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  1. cioppino

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    It's a great forum as is. Let it all fly, people can easily ignore someone or choose to avoid topics as they like.IE change the fucking channel. I would love to see a dislike option come back and can you please add an area under my avatar for my PRONOUN. It's so hard explaining to everyone...
  2. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    There was no real threat to our democracy on January 6th. What happened was angry people who watched the nation burn all year and who have had their rights trampled on lost control. If this were a real attempt where they posed a real threat to the piece of shit politicians there a lot more...
  3. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Trump is Bidens and Obama's legacy. It's their fault he was elected. I bet Jessy Ventura could win the next election. You really think anyone would vote for Kamalatoe Harris for President, Joe will be dead by then?
  4. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    An egg is an egg until it is fertilized, then it is a chicken. A fetus is a very small person. Simple. I'm not saying you should ban abortion. I'm saying the truth is it's racist and it's murder. There's no way to sugar coat it. People should be more responsible so they don't have to murder...
  5. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    In that case, the female fetus chooses to live. If the end result is a human being then abortion is murder. No way around it. I'm fine with it though, the planet is overcrowded so why not murder people before they try to steal my fucking kelp 60 miles offshore. Typically it's the minorities...
  6. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Yes, you can. Biden has no answer for Covid. None. Masks don't work, 6 feet don't work, shutdowns don't work, killing our children's futures doesn't work, none of it works. Just make yourself a Covid sandwich and share it with a friend if you want to help Biden get through Covid faster and...
  7. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Biden is the most racist politician in American history. Not sure what you liberal fools are so excited about. Biden and Haris are a total train wreck. Once Biden goes, it will be Haris and Pelosi. They've done a number on San Fran and Cali, I cant wait to see what they do to the country...
  8. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Richard Spencer endorses Joe Biden
  9. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    No, that's all normal for a peaceful protest. Don't you watch the news?
  10. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Chaz and the peaceful summer of love think today's protesters are a bunch of pussies! Where are the police getting set on fire or blinded or getting hit with baseball bats? Where is the mass destruction and fires? What a pathetic peaceful protest. A group of people broke into government...
  11. cioppino

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I hope rexor rn is just some teenager clowning around. His thought comprehension is horrifically juvenile. Lockdowns don't work, won't work, can't work. Mainly cause you can not control something that doesn't exist. Merry Christmas
  12. cioppino


    Strackle likes to tackle nuts with his mouth. What a tool.
  13. cioppino

    Offshore san diego - american waters west 10/15

    Oh no! A post with LEGAL LIMITS IN IT. Way to go! Feel free to keep it and fertilize your garden with it. You legally caught fish, no explanation or apologies needed. Go out tomorrow and get another limit!
  14. cioppino

    Offshore Who does this ???

    So awesome how a positive story can trigger little libtards to start crying. Ignore list just keeps getting longer.
  15. cioppino

    Offshore Who does this ???

    Those yellows look decent, great job. Really cool of Mike. Not sure how you match that, but you gotta try.
  16. cioppino

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    I stopped entering the jackpot because I got tired of winning it all the time. You fuckers on those cattle boats can't fish!!! 😆 Seriously though, when I do win JP, which is every time, it goes to my galley tab, fillet bill, and the rest is a crew tip. My 12 year old been out 3 times, won...
  17. cioppino

    Let's save the Post Office!

    Dems, big pharma, and the msm killed over 100,000 Americans. Pushing lies daily to hurt this presidency and gain power. Pretty sure a different approach to this could have saved lives...
  18. cioppino

    Let's save the Post Office!

    I can not think of one conversation, in the past 10 years to be honest, where I have heard anyone talking their friends into coming here, anyone saying they wished they could keep their business here, or saying they were planning on retiring here. Most peeps are buying retirement homes in...
  19. cioppino

    Let's save the Post Office!

    I don't do anything important via USPS. Electronic everything on autopay. I could die in the woods and my bills would be paid for years before any knew!! LOL Honestly why not just hand over the job to Amazon? They are way faster, way more polite, and make money.
  20. cioppino

    Offshore No mas bluefin

    Opinions are like democrats, I mean assholes, everyone has one. (for you---everyone gets trophy pc babies out there that first sentence is what is called a joke, but flame on anyway) Fishing was pretty damn good for a long time this year already. Some unreal big tuna bites, yellows chewed...
  21. cioppino

    New 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight"

    Fantastic video and beautiful boat! Enjoy it!
  22. cioppino

    Offshore Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    Bummer. He's lucky it wasn't worse damage. Accindents happen and we can all learn from them, but learning is never free! Hopefully he gets in touch with you. What kind of rod busted, your warranty may cover it? Good luck!
  23. cioppino

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Beyond bullshit. Only real reason to go is a shot at a jumbo on the right gear, kite gear. The captain robbed you of that opportunity and should refund you. So let's say you hooked a second bait fish, using the captains logic the crew would have to take the rod from you and hand it to an...
  24. cioppino

    Offshore 7/12 fish everywhere

    It's tough, we saw the same thing. Got 1. Saw hundreds of boils. We run up swell of the boils and try to get in front of the birds, cut it and drift into them. After 30 tries we finally got it right and had fish boiling right on us. Chummed heavy, 2 on bait, 1 on the sniper . Both bait fish came...
  25. cioppino

    Yamaha vs Mercury

    Had a Honda 225 on my last boat. I never had an issue with it. Looked into those as well, but did not get too far because they are too damn heavy.
  26. cioppino

    Offshore Look but can't touch

    His name says it all, Shewillbemine!!! 💸💸💸 Wait, the titty bars are open? This is now the most useful fishless thread in a long time. 15lb Floro top shot and smaller hooks. Took a while for the yellowfin tuna to really eat the mono and bigger hooks last year.
  27. cioppino

    Yamaha vs Mercury

    Priced all three recently. Suzuki is by far the best deal out there. We put a 40 on our lake boat last week. It's so amazingly quiet you don't know its running. If it's only between Yamaha and Merc, I'd go with the Yamaha.
  28. cioppino

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    I haven't had my coffee yet, but are you saying those people support Pebble??? I commercial fished Bristol Bay for 10 years, never met anyone there who wanted that mine built. Booomp
  29. cioppino

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    Simple solution to the MLPAs. Defund the DFW!! Size and take restrictions work and can protect any species while enabling fishermen to have access. That's the issue though, access. They don't want us to have it. Bump fwiw
  30. cioppino

    Ignoring Members

    Can somone tell me what I just said, I ignored myself!? 🤪
  31. cioppino

    Fisherman landing update!!!!!

    Nobody likes a quitter. When the first boat returns with 20 over 100lbs nobody is gonna give a shit about COVID or inflated prices or your annoying observations.
  32. cioppino

    Simrad GO9 XSE 3g package

    That's good to hear rustman. Thanks for that. I downloaded the updates before our last trip, but no luck. I am going to try a full reset and update it again. Rather keep using it in its glitched state than have nothing. Until they can offer advanced replacement I'm not sending it in.
  33. cioppino

    Simrad GO9 XSE 3g package

    We purchased this package to get a decent upgrade to what the boat had, old Lowrance unit, about 9 months ago. Came with radar and the total scan ducer. Unfortunately, it has had some issues right out of the gate and they have only gotten worse. The unit now freezes on all split-screen modes...
  34. cioppino

    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    It's the government's new public crop duster that will be sterilizing folks so future generations won't get COVID.
  35. cioppino

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Launched out of Mission Bay today. No issues at all. The LEO waived and let us be. Just two of us though.
  36. cioppino

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Half-day and 1.5 day trips out of Fishermans this weekend. Pretty sure those folks won't be from the same household.
  37. cioppino

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Yes. Whoever was in the truck was allowed in the boat. That was Sunday. It could have changed 4 times by now depending on who is working. Going out again tomorrow morning. I will report after.
  38. cioppino

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    We were told only the vehicle towing the boat is allowed to park and only the people in that vehicle can go on the boat. That was at Mission Bay Seaworld launch.
  39. cioppino

    LED Lighting Ideas

    I have the 2510 and went the easy route and replaced my overhead deck lights to color-changing ones and bought the red and white cockpit light. Looks great when underway and less wiring for me. lol
  40. cioppino

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Hilarious! :cheers: Is it Saturday yet? Can't wait to take my boys fishing!
  41. cioppino

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Fishkilr. Your fear is a sign of your ignorance. I know plenty enough about this disease, I talk to doctors about it weekly as I am in and out of hospitals for work, but what do they know? You keep risking your well being (thank you) and I'll keep risking my well being (you're welcome) to...
  42. cioppino

