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  1. sitonmyface

    SF party boat salmon trolling gear question

    Have you always been such a jackass? Or did you fry your brain with drugs or too much booze and it turned you into a retard?
  2. sitonmyface

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    My wife got an 80 pounder less then two years ago there.
  3. sitonmyface

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    If you value your life, you shouldn’t fish with this guy.
  4. sitonmyface

    Offshore 1.5 Day Tuna Trip Only $295.00PP

    Will the galley be serving cheetos encrusted baja batter luke warm ahi with italian dipping sauce? If so I'm in.
  5. sitonmyface

    30/40 # mono help

  6. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    I always told Kristyn that if I got a 50 I’d put it on the wall. Then this happened. Sure is nice to stare at.
  7. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Three yellowtail that class on one trip? Amazing
  8. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Picked up kristyns anniversary present on Saturday from Lyons and O’haver. She seems happy
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    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    On this episode of the galley we have magic metal yellowtail deep fried with cheezit crust dipped in sweet and sour dipping saucebieber
  10. sitonmyface

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    First off....BD a family website? Hardly. Second, I love the bow. Third, blow me
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    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    I’m a sick perv because I like to give mustache rides to legal beautiful women? Make a comment like that to my face and you’ll swallow some teeth.
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    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    I don’t know should’ve asked me 12 years ago when I picked it. None of the above :-)
  13. sitonmyface

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Of course. Who doesn’t like to watch a train wreck
  14. sitonmyface

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    No thanks. I don’t want anything to do with your trips, Cajun red, dipping sauce, b52 bucktails or any of the other abortions you advertise
  15. sitonmyface

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    How many hook and hands did you take from the deckhands Dan?
  16. sitonmyface

    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    The 80.5 my wife caught there last year was skinny also. 18 year old fish from the NOAA biologist that took its head. I’ve read 5-6 years old is average life expectancy, and most sources have 12 listed as max
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    Tuesday morning half day 7-17-18

    Man look at all the mouth breathers watching the filet table
  18. sitonmyface

    Nados 7/7/18

    Chad got convicted 5-6 years back for poaching deer in Yosemite backcountry and submitting them for the record book. Grade A scumbag
  19. sitonmyface

    Nados 7/7/18

    Negative. One was caught on bait and another one was caught on surface iron.
  20. sitonmyface

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    Me Neither but I found it and it’s funny
  21. sitonmyface

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    Rocco shattered an aluminum spool on a 533 when the guy that hooked one on a popper had enough on our Guadalupe trip last year
  22. sitonmyface

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    I’ve never had anything bad on the couple boats I’ve been on but the meal that stands out was the first night on last years trip on the Angler.....swordfish that was swimming the day before with some kind of olive/caper deal on top of it. Stuff just melted in your mouth.
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    donkey? is it the right term

    A thousand bucks. Worth it IMO. But if the paint job ain’t right I’m gonna tell them to try again.
  24. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    I wish Craig. Most likely not gonna happen unless I win powerball. Actually I know it’s not in mid September, we are both in a couple weddings
  25. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Thanks Rex.....doing well. Hope you are also. Had a great duck season and turkey season. Have a few short trips planned this summer but no long range unfortunately
  26. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Lmao oh I do fish for sure
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    donkey? is it the right term

    Kristyn got the age of the yellowtail back from the NOAA biologist a couple weeks ago. 18 years old.............was reading 5-6 years old is average and maximum life expectancy is 12 years. So it was a super old donkey yellowtail. Mount should be done in Sept in time for our first...
  28. sitonmyface

    AA 7 day Sept. 23 to 30th.

    Personally I had to fish 60 a couple days to get a bite on the YFT. But I fed those fish to the sharks. I was fishing 50 for the YT and trying to get the YFT to bite the 80.
  29. sitonmyface

    AA 7 day Sept. 23 to 30th.

    Flyline sardine. 50lb izor, 3/0 ringed mutu.
  30. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    For the record I've always told Kristyn that if I caught a 50 pound yellow it was going on the wall. My biggest is 44. She beat me to it. Made a call this morning. Will be a nice wedding gift to ourselves
  31. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Let her enjoy the limelight. She deserves it. She really blossomed on this trip. Kristyn's 140
  32. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Rex she wasn't fishing the slider rig on this day. That was a day or two later when she started stroking them on that
  33. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    A biologist grabbed the head from Fishermans processing. Will post details in a few weeks when Kristyn gets it.
  34. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    Rex, pleasure fishing with you.
  35. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    UC CE700xxh, 50 lb izor backed by 80lb spectra, tac12II, 3/0 ringed Mutu, shoulder hooked sardine
  36. sitonmyface

    donkey? is it the right term

    I read it. Whos this lol
  37. sitonmyface

    la jolla 6/1,got a couple

    Nice fanny pack x2
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    Son's first halibut trip on the Cal Dawn

    How did the "chef" do yesterday? Charge $27 for a crappy philly cheesesteak sandwich?
  39. sitonmyface

    Son's first halibut trip on the Cal Dawn

    Well aren't you just effing great.
  40. sitonmyface

    Easter Sunday at San Clemente Is.

    You're neck disappears more and more every year Dan!
  41. sitonmyface

    Northern ca duck opener

    Buffleheads aren't ducks looks like you guys shot 9 ducks
  42. sitonmyface

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    What makes you think I'm not happy? Just because I think Dan Hernandez is a donkey does not mean I'm not happy. He's just trying to sell garbage fish batter, magic metals and stupid red mono. He should've gone away a long time ago but somehow he got the cameras turned from him while...
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    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    I don't post on here much anymore. Ran through all your ladies already.
  44. sitonmyface

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    Says the guy that decides to live in Bakersfield.
  45. sitonmyface

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    How do you know I haven't fished with you?
  46. sitonmyface

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    No they're aren't they're gay. Dan good job having one of the deckhands catch that fish for you and getting your bucktail jig in their for the photo op.
  47. sitonmyface


    Did you read his post?
  48. sitonmyface

    Bodega Cowboy

    RIP Dude......shot in front of a Home Depot in Sacramento Monday night. Senseless.
  49. sitonmyface

    Doves: To Decoy or Not to Decoy?

    First off, don't listen to anything Tom says he's an idiot. Secondly, SJ is a waste time. Third if you can't shoot a dove without decoys or a mojo then you should pick another sport.
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    Offshore 8/5 report - 181 & 209 areas

    Even the kids are #saltycrew promotional staff.
  51. sitonmyface

    So Cal tuna Help

    The main thing is keep it simple. You don't need any swivels or any of that crap. Don't fish flouro unless getting a bite necessitates it. More knots equals more chance for failure. I prefer a rusty mustad without rings. Pick the slimiest cleanest bait in the tank and get bit. But...
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    Offshore 3 Day Dorado Yellowtail Tuna trip on the Dominator

    Dude come on the guy has to be a complete retard to not know how to spell pasengaro_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  53. sitonmyface

    Offshore 3 day Dorado Yellowtail Tuna trip on the Dominator

    Good deal man. I'll be landlocked that day.
  54. sitonmyface

    Offshore 3 day Dorado Yellowtail Tuna trip on the Dominator

    Nothing. Cumming down this weekend. You about ready to put up with me at Wister again?
  55. sitonmyface

    Underwater salmon video

    Because salmon are lazy?
  56. sitonmyface

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    How did Turners go? Did you tell people to ruin their yellowtail with fish batter and dipping sauce?
  57. sitonmyface

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    How much do you have to pay people to hook and hand for you Dan?
  58. sitonmyface

    Mendocino abalone divers drown

    ^ I'm pretty sure karma for ab poaching doesn't result in death. Just saying.
  59. sitonmyface

    Coronados/Rockpile Thursday 4/16

    I would never go without a yoyo setup.
  60. sitonmyface

    Another Puddingstone Largemouth

    Too late. Poopoo platter is already on its way in the mail. Enjoy!!
  61. sitonmyface

    Sat 4/4 Toronado

    Nice fish Bill.
  62. sitonmyface

    Sat 4/4 Toronado

    Nice fish Bill.
  63. sitonmyface

    Marlin up north

  64. sitonmyface

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna In US Waters-Video

    Looks like someone had a recent faceplant.
  65. sitonmyface

    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    That's one of the gayest things I've ever heard. How do you follow your bait? What do you do when the yellows blow up on the other side of the boat? Sit around and jack off?
  66. sitonmyface

    Ok, actual Report

    Awesome :cheers:
  67. sitonmyface

    Yellows at Nados 3/15/15

    SKR=stoned korean retard.
  68. sitonmyface

    Salas 6X completely out of stock up and down the coast

    I have some I can sell you. $40 a piece. Blue/white, scrambled egg, baby shit, dorado, white. Pick your poison.
  69. sitonmyface

    Limits on Albacore Tuna!!!!

    Can you at least trade albies for weed?
  70. sitonmyface

    a blast of fish

    Negative. Been busy killing geese.
  71. sitonmyface

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    Damn Mike lucky kid. Nice pics.
  72. sitonmyface

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    Stef, Were the Aleutians in the delta or up in Humboldt?
  73. sitonmyface

    The San Diego 2/21/15

    Hella is not cool. Congrats Tom, Elmer, Eli and whoever else I missed.
  74. sitonmyface

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-11-15 Izor's, Shoe, PV, 150

    That is the :gay::supergay:I've ever read.
  75. sitonmyface

    Anyone doing a youth hunt?

    I have a blind in the speck closure like Stefan. I had one kid lined up for Saturday and 2 kids for Sunday. The kid for Saturday has the flu and cancelled. Better weather conditions saturday. Hopefully the specks are still easy on Sunday.
  76. sitonmyface

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    This video is irrelevant. That's domestic duck. Almost as different as cooking beef and chicken. Nice try
  77. sitonmyface


    Where else can you hunt for a $165 season long pass and $100 in reservation applications for both the SoCal refuges?? You should be more worried about cocksucker game wardens finding you in violation of some chicken shat law and writing you a ticket for a discrepancy instead of chasing real...
  78. sitonmyface

    Feathers and guns guide service

    Man them guys sure slay a lot of buffleheads.
  79. sitonmyface

    Decoy Rigging Info and Tips...?

