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    Aftermarket Replacement Handle for Shimano Spheros?

    Looks like I got a defective handle assembly for my Spheros 20000. OEM replacement handle on the Shimano website is $62.16. That's basically 1/3 the price of an entirely new reel. Just wondering if there is more cost effective replacement or a handle assembly that's so good, it's worth 1/3...
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    Shimano Coffee Grinder/Spheros SW 20000 Handle Play

    Hey Guys, I bought my first coffee grinder, since childhood, to throw poppers. I bought the Spheros 20000 and have a question about the handle. Even when the handle is screwed in all the way, there is play in the handle. I'm wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned. First...
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    Mustad Sale: 35% off Sitewide- Today Only (4/1/21)

    35% off sitewide sale Today only. Coupon Code: NOTAFOOL
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    Daiwa JDM Saltigas from Ebay?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info pertaining to Daiwa Saltiga star drags for sales on eBay. These things look like the previous gen Saltigas. I was hoping someone could confirm they are the previous gen Saltigas (or of similar quality) and that buying from Japan is safe...
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    Crimp Kit Suggestions

    Hey Guys, I'm planning on diving into Flatfall style fishing for big BFT. I'm planning on using 130#-200# fluoro as leader material. Due to the difficulty of tying knots with that pound test, I'm planning on learning how to crimp. Obviously, I'll need a crimping materials. So, I'm here...
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    Factory Rod Information and Descriptions

    Does anyone know if there are descriptions of different rods that are actually useful? None of the manufacturer sites appear to use descriptions that are informative. Terms and statements like "State of the art rod", "Perfect West Coast rod", "Top of the line rod", etc appear to dominate these...
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    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa in OG Gunmetal

    I'm specifically looking for a new or like-new condition of the original gunmetal. Side note, I live in Colorado. So, shipping is required (unless you live in CO). Thanks.
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    Drag Specs

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on manufacturer's drag specs. I've heard that some reel companies inject a lot more "marketing" into their stated specs (overstated line capacity, overstated drag, etc.) than actual measurements. I was wondering if those specs are just...
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    Rod Materials

    Hoping you guys can school me on rod materials and their characteristics. Basically all I know is a "glass" is supposed to be slower in action (more flexible/whip like) and graphite is supposed to be faster in action and more "stiff". I think I know what that means, but my only personal...
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    "Correct" Retrieve rate/Gear ratio

    I see a ton about the retrieve rate/gear ratio of surface iron reels. Along with the reasons and rationale behind what is the "correct" retrieve rate/gear ratio. They vary from person to person, "These lures were created when the Penn Jigmaster was the reel of choice", "Tady or Salas or JRI or...
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    Mustad Clearance and Sale

    Mustad is having a clearance sale and sitewide promo with a 21% off promo code (HELLO2021).
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    Medium vs Heavy Frame for 100#+

    Hello, I have a question pertaining to medium vs heavy frames for 100#+ (really my plan would be for a Flat fall/80# (100# emergency) rig. I've seen a lot of posts discussing the need or desire of a heavy frame vs a medium frame for larger fish. It is mentioned a ton in regards to the...
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    HX Raptor vs HXW Raptor

    Hello, I'm looking for a Flat fall/80# bait reel and have chosen the HX Raptor. In speaking to my local shop, they suggested the HXW Raptor for line capacity. I absolutely hate the wobble of a reel when the reel is seemingly too wide for its height. I do love and trust my local shop, but was...
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    Discontinued Fishing Reel Specs

    Hello, I was wondering if there was somewhere I could find specs (max drag, capacity, in/crank, etc.) of fishing reels that have been discontinued/superseded by new models (e.g. Gray Torium, Gold Trinis, Silver Saltist, etc) . Thanks
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    Star Drag with Drags on Spool possible?

