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  1. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    I bought a couple blanks from someone here. Can’t remember who? It’s been a few years. Anyway I promised to post pics of what I’m doing. Heres the first one. The piece was too small and I thought it was worthless but I was able to squeeze a pattern on and then add a piece to the grip cap area.😁...
  2. Jim n Texas

    Two new old calibers

    Got a couple new barrels to add to the T/C lineup. Left to Right 22 hornet loaded. 30/30 case parent to the 7/30 waters. 30/30 ran through 7/30 die. Fireformed and reloaded. 7/30 waters. 243 for comparison.
  3. Jim n Texas


    Managed to successfully order one on line.😎😎😎 I’m looking for a nice 243. You’re looking for cash to buy Ammo AR Glock 1911 No interest in Remington or Savage. Yes you must ship it. I’ll pay.
  4. Jim n Texas

    Euro mount done

    Did my Euro mount today. I set it outside for a few weeks and let the bugs do their thing. Worked out well. Boiled in Dawn dish soap and water then hit it with the pressure washer a couple times. Then boiled in a 40-60 mixture of peroxide and water then rinse and walla!
  5. Jim n Texas

    243 imp

    Yes I still have this. If you or you know someone that might be interested let them see it. Savage 243 Ackley Top loader holds 4 rounds No bottom metal Shoots great On the heavy side 11lbs Dies included but No scope. $930 shipped to your FFL
  6. Jim n Texas

    Tues range time

    Took the Savage for a spin today. 243 Ackley 6 shot 100 yard group with an ooops. Not my personal best but age is taking it’s toll on me. Don’t let people tell you Savages suck. Well at least their accuracy can be good.😉 100 gr Sierra BT 42 gr H 414 FC brass WW primers
  7. Jim n Texas

    7 BR brass

    Looking for some 7mm BR brass in any amount. Can buy or trade other brass.
  8. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock

    Short action 243-308 Take off never used $60 shipped
  9. Jim n Texas

    Texas deer

    Finally pulled the trigger on a Texas whitetail. Been letting them all walk even the Does. I hate dressing them out. But here he is. Weatherby Vanguard in 308 and a hand loaded 150 gr Sierra Gameking bullet. I hit his right shoulder He was pretty much facing me Reason for large exit rearward.
  10. Jim n Texas


    Need a Deerkey for dinner. One nice one out of range. But hey I saw him and saw a nicer one last night. Makes it all worthwhile.
  11. Jim n Texas

    New Bullets

    For those of you not planning to leave This Komiefornia country look at these bullets. They look pretty promising and yes they are kali approved.
  12. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243

    243 Ackley imp Top loader No floor plate No removable mag Scope and mounts Not included Rifle and 3 piece die set only $880 shipped and insured To your FFL
  13. Jim n Texas

    Just my luck

    29* in a tree stand and this is what I get. A little spike and a young doe.
  14. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    Winchester featherweight in 308 Manufacturing date is 1952 $850 or trade for 243 and cash (((((((((Rifle SOLD)))))))))
  15. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 1897

    SOLD elsewhere.
  16. Jim n Texas

    Archery time is coming

    Got a new used bow and just replaced the string and got a tune up. Ready to rock out to 40ish yards. Only has a 3 pin but I can cheat too. Been rocking the recurve with no success as of yet. So it’s time to stretch the distance. Bad shoulder helps none for either type bow.
  17. Jim n Texas

    Texas Bass

    These are some average bass from this pond. Huntsville TX.
  18. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 imp

    243 Ackley imp. Gun, scope, dies and brass. $1100 +$40 for shipping to your FFL Also open to trades. Looking for a standard weight 243 “No Remingtons” AR in 223, 6.5 Grendel, 300 blackout M1A Mini 30 or 14 Colt SAA clones
  19. Jim n Texas

    End of rifle season

    Official last day of rifle season and it was a no go but have until Jan 20 for blackpowder. Maybe?
  20. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock/ Howa

    Short action Howa or Weatherby Vanguard. Like new cond and never used. Pillar bedding and rubber coatedgreat stock over plain Tupperware or if you want to save your wooden stock from F ups. $60 firm. Shipping is $12.
  21. Jim n Texas

