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    Any info on Guadalupe

    I hear the water temp along the ridge has been hovering around 85 degrees which has pushed the fish out, too hot! It looks like most LR boats are fishing Bluefin and the “beach”.
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    Offshore San Diego 10/13

    Kudos to you kicking back the rat YT! There needs to be more fishermen that do the right thing.
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    What Color DTX Minnow 220 have been working the best

    Purple Pulsipher = dead Hoo!
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    Offshore VAGABOND Aug 7-10

    Well said Joe, I think a lot of us are in the same “boat’!
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    New Hustler Seabass

    Congrats Christopher! I’ll get up there eventually. Uncle Dave
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    Offshore Shogun with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Beautiful!! Good for you and the family, that’s what memories are made of.
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    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Michael, Sorry to hear you had a rough trip, it happens to all of us at one time or another. I’m guessing you’ve learned a valuable lesson while on this site, you typically DO NOT criticize boats or captains and if you do you will get this type of response. Most fishermen are quite loyal to...
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    Never give up! 6/13/20 report

    Nothing better than butt for dinner!! Congrats.
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    Offshore New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    Bummer you didn’t land your fish, I couldn’t help but notice no one had masks on? Just an observation.
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    Offshore Bass fishing Irvine

    What a shame, it looks like the lake has gone to shit!
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    And you’re gonna die!
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    Excel mid October 8 day

    If I’m not mistaken the Excel has their Guadalupe permits, if you get really lucky you’ll head to the island for those badass YFT!
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    Lake Irvine Regional Regional

    Last I heard Irvine was still closed due to Covid 19 restrictions. Has that changed?
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    Go checkout

    I don’t think Frank owns the Shogun any longer, I heard a while back that he had sold it.
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    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Not since 2017, glad to hear that they put some money into the boat.
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    Lake Prado Pays Off

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    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Stay away from the Shogun, old decrepit boat and the staterooms stink like mold.
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    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    The San Diego fleet will be lucky to be up and running by October!
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    Tesoro 5

    Congrats, wish they would think about us lefties!
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    Long Range shutdown?

    “Younger anglers will be fine”! Let me guess, you’re one of the dip shit millennials on spring break that are not intelligent enough to stay home!
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    Long Range shutdown?

    More room for the foolish!
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    All valid points Paul. I also encourage the Landings in San Diego and the owners of the long range fleet be transparent in their plans to fight this emergency .
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    Job Opportunity at Avet

    Are you building any lefty star drags?
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    New Avet Raptors without MC & Star Drag reels

    Are you making/bringing lefty star drags to the show?
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    Short session of 6 halibut

    Very nice but you need to invest in a net!
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    Marauder Lot

    If you change your mind about splitting them up let me know.
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    Marauder Lot

    James, Are you willing to split them up? If so, how much for the larges? And will you ship to Cali.? Dave
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    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Stephen, I expected nothing less! Very well written my friend. Whoo’s Yer Daddy
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    Bring it or leave it at home...

    Hell yes, I’m bringing a 25 and a 30 on my 10 day end of the month.
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    Excel Colonello trip

    A half a dozen “big” fish doesn’t fill the tags of 22 other fishermen! Big fish ARE NOT important to everybody and taking the time from a 10 day trip to go that far south should be voted on by the passengers and NOT decided by ANY captain!
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    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    Leaving on the 27th and no they don’t have Lupe permits....BAH!!
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    Excel Colonello trip

    Terry welcome to the Colonello Open, this will be my 8th or 9th year on this trip, great bunch! Keep your fingers crossed we don’t make the drive to the lower banks as it’s a waste of time and time!! We’ve made that trek a couple three times in the last 5 years or so and caught absolutely...
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    Bug rider

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    Lexa 400 Hd lefty

    How much #65 does the 400HD hold?
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    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Steve, I’m guessing you won’t get the opportunity to fish these at the Lupe this year but they look nice!! xoxo, KH
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    New Makaira Black

    Does Okuma make lefty Makairas?
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    8 day report

    That’s what happens when boats don’t have Lupe permits! Running up and down the ridge looking for 20 pound YFT and fingers crossed a YT or two. Weak very weak IMO
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    FYI - to date no Lupe permits for the Big X!
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    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    Would someone please explain to me why all of the larger boats in SD don’t have Guadalupe permits? I’m guessing there is a limit to the amount of permits being issued but with some forethought and a little planning boats like the Indy, Intrepid, RP, RR, Shogun, Excel, etc. would make a point...
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    Guadalupe Shark Video

    Great video!!! Been there, done that.
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    A shame they’re not lefties!
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    Sad New's re: the passing of a long-range institution Mr. Dan Colonello

    This will be my ninth year riding Dans charter, a great fisherman and a genuinely kind man. RIP my friend.
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    Offshore Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Always a dick = green/yellow spectra, white boots, cargo shorts and a button down Hawaiian print shirt!
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    Guadalupe sharks.

    Great video, I’ll be there in October!
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    Offshore Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

    Cory, Sweet ride! If you ever need help filling that kill bag, I’d be more than happy to buy the bait! KH
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    SOLD B

    Will you ship, I’m in OC?
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    Irvine Opener......

    I couldn’t make it to Irvine this weekend so I’m wondering if any other BD’ers braved the crowd? Anybody catch anything? Tight Lines, KH
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    Left handed reel question

    I’m left handed and my 50lb. set up is a LX 6/3 Raptor spooled 65/50. Works great, 50 - 100 YF easily.
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    Bad News

    Yes he will, I always looked forward to talking with him during my Longfin visits. RIP
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    Irvine Lake..........

    The lake doesn’t re-open until 17 August.
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    Offshore From one day to another like day and night

    I was on this trip and thought the crew did okay, they could have been a little faster prepping the flyers but other than that no issues for me. For a two day trip the food was admirable, no issue there either. Good group of guys, this was my first year on Daryl’s charter and I had a good time...
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    Offshore Wind prediction

    I’m on the same 2 day trip on the Outer Limits, a little wind never hurt anybody let’s get out there and kill some fish!! Tight lines. KH
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    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5 day

    Irob2 is an asshole! No need to attack the guy, don’t be such a prick!
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    Offshore WFO Foamer YFT 7/3

    Girlfriend looks pretty green!
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    Where to go in Sierras ?

    The cabins at Convict are nice and you can fish both the lake and creek coming out!
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    Offshore Vagabond 1.5 Day

    Fished it a couple times, good crew and better captain!
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    Offshore Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    Sorry I don’t own a bottomless bank account! I bet you’re the guy that stands at the bait tank with rod in hand between stops and is the first one in the water regardless of how many others you have to push out of your way to get there!
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    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Cory, Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Zipper, I became a member in 2011 when I had an aneurysm repaired and then again in 2012 when I had my Aortic Valve replaced. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. King Halibut
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    Eastern Sierra Bridgport Reservoir - 4/29

    Great read, nice fish!
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    Rpt.-Wed. 04-03-19 Thunderbird Cod Fest.

