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  1. joezee1986

    Late Post Lake Almanor Fathers Day trip

    Late post but moved from Chico Fathers Day weekend down to good ol Bakersfield so the misses could finish her schooling closer to her family. My dad went along to help me move and my brothers and myself got a guide friend of ours to hit the Hex hatch in Almanor. I had always heard about it...
  2. joezee1986

    Makaira sea 16ii SILVER

    Used not abused and recently service by Okuma. I don’t remember what line was put on there but I know it’s packed with #80 braid. It’s just been put away for a while so rather someone else get use out of it. Scratches here and there but $450 should do it. You pay shipping costs.
  3. joezee1986

    MagBay on the fly.

    Everyone and their mom is talking about Mag Bay. 306 marlin, 330 marlin in one day. Yeah yeah that’s cool and all. We’ve been doing great with just 15-30 on the fly in one day. Limits of dorado. All the fun one could want with a 12 weight rod in hand. Enjoy the pictures.
  4. joezee1986

    Too Busy to post. Mag Bay since Oct.

    As much as I would love to check in with you guys daily I've been tied up with other things such as tending to clients or getting things ready for the next day. I went down to Mag Oct. 17 and has been a hell of a ride thus far. Between conventional trips and fly fishing trips my schedule has...
  5. joezee1986

    Fishing Loreto and Mag Bay

    Check out the report.
  6. joezee1986

    No Pasa Nada, from Loreto to Mag Bay. Sept. 1-7

    Well I gathered up an interesting group of individuals from different areas of Ca. Seasoned anglers both on boats and kayaks for what we had no idea of what we may get into. I planned out the logistics and winged it on a few parts of the trip but we made it work. Our meetup spot was in...
  7. joezee1986

    Where have all the cowboys gone? Mag Bay 8/9-8/12

    Back in the day you wanted to be a trailblazer, the first to a spot and the one to get bit. Well I myself wasn't able to make this trip being the simple fact that I just had returned from fishing the Bisbee's East Cape tournament days prior. So to make a long story short my partner went out...
  8. joezee1986

    Loreto BCS Tournament May 17-19

    I am in no way affiliated with the tournament just posting it out there for other folks to see. We have a team entered and would love more of our CA comrades to come make this event fun. They have good prizes and if you act now they are willing to accommodate a few more flights from San Diego...
  9. joezee1986

    Okuma Makaira Sea 20

    Used in excellent condition Mak20sea spooled with 100 lb Izor braid and some top shot. I just got it back from Okuma service and am upgrading to 30 size Mak. $460 TYD Gunmetal Color. Message me if you have any questions thanks!
  10. joezee1986

    Last Cast Ensenada 2/23

    Got some friends together for a trip to get down to Ensenada and get on some fish. It had been a while since I had dedicated most my time to fishing Mag Bay last year. It reminded me how fun Ensenada could get with breezing yellowtail willing to fall victim to yo yo and surface iron. We had a...
  11. joezee1986


    The Christmas Come-Up Sale. The following rods are brand new with tags: Okuma PCH Custom PCH-C-761M #12-25 $140 Okuma PCH Custom PCH-C-801XH #30-60 $140 The following are used but not abused: Okuma PCH Custom PCH-C-801H #20-50 $120 Okuma SCT-C-701M-CG #15-25 $100 Okuma Makaira MK-T-601XH...
  12. joezee1986


    8 ft (3 sections) comes with a great amount of thread, glue and other items. I never got around to using it but I just don’t see myself making time for this. Start the bidding at $250 im located in Northern Ca right now Chico to be exact and will be heading as far as Bakersfield for the...
  13. joezee1986

    Mag Bay mucho fun. 11/10-12

    Too much fun pitching flies at feeding marlin! Viva la Baja! 3 days chasing down these stripeys...
  14. joezee1986

    Mag Bay Lodge 9/4 Strippers, I mean stripers everywhere.

    We offloaded the Cape Horn at 0500 with every intention to skip the making bait process. We had planned the night before to make the run towards Pinnacle Bank opposed to running to Thetis. With the sunrise as beautiful as ever coming over Isla Santa Margarita we started seeing them close about...
  15. joezee1986

    Mag Bay Lodge 8/20-22 San Carlos BCS

    Had a group from San Diego come down and stay at the lodge this week. Showed up with a quite an arsenal including but not limited to rods, reels, spearguns and cerveza. I've been watching Terrafin, Tempbreak and Buoyweather and watching the water temps straight west of the islands Margarita...
  16. joezee1986

