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    Tranx or Fathom??

    I agree with you 100% and I've seen it done and one of my favorite setups is my 270h and Sealine 30. I'm just giving this old timer a hard time. Guys that don't want to spend money on new stuff and then act like they're Superior because they only use old stuff get on my nerves.
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    Tranx or Fathom??

    I don't believe you. Having old stuff is cool, but that doesn't make you superior. I see old guys all the time on boats with their big five sabers and their penns and TLD's and they always have the audacity to make some comment towards guys with new tackle and they specially hate braid and...
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    Tranx or Fathom??

    How do you know the old stuff works better than the new stuff?
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    Tranx or Fathom??

    I'm 46 pops, I'm a firm believer in the latest and greatest, out with the old and in with the new. Life is short you're supposed to treat yourself not cheat yourself.
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    Tranx or Fathom??

    10 years? If you're still alive in 10 years you should buy all brand new tackle.
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    Tranx or Fathom??

    Get a Lexa 400 in the 5.1 gear ratio. I own all the the 400/300 size LP baitcasters. They're all good but I will say the Penn seems to be the weakest I'm definitely not impressed by the Penn/Abu LP's.
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    New reel options 10’ CUI jig stick 30lb

    Tern 400 or Avet MXJ star
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    Searched for a thread on mono brands preferred

    Berkley big game and Stren Magnathin are my mono of choice. I've used Ande for rockfish with no complaints. Izor is among the best. I effing hate p-line! Too much damn memory and it swells (too damn much) when wet.
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    which is the best ultrathin braid? maxcuatro? J9? others?

    Daiwa Jbraid 4x is good and cheap.
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    Advice on setups please

    If you get the fathom, get the PCH If you get the torque, get the Terminator
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    San Diego lockdown

    You can call it gibberish but you still refuse to answer my question and either way I know I'm bothering the hell out of you I'm ruining your night LOL. Have some class and bow out, you're done.
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    San Diego lockdown

    You're still riled up huh? get over it you're not going to put me in my place and you're not going to win this argument. Last I heard from you was around 6:30 in the a.m. I made my comment while I was ordering coffee and I haven't thought about since but it's quite apparent you've been...
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    San Diego lockdown

    I'm not making claims I'm stating facts. I've asked you numerous times, WHICH SMALL MOM AND POP RETAIL AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES ARE HURTING DURING THE SHUTDOWN and you have not answered which means you have no data to back up your complaints. Please explain to me in detail why it bothers...
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    San Diego lockdown

    I must have really got under your skin. 🤣🤣🤣
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    San Diego lockdown

    A goal to have the small businesses never open up again? That seems a bit too far fetched for me considering all the small Mom and Pop contractors and "RETAIL" businesses that are thriving. So I'm going to say it again for the millionth time that the service industry definitely got screwed and...
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    San Diego lockdown

    You're basically repeating everything that I've said. Service industry got hit hard that's a fact that's not in dispute. My original post many posts back was asking the question which small businesses are suffering because of the closure, and like I said dozen times over that retail and...
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    San Diego lockdown

    I've clearly pissed you off and you're trying to way too hard to put me in my place, but the fact is you're grabbing at the air. So again for the 100th time, please tell me which "small businesses" specifically retail are hurting because of the pandemic/shut down???
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    San Diego lockdown

    I'll make it real simple again. Please enlighten me on which small businesses specifically retail are hurting? You can question my statements but you can't prove me wrong. You've asked me several questions and I've answered them straightforwardly but apparently that's not good enough for you.
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    San Diego lockdown

    You're not too bright are you? Just so you know I'm a capitalist and I'm a Republican. That's the reason why I make the money I make and have lifestyle I live. You however are a moron that's why you're poor that's why you're life is miserable and that's why you're angry. It's your own fault not...
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    San Diego lockdown

    Do you have any idea how many mom and pop shops are in high-end areas? Women buying beauty supplies at CVS Walmart and Target is like saltwater anglers buying their tackle from Walmart and Big5.
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    San Diego lockdown

    Do you have any idea how much $$$ women spend on beauty supplies? They couldn't go to shops so they did it themselves.
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    San Diego lockdown

    I'll make it simple for you cuz you obviously have not paid attention to anything that I posted. Which small retail businesses are suffering?
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    San Diego lockdown

    That's the best you can do?
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    San Diego lockdown

    I don't exactly understand your statement. Have you been to a local tackle shop or bike shop or beauty supply shop lately or during the pandemic. All of those places are busy and can't keep anything on the shelf. Bob sands in Van nuys for a couple of months last year had lines to get into the...
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    San Diego lockdown

    I don't know any local bike shops or tackle shops that are publicly traded, do you?
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    San Diego lockdown

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    San Diego lockdown
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    Braid and Topshot for Daiwa Lexa 400 (Yellowtail-Bonito-Calico)

    Since your rod is not fiberglass or has no fiberglass (correct me if I'm wrong) I suggest you use 300 yards of 40lb Maxcuatro with a 30lb mono top shot, you should be able to get 50 yards give or take. This is exactly how I fish my Lexa 400 paired with my Cousins Raze 909. BTW I prefer the...
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    Reel bag options

    I've always used a Okuma backpack and it worked out great for me but last season I started using a yeti bucket and I'm glad I did. The bucket holds everything I need and room for my jacket and I always have a place to sit and a place to put my rod while we're moving locations so now I don't have...
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    What CnC irons do you use

    I've heard Tady and Salas irons catch a lot of fish but I've never seen it and definitely not by me. I've bought about a dozen of each and I've never had a good swimmer. But I have landed a bunch of fish on my stingers kickers and OCT 10.
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    What CnC irons do you use

    CnC irons are worth the extra money, but with that being said I only own one and I pretty much only use kicker and stingers.
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    Cousins CPX 809 or 909

    I'll take either or if you have one.
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    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    I rather catch my limit of rat yellowtail than a big Farnsworth yellowtail.
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    TLD30 or save up

    Penn Fathoms and Shimano Speedmasters Paired with Okuma PCH or Graftechs are ideal for budget minded anglers. A lot of big tuna have been landed on these combos.
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    Calcutta D Series

    It casts beautifully and effortlessly. last season was the first time I used it for bait prior to that it was for swimbaits mated to a Cousins 808. It casts 35 and 42g Coltsnipers a mile. Whatever a 300 size LP baitcaster can do the 400D can do, but smoother.
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    Calcutta D Series

    Here's a vid of a guy landing a YT with 400D
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    Calcutta D Series

    I love my 400D it's probably my favorite reel. I've heard guys say it sucks compared to the TE. I've never owned a TE therefore I can't give you an opinion but what I can tell you is that the 400d is a badass reel and I can't believe it's not more popular (I'm sure the price has something to do...
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    Tranx 500HG - now what?!?!?

    Put that 500 on a Calstar Grafighter 90J (Bob Sands in Van Nuys has one) use a Duran clamp and you're good to go. The Grafighter 90J is completely different from the WC 90J. (it's lighter)
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    Found rod n reel in San Diego Bay

    Please tell me that you found my 800M and Torque 25 that I dropped overboard back in 2014.
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    Low profile reel comparisons

    If and when that happens just go buy another reel.
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    Low profile reel comparisons

    I have all the above mentioned reels. Their all good and will land fish. I like em all but I gotta say I'm partial to the Lexas. I use my Tranx 400 for 20/25# duty since I like to use a mono topshot. In the 400 size my favorite is the Lexa 5.1 which I use for 30# bait. I sold my Komodo471 cuz it...
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    Looking for a Seeker Stealth/MGC 8030

    Thanks fellas. I scored one last night.
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    Looking for a Seeker Stealth/MGC 8030

    I want one if you got one let me know
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    Reel for SS 270H-8

    That's a top of the line rod and should be paired with a reel of equal quality. Tern 300 Avet SXJ Torque 12 or 15 (if you can find one) Trinidad 12 Saltiga 15
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    Surface Irons JRI Salas Caivo

    $20 firm JRI 3 Salas 7X Caivo Landon 4X Caivo octopus
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    SSR 810 or SS 270H

    I really like that SSR. I'm tempted to get one, don't need it but it's a bad ass rod. There's a youtube vid of a guy landing a nice YT with a SSR and Lexa 400
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    Proteus 76mhf enough rod?

    Where do you fish? That combo will be a lot of fun at Catalina catching the three B's on Colt snipers and megabates. Rat yellowtail will be a blast on that combo. I've caught tons of barracuda calico and small yellows on a 14-30 St.Croix Tidemaster and Lexa 300 at Catalina with 42 and 60g...
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    San Diego lockdown

    Which small businesses are being hurt. The only businesses that I've seen hurt are restaurants and beauty/barber shops but as far as retail construction and skilled trades, they seem to be doing just fine. Bicycle shops and tackle shops are doing very well but I keep hearing that small...
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    This is what I bought myself for Christmas
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    Best braid for the komodo

    Generally yes. But it really depends on where you're going to be fishing. For barracuda bonito calico and smaller yellowtail you'll be okay but big yellowtail might be an issue.
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    Best braid for the komodo

    Yes 40 will come off the spool just fine I've never had an issue. I run 40lb Maxcuatro on all my Lexa 400s and 30lb Maxcuatro on all my 300 size baitcasters and I've never had an issue with line coming off the spool. You'll definitely get 300 yards of 40lb or 50lb Maxcuatro on a komodo 450. The...
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    Best braid for the komodo

    Maxcuatro or J-Braid X4 should get you 300yards plus room for a mono topshot
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    Honey Calstar West Coast

    I looked at WC's on the Calstar website and they do have inlays in the middle.
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    New tern options?

    As far as size goes I think their covered. Cast control would be cool.
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    Honey Calstar West Coast

    That makes sense because some look white and some look like a faded yellow
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    Honey Calstar West Coast

    I wrapped the handle. I swapped out the cork handle.
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    Honey Calstar West Coast

    I have a 270H-8 and the wrapping is white instead of the usual green, what is the significance if any? Could this be an early model?
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    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    Has anyone fished a 800MH
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    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    Very nice! Have you landed any big fish with it?
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    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    How do you like your GG270H, what do you have it paired
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    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    Two Grafighters: 800M and 900M Two West Coast: black 196-8 honey 270H-8 One GG6480
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    Fanboy? I own every reel brand so you can't call me a fanboy. I own one Komodo one Citrix three Lexas two Calcuttas four Avets one Accurate one Seigler one Sealine one Tranx 400 and used to own a Torque SD and two Squalls. How about some honesty. you can end this whole argument by just...
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    You forgot to mention the $500 price tag
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    That's 90% of the reason why guys bash the Tranx 500. They can't handle that price tag so they bash it any chance they get, even going as far as making up lies that they had one and sold it cuz it wasn't a good reel.
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    A Fathom. Man up and buy a Torque.
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    Be honest if a Tranx 500 cost $250 you'd own one and you would rave about it but the fact is it's $500 and that's too much for you so instead you bash it any chance you get.
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    That's makes no sense but okay.
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    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    Yes it is
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    I'm not Shaq. I wear a size extra large glove and on a good day I'm six feet tall and I have no problem palming my Tranx 500
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    I've noticed that some guys lie about owning a Tranx 500 and they claim they're going to get rid of it or they sold it and they got a Lexa or Komodo instead and then claim these reels are way better than the Tranx 500.
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    I'll buy that Tranx 500 off you but do me a favor and post pictures of it here on this thread.
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    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    For overnight trips I always use my all American combo. Grafighter 800M and Avet MXJ G2 with 300 yards of 50lb Super Slick 8 and 50+ yards of 30lb big game. My island combos are a Cousins Raze 909T and Lexa 400 5.1 Or a Cousins CPX 909 HF and Tern 400X. Another all American combo.
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    MXJ and MXL Raptor Line Capacity

    I have 300 yards of 50lb PP and a 75 yard topshot of 30lb mono on my MXJ
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    Rod for Penn Squall 25n

    You can get a 8' Fiberglass rod at Big 5 for about a $100 those rods are very decent I saw a guy on the Native Sun win the jackpot with ne of those rods. Graftech for $159 at most tackleshops Sabre Pro Stroker Saltwater Rod | Big 5 Sporting Goods
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    Seeker SSR 810 jigs

    That's a damn nice combo. Coltsnipers will pair well with that combo.
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    Choosing a good 8' ultralight rod.

