  413. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    How much that 38 foot Luhrs cost you , Trump? Nevermind, we all know everything you spend on it (including bait) is a tax deduction. Just cuz you and I arent struggling financially doesnt mean we should forget those that are. I'm pissed cuz were being screwed everywhere we go! Market, DMW, The...
  414. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    You and Kareem are right and Everingham Bros are the BEST bait operation. Great service and strong bait. They also have the long rangers, local day boats industry and plenty of "well to do" private boaters that will pay whatever it cost. The supply and demand theory makes more sense where there...
  415. mandoman68

    Live bait prices go up

    The scoops at nacho's have been $15.00 for 1/2 for many years. Two fridays ago I was charged $25.00 for a 1/2. I drop Sarah at LBBC an e-mail to share my disappointment. She said that they are only doing what the folks in San Diego are doing.(EB outfit). So we are NOT being ripped off. I...
  416. mandoman68

    LB wall - harbor, swarming Bat Rays 7/25

    Good luck in the high country. Cant wait to see the pics!.
  417. mandoman68

    Offshore Swordfishing local banks

    Your quickly becoming my personal hero! Were ALL pulling for you Keith! Congratulations Grand Pa!
  418. mandoman68

    Mike Hart caught cheating WON BASS tournament

    I'll take two bladders and one liver , please.................Truly a sad day.
  419. mandoman68

    Inshore rods

    I got both these. Great rods.
  420. mandoman68

    Offshore Dana Point Mako

    Yeah, fuck those charts. At 6'4 the chart says I should weight 220. But add in my balls,my dick(burritos!) and will to survive and I'm more like 350lb.Go figure. Congratulations on a great catch. I love those harry moments at boat side with the toothy guys!
  421. mandoman68

    Do You Still Need Mex Permits for Private Boats?

    Or if you pick up any "floating bundles".
  422. mandoman68

    FOUND Rod and Reel Sitting in the Kelp

    If the reel has a handle and the rod has guides, its mine! Thats super cool of you. I hope only the rightful owner answers.Thank you
  423. mandoman68

    Question on locations

    All four island hold halibut. I have the best luok on a incoming tide. Fish the one that has bait around. Last weekend it was the south island. You really got to look around before you drop a line so you dont waste time. If your drift is too fast drag a 5 gal bucket. If the grunions are on the...
  424. mandoman68

    Pt Loma-Whistler's 7-11-10

    Your evil plan is working!Good job.
  425. mandoman68

    Cat WSB limits w/my daughter

    That's what its all about.Time on the water with the people we care about.
  426. mandoman68

    Where to launch from San Pedro???

    Its under the Rainbow bridge. Right next door to the new hotel.Take 710 towards downtown Long Beach, make a right turn to go over the bridge and exit to the right. The entrance is on the right. Only one problem with the South shore launch ramp and that is: Its too steep for big boats especially...
  427. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    Yeah,fucken N.A.M.B.L.A. Bunch of Shark Pedophiles.
  428. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    Grader is Right. They are everywhere but they are constantly on the move following the bait.Big ones are outside smalller grade inshore.bait ,birds and clean green water and the T's should be there. dont waste time where is no bait.Good luck.
  429. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    Thank you. I am passionate and affectionate when it comes to sharks.
  430. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    With me,the shark and my balls you can see why there's no room for a fishing buddy.J/k. I fish in the Glastron when I shark fish.Its actually pretty roomy.Thanks for your concern.
  431. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    Thank you,thank you. Always looking for new victims.
  432. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    NO,No.THANK YOU!I always look for to new pictures of that gorgeous gal with those big beautiful eyes!
  433. mandoman68

    Local Threshers

    Dont usually post but there is a good local bite and its not cool to keep it ALL to my self. Set up right outside Sunset Beach with Live macks and dines. Landed five t-sharks from 70-150 pounds.Released the smaller ones and kept the big one for the grill. Dont try to land a "green" one. Make...
  434. mandoman68

    So, I ain't no Mark Wisch but...

