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    Bait net/Pliers/Lure/hook holder

    i would guess around $40 but who knows anymore. is it difficult to get to the net with the tools installed?? also a tuna spike hole and/or a bait hook release. i have no idea if i'm totally not correct. what did the other guys say.
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    Bait net/Pliers/Lure/hook holder

    i'm older now myself but would buy one now. jim 805-452-3244
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    yamaha engine cowling and two new trailer tires

    bought this engine cowling to replace the one i cracked. blew the engine up the next week. replaced the motor but the cowling and the engine cover do not fit the the new style 150 four strokes. my old engine i think was a 2011. asking $450 for both the cowling and the cover...
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    Good deal on AIS radio

    big difference between a vhf/ais radio and then a giant step up to the ais 800. more power..25w. have a garmin vhf/ais radio and currently looking for a garmin ais 800.
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    Salt water Landing net $10

    if black net sale falls thru i will take it. 805-452-3244
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    ais ??

    i currently have a garmin 210 ais radio. has anyone had any experience with a garmin ais 600 transmitter?? jim 805-452-3244
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    Researching new boat build

    i thought the skagit orca 27 was a great boat. they are still making them in washington with outboard brackets. around 200k. we put a 1/2 tote where the engine was and two 225 hondas on the back. great riding boat. that being said, i went with a north river 25 and a 300 suzuki. 3 miles per...
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    Offshore gas for boat

    the problem seems to be fuel related problems are not warrantied. fine print. i fish in oregon 4 months of the year and with the humdity water is a problem . socal not as much but fuel mileage goes down. i am paying anywhere from $3.25 to $3.75 a gallon using a card lock fuel card. not finding...
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    Offshore gas for boat

    does anyone know where to purchase non-ethanol preminum gasoline??
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    Rod Building Cork

    do you have any rod butts??
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    rod caps

    need rod butts that fit shimano rods.
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    cabo marine 216

    leaving wednesday for three months of albacore fishing in oregon. can still reach me at 805-452-3244
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    cabo marine 216

    i could not find it myself. think it was deleted awhile ago. basically i combined the two bait tanks to form a big fish hold. raised the area behind the seats and wrapped it around the motor well to keep the seawater out. look closely at the pictures that i finally posted and you will be able to...
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    cabo marine 216

    knew someone would ask....kick motor that can be operated at the controls. never got around to putting it on. i was bleeding money when i was doing the rehab. since i have owned it i've spent about $60k. ouch this boat is a 1988. so many custom features but the hull is still the same.
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    cabo marine 216

    thanks had done that but then stupid me tried to use the original to upload
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    cabo marine 216

    no not in sb area. my computer knowledge is not up to par or even boggie level. i can e-mail them to with your address.
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    cabo marine 216

    the 805 phone number is from santa barbara . had it for years. currently living in banning. that is outside of palm springs. jim
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    cabo marine 216

    selling my cabo with a new(9-4-19) yamaha 150. 400 hours. furuno 1715 radar. garmin f/f 94sv. custom offshore bait tank with storage on both sides for trays. moved batteries to under the seat with blue seas charging system. old bait tanks turned into one large fishhold that holds ice better than...
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    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    i had to go with a transom mount because i put the boat on a trailer. the garmin rep said the transducer that comes with the 94 is a better transducer then the one they put on the 1042. buy unit only then the transducer. i have not had a transom mount for years but thought i would buy it and if...
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    (2) Caption Seats Great shape for sale

    what happened to the seats.........
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    (2) Caption Seats Great shape for sale

    i will buy them, just call with a pickup time. thanks, jim 805-452-3244
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    (2) Caption Seats Great shape for sale

    i will buy them, just call with a pickup time. thanks, jim
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    Looking for Rod holders for the garage

    vipertom looks like a shimano employee
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    water temp guage

    looking for a sitex 110 and the transducer. 805-452-3244
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    27ft Skagit Orca Reviews

    fished one in the pnw and found the boat to be incredable in all aspects. was powered by twin 225 hondas. fished it every year for three months and thought it was the best offshore boat available. don't underpower the boat, expect to put lots of fish aboard. we got a little over 2.0 mpg. did not...
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    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    will be interested to see if it was going to mexico. i doubt it because the engine is too big but it gives people an excuse to get their right or wrong political message out there.
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    What Happened to the TLD 10?