    UC RCE 800xf UC US80 Grafighter 800XL and XLH
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    Lexa 400 WN Upgrade You can do it yourself or you...
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    Lexa 400 WN Upgrade

    Do you have a local tackle shop that services reels?
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    Done buying any other rod other than Okuma.

    A Tranx 500 on a Reaper is as good as it gets. I guarantee you'll love the Tranx 500
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    Rod Advice for 20#~25# Duty

    Calstar GG270H-8, 800L, 800ML Seeker ISP 809, Black Steel 270H-8, United Composites RCE 800 Mag, US 80 Mag
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    Garage Chest Freezer - Looking for Recommendations

    I just bought a 7' chest freezer from home depot two weeks ago for$185
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    Best versatile/overall jigstick

    The UC SIC rod should fit the bill. If you fish party boats then I suggest sticking with graphite or composite rods. Fiberglass rods need more room to get the full effect of the rod.
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    Reel and braid information

    That's 300 yards of 40lb. Maxcuatro on a Lexa 400
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    I think for Christmas I'm going to buy myself another Tranx 500 but this time I'll go with the PG
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    Rod and Reel pairing

    Use the 820MH as a 30lb rig (no need for 2spd) pair that with a Avet MXJ G2 or Accurate Tern 400 The 720XH and 40NLD2 can be used for 40,50, and 60lb topshots, with 80lb Maxcuatro backing. What you need now is a 20 to 25lb setup There's plenty of choices so try and keep it American but if you...
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    Newbie looking to build a 3 rod quiver

    You still need a 20lb setup. Any 15-25 or 15-30 or 20-30 rated rod will serve you well. If money is not an issue, then keep it American seeker calstar United Composites St Croix. A seeker ISP 808 or 809 and a Penn Fathom 400 LP will be capable and fun.
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    That's a reasonable assumption.
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    Just so you know, I was being facetious sarcastic actually. How do you know Daiwa wouldn't charge more than $400
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    I wish Daiwa would make a Lexa 500 and I hope it would retail for $500.
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    The Tranx 500 is effing awesome and plenty capable, the only people that have problems with the Tranx are the dudes who can't afford them or the dudes who are too tight to spend the money on them.
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    Rod for tranx 400

    Seeker ISP 809
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    Is the tranx worth the extra money

    Are these commercials?
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    Calstar GG vs. Grafighter

    The GG is graphite and glass throughout the blank and the grafighter is ⅔ graphite and ⅓ glass. The tip is glass.
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    Is the tranx worth the extra money

    You can see all these reels in action on YouTube. I said it before that some of the videos could be commercials for these reels.
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    Calstar GG vs. Grafighter

    I really haven't seen too many Grafighters as jigsticks. I know there's a grafighter 90j but it's kind of rare. I always wondered why the GG 270h-8 isn't popular, it's a great rod and used to sell for $240. The GG6480 is a phenomenal 40# rod and there are a lot of guys that love their GG 690...
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    Socal Arsenal

    First trip of the season 20# WC 196-8 and Calcutta 400B 30# WC 270H-8 and Daiwa Sealine 30sha St.Croix Wild River and Lexa 300HD (Colt Sniper) Daiwa DXSB and Lexa 400 LC (rockfish) Island combos 20# Cousins Raze 908 and Calcutta 400D 30# Cousins Raze 909 and Lexa 400WN 5.1 St.Croix Wild River...
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    Looking for a good reel to pair

    Avet JX G2 is a solid 40lb reel.
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    Reel and braid information

    Avet HX raptor filled to the rim with well over 700 yards of 80# Maxcuatro.
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    Higher gear ratios that's for sure. I'm sure there are slight differences and or improvements over the Abu's.
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    These look to be based on the 2nd gen Beasts.
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    Lexa gears

    Can the gears be changed out, can you add stainless steel gears or even drop to a lower gear ratio? And if so how would you go about buying the new gears.
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    This hasn't been officially confirmed but I held both wheels in my hands and they're almost identical maybe the inside they're a little different, maybe. cosmetically they're about 90% identical.
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    FYI Bob Sands in Van Nuys has the Fathoms in stock. They're definitely solid and I'll probably end up buying one. BTW these are just rebranded Revo Toro Beasts but nonetheless they're nice and if I do buy the 400 the first thing I'm doing is changing out the knob cuz it's just a little too...
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    If these are successful hopefully they'll come out with a 500.
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    Thrashers or Calstars

    I've never heard of them but if they're made in the USA I'll definitely buy one.
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    Lexa 400 rod match

    Any 30lb rod will pair just fine with the Lexa 400. I think a United Composites RCE 900 mega and a Lexa 400 would be a killer combo.
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    Best baitcasting reel ? inshore fishing

    For $200 that Squall is very tempting.
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    Best baitcasting reel ? inshore fishing

    The 200 should be fine for 1/2-3/4 day trips for the three B's but you'll probably regret it if you hook into a nice YT.
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    Best baitcasting reel ? inshore fishing

    Any 300 size baitcaster will do.
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    What reel to use with this rod

    The Best bang for the buck is going to be the Fathom 25NLD2. For 40LB you don't really need a 2speed though. Avet JX is always an option, the G2's are really nice BTW.
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    Tranx 400 or torium 16hga

    Get the Torium. I have a Tranx 400 and I feel that it's a little too small, it's about the same size as a Curado 300. It's a good real though and I use it for swimbaits. Get the Tranx 500 if you can swing it.
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    Newer upgraded Daiwa Lexa 300hd

    Any one of the Lexa 300s will do you good.
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    Reel match for Phenix 909h

    Get the Tranx 500, you'll love it! I have my Tranx on a 900M.
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    Done buying any other rod other than Okuma.

    I bought the PCH 801MH for a friend and the tip broke his first trip out. Luckily I was able to return it to Amazon got my money back and bought him a Graftech inshore which I believe is a superior rod. Do yourself a favor and always buy American specifically fishing rods, because the option is...
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    J hook over circle hook?

    I have only ever used ringed circle hooks and I'll continue to use them. Smaller hooks like size 2 aren't available in "circle" you can get em ringed but not circle.
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    Best 3/4 or one day boats?

    It's fishing not catching.
  117. P

    What size baitcaster?

    For low profile reels definitely 300. The 400 size calcuttas are nice too.
  118. P

    Best 3/4 or one day boats?

    Just out of curiosity what exactly do you consider disappointing?
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    Fishing Catalina Islands
  120. P

    Full day tacklebox

    Just weighed it and the scale said 22.6 lb it's a bit heavy but I just got a small Dolly from Amazon
  121. P

    Full day tacklebox

    I used a backpack for years with four 3600's never had any complaints but this year I switched over to the yeti bucket which I got for free and I couldn't be happier now I have a place to sit No matter what boat I go on.
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    DFP Clamp

    San Fernando valley
  123. P

    DFP Clamp

    $45 firm
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    Best braid line for Lexa 400 WN for YellowTail fishing

    Maxcuatro is great I use it on all my baitcasters
  125. P

    Best braid line for Lexa 400 WN for YellowTail fishing

    No you're good to go J-braid is really good. 40# perfect for rockfish
  126. P

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    I I guess these guys all failed physics.
  127. P

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    Yes, it's called the Lexa-CC
  128. P

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    Well down here they are extremely popular and they can do anything that a so-called "proper boat reel" can do.
  129. P

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    BTW that's a Lexa 300 HD not a first gen. That reel came out in 2015, are you sure you fished a Lexa 300 for years.
  130. P

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    Very well played. This gave me one hell of a chuckle. the only thing that's not going to change is that you don't like baitcasters and you think they're inferior but they're not. I bought a tern 400 that I've been using all season and I love that thing I just bought a HX raptor that I'm eager...
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    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    you made a foolish statement that baitcasters don't have the torque to keep big fish out of structure and I called you on it. I'm going to repeat myself for the third time hopefully it'll stick, 300 and 400 size baitcasters are all you need for inshore fishing in southern California. I don't...
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    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    I find that extremely hard to believe because all you see is Lexas komodos and Tranx nowadays on party boats. I own just about every Avet there is and I own every type of reel and the only difference is the Lexas are easier to fish. I'll say it again, for 20 lb and 30 lb bait fishing nothing...
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    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    That's almost as bad as old timers using their 7ft Big-5 Sabers and shimano Triton's spooled with mono. A 300 size baitcaster spooled with 40 or 30lb braid with a 20-25lb flouro topshot will handle rat yellows and schooly size tuna and Dorado with ease as a matter of fact the three B's are...
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    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    For 20 and 30 lb fishing a 300/400 saltwater baitcaster is just as effective as a round reel. Saltwater baitcasters braided line and composite rods are "The New normal"(ROFL)
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    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    Really? I mainly fish Catalina which is surrounded by structure especially Farnsworth and I never have a problem keeping 30 pounders away from structure using my 300/400 baitcasters.
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    RCE 900 Mag reel seat

    I have a United Composites RCE 900mag, it's a factory deckhand rod and I want to add an Alps reel seat to it but don't know which size seat to buy. Can someone please steer me in the right direction as to which size to buy.
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    What rod is your HX on?

    I haven't caught anything with it yet. I fished it this weekend and it's a great casting combo.
  138. P

    What rod is your HX on?

    My HX Raptor is on a RCE 700XXH
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    Seeker STL8030-8'CT...IDK...anyone feedback needed got anything to say good or bad

    The only clamp available at the time was the Tiburon clamp and I didn't like the way it fit it's nothing compared to that Duran clamp.
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    Seeker STL8030-8'CT...IDK...anyone feedback needed got anything to say good or bad

    I had a 8030 that I sold back in 2015 because I couldn't put a Lexa 400 on it and I gave away a 8020 to a buddy and he uses it every trip as a 20lb rig.
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    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    Oh believe me I know! I caught six Dorado this weekend but only went home with two
  142. P

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    I prefer the boat limit and definitely catch and release (I'm gonna look for barbless hooks) there's too many people on boats that do everything in their power to not catch fish.
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    Full day Channel Islands Set Up

    That's a great rod. With the setups you have your set for 3/4 day or overnight trips. What are the specs on your proteus?
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    Seeker STL8030-8'CT...IDK...anyone feedback needed got anything to say good or bad

    It's a great 30lb rod. I always wondered why that rod isn't more popular, I think it's cuz it's it so cheap that people won't buy it or cuz it's not as pretty as a Phenix. If you don't want it I'll buy it from you. I always recommend the stealth MGC series to people. The 8020 and 8030 are all...
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    Full day Channel Islands Set Up

    The Lexa and Proteus for bait and and either one of the Calstar/fathoms for rockfish. Those are the only two types of fishing you're going to do at the channel islands. 850? Is that a grafighter 850M?
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    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    Yes definitely. 20# and 30# are the two setups that will get the most use on party boats for 1/2-3/4 day trips For the most part it's a 20lb difference between braids and topshots so the most common is 50 lb braid for 30 and 40-lb braid 20
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    Opinions on daiwa salttiga for surface iron

    I would say the Saltiga 40 is closer in size to the Trinidad 30 and that's solely based upon line capacity. The 35 is basically the narrow version of the 30
  148. P

    Mono top shot

    Berkley Trilene Big Game and Izor will do you just fine and are cheap and easy to find.
  149. P

    Opinions on daiwa salttiga for surface iron

    One of the things I love about Daiwa is it you can actually get good prices on them.
  150. P

    Mono top shot

    On my baitcasters I like Stren Magnathin and for my conventionals I like Big Game. BTW, I hate P-Line!!!
  151. P

    Opinions on daiwa salttiga for surface iron

    Daiwa Saltiga, Shimano Trinidad, and Penn Torque are at the top of the food chain when it comes to Star drag reels. I think the Saltiga 35 is the ideal size for surface irons.
  152. P

    need help on picking out a rod

    Blah blah blah
  153. P

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    A brand new custom 900M for $320 a RCE700XXH and a HX Raptor.
  154. P

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 NIB

    Live in the San Fernando valley and work in East LA
  155. P

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 NIB

    Brand New $250 firm
  156. P

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    With graphite rods I like to use a 50 yard topshot of mono so I get some stretch but with composites or glass rods fill to the rim with braid and use a short flouro top shot. Lexa300 225 yards of 30lb maxcuatro (20#setup) Lexa400 225 yards of 40lb maxcuatro (30#setup)
  157. P

    80g Colt Sniper

    I wanna switch out the treble hook for a single hook. What size hook should I use.
  158. P

    UC Swimbait Finatic?

