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  1. Cbaldwin

    If you're having trouble changing titles to Sold or modifying titles let me know

    I cant change my title to sold sorry to bother you never had this problem before and ive sold a few rods and reels.
  2. Cbaldwin

    Daiwa Sealine 50w loaded up 50$pics on request

    Bump you have all seen a sealine
  3. Cbaldwin

    Daiwa Sealine 50w loaded up 50$pics on request

    Sold Sold Used but just serviced 50 wide daiwa sealine 250 yards 65 lb braid 250 yards 40 lb mono. A little boat rash but clean perfect working condition just tie 25 floro leader on and good to go. Great set up for friends or family members visiting. I used as backup for nephew will throw...
  4. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Great fishing!! 10/28

    Heck yeah conditions look epic finally some better quality fish close to home. Well done. My season is done due to work and surgery so living it up through your reports. :appl:
  5. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 1 and done 8/31

    Wow what a fun day. Going to get out Wednesday or thursday will post a report. Well done great pics bud. Aloha
  6. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Offshore action 8/31

    Nice quick and efficient day, well done. Not sure if I am going to have fun paddy hopping or go after some big boys this week. Both sound good as long as weather holds. Good job :appl:
  7. Cbaldwin

    Mission Belle 8/20

    Good effort. Thanks for report
  8. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Yellows 8/20

    Awesome way to make a move and find your own fish. Wish i would have headed to 101 yesterday I always find fish in that zone. Well done. Yeah it really is a shit show out there.
  9. Cbaldwin

    Islands Wednesday

    Shit show was an understatement. Guys left for offshore and said deadzone, so I guess best bet right now. Getem good aloha
  10. Cbaldwin

    Islands Wednesday

    Bft were boat shy and being chased hard so didnt put too much effort into those. Left the fleet at Ribbon kelp skr area and found some fish in shallow and on middle ground ridge. Caught yellowtail on slow troll nothing big all 12 pounders but glad to get out. Saw some tiny tuna boiling and a...
  11. Cbaldwin

    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Awesome looking forward to getting out tomorrow, well done :appl:
  12. Cbaldwin

    Solo run 8/17

    Fun trip. Heading out tomorrow. I will post report. Good job aloha
  13. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Well done way to make it happen. That wind really changed and confused the ocean. More hamachi and fried fish cant beat that.
  14. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    Yep 3 weeks ago i fished for an entire week with just me and a buddy boat less than 16 miles from home for wide fricking open 50 to 100 plus bft, limits everyday on bait. All boats raced westerly over those fish, not a boat insight till one day some one finally caught on. They moved the...
  15. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Mixed bag 8/3

    Good job. Those rockfish are looking tasty. Yeah took a minute for us to get tuna on deck had bait right in them and nothing...Then finally a school came through that was on the chew. These biters had sardines and chunk in their bellies. Will be out next week if weather cooperates.
  16. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8/2 Humble Pie

    You will hammer them next time, i am going out tomorrow and always appreciate reports good or iffy. Thanks aloha
  17. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Tuna 7/16

    One and done and home early, way to make it happen. :appl:
  18. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 371 7/16 triple

    Trifecta nice:appl:
  19. Cbaldwin

    Seeker trolling rod 100$

    Used only a handful of times near perfect condition. Great for trolling feathers name it. Perfect 60 lb trolll setup for schoolie to those 50 to 100 lb bft . Price 100 firm no shipping cash only. Can meet up half way as long as with in reasonable distance. Text me if interested...
  20. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Beat the buzzer 100+ lb BFT on the Ocean Odyssey

    Well done. Welcome to club :cheers: cheers
  21. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Epic week

    Had plenty of ice was just organizing fish to cut off heads and move into other coolers. Shoot if you fish these last couple hot days you are going to need a ton of ice. Definitely feels better on the ocean then out here at my house in la mesa. Getem good aloha fishing brother
  22. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Epic week

    After not getting them to go at the ridge last week was able to find big bft close to home. 5 miles west south west of islands in green h2o full of bait. Wide open limits Wednesday and Thursday just us and one other buddy boat on 50 to 100 lb bft. Lost a couple bigger models. Fished today...
  23. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Coulda been worse 7/1

    Quality paddy yellowtail right there. Glad you made it home safe. A little 4th of July boat project to keep you busy. Shoot it will be a sh.t show out there this weekend so you arent missing much. Good job cheers and happy 4th :cheers:
  24. Cbaldwin

    Offshore sw of 43

    Both on cedar plug way back round little schoolie fish between 25 and 45 lbs. Fish were acting really spooked.
  25. Cbaldwin

    Offshore sw of 43

    Short version. Bft and yft wanted nothing to do with boat. Got them on cedar way back and missed a blowup on yummy. Lots of life and terns out there. Drop cedars for sure maybe rapalas also. No pics got home late as last night. Hope this helps. Go getem aloha
  26. Cbaldwin

    Belated Father's Day - Nados 6/25

    I have a sweet tooth so the cookies sounded epic hah. Good job way to get them on fish. Looks really calm out there. How was h2o temp, going out next week.
  27. Cbaldwin

    Trying to pick a boat to go on.