    Cory, Did any of your fish have worms? I have experienced that problem on past cod runs out to the Channel Islands. Dave
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    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    Panko crusted Yellowtail with a reduced plum sauce on the Big X, best fgiggin fish I’ve ever eaten! I don’t mind eating it on the boat once or twice as long as it’s cooked properly and not over cooked. I don’t care for cooked tuna but love it raw, so I usually give it to friends or others on my...
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    MXJ use

    65lb. Spectra under 40lb. Mono
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    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    Chuck, Props for listing expected crew tip, more chartermasters should post tip expectations. Funny how it works, those that complain the loudest are the cheap bastards that don’t tip! Move along, this isn’t the trip you’re looking for! KH
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    Classic wahooweenie jig

    Remember, don’t be a dick!
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    extra efforts re wahoo?

    NO fishing the slide on the Big X, you’ll get a good ass chewing! I know this first hand.
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    New star drag

    No lefties I bet!
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    Gunmetal Avet

    Done deal thanks Leroy!
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    Gunmetal Avet

    BD’ers, I’m looking to purchase a LEFT HAND retrieve MXL 6/4 or MXJ 6/4 Avet in Gunmetal. Needs to be in good condition. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thanks, KH
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    Dana Point 12/27

    Nursery raider!
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    Nomad DTX report

    My two cents........ I bought three of the Nomads prior to my 10 day on the Excel in October. The reason I purchased three was because I had read that they were getting bit with regularity but had a tendency to come apart after a couple fish plus or minus. I had multiple conversations with the...
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    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    Old, broke and stinks like sewer! I’ll never ride it again. KH
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    Blue Fever

    Bad Ass!!!!
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    Offshore Giving Thanks ( video )

    Words to live by!! Happy Holidays! KH
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    Excel - Colonello October 20 -31, 2018, the Guadalupe a trip.

    Steve, No worries my friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Looking forward to next year already! Be well always. Dave
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    Excel - Colonello October 20 -31, 2018, the Guadalupe a trip.

    Steve, Loupe damnit!! Excellent write up my friend, glad to have shared it with you. Dave
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    DTX Minnows

    It was rigged to a wire trolling harness that I picked up from Melton, not sure the wire. All four were on the Purple Pulsipher (I think that’s the color). Hope this helps.
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    DTX Minnows

    BD’er’s, Just got back from a 10 day on the X, I used the Nomad DTX on everyone of my troll turns and went four for four!!! These things are bad ass! Because they swim deeper than the Marauders and the Yozuri’s they need to be fished in the center of the stern. The crew had NO problem with me...
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    Excel does have their “Lupe” permit, I leave on the 21st! Great write up, hopefully the storms will be a thing of the past by the time we get there. KH
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    Incredible Gift

    WOW very cool!! Sorry for your loss.
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    Price Drop plus FREE SHIPPING to a business address Calstar Rods 2 custom

    Raul, I’ll take them but I need them shipped to my home? Let me know! Can they be shipped USPS cheaper? Dave
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    Offshore Tomahawk Chop

    Must agree, the Captain and crew are top notch! Rode the “hawk” a couple months ago and they work hard to put customers on fish. The decks are a bunch of funny, nice guys!! KH
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    Avet JX lefty 6/3

    Ryan, Is the MX single speed or a 6/4? Dave
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    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    It’s their water, not ours! Don’t like it, don’t fish it.
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    Gun Metal Lefty Avet

    I’m in the market for a Gun Metal Grey Avet (left hand). Preferably MX, LX or JX. Let me know if you can help. Thx, KH
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    Split ring plier

    I found a pair in New Zealand of all places and their on the way!
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    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    I’ve ridden the RP, great boat and if you get Roy even better. Kick ass and have a great time. I’m right behind you 10 day on the Big X, out on 10/21!!! KH
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    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Bring your trash back with you and throw it in a God damn trash can! If we continue to fuck up the ocean with our trash there won’t be any fish to worry about finding! What’s wrong with you people? Respectfully, KH
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    Split ring plier

    Been looking on line seems like everybody is out of the Owner GP60’s.
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    Price Drop plus FREE SHIPPING to a business address Calstar Rods 2 custom

    Raul, The shipping address would be my home, is there a different price to a residence? How much? Dave
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    Price Drop plus FREE SHIPPING to a business address Calstar Rods 2 custom

    Hey Raul, If I take them both, what kind of deal would you do shipped to Orange County? (90620) Thanks, Dave
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    First Cow with 7 year old on the Royal Star

    Way to go dad, instant memories! Your boy getting it done!! Excellent.
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    Intrepid 3-Day, September 4-7

    Hey Dan, Was the captain Bill Cavanaugh? If so, it would explain the I’m better than everyone else attitude! Welcome to California, sorry you and your buddies didn’t have a better experience. Like some of the other guys suggested, try a longer trip next time more time on the water usually...
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    Offshore 25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    19 times, buy a spike! What’s the US limit on Dodos?
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Hey Ross, The clowns giving you s**t are the jackwads that roll up on a paddy already being fished and plant their asses right on it! Glad you guys caught some fish before the jack ass showed up. KH
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    Independence Phenix 7 day

    Best of luck!!
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    Offshore Freedom overnight 9-6 BFT

    Congrats, props to yer bud!!
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    Good day at the box with my old man

    Matt, Nice write up, agreed it's all about getting out there with the old man. My father taught me how to fish fifty years ago and it's one of the greatest things he ever did for me! He can't get out there anymore but still loves my trip reports. KH
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    Patriot Lefty's! I wish....

    NO SHIT what about your left handed customers? COME ON MAN!!!
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    Offshore Called others in but no one came dodo and yellows limit

    I watched your video, you rock but your buds need some help! Congrats.
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    First mako for fabian

    Good eats, congrats!!
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    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Hop on the PacDawn or the Tomahawk and this won’t happen!!!
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    130 lb reel

    If you’re left handed and choose the SDS50, I have a brand new one for sale! Never seen water. KH
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    Calstar rods & lefty mxj

    Interested in the mxj if you’ll ship. Dave
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    For Sale Avet EX 50/2 Left Hand

    PRICE DROP.............$450.00!!!!!!!
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    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    Dennis, What is the load for this trip? Dave
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    For Sale Avet EX 50/2 Left Hand

    For sale is a “new” Avet EX 50/2 (Left Hand) I’ve had this reel a couple years been on two long range trips but never been wet! Asking $500.00
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    Brand new Okuma Backpack

    I’m in Buena Park, is there someplace we can meet half way? I was thinking the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa? Your thoughts. Dave
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    Brand new Okuma Backpack

    Hey Rob, If still available, I’ll take it! Dave
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    Looking for a new wahoo reel

    Avet MXL with 40lb topshot is all you need!
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    ???Video tour of a Tackle box??????

