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  1. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    First time out in way too long, with my bro and good buddies Omar & Dean, With them all being Dad's the last 4-5 years and me now expecting we had to blast out in our short weather window and time frame. We met at 4 am, all of us didn't get much sleep with the excitement of fishing. Ran up to...
  2. PaDDy Killer'

    Campgrounds, RV parks, Gyms, and Museums Opening tomorrow the 12th

    Just a heads up for those who may of not heard.
  3. PaDDy Killer'

    Pleasant Valley Reservoir 6/6-6/7

    Super last min trip with my buddy Dave. With the ocean forecast not looking not to nice for the weekend and all the bullshit on the local news I needed a break temporary break from it all. Dave met me at my place Friday at 4 PM, little to no traffic leaving Santa Clarita. Got up to Bishop in...
  4. PaDDy Killer'

    Yakima trailer hitch kayak rack

    Yakima trailer hitch kayak rack $150 818-470-9468
  5. PaDDy Killer'

    Cyber Monday Deal- 100 lb. -200 lb. Pink Floro

    Turners has a good deal going on there 25 yard leaders. I used the pink 130 on my bombs and went 5 for 5 before replacing leader. Good stuff for $20 bucks...
  6. PaDDy Killer'

    90 Gallon-120 Gallon Bait Tank

    Looking for a good condition bait tank, 90 gallon minimum.
  7. PaDDy Killer'

    Trolling Rod Storage?

    How are you guys storing your trolling rods? I have shit laying all over the v birth and need some organization.
  8. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker rod holders

    $100 for all 4.
  9. PaDDy Killer'

    Furuno Navnet VX2, Radar & DFF1

    Good working condition Furuno Navnet GPS 10.4", works excellent, 36 mile radar, all new in 2010, DFF1 fish finder box $1400
  10. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    Sold the Striper after 10 years and over 1000 hrs of great times. Hope to have this pig longer. I will post in this thread as I update the boat through winter as I outfit her. Twin 150's and 700 hrs. Any known issues with Yamaha 150's?
  11. PaDDy Killer'

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2601 40k

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2601, Yamaha 225 four stroke, Garmin 4208, gsd 22 black box, through hull transducer with fading block, Garmin XHD radar, Furuno 620 fish finder with 600 watt through hull transducer, 2 vhf radios, am/fm/cd radio, Remote spot/flood light, Raymarine autopilot with remote...
  12. PaDDy Killer'

    Angler Choice 8 Day Intrepid 8-27 - 9/4

    Short and sweet as work is backed up. Headed out on the Anglers Choice limited load with a great group of guys with Bill running the boat. Made some macks at the receiver and plan was to shoot to the rocks. Two days later we are there and the Excel was already on it. Spent a few hours there...
  13. PaDDy Killer'

    What is this part off my Yamaha 225?

    Yesterday while finishing my 100 hrs service (1100 hrs) I saw this rubber piece on the ground. I looked around but did not see where it goes and looks like wherever it came from it needs to be replaced as it looks kind of beat. Any idea?
  14. PaDDy Killer'

    Little bit of a deal on SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    I picked up a large SKB 7200 tackle box for my upcoming 8 day on the intrepid at the end of September at for $255 and comes with a $75 gift certificate and free shipping/ no tax. I used the $75 gift certificate for the non included rod holders and a ar-10 pmag.
  15. PaDDy Killer'

    Where to buy OTI 40-60 Tuna Sniper or Oceanxtreme?

    Looking to pickup a dedicated popping rod and narrowed it to the OTI but can not find them in stock anywhere. I am also open to a clean used one.
  16. PaDDy Killer'

    Lake Tahoe fishing charters for August ??

    I'm heading up to Lake Tahoe for my first time Aug. 2-5th with my lady and and another couple. Were staying at the Hard Rock and would like to charter a boat for a day hopefully two. Any charter recommendations you guys may have will be great. Also any shore fishing around? Tackle...
  17. PaDDy Killer'

    Is this a warning light? Yamaha outboard...

    My buddy (Eric) has twin Yamaha 150's 2015 on his Parker 2530, coming back from the islands last weekend an alarm went off. He shut everything off and restarted and no alarm, boat ran fine. He says his mph does not read on the Yamaha gauge and has this triangle flashing. He sent a pic to the...
  18. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    Headed down south solo Saturday afternoon for a ultra limited load (12) on the Pride. I got to the landing way to early but enjoyed some cold ones as other boats and fisherman came back from the days trip. The Pride didn't end up getting to the dock from the days previous trip till 9:15. I asked...
  19. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone Fish North Fork Big Pine area?

    Going up in 3 weeks with my finance and puppy. She loves hiking and booked a cabin up there (Glacier Lodge). It's cool she picked a place where I can hopefully catch some fish as I hate taking time off without wetting a line. I don't fly fish, I know there's 5 lakes. I think we are planning to...
  20. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Headed out of channel Islands Harbor around 6 o'clock. Got a scoop of beat up sardines that didn't last the day despite splitting up a scoop between two tanks. Weather was like a lake crossing. Went to the arch where a friend got a few Friday. Not much current, seals pestering us bad, leaving us...
  21. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina 8/23

    Launched out by the Queen Mary around 6 am with my buddy Bam Bam Billy and my other buddy Sansu (Rich). Got a very generous scoop of bait from Nacho, smaller 4"-5" sardine that lasted all day. Headed over to the condo's first thing. Wide open bonita, and good sized ones. The sporties start...
  22. PaDDy Killer'

    Rigging a yummy flyer with mono or floro?

    I have a few yummys flyers to hopefully fly next week if weather allows. Is mono ok? I assume the leader is out of the water flown from the kite so there not line shy?
  23. PaDDy Killer'

    Luhrs boat quality?