    Taro, Steve, or Ryan aka booger cant go wrong. All those captains will try their best and fish till dark and be on the hunt. Just mix it up if fish are not in a chewing mood. Iron dropper loop obviously fly lined and even carolina sinker.... Lots of south swell coming this next week for ten...
  28. Cbaldwin

    Islands yellows 6/19

    Looks like epic conditions and fun fishing. Definitely made up for the last trip. Cheers
  29. Cbaldwin

    Shimano tld 30 2 speed 100$

    Shimano tld 30 2 speed loaded with 500 yards 80 lb yellow powerpro. Serviced last year not fished this year yet. I have it on Seeker American series 60 to 100 rod. Reel 100 firm, if you want reel and rod 225 firm. Thanks for looking 6199205041 Connor I will sell separately or combo
  30. Cbaldwin

    Offshore New Lo Ann 1.5 Day 6-15-20

    Well done. Cheers:cheers::appl:
  31. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Rod and reel type

    For bluefin tuna fishing in particular i think hook size and leader is very helpful on finding out what got bit the best. Dont really care about reel or rod though. But some guys really do want to know(not me) or maybe they are in the process of getting a new setup and are on the fence...just my...
  32. Cbaldwin

    Islands Thursday

    First off great weather today and really courteous fisherman except for one or two "throttle Jockeys" learned that expression today. Longest bait line i have ever experienced i dont fish weekends literally once in past 30 years of fishing so new to me. Made 30 macs while waiting in line...
  33. Cbaldwin

    Offshore WSW or SSW Tomorrow for BFT?

    Clear skies should be able to get a chloro and temp shot. I will be out tomorrow definitely not expecting to hang any yft like last week but i know bft are around need to find that edge. Good luck
  34. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Heard you on the radio,what a long epic battle. No big bft for us. Just some 25 lbs yft. Gad you got some table fare with the yt. We showed up a little late to the party and missed the morning bite. On my buddies boat and definitely rough out there with that south west wind. Great...
  35. Cbaldwin

    Nados tails 5/16

    Well done. Rapalas getting the job done :appl:
  36. Cbaldwin

    Islands 5 -11

    Didnt see the Navy, have my Mex liscense fmm and biosphere. Last year saw the Navy a bunch and was checked by them once. Very courteous and professional. Wont be surprised if they show up soon with all the boat traffic. Dont ever try and do that stuff the morning of a trip, give yourself 48...
  37. Cbaldwin

    Islands 5 -11

    Center console, Its sturdy been fishing and diving the islands my whole. Yeah just like surfing you get more comfortable with time. Its not just the ocean you need to worry about its someone cutting you off and slamming on their brakes while trailering the boat to the launch ramp. Some bad...
  38. Cbaldwin

    Islands 5 -11

    Goal was to head offshore after putting a few on the deck early at islands but way to snotty. Next trip. Go getum
  39. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 43 Area, Clemente, Catalina 5-8 thru 5-10

    Wow looks like an epic trip. Well done:appl:
  40. Cbaldwin

    Islands 5 -11

    A bit sporting out there in the 18 footer. Left early got to North island at a.m tide change. Put 2 on quickly on lee side. Nothing for a while made our way to middle grounds, windy bumpy not a whole lot going on there. Guys fishing south island said slow. Went back to North island took a...
  41. Cbaldwin

    Coronado yellows!!

    Last time you reported no love on the yt when we were out there hammering them, we have all been there before, but i knew the next trip you would score and you definitely took care of business today. Yeah they are loving the rapalas. Well done. I surfed today but i guess i should have...
  42. Cbaldwin

    Nados and beyond. Report 5/1

    I always like those pics with the iron hanging out of the mouth. Good job I saw you guys out there and went south before coming back to south part of north island for a flurry. Going out this week if weather stays good. Will keep you guys posted.
  43. Cbaldwin

    Coronado islands 5/1

    Hey was out there today late at 12ish. Took a while for us to find them. South part of north island but on weather side. Saw you guys when we got out and heard you talking, kind of bouncy on weather side. Went to middle grounds for nada then came back got a flurry where h2o streaked clean on...
  44. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    Thank you calling and getting some clarity on the situation at hand. I kind of figured that was and would be the response. Super bummed for the bait guys. Will have to make it up to them big time with a few more trips i guess.
  45. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    Its no longer quarantine but moved into martial law. A sad day for our country. Stay safe guys and gals.
  46. Cbaldwin

    Islands 3-4-20

    Yeah was curious about the temp down at rockpile. I know my gauge runs a half degree high so just curious. Thanks for the reply much appreciated.
  47. Cbaldwin

    Islands 3-4-20

    Do you remember what temp you had. Trying to figure out how off my gauge is. Yeah heard on radio it rolled. Pukey was clean but didn't go further south of middle grounds. Get some. Aloha 🎣
  48. Cbaldwin

