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    46 pound YT for my future wife off La Jolla Kelp-Twilight Trip

    Happy ass future wife if he can hold that big of a fish with 1 finger.
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    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    Don't forget that you have to be a complete [email protected]$k and have no fear of running over us private boaters. Oh yeah, and have a sense of intitalment that you own the entire ocean. If you don't have those things forget the profession. Lol
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    Mako or baby GW

    Completely a mako like my buddy here.
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    Does your back hurt after a day of fishing? Check this out!

    Why do they always test on flat water? Put them between cat and the mainland headed back to mdr around 2pm and seen how comfortable it is.
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    2015 SoCal West Coast Wahoo Challenge - Team & Boat Ho list

    My boat is slipped in San Pedro. If we can weigh in at Dana or Newport I think we can probably do this. Is that going to be possible? If so how do you want me to get you the buy in?
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    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    Is this still only out of San Diego? Or can the boats up north play too?
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    Whoo Late / Short Report

    Boy are you married or dating? You know, that's the smallest whoo I've ever seen. That hot number can't be more than 100 lbs next to it. . Lol. Nice catch !
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    Offshore Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Great job with the determination and getting that whoo
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    Offshore Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    Absolutely unbelievable!! Way to go. Wow!!
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    malihini bigeye

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    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Fantastic !!!! What timing.
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    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Absolutely amazing!!!!! Great job!!!
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    Offshore Wide Open Tuna + Light Tackle Spinning Gear = Fun - 8/22

    Nice to meet you too Jonathan. Glad you found what you were looking for as well. Have a good one Tony
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    Offshore Headed to the Osborn

    Had it in Marina del Rey for a nunber of years but moved to San Pedro a couple months ago. So far, really liking it. Good to be closer to the fish. WAY less fuel used
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    Offshore Headed to the Osborn

    We picked up some bass at Catalina while I steaked up the mako. Yes 8'. Around 300 lbs.
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    Offshore Headed to the Osborn

    But to rough so turned right and made it to our alternative spot near sbi. 30 mins later we are on and a short hour later we were done. On the way in we stopped by cat for a couple bass. Fun day and nice to set a goal and get it.
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    Offshore No Blue Fin but....

    Definitely a opah OPAH!!!!
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    The 105 mafia style

    Got there at grey light and was sleeping with the fishes by 845am. Best gas to fish ratio ever!
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    Offshore Well I'm no Jonathan but....

    the report: now that i finally made it home. started out at 330am from san pedro and headed to the westend of catalina. there were many rumors that fish are stacked up out there and we thought that if there were no one would make the run and we could have it all to ourselves. we rounded the...
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    Offshore Well I'm no Jonathan but....

    At least we found fish 2 weekends in a row! Bunch of dodos and some tuna. Biggest going 35 lbs or so.
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    Well it's about time :)

    Did not see any crab
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    Well it's about time :)

    Two times, it was not happy and I was not ready. Lol
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    Well it's about time :)

    Spent a long day Saturday trolling around between the 14 mile, 152 and Avalon bank for nothing. Very frustrating. Stayed the night at Catalina and decided to go out to makeral bank in the morning. That turned out to be a great decision. Right of top of the bank. Thank goodness. It's been a long...
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    I sucked last week please help!!

    Sorry but had too.... You shouldn't mention your mom and sloppy seconds in the same post. :)
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    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    It's been over a hundred degrees al week up here. He's probably just over heated give him a break. We don't see much water up here either. :)
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    Offshore I'm doing something right

    Awesome! Congratulations
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    Offshore on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    At least you're on the water. I'm in a supercuts in Bakersfield. I'm waiting for my boat to get out of the shop in mdr so I can join you all in the best, frustrating, bad ass year in awhile. Have fun while we can. Good luck today!
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    Nice job jack! Its about that time isn't it? Going to be a heck of a season.
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    Offshore WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    Great job. Saw a lot of those on sat but couldn't get any to play. So excited for this season!
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    Offshore Tuna Time

    Booooooooo! Fish up our asses!!! Ya!!!
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    WON Catalina Results??

    It was rough out there but a lot of fun. Great event to do
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    Summer Foul-Weather gear?

    I have the aftco. They suck. Feel apart on the inside and the straps over the shoulder stretched out bad. Looking for a different kind this year. They look nice. Lots of pockets. Like how it zipped from the bottom up for easy access. But just didn't hold up.
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    Check this out

    Amazing! Those blue runners have no idea what to do. I like that some of them have little bite marks on them. And that they are trying to hide behind the diver.
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    Local Tuna Clubs

    Especially if they go on strike this year.
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    Marlin up north

    Fucking awesome!
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    sea shep/shit in marina del rey?

    Well that seals it. I'm glad we put our deposit down in Carrillo. Don't want to support this in anyway. However their girls are pretty hot....maybe we can turn them? Anyone want to show them the taste of meat? Lol
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    Newbie here, looking for the top 10 best spots for fishing on east coast...