    Definitely don't over think it. Had a good day saturday. Shot over 14 decoys, only two of which were ducks.
  80. sitonmyface

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    Are you trolling for dick picks?? Weird:supergay:
  81. sitonmyface

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    For the record El Toro......I know you are a good archery hunter. Just having a little fun. Some guys like bird hunting. Stefan chases one of the hardest birds to kill. Myself......I like eating deer, shooting wigeon, and my yellows on the :jig:
  82. sitonmyface

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    Big game hunting is too easy. Any buttpirate can grab a bow and shoot something out of a tree.
  83. sitonmyface

    Sunrise pics...let's see some

    Thanks Nick......I want to get this one framed or something first.
  84. sitonmyface

    Sunrise pics...let's see some

    Here's one from Sunday before last started off with a snow
  85. sitonmyface

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    I always brined my Salton Sea least the sprig and wig. Did the jalapeno popper thing all that kind of garbage. One of my favorites though was a simple stir fry......brown the breasts in a little oil/chopped garlic, dump in some hoisin sauce and mushrooms broccoli red onion...
  86. sitonmyface

    11/28-11/30 ducks

    Last couple duck shoots have been good to me
  87. sitonmyface

    11/28-11/30 ducks

    So what kind of club is this that you shoot predominantly divers???
  88. sitonmyface

    No ducks??

    Lower Klamath. Too young to fly 8-12-09
  89. sitonmyface

    No ducks??

    My last two Saturdays were good
  90. sitonmyface

    San Jacinto Opener

    Gee thanks I'll work on that :gay:
  91. sitonmyface

    a blast of fish

    Nope. I put on the show people try to set up on me.
  92. sitonmyface

    San Jacinto Opener

    Donkeys like you make me unhappy.
  93. sitonmyface

    a blast of fish

    Should've posted this in the long range or offshore reports forum. Most NorCal's are too gay to understand real fishing. They think sportfishing is fishing for salmon with 2lb balls where everybody has a fucking rod holder. Salmon, the queerest of all gamefish.
  94. sitonmyface

    San Jacinto Opener

    I don't spend that much time at my computer. Only when I'm at work donkey boy.
  95. sitonmyface

    San Jacinto Opener

    Why must people post the same report on multiple forums? Is the need for an internet handjob that bad???? The only thing this type of behavior does is make the place more crowded.
  96. sitonmyface

    My first YELLOWTAIL(S)!!!!!

    I was basically saying that numbered spots for people to fish at on a boat that has moving water it is sitting on top of are stupid. To the OP, congrats on your first yerrowtayo
  97. sitonmyface

    My first YELLOWTAIL(S)!!!!!

    I like how they have numbers where you are supposed to fish. Since there is current and stuff in the ocean.
  98. sitonmyface

    Box Yellows Late Post 10/7/14

    Those boccaccio are sweet~~
  99. sitonmyface

    Fish Tails trip on "Blue Eyes" (61 Viking) pics and video

    buttpirates. The east coast is :supergay:
  100. sitonmyface

    Offshore Royal Polaris 3 day 26-29 Sep

    Except for the fish hold and the way your fish comes out of it.
  101. sitonmyface

    Offshore Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    I only say not nice things when people are morons. That's the problem with this Cuntry being a moron is allowed.
  102. sitonmyface

    Offshore Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    This is awesome. Congrats on getting your rods back.
  103. sitonmyface

    Donkey yellows fill in for the tuna

    Yeah there's called making a gamey look stupid
  104. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    I think it's a good idea. I wouldn't be obvious about it though. Drop the lobster act pissed like I just dropped a legal bug. But to be honest, I don't really give a shit. Early goose opens this weekend I'm done fishing time to kill honkers. You gays have fun playing with lobsters.
  105. sitonmyface

    Offshore Anyone know what this floating blob is?

    Oh sorry I jacked off over the rail I have big loads.
  106. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Double like. Like this a lot. A lot a lot. haha
  107. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Geez such a pompous blowhard. ^ :gay:
  108. sitonmyface

    BD biggest asshole poll

    Fuck all of you assholes. I've been getting timeouts and infractions since this fucking place started and I don't make this list??? Bullshit.
  109. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Do you really consider the OP on this thread to have "blatantly broken the laws"? Seems ticky tack to me, just like every speeding ticket and the one DFG(W) ticket I've received.
  110. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    I'll fling my shat wherever I choose buddy. Thinking about going up to Oregon and flinging some up there on 10/11. Upper Klamath Lake may have some sitonmyface shat on the bank, along with dead specks.
  111. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Wardens are guys with little peckers who got picked on in high school. Especially the SD county boys. Does the name Fleet ring a bell. That guy is donkey numero uno.
  112. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    And you're coming off like your head is in the sand. Once again. DFW(G) is not our friend they are in bed with HSUS. And if you're not buying ammo you should be.....but oh well more for me.
  113. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    You look like a game that the case? I haven't seen you trying to play Hollywood on Wild Justice.
  114. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    While I may stir the pot/be a complete dickhead/say inflammatory things/ be an obnoxious douchebag just for the fun of it most of the time.......I'm completely right on this one. DFG(W) is none of our friends. Period. Look at the MLPA. Look at hunters not being involved in processes on...
  115. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Why because I speak the truth? Any organization in bed with HSUS can suck a dick. You think DFG(W) has your best interests in mind? You better wake the fuck up because if you don't there will be no hunting/fishing in this state in the not so distant future.
  116. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Fanny pack NOOOOOOW. Do you have a little dip net you bring to the bait tank Donkey Boy?
  117. sitonmyface

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Bullshit. The job of a warden that works for CADFW(G) is to write citations to hardworking honest fisherman/hunters on small discrepancies to increase revenue, and not waste resources chasing real poachers. We are talking about the agency that is in bed with HSUS. Fuck DFW(G) they can eat a...
  118. sitonmyface

    Offshore 302

    2 hour 45 minute stop for 6 yellowfin? Sounds like you dumped a lot of fish or got your azzes kicked.
  119. sitonmyface

    Offshore impeccable form

    Dude I'm sexy. That is all.
  120. sitonmyface

    Offshore impeccable form

    Here is a post without foul language or insulting someone :nopity:
  121. sitonmyface

    Offshore impeccable form

    Why am i an asshole for saying what's on everybody's mind. SEEEEEXXXXXXXNOoooooooooWWWW
  122. sitonmyface

    Offshore impeccable form

    ^ he's a pompous unknown donkey.
  123. sitonmyface

    Offshore impeccable form

    Not only does unknown fisherman shit on parades, he also busts ass into wine glasses then smells it. He knows everything. And smells his own farts.
  124. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    No that part was fine too. If it's a duck then call it a duck. Ernie is a fat mexican there's no falsehood in that statement. Nothing racist either. Just like calling a fat white dude "fat white"
  125. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Well said. Ernie is not in the same class as the other 3/4 day skippers.
  126. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    51 on the San Diego is way more comfortable then 45 on the Mission Belle. As a matter of fact 70 on the San Diego is more comfortable then 45 on the Belle.
  127. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Actually I haven't talked to him in about a year. But dude is about as fishy as they come. And the boats owner catches more yellowtail then any other 3/4 day boat and has the best crew of any boat in SD. So obviously you have your head buried in your twat too.
  128. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    What do you expect when these dudes insult the best 3/4 day boat in the fleet? They obviously have their nostrils filled with feces from their heads being up their assholes. Nope no new playground from me I like seeing the stupidity of all the donkeys on here. Granted, there are some good...
  129. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Also, if you need to sit in their chum line, you obviously can't find your own fish. Just shows you are donkey numero uno.
  130. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    It's not like dropping a baby dickwad. The ignorance here amazes me.
  131. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    And you can fuck way off.
  132. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    You sir can go eat a giant bag of dicks
  133. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    For reports? Yes I do. Some people actually read the reports for experiences and information. There are a few members that frequent the same forums as I do for the same reason. It's also not hard to copy and paste words.For reports? Yes I do. Some people actually read the reports for experiences...
  134. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    So you put up the same thread on three different forums? Geezus Krist do you have a fucking life??
  135. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    No wedding. But the guy did teach me how to fish the surface iron, and I've shared a duck blind with him on countless occasions. He's a good dude, and killed more fish then many many bloodydonkers combined.
  136. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    I fuck myself twice a day. Usually in the morning when I shower and then at night before I sleep (try to shoot it over my shoulder and hit the wall). Look Stinger isn't the friendliest guy in the fleet, but he makes up for it in experience. Unlike yourself obviously.
  137. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    That would be Stinger........he's a bad ass filipino dude and you should have brought your complaints to him so he could shove your coffee grinder up your ass. The guy is a legend in the fleet and you should feel honored to fish with him while he's still around. You donkey.
  138. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Or better yet go fish on the pronto when that faggot george is driving it.
  139. sitonmyface

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    San Diego is a private owned boat. Like has been stated before it is without a doubt the best 3/4 day boat out there. I'm picturing you as a kook with a floppy hat wearing a vest and fighting belt while you're fishing 15lb. No wonder the cook looked at you like you were a kook. Maybe you...
  140. sitonmyface

    Grouse hunt *girls with guns*

    Briiiiiick brick brick
  141. sitonmyface


    YOu make want to work on your fish identification skills :eek:
  142. sitonmyface

    Offshore Oceanside 95 ride on 9-6-14

    If you're a the heck do you forget cigarettes?
  143. sitonmyface

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    It doesn't offend you that they just run across our borders then don't even know how to flush some shit paper?
  144. sitonmyface

    need information long range trip

    Probably would be better to post this in the offshore trip planning forum. Nothing but salmon (the weakest of all "gamefish") fisherman here :shake:
  145. sitonmyface

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    You should read the review from Sylva D. What a shitshow. "They were only chumming one side of the boat and told my husband not to fish the wrong side of the boat". Haha what a dumb bitch. Maybe she's ethnic.
  146. sitonmyface

    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    Whoever was driving the skiff you were on was a donkey. Learn to drop your anchor.
  147. sitonmyface

    YFT from the kayaks

    Well SUP's are about the queerest thing ever.
  148. sitonmyface

    YFT from the kayaks

    Next time you should use a float tube.
  149. sitonmyface

    YFT from the kayaks

    Nice job on the ahi. But you didn't get out there on a kayak. You might as well have stayed on the mothership. Just sayin.
  150. sitonmyface


    Yeah I agree those yellows are tiny. Almost embarassing
  151. sitonmyface

    Offshore 2 day Aug 8th thru 10 Legend

    T'hat's' wh'at commas' and per'iods' are made for donkey'boy
  152. sitonmyface

    Offshore 2 day Aug 8th thru 10 Legend

    What's' with' all' the ap'ostro'phes'''''?'?'
  153. sitonmyface

    Misson Bay Babys..