    Islands 3-4-20

    Short version Left late to meet the tide change at noonish, h2o 61.4 to 61.9 on our meter. Deep blue great vis, good current going down and in. Heard on the radio the rockpile rolled.... Great rockfishing, limits of reds a few starries and sculpin. Search North Island and middle grounds weather...
  49. Cbaldwin

    Los coronados 1/1/2020

    Thanks for investigating the islands. Going out this week. Good job on the tacos.:appl:
  50. Cbaldwin

    Coronado islands

    Nice. Fried fish and grilled fish tacos will work just fine during this great weather window we are in. Bbq time is always in season in sd.
  51. Cbaldwin

    Just so you know

    Nope not a salmon grouper and or boccacio. 7 lb red
  52. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Yft 10/23

    Epic weather today. Fun close to home fishing, cant beat that.:appl:
  53. Cbaldwin

    Just so you know

    Nope its a red vermilion
  54. Cbaldwin

    Just so you know

    They bit slow trolled macs on 25 lb floro. Deans were a little weak. Another boat came there from offshore and got one on a rapala.
  55. Cbaldwin

    Just so you know

    We left shelter at 11ish bought a half scoop and made macs near lobster buoys. Went to north island and never left. Great current and h2o color. 68.8 on my meter. 3 for 5 on yellowtail plus huge reds that we dropped for on pukey pt. Yt Were 14 lb clones, metered a ton of yt but not many...
  56. Cbaldwin

    Coronados 10/14

    I fished North east 371 a week ago and easy limits then catch and release, i didnt put a report in because it was no secret and so many other reports from that zone. Was hoping some of that good water would might have pushed into islands and wanted to do some recon work. No such luck, warm but...
  57. Cbaldwin

    Coronados 10/14

    Was curious about the islands, so skipped the sh.t show the 371 was. Sounded more like a weekend then weekday, from all the radio chatter. Shut the radio off and fished weather side North Island first, then worked south. H2o warm 69 but off color. Plenty of Bonito and seals. Rock fishing...
  58. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Sat— Mon Tuna report.

    I always feel more pressure when trying to put friends or family on fish. Way to get it done. :appl:
  59. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Awsome morning 9/5

    Way to put your uncle on fish going to sneak out next week. Will give a report. Aloha:appl:
  60. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    I dont ever post on these type of reports only give reports. But anyone who knows how these fish have been reacting this year realizes its about finding your own school and chumming them up. He made a move to find a willing school and it didnt happen, if he did you would be giving a way...
  61. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Tunas. 226. Biting.

    Poke looks delicious on those wontons. Well done.
  62. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Sunday 302 zone..

    So wait he fished on a weekend found a paddy near the fleet and wanted it all to himself.... good luck. When i fished Thursday it was ridiculously crowded but pretty well behaved boaters. We were west of the fleet with just one other boat till later on, then people cruised over but we were...
  63. Cbaldwin

    Offshore YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Wow the ocean looks super calm. Well done. Yeah last week found some free swimming yt and bonito. We had too much fish on board already but shoot Hamachi does sound good. Good job. Aloha
  64. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8.15 - 9 Mile and 302

    :appl: A lot of free swimming yt around close to home, good job. We saw a bunch on the way back Thursday.
  65. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Big Loop

    Took the 18 ft skiff out west of the 230. Immediately got a bft on the cedar plug at 6 am. Found some birds working with no volume of boats around. They were all inside east of us. Just us and another boat on good schoolie yft bite. Drifted sardines while steady chumming worked for us...
  66. Cbaldwin

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Yes it will work i have a classic photo of me on my mine. Super easy good for a year.
  67. Cbaldwin

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Got mine for the whole year. I was checked Thursday by Navy. Polite and professional. Go on Sac sportfishing website takes a minute but well worth it. One year available link is conspac or something like that. Very easy to find the link
  68. Cbaldwin

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-25-19 Local Bass fishing!

    Wow conditions and fish look great. Fun times
  69. Cbaldwin


    Well done captain. Pukey kicking out some good fish. Yeah quality and fishing is better than last week even though caught limits every trip. This is skiff fishing at its finest. Its fun to release those fighters. Next year they will be real mossbacks. Epic conditions. Cheers:cheers:
  70. Cbaldwin

    7/25 Coronados Reports?

    Yep all that, license fmn tip passport bioshere... took all of ten minutes super polite and professional. They did not board us just handed info over one person at a time. When the fmn first came about and passport needed in 2013/2014 we were the only boat fishing there for a while, it was easy...
  71. Cbaldwin

    Interesting day

    Wanted to go hunt some paddies but had a late start, made macs at barge and grabbed epic deans. On our way out ran into buddy who is a great fisherman and hunter he was at 425 said deadzone and thought maybe should have gone further south to hidden. So we stopped said f it lets go mix it up at...
  72. Cbaldwin

    7/25 Coronados Reports?