    My old man is looking to get a affordable 35'-40' sportfisher in the 150k price range without getting too old. What are your thoughts on Luhrs quality? I Have only seen them on the water. They look well laid out from what I can see. We don't expect the quality of a hatters or Cabo but can't...
  24. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel islands 4-15

    Got a late start Sat launching out of Oxnard a little after 630. Normally I don't fish the weekends but with the weather forecast why not. Ramp was not too bad. Pin head anchovies at the receiver so we skipped the bait and had 5 lbs of squash. Stopped at Gina to try and make a few macks but no...
  25. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    Trying to put a new water pump in and can't get the lower to separate even a little. Removed the 5 bolts from the lower and been pounding it with a mallet and still no luck. Tried shifting in and out of gear, nothing. WD-40 everywhere I could, nada. I looked for any bolts still holding it...
  26. PaDDy Killer'

    805's has been good to us 8-11

    I haven't posted most my trips as Western and fd has got the Oxnard bite covered well. But one thing I have noticed is there has been a great bite for the afternoon yellows. Yesterday we launched at 5:00 with a generous scoop of squid. Fished the west front of capa for a few smaller yellows in...
  27. PaDDy Killer'

    Capa yellows and wsb 6-8

    Got an early start around 4 am out of Oxnard hoping they had some squid for sale. Lucky us they had about a dozen or so scoops left, a little beat and spawned out but we'll take it! Smooth ride across arriving close to grey light. Current was ripping making dropping the hook a bit of a...
  28. PaDDy Killer'

    Migel Island 5/8/16

    Headed out on my buddies Mako. Late launch out of Santa Barbra and headed to some stones on the front side of Migel. Bumpy run uphill but were still able to 20 knots out. Stopped on our first set of stones and the lings were just hammering the jigs. Must be in spawn mode as there mates were...
  29. PaDDy Killer'

    Custom boat covers- Lets see them!!

    If you guys have any pic's of your boat with a cover please post them up. I'm having a cover made for my boat by my auto upholstery guy and would like to give him some visual ideas. He did a killer job on my Whaler but that was easy. I would like the next cover to go over my radar and VHF...
  30. PaDDy Killer'

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby April 9&10

    Anyone else doing the halibut derby?
  31. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I shoot off the 14 or 5 freeway?

    I recently moved to Santa Clarita and got into the gun thing. I got a membership to Oaktree gun club not far from my house. While that is fun I would like to blast some stuff in the desert. I would be responsible and clean up all my spent casings and trash. I would just like to know a general...
  32. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    Do you guys got any recommendation's for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area. I need a bow rail made. I have tried countless shops down south and have left messages and emails with no call backs. Unbelievably bad customer service. So looking to do business north now.
  33. PaDDy Killer'

    Calstar 7400 xh too much for Talica 16ii?

    My girlfriend wanted to know what I would like for Christmas and I just so happen to need a rod to match up to the Talica 16ii that I foolishly impulsed bought on ebay. For more money then some used ones on here, and a month out for delivery! Ok, rant over! I plan on using 65lb or 80lb spectra...
  34. PaDDy Killer'

    wtb: Shimano talica 8 ii

    Looking for a mint Talica 8 two speed.
  35. PaDDy Killer'

    Tony Reyes trip in May?

    I am looking to book something different and affordable for me and a few of my friends. I have head of Tony Reyes trips forever and looked them up. He is booked most next year. The beginning of May has some openings. Is that too early in the season to head down? Any idea on what kind of weather...
  36. PaDDy Killer'

    Shimano What rod for Saragosa 8000 or 10000?

    I am looking to use this for primary yo yo setup for yellows. I currently have a older 6000 FE model I use for mostly rockfishing but have landed everything from wsb to bluefin on it just to shut my buddies up about coffee grinders. For whatever reason I like the the spinner for dropping quick...
  37. PaDDy Killer'

    Gear Found Dana- Lost 2 weeks ago

    Gear Found- Lost 2 weeks ago--Yesterday while grabbing the tool box out of the boat to replace the bait pump I forgot my brother and buddy found a wetsuit, knife, weight belt and another thing left on the dock at Dana left in the AM. They stuck it in the hatch and we all forgot about it. Please...
  38. PaDDy Killer'

    Late report 8-11 150 area & Found gear in Dana 2 weeks ago

    I was not going to report this but thought it would help find the who lost there gear. Launched out of Cabrillo around 6 am. Picked up a crappy scoop of bait and headed out. Stopped on a meter mark all by our self. Open the bait tank lid and my bait pump took a crap. Great, there goes $40 in...
  39. PaDDy Killer'

    New in box Shimano Two speed

    New in box Shimano Two speed. TLD-2 SPEED 30A. $275. I payed $327 three months ago at Sport Chalet.
  40. PaDDy Killer'

    New in box Shimano TLD 30 2 speed

    New in box Shimano TLD 30 2 speed. $280
  41. PaDDy Killer'

    Furuno 1623 Radar

    Furuno 1623 Radar, works perfect. Went to an all in one unit. $600
  42. PaDDy Killer'

    Dana 7/28 & Catalina 7/29

    Left the SFV at midnight with my brother Lucas and buddy Eric. Got down to Dana with no issues. Launched around 4 and picked up a mix of mackerel and sardine. Headed out on a 215 heading and did the paddy hopping thing one the sun rose. Found a couple dorado off one paddy that wanted to play...
  43. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    Looking online I can't find anything. I have two bad injectors that I need asap.
  44. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz 6/25

    Headed out of Oxnard at 5am. Stopped and picked up a scoop of chovies at cisco's in case we could not make squid. Headed to chinese in hopes the squid were still around. Jigged a tank full rather quickly and set up on the bottom. Saw one boat land a yellow and not much else. The mackerel is...
  45. PaDDy Killer'

    The 150 spot 6-7-15

    Headed out of Cabrillo at 7 am. I thought the parking lot was was going to be a mess of boats but to our surprise it was not bad at all. Picked up some horse sized dines and were on our way. Nice smooth trip out with overcast conditions later burning off. Got to the party and did a little...
  46. PaDDy Killer'

    1984 28' Skipjack twin diesel pilot house

    1984 28' Skipjack Sportfisherman, twin AD41P turbo diesels, re-powered in 2004, Volvo duraprop 280 drives, 439 hours, 2 vhf's, Raymarine SL72 radar, Raymarine L1250 gps/FF, thru-hull transducer, two fuel tanks, 150 gal and 45 gallon, 2 bait tanks, bottom paint with the intent to slip but never...
  47. PaDDy Killer'

    Garmin hd or Xhd?