    what would you take for it???
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    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

    it looks like 2wd and what is the engine
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    is it just me or are changing the format every year?? at 73 i am too old to have it changing all the time. i am not really computer literiate(can't find spellcheck) and don't say i am but shit, every year. must be a good it contract.
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    i've got a ram 1500. i wonder if it fits. what are the demensions??
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    garmin card

    all so far are too old but thanks
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    garmin card

    looking for a baja garmin card for sale. jim 805-452-3244
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    All American Pressure Canner

    papa "j" how much are wanting for the canner??
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    how much do want for your canner??

    how much do want for your canner??
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    Baja BMW Moto

    stu, thought about it and decided i'm just too old.
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    Baja BMW Moto

    stu, i am in loreto. where in bcs are you?? jim
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    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    i disagree with marcos. too many diesels going back up have had problems. one had to be towed from cativia to the border. $800. i see the difference running a ram 1500 diesel. uses more def. alot more. i crossed at the border of tecate last week. had about 20 gallons of u s diesel in cans in the...
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    Off Shore fiberglass bait tank

    shaun, i sent you a pm about the tank. hopefully you are booked today. jim
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    bait tank

    i'm looking for a 50 to 65 gallon offshore 805-452-3244 jim
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    what am i selling in loreto??

    what am i selling in loreto??
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    i tried to calling but wouldn't let me leave a message. my number is 805-452-3244. live in banning and would like to get together and talk about your mexico fishing gear. free anytime. jim
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    Owner Hooks

    rob, if you havn't sold them i will take them all. i can pick up or shipped. thanks, jim
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    1995 Lazy Daze 26 1/2 RV

    i think bones is correct. i will check it tomorrow but the v10 had outside markings. have not used it in six years.ethanol fuel made me rebuild the carb. fuel is is big problem on small motors unless you use conditioner additive. jim
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    1995 Lazy Daze 26 1/2 RV

    40,000 miles 40 hours generator New Tires, Brakes, House Batteries, Starter Battery 2 Larger Solar Panels Looks like new inside Needs outside silver paint $15,000 call 805 452 3244 located in Banning Ca.
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    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    THANKS WHALER 76. glenn is driving it up today. 22 miles out lots of albacore. took 14 in two hours and came back in. i will let you know if the switch was any good. thanks again, jim
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    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    pls call me at 805-452-3244 so we can get together. friend leaving this week to drive up to oregon where i am currently fishing for albacore. his number is 619-370-8670. thanks, jim
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    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    it is the one with the led indicator but would be willing to try the non-lighted switch till i decide what to do. thanks, jim
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    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    looking for older switch to buy.
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    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    evilkhemist, i tried to reach you but no answer. jim
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    Outriggers precision 15’ gunwale base

    sorry about last post. it was for my own trim tab post. do you have the bases?? jim
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    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    have a 6 year old lenco and the switch broke. lenco changed to a new switch after problems with old switch. the old switch is now obsolete and not in stock. the new new switch requires changing the control box too. about $500 for the new set up. seems ridiculous and against their company...
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    Price reduction 2003Ford F-250 Super Duty 7.3

    i had my 2003 stolen and totaled two years ago and still am mad. i go to mexico every year and my new dodge doesn't like the high sulfur down there. looking for one with lower mileage but you never know.
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    stolen boats

    three of the boats were from the nopolo marina and one from the city of loreto marina. two of the boats were photographed being towed to santa rosalia without their motors. the striper had the motor cut off the transom. very hard to get all the stories. too many rumors. the boats being towed was...
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    stolen boats

    in the last 30 days four boats have been stolen from loreto marina and from punta nopolo marina. the engines were stolen off all the boats and the boats were set adrift. this has happened before but not in the loreto area. with fuel cost at about four dollars a gallon, the pangeros can't make...
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    Monster Yellowfin Tuna-Double Digit Stripers

    sooo many small fish being retained
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    Info on road condition

    just came back up from loreto. road from loreto to the san felipe turnoff was much improved. i should never of taken the san felipe turn off. was a mess. i should of taken the road up to tecate. border closures made go that way. i that i might have to cross at yuma. big, big mistake. watch...
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    Rod holder's