    Yep all quality fish for us today. Navy checked us we had all our proper paperwork. Super polite and professional. Saw some derelicts racing out of islands. Cmon guys get your sh.t together. Landed absolute toads today kept a few released a bunch. Our smallest fish kept 18 lbs biggest 28...
  73. Cbaldwin

    Mackerel Man is Back! - 7/22 Coronados

    Super fun fishing and catching out there. Good job. Aloha
  74. Cbaldwin

    Islands 7/23

    Near the bait barge, chummed cat food and they came to the boat put 20 in the tank plus great half scoop of dines. Go getem
  75. Cbaldwin

    Islands 7/23

    We were on another double trying to do bad action selfies for our better halves. H2o was best i have seen all year. My buddy had fish on with phone in hand.
  76. Cbaldwin

    Islands 7/23

    A pic of the size. All 12 to 18 lb
  77. Cbaldwin

    Islands 7/23

    Late start because made macs and grabbed half scoop of great dines. Started south part of north island quickly put two out of three hooked fish on the skiff. Saw the fleet and private boaters at middle grounds. Made our way there h2o was 69 and blue. Stayed away from fleet in deeper h2o and...
  78. Cbaldwin

    7-19 Coronados YT

    We actually grabbed a few of those red crabs at the middle grounds my buddy put two on a dropperloop and got an 8 lb sheepshead. Red crab was so thick. We farmed a bunch of yt and same as you lost hooks up the yinyang to cudas. Good crowd out there but some people way to close to pens.
  79. Cbaldwin

    Still there

    20 ft seapro
  80. Cbaldwin

    Still there

    Good job, way to take care of business. But man the ride home was wet and bumpy.
  81. Cbaldwin

    Still there

    Fished islands today 7/18. 3 guys 9 fish, all were that 14 lb to 18 lb class yt and plenty of cudas tossed back. Farmed a few yt got a few. Not like it was Monday for us but still really good fishing. H2o was very chilly in middle grounds proper. Found warm clean water near pens and south...
  82. Cbaldwin

    Islands cookie cutters

    Awesome. Well done:cheers:. Were you in shallow or deeper h2o. Surprised to see boats like the Red Rooster 3 and other long range boats there. We stayed a little deeper and away from most of the fleet for a steady bite. Weather was great. Today was fun fishing and catching.
  83. Cbaldwin

    Islands cookie cutters

    Great bait, super lively deans. Got to islands at 7 ish first fish in the boat at 715. had a couple double hookups going. We were south of south island in deeper h2o away from fleet who was way inside of us in 60 feet of h20. Saw long range and full day boats there. H2o was 68.2 on our...
  84. Cbaldwin

    Offshore SW of islands

    Stayed away from the fleet and boat pressure. Plenty of fish up and boiling. Got a couple schoolie yft and and a few yt. Found a triple paddy drifted bait and popper and or iron for our fish. No bft and no size to the fish nothing worth posting a pic. Zipped through islands on the way out...
  85. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    Nice well done. Heading out tomorrow. That zone has been treating me good this year, hopefully they stay on the chew.
  86. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Good job. Yft better than nothing. Its amazing how much fish are around. Quality bft everywhere but so darn finicky.. I will bring kite and helium tank next week when i fish. Glad you mixed it up. Eventually something will work.
  87. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Sw 371

    Go getem. Bloody your deck. Those smartass bft deserve it. Most of all have fun and safe travels. Aloha
  88. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Sw 371

    Acres of mixed size bft with a few small yft out there. Left late found plenty of birdschools. Just wouldnt eat our sardines. A couples sniffs at our poppers but no hookups. h2o 65.2 on my meter. So many fish, literally miles of tuna, but so much bait. Gotem last week but not this week...
  89. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 6/24/19 425/371

    We were out there southwest of 371 in the center console with only one other boat around. Same results. We got out late 10 am fished hard for 8 hours straight boil and birdschool after birdschool. A couple blowups on poppers but nothing stuck.So many fish, seriously fish everywhere. Bft...
  90. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    Yep i threw my mint iron a bunch and no love. I did see a dodo jump out of the water it was maybe 6 lbs. Might go out Monday if i dont work.
  91. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Between the Banks

    My good buddy and I fished between the 425 and 371. Got one nice 40 lb bft and a bunch of 14 lb yellowtail on paddies. Had to find the right paddy. Bft would blowup for a few seconds then go down before you could get on them. Typical bft fishing. Great bait only one died all day. H2o was...
  92. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 6/10 (302/371)

    Thanks for timely report. I know where i want to go but not in my 18ft cc, need the fish to move a little closer.... Might just go screw around in lj tomorrow.
  93. Cbaldwin

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Fish conditions not spots. Look for good current clean water bait and get lines in. People are not going to give you their rock fishing stones. That you will need to find on your own over time.
  94. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Last season we were down at the 101 just us and the San Diego drifting a paddy about 150 yards apart for small yft and yt and a boat yep a Parker literally ran 40 feet off their port side in the chum line and over peoples lines. I was in shock and didnt think people could be that stupid and...
  95. Cbaldwin

    Offshore PQ Heartbreaker

    Been there, done that.... Heartbreak and i know it sucks, but you will get that slob next time. Great battle though. Bft are so darn smart they love to get their freedom when the gaff comes out.
  96. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    I hope when i am 72 i can pull on fish as hard as you did and do! Super bummed i couldnt take work off this week and get in on that bite. Cheers you had a hot stick. Jonesing to get on the h2o real soon. Well done, Aloha
  97. Cbaldwin

    Rpt.-Sun.-03-24-19 Fun day at RP, PV and the Shoe!