    Cool TX buck

    My son in law took his first buck yesterday, hunt took place from an elevated stand set within about a 4 acre clearing in the woods. Buck came out from around a very large oak tree with tons of underbrush. As soon as I saw the horns I whispered hey shoot that dude not even telling him where it...
  22. Jim n Texas

    Texas deer stand

    Yes it’s cold in east Texas.
  23. Jim n Texas

    This little piggy

    Didn't make it to the market. About 200 lbs boar spine shot DRT! 70 ish yards from a ground blind Weatherby 308 Leupold VX 3 fixed 6x Hand loaded 165 gr Nosler solid base. “old schoolers” 46.5 gr W748 Fed brass WLR primers
  24. Jim n Texas

    Large mouth in Texas

    On a farm in Huntsville Texas
  25. Jim n Texas

    Custom Savage 243

    Savage 10 short action 243 Ackley Improved 40* Yes it will shoot standard 243 ammo Target/Varmint Savage varmint barrel reamed to the IMP version Twist rate = 1 in 9.25 will shoot 100 grainers maybe 105's 25'' fluted barrel+ brake Large bolt knob custom barrel lug Stock trigger One off custom...
  26. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock/Howa

    Howa/Weatherby Vanguard hogue stock,short action 308/243, SOLD!!!
  27. Jim n Texas

    Texas hog

    First Texas hog while deer hunting. Pre64 Winchester, 308, 165Nosler BT=DRT Approx 80yards.
  28. Jim n Texas


    Got away
  29. Jim n Texas

    First Texas Deer hunt

    Well got a 200 acre property to hunt and fish. First we picked a location for a stand and feeder. This spot looks over a large part of good land with trees at three sides, fence lines and plenty of water. Owner cut hay and I gave him a hand since we got the lease for Free! We were able to bag a...
  30. Jim n Texas

    Dove, Texas

    double post I hate cell phones
  31. Jim n Texas

    Dove, Texas

    Well it started great before first light we could see the siloetes flying across the field when shooting time came BAM! Not to many birds we only had a few holdovers stay behind due to the Hurricane Harvey deal. Our area was doomed. However tbet did well in the Austin through Dallas area and I'm...
  32. Jim n Texas

    Texas Deer hunting.

    Got my license for Dove shooting but with our hurricane Harvey coming in it will most likely not take place. Oh well my license includes "5 - FIVE" whitetail deer tags and pigs are FREE!.:frehya2:
  33. Jim n Texas

    Need a silver scope

    Leupold vx2 or vx3, older Bushnell elite,,Burris,,Weaver V16 3x9x40 on up to 4x16. MUST be silver.
  34. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a B&C stock---Vanguard short action

    Need a stock 308-short action, non tactical type.
  35. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 97

  36. Jim n Texas

    Savage 22-250

    Savage Predator / full camo / heavy barrel / large bolt knob 22-250 LA / OC $800 rifle, one mag and scope / Nikon Buckmaster 4x12x40..$750 $675 rifle, one mag, only..$625 May include 55 grain copper Bullets, once fired brass for reloading. Only trades would be UBERTI / Colt clone SAA...
  37. Jim n Texas

    Smith &Wesson Model 36---2" barrel

  38. Jim n Texas

    WOOL hunting gear

    fuck it!
  39. Jim n Texas

    Snub nose perfecta

    Just DROS'D this little pup, 38 special. Super cool gun still in OEM box from about 1955ish.
  40. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a snub nose

    Taurus 85 or other, Rossi, S&W or similar. $300 or less . WooooHooooo! scored a sweet deal on a 1955 S&W 36 in original box. for less than $300, no shit!
  41. Jim n Texas

    Loooking for 9mm or 40mm ammo

    Looking for 500 + - rounds of name brand ammo FMJ, no reloads. $120 per 500 this weekend. FOUND elsewhere, Thanks
  42. Jim n Texas

    Shooting table

    I made a few of these and sold them here and there I had enough material to make one more. Legs got a sprinkle of over spray from paint but it will clean up if you must. in Whittier.
  43. Jim n Texas

    TRADE-- Ruger 44 Mag --TRADE

  44. Jim n Texas

    CZ SP01----- FOR TRADE

    Gun has been traded.
  45. Jim n Texas

    Breaking it in.