    Great report,awesome wsb and thanks for the advice
  435. mandoman68

    Reporting hazards to Coastguard

    Our service men (including you) deserve much more than just a "thank you' from our government for giving there lives for the rest of us.
  436. mandoman68

    Epic WSB fishing on the BG90

    Thanks for report. Thats what its all about. A great day on the water with the people you care about and some c-bass steaks. Life is good.
  437. mandoman68

    Good trip turned bad... lesson learned.

    Lesson learned But most important you guys are safe. Thanks for the report.
  438. mandoman68


    Very well put. Thanks Gerk.
  439. mandoman68

    Great White Shark Photographs 1970's/80's

    There used to be some old photos of huge great whites on the wall at Captain Kids Fish market and restaurant in Redondo Beach. Caught in Southern Cal. One was close to 5,000lbs. I believe the photos are still there. Good Luck
  440. mandoman68

    MDR 6/13/10 Seeing Red

    Thanks for the great report.Beer Batter!
  441. mandoman68

    Local Shoe Report 5/31

    I always look forward to reading your posts. Thanks very much.
  442. mandoman68

    WIde Open Barracuda

    Ate the paint right off
  443. mandoman68

    Makos, seals & sealions

    The best idea I ve heard. Thank you
  444. mandoman68

    Saturday PM In La Jolla

    A mackeral injected with habanero sauce works great. Enjoy the show!
  445. mandoman68

    Castaic Lake 4/28/10 WFO - As Good as it Gets + Anger Management

    Great Day! I would have kept his fucken anchor ,though.
  446. mandoman68

    late report- KONA GOLD

    J-rock is one of those morons that will never learn.People like that end up on the news ALL the time.Some people have more money than brains.You know whats up and you know what your doing,Mark.Great catch! good luck.
  447. mandoman68

    Well, not quite the worst!

    Saw you setting up that morning. You didnt miss anything.Cold, snotty and slow. Glad you got in safe.Good luck with the repair.
  448. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    You cant make this shit up. Thanks for all the laughs guys.I will be appearing tomorrow for all my fans at Davies round 5am.Have a great weekend......
  449. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Send Him my way when your done. i heard he's WONDERFUL.
  450. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Not sure if I'm a homo. Why dont you bend over so we can know for sure.
  451. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    I would never kick your mom out of bed for a bloodydecker,Sparky.WE said wannsbe frat boys.Get it right.Dont get mad. it s all fun remember.Your mom has a way better sense of humor than you do.FEELINGS
  452. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Heart of gold but ass of candy.
  453. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Dude, I cant stop looking at your babes.What numbers?
  454. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Would you mind posting a list of some of the "Dues" that you speak of. You know, just as a friendly reminder to those of us that logged on EXpecting a fishing forum.You guys are great.Thanx in advance.
  455. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    I'm worse in person.
  456. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    #5 Girls with dogs make me hot.
  457. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Why dont you quote some more Neil Young drummer boy? Love this site!
  458. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    If I can help in anyway PM.This is a frat party.
  459. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Take Take Take? There is no useful info here.Fisherman are the most secretive people around.None of you guys help my game.Nor do I need any.Earn the respect of a bunch of smartass strangers?What do you know about respect?Talk about fishing ,dude.
  460. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    You and your site are comedy relief for me.Period. No anger. Just opinion.This is a forum, right? The way you guys gang up on people then beg everyone to show support for your site is precious.Being a tattoo artist from Glendale you MUST know alot about being from the hood.I'm sure you can draw...
  461. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Or maybe this site should be a network of folks who share a common interest and focus on helping each other and bettering the resource instead we have a wannabe good ol boys club.Seems like this particular group is ready to start their own and I wish them luck.I can be found launching at Davies...
  462. mandoman68

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Get used to the smart asses. Alot of them dont even fish which is why they cant help. Fucken internet tough guys.If i had some numbers for your area I would gladly share them. Anyone who REALLY fishes knows that a spot is only as good as the conditions at the moment.Good instincts is the other...
  463. mandoman68

    Does this spot look good for Halibut?