    Wow weather and fishing looked epic.
  98. Cbaldwin

    Long Beach mammals Sunday 3/17

    Keep those reports coming. Thanks Aloha.
  99. Cbaldwin

    Lj 3/18

    I know what yt look like on my meter. They came through fast and on the bottom of a baitball. These were big slinkies not bonita or calicos. I am more curious if there is squid around. It was not redcrab, most likely squid. One can hope, love those squid hatches. Hope you guys getem i will...
  100. Cbaldwin

    Lj 3/18

    Stayed local yesterday. Targeted yt and halibut with my good friend. Made bait easily outside the jetty on the afternoon slacktide. Macs and deans. Found some good current and big bait balls all over the water column and fished irons and dropperloops. No yt love but got some good halibut...
  101. Cbaldwin

    Grande 11/24

    Thanks for report. Well done,cheers.
  102. Cbaldwin

    Offshore SA 80 epic 2.5 day

    Thats a catching report, well done. I guess its tuna instead of turkey, hah. Cheers
  103. Cbaldwin

    A lil help

    Yep one word and you couldnt even give the op some helpful info. Thanks enjoy your night in long beach or where ever you are from. Have good week, cheers.
  104. Cbaldwin

    A lil help

    No he asked where the yft were coming from. And a month later you chimed in with no/zero help. Doesnt bother me just surprised by how useful you are, thanks. His first sentence asks where the yellowfin were coming in steadily from. I gave him info from my trip a day before and it was no...
  105. Cbaldwin

    A lil help

    Yes i gave him info a month ago when he wanted to know where most of the close scores came from. So you decided a month later to chime in and just be nitpicky. Well done. Hats off to you and yes i catch yellowtail year round but the op doesnt even have a boat he is quote "looking" . Thanks...
  106. Cbaldwin

    A lil help

    Not sure if my small seapro wants to go out to the tanner bank for bft. Have fun catching bonita, no shame in that, i will be getting barreled. And the op was asking about yft.... did you read his post?
  107. Cbaldwin

    A lil help

    Yes tuna and pelagic season....
  108. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Well done. A nice end of the season trip. Food looks epic, cheers!
  109. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Easy limit 10/9

    Well done. Now thats a catching report.
  110. Cbaldwin

    Offshore N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    Shoot conditions looked epic out there. Well done. Keep those reports coming in, this week i have to work everyday, so I will be living the dream through you guys and your great reports of catching. Way to getem, its poke time!
  111. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Skippies Galore

    Thanks for report. You will getem good next time.
  112. Cbaldwin

    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    Yep both state and federally protected. I grew up in Coronado and in the Hotel Del there they have so many pics of bsb in old black and white photos. I have released so many of them over the years and always happy when i see them swim off. Literally that photo shocks me. As the op said "he...
  113. Cbaldwin

    A lil help

    Next spring get a fishdope account. It will save you a bunch of gas. Its no secret, they are fishing between 101 425 and upper hidden bank. There are schools closer, say near Coronado canyon on dolphin but hit and miss. Bulk of the fish down south. Dont expect any info on a squid hatches...
  114. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 9/28 Fun morning

    Well done. Yeah the bait was feisty and strong, only had a few die all day. Best bait all year for me also. Glad you got good conditions, it was a little lumpy when i was out. Good job. Aloha
  115. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Yellowfin 9/27

    Well done. Yeah my belly hooked feisty deans got hammered on Wednesday. Way to make it happen. Cheers
  116. Cbaldwin

    Offshore sw of 101

    Yeah we had a double going on and got a thumbs up and a shaka from the deckhand so we knew that we were giving them plenty of distance. Saw guys on a cuddy cabin boat literally go over there lines and chum. I was in shock. It took a few minutes to get the fish going for us but once it...
  117. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Rpt. 09-26-18 O-95 1.5 Day, YFT Limits, A DoDo, JP!

    Great write up. Well done guys. Yeah that was some fun fishing this week.
  118. Cbaldwin

    Offshore sw of 101

    Go getem. Aloha
  119. Cbaldwin

    Offshore sw of 101

    My good buddy and i fished on his seapro for some schoolie size yft. Fished 20 floro with small hooks to match the small lively bait we got from sd. Only a few died all day. Fished south between 101 and 425. Found a paddy loaded with yft couldnt get them to go right away. Reset drift a...
  120. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 9/24 WFO south of the 425

    It does help. Much appreciated, thanks and well done.
  121. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Got a few 9/21

    Thanks for timely report. I will be out this week. Well done, there seems to be a better grade of fish on the dolphin recently. Cheers
  122. Cbaldwin

    Lal's big Biscuit picture!