    jeff, i will be back in banning around the 15th. need four rod holders and if you can i need two rubber inserts. will drive over to your place to pick up or what ever. when are you leaving for loreto?? jim
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    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    i think your house is across the street from the carwash and i have seen your susuki around town. will be down around the 1st of oct and going to lopez mateo right away to get into the wahoo if the bite is still on. catch you around or at orlando's at breakfast time. jim
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    meant to say 200 hundred thousand miles or less
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    looking for two jeep cherokee's or grand cherokees. six cyl engines with less than two thousand miles. 4x4. clean body and interior. want to start a rent-a-wreck in mexico. year model would be around 1998 to 2004. thanks, jim
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    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    dale, have not seen you around loreto. can't make your picture large enough to see clearly. what area do you live in and what is your boats name?? jim
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    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    the hardest part about driving to baja is the border crossing coming back. talk about intimidation. towing a boat back and forth you must go thru secondary inspection. no sentri passes because of the boat. waiting in line for up to three hours and having the homeland security guy say you look...
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    Mag Bay in September

    wahoo and yellow fin tuna are currently going off. lopez mateo on the way down. has pangas to go to the thetis for around 3 hundred.
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    Rod holder's

    check your pm's
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    Keep a boat in La Paz or Loreto?

    grant, have you thought about going on the west side to san carlos and fishing the banks there?? i live in loreto 6 months a year but leave to fish oregon during the summer. fish west side of bahia as soon as i get back down for wahoo and tuna. billfish can be a pest. lots of bait in loreto this...
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    you will find your milage will drop considerbly and your dep will go up. when back north the milage returns to normal. i worry alot about it and don't believe i get quality fuel in bcs. live in loreto and tow a boat down. park it and use my jeep. shame my 2003 7.3 was stolen in oregon last year...
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    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    matt, got the tuna spikes on friday. now i just need the tuna in oregon. nice looking and will work great. was using a screwdriver before. jim
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    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    matt, are you still selling spikes?? 805-452-3244
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    Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    i might as well add my 2 cents. salt water fishing clubs is a good way to start. i 'm thinking that starting on charter boats and if neccesary start acquiring quality equipment. fuel cost, even with help, are driving the average person out of the sport. many people who used to own their own...
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    thanks james, the one on craigslist looked brand new for $400. had a friend pick it up for me. once again thank you. jim
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    GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 L B .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    i fish with 8oz egg sinkers with small thru hole. use toothpick to scure egg to line. is it possible to make this type?? live bait for yt on seroids. jim
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    king starboard manf

    i would like to get together and discuss this. my phone number is 805-452-3244 and e-mail is [email protected] thanks, jim
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    hey, i am excited about somebody working with starboard. here instead of fla. boat outfitters...

    hey, i am excited about somebody working with starboard. here instead of fla. boat outfitters charges $350 and is ready to install. and i need the doors for my 216 cabo. are you talking about manf or just cutting. i'm alittle confused. thanks, jim
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    king starboard manf

    thanks guys but i was looking for a socal wood worker that can make them, boatoutfitters gets $350 for one small door. i can't believe that somebody who works in wood can't do the same in plastic.
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    king starboard manf

    does anyone know of a shop that works with king starboard manufacturing doors ?? want to get rid of all the teak on my 216 cabo. thanks, jim
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    wtb YAMAHA 150 4-stroke engine cowling. jim at 805-452-3244 no text
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    Tamron lens for Nikon I

    dealt with this gentleman yesterday on a set of golf clubs. no problem.
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    Brand New Raymarine Auto Pilot

    would i still need to buy the drive pump??
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    Misc for sale

    did you sell your blackman 20?? sent you 2 pm's
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    2300 Watt Power Inverter

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    WTB: Made in the USA Xtratuf boots

    they also own muck boots. my first pair was great. finally wore out and ordered again recently. made in china. they tore my feet up. had issues where the inside went together. wrote to them....never got an answer. just saying
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    7.3 for sale

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    7.3 for sale

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    7.3 for sale

    here are some pictures
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    7.3 for sale