  46. Jim n Texas

    Sell/Trade---Ruger Blackhawk 44

    Traded elsewhere, Thanks for looking.
  47. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a low cost Revolver

    Looking for a camp gun nothing nice just needs to be a good shooter. willing to spend around $350 I also have an old J.C.Higgins 12 gauge for partial trade if interested? it isn't pretty but it's a good shooter. Looking for anything in Caliber=38 -357- 45 colt- 44 special Prefer 3-5" barrel but...
  48. Jim n Texas

    Wts. Shooting bench

    Removed for lack of interest.
  49. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    The transformation finally took place, Tada!
  50. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a 1911,,9mm or CZ 75,,9mm

    Anyone have a spare or need some cash for new fishing gear perhaps? ................NEVER MIND I found one today.....................
  51. Jim n Texas

    Cartridge display board

    No longer displaying this and it's in the way, it's a cool conversation piece and fun to add different cartridges you find, this has some pretty cool ones even a couple from the Chocolate Mountains. WITHDRAWN
  52. Jim n Texas

    Game hauler/cart

    No longer hunting the Anti state so I'm selling the game cart. Home made, light weight, strong and compact. All you need and nothing more to haul Deer or Pigs or small Bear. WITHDRAWN
  53. Jim n Texas

    Float tube "round"

    Great cond, used three times and in box $25 with fins. FTF Whittier area?
  54. Jim n Texas

    WTS 6.5x284 brass

    All SOLD!
  55. Jim n Texas

    It was just to tempting!

    So here it goes.
  56. Jim n Texas

    250 Savage Ackley///243 Winchester reloading dies

    250 Savage Ackley improved 40* 2 die set, RCBS $60-$66 shipped THIS SET IS SOLD! 243 Winchester 2 die set, RCBS $20-$26 shipped
  57. Jim n Texas


    With the amount of mature nice racked Deer I see here on this forum unlike a few others I frequent. For a bunch of fisherman you guys know your shit when it comes to Hunting. LOL
  58. Jim n Texas

    250 Savage Ackley Imp. die set.

    250 IMP 40* RCBS 2 die set in great cond. $66 tyd Here's a reason for that custom build you've been thinking about.
  59. Jim n Texas

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    My Son-n-law lives in near Houston Texas and fishes quite a bit both lake and Ocean he stated that he needs a fishing jacket and it has to be water repellent or water proof, What are you guys using. Christmas is coming and I would like to get him something Budget $100-$150 Than you.
  60. Jim n Texas

    Good job Hunters!!

    Congratulations to all that have taken Deer and Elk and Sheep thus far this year and good luck to the remaining Hunters still pursuing their animals. Unfortunately I had to pass on hunting all species this year so no good times afield for me. Maybe next year.
  61. Jim n Texas

    I farted in my wallet

    So now I have gas money!
  62. Jim n Texas

    WTS--7.35 Carcano ammo

    I have 53 rounds of Carcano in original boxes and strip clips. $ 45 FTF Whittier area.
  63. Jim n Texas


    What did I miss? is it gone or what? I need a fix.
  64. Jim n Texas

    Reloader 15--------WTT

    One pound of R15 would like to trade for H1000 or H4831 or even H4350.
  65. Jim n Texas

    Penn Sabre $20

    Penn Sabre p880c 8' 15-30# medium action, X wrap over cork grip, great shape. $20 local only----SOLD
  66. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Short story, my Daughters best friend lost her life to a brain aneurism this year. This girl has a 3 year son that loves skateboards and my daughter wants to make him a skate board deck table and seat for his room, I think it will take 7 decks to complete the project. If anyone has an old or...
  67. Jim n Texas

    FREE stuff!

