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    Older torium 30

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    Ditmar Donaldson

    So rad!
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    Shimano fenwick rods $50

    Saturday special bump
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    Friday special bump
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    Going to start with local pick up first Will let you know Thanks
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    Shimano fenwick rods $50

    Fenwick hotstick Shimano beastmaster don’t know the value of tbut we can say $50 for all Pick up Kearny Mesa
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    Old school Shimano TLD 10

    I’ve got a rod lot if interested Dm
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    Cat 05/30

    Great report!
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    A good day 5/30

    Great report!
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    Rock wishing

    Great report!
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    WTB Work Bench

    I need the same done here in San Diego! same thing, cash or barter or both
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    Accurate Valiant 2-speed

    Valiant Bv400 2-speed or Bv500 narrow 2-speed Here in San Diego
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    Trinidad gold

    Still looking
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    Trinidad gold

    Any update?
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    Bump! Pick up Kearny Mesa
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    Bump! Pick up Kearny Mesa
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    Bump! Pick up Kearny Mesa
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    Monday special bump $100 pick up Kearny Mesa
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    Saturday bump
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    Trinidad gold

    Any out there in San Diego?
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    Deleted post

    Still available in Kearny Mesa
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    #Squidlife Ulua

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    Shimano tld sold

    Yup, message sent..
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    Trinidad gold

    Any for sale in San Diego?
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    Trinidad gold

    Looking for a 40 narrow gold.
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    Shimano tld sold

    Weekend special! 40$ pick up Kearny Mesa Saturday! Blow out! All three !
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    Shimano tld sold

    Weekend special $50 bucks! Pick up in Kearny Mesa!
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    Shimano tld sold

    $65 pick up in Kearny Mesa
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    Shimano tld sold

    Bump $70 for all three
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    Shimano tld sold

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    Deleted post

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    Sold lot

    Lol! Not included! I’m keeping
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    Sold lot

    Bump! $244 pick up in Kearny Mesa
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    Sold lot

    Bump $245 pick up in Kearny Mesa
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    Sold lot

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    Restaurants near the landings

    Nailed it
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    3 daiwa sealines sold

    50 pick up in Kearny Mesa, Saturday special
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    3 daiwa sealines sold

    $75 weekend special
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    Shimano 16hg $99

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    10 ft ulua

    Up and pics of the guides
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    Online Mexican Fishing License Q:

    Same issue, emailed them back to tell them it looked different from previous years but no response. Just two confirmation emails. But not the actual license.
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    10 ft ulua

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    seeker BABY ulua

    I have a 10ft that needs two guides redone
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    BRAND NEW never fished Uluas

    Still coming down the 26th? Trade for anything?
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    Removed 2

    Yeah, what else would you trade for?
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    Seen it or not?

    Would like to sell some of these if anybody wants to pick up in Kearny Mesa Circle one and send me a message
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    Seen it or not?

    Thanks for the feed back!
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    Reminder...New Sheephead fillet regs now in effect..

    Always whole, but what was it before?
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    Okay to go to Catalina island tomorrow?

    Sunday look better
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    Work bench build?

    Anybody know anybody trustworthy in the Escondido area who can help build a bench in my garage? Limited on time, skill and tools and usually can find somebody reasonable on here. Message for details
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    Bluefin question?

    Saw a Bluefin sell at the Fish market for 3 million! The question is what differs from the big ones caught locally here (SCI) the past few years and the fish selling there? What would some of you guys with big bft caught locally sell for there? Just curious. :hali_olutta:
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    Seen it or not?

    Any ideas? Values? Just wondering..
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    Most desired irons and yo-yo?

    Thanks for the comments, guess the question is more just cool ones to find at yard sales and swap meets, ones that are collectibles or just hard to find.
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    Most desired irons and yo-yo?

    Old surface irons and yo-yo or just lures/jigs, what are the ones you want to keep your eyes out for? Rare? Expensive?
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    New Seaforth PM 9/12/18 DORADO ON A 1/2 DAY

    Charter trip, fishing local tomorrow! Everyone stay home..
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    Latest Weave - The Tribute - 150 x 271 - 6 layer

    Awesome as always Doc! See ya in November
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    Maintain your trailer bearings I got lucky!

    This was at the ramp a Sunday ago, dude was luck it didn’t happen with his boat loaded on the way to the landing..and again, hey man if you’re seeing this you knew the pic was coming!
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    La Jolla-March 30th

    Great attitude!
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    MB 3/12

    9pm-1am! Get out there
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    29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    300 miles give or take (estimate)?
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    Any suggestions for iPhone app?

