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  1. Fish_kid

    Radar Wedge

    Upgrading from the old Furuno to a Lowrance 4G tied to the rest of my system... the Furuno has no wedge and I find that I don't get great forward coverage while on plane... Do you have a wedge on your radar pedestal, and what size? 2, 4 or 6 degrees? Thanks!
  2. Fish_kid

    2120 Radar Pedestal Issue

    Got back to the ramp yesterday after a bumpy, but not unsafe day... and noticed that my radome was flopping loose and one of the bolts was just lying on the roof... on further analysis today, it looks like the pedestal was attached with three machine bolts, all coated in caulking, and a lag or...
  3. Fish_kid

    Floor Screw Length

    Hey gang! Mounting a pot puller on my 2120... anybody know what length of fasteners to use on the deck near the sidewall so I don't damage anything below? Thanks!
  4. Fish_kid

    Monroe Sportsman Show Seminars

    We've pretty much locked in the seminars for this year. I am still trying to get one or two more and will update this post if we solidify anything... Seminars this year will be about the same place in the show, but will be near the beer garden... which is also away from the archery range... I...
  5. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Anybody else seeing their boat insurance rates skyrocket this year??? My policy is with Travelers, originally through Pete at Anchor... I haven't changed the agreed value on the policy ($60K) and haven't had a claim ever, but it jumped from $536 to $721 this year... if my math is right, that's...
  6. Fish_kid

    Keep the Shakers Down

    I am hearing that test boats are encountering lots of shakers in Area 9 and10. And that even the keepers are a couple of inches smaller on average than last year. Also hearing charter captains switching to 5 inch plugs to keep the shakers off. Probably a good idea. Good luck out there! I hope...
  7. Fish_kid

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    Got this notice today from the Department... the looming State Government shutdown that would start Saturday... Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if this sticks, folks will need to make a value judgment whether to fish this weekend or not. My understanding is that Enforcement is NOT...
  8. Fish_kid

    Parker 2120 Trim Tab Upgrade

    One of the projects I have had on the back burner for a while was increasing the size or effectiveness of my trim tabs. I really didn't want anything which would take up more space along the transom, though. At the Seattle Boat Show last year, I talked to a vendor of Lenco and Bennett who...
  9. Fish_kid

    Croc Stores Closing

    Some of you, who shall not be named, better get out there and stock up... :finger:
  10. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Everett Area Blackmouth

    Not many fishing reports lately... seems everybody is settling into the winter posting/whining mode :finger: I've taken two trips lately into 8.2 and 8.1. Fished on the Whidbey side both times. Here's video from last Saturday... Qcove flashers in Nuclear Crush and Killer Crush trailing...
  11. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Late Labor Day Tuna Report

    Did a one day fly and die trip on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, but just finished editing down some video last night... Fished with Paul and Dana out of the F-14. Had a small issue getting bait as Villia had to clean a bunch of dead ones out of the pens before he gave us a scoop. Our bait...
  12. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Island Shrimp - 6/11

    Took a trip Saturday with TomS, John and Marco out to Area 7W for some shrimp action. Chanced it a bit with the forecast, but looking at the digital forecast, figured we could skirt the Strait and find some areas out of the wind to drop pots. Questioned our judgement a bit as we launched amid...
  13. Fish_kid

    BD Salute and Shrimping

    My apologies to the brutha in the black pickup who recognized my boat art, rolled down his window and gave me the salute as we were driving North on I5 to Everett Saturday!!! I blame 2 nights straight of 3-4 hours of sleep for not responding :finger: We did get a chuckle as Tom and I explained...
  14. Fish_kid

    Dinner Tonight

    With all the down news on salmon seasons and off-season whining going on... thought I needed to lighten the mood :finger: My turn for dinner tonight, so cranked up the Boston, thawed some tuna and went to town... Tuna marinated in Trader Joe's Honey Thyme Vinaigrette then grilled on the...
  15. Fish_kid

    New Boat Graphics

    I've been missing a lot of the status calls on the mess down in Vancouver due to work... but tonight I had a much better excuse :D Benjamin N dropped by and installed the logos we had been working on for the F-14... and Woo hoo! Thanks Benjamin!
  16. Fish_kid

    Area 9 Blackmouth Opener

    Decision is made... Area 9 will open as scheduled on January 16th! The data shows that with moderate impacts we make it through the April season end... with high impacts we may hit the quota in the first week of April... I would suggest people try to fish like the test boats... if you are...
  17. Fish_kid