    Got 2 things to give to who ever needs them. 1 pair of Bibbs, natural gear camo, size=med, new 1 heavy long sleeve shirt, mossy oak Duck blind camo, size= medium, new just pay flat rate shipping probably $12 each
  68. Jim n Texas

    Two rods

    Seeker by Hook-em 7' 12-30# great rod=SOLD pending funds. honey color 2nd from left Penn/Sabre 8' 15-30# = $20 black in color 1st at left
  69. Jim n Texas

    Assorted hooks

    Take the lot for $15 shipping will be $6 extra. SOLD to first reply.
  70. Jim n Texas

    Milk crate rod holder and Rod belt

    Homemade rod and tackle box holder holder and izorline rod belt, take both for $15 Firm, pick up only, Whittier area. SOLD to Ray pending $$
  71. Jim n Texas

    Panties on the airplane

    Three beautiful black ladies were getting ready to take a plane trip for the very first time. The first lady said, 'I don't know bout y'all, but I'm gunna put me on sum hot pink panties beefo' I gets on dat plane.' Why you gonna wear dem fo?' the other two asked. The first replied, 'Cause, if...
  72. Jim n Texas

    Saw a LOL bumper sticker today.

    This is what it read. Imports are like tampons every pussy has one.
  73. Jim n Texas

    Fly fishing vest/FREE

    Columbia sports wear, size Medium, good condition. just pay $8 shipping
  74. Jim n Texas

    WTS: Pro Mag BUIS

    Flip up aperture sight for AR made by Pro Mag. $40
  75. Jim n Texas

    Penn 975/Seeker 12-30#/Penn Sabre15-30#

    Seeker is the orange honey colored rod, Penn is the black one. Penn 975 cs with brand new 40# spectra and 20#izorline topshot=$150 Seeker by Hook-em 12-30#=$30 Penn Sabre 15-30#=$25
  76. Jim n Texas

    Green super Seeker D-8 20-50#

    From my other add SS D-8 20-50# Custom wrap, Alps guides, Deckhand really clean rod $OLD
  77. Jim n Texas

    Peeing from a bridge

    Two guys pissen off a bridge over a river, 1st guy says damn the water is cold! 2nd guy say's ya it's deep too!!!
  78. Jim n Texas

    Colt Light Rifle-------------Bolt gun

    I need to sell one of my rifles to replace another that got stolen by C&S Sports in Woodland California after sending it in for warranty work. Colt Light Rifle, caliber 270 Win, custom painted syn stock, one piece Talley rings and bases. Older Leupold Vari X II..4x12-40 scope low round count...
  79. Jim n Texas

    Rossi 357/38

    Rossi 971 357/38 $300 LA/OC border Will I ship: F-NO 4" barrel, blued steel, wood grips Round count less than 50 rounds, REALLY! Wood grips have been altered to include finger grooves. Bad idea good execution except for grip alteration this gun looks new. No box, no...
  80. Jim n Texas

    wts> Weatherby Mark V 300

    I need to sell this rifle but it needs a good home, It's a Japan made Mark-V Deluxe, caliber is Weatherby 300 mag. RIFLE SOLD!
  81. Jim n Texas

    Hand painted rifle stocks.

  82. Jim n Texas

    WTS: Suzuki DRZ 400 E

  83. Jim n Texas

    Quarter bores, aka....25 calibers

    What's cool about them? they will do just as they were intended to do and more. From the little 250-3000 Savage,257 Roberts,25-06,25-284,25WSM,and then the Weatherby 257 Mag. The 250 and the 257 rob are pretty close in performance with the edge going to the Rob, the 25-06 gets it's payload...
  84. Jim n Texas

    ammo/45acp/12gauge slugs

    Trade for 12 gauge shot shells 7 1/2 @5boxes Or sell all for $35 local only.: 45 acp is a box of 50, 230 gr,ball
  85. Jim n Texas

    Really want to catch a White sea bass

    Put me on a boat and or local, this is on my bucket list.
  86. Jim n Texas

    Still have it/WOOD

    Someone needs to buy this and do it justice. $250 cash or trade at a $275 value on decent Fishing stuff,Seekers,Avets,Progear,Penn, Other Will ship for $25. Price is firm so don't ask.
  87. Jim n Texas

    WTT/WTS 45acp and 12 gauge slugs

    Two boxes of Super X rifled slugs 5 rounds per box, trade for (2) boxes of 7 1/2 shotshells One box of 1967 45 acp Match ammo, box is in great shape 50 round box, trade for (4) boxes of 7 1/2 shotshells. will sell all for $35 within 5 miles of Whittier.
  88. Jim n Texas

    Shotgun smith. Heads up!

