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  1. fisherman from

    took the youngin out to catch lobster bait

    thats it there..wtg on getting on the macs..
  2. fisherman from

    Ready to fish.

    dont listen to this guy,go kill you some rockfish:hali_olutta:
  3. fisherman from

    2 looking for someone to with a boat to fish bones in Redondo

    why do you need a boat to fish the harbor???hop on some rocks dont be lazy
  4. fisherman from

    Gail Force Sportfishing Long Beach bugging 1/1/14

    do they split up all the lobsters or whats in ur net is yours????
  5. fisherman from

    LED vs Plasma tv

    Never go with 120..always go for the 240hz..quality is way better...but a bit costly..
  6. fisherman from

    New Years Day Breakwater Trip

    nice way to work the wall...
  7. fisherman from

    dam knee

    how in the hell do you blow out 4 knees...i would like to know,so i know what not to do to blow out my knees..damn that looks painful
  8. fisherman from

    Suggestions for bait casting reel!!!!!

    try the shimano citica that lil thing..
  9. fisherman from

    new to spotties

    use 15lb test...2ounce weight with treble hook...if you bait like you asked...but if you wanna throw plastics..6-8lb test..3in hammers,,chigger claws..smothered in butter:hali_olutta:
  10. fisherman from

    kayak fishing lb wall

    ive seen plenty of yaks inside of the wall closest to the launch (cabrillo launch area)there using live squish..and coming in with some beauts...
  11. fisherman from

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    that long beach court house has been modernized...:hali_olutta:
  12. fisherman from

    Does Bloodydecks need a bullying policy

    knock it off!!!...its called bloody decks,shit talking ,hazing,bullying at its finest...sack up buddy...:finger:
  13. fisherman from

    Fish on some stones

    X2!!!quality is very good..i had limits of rock fish followed by my limit of lings...
  14. fisherman from

    NPH Spotty Session 10/14/13

    spottie fishing is some of the best fishing,,,
  15. fisherman from

    Long Beach Buggin

  16. fisherman from

    Another Bass Rod

    got a hot date sat!!!!....gonna be tossing some plastics and see what we can do...for lip peircing to all bass
  17. fisherman from

    I will put you on blast..

    please send numbers i might wanna drop a net or two there myself!!!!
  18. fisherman from

    Another Bass Rod

    thanks bro shit looks super clean..cant wait to fish it
  19. fisherman from

    Why all the bitching

    This is bloody decks and their are some lil whiners here on the sight ,so just sit back and enjoy the good and the bad,,personally i enjoy reading this crap..
  20. fisherman from

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    I'd take them.fuck those douche bags talking shit..nice lil haul...
  21. fisherman from

    Thank you to these guys-The Point

    Thats what its all about right there...karma
  22. fisherman from

    LINGCOD - Can you suggest some jigs and plastic to use?

    I used gulps large grubs.over 2ounce lead head.i think its 9in..
  23. fisherman from

    Texting while driving..................................

    It pissed me off so bad that I threw my beer at them as we pulled away from the light.....hhmmmm!!
  24. fisherman from

    Calico Bass Rod

    damn that shit is sick...congrats on the wedding buddy
  25. fisherman from

    down loading illegally

    this is what ive been reading....keep it up then the serious shit comes..i hope..but i nevert hink its ok to steal...sometimes kids have to learn the hard way..idiot!!!
  26. fisherman from

    down loading illegally

    our internet company called,then said we'll be getting a letter from copyright company????..goddaman kid,,well he is 19yrs old..
  27. fisherman from

    down loading illegally

    My son got caught down loading music and movies..anybody have this trouble before..he wasnt distibuting anything just personal listening and watching
  28. fisherman from

    looking to fish newport beach harbor.

    Go and explore bro..that place is fishy...try lidos,take ferry accross channel...
  29. fisherman from

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

  30. fisherman from

    3 Days of Fun

    Sound pretty fucking epic to me...lucky you!!!
  31. fisherman from

    30lb Halibut from the Tube

    damn im kicking myself for not being hating on you bro,couldnt have happened to a nicer guy..congrats
  32. fisherman from

    Monster spottie

    very nice..
  33. fisherman from

    LB Wall

    nice wall sesh
  34. fisherman from

    Going on 1st overnight. Need tips

    get on boat chit chat a lil.go to sleep wake up in a couple hrs ready to fish..easy as that.its just an sleeping at ur buds house..
  35. fisherman from

    Hawthorne Police shoot Rottweiler

    was all the owners fault..baited those cops.parked his vehicle on the corner bumbing his stereo loud.while cops just raided a house.then dick wad wants to video it walking his dog back and forth,,first of all mind ur own fucking would be alive.....i own a rott,and they are such...
  36. fisherman from

    My Boats First Island Grand Slam

    thats what im talking about..sweet deal
  37. fisherman from

    Tanker Corbina Going Off!

    fuckin a..nice tanker beaners
  38. fisherman from

    Super moon = Super Seabass

    your pics say it all.sweet deal..happy happy happy
  39. fisherman from


    launch out of cabrillo in san the bay,alot of halibut come out of there...
  40. fisherman from

    Super moon and seabass

    well im gonna be out there sunday,and ill let you douche bags know if its total B.S..
  41. fisherman from

    6/19 Fly Fished HB PM YFC and lost a SFC :(

    nice thanks for the report.
  42. fisherman from

    First and PB Bean!!! 6/18/13

    nice beaner..wheres the kitchen did pops cooker up
  43. fisherman from

    SUP fishing

    that just seems like way to much work..but to everyone their own..sweet ass pics thanks..
  44. fisherman from

    How fat is too fat?

    last paragragh is pretty fucked up when you have to be towed in.....also agree with you on the issue of dont have to be some fat fuck to stink.:shithappens:
  45. fisherman from

    Crazy homeless fishing

    dude stole my bike..fucker
  46. fisherman from


    you got yourself a fishing partner for life!!!.wtg dad!!!
  47. fisherman from

    San Diego Bay alive and well!

    nice to play deckie.wtg..but pics do wanders for threads
  48. fisherman from

    Early Morning Corbina

    nice grade..thanks
  49. fisherman from

    Curado 300

  50. fisherman from

    Rottweiler saves little dog from coyote

  51. fisherman from

    Rottweiler saves little dog from coyote

  52. fisherman from


    you bunch of douche bags
  53. fisherman from

    2013.06.01 Ensenada

    sweet report,thanks...
  54. fisherman from

    Awesome Tankers. 5/30

    kudos for hooking up someone with the smaller of ur 2..
  55. fisherman from

    New World Record Set For Striped Bass

    that thing looks retarded.anyways congrats
  56. fisherman from

    Custom Bass Rod

    damn Jimmy,getting down with the custom rods...maybe one of these days i will be able to afford've come along way my friend,since i bought the one a year ago.
  57. fisherman from

    PB calico

    nothing wrong with keeping a old calico,.,1 or 2 good table fare..congrats on the P.B
  58. fisherman from

    Bad Fuel/ maybe tank?

    theres a place in bellflower off of alondra,if your getting off 605 freeway its passing woodruff on ur right hand side
  59. fisherman from

    BARRETT LAKE - 05/08

    match the hatch
  60. fisherman from


    women dont fart they poot.
  61. fisherman from

    San Clemente Island. 4/19-21/13

    totaly fucking jealous..wtg guys
  62. fisherman from

    Santa Monica Bay Bassin' 4/20 w-pics

    damn that sandie was gonna have a hard time passing that rock crab...looks like fun.
  63. fisherman from

    Midnight run.. Not the movie

    thanks for the pics and the report.hit me up if you need a fishing buddy.
  64. fisherman from

    Varmint got my dog

    Sorry for your loss.Buy a rottweiler,Prob solved.
  65. fisherman from

    04.13.13 - The Wedge

    Good Job Buddy.nice looking checkers
  66. fisherman from

    Shhhhh, I think, I Hear Something

    I like that shit.And it is very possible.America will give him a nice hair cut.pos
  67. fisherman from

    Just Kickn it!!!

    Signed with the lions.drop akers keep this gent.
  68. fisherman from

    25.5 inch sandy

    Nah bro,that isnt a 25.5 in sandy..but nice catch..get a tape measure..then,prove is in the pudding.remember thick skin brotha.thick skin.
  69. fisherman from


    Damn is my son joining the wrong branch of military.sound like a pussy..jk...but i think most advise was pretty tame to what some people get around here...welcome to B,D's.Now sack
  70. fisherman from


    Since ur new to the site,u should be read up on cali reg's b4 posting how many bass u caught,,.....also most bass fisherman release the next time just release those nice looking spotts back where they were.also thanks for serving our country
  71. fisherman from


    im trying to get out right now,thanks b-p :hali_olutta:
  72. fisherman from


    does anyone know if nacho has anchovies...i wanna launch from Davies,not pedro
  73. fisherman from

    Show me your BASS...

