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  1. bman440440

    Mercury marine has a new $77000 outboard

    500 & 600 HP v12 :rockin: o_O
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    FYI squid...

    looks like the squid boats are off of La Jolla now
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    Looking for a surveyor in Oxnard

    I have a buddy that needs one... in slip twin DD's
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    Slip Liner- gone

  5. bman440440

    Hoop nets, tires-rims
  6. bman440440

    Hoop nets, tires/rims

    I have 3 nets that are usable with brindle and 2 tires/rims 5 on 4.5... tires hold air but I would not use them. free must take all. Pickup in Kearny Mesa
  7. bman440440

    SD Bay 6/22 outgoing tide

    Dad and I had a father son day today... We hit the water at 6 AM and headed up to seaport village and had a slow but steady pick of spotty's from 10-14 inches... Then headed up to harbor island and they were more active... No more than 5 or so minutes between fish and a little better quality and...
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    looking for a 50-90 HP yamaha 4S

    I have a buddy looking for a 50-90 HP yami 4S for his 21' pontoon boat... no rigging needed... thanks in advance for your help!
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    Dana Landing frozen flying fish...

    I was there today picking up sandwiches for my pop and me and noticed they had them for sale... but hold onto your pocket book... $102 for a 3 pack o_O
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    A little perspective...

    with all of what is going on in the world... maybe this is how we look back at things in the future... I'm not normally one for sappy posts but this one tugged at me. :cheers:
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    Petition from the Mayor to open certain aspects of the city (San Diego)

    I'm not trying to stir the pot by any means but certain parts of the lockdown do not make sense to me and a lot others... So the Mayor of Coronado thinks the same thing so HE has started a petition to get certain things opened back up... Here is the link to it... There are several things that...
  12. bman440440

    just a distraction

    to try and inject some nice into all of what is going on I try to look for the good in things so I tend to use this bay cam as my screen saver and I noticed this and took a screen grab... hope you all enjoy it... Let's try and stay on an even keel.
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    Misc. designer sunglasses - new

    open to trades too! Electric sunglasses. Perfect condition. With case. They normally sell for $100 plus tax. $60 obo Perfect condition .never worn. They normally sell for $75 +tax. $50 obo Excellent condition! They sell normally for $120 +tax. $70 obo Located in S.D. will ship on your...
  14. bman440440

    Bugging SD bay 1/25/20

    well as the title states... we went bugging... got the nets in early about 4:20 PM... has something to eat and drink while we waited and sun down was around 5:15 so we made our 1st pull at 6... tried a new ish spot along the west side of the channel just inside the mouth of the bay and all we...
  15. bman440440

    HOOK2 5 - 5-inch Fish Finder / GPS with SplitShot Transducer

    all sold lowrance part #000-14016-001 I have 2 available... was going to put on a couple of kayaks for a friend and that fell threw so now I'm stuck with them.... boxes are a little banged up from being moved around in my storage... I originally paid $239.99 + tax each... please make me a fair...
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    40-50 HP 4 stroke OB

    as title states.... looking for a 40-50 HP 4 stroke OB... buddy of mine just bought a 13' RIB that has a 60 2 smoke merc... and he want to get a 4S on it... any leads are appreciated! please PM me with info! :cheers:
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    65k miles everything works! looking to trade for a boat... Chevy chassis, 454, 6v house batteries, dual forced heating/AC, washer/dryer combo, 2 TV's, 3 stereo's, tracking satellite dish (no reciever), backup/rearview camera... this coach is loaded!! The wife and kids are over the "camping...
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    yamaha 60-90 HP 4S

    I'm looking for a friend... he has a 2002 ish f90 FI that needs a lot of work (fuel pumps and trim tilt issues... (just a long salt life with little maintenance before he got it) so I figure I would see if I can find him an engine that would in the end cost him less in the end... mostly looking...
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    Petition (again) - Support a 365-Day Fishing License

    Sign pettition here ----> 365-Day Fishing Legislation Introduced Assemblymember Wood to Make Fishing More Accessible Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa) has authored Assembly Bill 1387, state legislation that will transition...
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    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    It's been a wile since I have seen anything posted... anybody have ant credible info on the outcome?
  21. bman440440

    20' Bertram - no affiliation looks like a good part of the work has been done
  22. bman440440

    there must be fish here?