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    The same experts who said we would not be affected by this, the ones who said it doesn't spread human to human, the ones who said masks don't work, the people who encouraged us to gather in masses back in early February. Those experts? I trust what I see happening around me first hand and I...
  43. cioppino

    Offshore San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    Saw a police caravan, a dozen cruisers with a few boats in tow heading west on Mission George Road at 630 this morning.
  44. cioppino

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You are free to not eat the skittles. You can keep yourself from getting it. Wear a mask and gloves, you can shelter in place 24/7 if you're that worried about it. Just don't take away my freedoms because you're scared. I have family and friends in law enforcement. A sheriff, DEA agent...
  45. cioppino

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Shove your badge in your vag. Law enforcement with actual testicles aren't so willing to comply you gutless fucking sheep.
  46. cioppino

    What is a Reaction Score

    It is when you buy a ho a drink and she blows you. Reaction score!
  47. cioppino

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    Pelosi/Newdumb = ant and nephew. Strange how Democratic run states shut down first and refuse to open up businesses, even though they know they can. Essential businesses are wide open. Nassco employs 5,000 people many of which live in Mexico, grocery stores open, hardware open, auto open...
  48. cioppino

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    Loved one in prison? Let them get COVID, there's a 99% they won't die from it and at least it will keep the other inmates away and your loved ones cornhole can heal.
  49. cioppino

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    Time to mobilize, this lockdown is unconstitutional at best. Voting won't help here in California. Dems have been taking over the state ever since.... Proposition 14 is a California ballot proposition that appeared on the ballot during the June 2010 state elections. It was a constitutional...
  50. cioppino

    Some good official news on SD beach fishing on 04/27

    Key takeaways. Politicians are all full of shit, the media lies, and nobody knows what the fuck they're doing.
  51. cioppino

    Offshore San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    Has anyone ever rowed a Parker to the islands? I may have to pick up some dudes from Home Depot and buy 4 paddles.
  52. cioppino

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    Bothersome shit in California.... #1 Gavin Newsom is Nancy Pelosis nephew and will do what she wants him to do. Aka we're fuct. #2 Listening to you stupid fucks complaining about something Trump said. Holy fucking shit everyone knows Trump is an arrogant blowhard and says horribly stupid...
  53. cioppino

    Offshore ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    Twins! Lol What's the closest you guys can recall the Albies being to San Diego and when?
  54. cioppino

    Offshore ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    Hardcor are you 3 feet tall or is that dude freaking giant???
  55. cioppino

    The day is fast approaching...

    Sweeden has 139 deaths per 1 million people and we have 112 per million. They go to dinner, movies, parks, fishing, etc. I'm not saying take their approach entirely. I think there's a huge gap between what they are doing and what we are doing. If they practiced a little more distancing and mask...
  56. cioppino

    The day is fast approaching...

    God, why are so many of you so fucking dumb and scared? First off Sweeden is a good example. Yes more infections or positive test results, BUT similar mortality rates to locked down countries. Freedom vrs lockdown getting similar results. I vote for freedom. Plenty of room in this world to be...
  57. cioppino

    The day is fast approaching...

    I live in San Diego and completely disagree that the lockdown is why there have only been 45 deaths so far. We aren't as locked down as the words imply. Millions of people in this city are at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Vons, Albertsons, whole foods, hospitals, walkways, gas stations...
  58. cioppino

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    Doh..listen to the entire thing. Only a min or so. Wish our government officials had half the brains of theirs.
  59. cioppino

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    In most places they only test medical field or essential workers who may still group spread. Other people who are sick aren't getting tested. The point is all these numbers are way off. Our close friends all have it, entire family of 5. Fever , chest pains, the works. None of them can get...
  60. cioppino

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Like I saw last Sunday tubing the bay. 2 boats out of 5 had 6 to 9 people hanging out drinking and touching each other, handshakes and high fives. Rich dumb fucks on yachts pretending this doesn't apply to them. Thanks guys.
  61. cioppino

    New electronics on 2520

    That's reslly nice. What ducer did you go with and how was it installed? We have the G09 package, transom mount multipurpose ducer. Need to upgrade.
  62. cioppino

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Float tubed the bay Sunday. Saw one boat with 9 people on it, pry 25' CC, and another 50' cruiser with 6 dudes on it. The cruiser group all shook hands upon departing. I was like WTF!!?? Complete morons on both accounts. We will get home lockdown if that shit doesn't stop.
  63. cioppino

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    The city knows you knuckle heads are cheap and would take your buddies fishing to save on fuel bait, and beer. They would have to verify everyone on each boat lives together to follow statewide covid guidelines. Not happening.
  64. cioppino

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    We have tens of thousands of people hitting up Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.. If it's not spreading like wildfire from going to those places it won't spread from a boat launch being open. We have police for a reason. Police those grouping up and let the rest of us perfectly responsible...
  65. cioppino

    Offshore Boat launch closed update

    I hope you get out and get some!
  66. cioppino

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    Complete failure by our local government. Costco, grocery stores, etc are open. Those places are way more covid 19 hazardous than a boat launch. Banning boating makes about as much sense as banning driving. With all the people not driving and working you would think law enforcement would have...
  67. cioppino

    “Fishing is essential”

    Fishing and feeding the family are okay. I have room for 4 and would love to offer to take guys out, but I cant justify the risk. I will be taking my own family out on our boat because we are all living in the same house. I would refrain from inviting a friend fishing with you. That goes...
  68. cioppino

    Offshore Fishing is now cancelled

    The current order from Newsom is unenforceable. You will not be breaking any laws by taking your own boat out.
  69. cioppino

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Nobody actually knows or understands the full effect of this virus. Now we are seeing younger healthier people getting ill and showing signs of serious, potentially permanent, lung damage. This thing is not just another flu bug. I hope the boats can stay in business, but there is nothing they...
  70. cioppino


    Hey, dumb ass. Swine flu started in MEXICO. China Wuhan Virus is what it is. Plain and simple. A bunch of Muslims were freaked out and discriminated against after 911. It is what it is. Own it Chinese Americans. Your homeland fucked the world over. Covered it up, lied about, and then...
  71. cioppino

    Parker 2510 Mod Vee

    I have the 2510 XLD and love it for Socal offshore. The mod would be a great bay boat, but you will hate it for the ocean.
  72. cioppino

    HUGE REDUCTION on our 25' Atlas Acadia! was $67k now $49,000!

    Need to win the lotto for a $49,000 boat? 15k down, cut back on wine and cocktails at restaurants, and you have yourself a boat! :D That is a very cool looking ride! Perfect family-friendly fishing boat. Good luck!
  73. cioppino

    Albacore reminiscence

    Yup, it's winter!
  74. cioppino

    Parker 2520 XLD

    We have the 2510 XLD (approx 300lbs lighter than the 2520) with twin 150s and get similar numbers to what Paddykiller Mackattack get. Basically 1.8 on the way out and 1.9 to 2.0 on the way in. Getting on plane is no problem, but we do have the older 2 stroke HPDIs which are more like having...
  75. cioppino

    Offshore Old Glory Hole

    At least they didn't run the leaking Gen all night and asphyxiate everyone on board! Lol Then the report would read, Old Glory crew limits out, passengers green or in this case blue with envy!
  76. cioppino

    yellow-tail in November

    Who has time to read the text of a post which includes pictures that tell the entire story? The first photo says it all. Yellows caught off Point Loma on Hook Up baits, end of story! Go catch some fish! Stoked you found some yellows close to home!
  77. cioppino

    Offshore San Diego Full Day 11/17/19 Classic Plunker Bite

    Just ridiculous 3/4 day fishing in November. You guys killed it! Wtg!
  78. cioppino

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Bitchin fish! Congrats!
  79. cioppino

    Offshore Limits with the Ocean Odyssey by 9am! 10/8

    Thanks yellowfis, I understand how a big boat drifts. Spent way too many years on one. When he originally slid in on us he put us off his bow close enough for his passengers to fling iron well past us. That never happened though. Our reset was way further away than his original set. My point...
  80. cioppino

    Offshore Limits with the Ocean Odyssey by 9am! 10/8

    Left MB at 530 with some okay small to medium-sized dines. Headed a few miles north of the 371. We found a good spot of YFT right away that did not want to play, but they put on a great show! Kept heading south and saw some skippies getting airbourne, so we stop to get some lobster bait...
  81. cioppino

    Help Reading FishFinder

    You want to see big arches on your screen, like these! I'm sorry what were we talking about?
  82. cioppino

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    Slamming is MV vs DV or operator error in most cases. Open transoms are a hazard and there is absolutely no issue with losing fish in the motors. I have had my wife and children land yellowtail, tuna, and dorado with twin outboards and have yet to lose a fish to the props. You simply need to...
  83. cioppino

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Two wrongs, one legal, one not. Jackass move to poach others fish and drifting too close is an easy fix. Sounds like you're just part of the problem out there. Old glory was wrong to do what they did and should be held accountable for their actions. Safe to say that flatfall could have badly...
  84. cioppino

    Offshore Beginners guide to a perfect gaffing

    You ever had your sheet gaffed in!? It's okay that fish was LGBTQRZF9ERDASH3, it gender identified as a pin cushion!
  85. cioppino

    Offshore SCI Smelly Salmon Grouper!