    Very nice, where can I get a few of the “cowfin” stickers?
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    I can't stand it anymore!

    I rode the Shogun for the first and last time in 2017. IMO the boat is showing it’s age and needs some cosmetic work, a lot of work. The staterooms were small and dank a few rooms including mine actually flooded due to a sewer issue. The food was “okay”, a lot of pomp but not much circumstance...
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    Offshore Tomahawk 2.5 Day Killing Spree

    BD’ers, I’m going to jack this thread, it was my first trip on this boat and I was impressed to say the least. Found plenty of fish to pull on, crew was top notch shout out to Mikey and El Dropo! Cook John served some good grub and the captain was all over it, he was on the deck when we found...
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    Offshore 2.5 Tomahawk Sportfishing 7-1-18 to 7-4-18

    Hey Frank, I’m already booked, see you tomorrow! Dave
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    Offshore Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    Thanks for the tackle lowdown.
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    You All Have Exhausted Me

    Great reading, listen to the crew all the LR boats have tons of tackle on board so if you don’t have something I’m sure they will. I’ve ridden the Vagabond and it’s a great boat, the skipper is the owner and his crew is very knowledgeable. Most important, if you don’t know, ASK! Have a great...
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    Offshore Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    For those that have ridden the Tomahawk, what is the tackle storage situation? Good or bad? Thx, Minnvikes
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    Commercial fishing net

    Snip, snip, cut, cut!!!
  118. K

    Avets 10% Off to July 4th

    What would be nice is if Avet started making their left hand reels in colors other than silver, black and gold!!!!!
  119. K

    Reduced - Avet jx Raptor blem blk/red

    Vu, Do you have any Avet lefties lying around for sale? MXL or MXJ in any color other than silver, blue or black. Thanks, Dave
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    Best meals for 8-10 days

    The coconut Panko crusted Yellowtail with a reduced plum sauce on the Excel kicks ass!
  121. K

    New- Large rolling tackle bag

    Nice but needs rod holders!
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    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Personally, im glad someone finally had the balls to call out one of the veteran captains. I’ve fished that boat, great captain and operation but limits are limits and they are there for a reason. If the long range boats keep raping the fish populations in Mexico, they’ll end up closing...
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    Very cool video about Tuna..

    Pretty cool!
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    What trips are you on this year?

    On the PacDawn 2 day end of July And On the Excel 10 day end of October And On the Tomahawk 2 day in June
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    Avet Reel bag.

    Dylan, I actually own the large Avet reel bag and it's really nice, plenty of room and well built. Highly recommended!! KH
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    Wahoo trollers

    The large black and orange Yo-Zuri kicks ass!!!
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    Excel - June 21-24 Roll Call and what to expect!

    Unless those Bluefin show up, you're in for three days of boat ride! You will probably spend most of your time looking for Yellowtail and fishing shallow water rockfish. If the Bluefin are around, be sure to bring the poppers and flat falls. Good luck.
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    Gamakatsu Value Packs

    I will also take a set if available, let me know at your earliest! PM PayPal address please. Thx, Dave
  129. K

    Owner Flyliner 1/0-3/0 Pro Pack’s & Gamakatsu 1/0-2/0 hooks

    Nick, If still available I'll take one of each size of the Owners. I'm also in OC. Dave
  130. K

    What the hell?

    Dude WTF! How long have you been doing this, you keep making the same mistakes! You're very, very lucky. BTW nice fish.
  131. K


    Their for sale now, typically around $200.00. They have them @ Longfin Tackle.
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    best wahoo reel

    An Avet MXL loaded with 40! Kills em.
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    Long Range FISHING Reports

    Whiney bitch.......go F*** yourself! I bet you sit to pee!
  134. K

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    Very nice but shouldn't this be posted in the classified section, not in the Long Range FISHING Reports section?
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    Long Range FISHING Reports

    BD'ers, I log onto BD every morning to see what's going on in the world of fishing and normally can't wait to get to the LONG RANGE FISHING REPORTS to see what's being caught on my favorite long range boat. I know I could go to their website and check there but I prefer BD as my fishing fix if...
  136. K

    Scopace pills

    Bonine works just fine for me!
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    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    I rode this boat one and only one time maybe seven or eight years ago. It was a pelagic trip mid summer we started out looking for and catching a few yellowtail and small yellowfin the second day the captain comes over the intercom and tells us we are going shallow water rock cod fishing! I...
  138. K


    You are correct, the problem on the Q was a faulty fuel tank, the Coast Guard found the leak during their yearly inspection. It was going too cost much to fix it so the asshole owner cancelled all the trips, took most of the money people had paid, filed for bankruptcy and skipped town. I was...
  139. K

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    Two years ago I went 9 for 9 @ the Rocks all on bait. I can't emphasize enough wire, wire, wire, wire!!!!!
  140. K

    West Coast Wahoo

    Spent the last five years @ Alijos in late October on the Excel and KILLED them! Seventy pounder two years ago!
  141. K

    How often do you get this close?

    I was thinking, where is the Mexican Flag on top of the tallest pinnacle? Something was "fishy"! KH
  142. K

    Offshore 8-10 On The San Diego

    Babies, babies and more babies. Robbing the cradle at its worst, nursery rhymes anyone! Keep catching and keeping those 4 to 8 lb. Yellows and in a couple years everyone will be complaining that their aren't any fish! Hmmm.......can't imagine why!
  143. K

    Offshore 2.5 Day aboard the Success Aug 4-7th

    Bonine, Bonine, Bonine! I don't go without it.
  144. K

    Irvine Lake..........

    To whom it may concern, Would both sides of this cluster fuc*, please grow up take money out of the equation and start thinking about residents of So Cal and re-open the damn lake! This bull shit has gone on long enough, greedy bastards. KH
  145. K

    Eastern Sierra 101: seasoned pros please weigh in....

    Give Convict Lake a shot, tons of fish that can be caught from shoreline. Power bait, salmon, garlic, peach they will all catch trout. You can either stay there or in Mammoth.
  146. K

    What's your favorite 30# fly line sardine set up?