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    7.3 for sale

    my 2003 7.3 got stolen and totaled in oregon two weeks ago. i was lucky my friend was buying a new 6.7 and would sell me his 2000 f350 7.3, 4x4, extended cabin, long box. i needed something to haul my cabo back from oregon. i bought and put on items from my stolen truck. aluminum wheels, brand...
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    DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH SABRE GUY ??? jim crosby 805-452-3244
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    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

    a shimano tld 25 is good for what you are talking about. not as flashy are others but good spool cap with nice drag pressure. i agree that the two speeds are not needed. sounds good but have not found it needed. jim
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    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    many units will not accept a 1kw transducer. when trolling for tuna i usually have the f/f set at 200 feet. hard to pull up fish from any deeper without bait. with a 1kw transducer i still run shallow while trolling. jim
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    Budget Sailfish Guatemala?

    i have fished guatamala a few years ago and it was $1600 dollars a day plus tips. lots of small sails. cabo does good on marlin and is cheaper. if still guateamala i hope you are going for easter week. should be on everybodies bucket list. semana santa in antiqua just south of the capitol. i...
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    What's Fishing Loreto in August look like?

    i will throw in my two cents. resident of loreto but usually go down oct to april. yes it is very hot during the summer. fishing has been going down in numbers lately but last oct catch and released a 300lb marlin, dorado and sail fish in good numbers but have to know where. i do like to have my...
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    WTB Anyone have a 12v freezer fridge for sale?

    i use a 1500 mp inverter when i fish in mex and oregon. i use two freezers and freeze food one way and bring back fish the other. no problem leaving disconnected when stopping for the night. will stay frozen thru the night. put the inverter under the seat of a crewcab and run entension cords...
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    yamaha prop wtb

    thanks, found one yesterday.
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    yamaha prop wtb

    wtb used aluminum 15x15 prop for 2011 150hp txr. thanks
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    Fishing report for 12/11/16 in Loreto

    how deep of water were you chunking for tuna last march?? jim
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    Loreto B.C.S

    jay, i live in loreto 6 months a year. condo at marina nopolo. they have slips, and garages fish from my 216 cabo and two hobies. great catch in march. did you get into the blue marlin in october. coming back down on tuesday. i think lopez mateo is in my near future. what reel and line were you...
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    Gearing up for next year Albacore

    hey matt, if you are dragging lines i use tld 20's. they are bullet proof and cheap. like the old penn 4/0. ive caught many marlin and wahoo on tld 25's. i am old school on the rods...california sabres. jigging or chucking i like to use light gear.. have fun but be safe. jim
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    Yamaha 15 hp four stroke

    i think i am your man. but can not see it till after thanksgiving. jim at 805-452-3244
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    2004 Farallon 2300 Sportsman Volvo D4/210 DPH Loaded! 915hrs

    for it's size this is absolutely the best fishing boat on the market today.
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    2004 Farallon 2300 Sportsman Volvo D4/210 DPH Loaded! 915hrs

    bob, do you know how high the boat is from the wateline to the top of the radar dome??? thanks, jim
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    baja paper charts

    will pay $10 each or whatever
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    baja paper charts

    gene, i have found the same problems with my system(digital). i have 5 pages of good numbers that i want to put on the paper charts and see if it helps. once in the area i can adjust to the real numbers. the numbers are from other boaters in loreto and were copied from their units while on the...
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    baja paper charts

    i am looking for charts in good condition especially charts 21141 and 21014. i want to plot my numbers on it and see which direction to go for the day. live in loreto and been fishing both sides. any help would be great. someone must have gone completely digital. help! jim @805-452-3244 up in...
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    upholstrey work

    anyone know of good work in san diego to inland empire?? jim [email protected]
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    sabre calif specials

    looking to buy these old rods. i have some but lost one out of the rod holder. these rods are 30+ years old. maybe under a pile of old rods. jim at 805-452-3244 thanks for checking
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    To much to list

    how much for the wahoo gear?? jim
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    Free Plastic 55 gal drum

    could i make a bait tank out of the barrel?? jim
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    Zuker 3.5 w/ "jumping squid" chain -- SOLD