    Dont now if I should go fishing or touch myself after seeing that pic.Either way a good time.Thank You kind sir.
  464. mandoman68

    Deep Creek Report

    I remember some whiskey,my dog and a jar of peanut butter.
  465. mandoman68

    Crawdads anyone...

    asian market on Rosemead just south of Garvey(eastside of street) usually has them.El Monte
  466. mandoman68

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    I can see that new "Warden Enhancement Stamp" is really starting to work.
  467. mandoman68

    Mr. T (Saturday)

    Salt,pepper,fresh garlic and ginger. Marinate for 20 mins. Hot coals, cold beer and teriyaki glaze before you serve. Is that the BLack FLag Bars? Right On!
  468. mandoman68

    Mono over Breaded

    Well said.
  469. mandoman68

    Fished off of the Del Coronado Hotel & in San Diego Bay on the "Cut Loose"

    The world needs more good folks like you.Your an inspiration to us all.
  470. mandoman68

    Good People At BloodyDecks

    Yeah, we rag and bag on each other most of the time but the major of these dudes are always wiling to help. A rare thing nowadays.
  471. mandoman68

    Irvine Lake WFO with Fishkiller G & Cooter 1/31

    Hey Alan what's up? When you gonna hit The Vine? Would be great to hook up with you.PM me . I hope your feeling better.
  472. mandoman68

    Three Hall Passes 2-6-10

    Girls with dogs really make me hot. Stop teasing.
  473. mandoman68

    Three Hall Passes 2-6-10

    And the guy with the black eye loses. Even if he has a big boat.
  474. mandoman68


    Judging by the those pictures it looks like there ARE a few "in the closet" BDeckers.Dont ask dont tell.:gayfight:
  475. mandoman68


    Well said. I think I like this guy
  476. mandoman68


    "Hey Margaret, I think she's gonna do it with the dog.":rofl:
  477. mandoman68


    True. There are a few bdeckers that I CANT wait to see in person!You know, just to say "HI". Only a matter of time. Just like Family.
  478. mandoman68

    Palos Verdes - still potential

    Orale.I hate those pinche cholos,ay.
  479. mandoman68

    LB Threshers...

    Can you make me a pair in a size 15 wide? I love baby seals.
  480. mandoman68

    LB Threshers...

    If it REALLY hurts your feelings when someone keeps a young fish then maybe you should devote your time to changing the size and take limits instead of bothering law abiding taxpayers. But I guess that would take more effort than sitting at your computer and whinning. Yeah, whinning is alot...
  481. mandoman68

    LB Threshers...

    Yeah, I'll release it. On to my bbq grill.
  482. mandoman68

    anyone hooping the next few days in SMB?

    I'll give you a few days notice but the sheep stay home o.k.? Might make mine jeolous.
  483. mandoman68

    anyone hooping the next few days in SMB?

    I will be there tomorrow morning but only to do some recon for a later date.(2 wks or so) I like finding my own structure spots for my g.p.s. and to avoid the heavily fished areas. If you still want to go around the middle of Nov send me a P.M.
  484. mandoman68

    Sant Monica Bay?

    Hope everyone is doing well. Any reports from Santa Monica Bay? Are the bonito still in the area? Anyone done any hooping out there?Water temp? Thinking of hitting the SMB on Sat. Thanks
  485. mandoman68

    Does anyone know this boat, because you owe me one!

    I'll be looking for that asshole.
  486. mandoman68

    Rocky Point/Venice/SaMo Bonito (new member)

    Thanks You for the post. Very helpful.
  487. mandoman68

    any bonito in Santa Monica Bay?

    How's my sweater coming along? Make sure its a 5x
  488. mandoman68

    Lobster Opener

    The divers always have a boat near by. If I believe they are raiding my net (and you can tell if they are) I go over and POLITELY tell them to split. It helps if your polite,6'4 and 300lbs.Diving and hooping is alot of work. Folks should give each other some room out there. Kinda like the iron...
  489. mandoman68

    any bonito in Santa Monica Bay?

