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  1. mattsfishn

    Bluefin processing

    If lucky enough to catch one of these bigger model bluefin #80-#100, on specifically a 3/4 day or overnight trip and want to have it professionally processed what should you do? To be more clear, this is for short trips(3/4day) where you end up lucky and boat a #100 fish and get back to your...
  2. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Actually, I'm looking for ideas to fish on the Saturday after turkey day! My old man will be in town and I wanna get him out fishing. Any ideas are appreciated, I'm not going to do the party boat thing. I checked with seasonssportfishing and they're not fishing that weekend. I'm running out of...
  3. mattsfishn

    Rod repair

    The ceramic on the last guide (tip) is cracked, I'm looking for somewhere in north county. Suggestions please. Hoping it's not a long turnaround, fingers crossed! Thanks in advance.
  4. mattsfishn

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    Great trip, and as advertised. I didn't catch a single fish, lost a small yellow at the boat. I just want to say the trip was advertised as "targeting big bluefin", and that's exactly what we did. With more than enough stops on paddys as they came, we spent the majority of the time chasing those...
  5. mattsfishn

    Big Bear TroutfesT

    Anyone here fishing it? How bout in the past? I'm thinking about giving it a shot, although I haven't fished trout in years. Quite possibly just donating my $75 , but you never know. Fishing the shore probably hasn't produced a lot of past winners, but im boatless unless I rent. Maybe one day...
  6. mattsfishn

    Calstar 800h

    Im looking for answers for its preferred uses and a good pairing reel for those applications. Any and all ideas are welcome. I mainly fish 1-3 day local trips for tuna and wondering how this rod will fit in my arsenal. I currently have Psw 700xh(bought from a fellow member,thanks junkyarded )...
  7. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    Recently pulled in a #58 bluefin with my torium20. It was loaded with straight #30 Izorline mono,took almost an hour. During the fight, both deckhands noticed something sounded wrong with my reel. First , 30 minutes in, when at the bow with no one else around, I cranked a half-turn at a time...