    lets meet up and i will buy. retired so you set the time. i live i banning. thanks, jim
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    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    why do we keep reinventing the wheel?? what was wrong with the site that it had to be changed?? seriously i don't get it
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    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    the new furunos use a different transducer to might it work up to the maximum. i looked for an fe7000 for a spare but i can't remember want i paid for it. i use a 1000w thru hull now and couldn't buy the new furuno finder without changing the transducer. not going to happen
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    Temporary Boat Storage in Loreto

    there is a new secure place for boats on the way to del barrachos. may 50 yards from the turn off to. but it is a long way to launch your boat if your tournament fishing. if you can get under the golf bridges at nopolo that would be the best bet. private marina there and by april there is...
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    December 6th-10th BCN Mexico

    russell, consider going to san lucas cove, south of santa rosalia. check the map and you will see it is not much further when you consider instead of turning left to bola and going straight on thru. when i was young we use to make speed runs down but realize now how crazy that was. good luck and...
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    Ensenada Mordida

    it is always disturbing to hear of these things happening. i agree with everything that is reported here. never give in. i have a house in loreto so i drive down many times. been going down since late 70's. stop two years ago, held my ground and demanded to go to the police station. arrived...
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    temp guage

    wtb furuno temp guage. they quit making them a few years ago. the numbers are much bigger then on my finder. thanks jim crosby
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    Cabo 216

  118. B

    thanks for the e-mail but i'm looking for a montauk. that one was very clean and way under...

    thanks for the e-mail but i'm looking for a montauk. that one was very clean and way under priced. good luck with your sale. jim
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    SOLD.......1985 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk - Original Owner, always garaged

    boy have i been looking for this boat and it sold right away. need this model whaler to leave in mexico. anybody??
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    mex 1

    hola everybody, has anyone heard about mex 1 . will try to go to loreto as soon as possible. thanks...jim
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    i can't believe that the whaler is still on the classifieds. i own a tricked out cabo 216 but...

    i can't believe that the whaler is still on the classifieds. i own a tricked out cabo 216 but would like to leave a boat in the garage in mexico where we go in the winter. sick of trailer it back and forth. i fish in oregon during the 4 months of summer. please keep me posted on your sale...
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    Marlin lures / other Stuff

    wayne, i will be back up to number 4. i will be leaving for oregon sunday to fish there till oct 1st. would like the area rule knobs if first deal does not go thru. jim 805-452-3244
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    Marlin lures / other Stuff

    wayne, what is the manf of the door knobs in 3 and 4?? thanks, jim
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    Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 (2)

    have lots of shimano reels if want to do something that way. jim
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    Loreto update??

    the weather is great here. easy morning fishing for yt. wind comes up around 1 or 2 and then back down around 6. water temp is about 75 close in, and further out by catalina they have been catching bill fish and dorado. pretty early but partner went out and bills were no problem. that a pretty...
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    new rules for taking boats to mexico

    you can not get the t.i.p. at tecate. only otay mesa, ensenada or la paz. personal experience. horses mouth
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    TIP-Temporary Importation Permit

    mike and alan, thanks for your replies. going to try at tj but don't have the engine serial number. worth a try. i picked loreto because the condo has its own private marina and large garage. the only trouble is two bridges lower than my radar arch at high tide. we like loreto for its muy...
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    TIP-Temporary Importation Permit

    now i am totally confused. i was in loreto for the month of oct and it was not required to launch at the downtown marina. other paperwork was but not a tip and was stated on the park paperwork. i am buying a place outside of loreto and do not want this to become an issue. i thought a tip was...
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    Baja in March - recommendations for first timer

    loreto. nice accommodations, great restaurants, fishing, whales and very tranquil a very friendly town of 12000. alaska air seatac to loreto. airport 5 minutes to town.
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    Boat Seized From Norteamericano In Mag Bay

  131. B

    Boat Seized From Norteamericano In Mag Bay

    i have personaly seen alaska fish and game confiscate all fishing tackle for over limit fisherman and write the ticket. you will not get your gear back. stay within the law and it is no worries. jim
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    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    daryl, got the gaff yesterday. better then the pictures. leaving for loreto in a few days and will get some pictures for you. thanks for all the help. jim
  133. B