    the fleet is packed tight rite now!!
  23. bman440440

    Radar Arch W/ Pole Holders And More

    used but in good solid shape is a valhalla marine innovations radar arch with 4 welded on rod holders, radar pad and 2 antenna pads. 93" at base +/- a few inches either way of flex to fit multiple boats. 75" at top. comes apart in three sections for easy pickup in San Diego $325 OBO
  24. bman440440

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    well we decided (Larry & myself) we needed to wet some lines on Thursday... Short Story - 1 small mako, 7 mylar and 1 rubber balloon, 72 miles total and 20.2 gallons burned Long Story - well after a late start (9 AM) compared to our normal start times (on water at least 1 hour before sunup)...
  25. bman440440

    lowrance/Simrad Transducer Adapter Cable

    I bought it and did not need it... I paid $29.99 + tax at west marine brand new in package never opened! $25.00 local pickup or ship on your dime lowrance/Simrad 000-13313-001 Navico XSONIC Transducer Adapter Cable Connects 7 pin blue plug transducers to the 9 pin XSONIC black sockets on...
  26. bman440440

    FREE- elite 5 (HDI,X,Chirp)series cover

    free to good home... I was upgraded (for $28.13 in shipping charges) by Navico from my elite 5 chirp to an elite 7Ti for a recurring problem with it... and they did not want the cover so I want to give it to a good home that will take it fishing alot like I did!! It's got normal wear and tear...
  27. bman440440

    lowrance elite 5 (HDI,X,Chirp)series cover

    free to good home... I was upgraded (for $28.13 in shipping charges) by Navico from my elite 5 chirp to an elite 7Ti for a recurring problem with it... and they did not want the cover so I want to give it to a good home that will take it fishing alot like I did!! It's got normal wear and tear...
  28. bman440440

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    well someone finally did an apples to apples test... me personally I'm not surprised at the outcome... but hay I have had great experiences with rudes... I even had a FICHT that had 4700+ hours on it when I finally sold the boat...
  29. bman440440

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    I'm posting this for my friend of 25+ years so this is no joke!! BTW if you know about schneider cams... this was his car!! BD price $53,000 Call Danny @ 619-454-1777 2000 ferrari 360 Modena 47,000 miles I inherited this car and have no desire to drive it... its too fast and I do not need any...
  30. bman440440

    1-26-18 San Diego big bay buggin' (and a little bit of fishing)

    well after 2+ months of sitting I decided to blow the cobwebs out of my boat Heisenberg with Rob (Ultimate Catch), Larry (dragonem) and Nelson and do some lobstering and maybe wet a line. Larry met me at my place and we go to pick up Heisenberg from storage where I keep it... get there and go...
  31. bman440440

    WTS/WTT Navionics USA - West CF/12XG

    for sale or trade Navionics USA - West CF/12XG... let me know what you are offering for trade or what you think a FAIR price is... willing to ship on your dime :cheers:
  32. bman440440

    (SOLD) 1995 striper 2150 W.A.C.

    SOLD! I'm posting this for "ultimate catch" here on BD because he is so busy and he is going larger! $15,500 you can PM me for questions This Seaswirl Striper 2150 has a fiberglass hull, is 21.33 feet long (not including pulpit and swim step) and 96 inches wide. The boat weighs approximately...
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    ACTION REQUEST: Sign 12-Month Fishing License Petition

    thought I would pass this on California’s “annual” fishing license is the most expensive in the country, and it is NOT valid for a full 12-months from the date of purchase. This is simply not fair. This may explain why annual fishing license...
  34. bman440440

    what was the result of the guy with the skippy diesel conversion?

    he had the boat at cogswell marine... did it ever get finished?
  35. bman440440

    SD bay bug report 3-3-17

    short story: great day on the water with 3 bigger bugs and 7 just over legal long story: Larry and myself get on the water about 2:15 PM to down scan some new areas to bug and make some bait to top off what we had from last trip... found some promising areas for the next trip... went to the bait...
  36. bman440440

    west marine 6 gal fuel tank sold

    top side fuel tank... larger 26 gal sold west marine 6 gal in like new condition with hose and primer bulb ... here is the link to it ---> west marine retail is $69.99 not including hose and bulb...
  37. bman440440

    SD bay bugs 12-9-16

    short story- 3 legal bugs, 12-15 shorts and 25+ that I would call big crawdads! long story- hit the water at 3:45 PM later that we wanted(12 PM to do some fishing 1st) and head over to the barge to get bait and slowly motor over to out spot wile the bait dies in the bucket... get to the area...
  38. bman440440

    new web site issue???

    the pages are looking funkey now and I'm now getting this at the top of pages "You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser." how can IE11 be an out of date browser??????
  39. bman440440

    FloScan 5500 series question

    I have just installed it and all the wiring seems to be correct but the little fuel totalizer LCD stays on even with the ignition off... is this normal? the manual is no help and everything is working otherwise... any help would be great! :rockin:
  40. bman440440

    SD bay/area lobster ?