    Damn bro ur just crushing the spots..wtg
  74. fisherman from


    I agree 100%...Bad rap and everything...But my rottie love raw meat.and is really good around kids..:hali_olutta:
  75. fisherman from


    What about rottweiler owners?:hali_olutta:
  76. fisherman from

    my son attacked

    damn i dont blame you..wish the best for ur son,,
  77. fisherman from

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    so what is the legal bass size now 14in...also i think 5 bag limit is good..i c,p,r..anyways,but on occasion i like to much on a turd or a cali.
  78. fisherman from

    Bait caster- spectra or mono or?

    depends on what kinda fishing.i go 50lb spectra top shot 30-40lb flouro.
  79. fisherman from

    Neighbors dog broke through the fence and attacked mine

    this is so true,pits get a black eye because of the breed....since its your bday treat urself and buy a rottweiler...problem fixed..i had yapper dogs charge my rott,and he let a deep growl out and the dog didnt want no part of him..
  80. fisherman from

    Long Beach Info

    If its calm head to the outside,nice bass rod,some hammers and go to work...drop a couple nets all along the wall.check every 1/2hr and hope u get something
  81. fisherman from

    Long Beach Info

    your can stay on inside of breakwall.
  82. fisherman from

    not a good day to be driving around in dark Nissan truck

    100% correct and brought up on charges
  83. fisherman from

    not a good day to be driving around in dark Nissan truck

    y cops are shooting lil asian ladies that deliver news papers...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  84. fisherman from

    Another D-bag rampage

    with all the crookedness that cops do to innocent people.and you say nothing about it...he a d bag for killing innocent ur correct.what about crooked ass cops,no news on that.
  85. fisherman from

    cerritos restaurants

    great place to eat,,,a lil pricey,,but good.
  86. fisherman from

    Ballast Point COC Recap

    fishing is fun,but family is more important,great call to head in.But 1 solid day at sci is awesome,,,some of us only see it every other year.
  87. fisherman from

    Dondo' Special 12/20/12...

    thanks for the report.,
  88. fisherman from


    12-12-12 all that means,is i want a 12 of modelos,12 of bud light,and a 12 of coronas.fuck it
  89. fisherman from

    San Miguel fishing and buggin

    sweet deal there ..congrats.
  90. fisherman from

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    nice looking spots,,,and that sounds about right cops always gotta spoil it.
  91. fisherman from

    Taking it old school.

    way to keep his spirit alive!!!
  92. fisherman from

    Shikari Ultralight

    WISEGUY CUSTOM RODS....nice!!...when are we gonna hit up the jungle!!
  93. fisherman from

    Tide when spotty fishing

    i go fishing all the time,never once looked at tide and such,and still catch fish.
  94. fisherman from

    SD Bay bugs

    thats good,get what u need for a nice meal and call it a day.very nice
  95. fisherman from

    best time of the night for lobster hooping

    If you have fish finder use it..look for structure.20 feet out from a jetty seems a bit to far out...tide structure correct bait..i like to set my hoops right at sunset,and max soak for me would be an hr...just basic info
  96. fisherman from

    Prostate/Colon Exam!

    Something to look forward to..min age was 60?:shithappens://also i have a female DR..small fingers:hali_olutta:
  97. fisherman from

    Dad we got bugs again!

  98. fisherman from

    Color Braid when fishing Calicos or Spotties?

    Spotties might be an over kill.but calicos in the kelp is a diffrent beast in itself...30 to 40lb fluoro leader on 50 to 65 spectra.great setup.:hali_olutta:
  99. fisherman from

    10/29/12 LBC 23" Repeat

    nice,wtg happy man
  100. fisherman from


    Jay cutler is a stud,,the hit he took from suh,and got up!!!stud.coming fro a lions fan.
  101. fisherman from

    LB harbor closures

    I believe u can drift that area just cant drop anchor for butts
  102. fisherman from

    Fog, fog, wind (Tues-Thurs)

    shit sounds not that bad...atleast u caught some fish.
  103. fisherman from

    Retard in the harbor

    Ive seen 1 peli at clemente island that had a big hammer peircing his throat area...still was at the boat looking for more...damn mofo was punked out
  104. fisherman from

    This is why afghanistan is being lost

    DAMN,and thanks for your services bud..
  105. fisherman from


    husband and wife fishing VERY strong realationship...only arguments is who caught more,or who caught the biggest!wtg team.
  106. fisherman from

    Newport Harbor?

    Bro their all over nph,,you just gotta find the spots....put a lil work in and hunt those lil hard fighters down..theres nothing like feeling a lil thump,then its bendo time.
  107. fisherman from

    To many Haters...

    bravo,,,ur learning..:hali_olutta:now stop acting like a lil bitch and go kill some fish,,,and pics would be much appreciated....:finger:
  108. fisherman from

    To many Haters...

    BRAVO,ur learning......:hali_olutta:,,,now stop acting like a lil bitch and go kill some fish...:finger:
  109. fisherman from

    To many Haters...

    this thread is gonna keep going and going,,,ETC..poor lil dude..
  110. fisherman from

    To many Haters...

    BYE mofo!!!!...I dont know about you when u fish,but with my buds,its trash talking, know guys being guys...dont bring your feeling into a fishing website...especially on the MIGHTY BD's.:finger:
  111. fisherman from

    Kelp and Current

    Im sure if its found,and returned,it will be empty
  112. fisherman from

    Met Steve Erwin of the Pier in real life???

    Those kinda people are the best..i personnaly like to listen,I like to throw in a bullshit story then they look at me like im crazy...go figure......also like to add,ive seen guys with the oldest also cheapest fishing gea,r out fish most guys with top notch shit,on boats....
  113. fisherman from

    "Its a wrap" SWBA Team Fishtrax!

    congrats on making it,and sounds like the fishing community is alive and well...
  114. fisherman from

    Dinghy Lobsters in Long Beach

    letters from the kids are always a special treat,that def refrigarator material there buddy.congrtats on the bugs also
  115. fisherman from

    Hooping with 3 Marine Sergeants and lots of tails

    great those reads...wtg on getting them some great eats
  116. fisherman from

    I kinda like you A-holes

    oh sorry to hear that....why would you even look at a thread like that if you werent gay....jmho
  117. fisherman from

    Pulling on Mud Marlin

    nice...bendo shot of the kids,looks like they had a blast,,,also nice boat
  118. fisherman from


    well when i was hooping ,i threw out some plastics while i waited on the soak,,and caught some pitbull headed sculpin wright in the kelp..
  119. fisherman from

    Halibut and Lobster Report LB

    and it wont be the last time he out fishes you...get used to it buddy..nice,wtg on the fish and hoopnetting trip
  120. fisherman from


    oh no bashing ..great job of pointing that out BUUUT.go through his other post on this thread were he admits using an old ass scale from the garage...but anyways great FUCKING catch...:hali_olutta:
  121. fisherman from


    fuck me!!!damn it im hating on u....jking..congrats on the haul
  122. fisherman from

    Cleaning and cooking rock crabs

    this is the way it should be done,dont boil,meat gets dry.steam them.maybe a lil cajin spices mixed in the butter and lemon ...crack open 1 of these :hali_olutta:..and enjoy
  123. fisherman from

    SMB 10/7 Lots of Bass

    bassing is always the best!!!jmho..
  124. fisherman from

    My first report, Lots of Bugs!

    man that broc sure looks good!
  125. fisherman from

    Swimbaits for Leadheads

    looks like shit!!...just jking,,keep it up ,practice.way to recycle
  126. fisherman from

    Epic Night Topwater Only

    sound like a good sesh to me
  127. fisherman from

    need a little help with area

    all the ? u asked try them all....not sure if ur 8yr old would like to bait and wait,or throw plastics
  128. fisherman from

    Ensenada best trip of my life

    dont worry bout that,,,i do the same shit when im excited too!!!!:hali_olutta:
  129. fisherman from

    Mono to spectra question.

    i dont think he's asking how to tie a knot....go with flouro..
  130. fisherman from

    More Dana Point Dorado!

    you need a bigger ice chest,,wtg on the dodo's
  131. fisherman from

    Offshore Dorado report for Aug. 27th out of Long Beach

    u guys killed it,,thanks for the report and pics
  132. fisherman from

    8/26 First post SCI

    thats what im talking about!!!!nice report with pics....welcome to the B,D's..:finger:
  133. fisherman from

    Cedros gear for the uneducated thumb...

    not when ur trying to take out a birds nest...:hali_olutta:
  134. fisherman from

    Yellow on ski.

    you looked stoked...congrats
  135. fisherman from

    Bloodydecks rules!

    After their main guy passed away,,that sight has gone to shit....and i believe you might be talking about T/O...they have a tight circle their .and if yur not in the circle u can get banned very easily...but that shit dont happen here on the Mighty B.D's..
  136. fisherman from


    DAMN you guys are doing it!!!!..looks like good time with pops..
  137. fisherman from

    sunrise to sunset!

    MALT truly the best....oh and great report with pics..
  138. fisherman from

    in the harbor

    Its just teasing,relaxe buddy having fun ....its a fishing site and we like to see fish...thats all...:hali_olutta:
  139. fisherman from

    (Video) 1 bean, and one nut..... is tourist season over yet?

    nice video!!its to bad some people cant seem to let people be!! handled it like a gentle man.....alot better than i would of handled it....good job
  140. fisherman from

    in the harbor

    Like i said i call B.FUCKING.S without it what you want..I can say i caught blah blah us....dont b.s..thats all im saying..thats who i am...
  141. fisherman from

    Why I'm not hunting this year - Warning gross picture.

    wtf!!!....just lost my appetite thanks....hope you get out there soon killing something.
  142. fisherman from

    La Jolla video Sunday

    Nice.....i always love bendo shots,especially with good music to go along with it,,,sweet
  143. fisherman from

    in the harbor

    I call B.S without pics....welcome to the mighty B.D's
  144. fisherman from

    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    Aye aye aye aye aye!!!!i fucking hate you guys,,,,,,,very nice fishing there....wtg on the variety...
  145. fisherman from

    The Defense Department

    Nice always take care of fam first,then everything else will fall into place....also my son turned 18 and he's having him a rock and roll party too!!!...Jumper and pin the tail on the
  146. fisherman from

    OTW signs of stroke

    Fucking a.........good job.prob saved the mans life...kudos bro!!!!
  147. fisherman from


    keep it up!!!love the butter
  148. fisherman from

    A little of Everything

    Fuck yeah i would call that a good trip!!!!
  149. fisherman from

    Shikari IMB705 Murdered

    wiseguy custom rods,,,I LIKE
  150. fisherman from

    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    Sales man puttin it down for long beach..sweet deal.cant believe this thread is still going.
  151. fisherman from

    Catalina On The Fly July 20 - 22

    nice grade checkers..wtg thanks for the report and pics.
  152. fisherman from

    Mdr wide open Cuda!!! 7-23

    Cudas are a blast to catch,,just that they are a mess if you dont bleed and ice right away..
  153. fisherman from

    A little more marbling...

