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  1. johndtuttle

    Komodo SS 271

    Hey guys, gotta let this one go will never get to fish it. Okuma Komodo SS 271 bnib never spooled or used. SOLD.
  2. johndtuttle

    Jig Lots for sale

    SOLD P1120679 by johndtuttle, on Flickr Second Lot of ~200-250gm jigs with one Seven Seas Hooker and an FCL Labo in there. The Hammered Wahoo jigs (Luhr Jensen) are a discontinued west coast legend (forget the name) and they are re-rigged with Mustad 7691S spendy hooks. ~20 proven catchers for...
  3. johndtuttle

    Big Game an Sail Trolling Lures

    GONE. Great batch of proven killer big game trolling lures over $350 retail as rigged and comes with the mesh case. All in excellent condition or as new. $175 shipped USPS Priority. Hi-5 25th Anniversary BigBees in Petrolero Pakula Sprocket in Dorado Zukers in Bleeding Dorado 2 Mold Craft Wide...
  4. johndtuttle

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    Heya Boyos, Well Looky here! Fresh off of ICAST 2018 PENN was gracious enough to send out an SSVi 4500 for our perusal and dissection: This is the replacement for the workhorse SSV introduced some 6 years as a long awaited revival of the Spinfisher series of reels that PENN has...
  5. johndtuttle

    Braid Harness, Sumo Harness, Big Game Lures, Iron

    **NEW LOT ADDED SEE BOTTOM** Hey there boyos some quality stuff to clean out. All sales shipped USPS priority and payment verified Paypal only. Some Surface Iron: 3 Tady 77, 2 Tady 45 and a Salas 7x. SOLD Great batch of proven killer big game trolling lures over $350 retail as rigged and comes...
  6. johndtuttle

    Penn Clash 5000 BNIB-SOLD

    Hey guys, gotta brand new Penn Clash 5000 with an extra spool filed with ~300 yards 50# Spiderwire Blue Camo for sale. Just can't get out taking care of my parents much. $150 shipped to first BD Brotha that wants it. Paypal only. Perfect for schoolie popping action. Thanks!
  7. johndtuttle

    Fire Sale Penn Torque Spinning 7500

    PRICE DROP Must sell, ongoing family health issues. Spooled and ready to fish, never seen salt. SOLD
  8. johndtuttle

    Okuma Tesoro 10: First Look

    Hey Guys, One of the more interesting introductions at ICAST 2017 was the new Tesoro Star Drag reel, a classic "3/0" general purpose reel for the Salt offered in two great sizes the narrow "10" and standard width "12". These are images of the Tesoro 10 mounted on an Okuma PCH Custom Rod...
  9. johndtuttle

    Poppers/Stick Baits FS

    Hey guys, got a lot of Poppers and Stick Baits that are clogging things up. They are for sale as a lot only for SOLD shipped USPS Priority Paypal only. Comes with 5 Owner ST-66 2/0 and 5 3/0. I'll throw in some Owner ST-66 2/0 and 3/0 but otherwise are sold w/o hooks or split rings. Heru...
  10. johndtuttle

    Alan Hawk review of Makaira Spinning Reel.

    Alan usually is a good read and does have his (unconscious) biases but you can learn a tremendous amount reading his reviews, then translating them to your fishing. Here in the Okuma forum I also posted a preview of the proto-type...
  11. johndtuttle

    Popping Rods for sale

    Hey guys, got a couple of popping rods for sale that are just sitting around collecting dust. Neither have ever been fished. Excellent for popping for schoolie models. OTI Ocean Extreme OTI-3106-710S 2- SOLD List is ~$240 yours for $210 shipped. Buyer...
  12. johndtuttle

    Shimano Service of New Tranx

    Hi Shimano and Bantam1, We have seen the exciting new release of the Tranx 300/400 and the welcome addition of seals and new lubes to protect them from salt. Could you provide an "official position from Shimano" as to the advisability of self-service of the new reels? In the past, to my...
  13. johndtuttle

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    OK, another post giving a preview of another "new" reel introduced at ICAST 2016 and just coming into stock now at a fisho store near you etc. This is the Okuma Komodo SS a "400" sized LP baitcaster that uses an all stainless steel gear train and makes ~30 lbs of drag. I put "new" in...
  14. johndtuttle

    Daiwa BG 5000 Saltwater: First Look/Review (image heavy)

    Hello there fishos. ;D This is a new offering from Daiwa just presented at ICAST 2016 and a more complete review by the esteemed "Alan Hawk" can be seen on his site: where he does his usual fine job for those interested in a truly in depth review. This post is going to...
  15. johndtuttle