    I'm not looking for anybody's spots but I have been out a few time with less than impressive results and normally I/we have done well... has any one else had a hard time this year? when have you guy's done best... in or out going tide? shallow or deep? preferred bait? any help/tips would be...
  41. bman440440

    Heisenberg is up and running again!!

    well after little over a month and a few cuss words... OK I lied a bunch of cuss words and some cuts to my hands, 15+ pairs of rubber gloves, 3/4 of a pack of red shop towels and about $2400 Heisenberg is ready to rumble!! fully rebuilt 4.3 with slight upgrades to get some more power out of her...
  42. bman440440

    New Volvo penta &Cobra Outdrive Trim Pump Motor Assembly

    got this for a job to replace owners pump but found he had a bad wire was all... so it was not needed... paid $775 plus shipping...i will beat internet prices make a REASONABLE offer! :cheers: this is from webste New 3855745 Volvo SX &Cobra Outdrive Trim Pump Motor Assembly OEM Volvo Penta /...
  43. bman440440

    San Vicente Reservoir to open Sept. 22

    its about time!!!
  44. bman440440

    need a engine machine shop in SD...

    well after 19 years of service Heisenberg's engine has devloped a rod knock... its a 4.3 chevy and i can do all the work removing and reinstalling but i need a good shop for the engine rebuild and hopefully at a good price... any place in SD county would be fine... thanks for any help!!
  45. bman440440

    for all you naysayers about TM ducers

    here is what a properly installed transom mount transducer can do... this is the stock lowrance 50/200/455/800 ducer on an elite 5 chirp running in hi chirp mode... I had the gain set at +2 and note the speed... and perfect bottom contour!! this was yesterday going out the bay
  46. bman440440

    23' Blackman..not mine... but a way good start to a project!
  47. bman440440

    Offshore 100+ miles of skunk :-( 7/16/16 Cbad-182-178-9 and more

    short story- SKUNK! Long story Larry (dragonem) and I launched out of dana in mission bay at 4:30 got a very large 1/2 scoop (4 1/2 passes) of bait from EB.. decent bait mostly 5" but a few 7" in there.. just missed the long line to get it... we where 6th in line by the time we got our bait...
  48. bman440440

    boat stuff... closed cooling, Downriggers, sea strainer, ect..

    ok helping SDVERNE sell his collection of stuff that has piled... pictures speak for themselves... battery charger $100 NIB sea strainer 1 3/4 -1 1/2 - 1 1/4" with adapters SOLD Downriggers with base & pole holder mount--- $90 each closed cooling for GM SBC needs hoses and connectors to be...
  49. bman440440

    looks like the INTREPID is for sale...

    I found this looking around the interweb today ---> she looks like...
  50. bman440440

    2003 trophy pro 2052

    not mine but a fair price and perfect timing for the fishing season!!
  51. bman440440

    MPA Fishing Ban to be Extended tomorrow. Take Action Today

    I got this email today so I thought I should post it... here is the email that I sent if the "click here" link does not work to: [email protected] subject: Agenda Item #10 - Vote NO on 2016 Master Plan for MPAs Dear Commissioners, Unless the 2016 Master Plan for MPAs includes very a very specific...
  52. bman440440

    187 FISH is gone forever!

    ok all you fisherman out there make sure your fuel systems are in tip top shape!!! fuel line leak (presumably)... everyone is safe and no one was hurt but now my buddy Verne is boat-less. also side note... ESCORT trailer for sale set up to...
  53. bman440440

    5/19/16 recon mission N9-S9-182 and more...