    Tommy's Article on Dead Bait

    Based upon the saga of fishing with T2ShortB on the Got Fish...
  18. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 9/26 Tuna

    Others have commented on the weather and finicky fish last weekend... Took me a while to get the video edited down... sorry it's noisy... the roof cam picks up all the rods and gaff clanking in my awesome rocket launcher from UB :-) One day fly and die trip... pretty hard on my old, out of...
  19. Fish_kid

    A9 Quota status - Saturday

    Hey gang! Just got the daily update to the Advisors that we are about 50% through the quota after yesterday. Kudos to the Department staff for crunching the numbers over the weekend. We will discuss probable outcomes with them Monday. Don't expect a bag limit drop. We talked that as a group...
  20. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    Hey Gang! I don't know how to have a posting appear in two places.. so here's the link to the Washington Classifieds Ad for my boat... Widening the reach of the ad, I hope :-) Thanks! Tom
  21. Fish_kid

    Pivoting Spare Tire Carrier Question

    I need to get a spare tire carrier for the F14's trailer, a Pacific trailer... I also need some way to move it when disconnected, as it now has just a non-wheeled jack and is too heavy to lift the tongue and move it. Pacific sells this spare tire carrier which pivots down and supports the weight...
  22. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    1991 Arima Sea Ranger I purchased from the original owner in 1994. It has been stored indoors since I bought it. This is a well used, well loved and pretty well taken care of fish killing machine with somewhere north of 500 legal salmon to it's credit. In Action: Main power - 2011 Mercury...
  23. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Was able to sneak out with TomStG on Sunday to give Area 9 one last go before it closes. Still don't have too many pics, but we fished from my new Parker 2120... Lots of things to get tweaked just right on that before WP this summer... Launched at Everett and have to get used to putting more...
  24. Fish_kid

    Removing Bottom Paint

    Hey Gang! The previous owner of my new Parker kept it in a slip each summer, so he put a nice, new coat of bottom paint on it to get it ready for this summer... I trailer and don't want the drag or look of it... Is there a way to remove it without thrashing the hull? I've looked at Bioblast...
  25. Fish_kid

    Saltwater San Juan Report

    Took a solo trip to the Islands on Saturday. Fished with a ton of other boats at Lopez Pass for a little bit, then headed inside, lost one near Thatcher Pass, then headed out to Salmon Bank, where I know a bit more what I am doing. :-) First pass got a nice 12 pounder out there... hardware...
  26. Fish_kid

    North of Falcon - Puget Sound Update

    The fisrt North of Falcon meeting took place yesterday in Olympia. Here's some talking points from the day... There are some more regional meetings coming up... One in Mill Creek this Saturday which will probably focus on Central Sound issues. There are others planned for the coast and South...
  27. Fish_kid

    Chef Patrick Recipe

    Looks like a yummy ling cod recipe!!! I'll have to go to PSA Sno-King next month for the ling cod talk so I can try it out :-) Way to go Chef Patrick - a feature article :appl:
  28. Fish_kid

    Reduced Bag Limit in Area 9 Winter MSF

    Hey Gang! I haven't seen anybody else jump on with this news, so I thought I would pass it along. The Department had a phone call with the Advisors on Friday to discuss running up on the number of legal chinook encounters in the winter fishery. Those of us on the phone preferred to try and...
  29. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A9 Awesome Day - 10/5

    Took advantage of a great forecast on Saturday to get out with TomS and Paul for some silvers and crab. Got to Shilshole and no fog, so Bonus!! Blasted up into Area 9 and dropped pots. Just headed out from there into some deeper water and started zig-zagging our way North. Tom had a prism...
  30. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 7 Derby Fish

    Derby tickets have always been bad mojo in my boat, so we went North on Saturday. Actually we went to Area 7 hoping to catch the brother or sister to Blackvelvet's nice king or the one I caught there two years ago... Fished with my bro-in-law Tom and friend Peter. We launched at Cornet Bay and...
  31. Fish_kid

    Area 6 CLOSED for Shrimp

    Crud... We had a trip planned for shrimp tomorrow, and good thing I checked the WDFW website for emergency closures... They posted a closure notice yesterday, and spot shrimp closes tonight at 9pm... Guess I gotta do chores now on Saturday :finger:
  32. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Yet Another WP Report 6/22-23