    Bradenton Florida .... Inexpensive and the best fishing anywhere
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    Fishing and boating license question

    By the way.... You should never be alone with your pole, with yo MAMA!!!
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    Red sky at night sailors delight
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    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Let's see Kat do Carl's Jr. Funny what one letter missing will do.
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    BD salute to Mako Matt

    Cool trophies everyone is holding up in their avatars by the way. I am thankful for this country and that everyone can have an opinion without wierd consequences or punishment. What a great place we live in. I am also thankful that people can sometimes earn a living doing something they love to...
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    BD salute to Mako Matt

    Its interesting to see the number of posts a person has vs the level of anger that comes across in their statements. Just saying
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    Mexico/ Islands fish limits/ size limits

    BABY KILLER!!!! Lol
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    Solid Start to 2015 at the 150

    Nice job. I was out there but only found the sand bass and rock fish. Congrats finding the right kind.
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    Wind-on leaders and braid to mono connections

    Sato crimps. Easy and not that expensive.
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    Local Yellowtail Strikeout - 11/22 San Pedro Report

    Thanks Mike. Have a great Thanksgiving as well
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    Local Yellowtail Strikeout - 11/22 San Pedro Report

    I didn't think you ever didn't catch a fish. Its good to know you are human. :) I'll be moving from MDR to long beach shoreline soon. Can't wait to play with the fishes closer to the dock too. Have a good thanksgiving!
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    Kayak Fishing

    I will go in at will Rodgers park and head to the kelp for all the bass you want. Its more of a nice day on the water though then the kind of fishing they get down south. During certain times you can get threshers though and that is fun
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    I need a ride for the hali tourney

    Where's this at?
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    What happened at the bait barge

    Haha, you said tip. Haha
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    Keeping a boat at MDR?

    Hey. I live in bakersfield. So my decision to move to long beach is a big one. There is bait in Mdr at the sport fishing side. Very nice guys, but often only one type of bait and it usually doesn't last the drive to cat,sbi, or san nic. Never really gets cured because there isn't that much in...
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    Keeping a boat at MDR?

    I have my boat in basin d. Love it very much and the area around the marina is just the best. For what I fish for, shark, it is ideal. However, when you want to fish for anything else you add a good 60 to 70 miles of driving to your trip. The bay is dried up and lifeless for the last few years...
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    redondo/270 yellows 10/18

    Awesome job right out in front
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    Hey Jack, I will take the heat off yo . You can always remove the hook when you pull it in your boat. Or when the head is in the freeze . This is why i dont post shit. Good job Jack hope we get to fish together some day. Tony
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    Nice Jack . Way to keep banging it out!
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    Offshore hooping at its finest!!!

    Where you hooping at the Cortez? Weird offshore report
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    Moving boat....maybe?

    What do you mean with the rules? I have been in Mdr for 10 years, is there something more that long beach does? We are pretty quiet, and on the boat every weekend, some detail would be nice please. Jonathan, if you read this you made the move, twice I believe? Why?
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    Moving boat....maybe?

    Leaving from MDR to fish in the areas I fish in basically. I would be leaving from long beach and cutting 60 miles off every trip
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    Moving boat....maybe?

    im thinking of moving from MDR to shoreline marina. I really have gotten used to my little neighborhood of MDR. It's been very good for my wife and I for many many years now. But if we move down to long beach we will save about 6000 in fuel. What are some pros and cons about the shoreline area...
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    Great white shark attacks kayakers

    Wow. What are the GPS marks for that shark? Lol
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    San Diego Jetty

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    Nice Mako on the Hello Kitty rod.

    That is amazing. Great job!
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    Lobstering yesterday night...!!!!

    You're supposed to remove that part of the lobster so you avoid eating its shit. FYI.... :)
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    What Fillet knife do you use?

    Blacktip serrated for spines and bubba for fine cuts. I cut the head off a 700 lb mako and took all the meat you could off it and cut into steaks with skin removed in an hour. Nice knives just had to touch them up a bit after I was done.
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    Halibut Jaws

    Really nice. Never thought about doing it to anything other than a shark. Hmmm ideas....
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    New Legislation Requires Boat Operators to Complete Boater Education Course

    Just another tax. This state is special isn't it? Out smarting us all the time having us pay more and more in the name of safety. Sigh....
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    Offshore Weekend trip from Marina del Rey to the 182

    Nice. I do that run for Mdr a lot and I'm not as productive. Way to go!
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    Where to fish in Sarasota FL?

    Go to the marina near downtown. There are a lot of good boats. Or buy a combo at Walmart, go to Anna Maria island and fish city pier for all the makeral you can catch. Spanish maks too the good fast big eating kind. Yummy. There is also a guide with the name fishy business his name is rick gross...
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    Where to fish in Sarasota FL?