    Avet MXL 6/4 spooled with 40 lb. Big Game bolted to an Okuma seven foot bait stick, 2/0 J hook add saltwater............and repeat!
  147. K

    Shogun Guadalupe Permit

    I was on the first trip of the year to the Lupe on the Shogun, the boat caught 2 (yes two) Yellowtail! So yes they have permits but it didn't do us any good. KH
  148. K

    Excel 8 Day, July 8th -16th quick recap

    Congrats on the successful trip, I' on a 10 day in October. Hopefully the rocks will pick up. Fishing the slide when somebody hooks up on the troll is the only way to go, you're in the water while every one else is pinning on a bait, done it many times. Nice to know about the Colt Snipers...
  149. K

    Avet vs. Fathom?

    I am an Avet fan, have at least ten of them all the way from the SX to the 50. I absolutely love them and have never had a problem with their performance! Year before last I was at Alejios Rocks on the Excel and hooked and landed a 71 lb. Wahoo on an MX loaded with 40 lb. Put the wood to him...
  150. K

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Those purse seiners that you're seeing belong to LoPreste/Dunn! Money, money, money. The Japanese market is what's driving the demand. Before long there won't be any tuna, they will go by way of the Albacore!
  151. K

    Boo to Avet!

    Gentlemen, Thanks for all of the opinions the point I was trying to make was that I would have liked the opportunity to own one of the colors that Avet did not make available to left handed fishermen. Nothing more and nothing less. Throughout the last few years I have been able to acquire most...
  152. K

    Boo to Avet!

    Thanks for all the comments both negative and positive. May you all have a blessed, safe and productive offshore season. KH
  153. K

    Boo to Avet!

    What I meant and said was that they did not produce left hand models in the Neptunes Heart color!
  154. K

    Boo to Avet!

    I am an avid supporter of all things Avet but am extremely disappointed in them for not giving a damn about their left handed followers. It is my understanding that they have decided NOT to make any of their new G2 reels in the limited/special color Neptunes Heart! All you get are the leftover...
  155. K

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Dontknowshit, I was unfortunate to be on the trip before yours and it was just as bad. One Bluefin to show for my efforts and we probably had a half dozen or more that didn't catch anything. To be sure this boat has seen better days and I won't ride her again anytime soon. KH
  156. K


    Tisk, Tisk, tisk...........Oh Howard! Car Cover
  157. K

    mexican waters closures ??

    Cedros is CLOSED to anything over 30ft.
  158. K

    Latest From Shogun At Guadalupe

    Here's an update, we got back this am with 8 count them 8 Yellowtail after fishing the Lupe for about a day and a half. The weather going down was brutal as was it when we got there. Wind to 35 and huge swells, almost impossible to fish, nobody home. Traveled back up string and chased Bluefin...
  159. K

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    I am on the Rice Bowl trip that leaves the 27th, hopefully we're not to early! Bringing HXW w/80/100, HXW Raptor w/80/100, (2) JX's w/60/65, JX Raptor w/60/65, LX w/50/65 and MXL with 40/50. Wish us luck! KH
  160. K

    Pursuit/Convector Boat Rods

    All, Does anybody know if Okuma still makes the Pursuit or Convector series rods? I have a couple of them and love them. If anybody has any for sale let me Kronos. Thanks, KH
  161. K

    Kingfisher charters and lodge

    My brothers and I were there for my 50th birthday (2010) and had a great time. The staff was incredible as were the captains. We caught more fish than we knew what to do with! I'll be back. KH
  162. K

    Offshore 4/10 San Diego 3/4

    Way to go, nice fish!
  163. K

    Offshore Tribute 4/9 Offshore

    How the hell did you guys get to Bluefin, the topic was keeping vs kicking back rat yellows! Kudos to you my friend for the conservation and looking out for the future. And the reason Asian market prices are so high is because they have managed to rape their oceans and are now doing the same to...
  164. K

    Late April Trips fishing the "Lupe"?

    Having not been to the Lupe in 20 years this should be a gas! I am on the Shogun Rice Bowl charter that leaves on the 27th and I was going to bring 5 or 6 set ups a 30 - 40 lb. live bait, a (2) 50 live bait, a 60 live bait/jig, an 80 live bait and a 100 dropper loop. Fingers crossed! Good luck...
  165. K

    New Bloodydecks Hats & Shirts

    What is the biggest shirty/hoodie you have? 4X 5X - if not come on us big guys need love too!
  166. K

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    " shit. That's not what he was doing though. He seems to be an educated angler, abiding by the laws in place while helping out others anglers who weren't as fortunate to catch their own fish." Kid, et al - My original comment was in reference to the young gentleman in the picture...
  167. K

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Avet HX Raptor - IMO best bang for the buck.
  168. K

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    You guys are missing the point, it's not how much I or anyone else fishes or where we fish. The point is that if we collectively keep EVERYTHING we catch eventually there won't be anything left to catch. Stop being shortsighted and selfish, leave some for the next generation that's all I'm...
  169. K

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    Hey Lazyfisherman - let me guess you're the conservationist who keeps short halibut, calico bass, sculpin, and oh yea yellowtail because that was all there was to catch! Well dipshit, that picture is partially the reason that's all there is to catch. Let them grow up. Damn I hate short sighted...
  170. K

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    Good God - I'm ashamed for the dude in the picture, really? WTF Go trout fishing!
  171. K

    Box Canyon rockfish limits but no butts for us 3/25

    Pretty soon all those little Reds will cease to exist because they were caught before they had a chance to grow up and reproduce. We are quickly becoming Japan, kill everything that swims.
  172. K

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    Hey Guys, Has anyone fished the Lupe end of April? I'm on a six day on the Shogun leaving on the 27th. I"m hoping to catch my first Yellowfin over 100lbs. And was wondering what my chances were that time of the year. Any info is appreciated. Tight Lines, KH
  173. K

    Avet HXJ Raptor for GOM?

    I just picked up my second HXW Raptor it will be filled with 80lb Spectra with a top shot of 60lb and off we go to the Loop on the Shogun! The end of April can't get here soon enough!
  174. K

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    I don't blame you I'd be pissed off too. The deckhands are there to work not fish, if paying passengers are having to unhook their own fish and untangle lines the deckhands are not doing their jobs. Kudos to the cook for actually pitching in and helping. Ultimately it's the captains fault for...
  175. K

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Nice fishes, I'm booked on a six day the end of April going to the Lupe. I have never fished that early in the year I hope we get into some fish. Never caught a tuna over 100lbs, my largest is 92. Fingers are crossed this will be my first trip on the Shogun heard nothing but good things. KH
  176. K

    Avet G2

    Hey BD'er's - Has anyone heard as to when Avet plans on shipping the G2's to retailers? I have sent an email to Avet but haven't gotten a response. KH
  177. K

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    By the way.............."Big D" has never worked a day in his life!
  178. K

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    By the way.............."Big D" has never worked a day in his life!
  179. K