    Looking for app for iPhone for charts Heard boating USA Fish spots Something that works local and offshore Airplane mode or without WiFi etc. Suggestions? Thanks
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    Doorbell security camera

    Got three of em
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    Anyone recognize this POS?

    It’s true, and if you tackle him he can press charges! Had somebody do a grab and dash Held him until police came, the cops let him go Wasn’t till we got it on the news and they reopened the case Crazy world we live in
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    San Clemente Calico Bite was on Point!!!

    Where do you launch out of?
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    Swapped rods on the dolphin 9/22

    Fished the dolphin on the extended half day think it was the 22nd a Thursday Anyway, grabbed the wrong rod when I left We have the same reels but different rods (looks the same also) You prob got the better end of it with my teramar but if your rod has any personal value or just want it back...
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    3 Day on the Royal Star

    Your set. 2.5 day is like the same as 3 day!
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    Royal Polaris- 6/15-1/17

    Anybody else going on this trip?
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    Tuna fishing Friday 5/27

    Was out there today, weather still shit
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    Portable Generator

    Honda..would be happy to help you with your purchase. DM me. Work at a dealership
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    White Seabass at the Islands!

    Yes sir that was us
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    White Seabass at the Islands!

    Fly line was the way
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    White Seabass at the Islands!

    Went to the islands for yellows and found WSB stuffed with red crab! Free swimmers with every hooked fish.. Wide open for a good 25 mins for limits! Coronado is crazy! Oh, and a yellowtail! Oh, and a few small cudas...
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    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    Not dumb or considerate, would say you just got lucky
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    pierpoint pix

    Think the milida was Bill Pooles first boat
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    Must See!!!

    Tag and release
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    Looking for a good 4 or 6 pack charter boat

    Seasons...Duane murders it
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    Offshore 7-8 pig yellows and a y-fin

    Great quick report! What this site is all about
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    Producer or Old Glory

    Producer not the glory hole!
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    Any takers out there today?

    What's it say about tomorrow?
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    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    Gotta love killing em in your own backyard brah!
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    Best bet for getting my first WSB

    That's a good answer that we should see more of
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    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    Don't have anything to trade but if they fit will buy them!
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    Bluefin at Coronado???

    Was past the islands, down towards the pile! Was on the SD and could have put a few on if we wanted. Saw some big ones blowin up the surface!
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    Teramar and Lexa 3 hunnit lost at the pl kelp

    Lost a Calcutta 400te and an older daiwa rod of liberty bridge in October....bummed and broke
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    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Not Anglers Choice...
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    Tribute 11/6/14 almost over..

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    Offshore Pegasus killed it over the weekend!

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    Offshore what a season

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    Offshore I was off the shore 11/3

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    Tribute 11/6/14 almost over..

    Thanks Carl Overnight leaving the 5th wed Coming back on Thursday Call seaforth landing To book
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    Tribute 11/6/14 almost over..

    Come jump on the Tribute for one of the last trips of the season. Should be a super light load leaving Wednesday night 11/5. Will be a great time on a great boat..hurry up and book!
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    Book this trip!

    Spread the word about this trip on the 11th! Let's make this trip a go! Tribute out of Seaforth landing Tuesday, Feb 11th Great fishing with a great Capt. and crew..
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    Tribute Feb. 11th! Book now

    Spread the word about this trip on the 11th! Let's make this trip a go! Tribute out of Seaforth landing Tuesday, Feb 11th Great fishing with a great Capt. and crew..
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    Okuma and Savage Gear Sponsors 1.5 day Colonett Trip aboard the Tribute again!!!

    Spread the word about the trip on the 11th! Let's send Mike some biz... Tribute out of seaforth landing Feb 11th
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    Okuma and Savage Gear Sponsored 1.5 Day Colonett Trip Aboard the Tribute 1/24

    Spread the word about the trip on the 11th! Let's send Mike some biz... Tribute out of seaforth landing Feb 11th
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    Okuma and Savage Gear Sponsors 1.5 day Colonett Trip aboard the Tribute again!!!