    If anyone needs some scattergun work or even basic rifle work here is a great guy. Not affiliated at all just a customer.R & D Custom Barrel - Shotgun Repair and Modifications Barrels, Chokes, Choke Tubes, Pads, Forcing Cones & Sights
  89. Jim n Texas

    243 Factory ammo for sale.

    I have 4 boxes of Hansen Cartridge Co, ammo 243 100 grain soft point in original boxes. I will take $80 for the lot,Lowered to $70 or trade for a trolling reel like a TLD or a trolling rod prefer Seeker's but? for local use only nothing too heavy. AMMO SOLD!!!!
  90. Jim n Texas

    Diawa Sealine 20 SHA

    Just bought this for my Son-n-law but he beat me to the punch, so it's not needed I already have two others, got it from a member here, you can have it for what I just paid this week. It's full of Mono probably 20#.Gear ratio is 6.1:1, $70 clams firm. OK OK $60 just for Fathers day......;)...
  91. Jim n Texas

    Shore rod holder.

    I have this and have no need for it, it's a Strike Master holder and it extends from 33" to 52", it's got to be worth oh I don't have any freaking clue. very local only. SOLD to someone else.:)
  92. Jim n Texas

    Military foot trunk

    Threw it in the trash.
  93. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    If you got sucked into an impulse buy on one of those cheap POS Seeker Pinhead rods and are now wondering what to do with it, well I got news for ya, I will buy it from you and give you a reason to go buy something else that you might really think you need and must have. You can thank me by...
  94. Jim n Texas

    Guys at work want to go fishing

    Got a question hope you have an easy answer, I have 15-18 guys mostly rookies who want to go fishing, I told them I would look in to it, so should I book a (charter) ie expensive or just book everyone on a cattle barge,ie cheaper, each is willing to go no more than $100, less is better. Any and...
  95. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamp

    I need a Tiburon reel clamp for a medium size reel/Torium 16.:D
  96. Jim n Texas

    Anyone do rod work for others?

    I am in need of someone to cut down a rod for me, all the shops seem to be busy all the time,I am in Whittier but can travel a bit.
  97. Jim n Texas

    G-USA 10 mag

    I have a custom Graphite USA 10 mag 15-30 fast action with X-wrap grip no reel seat, color is gray with blue wrapping and black Fuji guides. PM for more info and a pic. asking $200 or trade for a Seeker Pin head 8' 15-30 or similar and $25 cash
  98. Jim n Texas

    Sale and or trade

    relisted with new title.
  99. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 barrel

    I am looking for a varmint contour 243 barrel for a Savage 110-111 small shank. Blued or stainless. Must be like new no more than a couple hundred rounds through it. OEM or aftermarket. Anyone?
  100. Jim n Texas

    15 rnd rebuild kit for Taurus92-99/Beretta92

    I have one 15 rnd rebuild kit SOLD!
  101. Jim n Texas

    257 Weatherby brass for 308 cal bullet's

    BRASS has been traded Thanks.
  102. Jim n Texas

    308 Nosler Ballistic tip bullets

    Back up for sale due to miss communication with buyer!...I have one bag of 165 gr Nosler Ballistic tip bullets @ 100 pcs. $45 takes them. FTF in Whittier or close to it. Bullets have been traded..:)
  103. Jim n Texas

    Daisy BB rifle-Retro

    I have an old Daisy #25 BB rifle it's a single pump/cock operation. Has good power and shoots good. Go retro or get it for your Kid. looking for $50 FTF Price roll back. WAS=$50 Now just $49.50...;) Or trade for two-three boxes of 130-140 grain 270 ammo or...
  104. Jim n Texas