    Myself and "dragonem" are taking Heisenberg out to scout the above areas and will be on 72... so if any of you are going to be out there give a shout out to "Heisenberg" on 72 and maybe we can work together and find/catch some fish... we are not getting bait mostly due to only chovie at the...
  54. bman440440

    need help... 1996 omc cobra/volvo penta freeze plug?

    my buddy has a OMC cobra 5.0 AKA Volvo penta engine that was just put into the boat 16 +/- hours ago and last night we had a freeze plug pop out of the block in the big bay... NOT FUN!!! we shut her down got the water drained out to see where the water was coming from ant it was the freeze...
  55. bman440440

    Ch. 72 now broadcasting on the web!!

    I don't know if any of you have seen this web site before but I sent them an email to add Ch. 72 to there list of VHF live broadcast stations and they did... so now you can listen to the chatter even when you are stuck at work/home.
  56. bman440440

    whistler buoy (eventually) san diego 3-10-16

    well we(Larry and myself) started with the intent of pulling out of my house at 6 a.m. for a gentlemen's start to be on the water by 6:30... that did not go as planned... went to hook up the boat and 1 wheel did not seem to be moving freely... CRAP! so we pull it over to in front of my garage...
  57. bman440440

    ? about point loma kelp...

    I'm going out tomorrow and wondered if it has been cut like LaJolla has... went out 2 weeks ago to LJ and all the kelp was 20+ feet below the water... I wanna do some bass fishing in PL and wondering if its been cut too... anybody been out lately and can give me some info? if it has been cut I...
  58. bman440440

    Lowrance LGC-2000 for sale

    LGC-2000 12 Channel with WAAS This module was removed from my old boat and was in good working condition... It was connected to a LMS-337C DF that was removed before I sold the boat... It has been sitting in my closet for the last 3 years... I found it when I was cleaning and it needs a new...
  59. bman440440

    Lowrance LGC-2000 for sale

    LGC-2000 12 Channel with WAAS This module was removed from my old boat and was in good working condition... It was connected to a LMS-337C DF that was removed before I sold the boat... It has been sitting in my closet for the last 3 years... I found it when I was cleaning and it needs a new...
  60. bman440440

    what's with the new look??

    is it me or do you other people not like the new look too?
  61. bman440440

    Tempo topside 14.5 gallon fuel tank SOLD

    SOLD Tempo topside 14.5 gallon fuel tank Used but in good condition. fuel gauge is clear and perfectly readable. New they go for around $240 BD price $100 OBO cash talks!! Tempo part #650020 model # B157 14.5 gallons / 54.9 liters 43-3/8" L x 15-1/2" W x 8-1/2" H
  62. bman440440

    16 camera DVR - $200 SOLD

    6 month old night owl 16 channel dvr with upgraded 2 TB hard drive. these sold new for over $600 with 500 GB hard drive. this is complete with power supply (wireless remote was optional so we never got it). with 2 TB hard drive will give you as much as 3 months of video storage. here is a link...
  63. bman440440

    16 Ch. DVR Security Camera - $375

    this is a used system thats why $375 OBO CASH TALKS!! this system new is over $1500 Geovision GV-800 16 Ch. with 2 T.B. of video storage used system but working properly Includes: • DVR unit w/power cord • Keyboard and Mouse • D type Audio/Video cables • GeoVision Software GeoVision's...
  64. bman440440

    kill bag thread??

    what happened to the thread from the guy that was selling custom kill bags?
  65. bman440440

    is it me or is BD web site slow again?

    I have tried it from several puters and my phone and it seems so laggy.
  66. bman440440

    removing carpet... what's a good option other than carpet?

    in my little fish/ski boat... it has carpet now that's a pain in the ass when we are at the beach... it takes a long time washing and vacuuming all the sand out... I want to pull it and coat it with something that looks good and is non slip (so I can just hose it out at the end of the day) and...
  67. bman440440

    not mine but.... 90 gallon Offshore fiberglass bait tank seems like a good deal
  68. bman440440

    skipjack... not mine...

    but seem like a good deal at that $ and leave all the extra $ for making it really sweet!
  69. bman440440

    not mine but....

    a steal at that price and repower with a single 350 mag... that would be the S**T!!
  70. bman440440

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 with trailer

    not mine but a heck of a deal...
  71. bman440440

    Offshore 226 to the lower 9 on the "187 FISH" 5/24/15

    short story: no tuna for us long story: launched out of glorietta bay late (07:00) compared to our normal start times with Verns (187 FISH) in-laws and after a delay due to a closed cooling hose clamp that was loose we get the EB about 07:45 and pick up a nice scoop of deans I think we had 2 or...
  72. bman440440

    Kodiak PF-22 bait tank SOLD

    SOLD please delete PM me here
  73. bman440440

    (2) Penn Senator 12/0 with rods

    selling for a friend that just moved here from Hawaii... so I will have more pic's and spec's coming soon... they are set up for marlin fishing, full roller, in good condition... I'm thinking $750 (reels alone going for $400+ on ebay) for both but open... willing to separate. PM me here
  74. bman440440

    smoking deal... not mine...