    I am looking to combine radar into my Garmin 4208. There are two models of Garmin the h.d. or the xhd model. About $500 dollar price difference between the two.
  48. PaDDy Killer'

    Any boat brokers you recommend in Oxnard/Ventura?

    If you guys got a place that's trustworthy please let me know.
  49. PaDDy Killer'

    Fastest place to buy trailer parts

    Just received a big order for my trailer rebuild and all the parts are not correct. Problem is my tilt on my Yammi blew a seal bad two weeks ago and my motor is half in half out of the water. These parts took over a week to show and don't have the time to wait again.
  50. PaDDy Killer'

    Any advice from you guys who slip your trailer able boat is appreciated and a few questions

    My truck is dying on me, I been lazy using my boat the last year using the truck as excuse. I love the Oxnard area so yesterday me and the girlfriend went to Oxnard checking out slips and I leased a slip at Vintage Marina. My boat is in good shape as I stay on it well. All through hulls in good...
  51. PaDDy Killer'

    93' SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House

    '93 SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House 23', New Volvo 350 V-8, 2 hrs, Volvo Duraprop, stainless steel blades, heavy duty glass over ply construction, no rot or soft spots, running lights, deck lights, aluminum fuel tank, no leaks or rust, Galvanized Pacific trailer, excellent condition. Two axle...
  52. PaDDy Killer'

    What outdrive do I have?

    I am almost certain its a Volvo but do not know the model so I can order zinks.
  53. PaDDy Killer'

    Need help finding a limited load three or four day trip

    Looking for a limited load three or four day trip. Was going on a 5.5 to Cedros in July but fell through. Anything you guys got in mind would be great. There's four of us in our group and we want to spend more to get on a limited load trip.
  54. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel Islands 3-23

    Took my girlfriend, her friend and my buddy Dave out of Oxnard for a little mixed bag of fish. We left Oxnard at 7 am to very nice conditions. Skipped the chovies at the bait receiver and picked up 5 pounds of squish. Headed to the not so secrete spot and picked away at rock fish, sculpin...
  55. PaDDy Killer'

    Yacht broker?

    We want to sell my old mans 28' twin six cyl. skipjack. What yacht broker have any of you used that you recommend? I know a few went south with the economy selling boats and not collecting anything from the broker.
  56. PaDDy Killer'

    San Miguel Island 3-16

    With a killer weather forecast I decided it was time to make my first time run to San Miguel island. Launched at busy Santa Barbra harbor at 7 am with my Dad, and two brothers. First time having us all together on board in maybe 10 years. At the ramp I think I was the only guy who didn't have a...
  57. PaDDy Killer'

    Tubed Long Beach 1-26

    Took my tube out for the first time. Went with my brother and a friend. My bro was on his kayak and got us live bait from the receiver. We fished shallow 8' or so with 12lb floro carbon. Lots of rays and sharks and finally got the right kind. 29" and a 24". Fun stuff till the wind came up and...
  58. PaDDy Killer'

    Big Bear Lake 11/10 & 11/11 wide open trout bite

    Fished Sunday and Monday at BBL. Wide open on the trout. We fished around the observatory 3 colors, trolling night crawlers with the wedding ring with small flasher. Nothing of any real size, most all was c&r besides the bleeders. A few in the 16" size but most 12". Ran out of night crawlers...
  59. PaDDy Killer'

    Dirty contaminated diesel fuel

    My brother and I took my old mans boat out for a sea trial last week. Went out of MDR and made it about three miles when the starboard motor shut down. Looking into the bowls of the large 30 micron Raycor's I could see contamination. Luckily we were able to limp it back on one motor. The boat as...
  60. PaDDy Killer'

    50 hp Yamaha four strokes

    Have this project that I just haven't got around to as I have way to many projects and my shop is filling up with them. Boat has a torn bladder. Will sell the whole boat and trailer for 8k or separate. The manufacture of the boat I am not sure of. It's 19' with a galvanized trailer. Motors are...
  61. PaDDy Killer'

    Busted my girlfriends cherry!!

    WSB Cherry that is. Live squid on the dropper loop and jig head.
  62. PaDDy Killer'

    MDR 5-19

    Shakedown run for the boat. Got a nice half scoop from Larry at In Seine Baits and headed north. Picked up some bass off topanga. Water was green and current sucked for the most part. Fished the outside of the kelp stringers with a chovie. Got picked up and stuck in the kelp, after a brief...
  63. PaDDy Killer'

    Big Bear Lake 4/20-22

    Headed up after work Sat night to BBL with my GF and the dogs. This was my first time fishing bbl. My gf took me here for the first time for my b-day two weeks ago and I fell in love. The weather was blown out so we didn't fish but was already planning another trip back up. Two of my friends...
  64. PaDDy Killer'

    Too many fishing DVD'S!!

    The top row are new videos in the packaging. They are- Tuna Town, A Tribute to Zane Grey, Wet Dreams, Big Time Sportfishing-The Best King Salmon and Giant Lingcod Fishing ever captured on film, IGF Mexico Tournament Series Mazatlán Billfishing Classic and Black Marlin Boulevard. The used...
  65. PaDDy Killer'

    Special anchor chain for windless?