    Toyota Tacoma wheels off 2008

    Rims with tires $200 obo
  17. joezee1986


    I have twice used Yeti 160 qt. cooler for sale that I'm not going to take with me when I move. $575 obo If you search it you can find what a white yeti 160 looks like. If I have to I can text pictures.
  18. joezee1986

    Mucho, mucho diversion. 3.23.18

    Had a blast after taking down what in the next few months will be known as Marla’s Sportfishing newest member to their fleet “No Tuna,No Chinga”. Danny invited us to fish on his Blackfin. A quick ride to Corbetena rock (inshore) and it was full of life birds diving, fish boiling; it was on...
  19. joezee1986

    Okuma Andros 12ii

    Recently serviced some boat rash got it from a fellow BD user but decided to go another route and pick up 2 Makairas. I respooled it 1/2 with #80 lb Izor and filled the rest with #50 P Line cxx. $285 plus shipping if necessary.
  20. joezee1986

    BNIB Avet Reels

    Brand new in box just took out for pictures Avet LX 6.0 single speed $250 gold Avet MXj 6/4 2 speed red $325 Ship on your dime.
  21. joezee1986

    Okuma, Seeker, Phenix FS

    1) Okuma Cedros CSD10S - $150 Rash makes it 7/10 Recently serviced by Okuma picked up a Tesoro and this ones gotta go. 2) Seeker ISP 809 20-30 could pass for new have the same one wrapped so this ones gotta go. $160 3) Phenix M1 Inshore SmX 82H 20-45 Got it as a gift but I don’t fish phenix...
  22. joezee1986

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    Anyone run into this problem? I'm trying to place my Tesoro on my 10' Seeker Ulua with no luck. Tried the cork puppy and Tiburon clamp with no results. The Cedros had flush bolts where these stick out a bit to screw into reel foot.
  23. joezee1986

    WTB : Okuma Andros 12ii or Mak 10 Sea

    Need to get my hands on either or thanks and Happy Holidays.
  24. joezee1986

    Jig info. Jerry’s

  25. joezee1986

    Loreto Bound anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone was headed south in the next weeks or so. I need to get a tackle bag down to my bro. Thanks.... Joseph
  26. joezee1986

    Much-oh, Much-oh cerveza, muy mala noche. 10/19-10/20

    Let me start off by saying Viva La Baja. I took off from San Diego Tuesday 9:45 ish to get visas and get through the easiest part of the trip at the later hours of the night but most importantly the area I'm most familiar with. I don't recommend driving at night to those who haven't made the...
  27. joezee1986

    Oyster Fest 10/9 Ensenada

    Last minute trip decided to fish the boat opposed to hopping on open party here in Point Loma. Hit up a handful of people to see who was up to go drag some lures and hopefully get lucky. I got one of my brothers to join me and two other buddies so we loaded up and headed south of the frontera...
  28. joezee1986

    Long Time Coming...Ensenada - Mag Bay

    Not sure If I remember correctly on how to do this but what the hell here goes nothing. Since mid August I've been on the road first stop happened in SQ, second in Bay of La, Third La Bocana and ended up in Mag Bay at the end of it all. SQ provided us with some good yellowtail fishing and had 3...
  29. joezee1986

    FS: Marlin Lures

    A lot of Zukers Marlin plugs (2) ZM- 5.5 (2) ZM- 5 (1) ZM- 4 (2) ZM - 3.5 (1) Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast 3.5 All are rigged and ready to go! $250 OBO
  30. joezee1986

    Avet EX-30 FS

    Ex 30 - $335 shipped a lot of Blue fin boat rides and light trolling 10 /10 mechanically 8/10 cosmetically
  31. joezee1986

    Popoyo, Nicaragua

    Anyone have information on fishing the area. Staying at Rancho Santana and wondering what to take or not to take.
  32. joezee1986

    Cal Stars 4 sale

    Cal Star T665TSS #60-120 Mexican flag theme custom wrap with black turbo guides. Cal Star GFDH-700H #30-80 factory wrap factory guides see pictures for details- Sold Asking $180 obo each rod offer up on one or offer up on both!
  33. joezee1986

    Yo-Zuri Bonita Lures with Tormenter Lures Wrap

    Make an offer each one retails 30-35 and the lure wrap 35. There is 7 total already rigged some used and one needs a hook fixed. $230 obo
  34. joezee1986

    2001 Nissan Xterra 2wd

    Two wheel drive, 6 cylinder, 180k miles, brand new tires put on less than 1000 miles on them. Runs good interior and exterior pretty clean for the year. It had a recent paint job and clean interior. Good reliable SUV just had water pump, power steering pump, new belts. Great ride for a...
  35. joezee1986

    Thailand, Indonesia fishing.