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    daryl, what is the lead time that you require?? can you wrap with tan cord?? schools starting back up so i know you will be busy. could drive to fv but would like to know the shipping cost for a 4' and a 6'. leaving for loreto in two weeks. contact at [email protected] thanks, jim
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    Heading to Loreto for the 1st time - September 20th - 27th

    bob, just got back from 4 months in ak. check out for the restruants in loreto. went thru the list last time i was was there and it was right on. the place out of town on the beach to the north would be great for the 30th. i will be down on the 1st of oct for the month and will...
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    cabo 216

    decided i didn't like the bimini top and wanted to change over to a t-top to get rid of the straps. contacted ron koons at advanced tooling and fabrication in el cajon. he came up with a design that i liked and went about making the changes. this is the second job i had him do for me and am...
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    ICOM 602 VHF & Furuno 7000fnt

    i sent you a pm concerning the 7000. lets get together. jim 805-452-3244
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    Bargain Alert!!! Waterproof Storage Boxes

    just picked up three sets in beaumont. have to look around as the workers didn't didn't know about them. $10. thanks for spotting them and the xmas boxes. picked up eight of those. pretty anul i guess. jim
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    jason, tried both numbers but they were disconnected. sign of the economy. thanks for the try. jim
  139. B


    jason, thanks for the contact info. part of the arch is anodized and it is a bear to get it off. might work. jim
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    Boston Whaler Sport 15' CC

    a friend of mine sold his real fast on craigs list to somebody in canada. older boats do not get taxed there so they look here. he is from northern oregon so i don't know which craigs list he used. as i remember he got a good price and turned around and bought my 19' whaler. good luck with your...
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    does anyone know someone that does sodablasting in el cajon area?? i'm having work done there and it would be convient. will sodablasting take off the aluminum coating?? thanks jim
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    Top of the line tuna lures

    chuck, how did the sale go?? are you trying to sell it all together?? nice collection. i fish tuna in oregon till sept and head back to palm springs. if you have anything left email me at [email protected] thanks and good luck. jim
  143. B

    Want to buy: Cabo 216, 226, or Similar

    frank, i don't think i want to sell my boat but you can look at it if you goggle cabo 216 cuddycon rebuild. i know where to mold is and thought about setting up a limited production in oregon at a friends boat facility. it is where i rebuilt my boat and was happy with honesty of the owner, brain...
  144. B


    sorry guys but it is sold
  145. B

    furuno 7000nt

    looking for a furuno 7000nt for a back up to another 7000. thought maybe somebody bought new at the fred hall shows and i am too old to learn a new unit.
  146. B


    rick, the wife wants me to keep this one and sell the cabo. i've got too much time invested in the cabo rebuild to do that. alot more room on the 19' as compared to the 17's i've owned. quality. thanks for your kind words. jim
  147. B


    2007 Boston Whaler 19' Montauk for sale 115 mercury 4 stroke/ 458 hours minus the time i left the key on. inline fuel separater, fwd cushion, 6 rod holder on front of c/c, vhf, ipod amp with spkrs, dual batteries, 600 watt thru hull, tackle drawer (4 trays) under seat, offshore bait tank instead...
  148. B

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    dave, can you pm me javier's phone number?? [email protected]
  149. B

    Bamf 25' Excursion sneak peek

    eric, are you going to be at the fred hall long beach show?? would like to climb around your boat. thanks, jim
  150. B

    I'n not a diesel guy, need help on pros/cons Ford 6.0

    hard to find a ford 7.3 with less than 100k mileage but i think it is generally accepted as the best diesel ever. i wish ford would just bring it back so i can quit looking for a really low mileage one. i get about 16mpg towing about 8k lbs. have no trouble on mex diesel. jim
  151. B

    Sunbrella Boat Cover for a Cabo 216

    i have used terry"s shop for all my boat covers going back 20 yrs. nothing like a custom cover. infact my 216 is now there for a bimini enclosure. he didn't say anything about another cabo cover. have to see him tomorrow and give him a hard time. jim
  152. B

    The 31 Bertram Build

    joe, love this project. good bones made better. i did a 216 cabo last year. over 800 hrs and 10% over budget. it just feels great doing improvements to good boats. just like a classic car rebuild. slow and right. good luck, jim
  153. B