    I have a horizon 500 windless and my rope to anchor splice broke and lost my anchor and chain with it. Just went to the local boat shop and they want $5 a foot for anchor chain. I don't remember paying that high. I thought I just got galvanized chain last round but it's been so long I have...
  66. PaDDy Killer'

    Ventura 12-20

    Headed out of Ventura at 7 am to fill the freezer with rockfish. Had my girl on board and my regular fishing buddy Dean. Conditions looked great leaving the harbor. As we got mid channel by the rigs it started getting really sloppy. Seemed as soon as I stopped the boat my lady was yaking. I get...
  67. PaDDy Killer'

    Irvine Lake 12-6

    Got to the vine at 6 am, took about 15 min and we were in. Started off the bat on the troll. Got about half way around the lake and got into a school of fish at the dam on the leadcore. Missed about three bites on the lead and finally one stuck. Three colors down on the mira shad in natural...
  68. PaDDy Killer'

    Volvo Penta 280 Trim Cylinder

    Looking to replace the trim cylinder on my Dads Skipjack. We rebuilt the one it has but the housing was pitted to bad and leaked. If you have any leads on a used one it's appreciated.
  69. PaDDy Killer'

    How about a lobster reports only section?

    I am not sure how other folks on here feel about it but I get tired of scrolling around bug reports. Don't get me wrong I do like to read sometimes but I do think fish reports can get lost in between. And for people who don't hoop it's kind of a pain in the ass if you are looking for fresh...
  70. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 181 and north

    Headed out of Dana at 4 am, got a scoop of ok bait from the receiver. Heard about the local dorado but knew it would be a zoo. Headed to the 181 fishing kelps in between. Water went from 68* out of the harbor to 72* offshore 10 miles. Then cooled some as we got to the 181. Fished the ridge...
  71. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel Islands 8-19 fish id?

    Got a little bit of late start out of Oxnard with my buddy Dean and our girlfriends. Headed to Chinese to do some butt drift but no love for the few hours we spent. Headed to the gap to do some rock fish drifts. Got some good quality reds over quantity this trip. Wish the lings were like that...
  72. PaDDy Killer'

    What boat for a 2.5 or 3 day?

    What boats do you guys recommend for a 2.5 or 3 day? I am hoping to go out in the next two or three weeks. Been about 7 or 8 years since fishing on a sporty, not sure what the hot boats are anymore.
  73. PaDDy Killer'

    Sabiki Rod

    Sabiki rod, two piece, bass pro reel $70
  74. PaDDy Killer'

    Rapala ProGuide fishing gripper

    New never used. Has a scale up to 75lbs. $25
  75. PaDDy Killer'

    Rod holders, anchor light, flood light

    Rod holders pair for $30 Perco 12" anchor light $20 Perco flood light $20 Patrick 818-470-9468
  76. PaDDy Killer'

    Pelagic Foul Weather Gear

    Used Pelagic gear. Overall good condition. $100 XXL.
  77. PaDDy Killer'

    New Shimano Tyrnos 2 speed

    Shimano Tyrnos 8 two speed. Never used just taken out of the box. $170
  78. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel Islands 8-1-12

    Headed out of the Oxnard harbor with my Mom and Dad. Cool taking them out, good reason for me to think about kids in the future:hali_olutta: haha. Left the harbor around 5am no squid available, 4" sardines only but lasted the day. Got out side flat as glass. Lots of light boats working outside...
  79. PaDDy Killer'

    Clean 21' Parker with low hours!!

    98' Parker 2110 DVWA with a 175 Yamaha salt waters series, low 200 hrs, just serviced, new starting battery, Furuno electronics, fish finder, gps, radar, auto pilot, 2 vhf radios, windless, stereo, cover, shore power, galvanized trailer-just serviced, too many extras too list, the boat is turn...
  80. PaDDy Killer'

    Perko Anchor light

    $25. Works as it should. 12" tall.
  81. PaDDy Killer'

    Perko Anchor light

    $25. Works as it should.
  82. PaDDy Killer'

    Garmin 2006 gps with socal/mexico chip

    SOLD!!! Worked fine when I pulled it from the boat. I updated with a Garmin 4208 and other electronics on the boat and have a box of wires for networking and so forth. Found this Garmin wire harness. Plugs in snug and fine, but take a look at the pins. Not sure if it would work or not. I don't...
  83. PaDDy Killer'

    55W Deck light

    Works good $20
  84. PaDDy Killer'

    Deck light

    55w deck light. Works good, replaced with l.e.d.$20
  85. PaDDy Killer'

    Garmin 2006 gps

    Garmin 2006 with chip. Worked fine when pulled from my boat. $150
  86. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel islands 7-18-12

    Fished the squid beds with the rest of the fleet at Santa Cruz. Weather was nice all day, water 61. All wsb were caught with a sliding sinker, non on the dropper loop. Dumped one at the gaff. Quite a few nice calico's all released but a good bite on them with the rubber in the kelp. Did a quick...
  87. PaDDy Killer'

    Furuno Fish finder/GPS

    Listing this for my buddy. Furuno 1850WF Chart plotter/ FF. Comes with thru hull transducer and antenna. $700. Brian 661-510-4052
  88. PaDDy Killer'

    15' Aluminum Boat with new 20 hp four stroke Yamaha

    Listing this up for a friend. It's a 15' aluminum Mirror Craft. Has a new 4 stroke yamaha, 2 swivel seats, bimini, very clean, does not leak, anchor, ropes, trailer is in good condition. Motor alone was over 3k. Brian 661-510-4052 $2500
  89. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat Appraisal?

    Anyone have a mobile boat appraisal guy in the LA area?
  90. PaDDy Killer'

    Volvo Penta 280 zinks

    New zinks $25 for both
  91. PaDDy Killer'

    Perco Boat Lights

  92. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruise Island 6-15

    Headed out of Oxnard at 3am with a nice scoop of squirt from Cisco's landing. Decided to fish the islands. Got to Chinese bay at about 5am and were the only there besides a light boat. Fished the grey bite and it was wfo barracuda :finger:. In the middle of the chose my buddy hooked the right...
  93. PaDDy Killer'

    MDR 5-23-12

    Had a half day to kill before my buddy had to be at work. Headed out of MDR at 5 am, skipped the bait receiver, wanting to just troll for Mr.T if he was around. Told my buddy to drop a rapala back as we exited the harbor. Twenty seconds later his reel is screaming. Thought he hooked a cable or...
  94. PaDDy Killer'

    What outdrive is this?