    Go to the marina near downtown. There are a lot of good boats. Or buy a combo at Walmart, go to Anna Maria island and fish city pier for all the makeral you can catch. Spanish maks too the good fast big eating kind. Yummy. There is also a guide with the name fishy business his name is rick gross...
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    Offshore Tuna Fishing on a SeaDoo- Video

    Smaller the boat bigger looking!
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    Offshore Saturday's Trip to the 209

    No worries. I put 200 miles in from Friday to Sunday for small Bonita. Boo
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    Giant Shark defeats Two Experienced Fisherman

    These guys catch urge tigers and greater hammerheads all the time. The big dude is a very good fisherman
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    Ten Days of Sharks

    This may be cancelled, due to lack of participation. Some may say good, people are into conservation more, some may be just scared of the persecution they will get for participating in this legal magnificent sport. It is/was scheduled for this weekend. If you are interested give Matt a call and...
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    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    You are magical
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    Boat on the rocks, Catalina 8-5-14

    This is scary, glad he's ok
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    Offshore Long weekend but fun

    Sat went out with some friends from long beach and headed to the 209. Stopped on our first paddie and had 3 yellow fin on the boat right away. We thought the day was going to be great like the weekend before. We saw marlin everywhere, we saw tuna rolling everywhere, we saw a big mako and nothing...
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    Offshore BOAT FIRE !!

    So sorry for your day. Glad you're ok though
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    today was good

    Bloody Sardines for nacho
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    today was good

    Fished paddies from the 267 to the 209 and back to long beach. We ended up with 6 yellowtail, 2 yellowfin and a bluefin and about that many fish lost as well. Good day out there. Paddies are holding a variety of fishes
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    the boot, santa monica ridge, 270.. W of Catalina any reports

    I was thinking of doing this tomorrow but I guess not Thanks for the info
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    Shark Fishing Etiquette

    See my post on what we found. Also, come to our tournament. We will welcome you :) Flyer is also on my post
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    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    The jaws are ready to be set. Guys also, here is a flyer for the tournament. If you are interested please sign up. Pretty much the last one on the west coast. These are a lot of fun and good people are involved that care about our fishery. Get a hold of us, the more boats the bigger the...
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    Some Nor-cal pwc fishing

    Nice rack
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    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    There's a 2 day tournament coming up in August and we need participants. FYI
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    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    Thank you very much guys.... I dont post alot here because all I do is fish for shark and that is not worth the multiple page bs that comes with it.... anyway, We arrived at our spot at 9am and started our power slick for until 9:45 I went down to get a stone to sharpen my hook and the guy on...
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    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    It finally paid off. Can't believe it finally happened. And for those of you who don't like this. Have at it...
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    Inseine bait co closing in marina del Rey

    Well that sucks. When I moved to ca and only had a john boat, Larry was so nice to us unlike the other side. Then we graduated to our 24 footer and mike took such good care of us again...... And now with our 29 footer, mike Larry you will be missed..... Mike I am brining you a monster this...
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    Sun Harbor Marina says what's OK for you to catch

    Make sure its a baby one so no one is offended on this board too. Out of the frying
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    Bored in a North Dakota airport. Opah!!!
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    Sun Harbor Marina says what's OK for you to catch

    Guy is a joke. Used to like him but since he started ruining shark fishing from Florida to California, not so much now. At least he must sleep well at night knowing he is saving those sharkys 1 shark at a time. Thank goodness he has those foreign fishermen shaking in the shimano boats for their...
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    Sun Harbor Marina says what's OK for you to catch

    There's only 3 of us..... Shhhh....
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    Stingray -edible?

    The big scallops that are served at restaurants are stingray. Real scallops are small.
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    Ya! 492
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    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    I put lame because I am just jealous. Great job man you really know that island
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    Oh ya, 473!!
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    Who cares why this was started. This is not demeaning anyone after the first 2 pages. Its just about keeping it going now, like when roadhouse comes on the TV, you just can turn it off, or, its just fun now at 2am
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    Someone mentioned Opah, reminded me of this. Opah!!!
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    lost gaff to fish

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    Removing WSB Stones

    Why would one want those?
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    Boat fire, Avalon

    Jesus. That's a long time. Ok couple things: What type of boat is that cause that thing won't sink Those are amazing bilges to keep up with those fire hoses That fireman can't work on a crab boat I think the reels are ok, water was not directly on them I heard the bells. So I must be in...
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    Survey to Evaluate Project on Potential Improved Spiny Lobster Catch

    You guys participated in a survey from a guy with an email of (swindell) Watch out.....
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    targeting crabs??

    Ya. Down in tiajauna. You can catch crabs there.
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    Big Mako Catch!

    Hey Jack! Next month man, you ready? It's time to play!
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    Big Mako Catch!

    They don't have sea lions in the gulf. Fish away. Bad ass fish from the shore. I'm a Florida land based sharker. Going in May for a greater hammer in boca grande. I have caught all sizes and every species of shark except a greater hammerhead. Hopefully check that one off the list soon. Fish for...
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    From Catalina 467
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    Trolls eat opah I believe....
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    Is any of the Bakersfield Fleet going Salmon fishing?