    I just found this on CL... you cant beat the price... the outboard is worth that easy!!
  75. bman440440

    i thin the BD web site was hacked again...

    I keep getting a pop up that want me to open a file... and no I did not open it... I checked all my antivirus software and setting to make sure its not my puter... it only happens when I'm on BD and no other web sites... any one else having this problem??
  76. bman440440

    lowrance HDS 5 $350

    at west marine FRIDAY only... in-store or online and it includes the 50/200 ducer... figured this would be a good place to post for people looking for a great deal...
  77. bman440440

    2009 Vespa 150 only 546 miles!!

    2009 Vespa 150. in perfect condition! Only 546 original miles... I'm selling this for my aunt who bought it thinking it would be a neat way to run around and do errands... she quickly found out that she did not like the feeling of not having a car around here in traffic! so she want me to sell...
  78. bman440440

    JABSCO 36950-2000 PUMP- SOLD

    $245 OBO SOLD Multi-Outlet Flow rate--- Nominal 3 gallons/min at 1500 rpm Self-priming from dry up to 4.9ft Belt drive and flexible mounts reduce noise A built-in check valve protects the pump against city water pressure during dockside hook up No rotary seals to wear Can run dry for...
  79. bman440440

    reminder San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    reminder San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1... so beware!!!
  80. bman440440

    reminder San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1
  81. bman440440

    look out people... its going to blow up!!!

    San Diego3/4 Day --- 42 Anglers-- 36 Yellowfin Tuna, 55 Bonito, 20 Bluefin Tuna
  82. bman440440


    short story: limits of bass for 2 and many others released long story: launched out of glorietta in SD bay with my dad, left the dock at 11:15 AM and decided to bypass the bait barge... head out the bay and fished about 1/4 mile from the kelp on the south kelp. water was about 66 most of the...
  83. bman440440

    lots of gear!!!

    my buddy just sold his boat and now its time for his gear to go... here are some pic's of it all and I will het more details up in the future... take a look at the pic's and let me know what you are interested in. too many to list!!! literally 3 duffle bags worth! but there are 7 strand, zuck's...
  84. bman440440

    lot of gear!!! Daiwa, shimano, seeker, calstar

    my buddy just sold his boat and now its time for his gear to go... here are some pic's of it all and I will het more details up in the future... take a look at the pic's and let me know what you are interested in. TLD 20 SOLD TLD 30's SOLD
  85. bman440440

    SD bait barge

    I was on Harbor Island tonight and noticed its gone... must be back at its "normal" spot... just a heads up to everyone.
  86. bman440440

    not mine but...

    I think its a good buy!!
  87. bman440440

    new thread idea

    can BD make a separate forum for "ebay electronics" and keep this one for just regular electronic sales??
  88. bman440440

    neat video...

    a friend of mine did this... and keep in mind it's a 17 foot sea pro
  89. bman440440

    Used Boat leveler hydraulic trim tabs 12"x9"

    reposting for a friend... that got the make wrong... Just took these off my boat, they were too small for my boat. Perfect working order you just need the new hydraulic hoses. This system is $640 from manufacture... save big $$$ $150 Verne 760-6440-7058 new price $135 OBO 1 trim tabs 2...
  90. bman440440

    cornado islands... visa needed again??

    heard there was a post on fish dope that the Mexican navy was kicking sporty's out for not having visa's again... any one got info on that??
  91. bman440440

    not mine but GREAT deal

    Bayrunner Center Console
  92. bman440440

    security camera equipment

    8 used cameras in good working order with lenses, 2 are night vision outdoor the rest are indoor. also I have 1 new in box indoor dome night vision camera. prices are $25 and up depending on the camera...recently upgraded system to a network based system so these analog cameras are no longer...
  93. bman440440

    (1) docking fender

  94. bman440440

    new bass regs??

    this might be the wrong area to post this but i remember last year there was a possible size and limit change on spotties, sandys and calico's... I have been all over the DFG web site and I cant find anything! any info will help! :hali_olutta:
  95. bman440440