    I would just go find the sand and troll with my trouser serpent. A lot better pescados over there.
  154. sitonmyface

    Not so good news on El Nino

    I wouldn't pay attention to what these overpaid scientists say one only needs to look at the fishing, the fish are telling the real story.
  155. sitonmyface

    Offshore Dodo yellows bft yft

    Why don't you go eat a bag of dicks jack-off
  156. sitonmyface

    Offshore YF Limits for 12 on 1 stop!!!!

    Wonder who Sommers has a vendetta against.......:rolleyes:
  157. sitonmyface

    Bodega under assault

    Wrap that squish up I want to eat some calamari. Tastes better then dog food salmon anyways.
  158. sitonmyface

    Offshore Dodo yellows bft yft

    Go find them yourself donkey it's not that hard right now.
  159. sitonmyface

    Jig color

    Oh I'm gonna go undergunned and just break fish off. That's ignorant. Fishing bluefin with 175 yards of anything. That's ignorant. Do you realize that these fish don't come around every year? I'd rather go after the fish with the proper tackle, that's what I'd rather do. Sounds like...
  160. sitonmyface

    Jig color

    Why on earth would you want to break off a big bluefin? Geezus the ignorance.
  161. sitonmyface

    Offshore Electra 1/2 day fish counts (Monday Jul 21) OCEANSIDE

    I've caught yellowtail on that piece of shit before.
  162. sitonmyface

    I can tell you where they are not.

    No they're not red. They are tarback dickmouths.
  163. sitonmyface

    Offshore 7-15

    It means there was a donkey on the radio claiming he caught 12 and everyone else had 0, 1, or 2 fish on the boat.
  164. sitonmyface

    Which 3/4 Day Landing/Boat For Tuna?

    San Diego out of Seaforth no questions ask. The San Diego with 50 people fishes a lot more comfortably then the Mission Belle with 45. Plus, RSW on the San Diego keeps your fish in tip top shape. Plus free parking at Seaforth. Plus Booger is one of the fishiest dudes on the planet.
  165. sitonmyface

    Best Casting Conventional Reel???

    Well a yellowtail definitely isn't a striper........don't use a jumbo spinning reel unless you want your ass handed to you.
  166. sitonmyface

    Salmon fishing help needed

    Yeah I'm not manly enough to reel in the weakest of all "gamefish" :rolleyes:
  167. sitonmyface

    Salmon fishing help needed

    I would just not go
  168. sitonmyface

    The one that got away :(((

    Definitely wasn't a salmon. Salmon won't cause your reel to scream. Salmon are :supergay:
  169. sitonmyface

    Whats the best salmon rod for bead fishing?

    I'm speaking from experience. Salmon are gay......
  170. sitonmyface

    SF party boat salmon trolling gear question

    Any fishing with a 2 1/2 lb ball is :supergay:
  171. sitonmyface

    SF party boat salmon trolling gear question

    Ok fair enough smoked salmon out of the salt is good eats. I don't prefer it cooked. I do like it raw.
  172. sitonmyface

    SF party boat salmon trolling gear question

    No sir not at all. I think the mighty salmon is a weak fighter, poor table fare and just all around gay :gay:
  173. sitonmyface

    Whats the best salmon rod for bead fishing?

    Seriously though, why would you want to catch a fish that's dying in a river that tastes like crap. Kind of asinine if you ask me. Almost as stupid as fishing for stocked trout.
  174. sitonmyface

    Whats the best salmon rod for bead fishing?

    If you can catch a 40lb fish on 10lb mono it's because it's almost dead, was a weak ass fish to begin with, and on top of all that it makes it thuuuuupppper gaaaaaaay:gay::gay::gay::supergay::supergay:
  175. sitonmyface

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    4lb pflueger ultarlite set up salmon are gaaaaaayyyyyy:supergay::supergay:
  176. sitonmyface

    SF party boat salmon trolling gear question

    Shit you could just bring an ultralight trout rod those gay salmon just swim with the boat anyways. Who wants to troll for a fish that's so weak they don't even have to kick boat in neutral when someone gets hooked up. :gay::supergay:
  177. sitonmyface

    Whats the best salmon rod for bead fishing?

    I say you just have some fun with anal beads because salmon are super gaaaaaay
  178. sitonmyface


    I've been suspended twice in the history of this thread. 480
  179. sitonmyface

    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    Most (notice I said most not all) the guys on the long trips couldn't hang a yellowtail at the islands or a bluefin in a plunker bite if they tried. The reason they go on those trips is because they suck at fishing, and need it to be wide open to catch a fish.
  180. sitonmyface

    Any reports on San Clemente Island

    I'm sure Booger needed you to help him find fish. Geezus.........
  181. sitonmyface

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    Well I definitely choke my chicken, but don't watch Jerry Springer. I'd rather choke my chicken then fish a boat that lets people tether rods to the rail.
  182. sitonmyface

    4/30/14 M/V San Diego Yellows!

    Good job. I fished with you guys on the bow back in March. I live in Norcal now so don't make it out as much as I used to.
  183. sitonmyface

    where is my fd report

    My guess would be the googans cant fish the chovy.......
  184. sitonmyface

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    Haha....exactly why I don't fish boats up there. I hate boats that you have a "spot". Gayyyyyyyyy
  185. sitonmyface

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    If they really put 90 people on that boat stay the eff away. Sounds like a shit show.
  186. sitonmyface

    Halibut/Striper Rod/Reel Question

    I use a zebco spincast I got at walshart for $27.34
  187. sitonmyface

    Yellows On Da Plug 3/11/14

    Nice fish. I always thought the plug was a surface iron though.......
  188. sitonmyface

    Wister January 11th

    move to grab my gun and make the shot as it caught me by surprise. It sounded like steady shooting to the South in the U/T areas and maybe W blinds. Even the blinds on the sea side sounded to be plugging away, at least more so than where I was. What a douche!!!!
  189. sitonmyface

    Boston Marathon explosion

    This sucks for the deceased and hurt and I'm gonna get heat for this but I don't care......anybody find it interesting that this "distraction" took place right before a big gun bill is about to get pushed through the Senate?????
  190. sitonmyface

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    This thread is ghey
  191. sitonmyface

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    Haha Dick Johnson
  192. sitonmyface

    Offshore San Diego, San Pedro or Oxnard

    Fish 3/4 day. The 3/4 day skippers always fuck up the overnight guys at the islands.
  193. sitonmyface

    3-25-13 islands rockpile short report

    Did you guys not see that he was asked for mexican license, id and boat registration??
  194. sitonmyface

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Sounds like Booger is on them again today.
  195. sitonmyface

    Lost dog San Diego

    I know some people that live in that neighborhood I shot them all pics of your dog.
  196. sitonmyface

    Lost dog San Diego

    Any news?? I drive by that area all the time I'll keep my eyes open.
  197. sitonmyface

    yellowfin tuna on the point loma?

    They were bigeye
  198. sitonmyface

    YELLOWTAIL! Malihini on them again 3-22

    Punching the clown is better then punching yourself in the face.
  199. sitonmyface

    Wide Open Yellowtail on the MALIHINI! 3-21-2013

    Man how come the Malihini only caught 28 when it was wide open?? I woulda thunk that they were getting them on 80lb and cigarette butts in the corner?? Looks like someone was trying to play catch up too......those boys on the boat with the beautiful fish hold from the landing in the other bay...
  200. sitonmyface

    Wide Open Yellowtail on the MALIHINI! 3-21-2013

    Hope those guys sell some tickets......but wide open? Wide open is done at 11am, not 20 fish :)
  201. sitonmyface

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    Amen Brother. Department of Fines and Welfare is the enemy! The guy is trying to make a living and they're trying to make him a welfare case.
  202. sitonmyface

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    Yep sure am bitter. Depends on what your definition of "processed ready for consumption" is? But anyways, don't knock the Ranger. These wardens are not our friends. They are the Brown Coats of an organization that has been infiltrated by the HSUS. If a warden is a sportsman, he should turn...
  203. sitonmyface

    Voyager out of seaforth any good???

    Jody is a fish killling machine. Boat is on small side, but he keeps the load light. You'll have fun if you go.
  204. sitonmyface

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    Department of Fines and welfare can suck a cock.
  205. sitonmyface

    The Big buck Controversy

    So can Vuich and all the other faggots with badges at the Kaliforniastan Department of Fines and Game(Wildlife)
  206. sitonmyface

    Turkey opener rain

    Haha Tony
  207. sitonmyface

    Duck Decoys for sale

    That was obvious :shithappens:
  208. sitonmyface

    Duck Decoys for sale

    That's a good deal they look like they're in good shape.
  209. sitonmyface

    Seaforth 3/4 day trip.

    That's bs you don't need a passport to fish 3/4 day.
  210. sitonmyface

    Sea Duck Hunting Info?

    I'm gonna take a wild guess and say a shotgun and a boat....
  211. sitonmyface

    Seaforth 3/4 day trip.

    Expect anything from rockfishto yellowtail. If there are yellowtail around, Booger will be after them.
  212. sitonmyface

    What reel does this spool belong too?