    Another sponsored trip on Tuesday Feb. 11th.. Should be a light load Book now
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    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    I got blood on my shoes! Is it dead yet?
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    Vintage Irons and Jigs for Sale

    If you don't sell them PM me and I will make an offer!
  102. F

    R.I.P. Mom

    Sorry for your loss...
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    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    The strip bait keeps getting bigger and bigger!
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    Lake Poway stock 2/15 Wed

    Yep they did Went today with some success
  105. F

    Lake Poway stock 2/15 Wed

    Anybody know if they stocked lake Poway today 2/15? they had one scheduled but due to weather was wondering if the truck made it Thanks
  106. F

    The Post-It Truck

    Saw this down at the landing .. Think they got the message?
  107. F

    Fishing on the New Seaforth and pics of whale being towed in

    They are going to take that thing to La Jolla and sink it.. The new plan backed by Billionaire Richard Branson..
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    Ever done a ham in crockpot?

    Sounds good, I do that with beans all the time...
  109. F


    Forgot how hard this really was!
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    Questons on gun registration, need help.

    I recently received a 30/30 from the wife of my good friend that passed away. I was wondering if anybody knows the form you need or have a link to the pdf of the form I can print so I can register in my name I heard there is a form so I wouldn't have to let the gun out of my possession for 10...
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    Comment by 'fishislife' in media 'SteveSaturday3'

    that's awesome bro.
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    Best Tavern/ Pub names

    "the tackle shop" "the neighbors house"
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    What to do when a customer stiffs you

    Road trip to the shipping address, probably his house right?, worth it for 4k!
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    7-23-2011 Lucky Catch

    Nice fish, stoked...
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    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    Give the guy a break, sure he just wanted to show that hog off...
  116. F

    Striping line off reels

    Works great
  117. F

    San Martin Yellowtail....Live Squid!

    Islander is fishing, it was the first day of 2.5 and they have 100+ yellows on deck!
  118. F

    Poway trout derby= fun and heartbreak.....

    Poway in first like always, love it!
  119. F

    Tarter sauce

    Idk, give it a whirl and let me know.
  120. F

    Polaris RZR or Rhino?

    Worked for a local dealer who sold both. The RZR is a great machine, havent seen the 900. Sounds awesome. Let me know if your interested I can put you in touch with the right person.
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    Basstravaganza Event Visit Report w/pics

    Looks like great time, should try and get something down here in San Diego soon.
  122. F

    > CRANK the CRANKER <

    Classic day
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    "Welcome All Anglers"

    Thats awesome, wish there was one in SD..
  124. F

    "Welcome All Anglers"

    Thats awesome, wish there was one in SD..
  125. F

    "Welcome All Anglers"

    Thats awesome, wish there was one in SD..
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    Question on rockfish regs?

    Thanks guys, Appreciate it That was my next question (fishbones). What about lings? Gonna get the new lic. and regs book this week..
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    Tarter sauce

    I know its not the same but heres what I do in a pinch.. Mayo Relish (dill or sweet) Sriracha (hot sauce) Salt and Pepper A little lemon juice Mix according to own taste Works for me hope you like!
  128. F

    Question on rockfish regs?

    Was wondering whats the rockfish regulations? Been hearing different things Any help?
  129. F

    Buck vs. Buck

    Good find!
  130. F

    Big Horn Sheep

    How close did you get? Thats a nice camera..
  131. F

    Bass Contest for November...

    Very nice fish SeaTech
  132. poway trout 2

    poway trout 2

  133. bass 2

    bass 2

  134. trouters2


  135. perch


  136. big spottie

    big spottie

  137. lizard fish

    lizard fish

  138. calico bass

    calico bass

  139. F

    Bass Contest for November...

    18 in Calico bass on pink and green platic in Pt loma
  140. F

    What kind of fish is this?

    Caught the other day in the bay,,, Anybody know? Kind of a shovel looking head and sharp teeth..
  141. F

    jims smokehouse in lakeside?

    Whats is run to get a pig or deer proccessed?
  142. F

    Brent's coming back, again?

    Next year he will only play home games!
  143. F

    Wild pigs in SD (article) and meeting!

    Yeah, thats what I have been hearing. All over is what this article says. Saw this article and thought it might be useful..
  144. F

    Wild pigs in SD (article) and meeting!

    Dr. Reginald “Reg” Barrett, professor of Wild Life Management at University of California Berkeley, will present a talk on wild pigs and their management in California on Sunday, Aug. 1, at 5 p.m. Sponsored by the Iron Mountain Conservancy—Ramona, the free presentation will be in the...
  145. F

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    22 rescued from fishing boat that ran aground in Mexico By Karen Kucher, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER Friday, June 18, 2010 at 9:12 a.m. SAN DIEGO — A chartered fishing boat ran aground in Mexico about 15 miles south of San Diego early Friday morning and 22 people were rescued from the 62-foot...
  146. F

    Prowler only $125 leaves Wed. June 2nd!!