    Okuma Makraira Spinner: Okuma Goes Beast-Mode Preview

    Hey Guys, Okuma had a number of notable introductions this ICAST 2016 and none more interesting for the future than the Makaira reel which will be their new top spinning reel. Typically Okuma uses their "Makaira" moniker to denote a flag ship product like their Makaira 2-speed conventional...
  16. johndtuttle

    Very cool surface iron video

    Really well made vid fishing the Northern Sea of Cortez for Cabrillas:
  17. johndtuttle

    Shimano Tranx Service Tutorial posted

    Hey guys and hello to our friends at Shimano, Down in the reel service tutorial I posted a thread on how to service your Tranx: Comments and questions are welcome. Shimano USA we welcome any...
  18. johndtuttle

    Shimano Shimano Tranx: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    Heya Fellers ;D, We have been through almost all of the "Large Low Profile" reels so far and no list of those would be complete without a look at the Shimano Tranx the grand-daddy of them all. The Tranx has been very popular in the West Coast fishery for it's mastery of casting straight braid...
  19. johndtuttle

    Komdo 364: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips Link

    Hey guys, Made this thread that I posted down in the Reel Tutorial section and thought I would put the link here to help some Okuma fans find it: Let me know if something can be added for...
  20. johndtuttle

    Okuma Okuma Komodo 364: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    Well fellas, this one has been a long time coming. Some of the first photos were on a laptop that took a header and took awhile to recover and other photos were added more recently to cover needed details but here it is at last! ;D The Okuma Komodo 350/364 represents their entry into a very...
  21. johndtuttle

    I want your Tranx to work on. FREE.

    Hey guys, Fairly well known reel nerd around here that would like to do a Service Tutorial on a well used Shimano Tranx. All you have to do is ship the reel to me and I will do a complete service on the reel for free (but you must pay Shimano rate for any needed parts) and then I will return...
  22. johndtuttle

    Shimano How to lube Stradic FK

    Hey Dan, Question came up on another forum on how to best take care of your Stradic FK. The user manual says not to lube your line roller but many Stradic lovers are used to lubing it regularly when they use the reel in the salt : Is there a problem with particular lubes or just what is the...
  23. johndtuttle

    Fun Video GTs and King Mackeral

    Thought this was worthy for a short video:
  24. johndtuttle

    Slayer be slaying on the Commander :)

    Gavin showing us how its done! Good job, Gavin! "Every cast, man!" LOL
  25. johndtuttle

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Heya Guys, The large bait casting reels have captured my imagination for saltwater recently as this category of reels has made casting straight braid with conventional reels easier than ever before. They are ideal for their light weight and line management ability in conjunction with modern...
  26. johndtuttle

    PENN Clash 5000: Pre-ICAST Sneak Peek

    Hey Guys, ICAST 2015 is right around the corner (next week in Orlando, FL) and PENN has given me permission to share complete photos of the Clash 5000 in a "sneak peak" for those on the various sites I have been known to lurk :). The Clash will not be available at your local favorite "Tackle...
  27. johndtuttle

    Surf Compilation Video

    You guys may have seen this before....Barrels, shenanigans, bikinis, facials and more that defies description....not necessarily in that order....worthy watch at least once. LOL
  28. johndtuttle

    Daiwa Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    Hey guys, Its that time again and opportunity came knocking when a fellow fisherman had trouble with his reel. He sent it in to Daiwa and what they found was pretty ugly (this is a photo they sent to him): Well, he was a little upset but tbh, nothing the reel service community at...
  29. johndtuttle

    Other Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS: Service Tutorial

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS Service Tutorial Hey guys, And now for something completely least for me, anyways :). The Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS is a heavy duty saltwater bait caster that has been out for a little while now so we'll take a look at how to service the...
  30. johndtuttle

    Who needs to go Long?

    Get your slay on, on a 1/2 day PM guys! :) Hey, they weren't giants but I doubt you will see a better 1/2 day report ever. LOL
  31. johndtuttle

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    Ok, in the earlier thread there was a suggestion that a poll might be useful. Have at it boys! Which reel has got the nuts for Bassin' and the occasional larger model ie YT or schoolie tuna if they come calling? Reel would be for casting straight braid to a shorty fluoro leader, swim baits...
  32. johndtuttle

    Revo NACL vs Daiwa Lexa, Okuma Komodo or Curado 300EJ

    Abu Revo NACL vs Daiwa Lexa, Okuma Komodo or Curado 300 Edumacate me as to the pros and cons if you have used one or another or all. :D ps. Okuma Komodo users and Shimano guys all welcome to contribute :).
  33. johndtuttle

    Popping Yellowtail

    It ain't rocket science but they have to be willing. Get out there and doo eet.
  34. johndtuttle

    The Modern Lever Drag Reel and You.