    Nope. Have the mud run at harts park this weekend.
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    Yay! The thread is back!!!!!!!
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    Enormous tuna could shatter world record

    Guess New Zealand is on my list for tuna now. Screw PEI
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    Metal Mania (feat. Smite the Spoon) 3/23 w-pics

    Hey Vince I was filling up the striper at the fuel dock when you guys stopped. I thought to myself, those fish are in trouble and sure enough another great trip for you. Great job on the consistency man!
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    DP ghost 3/24

    Amazing fish
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    Stay in your boat

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  124. sharkhunter.72


    How did they get all those fish in that tiny boat?
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    Simrad AP 14

    Hey guys I just put in an AP 24 in my boat. I have these parts to get rid of now. Everything is functional. I could never find the rudder control for this so I swapped it out. If anyone is interested in these parts please PM me. I will be at Fred Hall in long beach for the weekend to meet up...
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    fun times at venice today

    Waves were pretty decent
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    The Proper Way to Clean!???

    Second time I have been compared to Saluki. I may have to meet this person some day. :)
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    The Proper Way to Clean!???

    I shower with mine with detachable shower head ensuring they feel safe and warm as we clean the blood and salt away from each other. Then they get towel dried and the have their own room in the house to rest. I wish this was a joke but my wife has put up with this for 13 years now and by the way...
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    any PB got their shit together for fishing Mexico?

    That's where I lost it too.
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    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    I go to go By the way I am drunk in Avalon harbor and thinking of opah! !!!!
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    El Nino Coming in 2014

    In 95 I lived in New Hampshire and it was cold
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    Yay! Can't wait for Fred Hall, I heard they are having a seminar on OPAH!!!!
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    Yay! Opah!!!!!!! Is back
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    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    Not a lie here. This is literally across the street they did there shoot on. I was bored on the way home today. What a dessert
  135. sharkhunter.72

    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    That's not Bakersfield it's shafter down the road from my office. That fucking field he is in front of has sheep and green green grass on the other side of the road. Not kidding. And the field was just harvested a few weeks back and is getting ready for the next plant. Everything is a show, a...
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    Search for the Elusive Catalina Sculpin - 1/18

    Awesome day with the fam. Thanks for sharing
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    How To Clean a Frozen Spanish Mackarel

    That's a barracuda
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    Eldorado and san nic

    Hopfully the weather will let you 50 leader because my 30 kept breaking 2/0 and 3/0 circle hooks Most of the boat fished 8 to 10 oz weights. I don't like fishing in a group so I went with 12 and 16 oz weights and was on the opposite side of the drift / people. I used heavy weight so I didn't...
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    Eldorado and san nic

    They thought you were dfg when you started to come towards us. It was funny, colorful description of how the appreciate that agency :) great weather though I was in shorts and a tank top all day. Couldn't believe how clear it was too.
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    Eldorado and san nic

    First of all thank you for everyone they gave me advice on what to take and do on the trip out to San Nicolas. As for the report, this was an amazing experience I could've never imagine so many giant fish in one area. I ended up with two giant sheephead and a lot of cod that were bigger than...
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    First over night trip

    I am booked on the eldorado this sat to sun. What do I need to bring? Food drinks ect? Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or anything like that? some advice please thanks tony
  142. sharkhunter.72

    Robbery at Anglers Center

    Sorry guys. I love your shop. I come all the way from Bakersfield to stock up on what I need. Hope this doesn't ruin the holiday mood for you all. Take it easy Tony
  143. sharkhunter.72

    king harbor

    Thank you. I was there Sunday on my yak. Caught a couple small bonita. Heard about yellows at the hole and was wondering if it was near the plant deeper in the marina. Thank you Tony
  144. sharkhunter.72

    king harbor

    where is the bubble hole? (I know this could trigger many different "life style" comments but someone just can just explain it that would be nice) thanks tony
  145. sharkhunter.72

    Wear a life jacket.........!!!

    Stripped him down and warmed him up? How? Don't spare on the details please. :)
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  147. sharkhunter.72

    Tag Team!!