    Prowler only $125 leaves Wed. June 2nd!! The Prowler was designed with two things in mind... Fishing and Comfort. -only need 9 to roll!! -Fisherman's Landing (619) 221-8500
  147. F

    Fresh one! This thing pretty big right??

    A big one caught running across the top of the fence !:smash:
  148. F

    Adventures in a green land - 5/22

    Killer report man..
  149. F

    How much should I sell this gun for??

    Go see the Pawn Stars....
  150. F

    Tejon head shot

    So awesome man!
  151. F

    Another squirrel down!!

    Got this one with the Gamo, about 20 yds dropped and rolled over..
  152. F

    Lets see the turkey kills!!

    Still some time left for the bow, but lets get a follow up on this seasons birds. Local or anywhere lets check em..
  153. F

    Shitty day at LJ

    Chummin time
  154. F

    seaport off the rocks

    what up Ben? good time spotties
  155. F

    How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks!

    Making a moment with Makers!!
  156. F

    back to back SAN DIEGO 24/25

    Awesome pics! The San Diego is a great boat man. Looks like a blast.
  157. F

    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

    Another good one!
  158. F

    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

    Sorry guys was busy, So was bored yesterday morning and figured it was a nice day to play in the rain, headed up the hill to see about some birds.went to one of my spots and nothing, hung out for a while and still nothing, rain wasnt to bad really was the wind that sucked. walked to another spot...
  159. F

    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

    Cold and wet out but worth it....
  160. F

    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows?

    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows? Will these work 7x or tady c maybe to light or will work? Thanks
  161. F

    Vertical jig preference

    What about the salas and tadys Wont those work for yo-yo? Like 7x
  162. F

    I will Photophix some shots of your best catches

    Thanks man Its cool of you, can you hook up these ones also Thanks alot
  163. F

    I will Photophix some shots of your best catches

    How about these? Thanks
  164. poway trout

    poway trout

  165. lake trout

    lake trout

  166. spotts


  167. Baja Cruise Cabos Sands

    Baja Cruise Cabos Sands

  168. Baja Cruise 2009 Mazatlans Pride Rock

    Baja Cruise 2009 Mazatlans Pride Rock

  169. Baja Cruise 2009 Comin Home

    Baja Cruise 2009 Comin Home

  170. baja Cruise Perfect Cantina

    baja Cruise Perfect Cantina

  171. Baja Cruise Beach Front

    Baja Cruise Beach Front

  172. Baja Cruise PV Jungle

    Baja Cruise PV Jungle

  173. Baja Cruise 2009 Cabo

    Baja Cruise 2009 Cabo

  174. Baja Cruise 2009 Puerto Vallarta

    Baja Cruise 2009 Puerto Vallarta

  175. Baja Cruise 2009 LBC

    Baja Cruise 2009 LBC

  176. fishing 001

    fishing 001

  177. Dorado in mazatlan

    Dorado in mazatlan

  178. Doarado in Mazatlan 2

    Doarado in Mazatlan 2

  179. Dorado in mazatlan 3

    Dorado in mazatlan 3

  180. F

    Blood Drive, This SATURDAY at Dana Landing

    Will be there!! A little blood for some BBQ. Cant go wrong there!!
  181. F

    Some little bucks, would you shoot them?

    Agree with Albacrazy, Get that out of gene pool for sure


  183. SAILS


  184. SAIL


  185. DODO


  186. Western Outdoor News Cover

    Western Outdoor News Cover

  187. Yellowtail 07/30/09

    Yellowtail 07/30/09

  188. LA JOLLA


  189. LA JOLLA


  190. premier2


  191. pre 2

    pre 2

  192. premier3


  193. fishing bass

    fishing bass

  194. fish bass 2

    fish bass 2

  195. fish bass 3

    fish bass 3

  196. spottie




  198. Fishing trip 6/19/2009 BLUEFIN AND ALBIES

    Fishing trip 6/19/2009 BLUEFIN AND ALBIES

  199. Fishing trip 6/19/2009 BLUEFIN AND ALBIES

    Fishing trip 6/19/2009 BLUEFIN AND ALBIES

  200. F

    Gotta Read! Hilarious post on Craigslist!!