    What up Jimmy...I see ya sharping your skillz...looks nice...but it doesnt look as good as the first 1 you sold me!!!!!hahahaha
  154. fisherman from

    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    wow....thanks for the read
  155. fisherman from

    SMB 'Cudas 7/22.....

    nice....bendo shot was great....
  156. fisherman from

    Big Ling off La Jolla

    wtg on getting some nice fish...its always good for the women to out fish the men once in awhile...sike....hahaha
  157. fisherman from

    Pt. Loma 7-22-12

    no butts,but you got some good eating,wtg on you and the boy getting some..
  158. fisherman from

    San Diego Bay 07-21-12, Good Bass Fishing

    damn bro what the fuck crawled up your ass..calm the fuck need for the race card:finger:round eye pc of shit..hahaha..but anyways look like a good time out on the big lake.
  159. fisherman from

    Report 7.21.12 - PL Kelp and Mission Bay

    nice looking bass...wtg on getting out there
  160. fisherman from

    Palos Verdes Butt

    X2...but where all fisherman here....that means a bunch of liars...hahahaha...congrats on the butt
  161. fisherman from

    Newport isnt dead!

    makes me wanna grab my shit and get out there...nice looking spott!!!!!!!
  162. fisherman from

    My little man is a badass!

    i havent eve caught a green bass..good job lil man
  163. fisherman from


    sorry to hear about your buddy...i have just recieved a pup rottweiler and he is my new best friend,i cant imagine going thru what your going thru...again sorry
  164. fisherman from

    High Country Trout Trifecta!!!

    very nice read,,and looked like some good trout fishing...congrats
  165. fisherman from

    hunter v.s. gather

    that douche bag got what he wanted out of all of you,,,,everybody got all butt hurt and jumped on him.....he hasnt even replied...TROLL....thats all he thing to do is ignore the lil fucker...he'll go away.
  166. fisherman from

    PB Calico - Jackpot on the Point Loma Twilight Trip 6/29/12

    that is a nice looking opal eye...looks like fun out there
  167. fisherman from

    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    those bass look very unhealthy in that state...nice catching
  168. fisherman from

    Toadslayerz Strike Again (lots o' pics)

    way to keep it tight,and respectful...RESPECT...classy..not bashing just giving some pointers on handling spotts...:hali_olutta:
  169. fisherman from

    The Jetty Pays

    now that is a kid holding a baby...hahaha..wtg kid fish on getting out there and catching some fish.
  170. fisherman from

    Fishing with my son LB report

    thats what its all about right there..,,wtg dad.....also like the kids boots...and oh yeah nice looking hali..
  171. fisherman from

    LAB says it all
  172. fisherman from

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    which came first the chicken or the egg?
  173. fisherman from

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    quit bitching......:finger:..
  174. fisherman from

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    that was just a smart ass remark for all the people hating on my friends thread,,thats all relaxe lil buddy...dont get ur panties all twisted...:finger:
  175. fisherman from

    Rpt-Wed-06-13-12 Salsapuedes Still Fishy!

    u are a fish killing machine that puts out great report and pics,,,wtg on the taco meat..
  176. fisherman from

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    i say kill them all!!!!...wtg on the delish mako steaks....whens the BBQ....
  177. fisherman from

    Overnight on the Outrider - 6/9/2012

    nice...thanks for the report and pics..gonna be heading out this fri,for an all nighter,,cant wait
  178. fisherman from


    i put in the oven with just about an 1/8 of an in of water wrap them in alum,,,and let steam,,,,keeps them juicy,,,,put on bbq grill.get that nice bbq flavor on them,,and it will fall of the bone.....delish;;;add a couple of :hali_olutta:,,and ur golden
  179. fisherman from

    Good time on the Pacific Voyager 06.06.2012

    sorry to hear about the sickness,i got dr appnt tomorrow for this.gonna be heading out on a overnighter and dont want to get sick....and also congrats on ur buds first yella!!!
  180. fisherman from

    California State Record Sculpin?

  181. fisherman from

    The right bite

  182. fisherman from

    halibut off domes

  183. fisherman from

    California State Record Sculpin?

    that is a undersized gerabaldi...should have released it
  184. fisherman from

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    im at a lost for words..but u got out there, while I was laying tile.
  185. fisherman from

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    damn...congrats....that is what u call a barn door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. fisherman from

    Great Day

    nice ...looks like u had a good time.
  187. fisherman from

    50lb wsb w/Capt Dave Hansen

    nice report..need fish porn..thanks for sharing
  188. fisherman from

    A little Catalina R&D

    nice,,,way to slay
  189. fisherman from

    -HD BASS VIDEO- Beats & Bass

  190. fisherman from

    point loma bass slaughter

    nice,looks like fun.....hope the weather holds out,,i wanna snag a couple of bass myself
  191. fisherman from

    First yellowtail

    congrats on the first yeller
  192. fisherman from

    Risking life and limb to catch Calico Bass in Mexico...

    nice wtg on the fishing expidition....slug calicos
  193. fisherman from

    Wild Boar Hunt Mendocino County

    dinner is served,,,carnitas...nice read,,,,
  194. fisherman from

    45 minute Halibut trip!

    thanks for report with pics..nice to see a clean report...
  195. fisherman from

    Shimano waxwing leader or no leader?

    ur choice....straight or leader...i prefer leader
  196. fisherman from

    big bass at oside harbor!!

    nice catch!!,,that is a slug of a spottie..
  197. fisherman from

    Fun Day Monday Lady Lucky II. 5/21/12

    nice looking bloody decker...sound like u guys had a great time...nice
  198. fisherman from

    5/19 Hali Fishing

    nice looking flattie
  199. fisherman from

    Isn't it time for these?

    i would think not,,,seems to me this guy knows how to catch the big ones....and also congrats to the guys who caught these BIG ASS FISH!!!!..:hali_olutta:
  200. fisherman from

    Little Johnny

  201. fisherman from

    5/16/12 Limits of WSB With Captain Hansen

    damn,,,,good eating there...wtg..
  202. fisherman from

    Goon Squad (lagoon toads)

    wtg on the fat spots....
  203. fisherman from

    yak attack

    DAMN>>>my uncle kayaks up be carefull..
  204. fisherman from

    DD Castaic Lake Lagoon Bass

  205. fisherman from

    Cedros Island Excursion my dreams
  206. fisherman from

    MDR - Windy & Wet = Quality Red Drum Bass!

    nice....wtg..ur ok days..are my great days..
  207. fisherman from

    66lb Costal Tanker

    damn,,thats a tanker alright
  208. fisherman from

    17' Invader $5000 o.b.o

    X2..sorry to hear about that buddy....
  209. fisherman from

    Cinco de Mayo Jungle Basstravaganza 5/5/2012

    had a blast out there,cant wait to do it again....
  210. fisherman from

    a little background, lots of pics.

    welcome to the site,,and sweet pics.
  211. fisherman from

    Hali from the tube!

    lolly nice looking butt,and i had fun fishing with ya..cant wait till next time,,maybe i can get me a hali...
  212. fisherman from

    050312-Found some butts!

    plate looks delish,,,,i love calabasa....oh and halibut too!!
  213. fisherman from

    Harbor Island 4/30

    X2...good catching
  214. fisherman from


    nice size bass......diablos
  215. fisherman from

    3 halibut in 2 days, for all the haters and juvie WSB catchers in tube socks...

    talents to the beach,,nice fish...and popcorn is good sometimes.
  216. fisherman from

    Post Spawn Reaction

    sweet,,,,grin on ur face says it all
  217. fisherman from

    Perch'n VC 4/30/12

    nice way to spend an hr,,
  218. fisherman from


    Anybody do welding,i need someone to help me out,,,broke bracket that hold bottom board for boat to sit on...thanks
  219. fisherman from

    4/28 Bay Bass Grand Slam

    nice ....that looks like a great day
  220. fisherman from

    Big bass from past week

    a holding out ur fish is a no no...thats what the pro's here say..but anyways nice looking bassers
  221. fisherman from

    TugBoat Pitching

  222. fisherman from

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    ...fuck all the hating bitches...nice lil catch from the surf...
  223. fisherman from

    So Cal Scene | Fishing Heats Up

    great im heading out sunday,,,,:hali_olutta:
  224. fisherman from

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    sav-on...down the street
  225. fisherman from

    Lobster baits

    sweet....i pulled out some nice size crab from the inside of a cabazon
  226. fisherman from

    LBC NOT the break wall

    killem and grillem...nice
  227. fisherman from

    bay bass big bay

    oh yeah....let the bass nazi's commit the bashing...
  228. fisherman from


    sorry to hear about that,,but i always that storing my boat at a storage fac,,was a nono..for the simple reason that u explained....
  229. fisherman from

    Pt Fermin, the wall and a Ling

    wtg on the linger,,and i hope point fermin is not a no fish zone,,thats as far as can go on my boat...
  230. fisherman from

    Finally got out...SMB 04/22

    sorry to hear bout ur bro,,,good fishing
  231. fisherman from

    SCI 4/21 on the Fortune

    sweet...wtg on helpng the nino
  232. fisherman from

    JIG N POP Trip on the Maximus

    sweet bendo shot...looks like a great trip.....and whats up with the socks?
  233. fisherman from

    Mixed Bag LAB 04/16/12

    cool report thanks ..i need to get out there
  234. fisherman from

    Robber vs. Rottweiler and Ricardo Video and Story

    nice about time the good guy wins....and good dog
  235. fisherman from

    Curado or citica

    go with the curado and load it with 50lb pp
  236. fisherman from

    NPH 4/12/12

    damn,,better luck next time jimmy...skipped the jungle huh?
  237. fisherman from

    MB - 04/12/12 - War before the storm

    (girthy)..nice sesh..
  238. fisherman from

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    sounds like a good trip wtg on getting the boat out there and getting sum
  239. fisherman from

    Post storm corbina report for 4-11

    nice;> the pics of the bendos..wtg
  240. fisherman from

    Aluminum Bay/Bass boat!

    bitchin lil boat..looks just like my monark.
  241. fisherman from


    nice wtg...
  242. fisherman from

    Took some Ese's fiching on the Dolphin!! 3-30-2012

    you might have fishing buddies for life now!..wtg on getting them out there...ESE..
  243. fisherman from

    SD BASS CREW- Sunset Bassin

    knuckled up the spotties..nice...
  244. fisherman from

    Recreational Espionage 101 being in the loop-er

    kept into the report,and not just flipping down to the pics...nice
  245. fisherman from

    A little Sumthin (video)

    way to fight that mac...nice vid
  246. fisherman from

    Rpt-Wed-03-28-12 Bass and Rockfish.

    great report...good luck on the aztec
  247. fisherman from

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    looks like you had a blast,,nice,.,,,,thanks for the report and the pics..
  248. fisherman from

    Sat at the LBC

    nice....also nice yak set up
  249. fisherman from

    tommorow bass fishing

    after rain spottie fishing is not that good....water real murky...jmho...
  250. fisherman from

    DP: kelp bed

    calm and peacefull.....nice rigs..
  251. fisherman from

    Working Man's Cod 3.23

    smack talking,joking,and plain old shittalking,thats whats its all about,,nice report thanks
  252. fisherman from

    Twilight on the Native Sun Loking,..