    WTB 17-19 Parker or Whaler CC

    i have a 2007 bw 19' montauck that i will be selling. i do not know what it is currently worth but if it is something that you would be interested in a will figure out its worth. just finished rebuilding an old cabo so this one will have to go unless i decide to keep it in mexico. jim 805-452-3244
  154. B

    Mexican Visa News Released

    i for one would like to see an annual fee with no turn in. i love to fish mexico and was considering buying a place in san carlos. this will have to be put on hold until i research the fm3 angle. i fish in oregon the whole summer because the fishing is better. lots of albacore, salmon and black...
  155. B

    VHF Radios

    check the output on what ever you get. most do not put out the max watts.
  156. B

    transom/motorwell metal work

    does anyone know if it is possible to bend stainless steel angle iron to fit the motorwell transom??? mostly just cosmetic. 11/8" each side. in oregon it would have to be custom welded together but i thought somebody might have equipment to bend angle iron. 1/8" or less. jim
  157. B

    baja maping software

    i have found most of the chips to be inaccurate in the sea of cortez. i am told that there are no recent charts for the area. mex 1 runs into the water on my furuno chip.
  158. B


    does anyone know anything about shipping a boat to costa rica???
  159. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    i will be leaving oregon the first of october and would like to see your new boat if we both have time. jim
  160. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    dwayne, glenn got here on the 15th. has been eating crabs all the time. he also has dug four limits of clams. i will try to get him out for bottom fish tomorrow. tuna tournament this weekend but expect it to be rough water. i will get glenn out for tuna a few times before he leaves on the 15th...
  161. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    just a short thread on oregon fishing
  162. B

    coos bay, or

    another ho-hum day fishing in oregon.
  163. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    al...i did not go with the plastc scuppers as i did not believe that the improvement was great enough to do all that was required. on the batteries i will try to get a picture but it might be difficult to see everything, i used two group 27 house batteries on the port side and a group 24...
  164. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    :waglleybooty:the people at skallerud marine talked me into this part of the rebuild. i am glad they did. lots of blig for no extra cost. speaking of cost i had the work done in oregon where i spend the summer fishing. unbelievable fishing here. the flat rate is $70 a hour and is a tax free...
  165. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    last picture for the rear seat area didn't go thru so i will add it in this section. the helm station needed updating in switching and adding digital gauges and controls. all old holes that were not to be used were glassed over and redrilled. added new readout trim tab controls and the shorter...
  166. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    changing the rear area was big on my list. the cut out transom was just too low. at first i was going to put a bracket on it but after talking with a major bracket builder i got the feeling that they didn't like the idea as the boat was too short and might cause porpoising. that is when plan b...
  167. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    with every rebuild you change your mind many times. the last change with the bait station was to put it in place of the rear seat and change the rear seat to the aft section. i started with an offshore 30. after the seat was cut and the tank slid into position it was determined that we had just...
  168. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    only one picture so far. working late in oregon trying to finish this project up. picture is taken looking into the boat to show the new rear seats and the built in bait tank with four drawers on each side. more to come.
  169. B

    Cabo Cuddycon

    after 600+ hours on the rebuild i am about to put it in the water. i will post pictures later this week. lots of changes and improvements. i would have liked to raised the freeboard 4 to six inches so that it would have had better drainage and not thru the motorwell. will tell all when i post...
  170. B

    iqf anchovies

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY BULK IQF ANCHOVIES?? jim 805-452-3244 or [email protected]
  171. B

    Yamaha 175

    sold sold sold
  172. B

    Yamaha 175

    1988 yamaha 175, controls, new oil pump and tank, guages and spare prop. still on boat. can demo in s.d. $1500 and you take off. hour meter says 970hrs but can't verify. jim 805-452-3244
  173. B

    offshore bait tank

    looking for 20x20x28 offshore bait tank jim 805-452-3244
  174. B

    San Lucas Cove??? Panguero recommendation, fishing advice???

    ask about just a 1/2 day charter because the wind usually will come up in the afternoon. get two days in for the same price. pancho is the man.
  175. B

    original cabo 216 parts

    i think the windshield is a good idea. the wheel is great so will not need new one. thanks anyway. it is a 1988 216.
  176. B

    original cabo 216 parts

    just bought a 216 cabo and plan to totally rebuild. if you have spare parts you want to part with i might be your guy. jim 805-452-3244
  177. B