    Salmon Grouper taste and smell like they've been sitting in a gunny sack for 13 years. I saw madscientist in this thread and knew it had to be ancient. I remember him from the big waters edge days. Back when you used a paddle not a pedal to move a kayak!
  86. cioppino

    What's going on with the Relentless?

    Heard their muffler bearings were shot. Pry up and running tomorrow.
  87. cioppino

    Offshore 8/10 MX Yellowtail Limits and Dorado South

    God I hope you're referring to the Mustad hat! [email protected]@! the Raiders! LOL Way to go! Jonesing for a wfo day!
  88. cioppino

    Offshore taking a poll

    The crew should only hook and hand, unless its WFO and limits are near. NO way to justify doing anything different. With a slow bite like that the crew should be more than capable of guiding and teaching an adult how to reel in A fish. Hand it off and help them land the fish. That's part of...
  89. cioppino

    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    When I saw the salmon post, my first thought was, its Orca time, and here it is. Great video! Whats next? Albacore full speed down south? Lol
  90. cioppino

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Congrats!! That is cool and very rare. Saw a few caught in the kelp in LJ years ago. This season is bizarre. I was in that area Tuesday and the water was 62°!? In August????
  91. cioppino

    2510 Walkaround Cuddy lock

    Nevermind, found something that should work.
  92. cioppino

    2510 Walkaround Cuddy lock

    Been trying to find this lock and haven't had much luck. Does anyone know where I can find one of these? It has a loop handle on both sides, the topside one busted off. Thank you!
  93. cioppino

    Offshore White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Omg, we were out there too, speared and realeased several shorts. Good for you to get a legal one! Fish of a lifetime on 20lb mono in the kelp. Seriously, congrats!
  94. cioppino

    Parker Sea Dek

    Looks awesome!
  95. cioppino

    Parker 2320 livewell

    Centered is my first thought, possibly a little forward of that. We don't have a cabin door, it's a walk around, not pilot house.
  96. cioppino

    Parker 2320 livewell

    Clean looking install. Looking to do the same next week on our 2510 Walkaround. No previous tank. Trying to decide between, dual tanks, and 65 to 90-gallon sizes. We were considering using the pickup from the wash down pump, removing the 3/4" thru hull and going bigger, then T off to the...
  97. cioppino

    Parker 2510 w/outboards on a bracket.

    Trying to locate a west coast 2510. Found a few out east, but nothing close enough to drive to. Thanks
  98. cioppino

    Not For Sale Anymore

    Maybe your buddy is dyslexic and it actually has 0591 hours? That's like 80 hours a week, minimum. WT actual F? I'd leave the state too and head for the desert to dry out. Nice boat! Glws
  99. cioppino

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    Sheesh, every party has a pooper. Let's us be happy and rejoice for a minute. We launched today and it was spectacular!
  100. cioppino

    Jackpot etiquette

    It's easy. You win the jp you decide. I take money from the jp to pay my galley tab, parking, and fillet bill, then give the rest as a tip. I dont drink beer so my tab isnt bad. I've only won it like 8 times and this approach has kept everyone happy.
  101. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    Sunday bump and corrected engine hours.... Approxximately 700 hours. Runs strong and always fished in fresh water.
  102. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    Bump and price drop.......$3250 Ready to fish.
  103. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    Its all 2002. The motor is 40hp.
  104. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    Price reduced to $3500. Ty
  105. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    Price lowered to $3750. Thank you
  106. cioppino

    4 reels 2 rod Accurate, Avet, Shimano....

    I sent you a message. Thanks
  107. cioppino

    4 reels 2 rod Accurate, Avet, Shimano....

    Calstar 800m purplish with gray- $100 SOLD Seeker 6480 $100 SOLD Rods are MnM Custom. Accurate 665H Boss Magnum lightly used- $200 Avet MXJ 5.8 to 1 great cindition- $150 Newell: P332 F great condition $120 SOLD P533.5.5F $120 Sale Pending SOLD Pro Gear 501 cs light use-$ 75 SOLD...
  108. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    bump, im sure he will be open to reasonable offers. thanks for looking
  109. cioppino

    Bass boat... Fisher Marine for sale

    Im listing this for my friend . 2002 Fisher Marine bass boat. Approximately 700hrs on the Mercury 4 stroke. Runs strong and fires right up, Humminbird 718 bow graph, Humminbird 698 side scan graph, currently registered, 2 live wells and storage. if interested message me. $3,250 obo
  110. cioppino

    Boothbay Maine

    Anyone know about fishing here? Any Intel is appreciated. Will be there for a few weeks next month.
  111. cioppino

    Offshore Dumb dumbs

    We caught them on live dines, dead dines, surface iron, and poppers. Got a 35lber on the popper, absolutely incredible runs and jumps on the popper fish.
  112. cioppino

    Offshore Dumb dumbs

    Headed out yesterday with a few friends. Went west at 30 knots from Mission Bay until we spotted a marlin. Slowed, trolled a dine for two minutes, then zzzzzzzz hook up. Marlin on less than an hour into our day. Fought it for a few then it came unbuttoned. Bitchen way to start the day...
  113. cioppino

    El Nino Latest Forcast

    Going to need a bigger boat!
  114. cioppino

    Go Chargers... Week 5

    The Oline and injuries to the defense could really hurt this week. Rivers will be hit often as the Jets blitz almost every down. Thats what Rex has done every time against Rivers and its worked well for him. I hate the Jets and hope the O line gives Rivers time to shred the Jets secondary...
  115. cioppino

    Bug Limits two nights in a row!

    Please read your post and point out anywhere in there that it states the DFW can search a residence at will without warrant or cause. The case you mention in California relates to vehicles not homes. Sincerely, Ass Hat
  116. cioppino

    Bug Limits two nights in a row!

    Cannabis really can trigger paranoia The largest ever study of the effects of the main psychoactive component of cannabis suggests that it can cause paranoia in vulnerable individuals. They are talking to you!
  117. cioppino

    Now Woodhead and Te'o are gone.

    Woodhead is a midget in NFL terms and will not be missed. Trust me. Oliver and Brown will be fine until the fumbler comes back and at some time today they will be bringing in another experienced player. Its a simple position and if Matthews the mental midget can figure out how to pass block...
  118. cioppino

    Offshore Success Sport fishing

    That is a sweet little boat! Im amazed that the bluefin are still around with all the warm water. Within a days boat ride you can catch freaking bft, yft, blue marlin, striped marlin, dorado, yt, wahoo??? What a year!
  119. cioppino

    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    After working on the SAII for Chuck the ex-cons asked to be put back in prison where the food is better and the sleeping accommodations are clean. The last time I rode that boat we didnt catch shit either and the captain Chuck stuck us with ate bananas all day in front of everyone!!! :rofl...
  120. cioppino

    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    That boat is run by what many refer to as the slum lord of the fishing fleet. His brother runs a top notch operation though. Sounds awful.
  121. cioppino

    Offshore 101 lb + YFT on the Coral Sea

    Big eye??? Either way thats awesome.
  122. cioppino

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    Did you ask if you could run the boat since you knew where the fish were? I fished MY boat yesterday for just a handful of fish and it cost me a lot more money to not catch fish where I wanted to fish. Weather sucked worse than your report. Tips are earned, but not tipping because you don't...
  123. cioppino

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    This may be my favorite post ever on any website. The photo says so much. Fuck the bickering ladies, man up and go fish!!!
  124. cioppino


    ICE??? Your fish will do just fine without ice. Bleeding right away is more important than icing immediately. If you dont have ice just keep them cool and wet if possible. The most important thing about icing is once you do bring the fish down to temperature you really need to keep them...
  125. cioppino

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    Thats brutal!!!! You made the right choice. Super sick incidental catch.
  126. cioppino

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    Toad!!! The seas look pretty nice in your pic.
  127. cioppino

    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    36# yellow on 15lb line! Thats an achievement. Quality fish. My best is a 38lber landed on 50lb. Put up one hell of a fight. Cant imagine trying to haul a bigger model in on light line like that. Congrats!
  128. cioppino

    Throws some D's on that %$#@!