    Burials at sea.....looks like you had some fun...i need to give it a try
  253. fisherman from

    2012 Bass Contest: March

    wtf...contest over for the month of march....toad....
  254. fisherman from

    1st Post Bloody LMB Survives

    FNN...was over there for awhile...nice looking lmb...wtg on the release
  255. fisherman from

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures

    thats a sweet ass video..thanks .....
  256. fisherman from

    MONSTER PERCH, and a small butt. 3/23 PIC HEAVY

    seems like nice lil outing...thanks for the report and pics
  257. fisherman from

    Alaskan spring? kings!

    hardcore fishing,,,sweet.
  258. fisherman from

    GoPro halibut fishing video

    in the midnight hr she cried more!!!...wtg
  259. fisherman from


    OKAY......i guess its a good thing.....stuffed and mounted...damn bro..were full of comedians...good stuff...late
  260. fisherman from

    Two Outta Three in LAB 3/22/12

    nice lil mixed bag...nice looking spotts
  261. fisherman from

    2012 Bass Contest: March

    myself and lil ceeez..had a nice discussion about this fish......hahahaha...
  262. fisherman from


    I got..GOT....your boy took the bait...anyways...i dont mean anything by it..keeps it fresh....from the LBC...:2gunsfiring_v1:....i know how to play the game also..peace...and when we going fishing..
  263. fisherman from


  264. fisherman from

    Birthday halibut for my buddy!

    wtg on getting ur budds on some fish,,,,water looks nice out there
  265. fisherman from

    o side pier 3-21

    i just might,,ur pics,,they look good.
  266. fisherman from

    o side pier 3-21

    damn didnt know you can eat shovel nose..any ways atleast you got out there and caught something..
  267. fisherman from

    A very costly bass and lobster

    congrats on the nice cali,,sorry bout the gear...shit happens,then you go buy you another set up...we all make mistakes...and whats CPR...i always eat calicos...
  268. fisherman from

    Last night season close bugs

    wtg to end the season...
  269. fisherman from


    keeps it interesting,,,:finger:
  270. fisherman from


    BINGO!!!!..and I guees...HATER!....
  271. fisherman from

    Snow Day Bassin'

    nice thanks for the pics and report...
  272. fisherman from

    new to bass fishing

    thats sweet....nothing like using swimmies and something comming and striking it...wtg..keep at it...also dont forget the camera..also dont forget to slap some scent on those swimmies..(uni-hot sauce-etc)
  273. fisherman from


    why would i need to ask around,ill ask you...what parts of Long Beach are we talking about here...maybe we crossed paths for me im from the carmelitas,,,,
  274. fisherman from

    Tebow a Jet, Saints fined HUGE!!

    damn.,,,,saints got fucked......and good luck tebow....
  275. fisherman from


    first off i dont know ceez,and therefore dont owe anybody any respect,couldnt care less about his status in the bass fishing community...and all im saying is just give the youngster a pat on the back and say good job.nice looking bass,and move on...but when it comes to clowning,sorry bra,thats...
  276. fisherman from


    if there legal enjoy the dinner..wtg on the haul.
  277. fisherman from

    Afterwork Special

    like the pros........wtg on the basser
  278. fisherman from


    maybe you did maybe you didnt...but the youngerster got out there.and i know what a lil hate is,,,been around the block a couple of times...:shithappens:
  279. fisherman from


    a lil hate...atleast u went fishing,and caught feesh..:hali_olutta:
  280. fisherman from

    Pulling Up Chubby Togs!

    awesome pics,,,and seems like a great day on the water
  281. fisherman from

    Rpt-Wed-03-14-12 Las Salinas Reds

    now this is the kinda report im used to coming from you!..WTG
  282. fisherman from

    VJ got $55,000,000.00 from the Bucs

    i have to agree some what...but to have a superstar in detroit is nice....and one that demands double or triple teams,it just opens up our its time to sign on the d side of the ball
  283. fisherman from

    MDR - Just Another Day On The Red Drum!

    nice cheek peircing on that sandie
  284. fisherman from

    Bass Gear Scores at Fred Hall

    should of picked up some of the war blades..thats all your missing...but you got you some bass killing gear there..nice
  285. fisherman from

    VJ got $55,000,000.00 from the Bucs

    calvin johnson,,signed a 7yr,132million,,with 60 million ford didnt need no bail well spent....did you charger fans see, remember what he did to you guys down in detroit??
  286. fisherman from

    Rpt-Sat. 03-10-12 Slow Local Bass'n.

    at least you got something......and about time we hear about an avg day out for you..its usualy wfo,,limited here,limted there...hahaha..
  287. fisherman from

    Bass Gear Scores at Fred Hall

    i was like a kid in a candy store...all the rods,plastics,spinners..i visited every single bass was my first time at the F.H show,and def wont be my last...seen a couple familiar faces,in the warbaits area...and even checked out the mighty B.D's booth..haha..
  288. fisherman from

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    looks like something out of shark week,,,,,,wtg,,,,once in a life time shot....
  289. fisherman from

    Team Basstic TV- Going The Distance- San Clemente Island

    wtg on the vid,,,makes me wanna go right now...
  290. fisherman from

    Rpt-Sun.-San Clemente Island Lings and Reds

    wtg on the lings ans reds...lucky mofo..
  291. fisherman from

    The call of cod:

    wtg on getting the kiddos out there...
  292. fisherman from

    3/3 & 3/4

    good luck out there.i also am heading out...not to cat though..
  293. fisherman from

    Local lobster report for 2-28-12

    nice...wtg on the the buggers
  294. fisherman from

    Hodges Today

    wtg on the green backs,,in the tube,,,,nice..
  295. fisherman from

    Sunday 26th Skunk

    nice looking checka....atleast u got out there
  296. fisherman from


    get what fits ur budget...i use a 201 citica,on a 6'6 shikari...loaded with 10lb pline...and just have fun..
  297. fisherman from

    MDR Bassin' and Buggin'

    wtg on the bugs...nice
  298. fisherman from

    Halibut spearing

    BASS NAZI'S..i would of stuck 2 of them...wtg on the flattie..:hali_olutta:
  299. fisherman from

    Mortgage rates......bottomed out yet?

    int rates are starting to creep up..jump on it b4 they get too high
  300. fisherman from

    My first lobster hooping trip

    everbody has to learn some how,,and you learn from ur mistakes..wtg on the 1 keeper...
  301. fisherman from

    Last run in the Jungle,..

    that is a pig sculpin....and i can say atleast hit it up once,,,,
  302. fisherman from

    Great morning dive!

  303. fisherman from


    brownie points..wtg on the bug and crabs
  304. fisherman from

    Lobster Traps

    nets......not traps...good luck..i seen a couple of post were peeps are getting rid of some
  305. fisherman from

    Awesome day- San Clemente Coast

    that sandie looks tiny compared to those hali's wtg...
  306. fisherman from

    Tubing the Jungle 2/20/12

    wtg Jimmy....i see ur giving free cheek peircings still...
  307. fisherman from

    La Salina

    looks like a great trip..wtg on the tacos
  308. fisherman from

    Carlsbad 2/16

    thats what owning a boat is all about...we been thru it...its now just ur turn...congrats on the first fish on ur new boat.
  309. fisherman from

    stream trout do exist in so cal

    looks like bait.
  310. fisherman from

    Storm Corbina 2-15-12

    beaners,,,wtg in the storm...
  311. fisherman from

    quad question

    i love the dirtbike is 2stroke nothing like the smell of oil and gas ripping......and i think you can get around 3g's for the quad..
  312. fisherman from

    Concrete Jungle 2/13/12

    wtg Jimmy wish i could of went with ya...seems like i always miss the wfo days...maybe next time.
  313. fisherman from


    looks like fun...were the sandies the only thing caught?
  314. fisherman from

    Lunch Time Quicky in the LBC

    nice..welcome to the B.D's..
  315. fisherman from

    My 1st boat!!

    post a pic...and congrats on the boat.
  316. fisherman from

    Round 2, Concrete Jungle

    a jimmy had a good time out there with you were nailing them....but im happy with the BIG fish of the day..hahahaha...its always good to try diffrent spots...again thanks for the invite ..cant wait to do it again..
  317. fisherman from

    RP 9/17-9/24 Fishing with a Legend

    thanks for the report an pics..looked like a bunch of happy the bendo shots....thanks
  318. fisherman from

    Inshore with Danny Gomez Dhamar Sportfishing

    bendo shots are the best..looks like fun
  319. fisherman from

    SMB 01/29.....

    wtg..liking the bendo shot,,and kudos for the support for ur bro!
  320. fisherman from


    wtg on the bouncing balls///nice looking butts
  321. fisherman from

    my boys first time saltwater fishing

    thats what its all about,,congrats....
  322. fisherman from

    Dana Pt. 1/20/2012

    wtg on the fattie,,,,good eating for a couples weeks...congrats
  323. fisherman from

    Epic Hooping in Long Beach 1-18-2012

    ive been wanting to get out there,,,wtg on the limits
  324. fisherman from

    Gulp Minnow

    he asked for the bay...or am i wrong....
  325. fisherman from

    Gulp Minnow

  326. fisherman from

    float tubeing mission bay

    wtg on the spotts
  327. fisherman from


    yeah,,,,you didnt knock the mofo out...sometimes we need to stand up and grow a set...
  328. fisherman from


    damn those are some healthy lings,,,congrats
  329. fisherman from

    Another biter 1/15 report

    wtg on the 1 ,and good luck on the next trip
  330. fisherman from

    Gray light to Gray Light at Palos Verdes

    sweet!!!...need to get out there and try my luck..thanks for the report and picss
  331. fisherman from

    Twilight of the TEBOW 1/14

    nice grade of spotties you got..congrats
  332. fisherman from

    No Donkey this time!

    wtg on the proper measuring....nice size bugs..congrats..donkey...
  333. fisherman from


    wtg on the bugs,,,,,looks good
  334. fisherman from

    Did anyone beside me have a wide open bite last Saturday 1-7-12?