    I have the 711H and I have it paired with a Tranx 400. I use it for 20,25,30 and for Rockfish. I actually love it for rockfish, it'll handle the 3 B's effortlessly. I cought my PB barracuda launching a Kicker 25 a mile away with this rod.
  159. P

    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    The tranx 400 holds 275 of 50#
  160. P

    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    Damn too bad. Just out of curiosity, why not?
  161. P

    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    Any plans or talk of a 500 size?
  162. P

    How much would a Calstar 800m cost

    The Longfin has the DH for $324 and with reel seat for $350 I don't think I'd pay more than $300 for I used custom.
  163. P

    How much would a Calstar 800m cost
  164. P

    How much would a Calstar 800m cost

    Really? It depends on the condition of the rod $200- $350
  165. P

    How much would a Calstar 800m cost

    I don't understand your question. Calstar is still in business therefore they still make the 800m finished rods and blanks.
  166. P

    How much would a Calstar 800m cost

    They still make em.
  167. P

    komodo ss or curado and a rod to match.

    You can get the 8 foot model
  168. P

    Tranx Komodo or Lexa?

    I own all of em. 3)Lexa 400's 1)Lexa 300HD 1)Tranx 500 1)tranx 400 1)Curado 300EJ and 1) komodo 350(1st gen) I like them all but my Lexas are my work horses, specifically the 300. I'd never buy a tranx 300 not enough line capacity for my liking. I use my Tranx 400 for 20#. I use the komodo for...
  169. P

    Which surface iron reel

    Tranx 500
  170. P


    I did state facts you just didn't like them. BTW that was a good attempt at trying to save face.
  171. P


    Your going to make the "Trump-tards" cry. Trump-tards are the ultimate snowflakes I admire Trump cuz hes the retard whisperer.
  172. P


    Oh my God, you argue like my girlfriend. Are you a chick?
  173. P


    SMH, you're serious aren't you?
  174. P


    I live in Los Angeles so I watch channel 5 or 11 for news before I go to bed. I'm not one of these retards that have their face glued to Fox news 12 hours a day.
  175. P


    They have low paying to Come on dude, you can do better than that.
  176. P


    First of all Fox news is not news and those idiots and that pervert Sean hannity have said it many times over that they give opinions and that their viewership is smart enough to realize there's a difference.
  177. P


    100% Correct!!!! FYI I'm a republican and FOX News is for stupid people. Now that you freaking retards hate China, start "walking the walk" throw those POS Phenix Rods away and those POS Okuma reels. I've been on the made in USA kick since day one and you can check all my posts. You should...
  178. P

    What rod to get for a Lexa 300HD

    Seeker 808 or 809 in either the Blue Lightning or ISP will be perfect for the 300HD.
  179. P

    15# Calico Stick Recommendations

    Swimbait Finatic RUC711L or the Baybass. Both are rated 10-20lbs
  180. P

    UC jig stick 8' recommendation for surface iron?

    The only Jig sticks that I know of that come with reel seats are the Seeker Tactic series and UC US90 Monster.
  181. P

    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    I feel guilty every time I eat one, but I love calico. Ceviche and beer battered.
  182. P

    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    I use a Calcutta 400D.
  183. P

    40lb setup

    That's my 30# setup
  184. P

    40lb setup

    30.00? $30 difference? More like a$160 difference.
  185. P

    40lb setup

    Avet JX G2
  186. P

    Calico Rod for Hard Baits

    Seeker ISP 809 will suit your needs perfectly. There's a guy on YouTube using that rod with the hard baits you mentioned. St Croix Tidemaster is another great rod.
  187. P

    20-30# bait stick...

    That rod deserves a Torque 15 or 25N
  188. P

    20-30# bait stick...

    The GG 270h is a great rod I can't believe it's not more popular. It sells at a great price too. You won't have any problems fishing 20 and 30 with that rod.
  189. P

    20-30# bait stick...

    Any Calstar or Seeker rated 15-40lb will do work.
  190. P

    Bass set up advice
  191. P

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Well since they're both great jigs I'll buy the one that sells for a cheaper price.
  192. P


    Don't forget, us Californians are in this mess because of that piece of s*** Ronald Reagan...
  193. P

    Calstar 690j

    Johnny's in Pasadena has two of these in stock for $240
  194. P

    Lexa 400HD or Tranx 400HG

    Really? I've used all 5 of my Lexas for the past 5 years and I've never had a problem backpedaling.
  195. P

    Lexa 400HD or Tranx 400HG

    The grey one is the original Lexa and it has brass gears(there is absolutely nothing wrong or inferior with this model, no need to upgrade) the blue one is the HD version stainless steel gears.
  196. P


    Get yourself a Lexa 400 because you can find those the cheapest out of all the above-mentioned low profile baitcast reels. The Lexa the Revo Toro beast the Komodo and the Tranx 400 are all great reels, saying one is better than the other is kind of foolish. The Saltist level Winds are really...
  197. P

    New jig stick

  198. P

    New jig stick

    For Catalina all you need is a 90j or 690j all glass BTW.
  199. P


    Don't get a Squall, the retrieval rate it's only 28" get a Daiwa Saltist level wind. The Saltist 20 gets 35 IPT and the 40 gets 47 IPT. Actually I would get a lexa if I were you. I just started using my lexa for rock fishing on a heavy swimbait rod. It's the best setup I've ever use for rock...
  200. P

    30lb live bait rod

  201. P

    Daiwa Lexa - OG, HD, or WN

  202. P

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    The Long Fin has the GG 6480 in stock
  203. P

    Cousins Raze 909

    I'll trade you my Raze 909 for a CPX 909
  204. P

    Which Calcutta?

    Get the 400D you won't regret it. I absolutely love my 400D.
  205. P

    40lb set-up suggestions

    Calstar GG670 and a Avet JX G2 2 weeks ago at Caltalina (birdshit rock) I saw a kid land a 30lb yellowtail with ease using a GG670 and a Komodo. The nice thing about the GG series is that their affordable.
  206. P

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    So as it stands now 71 votes No and 5 Yes. I guarantee, the guys that voted yes are the same guys that are always complaining about modern tackle and how things used to be 30 years ago.
  207. P

    United Composites Elite Series

    Thanks for all the info, fellas. Do these rods have the same lifting power of a Grafighter?
  208. P


    Algorithms algorithms algorithms!!!! A lot of people don't understand algorithms or the concept of an algorithm and that's why Fox takes advantage of their fan base. The left too.
  209. P

    United Composites Elite Series

    Is anybody using the XF, Mag, and Mega as their 20, 25, and 30 pound sticks and if so how do you like em?
  210. P

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    I still don't understand your rationale, why should the normal load be 25? You're right fishing with a bunch of people on a boat is not fun and definitely not awesome that's why you pay the extra money for a limited load.
  211. P

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    What do you mean the load should be 25, can you please elaborate. Have you ever known the Malahini to fish 25? You can call em scams all you want but I take advantage of limited loads as much as I can. I don't mind paying extra $$$
  212. P

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    The Malihini can carry 51 but their limited load trips are for 25
  213. P

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    Well maybe the Producer is running a scheme but that doesn't mean all limited load trips are schemes The Gail Force and the Triton run limited load trips, 25 anglers but their licensed to carry more.
  214. P

    Sabre 820

    A 40# rod that can cast a anchovie?! I gotta have one!!
  215. P

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    I've never had any issues with limited load trips. I only do limited load specifically for that reason.
  216. P

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?
  217. P

    What size hooks for YFT?

    Hook size is based upon the size of the bait not the target species.
  218. P

    Jackpot nightmare.

    I always enter the jackpot and if I win, the money covers my fish cleaning and galley tab and the rest goes to the crew. I don't understand why the jackpot is such a big deal to people, it's a measly $10, if $10 bothers you so much maybe you shouldn't be fishing.
  219. P

    Calstar GFX800H

    I know the 700M is rated 20-50 but I'm pretty sure that 800M is 20-40.
  220. P

    Looking to charter boat 9 or ten people

    The Tortuga out of Marina Del Rey holds about 15 anglers at a reasonable price Or the Island Tak out of Channel Islands Sportfishing.
  221. P

    Calstar GFX800H

    Get a GG 6480, it's cheaper than a Grafighter and one of the the best 40lb rods ever made.
  222. P

    Daiwa lexa Phenix axis

    There's only 2 options for attaching a Lexa 400 to a deckhand rod. Tiburon and Duran and the Duran is far superior than the Tiburon. I've used both and I hated the Tiburon clamp.
  223. P

    Please Reccomend Surface Iron Casting Reel For Under $150

    Daiwa Seagate 35
  224. P

    Daiwa lexa Phenix axis

    That rig will work just fine. The Duran clamp is the best clamp you can get.
  225. P

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    I like the higher prices, it weeds out the noobs and riffraff.
  226. P

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???
  227. P

    Reel for phenix abyss 806 12-25 stripers,halibut,salmon,rockfish

    That's a 20lb rod, get a Lexa 300HD
  228. P

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    The Malihini is running limited loads to the Coronados. 25 spots at $200 a pop.
  229. P

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    Avet MXJ Accurate Tern 400 or 400X Penn Fathom 25N Daiwa Saltist 35 Daiwa Lexa 400HD
  230. P

    How much line?

    Yes it is worth bringing them on 1/2 day or 3/4 day trips. The 3 B's on 15# test are a lot of fun.
  231. P

    How much line?

    It all depends on what rod you pair your baitcaster with. If you're going to use a composite rod then you can spool your reel to the brim with braid and a short flouro topshot but if you're using a Graphite rod it would behoove you to use a 50' topshot of mono. You can easily get 300 yards of...
  232. P

    String . . .

    2.5 decades ago we only had 6 television channels. What happened?
  233. P

    String . . .

    So, 2.5 decades ago all our trucks had roll up windows. What happened?
  234. P

    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    I agree. The Duran clamps are way better thab the Tiburon clamps but in the case of the Calcutta 400 the Tiburon is superior.
  235. P

    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    Tiburon makes a great clamp for the Calcutta 400
  236. P

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    Cousins Raze 909 Lexa 400 40# MC 50yards of 30# Stren Magnathin 3' flouro leader and a shit load of drag. You cannot let them get to the rocks!
  237. P

    Calstar XLH reel choice

    Why are the XL and XLH Grafighters so dam expensive.
  238. P

    Duran DFP clamp Small

    It's size small
  239. P

    Duran DFP clamp Small

    $45 shipped $40 pick up
  240. P

    Shimano Tranx 200,Shimano Curado 200E, Daiwa Coastal TWS

    I've never used any of those reels but I have used it Calcutta 200 that's a damn good real.
  241. P

    Better Surface Iron Reel?

    The Raze 909 and Lexa 400 are a match made in heaven!!!
  242. P

    Cavio Irons

    Pics of the broken rod?
  243. P

    Will Avet Produce Single Speed Raptor?