    Truth SG Reel Blue Left Handed with braid $200 San Diego Area Lowered to $180

    Buddha, Is the reel new or used? Condition? A picture or two would help. KH
  180. K

    Offshore WFO Yellowfin on the Condor

    Babies, that's horrible. WTF were you guys thinking? Raping the ocean, there should be a law against being stupid.
  181. K

    Offshore 182 9/8

    Two guys, what's the limit these days on YFT?
  182. K

    Lefty Avets

    BD'ers, I'm looking for left hand retrieve Avets in green, pink, purple or blue camo new or gently used. Preferably MX, LX, JX or HX preferably two speeds. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Much Thanks, King Halibut
  183. K

    Offshore Eclipse 1.5 day Wed 8/17/2016

    It's too bad all the boats are sucking up these small Yellowfin, I've caught bigger Bonito.
  184. K

    2004 Parker center console

    Every post the price goes up, did the pictures cost 3k? In the original post it was 32k! Inflation's a bitch.
  185. K

    Looking for a good place to take the kids fishing in orange County area

    Laguna Nigel hands down in the O.C. Irvine - closed Santa Ana River Lakes - just plain nasty Corona - mud hole Anaheim Lake - closed KH
  186. K

    Tribute 2.5 day sponsored by Pelagic Labor Day trip $700

    LGHT, How many are they taking on this trip? Thx, KH
  187. K

    WTB GREEN MX/LX AVET - Left Hand

    Hey BD'ers, I'm looking for a LEFT HAND Avet either an MX or LX in GREEN. The reel can be used but must be in good shape both cosmetically and mechanically. Much Thanks, KH
  188. K

    Pacific Quest.......

    Thanks all for the info!
  189. K

    How do u fish the sinker rig BFT?

    Simple, attach any weight you like using the tag end closest to your hook where you tie/connect your fluoro to your mono. Works like a charm.
  190. K

    Line recommendation for MXL

    Brian, I wouldn't worry too much about "drag"' my MX is spooled with 65lb spectra with a 100 yard topshot of Ande 40lb. With this reel I put 9 Hoo to 70lbs. on the boat on my 10 day last year without a problem. The reel kicked ass. KH
  191. K

    Pacific Quest.......

    Hey BD'ers, I was looking at a 2 day and came across the Pacific Quest. It looks like a clean little boat and they only take twelve. I was wondering if anyone had fished this boat and had an opinion either way, good or bad. Maybe some info on the platform, captain, crew, sleeping...
  192. K

    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    70lb Wahoo on my MXL on a 10 day on the Excel in October.........took 3rd in the jackpot!
  193. K

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870N lefty twin drag limited red/black

    Randy, If it falls through, let me know. Dave
  194. K

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870N lefty twin drag limited red/black

    Zombie, Let me know if still available. Dave
  195. K

    Back up for sale Custom Calstar

    Benny, Would you consider splitting them, interested in the 700ml? Dave
  196. K

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    Frank + Money + Connections = The Lupe!
  197. K

    Whats up with the Excel?

    Wow Mike I'm sorry to hear you guys had your trip cancelled. I'm booked on the trip right behind you leaving the 25th. I heard about the boat being down yesterday while picking up some extra stuff @ Charkbait in HB. Hope they get it fixed. KH
  198. K

    Offshore Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    I believe the Amigo is Bill Cavanaugh's boat which would explain the top rate service. Bill worked on the Excel the past couple years which is where I met him. Takes no bullshit and knows what he's doing! KH
  199. K


    Damn shame they are not left handed, I'd take them both!
  200. K

    Offshore Magic paddy 9-23-15

    Your comments make me think you're feeling a little guilty! Come on, you can admit it.
  201. K

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Jon, I just noticed you are in Tennessee, I was born there Millington, Shelby County.......go Vols! KH
  202. K

    Color, Color, Color........

    Nice! What lb. Test do you suggest for a Shock Top bottle?
  203. K

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Beautiful and good for the soul. I had open heart surgery in both 2011 and again in 2012 and am greatfull to be alive, I'm not a religious man by any means but being on a long range trip, fishing, laughing being with friends and doing what you enjoy most including sitting on the top deck of the...
  204. K

    Color, Color, Color........

    BD'ers, Just looking for some verification, I understand that Avet is no longer making left hand reels in colors other than silver, blue and fugly gold. Don't know about any other lefties out there but that kind of sucks as I was in the process of acquiring at least one of every color they...
  205. K

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    Avet HX 5/2 spooled with 80.
  206. K

    Offshore 2.5 day 9-7/10

    A zillion boats keeping 3 to 5 lb Yellowtail, Dorado and Yellowfin = dry paddies!
  207. K

    Ever try these hooks?

    I bought a couple packs off of Ebay and used them on my recent 2 day. No problems they worked fine for the DoDo's and Yellowfin under 20lbs.
  208. K

    Avet SX Reel Problem..........

    Hey Guys, One of my Avet SX's is experiencing some issues when in free spool, as a matter of fact it won't free spool at all. Happened on my last 2 day..........crap! Anyhow, rather than pay for shipping from OC to Avet, I was wondering if there is a reliable tackle shop in OC that I can...
  209. K

    WTB Butterfly Flat Fall

    Melton's is out, I've been backordered going on three weeks!
  210. K

    Offshore Chief out of H&M - Question?

    Jake, I was on the Pacific Dawn two weeks ago on a 2 day and the bait SUCKED! Big and bloody with half their scales missing. We motored south and hammered the Yellowtail first morning but by the time we were done that afternoon what we hadn't used was lying at the bottom of the bait tank. With...
  211. K

    Labor Day Weekend on the Outer Limits

    Eric, Any open spots left on this trip? Thx, Dave
  212. K


    Tracy, No problem, I get it back orders happen just didn't want to get lost in the "tuna shuffle". The order number is 152729. The last name is Loupe and was placed on 25 July. The order was for two Colt Snipers. Thanks, Dave
  213. K


    I ordered a couple flat falls and.............oops back ordered. Two weeks and I still don't have them.
  214. K

    FAVORITE 10 DAY TRIP (Boat/Date/Why)

    My favorite 10 day trip............. Is the one that's coming up this October on the Excel. I'm looking forward to seeing friends that I only see once a year when we go fishing. I look forward to this trip every year a great group of people, nothing but fishin', eating, drinking and laughing...
  215. K

    Avet mxl left hand info.