    150 4-stroke

    thanks for the get back. i was in monterey buying another boat and will get back to you tomorrow. jim
  178. B

    trailer wheel and rim

    the rim is 5x4.50, 6 ply, max load 1870 lbs., and size is st215/75d14lt. i don't know if this means radial or bias ply. there are some sidewall cracks even though it has never been on the ground.
  179. B

    Best fishing first week of april?

    i'm dragging my boat down in april to santa rosalia. because of what everyone has said so far, maybe mid april to mid may. jim 805-452-3244
  180. B

    150 4-stroke

    want to buy yamaha or mercury 4-stroke. low hours only. jim at 805-452-3244
  181. B

    trailer wheel and rim

    i'm away from home till this evening. will post reply when i check the tire. thanks for the interest. jim
  182. B

    trailer wheel and rim

    bought bigger trailer so spare will not fit. has never been on the ground. still has the dipples. galvanizes rim. size is 215-75-14. $50 951-922-3661 jim
  183. B

    santa rosalia

    hey doug, its good to know you are still around. the marina is secure. there are great showers and bathrooms, laundry room and ample secure parking. the pool and spa needed to be turned on. it is on the second deck. i am working on renting a spot there in april for $200/month. carlos is the boss...
  184. B

    santa rosalia

    just got back from two weeks at santa rosalia. big yellowtail!!! put the boat in at san bruno and ran it up to the marina in santa rosalia. $80 dollars a week. the big eye bait is just outside the harbor at 5:15 to 7:00. big bait rigs worked best. the kind with the plastic skirts. i rig up my...
  185. B

    new bait tank

    give me a call 805-452-3244
  186. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    this boat can now be seen at san diego boats by mission bay launch ramp. see rob for questions
  187. B

    Offshore 43 and 181 struck out again

    all the albacore tuna we caught up north was in 58 to 61 degree water with the bigger fish swimming in 58 degrees. seem like very hot water without good temp breaks. have not fished tuna in socal as i always go to oregon for three months during the summer. i want to try some late tuna runs but...
  188. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    drastic price reduction to $100.000.00
  189. B


    if you don't mind... what where your top and bottom numbers. have been fishing oregon tuna during the summer. nice albacore
  190. B

    2007 Skagit Orca 24 SC $82,500/offer

    i fish for tuna the summer months out of a 27' skagit orca and i can tell everybody that they are one tough boat and highly respected in the northwest. who is the bait tank manf.???
  191. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    nick, you are correct. it is the same boat that was at the fred hall del mar show. i,ve been fishing in oregon the last two months with my whaler as i can troll it at 1-1 1/2 knots. not possible with the blackman. what engine do you have in the osprey??jim
  192. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    still available. this is a great boat
  193. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    this is a coast guard documented vessel which makes it eligilble for perferred fianacing rates
  194. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    todd, thanks for helping me with the boat trader link. jim
  195. B

    2007 blackman flybridge

    like new. only 50 hours on diesel 225 motor. about 30k in electronics. can be seen on boat located in mission bay on 12.5k trailer. this boat will not disappoint. 805-452-3244 or [email protected] can be seen at san diego boats by the mission bay ramp
  196. B

    ...In Guam

    was stationed in guam in the seventies. great place but missed out on the fishing. big mistake. would like to fish a pinnicle 40 miles out. no space a billeting at afb. when i was in charge of billeting at the old air station we had a few retirees spend some time with us. not sure what is going...
  197. B

    jim crosby

    i am selling my 2007 blackman flybridge for 15k less than shown . i will be in charleston after the first of june but will not have the blackman, must leave it with the broker while i am in oregon for four months. i will be using my whaler for the four months north. any interest...
  198. B

    trade blackman

    will trade 2007 26' blackman flybridge for 26' regulator fs-like value
  199. B

    1989 Cabo 216 For Sale

    would like to see the boat. i live in riverside county. how old are the pictures and how many hours on the motor? [email protected]
  200. B

    21 Foot Cabo 216 Super Clean, ready for lobster :)

    billy, if you haven't sold your boat yet i would like to look at it. give me a call 951-769-2613 [email protected]