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  1. deskjet1120

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Hi guys. Question for you what would be a good rod to match with a Penn Fathom 30LD2. I usually like to fish 30lb, and I want a good all around round for offshore, be it patty fishing or WFO tuna. Something with a good backbone, but responsive. Thoughts? Thanks Kris
  2. deskjet1120

    Pride: Boat Question

    Good Morning All. I fished the Pride 5-6 years ago, and I can't remember if they have outlets near the bunks. Since, then I need to use a CPAP. Does anyone know? Yes, I sent a message to the boat and I am waiting for a response, but I don't want to lose the chance to go on nice trip. Thanks Kris
  3. deskjet1120

    Any Open Spots Departing 9/13/2019

    Hi Guys! I will be down in San Diego for work and I am seeing if anyone has an open spot on their Charter for either a 1.5 or 2 Day departing on 9/13/2019. Already checked the landings Pac Queen is already full and the Pacifica is the only other boat for that weekend, currently.... Thanks in...
  4. deskjet1120

    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    Hi All. My tackle bag finally died, so I need a new one. I had a top load one, but I have gotten to the point I am tired of pulling it out from the rack. So, I am looking for suggestions. I already looked online at the Shimano Borona, Calcutta and a few others. On my last trip, when my bag...
  5. deskjet1120

    4 or 6 pack Openings on 9/5/14

    Hey Guys. I already looked at Season's website and they are already booked for that day. I use to use Paradigm Shift out of Dana Landing, but they are no longer doing charters (which is to bad I had some great trips with them). Anybody have a 3/4 day charter or point me in the right direction...
  6. deskjet1120

    Any Open Spots on a private charter 8/2 or 8/3?

    Hey guys. I am going to either jump on the Aztec or New Lo-an, next weekend, but before I made that commitment I wanted to know if anyone has any open spots on a private charter for an overnight or preferably a 1.5 day trip. Thanks Kris
  7. deskjet1120

    Offshore Yellowtail, Blue fin on Pacific Voyager 6/27/13 thru 6/29/13

    Hi All. I didn't see a report so I thought I would do a brief writeup. I was able to get on Dave B's (great chartermaster by the way) limited load trip with 18 anglers. We head approx. 130 miles south and I believe 40 miles offshore ( I could be easily mistaken on that). Patty hoping first thing...
  8. deskjet1120

    Any open Spots on Charter leaving 10/18/12?

    Hi Guys. It looks like I will be able to swing one last tuna trip this season. I was wondering if anyone has any open spots on a 1.5 charter leaving on 10/18/12 (I see a few 2.5 days trips, but my schedule won't allow for those). I do see the Prowler leaving for a 1.5 day trip and will...
  9. deskjet1120

    New Lo-An ?

    Hi Guys. I am thinking on jumping on the Thursday 8/23/12 1.5 trip and would like some info. I searched the reports and I see that the Captain and Crew are super fishy and do pretty well consistently (as to expect as this is fishing). I am quite sure this is going to sound pretty stupid, but my...
  10. deskjet1120

    Constitution 1.5 2/17-2/19

    :food-smiley-014:Hi All. I was lucky to get on the Constitution trip to Colonet. My first time on the boat and it won't be my last. I'll be keeping an eye on their schedule. It was an all inclusive trip and it was well worth it. The crew was top notch and it seemed everyone had a great time...
  11. deskjet1120

    Top Gun 80

    Hi All. Just a quick question on the Top Gun 80. I am looking at one of their trips with 25 anglers. The question I have which I am sure will seem odd is the deck large enough to not feel crowded? I know that is weird. I am use to 17 people or less on smaller boats, i.e relentless, coral sea...
  12. deskjet1120

    The season's a ways off, load 1.5 boats?

    Hi ALL. I know that it is still pretty early, but as I start to saving, for this season I wanted to get some insight on limited load boats out of San Diego. I am looking at loads of 20 or less. This past season I was able to get on the Relentless (18 passengers), which was a great boat...
  13. deskjet1120

    Any 1.5 day ultralimited boats leaving 9/3/10?

    Hi Guys. My wife gave me a pass labor day weekend to not visit the inlaws :hali_olutta:, so I am going fishing. I found the Coral Sea has a ultra limited load leaving 9/3 and coming back 9/5. I just fished that boat on 7/23 and I had a great experience (see previous post) and if I can't find any...
  14. deskjet1120

    Offshore Coral Sea 1.5 Rtn 7/25/10

    First time on the Sea Coral Ultra Limited Load of 17. Great Crew and a great bunch of guys. Fishing was slow in the morning, but picked up in the afternoon and evening. I believe the final count was 33 Albacore and 1 bluefin. The albacore seemed to like the small anchovies and sardines. I got 1...