    Very nice fishy
  148. sharkhunter.72

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

  149. sharkhunter.72


    I hit a BIG mola on the way home Saturday. Scared the hell out of me. My engines were fine but man!!! What a pointless fish, what are they good for anyway? I guess its karma for participating in this thread for so long. Watch out guys! They are a comin!
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    yeah!!!! its back!!!!
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    Baba booey! !
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    Awesome! !!
  153. sharkhunter.72


    Thank you for participating :)
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    :fighting0061: BUMP!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!
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    It will be over when the Oprah thread is over!!!!:rofl:
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    They are like Dorado, they lose their color quickly when they come out of the water. You have to take those pictures fast!
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    Catalina Private Boat Report 7/31

    Very nice detail. Thank you. Have fun out there
  158. sharkhunter.72

    Great white shark chomps sea lion in front of stunned whale watchers

    there are some very powerful animals out there.....
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  160. sharkhunter.72

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    My brother in law "collects data" too. I don't speak to him much anymore,we just end up aurguing. He goes out to collect data on fish take for more restrictions. That's it. He is a vegan too, wow. Shocker. These folks do not fish, tend to do it for the good of nature and don't know what they...
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    Getting all new electronics this week..... Sooo Booooo! To you!
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    Opah anyone?
  163. sharkhunter.72


    Shake weight may help you to get in shape to pull up your opal when you spear it in the head so it doesn't run away next time
  164. sharkhunter.72


    Good to know.
  165. sharkhunter.72

    Marlin on the Nine

    Did someone say opah?
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  167. sharkhunter.72


    Page 20 - - - Updated - - - Page 20 now - - - Updated - - - How about ....... now! - - - Updated - - - Now! !!
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  169. sharkhunter.72

    Fishing offshore Thursday

    How fast do you troll for them?
  170. sharkhunter.72

    Avet 50w for land based shark fishing.

    I have land based shark fish for years. I have a 130 lb pole with a 12/0 senator. Loaded up with 100 lb mono. I used to have a few thousand yards of power pro but got cut off a lot because of shells and such. I keep my tiagras home. That's an expensive reel to ruin with the elements. As for...
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    Long day.

    Put this on fishdope, but I thought its worth a share, I don't post here because I only fish for mako and don't want to hear any bs about them, but I tried something new other then shark this weekend so here you go...... Long day on the water. Started at 7 am sat and didn't end until 8 am...
  172. sharkhunter.72

    Thinking of getting sirius weather for new electronics

    Really just want the sea temps. Need to understand the distance they consider coastal vs off shore. To see what package I should get
  173. sharkhunter.72

    Thinking of getting sirius weather for new electronics

    Do any of you have this? I am getting the raymarine e series dodads and would like to know if anyone thinks the Sirius weather subscripton is worth it? also, there are 2 different packages.. what is their definition of offshore and coastal for distance? PackagesMarine Offshore WeatherThis is...
  174. sharkhunter.72

    Heckled by harbor patrol for my big butt

    Very nice and good timing too!
  175. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno set up

    Thank you. I have that same auto pilot but can't find the part that goes to the engine. Tried many shops and havehad no luck . Everyone says its to old and there are no parts. I will check out the site. Thanks
  176. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno set up

    I have an older model that is GPS,fish finder,and radar. It seems to be going out on me. Is there a way to reset it? The water temp keeps erring out. I have to "tune it up" every time and while underway it will show*9. Is it time to replace or is there a reset button? If I have to replace I...
  177. sharkhunter.72


    Ya, the cancelled it because of the pressure they were receiving..... kinda of like what we are seeing on the last few reports here ... go figure? There a lot of makos out there. I never understood the logic for killing just males, just small ones. I think they need to breed a few times in...
  178. sharkhunter.72


    Santa Barbara looks so nice this time a year doesn't it?
  179. sharkhunter.72


    Karl for sure. He and his wife did the coolest design for me!
  180. sharkhunter.72

    Record Mako?

    LMFAO! !!!!
  181. sharkhunter.72


    Congratulations Matt! Way to go! Hope to find mine this year.
  182. sharkhunter.72

    Oceanside Mako

    very nice score!
  183. sharkhunter.72

    tin boat cabin build

    that really looks great! good job on the customization, have fun out there and good luck
  184. sharkhunter.72

    fun ride
  185. sharkhunter.72

    new boat graphics

    got some new graphics this weekend. thank you very much karl kogler graphix. i love it!!!
  186. sharkhunter.72

    Thoughts on twin screw Starfire

    I had a 24' 81 starfire single engine. Loved that boat so so solid and ran great. I was at cat and Santa Barbara a lot! With no worries at all. I sold her and bought a 30' striper for the size and twin screws. Needed to go bigger... but solid boat man take a teat drive if you can.
  187. sharkhunter.72

    Lobster pulled a disappearing act

    Lobster where they dumped then
  188. sharkhunter.72

    Where is yellowtail point at catalina?

    Thank you very much. May be there sat morning checking it out. Last report of yellows on fishdope was there. We will see
  189. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno 1823C card

    I have this model and am learning about it and using it more and more. i wanted to know if there is a "new" chart card for this. if there was please let me know where i could get it thanks tony
  190. sharkhunter.72

    MDR Grocery List - 12/9

    You always get them. Where are you at in the marina? My wife and i are in mariners bay. Hope to see you around. Tony
  191. sharkhunter.72

    king tides wed- friday
  192. sharkhunter.72

    Cat problem

    Lololol :rofl:
  193. sharkhunter.72

    What kayak to buy?

    i have a tarpon 140. i really like it, it gets me around very large lakes well as well as the ocean when i want to get close to nature. i typically do very long days on the yak, and travel some distances. i may be changing to a yak with the feet peddles and paddle. just because of the...
  194. sharkhunter.72

    Anyone have any advise on how to deal with left over squid?