    SpeedAire Air Compressor

    SpeedAire Air Compressor- model 4B234B great condition, 30 gal 240v, ready for work! $350 OBO BD PRICE
  96. bman440440

    Kayak - Cobra Tandem

    sold please delete
  97. bman440440

    Furuno Marine Radar 1720

    Furuno Marine Radar-- complete system, model 1720, good working condition, I did loose the power connector ($20 on ebay) I upgraded to a new system time for this one to go! $150.0. OBO BD only.. CL $175.00
  98. bman440440

    2" brass ball valve full flow

  99. bman440440

    wanted to buy

    1- 3/4" or 1" <!--BeginFragment-->Marelon Intake Strainer for bait tank 1- sea cock for it and a 800+ GPH bait pump i have some cash and i have security equipment/ rods for a trade as well... any help would be great... and i want to take my nephews out and be able to fish bait. thanks...
  100. bman440440

    1998 Hydra Sports 201 Seahorse DC

    SOLD please delete posting
  101. bman440440

    NEW IN BOX!! Minn Kota EDGE 50 42" Shaft

    <font size="3"><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:state><st1:place></st1:place></st1:state> <st1:state><st1:place></st1:place></st1:state> <st1:state><st1:place></st1:place></st1:state> <st1:state><st1:place>Minn</st1:place></st1:state>...
  102. bman440440

    NEW IN BOX! Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 40 LB 48" Shaft

    SOLD--- please delete Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 40 LB 48" Shaft $415 + tax andshipping is the cheapest i found on the internet! Yours for only $350 OBO... I have 2 NEW units in the box for sale! and yes i'm open to reasonable offers!! update---- 1 left! new price----$325 OBO :smoking33...
  103. bman440440

    14' Valco W/20 HP mercury

    SOLD ----- PLEASE DELETE 14' Valco W/20 HP mercury. the motor is new! was bought new in 1979 and was never used when put into storage. it had never even had gas init until 1st put on boat last year a and has had 1 tank of break in fuel and 5tank fulls of gas since... new plugs and gear oil...
  104. bman440440

    1996 Hydra Sport 22' Ocean-- KEVLAR HULL!!

    SOLD--- please remove post 1996 Hydra Sport 22' Ocean-- KEVLAR HULL!! 2000 Evinrude FICHT 225, Lorance LMS337 color F/F W/ GPS, VHF radio, 85 gal fuel tank, dual batteries W/ switch, 1 scoop bait tank W/ light & 850 GPH pump, T-Top W/ rocket launcher (4) pole holders & deck lights front and...
  105. bman440440

    79 21 ft stringari skiff center console (not mine)

    here is a good deal on a fixer upper!! i found this and thought of the BD'rs out there that know about stringari's !! hope one of you guy's give her a good home and return her to her glory!! :drunk
  106. bman440440

    Starcraft Seafarer 14 aluminum w/15 HP Johnson electric start

    StarcraftSeafarer 14 aluminum w/15 HP Johnson electric start and 3 gal. tank. 3 life vests, highlander trailer w/ tilt for beach launching, bearing buddies, sideguides and new wiring. 6 rod holders, great boat no leaks. motor needs $40power pack (per sunset marine), has water pump & gear oil...
  107. bman440440

    12' Dratech Aluminum boat w/ 5 HP Nissan

    SOLD $550.00 OBO 12' Dratech Aluminum boat w/ 5 HP Nissan & 3gal fuel tank, motor runs great just not the prettyest, great for the lakes and rivers no leaks. motor is worth almost the asking price!! current tags!<!-- START CLTAGS -->
  108. bman440440

    1986 Johnson 15 HP w/ electric start

    I have a GREAT running 15 HP Johnson for sale with electric start 15" shaft, new wiring for the starter and new water pump(6 months ago)... has no problem getting a 14' starcraft aluminum with 2 big guy's in it up on plane and GPS sped of 23 mph... comes with 3 gal gas tank (lasts all day...
  109. bman440440

    tender / bay-lake boat

    water tender 9.4 ... was used as a tender so bottom of hull is a little dirty. see attached pictures. has oars and in an 8 out of 10 shape. perfect for a father son trip to the bay or lakes, can take up to a 5 H.P. outboard. I used a 24 lb. trust trolling motor with this and was plenty for...