    Hello All, I was just wondering if it's possible to have a star drag, but have the drags on the spool instead of the main gear like it is on a lever drag. Thanks, Jay
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    Need help picking rods

    Hello, I have amassed an arsenal of reels in order to get back to fishing after a 4 year absence. Now, I need help with suggestions for rods to go with them. As far as price range, I'm fairly flexible. However, my overriding sentiment is that I am very much a value/bang-for-the-buck kind of...
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    2 Speed Reels for Poppers and Stickbaits?

    Hello, I've been noticing more than a couple videos of guys chasing breezers and foamers of BFT and throwing poppers and stickbaits. When they land them, they aren't school size 10 -15# fish. But, more like (what appears to my untrained eyes) to be more like 60-100# tuna. However, lately...
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    Hello, With the introduction of the Penn Fathom and Squall Low profile Baitcasting reels, I had a question that I haven't been able to figure out myself. Why doesn't anyone build a 500 size baitcasting reel to compete with the Shimano Tranx 500? Okuma Komodo, Daiwa Lexa, Abu Garcia Revo...
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    Artificial Bait Techniques (Shimano Colt Sniper, Flat Fall, etc.)

    Hello All, I was hoping you could help me with proper technique for specific jigs. I have experience with surface iron (cast and immediate retrieve), Yo Yo Iron (drop straight down and retrieve vertically) and Popper Fishing (cast, jerk, crank). Can you guys help me with the appropriate...
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    Rod Length

    Hello All, I'm getting back into fishing after taking a 4 year hiatus (I picked a helluva time to do that) and selling off all my gear. I was wondering about rod lengths. My gear used to be 20 - 30# setup 8' rod, 40# 7' rod, 50# 6' rod, eventually ending up with 130# with 5'3" roller rods...
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    Tern 600 and 600N 4.7:1 Gear Ratio Inches Per Crank

    Hello, Does anyone know what the inches per crank is for the 4.7:1 Tern 600 and 600N? The Accurate site has it listed as N/A. I believe Western Outdoor had an online article that stated 41 in/crank, but I believe I've heard Dan Wade say that it's around 36 or 37 in/crank. Anyone know the...
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    Shimano Spheros 20000SW Handle Swap Left to Right

    Hello All, Does anyone know how to swap the handle from left hand retrieve to right hand retrieve? I've scoured the interwebs trying to find an answer, but only find info on the 'Gosa or Stella. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
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    Aztec Limited Load 2 Dayer 8.10-8.12

    Admins, please delete
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    2 Day Pride Sportfishing Charter 8/31 - 9/2

    Hello All, I'm looking to fill some spots for a 2 day trip on the Pride out of Seaforth Landing. The trip departs Sunday night (8/31) around 10pm. It is scheduled to return the Tuesday night (9/2). The boat sleeps 20, but I am limiting the trip to 16 so there should be plenty of room on the...
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    Narrow"ish" 50# reel

    Hello All, My current 50# reel is a Daiwa Saltist 50 Star Drag. However, due to a stroke and diminished function in my left hand, it has become a real pain in the ass to stack line. So, I'm looking for a narrower star drag 50# reel. I do have the Saltist 40 and that's on the far end of my...
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    Butterfly Jigging and Popping vs. Yo-Yo and Throwing Iron

    Hello All, I am looking into starting jigging and popping. I have been throwing iron and yo-yo fishing (heavy iron) for a couple of years. While watching jigging and popping videos online, I've noticed that they set the hook. They set it big time. I never set the hook when I'm...
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    Budget Long Range?

    Hello All, I know the title is an oxymoron. That being said, I'm sure some boats are more affordable than others. I'm looking for a 5 or 6 dayer in August 2013. I definitely don't make minimum wage, but some of the prices on the boats are a little tough for me to swallow. I'm not...
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    Too Many Setups for 2.5 Dayer?

    Hello All, I will be leaving for a 2.5 Dayer in a couple of hours. I plan to take the following setups: 20# 25# 30# 40# 50# Jigstick Fishing the Slide That makes 7 setups. Is that too many? Thanks, Jay
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    Too Many Setups for 2.5 Dayer?