    i call B.S without pics...anyways sounds like fun..thanks for the report
  335. fisherman from

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    can i kick you too.damn bro..
  336. fisherman from

    Fish Report 1/4/12

    16 fish is a slow day?damn thats epic in my part..wtg on the winter bassin
  337. fisherman from

    Damn the torpedos!

    i agree,,i need to get out there!
  338. fisherman from

    NPH Nite Spotties 01/09/12

    wtg on the night sesh...i need to take my tube out,,its getting dusty..
  339. fisherman from

    Kayak hooping near Redondo

    wtg on the yak..and enjoy the good eats
  340. fisherman from

    4 Days at Catalina - 12/30 to 1/2 - Goats on Fire

    wtg on the 4dayer......looks like fresh fish tacos and lobster dinners...nice!!
  341. fisherman from

    Big Bay Tubing/Reebs Bolt Thrower

    wtg on the floatie...gonna have to pick up a couple of the spinners...
  342. fisherman from

    how about those LIONS

    split the season with the bears,,,but you and the rest of bear nation will be watching the lions in the playoffs,,,:hali_olutta:...thanks bud,,,better luck next season...
  343. fisherman from


    wtg raul on the hali...and what no bass?
  344. fisherman from

    how about those LIONS

    well lets just win a playoff game and we'll find out....but an overrated and undiscipline team just kicked the shit out of your
  345. fisherman from

    how about those LIONS

    this is pretty calm,to some standards,,,this is what being a fan is all about..poke a lil fun at the losers,,trust me i know what it like to be on the other end of fucking sucking .. HELLO im a detroit lions fan....and im just pointing out that your team didnt live up to expectations of a team...
  346. fisherman from


    Damn Merry xmas,,,,
  347. fisherman from

    Bolts Playoff chances

    sorry bolt fans....just got smashed on by the LIONS!!!off to the playoffs we go....go LIONS
  348. fisherman from

    how about those LIONS

    the DETROIT LIONS just put on a clinic on how to get into the the just beaten down the chargers.....they just swept the afc west...didnt seam like the chargers were fighting for a playoff spot...they just got bent over and reamed....congrats Jim Swartz on taking the lions to the...
  349. fisherman from

    My Daughter's Birthday gift

    wtg !!!!!!!...custom rod at a young age...some kids are just
  350. fisherman from


    i was at the local sports bar,,,only lions fan there,,,i was hooting and hollering like a mad man..even a raider fan told me if you guys win i'll buy you a beer...lets just say i had enough to drink,and didnt want it.....yyeeaahhh go lions!!!!
  351. fisherman from


    what a great game,,,losing the whole game we rally back with 5mins to go..sorry raiders fans had to do it....:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::finger::finger:
  352. fisherman from

    Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

    wtf,,those are some huge stripers..wtg and thanks for the report
  353. fisherman from

    Assorted rockfish caught on TENACIOUS BAITS!

    of course he did,,,he's showing off the tenacious lures..
  354. fisherman from

    One For The History books...

    thats what its all about,,wtg,and congrats to the nino.
  355. fisherman from

    spotties and a hali 12-4-11

    nice looking but....wtg on the outing
  356. fisherman from

    Dana Point 12-4

    seems like a pretty good lil trip.
  357. fisherman from

    Halibut off Cardiff

    wtg on the halibut,and thanks for the pic and report,
  358. fisherman from

    1/2 day CITY OF LONG BEACH 11-30-11

    damn,,,ur a fishing machine,,
  359. fisherman from

    Thanksgiving in BOLA!

    sounds like you had a great time.and way to go on getting the lil 1 have a fishing partner for life...good job
  360. fisherman from

    SMB 11.29.11

    damn..wtg on the bugs
  361. fisherman from

    If you're cheating on your tattoo artist BF.......

    that SHIT is too for the fellas!
  362. fisherman from

    New to BD

    welcome to the BD's...:finger:
  363. fisherman from

    GREW A SET!!

    finally grew a set and took the monark out past the wall,took my primo,and hit up the kelp out past point fermin,,,i was able to get in the kelp,i purchased a trolling motor and we were buried in the kelp.we were directly in front of the lil land slide area..i was throwing nothing but...
  364. fisherman from

    Turkey Day Football

    i like 2 of 3...ravens over the niners
  365. fisherman from

    Veteran's Day 11-11-11 JACKPOT!

    wtg on getting the kiddo out on the water..congrats
  366. fisherman from

    curado 201e7 LhR

    anybody looking to sell one hit me up..
  367. fisherman from

    Cutler out 2 months!

    really?!?!?! wasnt the o-line making the good passes to his wide recievers...running for his life and still making great a lions fan i hate this cocky sob,,but he was playing some good football...
  368. fisherman from

    Yes, I Support the MLPA

    dont fall for it fellas.....tight lipped...trolling....someone..
  369. fisherman from

    No 22" Butt, sorry Rocky...just a bass for Ron.

    way to hit it up ....thanks for the report
  370. fisherman from

    I hate them all... CREATURES!

    picked up a few at sav on tackle..look good.:hali_olutta:
  371. fisherman from


    fucking thing looks retarded...wtg on the monster bug...
  372. fisherman from

    buying a new boat

    welcome to the mighty BD's,and good luck on ur boat hunt,,,look forward to reading about your fishing expiditions when you find her..
  373. fisherman from

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    get ur popcorn ready....wtg raul on the sand bass slayage....some of those sandies you should put in the monthly bass contest..oh never mind its catch and release...but anyways guys always kill it
  374. fisherman from

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    thanks for the pics..some of us prefer more pics..
  375. fisherman from

    Late Report - 11/12/11 Long Beach / LA Harbor Lobster

    wtg on getting the youngins out there....priceless....
  376. fisherman from

    Protecting hoop net bait from sea lions?

    damn a lil harsh,,i prefer frozen paint balls....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  377. fisherman from

    Protecting hoop net bait from sea lions?

    what i drop nets and move away from them,,,the seals will follow you....
  378. fisherman from

    Long Beach Super Crawl + Malibu BIG BUGS + SMB Wreck

    i am hating.......damn wtg on the crabs bugs fish squid...looks like great eats all the way around..thanks for the report and pics
  379. fisherman from

    11.09.11 - Full Moon Fishing

    toad sandra,,,,,,wtg looks like you guys had a blast
  380. fisherman from

    West End Lobsters

    divers and hoopers....
  381. fisherman from

    West End Lobsters

    i agree,,,,,,had 36 threw 8 back....ummm isnt that he's in his legal,,,i mean their legal limit..why all the hating..come on folks....congrats on the limits for 4!!!:hali_olutta:
  382. fisherman from


    was this lil bitch comment about me????first of all..FUCK YOU!!!...
  383. fisherman from


    damn that shit hurts just lookng at it..good luck!
  384. fisherman from

    Buggin' in SD, Bassin' in DP

    wtg on getting out with the boy...
  385. fisherman from

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    it seems like the NFC NORTH is just kicking the shit out of the afc west...
  386. fisherman from


    damn thats a shit load of turds...nice
  387. fisherman from

    10/31/11 Popped a few boners

    i call B.S with out pics of the dead animals...but sounds like some good fishing,,,,bonita are always fun.
  388. fisherman from

    First time out, Beast!!

    sounds like a good night....wtg on the first time.
  389. fisherman from

    SM - Saturday Overnight On The Big Drum!

    the fish, crab, and bugs look good,,,but sometimes just having a bunch of laughs makes a trip....wtg on the outing
  390. fisherman from


    nice looking tee!!!....sound like fun
  391. fisherman from

    Sd Bay lobster, sunday night report......

    fosters and modelos...nice ....nice looking bugs...
  392. fisherman from


  393. fisherman from


  394. fisherman from


    hows the fog been,,,,i want to take my wife out for some relaxtion DR.s orders....looking to launch from davies or cabrillo for some wall action......any info will be great...
  395. fisherman from

    Offshore Game over? 1 1/2 Rats

  396. fisherman from

    Monster Sheepshead!

    nice set of chompers on that sheep head,,,,wtg on your pb.
  397. fisherman from

    Bass Contest winners BP Goodies

    so can i buy some now????some of those baits look awsome....let me know..:hali_olutta:
  398. fisherman from

    Sat hoopin north

    the boys smile says it all..wtg on the bugs and getting ur boy out with you!
  399. fisherman from

    Butastic Finish!!!!

    thats what bloodydecks is all about..wtg on the nice looking hali!!!
  400. fisherman from

    lobster love

    looks like is recieving fo sure.
  401. fisherman from

    LB Surf Fishing/Alamitos Bay 10/16/11

    put the time in for the almost legal.....wtg
  402. fisherman from

    breakwall quickie

    the 7inchers r killer on the wall...thanks for the report (kinda) and pic of the lil one with the checker.....
  403. fisherman from


    sounds like a fun trip...wtg on catching..
  404. fisherman from

    Missing hoop?

    i also lost 1 friday,,,,,all black,,,,non callapseable.
  405. fisherman from

    Lobster 10/15/11

    stop by and say hi..ill be out there on the monark.....
  406. fisherman from

    Spitfire MDR 10/13

    and what do you mean by that????but anyways nice looking goat...need to give that boat a try.
  407. fisherman from

    Fishing or Sex

    There are no Fishing-transmitted 1
  408. fisherman from

    Team Basstic - 2011 SWBA Season Recap!

    you guys are true stud fisherman,,and congrats on all ur rewards..wtg and keep it up!
  409. fisherman from

    Catalina, Mac, Weather, and Lobsters 10/12/11

    damn sounds like a pretty neat trip...
  410. fisherman from

    Finally my 1st bug hunt

    wtg on the bugs....damn!
  411. fisherman from

    Boys, Bass, Bonito, Bugs and Vessel Assist:

    besides the tow,looks like a pretty great trip!!wtg on getting some roaches
  412. fisherman from

    "Five Days in Cedros"

    yeah i would say that this trip didnt suck
  413. fisherman from

    Local Buck Down !!!!!!

    wtg on the buck...nice report,great read..
  414. fisherman from

    Just quit my job

    i got one of those too...but it was from some guy from china,,,
  415. fisherman from

    Nocturnal Cherry Popper 10/11

    nice quality of spots...wtg on the nph night mission..
  416. fisherman from

    Diary of an aspiring angler

    she is a future fish killa...excellent read,,,keep them coming...
  417. fisherman from

    Easy way to fry up a rock fish

    i scrolled down furhter on the page,,and found how to cook a fish fillet la rocha style ...maybe thats what he meant....dont know!lol
  418. fisherman from

    Long Beach and Beyond 10/10/11 Deep Bugs Exploratory Trip.

    for me i like to steam them,,not boil them...when their dead i clean them out...and resteam them....when you boil them,,the meat gets all the gunk from the steam is better...jmho
  419. fisherman from

    101011 - Pt.Loma Scouting Stones

    wtg...on the kine of bassers...sweet looking pics
  420. fisherman from

    Long Beach and Beyond 10/10/11 Deep Bugs Exploratory Trip.

    fuck i hate you!!!!!lol...wtg on all them roochies....nice crab and bug feast....
  421. fisherman from

    how about DA LIONS!