    Some coffee grinder
  213. sitonmyface

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    How about helping yourself to a cup of homo?
  214. sitonmyface

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    You're an idiot. If the Japs want to eat whales let them. Wait until some homo tells you that you can't eat bacon.
  215. sitonmyface

    Off Season Reading Material

    Welcome to the hell that is february thru october......
  216. sitonmyface

    Baja Snow

  217. sitonmyface

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    Oh yeah that would def shut down his sandbass bite??? WTF :shithappens:
  218. sitonmyface

    New Speck Design

    It's a chinook salmon
  219. sitonmyface

    Wister 1/12

    How about don't throw out blinds on an internet forum??? Seventeen gazillion reports on this page with the word WI$T3r in it......come on guys try to keep the crowds down a little bit. Go ahead and bash me but Bloodydonks is the fucking devil
  220. sitonmyface

    limit for 6

    Good move hunting with Jeff......
  221. sitonmyface

    Merry Christmas

    Hey where'd you shoot that dirty shit goose?
  222. sitonmyface

    Wister area 12/26

    The only thing the chicks at the buckshit are talented at is popping out bastard children.
  223. sitonmyface

    Fuck poachers!!!

    Touche....Fleet and Vuich are steaming piles :shithappens:
  224. sitonmyface

    jacinto 12/1 resi# 47

    Ummmm maybe the one on the other side of the hill???? Why do you guys keep putting up reports......wonder why you can never get into FuckJ on the sweat line.
  225. sitonmyface

    The Big buck Controversy

    Moral of story.....all a warden gets out of me is my hunting license and they can look at whatever they want. No questions will be answered. These guys aren't on the side of hunters or fisherman anymore, hence name change of the organization that writes them their paychecks. Fuck them.
  226. sitonmyface

    s.j this morning D2

    Awesome tell everybody when it's lights out play by play so you can't get on the sweat line. Thank you very much.
  227. sitonmyface

    s.j this morning D2

    You guys are idiots. Posting specific blind sites on an internet forum. Guys like you are the reason these places are crowded. Why don't you save all your reports and pics for after the season then you can get stroked off by all the people that can think you are duck gods?
  228. sitonmyface

    going in #28 at San Jacinto nov 3rd

    Agreed.....he acts like a concierge at a 5 star hotel. Not a fan, and no he does not hunt.
  229. sitonmyface

    Where do you guys eat around wister?

    That's the first time I've ever heard that said.....I'd say it's the best within 200 miles
  230. sitonmyface

    New Seaforth noon run 09/27/12

    That mackerel in the sack looks delicious
  231. sitonmyface

    Barrett draw

    Everybody should hunt Barrett it's super good on the opener
  232. sitonmyface

    Thank You All Very Much!

    Hey Dan has anyone ever told you that you look like a sumo wrestler crossed with a harbor seal??? :_diarrhea_:
  233. sitonmyface

    3/4 day boat options

    No questions asked fish the San Diego
  234. sitonmyface

    Throwing Irons with Spectra

    How about don't throw it with the spectra. 100 yard topshot of 40 mono
  235. sitonmyface

    Long boat ride on the MarDiosa

    Tony is a good skipper
  236. sitonmyface

    Topshot length for tossing iron?

    100 yards duh
  237. sitonmyface

    The Waterfowl regs are here!

    I looked last night. Still have extended snow goose season in IV. Reg season Nov 3- Jan 27 Late season Feb 9-24
  238. sitonmyface

    Avet for irons

    fish star drags to throw the lure.....Newells duh
  239. sitonmyface

    Salton Sea

    No fish no ducks the sea is dead
  240. sitonmyface

    baby bassinet and breast pump

    Have any leftover breast milk? I've always wanted a breast milk white russian
  241. sitonmyface


    I love killing 10 bass. Catch and release is :supergay:
  242. sitonmyface

    delta big break

    Squawfish I think
  243. sitonmyface

    Okuma Andros or Cedros

    Why would you buy one of these pieces of shit?
  244. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    Works every time donkey boy. 93 days until duck season you fuck rag :2gunsfiring_v1:
  245. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    I thought you were fishing calicos? :_diarrhea_:
  246. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    I thought I was supposed to give you the spanking :Pelvic_Thrust:
  247. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    Don't be a fag Tom....angry because you haven't caught a yellow or got a domer from your old lady in a while?:shithappens:
  248. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    Nope, I'd never ride a half day boat with 70 people. I just think the shit is funny. If you guys don't, then don't read it. Just saying:Emoticon_Potty_Time
  249. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    Sense of humor try it:2gunsfiring_v1:
  250. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    Why's he a douchebag? For having fun?:shithappens:
  251. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    You're a kook for caring :_diarrhea_:
  252. sitonmyface

    new seaforth produces...

    You guys are all clowns I think that shit is funny. Fuck way off for not having a sense of humor. Donkeys
  253. sitonmyface

    Who's on the Aztec tonight?

    How come all these fucking trips are getting cancelled?
  254. sitonmyface

    Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!

  255. sitonmyface

    Mexican Visas?

    This info is 100% correct from what I saw/heard. I was on the San Diego on Saturday and we were boarded by a boat marked "Profepa". They did ask for FMM's and Booger told them to basically pound sand. Him and Mikey both have appointments on 7/10 in Tijuana. At first they were telling us we...
  256. sitonmyface

    6/30 Catalina repart Aboard the Westerly.

    Looks like you put the bucktail in the calicos mouth after it ate something else to me
  257. sitonmyface

    Diamond Divers

    That show is a joke bunch of douchebags.
  258. sitonmyface

    Saltist 40

    Sorry I feel like a yeast douche. It's a 50 not a 40, been in a box in the garage for a few years. If Duke doesn't take it I'll work my way down the line to anybody still interested.
  259. sitonmyface

    Saltist 40

    It's not the high speed I think it's 4.6 or 4.8:1
  260. sitonmyface

    Saltist 40

    First model of Saltist. Used for one summer. Little boat rash on the side plate but works like brand new. Been sitting in the garage. I need goose decoys! First $75 takes it.
  261. sitonmyface

    New Seaforth June 25th

    My guess is they New Seaforth was fishing in Oceanside :_diarrhea_::shithappens:
  262. sitonmyface

    Offshore Any report from 9-mile bank?

    Bigeye are on the 9 in 62 degree water
  263. sitonmyface

    Offshore yellowtail shootout but caught Calicos instead

    Not my preferred method but I was thinking the same thing :_diarrhea_:
  264. sitonmyface

    Big Turds.......

  265. sitonmyface

    San Diego yellows.

    The water
  266. sitonmyface

    Pacific Dawn 6/21 Channel Islands

    Couldn't get one handed off to you huh Dan?
  267. sitonmyface

    vertical jigging california

    Just wasted your money
  268. sitonmyface

    Offshore What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    I hate having to see Paul every hunt day at Wister why do I have to see his face in this pic :finger:
  269. sitonmyface

    New Obama Executive Order

    Who told you that? ABC, MSNBC? Idiot :finger:
  270. sitonmyface

    Dan Hernandez East Cape Trip in Aug.

    At least you don't have to hook your own fish down there Dan :rofl:
  271. sitonmyface

    Phenix Mirage for my girlfriend

    Let's see your girlfriend
  272. sitonmyface

    Anybody throwing iron with the JX?

    Ridiculous. Fish a Newell. Avet to throw the lure=DONKEY
  273. sitonmyface

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    Really? Calicos don't taste good?:shithappens:
  274. sitonmyface

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    5 hour energy
  275. sitonmyface


    The real rules are nothing has changed. You still just need a mexican fishing license to fish the island. Nothing from immigration or armada de Mexico yet. Ken Franke should resign his position for putting out the press release and letting MX tourist assist push him around...
  276. sitonmyface

    New ownership for the Legend

    Yeah. Trowbridge is a douche. His wife took the boat
  277. sitonmyface

    Catalina Sheephead 6/3

    Upside down coffee grinder is great form
  278. sitonmyface

    fishing on the San Diego friday

    Ask for sardines if you don't catch anything so you have something to eat.
  279. sitonmyface

    local mex requirements?

    You don't need the stupid visa!!!!!!!
  280. sitonmyface

    Yellow tail

    Wrong, SD is not bringing visas. Nothing from the Mexican Navy or Immigration has stated the need for this $33 visa. Only MX Tourist Assist. It's a scam from them. Glad the retards at SAC put out that press release. If it wasn't for those idiots at SAC everybody wouldn't have wasted this...
  281. sitonmyface

    Coronados 4/28

    I was down at the pile this morning. 57.9 no fish
  282. sitonmyface

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    I'm just trying to get another infraction. Misdemeanors are boring.
  283. sitonmyface

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    That sounds like a threat. What kind of equipment do you operate? Skiploader with gigantic vibrating dildo bucket?? :shithappens::finger::shithappens::finger:
  284. sitonmyface

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    Did you stock your carp ponds yet? I'll be sure to pay good money to fish carp and shoot ruddys
  285. sitonmyface

    They punish Poachers in ID. !

    I find it ironic how they have no respect for our laws while having no respect for this country in not learning the language we speak.
  286. sitonmyface

    Woah hope this isnt anyone on here

    Fire was off the refuge. The guy was obviously a complete clown, but that salt cedar getting cleared didn't really hurt anybody.
  287. sitonmyface

    Catch calico's and Sand bass in cold water

    Does using Gay-69 Bucktail Jigs help catch bass in cold yeasty water?
  288. sitonmyface

    One last time at La Jolla...12/28/2011

    Carl can't kill halibut or ducks
  289. sitonmyface

    Alaska season pic heavy

    Those oldsquaw are cool.
  290. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    Kern's no secret.....hunt the free roam and move to where the birds are going.
  291. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    No secret spots.....just spots that are off the radar of most. I just think there's nothing wrong with keeping them off the radar. Duck porn is great, I just don't think it's a good idea to tell anyone who google searches Wister what blind you were in. Stay away from the u's and t's, they've...
  292. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    There's two of them there Carl. Thanks Bill......You never hunt there anyways. Why blow it up for the guys that do?
  293. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    If you pick that spot with a 5 you would be sprigs. And you've never been there. I'll be glad to bring you though.
  294. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    Yep....all it takes is a few too many beers and loose lips. This spot will probably be there anytime I want it. Unless I advertise it on the internet.
  295. sitonmyface

    I found my dream job

    It's hard not to be a dick when you're constipated all the time :_diarrhea_::shithappens:
  296. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    That it is....but let the donkeys not know where to go. No kill sheets now, why give up any info that's not needed. :shithappens:
  297. sitonmyface

    I found my dream job

    I think that's an undercover dong shucking'd be perfect for it Dr. Fewl!
  298. sitonmyface

    Killin Shit 12/2 - 12-4

    No I don't hunt with that fucker
  299. sitonmyface

    Niland CWA Dinner

    Glad you had fun.....not a smart idea to list blind sites where you shoot limits on the internet. Next time it probably won't be there for you now.
  300. sitonmyface

    Killin Shit 12/2 - 12-4

    Damn....there's the license plate I saw cutting me off last year. Jerk
  301. sitonmyface

    Chicks Who Fish

    I guess I have to go to Charkbait now to. I'm not buying anything unless they started selling shells there
  302. sitonmyface

    Duckin' in the CNF

    I wouldn't.....Wister sucks. Skybusters everywhere shooting at birds at 80-100 yards. That place sucks
  303. sitonmyface

    Any tips for San Jacinto Wildlife area?