    Sorry. Moved to Reels Section.
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    2 Shimano Tekota 700 Levelwind Reels and 1 Graftech Rod

    Hello All, I purchased the reels and rod, brand new, probably 4 years ago. They have been on 2, maybe 3 trips. The reels do have small amounts of surface corrosion on them. They're on the handle assembly. I'm talking tiny spots. I purchased them for rock fishing, but it turns out...
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    Levelwind line chafing?

    Hello All, I have a question about levelwinds. I have a Tekota 700 that I use as my Rock Cod rig. However, I was planning on repurposing it for a little Albie fishing. I was wondering if the line guide that stacks the line on the spool would start to rub and chafe the line under heavier...
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    Eclipse 2.5 Day Trip

    Hello All, I've pretty much exclusively fished a specific boat. I fish mostly 1.5 day trips. On these trips we leave at 10PM, get into the zone between 6 and 8 AM and fish all day. I want to fish a 2.5 dayer, but I was too late to pull the trigger on a trip on the specific boat. I'm...
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    Lake Tahoe Fishing

    Hello All, I'm headed up to Lake Tahoe July 27th and 28th. I'd like to fish the 28th. I know nothing about freshwater fishing and more specifically fishing Lake Tahoe. My experience is in Saltwater 1/2, 3/4 day and 1-2 day fishing trips out of San Diego. I was hoping some of you guys could...
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    Graftech GIS80M

    Hey, I'm selling 2 Graftech GIS80M factory wrapped rods. They're 8 foot with cork pistol grips. Excellent condition and have both been used less than 10 times. They're rated at 15# - 25#. Excellent sticks, and I'm keeping a third one that I purchased. This will be local pickup only...
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    Seeker Black Steel G270H-8

    Hello, I'm thinning out my quiver and I'm putting up this factory wrapped 8' Seeker Black Steel 270. It's in excellent shape and is about a year and a half old. It's rated at 20 (25) 30. I use it as a 25# baitstick. Super nice stick, but I already have way too many rods. The guides are...
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    Assorted Reels

    Hey guys, Thinning out the heard. I have the following for sale. All reels come with boxes. Additionally, all prices are o.b.o. Shimano Torium 30 - Cosmetically and mechanically 10/10. Excellent condition, almost new. Spooled w/ 40# mono. I think I've used this reel maybe twice. $140...
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    Jetty 'But Fishing

    Hello All, I wanted to do some halibut fishing from MB Jetty. I was wondering what techniques you guys are using. I heard that plastics (fish traps/big hammers/etc) should just be dragged on the bottom. Is there any preference to color? How about size of the lead head? Are there any other...
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    Powder Coated Lead Heads w/ Forged Hooks

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some powder coated lead heads w/ forged hooks for fishing plastics on the slide. I was going to buy some powder coated lead heads from Seaforth, but the guy told me that the hooks would straighten out if they're fished on the slide...
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    Tuna Poppers Too Big?

    Hello All, I just purchased some poppers from Three of them are particularly large (7 3/4"). I threw one of similar size last year on a 1.5 dayer and got bumped a ton, but no hookups. I was just wondering if these poppers are too large for 1.5 and 2.5 day trips and the 25#-35#...
  40. J

    Setups for a 2 Dayer

    I'm heading out on the Pac Star on Sunday night for a two day trip. I plan on taking a 25#, (2) 30#, 40# and Jig Stick. I was wondering if I'm missing something or if I'm taking too many. Also, does anyone know if they're hitting the surface iron or Yo-yo? This is the earliest I've ever been...
  41. J

    60# Setup

    I'm looking for a 60# set up. I was originally looking at the HX, but have read a lot about the handle pressure at high drag. So, I was thinking about getting an EX 4/02. As for the rod, I was thinking about a Seeker 6465XH. Do you guys have any comments or advice as far as my...
  42. J

    Tuna Poppers

    A deckhand on a trip let me use a tuna popper last summer. I tried two different methods of using the popper. First I was just ripping it across the surface and it got hit a bunch of times, but never hooked up. The deckhand told me to jerk the popper and then wind, instead of just ripping it...
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    I know that some of you guys are sponsored. I was wondering how you guys get sponsored, what are your duties/responsibilities as a sponsored fisherman and how much do you benefit from being sponsored (totally free trips or just discounted trips, free gear or discounted gear, etc?) I guess this...
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    What's the best time of year?