    If you dont like bonito(especially bigger models) you dont like fishing. Donate your tackle. Take up ballet or syncronized swimming. Knit me a sweater, Bitch.
  490. mandoman68

    DFG makes public claim that a conical hoop outfishes flat hoop by 58%

    This isnt about conservation you dork and If your a diver this isnt about you.Kooks buy fishing licenses. Todays wardens dont even fish or hunt anymore but your probably to young to know that. Remember these words;Revenue and Control. Maybe when you grow up you'll understand.
  491. mandoman68

    DFG makes public claim that a conical hoop outfishes flat hoop by 58%

    Said like a TRUE environmentalist. All you unskilled amateurs should just STAY Off the water and leave it for those who belong there.The enviros. Oh and turn in your two speed reels and 4-stroke motors. There is no room in this world for modern technology.Well just leave all our nets on your...
  492. mandoman68

    what is it?

    Angel shark
  493. mandoman68

    WERE is nacho?

    Big fatty will get you extra!
  494. mandoman68

    The Mighty Mako

    It be more fun if I show you. Just use your imagination. Lots of blood.
  495. mandoman68

    The Mighty Mako

    You know Jenni, I'm not a very smart man but I know what a resource is. I know what a douche is too.
  496. mandoman68

    The Mighty Mako

    Why you gotta be so self rightous? You know WE ALL agree with you. Just having alittle fun with the wise cracks. If your such a conservationist why didnt we see you at the closure meetings?Maybe you should belong to the P.E.T.A. web site instead that way everytime a fish is killed you guys can...
  497. mandoman68

    The Mighty Mako

    Stop it . Your breaking my heart.
  498. mandoman68

    The Mighty Mako

    I kill sharks with me Penis.
  499. mandoman68

    WERE is nacho?

    Oh yeah and Anthony in San Pedro does a great job too!
  500. mandoman68

    WERE is nacho?

    I'm sure you work very hard to get your clients on fish and happy to do it. Do you decline your tips ? Whether your being served a steak dinner or couple of scoops of sardines it is proper to tip IF THE SERVICE IS EXCEPTIONAL. I have been going to Nacho for years and those guys take care of...
  501. mandoman68

    The Mighty Mako

    Like your style. Alot of these guys do more whining then fishing. Closet fucken tree huggers.Thanks for your post.give 'em hell!
  502. mandoman68

    WERE is nacho?

    If the map dont do
  503. mandoman68

    WERE is nacho?

    You can hail him on channel 11. There are 2 bait barges on the east end. One with a white guy(he's cool too) and one with two beaners.( Nacho and Rodrigo)They work hard so tip 'em well.
  504. mandoman68

    Thresher at the beach!!!!!!

    Nice catch. Quite a feat from the pier. Oh yeah. Fuck that Touchy tree hugger.
  505. mandoman68

    Pt Loma/ Ocean Beach 7/23

    You can't make up comedy like this. Lack of common courtesy on or off the water has gone the way of the dinosaur. Whats next "driveby shootings". Orale!
  506. mandoman68


    Alot of clowns out there with more money than brains. Glad you guy's are O.K.Did you STRONGLY recommend a boater safety course for this dude?
  507. mandoman68

    WSB help!!

    99 Ranch market.They have fresh dead.If the squid aint doing it throw on a live mack.Right outside Dana is a place to start. I have to be sensitive to others.
  508. mandoman68

    Steering issues

    Pissing off the world? Via the internet.Pussy
  509. mandoman68

    Steering issues

    I would but your mom's tongue is in there right now. As soon as she is done liking my nuts I will try what you........................NAH, I'll just stick to your mom's tongue. Then I'll bend her over and show her my WARPDRIVE! You Anonymous Pussy. Oh and tell your wife not to kiss that dog.
  510. mandoman68

    Steering issues

    Thanks alot, guys. Really appriciated. Yes I have a sense of humor.
  511. mandoman68

    Steering issues

    69 merc 1000.
  512. mandoman68

    Steering issues

    The whole sentence was a joke you dildo.(lube the shaft,hello?) Sounds like you need more help than I do, dork. You really should think before you attempt to be funny.I take it you know even less about boat repair,huh Einstein? That's a rhetorical question, Pendejo? Run Forest Run? What a...
  513. mandoman68