    This report is like a bra stuffed with tissue! Come on MAN!? Fish porn is nice but porn and fish in better!
  129. cioppino

    San Diego 3/4 day. 325 yft and 50 yt

    The captain really should have stopped the passengers from catching so many tuna and gone sand dab fishing to round out their day! Doesn't he know the passengers caught more than they know what to do with? LOL Anyone on this trip!?!?
  130. cioppino

    Offshore Wide Open Dorado and some Tuna Fish

    Nice day! What a summer! You can keep 10 dodos in US.
  131. cioppino

    Offshore 9/4 catch of a life time

    Marlin is one of the naturally sweetest meats in the sea. Fantastic bbq or crusted and fried. Smoking makes good fish taste great, and makes great fish like marlin taste amazing. Incredible catch on light line and gear. Congrats!!!
  132. cioppino


    This fucking sucks!!! We had our illegal fishing trip to the pens planned out for Thursday this week!! Damn it!! Now we will have to focus on Garabaldi again! Big market for those in the Vegan world. This summer just keeps getting better and better!
  133. cioppino

    Offshore Simply Amazing

    The past few weeks have been insane. We have fished 10 of the last 17 days and our worst day is 2 BFT 1YFT and 3YT, a great day for a three hour run before work. Most trips we have seen limits of YT, though most were released, and quality tuna fishing. The last two days though have been...
  134. cioppino

    En route to Shelter Island - boat plug needed

    I have an extra one you can have. Im by SDSU though. Ace hardware, home depot all have them.
  135. cioppino

    Offshore 8-4 YFT, Yellowtail, & Dorados

    Thats a killer pic of the family. Nice job! Really dig your shingles/siding, house looks bitchen!
  136. cioppino

    Offshore 8-2-14 Report and Something that me 56 years to do...

    I love it! Hey its a tuna and a damn nice one. We fished not far from you and I can tell you we had a hard time at first. Totally doubted myself that day after years and years of catching both species. Not sure if it was the lighting or what, but all the tuna looked like YFT or BFT. Weird.
  137. cioppino

    Offshore tunafishin with the "ski's"

    Nice pictures of big fish.
  138. cioppino

    Offshore 8-2-14 Report and Something that me 56 years to do...

    Shhhh.... Nice catch. Funny how people say the tuna are line shy right now. We caught limits yesterday on 40lb Ande. For us it seemed to be more about getting a lively bait.
  139. cioppino

    Offshore Fortune: Patty Attack

    If every boat out there only kept 10lb yellows right now the counts would be next to ZERO. No shit a 10lb yellow isnt BIG mr.caps compared to how big they can get. Read the post again sfb.
  140. cioppino

    Offshore Fortune: Patty Attack

    No way the angler should have released anything at that point. Seriously? In an ocean full of 2-4 lb rats A ten pound yellow out there is BIG and worthy of keeping. The angler and boat deserved that fish for working together to get it in. A ten pound yellow is a bigger fish right now. Who...
  141. cioppino

    Offshore Go Fishing Right Now -302

    Nice job figuring things out. How was the wind this afternoon?
  142. cioppino

    Offshore Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    We hoped the MLPA crowd would look to the East and follow what they did to improve fisheries and promote conservation while still allowing sportfishing. The East coast model works well and is proven. The problem is the MLPA crowd as well as the CBD group dont give a shit about making fishing...
  143. cioppino

    Offshore Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Too bad about the Bluefin. So was that a typo when you reported the water was 56 at the dumper? The oceans kelps are a virtual tackle store lately. We scored some really nice ringed owner hooks off a kelp at the south nine yesterday. We caught and released about 15 YT and three had those...
  144. cioppino

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    If one party boat with 40 people on it can get limits off a single kelp than 10 private boaters should be able to share one. Problem is not everyone wants to share or knows how to. I called in a few boats the past two weeks to productive kelps and its all worked out fine. Come join me on a...
  145. cioppino

    Ballsy day fishing offshore from Dana 7/19

    Yay, you survived! Still fucking stupid. Getting airborne in a bass boat running your spastic ass to and from the grounds is plain ridiculous. The last thing I want to do is spend my afternoon fishing over anxious fate tempting fools out of the drink. You rolled the dice and it paid off this...
  146. cioppino

    Biscuit and the inshore grand slam with my boy .

    That yellow is going to give me nightmares! Its some sort of half tuna mutant! How much did it weigh? Epic conditions! Congrats!
  147. cioppino

    Your Honest Opinion.

    There are big boy boats out there that run to and from the fishing grounds at 20 knots. Those boats will make a wake that can easily capsize your boat if you are not positioned correctly. We fished inshore off La Jolla last week in forecasted 1-2 foot swell with 10 knot winds 2 miles off the...
  148. cioppino

    Offshore Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    Thanks for all the kind words! It is amazing what is happening in our local waters right now. I took my bosses grandson out today for a quick 1230-3 run. I intended on getting him some calicos at the point, but the conditions were so flat we headed out further. 30 minutes later he was on his...
  149. cioppino

    Offshore 302 served us well.

    Sick! Well done. Too bad about the boofin.
  150. cioppino

    Offshore Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    I cut the neck and gills immediately, letting them bleed out in the extra bait tank with the water running. Once the water is clear they get placed into the ice slushy. So far the quality of the meat has been fantastic. A few more pics from the day. Have a great little video too, just have...
  151. cioppino

    Offshore Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    No wiggling or twitching treats today. Breaded, seared, and chilled some loins when we got home. Delicious! My kids LOVE eating fish, especially after today. Good luck!
  152. cioppino

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    This= STUPID Guess they want Mexico to be void of tourists on shore and at sea. Scratch our pen fishing trip Weds.
  153. cioppino

    Offshore Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    Short story. Took my 6 and 9 year old sons fishing. Caught 2 YFT & Limits of YT. The Tale They each landed their first yellowfin and yellowtail today. Got 2 YFT on the troll. One in US waters on Dolphin and the other in Mexican waters west of the lower 9. One on a cedar plug the other on...
  154. cioppino

    Offshore 425

    That tankers been out there for a few days now. Thats one fat bonito! Nice catch!
  155. cioppino

    Offshore Solo Quad BFT

    Its obvious to me which is which cause i just went out and caught a few of each. Here we have some Yellowfin and some Bluefin. Can you tell the difference?! Nice job regardless!
  156. cioppino

    California boys killing it in Maryland (state record)

    Simply RIDICULOUS!!!! Insane conditions too. WOW! :cheers:
  157. cioppino

    Coronado islands report 7-8-14

    Mission Belle had 28 yt for 19 people, but they didnt post any pics so of course its all lies!
  158. cioppino

    Coronado islands report 7-8-14

    WTG! Might have to make a pit stop there tomorrow on our way outside to look for tuna and kelps.
  159. cioppino

    Offshore Save your gas!

    We ran around out there yesterday. Fished outside islands, 181/2, south 9, and 9 mile US waters where we got one hookup on the mexiflag under diving birds and a porpoise school. Fish were only up for a second. Sounded like everyone had the same to report. Slow slow slow. We did get to see a...
  160. cioppino

    FMM Permit Info

    Fished 5 of the last 8 days South of the border. Unfortunately we were too unorganized to gather the fmm, fcc , fishing licenses, etc.. so we just went anyway. Figured if we didn't have all we'd stick with none. Never got boarded by the Navy, but never truly felt comfortable out there...
  161. cioppino

    Powder Coating half towers...maybe?

    Lots of research when I recently had my tower off my cuddycon 226. Options included powder coating, anodizing, painting, or getting it coated with LineX. My top had some pretty bad corrosion so I knew it had to be sanded or sand blasted. Nobody out here seems to be set up with the linex...
  162. cioppino

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    Does this shark make my ass look big?
  163. cioppino

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    You call this HUGE! Disappointed again!
  164. cioppino

    any PB got their shit together for fishing Mexico?

    Obeying the law in Mexico will always get you in trouble.
  165. cioppino

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Those did come out sweet! Quality is amazing and working with Tin Slayer is awesome. He works hard to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Cant wait to add a squid crowder and dip net to the collection!
  166. cioppino

    Win Tickets to the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show - Jan 23-26, 2014

    Tired of that WET ride? Come see the new DRY rides at the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show! Not his boat! The fishing was so good we sank the boat!
  167. cioppino

    Ron Kovach passes

    Jerry Coleman and now Ron Kovach, two names that meant summer to me in so many ways. Rip gentlemen.
  168. cioppino

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    How did the Colts look when they were down by 28???
  169. cioppino

    Go Chargers...

    Bengals center in locker room with injury. Perfect.
  170. cioppino

    Sheephead recipes

    Simple- BBQ the fillets. Sprinkle the fillets with Kirkland Sweet Mesquite seasoning and a little white wine. In a separate small pot- Melt half a stick of real butter, add freshly sliced garlic, a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of brown sugar, white white, and two tablespoons of...
  171. cioppino

    Go Chargers...