    I just wanted to see if I could cause a multi thread discussion, I never had one before. Haha :)
  195. sharkhunter.72


    Dave you are funny. I appreciate your threads and have the ability to stay on topic. ;)
  196. sharkhunter.72

    life raft

    thanks for the information.... i am looking into all these things thank you again guys tony
  197. sharkhunter.72

    life raft

    thank you everyone! great info... i have the items you mentioned for the safety devices... its just now time to get a raft for the just in case senerio. we go out 50 to 80 or so miles but i guess you are always near some island out there and some people within 24 hours. i will try the folks...
  198. sharkhunter.72

    life raft

    Thanks guys I will check those out. I have been looking at a few for offshore use and they are about 2000 to 4000. That is an OK range with me. I was wondering about the repack? Do you send the hard case and raft back? Are they easy to mount? Do you know a person that does that type of mount...
  199. sharkhunter.72

    life raft

    For Xmas I want Santa to bring me a offshore life raft. I have a 29' striper what type and size would you ask for?
  200. sharkhunter.72

    Non report! Yamaha four stroke annual service

    i keep the boat on the water, no trailer.... would like to keep it local if possible
  201. sharkhunter.72

    Non report! Yamaha four stroke annual service

    Checked with them and they won't come down to MDR. I have a 29' striper and am trying not to have to take it down the coast 30 miles. Need someone to work on my Yamahas for simple maintenance and service.....
  202. sharkhunter.72

    Yamaha Service

    If you find a good one let me know. I've been looking for someone near marina del rey. Hopefully someone will travel.
  203. sharkhunter.72

    Boat Mechanic needed

    any luck with the mechanic? i am looking for someone with yamaha expertise as well?
  204. sharkhunter.72

    Yamaha mechanic

    I am in Marina Del Rey. I am looking for a Yamaha mechanic to check out some things on my 225's as well as someone that will be reliable and do my services. anyone know of a good mechanic that may even be certified with yamaha? thanks tony
  205. sharkhunter.72

    45 lobsters in 4 trips...Pictures

    i was just about to say "is this allcoast"? wow! who is starting the new fish reporting web site, so we can leave this one like we all did allcoast? good job guys on the bugs... have fun boys!
  206. sharkhunter.72

    White Shark or Mako

    Mako without a doubt
  207. sharkhunter.72

    What the lenght of your boat

    Had a 24 footer moved up to a 30 footer. There is nothing like it. The feeling of that much boat around you is very secure and I can do so much more. Its amazing
  208. sharkhunter.72

    dolphin 3000 in gas-my -0

    been traveling down from mdr to find the fish. have had not luck with finding paddies, weather, ect.... today i headed to inseine to pick up some bait for one last try before i go back to what i am good at (shark fishing), well i get to the dock for my bait and there is none... went across to...
  209. sharkhunter.72

    IMMEDIATE CALLS NEEDED - AB 2402 - Now or Never

    f california, i am moving to texas....
  210. sharkhunter.72

    Offshore Dana Point turned off

    that's nothing..... i started from MDR on sat ran to the east end of cat then down to the 277...... then 6 freakin hours to get back to MDR.... that was was not just up hill that!!! had to stop by cabillo for a bit of a break then snuck around the coast back home.... i have put in...
  211. sharkhunter.72

    dont know if this is the right place....

    thanks, so it measures the clarity of the water... good to understand and i will start playing with that concept too now. thank you again tony
  212. sharkhunter.72

    dont know if this is the right place....

    I have FD and love it. Post there as much as I can. The guys there say it like it is. No BS its nice. I use the temp and it puts me in great position to find fish. Want to learn how to ad another tool to my belt though. It is a great site and acurate sign up. Its not that much money for the...
  213. sharkhunter.72

    dont know if this is the right place....

    reading the chlorophyll.... what are good colors what are bad colors? how do you use this in coordination with water temp? thanks tony
  214. sharkhunter.72

    Catalina/SCI Aug 3,4 and 5th.

