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  1. ja73

    LB hooping 10/5

    We got out before sunset, lots of boats out, had our hoops in the water for about 10 mins and a sea dog came by tossing one in the air a few times and destroying it. Then he got stuck in another one, dragging it out in the harbor, no break from those damn dogs. Ended the night with 1 messed up...
  2. ja73

    Navionics+ Regions West Card - $95 (includes shipping)

    Navionics+ Regions West Card (16gb SD/MicorSD card and USB card reader stick) Never been registered. $95 includes USPS Priority shipping or pick up in Alhambra for $90. NO CHECKS of any kind PAYPAL or CASH ONLY.
  3. ja73

    Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2 Fishfinder & Chartplotter w Navionics+

    Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2 Fishfinder & Chartplotter with Navionics+ West AND 0183 NMEA cable. Comes complete with transducer, both mounting brackets, hardware, cables, original box, paperwork, etc,. including a Navionics+ West card and 0183 NMEA cable. $350. I can ship it too for...
  4. ja73

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    December 8, 2018 "Technically" it's closed, but if you're planning on launching from south shore in Long Beach anytime soon, you might want to reconsider, it's full of trash, debris, and logs from the recent storm. One side is kind of open, but sucks right now. Coming back in today there was a...
  5. ja73

    Rocky Point/PV

    Went out this morning and picked up some great sardines from Redondo and the headed to Rocky Point areas and fished from there to Palawan wreck for only 1 small sand bass. About 6 boats, 3 kayaks, and a jet ski in all those areas and didn't see anyone hooking anything, but I could be wrong...
  6. ja73

    My 2 month old daughter dancing

    My wife took this video of our little one enjoining some music.
  7. ja73

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    Just got back in from the washing machine called the Pacific ocean. Picked up some nice dines but they got beat to sh*t with today's ocean conditions. Planned on heading to the shoe, but conditions were not the greatest, so I fished outside the wall, but left due to the combo wind, swell, and...
  8. ja73

    Izors, Eva platform, and balloons

    Left Davies at 7am, picked up some dines from Nacho and headed to Izors. Sat out there for about an hour, metered some fish, but no takers on the dines or squid. Water temp was at 63 and the water was clear for June. Bailed on Izors and shot over to the Eva rig. Caught a few undersize Calios and...
  9. ja73

    Suggestions for live bait?

    I'm going to head out of long beach to do some rock fishing this weekend, maybe try for a halibut, but I haven't gone out during this time of year before. So I was seeing if it's better to go with live squid or sardines during this time of year?
  10. ja73

    Esther Rig, again

    Headed out this morning around 7, original plan was to head to the shoe, but the fog was thick so stayed close. Stop at nachos picked up some dines and shot over to the Esther rig. Not to much bitting on the surface, so dropped some dead squid, got some nibbles, then decided to change it up...
  11. ja73

    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    A friend and I headed out this morning with great conditions, light wind, clear sky, lake like ocean. Picked up a half scoop of sardines from Nachos barge around 630 and noticed a lot of scales in my tank, but didn't look to much into it, but I should have. Headed over to the Ester rig, I went...
  12. ja73

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    First time posting here. Anyway I'm thinking of heading out to the South Bay / SanMo area to do some fishing and I rarely see reports for the South Bay / Santa Monica area. I know 95% of the boats head out to horseshoe, 150, etc., but I'm not looking to head out there this weekend. Plus with...