    This post is probably wind bag blah blah to some but we talk about reels a lot and some discussion of what the small and light Lever Drag reels can and cannot do is worth talking about. The point being that one reel's 25lbs of drag is not another's. A modern Big Game 50 X makes 25lbs reliably...
  35. johndtuttle

    Penn Conflict 4000: Service Tutorial and First Look

    The new Penn Conflict is another in the established lineage of the Sargus and Battle in that it uses nearly the same body plan but refines it just a touch further with a couple of nice upgrades that up the ante a bit. I will admit what got me curious about this reel were some of the good reviews...
  36. johndtuttle

    Boss Fury 500N, New, never fished with instant AR

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Gonna let this little beauty, an Accurate Boss Fury 500N, go as I haven't been able to get on the big lake one day this season. The reel was completely torn down and analyzed in that...
  37. johndtuttle

    Shimano Shimano Stella 2013 SWB: First Look

    Not my post but a beautiful job by Clem. Thought those interested in state of the art spinning would enjoy the link: Shimano Stella 2013 SWB 14000..quick review
  38. johndtuttle

    Torque 25N BNIB 4.8:1 gears.

    Hey guys, gonna be away from salt for the next year and am choosing to sell a Penn Torque 25N from the custom shop in all black/gold and 4.8:1 gears factory installed. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Photos: It's Brand new in an opened (derrrr) box, never spooled and immaculate. All papers...
  39. johndtuttle

    Penn Torque Spinning: Service Tutorial

    Top of the Morning Gents ;D This is another in the Torque series of reels from Penn but this time The Torque 7 spinning reel. I have been a big advocate of Jigging and Popping for the last several years and was immediately intrigued by Alan Hawk's stellar review of the reel as spinning reels...
  40. johndtuttle

    BNIB Penn Torque 25N

    Hey there boyos, For Sale, BNIB never spooled and barely fondled is a Gold Penn Torque 25 Narrow, 6:1 retrieve. Got a deal on two, gonna keep the Black and pass on a great deal on the Gold. Rated (conservatively) by Penn to hold 370yards 65lb braid and rated for a max of 25lbs drag. This post...
  41. johndtuttle

    Penn Torque 25N: Service Tutorial

    Hey there Guys, The new Penn Torque 25N is a reel I have been very curious about as I used to own a Torque 300. They are rock solid tanks and if there is one thing Penn knows it is Star Drag reels. The older Torque series suffered from being over built (heavy) and gear ratios that were too...
  42. johndtuttle

    Penn Torque 25N: Service Tutorial and First Look.

    Hey there Guys, The new Penn Torque 25N is a reel I have been very curious about as I used to own a Torque 300. They are rock solid tanks and if there is one thing Penn knows it is Star Drag reels. The older Torque series suffered from being over built (heavy) and gear ratios that were too...
  43. johndtuttle

    Saltist 30T

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks for looking. :)
  44. johndtuttle

    Accurate Accurate Boss Fury: Service Tutorial and first look

    Hey Guys, This new offering from Accurate is a new departure for them having just a single drag and mechanical dogs and thought some photos of the internals via a service tutorial would be a good way to take a detailed look at this new offering. Frankly, I was amazed at how easy they are to...
  45. johndtuttle

    Accurate Boss Fury: Service Tutorial and first look

    Hey Guys, This new offering from Accurate is a new departure for them having just a single drag and mechanical dogs and thought some photos of the internals via a service tutorial would be a good way to take a detailed look at this new offering. Frankly, I was amazed at how easy they are to...
  46. johndtuttle

    Accurate Boss Fury: 500N Sneak Peak

    Hey there boyos, Fed-ex just dropped this off and I thought I would give you a sneak peak: Boss Fury 500N 4:1 retrieve or 28" per crank. It's a perfect handful and should easily handle 300yards of ~60lb Braid as it is listed as being able to handle nearly 400yards of 50lb. Spool is only a...
  47. johndtuttle

    Accurate Boss Fury: 500N Sneak Peak

    Hey there boyos, Fed-ex just dropped this off and I thought I would give you a sneak peak: Boss Fury 500N 4:1 retrieve or 28" per crank. It's a perfect handful and should easily handle 300yards of ~50lb Braid as the regular 500 is listed as being able to handle nearly 400yards of 50lb...
  48. johndtuttle

    Maverick's Invitational: It's ON BITCHES!