    Is this a Volvo 280 duo prop or 290? Also know where I can send the hydrolic trim cylinders out for repair now that there out?
  95. PaDDy Killer'

    My Dad's 28' Skipjack

    Who does not like a little boat porn? I wish I would have got some pic's before I backed it into the bay. Well here is a little background with my Dad's 84' Skipjack. Purchased the boat from a plumber back in 98'. Put about 400 hrs on the boat in a few years. In 01' leaving Ventura harbor we ran...
  96. PaDDy Killer'

    Need Panga in Cabo

    Heading out tomorrow for a wedding in Cabo. I need a super panga for this Saturday. Dream weaver is booked, there is another thread going on here, left a few messages but would like to secure something today with a good captain. Does anyone know the number to Coyoyo sportfishing? Thanks!
  97. PaDDy Killer'

    What hotel to stay in cabo in December?

    Going to a wedding in December with my girlfriend. The wedding party is staying at the Los Cabo's Hilton, a little too far off my budget. Any budget recommendations would be great. I saw a hotel finestara for $110 a night looked ok. Thanks!
  98. PaDDy Killer'

    What Forschner knife's to buy?

    I am sick of the rapala knifes I want to get a good knife before tuna season. Looked on ebay but there's a tone of models to choose from.
  99. PaDDy Killer'


    Headed out of oxnard at 5am with plans on fishing cruse and anacpa island. Got to the bait dock, picked up some squid, kid at the doc said there was a hot bite on the seabass at deep hole. Changed plans and fished deep hole for four hours. Didn't sea any bent rods on other boats, we just got a...
  100. PaDDy Killer'

    My family is in SQ

    Hey my family is in SQ fishing today and tomorrow, I'll let you guys know how they do. Wish I could have gone but someone has to open shop.
  101. PaDDy Killer'

    Tilt Trim leaking

    I have a fluid leak from center ( Tilt) cylinder of my trim on my Yamaha four stroke. Is this a DIY seal replacement?If not what Kind of labor cost can I expect ? Your experience? Thanks in advance.
  102. PaDDy Killer'

    MDR Halibut Derby Results?

    I know the derby was this last weekend and it was a heavy-st fish derby including rock fish. Anyone know what took home the money?
  103. PaDDy Killer'

    Alternator not charging

    Took my girlfriend out to Catalina Wednesday and Thursday to get out of this hot valley. Yesterday on the way home I check volts 14.4 mid channel on the way home. As we were just about at the ramp I notice 11.8 volts. I put the motor in neutral and reave it to 3000 rpm and only goes to 12.2...
  104. PaDDy Killer'

    Mini Chief Smoker

    Works great, cant use in at my new town house :finger: $20 takes it. Email [email protected]
  105. PaDDy Killer'

    Does this connection look good?

    Dropped my anchor and rode off to have it respliced since it was coming apart. The last time I had it done it seemed the spice went into the rope a good two feet. This one looks like 5"-6" and am not sure it will go through my windless. I don't know if I trust it overnight on the hook, what do...
  106. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommended Boat Broker?

    Hey my Dad has a 28' Skipjack twin diesel pilot house with a new three axle trailer. He has not been using it since he and my mom got spoiled fishing the east cape. The boat is in the LA area. Anyone have any brokers they recommend?
  107. PaDDy Killer'

    00' Chevy 3500 4x4 Van Quigly Conversion

    2000 Chevy 3500 4x4 Express Van, Vortec 350 V-8, auto trans, Quigly 4x4 Conversion, ac, cd player, DVD player, 17" monitor, four bucket seats, custom side panels and interior, 33"tires, chrome wheels, tool box, tow pkg, original paint, no accidents, well maintained. $13,000 Call Patrick at...
  108. PaDDy Killer'

    Heading to Cancun, is there any fishing near by?

    Heading to Cancun with my girlfriend next week. Not sure if there is any fishing down there? I'm sure there has to be something but I am not too interested in any billfish. Can anyone give me a heads up on whats down there?
  109. PaDDy Killer'

    11-16 Yellows

    Headed out with my buddy Eric, Tom and Garret out of Channel islands. We met up on Eric's boat "Happy Pappy" at 5am got a full scoop and we were off. Nice and flat conditions, cant beat this november weather. Got to the backside just before sunrise and parked in 80'. Eric and Tom were both on...
  110. PaDDy Killer'

    Anancapa Island 11-4

    Got a late start out of CI harbor around 7:00am with my buddy Rich and Eric. Skipped the bait receiver hoping to find a squid boat at the islands. Got lucky and found a boat willing to sell at Santa Cruise island. Picked up a half scoop and punched it to Anacapa. The weather was glass all day...
  111. PaDDy Killer'

    Fix my Seastar from leaking?

    My Seastar power stering is dripping all of a sudden. Seems like there is some play in the steering now too. Any help on how to repair would be great. Thanks.
  112. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 9/9/10 Hidden Bank with the Fleet

    Left the sfv at 10pm fueled up and got down to SI at 1am with no problems.Picked up a nice scoop and a half that lasted all day. Weather going down was nice pushing the stern of the boat. Started trolling hidden bank by day break. Got short bit early on the natural wood ceder. Started drifting...
  113. PaDDy Killer'

    I want one of these

    Painted like a white shark and off too the beach I would go. Go scare the crap out of people at the beach. Hey it would be a great way to kill time til the tuna come... hopefully YouTube - Seabreacher X
  114. PaDDy Killer'

    Small inflatable tender 8'-10'

    Looking to buy a small West Marine or Zodic to run back and forth from a can at Avalon. Let me know what you got.
  115. PaDDy Killer'

    Yes or No

    I tow my boat with my Dads Diesel Excursion and always have parts missing like jack and wrench's he takes out. I would love to mount this Weather Guard box to my trailer to store my junk in. I have to move the boat back on the trailer a few inches to clear my jack. But do you see anything wrong...
  116. PaDDy Killer'

    Do my zinks need to be replaced?