    Yeah go somewhere else
  304. sitonmyface

    Single Reed or Double Reed

    Haydels dr-85
  305. sitonmyface

    Decent duck hunting!

    Fun shoot
  306. sitonmyface

    Places to shoot around San Diego

  307. sitonmyface

    Best taisting game.

  308. sitonmyface


    dove skewers on the barbecue with yellowtail ceviche for and pacifico for a warm up
  309. sitonmyface

    Top Gun 80

    25 is fine on that boat. If the fish are biting, it's a great boat to be on also IMO
  310. sitonmyface

    Offshore I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    I've taken plenty of kids fishing myself, I just don't use it as an avenue to sell less then par fishing tackle or cooking products. :finger::shithappens:
  311. sitonmyface

    Offshore BMS 1.5 DAY REPORT

    Or get on another boat, the bms is the worst boat in the fleet.
  312. sitonmyface

    Offshore I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    Duh, sometimes the truth hurts, the guys a farmer. I thought this thread dwas about some douchebag bashing a sportboat?
  313. sitonmyface

    Offshore I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    Dan Hernandez is the world's biggest mangina.....I'm sick of people that don't know how to fish trying to swallow his unexistent shaft to the pubes
  314. sitonmyface

    Offshore I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    Well when your dick is as big as mine is, you get used to stepping on it. It hurts and makes me not want to help people.
  315. sitonmyface

    It's starting early this year

    What are you guys starting early humping in freshwater?
  316. sitonmyface

    Freshwater Humpy Setups in the Fresh Water

    From my experience, when you hump in fresh water I get way less sand underneath my balls and in my ass crack then when I hump in salt water. So the only difference in setup is that I don't have to shower as quickly after the set up. Unless she was a real skank, then I shower very quickly to...
  317. sitonmyface

    So we got a new family member

    I have some duck wings I could part with if you want to drive down to San Marcos. Congrats on the pup
  318. sitonmyface

    Underwater Roosterfish Footage

    You mean someone hooked and handed 9 roosterfish to you then you released them....5 out of 9 were long line released
  319. sitonmyface

    Looking to trade

    Us Wister guys would never stoop so low as to let Dr. Fool have is way with one of our chicks. Pretty sure Mrs. Fool doesn't even let the Dr. get a piece.
  320. sitonmyface

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    If those are really your boobs you can fart on me whenever you want
  321. sitonmyface

    PT MAKOS 8-27

    Sounds like this donk should be up at HB pier with Whitey Killer:shithappens:
  322. sitonmyface

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    That's fine if they do.....those idiots and the youtube video they posted speak for themselves. Completely ignorant Mexi's. No respect for this great country or rules and think that being ignorant of the rules is a good excuse. I have plenty of Mexi friends, but those are the kind that...
  323. sitonmyface

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    You should have licenses to fish piers. Maybe if we respected our borders and stopped these :shithappens:bags from running across our borders with no punishment, they'd have some respect for our laws instead of being ignorant of them:2gunsfiring_v1:. How's that for racist?
  324. sitonmyface

    Buzz worm and quail brood....

    Yeah deadly Poodle Dog Bush....I tried but the thing was on his way into some sage and I was in flip flpos
  325. sitonmyface

    Buzz worm and quail brood....

    I tried to pick a battle and have a lady hold my dog to kill one about a week ago. For some reason she thought the snake belonged in a place where people bring their kids and dogs to play. :shithappens:
  326. sitonmyface

    Buzz worm and quail brood....

  327. sitonmyface

    Bright and Morning Star or Prowler

    That isn't even a question to ponder. Since you don't know you should go on the BMS
  328. sitonmyface

    Offshore a few YTs and a marlin

    Why were you guys trolling with 30 lb??
  329. sitonmyface

    Offshore Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    Top Gun 80 is a good boat. If there were fish to be caught then you would've caught them. As far as the price, don't worry about it. It'll be a lot more expensive next year when massive inflation sets in. Shit, I bet banks own half the sport fleet down here next year if those guys don't get...
  330. sitonmyface

    The Wister Mud from hell.

    I can't wait for everybody to stay home after the first big storm!
  331. sitonmyface

    Kelp monsters in LJ 8/4

    They weren't catching yellows you made the right decision Tony good stuff
  332. sitonmyface

    Dog Flea Treatments

    Revolution. Heartworms, fleas, mites everything $60 at my vets with 6 months worth of tick collars
  333. sitonmyface

    Your top 3 favorite irons for barracuda, calicos, and yellowtail

    Color doesn't matter color doesn't matter color doesn't matter for yellowtail. My best yt jig got all the chocolate milk paint ate off of it so I painted it with white Killz and a sharpie. Then I put a bloodshot eye on the back of it works the same in black and white as it did before...
  334. sitonmyface

    GREAT WHITE in San Clemente

    Listen to all those spaztics what a bunch of donkeys
  335. sitonmyface

    Good day in SD Bay

    I think it would be much better if you changed your screen name to Lieutenant Dan
  336. sitonmyface

    Average Iron casting distance

    I can throw a Tady 45 exactly 177.32 yards
  337. sitonmyface

    2 WSB Thur 7-21

    Tell Burke I said he sucks and to call me
  338. sitonmyface

    Offshore Best blue fin catch of the season so far...

    It's because Scott never wears shoes
  339. sitonmyface

    Sea of Cortez - First week of July, Videos and Pics

    You should send me some topless pics of your land tuna :boobies::boobies:
  340. sitonmyface

    mexican navy stopped us

    How about you lick my trolling for me buddy you can have my turn. I'll slide a bait back and saw your troll fish off if you don't watch it :smoking33:
  341. sitonmyface

    mexican navy stopped us

    Listen here fruit loop.....I've been boarded many times and nothing's ever happened. :finger:
  342. sitonmyface

    Butterfly Vs. Yoyo

    Yoyo jigs are for people that know how to catch fish. Butterfly jigs are for people that get caught by Shimano's advertising techniques. Buying a butterfly jig and shimano's recommended set up= wasted money and :shithappens:. Buying yoyo jigs will put fish in the hold for you and leave money...
  343. sitonmyface

    accurate or Avet what do you like and why?

    :shithappens:Both of them suck donkey balls for local fishing IMO.....for stupid long range fish they work.
  344. sitonmyface


    take the dogs to a clinic and get them vaccinated I'd rather get bit by one myself then have my dog take the hit.
  345. sitonmyface

    mexican navy stopped us

    Well you must have been blind on your personal experience. At least one of them will always be packing.
  346. sitonmyface

    Which One - 976 Tuna, Fishdope, others?

    Fishdope sucks
  347. sitonmyface

    mexican navy stopped us

    Duh....they are members of Mexico's NAVY. What makes you think they wouldn't be packing??:shithappens:
  348. sitonmyface

    catch squid in la jolla at night?

    Put a light out and dangle your wiener in the water works for me
  349. sitonmyface

    Pussy's gonna cost more in San Diego

    I consider myself honest....but my dog isn't licensed. Why the fuck should I have to register my dog?? So the fucking government can get their hands in my wallet another way. Has nothing to do with being honest. It has to do with bastards wanting to know everything you do, how many times you...
  350. sitonmyface


  351. sitonmyface

    what fish do you like to catch/eat in san diego

    #1....snag mullet in lagoon and eat sashimi #2....barracude (boil egg sacks and put in hot dog bun) perch (cook whole like tilapia but don't gut)
  352. sitonmyface

    jig stick for Saltiga 30T

    I use 332's on all my other jigsticks, the 30t on the 90J is my meat stick since I don't like Ulua's.
  353. sitonmyface

    jig stick for Saltiga 30T

    It's a saltist not a saltiga and I made it fit.....It is stiffer then the glass rod. Tough to throw stuff lighter then a 45, I mainly fish the 7x on it. I use clear Izor for all my jig fishing.
  354. sitonmyface

    jig stick for Saltiga 30T

    I would recommend a good knife to cut backlashes out of the spectra. IMO anyone who fishes straight spectra when fishing the surface iron is a donkey, and should be banned from the bow. I fish 120 yard topshot of 40lb mono backed by 65lb spectra on a 30t. I fish it on a GG90J.
  355. sitonmyface

    Offshore Albacore! 239 Miles!

    I don't think you can afford to even buy tackle for Bigeye when you work at 7-11. :shithappens:
  356. sitonmyface

    Offshore Albacore! 239 Miles!

    The only SKUNK that I'm around frequently is the sticky green kind :smoking33: .......just sayin. :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  357. sitonmyface

    ALBACORE :shithappens::rofl::shithappens: :supergay:
  358. sitonmyface

    Offshore Albacore! 239 Miles!

    Oh sweet now everybody can pay $500 to go on a 2.5 day and troll and watch a deckhand throw some bait on a "meter mark". Gay:smoking33::supergay:Let me know when they're at 60 miles.
  359. sitonmyface

    Suggestions for Irons?