    I like their chances! Go Bolts!!!!
  172. cioppino

    Looking for info on fishing in San Diego area

    Fishing here is a lot more challenging, but has a lot to offer year round. Study the inshore and offshore reports to see how and whats been happening in recent months. Its the quickest way for you to focus your efforts. As far as bays go I think Mission Bay is far better than San Diego Bay in...
  173. cioppino

    Sold my Cabo 226 Way to go Cioppino you scored a great boat

    My name is Dave and I am also addicted to fishing! It was a fun experience driving up the coast and getting a boat that the family is going to enjoy! What an awesome layout these Cabos have. The little cuddy will get a ton of use. I have two young boys and they wanted to sleep in it the first...
  174. cioppino

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Sounds good. The batteries are in a compartment about four feet forward of the stern. Is this where yours are on the 216?
  175. cioppino

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Just bought a Cabo Cuddycon 226. Came with a 09 Honda 225hp with 170 hours on it. Anyone have any useful info to the rigging or layout? Curious what people here have done to one of these and how useful the two 25 gallon bait tanks are in the transom. Love older boats and the layout of this...
  176. cioppino

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    When we bought our cards the shop was very kind to explain all the important details. Sucks that where you bought yours they did not enlighten you before the DFG lightened your wallet.
  177. cioppino

    Fucking Cancer

    My Ant had stage four ovarian cancer and it did not look good as it spread to her lymph system. With a lot of support and prayers she is now going on ten years cancer free. Be positive!
  178. cioppino

    Major changes San Diego Buggin year over year

    could it be the warm water? 70 at some beaches right now.
  179. cioppino

    1992 Seaswirl Striper Center Console For Sale *1st $1500 cash takes her home!*

    Hydraulic steering, helm, VHF, bait tank, stainless steel leaning post, rod holders, outrigger mounts, anchor, anchor line, anchor chain, are available for right price Dude you've done all that work to strip everything off this POS now why dont you finish the job and take it to the DUMP already!
  180. cioppino

    Awful Quiet.......

    He is moving and should be okay. He is on the team plane and passed all preliminary exams. Concussion/neck stinger is the word so far. He was killing it today too. The rookie filled in nicely making a few clutch receptions right away. Two solid performances by the offense to start the...
  181. cioppino

    Anybody know this guy?

    NOPE. This entire post is ridiculous. Seriously this guy is the problem??? A couple fish over limits??? OH NO THE FISHERY IS GONNA COLLAPSE????? Seen many Mexican gillnetters lately??? STFU already!
  182. cioppino

    Anybody know this guy?

    Cuz fuck Mexican limits!
  183. cioppino

    A "bone" for Chargette fans

    Great game anyway and an awesome way to start the new season. I never thought the Chargers would be capable of getting a FG let alone a TD. Very impressed with the way they played! A blown call and a few dropped passes away from a W. I thought they were much worse than that.
  184. cioppino

    Offshore Rainbows and a pot o" gold

    WTF? Its not their ocean or their paddy. Shouldnt you have just run up on them and started fishing like some of the googans on here think you should do? Way to find your own fish and kill 'em!!!!
  185. cioppino

    Chargette's vs Bears tonight at 5pm (8-15)

    Thanks Saluki? Jay Cuntler and Philip Cry me a Rivers are never going to lead either team to a championship.
  186. cioppino

    down loading illegally

    A federal appeals court Tuesday found Tenenbaum's conduct was "egregious" because he illegally shared songs for years despite numerous warnings. If this is legit your son is looking at a simple slap on the wrist. Keep it up and he could get into serious financial trouble.
  187. cioppino

    LR prices went up next year

    Nice restaurant for a couple of years??? Yeah right! With my fish I have big BBQs feeding fifteen people at a time. For the same money I might be able to take that group to ten dinners. Fly in fish??? Right, that would be cheap. How much would you spend on four hundred pounds of fillets...
  188. cioppino

    LR prices went up next year

    The fact that oil is traded on the open market is to blame for much of our current economic problems. The jump in fuel prices has affected everything and everyone. I spend 2k more a year on fuel than I did just five years ago. Take a look for yourself. NO fishing trip can compare to LR...
  189. cioppino

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    Dont worry the sack charge is soon to be replaced with the staple and tag charge! Nickle and dime shit sucks! Some boats out of HnM are still charging a fuel surcharge!
  190. cioppino

    Offshore Appears as though the BFT bite is on again...

    1.5 leaving tomorrow night on the Prowler. Booked it a week ago with a friend. Cant wait. Hope the bites lasts two more days!!!!
  191. cioppino

    Offshore Bluefin virgin no more!

    Cute was the first thing that came to my mind too. Congrats, BABY KILLER! LOL
  192. cioppino

    Prowler Overnight Trip 7/29 - Excellent fishing

    That is an amazing overnight trip! The deck looks like you are returning from a 3day trip. WOW!!!
  193. misc


  194. cioppino

    Offshore what happened to fishing manners?

    Easy on the ignorant assumptions there ole internet tough guy. Clueless? Not quite. Kelp patties are structure last I checked. Example from last season. I find a patty and it has some fish on it, but they dont bite right away. I work on getting bit for about 45 minutes. The fuckers wont...
  195. cioppino

    Offshore what happened to fishing manners?

    Cant wait to see you out fishing WSB. Ill roll in after you have been chumming for hours on end after being up all night, anchor right in the middle of your stern, and start catching the fish you have attracted and worked so hard to get to bite. Man this is awesome, really going to save me a...
  196. cioppino

    Offshore what happened to fishing manners?

    Other guy==Asshole. I steer far away from other boats, don't want to ruin their day, and don't want them ruining mine. Plenty of fish in the sea. I do what the fish do, run far and fast away from a cluster fuck of boats. 99% of the time this works well for me.
  197. cioppino

    Offshore 7/25/13 Grande 1.5 Bluefin Tuna Mayhem

    Tough call on the spectra. Sawing "Googans" off is so much easier with it.
  198. cioppino

    1994 20' 'Don Blackman FishMachine Express I/O in San Diego

    Its not my boat unfortunately. Helping a friend sell it.
  199. cioppino

    1994 20' 'Don Blackman FishMachine Express I/O in San Diego

    The ONE and ONLY 20' Express Don ever built. Incredible fishing boat for SoCal. Newly rebuilt Vortec 4.3 V6 gs by John Baxter of Baxter Machine, w/Volvo Penta O/D.Out drive re-sealed with all new boots Runs perfect. Boat is clean inside and out, ready to fish. 1 1/2 scoop tank with newly...
  200. cioppino

    50 Year Old Virgin

    This is the common opinion of Penn currently. The company was slow to react to the rapid changes in reel technology and was left behind. The only Penn reels I have left are a squider, my first ocean reel, and a 50SW 2 speed I keep because it just looks cool. All my new gear is Shimano. Nice...
  201. cioppino


    Nice looking rig. GLWS
  202. cioppino

    This is so awesome...........Donks get way easy schedule this year.

    You didnt hear, shes been found and shes hot as hell! Homeboy will be just fine next to Donald Butler. Two of the few bright spots on the Chargers.
  203. cioppino

    This is so awesome...........Donks get way easy schedule this year.

    If it were not fo foobawl I wud not be playin foobawl today. Donkeys will need a new QB once Freeney gets a hold of Payton. After all Payton is probably just slow enough for Freeney to catch. Chargers over under is 7 games. Im thinking 5 n 11 this year. Maybe we can get a suck for Johnny...
  204. cioppino

    Please join me in saying goodby to a friend and hero!!!

    Dr. and War hero. Sounds like a life well lived. R.I.P
  205. cioppino

    Tuna Pens. What purpose do they servce?

    We are like a little ratty dog, getting the scraps from their prime rib. The only time they care is when it is us eating the prime rib, then they come in and steal it away.
  206. cioppino

    Fish Id??

    I don't know what it is, but i see tons of them in buckets off most piers in San Diego.
  207. cioppino

    proline seat for center console

    Dont you see the boat in the first pic. Its under the black cover!
  208. cioppino

    7-13 MB Seabass

    Caught a beast of a WSB, posted general location, bait used, and technique implemented!!!????? Holy shit its a useful fishing report that hasn't been blasted yet??? Well done. BTW the inflated balloon is attached to the line with a rubber band. Check your meter for the depth of fish and...
  209. cioppino

    I need to vent

    Sam Kinison - Jesus didn't have a wife - YouTube
  210. cioppino

    Offshore Bluefin

    Bad ASS! Great pic of the dude screaming with a ridiculously fat BFT.
  211. cioppino

    Mako? Center Console

    The 20' Mako I had was powered just right with a 175hp 2 stroke. That looks like a big project. The good news is the hull on those is thick as can be along with the deck. My 20 had about 1/4" layer of deck glass, I think the wood could have rotted out completely and you would still be...
  212. cioppino

    Fastest/ best halibut filleter ever??