    Well done and well deserved. Cheers
  123. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    The real question is.. is it paddy or patty...? I dont fish the weekends but during the week i get true pleasure in waving a boat in after we have got a few fish and seen how loaded it is. Watch them hook up instantly is awesome. Then ask their boat name and stay in contact through out the...
  124. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Coronados Bluefin/Bonito/Seals 9/11 & 9/13

    F me the only boat.... I am stoked you got those couple of bft through the seadogs. They have brutalized me this year. Thanks for report. I was hoping the orcas we saw Tuesday would go through the islands and clear them out. No such luck i guess. Good job, enjoy some well earned bft...
  125. Cbaldwin

    Keep me posted for future trips. My boat partner is out of commission do to car accident. I...

    Keep me posted for future trips. My boat partner is out of commission do to car accident. I have been fishing Coronado islands for 20 plus years. I can definitely be useful and pay my way. We we were the first private boater to fish islands when the Mex govt implemented fmn.
  126. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Offshore/Islands report 9/12

    The 101 over the years has treated me well. Hidden is out of range for our little boat. Thanks for checking the islands on the way home much appreciated.
  127. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    Well done. Thanks for report. I cant fish till next week , hoping..... I will be living vicariously through all your reports here on bloodydecks
  128. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Should have gone left

    Thanks for report. Shoot very feast or famine out there. You would have had an amazing day if you got a sword to go. Next time
  129. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 371 9/11/18

    No we kept our distance but saw the boat the orcas were playing with.
  130. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 371 9/11/18

    Cool my pleasure, I try to put in same day reports. Go getem bud. I knew fish in lj but over the lj zoo, tried to find our own fish but not to be.
  131. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 371 9/11/18

    Short version. Lots of skippies great water and marlin seen. No tuna for us, all fish released. Long version....Got bait a mix of deans and bigger macs fom sd bait barge. Passed the lower nine at grey light saw pod killer whales which was cool, hadnt seen them in over 4 seasons. Made our...
  132. Cbaldwin

    1 lonely bluefin

    Way to get your uncle on a nice fish. The hook must have popped out of mouth then grabbed him on his side...? Yeah yesterday was a lot of work for 4 fish and bft lost at gaff. We fished 1030 to 430. Only sealed once yesterday but the dogs kept me off a few areas i knew fish were at. Next...
  133. Cbaldwin

    Islands on the 3rd

    Exactly let them feed the furbags. They moved from where we were fishing and gave us 6 sealions so had to move. Brutal
  134. Cbaldwin

    Islands on the 3rd

    Yeah a few quality bones out there. A lot of boat pressure i think slowed bite down. The Mission Belle came to weather side of middles where we were fishing and i knew then we were in right spot. They chummed the ocean up.
  135. Cbaldwin

    Islands on the 3rd

    I havent seen them at islands once this year and i fish often. Last i heard they were zipping between 425 tuna pens and Ensenada. Someone mentioned last week they were anchored up there though.
  136. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Slaybor Day

    Great write up. Yep we have that guy also, hah.
  137. Cbaldwin

    Islands on the 3rd

    Didnt meter fish a lot today but plenty of hookups. Had a few schools on the simrad but plenty of blind strikes. You will get them find the current and bait and game on. Have fun aloha
  138. Cbaldwin

    Coronado Islands 9/3

    Well done. We left late, avoided all the pbers and sporties and did our own thing. Macks are key and getting the job done. Took some work but found the fish. Way to charge!
  139. Cbaldwin

    Islands on the 3rd

    I never fish on weekends or holidays, not a fan of crowds, but the weather gave us small skiffs a break today so said screw it. Made macks easily at the barge, put forty in the tank plus bought half scoop for chumming. Got to islands at 1030. North island crowded no one hooked up on yt that i...
  140. Cbaldwin

    9-2-18 am half day

    Thanks for timely report. Yeah saw the amount of anglers on the Seaforth am and pm last few days. Cant imagine the amount of tangles and lost fish. Way to stick it out. Well done
  141. Cbaldwin

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    Seriously what does this have to do with SoCal offshore reports. Put your report in the right place in the gulf section. Go disappear please. If you are not providing any intel or a report in our waters then why are you here...? Fucking useless.
  142. Cbaldwin

    8-28-18 am half day

    Thanks for timely report. Well done
  143. Cbaldwin

    Offshore One the loneliest number

    Its funny the difference between 7 and 8 fish is no big deal. But the difference between 0 and 1 fish can save the day. That nice dodo saved your day. Good job, cheers!
  144. Cbaldwin

    Mondays at the 'Nados

    Great video guys. What a fun day we all had out there. So glad the sealions gave us landfarmers a break and let us boat all of our fish. Well done. Cheers!
  145. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Dodos, 8-19-18

    Wow you put yourself on the meat. Well done. So whens the taco party...Good job
  146. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Monday 8 20. Twenty miles west of MB

    Gosh Dorado are so pretty. Good job way to tag team the paddy. Well done
  147. Cbaldwin