    How do you know it's a good iron? Did you already fish it? My guess is it's not a good iron, probably a spinner which makes it a steaming pile of :shithappens:
  360. sitonmyface


    You should go on a twilight trip on the Sea Trek out of Oceanside and flyline some Pautzke's Balls o' Fire. That's a sure fire way to catch a yellooooootail
  361. sitonmyface

    Suggestions for Irons?

    I would definitely by some of Dan Hernandez magic metal lures and b52 bucktail jigs. Those things catch fish :boobies:
  362. sitonmyface

    Honker having a bad day...

  363. sitonmyface steel.

    Nice piece
  364. sitonmyface

    Should I fish LJ kelp tomarrow

    I would bring some Zeke's Trout Cheese
  365. sitonmyface

    goals this season

    Me fucking too!!!!!:shithappens::shithappens::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  366. sitonmyface

    Calling pigs?

    Believe me.....would never pull the trigger on such a beast.....but I won't tell you I've never been hoggin before :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  367. sitonmyface

    goals this season

    Nothing....just being obnoxsious. I'd never poop in somebody's blind.
  368. sitonmyface

    goals this season

    Kill a lot of ducks. Shoot a turkey tomorrow. Take a poop in every turkey blind I find that isn't mine. :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  369. sitonmyface

    Go get his ass...

    Try to snag him with a lure
  370. sitonmyface

    Calling pigs?

    :smoking33: :smoking33: :smoking33: :smoking33: :smoking33: :smoking33: :smoking33:
  371. sitonmyface

    Calling pigs?

    I've found the best way to call pigs is to lure them in with Jager and over priced Vodka. Then a well placed banana is used for bait. If you take the shot at that point is up to judgement that might be regretted in the morning.
  372. sitonmyface

    Local Rockfishing for Limits of Big Bocaccio on the Spectra 4/25/10

    Yummmm nothing better than work grouper sashimi
  373. sitonmyface

    3/4 day help... the San Diego or Sea Adventure 80

    SD all the way :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  374. sitonmyface

    Why I do it

    Congratulations :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  375. sitonmyface

    Washington Gobbler

    :smoking33: Word :smoking33:
  376. sitonmyface

    looking for (non-creepy) mentor

    Captain Sitonmyface to the rescue!:smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  377. sitonmyface

    Washington Gobbler

    I saw a pic of a bird with four beards. :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  378. sitonmyface

    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

    Archery's open for two weeks after May 2.
  379. sitonmyface

    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

  380. sitonmyface

    flaming arrow

  381. sitonmyface

    Iceland Volcano Pics

    Pretty fucking crazy stuff there:smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  382. sitonmyface

    Washington Gobbler

    Way to go :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  383. sitonmyface

    got spooled on bajo san miguel

    Yeah next time fish 40 pound though for any jig....the only thing 25 will do is make you lose good jigs.
  384. sitonmyface

    got spooled on bajo san miguel

    When your spool's low on line the drag gets tighter so it's def a big nono to ever tighten it then.
  385. sitonmyface


    Unemployed construction superintendent.
  386. sitonmyface

    Bluewing teal mount

  387. sitonmyface

    YT are here to play!

    Man you're sure pimpin for the Grande all the time huh??
  388. sitonmyface

    YT going off again

    How about you get them while there hear and get the other kind too :smoking33::smoking33:
  389. sitonmyface

    will yellows be wide open any time soon again in ensenada????

    I wonder how many the deckies hook and handed. Boog got 53 on the SD today.
  390. sitonmyface

    one way to get 22 million..

    Retarded fucking system
  391. sitonmyface

    Polaris Supreme Charter

    :smoking33::smoking33:Do they have to turn around on the 13th? Why pay extra for a 2.5 day when you're gonna have to turn around early on the last fishing day?:smoking33:
  392. sitonmyface

    will yellows be wide open any time soon again in ensenada????

    Like a Jackalope or Chupacabra :smoking33::smoking33:
  393. sitonmyface

    will yellows be wide open any time soon again in ensenada????

    I hope you're being sarcastic :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  394. sitonmyface

    Are the yellows gone...?

    Yes :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  395. sitonmyface

    RIP Buck dog

    That's sad man....I'm sorry.
  396. sitonmyface

    K&M San Quintin Huge Reds! Great Weather

    Way to go on the cow.
  397. sitonmyface

    1 pellet and 32 yards....

    That is fucking sweet fuck those flower bed eating motherfuckers :smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  398. sitonmyface

    Smart Turkeys

    I dealt with smart ones yesterday too.....not Cuyamace but on public land next to private. Our blind was 5 yards from the fence with our decoys 30 yards behind us on the public side. Had some nice toms strutting 10 yards on the wrong side of the fence for an hour or so. Good gobble and strut...
  399. sitonmyface

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    What does Glenn Beck have to do with this? He's the man!
  400. sitonmyface

    Smoker... Last Call.

    I'll let you know if I can come get it.
  401. sitonmyface

    Smoker... Last Call.

    Got a pic of it?
  402. sitonmyface

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    I've heard those Ensenada skippers don't like the sporties fishing down there
  403. sitonmyface

    Private land 2010 bow first turkey

    :smoking33::smoking33:Way to go guys
  404. sitonmyface


    Ditto yes:Smoke_Emoticon:
  405. sitonmyface

    a good yellow stick

    Yeah those will work perfect:evilimu:
  406. sitonmyface

    Pesky Earthquakes...

    No worries....they're fun.
  407. sitonmyface

    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows?

    4/0 is a great yoyo jig....I like to fish the 4/0 or 6x if it's a little windy because they sink pretty fast, 6xjr on the days with lighter wind.
  408. sitonmyface

    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows?

    I've caught them on megabaits....IMO the flashy colors of megabaits are more suited to offshore fishing and that stuff's inshore right now. Is your second ? asking if a Tady C or a Salas 7x is suitable for yoyo fishing?? If that's what you're getting at it's a no, C's and 7x's are surface iron's.
  409. sitonmyface

    I know many of us hate seals......

    I thought that was going to turn into some strap on porn the way the stupid hippie was letting that ugly thing make out with her.
  410. sitonmyface

    Yellowtail Friday 9th around the Coronados

    Yeah, you're green but the Nados=Coronados :Smoke_Emoticon:
  411. sitonmyface

    Yellowtail Friday 9th around the Coronados

    Not my kid, go find your own fish if you care if somebody smokes. :picknose:
  412. sitonmyface

    Yellowtail Friday 9th around the Coronados

    I'd show you the drill down there but I smoke like a chimney :smoking33::smoking33::Smoke_Emoticon::Smoke_Emoticon::smoking33::Smoke_Emoticon::Smoke_Emoticon::smoking33::Smoke_Emoticon::Smoke_Emoticon::smoking33:
  413. sitonmyface

    Full day on the Pursuit

    Fishing 6 pound on a full sport boat sounds like a good way to ruin everybody else's day.....leave that goal for when you have your own boat :smoking33::smoking33:
  414. sitonmyface

    Ronny Kovach's Advertising adventures

    Dan Hernandez and Ronnie Kovach are both : farmer :'s!!! :smoking33::smoking33:
  415. sitonmyface

    the san diego ripoff

    I know that at Seaforth every Mexican day permit is stamped and can't be used again. Don't know about the other landings though.
  416. sitonmyface


    My dad had the same thing happen to him too....the doc told us they need to replace the stints every 10 years or so. Hope he turns out okay like my old man did.
  417. sitonmyface

    Offshore need some tackle advice, yellow hunting 4/22-4/24

    Scrambled egg and blue and white have seemed to be the hot ticket....full size 6x for the windy days and 6xjr for the not so windy. Simon Bon's right about the surface long as it's a rump shaker your good to go.
  418. sitonmyface


  419. sitonmyface

    Line on Baja Special

    Yeah I have a couple and have one with 80lb spectra with 50 and the other with 40. Fishing 100 yard topshots is just like fishing mono only it saves you in the long run.
  420. sitonmyface

    Ok mother fuggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha :Smoke_Emoticon::Smoke_Emoticon::Smoke_Emoticon:
  421. sitonmyface

    question for guys who used to shoot lead at ducks

    Ditto....for those 20 yard and under shots you're not left with much :smoking33::smoking33:
  422. sitonmyface

    Offshore WFO Yellowtail

    Weather........or the lack of reservations?
  423. sitonmyface

    Ok mother fuggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The CBT's a's when your got your sausage in between their boobies, but you pull a quick spin move and put your chocolate starfish and ballsack right on there chin real quick. I've only attempted this move a couple times and always seem to get bucked off and called an...
  424. sitonmyface

    Ok mother fuggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a girlfriend that liked to sport the "reverse Hitler". I miss that racist vagina. She was a fan of the " Cincinatti Bow-Tie" also. :smoking33::smoking33:
  425. sitonmyface

    Good Friday

    Way to go John!
  426. sitonmyface

    question for guys who used to shoot lead at ducks

    Ditto :smoking33::smoking33:
  427. sitonmyface

    Your pick on fishing partners

    No Jenna for me, not after that dirtball Tito's been all up in her. She looks beat now. I wish she still looked like she did in "Cherry Pie" :smoking33::smoking33:
  428. sitonmyface


    Ditto what all these guys said. Great experience on the water with them.
  429. sitonmyface

    Sunday Fun!

    Nice feesh!
  430. sitonmyface

    First Turkey

    Good job!
  431. sitonmyface

    Im going to Bahia De Los Angeles!!!!

    I've seen some afternoon wind down there but most of the time it's either blowing or flat calm.
  432. sitonmyface

    Im going to Bahia De Los Angeles!!!!

    I've had some good springtime fishing down there for the yellows.....just hope the wind doesn't blow!
  433. sitonmyface

    San Diego this weekend, who should I charter?

    3/4 day San Diego all the answer would've been the Belle....until Boog sold it a few years back :smoking33::smoking33:
  434. sitonmyface

    Tred Barta is coming back!

    Good for Tred!
  435. sitonmyface

    Got permission for Africa in 2011

    Congrats....wifezilla is a sweet name. I might steal that in the future if I ever find a chick dumb enough to marry me.
  436. sitonmyface

    Turkeys/Boars 3/29/10

    Looks like an awesome trip....Congrats!
  437. sitonmyface

    Best pose for a Fishing picture.