    Flat dolly cart

    Great shape ready for use for whatever you need it for.removable handle, 24"x42" 750# load rating 5" hard rubber wheels. $40 firm local only.
  105. Jim n Texas

    Savage Barrel=243

    I'm looking for a Savage barrel in 243 must be Varmint or Tactical contour, length 24"-26", blue or stainless new or slightly used, nothing worn out. Also need Go-noGO gauge and smooth barrel nut spanner wrench, I will buy any or all of these. I will have a bone stock sporter weight 22-250...
  106. Jim n Texas

    Sale or trade.30-30 dies and 45-70 bullets

    I have a lightly used set of LEE 3 die set for 30-30 Win $20 and about 200 home cast bullets for a 45-70 they are approx 405,450,500 grain non lubed bullets alloy lead mix unknown? $25 or trade any or all for 270/277 130-140 grain bullets and or Dies
  107. Jim n Texas

    5x8 Trailer

  108. Jim n Texas


    NEWELL R332-5 $130 not negotiable. SOLD! in two minutes
  109. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    I have this West coast 690J 20-40 great shape except cork looks used..$75 SUN 10/28 only SOLD LA/OC area.
  110. Jim n Texas

    Maple rifle blank

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  111. Jim n Texas

    I have pretty hard WOOD!

    OK well a rifle blank that is, it's Fiddleback/Curly Maple and it has nice grain on both sides took me a while to find it. It has one coat of finish on one side and I sanded the other just to see what it looked like bare. My project has been grounded so Cash is king. I want what I paid for it...
  112. Jim n Texas

    SEARCH for missing person

    I lifted this from another Forum. Hunter Ed Instructor Paul Nies missing near Barstow CA. He went out coyote hunting near the Barstow area on Tues morning & has not returned. He is 73 & requires dialisys 3 times a week, & meds. Black 4-door 2008 Toyota Tacoma w California Disabled Person...
  113. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamps

    Hey guy's what is a good reel clamp for a Torium 16 and a deck hand rod. The post's and extensions for the stocker seem small and weak and I have heard they do break...looking at the Tiburon unit or how about the Cork puppy? Thanks in advance....
  114. Jim n Texas

    Shimano tackle bag

    SOLD pending funds I have a Shimano tackle bag for sale. I got in a deal but it's too large for my liking, it measures 15"high x 24" wide x10" deep, holds four 9x14 trays included, has reel compartment on top and two large side pockets and carry strap Is it worth $40-obo to someone?......Oh...
  115. Jim n Texas


    SOLD PF......Here is some stuff Tady45's,Salas,Fish trap,Rapalas,Hammers,Lead heads various swim baits. 120 or so pcs not including leadheads.Various hooks as well couple hundred, size 1 through 3/0. plus a couple throw ins added. Asking $120 OBO, u pick up. (selling as used tho some new)
  116. Jim n Texas

    Rod cut down

  117. Jim n Texas

    NEO Waders/float tube

    Cabelas 5mm neo waders size MED like new used five times. Old skool Creek Co. float tube great cond, no leaks same use as waders, fins too. All for $70....or trade for trolling rod of same value....anybody? aint gonna get a trolling rod am I....:(....... cash is good
  118. Jim n Texas

    Ruger Bisley 44 mag

    This sale will end on Sun 7/1 [OK pulling the plug here] I'll be keeping it.....:confused:
  119. Jim n Texas

    TRADE=Calico Special 9'

    Rod has been traded guys.
  120. Jim n Texas

    WTS, SAKO 30-06

    Sako 30-06 AV model. Made in early-mid 80's less than 400 rounds fired, Stock has been refinished with a grip cap & forend tip added, OEM rings included. Price is $1100.00 + dros, firm. For BD guy's I will throw in Die's and Brass as well. I would consider a trade for a nice 243 in either a...
  121. Jim n Texas

    Penn senator,Sabre rod,Fenwick & antiques

    I have a Penn 3/0 Senator. a Penn Sabre 7' 15-40#. A Fenwick Salt stick spinng rod sss 70m 12-30# 1, Senator=$50 2, Sabre=$25 3, Above together=$60 4, Fenwick=$20 ANTIQUES are gone!