    They get around. Sat I was trolling around near Santa Barbara island and they came up next to me there and asked if anyone else was in board, name and birth date. Said clear and raced off towards Catalina. Weird.
  215. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno Fishfinder

    Found it! Yeah!
  216. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno Fishfinder

    it is a Furuno 1920C NT Color Navnet
  217. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno Fishfinder

    Ok, i dont have the model number sorry (new device to me still and the manual is on the boat). anyway my question is for the temp gauge it is a temp graph. it doesnt have the temp number on the screen like my lorance used to have. does anyone have a furuno that show a graph and not the...
  218. sharkhunter.72

    Selling a Boat

    i put mine on boat trader and craigs list. i had a dozen calls from boat trader, but a hundred of so from craigs list and ended up selling to a guy on craigs list. make sure you specify that it is only a cash deal. no pay pal, cashiers check, 3rd party people to deal with, ect... just cash...
  219. sharkhunter.72

    keeping your boat on the water....

    wow, i must have been drinking.... i read it again and sure enough there it was: not running... duh thanks guys, just want to take care of this boat. nicest thing i have ever owned.. have a good one tony
  220. sharkhunter.72

    keeping your boat on the water....

    do you have a picture of this at all? do the engines need to be running to flush or just run the water through them? thank you very much tony
  221. sharkhunter.72

    keeping your boat on the water....

    when keeping your boat in a slip and you have outboards... do you hook up fresh water to them and flush them out at the end of the day, like you do when they are on a trailer? if yes, how do you do that with yamaha's? thanks tony
  222. sharkhunter.72

    Anchor, Chain and Rode. Lengths?

    question: when you anchor for an overnight. if you have 100' of chain and if you are in 30' of water. should you lay out all the chain on the ground? or just what you need to to not slide? thanks tony
  223. sharkhunter.72

    lattitude and longitude?

    I was just going to say check it out at the ramp. But someone beat me to it. I have a unit that puts me right in top if it and one that doesn't. I hate looking for wrecks, that's why I am a blue water fisherman. ;)
  224. sharkhunter.72

    finally made up my mind

    so, after looking at what feels like a million boats. my wife and i decided to go with one. put the offer in and the seller took it and in 15 days if everything goes ok i will be the owner of a 2901 striper. we needed a boat that will last the next 2 years for us on the west coast until we...
  225. sharkhunter.72

    new one.... 2004 honda 225's

    sorry for alot of the questions guys, really trying to figure out what boat to buy, and what combination to have in regards to engines and such... so i have another boat i am looking at that has these honda 225's.... they have 850 hours on them, what would that mean to me? how long do these...
  226. sharkhunter.72

    trailering a boat that is 33'

    really cool! thanks, i am learning alot here. and paint the truck the same as the proline!!!! :) lololol awesome!!!
  227. sharkhunter.72

    trailering a boat that is 33'

    I have a f150 platinum. Not changing that for anything. :) thanks though
  228. sharkhunter.72

    trailering a boat that is 33'

    Thank you all for the advice. I am leaning towards a slip. But wanted to know what you all thought of the tow. Makes me a bit nervous, so I will probably stay away from the idea. Just wanted to hear from some experience. I am torn between a couple boats /sizes. So we will see.... Thanks...
  229. sharkhunter.72

    trailering a boat that is 33'

    dont own the boat yet... have a 24'er there for the past 7 years. now its time to get a bigger boat and i am not sure to just go to a 26, 30 or i just ran into a good deal up in seattle for the proline 33 express with a triple axle trailer under the thing. i was not aware of the haul in and...
  230. sharkhunter.72

    trailering a boat that is 33'

    what do you guys think of trailer a boat (33' proline express) with a 2009 F150 4x4? the max that the owners manual says is 10K and some change to pull. if i did this i would have the boat at pier 44 in mdr and would go a couple hundred yards to the launch ramp. i think that i could handle...
  231. sharkhunter.72

    another engine question

    unfortunately the boat purchase that i was involved in didnt work out. i have found another boat that i like. it has honda 2004 twin 225's on it. are these engines reliable and have there been any issues with these enginges? also, what is the fuel/mileage like with hondas? thanks tony
  232. sharkhunter.72

    another engine opinion question

    i am looking at the 2006 yamahas and the 2007 evinrude v techs. both twin 250's. what are your opinions on the 2 in comparison? i see that the v techs are a 2 stroke, will they require fuel and oil mix? i have watched a few videos on them and the v techs are very impressive. are there...
  233. sharkhunter.72


    Matt sorry to hear this. Fuck that guy
  234. sharkhunter.72

    yamaha outboards

    Thanks all Did they solve the problem after 2005?
  235. sharkhunter.72

    yamaha outboards

    Thank you very much
  236. sharkhunter.72

    yamaha outboards

    I am buying a boat with twin 225 yamaha's on it. Is there a certified shop/mechanic around Marina del rey that you can recommend? They are 2005 have been maintained well. But I may want to get a service done on them before I put them in the water. I would prefer if someone could come to the...
  237. sharkhunter.72


    Thanks Shawn. Great idea. Ya, my bonita spot is gone. The one that always hooked me up quick. Oh well. At least those wont be hard to find again. I feel for the guys that fish for other than shark like myself. Hope this doesn't last long. But until its over turned I will keep giving some money...
  238. sharkhunter.72


    does anyone know if there is going to be a gps "chip" with these boundaries on it? i dont want to study maps every where i go. i would rater have it on my screen with a big "X" or something? tony
  239. sharkhunter.72

    great white..... watch out for your toes!
  240. sharkhunter.72

    Mako Sharks in South Orange County

    33.29.48 x 118.51.24 have fun, be careful
  241. sharkhunter.72

    did anyone get pictures of the boat that burned down this last weekend?