    Word :smoking33:
  438. sitonmyface

    Name that track

  439. sitonmyface

    Hogs wild in backcountry San Diego Union Tribune

    No prob dude....just giving you a hard time :hali_olutta:
  440. sitonmyface

    Name that track

  441. sitonmyface

    Hogs wild in backcountry San Diego Union Tribune

  442. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    Do you carry the rubber ball under your arm??????????????????????????????????????????
  443. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    I'm ready....hope your slut turkey deke is prettier than mine is. You know none of my stuff's perty pig:
  444. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    You must be a carpenter....because you just hit the motherfuckin nail on the head:smoking33:
  445. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    Boy I must be one hurtin lookin unit because that slut charged me :indabutt:
  446. sitonmyface

    Ok mother fuggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50,000 pheasants is a lot of good dinners!
  447. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    That would be a sweet one to put on the resume :smoking33::smoking33:
  448. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    If I saw a chupacabra I would probably :Poop_and_Run:
  449. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    So Carl sent me the pic from his trail cam. Mystery solved. You know who you are.....send me $50 and I won't show your face :Smoke_Emoticon:
  450. sitonmyface

    So who got a bird?

    I was probably pretty close to least you saw some.
  451. sitonmyface

    Name that track

    Is it a Chupacabra?
  452. 3 23 2

    3 23 2

  453. N


  454. sitonmyface

    No trophy

    Oh yeah, congrats on the birds. Both of those are good ones in my book.
  455. sitonmyface

    No trophy

  456. sitonmyface

    No trophy

    I blanked too....but gotta wait for next weekend to try again. Anybody have any ideas about how that wind affected those birds? The usual roost area at the land we hunt had no birds in it this morning....and they were there on Thursday night. They've been in the same area for the last 3 years.
  457. sitonmyface


    The kama is the's really good. I don't remember if you got it cleaned or not but you usually have to ask for it. Next time you will....that's my fault. I should have told you guys.
  458. sitonmyface

    Yo-Yo Gear

    Mine's a Calstar 700H with a Penn Baja Special
  459. sitonmyface

    Even a blind squirrel, finds a nut sometimes.... Thursday Hamachi

    Good job....those things were moving fast yesterday!
  460. sitonmyface


    Damn that looked good Tom. I've been testing out the safeness for a while now and I've never had a problem.
  461. sitonmyface


    I've encountered pigs at The Cannery also!
  462. sitonmyface


    They thawed some out....but obviously weren't needed.
  463. sitonmyface

    Fished the san diego today.

    No problem buddy.....any guy that will carry the arrow weed 100 yards through waist deep Wister mud to get covered up in Gads and Wigeon can borrow tackle anytime :Smoke_Emoticon:
  464. sitonmyface

    Fished the san diego today.

    Hahahaha....go fuck yourself Colin:shakin:. All my 3 were on the plug buddy!!! Keep fishing for your sturgeon up there! C ya when you get back.
  465. sitonmyface

    Advice for activities in San Diego for a 5 yr old

    I hate Seaworld too, but most 5 year olds kinda dig it.
  466. sitonmyface


    I usually go to Santee when I want to go hoggin. There's a few watering holes that are loaded with them and after a few gin and tonic's it's pretty easy :oinker::smoking33::smoking33:!!!!
  467. sitonmyface

    the yellows are bitting again

    Heard Boog got 57 today.
  468. sitonmyface

    top gun 80

    My buddy does a charter on it every year. Fishy captain, soda fountain, good food, staterooms. I've always had a good time on it.
  469. sitonmyface

    30+ Yellows on the San Diego so far...

    That's what they were yesterday....mainly around 15 though.
  470. sitonmyface

    30+ Yellows on the San Diego so far...

    What's a pund? And if you're referring to size they're a decent grade of fish.
  471. sitonmyface

    30+ Yellows on the San Diego so far...

    Yeah, those all still work.
  472. sitonmyface

    30+ Yellows on the San Diego so far...

    Surface iron....sportboat slang.
  473. sitonmyface

    30+ Yellows on the San Diego so far...

    Only 1 on the yoyo yesterday, 1 on bait. All the rest were on the PLUG:smoking33:
  474. sitonmyface

    Madbuck's daughter's 2nd gobbler

    Congrats to you and her again.
  475. sitonmyface

    Treestand GONE

    That sucks Mike.
  476. sitonmyface

    Fished the san diego today.

    Oh yeah, Stinger drove today. When the fish get off the krill it's gonna be good boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  477. sitonmyface

    Fished the san diego today.

    Here's me and my three....and the infamous Buttcrack (BC)
  478. sitonmyface

    Fished the san diego today.

    Fun stuff Sean and Shane....we'll have to hit it again soon. Too bad those fish were on that krill like they were or the whole boat would've been bent all day!
  479. sitonmyface

    the yellows are bitting again

    Yes they are biting again
  480. sitonmyface

    Nada @ Da Nados but....

    The SD found a few of them today.
  481. sitonmyface

    Local Turkeys - What kind are they?

    So....our turkeys are pretty much mutts....sweet.
  482. sitonmyface

    Local Turkeys - What kind are they?

    Those are better eating.
  483. sitonmyface

    Local Turkeys - What kind are they?

    I heard they're hybrid Rio/Merriam's but I could be wrong.
  484. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    Got any sisters or daughters you want me to take care of? I'll rub them down with ice if that's what they like.
  485. sitonmyface

    Dog aint doing too well

    Sorry to hear that man.....never had that problem with a dog but a cat had that happen growing up. He was the only cool cat I've ever seen, supreme gopher killer. Started limping one morning then was dragging it's rear end by the end of the day. Took it to the vet the next day, doctor felt a...
  486. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    How about we see how many bitches we can pull on a Friday in PB instead?? I'm mean on the BBQ too buddy.
  487. sitonmyface

    daughter wacked a public land tom

    No shit Tony!! I'm glad they let the juniors out early so them and Madbuck's daughter can get on em.
  488. sitonmyface

    daughter wacked a public land tom

    I'm sure he'll hear about it for a while. He'd hear from me too but his dad saw me shoot a big one and watch it flop for a while only for it too get up and run away las year :imdumb:
  489. sitonmyface

    daughter wacked a public land tom

    They got one of the two this morning....his 8 year old got his, the 10 year old shot over his birds head.
  490. sitonmyface

    daughter wacked a public land tom

    I don't have any kids so I haven't been out with them. My buddy Brett's boy's both got one yesterday and they roosted two bigger one's yesterday afternoon. I think I'll be getting a call pretty soon.
  491. sitonmyface

    Local Fishing off Pierpoint Landing Southern Cal 1/2 day pm

    I didn't get anything from your original post bad about the boat or crew. Always gotta think about conditions when the captain's make a decision on a sport boat, especially on inshore spots. Current direction, wind, temperature, clarity are all things those guys have to put into consideration...
  492. sitonmyface

    Local Fishing off Pierpoint Landing Southern Cal 1/2 day pm

    Yeah, the current could've changed on them or wind direction. Maybe they couldn't set up on the rockfish spot right with different conditions. At least you got on the water Jacky.
  493. sitonmyface

    Turkey/ Pig Combo?????

    Point being the .45 is completely pig capable IMO
  494. sitonmyface

    Turkey/ Pig Combo?????

    Interesting....I always carry my .45 because I've seen some kitties near a couple of my spots. I've got stopped by DFG on the way out, different one's every time and they've told me there's no problem with it.
  495. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

    Both go good in the mouth of a whole smoked piggie though
  496. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

    To each his own....some don't like there pigs smoked out :oinker::smoking33:
  497. sitonmyface

    daughter wacked a public land tom

    Beautiful bird....congrats to you and your daughter.
  498. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

    I prefer to use real smoke on my pork:smoking33:
  499. sitonmyface

    1/2 or 3/4 day charter San Diego

    They're not going to sell out right now. I say go on the San Diego out of Seaforth. If you're waiting until the end of the month those fish could be settled in and might be more on live bait and less on the yoyo. The rental tackle's fine to fish live bait, a little on the light side for the...
  500. sitonmyface

    bass already heating up

    That that's a good one.
  501. sitonmyface

    Firearm for Home Protection

    That link said session expired then I got a Netflix commercial Tony? Lot of good info on personal choices are my Nova with 00 Buckshot plug removed when it gets cleaned and is staying at home for a while. In the nightstand is and XD40 with FMJ hollow points. No family to protect...
  502. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    Use spellcheck and the space bar next time so it doesn't give me a headache to read your posts.:smoking33:
  503. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there? just made me puke in my mouth. Cuda for sashimi?:_diarrhea_: I won't talk shit about fresh bonito but if you eat your cuda raw you're basically a caveman. I don't know of any sushi bar I've been to that sells cuda sashimi, I think you're asking for an infection of some sort.
  504. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    Obviously you can Mr. My3rdPostAndI'mAlreadyMakingFriends :Death_To_Above:
  505. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

    Good one...
  506. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    Or halibut or lingcod
  507. sitonmyface

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    Barries aren't that great when compared to yellowtail and tuna....or rockfish or calicos or sand bass or halibut or sheephead. Not the top of my list.....just sayin.
  508. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

  509. sitonmyface

    Pukey Point.

    Yummy saw a bankie there. Shoulda looked at the middle.
  510. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

    Whoa!!! You been drinking buddy?HAHAHA
  511. sitonmyface

    Crotalus Ruber ruber

    I like them....shot one once and ate it. I let them be on there way now.
  512. sitonmyface

    yoyo iron rod

  513. sitonmyface

    Vertical jig preference

    Why not just buy an assortment of 6xJr's and call it good???
  514. sitonmyface

    Cornado Islands or Rockpile Friday

    I think they have that saying for every direction of wind. I've heard the sportboat captains say down there when the wind's out of the south they yellows shut there mouth. Some of the best days I've had at the islands have been on offshore days.
  515. sitonmyface

    Why Some Women Need Eyeglasses...