    Big swell on the way. Contest organizers have decided to hold the Mav's Invitational this weekend. Swell better come ! It's like 1 foot dribblers at the moment :)
  49. johndtuttle

    Daiwa Saltist 6500H

    Hey guys, Bought this reel simply to do this post: And now it's time to turn it around so it gets some use and I go onto the next project. :). Great entry level popping reel with...
  50. johndtuttle

    Mavericks going off.

    Aleutian Juice, photo says it all. Full article available at :D Bigger swell due later in the week (tues-weds) stay tuned.
  51. johndtuttle

    Far out: Popping the Laccadives

    this is just the trailer, the full length is ~25 mins and is easily found on the youtubez. hope you get some stoke from this and start planning your next adventure. no time like the present...
  52. johndtuttle

    Baja Catch Trolling Lots

    Hey guys, got a bunch of "Baja Catch" trolling lures made famous by Gene and Neil writers of the famous Baja Catch the bible to tin boat angling in Baja. Second Lot is more Spoonbills and Fastracs with the odd bomber or Rapala thrown in. Replaced hooks on the Rebels. 12 of them for $60 plus...
  53. johndtuttle

    Abu Garcia Classics

    Hey guys, Couple of older classic Bass reels to sell off as I haven't used them for years. Both are 10/10 mechanically and I just went through them both. First is a Made in Sweden Pro Max 6600W. This has a one piece cast aluminum frame and a power handle. Original retail on this was $200...
  54. johndtuttle

    I'm just a Fisherman with a Camera...

    It was free day for locals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium so I saved myself $35 and braved the mobs of kids and families LOL. Took my normal little camera and shot this though. Was amazed out how well it turned out other than the Tuna Tank which is pretty dark. Hard to say on their size (tank...
  55. johndtuttle

    Feathers, Cedar Plugs, Jets

    Hey boyos, This is the time of year I look in my boxes and realize I have 5 of every color feather etc. and most of them never got wet. Gonna let them go to a better home. 20 Feathers SOLD PLUG LOT BELOW STILL AVAILABLE. The second lot is cedar plugs and some trolling plugs (Rapala...
  56. johndtuttle

    Jets, Striper Lures

    Howdy, Couple lots of stuff to move out as I have had these for years and none of them have seen water yet. First lot is a group of Tsunami Lures and a few others that are perfect for Striped Marlin, Sails and Tuna and Jacks. All are about 8"-9" and come rigged with quality Stainless...
  57. johndtuttle

    Lot O' Tady's

    Lot of Tady for sale, mostly 4/0 about half with Dozer hooks. Second photo is the back sides, most are glow. One random Sumo Jr, and Sumo 3 thrown in. Minor Rash from being in the jig box otherwise in great condition. SOLD SOLD SOLD thx for looking. ...
  58. johndtuttle

    Attn: Dodger and Padres fans

  59. johndtuttle

    United Composites Zeus-3

    Hey gang and now for something completely different...(this is for you G-san :)). Photos below of (to my knowledge) the only currently Made in USA Vertical Jigging Blank a Zeus 3 (300gm) from United Composites (formerly Graphite USA ie GUSA). This blank came to my attention in a thread on...
  60. johndtuttle

    Latos is Mah Bitch!

    GO GIANTS. Latos gets a game ball LOL. Buster Posey says thanks for grooving that pitch down the middle that went for a Grand Slam.
  61. johndtuttle

    Yellow Tail Monterey Bay

    Hey guys, haven't made it out yet myself but have the time to share some stoke posted by Carol of Kahuna Sportfishing out of Moss Landing: Thursday 12:30AM: Had to post then it's bed time. We had an epic albacore trip today. One of those days you will never forget. 11 anglers landed 135...
  62. johndtuttle

    So easy, hawt chicks can do it

    Fun video:
  63. johndtuttle

    For you Cubera Fans

    Cuberas, one of the funner species to Pop for....This is a vid of a spawn. One of the great things about Jigging and Popping is all the new water it is opening up once people get past the live bait/troll thing. This is not a fishing vid, but from a region where there is very little angler...
  64. johndtuttle

    Popping Madness, Islas Perlas, Panama

    I try and share cool popping videos when I stumble across them and this is a fun one. Starts out fairly routine but there is some great footage of huge schools of jacks and Mullet Snapper following the poppers back to the boat. best <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"> <embed...
  65. johndtuttle

    Salmon Opener: One Fish per rod.