    Not sure if they need to be replaced or not. I Changed them when I got the boat a few years ago. Thanks!
  117. PaDDy Killer'

    Best Price on trailer brake rotors

    Who has the best prices brake rotors? I need to replace six on my trailer :( Sucks too where there are wash downs I always use them, after I launch even. I guess its the times there are no wash down stations.
  118. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina West End 5-2

    Headed out of MDR at six with Farmy and my buddy Rich. Went over to Larry's dock for bait but non of his receivers were there. We picked up bait across from his dock, but did end up seeing Larry's receivers and his boat on the way in, not sure if he was open or not. Anyways clearing the break...
  119. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone use Pro Towers?

    Want to get a half tower put on before the tuna are here. I saw Mike at the Pro Tower booth and the Fred Hall show and talked about a folding half tower and his price seemed way below other prices I was quoted from other Manufactures. Just curious if anyone has used them.
  120. PaDDy Killer'

    Casaic WFO 4-19

    Fished Castaic with my buddy Dean and my brother BigRed who's B-day it just happened to be. I fished Santa Rosa Island Sunday so I was beat when I woke up monday and did not feel like working :) Called in work let them know I was not making it in. Got to the lake a little before one. Very nice...
  121. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz / Santa Rosa Island Sun 4-18

    Headed out of Ventura Harbor with my buddy Greg, Omar and his brother a bit after seven. Got to the ramp at six and shut the truck off to load the boat. Go to start the truck, nada:hali_parkutuli:. Anyways got someone to launch us for $20 and we were on our way. The crossing was very nice, water...
  122. PaDDy Killer'

    Castaic Upper 4-8

    Finally got my transom fixed in my Valco (with a lots help from this site) and ready to give her a shot. Didn't run the motor for over a year and she fired right up. Met Bam Bam at Gallions and off to the lake. We got there around seven and headed to the bouy line with sardines. Right off the...
  123. PaDDy Killer'

    Shake down run Channel islands 3-17

    Headed out of Ventura at six with BamBam and Eric. Found out that Ventura didn't have any bait so we ran the boat to Oxnard for some bait they just picked up the day before (most rolled in the late afternoon). The crossing was great, we were going to fish the same spot my buddy Eric picked up a...
  124. PaDDy Killer'

    Heading out of Ventura tomorrow (Sun)

    Heading out a Ventura around seven or so. Be on channel 72 Reel Obsession. Might shoot over to chinese first nd then look around for some rockfish
  125. PaDDy Killer'

    Split ring pliers?

    I am getting ready to change out a bunch of hooks on lures that really need it. I have some Rapala pliers that work ok but would like to upgrade. Any favorites you guys got?
  126. PaDDy Killer'

    Kern river was stock Wednesday!!!

    Looks like the enviros lost the suite! Finally been wanting to go up there all winter. Kern River Valley Bulletin Board • View topic - Kern River Stocked Wednesday!!!!!!!!
  127. PaDDy Killer'

    What epoxy for the transom?

    I finally got around to start this project. I have a thread I started a few months ago when I was going to start this project but can't find it. I cut the wood for the transom for my Valco and now need to seal it up. Everyone says use epoxy but the only epoxy I found is a two part epoxy three...
  128. PaDDy Killer'

    Transom repair on my Valco

    I am replacing my transom on my 14' Valco. The old original wood has been beat up over the years. I am going to get marine plywood but what do I use to seal the wood? Do I need to seal marine ply?
  129. PaDDy Killer'

    Trinidad 16N and Butterfly jig stick

    Looking for a Trinidad 16N in good working condition. I don't care about some rash marks. Thanks Pat
  130. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore E Butterfly Limits

    Left SFV at 11 am with my little bro BigRed. Got fuel, ice, beer and hot pockets and we were off. Got to Shelter Island to meet my buddy Sansoo and we were off at 2 am .Got a great scoop of bait lasted all day. Original plan was to fish the 230 area and 302 but the weather was so beautiful and...
  131. PaDDy Killer'

    Heading out Thursday 10/8

    Will be heading to the 230 and hidden on ch. 68 or 72. "Reel Obsession" Lets go get em!
  132. PaDDy Killer'

    Deck Light

    55 watt deck light, worked great replaced with l.e.d. $25
  133. PaDDy Killer'

    Electric engine

    Good condition 28lb of thrust, handle extends, 12V. works great $40
  134. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat seats

    In good condition. first 100 takes them.
  135. PaDDy Killer'

    Electrical issues

    I am having some electrical issues with my boat. My Yamaha gauge is showing 14.4-14.2 volts but my ff is showing 11.6 volts to 12.4 volts. This is while running on one battery. I have three batteries in my boat and only one switch. Two of my batteries are wired together and I think my power...
  136. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Slow fishing 181

    Was going to fish the 425 area but one of my regulars flaked but its ok he ended up going to the mlpa meet. Got two last minute buddies and they didn't have mex. fishing licenses so the new game plan was the 181 and fish along the ridge. Launched at 6am out of Oceanside. Bait was decent and...
  137. PaDDy Killer'

    Check out my new money pit..Whaler

    Here is a boat my brother picked up from an auction. This need a full rebuild just about. The engine spun over but we have no keys so I am not sure if thats why it never started. The engine is newer not sure the year the tag is fuked up, it says it is compliant with 06' standards so cant be more...
  138. PaDDy Killer'