    That was awesome.
  516. sitonmyface

    Islander Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

    Jason's one of the deckhands with his ticket. He ran an overnight charter I was on last year.
  517. sitonmyface

    Table Saw for dummies

    I know two people that would have thumbs if they had one of those.
  518. sitonmyface

    Anyone want to Turkey Hunt this season

    Yeah going through locked gates doesn't really sound like that great of an idea.
  519. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Yeah I'm not interested in those at all.
  520. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Tahoe and that stuff kinda go hand in hand.
  521. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Booger sugar works great too but I tend to keep my distance from that stuff these days.
  522. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    If the kinda trout you're talkin like vodka tonics and pink drinks yes.
  523. sitonmyface

    Anyone want to Turkey Hunt this season

    You got dibs
  524. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Land tuna doesn't usually smell fishy.....I like it with a little gamey taste though :Smoke_Emoticon:
  525. sitonmyface

    Anyone want to Turkey Hunt this season

    I wouldn't call it a gold mine.....if I get a chance to hunt that private land in Ysabel.....that's the mother lode there.
  526. sitonmyface

    Nice Shootin', Tex!

  527. sitonmyface

    Anyone want to Turkey Hunt this season

    Yeah, why don't we meet up. I'll show you all my spots :idiot:
  528. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Me tuna hunt though.
  529. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    One of my dreams too. Another one is 40 for 40, 7 ducks, 8 geese, 25 coots. I'd only shoot coots if they were thick enough to limit on them. How awesome would it be to go to the check station with 40 birds??
  530. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    She tried but disappeared with the banana intact.
  531. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Plus it was an awesome way to start an afternoon refill at SJ. Set deeks out, 5 minutes later got 3 in the bag and only 3 shells missing. One of the few days I actually shot good all season :Death_To_Above:
  532. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Yeah, but I liked the way the blood dripped onto the bootlips neck.
  533. sitonmyface

    What up with Turners?

    I agree....for some reason they won't carry GHG and a couple other manufacturers. I'd much rather have a Cabela's than Bass Pro.
  534. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    She probably did, her and the banana disappeared shortly after the pics were taken.
  535. sitonmyface

    Important tips for FHS

    I wash my hands before I piss, wouldn't want dirty hands touching the goods because they're already clean.
  536. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Yeah, as long as I get a job before the next one it'll be good.
  537. sitonmyface

    This weekends options

    SD out of Seaforth
  538. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    How about 7 months of boredom from not working?? I don't know if it's boredom or I've turned into a complete bum.
  539. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Neither did I lol
  540. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    You hit the nail on the head there buddy.
  541. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    This sow was encountered in Fallbrook.
  542. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Actually, your assumption was 100% correct. After the swine vocalized that she wasn't good at the ritual your referring to, she was handed the banana by one of the less heavy pigs to practice on.
  543. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Thanks Tony...I try to have the camera phone ready when presented with the opportunity of feeding wildlife.
  544. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    No, definitely not the one I wrestled in the cuzzi. Please no more infractions!!
  545. sitonmyface

    What up with Turners?

  546. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Was out on Saturday night and ran into this one at my buddies house. I kept my distance because of the razor like teeth and because she looked hungry but I managed to get a couple good pics of this ravenous sow.
  547. sitonmyface

    Pig Bomb

    Me too....get them Monday.
  548. sitonmyface

    Pig Bomb

    I had a good time with a semi pig in the jacuzzi on Saturday night :)
  549. sitonmyface

    Yelllows on the Voyager 3-4-10

    I don't know how you guys are going to do up in Oxnard but I'm not worried about jinxing anything down here. Optimism guys. We all have it. Do I wake up before I go fishing thinking man, it's going to be crappy today??? Nope. I heard the water did turn a little bit down there yesterday though.
  550. sitonmyface

    I had no idea that politics would start crap

    I You're right I don't.
  551. sitonmyface

    I had no idea that politics would start crap

    Is there anyway to get rid of them??
  552. sitonmyface

    I had no idea that politics would start crap

    Politics just offends the mods. Hence one of my two infractions.
  553. sitonmyface

    Yelllows on the Voyager 3-4-10

    Yeah...not much longer??? I'm crossing my fingers that there are yellows at the islands all year!
  554. sitonmyface

    115 yellows on Mission Belle 3-3

    Not as long as your drive to get to SD
  555. sitonmyface

    Islander Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

    She fishes good, nice and clean, good cook. Don't have anything bad to say about her.
  556. sitonmyface

    115 yellows on Mission Belle 3-3

    Or twice as many casualties??? Or twice as little talent? Hard to say one boat had better fishing than the other when I'm sure they were right next to each other. I don't think the alpha spot was involved because they're probably on the drift. Just sayin.
  557. sitonmyface


    Yep, do what the rest of us do.....catch your own.
  558. sitonmyface

    19 Yellows on the Mission Belle today 3-1

    Can't wait to get out there with Boog next week!
  559. sitonmyface

    19 Yellows on the Mission Belle today 3-1

    Pautzke's Balls o' Fire and Zeke's Trout Cheese.
  560. sitonmyface

    turkey ammo recomendations

    I wouldn't use those things.....they'd probably work but I wouldn't trust steel to kill a turkey at 35-40yards. Up close yeah but I would want the downrange punch of lead for a scrotum head.
  561. sitonmyface

    Fuel Surcharge

    Nope....I think those guys are getting diesel at pretty decent prices.
  562. sitonmyface

    turkey ammo recomendations

    No good....that's a waterfowl load. Don't ever use steel if you don't have to IMO
  563. sitonmyface

    Turkey vest

    Seems like the vest would be good if you're planning on moving around a lot.
  564. sitonmyface

    Gotta love internet experts

    Everybody's stupid except me :)
  565. sitonmyface

    No Sproles?

    I didn't hear a whole lot from Michael Turner last year....heard a lot about him. Michael Turner doesn't have to talk when he's running people over.
  566. sitonmyface

    i want to shoot an elk

  567. sitonmyface

    ULUA or GG90J???

    Everyone's right.
  568. sitonmyface

    ULUA or GG90J???

    I don't think you would're gonna have your hands full on a long rod either way. You can put a 40lb mossback on the boat with either stick
  569. sitonmyface

    Ringed hooks? I know what I use, how about you and why?

    Nope, unemployed construction superintendent.
  570. sitonmyface

    Two Free Doors

    Ok....Yeah, looks like I'll be out there on the 7th since I'm going to the show on the 6th.
  571. sitonmyface

    ULUA or GG90J???

    90J's definitely not a 30lb stick bud. Don't know what's in that Valley Crest fertilizer but I think it's getting to you.
  572. sitonmyface

    Two Free Doors

    I will be when Boog starts running again....but the ? is do you need them installed too?
  573. sitonmyface

    Get out ther.... NOW!!!!

    Thanks Tony...I'll do the same.
  574. sitonmyface

    ULUA or GG90J???

    Exactly....great rod for guys around your size. A little too much for my vertically inclined 6'
  575. sitonmyface

    Get out ther.... NOW!!!!

    Oh man.....I need to get back to work. Been 7 months and duck season drained the funds pretty good. Got yellowtail and turkeys on my mind but it's gonna be shitty if I don't get a job soon. Anybody need a construction super. Some doors, crown moulding or baseboard done for cash? I'm not a...
  576. sitonmyface

    ULUA or GG90J???

    I think you could kick a yellows ass on both rods but the GG's more comfortable to fish all day unless you're 6'4"
  577. sitonmyface

    Ringed hooks? I know what I use, how about you and why?

    I don't....I get bit better on the old rusty mustads. Don't seem to fling baits off either.
  578. sitonmyface

    ULUA or GG90J???

    I don't personally like Ulua's too much. The GG's definitely lighter but if you're looking for something strictly for Alijos, go with the Ulua. I fish a GG90J with a 332, 40 pound definitely not Big Game, Izor all the way. I'd definitely put a different reel on it for longer trips.
  579. sitonmyface

    Colnet advice

    As tight as you can get 50 without breaking......if you're fishing right for any gamefish you should have your drag as tight as possible.
  580. sitonmyface

    Colnet advice

    Ditto on the wind wind wind
  581. sitonmyface

    ......bring dem

    Did you see the video of this guy getting beat on youtube? It's awesome.
  582. sitonmyface

    Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris' Son Arrested on DUI Charge

    Ditto on that one, getting a DUI woke me up big time.
  583. sitonmyface

    John Coleman on Global Warming Nonsense

    Ok...I need to be careful here since I have some "infractions" :hali_blablalba:. I'm just a lowly unemployed construction superintendent but I remember a bunch of hype in the 80's and early 90's that if anybody used any more damn AquaNet that the hole in the ozone was gonna get super gaping...
  584. sitonmyface

    why do you hunt?

    My asshole doesn't stink!!!:food-smiley-014:
  585. sitonmyface

    Eat a beaver?

    Ahhhh widgy you don't like it a little musty??? I like it that way, tastes more like you stuck your tongue to the end of a battery.
  586. sitonmyface

    why do you hunt?

    Don't get me wrong Tony, I don't want to go bash seal pups myself 4,000 miles from here where they don't steal the only yellow I hook all day. Or slow children :gay: I just thought putting that pic as an avatar was ballsy. I'm definitely about the chase, but if given a legal chance to thin the...
  587. sitonmyface

    Archery Turkey Season

    Puke I need to find some turkeys!!!
  588. sitonmyface

    why do you hunt?

    I thought it was kinda cool Tony :smoking33:
  589. sitonmyface

    Offshore Legend 1.5 day Feb12th-Feb14th

    Too bad Trowbridge doesn't like to use any fuel. Was it advertised as a Colonet trip????
  590. sitonmyface

    cool surf video from Mavericks

    That guy's lucky he's not dead. He sucks. I didn't see him stand up??
  591. sitonmyface

    I want one

  592. sitonmyface

    I want one

    A lot...stormy's in there too huh.
  593. sitonmyface

    I want one

    There were a couple weeks in a row where we got on them okay in the valley and then they were gone.
  594. sitonmyface

    I want one

    The wash?