    The G2 should have enough drag.
  244. P

    3/4 Day Charters - best cook

    Marky on the Gale Force is a great cook.
  245. P

    Lexa 400 HD Rod

    Cousins Raze 909 if you can find one Seeker TACTIC TAC909-T United composites Elite MEGA 900 Seeker Black Steel 6485 or 6490
  246. P

    Attaching tranx to a deckhand rod

    The Duran clamp is Superior to Tiburon clamp
  247. P

    Heavier Rod Version Equivalent to Calstar WC-270H

    I assume the 196 is your 20# and the 270H is your 30#. Now you need a 40# rig. The GG 6480 and Avet JX is a pretty awesome 40 pound rig. That's actually a do-it-all combo it casts great and you can use it for yo-yo.
  248. P

    20-25lb live bait rod

    There's plenty of videos on YouTube of some of the above-mentioned rods pulling in tuna.
  249. P

    20-25lb live bait rod

    UC 900XF and the RCE 900 XF WC 196-8 WC 220-8 Grafighter 800XLH Seeker Black Steel 270-8
  250. P

    reel for UC Monster

    Tranx 500 Komodo 463 Lexa 400 Tern 400 or 500 Penn Torque 25N
  251. P

    10% off Avets

    J and H tackle is having s sale on Avets
  252. P

    calstar 850m questions

    A Lexa 400 and a 850M is a real nice 30lb rig. Live bait and jigs, it'll do work.
  253. P

    Revo toro on deckhand rod

    Use a hose clamp
  254. P

    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Seeker Black Steel, MGC, and Calstar GG series are in your price range. Black Steel G6480 and G980 MGC 8030 Calstar GG270H
  255. P

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    United Composites makes two jig sticks with reel seats. The RUS 85 Phantom and the RUS Monster You can use a Duran DFP clamp with a Tranx 400 and 500 on a Deckhand rod.
  256. P

    Grafighter 90J

    Does anybody have any experience with this rod. It's the Grafighter version of the 90J GFDH-90J. I saw one today at a shop and I liked it, it's a lot lighter than the WC and GG versions.
  257. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with somebody stating their opinion about a product.
  258. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    ROFL. LOL!!!! I take it you typed in the word "disparaging"
  259. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    Not true. I simply stated that the guys that make the disparaging remarks are only making those remarks because they can't afford or are too tight to pay for the new stuff. I made no mention of intelligence nor did I disparage anybody simply for not embracing the new technology.
  260. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    I'm not going to go tit for tat with you. Let's keep this civil, use your wits and prove me wrong.
  261. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    The negative comments and disparaging remarks are everywhere on this forum particularly when discussing new tackle. If you really want to know search for it, you'll find em.
  262. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahaha ROFL! THAT WAS GOOD THANKS FOR THE CHUCKLE. I buy the generic ones because these are the only ones I could find that are made in the the USA.
  263. P

    can you get away with straight mono

    I think the biggest problem people have new/modern tackle is $$$$$ if the stuff was free there wouldn't be such disparaging remarks and everyone would be on board. 9 times out of 10 the guy making the negative comments towards baitcasters, composite rods, braid, flouro, hi gear ratios etc is...
  264. P

    Favorite base braid for socal fishing?

    On my conventionals I use Power Pro and Super Slick 8, on my baitcasters I use Maxcuatro and Daiwa J-braid 4X. I've been wanting to try spiderwire so I might try them my next reel. I only use yellow bright green and aqua blue
  265. P

    Happy Resurrection Sunday

    Do you think Jesus can beat Thanos?
  266. P

    Fishing pole guides

    Johnny's Sport Shop in Pasadena does good work.
  267. P

    Fishing reel covers

    I use the generic reel covers from Bob Sands. A lot of local tackle shops carry this reel cover with their branding etched on it. They're good and cheap and made in the USA. They come in a variety of colors so I use blue for my small reels Green from a medium-sized reels and red, large reels
  268. P

    Which shimano reel

    Newell 220
  269. P

    TranX 400HG Rod ?

    Nice score. I didn't recommend cousins because they're out of business. If you find a cousins CPX 809 909 are a Raze 909 or 853 get it they'll match up great with a Tranx 400
  270. P

    TranX 400HG Rod ?

    Seeker ISP 809
  271. P

    Need new Rod... Recomendations

    Calstar 800M UC Elite Mega UC Rus 80 Mega UC RUC71MH(SwinbaitFinatic)
  272. P

    Trinidad 20 Mono Capacity?
  273. P

    Trinidad 20 Mono Capacity?

    I think your right
  274. P

    Trinidad 20 Mono Capacity?

    50lb mono: 354 yards 40lb mono: 413 yards
  275. P

    Shimano Calcutta 200GTB parts

    I added a Lexa 300 paddle handle to my Calcutta 250 and I worked beautifully.
  276. P

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    What's more valuable, a Truline or a Harnell?
  277. P

    Next Avet Sale..?

    I bought 2 Avets from J&H recently one @15% off and one at 10% off.
  278. P

    Next Avet Sale..? always has a 10% sale. The next one would probably be around Father's day.
  279. P

    Jackpot Money

    I always give the crew the Jackpot. All I ask for is my galley tab cleared and fish cleaned free.
  280. P

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    Dropper loop with live bait or squid is the best. Using a heavy jig is the most fun though. Usually with an 8oz jig.
  281. P

    Calico Bass Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    Seeker Inshore Pro 808 or 809 St.Croix Tidemaster 80MH I use both paired with a Curado 300ej and a Calcutta 400D
  282. P

    If you had 3 Avets...

    I have 3 Avets they're my tuna rigs. SXJ Raptor (20#) MXJ G2 (30#) JX G2 (40# and yoyo)
  283. P

    Torium HG vs Avet SX

    A 700L and and an SX is a killer combo!! You'll do good with that setup just about anywhere in SoCal.
  284. P

    Leon Todd of CalStar Rods Passed Away?

    No thanks!!! The worst thing that could ever happen would be a Calstar rod made in China.
  285. P

    Teramar 90 mhb lure rating

    Does anybody know the lure rating on this rod, can it cast a JRI 3 or 4
  286. P

    Suggestion for 2nd Setup

    I didn't read this part. You can use the LX for a 30# and 40# all you need now is a rod rated 20-50 or 30-60 Calstar 700M Calstar GG6480 UC Monster Elite Seeker 6480 or 6470
  287. P

    Suggestion for 2nd Setup

    700M and a JX will have you covered for 30#40# and a nice Rockfish rig, yoyo too.
  288. P

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    Since we're on the subject, why is the gold Trinidad so coveted?
  289. P

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    I think opinions have changed but the argument is still the same. It's stll Old timers not liking change.
  290. P

    did anybody go fishing for Rockfish this weekend ??

    Did anybody go this weekend and if so how was the quality of the fish, was anybody able to take advantage of new depth regulations?
  291. P

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    Why would you reply to a argument that is 11 years old?
  292. P

    Adding a Turks head

    I think I got it.
  293. P

    Adding a Turks head

    Thanks for the info fellas.
  294. P

    Adding a Turks head

    The Spar Varnish will keep it in place?
  295. P

    When is a spinning reel ideal?

    When I first started fishing I used a baitrunner and a Ugly Stik because I thought that's all you needed and because I watched a bunch of Florida fishing videos on YouTube. I actually did pretty good my first year fishing considering it was the anchovy year and the yellowfin. The following...
  296. P

    Adding a Turks head

    I'm I'm installing a Turks head on my rod, I think I figured out how to tighten it but now I need to know how to secure it. Do I use an epoxy and if so which, can I use Crazy Glue. I'm going to seal it with polycrylic because that's what I already have in my garage I just need to know how to...
  297. P

    Found rod/reel - Dana Point 2/27

    Is it a DH Grafighter 800M with a Penn Torque 25?
  298. P

    Once a great boat

    I couldn't agree more. The Galley cook on the pursuit was a jerk and the guys that run the ticket window in the morning are another reason why I rarely fish out of 22nd Street Landing.
  299. P

    Calstar btg 690j....30 or 40#

    100% accurate. The 690J is perfect for Catalina Island.
  300. P

    Spar urethane

    Does it matter if I use indoor or outdoor Spar urethane on a pair of pliers I wrapped?
  301. P

    Right rod for mxj mc 2 speed

    Calstar 800M and an MXJ is the quintessential 30lb combo
  302. P

    New star drag

    Did Avet ever mention a release date? All I ever seen from Avet was a picture they posted on their Instagram.
  303. P

    Reel suggestion?

    For an awesome Rod like that which is already a collector's item, get yourself a good real not the budget version. Tranx 500 Penn Torque 25N Accurate Tern 500X or 400X Daiwa Saltiga 35 Trinidad 20
  304. P

    Want to buy a HXJ- Raptor (no blue)

    Turners in Pasadena has a new HXJ Raptor for $297
  305. P

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    I only fish party boats and I definitely have a routine. As soon as the galley starts cooking I order a grilled cheese and a Coke later on in the day around noonish I order a cheeseburger sometimes with bacon and a Coke. After I catch my first fish I treat myself to a beer and maybe some...
  306. P

    Wrapped Pliers made in USA

    2 wrapped pliers for sale both made in USA. The black ones are Gardner Bender and black and blue are Proto $20 shipped for the black GB's $25 shipped for the Proto's
  307. P

    Which landings regularly go to SCI

    The Fury and the Thunderbird, are those 3/4 or overnight trips. Are those 3/4 or overnight trips on the Fury and Thunderbird?
  308. P

    Which landings regularly go to SCI

    I wanna fish SCI but I'm not sure which boats or Landings fish there on a regular basis. I assume the two Landings out of Newport Beach offer boats that go there but their websites are horrible and offer no information.
  309. P

    Tackle ho's check in

    For Christmas I bought myself a Seeker BlackSteel 270 and For New Years I bought myself an Avet MXJ and for Valentines day I bought myself a SXJ Raptor for my BlackSteel.
  310. P

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    T-Shirts and stickers is what I'm definitely gonna buy. The two booths I'm interested in are Seeker and Grundens. I wanna check out those Tactic rods and a nice rain jacket from Grundens.
  311. P

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Based purely on looks the Saltiga is the best-looking high-end real.
  312. P

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    IMHO I like the machining marks. They make the reel look handcrafted. BTW Bob Sands and Fish'n Fools have Term 400's in stock.I
  313. P

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Grafighter 800M AND I paired with a Torque 25 and I only used it once. It slipped out of my hands and fell in the ocean never to be seen again.
  314. P

    Cabo San Lucas Charters?

    I'll be in Cabo in June and I'm going to use SushiTime, what rods and reels do they use?
  315. P

    MXJ and SXJ Raptor reel foot

    Do these reels share the same Reelfoot?
  316. P

    reel suggestion for a uc 800 mega

    Get a Tern 400
  317. P

    Fishin Swap Meets

  318. P

    Rod and Reel for 3/4 Boat Trips

    Seeker MGC 2080 This is pretty much all you need for 3/4 day trips
  319. P

    SX and MX

    Not sure if this is a stupid question or if this question has been asked a million times but here goes. So the general rule of thumb is that SX is for fishing 20lb and the MX is for 30lb, but why is this since they both share the same drag?
  320. P

    Sufix or Big Game?