    :loverz: Seriously, I'm in love! She is amazing.
  213. cioppino

    Almost a limit at Tijuana Flats and a good samaritan

    That is awesome! New boat, good fishing, recovered wallet, man you must of done something right!!!
  214. cioppino

    Jackpot Shenanigans

    This poos for you bro! :shithappens: Thanks for the laugh!! Im sick of paying the wages of servers at restaurants too. A well trained dog could do their job. Honestly what the fuck is worth 20% more? What was so damn amazing about the way some stranger brought me my beer and food? Its...
  215. cioppino

    July 17 TOP GUN 80 3.5 day

    Ive fished and worked with a dozen or more commercial and recreational fishing captains over the years. Bob Taft is one of the best captains and fisherman you could ride with. Im sure people are just waiting to see if the bite is going to get better before dropping a weeks pay. All those...
  216. cioppino

    2000 Wellcraft 180 FIsherman CC

    Are the seats sitting on the bait tank? The one pic is washed out so I cant tell. Half scoop/full scoop tank? Nice looking little boat. 8' beam must make that boat nice and stable to fish from.
  217. cioppino

    First trip on my new boat Sticky Business III

    Nice! I think that is the perfect layout for a 23'r . I was dreaming about that boat, but it was about $8k out of my range. Look forward to happy bloody reports soon.
  218. cioppino

    First trip on my new boat Sticky Business III

    Was that the one recently listed in the classifieds here? If so that thing was insane. Led me to the aquasport website that has good stuff on thier forums. Many devoted followers of that brand and saw a couple insane projects from start to finish on there. Enjoy. Should be able to get some...
  219. cioppino

    No Shipping ??? Really ???

    But I am that random dude that is luring in people who dont want things shipped! The ole lets meet in a dimly lit parking lot somewhere works every time. I enjoy selling the same thing a few dozen times!!! Dont mess with my business with your Its so easy to ship nonsense! Thanks for the...
  220. cioppino

    What is the best method for resurfacing starboard material?

    Orbital, 60,80,150 grit. Then lightly torch or use a paint striping heat gun to get the surface close to factory texture. Good luck!
  221. cioppino

    Exotics are for fairies..Rock Cods are for real men

    Too bad that dumpster in the background is full, otherwise you could toss that trash at your feet away. Well freaking done man!
  222. cioppino

    Offshore New Lo Ann, Sea Adventure 2, or Old Glory? For Seabass and Yellow run?

    Sea Adventure II is a great boat with a hard working crew. If Chuck is running the boat he will put you on the fish. Went with him last Thursday and had a great time. We scored compared to the rest of the fleet. We caught YT to 38lbs and the biggest WSB went 68lbs. Just an amazing grade of...
  223. cioppino

    Parker 2310

    Should be fun to see everyone cry in a week or two when this thing is re-listed for $30K+.
  224. cioppino

    Yellows going off in La Jolla

    Seaforth puts these reports out on their twitter feed too. Anyone under age 35 knew about this bite. Its good for the landings to spread the word. They need to stay in business so us boat less folks can go get'um. Three of us joined 65+ of our new best friends yesterday afternoon on the NSF...
  225. cioppino

    San Diego building codes -- adding a garage

    I can help. I do design and build. Its a one story structure so they can actually draw up the plans, get a structural engineer to stamp them, and obtain permits from the city. You can also get garage kits all trussed out from Dixieline ready to build. There are a ton of options and the...
  226. cioppino

    2008 Wellcraft 212 Fisherman

    Thanks for that. The previous pics made me nauseous the way they were taken so close and jam packed together. Clean boat! GLWS
  227. cioppino

    Shelter Island launch area Friday

    Stupid is as stupid does! Thats one way to get out of the lease! :rofl:
  228. cioppino

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    The boat is foam filled, I would be shocked if it ever sank. The stern is extremely low and could swamp backing down on a fish during a calm day. The boats original design was for the flat inshore waters of Florida. Sounds like a ball of white water hit the stern, flooded the battery...
  229. cioppino

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    That was my boat. They bought it last spring. Three of the nicest people you could ever meet and guys that fish a lot. The boat is an older Mako 20 CC. Very wide and stable, but low to the water. This just sucks. News said all three should make a full recovery. My prayers are with them.
  230. cioppino

    2003 Pro-line 20' center console

    Seriously? Just thinking if youre going to sell a boat on the largest freaking fishing website on the planet you might want to fix the HOLE in the bottom first. Good luck selling it on Craigslist now.
  231. cioppino

    Kick Ass Boat....Not Mine But You'll want to buy it!!!!

    From the 70'z I wouldn't doubt it. Hilarious!
  232. cioppino

    building construction contract lawyer

    What a nightmare. Sorry to hear it. We do lots of kitchens and baths, pull permits on most jobs definitely not all jobs, but always do it right. According to the city you need a permit for just about everything! Not always necessary. If you didn't move the tub, add new water or sewer lines...
  233. cioppino

    my son attacked

    Awesome news! Best wishes and prayers for a full recovery.
  234. cioppino

    Radon 24 project

    $9000 or offer. I own three lots on the moon and the naming rights to a dozen stars! Check it out. Seriously though, that is an amazing platform when fixed up. I have fished on several and know the potential you have there. With a ton of elbow grease...
  235. cioppino

    1990 22' Radoncraft

    Refi me out of my PMI and into your boat.:smoking33: If it were only that easy. Amazing little boat you have there.
  236. cioppino

    Elementary School Shooting

    "Authorities are going to set up a makeshift morgue on the grounds of the school as they begin the unbearable task of identifying the dead children. Even though that process is still ongoing parents have already been told that if you haven't been reunited with your child yet then it's already...
  237. cioppino

    Offshore 2.5 day First String

    WTF? Hilarious. That's exactly what I wasn't saying.
  238. cioppino

    Offshore 2.5 day First String

    I just fished the Aztec and know first hand our counts were wrong as well. The report says we caught 46 YT and 5 BFT. I counted all the fish on deck and know for a FACT that isnt what we caught. The landings need to be held accountable and this bullshit has to stop! When all our fish...
  239. cioppino

    Offshore Rpt-Wed.-08-01-12 Aztec Tuna and Tails!

    We were there and had a blast as you couldnt ask for a better crew or captain. MikeE is young and excited about putting fish in the boat, so much so that he doesnt mind coming in two hours late! I was the one who was babysitting the two big kids who had never fished on a boat or anywhere...
  240. cioppino

    Aztec tonight-0731-12-a one day trip!

    Our group of 5 will see you there. Dave
  241. cioppino

    Missleading Fish Counts from the big 3

    It takes a few seconds to figure it out. Most guys arent that patient.
  242. cioppino

    any info on the Dolphin 3 will be appreciated.

    This is the old Holiday? Cool. I remember taking my wife on that boat (Holiday) for her first albacore trip because it was one of the only overnighters to offer a stateroom running at the time. Unfortunately who ever ran that operation then was really unorganized. I remember leaving the...
  243. cioppino

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    So there's hope that the commercial fleet might find other things to do besides net protected Totuava! Awesome. I got lost with the family once while driving through LA and found myself more scared than I have ever felt in Baja. That includes the time we were held up at gun point and robbed...
  244. cioppino

    Offshore Pride 2 day 7/20-22 (Mostly picture report)

    Thanks for the report, looks like you guys found some decent quality tails. Five of us are going on that boat for the first time this coming week. How was your experience with the crew and captain? Keep hearing great things about them and cant wait for our trip this week. The only thing Im...
  245. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    It just drove away without me. I guess I can delete this thread now.
  246. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Perfect, see you then.
  247. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    The boat is sold. Being picked up today. The length of the hull is 20' 6" with an 8' beam and overall length from outboard to trailer tongue is 30'. Good luck on the boat hunt. Two happiest days in a boat owners life is this one of them :hali_olutta: This isn't a happy day, I love...
  248. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    I could see that happening. Many guys have rebuilt the transom on this model putting the outboard on a bracket and raising the transom in the middle. I secured and weather sealed my access door so when it does swamp, which happens every time you put the boat back on the trailer, almost no...
  249. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Both are plastic/plexiglass from the extras bin at Ridout Plastics in SD. The amazing thing about these Classic Mako hulls to me is how dry of a ride they are. They shed the water so nice and provide such a stable fishing platform with their 8' beam. Truly going to miss this boat. Wish I...
  250. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Does that mean I should bring a jig stick and some swim baits?
  251. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Thanks! I made the hatches and cutting board out of Starboard. Bought a sheet directly from Peidmont Plastic in Miramar. That stuff is great to work with and provides a durable nonskid surface. The windshield was fabricated at San Diego Plastics. Railing is OG and in perfect condition.
  252. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Sale pending sea trial.
  253. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Not sure what it is. I would assume it is much heavier than a modern 20' boat of similar size. There is a website called Someone on there would definitely know. I
  254. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    I don't know, how many hours are on that kidney? I'm going to need one after tomorrow!
  255. cioppino