    Okuma makes a pretty nice 7ft. Rod. I have four MXL's and love them, caught 50lb.. Class yellowfin with them.
  216. K

    Offshore DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Excellent, excellent, excellent!
  217. K

    Outkast Fishing Tackle

    BD'ers, Just a note, I have ordered from them a couple times and have received either a phone call or an email from Ryan if there was a problem with my order. I have had a couple things that were out of stock which I was not charged for and given the opportunity to get something different...
  218. K

    Kingfisher Charters Report 06/15-06/17

    My brothers and I did the 3 day trip to Kingfisher in 2010, had a GREAT time, caught a ton of fish, ate great and enjoyed every minute. Great operation. KH
  219. K

    Colonello 10 Day at the rocks... broke off a large trolling spinner bomb & jumped nuunerous times..

    Steve, Funny I don't remember that, are you sure you didn't photoshop that pic? Bust out the picture of the rail bird on the top deck, that I remember! Glad you got home, it was good to see you and we'll do it again next year. Wahoo, did someone say Wahoo.............must not have been...
  220. K

    Sold - GE 14cu Upright Freezer

    Matt, If the pending sale falls through, I'm interested. Just what I've been looking for. Dave
  221. K

    Offshore Fishing the Pacific Dawn

    All, I rode a two day in August on the Pac Dawn and couldn't have asked for a better time, crew, captain or any more fish than we caught. Pat Cavanaugh's a great captain, put us on fish both days, couldn't ask for a better crew and Ana rocks in the galley. Definitely would ride her again! KH
  222. K

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    1, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15 - guilty as charged!
  223. K

    10 day - 18 October on the X - Dan C. Charter.............

    Fisher of Men, All right, I told myself I'd never do this but here goes............... Just curious as to how many people whom I fish with read these posts.......... If you're on this great trip and are as ready as I am let me hear from you, if not see you on the 18th. Dave
  224. K

    Sold - Calstar 700m & 700h - Sold

    Matt - how long ago were these built? I thought I saw 10/24/02 on the 700H? May be interested in the 700M if it's not 12 years old. Please let me know. Dave
  225. K

    New Shimano Evair Boots Size 9 Gray

    BD'ers - A word to the wise, these run SMALL! I bought a pair of 13's which is what I wear and couldn't get them on even with a shoe-horn ended up tearing them. HK
  226. K

    Finally Got to the bottom of the Avet Supply Problem......Shocking.!!

    Tracy, Do you have lefties other than in silver, or do you need to order? Dave
  227. K

    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin 7 -28 at the 209 (video)

    Sorry but the dude in the green shirt is a major liability! I'd take a shot at gaffing my own fish!
  228. K

    Looking forLeft hand Avets..........

    BD'ers, Wondering if anybody has left hand Avets for sale any color except SILVER. Must be in good working/cosmetic condition. Let me know what you have and what you are asking. Much thanks, King Halibut Dave
  229. K

    Offshore 7/20

    Three Hispanics, four Asians and a white guy go into a bar........... And none of them catch shit! Who cares.
  230. K

    Is anyone catching Halibut around Ventura?

    Mike - Your special forces picture................not really funny. KH
  231. K

    Halco 130's.............

    Thanks for the feedback guys - looks like the hard part is going to be finding them everyone I talk to in OC is sold out!
  232. K

    Halco 130's.............

    BD'ers, I have a question for those that have done some trolling/casting for tuna already this year, do these things work or are they just the newest thing to put a dent in our wallets? I've heard whispers that they kick ass but wanted a little more intel before taking the financial plunge...
  233. K

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    Two years ago caught a baby Hammerhead (4 ft.) while on a 10 day on the RP.
  234. K

    Feedback On The Grande Needed

    Been on it once and I'll never go back. Mind you it was probably 6 or 7 years ago but the captain on that trip almost had a mutiny on his hands. It was a 1 1/2 or 2 day pelagic trip that turned into a rock fish trip without even fishing for yellows/fin etc. Captain never came out of the...
  235. K

    Offshore Tribute 06/01 thru 06/03

    Fishfreak88 - We had both chovies and dines. The chovies were 3 to 5 inch hook baits and the dines were horses. Problem was nothing big enough to eat the dines. KH
  236. K

    Offshore Tribute 06/01 thru 06/03

    BDer's - Just got back from a 1 1/2 day on the Tribute out of Seaforth and a rough trip it was. I believe there were 25 on board and we totaled I said totaled 20 rat yellows. Don't get me wrong, the skipper did what he could but there were just no fish to be found. We had the troll rigs out...
  237. K

    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    Minnow - I have been on quite a few trips over the years and ALWAYS keep my wallet in my back pocket when not in my room even with staterooms! I've noticed on 1-3 day trips there are some pretty shady characters and better be safe than sorry. Another good idea is to pay with a credit card or a...
  238. K

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    #1 - Charkbait #2 - Longfin #3 - Meltons
  239. K

    Offshore Top Gun 80 1.5 day

    Pictures, I want stamped!
  240. K

    decisions decisions

    John - Can't beat the RRIII, fished it great boat and better captain. Congrats on beating the "C"! KH
  241. K

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Thanks Jim - hope you guys kick ass and take names! Dave from Buena Park
  242. K

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Jim - Is there a gentleman on your trip by the name of Frank? He is a large(er) gentleman with a black/white beard. He is my neighbor and I believe he has been on this trip for a few years. Anyhow I saw that his truck was missing and figured he was headed south. If you run into him please wish...
  243. K

    Red Avet Special at Melton Tackle-Now In stock-Free JB Hollow up to 500yards per reel

    Tracy, Do you have any left handed Avets in red for sale? KH
  244. K

    Wahoo Lures - What's the Over/Under

    Bill/Matt - I'm on the same trip, I'm taking a half dozen bombs and probably a dozen Raiders or equal. Looking forward to meeting you both. KH
  245. K

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Excel - October 19th - ten day. Big Tuna Dan - see ya there.
  246. K

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 WON 2 1/2 Day - Hoping they do the right thing.

    Lone Shark appears to have a "flacid"-nation with gays! Good for you!
  247. K

    Looking for info on the Chief

    Charlie - I did a two day on the Chief earlier this year, nice enough boat they did a lot of repairs and cosmetic work in the off season. The captain Chris Randel is a good guy and busts his butt to try and find fish. Deckhands are friendly and helpful. There are bunks and staterooms so you...
  248. K

    October Excel Colonello 10-Day Advice: Not a Report!

    Matt - I am indeed on the Colonello trip. First time on this boat and first with this group of fishermen. I hear nothing but GREAT things about the Excel. Looking forward to this trip, see you in October. KH
  249. K

    Offshore I'm headed out on the Condor monday 8/5

    Tim Fishy boat - I'm right behind you I'm down Thursday night on a day and a half. Good luck - leave a few out there for us! KH
  250. K

    Seaguar Floro

    Does anyone know if some or any of this flouro has been sold? Please advise. KH
  251. K

    Seaguar Floro

    Hey Jon - how much line on each spool. Need to pick some up for a 10 day in October.
  252. K

    Any Advice - Eastern Sierras camping/fishing between mono lake and bishop

    Convict or June - both nice lakes and great fishing.
  253. K

    Condor or Grande

    Been on all three................1) Condor, 2) Eclipse and if everyone else is sold out but the Grande, stay home. Just my two cents. KH
  254. K

    Avet 30 or 30 wide ?