    Didn't get to fish it myself but Kahuna out of Moss Landing reports a fish per rod to ~10LBs on Sat. 4/7. Fish were caught mooching 30-50 feet down. get some for me boyos. :) ( ps 30 fish for 30 guys)
  66. johndtuttle

    But the waves were HUGE

    Epic swell going off right now, pretty junky and most spots over matched. This video is of a walk of the dog around Carmel Point watching the big ones roll in. Carmel point is a known big wave spot and the world famous Ghost Tree is the next point north across small Carmel bay and can be seen...
  67. johndtuttle

    Aquarium City

    Not mine but thought I would share some GoPro Hero video. Nice if you like watching fishies swim about. Be sure to watch it in full screen as it is an HD video. <iframe src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen=""...
  68. johndtuttle

    Nice day at the beach up north.

    Nice day at the beach up North.
  69. johndtuttle

    Getting Rough up Norcal way

    Been blowing 30kts all day and seas getting to 17 feet at the offshore buoys. Air temps 48 degrees, wind chill at 39 degrees. Clear skies. You pussies don't know how easy you got it in the lee of the Channel islands! :2gunsfiring_v1: :D
  70. johndtuttle

    Black Devil 200 popping rod

    Happy New Year, Gonna clean out a rod or two as I rearrange my quiver before heading south :). For Sale is an Ocean Revolution Black Devil 200 by Smith Ltd. This is an original factory build. Rod has seen some very light use (no true big 'uns landed on it) but is in very good condition. The...
  71. johndtuttle

    Ghost Tree going off

    It's an old photo from an epic swell in 2007 but the image was so good I thought I would share some stoke and NorCal Juice. This is Ghost Tree a wave that is essentially closed as PWC are no longer permitted in Carmel Bay (marine reserve). This wave has been featured in many past Billabong XXL...
  72. johndtuttle

    Shimano Ocea Jigger NR 2000P

    *****SOLD***** For sale is a JDM Shimano Ocea Jigger NR 2000P for $350 OBO. This is the deep vertical jigging model of the Trinidad 16N with a couple of features specifically for vertical jigging: 1. It has a lower gear ration (5:1) for greater cranking power, very nice for heavy jigs and...
  73. johndtuttle

    FS: Stella 20k

    ******SALE PENDING***** For Sale: Stella 20k spooled with 550yards JB 60 Hollow (over $100 value) by Basil with JB 100 Loop on top $700, $675 if no line. Mechanical 10/10 recently serviced by Shimano, Cosmetic 9/10. All scratches shown, A few on the stem, some on the base of the handle and a...
  74. johndtuttle

    RP 9/17-9/24 Fishing with a Legend

    Hey guys, back from the Hi's Tackle-Accurate 7 Day on the Royal Polaris. Had a great time and found it to be a privilege to fish with a living legend, Captain Frank LoPreste and his fine crew. Short Story: YFT fishing to 30 lbs or so a little slow, Wahoo to 30lbs very slow, Yellowtail and...
  75. johndtuttle

    Korean Chicks are Hawt

    Awesome rod pumping action leaves you hot and sweaty! :D
  76. johndtuttle

    Cool Popping Video

    Not red hot action but still fun. Makes you dream of South Pacific Islands:
  77. johndtuttle

    Question on Gears Available?

    Hey there fishard1, wondering if it's possible to have the factory put 5:1 gears on BX500, BX2-500 reels? please advise and thx.
  78. johndtuttle

    AR Bearing possible?

    Wanted to know from Avet if there is anyway to modify say, an JX with an AR bearing to get instant anti-reverse? The reels are bitchin' light and would have potential for vertical jigging if the AR was instant... please advise.
  79. johndtuttle

    Monterey Salmon Still Snappin'

    hey guys, Went with the Kahuna for my 3rd trip this year for a nice day on the water. Flat conditions and a good bite boxed 35 Salmon to maybe 10-12lbs for 25 guys. Fish are not large and we released maybe 15 shorts. Plenty of 2yo fish that are pretty frisky when hooked. :2gunsfiring_v1:Sea...
  80. johndtuttle

    Saltist 40h and Sealine LD30h

    Saltist SOLD Second one is a bit old school. It's a Daiwa Sealine LD30H, it's the old graphite body, 8/10 cosmetic, 9/10 mechanical. Great little 30lb reel spooled with solid braid that has pulled on a few Albies and Jacks. $40 Shipped. All payment Paypal only. Thx for looking.
  81. johndtuttle

    Yozuri Bonitas, Braid Bladerunners.

    Couple more lots of trolling plugs. This time small "Bonita" and Bladerunners. The bigger Dorado is 6 5/8" the others are ~5 1/2". YFT, Albies and Yellows love these :). Retail is over $80, yours for $50 shipped USPS Priority Mail. A few Braid Bladerunners SOLD. Thanks for looking.
  82. johndtuttle

    Zukers lot cheap.