    Fished Westport with my bro-in-law Tom both days. Had a friend from work, Paul, with us on Sunday. Forgot that it was Pirate Days, which had the camp ground super full, but it wasn't too noisy at night, and we probably woke a few people up leaving early each day... Saturday the bar was okay...
  33. Fish_kid

    A Couple of Thank You's

    Recovering from a couple days at Sequim... a fairly normal trip with no huge fish to show off... but wanted to say some thank you's... 1) Thanks to Sno-King PSA for my new gaff!!! We got to use it on a small halibut Friday. I hope to use it on a better size one at some point. 2) Thank...
  34. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Super Strait

    Had a chance Saturday for a solo trip out to the Banks. Forecast was good, so had to pull the trigger. Took my new GoPro and goofed around with it for a bit. Since I didn't catch any potential derby winners or fish a secret spot, I'll share freely :finger: Launched at Cornet Bay and literally...
  35. Fish_kid

    Baker Lake Sockeye

    Learned about the outlook for this year's fishery at the Forecast meeting... I'll share that below then also have a couple of questions for everybody... Last year's run was very good and came in pretty close to the forecast of about 35K fish. The river fishery was very successful according...
  36. Fish_kid

    Rod Choice for Spinfisher V 6500

    I'm seriously looking at getting a 6500 and running either 30 or 40# braid on it. I want to chuck 2-4 ounce swimbaits for albies. Could I get a recommendation for a Penn rod, please. Thanks!
  37. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    Nod to Blackmouther with the secret squirrel report title :finger: Fished out of Shilshole with bro-in-law TomS on Saturday. No line and only 3 trucks in the parking lot and 3 boats leaving the ramp when we got there. Sweet! We first attempted to drop the crab pots in an area that was good...
  38. Fish_kid

    Bird Nests on Scotty Downriggers

    Just wondering if anybody else is having a problem with the cable on their Scotty's occassionally bird nesting on them, and if so, what the solution might be...??? I'm running 300 ft of Scotty cable on my downriggers. I wind it on pretty tight and kind of level wind it as I go so the spool is...
  39. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport Adventure

    Last year on the Sunday of Labor Day, fishing with my bro-in-law Tom, I got a 33 pound white king in the San Juan's for my biggest Wa king. This year we tried a totally different adventure off Westport... we went over to the dark side! Our first thought was to just carry the gear in case we...
  40. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Chelan Funfest

    We spent 4th of July week over at Chelan, hoping for sun and hot weather. We eventually got both! Took the boat but only got out a couple of times... Sunday, July 1st I started fishing for kokanee... ultralight tackle and swap out my downrigger clips for light ones. Fished downlake by Rocky...
  41. Fish_kid

    Sockeye Logic

    Hey Gang! There has been a couple of other threads on Baker Lake sockeye that have went various directions, but since I was one of the proponents/supporters of the fishery, I thought I should try to share the information we had in hand at the time, and how we got to the decisions we made...
  42. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Skagit Sockeye

    Anybody thinking of running to the Skagit to whack sockeye on Saturday for the opener???
  43. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Withdrawal from Hein Bank 4/28

    Headed out with Bro-in-law Tom for some last blackmouth action. Up way early for me, meet Tom and blast North. My new Ram 1500 hardly feels my Arima behind it. Grab MickieD's as we turn on Hiway 20, then find no line at Cornet Bay and only 10 trucks or so in the parking lot. Boat in the water...
  44. Fish_kid

    MA7 This Weekend

    Hey Gang! The tides look like they are smoking this weekend... Are they too big to hit Hein or Salmon Bank??? Or still worth one last shot for some BM? Thanks!
  45. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Saratoga Passage - 2/5

    It was nice to run into Goatram and Odin7 at the Boat Show. They tried their best to help the Defiance crew sell me a boat! But the Chief Financial Officer, SWMBO, declined to accept my business case and other facts and data. Something about kid's college, projects around the house... stuff...
  46. Fish_kid

    Tackle Storage Options/Solutions

    Hi Everybody! I hope you are getting excited for the holidays! I've been putting up Christmas lights like crazy! I'm trying to give my wife a gift idea for myself, as I have learned that it usually is better to give her a clue than not to :rofl: I have usually had a tackle box or two and...
  47. Fish_kid

    Pondering 2012 Salmon Seasons

    The Department of Fish and Wildlife held a meeting on October 26th in Mill Creek with most of the Puget Sound types on the Sportfishing Advisory Group. Sorry these notes are late... I've been busy. I guess there were 10 of us there including Gary Krein, Lary Carpenter and Nelly. Maybe he...
  48. Fish_kid