    Be advised...............if you or any of the BD'er's reading this are left handed, Avet is no longer making the EX30/2 or EX50/2, only the 30W/2 and 50W/2 for us lefties. Found this out the hard way. Tight Lines, KH
  255. K

    Offshore Chief 2.5 day tomorrow!

    Right on Chris - I will see you tomorrow. Looking forward to getting a line wet.
  256. K

    Lets see the trips you booked for the 2013-2014

    2 1/2 Day on the Chief...........14 June 10 Day on the Excel...............19 October
  257. K

    Offshore CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    Hey Bigfishhateme.................if that's the case then all of these "firecrackers" should be right up your alley and real easy for you to catch!:rofl:
  258. K

    For Sale........Accurate B-665HXM (Left Hand)

    I have for sale a new Accurate B-665HXM LEFT HAND reel. I purchased the reel a couple years ago and have never taken it out of the box other than to put line on it. I decided I preferred Avets so consequently this reel has sat in its box. It is the Accurate Boss 665H Mag 6:1 Twin drag Reel...
  259. K

    Having to wait for my HXW ????

    Don't feel bad, I ordered a red EX30 (left hand) from ($#%^^%^&&%) over a month ago and probably won't have it for another month! Chompin' @ the bit. Good thing is I don't need it until my 10 day in October. The HXW I purchased last year took 10 weeks to get it. It'll get here. KH
  260. K

    Offshore Chief 2013 Schedule and booking info

    Thanks guys - I spoke with Chris yesterday afternoon and relayed the same info. Sounds like the boat has gone through a near complete facelift, can't wait to get a line wet. Hope to see some of you on the 14th. KH
  261. K

    Offshore Chief 2013 Schedule and booking info

    BD'ers - I just booked a spot on the 2 1/2 on 14 June - I looked at the website and nowhere does it describe the bunkroom layout. Is it open bunks, staterooms or a combination of both?
  262. K

    Kadota 2013

    Question - I noticed your comment about the passport, I am on a 10 day in October and was told by the boat that passports are not required just ID (DL). I have been a number of times and never asked by anyone to see my passport. Anyone know what the actual law states? Thx, KH
  263. K

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    Without going into detail as I'm sure there are those who would swear by these boats, I won't fish the Legend or the Prowler again as both fell short of minimal expectations.
  264. K

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    Jerry, Not limited to those two boats, but I have been on a few others and wanted opinions about those in particular. Is or are there others in your opinion that warrant a look? There are couple in the fleet that I have been on in the last couple years that I won't waste my time on again...
  265. K

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    Hey BD'ers - Looking to get my feet wet next month and I was wondering which boat was "fishier"? Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80? I have never been on either so any and all opinions, pro's/cons are appreciated. Looking @ a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 day to get my season started. Your...
  266. K

    New with Tags Calstars. $150 each.

    Joel, If one of these becomes available, i'll take it. KH
  267. K

    Avet EXW 30 or 50.....Lefty!

    BDer's, Anybody have an Avet EXW30 or EXW50 for sale. LEFT HAND Must be in new, near new condition. Let me know. Thanks, King Halibut
  268. K


    ED, Do you have a left hand retrieve Avet EXW30/2 in stock? Thx, Dave
  269. K

    SDS 50's Cleaning House Sale

    What about us lefties?
  270. K

    question for lefties

    I'm a lefty also and all of my reels are left handed, both fresh and salt water. I currently own 10 Avets from the SX to the HX and multiples in between. Love em' and wouldn't think of trying to reel anything right handed on purpose. Was on the Q last year kite fishing with one of their reels...
  271. K

    Offshore Pac Star 2 Day

    Hey BD'ers, Just got off a 2 day on the Pacific Star - short and semi sweet............... The boat was great - double wide bunk, good roomie. The bait was nice for a change, some rolled but we had plenty. Good crew - props to Tommy our cook, did a great job good food kept everybody full...
  272. K

    Offshore Your Advice

    Been on both - I would recommend the Aztec, didn't care for the Grande.
  273. K

    Warning: Avet doesnt make rods!

    Picked up another one yesterday @ Big 5 in Anaheim, I love 'em and for the sale price can't beat it! KH
  274. K

    Offshore Prowler 9.16-9-18

    Mike, Glad to hear you caught some fish. I happen to be the one who posted the complaints you read - I didn't complain about Buzz as he wasn't on the boat. I didn't complain about the boat or the crew, other than the adequacy of the captain. I didn't complain about the bait - I complained...
  275. K

    Offshore Prowler Day and One Half

    TROB - You're a AAA douche bag, I know exactly whay I'm talking about! SMRGAMES - You sir are a peckerwood and speak out yer arse! Stairman - Didn't happen, so the sauna was fresh in my mind. Nuckin' Futz - Do you EVER have anything intelligent to say?
  276. K

    Offshore Prowler Day and One Half

    To all those that replied, thanks to those who agreed and to those who didn't - we all know what opinions smell like! BTW - I caught three whole fish, a skipjack and two yellowtail that combined weighed less that a trout I caught last year at Irvine.
  277. K

    Offshore Prowler Day and One Half

    Kevin (aka wiseass), A nice brie, please. Not whining, just stating the facts as I lived them.
  278. K

    Offshore Prowler Day and One Half

    BD'ers, Just got off the Prowlers latest day and one half trip and let's say I'm not the only one on this trip that was a little pissed off. First and foremost - I realize it's not the boats fault but the bait was shitty. Red noses and missing half their scales. In addition, they put...
  279. K

    Q105 Update?

    I was lucky enough to have mine transferred to the RP.
  280. K

    The Prowler...............

    Hey BDer's, Has anyone fished the Prowler out of Fisherman's? Understood it's only a 65', hows the captain, crew, etc............ Any words are appreciated. Thx, KH
  281. K

    Or Trade 8 Calstar Rods

    Tim, Is #5 still available (Calstar 660, purple/yellow)? If so, I'd like it but won't be able to pick up until Saturday. Does the sale price still apply......125? Let me know, Dave
  282. K

    golf stickers for rod ID

    All, There is another company: that sells fishing rod stickers. Big selection to choose from on their website. KH
  283. K

    What trip are you booked to go on this season?