    I only use Big Game and Stren Magnathin
  321. P

    CalStar Lineup Help

    You don't need a dedicated yoyo rod, you can use the GG 6480 for 40lb and yoyo and 700h for 50lb and yoyo
  322. P

    Help with 40# reel

    The Calstar 6480 is definitely a 40lb rod, Seeker also makes a 6480 and thats a 30lb rod.
  323. P

    Help with 40# reel

    PP is definitely made in the USA
  324. P

    Help with 40# reel

    The Avet JX and a GG6480 is a 40lb combo that's hard to beat. Spool it with Power Pro and you'll be 100% American. BTW the JX casts very well.
  325. P

    Pros of a lower gear ratio

    I've been fishing Lexas 400 and 300 7.1 gear ratio for about five years now and I've never had a problem reeling in a big fish. I don't understand where this hatred for the high gear ratios comes from, I think it's mostly the older guys who just hate change.
  326. P

    Suggestions for lures for So Cal

    Your options are endless. You can keep it simple by starting with Coltsnipers. Coltsniper jig and Coltsniper Stickbait will cover all your bases for our local waters. You'll definitely catch calicos barracuda yellowtail and Bonito on these. You can catch mackerel all day long with the little...
  327. P

    Reel Service in SFV

    Bob Sands in Van Nuys
  328. P

    4-Packs, 6-Packs, newbie question

    Six packs and four packs are really expensive even for guys that like fish a lot. Your best bet is to get a small boat like The Tortuga or SeaTac and cobra and I believe there's a boat out of Dana Wharf (I can't think of the name though) These boats are big enough for about 10 to 15 fisherman...
  329. P

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    I had a pair of the Accurate pliers for about three seasons I lost them last August, they slipped out of my hands and went overboard right in front of Birdshit rock. They're really nice and Light I haven't replaced them yet cuz I can't bring myself to spend $90 for another pair. If I do buy...
  330. P

    Best level wind reel for 9 year
  331. P

    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    Daiwa Saltist 20H-C
  332. P

    reel of choice

    Accurate Tern 300X
  333. P

    GF 800 XLH vs GF 800L

    I asked the same question to a guy who owns and fishes both. He said the XLH is for 20 and the L is more of a 25lb stick and the XL is better suited for 15lb when fishing for those line shy BF.
  334. P

    Good Deals At Turners

    I was Turners in Pasadena today and noticed they had some good deals. If anybody is interested they have HXJ Raptor for $297 800L for $209 (with reel seat) 800XLH for $249(with reel seat) Black Steel 270H for $159 (with reel seat) I almost bought the Black Steel just cuz it's a good price.
  335. P

    Vintage Sabre GS1670C Vs Calstar Grafighter 700M for 40lb

    The GG6480 is an awesome 40# rod and cheaper than a Grafighter.
  336. P

    Vintage Sabre GS1670C Vs Calstar Grafighter 700M for 40lb

    My cousin uses a 700M with the 2-speed JX and he does good with it, that's his 40-pound setup. I've actually seen a couple guys in these forums refer to their 700M as their favorite 40 lb rod.
  337. P

    Seeker Inshore Pro 809 or 808

    DM me if you wanna sell me one.
  338. P

    casting differences

    No offense but you're putting way too much thought into this. Both reels are good and will serve you well. If I were you I would get the Lexa because of the adjustable magnet and you can find a real good deal on ebay but if you decide to go with the Okuma you'll be good too. There's not much...
  339. P

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Get over it already! You sound like a broken record.
  340. P

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    do you have the 909 or the 909HF
  341. P

    What is your Lingcod Setup?

    The best bait I've ever seen at the Channel Islands is a small sanddab. Every time I've used them or seen people use them, limits were caught. Of course you have to get lucky and catch one first.
  342. P

    Two speed?

    I was thinking of getting a SX 2speed in case I run into a big bluefin that only wants 15 or 20 pound line.
  343. P

    Tranx 300 -400 rods

    Seeker ISP 808 and 809
  344. P

    Tranx 400 deals ?

    I think Toriums go on sale. The Tranx 400 is a great real but it doesn't warrant the price especially since you can get natural kind of guy easily get Lexas and Komodos for good deals on eBay.
  345. P

    Tranx 400 deals ?

    Do Shimano reels ever go on sale?
  346. P

    Tranx 200 or Lexa 300?

    Get a Calcutta 200B or D I guarantee you'll love the Calcutta.
  347. P

    Setting up Lexa 300 hd 7:1

    I have 240 yards of 30 lb maxcuatro on my 300 HD and a 50-yard Top Shot of 20 lb mono and a 3ft fluorocarbon leader
  348. P

    Will shops spool line u bring in?

    it seems to me that a lot of tackle shops invested in big spools of Power Pro and suffix and all the P lines and now refuse to spend more money on spools of Maxcuatro and Super Slick 8 especially any blue color braids.
  349. P

    Phenix 809xhj vs Okuma PCH 801h/xh

    well in that case don't get either of those rods. Get the calstar GG 6480 or the United composites RUS Monster. Both Rod's that I mentioned are about the same price and Superior in quality. Also the Calstar 800H is good too.
  350. P

    Phenix 809xhj vs Okuma PCH 801h/xh

    Do you own both rods?
  351. P

    Rod to pair with Daiwa BG 5000

    St.Croix Tidemaster. St Croix tidemaster and Avid's are the premier rods for all the coffee grinding fisherman in Florida and just about the rest of the country except for California of course.
  352. P

    Cousins Raze 858T 12-25

    about 2 months ago Save-on Tackle in Santa Fe Spring had a few of the 858's in stock
  353. P

    Plastic Rod

    Seeker ISP will suit your needs
  354. P

    Grundens Deck Boss Boots Size 11

    These Boots are brand new $85 I'll ship on your dime.
  355. P

    Recipe for Bonito or Skipjack

    Bonito and Barracuda Ceviche is delicious!
  356. P

    Surface Iron - Tips and Opinions wanted

    My buddy has Seagate 35 on his 90j and loves it.
  357. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I did?
  358. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Oh believe me I understand just fine. If I had no success flying lining on my baitcasters and graphite rods then I would switch to a conventional in a heartbeat.
  359. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I do have conventionals a 196-8/Squall12 and GG6480/Avet JX. Once I started using baitcasters the 196 and squall have been collecting dust. I think you proved my point. 40 plus years of experience so it kind of sounds like you don't like change.
  360. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I'm convinced about this because I catch fish.
  361. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Not at all I just haven't chimed in because I didn't want this thread to get ugly. But the fact is I think you guys are wrong or you just don't like change. I've heard all your theories but none of them make sense all I use are graphite rods and Lexas and calcutta's and I've never had any issues...
  362. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    What is there to pay attention to? I throw out my bait, if it's a good swimmer it pulls line if it's not I reel it back in and get another bait.
  363. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I've never had this issue with my Lexas or my Calcuttas
  364. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    This is all new to me as I've only ever used Baitcasters. Lexa 300HD for 20# Lexa 400 for 30# I've never had any issues with bait.
  365. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Why not a baitcaster for live bait? I've yet to hear a reasonable reply as to why a baitcaster is not good for live bait
  366. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I always hear that baitcasters and Bass gear have their place or that they are good for poppers and swimbaits but not for live bait So my question is, how is a fiberglass rod with a Newell or Sealine better Suited for fishing live bait than a baitcaster and a swimbait rod?
  367. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    That makes sense but I've actually never seen that has anybody else?
  368. P

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Saltwater baitcasters love em or hate em? I've noticed in some of these threads there's always one or two guys that always have something negative to say about baitcasters and bass gear. Me personally I love em, I pretty much only use bass gear for 30# and under. So what says you?
  369. P

    Which reel for a SS 6480H

    Avet JX G2
  370. P

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    I believe it is the same size. I was told by Accurate that the Rod clamp that fits on the Valiant 300 would also fit the Tern 300.
  371. P

    Multi use rod and reel question

    Seeker ISP 808 and a Lexa 300
  372. P

    How much are custom rods

    There's two types of fishing snobs, there's the Fanboys who think they're superior and then there are the guys who are dead set against spending extra money on tackle and therefore think they're superior because they do it with less. IMHO.
  373. P

    How much are custom rods

    Are there any issues with Stainless Steel guides like the one on the Calstar Westcoast rods. Why are they cheaper than ceramic guides?
  374. P

    How much are custom rods

    There are a couple reasons why a person would want a custom rod. 1. you can put the reel seat exactly where you want it 2. You can use the handle material you like best(I hate foam/Hypalon) There's quite a few more reasons, I'm just to lazy to finish typing.
  375. P

    Open party boats

    Just about every Landing has open party boats
  376. P

    How much are custom rods

    I've only seen that once, and that was by the old timers who are regulars and only bottom fish. What I have seen a couple times, is the Newbie who lands the jackpot and limits out with the rented spinning tackle.
  377. P

    How much are custom rods

    I just got a quote from a local shop, about $300 for a 900L with the cheapest(price not quality) components.
  378. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300
  379. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    That's what I thought. The setup I recommended you is more than adequate for Catalina.(Cannel Islands too)
  380. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    I agree with what you're saying but to be honest I doubt he's going to do anything other then SoCal party boats and So Cal party boats pretty much only do shallow water Rock fishing unless you do an overnight at the Channel Islands.
  381. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    I just saw your Cardiff or Komodo poll, if you want to keep it under $300 get the Cardiff it's a damn good real and go to Turner's Outdoorsman and get a Californian, Okuma or graphtec rod rated at 15-40. (30#) With $300 you should be able to get the rod and reel spooled with braid and you might...
  382. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    Yes of course.
  383. P

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Maybe 2 or 3 years ago Calstars future was in question but now I think their solid. As a matter of fact a couple new models have been added to their lineup.
  384. P

    Can we get a fighting forum?

    Let's cut the bullshit and get down to the nitty-gritty. How about Forum on escorts. Let's see who your favorite escorts are and where the best prices are.
  385. P

    Who is making custom plier sheaths?

    NeedlCrook is the best
  386. P

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    Hahaha ROFL!! I meant barracuda but somehow I think you knew that. Thanks for the laugh.
  387. P

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    I fished Catalina on Sunday and the Baraduca and Calicos loved the 48g Coltsniper I was feeding em and Mackerel loved the 28g while I was at the bait recever.
  388. P

    Mustang/ Diawa Pacific/ Relentless

    So how was you're trip?
  389. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    How do both of these reels Cast?
  390. P

    Lexa 400 on a glass rod?

    It should be just like any other reel
  391. P

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    Daiwa Saltist 30 Levelwind and a Ugly Stik Tiger (20-50lb) is really popular with the Channel Island locals that love fishing the bottom, and for good reason.
  392. P

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    So cousins had their big sale yesterday on manufacturing equipment and blanks, did anyone go to this funeral sale?
  393. P

    New saltiga or Tesoro

    I was halfway being facetious. As it stands right now it's the going to be the cheapest of the bunch and to be completely honest they're all the same.
  394. P

    New saltiga or Tesoro
  395. P

    New saltiga or Tesoro
  396. P

    New saltiga or Tesoro

    Don't get either of those reels, wait another month and get the Accurate Tern. The accurate is will be $150 cheaper and better than both those reels.
  397. P

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Can you post more info/specs on that rod. Thanks
  398. P

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    I'm actually bummed out about this I really liked cousins especially the Raze series.
  399. P

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    So it's official Cousins Rods is going out of business. They announced it on Instagram today. Their having a huge sale on September 22 and 23
  400. P

    best performing 20#-30# braid for spinning reels?

    All I use is PowePro, Power Pro Maxcuatro and Daiwa J-braid 4X. I think going forward I'm going to stick to Maxcuatro. I love the price of the 4X but it tears up my thumb.
  401. P

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    Wow what a question. I love catching them especially on artificials and I love eating them I personally think Calico ceviche is the best. I prefer catching a bunch of small ones cuz those I definitely release but whenever I get a big one I'm torn.
  402. P

    Reel Clamp for Shimano Cardiff 400

    The clamp only fits the 400. It should fit the Cardiff too.
  403. P

    Best Casting Reel Service in LA? (Westside to Northridge)

    Fish n Fools is in Granada Hills which is right next to Northridge. The Fish 'N Fools Bob Sands is in Van Nuys and next to the 405 Bob Sands Fishing Tackle...
  404. P

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    China that's why I will never buy a Phenix rod.
  405. P

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    Maybe. But it's chicken crap that a company like accurate that Prides itself on having a made in USA product would have Chinese rods. Quite frankly I find it insulting and the fact they want to charge a premium like their reels is even more chicken crap. At least the POS's at Okuma price their...
  406. P

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    JFC!!!!! Shame on you Accurate!
  407. P

    UC CE900XF

    How is it a beast?
  408. P

    909xf and 908 for sale

    Do you still have these blanks?
  409. P

    Shimano Terez 80ML in Red

    Let me know if you got one cuz I want to buy it
  410. P

    UC CE900XF

    How so? Not enough backbone?
  411. P

    UC CE900XF

    I'm looking for a 9-foot 20 lb bait rod. I've narrowed my choices down to the Black Steel 990, Grafighter 900L, and the CE900XF or the CE900Mag(20-30#) I know that the UC rod is the most parabolic and is the latest and greatest but does anybody have any experience with the above-mentioned rods...
  412. P

    Anyone using a UC US90XF?