    Seeker 6480 8', Cal* 196 7', Daiwa bass rods, Newell P440F n 338-5, Daiwa Gwave 30SHW

    A few people PM'd about the Daiwa rods, they are baitcaster rods. I used them for freshwater bass and bay bass.
  256. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Thanks! Was and is a labor of love. If I could only get paid to fix boats up!!! This is for the other guy. Hours on motor. NOT sure. I personally put about 60hours on it. My uncle had the boat and almost never used it! I would say he averaged two trips a year for the better part of 8...
  257. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Will post more pics soon. Trailer is in need of brake service. One of the axles was replaced three years ago. It worked great up to the point where the brake problem started. My buddy owns a brake shop and is supposed to give me a quote to fix it up soon. Thanks
  258. cioppino

    Seeker 6480 8', Cal* 196 7', Daiwa bass rods, Newell P440F n 338-5, Daiwa Gwave 30SHW

    No its not a super seeker just a standard 6480 made by M and M custom rods.
  259. cioppino

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    1975 Mako 20 With 1996 175 HP Evinrude 2stroke outboard with low hours. Boat has been thoroughly gone through inside and out. Only thing that did not get refinished was the bottom paint. The teak was removed and refinished, all electrical completely redone with new switch panel, two new...
  260. cioppino

    Seeker 6480 8', Cal* 196 7', Daiwa bass rods, Newell P440F n 338-5, Daiwa Gwave 30SHW

    Custom Seeker 6480 8' Cork taped,in excellent condition/Black w/gray/white details---Barely used $150 SOLD Custom Calstar 196 7' Cork Taped, clean but older Red w/gold details---$75 Bought new been sitting for a while. Perfect 15-20lb rod for live bait. Daiwa bass rods--$50 each Used one...
  261. cioppino


    I used my VISA the other day and bought $100 worth of gas to fish the islands. Brought my mexican fishing license and some American sardines to land this 30lber. We also fished calico inside the main cove on the lee of the south island, never saw this supposed stamp boat out there. Every...
  262. cioppino

    Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak w/Hobie livewell and FF

    SOLD 2010 Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak Comes with-- Turbo Fins, Sailing rudder, and hobie paddle Lowrance x50ds FF on nice ram mount, battery, and hobie dry bag Hobie bait tank with rod holders 2 rod holder extensions Hobie plug in transport wheels Nice seat with inflatable...
  263. cioppino

    PFDs, Gaffs, HOOP Nets, FF,misc. boat n kayak stuff

    Located in San Diego near Mission Bay. Can ship with flate rate boxes and I accept paypal or cash of course. You pay shipping and paypal fees though. Kayak/Fishing PFDs- 1-NRS Chinook L-XL $50 1-Extrasposrt Osprey MD/LRG SOLD 2-Body Glove Child Medalist PFDs $20 for both Swordfish...
  264. cioppino

    Lowrance Hds 5 W/Nautic Insight & Hummingbird Matrix 27

    HDS 5 is sold. I am selling an older Matrix 27 gps FF. It works great. Comes with the water temp sensor, gps antennae, mounting brackets, two ducers, lots of extras. In gps mode it only shows a grid, but it marks waypoints an navigates great. There are many useful waypoints logged in...
  265. cioppino

    INDIAN Red Limits at the Finger Bank 11/9

    Sounds like a great trip. Havent fished with Chris since he used to cook for Ray on the Producer! With my Pops coming for a visit this week could be a great trip to take him on.
  266. cioppino

    Offshore Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    That is not a good way to start the season!!! How about all the people going for a long boat ride right now because the overnighters have been fishing somewhere they shouldnt, pumping up their counts, and making everyone EL NINO crazy! I sure hope someone starts kissing the right ass to get...
  267. cioppino

    Why Spinning a dirty word for LR ???

    Thats very well said. What a looong read, AKA, waste of my time. Spinning gear versus conventional gear. They both have their place and I am happy you enjoy your overpriced reels so much, but this is like trying to compare surfing to boogey boarding. Yes you can catch waves, get barreled, and...
  268. cioppino

    Huge Yellow On Yak Yesterday...

    Buttchaser I still owe you some hooks. Not sure where Screech fished yesterday, but we have been out there two days in a row all day and have not seen or landed any YT. Also we did not find conditions that glassy so I doubt this is a recent photo.
  269. cioppino

    Caught this evil looking fish FISH ID?

    Hey SHORT bus kid, that is some funny sheet! I personally saw one of those three times this year, all in one horrible day. There is only one name for something so fugly and retarded looking, its a Kaeding fish. :Death_To_Above: Sorry still not over it.
  270. cioppino

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    I have a home made parachute you can have! I built it out of tin foil!!! LMFAO!!! Unreal!
  271. cioppino

    Offshore waves were big

    Wow, what a waist of my thyme. Big boners kid, just the way these English majors like them. Step one to correcting your spelling---get a firm grip of your big bone. Step two to correcting your spelling---ask all these english tudors to bend over and pull down their pants. Step three to...
  272. cioppino

    SD Chargers Jamal Williams out for season...

    Ravens will crush the Chargers tomorrow. It will happen, it will be ugly, and we will still make the playoffs. AFC West is a joke. I dont understand all these people putting the Chargers in the Superbowl this year. They were 8-8 last year and really had no business being in the playoffs. The...
  273. cioppino

    Honest Transmission Repain Needed

    mark at georges garage. 619 2846695 , san diego< off home ave best trany guy round these parts
  274. cioppino

    Little Tony Gwynn a padre

    Padres need to expand the payroll and add like eight good hitters to their line up and they should be fine. LOL Tony jr. is welcome to struggle here in San Diego. I dont expect anything from him. I am just happy that he is a Padre. He cant be any worse than Giles anyway.
  275. cioppino

    Cutler to the Bears!!

    You may not have had a doobie in 22 and a half years but the effects are still lingering. HIGH so HIGH! Chargers are clearly the best team in the division. Cassell was the beneficiary of a easy schedule and the best coaching staff in professional sports. He will struggle. Chargers 12-4...
  276. cioppino

    Cutler to the Bears!!

    Cuddles is going to deficate all over chicago. Cold, windy, no real talent at wide reciever. A ton of Jays yards and TDs came from YAC. Marshall and Royal are studs. That being said, I hope he does well. Can you imagine a Rivers vs. Cuntler Superbowl?!!!
  277. cioppino

    MLPA: Addresses for your letters

    take a memory stick or cd with the letter file on it to kinkos. they can print it out for you at a fraction of the cost of a printer cartridge. If you do the math its cheaper to use kinkos for BW docs. Thanks for the info.
  278. cioppino

    Bone Fish in Back Bay

    Cracks me up how many people think secret spots still exist or that they were the ones to discover them. Last I checked there were about fifteen million people from LA to SD. Secrets out! Good luck on those bones.
  279. cioppino


    You must be a Charger fan, sporting all that blue and Gold!
  280. cioppino

    Kurt.... Your Quarterback is a Pussy.

