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    March 12th weekend

    I live in Monterey and am visiting my son that live near Dana point. I fish for anything from Blue fin to sandabs, what ever is running. Have zero experience fishing southern Ca. and will either jump on party boat or private if opening. I have a 24' defiance that has gone everywhere but south. I...
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    supercharged cedar plug

    How can they pass this one up? Good luck shaking double hooks
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    Visiting ocean side, may bring boat but need help

    I am a Monterey bay fishermen, fished albacore, rockfish, halibut but know nothing about southern california. I am either driving my boat to oceanside for week or get on cattle boat which I hate of hitchhike. Local fishermen that would like to show me ropes would be helpfull if anyone...
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    2010 reports

    What is wrong with this site?
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    Garmin radar issues

    I have a 2016 7610 display and 18" garmin radar. After about a year the radar seemed to fail, checked breaker, cabling, check voltage to unit and fine, few suggestions from the installer and I ended up having him replace it for a new one. Six months latter same issue " low voltage alarm"...
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    Fort Bragg 9/16

    First trip to Bragg and marathon day. Drove from Pacific Grove to Fort brag at 10 PM Saturday. Get to bragg around 4:30 am. Hooked my Led light up and out in the dark at a unknown harbor I went with guys following thinking I know what I am doing. Weather flat on the way out and all day long...
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    Bing ling

    This is out of Monterey, sorry can't give spot up but worth posting. Had another one equal to this but a mis gaff lost it. Hitchhiker and other fish was a 22" lingcod. Rest were all 12 - 16LBs. This one 41" 25lbs
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    Defiance 220 ex suspension seat

    I just installed a John deer tractor seat that is a suspension seat. Adjusts to 300 lbs. Took little bit of work to modify but works great. It sits closer to steering not based on my liking. It literally takes the bounce out of your back. I did have to cut the pedestal about 4". Also turned the...
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    Fishing info

    I am retired now so one of the things I would like to do is spend a week south. Anyone have information on: slips for week- cost Parking: Areas to go: I have fished Monterey bay for 40 years but know nothing about Southern ca. or how to fish for anything there. Like a hitchhiker that knows...
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    defiance 220 ex owners

    I just purchased one with a 200 hp yamaha. One issue that seems unusual is at certain speeds the water rushes up between the end of the extended motor mount and the engine. I can see a ton of water shooting straight up, feels like pulling a sker up. I believe this is caused when the water line...
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    2004 2052 trophy pro

    Looks like no interest so final drop in price then I may trade it in. $13,000 Mercruiser 4.3L MPI 220 hp 2011 with about 600 hours fresh water cooling Trim tabs 85 gallon fuel tank 3 props Hummingbird 997 SI- Side imaging, mapping and navionics chip Furuno 1623 radar AM/FM radio Off shore 4 man...
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    Defiance 220 ex

    Any information from owners of this boat would be helpful for my decision in a month. Thinking of a 175hp yamaha. Any one MPG and range, handling windy conditions, prop size for boat, really anything would help. This is a new boat style for me. Any If I only knew before I bought the boat things...
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    Thursday tuna

    Thinking of a monterey trip, looks like 50 mile run. Warm water has moved in a bit, but like to know if anyone else will either be buddy boat or in the area. Otherwise I will make the long drive to HB
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    Fine for fishing in one

    Was in court for something esle and here is the poor guy that cannot speak english, pleads guilty to fishing in MPLA. Judge looks for min fine, ask prosucuter, don't know so that we don't waste anymore time fine is $1,000plus this cost and that cost I think another $200. Here is the best part-...
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    Big sur

    Seemed like perfect weather 85 at my house friday (salinas) No fog in site so let's cool off on perfect conditions. Started out ok but surge at ramp told me big swell. Still ok,swells were not that high but very long. About 7 miles from Sur the think fog was waiting. Got our limits of mostly...