    X2..its hard to eat turkey when your stomach is upset,because lions getting the shit kicked out of them..:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:...
  422. fisherman from

    how about DA LIONS!

    how about that MNF....cutler was running for his life all night,,,the lions D was many penalties,but its aggresive,physical and in your face,,,,,looked like cutler wanted to quit in the 1st QTR,,but he hung in there and took his punishment....what can you say about the...
  423. fisherman from

    A Yeoman's Effort

    look at the claws on those crab....looks delish,and seems like those boys were doing some pulling
  424. fisherman from

    3rd times a charm and new a AO

    i call b.s with out pics.......anyways,,,wtg on getting you some crabs and roaches....i need to get out there soon...
  425. fisherman from

    Picking away.

    damn,wtg on the hardshell critters...
  426. fisherman from

    Hooping and Seals

    get you a paintball gun,,,and get to blasting those mofo's...also freeze the great...i always have fun..good luck
  427. fisherman from

    Did you lose a hoop net

    there was someone that mentioned he did lose a net....keep bumping sure he'll respond.:hali_olutta:
  428. fisherman from

    Epic Halibut Bite !!!

    sorry about the hooping,,but you cant have everything....wtg on the hali's...there is gonna be some good eating at this party..
  429. fisherman from

    Sea of Cortez Roosters w-pics

    great report and even better pics...congrats on the roosters..loving the bendo shot
  430. fisherman from


    wtg on avoiding the heading out sat,,,,,hope i have the same luck as you.
  431. fisherman from

    Red Tide and someone looking for the Children's Pool Buffet

    wtg on the sight seeing and the fishing trip
  432. fisherman from

    Bass Contest Winner for September is...

    wtg on the lmb winner
  433. fisherman from

    raining shorts

    damn wtg on the bugs and crab....u got it going on
  434. fisherman from

    Lobster Limits and a "Mayday, mayday, mayday"

    kudos on the distress call.....wtg on the bugs
  435. fisherman from

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    crabbin is year round buddy..and welcome to the B'D's..:finger:
  436. fisherman from

    La harbor sunday

    u gotta be real carefull.those floats are all over da place
  437. fisherman from

    Chargers "Blacked Out" & NFL is watching BD?

    i have been following this team since the first time i watched Barry Sanders run,,,Finally after so many years its good to be on the other end of these game..4-0..can you believe that.....:hali_olutta:
  438. fisherman from

    Got em! La Jolla with PB

    WTG...VATO....good luck on the dd
  439. fisherman from

    Chargers "Blacked Out" & NFL is watching BD?

    he's feeling like shit..and all the other boys fans.....i was getting text the first half of the game,,telling me how are the lions gonna stop romo.......then i text them at the end of the game and said thats how,,,3int's and we have the best reciever in football......GO LIONS!!!!
  440. fisherman from

    NPH big spottie 9/29

    ur right haters gonna hate!!!!....wtg on the spottie....there always fun to catch,,they fight hard :hali_olutta:
  441. fisherman from

    Backyard Bass

    damn,wtg on the back yard fishing.looks like alot of fun
  442. fisherman from

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    no points!?!?!?i should read the rules b4 i comment next time...sorry you were...:hali_olutta:
  443. fisherman from

    Who needs tuna? Outrider kills it.

    i could care less where they caught the boat cant make it that far anyways....i just enjoy reading and seeing pics of all the fish they caught,,,gets me excited to go fishing,,,,oh yeah!!!
  444. fisherman from

    some bass rods

    i see youve been busy..nice looking rods
  445. fisherman from

    RP YT 9/28

    modelos my favorite...and yellows to go with it...seems like a good trip..
  446. fisherman from

    Cedros Island Bass (pic heavy)

    kudos for giving the youngster some plastics..looks like an epic trip..wtg,and thanks for the pics
  447. fisherman from

    Thresher in the LBC!

    kudos on the release...wtg on the outing....i hear t steaks are great eats..maybe next time...
  448. fisherman from

    Bloody Deck TODAY......solo

    i love me some bloddy decks...wtg on the solo T
  449. fisherman from

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    we truely need to add a piss and moan section here on the B,D' doest take much for a guy to hop on another thread and start some cry baby shit...i think we heard you already about davie's....:finger:
  450. fisherman from

    El Segundo - Sunday Bass Session

    nice lil solo misiion,,,everyone needs 1 of those once in awhile
  451. fisherman from

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    detroit won by 3,,,spread is 3 1/2,,which in return,,,,means he lost
  452. fisherman from

    quick yak MB trip 9-25

    nice lil sesh...thanks
  453. fisherman from

    Whales, Squid, and Goats - 9/24/11

    those are some fat goats,,,wtg on the fishing trip
  454. fisherman from

    Mission Bay Fishing w/ Family---and a bonus

    wtg on the (KEEP MOMMA )happy trip...seems like its a keep dadda happy trip after that...nice looking hali...i bet the kid was happy
  455. fisherman from

    Beware Squid Trip-Daveys Locker

    X2,,,,squid fishing is so overrated........:finger:
  456. fisherman from

    How to catch a Thresher.........

    great step by step....thanks
  457. fisherman from

    Long Beach Harbor & BreaK Wall 9/23

    the wall.wtg on the teaching and the catching
  458. fisherman from


    PELICAN STYLE!!!....sweet....i need to try that one..and by the way also nice looking hali.your on a roll
  459. fisherman from

    Bonito at Ocean Beach Pier

    bonita are a blast to catch....
  460. fisherman from

    Late Report for 9/18/11 - PL Kelp and SD Bay

    spotts on the spinner....sweet trip
  461. fisherman from

    for those of who had to work

    must be nice!!!,,,fishing on hump day!!!thanks for the tease
  462. fisherman from

    Offshore Fishing on the Cortez with Club Fish 9/17-18/2011

    sounds like a good trip ,,besides the WAITING...wtg on the fish
  463. fisherman from

    Whats BD Come to?

    cant believe someone would bash a young kid here on the might B'D's..sad to see,,,but fuck her,.....and who is this lyndeva chick!?!?!
  464. fisherman from

    thresher shark San diego..

    nothing wrong for wanting to keep it...shit happens sometimes....sound like an epic battle for sure..:hali_olutta:
  465. fisherman from

    SD Bay 9/17

    nice...very nice
  466. fisherman from

    9-13-11 Thresher off Sunset Beach

    wtg on the report,sound like you had urself a battle....popcorn anyone
  467. fisherman from

    FaCtOrY wRaP PhEnIx bLaCk DiAmOnD rOd

    BOring!!.this site has gotten soft over the last 6months...need to add tapitio to the popcorn..
  468. fisherman from

    Venice LA: Aug 11-15th: Variety is the spice of life

    dddaaaammmnnnn,,,what else could you want,,,,thanks for the report and pics
  469. fisherman from

    6 hours of fishing

    every fisherman have days like you mentioned....ive been having continues days like that,,,keep at it....your luck will change sooner or later
  470. fisherman from


    wtg on all the reds..tacos for a week
  471. fisherman from

    Am I wrong??

    u might of stumbled on someone else's honey hole,and now ur telling evrybody where u were it might be a parking lot before all is said and done....but oh fucking well,,keep posting,,and if you dont post pics,i call B.S..
  472. fisherman from


  473. fisherman from

    Chalk up another one..... My dog got attacked!!

    pup gonna have bitchin ass scar...battle wounds....but that is a mean ass gash...poor lil pup
  474. fisherman from

    Bellingham bay boat runs aground

    Capn poon,,,what the hell is crammed up ur ass...dude was in a new spot fishing,and didnt know the surrounding to well....take it easy there buddy..he's a fellow fisherman just like u and me..
  475. fisherman from


    gonna have to give them a try...thanks raul
  476. fisherman from

    Intense Harbor Fishing - Team BAD BASS

    wtg on the mixed bag of bad ass bass...very nice.
  477. fisherman from

    Long Beach Inshore report

    dan ur the man,,,i enjoy ur threads,and now you have another fishing buddy in mans best friend
  478. fisherman from

    Chiefs, Steelers, Colts fans.........

    damn its good to see other teams get their asses handed to them..go detroit lions,,,,feel the roar,,,hahahhahaha
  479. fisherman from

    Fishing NPH tomorrow 9/14/11 Anyone interested?

    nice,is it legal...and that is a hellava way to break in the new rod,,,never mind it has to be leagal...i didnt notice the puncture wound from the gaff.....lmao....
  480. fisherman from

    pronghorn buck down

    1 is better than none...maybe your son will get his the next trip..thanks for the pics and the story
  481. fisherman from

    great day of bass fishing!

    looks like an epic trip...wtg on all the fish.;
  482. fisherman from

    San Quintin always a great trip

  483. fisherman from

    Shikari IMB 705

    wtg jimmy....getting better and better,,keep at it...
  484. fisherman from

    PIC INTENSE! Indy 4 day MOSH PIT 09/06-09/10

    DAMN,,,bro i thought i was there with you,,,sounds like an epic trip....when you run out of tags,then it becomes donating,,,sound like fun....thanks
  485. fisherman from

    On The Water With Team Basstic - A Pictorial Odyssey

  486. fisherman from

    Free-gaffed a mystery fish. Can you ID it?

    not quik to judge,,,its what u typed on the board,,,explain urself...:finger:..anyways .....back to the regular scheduled program..
  487. fisherman from

    Big Puss and Little Butts

    wtg on the puss and the butts..thanks for the report.
  488. fisherman from

    Was pretty much WFO

    yeah i would say that was kinda scary.......lesson learned,,,and wtg on the mixed rockfish taco meat
  489. fisherman from

    Fishing NPH tomorrow 9/14/11 Anyone interested?

    wish i could make it out with ya!!but have to work....maybe next time jimmy
  490. fisherman from

    san gabriel river east fork fishing

    Yeah Thanks...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  491. fisherman from

    Solo run for Boiler rock YT and Calico's

    damn...sound like a good time...and more to come,,im jealous
  492. fisherman from

    La Jolla

    sound delish!!!!mac soup....but you tried,,,,next time youll get them
  493. fisherman from

    Colorado Archery Elk Hunt 2011

    great pics...seems like you guys still had fun and learned plenty for your next expidition...thanks..
  494. fisherman from

    Free-gaffed a mystery fish. Can you ID it?

    i would have to agree with the peeps on this one...why would you gaff it an kill it.....did u atleast eat the thing?!?!?!
  495. fisherman from


    thanks for the report..looks like yiou guys had a good time
  496. fisherman from

    Great Bass Fishing Dana Point

    sounds like an epic day for us bass fisherman....thanks for the report
  497. fisherman from

    Mag Bay Spearing

    damn looks like fun....wtg on the mix bag
  498. fisherman from

    Sheep Herding

    call B.S with out pics...wtg on the sheep herding
  499. fisherman from

    Jack off in the Box?