    So how do you like the US90XF? I'm in the market for a 9-foot bait rod.
  413. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I know a video you talking about. That dude is little too over-the-top for me he's way too technical
  414. P

    Spectra for Penn 12 Reel

    Maxcuatro and Daiwa J-braid 4X
  415. P

    Kicker 25 light JRI 3

    How do you fish the kicker 25 light the JRI 3 and OCT surface irons? Specifically the retrieval speed. I know on a Tady C you just wind it in and a 45 is a medium slow retrieval rate but for the above-mentioned jigs I have no idea.
  416. P

    Tackle ho's check in

    This year: Avet JX G2 Cousins CPX 909 HF 2 Shimano Calcutta 400D's (sold one) Curado 300 EJ 20# and 30# blackwater flouro I sold all my Tady jigs and replaced em with JRI, OCT and Caivo. Still loking for Kicker 15 lights and PEP 3's
  417. P

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    The 9' rods don't come with reel seats. Most new Anglers who want to buy a high-end Rod are not going to go the custom route.
  418. P

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    I think a Calstar is back up and running at full speed. They've added new rods to their catalog. A year ago Bob Sands in Van Nuys had very few Calstars now they're fully stocked with Grafighters GG's and West Coast rods. Like I said earlier their rods need to cater to the new saltwater...
  419. P

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Calstar, Seeker, and UC need to start adding Reel Seats and thinner grips on their rods particularly the 9-foot rods. These rods need to become baitcaster friendly, that's one of the reasons for the popularity of Phenix.
  420. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I have a 20 year old Calcutta 250 that works flawlessly. I've never heard of Shimano not backing up any of their products. I think within the last 5 or 6 years they stopped supporting the bantams but those have been gone from the market for almost 20 years already.
  421. P

    Tranx 400...

    Cousins Raze 909 Seeker ISP 809 Seeker Tactic
  422. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    It would definitely bother me but I'de get over it and I certainly wouldn't disparage anybody who spends "big" money on equipment.
  423. P

    Fishing backpack...for sporties?

    this is the backpack I use. I've been using it for 3 years and it's held up very well.
  424. P

    What rod (line weight) to buy???

    If all you're going to do is an overnight then I'd say MH. Another suggestion and probably cheaper money-wise would be to get the GG6480. That is the epitome of a 40lb rod but can easily do 30 and not too shabby at 50.
  425. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    If spending that kind of money really bothers you that much then maybe you should find a cheaper Hobby.
  426. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    Well then you Fork out another $500 and buy another one.
  427. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    Where'd you get those black handles/knobs?
  428. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    A buddy of mine has to komodo 450 so I was able to use it last month on a 3/4 day trip, and I got to say I do not like it. It did its job perfectly I just don't like how wide it is, particularly with a thinner graphite rod, however I think it would be great on a traditional jig stick.
  429. P

    Engel Cooler w Rocket Launchers as Party Boat Tackle Carrier

    That's perfect! What more could you ask for, it'll also hold a lunch, snacks, and serve as a seat on a crowded boat.
  430. P

    Frozen Yellowtail

    Blood? Is the meat still good to eat?
  431. P

    Frozen Yellowtail

    Why is the meat red? It wasn't like this when I first froze it.
  432. P

    Penn Squall 12 NIB

    This reel is new never used. I spooled it with 250 yards of 50# Daiwa J-braid $100
  433. P

    Tady C and JRI 7

    $40 for the lot. 1)JRI 7, 2) P-line 3oz./4oz. And 6) Tady C jigs. All are brand new. The red C is painted.y
  434. P

    Best spinning rod for throwing lucky crafts from the surf?

    St.Croix Tidemaster. Florida fishermen love that rod
  435. P

    Old line

    I hate when I see deckhands and other anglers tossing their tag ends in the ocean.
  436. P

    Lexa tranx or ?

    I've never seen or heard of a Lexa losing a fight. The only thing it might not be able to handle are big Tuna.
  437. P

    General Braid Question

    Power pro Maxcuatro(yellow) and Super slick 8(blue) cuz they haven't let me down and their made in the USA. I have 50 lb moss green P-line on my Rockfish reel and it works fine(got it for free) I have bright green Daiwa J-Braid 4X and so far so good. My buddy swears by Daiwa braid and it's...
  438. P

    Engel Cooler w Rocket Launchers as Party Boat Tackle Carrier

    I think it would work great. Old wooden tackle boxes are beautiful and works of art but are Impractical nowadays. Everyone keeps their tackle in plastic tacke trays so this cooler/drybox will work fine. It'll hold trays, jackets, snacks, water and all your other essentials and you can use it...
  439. P

    Lexa tranx or ?

    I want a Curado 300EJ don't need it but I want it.
  440. P

    Tesoro or Tern?

    Tern 300X for my 196 and if the Avet SD comes in a MXJ size I'll buy one for my 800M
  441. P

    Lexa tranx or ?

    Which Tranx do these (shittalking)guys have? I'm not a big fan of the 300/400 but I love the 500 especially the HG. All the new saltwater low profile reels are good and more than capable
  442. P

    Tady 45's and salas lrons

    The ones on the left are brand new. $30 for all 8 or $5 each
  443. P

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    I ordered a black 300X for $251
  444. P

    New star drag

    Very true but it's easier to find a deal on a Saltiga or Trini than a Torque.
  445. P

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    Who makes the blanks and where are these rods manufactured?
  446. P

    New star drag

    The Torque is a awesome real but too damn expensive and almost impossible to find a good deal on one anywhere. The Fathom is $200 cheaper.
  447. P

    bait rod help

    Why not?
  448. P

    bait rod help

    Cousins Raze 909
  449. P

    New star drag

    The Okuma Tessoro is gonna suffer the same fate as the Cedros now that Accurate and Avet offer star drag reels.
  450. P

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Does the 300X come with a reel clamp, can it be mounted to a deckhand rod?
  451. P

    New star drag

    Any possibilities of making a low profile saltwater baitcaster in the 300 and 400 size
  452. P

    Rod recommendations for “smaller” yellowtail????

    Cousins Raze 909T Cousins CPX 808 F
  453. P

    Okuma PCH Custom Inshore Rod test 7/1/18

    So this rod can cast an anchovy?
  454. P

    What reel for Phenix Bermuda Rod?

    Daiwa BG 4500
  455. P

    Cousins Raze 808

    $100 firm in excellent condition
  456. P

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid

    Maxcuatro and Daiwa J braid 4x are the thinnest braided lines. Both are excellent choices
  457. P

    Reel for uc gusa 90xf

    DM sent
  458. P

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid

    I use it on my Lexas 30# and 40# no complaints.
  459. P

    After Market Reel Handle

    I bought one for my Lexa 400. I like it, it's good quality. I'm gonna buy one for my Calcutta D
  460. P

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Why does the 12 cost more than the other sizes?
  461. P

    Average size jigsticks.

    Old school vs new school. Traditional Jig sticks have always been 9' and up but now with the new technology and materials 9' might be the Max. Same goes for the Reels, no need for a big Convention anymore. I went fishing yesterday and there were three of us slinging jigs as a matter of fact we...
  462. P

    How did you last get Spooled?

    The only time I've ever been spooled was by a Sardine. This thing just swam and swam.
  463. P

    Right rod for the job.

    Cousins Raze 909 UC Swimbait Finatic MH
  464. P

    Limited Load 3/4 Day Boats - Long Beach/San Pedro
  465. P

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Calstar 800M or 800ML Calstar 270H (this can be had new for less than $200) Cousins Raze 839, 909, 799 Cousins CPX 809F Seeker Pinhead D8 UC Swimbait Finatic MH
  466. P

    best saltwater fishing pliers?
  467. P

    Looking at New Reels

    Does your rod have a reel seat?
  468. P

    How to clean/ take care of leather plier holster?

    I use Obenaufs Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP - Preserves and Protects Leather - Great for Boots and More - 4 oz
  469. P

    ? For Avet JX owners

    The mounting studs on my JX don't screw in all the way, is this normal for Avet reels?
  470. P

    Calcutta 400D NIB

    Brand new in box never used $275. 0BO
  471. P

    Calcutta 400D on a deckhand rod

    It's sturdy
  472. P

    Backpacks to use as tackle bag?
  473. P

    Avet SX 5.3 CHEAP!!

    $125 firm it's in excellent condition and recently serviced. It's ready to fish
  474. P

    Avet JX G2 or G1?

    I agree but its only a $32 difference.
  475. P

    Avet JX G2 or G1?

    I definitely got the wrong info! I'm going with the G2 Thanks.
  476. P

    Avet JX G2 or G1?

    Which would you recommend for 40#/bait for overnight trips out of SD. The G1 has more Line capacity 530/65 and the G2 400/65
  477. P

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    Under Load? He wants this reel for inshore fishing. Most likely 3/4 day trips, I highly doubt the Load pressure could possibly be a factor.
  478. P

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    More Cranking power? Industry standard? Bluefin have also been caught on Luna's and Calcutta B's, the Calcutta 400B may be a little too wide for most people but it's still a great reel. BTW the TE Calcuttas are great reels.
  479. P

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    Their both great reels and very similar to each other.
  480. P

    Calstar rods East Coast This is where I bought my Grafighters
  481. P

    Seeker trout rod

    $60 2 piece tout rod 7' LB 1-4 Lure 1/32-3/16
  482. P

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    Does it have to be a Calcutta only? Daiwa Pluton and Ryogas are really nice.
  483. P

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    I love my 400D I like how narrow it is yet has plenty of line capacity as opposed to the other calcutta's. I think the 400B is too wide
  484. P

    which 9 ft rod

    Cousins Raze 909 or the CPX 909
  485. P

    Need different jigstick...

    The Cousins Raze 909 is perfect fir lighter jigs.
  486. P

    New sabre 196-7 rod

    Post some pics of that Squidder
  487. P

    New sabre 196-7 rod

    use it as your anchovy rig. anchovy is been in the bait Wells on party boats for about 4 years now I guarantee you'll get some use out of it. I have a SX on my 196
  488. P

    New sabre 196-7 rod

    does this rod have a reel seat? That rod can be used as your anchovy rig. if your Rod has a reel seat then get yourself a Lexa 300 if it's deckhand get yourself a small conventional reel like an Avet SX Fathom/Squall Torium, saltist etc and you'll have a killer chovie and small sardine rig.
  489. P

    Yeti drops NRA

    I emailed Yeti and was told that 70% of the Tundra series is made in the USA and 30% in the Philippines.
  490. P

    Yeti drops NRA

    Regardless if this is fake news or not Yeti and Rtic are made overseas, stick to American made products please. Pelican, Igloo,Orca etc... they're quite a few American made rotomolded coolers that are just as good if not better than Yeti P.S. Yeti claims that some of their coolers made in USA
  491. P

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    Wow what a coincidence I made fish n chips yesterday with a bunch of salmon grouper(beer batter/pancake mix) that I caught last week on the new Del Mar at about 180' The fish was in the freezer for 5 days in the fridge for 1 day to thaw. I didn't get any complaints on the fish and I didn't see...
  492. P

    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX82H Alternative

    Cousins Raze 909. the 909 and Lexa 400 were made for each other, a match made in heaven.
  493. P

    Clamp for Lexa 300

  494. P

    What Tranx should I pirchase the 500 PG or HG

    I honestly don't think it matters which one you get. get the one that's cheaper, some people claim that HG is too fast but I'm sure you could just wind the handle a little slower to remedy that.
  495. P

    Reel for Jig Stick

    Seigler SS
  496. P

    Daiwa Lexa HD400 8:1 setup

    Cousins CPX 909HF
  497. P

    Cousins rods

    Cousins rods are great. I have a Raze 909, 908, and 808. They got everything from graphite to composites, old school fiberglass too and at reasonable prices.
  498. P

    Surface Iron rod. The seigler is in the same class as the Trinidad and Saltiga
  499. P

    New Seekers

    It looks like Seeker has a couple new models. One model that caught my eye is Tactic, it looks like it's in direct competition with Cousins Raze series of rods. The SSR line looks nice too. Do any of u guys have any experience with ese rods?
  500. P

    What’s your earliest memory of Fishing?