    Zukers lot 10 feathers for $50 shipped USPS priority mail. The one you see rigged comes with quality Mustad stainless double hook.
  83. johndtuttle

    Penn Torque 300 Cheap!

    Penn Torque 300 for sale. List is $499. Totally bombproof reel disc. by Penn as Market thought it was pricy for no 2-speeds etc. If you like the Baja Special you will love this reel. Casting Wahoo bombs, Dropper Loop, light trolling etc. Comes with rod clamp. 9/10 cosmetic some rash on one...
  84. johndtuttle

    Rapala/Yozuri Trolling plugs

    Hey guys, Thinning out the herd and baby needs a another Stella. 5 lots for sale, no splitting. None of these have ever seen water. All prices are shipping USPS Priority Included. Paypal only. * NEW LOT********Mixed Rapala "30" deep diver lot. SOLD. Yozuri Deep Diver Lot, as is. SOLD...
  85. johndtuttle

    Archer Bar: JT Special

    Two Archer JT Special Ruckus Raisers available. 9.9/10 pulled once, caught some dodos. I don't troll much anymore and these are extra. List for $150 each. Yours for $85 each or $150 for both shipped. Pay pal only.
  86. johndtuttle

    WTS Penn 750ssm

    For sale Penn 750ssm all metal body. Fished just a few times. 8/10 cosmetically with a bit of rash on the bail arm and handle from setting it down. 10/10 mechanically. Spooled with 65lb braid. Retail 139.95 Yours for $65 plus $10 Shipping USPS Priority insured. Total $75 paypal only.
  87. johndtuttle

    yeah, we got teh stripahs

    lol Went down to the beach to cast a new plug I'm tweaking plus throw a Salty's Big Dawg (not shown) that I added some weight to, to see if I could get it to swim deeper. Jerked it under in a nice channel formed by a rip at high tide. Surprised to find this lost boy in the middle of the day...
  88. johndtuttle

    Little Rough

    Seas to 15' , wind to 30kts+. Where's my window?
  89. johndtuttle

    Tsunami: 20 Boats Sunk Santa Cruz

    Watching local news reports. Tsunami Surge in Santa Cruz Harbor sunk 20 boats and damaged another 100...looking for photos now. "Santa Cruz Sees 'Significant' Boat Damage The tsunami also caused significant boat damage on California's central coast in Santa Cruz, where loose fishing...
  90. johndtuttle

    Shogun 12/26-12/31 New Year's Special

    Hey guys, long story short version: Cold water = poor Yellowtail fishing but all the Sandys, Whitefish and Reds you could want. Captn and Crew worked hard all trip trying for the right kind but only 4 jellos landed to about ~25lbs over 3 days hard fishing. Coulda sunk the boat with Sand Bass to...
  91. johndtuttle

    Shogun 12/26-12/31 Roll Call

    Who's down for some Cedros Jellos to end the year?:cheers:
  92. johndtuttle

    49ers Vs Chargers

    Hey, it may be the Special Olympics but it's ON BITCHES O YEA! and who ever wins, is STILL retarded. :D
  93. johndtuttle

    Bud Black MOY

    Grats Pads fans and to Bud Black for NL Manager of the Year. :) But y'all still our bitches! :D Go Gigantes, Los Doyers and Padres are smelly
  94. johndtuttle

    Worth the Wait

    Says it all: Dodgers fans, y'all mah bitches! :D
  95. johndtuttle

    Giants vs. Rangers up 3-1

    WASSSUP TEXAS PS. Dodger and Padres fans Y'ALL GONNA BE OUR BITCHES FOR A YEAR WOOT :D . pps Rangers are smelly.
  96. johndtuttle

    Jigging 'em up Jellos to 60lbs.

    Hey guys, not my report but an excellent one from New Zealand jigging up some Kings (Yellowtail) to 60lbs. Thought I would share with those who didn't get some (yet) this year: Jigging Aotearoa Kings (New Zealand Style) - 360Tuna
  97. johndtuttle

    Video Giant BFT crushing stick baits.