    is everyone ok, and how did it happen? i arrived at the "swap meet" in huntington and the guys there told me a bit about it. tony
  242. sharkhunter.72

    Fish Identification

    Porichthys plectrodon Jordan and Gilbert 1882 Atlantic midshipman CLASSIFICATION Family: Batrachoidididae Order: Batrachoidiformes Superorder: Paracanthopterygii Class: Osteichthyes SYNONYMS The species has been commonly referred to P. porosissimus Valenciennes 1837. Some...
  243. sharkhunter.72

    Offshore 9/11/09 425 one to forget :)

    I dont post here usually either, mostly on allcoast... but, dude i live in Bako also and i launch out of MDR. I understand the driving thing that you go so far for fish and to turn back seems to be a pain in the ass, but god man... dont put your life and others into jepordy. My wife and I...
  244. sharkhunter.72

    Catalina Tips

    how deep of water at the rock quary?
  245. sharkhunter.72


    can you send me some information on this please? [email protected] thanks tony
  246. sharkhunter.72

    What's the Law?

    use bigger hooks next time.. then no worries
  247. sharkhunter.72

    MDR shark fishin

    go to avalon bank, they are always there...and the water has been the warmest there week after week 74 to 75 degrees
  248. sharkhunter.72

    breakin in a new engine

    problem is my mechanic (2 mechanics ago) lost the orignal sending unit. he put a light one on there and that is not read by my gauge at all. the sending unit needs to be that small too. it is just a bit bigger than a spark plug. the pressure sensitve sending units or way to big a round to...
  249. sharkhunter.72

    breakin in a new engine

    Noted, thank you much...going to put a few hours on it tomorrow in a lake by the house than change the oil and take it down to mdr where its home is this weekend. The onlt thing I am having issue with is finding a sending unit for the oil gauge. It is one that hooks up to the coil and I can't...
  250. sharkhunter.72

    breakin in a new engine

    thank you very much
  251. sharkhunter.72

    breakin in a new engine

    Sorry it is a 350 chevy engine. It is hooked up to a 280 volvo outdrive
  252. sharkhunter.72

    breakin in a new engine

    I have about 2 hours on my new engine, what do you all recommend for a break in period before I am WOT to the islands again? Thank you Tony
  253. sharkhunter.72

    Small Boats (Why does size matter)

    I had a 13' gregor. I loved that thing. Took it out of ventura for awhile then out of mdr. Went out about 6 miles landed a 10' with the tail, t shark...and that is when it happen the wife looked over the side of the boat saw a fish 1/2 the length of it,looked at me and said we need to get a...
  254. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Put it all together today and it is all running better than ever. The only thing that is not working is the oil guage and somone explained to me today it is a kind of sending unit that hooks up to the coil too. A "high performance" one. So I am going to...
  255. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    Took everything about and didn't find any more pieces. So I put it all back together and tomorrow I will start the engine again and see if the water flows. Thankyou all for your help. I have a quick question again, I may be having problems with my gauges for water and oil, they where working...
  256. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    Thanks, I finally had a chance to pull everything and I found 3 blades missing on the impellar. I dug around and didn't find any pieces. Is there anywhere else I should check? Thanks again
  257. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    Thank you very much, the belts are a bit tight from what the mechanic set, I will replace the gasket and impellar this weekend when I can get down south. Also it was recommended that I check the lines for any blockage.. Thank you all
  258. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    i dont understand the "I fold the impeller blades over" part. Also if the impellar is bad would the whole system not work? or is this an entire pump problem? i am heading down south this weekend and just want to be prepared to buy what i need to buy. thanks Tony
  259. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    when i run my engine hooked to the hose it is not pulling water through the system. is this just a bad water pump, or even more simple a bad impeller? i have just dropped a new 350 chevy engine in it and dont know if my mechanic may have burned up or damaged the pump. i have a johnson pump ab...
  260. sharkhunter.72

    Eureka Dorado

    Its been going on since the last ice age, I believe. "Global Warming-------its a reality !!!!!!" So how long has Global Warming really been a reality??? When did it start?
  261. sharkhunter.72

    Tampa Bay Fishing Report

    i am headed home to anna maria island in a couple weeks... is the bait boiling yet? are the sharks chasing the tarpon in? how are the predators doing this year? thanks tony
  262. sharkhunter.72

    FISH id

    kinda looks like a sheepshead, like if the gulf of mexico
  263. sharkhunter.72

    Offshore Chewed up blue shark

    BIG claspers, soft fins, hicky marks, empty stomach... sounds like a south beach shark to me!!
  264. sharkhunter.72

    La Nina

    here is the graph
  265. sharkhunter.72

    Advice for Swordfish fishing

    any of you ever heard of jimmy carpenter? or james? tony