    The first fish I ever caught was a starfish off the Redondo Beach Pier with a Ryobe spinning combo that I bought for $19.99 at Builders Emporium when I was 13 years old.
  501. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I got mine for $375 new on eBay.
  502. P

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I don't own a komodo but I do own a Tranx 500 and a Lexa 400. line capacity is the only advantage the Tranx has over the Komodo. I consider the Tranx 500 to be somewhat of a luxury reel kinda like a Conquest and Ryoga. BTW I love my Tranx.
  503. P

    Clamp for Lexa 300

    Less than $50 I did it about 2 years ago and I only paid $26
  504. P

    Clamp for Lexa 300

    For the same amount of money you're going to spend on a clamp you can have a real seat installed on your deckhand rod. Just about any reputable tackle shop in SoCal can do that for you.
  505. P

    Best bang for your buck fishing boots

    Can you hike in those snake proof Mucks?
  506. P

    Clamp for Lexa 300 No joke.
  507. P

    Best bang for your buck fishing boots

    Gill deck boots. I love my Gill boots, I've had them for 4 seasons. They feel like a pair of Vans when they give out I'll get a pair of Grundens(cuz their made inthe USA)
  508. P


    My buddy caught 2 Jackpot winning Lingcod on the Gentleman using 20# mono with a spinning reel on a conventional rod
  509. P


    My Rockfish rig is a 7' 15-40lb Okuma rod (that I won in a raffle) Penn Warfare LW15 (that I bought for $56) 300 yards of 50# green P-Line Braid (that I got for free on a sponsored trip)
  510. P

    Lexa 400HD or Tranx 400HG

    Let's be honest they're all great reels including the Abu, Lews and 13's. Build quality is not an issue just like line capacity is not an issue. None of these reels are superior to the other unless you want to start nitpicking, it all comes down to personal preference, brand loyalty and price.
  511. P

    Lexa 400HD or Tranx 400HG

    I think the Lexas and Komodos are superior to the Tranx 400/300 simply due to line capacity drag and price. BTW I love my Tranx 500Hg and Calcutta 400D
  512. P

    Graphite Rod Qiestions?

    High sticking? So do you use mono to provide stretch or that's just what you've always used?
  513. P

    Graphite Rod Qiestions?

    Do you guys use mono with your graphite rods to provide stretch?
  514. P

    Huddleston swimbait set up recommendations

    Rods: Daiwa DX Okuma shadow stalker Reel: Shimano Cardiff
  515. P

    Shimano Trinidad A handle?

    Will a handle from a Trinidad A fit on a Calcutta 400 D?
  516. P

    Live bait rod

    Cousins Raze 808 or 908 if you can find one
  517. P

    Albacore jig rod

    GG6480 OR 800H
  518. P

    Small Bait caster advice needed You'll lovevit!!!!
  519. P

    Shimano torium 16hg $160 shipped on amazon

    Hahaha. Last week I bought an orange Avet SX on Amazon for $159 and the next day the price went up to $234
  520. P

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    I love my Okuma backpack.(got it for free) I like backpacks cuz I can stuff my jacket in them, when my backpack gives out on me I'll probably get another backpack type bag maybe Wheels. I'm definitely going to get a Yeti bucket and modify it to hold my jigs and get a seat cushion for it so I...
  521. P

    Which baitcaster

    I like the Curado but it's too expensive. The Tranx 300/400 are nice to but you get more for less $ with the Lexa and Komodo's.
  522. P


    Grafighter 800M is #1 but I also love my WC196-8. The combo of Calstar and Avet just can't be beat.
  523. P

    pairing lexa 300hd

    Cousins Raze 858T Cousins CPX 808F Seeker In Shore Pro 808 or 809 Blue Lightning 808 or 809 United Composites SWIMBAIT FINATIC
  524. P

    Which baitcaster

    Lexa 300 for 20lb Lexa 400 for 30lb If you're only using it for bass then I suggest a shimano Calcutta 200B.(for $250 you might score a Calcuuta D on ebay)
  525. P

    New Rod and Reel

    Cousins Raze RSW 839T RSW 909T Cousins CPX 809F That Avet is a good choice but you can never go wrong with a Lexa 400
  526. P

    Ultralight Spinning Reel for Mackerel & Trout...?

    Shimano Sahara 500 is the best of the bunch
  527. P

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    I'm using a Penn Warfare 15 LW. This is a nice little reel it's short and narrow so you can palm it and has plenty of line capacity. The Saltist 40 and Calcutta 400 were to wide.
  528. P

    Monofilament question

    Stren Magnathin
  529. P

    Local tuna reel 20-40lb

    Daiwa lexa 400
  530. P

    Abu Garcia Beast 60 Rod suggestions

    Cousins Raze 909
  531. P

    Okuma SCTi Inshore Rod

    This guy has a couple vids using the SCT rod
  532. P

    Storing fishing rods in garage

    My reels are stored in my Safe and empty TV stand drawer year round and my rods are stored in my garage during the cooler months but as soon as it get worm out they come inside my den.( I love looking at them) My trout and Rockfish rods are always kept in the garage.
  533. P

    One reel, one rod?

    50# but next season I'll use 65# PP Maxcuatro.
  534. P

    calico bass set up

    St.Croix Tidemaster 14-30 Lexa 300HD 40#PP 20# leader Cousins 808 lexa 300 40#PP 20# leader
  535. P

    2 piece rod suggestions....

    Okuma Nomad
  536. P

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    This new generation of Jigsticks are a lot thinner and lighter and cast just as far as an all fiberglass rod. The Cousins CPX 909HF has a reel seat and was specifically designed for big baitcasters like the tranx and Lexa.
  537. P

    One reel, one rod?

    You can never go wrong with a Medium Ugly Stik Tiger and shimano baitrunner 8000
  538. P

    One reel, one rod?

    Cousins Raze 909T and a lexa 400. You can use it for 20# 30# 40# and as a jigstick
  539. P

    Best Star Drag Reel for Launching Diamond jigs and Swim baits

    If you want more line capacity use Maxcuatro on the reels you have.
  540. P

    Rod selection

    Cousins Raze 909T or the Cousins CPX 809F or 909HF
  541. P

    Cousins Rod Opinions particularly in the CJB Models

    I've never fished them but they look a lot like Grafighters.
  542. P

    budget spinner

    Daiwa BG
  543. P

    Live Bait Rod Preference 7, 7.5, or 8 Foot and why?

    I switched to 9' rods(except for my 8' Chovy and 40# rods) I love the extra distance I get from my cousins Raze rods, 909 for 30# and 908 for20# I get longer casts without sacrificing backbone.
  544. P


    Old school vs. New school. The classic 9'+ fiberglass rods with big star drag reels and mono can never be beat but the new generation of thin composites and low profile baitcasters with braid are just as good. Fiberglass loads up beautifully and the composites are easier on your back.(and seem...
  545. P

    Braid topshot

    20# rig: St Croix Tidemaster 14-30 lexa 300HD 40# PP 20# flouro leader 30# rig: Raze 909 20-40 Lexa 400 50# PP 30# flouro leader more often than not my drag is set too loose. Like I said I land plenty of fish a few big ones too but I've lost some big ones due to my leader snapping that's why...
  546. P

    Braid topshot

    I use about 3 feet of seaguar flouro. I've only lost a fish at the knot once.
  547. P

    Braid topshot

    I land plenty of fish, dozens of small YT Bonitos Cudas and bass I've also pulled plenty of large bass out of the kelp but I've lost too many big fish due to my leader snapping. I'm 90% percent sure my knots are good(I use the Palomar) I use graphite rods (Cousins Raze) Lexas 300 and 400 so I...
  548. P

    Braid topshot

    Have any of you ever used a braid Topshot? I usually use braid to a 3-foot fluorocarbon leader but I've lost quite a few fish this season and I think it's due to lack of stretch in the line so I'm gonna make a line change. I'm thinking braid backing to about 50 yards of mono and maybe a 3 foot...
  549. P

    Deck boot recommendations

    Grundens just came out with a new boot
  550. P

    Deck boot recommendations

    I have Gill boots and love em. I've been wearing for 3 seasons now.
  551. P

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Have any of you guys ever deep fried Calico bass? (With beer batter like a Ling Cod)
  552. P

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    Oh ok. I thought it had something to do with the fish.
  553. P

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    Why is moss green spectra not A good color?
  554. P

    Glass vs Graphite Composite

    So how long of a leader and which brand do you suggest?
  555. P

    Anchovy rod

    Actually i prefer a 9' rod.
  556. P

    Glass vs Graphite Composite

    So would a mono leader provide enough stretch so as to not pull hooks when using a graphite rod?
  557. P

    Fluorocarbon neoprene covers?

    Do you want it for your spools of line such as your top shots or do you want this for the spool on your reel?
  558. P

    Anchovy rod

    Are there any new/modern rods that can cast an anchovy like the 196-8 does?
  559. P

    Fluorocarbon neoprene covers?

    Is this what you're looking for?
  560. P

    Mono topshot? Strait braid to leader?

    The only time I've lost fish was due to me being lazy and not changing out my top shots. I use Power Pro with a 3ft seaguar floro leader. The only Knotts I use are the Albright and the Palomar, been doing this for 4 years now and I've never had any issues that weren't my fault.
  561. P

    Best Bait Caster

    Abu Garcia Ambassadeur
  562. P

    1st Rod/Reel for Little Brother

    Lexa 300 and Okuma shadow stalker You can get the shadow stalker at Turners for $120 and the Lexa on ebay for about $120
  563. P

    Okuma Cortez 5 30-40# reel??

    A Lexa 400 should fit your hands just fine and is about the same price as Cortez 5
  564. P

    Least amount of rods for SoCal fishing

    Usually 4 but this season 5 since anchovies are always in the baitwell. 20lb 30lb 40lb/jigstick Bass rod/swimbait Anchovy setup
  565. P

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    GG 6480 or a 700H. Have you looked at the United Composites Swimbait Finatic rods? United Composites USA RUC711XH 30-60 lb. line 4-10 oz lures $279 at Charkbait
  566. P

    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    Daiwa Saltist LW 40HA
  567. P

    Spinning Gear? I left and what happened???

    These guys are a bunch of cry babies trying to pass themselves off as snobs/superior anglers. All they do is complain, they hate spinning reels, low profile baitcasters, reels with high gear ratios, reels with cast controls etc....
  568. P

    Calico swim bait rod/reel recommendations

    Cousins Raze 858T 8'6"
  569. P

    Good yellowtail rod?

    That would be perfect.
  570. P

    Fishworks Clipperton shorts size 42

    These shorts are grey and new with tags. Size 42 $50.00 DM me for pics.
  571. P

    Calico Bass Swimbait rod recommendations

    Cousins Raze 808 and a Lexa 300
  572. P

    Where does the beer money go?

    My first trip this season is on May 21st and all I can think about is having a cheeseburger from the galley.
  573. P

    Your favorite 20,25 & 30lb setups

    20# St.Croix Tidemaster 8'MH & Daiwa Lexa 300HD 30# Calstar 800M & Daiwa Lexa 400 20# (swimbait rig) Cousins 808 & Lexa 300
  574. P

    All new gear

    The most popular combo that I always see on boats whether it be a 20 through 40 pound setup is a Grafighter and an Avet.(and for good reason) For fishing Catalina on caddle boats you just can't beat a Cousins and a Lexa
  575. P

    Fishing Sunglasses

    Wiley X P-17 I love em.
  576. P

    25 lbs Rod: Okuma Makaira or Seeker Black Steel?