    Another video from PEI casting stick baits to giants with Kil Song and Dennis Braid. No one had the cajones to put hooks on them. 600-1000 lb fish in explosive surface action with the fish hanging on to the lures so tight they almost won't let go: YouTube - Top Lure Action: Giant Explosion in...
  98. johndtuttle

    Teaser Popping and Stand up for Giants

    Kilsong's teaser video of a very recent trip to Prince Edward Island where you may have seen previous videos last year of hand feeding bait to Giant BFT. Most of the fishing action is stand up against 8-900lb fish but there are some sections of casting stick baits to giants (hook less or they...
  99. johndtuttle

    Giants vs. San Diego

  100. johndtuttle

    Big Sur Rockapalooza

    hey guys, just a brief note. Fished approx 3-4 miles past Point Sur in 220 feet of water on the Kahuna out of Moss Landing for what those experienced on the boat (including cpt and mate) called easily the best day of rock fishing they could recall. The combination of flat to glassy water, 56...
  101. johndtuttle

    Tuna from shore

    Put a grin on my face: YouTube - Brian's Ahi Caught from Shore Waianae, Oahu
  102. johndtuttle

    WSB Bite

    WSB to 72lbs taken on the squid grounds off of Monterey/Seaside per report. Get some boys for those trapped onshore :(. The Fleet is already on it, get some before the weekend zoo.
  103. johndtuttle

    Let it Begin

    Giants vs San Diego /discuss (but we all know what's gonna happen lol)
  104. johndtuttle

    Dodgers vs. Padres 8/3

    guzzle Padre choad /discuss :D
  105. johndtuttle

    Small Reel that actually works? Please?

    Dear Accurate, love your reels and fine machining. When are you going to make a small reel with double dog anti reverse so I don't bust my knuckles using "small reels for big fish"? I'm not looking for some measly 20lbs of drag that an anti-reverse bearing *might* handle for awhile. I'm...
  106. johndtuttle

    Video CCB Jigging/Popping

    Video to share posted by Tsurusaki, lure designer of the famous FCLLabo (for those in the know :)) of BFT fishing with Kil Song and Yong in CCB a week or so ago. All fish were fought without harnesses and so it is common to pass the rod around among the "tag team" if that is the style of fight...
  107. johndtuttle

    Example of how far Spinning Tech has come.

    In the LR forum and others around there is quite a bit of debate as to the applicability of Spinning Reels for large fish from the decks of an LR Boat (or anywhere for that matter according to some). There is complete agreement that for the largest fish spinning is more challenging than other...
  108. johndtuttle

    Rough Weather

    Frickin' 13 foot seas and winds to 30+knots last few days. Can't even Rock Fish :(. NDBC - Station 46042
  109. johndtuttle

    PR Knot for Solid Braid to Mono

    Got turned on to this knot by some Asian jiggers that use it to join solid braid to mono. I have been using modified Albrights, Tony Pena, No Name etc and have found this to be a little more work to tie but much lower profile for going through guides when casting or roller guides when soaking...
  110. johndtuttle

    North Carolina Bite contiues

    North Carolina bite still WFO for BFT for the Captains that can put people on fish just a coupla days ago. Not my trips sadly, just a cuts and pastes from other forums to share the stoke. Consider it a photo thread to enjoy as you will:
  111. johndtuttle

    Hatteras Video of nice fish

    Bite continues off of Cape Hatteras NC. Nice video of end game on a healthy fish. Estimated at about 140lbs, nothing to write home about but good vid nonetheless. JM Power Spell 400g Rod with Stella 20000FA. Looks like a Hooker jig by Seven Seas. Enjoy: YouTube - Mike's PB jig fish.MP4
  112. johndtuttle

    Yes, Poppers and Stick Baits...

    Yea, you can catch fish with poppers and stick baits: Panama 9/09
  113. johndtuttle

    157lb. BFT on a yak (East Coast)

    Thought you yakkers might get a kick out of this: Near-record tuna caught - from a kayak | PS: mah bad looks like a duplicate post. see this in the chit-chat section: mods feel free to delete...
  114. johndtuttle

    More Slaying from Kilsong

    Live bait for bluefin is fun too. :) <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Bluefin popping last Sunday and Monday was fantastic in Southwest Corner of Stellwagen Bank early in th morning though smaller tuna dominated. I...
  115. johndtuttle

    Little rough today in Norcal

    Wind 25-37 knots seas to 15 feet at 11 seconds...ouch. Looks like end of the season for albies. NDBC - Station 46042
  116. johndtuttle

    100 lb Amber Jack in North Carolina

    This fine post from Kil Song with his kind permission. After taking the visiting Korean Angler and his film crew to Panama they had not yet caught enough fish so off to North Carolina for some World Class Amber Jack fishing. See the Panama section for the report from those waters. Kil Song's...
  117. johndtuttle

    Kilsong's big fish

    Kil Song and crew landed a 104" giant on bait and lost a much bigger one off Chatham, Cape Cod 10/4/09. Hopefully his own report will follow soon with details of the battle. Congrats to all for this amazing catch!! :) ps:full details now posted by ksong below.
  118. johndtuttle

    Sick Video of feeding giant BFT

    :eek2:<object height="344" width="425">Huge BFT practically eating out of the hands of some guys in Nova Scotia. <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="344" width="425"></object>
  119. johndtuttle

    Latest from Panama Black Marlin makes 4 men cry

    Here is the most recent report from John Delacruz at Panama Sport Fishing Lodge ************** Well it is second week of September (Off season), my friend Dr.Samuel Cattan wanted to fish for Wahoo , since the bites for hoos have been good lately but somehow this year the smaller fish...
  120. johndtuttle

    How many turns in your Uni?