    Coronados 8/20

    Just put pic of nephew up. Yeah that h2o out there is insane. Everyone fishing out there was on there game with great boating manners. Good job guys.
  148. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 390 8/19/18

    Well done guys. I smoke fish but need to start canning. Way to go!
  149. Cbaldwin

    Coronados 8/20

    Wasnt going to chase small football yft at hidden on a small skiff, so made our way to The Nados. My good buddy and his nephew who is 12 but loves fishing,his first trip there. Grabbed half scoop from sd and made plenty of macs near barge, h20 clean for the bay. Catfood and sardine chunks got...
  150. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Dorado limits x2(U.S. waters)

    Wow thats some fun fishing. Great job
  151. Cbaldwin

    What bird is this

    A masked booby, I saw one also. They are mean, the first of the chicks to hatch kills the other chick. I saw one on a floating wooden crate that was near the upper hidden a few trips ago. Pretty sure but could be wrong.
  152. Cbaldwin

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    Yep weatherman suck. Us surfers do a better job forecasting than the paid professionals. I take a beating on my 20 ft seapro some days. So sore the next day. No bueno. You will getem good next time. I have to do boat maintenance this coming week with boat partner so no fishing till...
  153. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8/ 8 371 425

    Well done guys.
  154. Cbaldwin

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    Yep those sealions are on a gluten free diet. Shoot we lost 6 yt to those bastards on a recent trip still got 8 yt but dont want to feed those furbags. Wouldnt touch the Bonito, they wanted Hamachi. Worst i have ever seen them in 25 years of fishing the Coronados. Gad you got a few well done
  155. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8/5 - The Freedom

    Wow great variety of fish. Good job guys!
  156. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Late report 8/4 Nados to 371 - bag of YFT + 1 Dodo

    Heck yeah well done guys. Way to box that area in. Thats where i have been finding my fish lately. Great write up and good job
  157. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8-4 aboard the Malihini - First Dodo!

    No love for me on the artificials this year also. Good job on the Mahi. Such pretty fish and a blast to catch. Well done you will get a wide open bite next time just paying some dues. Great job!
  158. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Great write up and report. Way to keep your cool. I believe in paddy manners and others seem to have no clue or common sense. Those donkeys that got your braid in their prop hopefully learned a lesson, look at the other boat drifting and their lines radio call in or shout if so close together...
  159. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 425/371 Sunday 8/5

    Yep macs have been treating me good this year. Well done guys way to find some biters.
  160. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Wasnt going to post but feel this is important. Fishing like surfing are both very selfish sports and also luck based. When you or I surf or fish i froth and want to get mine, now older a little wiser lol and more giving in my life i now get just as much enjoyment as seeing other people...
  161. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Big YFT

    Wow thats the biggest yft i have seen landed this year. Shoot i cant even hook a piece of kelp with my trollers this year. Well done guys.
  162. Cbaldwin

    Coronado’s 8/3

    The islands are fishy right now. Well done guys. Artificials and live bait, heck yeah. Looked like a great day
  163. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8/3 Hidden Bank

    Well done guys. That area is quite fishy this past week. I havent caught a yft this year yet much less a quality one like that. Epic trip, conditions look insane
  164. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8/3 371/425

    Good job, yeah been having a great time fishing kelps with other boaters this year. Everyone well mannered and full of aloha. But hey i dont fish the weekends. Yep macs have been getting me bit all season. Make 20 plus macs every trip. We had limits the other day and played around catch and...
  165. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Went south got a fee

    Good job. Yeah that catfood gets the macs going always keep a few cans on the boat. Most of my yt this year on paddies are quality paddy fish. Yours are such solid fish. Shoot usually rat yellowtails on all those paddies. Not yours, those fish have some nice shoulders. Interesting because...
  166. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Long boat ride 8/2

    Bring some cheap wet catfood for chumming up the macks. Grab maybe a halfscoop at docks for chumming the gamefish but definitely make 20 plus minimacs. The catfood gets the maks going. Even put a fingernail size chunkbait on 1 or 2 of the sabiki hooks. You will find fish if you find that...
  167. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Long boat ride 8/2

    Cool yeah seen plenty of dodos just not too many on the chew. The one i caught literally had a 100 little 1 inch baits in its belly. Gotta love a small center console getting that amazing gas mileage. Shoot you and your uncle will getem good next time. Anything on the ocean is better than...
  168. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Long boat ride 8/2

    Great effort looks super calm and clean in that pic. Yeah stay a little south of 371 closer to 425. Thats where we found all the life. Shoot who knows where they will be in a few days. Find any kelps that were holding fish but not biting?
  169. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    Great write up. Yeah there are some quality yellowtail on the kelps. Been an interesting season, seen a lot more fish than hooked but still had some great trips. I am also fishing lighter line this year do to all the microbait these fish are feeding on. Good job on 20 lb outfit. Tuesday i...
  170. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    Yeah these dodos are finicky right now, hopefully it changes soon. Always get so excited when we find a paddy and its loaded pelagics, they look so amazing in the bluewater. Yesterday we saw schools of Dorado down south but only got one.You will get them good next time.
  171. Cbaldwin