    Need to get some outriggers for my hard top. Let me know what you got. Pm please Thanks, Pat 818-470-9468
  139. PaDDy Killer'

    Cook BFT and impress girl

    I suck at cooking. Now that thats out of the way does anyone have an easy way of cooking tuna. I have albacore and bft and I know bft is better, shold I sear it? Help me out guys I need some pussy:ashamed:
  140. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore BFT and Chickens

    Headed out Saturday around four pm out of Shelter Island to fish the 302 and work our way sw of the 226 for the night, Made it out in no time, nice weather we fished a few paddy's and and the porpoise on the way out for nada. We set up our drift chute and fished sharks for the night, wide open...
  141. PaDDy Killer'

    Rod holders

    Do any of you guys know where I can get rod holders that go into my existing rod holder to let the rod be more horizontal? My rod holders in my boat now are to vertical for drifting halibut. I was on a friends boat and he had them but said he didn't remember where he got them. I looked at bass...
  142. PaDDy Killer'

    What do you use to clean ff & gps screen?

    My screens got salt water on them last trio. What can I use to clean them?
  143. PaDDy Killer'

    Got Mom and Dad on fish!

    Headed out of Ventura with a killer scoop of dines. Today I took my Dad, Mom and little bro out fishing for the fathers day fishing trip I promised last weekend. The weather across the channel was a little bumpy but not too bad. Got to the east end of Cruz and started our hali drift. We set up...
  144. PaDDy Killer'

    White Sea Bass and Halibut Channel Islands

    Headed out of Ventura harbor at 6 am with Brian and Wayne on Wayne's killer Wilson. The weather was a bit lumpy on the way out to Santa Cruz but we made 20 knts with not much problem. Once we got there we fished around the birds working the bait off the kelp and bam I'm on. One run later he...
  145. PaDDy Killer'

    Oxnard to Santa Rosa island

    My buddy just picked up a Parker 2530 and wants to buddy boat with me. Its in a slip in channel islands harbor and he wants to fish Rosa at eagles nest tomorow and friday. I am not familiar with the area, is there anything I need to look out for? Also the weather looks to be around 4' at 14...
  146. PaDDy Killer'

    I Love San QQQQQQQQQ

    Not sure how to start this adventure but I will let most the pics do the talking. Headed down with Timmmaaaaaayyyyyy to San Diego to meet Sansu for the drive south. No boarder traffic on the way in and had a smooth drive through T.J. all the way down to S.Q.. We stayed at the Old Mill and ended...
  147. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel Islands Sunday

    Headed out of Oxnard Sunday with Rich and Fat Joe. Game plan was to fish the east end of Santa Cruise for sea bass and finish up with rock fish. Got a late start around six, we passed on getting any live bait since we had seven pounds of fresh dead squid. The weather was dead flat calm with...
  148. PaDDy Killer'

    Yamaha water impeller change- any mobile mechanics? SFV

    I have a 225 yamaha that needs to have the impeller changed out. It also needs a 100hr service. Anyone around the San Fernando Valley who want to make some cash let me know. I have an idea of how to do it but don't trust myself.
  149. PaDDy Killer'

    San Quintin fishing?

    My Parents and younger brother are thinking of heading to San Quintin Sunday. They wanted to know how the weather and fishing has been and did not see anything up to date frome Kelly or Maria.
  150. PaDDy Killer'

    Bleed surge brakes?

    My dog ate my trailer wires and my brake line. The brake line goes from the master cylinder to the first axle and is about 14'. I removed the brake line and am having a new one made up by a local shop. The trailer is a three axle disc brake if that matters. I hate my puppy:starwarskid5:
  151. PaDDy Killer'

    Bugs and crabs MDR

    Went out of MDR with BigRed and Farmy around five to try and get some bugs before the storm came in. The water was flat with a nice 4' swell but little wind and no rain. Tried some new spots in 40' of water but only produced little crabs. Moved in shallower to 24'-30' and that seemed to work...
  152. PaDDy Killer'

    Fishing MDR Thursday/hoopin'

    Headed out of MDR with Bigred and Timmay! Got a great sardine/ anchovie mix from Larry's and off we went. The water was like a lake, there was zero swell no wind nada. It was such a killer day I was just happy on the water as Timmmay and Red were also. We did some shallow water drifts for...
  153. PaDDy Killer'

    Two week Cabo sail trip Help

    Ok guys, I was lucky enougff to be invited on a friends boat for a two week sailing trip down to Cabo. My friend is going to sail around the world but me and my buddy are going on the first short leg of the trip. I know its not going to take two weeks to get down there as we will be stopping at...
  154. PaDDy Killer'

    Painting inside of bait tank

    I have been told by a few people and one of the guys at the bait dock that painting the inside of the tank blue or black is better for the bait? I have no idea myself if it helps or not. I would think if it made a difference all bait tanks would be painted in the inside. Anyone have any info on...
  155. PaDDy Killer'

    Want your opinion Cat island or Santa Barbara

    Heading out Sunday as long as everything goes as planned. Where would you fish? I was thinking back side of Cat at Farnsworth bank but SBI sounds good too. I want to try for some yellows if that doesn't work out rock fish it is. Any help is appreciated.
  156. PaDDy Killer'

    Need electronics hooked up SFV

    I bought a Garmin 545 and a Furuno 620 that I need installed. I also have a Garmin 2006 GPS that I have never had a problem with till now. It does not turn on, I checked the fuses and wires but everything looks ok. Anyone who knows what they are doing and wants to make some extra cash let me know.
  157. PaDDy Killer'

    Where to fish in Oxnard/Ventura??

    I want to take my boat out and do some rock cod fishing. The only area that I am familiar with is the gap. Can you guys point me to some other spots. Maybe some halibut drifts too? I was thinking about fishing one of the oil platforms and try and make some sandabs for bait? Any help is appreciated.
  158. PaDDy Killer'

    All chain on a windlass?