    Such a shame, Cunt-ler has serious talent. Hopefully he can pull out of it unlike that fooken piece a shit who ruined the Chargers for a few years. YouTube - Ryan Leaf segment
  281. cioppino

    Childrens pool La Jolla

    Here is a quote by one of the Seal Huggers Robert Johnson. The group is now going after La Jolla Cove. "We want La Jolla Cove designated as California sea lion habitat. We want lifeguards to stop chasing the sea lions off the Cove beach in the mornings and we want a rope erected to protect...
  282. cioppino


    The angry kid has a good point, but we would need about ten thousand people to poach at the same time to make it clear the new laws arent gonna work and we are going to exercise our right to protest. Anyhow. Just finished reading my La Jolla Light and in the Opinion section they talk more shit...
  283. cioppino

    Man fought shark and won, not sure if this the right place to post, plz move if not

    That thing is a beast! Crazy crazy crazy! Great story and pics.
  284. cioppino


    Saluki is just a hater trying to start shit all the time. Vermonster you are a total dipshit. So let me get this straight, we Charger fans are annoying because we expecpt our team to win a Superbowl every year. Do you realize how stupid that comment is? Youre saying we should expect the same...
  285. cioppino

    Bolts adds free agent linebacker Kevin Burnett

    Feels good knowing that the Chargers are starting to pull the trigger and make things happen. Cant wait for the draft. Remember all those fuckin tight ends running free catching long passes on third down, well that shits just come to an end!!
  286. cioppino


    Tiki Barger is SAD. He left one year too soon. LT might wind up like Tony Gwyn, but at least they can have pride in knowing they played in one place their entire career. Also doesnt hurt that the one place is the finest City anywhere.
  287. cioppino


    The Chargers alos signed Kevin Burnett. Dudes gotta be better than Wilhelm... Glad to have LT back, that buys us more room to draft defensive players. All you haters can eat a dick. The Chargers have been champions, you fucktards are too stupid to realize that. This is a good day for...
  288. cioppino

    Looks like LT will be gone according to sources

    How the hell is Sproles gonna hand out turkeys on Thanksgiving when he cant even reach inside of a shopping cart! Get rid of LT?, one of the best ever on and off the field, for a stuttering midget! What a fucking joke! I would respect LT less if he stayed and played for less money than Sproles...
  289. cioppino

    Squid boats LJ

    Its not the end of the squid. If there is one thing God stocked well in the ocean its Squid. It might be the end of the good fishing for a few weeks though. These are harsh times. I will gladly give up a few weeks of fishing so others can make a living and feed their families.
  290. cioppino

    La Jolla is so pretty at night.

    Counted 30 plus light boats out there. Hope they enjoy their stay in LJ.
  291. cioppino

    La jolla

    The funny thing is that the yakkers are starting to catch on to the whole internet radio fish chatter that brings a crowd in a hurry. The dedicated yakkers have been gettin thirty pound class yellows out there for the last month. Of all those fish caught I only saw a post about three or four of...
  292. cioppino

    52# Butt - 1/31/08

    What a FISH!!! Sick catch on semi light tackle. I have a hard time fishing anything less than 40lb. Congratulations and keep it up!
  293. cioppino

    Offshore 6 day trip to guadalupe island

    That looks like a clinic on how to head gaff. Great photos.
  294. cioppino

    Chargers Fire..........

    You guys have some short term memory problems...:smoking33: In the pre fat ass Ted Cuntrail days we are seven and O without Meriodman. Everyone has totally forgotten the pains of last year because we made it to the Championship game. We were lucky to make it that far. Teds soft zone that he...
  295. cioppino


    I bet she swallows the kids. Totally hot milf I must agree. Biden and Obama are dipshits when it comes to the environment. We are making this ball of shit a bit more dirty, but we most certainly arent heating up the place. I was diggin some footings two hundred and fifty feet above sea...
  296. cioppino

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Wow!!!! Manny wants to know how his ASS tastes Saloserski? What was that swing? By far the most ridiculous home run swing I have ever seen. With that swing the ball should have been a shallow flare to center, not a hr. Dodgers beat the cubbies in five and roll over for the Phillies...
  297. cioppino

    Donks vs Bolts last game of the season

    Broncos will miss the playoffs. Chargers finish season 12-4 :frehya2:
  298. cioppino

    Just another reason to hate the NY Jets

    What happens when a slow old white redneck gets stuck between two large brothas named Sean? Not gonna be pretty, Farve should have stayed down.
  299. cioppino

    Offshore dolphin limits

    this is sofa king we tod id Dodos are the last thing worth cryin about. NIce trip, thanks for the report!
  300. cioppino

    Woman & Men showering........

    how long you been spyin on me. LOL thats freaking funny!!! thanks
  301. cioppino

    Brett Farve is........

    You haters are rediculous. :stfu: The guy is one of the greatest ever, let him play. Without him the Packers will be lucky to make the playoffs. Montana went on to play a few dogshit years longer than he should have to cushion his retirement funds. Did not do shit to his legacy.
  302. cioppino

    Who has fished the Islander?

    Its almost like you can reach out and touch em. Fished it last year, great riding boat, they take great care of the fish, and they work extra hard to put you on fish. The accomadations arent as plush as the big name boats in the fleet, but you're going fishin, not a holiday cruise. Good luck
  303. cioppino

    Will gas price go back down?

    Such a simple question. Nasdaq, housing market, now the oil market. One big freakin pyramid scam, last to buy fries. Getting awfully close to the 100 year anniversary of the Great Depression, sure hope history isnt about to repeat itself. Who knows. I think gas will be under or around 3$...
  304. cioppino

    Chargers D-Line Ranked #1 in League

    Wow, you haters are right, LT and the Chargers suck. I dont give a fizzuck about rings, icing on the cake imo. It is a long season when your teams suck, I.E. Muffalow , Minnichodea, and da koalas etc. The Chargers have had some great seasons lately and should have several more to come. Dont...
  305. cioppino

    Rock and Roll Marathon SD June 1st

    Yes, its a total mess. The moronathon goes right past that launch on its way to Morena blvd.
  306. cioppino

    Putting your boat on the trailer...almost the spinning gear too
  307. cioppino

    What is the best way

    Just push it through then crush the barb down or cut it off. Shouldnt hurt much, unless you've spent a lot of time on your knees! When you are done please cut off the tag end of the line. you won't get bit like that.
  308. cioppino

    fixing leaks on a aluminum boats

    usualy rivets leaking in aluminum boats , xperiancd welder can repair, try dobson welding , dwntwn sd
  309. cioppino

    6-28-07 Oside, 150# BSB C&R on 20#!!!!

    Youre supposed to spear them and leave them for dead. At least thats what we do down here in LJ.:imdumb: Nice day and good job getting that fish down.
  310. cioppino

    500 Pound T???

    Here is a little info. Sharks breed whenever they want, kinda like our dumb asses. Anyway that shark was about to pop out a few pupps. Too bad so sad. When a monster like that comes up to gaff nobody is going to give it a pap smear first. Plus a shark that big has given birth to dozens of other...
  311. cioppino

    La Jolla is empty this morning!!

    Might be a big waste of time. I was up by the cross looking down at some really nasty looking water. Looks like red tide is coming in, unless there was a huge sewage leak. Water was brown and green, swell was choppy short period wind slop, and I did not see any bird activity. Hopefully that...
  312. cioppino

    lj black on mon apr 2nd

    stupid is as stupid does. Are you quitting on me? Well, are you? Then quit, you slimy fucking walrus-looking piece of shit. Get the fuck off of my obstacle. Get the fuck down off of my obstacle. Now. Move it. I'm going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world. I...
  313. cioppino

    Offshore RUMOR HAS IT ALBACORE 2\25\07

    Please stop telling the truth Tommy. sincerely, cortez, pearsons, shelter island, and harbor island west.
  314. cioppino

    666 la jolla devil dog

    wow you guys are being so gentle. Dude wtf? :appl: Way to up the bait ante by trolling with a yellowtail.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Fucking harsh bro. You dont by chance own a black Lexus?:nutkick: 666 you wont forget this day for a while. Sorry man.
  315. cioppino

    first report

    Great report, glad to see that things are heating up. It seems like this was a looonnnggggg ass winter. Cool pics bro. Hey Fish R Friends I got a baaaad habbit of killing just about every fish I catch. Often times I have to step on the heads of spawning sea bass and calicos to get that...
  316. cioppino

    Almost a world record.

    Ahhh shit, I am soooo sorry. That is truly one of the ugliest words in the dictionary. Just dissapointing to see the record go down like this is all. It would be great to actually be stoked for the guy.
  317. cioppino

    Almost a world record.

    how do you acctidentally foul hook a fish when sight fishing? Accidental hook ups are when the lure is in motion, you blindly swing, accidentally snagging the fish. From what it sounds like the fish got close to his lure, he couldnt tell for sure if it ate it, so he swung. Snag. THis is a...
  318. cioppino

    157 run

    Way to go Recondoc. Lots of people talking shit to ya and you held up just fine. YT on paddies, now thats worth every minute of it and the rockfish made it all the better. Fucking jealous. I was convinced by the weather man that the sky was going to be falling so I made plans with the wife all...
  319. cioppino

    Offshore red rooster

    Thanks Lol. Googled it and turns out some are reproductive at the age of 12 monts or 20-23 inches long and all YFT are fully reproductive at 47" long or 2-3 years old. Horny bastards reproduce all year and are most active during the summer months. Old enough to drive, old enough to be driven!
  320. cioppino

    Offshore red rooster

    What happened to that jackass talking crap? Hit and runners drive me nuts. I havent posted much, as I usually just read and laugh my ass off.How big does a tuna have to get in order to reproduce?