    I dont know guys, just saw it and thought it was a funny post!
  201. F

    Gotta Read! Hilarious post on Craigslist!!

    Posted to Craig's List Personals: To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2009-03-23, 3:43AM EST I was the guy with the black Burberry jacket that you demanded I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend. You...
  202. F

    04/24/2009.... Same old Story.....

    Well at least your out there trying man .. Good Luck
  203. F

    Turkey Hunt 4/23/09

    I thought the same thing about the shot. But it wasnt, the cuts on the feathers werent fresh, so I dont know. It looked more even on the bird but whatever got em still and thats what counts..
  204. F

    Turkey Hunt 4/23/09

    Went out 4/23 and got this guy! Nice looking fella with a fairly nice beard. Kinda wondering about his Fan though. Kinda tore up...
  205. F

    Hard Work Pays Off Public Turkey

    Nice bird man! Congrats and way to put in the hard work!! Its very tough hunting those birds !
  206. F

    Easter turkey!

    Very nice bird. Im still beating my chest from these a couple weeks back!!
  207. F

    4 hunters 1 turkey !!

    Thanks man! Its was really tough last season so I am really stoked this one.
  208. F

    First turkey in the bag

    Nice job man WTG!! I got these opening weekend and the following thursday..
  209. F

    Anyone ever been to the Flying D Ranch ??

    Yes the one in east county. Anyone been there or know anything about it ??
  210. F

    Blue Slate turkey??

    Probably what it was, that or some domestic. Anyway I will keep on looking!!
  211. F

    Blue Slate turkey??

    Out scouting and saw some wierd looking birds, turned out to be some blue slate turkey out there. Whats the deal with them? Legal to hunt ? Good eating ? Buddy that I was with said they were endangered or something..
  212. F

    Opening day turkey

    Def. nice bird man, Congrats
  213. F

    Willing to pay to hunt property!!!

    Thanks Paul. Yes there is alot of dicks and this is the best medicine. Just got to remember that you cant beat your chest online. Great job with your birds also.
  214. F

    4 hunters 1 turkey !!

    Left with the guys around 4 to try out a new spot out. Turned out to be worth getting up and hiking for. One of my friends ended up with the bird, it was his first and he was very stoked. We got it coming out from getting a drink in the creek. Alot of birds out there. I scored a nice one last...
  215. F

    Willing to pay to hunt property!!!

    Went out on Sunday and was successful, just wanted to say thanks to the guys that did give me advice.
  216. F

    Willing to pay to hunt property!!!

    Wow, thats not really what I meant but OK! I understand the hunt and what goes into it. I was just hoping someone could lend me a hand or something. I am new to this and all the info I get is confusing thats all. I forgot that eveyone can be so harsh. My biggest hold back is my car (my problem)...
  217. F

    Willing to pay to hunt property!!!

    I am looking to get myself a turkey this year.. I know this might be kinda wierd but I really want to get one and dont have the time or the vehicle to get me there. Anyways if someone has some property that has turkey I would be willing to pay to hunt the property. Any help would be great and...
  218. F

    So what will happen to all the ammo?

    Yes you have to mail all your ammo to me :)
  219. F

    Anyone ever been to the Flying D Ranch ??

    Never heard of it and was wondering if anyone has been. Also heard they have guided Turkey hunts. Any help would be cool
  220. F

    anybody going TURKEY huntin?,rattlers are out !

    Yum! Time for some rattler jerkey..
  221. from atop cruise ship

    from atop cruise ship

  222. mexicos point loma

    mexicos point loma

  223. smog over manzanillo from above ship

    smog over manzanillo from above ship

  224. a bit clearer

    a bit clearer

  225. blurry sunset

    blurry sunset

  226. mexico cruise

    mexico cruise

  227. looking out the window of cruise ship

    looking out the window of cruise ship

  228. its just blistering this time of year

    its just blistering this time of year

  229. margaritaville


  230. Sunny SAN DIEGO

    Sunny SAN DIEGO

  231. cabo wabo

    cabo wabo

  232. golden sun

    golden sun

  233. sweet cruise ship in port

    sweet cruise ship in port

  234. early rising on the water

    early rising on the water

  235. Ixtapa


  236. on the water

    on the water

  237. sunset


  238. nice day on the ocean

    nice day on the ocean

  239. cloud cover coming in

    cloud cover coming in

  240. back of boat

    back of boat

  241. Surf and Turf

    Surf and Turf

    Different pics of land and the sun from the open ocean
  242. big yellow 244

    big yellow 244

  243. albacore


  244. jordan mack

    jordan mack

  245. spottie 2

    spottie 2

  246. spttie


  247. wsb


  248. perch


  249. butt


  250. More fish Stuff

    More fish Stuff

    bay fishing and other random stuff
  251. F

    A quick stop in Acapulco...