    Like I said MAKE THE EFFORT TO BUY AMERICAN WHEN POSSIBLE. Sometimes you have no choice but to buy foreign, such is the case with electronics. Since when is Phenix cheaper than Calstar, Cousins, Seeker, UC, St.Croix?
  577. P

    25 lbs Rod: Okuma Makaira or Seeker Black Steel?

    Like I said when you "CAN'' buy American, buy American. All it takes is a little effort.
  578. P

    25 lbs Rod: Okuma Makaira or Seeker Black Steel?

    Every company claims "highest Quality" Cheap Labor is the reason for such low prices. Stick to Made in the USA whenever possible.
  579. P

    Looking for Great 8' 30# rod

    Grafighter 800M or Cousins Raze RSW 839T. BTW both are made in USA.
  580. P

    Seriously, how?

    Overtime overtime overtime. Without overtime I ain't shite and that's the truth. I'm an overtime whore and I don't use any of that money for monthly overhead it's all for pleasure.
  581. P

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Why aren't you a fan? (Just out of curiosity)
  582. P

    Favorite setup for the 3 B's

    800M Lexa 400 and a Cousins 808 and Lexa 300
  583. P

    New Setup Reccomendations

    Daiwa Lexa 400 paired with a Cousins raze RSW 839T
  584. P

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    Penn Squall and Okuma Cortez. I owned both and caught plenty of Yt's with em. In fact those were the reels I learned how to cast with, I've since upgraded to Lexa's and a Tranx.
  585. P

    Tranx reel rod combo

    I have my Tranx on a GG 6480, it's my 40lb/jig stick setup.
  586. P

    If I could only own 1 fishing rod it'd be a.....

    Calstar 800M. A grafighter and a Lexa 400 is all you need for the three B's yellows and football size tuna.
  587. P

    Spinning rod choice's

    St, Croix Tidemaster. The reviews are all good
  588. P

    Calstar West Coast Black 196-8 and Penn Squall 15

    I bought this combo new in October of 2014. $200.00 If you want Pics send me a PM. The rod and reel are in like new condition.
  589. P

    Xtra tuffs

    I love my Gill boots. They feel like I'm wearing a pair of Vans, if you like wearing Vans you'll love these boots
  590. P

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    I'm a baitcaster guy myself, I love my Lexa's but if I were to get a conventional reel it would definitely be a Torque 25N or Avet JX.
  591. P

    20-25 lb rod

    St. Croix Tidemaster TIC80MHF Read the reviews
  592. P

    Phenix M1

    Get a Cousins 909 or 839
  593. P

    160 yards

    I had it spooled at action tackle in Mission Hills. Needless to say I'm never going back there.
  594. P

    160 yards

    The shop I went to used a winding machine, the line on the spool doesn't feel hard it actually feels real soft.
  595. P

    160 yards

    I got my tranx spooled today with 65lb braid(Izorline) and only got 160 yards. Is 160 yards enough line?
  596. P

    Proud Dad!

    Awesome vid thanks for sharing
  597. P

    New Pro Gear

    Are they made in the USA like the old ones?
  598. P

    What jigging rod to pair with Lexa 400

    Cousin's 909 or 853 St Croix Tidemaster TIC80HF United Composite Elite MEGA C
  599. P

    Help choosing a rod for trout

    I love my Seeker Trout rod UL 7' 1-4lb and my Berkley trout dough rod UL 8' 2-6lb. I also love my Shakespeare Micro series rod UL 7'6'' 2-6lb it's really thin and has plenty of backbone.
  600. P

    Just picked up a Phenix Inshore... Now what?

    Get a Lexa 300 on eBay for under $150 or a Lexa 300 HD for under $200
  601. P

    Diawa Lexa 300

    The Shadow Stalker is a great rod. This will be the best $120 you ever spent.
  602. P

    Which 8FT jig stick?

  603. P

    What is your favorite rod?

    I Absolutely love my Cousins Raze 808 I bought it specifically for calicos but now it's my go to rod, I've caught 20# Yellows and countless calicos with it. I use it for flylining and swimbaits.
  604. P

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    I was there about a month ago and they Had a 909 In stock. I have the 808 with the Lexa 300 and it's worked out well for me. When I retire my Grafighter 800M I'm going to replace it with the Raze 839.
  605. P

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    Fish n fools in Granada Hills off the 118 carries cousins and their less than an hour away from Ventura
  606. P

    NaCl or new lexa 400

    This might work
  607. P

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    Get a Cousins Raze RSW 909T You'll love it, plus it's made in the USA
  608. P

    NaCl or new lexa 400

    What do you use your Tranx for?(just out of curiosity)
  609. P

    Looking for anchovy casting reel

    Penn Squall 15(the poor man's torque). I had a good season last year when anchovies were the only bait we had. My squall and Calstar 196-8 is a great chovie rig.
  610. P

    Phenix BD vs Calstar GF?

    you're right the rain shadow blanks are made in China, now I need to edit my original post.
  611. P

    8ft Calico Rod Under $100 - Help!

    Okuma Shadow Stalker all the way
  612. P

    Another rod selection thread...

    Cousins Raze series St. Croix Tidemaster Both rods are great and can handle anything our local islands can throw at us and both are made in the USA (I can't believe their not more expensive)
  613. P

    Local islands Spinning rod suggestions. HELP !!

    St. Croix Tidemaster are really nice, there's plenty of good reviews on them and they can be had for $200 on Amazon.
  614. P

    Phenix BD vs Calstar GF?

    Phenix are great and nice looking but I would never buy one simply because they're made in China. If you want to embrace new technology try United composites and Cousins
  615. P

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    that's one of the reason I like Them. The rugged shark boots are nice too.
  616. P

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    Get the pair that is most comfortable. I myself like and use Gill, they feel like I'm wearing Vans.
  617. P

    Inshore Set-Up this is a damn good setup at an unbelievable price. the Okuma shadow stalkers are great rods
  618. P

    Go to inshore ROD

    Cousins 808 or St.Croix Tidemaster
  619. P

    Any reviews on the "truth " reels

    Only one of them is specifically for surf. With 24lbs of drag and 500 yards of 40# braid they can handle tuna and YT's.
  620. P

    Any reviews on the "truth " reels

    Their star drag reels have already hit the market. one with cash control one without
  621. P

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    I know a couple guys that absolutely love the Calstar GG 90J's
  622. P

    Reel recommendation needed

    Power Pro Maxcuatro will remedy any issues with capacity
  623. P

    Reel recommendation needed

    Lexa 300. I just bought one(my 2nd one 25#rig) on eBay for $130 delivered.
  624. P

    Bass Pro to Buy Cabelas?

    I don't care for either one, neither of the two cater to So Cal anglers. Kmart,Walmart,Big5 and Sportchalet are where I go for my fresh water fishing needs. For hunting and ammo I like
  625. P

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Nice reel, I like it but not for $400.
  626. P

    Calstar BWC 196-8 Penn Squall 15

    This combo is a year old $200 obo I can't upload photos but i can text them to you if you like
  627. P

    When to use a drag.

    How do you set the drag on a star drag reel. I've actually lost a couple fish this season because my drag wasn't set right.
  628. P

    mounting a Lexa 400 to deckhand rod

    I had the Tiburon clamp on my Grafighiter and didn't like it so I paid $60.00 and had a Fuji reel seat installed and I couldn't be happier.
  629. P

    Question on my set ups

    The 6480 with the Trinidad 20a sounds like a winner.
  630. P

    Fishing the anchovy

    If you want to get a anchovy setup I suggest you get a bass setup that way it can pull double duty throwing 3/4oz swimbaits and anchovies when needed.
  631. P

    What rod for Torium 20HG

    Calstar 800H Calstar GG6480 United Composites Elite Monster RainShadow RCLB 80M Seeker 6480H
  632. P

    Torque 25

    I can't find any info on the torque 25, plenty on the 25N though. Is the 25N vastly superior for surface irons or is the narrow reel just a personal preference?
  633. P

    SX Raptor or JX

    I have a GG 6480 that I plan on using as a jig stick, Which of these two reels would be better suited for throwing Tady 45's and C's(spooled with 65# braid and 40# topshot)
  634. P

    Lure rating

    I emailed Cousins tackle a couple months ago with a similar question and was told that the Raze series RSW 909T and RSW 839T which are rated for 3/4oz-2oz lures can cast Tady C's and 45's which are 2oz and 3 oz lures. The email also stated that Cousins undersize their lure rating.
  635. P

    Triton- LA Waterfront Sportsfishing

    I was on the Triton two weeks ago, it's a great boat.
  636. P

    Help choosing rod/reel setup

    That's a great choice as well.
  637. P

    Help choosing rod/reel setup

    Calstar Grafighter 800L You can't get any better than that.
  638. P

    Help choosing rod/reel setup

    Get a 20 pound setup. A Seeker pinhead 8' 15-30 and Daiwa Seagate 30 or a Okuma Cortez 10 or 12
  639. P

    Help choosing rod/reel setup

    Why don't you like braided line?
  640. P

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Penn Squall 15 on Calstar BWC 196 with 50lb Power Pro and about a six foot leader of 25lb flouro.
  641. P

    Power Pro Line Capacity Discrepencies

    Daiwa's claims are inaccurate as well. I only got 185yds of 65# on my Lexa 400 but they claim 300/55 and 200/80 if the stats are accurate then I don't think it would be unreasonable for me to expect around 250 of 65
  642. P

    Best SwimBait Rod & Reel combo for the Bay

    Daiwa tatula combo
  643. P

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    I don't think guys that prefer spinners consider that a problem, they probably consider backlashes on conventionals a problem though. I prefer conventional reels too but I don't dislike spinning reels.
  644. P

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    Look at these Dummies using spinning gear for tuna.
  645. P

    Ideas for rods hanging in the house

    I store 3 rods behind my couch and 1 rod under my bed.
  646. P

    Which pliers should I buy?

    I love my Accurate pliers. FYI their made in the USA
  647. P

    Daiwa lexa HD

    What's the lure rating on the phenix SMX-82H?
  648. P

    Backpack tackle box/bag

    Is WFO still around?
  649. P

    Daiwa lexa HD

    Was there really a need for the HD Lexa, is the regular Lexa flimsy and prone to breaking?
  650. P

    30 lb setup

    Why is the MGC a POS, please elaborate.
  651. P

    Which rod to match up w/ Lexa 300

    Cousins raze series 808T. I use my Lexa 300 on 808 and I've landed YT's Cudas and dozens of calicos with this combo. I can sling a 3/4oz swimbait and sardines a mile away. This rod compliments the Lexa 300 so well and it's light weight too, plus it's made in The USA...
  652. P

    Avet sx or new Shimano torium 16?

    Since you're new to conventionals you should go with the SX with cast control(MC) or an Okuma Cortez 5(comes with cast control) if you want to save a $100 bucks.
  653. P

    What's the problem, the rod the reel or me?

    One of the reasons I got the Cortez was because the reviews I read said it was great for tossing irons. Could it be the rod?
  654. P

    What's the problem, the rod the reel or me?

    I'm glad it's the reel and not the rod. I've been looking for an excuse to buy a new reel.
  655. P

    What's the problem, the rod the reel or me?

    I can't cast a Tady 45 or a C very well with my Grafighter 800M and Okuma Cortez 12 but I can cast a 3/4oz. Swimbait a mile with my lexa 300 on a Cousins 808 and on my 196 and squall 15 I can cast a sardine even farther. So my my question is what's the issue, me the rod or the reel?
  656. P

    Is Salas out of business?

    Big5 sporting goods carries 6x and 6x Jr. And usually have a few in stock.