  500. fisherman from

    Quick Draw practice in close combat goes wrong.......

    thats FUCKED up!!!!..:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  501. fisherman from

    30lb. YT SCI

    wtg on the yt...and those are some bitchin ass photos...
  502. fisherman from

    Offshore Limited out on the hidden

    nice bendo shots....wtg on the feesh!!!
  503. fisherman from

    LA river

    dude is nuts,,i wouldnt be walking in that shit barefoot.....damn,,,
  504. fisherman from

    full speed fishing

    sounds like fun...thanks for the report...but we need pics...well i do anyways
  505. fisherman from

    Lagoon in North County

    wtg on ur first legal hali,,,never mind what these dicks have to say about it not beig legal,,ill take ur word on it.....and welcome to the BD's :finger:
  506. fisherman from

    Fishing with the Okuma Crew

    damn,,look like an epic day,,,,
  507. fisherman from

    Shikari IMB 704

    My cousin loves the rod....thanks...keep at it...ill be back for another
  508. fisherman from

    san pedro bait barge

  509. fisherman from

    san pedro bait barge

    does anybody know if there selling live anchovies...taking the lil ones out and want to get a half scoop.
  510. fisherman from

    Long Beach Jetty

    free nose peircing's wtg lil man on the cATCH
  511. fisherman from

    Don't sleep too soundly

    damn,,,he was def sound asleep....his ass got burnt...with a white colored cock on his backk...sweet....
  512. fisherman from

    Dont know how it will effect harbor fishing, buuuut

    i went to the nph this morning and it sucked big time,,,skunked..water a lil brown,major bummer..
  513. fisherman from

    Rpt-Wed.-08-31-11 Limits of Reds,Sand Bass + Lingcod!

    do you ever have threads that suck????you are always killing it out there...wtg!!!!
  514. fisherman from

    Doves with da boyz

    wtg on getting the youngin on some birdies,,,i remember the first time i went with my uncle in new mexico...they way he snapped their head right off,,,kinda freaked me out a lil...but im just a city boy...what do i know
  515. fisherman from


    i would get rid of the mono,,go with the flauro..
  516. fisherman from

    Got me some hogs!

    CARNITAS.......mmmmmmmm corn tortillas tapatio,and coronas........nice looking piggies
  517. fisherman from


    spectra doesnt have any strech to it,,,,if you have a top shot of mono or flauro,it adds the need some stretch or you'll be pulling hooks right out of there mouth..
  518. fisherman from


    wtg on the taco meat....sorry to hear about the yellow...i see you were giving free cheek peircing's...hahaha..
  519. fisherman from

    Which One is the Real Barn-eee ?

    damn nice looking yellow....bloody decks
  520. fisherman from

    Miss Legal Halibut Wants to Say Hello

    wtg young buck..i see you putting some time in over there in L.B
  521. fisherman from

    Finally smoked the old man...

    very nice.....:hali_olutta:
  522. fisherman from

    Are Curado 300E's any good ?

    i need one of wish list..nice looking ghost
  523. fisherman from

    Kayak Halibut Alaska style!!

    fuck bro..ur nuts...pulling barn doors on ur lap....looks awesome
  524. fisherman from

    LONG BEACH BREAK WALL !! 8-29-11

    damn why cant i get that much action on the wall..wtg raul,,,
  525. fisherman from

    Offshore Bluefin-Yellowfin-Dorado on IRON.K&M!!!

    bloody decks and bloody feet...that second pic is awesome.....beautiful colors for that dorado.....kicking ass fellas
  526. fisherman from

    Trophy Catalina Calicos - 8/27-28

    sounds like good times....wtg on smackin calicos
  527. fisherman from

    Offshore August 23 Victory at Sea

    wtg on ur first yft of the year
  528. fisherman from

    Squirrel in a Bag

    thats what im talking about,,,,we used to do things like that in the projects...catching sparrows,.....
  529. fisherman from

    My Posessed Cat Killing A Mouse the growl
  530. fisherman from

    New bait is born

    addict!!!!...but its a good addiction....pour on brotha!!!
  531. fisherman from

    Coronado Islands 8-28-11

    what no pics of the hand,,,,,,sorry to hear about ur slice..but still good fishing
  532. fisherman from

    "Big Bass Specialist" Pt. DEUX....

    im straight hatin,,,,,congrats on both slugs.....
  533. fisherman from

    Our newest BD member

    I agree..need pics..:hali_olutta:
  534. fisherman from

    handles and grips

    u got some nice looking rods there..:hali_olutta:
  535. fisherman from

    Yep, I would have tased her!

    Taser me Taser me....make me feel good....she's crazy..i would of tasered her loud ass
  536. fisherman from

    La Bocana and Hotel La Bocana

    damn sound like a great trip...cant wait for the pics..
  537. fisherman from

    Oside Flattie Report 8/19

    pretty sweet fishing trip...wtg on the flats
  538. fisherman from

    33.18.50N 117.29.100W PM Chew

    thanks for the report and pics
  539. fisherman from

    52lb. Halibut

    that is a bitchin ass photo
  540. fisherman from

    Back to Back

    excellent first post,,,look forward to reading a couple more from ya!
  541. fisherman from

    long beach harbor fishing (picture heavy)

    also wtg on the hearbor session...u should look into buying urself a float tube and hit up los alamitos bay....
  542. fisherman from

    Thresher Fishing

    congrats ,and wtg on helping a fellow bd'r out with his thresher....kudos
  543. fisherman from

    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    man that thing is a baby ......hahaha ..wtg on the t steaks..........good karma for sure
  544. fisherman from

    Brought home the Cheddar for the 3rd Annual BAC Spottie Tourney

    wtg on bringing home da chedder!!!i need to give a spottie tourney a try
  545. fisherman from

    "Big Bass Specialist"-Chris Lilis

    didnt bust....toads for sure
  546. fisherman from

    Great fishing Over the weekend

    wtg dan on the teaching of the youngins....was right next to you on the wall..but didnt do as well
  547. fisherman from

    WFO cuda fishing on City of Longbeach 8/14

    i know those arms are worn out a lil..thanks for the report
  548. fisherman from

    La Jolla trip 8/13/2011

    looks like fun but 13 1/2 hours on the they look like hospital footies
  549. fisherman from

    Quick Cat trip 8/14

    wtg on the first trip to cat in your skiffy..and nice fish to bring home with ya!!....
  550. fisherman from

    New guy intro

    thanks for the report and pic.....and welcome to the BD's..:finger:
  551. fisherman from

    Kids Day On the Reel Viking

    wtg on gettin the kiddos on some fish...i bet you were busy for awhile...thanks
  552. fisherman from


    nice ling!!.thanks for the report
  553. fisherman from

    Limit of bass in under 20 minutes...

    great report and even better pics..thanks
  554. fisherman from

    Little kids - big fish - just for Snookie

    looks like great times....add to the memory bank.
  555. fisherman from

    S A N T A C R U Z Island 8.13.11

    wtf else can you ask for!?!?!? thanks for the awesome report and pics,like always...
  556. fisherman from

    Excellent Fishing @ Coronado Islands

    im hating on ya....sweet fishing..thanks for the report
  557. fisherman from

    tortuga to isla de cedros

    sweet report,,looks like u had a blast
  558. fisherman from

    50 Lb or 65 Lb spectra

    65lb,,,why not....
  559. fisherman from

    Redneck wedding brawl

    X2....:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:..and bridezilla look like :shithappens:..hahaha
  560. fisherman from

    SMB Funfest Rpt. 8/6 w-pics

    nice grade of fish you guys got...sound like fun
  561. fisherman from

    8/7/11 Bass on the chew

    wtg on the deck hand were rewarded with a nice looking checker
  562. fisherman from

    2011 Bass Contest August

    girth....what were u throwing...
  563. fisherman from

    8-7-2011 La Jolla test run

    sweet,,,,reaction was great....bendo!!!! worked the hali...
  564. fisherman from

    Kelp monsters in LJ 8/4

    nice catch,,and some really good tacos there...
  565. fisherman from

    Hunting Mr.T a taste of victory....

    get them next time...sound like fun,
  566. fisherman from

    Long Beach Jetty

    nice way to beak in a rod..
  567. fisherman from


    damn,,u got the complete opposite of what i get when im fishing for spotties.....its,,,,what are you doing,or can i help u....dont fish here,,,hahahaha..good looking spot
  568. fisherman from


    wtf ..poking and having some fun on the internet....this is the BD's...dont remove the your post....:finger::finger:em
  569. fisherman from

    Oceanside Fishin'

    nice report young man..has anybod told you if you grew a beard you would be your dads twin,.,,,thanks for the report keep them coming
  570. fisherman from

    Calico video

    saweet videos thanks
  571. fisherman from

    Long Beach 7/29/11 Fish Market

    everybody needs to watch the cash in this whats fun about BUYING old rockfish,when you can go out and CATCH fresh rockfish!!!...wtg and thanks for the report
  572. fisherman from