    Tim, Thanks - looking forward to it. I saw a post from your charter last year - looks like a good time. See ya @ the dock. Dave
  284. K

    Need reel for GFTR765M (40-100lb)

    All, I have never had the pleasure of catching a "cow", biggest fish to date is a yellowfin that went 97lbs. Having never been on a 10 day, I was looking for advise when I asked Taka what reel would work for that length of trip. I was at Longfin the orher day and they happened to have a used...
  285. K

    What trip are you booked to go on this season?

    October 29th - 10 day on the RP. Done 7's but this is my first 10!
  286. K

    Need reel for GFTR765M (40-100lb)

    Bryan, I just picked up a Calstar 765M and I plan on pairing it with an Avet HX 2 speed. The HX is being spooled with 80lb Spectra and 60lb top shot. I'm on a 10 day on the RP in October and was told by Taka (Taka's Tackle), that this would be perfect for larger grade fish. My two cents...
  287. K

    Warning: Avet doesnt make rods!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Interesting, I have three of these rods that I thought were built by Avet and were being sold exclusively for Avet by Big 5! They appear to be good rods whomever built them as I have caught Bluefin, Yellowfin and Yellowtail on them. They normally sell them for $159.00 but on...
  288. K

    Sports Chalet 50% off sale Tady Lures

    All, Visited the SC in Long Beach Town Center this morning..............not much to speak of regarding sale items. KH
  289. K

    What color Avets do you have ?

    I have: 3 SX's in black, orange and camo (the camo is way cool looking) 1 MXL in Silver 2 MXJ's in Gold and blue 1 JX in silver 1 LX (2 speed) in silver 1 HX (2 speed) in purple (just order for my upcoming 10 day) All mine are lefties. KH
  290. K

    hurray, Great News, I'm going fishing afterall

    Donna, Was lucky enough to get on a Royal Polaris 10 day in October. For a while I didn't think it was gonna happen! KH
  291. K

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    Those That Lost, I too am in the hole 2K (the entire trip cost), I was scheduled on a seven day at the end of July. If anyone else that has read this thread and has lost money is thinking of filing a class action suit against either the Q or the landing, let me know as I very possibly would...
  292. K

    email re: Q105

    Somebody please tell me what happened to this thread????????? Agreed, made me giggle but wasn't this about the Q?
  293. K

    email re: Q105

    All Concerned, I spoke with John this morning and he explained the situation. Situation is that he is trying to work with everybody to either get them on another boat or to get then their money/deposits back. Just going to have to be patient. KH
  294. K

    email re: Q105

    This sucks, I sympathize with John and the crew but bottom line is that for those that don't want or cannot get on another boat, John has to pony up. Fees were paid in good faith on the premise that they were going fishing. If the trip was cancelled then John needs to make good on ALL of the...
  295. K

    Coastside 2011 10-day Fall trip on the Qualifier 105 - Nov 12 -22, 2011

    Hey Dale, Looks like you guys worked hard for your fish...........good job. I'll see you next summer on the Coastside 7 day, wouldn't miss it. King Halibut Dave
  296. K

    Albackore Tackle bag

    Thomas, If the bag is still available, I'll take it. Dave PM Me Please
  297. K

    Avet Jx - Blue- $100

    Ben, Interested, email sent. Dave
  298. K

    1998 Proline 201WAC

    Ed, Would you happen to know the total length of your rig, outboard to trailer tongue? Thx, Dave
  299. K

    Q105 coastside 7 day july 23-30th. whos going?

    Hey Kev, I'll be there! As our trip on the 10th got cancelled, had to find another trip. Last check, there were around 25 already signed up - looks like a go. Chompin' at the bit! See ya on the 23rd. KH
  300. K

    Q105 7 day 7/10-7/17 spots open

    Matt, I am already booked on this trip and am looking forward to it, just concerned we won't have enough people for the boat to go. Want to have enough time to get booked on another trip if this one is cancelled. Thx, Dave
  301. K

    Q105 7 day 7/10-7/17 spots open

    Kev, How much time/notice is the landing and/or Baja Fish Gear (as the sponser) going to give (us that have already paid for this trip) if it gets cancelled? Makes a difference as vacation time will have to be re-scheduled and another trip looked for. Please advise. Dave
  302. K

    Avet JX 6.0:1L in silver

    Roma, Wondering if the JX (lefty) is still available? Could you send pictures if possible? PM sent. Thx, Dave
  303. K

    Q105 7 day July 10-17 with BFG roll call

    Hey Kev, Glad to meet you, I'm already signed up for the trip. This will be my first time on a BFG trip, can't wait. I'm having open heart surgery on Monday April 4th, but my doctor says I should be good to go by July. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the guys! Tight Lines, KH
  304. K

    1998 22' wellcraft center console

    Spark, Same question, how much? Sweet little ride. KH
  305. K

    Used Calstar BT610 25-60# 7'

    Jason, Check your PM's. KH
  306. K

    Who's going to the Fred Hall Show Wednesday? Thursday?

    Hey Steve, Looks like I'm signed up for your 7 day on the "Q" July 10th. I was going on the trip behind yours but the landing called and told me that they were shortening it by a day (to 4) to stretch yours to a 7 and asked if I wanted to go the week problemo I'm in! See ya...
  307. K

    Calstar 700M

    Hey BD'ers, I'm looking for a Calstar Grafighter 700M, doesn't need to be new but s/b in good condition. Anybody looking to get rid of one for a price? Thx, KH I'm in OC.
  308. K

    First 5 dayer???

    Bird Dog, I have been on four or five five day trips all during the months of July thru September and they are all good. You can probably expect to catch school size yellowfin, yellowtail, dorado and if you're real lucky perhaps a blufin or albacore. Best of luck whichever month or boat you...
  309. K

    Polaris Supreme

    Dave, Tommy runs a classy operation, I took a five day a couple years back and had a great time. True enough they are a little tight with bait but a good boat, good crew and great food. I stayed in one of the staterooms topside and didn't have a problem with the heat. Good luck. PS - I...
  310. K

    Qualifier 105

    BD'ers, I took all of your advise and just booked a 5 day in July. Here's to bend rods and full bellies! Thanks for the replies. KH
  311. K

    I made my choice (I think)

    I did a 5 day on the RRIII in 2009, great boat, crew and accomodations. Plenty of room to fish and a pretty nice ride to boot. KH
  312. K

    Qualifier 105

    To All Bloody-Deckers, I have a question, how is the Q105 to fish? I have fished the RRIII and Polaris Supreme and really liked them both. I was looking at jumping on board a 5 day in July. Howz the food, skipper, deckhands, accomodations, etc. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks, KH
  313. K

    Lefty's!!! Penn 50 INT-2sp +11 lefty Penns

    What does your friend want for the International 50? KH