    Anyone been my brother is set to go Feb 3 trying to set him up with a proper box possibly some Lucky Crafts, small swimbaits, tady c small surface iron to throw around. Has anyone been fishing down there?
  36. joezee1986

    Ensenada 1-4-17

    Had some friends come down and wanting to get some lines wet and since rock fishing is closed heading south was the next best thing. Booked Last Cast to fish local. There was life everywhere birds, seals, whales they all seemed happy maybe the New Year brought them joy who knows. So back to...
  37. joezee1986

    Lingzilla search and rescue..Oxnard - Morro Bay 12/21-22

    12/21 So a change of place, change of pace I was out to seek Ling-zilla since I've been seeing them come up over the rail up and down the coast. So Sunday I was in Ensenada and I knew I was heading up north later in the week we didn't excellent fishing Santo Tomas. This report isn't about that...
  38. joezee1986

    Fish ID

    Mag Bay Baja Sur got this fish in the same area we got Wahoo and Tuna.
  39. joezee1986

    Aftco Tackle Bag

    Medium sized tackle bag with many compartments built well water resistant just washed it and cleaned it up. Will include the trays in picture.$50
  40. joezee1986

    Viva La Baja 2: Murder For Hire

    So the story goes a year and a half ago I knew that my 30th bday was coming up so I started looking at options as where to fish. The choices were left on the table for a Tony Reyes Trip or Mag Bay. It was a tough decision but I had plenty of time. After countless emails and watching videos...
  41. joezee1986

    WTB Tackle Bag

    Anything good out there send pics if your u have something cash or trade.
  42. joezee1986

    Who's got the first hand 411 on weather Bahia de LA around December?

    Brothers birthday is coming up in December and want to do something different than the snowboarding trip or cabin.
  43. joezee1986

    WTB Shimano torium 30

    looking for older or newer whatever's in good condition
  44. joezee1986

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold

    Just like the title says need another one. Not all beat up though. Let me know.
  45. joezee1986

    FS_Cal Star Graphiter 800L

    Cal Star 800L custom wrapped by M&M Rods black on black. Corktape black Fuji guides. $170 obo
  46. joezee1986


    Brand new in box opened for pictures SILVER color. 3.2:1 high 1.0:1 low gear. Has all tags. $550 o.b.o.
  47. joezee1986

    Tacos, Tequila, and Tail. SQ Father's Day weekend

    Well there's not a whole lot to say about the weekend. Shitty water, shitty weather and great fishing. The 12 miles out of the bay were about the calmest part of the trip. We loaded up the Salty Sled and headed South around 4 pm..... A couple 12 packs, a taco stop and about a dozen pullover I...
  48. joezee1986

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad 16na bent handle.

    I purchased this reel new and didn't even notice it until recently never dropped and I spooled it myself at home without a machine so I know it was from that. Where or who do I need to contact to try and get this fixed? The store said it had to go through shimano.
  49. joezee1986


    Purchased it and got a Trinidad 16 instead. Waited too long to return it so sitting in the closet collecting dust $200 firm no line has only been out of the box to get looked at. Local pickup San Diego / Point Loma.
  50. joezee1986

    Traded Mods Delete

    The big one lots of room roughly 25inches by 25 inches you can look up the specs online used twice doesn't fit in my van the way I anticipated. $450 obo
  51. joezee1986

    Anyone heading down to San Quintin

    Anyone headed to San Q I'm need to send a Rod/reel to my pangero. If your heading down and don't mind if appreciate it.
  52. joezee1986

    Hobie Outback 2015 + Accessories

    2700 OBO check the link
  53. joezee1986

    Hobie Outback 2015 + accessories

    I have a new to you, used Hobie Outback. I need to fund a different venture for road trips. It comes with the water bottle (still in plastic never used), Hobie paddle, vantage seat, Raymarine Dragonfly 4 (used once) , brand new battery w/ charger, Hobie hd Cart wheels, onyx PFD, rod extenders...
  54. joezee1986

    FS:Okuma Azores S55/ Okuma Makaira Combo

    Thinning out the herd anyone in need of a spinning set-up? Okuma Azores 55 loaded with #60 izorline braid on Okuma Makaira S701MH. I used it for poppers in the summertime but probably got used once and left In the rack reel retails 119 and rod 169 from Charkbait. I'm willing to let go for 250...
  55. joezee1986

    Mucho Rollers...Last Cast Ensenada

    Headed out this past Saturday what a coincidence that we were the only ones heading out next to all the surfers loading up their boards. As you may know the bait situation has been crap for about the last month so we don't even bother looking anymore. With our almighty yo-yo's of choice and...
  56. joezee1986

    WTB: Shimano Torium 30

    let me know what you have.