    Athletes Fishing

    where are the lmb nazi's
  573. fisherman from

    Outridder trip yesterday to San Clemente Is.

    as good as it gets...sweet deal
  574. fisherman from

    WFO 8-10 inch spotties! lots of pics!

    sweet..looking bassesssss
  575. fisherman from

    Rpt-Tuesday-07-26-11-SCI Tails, Cuda and Limits of Cali's!

    sweet report.sounds like you feellas had a blast....and yellowtail and calico tacos sounds good to me
  576. fisherman from

    Local Fishing with the Grand Kids

    wtg on getting the grandaughters on some fish....and kudos for letting them drive the boat,....sea sickness sucks
  577. fisherman from

    Very short ninja mission 7/27

    flash good....nice fish for a short sesh
  578. fisherman from

    The Other SCI

    awesome...that sheep has some deep dark colors....nice report
  579. fisherman from

    Kick his ass Seabass

    loving the bendo shots..wtg on that tanker.thanks for the report
  580. fisherman from

    2 Dudes, 226 Bass... SCI Goes Bonkers!!!

    must be nice..bass thumb's rule
  581. fisherman from

    Good clean fun:

    the way it should be...looks like good times..thanks for sharing
  582. fisherman from

    The BASS Club... RANT

    would the salute be good enough?:finger:..because i really want to join the club..:hali_olutta:
  583. fisherman from


    nice going on the cloud bass...
  584. fisherman from

    Clobbering Cloudies SMB 7/24 w-pics

    damn you are putting a hurting on the bassers the last couple trips you've been out..wtg..I too love it when they hit the plastics b4 they hit bottom.
  585. fisherman from

    Finally Got My Girls Out on the Skippy

    next time take a couple of rods,and try and hook them up on some fish..wtg on getting the girls out there..
  586. fisherman from

    The kids think we are just fishing......

    i also have custom wrapped princess lil girl loves it ..haha...
  587. fisherman from

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    wtg on the calicos tacos..thanks for the report and pics.
  588. fisherman from

    Good week.

    wtg on the bestessss
  589. fisherman from

    Bay fun with the Grandson

    I bet!!! haunts me,i know some day ill be called grampa.ouch...and wtg on the grandson and gramp's fishing ...
  590. fisherman from

    half-a-day basses...

    nice looking checkers..wtg and thanks for the report
  591. fisherman from


    so you got you a toad its time for you to post a report and pics...let us all enjoy your report with pics....and welcome to the B'D's :finger::finger::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  592. fisherman from


    top secret sent
  593. fisherman from

    Team Basstic - San Clemente Island Calico Calamity - No Pain, No Gain

    damn looks need rest!....
  594. fisherman from

    NPH report

    shoot me a pm for next weekend,,we can tube.or i can take you to some other places around the harbor,or we can wade it out...
  595. fisherman from

    Long Beach jetty

    sorry to hear about the rod...ive broken a custom and i almost cried...thanks for the report
  596. fisherman from

    anybody looking for work?

    nice of you to pass this along....kudo's..:hali_olutta:
  597. fisherman from


    finally was able to make it out,,,i get tired of reading all these bass reports and Im not part of it...i havent took my boat out,tube,or just wade it honey do's are complete,now its my turn....decided to order up some spinnerbaits,i never tried them,so it was time to add to my lil...
  598. fisherman from

    Native Son

    way to break in the new rod..thanks for the report an pics
  599. fisherman from

    SD Bay Spotties

    30 something sbb sounds like a great day
  600. fisherman from

    San Onofre Kelp Beds!

    nice lil report and pics..wtg on the fishing adventure with your dad,,,priceless moments....and it always gives mom some c&r for the report
  601. fisherman from


    and called the owner on top of that,,should of checked out the area or the room you were staying in,,neighbors,,etc,,etc,,,
  602. fisherman from

    Late WSB Report

    i dont see how he can go back to sleep after reeling in one of those bad boys.....wtg dad on getting the boy on some cbass
  603. fisherman from

    Bendo Boulevard Open - SMB Rpt. 7/17 w-pics

    wtg on the 405 shutdown,wide open bite!!!
  604. fisherman from

    Day of firsts !!

    wtg on the first outing in the surf....also side note,,,dont set your reel down in the sand..sand and reels not a good mix...
  605. fisherman from

    Fish of a lifetime 7/18

    nice hali for the young buck..wtg pops on teaching the youngin
  606. fisherman from

    Have not done this in 40 years

    or just smoke some does it for me...:finger:..and welcome to the B'D's..good luck on your reunion with the sea.
  607. fisherman from

    The Good Isle - 7/16/11 - SCI

    fuck seems epic to me..
  608. fisherman from

    SCI - same old song and dance...

    sounds like fun.......until the nuts and ass pounding..thanks for the report
  609. fisherman from

    Wal Mart Pooter fun....

    kick the leg out and rip one..sweet...
  610. fisherman from

    The hunt for WSB!! 7-13-11

    fuck those hating basstard's....i call B'S without pics...
  611. fisherman from

    San Clemente Kelp- Great Day

    nice looking boat boat u got there....seems like a sweet fish killin machine...thanks for the report
  612. fisherman from

    Rpt-Wed.-07-13-11 Long Beach Bass'n!

    wtg on the cloud bass...nice report,thanks
  613. fisherman from

    Team Manna Round 5

    sweet..congrats on the pb
  614. fisherman from

    Great Day with a Mixed Bag off Montauk!

    nice catches..and that monk fish is one ugly fucking fish..wtg
  615. fisherman from

    LB's night in LB

    that spot has some major girth!!!wtg on the mixed bag
  616. fisherman from

    YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR.........

    when your wife asks what your name (again)..
  617. fisherman from

    Came when least expected

    dude,ur are a fucking baby killa...look at the size of the lil ass rock cod....hahaha.jk...anyways congrats on the mako steaks..
  618. fisherman from

    Another trail camera

    thats gotta suck..people spend good money on their hobbies,and dick heads always gotta fuck it up..feel ya
  619. fisherman from

    calicos like crazy

    wtg on the cat fishing.....and calicos are delish on the bbq
  620. fisherman from


    :worship:.......goddamn,,,,,,congrats to the wifey..she gets the :finger:...
  621. fisherman from

    Palos Verdes Bass Action

    nice report .bbq looks delish!!
  622. fisherman from

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Decker V.1

    excellent the tippy toe hookset!!!
  623. fisherman from

    Old School video of the Freedom boat back in the days...

    VINTAGE....nice old school video
  624. fisherman from

    Christmas Island

    looks like an awesome place to fish....thanks for the pics
  625. fisherman from

    Team Basstic - New Video - San Clemente Island Calico Bass Madness

    being a camera man when the fish are on like that,must suck!!!great video
  626. fisherman from

    Kelp Paddy Yellow

    nice fish,,,,enough said
  627. fisherman from

    7/3 Delta Stripers - Teaching the wife to fish.

    your 100% right (LUCKY YOU)..wtg on LETTING the wife out fish you..wtg..thanks for the report and pics
  628. fisherman from


  629. fisherman from

    Biggy from surfboard!

    sweet deal....i bet that was alot of fun
  630. fisherman from

    Barrett Res. 7/3 , 7/6

    wtg on the moss backs..i really need to get into fresh water bassing..thanks for the motivation.
  631. fisherman from

    afternoon trifecta+halibut

    wtg on the mixed bag
  632. fisherman from


    damn!!!!!with the wifey at that...wtg..hi fives all around
  633. fisherman from

    4th July Yellows on the Iron K&M

    nice mixed bag of goodies...nice report
  634. fisherman from

    Spottiezee (7.5.11)

    no video?!?! chunky looking spott
  635. fisherman from

    "Low Maintance" Cbass 6/30/11

    love the bendo shot...wtg on the cbassers
  636. fisherman from

    Caption Contest...What's she thinking????

    "i wish"!!!!!
  637. fisherman from

    small stones...BIG BASS

    i noticed the gulp.........that is a hot plastic ....try the 7in,,,wtg on the solid bag
  638. fisherman from

    Live Your Life. Rough Cut.

    your welcome!!..nice lil video
  639. fisherman from

    WSB!!!! and CALICO'S to boot

    X2..wtg on getting ur boat all bloody with the cbass :hali_olutta:
  640. fisherman from


    first pic you can tell who the fisherman is and who the golfer report and good to see capt d hansenput you guys on some fish
  641. fisherman from

    No Guts No Glory

    wtg on the yellow....sweet lil outfitt,,who says you need to spend big bucks on a da man!!!!
  642. fisherman from

    Calm Rough Water

    life to be a good!!nice pics
  643. fisherman from

    Ninja toobin!

    fuck me!!! goddamn those are some chunk bassers..wtg on tube..i bet those were alot of fun..
  644. fisherman from

    Behind Enemy Lines 6/28/2011

    sweet looking spot,wtg
  645. fisherman from

    ! K O O K S :: Gone Wild !

    free piercing's....sweet
  646. fisherman from

    It's been a looong time...

    nice looking boat...nice intro to the calico brand fish
  647. fisherman from

    Exacta - Donna Maire joins the 50# club (on The Ashley D)

    :worship:wtg ...thats alot of taco and bbq meat..
  648. fisherman from

    Team Basstic - 24 Hour Fishing Expedition - Dawn to Dusk to Dawn

    probably both,its all in the eyes....and maybe some rockstar mixed in ...wtg on the 24hr big boy outting..:hali_olutta:
  649. fisherman from


    and just noticed his bd salute....swweeeeettttt
  650. fisherman from


    your young lil fisherman will remember that day forever...when he's a dad talking with his boy about fishing with his grandpa and his first mako!!!!..congrats and excellent pics..
  651. fisherman from

    Shore Fishing - Ensenada...Again

    were you throwing 4 or 5 inch swimmies,nice lil bass sesh
  652. fisherman from

    Newport Harbor 6-24

    nice lil nph sesh,,wtg
  653. fisherman from


    fucking A...congrats on the pb's
  654. fisherman from

    I'm so ashamed!

    bro,good advice here for ya,,,right when you start to piss out of your ass flush,it eliminates smell,and the SHIT doesnt have time to marinate in the toilet with you!(kinda)..even when u pushed all that air out of your corn hole flush it again........and one more thing..clean the seat b4 you...