    Just got back from an eight day cruise that left out of San Diego. First stop was Acapulco and thought that I would try my luck on a little five hour boat ride. We booked the excursion through the cruise line, and they told us that we would be leaving at 12 pm. This vacation I had invited my...
  252. F

    Coronado on the San Diego

    You should stop fishing!!!
  253. F

    Qualifier 105 Boss Hoag/AHI annual 10 dayer 2008

    Awesome report!! Pics are great too.
  254. F

    Offshore Need some help?

    Going fishing in Ixtapa and Acapulco in 2 months. Anybody have any tips suggestions for the area? Anybody know any charters worth checking out. Any help is welcome. Thanks alot
  255. F

    Military Rules

    I will get the popcorn and beer, we are gonna be here a while!!!
  256. seaforth aug 14

    seaforth aug 14

  257. Jasper dorado

    Jasper dorado

  258. good eats

    good eats

  259. seaforth 2 aug 14

    seaforth 2 aug 14

  260. Yellowtail jackpot

    Yellowtail jackpot

  261. JasperYellowtail


  262. Half Day and Overnight

    Half Day and Overnight

    A little mix of both shorter trips
  263. F

    LJ ON 8/14/08 Sorry so late guys!!!

    Thanks Curt, Had a great time fishin with you guys on Thursday! Hope to do it again soon.
  264. F

    LJ ON 8/14/08 Sorry so late guys!!!

    Went out on a half day boat to try and stick one of these local yellows. Mission a success, landed this guy. What do you think???
  265. F

    DP 8/9 Thresher Ride & Consolation Prize

    tie offshore swivel knot super easy and strong as hell
  266. F

    Rock's off Sunset Cliffs

    Sometimes the simple fishing is the funnest
  267. F

    Offshore Dolphin AM Half Day Yellow Fin

    Your right RJ , less talking more fishing
  268. F

    Line shy???

    I say 30lb and kill him before he gets to the kelp
  269. F

    boat suggestion please

    I would say the cherokee geisha, dont know if its running thought friday though. Great captain and crew!!
  270. F


    New Seaforth all the way
  271. F

    Looking for a good filet knife!

    Looking for a good filet knife! Any thoughts looking for a really good one everyone is saying forschners
  272. F

    Offshore 8/3 Bluewater tackle/Outer limits overnight

    Snorting sardine eyes! Thats pretty brutal, cant wait till they share that one on the playground..Good job nate next time some pics bro
  273. F

    My biggest yellow yet !!

    No scale to weigh it, just going by what eveybody on the boat was saying.. Jackpot weighed enough for me
  274. F

    My biggest yellow yet !!

    My buddy Bobby and I went out Wed night on the same boat that I was on 2 weeks ago for the albacore trip.We caught the back end of that albacore craze that was going off and got skunked. Early to rise and I was up top and one of the first on the troll in the morning. Troll for 20 Min's to first...
  275. F


    Most exotic? Hali-Gill-ado
  276. F

    Vagabond openings, heres your chance !!!!

    Thanks for the heads up Bro
  277. F

    Midnight Yellowtail

    Sweet fish good job!!
  278. F

    what would have done

    Just a reel good excuse to go out again and catch some more !!
  279. F

    Batman - The Dark Knight

    Ledger is no Jack
  280. F

    Affordable Jig Stick?

  281. F

    Mako bit my finger off!! PICS

    Geez guys, so harsh! I was just kidding with the pic. Its my friends finger from rhino accident. Just looking for some info on makos >{///):> :fighting0061:
  282. F

    Mako bit my finger off!! PICS

    Im going out on my buddys boat tommorrw with some guys from work, I have been wanting to try and catch a mako. Any advice to line, hook, chum, drift??? Be really cool to pull one up with these guys that are pretty new to the sport!
  283. F

    Fish in Panama

    This post is for my buddy in Panama, to show what he's doing down there! Catchin amberjack on 15 and 20lb is fun! and caught this catfish on cedar plug 20 mile offshore just catchin fish He's stoked, Dont you think??
  284. F

    Mission Bay Bait Price Goes Up....

    Got an idea, I will pay for bait and you take me on your boat!!!