    Offshore A little south of 371 7/31

    Yeah Jughead alot of life out there saw a couple of interesting birds out there, I think a Booby... not sure though. Saw a few whales today not too many terns though. Found some dolphins but didnt get any yft trolling threw them. Did you guys get any tuna?
  172. Cbaldwin

    Offshore A little south of 371 7/31

    Heck yeah! Everyone was great on the water yesterday all smiles and thumbs up.
  173. Cbaldwin

    Offshore A little south of 371 7/31

    The bft were those nice 40 to 70 lb size. Just couldnt get them to bite. The Hen dodo was a nice fish she was thick.
  174. Cbaldwin

    Offshore A little south of 371 7/31

    Fishdope gave my buddy and i good starting point. We found the temp break with good life and plenty of paddies holding fish between 371 and 425. Dorado a little finicky got 1 and limits of 10 to 14 lb yt. Had bft blowup on our chum but couldnt get them to go. Fished in the 71.8 blue water...
  175. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Near the baitdocks. I bring 3 to 4 cans of 49 cent catfood and chum them up and they go bonkers. Macs every drop on sabiki. Went offshore today and made macs again. A trip saver going to post in offshore. Yeah I have never been sealed that many times in 25 years of fishing islands...
  176. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Thanks for info heading south tomorrow 371 425 area then will make my way through islands on the way home. Bringing a newbie on the boat so want to find a paddy for him to hopefully load up on yt or dodos. I will be the gaff man tommorrow, dont want to watch my buddy lose his first yt of the...
  177. Cbaldwin

    Same day report Dana point paddies 7/30

    Fishing south in Mexican waters tomorrow, but really appreciate a same day report. Someone will find it useful. Aloha getem good next time.
  178. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 7/29 9,302,371

    Well done. Nice quality yellowtail
  179. Cbaldwin

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    Yellowtail for sure. A solid one at that
  180. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    If not to tired try and post a report when back. Want to hit the islands Tuesday or Wednesday. We just got consumed by seals when the sporties left at 430-5 ish. They made a v line towards our boat. And stayed with us where ever we went. Brutal! if sporties are there they will take a few...
  181. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Yeah tried feeding them a couple bonito but they were in the mood for Hamachi. Always save my bonito for them and it usually works well not Friday. Been fishing the islands for a while now never seen it that bad.
  182. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    I was tired and wanted to give a same day report. But you are very right.
  183. Cbaldwin

    Offshore 1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    Heck yeah well done sir. You got the pressure off early first stop first fish. So fun fishing flatfalls. It just stops on the drop and you know you are not near the bottom engage the drag then game fricking on.
  184. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Always appreciate honesty not going to post picks of 10 to 14 lb yt. Was just letting others know water cleaned up and plenty of fish around. Go getem
  185. Cbaldwin

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    But so did the sealions. Original plan was to head south and go paddy hopping. As we passed the south nine water looking a lot better then its been warm and blue. Said wtf lets do a drive by and check islands, h2o to clean not check. Made our way to Pukey a bunch of boats there working...
  186. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Tuna and Tails

    Heck yeah good job i am heading out friday going south to chloro and temp break i like. Yeah small hooks light floro line has been working for me this year. I surfed today up at lower trestles today and solid south swell warm water and very light s wind but in imperial beach and baja malibu a...
  187. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Nice surprise

    Heck yeah mahi tacos are in your near future. Dorado are so fun to hook and watch them fly out of water.
  188. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    Thats a fishy area right now. Nice kelp paddy tail i couldnt find a paddy to save my life the other day. The difference between one fish and no fish is huge but the difference between 6 fish and 7 fish is minimal. No skunk awesome
  189. Cbaldwin

    No Love at Coronados, lower and upper 9, La Jolla 7-11-18

    Yep went to islands Tuesday and the water was dirty green no life bailed and went north west of tuna canyon and found a few. Give the islands a week or two to rebound. South swell shows up the 22nd through 25th that could bring in cleaner h2o. We didnt even put a bait in at islands, checked...
  190. Cbaldwin

    Offshore Domination on the Dominator

    Well done. Limits of quality bft. Cant beat that. Man these last few years how epic, every time i see foamers my heart races so much fun on the popper.
  191. Cbaldwin

    Offshore West of tuna canyon

    I have always done better on bft with motor off hot bait and letting them feed naturally and come to my boat they are such smart fish, boat doesnt carry enough chum/bait anyways to chum them up, so do what we can, only have a full scoop capacity. They have such great eyes and see hooks line and...
  192. Cbaldwin

    Offshore West of tuna canyon

    Left sd bay late made minimacs but grabbed a scoop of little 4 inch deans went to islands first, dirty brown green water wont fish that so ran went north west of tuna canyon metered tons of fish and bait at 50 ft saw yft boiling threw poppers and irons at them to no avail . Shut motor off...
  193. Cbaldwin

    SanDiego did great today

    We started our day at gentlemens