    My Dad has a 28' Skipjack that we have not used in a few years. I am getting it ready to take it out soon. He had a new windlass put on it a few years ago and used all chain (300ft) and no rope. We stayed at San Clemente island and I remember in the middle of the night the swell built. It built...
  159. PaDDy Killer'

    Wrong props??

    My Dad has not used his boat for a few years so I brought it over to my house to get the bugs worked out and clean it up. The boat is a 28' Skipjack with Pilot house, twin six cyl Volvo diesel 41's. I know the outdrives are Volvo but don't know the model. The boat handles like crap, when its on...
  160. PaDDy Killer'

    My hoop net puller

    My brother picked up some heavy metal bar at his work and a pipe bender. I went to Lowes and picked up a pulley for $26.99. I trimed the side of the pulley leaving a little sticking up to help keep the rope on the pulley. I pulled up a 20lb anchor a few times without any issues. Seems to work...
  161. PaDDy Killer'

    New rod holders

    Got my rod holders from JMF Products and they look/work great. I could not believe how nice the quality was with these rod holders. I might pick up another set, I am not sure just yet. My buddies and I load up my boat every time like we are going for calico bass - Mako sharks, just a bunch of...
  162. PaDDy Killer'

    Manual hoop net puller

    I have been looking around for one but don't want to spend $250 on one. I found this one but dam it a little high in price. I know Scotty makes one but looks small and cheap. Do any of you guys know anyone who makes them or a cheaper source or alternative?
  163. PaDDy Killer'

    Raymarine or Garmin gps/ff

    I have been looking at both, the Raymarine C series and the E series but thats out of my budget- E series. I have a Garmin 2006 but is not color and looses its fix a lot so I need to get something soon. Any sugestions. Thanks
  164. PaDDy Killer'

    Rolling dirty

    Got the rims, grill, bowtie, emblems all powdercoated and painted satin black! Can't wait to get her cleaned up. Here are some quick pics at work.
  165. PaDDy Killer'

    Mobile boat mechanic in the L.A. area?

    I need to have my thermostat and some other things done to my yamaha four stroke, also need to have my fuel managment installed. Looking for a good mobile mechanic or a shop that is not going to bend me over on prices.
  166. PaDDy Killer'

    Reliable weather source?

    Hey guys I was curious where you go to check the weather. I have been going to this web site California Marine Weather, Buoy Reports, Swell & Wind Forecasts, Water Temperature | Buoyweather and it seems that it always shows worse weather online than it is when I get on the water. I want to go...
  167. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina front 9-7

    Left MDR at 0600 with Farmy, BigRed and Dean. Got two very nice scoops from Larry's bait dock. Nice and flat the whole way over. Fished some kelp paddy's a few miles off the west end for Nada. The water was around 69 and the small calico bass were on the chew. Along with lots of small sheep head...
  168. PaDDy Killer'

    Help!! Quick come inside!

    So as I am prepping the boat for tomorrow I notice that there is a little gear oil leaking from the lower screw on the bottom of my yamaha 225. I loosen the screw witch was a little loose as I was removing it to check for water entry. When removed oil came out no water or milkiness in it. So I...
  169. PaDDy Killer'

    Launching out of MDR Catalina or Offshore??

    Going out of MDR on sunday. I am not sure if I am better off fishing the front side of Cat for yellowtail. Or shoot past the west end and look for kelp and mamals pass catalina maybe 40 miles out of MDR. What do you guys think?? Thanks for any help:imdumb:
  170. PaDDy Killer'

    Where to buy Trinidad 16 reel clamp??????

    I have been looking for a TN 16 reel clamp for months now. They are all back ordered from shimano and have no idea when they will start production again. Does anyone know where I can get one by this weekend. I don't care if its aftermarket clamp or not as long as it works.
  171. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 8-19-08 report 181

    Left ocean side with my dad around 5 am and hit a bunch of paddy's on the way to the 181 for nada. Trolled around the 181 water temp 68.5 till we trolled over a high spot on the way to the 182 it jumped to 70.2 temp. Caught one 15 lb dodo on one paddy there then found another around 2 PM that...
  172. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Killed the Yellows 8-6

    Left the valley around 1 am and headed for Shelter Island. Got to the ramp at 3:30 am and what a zoo. It looked like a weekend. Got two scoops of so so bait and headed to the 302. Trolled the 302 for an hour or so and had two knock downs but nothing stuck. Started to troll to the 371 and found a...
  173. PaDDy Killer'

    Cabrillo launch ramp?

    What time do they open??
  174. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina west end or east end for this weekend?

    Where would you fish? I am thinking of going east but ???
  175. PaDDy Killer'

    What gps navigator?

    I am looking to punch in my waypoints into another head unit to have it seprate than my ff/gps combo. I was looking at the Furuno but am not sure if you guys had better experience with another unit. I want something easy to use if that is possible now days. Any help is appreciated. FURUNO...
  176. PaDDy Killer'

    july 4th/5th tuna trip

    Hey I want to head out for two days out to the 371 or wherever the tuna will be in a week. Question- how do mexican regs work on an overnight trip? Say we are lucky enouff to get limits the first day and secound day, do I need a permit, and where would I get one if needed? I was planning to...
  177. PaDDy Killer'

    Thresher Shark!! 6-8 SMB

    Took the boat to Marina Del Rey Saturday night and stayed the night at chase parks overnight slips were DrewRanch and Farmy were also staying the night. We hung out had a few beers and went over our plan of attack to catch Mr.T shark. BigRed was fishing the docs when he caught an Angel shark...
  178. PaDDy Killer'

    Breaking in the new boat T-shark Santa Monica

    Last week I bought a new boat to me, a 04' 26' Striper and today was the first official day of fishing on it so I was on the hunt for some Blood!! Headed out toward Topanga the mission was halibut or T-shark. I wanted to do some bounce balling with some rigs I made so I slow trolled two tigs...