    For connecting 130' mono to a snap swivel? Leaving aside swaging versus tying, if you were tying an Uni knot to a snap swivel I have heard of people using as few as 4 turns and as many as 8. In my experience with heavier line the more turns (6-7) the less well the tag end in held down and it...
  121. johndtuttle

    Epic Offshore Log in Jurassic Park (Gulfo de Chiriqui, Panama)

    We headed from Isla Montuosa towards Islas Ladrones looking for the birds and dolphins that had been productive three of the last four days about 50 miles offshore in the middle of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. John Delacruz of Panama Sportfishing Lodge had identified 2 currents of different...
  122. johndtuttle

    Make these!

    Check any of the fine "popping for tuna" threads on this and other forums and you will find a couple of lures that are very popular with those "in the know": Smith baby Runboh $35 from Japan: Daiwa Saltiga Slider about 25$: Both of these come in floating and slow sinking models, are...
  123. johndtuttle

    Bait Ball porn

    Nice video from Blue Planet as a bait ball gets annihilated at Cocos island: Blue Planet: Amazing fish bait ball in open water cool to see what goes on under the water.
  124. johndtuttle

    Possible El Nino year (good for Tuna)

    Seems Eastern Pacific SSTs being good for an early Albacore bite may be a precursor of an "El Nino" year which historically have been epic for offshore fishing with Yellow Tail and Dorado being caught in addition to Albies and Bluefin in NorCal waters: Climate Prediction Center: ENSO Diagnostic...
  125. johndtuttle

    Drag settings for 50w?

    Just curious what kinda drag settings people are setting their 50w's at? I was thinking about 25lbs at strike? And what is the appropriate "curve". For example for a Penn 50Wsw if it is 25lbs at strike what would it be normally when the drag lever is pushed up to just cover the strike button...
  126. johndtuttle

    Hobie drive vs paddle

    Straight paddle yaks vs Hobie Drive yaks. Pros and cons??? Seems like the Hobie's sacrifice some storage 'tween your legs, but thats all i can figure not being a fishing yakker, yet (!). But it seems the Hobie's are more powerful in wind and waves than just paddling and you can cast while...
  127. johndtuttle

    SICK Mavs video

    just sharing some stoke with you guys and some pride at how outa control Norcal waters can get. Video of 100 foot Mavs waves on Nov 21st a few years back. plus, the sickest tow in bottom-less heaving pit you'll ever see. When you see it and don't wet your just means you've never...
  128. johndtuttle

    Albies, who's searching?

    Hey, who's following Albacore and the water temp charts? Looks like potentially fishable water (59F) over Guide and Pioneer on TempBreak? Any recon trips upcoming? They've been getting fish down in Morro and up in Oregon, so perhaps we'll get some love this year? Anyone? Bueller?
  129. johndtuttle

    Sport Fishing Mag: Props to Archer Bars

    hey all, Current issue of Sport Fishing (Aug '08) has a nice piece on Oregon Albies with Captain Archer's Super Bars prominently featured as a go-to rig early in the season when the fish are on small baits. Props for Cap'n Archer for showing us a new way to fish!
  130. johndtuttle

    Michoacan? They got fish there?

    Anyone with good fish stories from Michoacan? Caleta de Campos? Maruata? Overfished/Underfished? Looking for off the beaten path adventures, looks fishy, been wrong before...
  131. johndtuttle

    bent butt or straight: all around #130 outfit

    Noticed a lot of the cow killers fishing bent-butt rods for standup mano a mano in PV where I hear they have some insight into catching 'keeper' tuna...LOL As I am thinking of picking up a Calstar GFTR 755XXH with a 50W I would love to get some input as to whether or not bent butt rods are...
  132. johndtuttle

    Rigging Skippies for Cows?

    Got a spot way down south, wanna rig whole Barrilete for YF that are muy grande. Local guides have no experience targeting the fish that commonly spool their clients offshore, so they just focus on near shore schoolie YF and jacks. Any help out there for a wanna-be cow killer?? Specifically...