    I was wondering what months are best for 1.5 and 2.5 day trips out of San Diego. I was under the impression that it would be June, July and August, but talked to someone at one of the local tackle stores and he said that it would be best to take these trips in September. What are your guys'...
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    Az.Monkey (Karl)

    Guys, Just wanted to let you know that Karl is the man. He saved me a grip of cash by fixing my garbage disposal last night. Thanks man.
  46. J

    Garbage Disposal Repair

    Hey guys, My garbage disposal doesn't work and it's clogged. I don't know how long it's been since it worked, but it's been broken since I've lived there. I don't know if it needs to be fixed or replaced. I'm looking for a reputable guy with fair prices. Also, I'm located in Point Loma...
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    Max Drag on a Penn International 965 Baitcaster

    Hello all. I've been searching for the max drag on a Penn International 965 Baitcaster for a while. Unfortunately, I have yet to find it. I was wondering if someone could help me out and fill me in on the specs.
  48. J

    Torium 16 too small?

    Hello all, I talked to a guy and he told me that the spools on a Torium 16 are too small to throw irons. He brought up the problem of line capacity, but I figured I could just use spectra backing to get extra line on the reel. Then he said that the iron wouldn't swim correctly because the...
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    Looking to hitch a ride

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone was looking for someone to help split the cost of gas and clean up. I fish mostly cattle boats, but as summer is rolling in they're getting more and more crowded. I have a "buddy" with a boat, but he shafted me and tried to make a profit off me. So...
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    Rods for Daiwa Saltist Arsenal

    Hey all, I just purchased 6 new saltists and I was wondering what rods I should match them up with. I'm looking to spend somewhere in the ball park of $100 - $150 for each rod. Please see below for the reel models and intended uses: STT30T 30# Bait STT40 40# Bait STT50 50# Bait STT30H 20#...
  51. J

    Building up the arsenal

    I'm looking to build an arsenal of good fishing gear. I do have 6 reels/rods, but would like to get some input from everyone out there. I would like this arsenal to be for 1/2 to 7 day trips out of San Diego. Per Fish Stalker a 2-3 day arsenal should include: 20# Bait 25# Bait/Jig 30# Bait 40#...
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    Polarized Sunglasses for Wide Face

    I have a very wide/round/asian face. I have a very, very hard time finding glasses. I've owned two pairs of sunglasses my whole life. I just started fishing on a buddy's boat. This created a problem I had never encountered. Being so close to the water (I only fished sporties in the past), the...
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    Opinion on Penn 113

    I have two Penn 113's. One I have lined with 30# and I use it for bottom fishing (dropper loop, rock cod rig, etc). The other has a Tib. frame lined w 40# and I use it for fly lining live bait (boneys, cudas and YTs). I fish mostly 1/2 day and 3/4 day boats out of SD. I was...
  54. J

    Reel Line Capacity

    I've been researching some reels and have a question. When looking at some reel specs, two different capacities will be shown. For example: Mono 15# 300 yds; Spectra 50# 200 yds and 30# 50 yds topshot. I was wondering if this means that the reel can handle up to 50# fish or are they simply...
  55. J

    Rods and Reels

    I am currently fishing for Bonito, Bass and Yellowtail (Mostly the Islands). I was wondering if all my gear is correct or if there are some upgrades I could/should make or if I'm misusing them. This following is the gear that I have and their general uses. Shimano Torium 20 on Calstar 100J...
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    Rods and Reels

    Sorry posted my question in the wrong area.
  57. J

    Shimano Reels

    I was wondering if anyone was really knowledgable about Shimano reels. If possible could you please tell me what the following reel models would be best used for. Thanks. Calcutta Calcultta TE (what does the TE stand for?) Tiagra Torsa Trinidad Tyrnos Torium TokotaAll of these reels have...