    Saltwater [email protected]#& The Seals

    Fished by myself out of Shilshole on Sunday. Played around between trying for a late silver and blackmouth fishing. Started trolling towards West Point along the shelf, then hit the outgoing current at the point, switched to silver gear and headed across towards Jeff Head. No hits... Got to...
  49. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Whale Poop

    Fished yesterday and got a silver, but also got the camera out of the boat with pics from Oct 1 when we fished Everett out to Bush Point and my bro-in-law Tom got a nice 10 pounder... The post from Sockeyed motivated me to post.. As we were fishing at Bush Point we had a pod of orcas swim by...
  50. Fish_kid

    Saltwater MA7 Fraser River Kings

    Fished last Sunday, Sept 4th, in the San Juans with bro-in-law Tom and nephew Scott, but just got the pics and video from Scott yesterday. Launched at Cornet Bay, which cost us $17 with launch plus discover pass... Ouch! But at least it wasn't a zoo or out of water like Washington Park at...
  51. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Friday 8/26 - West side 9 & 10

    Took a couple of guys from work out on Friday to procure some salmon for a group bbq over the weekend. Launched at Shilshole around 6:15, which was great and not very crowded. Dropped pots on the west side and then trolled around Jeff Head through the tide change. Both guys are noobies, so I...
  52. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Last Baker Lake Trip

    Took a solo trip up to Baker Lake on Sunday. Left Kirkland at 3:30 and got to Baker right around 5:45. Launched at Horsheshoe Cove. The water is down about 4 feet from the last time I was there, so launching was a bit different and definitely needed 4x4. Blasted up to find the armada, if you...
  53. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Baker Lake 7/31

    Interesting trip to Baker Lake Sunday... we got weather from every season except snow all in one day... fog, rain, mist, sun! Blasted from Kirkland up there and arrived at Swift Creek at around 5:45am in the mist and fog. Had a delayed start due to the folks in front of us in the launch...
  54. Fish_kid

    Westport Jellyfish

    Hey Gang! One question I have after the weekend down at Westport... WTF do you do with the red/purple jellyfish??? It seemed like we were going through them all the time and gettin gunk on the gear. I was once at a presentation where Capt Bob Dever was saying that salmon won't touch gear...
  55. Fish_kid

    Saltwater and Thank you's from Westport 6/25-26

    My bro-in-law Tom and I fished Westport over the weekend out of my boat. It was a bit tough fishing for us but the bar on Sunday was the best/easiest I've ever done in the 8-10 times I have been there over the years. We got some help from the brotha's, so I want to say a thank you or two...
  56. Fish_kid

    Scotty Downrigger Maintenance

    So I am finally doing some probably long overdue maintenance on my downriggers. It's been a while since I tore them down and cleaned them up. I found a couple of things puzzling and was hoping somebody more familiar with them than me could chime in... 1) How many "brake or clutch pads" are...
  57. Fish_kid

    Early Ocean Catch Data

    I went to a post-NOF Sportfishing Advisors Group meeting yesterday down in Olympia. The main purpose was to meet with the Department and talk through how things went and how we could improve for next year, something the Department is good about trying to do with us each year. At the end of the...
  58. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Hat island Shrimp

    I worked as crew yesterday on a friend's boat. We were next to Tower Todd in the launch line at one point, but moved quickly and didn't get to introduce myself to him. Also saw fishingnut at the launch. We had some boat troubles and couldn't get the jet up to full power on the way out, so a...
  59. Fish_kid

    3/15 North of Falcon Notes

    The session started out with a combined intro session, then split into regional sessions. I stayed in the Puget Sound discussion... notes from the day... The coast was a bit of a shocker given the high Columbia River forecast given at the 3/2 Forecast meeting. Probably will need to go with one...
  60. Fish_kid

    North of Falcon Forecast Thoughts

    As Yelloweye noted earlier, I went to the NOF Forecast meeting in Olympia yesterday. Here's my thoughts after pondering things overnight. Going from memory rather than notes to see what I remember as important and give the Department a chance to see if I heard the message right... The Coast...
  61. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Pt No Pt to Skunk Bay 1/22

    Chose MA9 over MA7 due to the wind forecast and tide exchange. Pretty flat water all day and some sunshine in the afternoon. Tried a quick pass on the West side of Possession on the way out but the tide was sweeping us off the edge even if we headed almost East. Had gear on the bottom for a...