    Mussel trouble or aaaaboloney

    Besides the obvious is there anything you can recommend I do to help slow/stop the spread of these little guys? Any products on the market? Steam cleaning? Signs to look for? Really appreciate the help.
  514. mandoman68

    Steering issues

    Replaced my old manual steering last spring because it was hard to turn. Worked great for about 10 months. Steering hard to turn again. I lubed the shaft(no jokes please) regularly. I have an old 71 Glastron.Any suggestions would be appreciated.:_diarrhea_:
  515. mandoman68

    Mussel trouble or aaaaboloney

    Does anyone know if Pyramid Lake is doing the Quagga mussel inspections?:1041677399:
  516. mandoman68

    Going to silverwood lake and need info..

    Yeah, those damn immigrants! We should dig up "Our" great grand parents and deport their asses. No more free rides,grandma. You mean illegal immigrants or just immigrants in general Adolf? Ignorance on both sides sounds like the problem. Would be nice if I.N.S. did there job. After all they do...
  517. mandoman68

    Anyone hear about the proposal to remove part of the Long Beach Breakwall?

    They have been talking about this for a while now. They claim that removing part of the breakwall will allow the quality of the water in the harbor to improve by douching out the beach. But mostly L.B. want to create a "Surf City" thing like H.B. to compliment the renovations downtown. L.B. use...
  518. mandoman68

    Full Speed Threshers

    Did you club them like a baby seal? That will really piss them off. Oh,yeah and the bluefin are wide open off San Pedro again.
  519. mandoman68


    Thanks. Sorry bout the crappy response. Got tired burning extra fuel having to go across the harbor or catch my own. ( time consuming) I will be at Nacho's 530 am this Fri.
  520. mandoman68


    Thanks guys.
  521. mandoman68


    Thanks. You know nachos been gone for like 3 months.I guess homeboy deserves a vacation.
  522. mandoman68


    Correction. Stop boggarting all the sardines commercial guy.
  523. mandoman68


    Then you obviously dont fish L.B. every weekend like I do. Even the bait dude at L.B. bait has been directing folks to San Pedro for sardines so If you dont know what your talking about its best not to say shit.
  524. mandoman68


    Does anyone know if Nacho is back from vacation? Does Long Beach Bait finally have sardines for sale. Hate going all the way to SAn Pedro even though Anthony is pretty cool.:smoking33:
  525. mandoman68

    Another Trout on the Troll @ the Vine.

    Thats a beauty! Is that the only fish you got or did you limit?What am I doing wrong?I have been fishing the Vine for 15 years and every year the fishing gets worse and worse for me.The last 3 times I got skunked.Was there for MLK and I saw one fish caught.Didnt see anything on the meter...
  526. mandoman68


    Nacho is my homie,loco.
  527. mandoman68

    advice needed for lobster hooping in LB & HB

    :2gunsfiring_v1: Any type of structure is worth checking out but for me the best structure is the kind that is not so obvious meaning the underwater type.Just like hook and line fishing time on the water is the best learning tool.During the off season I make it a point to mark reefs and rocks...
  528. mandoman68

    Redondo skiffs

    Redondo is great if you like seals.WFO on the pennipeds.Thank the D FG for their great wildlife management.
  529. mandoman68

    Good Bait from Newport Bait Co.

    I usually by from Nacho and he always treats us right.Recently this fucken asshole took over for Nacho while He was on vacation.This prick got smart with me the first time we met and I tried to be cool and let it go.the next week I took my twelve year old godson out and he did it again but this...
  530. mandoman68

    Phantom - Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Sounds like you had a great day on the water.Judging from your info I got a pretty good idea where you guys were.Will be out there @ 4a.m. on Sat for the gray light bite.Thanks very much for the info and if I stumble on to Tino's secret spot I promise not to tell.Mandoman68
  531. mandoman68

    Phantom - Sunday, April 27, 2008

    We are gonna head out there on Saturday.Did Tino tell you the names of the spots you we on?What side of the island?Were you in close or out a ways?Did the croakers taste good?Thanks.Mandoman68
  532. mandoman68

    Offshore Sharkin 4/25

    Are there any good shark spots off of Long Beach?